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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 59

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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Berkshire -- Bristol -- Cambridgeshire --
Cheshire -- Cornwall -- Cumberland -- Devon --
Dorset -- Essex -- Gloucestershire -- Hampshire and Isle of Wight --
Herefordshire -- Hertfordshire -- Kent --
Lancashire -- Leicesteshire -- Lincolnshire -- London --
Norfolk -- Somerset -- Suffolk --
Sussex -- Wiltshire -- Yorkshire -- Ireland --
Scotland -- Wales -- General
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  1. Berkshire Estate PARTICULARS, PLAN, VIEWS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Residential, Agricultural and Sporting Property The Buckhold Estate. Extending to about 2322 acres. To be offered for Sale by Auction.... On Wednesday, the 21st day of September, 1932. Folio, loose in the original card covers, 61pp, plus 10 illusts on 7 pages, one page torn without loss, lacks plan. 1932. £16.00

  2. Reading, Peppard PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Plough Farm, Wokingham... for Sale by Auction 28th April, 1953. 6pp., large 8vo, wraps, folding plan.... together with.... CATALOGUE of the Remaining Contents of Blounts Court, Peppard, 21st September, 1960. 23pp, 8vo. 1953 and 1960. £8.00

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  3. Anderson's Bristol Rubber Co. PRICE LIST NO. 695 Rubber Toys, Animals, Dolls, Latest Novelties. 11p, tall 8vo, illustrated front wrap printed in pink, showing doll, numerous illustrations of jumping frogs, swinging toys, footballs, etc. Staples rusted through paper leaving brown marks at spine. October 1924. £18.00

  4. Ashley Down PLAN, PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of very Extensive and Valuable Freehold Building Estates, Including Two Very Attractive Residences Known as 'Holdenhurst' and 'Glen Frome'. Messrs. Geo. Nichols, Smith & Alder Will Sell By Auction at.... 49 Broad Street, Bristol on Tuesday 19th July, 1892. Folio, folded, 5pp, plus coloured folding plan, 29" x 41". Portion torn from corners of 3 leaves, with loss of one letter of text on page 2. 1892. £22.00

  5. Ashton Court PHOTOGRAPH of the Lodge at Ashton Court on the Suspension Bridge side, ivy covered. Titled on verso 'Sir Greville Smyth's Lodge'.... together with similar photo of a sailing boat in (Bristol?) dock, noted on verso as 'John Thomas'. Size 5" x 6". 2 items. c1930. £5.00

  6. Avon Gorge PENCIL DRAWING titled 'Clifton Rocks'. Drawing in soft dark pencil on thin card, size 12" x 16", plus margins, taken from a view-point on the river-bank, looking up-river towards houses on left, building with low round tower (lime-kiln?) on the bank, high rocks on left. Man with horse on bank, and two sailing boats. Signed 'M.S. June 17' n.d. c1826. £48.00

  7. Beatrice Marshall Bristol novelist INVITATION to a Reception in the Colston Hall on Tuesday May 13th 1902, on the Visit of the National Liberal Federation to Bristol. Printed on thick card, 4" x 5", with embossed gilt coat of arms, with the name 'Miss Beatrice Marshall' entered in ink. Crease in card. 1902. £16.00

  8. Bradbury & Co., Castle Street & Kingswood CHRISTMAS PRIZE COMPETITION Bradbury & Co. Limited Have much pleasure in announcing that they will Give A Wellington Hand-Sewing Machine.... for the best Sample of Work made on a Bradbury Machine.... Printed notice on card, attractive type-faces c1900. £10.00

  9. Bristol Aeroplane Company BRITAIN AND 'BRISTOL' ACHIEVE NEW AIRCRAFT ALTITUDE RECORD Publicity brochure for the record of the Canberra, with 14 real black and white photographs, size 6" x 9", stamp of Bristol Aeroplane Company and typewritten explanatory notes on the verso of each print. Includes phots of W.C. W.F Gibb with B.A.C staff just after the flight, various views of the Canberra in flight and on runway, the Olympus engine, Gibb in cockpit, etc. With 10p cyclostyled brochure, foolscap, loose leaves, giving details of the flight, and press cuttings. In slightly ragged paper brochure, titled as above. May 1953. £75.00

  10. Bristol Docks PLAN OF DOCKS AND RIVER AVON Coloured plan size 14" x 28", folds, covering Portishead, Avonmouth, Bristol, as far as Netham Lock. With table of Reference to lights. Brownish stain across compass rose approx. 2" in diameter. c1900. £12.00


  11. Bristol Joint Station FOOTBRIDGE FOR OLD G.W.R. STATION Scale Inch to One Foot. Architect's drawing on paper in ink and full wash colour, in different shades of brown, blue and grey. Size 24" x 37". There are three drawings: on the left an elevation showing the Bath stone column with Gothic type spandrel, balustrade with decorative endpost with finials etc., steps; in the centre the end view showing the two stone columns, with two courses of brickwork between, wooden panelling above, two endposts, planking; on the right showing stone column with decorative Gothic spandrel, balustrade, decorative wooden panelling and brickwork to right. There are also three small drawings of sections through columns. All the bolts and metal work is shown, and there are many measurements for small details such as flanges, beading, chamfering etc. Indicates rail and platform level. The drawing is titled across the top, 'Footbridge for Old G W R Station' in decorative lettering at right, and 'Bristol Joint Station' in a different style in large lettering at right. Bottom right is number '2074' and name 'R. Aldridge'. Feint indelible stamp of Engineer's Plan Office, Paddington. c1876. £350.00
    The 'Bristol Joint Station Act' of 1865 authorised work to make the station available for Midland, Bristol & Gloucester and Great Western Railways. The work was completed between 1874 and '76. A very decorative drawing, made particularly attractive by the symmetry and balance of the three parts.

  12. Bristol Waterworks VISIT OF HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II Programme of the Inauguration of the Chew Valley Lake, Tuesday, 17th April, 1956. 8vo, 20p, illusts. and map. 1956. £12.00

  13. Bryan (Mary) Pr. ORDER OF PROCESSION on Celebrating the Coronation of His Majesty King George the Fourth, In the City of Bristol, Thursday the 19th of July, 1821. Broadside, size 15" x 9", decorative border, listing tradesmen, military, city officers, etc. in 3 columns. Torn almost completely across horizontal fold, neatly repaired with document tape on verso so as to be hardly noticeable. Ms list of books with prices on verso. 1821. £28.00
    Opening the procession were 'Division of Capt. Smyth's Yeomanry. Body of Bristol Firemen, With Implements.... Wasbrough's Braziers Company....'

  14. Chilcott (J) A NEW PLAN OF BRISTOL, CLIFTON and the Hot-Wells. Engraved plan size 9" x 11", with Key to References, listing 150 churches, public buildings, schools, etc. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into cloth boards, 5" x 4", gilt titled. Coat of arms, scale bar, compass rose. Cloth slightly faded. Engraved by S. Hall, Bloomsbury, c1840. £42.00

  15. Eastvill, Easton, Hambrook PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of 24 Villa Residence, Dwelling-Houses and Cottages.... for Sale by Auction... 3rd October, 1934. 4pp., folio. 1934. £8.00

  16. Fox (Francis F) CATALOGUE OF THE FAMOUS BRISTOL LIBRARY Formed by the late Alderman Francis F. Fox, J.P. Comprising Bristol Books, Local Topography, Rare Civil War Tracts, Chattertonia.... which John E. Pritchard & Co. will Sell by Auction.... on 26 and 27 February 1930. Original wraps, 32pp. 1930. £18.00

  17. Montpelier Auction TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr Harril, at the Full-Moon, North Street, On Tuesday, the 12th day of April, 1825.... Freehold Messuage, or Dwelling-House, Garden, and Premises, called Ashley Lodge, situate, standing, and being at Montpelier, near the Orphan Asylum.... Lists 8 Lots. Small folio, 3pp, Conditions of Sale on page 2 and memorandum for Lot 7 completed in manuscript. Rose, Bristol, Broadmead: 1825. £26.00
    Includes Messuage and yard in St. James Churchyard in the possession off T & W Maby, Cabinet Makers.

  18. Prince's Theatre ROBINSON CRUSOE Programme, with synopsis, adverts etc. 8vo, 24pp., plus 12 photographs of cast. Staples very rusty with marks, spine worn. 1930's. £5.00

  19. Royal Visits etc. THREE SOUVENIR PAPER NAPKINS Size approx. 14" x 14", colour printed, with programme of events, portraits, etc., commemmorating visit of George V to Bristol & Bath, Proclamation of George V, Visit of King & Queen 1925. Embossed ownership stamp in corner, folds. 1910. £26.00

  20. Saint Philip and Jacob, Saint Paul, Saint James and Bedminster Estates PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY to be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. William Tricks, Son, & Wallop, at the White Hart Inn, Old Market Street, Bristol, on Wednesday, June 8th, 1870. Folio, 4pp folded, with the sale Agreement completed and signed by the purchaser. 1870. £14.00

  21. Scholastic Trading Co. STONE'S BUREAU CABINETS and Universal Portfolios. Illustrated price list, 16pp, printed in red, rusty staple. c1900. £10.00

  22. Smith & Co., St. Augustine's Parade INEXPENSIVE ARTISTIC FURNITURE and Decorations, Carpets, Curtains, Linens.... Brochure on large folio sheet folded in four, illustrating 8 furnished rooms, with prices of furnishings shown. 6" tear along central fold, some edge tears, slight darkening of paper on one side. c1900. £16.00

  23. Smith & Sons REDUCED ORDNANCE MAP OF BRISTOL and Environs. Colour-printed map 14" x 18", scale 4 miles to an inch, linen-backed folding into sm 8vo cloth boards, label on front board. c1900. £15.00

  24. St. Augustine PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Perpetual Annual Rent.... reserved by certain Letters Patent of King Henry VIII.... made unto the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity of Bristol, and issuing out of the site of the late Manastery of St. Augustine, and Manors of Erlingham.... 3pp., folio, folded with docket title. 1909. £10.00

  25. Storer (J & H.S) HIGH STREET, BRISTOL Steel engraving, 5" x 6", plus wide margins. Sherwood, Pub. 1825. £18.00
    Shows a crowd of people in the street, boy herding sheep, Veryard's Hemp & Flax Dressers on Right.

  26. Sugar Refiners ARTICLE presumably cut from a magazine, mounted on 6 sides of 4to sheets, describing The Sugar Refiners of Messrs. Finzel, in Bristol. 8 wood engravings illustrating the factory at Counterslip, the Pan Room, etc. c1860. £8.00

  27. Temple Parish LAND TAX An Assessment made.... llth day of May l700.... for the Raising of forty one pounds eighteen shillings on the Parish of Temple by virtue of an Act of Parliament granting an Aid to his Majesty among other things by a Land Tax, this being the second Quarterly Payment. Folio, paper wraps, covering 8 sides, with lists of Taxpayers, some with descriptions of property (warehouse, Meeting House, hospital etc.), with three columns of figures: Reall Estate, Personall Estate, Sum Totall. 250 taxpayers listed. Very clean and legible throughout. May l700 £85.00

    Bristol Acts

  28. Dock Railways AN ACT To empower the Lord Mayor of Bristol and Burgesses of the City of Bristol to construct Railways and Works.... 28pp. 1903. £11.00

  29. Gas Lighting AN ACT for lighting with Gas the City of Bristol, and certain Parishes adjacent thereto. 32pp. 1819. £12.00

  30. Railways AN ACT for making Extension or Connecting Lines of Railway in the City of Bristol.... 26pp, stapled, some foxing. 1864. £12.00

  31. Wards AN ACT to alter the Boundaries of certain of the existing Wards and to create new Wards in the city of Bristol.... 7pp. 1880. £9.00

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  32. Wilburton, Ely GROWING CROPS OF CORN With the straw.... to be Sold by Auction at the Chequers in Wilburton.... August the 22nd, 1854.... Poster, sm. 4to, with acreage and Cultivation of 26 plots in New Cut, Flexon Field, etc. Traces of folds. 1854. £16.00

  33. Wisbech, March ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXV Scale 1" to 1 mile. Mounted on linen in four parts which but together, each part with marbled endpapers, in red cloth-covered slip-case with Stanford label. Electrotype 1878. £32.00
    Also covers Kings Lynn and Swaffham.

  34. Wood Ditton LEASE FOR A YEAR of a cottage in Wood Ditton, Revd. Thomas Seabrook to Martha Dobito. Vellum, 17" x 21". Wax seal. 1816. £12.00
    Includes right of pasture for two cows on the common, and refers to the recent enclosure Act for the parish.

    Cambridgeshire Acts

  35. Arrington AN ACT for enlarging the Term and Powers of an Act.... for repairing the Road from Cambridge to the Old North Road near Arrington.... 16pp. 1817. £12.00

  36. Cambridge Roads AN ACT to enlarge the Term and Powers of an Act.... intituled "An Act for repairing and widening the Road from the present Turnpike Road at Haverhill to Redcross, in the Parish of Shelford.... Cover leaf + 5pp. 1773. £11.00

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  37. Appleton AUCTION POSTER. Desirable Freehold Land In Appleton, in the County of Chester. To be Sold by Auction, at the house of Mr Peter Eaton, the sign of the Cat & Lion, in Stretton.... On Monday, the 11th Day of August, 1823.... Size approx. 18" x 13", very slight off-setting, couple of folds. Kent, Printer, Northwich. 1823. £22.00

  38. Ince ARLEY MINE, INCE HALL MOSS COLLIERY Manuscript plan of workings in ink and bright colours, Size 36" x 72", on cartridge paper backed with linen, rolled. Scale 5" = 150 yds. Shows part of Leeds & Liverpool Canal, railway line, a few buildings, pools, shafts etc. Workings coloured according to date, between 1876 and 1918, and labelled with month and year. Three small areas in top margins where paper browned and worn due to damp, two areas of grubby marks in blank areas, otherwise paper very clean. No title. Lettered in red at centre 'Arley Mine 711 yards.' 1876-1918. £260.00

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  39. Boconnoc Estate PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Farms, Small Holdings, Dwellinghouses and Gardens, Accommodation Lands, Business Premises and the Reversionary Interests of Valuable Properties in the parish of St. Stephen in Brannel.... embracing areas in and around Nanpean, Foxhole, High Street and Halviggan to be Sold by Auction at the Church Rooms, Nanpean.... August 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 1947. 60pp, sm. folio, wraps, 3 large coloured folding plans in pocket at rear. Tear in front wrap, repaired on verso. 1947. £60.00

  40. Bodmin, Falmouth, Penzance THREE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets XXX, XXXI, XXXII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, on thick paper, engraved surface approx. 23" x 33, plu wide margins. Folded to 13" x 5". As follows: (i) Sheet XXX. Corresponds to Margary State 3). Slightly dusty, with some pinholes in margins, and one small pin-hole in printed area, 2" tear in top margin at fold. (ii) Sheet XXXI. Two or three minor edge tears, two very small tears and some slight rubbing at one point in sea area at central fold. Paper water-marked 1801. Corresponds to Margary State 3. (iii) Sheet XXXII. Watermarked 'Smith' abd 1801. Corresponds to Margary State 3. Tear along platemark top left, 10" long, repaired on verso. (This sheet covers the tip of the Lizard only.) Published 5th Jany. 1813 by Lt. Col. Mudge, Tower. £120.00
    'the imprint date on the Cornish sheets, 5th January 1813, becomes a purely notional one, which may offer a clue to the relative rarity today of early impressions of the sheets' (Harry Margary)

  41. Boscajack Wollas, Sithney LEASE of messuage at Boscajack, in the occupation of Margaret, widow of John Etheren, deceased, Thomas Gerveis Junior of Bonallack to William, Paynter of Antron. Vellum, 14" x 26", in a small hand, two tags which lack seals. Signed by Thomas Gerveis and with an attractive signature by Thomas Gerveis the Younger. 1614. £34.00

  42. Bossore, Kenwyn, near Truro LEASE FOR A YEAR LEASE of lands at Bossore Chapel, Theophilus Laugherne of Ladock to Walter Luke of Kenwyn, 1675. Vellum, 11" x 15", long endorsement on verso, some brown spots, outside where titled brown and rubbed. Signed by Laugherne with his mark, small wax seal on tag with coat of arms with three shells. 1698. £20.00

  43. Callington LEASE FOR A YEAR of share in a house in Callington and a road out of the adjoining field, part of the Manor of Manaton, Peter Hill to John Palmer. Single vellum sheet, 2 wax seals. 1813. £14.00

  44. Cotswold Collotype Co. Ltd. Pr. JOHN NORDEN'S MANUSCRIPT MAPS OF CORNWALL and its Nine Hundreds. Nine colour reproduction maps and title sheet in thin card folder, size 16" x 12". 1970's. £18.00

  45. Dean (Charles), Survr., Cathedral Yard, Exeter MANOR OF DEANSTURSDON IN THE PARISH OF MORWENSTOW CORNWALL 1823 Manuscript map in ink and full wash colour, on Whatman paper, size 25" x 32", folded, scale 1" = 5 chains. Scale bar, compass arrow, title in variety of lettering styles, the word 'Devon' crossed out and 'Cornwall' added. Comprises five areas of land: Dassell; Stursdon; Lapthorne; Centre; and two 'Bartons', one near the church and another adjoining the road from Woolley to Cross Town. Indicates buildings (coloured red), including Morwenstow Church, fields, hedges, roads and yards (coloured buff), woodland, adjoining owners. Fields shaded green, with a darker greyish colour shewing higher land. Fields numbered 1-25, with a later Reference Key added in pencil to all the numbers. The paper inside the 'O' in 'Cornwall' of the title has formed a small hole, 10" tear from left hand margin re-inforced on verso with paper, short splits at folds repaired on verso with archival tape. Some grubby marks at edges in a few places, old ink blot in one field, a few ragged edge tears at left hand side. 1823. £200.00


  46. Forbes (Stanhope A.) GOODBYE! OFF TO SKIBEREEN Fine etching by C.G. Murray, size approx. 20" x 15. Art Union 1903. £150.00

  47. Great Western Railway LANDS AT FOWEY County of Cornwall Parish of Fowey in the Rural District of Saint Austell. Lithographed plan on waxed cotton, size 22" x 30", scale 5" = 10 chains. c1880. £22.00
    Shows railway and River Fowey, jetties, signal box, lands to be purchased etc.

  48. Helston AUCTION POSTER advertising sale of house, workshop and stores in Wendron Street, in the occupation of Richard Hosking and James Hawke. Size 30" x 21", folds, some slight wear at one fold, off-setting of type. 1900. £14.00

  49. Helston DEED of bargain and sale of a moiety of two houses in Lady Street, formerly the property of the Earl of Bath and Richard Sampson. Alice Trewren, Widow, to Hugh Rogers. Vellum, 12" x 27". Signed by Alice Trewren, with wax seal, some slight pinkish discoloration in one area. 1752. £16.00

  50. Helston in Kirrier (Manor of) COMPOSITION BOOK 1835, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43. Notebook, manuscript on 18p, 4to, plain paper wraps with MS title, listing tenants, rent due at Michaelmas, cash received, yearly composition, etc. Ink slightly faded but easily legible. 1825 and later. £35.00
    Lists approx. 35 tenants each year. Names include Perry, Penberthy, Penelerick, Polglase, Silvester, Borlase.

  51. Helston in Kirrier (Manor of) SURRENDER At a Special Court held 20th April 1812.... Stephen Usticke of Penwarne nephew and heir of Sir Michael Nowell of Penwarne, deceased, surrenders to John Borlase of Helston a moiety of 6 fields with a Hilly Croft part of the Antient Dutchy of Cornwall called by the name of Lower-park-Gendalls parcel of Gwealhellis, and land known as Mean Moon and Park an Garrack, in Wendron. On vellum, size 30" x 13", 2 blue paper tax stamps, some slight fading of ink in places, but always legible. 1812. £28.00

  52. Helston RECTOR'S COMMUTATION RENT CHARGE DUE 1st July 1846. 9 double-page spreads in manuscript on folio notebook with plain wraps, manuscript title, ruled in columns for Occupier, Situation of Property, Rent Charge Apportioned, Arrears, etc. 1846. £45.00
    Lists 123 occupiers. Families include Borlase, Bartle, Chynoweth, Dobb, Grylls, Libby, Priske, Penaluna, Vinicombe, Wedlock.

  53. Kea COUNTERPART SETT of ground in the parish of Kea, William Hill of Carwythenack to John Williams of Scorrier House. Two large vellum sheets, wax seal. Gives limits of the Sett (which was near Nicholas Bayley's new Stamping Mills), details of right to 'erect any Engines.... sink any shafts....' etc., and of William Hill's dues. 1819. £45.00

  54. Kenwyn SURRENDER of house and orchard, with rights of Pasture and Turbary in Bossore Downs ('all Timber Trees of Oake Ash and Elme and all Tin Toll Tin and Tinworkes.... free liberty.... to dig and search for Tin....'), John Wilkin of Kenwyn to Samuel Luke, Tinner, of Kenwyn. Paper, 16" x 20", small wax seal torn away, tear 3" into text. 1710. £18.00

  55. Lake (J.H & R.G) Pub. VIEW OF THE TOWN & HARBOUR OF FALMOUTH With Pendennis Castle. Vignette view size 4" x 6" plus margins. c1850. £10.00

  56. Lane (W.H.) & Son CATALOGUE OF FINE AND RARE COINS AND ARTIFACTS Being sunken Treasure Recovered from Nine Famous Wrecks, Which will be sold by Auction by W.H. Lane & Son... Friday 26th September 1975. 4to, 108pp, photographic illusts. 1975. £8.00

  57. Lanhydrock Estates (Probus, Ladock, Grampound, Veryan, Creed) PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Agricultural Estates, Accommodation Lands, Small Holdings, Cottages and Reversions, within the manors of Burngullow and Truro, situate in the Parishes of Probus, Ladock, Grampound, Creed, Tregoney St. James, and Veryan.... extending to about 460 Acres.... to be Offered by Auction.... St. Austell, Friday the 7th June, 1912. 17pp., folio, printed wraps, 4 large coloured folding plans in pocket at rear. Partly split at spine. 1912. £60.00
    Includes farms of Tresourne, Trendeal, Tregonjohn. The plans are large scale (1/2500) and show standing stones etc.

  58. Lostwithiel A TRUE AND FAITHFUL ACCOUNT OF YE GREAT MEETING OF WORKHOUSE POLITICIANS Held at ye Gallows Meadows, in ye antiente Borough of Lostwithiel. Political squib, 8 paragraphs printed on one side of single folio sheet, folded, one or two minor edge tears, some light browning spots on part of title. 1892. £35.00
    Refers in biblical language to events of 14th July 1892, the principal figure lampooned is 'Leonney Courtard' (presumably Leonard Courtney?)

  59. Lostwithiel BILL the Corporation of Lostwithiel to Richd. Rundle Constable. For expenses of Jury of the Inquest on the Body of Harry Goldsworthy, telegraph messuages to coroner etc. single 4to sheet, signed by Coroner. Oct. 1st. 1867. £15.00

  60. Lostwithiel (Borough of) TO THE CONSTABLE OF THE SAID BOROUGH These are in his Majesty's Name to command you.... to summon Thomas Talling Junr. Cordwainer of the said Borough.... to appear before me.... to answer to the complaint and information of James Mutton Carpenter of St. Wennoe for an assault committed on him.... Printed certificate, sm. 4to, with ms inserts, signed by the J.P. P.J. Pomery. Traces of folds and a few ink blots. 8th April 1836. £20.00

  61. Lostwithiel GENERAL STATEMENT of the Receipts and Expenditure on account of the Highways of the Parish of Lostwithiel from 7th May 1849 to 11 April 1850. Printed sheet with MS inserts, folio, printed onone side only, signed by John Bennett, Clerk to the Justices. 30th January 1852. £18.00


  62. Lostwithiel SUMMONS to John Pope, labourer, of the said Borough, to appear before the Justices of the peace as he 'on the evening of Thursday the 22nd October at the Borough of Lostwithiel in a public street did cart throw or let off one or more fire-work or foreworks contrary to the statute' 27th October 1863. Printed on blue paper, MS inserts, small seal. Signed by Mayor. 1863. £35.00

  63. Paul LEASE FOR A YEAR of a tenement called Woone Gooth in Newlyn, together with right of common of pasture furze and heath, Thomas Vigurs of Penzance to Richard James of Paul. Vellum, 21" x 27", engraved heading, remains of wax seal. 1742. £20.00

  64. Rae (Oliver M) FIVE POSTCARDS being original etched views on good quality card with uncut edges, good plate marks, each with tissue guard. Views are: The Jew's House, Couch's House, The Harbour, and The House on the Props, Polperro, and Talland Church. Titled and signed in plate. c1930? £10.00

  65. Raymont (C. Morton) REMINISCENCES OF ST IVES An account of the lives of her parents and grandparents in St. Ives in the middle of the nineteenth century, based on the letters of her father and mother, and with many long quotations from the letters. 281 typed pages (top copy), 4to, bound in green cloth with gilt title on spine 'St. Ives'. c1950s. £150.00
    '.... these letters from 1864 onwards were written by my mother to her friend, W.E. Nance, who, in 1867, became her husband. The earlier letters were written from South Terrace, near where the Pednovler Hotel is now....' The letters deal with much on local affairs and local families in St. Ives, between 1866 and 1881, when the writer's father died and her mother moved to Penarth. Also included are letters written to her father by her grandfather Morton, who was involved in shipping, and sold coal brought in by his ships locally: 'December 1868. The weather was so bad yesterday, it was impossible to send off any coal. This morning we succeeded in getting off some.... at last I hired two seine boats and a gig's crew to tow them off.... Some of the cargoes of Pilchards are to be brought back to Penzance to be sold as manure. The 'Morton' sold out at 17s 6d per hogshead, not enough to pay the cost of them...' 'October, 1873. I am very sorry to tell you that my late purchase (John Wesley) was lost on the Manacles yesterday about noon... I gave £390 for her, and she is in the Club for £360....'

  66. St. Agnes PROSPECTUS of Wheal Prudence Copper Mining Company Limited, St. Agnes, in Cornwall. 3p., folio, plus docket title.... together with.... Correspondence relating to Wheal Prudence Copper Mining Company, December 1860-December 1863, 50 pieces in all, mainly between Courtis M. Thomas, based in Leeds, who with his brother was a director of the company and Purser, and David King, who acted as Agent ('The Hallenhaugh Engine house is not yet built. We have however heard from Cornwall that there is a rich course of ore cut in the East Polberro'); between David King and Challinor and Challinor, Solicitors (acting for the Plaintiff), Leek; between David King and Isaac Middleton. The correspondence concerns an action which was brought by Isaac Middleton against C.M. Thomas to compel him to transfer £100's worth of shares in the Company 'The shares were sold to Mr Middleton by a Mr David King as agent for Thomas.... it appears that the above firm consists of two brothers.... and we are told they are very slippery customers....' (Middleton's Solicitors April 30th, 1863.) King writes to Middleton 'I am extremely sorry I ever introduced you or any one else to such unprincipled parties'. The outcome of the case was that Thomas was ordered to transfer to the Plaintiff 50 shares in the company, each party to bear his own costs. 1860-63. £110.00
    Includes copy Declaration of Barrister's Opinion, Affadavit of Service of Writ, Copy Summons to Stay, envelope which originally contained the 100 shares, etc. Five of the letters are on Wheal Prudence Copper Mining Co. headed stationery. The Company was wound up, by order of Vice-Warden's Court in January 1965 (see Justin Brook's article in 'British Mining' no. 48.)

  67. St. Buryan & St. Just ELECTION POSTER Notice of Election of one County Councillor for each of the above Electoral Divisions.' Size 24" x 19", several folds. February. 1934. £5.00

  68. St. Erth AUCTION POSTER Advertising the sale of the Fee-Simple of a Tenement in Higher Leah, adjoining Tenement in Killinoon, in the occupation of Richard Woon, moiety of Killinoon Common.... Sale at the White Hart Hotel, Hayle, on Friday 15th August 1873. Size 24" x 17", several folds, few short tears to margins. 1873. £15.00

  69. Stithians MORTGAGE of one twelfth part of the hereditaments called Penhalurick in Stithians, Henry Vincent of Treleven to Pierce Penhalurick of Stithians, yeoman. Vellum, size 15" x 27", good wax seal with coat of arms, engraved heading with coat of arms. 1700. £28.00

  70. Tremayne (COPY) tithe apportionment of the parish of Tremayne in the County of Cornwall. Copy on 11 pages folio, in columns giving Landowners, Occupiers, Description of premises, Quantity. On thin paper, slightly feint, but easily legible. n.d. c1900? £20.00
    Tenements include: Milford, Pethicks, Tremayne Hill, Westcott, Trussell.

  71. Tresmeere A DIVISION made by Phillip Upton and Edmond Dodge of a tenement late in the tenure of John Launder of Tresmeere situate.... in Tresmoore consented to by John Speccott of Penheale and the said John Launder.... Bond of John Speccott whereby he consents to allow Launder enjoyment of his share. 1p., sm. folio, blank adjoining leaf with docket title. Sets out the partition of the property with lists of fields 'the boat Park' etc. Small wax seal, two diamond shaped damp stains obscuring a few words, ink slightly faded, but completely legible. 2nd Feb. 1672. £25.00

  72. Tye Rock, Porthleven LEASE of two Meadows adjoining Tye Rock, Capt. Rogers to Mrs E. Woolfrey. Vellum, 24" x 28", rough sketch map size 8" x 17" on verso. 1890. £14.00

  73. Walker (J & C) CORNWALL Engraved map with outline colouring showing areas of three Fox Hunts with small circles to show places of Meets, size 13" x 15", parkland and railway line coloured. With list of polling places, boroughs etc. Inset of Scilly Isles. Centre fold. c1860. £48.00

  74. Wendron RENTAL of the manor of Trenethick Wendron Michaelmas 1913 to Michaelmas 1922. 21 double-page spreads, folio, column headings printed, for Tenants, Tenements, Yearly Rent, Total, Remarks etc. Entries in ink in a neat hand. Plain paper wraps with MS title. Pages dog-eared. 1913-22. £22.00
    Approx. 32 tenants listed each year.

  75. Wendron TITHE APPORTIONMENT of the Parish of Wendron in the County of Cornwall 1844. 94pp., folio, boards, printed label on front board. Printed in columns giving Landowners, Occupiers, no. on Plan, Description of premises and land, Cultivation, Quantity, Rent-charge. Tear in last page and in flyleaf, boards rubbed, stained and grubby. 1844. £160.00

  76. Wheal Medlyn Mine, Wendron STANNARY COURT, ORDER NISI for the sale of Ores, Engines, Machinery 'now lying at.... Wheal Medlyn Mine'. 2p folio, manuscript, together with Affadavit of Richard Perry as having served notice on Defendant Thomas Tresidder, 1p, sm. folio, blue Stannary stamp. 1849. £16.00
    Refers to a case in the Stannary Court between Thomas Phillips Tyacke, Francie Pener, John Tyack surviving partners of Henry Borlase and Thomas Tresidder.

    Cornwall Acts

  77. Duchy of Cornwall AN ACT to enable His Majesty to make Leases, Copies, and Grants of Offices, Lands, and Hereditaments, Parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall, or annexed to the same.... Black Letter. 4pp. 1776. £10.00

  78. Duchy of Cornwall AN ACT for the Exchange of the Office in Somerset House of the Duchy of Cornwall for an Office to be erected in Pimlico on the Hereditary Possessions of the Crown. 6pp. 1854. £10.00

  79. Parson (Thomas) Estates of AN ACT for Vesting Part of the settled Estate of Thomas Parson, Gentleman, and Honour, his Wife, in Trustees, to be sold for raising Portions for younger Children, and for laying out the Surplus, if any, in the Purchase of other Lands to be settled to the Uses of their Marriage-Settlement. 7pp., edges of paper ragged and brittle. (1756) £20.00
    Concerns lands within the parishes of Crowan, Illogan, Manackan, Saint Ives, Endellion, Kea, Penzance, and Manor of Trecarrell.

  80. Saint Winnow, Kenwyn, Cardinham AN ACT to settle Estates in the Counties of Cornwall and Devon devised by the Will of the late Right Honourable Richard Hussey Baron Vivian deceased.... to enable the Trustees of such settled Estates to carry into effect an Agreement to grant a Building Lease of Part of such devised Estates to the West Cornwall Railway Company.... 106pp, sewing loose, pages in 3 sections. 1853. £22.00
    Includes an 8pp schedule of the lands and properties and rents concerned.

  81. St. Ives Pier AN ACT for erecting a proper and convenient Pier at the Port of Saint Ives in the County of Cornwall, for the better Protection of Ships and Vessels resorting to the said Port. Black Letter. Covering leaf + 24pp. 1767. £22.00

  82. Stannary Affidavits A BILL to facilitate the taking of Affidavits and Affirmations in the Court of the Vice-Warden of the Stannaries of Cornwall. 2pp. 1834. £10.00

  83. Stannary Court A BILL Intituled An Act to amend and extend the Jurisdiction of the Stannary Court. 19pp., on blue paper. 1855. £14.00

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  84. Dalston, Castle Sowerby PARTICULARS of Valuable Freehold and Customary Estates situate at Ive Gill, Steel Gate, and High Bridge in the parishes of St. Mary Without, Hesket in the Forest, Dalston and Castle Sowerby.... 4pp., folio, folded with docket title. 2 large folding coloured plans. 1870. £32.00

  85. Mason (W), Ambleside Pub. FRITH'S SERIES ALBUM OF 45 VIEWS representing The Lake Country. 19 full page sepia photographic views, and 26 half page ones, on glossy paper, oblong large 8vo, gilt boards, front board rubbed. c1910. £18.00

  86. Whitle PLAN OF MINES Untitled plan in ink and colours on waxed cotton, size 32" x 38", scale 4 chains to an inch. Covers Garrison, New Mills, Brook Bottom, Jordan Wall Nook, Blakehall. Shows buildings, water features, roads, field boundaries, large areas of coal shaded in pink, shafts, 'Workings in Yard Mine', 'Old Works', High Lee Colliery, pits, 'Bad Coal' etc., various boundaries maked in green and blue, dates of sale of land (in 1870's). Some notes added in a later hand in pencil.... together with.... Letter from a Mine Surveyor in Manchester, 1943, saying that he found the enclosed plan in some of the Duchy papers, and 'the pink colour shows where the coal has been got, the faults are shown thus, etc.' c1880. £65.00

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  87. Appledore, Oakhampton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXVI. Scale 1" to 1 mile, approx. 25" x 38". Mounted on linen, marbled endpapers, folding into cloth slip-case with Stanford label and key map. Paper water-marked 1849. £34.00

  88. Arlington Beccott CONDITIONS FOR LETTING for a Term of Fourteen years from Lady day 1829 a Tenement called Middle Beccott situate in Arlington Beccott in Devonshire containing about 160 acres late in the possession of Wm. Daley and also the right of Pasturage on Bratton Down for 140 sheep... Printed folio sheet with MS inserts, signed by lessee Christopher blackmore. Sets out 22 Conditions relating to husbandry, with some MS amendments. £16.00

  89. Bedford Estate, Tavistock PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Sixth Portion of the Valuable Freehold Properties belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford, Situate in the Town of Tavistock, for Sale by Auction in 628 Lots during the Fortnight commencing Monday June 26th, 1911. Lots 320 to 370. Folio, wraps, cloth spine, 33pp, a few edge spots on wraps. A plan does not appear to have been issued for this portion, and plans are not referred to in the description of any Lots, as they are in Particulars of the other portions. 1911. £30.00
    Includes the Victoria Hotel and Queen's Hotel, numerous shops and houses in Bannawell Road, West Street, Glanville Road.

  90. Brentor, Tavistock etc. GYMKHANAS AND STEEPLECHASES Five programmes for events in Tavistock area comprising List of Prizes for Brentor & Lydford Pony Society, 1928, 16pp, 8vo; Race Card for Marystowe Park Steeplechases, 1932; Race Card for Chillaton & District Sports & Gymkhana, 1934, 4pp; Card for Spooner's Harrier Steeplechases, 1934, 8pp., with similar for Lamerton Foxhounds. 1928-34. £20.00

  91. Candy & Co. Ltd., Heathfield Station CATALOGUE of Bricks, Sanitary Goods, etc. 43pp., 8vo, printed boards with aerial photograph of works pasted on. Numerous illustrations of glazed stoneware pipes, air bricks, chimney pots, terra cottaa vases, tiles, etc. Early 1920's. £22.00

  92. Challacombe, Berrynarbor PARTICULARS, PLANS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Watermouth Estate, comprising Valuable Freehold Farms, Small Holdings.... Fully Licensed Inn.... to be offered by Auction.... August 17th, 1920..... 37pp., folio, wraps, 4 folding coloured plans. Wraps faded and grubby, torn at spine. 1920. £30.00

  93. Clyst Hydon & Talaton PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Estate known as "Farrantshayes,".... as a whole 249a. 3r. 36p.... in the occupation of Mr R. Pratt..... Which will be offered for Sale by Auction, by Messrs Hussey & Son, At the Half Moon Hotel, Exeter, On Friday, June 30th, 1911. Folio, 9pp, large coloured folding plan, original wraps, short split to spine, few short tears to margins, mainly where once folded. 1911. £27.00

  94. Dart Estuary ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 16", sea colour-washed, land coloured pink with darker colour around coast. Border all round. Folding to 4to, marbled endpapers. Electrotyped in 1869. £13.00
    Covers Start Bay, Berry Head, Cornworthy.

  95. Dartington Hall Ltd. GARDENS CATALOGUE Oblong 8vo, card covers with decorative woodcut illustration, 223pp, listing Trees and shrubs, Roses, Fruit Trees, Alpines, Herbaceous & Aquatics, Bulbs, Garden Furniture. Illustrated with woodcuts throughout, plan inside front wrap. In pocket at back is a 20p booklet "Landscape Gardening", published by the Gardens Department, Dartington Hall, illustrated with photographs and Piper-esque coloured drawings. Slight foxing of title on front wrap, small tears at hinge at top and bottom of spine. 1935. £65.00
    A finely-printed catalogue, beautifully presented, and apparently the only one ever issued.

  96. Exeter, Dartmouth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXII and XXIII. Composite map. Scale 1" to 1 mile. With geological symbols. Size 36" x 36". Hand-coloured, with blue shading along coast, land shaded pink with deeper pink at coast and county boundary, parkland and roads coloured. Linen-backed and folding into marbled 8vo wraps, cloth-covered slip-case with Stanford label. c1860 (Watermark 1858.) £35.00
    Also shows Lyme Regis. Much of the map is sea area.

  97. Feniton and Buckerell PARTICULARS With Conditions of Sale, of a Valuable Freehold Residential Property, known as The Feniton Court Estate.... Comprising A Capital Family mansion.... delightful and well-planted Lawns, Shrubberies, Pleasure Grounds.... A Valuable Farm.... and Several Cottages.... together with The Manor or Reputed manor of Feniton.... Folio, 10pp., folding coloured plan, attractive tinted lithograph frontis showing the mansion beyond a stream and trees. Printed wraps, traces of old horizontal fold. 1881. £55.00

  98. Heavitree, Exeter AUCTION POSTER Advertising the sale of the Furniture and Effects of 'Melrose', Polsloe Road, on July 12th 1910. Size 34" x 22", folds, some slight offsetting, small chips in paper at one fold. 1910. £15.00
    Lists contents in detail.

  99. Honiton and Crediton DEED of revocation of uses in Marriage settlement and declaring new ones, John Britnell of Ilminster and Martha his wife, late Sheppard, of Donyatt. Refers to pastures known as Higher and Lower Hurlakes in Honiton and a moiety of Bear Farm and Bear Mills in Crediton. 2 large vellum sheets, two wax seals. 1775. £20.00

  100. Littleham & Exmouth LEASE of land called the Bushy Park, comprising 8 acres with strip of land to make a road, Lord Rolle to Thomas Moon. Large vellum sheet, signed Rolle with wax seal. Ink very slightly faded but always easily legible. 1821. £12.00

  101. Milltown, Marwood AUCTION POSTER. Advertising Sale of 'Freehold Farm, Accommodation Lands, Cottages, &c. (Situate at Milton, Marwood). Lists 6 Lots with brief schedules. Size approx. 30" x 20". Folded, couple of short tears at margins. 1916. £14.00

  102. Ryland (I), Eng. THE SOUTH WEST VIEW OF EXETER Copper engraving, 4" x 7", in ivory card mount. Early 18th century. £12.00

  103. Sidbury AUCTION POSTER advertising the sale of Orchard Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land, in 8 Lots. Size 22" x 17", folded, with table giving lot nos., description, cultivation, measure and adjoining owners. Off-setting of print, a few minor edge tears. 1848. £17.00

  104. Spreat (W) BRADNINCH CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper, large margins. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £22.00
    With part of a house to the left and a man talking to a woman in the central foreground in front of the church wall.

  105. Spreat (W) IPPLEPEN CHURCH. Sketched and Drawn on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel c1842. £22.00
    There is a man, a woman and a child on a path in the foreground with a man sitting on the kerb stones and anoher man behind him pointing to a grave stone.

  106. Spreat (W) KENN CHURCH. Sketched and Drawn on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £22.00
    In the right foreground there are two men standing by the steps up to the church-yard with a man sitting on the steps. In the central foreground are 2 women and a child.

  107. Spreat (W) PINHOE CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. [C. Hulmandel, Printer.] c1842. £22.00
    A view showing a large house to the left and just in front of the church.

  108. Spreat (W) SILVERTON CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £22.00
    A man is talking to a woman in front of the church boundary wall whilst holding a wheel barrow.

  109. Stonehouse POSTER advertising the sale by Auction at the Prince George Hotel, Tuesday 19th February 1839, of a house in Union Lane, and four tenements in Adelaide Lane. Size 17" x 11". Prices realised in ink on verso, folds. 1839. £22.00

  110. Tallis & Co. PLYMOUTH, DEVONPORT & STONEHOUSE Plan, engraved surface approx. 10" x 13", decorative border and three vignette views. Central fold, border cut away on left, and trimmed at top and bottom (not affecting the cartouche with title.) c1860. £20.00

  111. Thorverton CONDITIONS AND SPECIFICATION of Works to be done in constructing the extension of a Common Sewer in the Town of Thorverton, Devon. 5p., sm. folio, signed over stamp by Contractors. Small drawing of section in text. 26th October 1877. £26.00
    '... the pipes are to be jointed with clay worked to and made of a consistency sufficiently tough to allow a band of it a foot long to be suspended without breaking...'

  112. Trewman (R) Pub. TREWMAN'S EXETER FLYING-POST or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser. June 15, 1837. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp. 1837. £14.00
    Includes adverts for sale of Torbay House, part of Manor of Brixham, Downe Hall Mansion, Elme Cottage, Babbicombe, column on new Exeter Municipal Boundary.

  113. Whimple PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a most Valuable Freehold Farm and Lands called "Periton," Situate within a quarter-of-a-mile of the Village and Railway Station of Whimple....Togther with an excellent Farm House and Suitable Farm Buildings also a most desirable Freehold Small Holding, adjoining Periton, known as "Welches,".... Mr T.D. Hussey is instructed to Sell the Above by Auction.... On Monday, the 20th June, 1904. Folio, 3pp, large coloured folding plan, plain paper wraps, name of solictor cut from first leaf, some light spotting, short tear to one margin. 1904. £26.00

    Devon Acts

  114. Ashton, Kenn, Thorverton AN ACT for Confirming and Establishing the Partition of the Estates late of Sir George Chudleigh.... Tryphena Davie and John Pollexfen; and for settling the several specifick Shares thereof.... and for authorizing Leases to be made of divers Parts of the Premises. 25pp, sm. folio, disbound. Attractive engraved headpiece showing pelican and young. 1745. £18.00

  115. Beer AN ACT for making a Harbour in the Cove of Beer, in the County of Devon. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 13pp. 1792. £18.00

  116. Dartmouth and Torbay Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the Dartmouth and Torbay Railway at Brixham Road Station to Brixham in the County of Devon, and a Tramway in connexion therewith.... 16pp. 1864. £20.00

  117. Exeter Hospitals & Workhouse AN ACT to explain and amend Two several Acts of Parliament, for erecting Hospitals and Workhouses within the City and County of the City of Exon, for the better employing and maintaining the Poor there. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 26pp. 1774. £16.00

  118. Exeter Land AN ACT For Vesting several Messuages,Lands and Hereditaments, in the County of Devon, and City of Exeter, late the Estate of Robert Stone, Gentleman, deceased, in Trustees, to enable them to convey the same to the Purchasers thereof and to apply the Money arising by such sale in Payment of the Debts of the said Robert Stone.... 13pp. 1775. £15.00

  119. Exeter Railway AN ACT to empower the South Devon Railway Company to make a Branch Railway at Exeter.... 18pp. 1865. £15.00

  120. Exmouth Gas, Coke, and Water Company AN ACT to incorporate the Exmouth Gas, Coke, and Water Company (Limited), and to make further Provision for lighting the Town of Exmouth and certain neighbouring Places with Gas. 16pp. 1865. £12.00

  121. Honiton Church AN ACT for building a new Parish Church in the town of Honiton.... 28pp. 1835. £15.00

  122. Horwood, Hartland AN ACT to Vest in, and enable Trustees, to Sell some Out-parts of the Estate late of Sir John Rolle Knight of the Bath, deceased, for the Payment of Debts, Legacies and Portions.... 9pp., black letter, cover leaf, edges uncut. Held with small staples. 1710 £25.00

  123. Plymouth Citadel AN ACT for vesting certain Messuages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, for the better securing His Majesty's Docks, Ships, and Stores, at Portsmouth, Chatham, and Plymouth, and for the better fortifying the Town of Portsmouth, and Citadel of Plymouth, in Trustees.... Black Letter. Cover leaf + 12pp. 1758. £15.00

  124. Teign Valley Railway Company AN ACT for conferring further powers on the Teign Valley Railway Company for the construction of works.... 7pp. 1878. £9.00

  125. Teignmouth to Dawlish Road AN ACT to amend an Act.... for more effectually maintaining the Road from Teignmouth to Dawlish, and for making Roads from Dawlish to the Exeter Turnpike Roads.... 12pp., with 2p Schedule of lands with Ocuupiers etc. 1831. £14.00

  126. Tiverton to Morebath Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the Bristol and Exeter Railway at Tiverton to the Devon and Somerset Railway in the Parish of Morebath..... 20pp. Secured with staples. 1865. £24.00

  127. Torquay Market AN ACT for the better Establishment of a Market at Torquay.... 12pp. 1852. £14.00

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  128. Bloxworth House, Blandford PENCIL DRAWING showing the front of the house from an angle. Signed 'E.M' and dated 1847. Size 4" x 9", mounted on thin card. 1847. £16.00

  129. East Burton and Wool PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Sporting and Agricultural Estate including East Burton Dairy and Brookhill Farm.... Trout and Salmon Fishing in the Frome.... which will be offered for Sale by Auction.... 21st September, 1929. Folio, 22pp., large folding plan loosely inserted. 1929. £24.00

  130. Newman & Co. RECOLLECTIONS OF LYME REGIS 20 photolitho views on a folding strip, based on vignette engravings, 2 to a page. Size 6" x 4", wraps with gilt decoration of coat of arms and flowers. c1890. £18.00

  131. Portland GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. XVII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 31", hand-coloured, key in sea area, dissected and mounted on linen and folding into home-made stiff card boards. Geological information 1865, this edition c1900. £70.00
    Covers Golden Cap, Dorchester, Lulworth.

  132. Portland ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XVII. Scale 1" to 1 -mile, size 24" x 31", sea area hand-coloured, yellow shading around coast. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 4to, marbled endpapers. A red line has been drawn from the railway near Broadway to Abbotsbury. Electrotyped 1872. £30.00
    Covers Dorchester, Bridport, Lulworth Cove.

  133. Rock's ROYAL BOURNEMOUTH CABINET ALBUM 16 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into magenta gilt boards, sm. 4to, corners very slightly rubbed. 8 are 2 to a page. c1880. £17.00
    Includes Corfe Castle, Hotel Mount Dore, The Arcade, Invalids Walk.

    Dorset Acts

  134. Bridport Roads AN ACT for better repairing the Second District of Turnpike Roads leading to and from the Town of Bridport.... and for making and maintaining several Branch Roads to communicate with the same. 12pp. 1830. £14.00
    Includes a schedule of the land concerned with names of owners and occupiers.

  135. Isle of Portland Harbour and Breakwater AN ACT to amend an Act for empowering the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Woods to purchase Land for the Purposes of a Harbour of Refuge and Breakwater in the Isle of Portland.... 10pp. 1850. £14.00

  136. Stallbridge AN ACT to enable the Commissioners of His Majesty's Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues, to contract for the Purchase and Surrender of Crown Leases and to sell His Majesty's Interest in the Thornhill Estate, in the Parish of Stallbridge.... 11pp. 1815. £10.00

  137. Weymouth and Melcombe Regis AN ACT for the better ascertaining, recovering, and collecting, certain Duties commonly called petty Customs, or Wharfage, payable upon the Importation and Exportation of Goods and Merchandizes into, or out of the Harbour of the Borough and Town of Waymouth and Melcombe Regis.... and also of Ballast and Harbour-duties payable in respect of Ships and Vessels.... Cover leaf + 14pp. 1749. £18.00

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  138. Balingdon, Wickham St. Pauls ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheet No. XII, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. Roads and water-features coloured. Slight browning of linen along one fold. 1880. £28.00

  139. Little Horkesley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheet No. XVIII, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. Roads and water-features coloured, some buildings and fields shaded red, slight browning of linen along one fold. 1878. £28.00
    Covers Wormingford, Boxted Heath, Fordham.

  140. Wyld (J), Pub. A TOPOGRAPHICAL MAP OF THE COUNTY OF ESSEX Constructed from the Trigonometrical Survey made by Order of the Board of Ordnance. Hand-coloured engraved map, compass rose, coloured border. Scale 2 miles = 1". Size 25" x 34", good plate-mark, mounted on linen and folding into rubbed marbled endpapers, inserted in cloth slip case, rubbed at edges, label worn. Map has several pinholes around margin, a few in border, and some rusty, a few very small rust spots on map surface. c1840. £45.00

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  141. Beverston Castle THE NORTH VIEW OF BEVERSTON CASTLE, IN THE COUNTY OF GLOUCESTER. Copper plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 14" x 7", good margins. S. & N. Buck. 1732. £40.00

  142. Cheltenham CATALOGUE of Household Furniture and Effects being the Contents of 'The Laurels', St. Stephen's Road. 16pp., 8vo. 1897. £6.00

  143. Cirencester ABSTRACT OF TITLE of Joseph Mullings to several pieces of Land part of a late Close called Stepstairs. 4p., folio. Inset coloured plan size 7" x 4". 1853. £15.00
    Details title from 1837.

  144. Gloucestershire War Agricultural Executive Committe POSTER. MILITARY SERVICE. By Royal Proclamation issued 20th April, 1918. Printed on one side only, size approx. 17" x 11", folded. L.A. Smart & Son, Printers, Northgate Street, Gloucester. (1918) £6.00
    Refers to appeals for exemption for 'highly skilled agricultural workers whole time employed on a farm on farm work.... '

  145. Kingswood & Hawkesbury SALE PARTICULARS Young & Howes are instructed by the Executors to Sell by Auction at their Market premises at Yate, On Wednesday, August 23rd, 1944. Freehold Agricultural Holding.... known as Mounteneys Farm situate in the parish of Kingswood.... Inglestone Farm situate in the parish of Hawkesbury.... Accommodation Land now arable, situate adjoining the Road from Inglestone to Hawkesbury.... Small 4to, 3 folding coloured plans, 8pp, short tear to margin of one map, few small spots to first leaf. 1944. £22.00

  146. Lower Guiting LEASE of a Cottage, Thomas Vernon and David Holland of Norton, Lords of the Manor to John Clapton, Labourer. Vellum, 18" x 25", 2 wax seals, vellum slightly darkened. 1764. £14.00

  147. Mechanics' Institution, Cirencester A LECTURE will be delivered by Mr. J. Simpson, (Librarian of the Islington Literary & Scientific Society) at the Hall, in Thomas-Street, On Thursday, March 17, 1853, at Eight o'clock, on The Life, Character, & Times of Henry VIII. Broadsheet, 11" x 9", attractively printed with titles in large typefaces. Gives 'Syllabus' of lecture, Admission details, etc. Edwin Baily, Cirencester, 1853. £20.00

  148. Norberry of Winterbourne, Grocer APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE binding Joseph Walders of Abbots Leigh, Somerset to William Norberry. Vellum, 10" x 14", folds, MS inserts, 3 small wax seals. 1884. £13.00

  149. Over AN ACCOUNT OF EXPENDITURE, FOR MANUAL LABOUR, ON THE OVER TURNPIKE TRUST from the 22nd day of January.... Vellum ledger with printed heading as above to each page, with entries on a weekly basis, dates filled in heading at top of page, each page in columns with printed headings for Labourers' Names, Nature of Work, Day Wages or Contract Price, Materials, Price per Ton, £ (cost). Entries in a neat hand from 22nd January 1841 - 4th December 1846. 276 pages, folio, bound in full vellum, loose in case. Approx. 20 pages are water-stained in places, and 6 leaves have the bottom half cut away. A later owner has written his name on endpaper, with date 1902, and cut an alphabetical index down the right hand side (address-book style), meaning that parts of the final column with cost is cut away (progressively less towards the end of the book). 1841-46. £180.00
    Each week approx. labourer's names are listed. There are references to different types of stone used e.g...

  150. Slimbridge PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate Known as Kingston Farm, with Good Farm House & Buildings, Four Cottages, 116 Acres.... and Orcharding.... close to some of the best meets of Lord Fitzhardinge's Hounds.... to Be Sold by Auction.... 28th June, 1884. 4pp., folio, folded, large hand-coloured folding plan loosely inserted. 1884. £36.00

  151. Stanton WILL of Joseph Evans of Stanton. 5p folio, signed with wax seal. 1833. £14.00
    Refers to farm and lands called Butler's Ground, Upper Orchard etc.

  152. Stroud area MERCHANT'S ACCOUNT BOOK 1812 -1863 Vellum-bound ledger, size 16" x 6", 129 double-page spreads headed with name of client, Credit on left and Debit on right, alphabetical index of clients at front. 1812-1863. £150.00
    Clients seem to be mainly in south Gloucestershire, but are also at Bristol and in North Somerset. Includes: Sir Henry Lippincott, Mr Naish at Port Bridge Mill; Mr Revell at Lawrence Hill; Lorrimer, Redcliffe St., Bristol; Mr Hayward, Beverstone; Colin Campbell Dent & Co.; Robert May, Cornelius Mayo, Mrs Martin and many other people at Stonehouse; Mr Wilton, Surgeon, Gloucester; There are also pages of entries for the County of Gloucester Bank at Dursley and at Stroud. As well as dealings in heifers, hogs, lambs, stock, hops, garden seeds, maiden oaks, oats, cotton, cheese, coffee, sugar (under 'Insinger & Co., Amsterdam' he lists shipments of sugar 'To 20 Hhds. sugar per 'Mercurius' Capt. Wessels pr. A.W. White.... 1475 Guilders'), fleeces ('1259 Merino fleeces weighing 4289 pounds'), he notes dealings with the Cheltenham & G.W. Railway Co. ('In lieu of a Bridge across the Railway at No. 45 I consented to take the sum of.... £150'; 'for a strip of land.... for widening the road leading to the Stonehouse Station and also the Timber thereon.... they are also to build a substantial wall on my land..... £50'), his letting of various farms, fields, barns ('let Falfield Farm in Thornbury' 'rent of house and garden in Stonehouse'), and fees for 'attendance at the Infirmary Lectures &c at Gloster during my Son Martinus's apprenticeship with the Messrs. Wilton's').

  153. Winterbourne PARTICULARS, WITH PLAN, VIEWS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, By direction of Sir Henry White-Smith, of Charming and Attractive, Fine Old Georgian Country Residence known as "Winterbourne House" with well and tastefully-laid-out Grounds, Gardens, Tennis Courts, Entrance Lodge, Cottage Outbuildings and Parklike Pasture Land, Model Farm... which Geo. Nichols, Young, Hunt & Co.... are instructed to Sell by Auction at Demerara House, Colston Avenue, Bristol, On Thursday, 6th May, 1926. Folio, coloured folding plan, 4 illustrations, 8pp, original wraps, pencil notes of prices. 1926. £38.00

  154. Winterbourne PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Very Attractive and Well-Built Freehold Residence known as "The Grove" together with five pieces of useful Accommodation Pasture Lands.... which Geo. Nichols, Young, Hunt & Co. Are instructed to Sell by Auction at The Grand Hotel, Broad Street, Bristol, On Thursday, March 18th, 1920. Folio, 7pp, coloured folding plan, loose in the original wraps, pencil notes of prices. 1920. £24.00

    Gloucestershire Acts

  155. Cheltenham College A BILL to make provisions with respect to the Constitution and Mangement of Cheltenham College. 12pp., folio, together with AN ACT for the Incorporation of Cheltenham College. 3pp. 1894. £10.00

  156. Cheltenham Waterworks AN ACT for authorizing the Cheltenham Waterworks Company to raise a further Sum of Money. 8pp. 1847. £8.00

  157. Forest of Dean Encroachments AN ACT to extend until the First Day of January One thousand eight hundred and forty-five, and to the End of the then next Session of Parliament, the Time within which Conveyances may be made on behalf of the Crown of, and Disputes settled with regard to, Encroachments in the Forest of Dean. 2pp. 1844. £13.00

  158. Gloucester Gas Light Company AN ACT for incorporating the City of Gloucester Gas Light Company. 15pp. 1820. £12.00

  159. Saint Johns Bridge AN ACT for enlarging the Term and Powers of Acts, for repairing the Road from Fyfield, in the County of Berks, to Saint Johns Bridge in the County of Gloucester. 16pp. 1812. £10.00

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  160. Avington Park Estate PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the outlying portions of the Avington Park Estate comprising the compact Freehold & Residential Agricultural Property known as "Barley Down" House.... to be sold by Auction.... at the George Hotel - Winchester, On Monday, 22nd March, 1926. Folio, 2 illusts, coloured folding plan, 12pp, original wraps, occasional spotting. 1926. £18.00

  161. Christchurch PARTICULARS of a Valuable Freehold Estate comprising a Desirable Marine Residence called Heathercliffe House with about 8 acres of land... which will be Sold by Auction... October 31st 1864. 1p, sm. folio, plus docket title. 1864. £12.00

  162. Highcliffe PARTICULARS of Auction Sale of 'Lavender Cottage', Waterford Road, 1948, 5pp., 4to.... together with.... PARTICULARS of 'Trevone', Herbert Road, New Milton, 1956, 7pp, 8vo.... together with.... PARTICULARS of 'Braeside', St. Leonard's, Ringwood, 1932. 7pp., 8vo. All three items have actual photos on front wraps. 1932-56. £10.00

  163. Isle of Wight ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets 330,331,344,345. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36", linen-backed and folding to 4to, tape on edges ragged. Linen split 8" along one fold and 1" at top of same fold. Red line drawn from Railway near Merston south to St. Lawrence, small numbers in red ink at four points. Electrotyped in 1885. £24.00
    Covers the whole of the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Hayling Island, Brockenhurst.

  164. Longdown and Stanbridge Estates PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Longdown and Stanbridge Estates containing an area of 412a. 3r. 29p.... Fishing Rights on the River Test, Attached, together with Two Small Cottage Residences with Paddocks.... Freehold Free Publichouse.... known as Duke's Head Inn, which Waters and Rawlence Have received instructions from Frederick Varney, Esq, to Sell by Auction.... at the White Horse Hotel, Romsey, on Thursday, November 1, 1900. Folio, large coloured folding plan, 12pp, attractively printed title page, original wraps, once folded horizontally. 1900. £25.00

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  165. Aylestone Hill POSTER advertising auction sale of four Lots of land on Aylestone Hill, 30th May, 1896. Size 30" x 20", folds. 1896. £14.00

  166. Great Hormead, Hare Street, and Anstey, Buntingford PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Estates.... known as "Brick House farm," Great Hormhead, containing about 119 Acres, 1 Rood, 35 Poles, also An Enclosure of Freehold Arable Land.... To be Sold by Auction by Messrs Harding & Son. On Thursday, June 29th 1911. Folio, 7pp, large folding coloured plan in pocket at rear, original wraps, loose in case. Traces of vertical fold on front wrap. 1911. £22.00

  167. Hereford POSTER advertising sale of properties in and near Hereford, 15th December 1863. Size 27" x 17", folds. 1863. £17.00
    Includes estate called 'The Vineyard' with Strawberry Gardens adjoining, Lime-kiln Orchard in Weston Beggard, etc.

  168. Ledbury PROBATE of the will of John Stephens of the Burton Farm, Ledbury, farmer. Copy of will on two large vellum sheets, with printed certificate and large papered seal of Archbishop of Canterbury. 1831. £12.00

  169. Moccas, Dorstone POSTER advertising Sale by Auction of Oak and Ash Timber Trees growing on the Moccas Estate, 6th December, 1871. Size 22" x 17", folds. Very large type faces (the word 'Timber' is in type 4" high). 1871. £17.00

  170. Much Dewchurch PARTICULARS, PLANS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Ornamental Cottage Residence and Lands known as 'Pool Cottage', which will be offered for sale by Auction by Mr. F.H. Merrick at the Green Dragon Hotel, Hereford.... 25th day of August 1880. 3pp, folio, lacks plan. Loosely inserted is a fine lithograph showing the house with figures on lawn, on thick paper, plate size 5" x 8". 1880. £22.00

  171. Welsh Newton POSTER advertising Sale by Auction of Newton Lodge and Farm, August 1st, 1890. Size 30" x 20", folds. Wear along about 3" of one fold. With table giving schedule of lands. 1890. £16.00

  172. Whitbourne POSTER advertising sale of estate called Lower Rosemore in Whitbourne, 24th October 1859. Size 25" x 15", folds. 1859. £20.00
    Includes table with list of fields, cultivation, quantity etc. The farm included 'Hop Kilns, Granary, Cider Mill.... the River Teme proverbial for its fine Greyling Fishing is only half a mile distant....'

  173. Whitfield POSTER advertising sale of Timber & Coppice Wood, Feb. 9th, 1870. Size 29" x 20", folds. Printed with large letters. Lists 7 Lots, each Lot listing different types of tree. 1870. £20.00
    Includes '51 Oak Timber Trees numbered with red paint, on the Dyffryn, Newhouse, trees in Hayfield Grove, Thruxton, etc.

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  174. Barnet PARTICULARS WITH PLAN of a Valuable Freehold Accommodation Holding or Dairy Farm... Known as Whitings Hill Farm, situated in Mays Lane, High Barnet. 5p, 4to, cold. folding plan, wraps, vertical fold. Staples rusty, hence loose in wraps. 1920. £16.00

  175. Great and Little Munden EXTRACT FROM CONFIRMED INCLOSURE AWARD of John Nockolds, Land Surveyor. 2p., folio, in MS, relating to Great Souls field Common, Fellowsfield Common, various private carriage roads etc. With schedule. Plain wraps, folded.... together with.... PLAN on tracing paper, scale 3 chains to an inch, 'traced from Inclosure Map', showing various Great Souls field, etc. 1853. £22.00

  176. Hertfordshire WILL of Brigitte Bestney of London, 1633. 1p, sm. folio. Contemporary extract referring to a lease for one peppercorn of a farm called Bakers End in Hertfordshire, to her daughter Anne Kiffin. 1632. £18.00
    Details terms of the lease 'makinge not wast of the Tymber Trees thereuppon growinge save only the loppinge for ffewell and hedge boote... and also plowe boote and for the yearly rent of one pepper corne'. After 31 years the farm was to be given to her son Nicholas.

  177. Bacon's MAP OF HUNTINGDONSHIRE Colour printed map size approx. 12" x 18", central fold. Reduced from the Ordnance Survey, scale " to 1 mile. Divided into 5 mile squares. c1885. £8.00
    From 'Bacon's Atlas of The British Isles'.

  178. Godmanchester TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by Messrs. Jenkinson and Lovell.... 5th day of October, 1803.... A Very Desirable Farm, comprising Seventy Three Acres and Half a Rood of Arable Land, Leys and Meadow.... Handbill, size 11" x 9", traces of folds, 'Sevenry-Three' has been altered to 'Seventy-Two' in ink. Jenkinson, Huntingdon, Printers, 1802. £25.00

  179. St. Neots, Fletton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 158. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 34" x 26", linen-backed and folding into chipped cloth endpapers. Main roads and rivers hand-coloured. County boundary outlined in red. 6" square at bottom left, with manuscript compass rose. Linen at central fold browned, slightly affecting paper at edges of section, some slight browning in top and bottom margins. 1896. £30.00
    Covers the whole of Huntingdon and parts of adjoining counties.

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  180. Deal, West Langdon ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LVIII N.E., N.W. etc. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 36". Linen-backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. Roads hand-coloured. Estate north of Tilmanstone shaded green, line of East Kent Light Railway added in ink. Some brownish discoloration at section edges. Third Edition 1908. £17.00

  181. Dover, East Langdon ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXVIII N.E., N.W. etc. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 36". Linen-backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. Main roads and water-features hand-coloured. Areas of Frith Farm north of Dover, shaded pink, with adjoining owners named in MS, and small area round Kearsney Abbey shaded blue. Some slight darkening of paper at a few section edges. Third Edition 1908. £18.00

  182. Erith & Wrotham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Very Valuable Freehold Estate called The Marsh Farm.... and a Public House called The Chequers or Halfway House, Situate on the Banks of the River Thames, at Erith.... and also of a Freehold Estate, consisting of the Bull Inn and Posting House, Situate at Wrotham, Kent. For Sale by Auction.... 23rd September, 1847. Folio, 3pp, fine hand-coloured double-page plan of Lot 1 with table of reference, possibly lacks plan of Lot 2. 1846. £24.00

  183. Margate LETTER from John Barber in London to Francis Cobb, Bank, Margate. Letter on 1p, folio, expressing his doubts about the Philanthropic Annuity Institution, saying he will pay money due to Sir Jas. Esdail & Co. on his account, etc. On the conjoint leaf is an account of expenses due to Barber, Aug. 1806 - Feb. 1807, including 'changing diaper' '12 Bibles', 'Hatt for Thomas'. Folded with large wax seal, address panel. 1807. £10.00

  184. United Ancient Order of Druids TICKET for An Open Chapter Meeting, June 17th, 1879 at the 'Sir John Falstaff' Inn, Star Hill, Rochester in honor of the Biennial Meeting of the Order at Chatham. Printed on green card with small vignette of angels, etc., 2" x 3". 1879. £4.00

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  185. Accrington New Hold Manor of SURRENDER of Elizabeth Woodcock of land at Oakley Rawtenstall, at the Halmot Court of the Clitheroe Estate Company. Vellum, small plan in margin. 1908. £12.00

  186. Carlton LEASE of a messuage in Carlton for a yearly rent of five shillings and eight pence, George Hull the elder to John Silcock of Harthorne, husbandman. On vellum, size 10" x 17", wax seal on tag. Vellum rather thin and rubbed in parts, 1" split at a fold. 1635. £17.00

  187. Manchester PLAN OF THE MOUNTAIN MINE at the Heaton House Colliery Working By Wm. H. Brancker & Co. Finely drawn manuscript plan in ink and 2 colours, on cartridge paper backed with linen, size 24" x 36" plus margins, rolled. Very fine large calligraphic title with each line in a different style of lettering, ornate floral compass rose, scale bar ('Scale of chains 32 yards each'). Shows workings with shafts etc., small area of woodland, areas shaded blue denoting 'Coals got by Mr Chapman', and in red 'coals got by W.H. Brancker from commencement of lease up to Augt. 1852.' With Reference Table showing Cheshire Measures. Some light dusting overall, 1" tear in margin. Daglish, St. Helens, Augt. 1852. £240.00

  188. Parbold PLAN OF PARBOLD QUARRY as Worked by Mr. William Winnard out of Land Belonging the Hon. R.J. Gerard-Dicconson. Manuscript plan in ink and colours on thick paper backed with linen, rolled. Scale bar, decorative title. Reference Table with key showing colours for different dates of workings from 1906 - 1918. Size 21" x 38" plus margins, scale 20 yards to an inch. Some minor creasing, surface slightly dusty. 1906-18. £120.00

  189. Rochdale NUMBER AND NAMES OF ALL THE LOCKS upon the line of the Rochdale Canal from the Junction of the Calder and Hebble Navigation to Manchester showing the length and breadth of each Lock and the distance from each other. Manuscript on large sheet size 40" x 26", listing approx. 90 locks with 20 columns for measurements such as 'Breadth of the Head', 'Breadth of the Bottom Bar' 'Distance from Sowerby' etc. Laid down on conservation paper, some loss of paper at top and left edges, area approx. 3" long torn from bottom left corner, with loss of the list numbers of the last few locks. A few rust spots. c1840. £140.00

  190. Lancaster AN ACT for improving the Navigation of the River Loyne, and for building a Quay near the Town of Lancaster.... 19pp., cover leaf. 1749. £14.00

  191. Liverpool AN ACT for enabling the Trustee under the Will of Henry Brown, deceased, to sell certain Shares in the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Navigation, and a Share in the Liverpool Theatre.... and to apply the Money arising therefrom in repairing, pulling down and rebuilding certain Houses in Paradise Street, Liverpool.... 20pp. 1831. £15.00

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  192. Church Langton OBLIGATION BOND of Charles Browne of Church Langton to Arthur Staneley of West Langton. In Latin and English on two sides of vellum, size 4" x 11", signed with his mark by Browne, smll wax seal. Signed by three witnesses. 1647. £28.00

  193. Hatherne AN ACT for dividing and inclosing the Open Fields, Meadows.... within the Lordship or Liberty.... of Hatherne. 19pp. 1777. £22.00

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  194. Spilsby PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of an Exceedingly Valuable Landed Property comprehending Two Excellent Farms. The whole estate extends to 825 Acres.... the Largest Oxen and Best Sheep are here fattened for the London Market.... being in the Parish of Ingoldmells, Addlethorpe, orby & Winthorpe.... only half-an-hour's Drive of Skegness, the Fashionable Bathing Place.... The Property approximates upon the large Estates of Lord Willoughby D'Eresby & other Nobility and Gentry. Which will be Sold by Auction by Mr. Geo. Robins.... 17th and 18th of July, 1838. In Fifty-Six Lots. 12pp., folio. 1838. £65.00
    With details of the 56 Lots printed side-ways, in tabular form, with name of land etc., quantity, occupier, parish, adjoining owners on all four sides.

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  195. East Greenwich RELEASE AND ASSIGNMENT of Term of properties in the Circus, near Croomes Hill, East Greenwich, Robert Grey James, of Bloomsbury, to William Croke of Clerkenwell, Shipbuilder. Four vellum sheets, 23" x 28", 4 wax seals. Includes schedule of deeds from 1713-1811, including Recovery of 'sixteen messuages sixteen gardens and eight acres of land in East Greenwich' and a 1713 indenture involving the heir of Sir William Hooker, some time Lord Mayor. With futher Indenture 1832 on verso of first page. 1812. £18.00

  196. Holborn LIST OF PUBLIC WAYS &c Within the Wards of North St. Giles, Central St. Giles, Lincoln's Inn, North Bloomsbury.... 14pp, morocco wraps, worn at spine. Lists Street, Ward, Numbers of Houses. 1901. £14.00

  197. Moses and Son, Tailors, Drapers, Hosiers, Minories & Aldgate NEW SUMMER DRESS At the New Houses. Single 4to advertising sheet, printed on one side only, with details and prices of Summer Coats, Waistcoats, Mourning, Hats, Mechanics' Trousers, etc. n.d. c1870. £22.00
    Includes amusing poems extolling their clothes, imagining a steam-boat with very well-dressed passengers: 'Pray, what can be the reason all appear/With Dress so truly fashionable here?/Nay, do not question why each scene discloses/Such fashionable beauty - thing of MOSES.'

  198. Notting Hill LEASE of 246 Portobello Road Notting Hill, A.R. Bax to Albert Moss. Large vellum sheet, with brief schedule detailing fixutres and fittings room by room. 1890. £10.00

  199. Ordnance Survey LONDON AND ITS ENVIRONS Reduced from the Skeleton Plans. Surveyed and engraved in 1848-50. Four sheets, scale 12" to one mile, each 24" x 36", linen-backed and folded to 4to, paper endpapers. Only one map has engraving over the whole surface of the sheet. Sheet 1 has grubby endpapers. Comprises: Sheet 1 (Muswell Hill Lane etc.), 41 (Streatham Common), 42 (Sydenham), 44 (Surbiton Road). 4 items. Paper variously watermarked 1848-51. O.S blind-stamps 1852. £55.00

  200. St. Paul, Deptford LEASE of no. 26 Arbuthnot Road New Cross, The Haberdashers' Company, Governors of the Almshouse and Free Grammar School of William Jones in Monmouth to Frederick Cavalli, Stationer. Printed on vellum, 21" x 26", coloured sketch plan size 10" x 7" in text, large papered red seal of William Jones Monmouth Charity, two wax seals. 1898. £15.00

  201. Stoppered Bottles, microscopical slides PRICE LIST of George Holt & Co., Brixton Hill. 4pp., folio, printed in blue, illustrations of bottles. Traces of folds. 1919. £10.00

    London Acts

  202. London and South-western Railway AN ACT for authorizing the London and South-western Railway Company to make new Works.... and for defining and regulating the Capital.... 50pp, last page loose. 1867. £16.00
    Refers to lines at Wimbledon and in North Devon.

  203. St. Giles AN ACT for vesting the disused Burial Ground of the Parish of Saint Giles in the Fields.... in the Rector as Glebe.... 8pp. 1862. £14.00

  204. St. Martin in the Fields AN ACT for Sale of a Tenement adjoining to Northumberland-house in the Strand (part of the Estate of Sir William Dodwell, Knight, deceased).... 11pp., decorative headpiece and floral initial letter, some wear at corners, secured with staples. 1743. £20.00
    Refers to a survey which showed the property 'had been in very great Danger of falling..... several large Cracks in the Wall of the said Turret, and a great Defect in the Foundation thereof....'

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  205. Aldeby and Wheatacre All Saints PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, WITH PLAN, of.... the Aldeby House Estate, in the Parishes of Aldeby and Wheatacre All Saints, with two labourers' cottages... which will be sold by Auction.... the 30th day of August, 1867. Folio, 8pp, fine hand-coloured folding plan. Docket title, folded, outer folds slightly dusty, traces of horizontal fold. 1867. £32.00

  206. East Dereham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Several Cottages in Swanton Morley Which Will be Sold by Auction.... on Friday 19th September 1862.... 4to, 5pp, folds. Headings printed in attractive type-faces. Notes on prices etc. in pencil and ink. 1862. £15.00

  207. Elsing ELSING INCLOSURE Folio sheet, printed in three columns in small type, describing 'Public Carriage Roads, Bridle Roads, and Footpaths to be stopped up', 'set out and apppointed' etc. Thomas Utton, Commissioner. 1843. £18.00

  208. Forncett St. Peter, Wacton A HIGHTLY PRODUCTIVE AND VALUABLE ESTATE FOR SALE the Eleventh of August, 1849. 7pp., folio, folded with docket title, attractive double page hand-coloured plan, with small engraving of church. 1849. £32.00

  209. Matchett & Stevenson, Printers, Norwich TO THE ELECTORS OF EAST NORFOLK In consequence of a cruel and unjustifiable war.... humanity and justice have risen and put Lord Palmerston's Government in a minority.... A Meeting of County Gentlemen, has taken place, and thinking that I have done my duty since I was elected, in 1855, they have agian invited me to offer myself as a Candidate.... Henry J. Stracey. Poster, size 17" x 11", folds. Norwich, March 14th, 1857. £18.00

  210. Mattishall PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Very Desirable Property situate at Mattishall.... to be sold by Auction by Mr. Butcher at the Swann Inn, Mattishall, on Wednesday the 9th Day of August, 1848. Folio, 4pp., folded. 1848. £15.00

  211. North Pickenham, Holme Hale, Swaffham PARTICULARS, PLAN & CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Sporting, Residential & Agricultural Estate known as Petygards.... for Sale by Auction.... August 5th, 1890. 6pp, folio, large folding coloured plan. Split at spine and repaired with document tape. Repair in outer leaf on memorandum. 1890. £20.00

  212. Wicklewood WILL of Archibald Rowing of Wicklewood, farmer. 4pp., folio, signed and witnessed. 1870. £13.00

  213. Wheatacre-cum-Burgh PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Property situate in the Parish of Burgh St. Peter.... comprising 295 Acres of the Finest Grazing Marshes in the COunty also the Manor or Lordship of Wheatacre-cum-Burgh.... which will be Sold By Auction... 4th day of July, 1857.... 7pp., folio, folded with docket title, double page plan hand-coloured in outline, brown mark down left hand edges of pages and centre of plan. 1857. £18.00

  214. Wreningham and Ashwelthorpe PARTICULAR AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Small Farm, Cottage and Lands.... to be sold by Auction by Mr. Jno. Standley.... 5th day of May 1856. Sm. folio, 4pp., folded. 1860. £10.00

  215. Wreningham PARTICULAR AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Estates at Wreningham.... to be sold by Auction by Mr. Jno. Standley on Wednesday the 5th day of Dec. 1860. Sm. folio, 4pp., folded. 1860. £10.00

  216. Wymondham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Small Property comprising a Farm-House.... Double Cottage situate in Spooner Row, which Salter & Simpson will sell by Auction.... on Friday the 9th or July, 1880. Folio, 4pp., folds. 1880. £14.00
    The farmhouse is described as 'Clay lump and tiled'.

  217. Igborough AN ACT for vesting divers Lands and Hereditaments in the Parish of Igborough, Part of the settled Estate late of Henry Ord, Esquire, deceased, in Trustees, to convey the same to James Nelthorpe.... 11pp., secured with staples. 1762. £18.00

  218. Killesby LEASE of a Farmhouse and Farm in Kellesby, including 93 acres known as Fennum Lets, Oathill, Buckhill, Ash Slade, and Sously, William Clever of Caswell in Greens Norton to Edward and David Wilkins, husbandmen. Vellum, 23" x 31", 3 wax seals, two small holes at fold, with loss of a few letters. 1788. £17.00

  219. Harbottle, Elsdon, Falstone ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Parts of sheet CVIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 26", plus margins. Adjoining county blank and shaded pale pink, printed area shaded pale green with darker colour along county border. Linen-backed, folding to 4to, marbled endpapers. Electrotyped 1869-70. £18.00

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  220. Ashton ASHTON PRIORY, NEAR BRISTOL Pencil drawing so titled, on 'Bristol' paper, size 10" x 13". A fine detailed drawing in soft pencil showing figures on a lane outside a large house with walled garden, Gothic windows on first floor, tall tree in foreground framing view, larger building just seen through trees behind house. Signed 'MS' March 23, 1826. £45.00
    Shows in detail the architecture of the house, with 'Gothic' windows, porch, decorative details on roof etc.

  221. Bath Auction PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Important Freehold Business Premises Situate on the Main Road at Twerton-on-Avon, near Bath, Which Will be Offered for Sale by Auction by Mr. Henry Mortimer.... On Monday, April 29th, 1901. Includes Stanley House, Shop, and Stables. Folio, 3pp, folded. 1901. £10.00

  222. Bath Auction PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Desirable.... Properties known as 30, The Paragon, 5,6 & 7 Newbridge Road, and 4 Ashley Avenue, Lower Weston.... Which will be offered for Sale By Auction By Powell & Powell at the City Auction Mart, on Tuesday, 15th Day of March, 1904. Folio, 4pp, folded. 1904. £12.00

  223. Blackmoor Coppice, Crewkerne AUCTION POSTER. To Be Sold by Auction.... 350 Maiden Ash, 42 Maiden Oak Timber Trees standing in Blackmore Coppice.... Size approx. 20" x 15", folded, brownish off-setting of type. Printed at the "Pullman's Weekly News" Office, Crewkerne. 1861. £17.00
    Lists 28 lots, with purchase price written in neatly in ink, list of ash poles and total of sale on verso, signed by Mr Patch, the Auctioneer.

  224. Blackmore Farm, Crewkerne HANDBILL. To be Let By Survey. At the George Inn, in Crewkerne.... 7th Day of January next... All that Messuage or Dwelling-House.... 158 Acres of Arable, Meadow Pasture and Coppice Ground.... called Blackmore Farm.... The Present Tenant, Mr John Slade.... will shew the Premises.... Size approx. 8" x 10". Jolliffe, Pr. Crewkerne, 13th Dec. 1822. £17.00

  225. Bridgwater Bay ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XX. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size approx. 24" x 35", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 4to, marbled endpapers. Counties coloured in light wash, with darker colour at coast. Electrotype 1874. £30.00
    Attractive copy. Covers Porlock, North Petherton, Weston-super-Mare, part of South Wales coast.

  226. Chard Lace Manufactory DEED OF PARTNERSHIP between William Fox of Nottingham, Lace and Bobbin Net Manufacturer, and Thomas Brown of Chardleigh Green, Lace and Bobbin Net Manufacturer, and James Gifford of Chard. 11p. folio, in manuscript.... together with.... two Memorand of Agreement, each 2p., 1874, and 1897, and three typed sets of accounts, from 1937,38,39, 'Cost of Manufacture'. 1874. £32.00
    Refers to 'the Holyroad Mill with the Engine house Smith's shop Gas works Cottages and the Steam Engine Boilers....'

  227. Crewkerne RELEASE of Oathill Grange in Crewkerne, John Pope and John Osler of Broadwindsor in Dorset, to John Trenchard. Large folio, 2 small wax seals, some minor splits at folds. 1740. £16.00

  228. Frome ANNUAL REPORT of the Frome Newspaper Printing & Publishing Co. 3pp., folio. 29th March 1924. £5.00
    Contains brief statement from Chairman, Statement of Accounts.

  229. Hutton PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... the Hutton Court Estate, including the Historic XVth Century Manorial Residence.... Pleasure Grounds... Five Cottages, Home Farm, Lime Stone Quarries... 18-Hole Hutton Golf Links in the aggregate to about 535 acres.... for Sale by Auction 3rd June, 1935.... 18pp, folio, stiff decorative wraps, folding plan in pocket at rear, 3 photographic plates of dining hall and exterior. 1935. £36.00

  230. Ilminster BOND for £652, John Slee, Sergemaker, to Bridget Slee. Printed on sm. folio sheet, blank adjoining leaf, details in MS., small wax seal. 1766. £18.00

  231. Ilminster PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, of the Dwelling-Houses, Lands & Cottages, Situate in the Parish of Ilminster.... Which will be Offered for Sale by Auction by Mr. Morris, at the "George Inn," in Ilminster, On Friday, the 30th day of June, 1871. Folio, folded, 3pp. 1871. £15.00

  232. Ilminster POSTER advertising sale by auction at The Swan Inn of houses in Court Barton and Silver Street. Describes 4 Lots. Size 20" x 14", folds. 1877. £16.00

  233. Kemyss Tynte family COLLECTION OF BILLS for farm work, blacksmith's work, steward's expenses, building work on house, thatcher's, cyder maker's, saddler's, ratcatcher's, doctor's, earth-stopper's, draper's bills, yearly wages (e.g. butler's), putting a poor child apprentice at Bloomfield, poor rates, expenses of Manor Courts, ale for workmen, ppipes and tobacco, books, etc. 1717-1843. Upwards of 80 pieces, all manuscript, mainly 4to and small folio, with some bills on larger folio sheets. The great bulk of the pieces are for the 1740's with three nineteenth century pieces and three from the early years of the 18th century. Most bills cover completely one side of a sheet and are receipted and signed on verso. 1717-1843. £250.00
    Includes: 2 pages extracted from a longer record of numbered leases, detailing leases at Ottery, 1709-11 (includes reference to windmill at Ottery); balance of account with Anthony Mentonnier, 1717 (presumably banker); blacksmith's bill 17423, 2p, folio; Account of Work Done for the Honble. Sir Ch. Kemmyss Tynte from Feb. 26-March 5 1742, listing names and farm work done e.g. 'Rich. Parsones boy seven dys keeping Rooks in late farmer Chard's ground ) 0.5.9d'; bill of 1744 for 1 gross of pipes, tobacco etc.; bill of 1750 for Carpenter's work, e.g. 'putting up sum pals round the heay rick up at patcom barton... cuttin down timber in Chantrey Wood for to new ox yoacks' 'making twenty and three thousand laths'; account of Steward's expenses travelling to Ireland, for horsehire, guide, customs, turnpike, meals, 2p folio (an ancestor had bought property in County Cork); Agreement for sale of Manor of Chew Baber to Thomas Mullins of Goathurst, 1813, 4pp folio with detailed Schedule; Drawer's bill 1742 e.g. 'Drawing Timber for the new Park'.

  234. Nettlecombe REMOVAL ORDER to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Bicknoller from the Overseers of Nettlecombe to receive and provide for William Jenings Taylor who has lately intruded himself into the parish of Nettlecombe. Small folio, printed with MS inserts, large decorative coat of arms at headwith lion and unicorn. Signed by H. Lutterell and Thos. Camplin, with small papered seals. Pile's Printing Office, Norton, Taunton, 1767. £55.00

  235. North Curry & Stoke St. Gregory PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of an Attractive and Very Valuable Agricultural Property comprising Town Farm, Higher Huntham Farm, Lower Huntham Farm, Cottages, and detached closes of.... Arable Lands, in and near the Villages of North Curry and Stoke St. Gregory.... 388a. 2r. 25p. to be offered by Auction.... Tuesday, 16th December, 1919. 4to, original wraps, 25pp, large coloured folding plan in pocket at rear. 1919. £26.00

  236. Nunney AUCTION SALE OF AN IMPORTANT AGRICULTURAL ESTATE including:- 21 Cottages.... Vallis Quarries, Downhead Quarry.... Nunney Castle which includes the Lordship of the Manor of Nunney.... Folio, wraps, 50pp, photographic plate and phot on front wrap. Plan not present (it appears to have been issued separately). 1950. £18.00

  237. Otterford PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Two Valuable Farms called Lower Fyfett.... and Higher and Lower Rull.... Which will be offered by Auction by Messrs. T.D. Hussey & Son.... the 12th November 1913. 8pp, 4to, large folding plan, coloured in outline. 1913. £20.00

  238. Rock's ROYAL CABINET ALBUM OF WESTON SUPER MARE 12 photolitho views, one to a page, on extending strip, sm. 4to, decorative gilt boards, cloth spine, gilt faded. c1900. £16.00
    Includes The Pier, Glenwroth Bay, rowing boats at Anchor Head, etc.

  239. Slee family, of Ilminster DECLARATION of John Dunster, of Ilminster, Cooper, regarding the Slee family and possible heirs of Bridget Slee. 1837. 2p, folio, signed.... together with.... Extracts from the Register Books of Marriages, Baptisms and Burials for Ilminster and Crewkern parishes, 1716 - 1820, 4p folio. 1837. £16.00
    John Dunster was born in 1751 and relates how his father had been Mr Slee's Cooper (the family kept the Swan Inn). He was servant to William Slee Collector of Tolls and Hornsbury Hill Gate.

  240. Stogursey Parish TRESPASS CASE "John Rawlins complains of Thomas Honiball being in the Custody of the Marshalsea.... that the said Thomas.... with force and arms broke and entered the closes of the said John.... and spoilt the grass and corn, wheat and barley.... to the value of £20." He is also said to have uprooted 50 trees of various kinds and taken away 20lbs of iron. With a letter from the Plaintiffs attorney fixing date of trial, and another to Rawlins "You must prove you was in possession of the closes called Sogs and the 8 acre ffield on 1st January 1790." 3 sides on sheet folded to sm. folio, having been sent through the post to Rawling at Stogursey, with address and broken wax seal on verso. Holes at fold, affecting a few letters. Hilary Term 1792. £24.00

  241. Taunton Property FOR SALE, BY PRIVATE TREATY In Two Lots, The Unique Residential Property known as "Wheatleigh" with tastefully laid out grounds, lawns and gardens, stables.... A pair of Attractive Gothic Cottages with Grass Land at Haines Hill, containing together 15 Acres. Messrs C.R. Morris Sons & Peard, Estate Agents, North Curry, Taunton. 4to, original wraps, 7pp and 4 pages of plates, large coloured folding plan in pocket at rear. c1920. £25.00

  242. Walcot PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of an Old-Established Fully-Licensed Inn.... Known as the Britannia Inn.... and Two Messuages Adjoining Known as Nos. 1 & 2 Piccadilly.... for Sale by AUction.... 11th August, 1892. 3pp folio, plus docket title. 1892. £12.00

  243. Wellington TRADE CARD of Frederick C. Fry, House & Decorative Painter, Plumber, Paperhanger &c. 46 Mantle Street Wellington, Som. A share of your patronage respectfully solicited. Chromolith printing in blue and gold on thin card, size 3" x 4", very decorative border. £c1880.

  244. West Pennard AUCTION POSTER Valuable Pasture Lands to be Sold by Auction by Mr Tucker, at West Pennard Inn, On Monday, the 23rd of February. Size approx. 24" x 16", few folds. slight off-setting, a couple of short tears. Welch, Printers, Glastonbury. 1846. £18.00
    Lists 9 lots with the measure and names of the neighbours.

  245. West Somerset Mineral Railway PHOTOGRAPH albumen print, size 5" x 4". Shows four men standing in the carriage at the bottom of the slope, pile of stones and pipes on gr0und to right, one of the men in guard's uniform. 1880? £12.00

    Somerset Acts

  246. Chard Railway AN ACT to authorize the Construction of a Railway from the authorized Line of the London and South-western Exeter Extension Railway to Chard.... 15pp. Held with small staples. 1860. £15.00

  247. Ilchester, Stoke-under-Hambden, Tintinhull, Ashington & Lymington AN ACT For Inclosing Lands in the Parishes of Ilchester, Stoke-under-Hambden, Tintinhull, Ashington, and Lymington, in the County of Somerset. 19pp. 1806. £18.00

  248. Ivelchester Roads AN ACT for continuing the Term, and altering and enlarging the Powers of an Act.... for keeping in Repair several Roads leading from the Town of Ivelchester.... 20pp. 1821. £12.00

  249. Minehead Harbour AN ACT for Prolonging the Term for Payment of certain Duties Granted by an Act.... Intituled, An Act for Recovering, Securing, and Keeping in Repair the Harbour of Minehead, for the Benefit and Support of the Navigation and Trade of this Kingdom. Black Letter. Cover leaf and 5pp. 1712. £18.00

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  250. Dunwich, Southwold, Kessingland ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLIX. Size 25" x 18", border all round, woodland and main roads hand-coloured. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Linen-backed, folding to 8vo, cloth wraps. c1870. £14.00
    Much of the map is sea area.

  251. Ellingham, Geldeston POSTER advertising auction sale of Cottage Properties.... 10th November, 1865. Poster, size 18" x 12", folds. 1865. £17.00

  252. Rushmere PARTICULARS, WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Occupation Farm known as the Beech Tree Farm.... 5pp., 4to, folding coloured plan, vertical crease. 1919. £15.00

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  253. Burpham, Parham Park ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet L. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. 1879. £30.00

  254. Rock's ROYAL CHICHESTER CABINET ALBUM 15 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into sm. 4to decorative gilt boards, gilt slightly rubbed at edges. c1880. £17.00
    Includes Goodwood house, Racecourse.

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  255. Andrews (J) and Drury (A) A TOPOGRAPHICAL MAP OF THE COUNTY OF WILTS. Describing the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry Turnpike and Cross Roads, Canals &c. Surveyed originally in 1773, by John Andrews and Andrew Drury; Drawn from a Scale of two Inches to one Statute Mile. Second Edition, Revised and corrected. Fine engraved map, on 18 sheets, with roads coloured yellow, canals and boundaries of hundreds etc. coloured, fine cartouche by Cipriani, hinged and bound in folio, with title page, Table of the Market Towns and Villages, and the single sheet A MAP OF WILTSHIRE (TAKEN FROM AN ACTUAL SURVEY) being the Index Map to the large one, scale half an inch to one mile, outline colour. Each sheet size 18" x 26", plus wide margins. Early plain grey paper boards, folio, spine worn and chipped. Off-setting on some plates. Second Edition, 1810. £1,350
    A nice copy of the second improved edition of the first large-scale map of the county, with the rare, separately-published Index map.

  256. Broad Town, Wootton Bassett PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALES of the Desirable Small Freehold Properties.... comprising a Capital Pasture Farm... Whiteway Cottage... Valuable Springs and Water Rights derived from Broad Town Hill.... for Sale by Auction.... August 21st, 1911. 10pp., large 4to, wraps, plan. Vertical fold, staples rusty, hence covers loose. 1911. £22.00

  257. Chilton Foliatt and Ramsbury TO BE SOLD BY TENDER About Fifty Acres of Capital Underwood growing on the Littlecote Estate. Poster, size 17" x 10", small portion of one top corner torn away. Gives details of six different coppices, arrangements for cutting underwood etc. 1862. £18.00

  258. Corston Auction PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Beerhouse, Situate in the Village of Corston, and of 3 Cottages adjoining: which will be Sold by Auction.... at the Full Moon Hotel, Bath, On Monday, 27th July, 1896. Folio, 4pp, folded. 1896. £12.00

  259. Cricklade PARTICULARS OF THE VALUABLE ESTATES situate within a mile of the Borough Town of Cricklade.... comprising Mills Called 'West Mills', having water power capable of driving three pairs of stones with the rights of water and fishery in the River Thames.... a neat residence at Calcut.... farm called Stones Farm.... 4pp., double page hand-coloured plan. Folded. 1848. £28.00

  260. Devizes and Potterne AUCTION POSTER advertising sale of Inn known as 'The Duke of Wellington' in Bridewell Street, with brewhouse, cellars, etc., and two cottages at Potterne Butts. Size 20" x 15", folds. Printed in very large type-faces. 1854. £18.00

  261. Durrington, Coombe Bissett PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Frehold Residential, Agricultural and Sporting Properties comprising The Manor House, Durrington, Colins Farm House, Church Farm Coombe Bissett, Parsonage Farm House, The Warren.... capital Arable and Pasture Land.... Folio, 27pp., 3 large folding coloured plans, printed wraps, staples rusty, corners of wraps rubbed. 1921. £26.00

  262. Faringdon to Acton Turville GENERAL STATEMENT OF THE INCOME AND EXPENDITURE of the Turnpike Road from Faringdon to Acton Turville.... between the 29th day of September 1829 and the 29th day of September 1830, General Statement of the Income and Expenditure of the Shipton Moyne Branch.... Large folio sheet, printed on one side only, folds. with two large tables setting out expenditure on labour, Stones, Flints, Rent of Quarries etc., and income from Tolls at various gates such as Horsey Down Gate, Minty Common, etc. 1830. £35.00

  263. Hill Deverell PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Corn and Sheep Farm with the Manor House, Homestead and Down Buildings.... Comprising an area of about 656a.3r.15p.... which will be sold by Auction by Mr. Edward Waters.... Warminster, 20th August, 1887. 4pp., folio, folded, title page with attractive typefaces. 1887. £16.00
    'The farm is in the centre of the South Wilts Hunt....'

  264. Horsey Down ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. V.13 Size approx. 25" x 38", plus margins, scale 1/2500 (25 miles to 1"). A few fields in pink wash. Surveyed 1878, Edition of 1921. £12.00
    Covers Horsey Down, West Mill, Chelworth Upper Green.

  265. Jackson (J.E) TEN POUNDS REWARD Folio Volume of Aubrey's Wiltshire Antiquities: An Original Manuscript, Missing. Printed letter, 3p 4to, from Jackson (Reprinted from 'Note & Queries' and 'The Wiltshire Independent' 1860, pinned to another article on Aubrey by Jackson, 5pp., 8vo, with a manuscript note dated Feb. 2, 1861, signed by Jackson, 2p 8vo, titled 'The History of these 2 papers' (see below). In the same hand is written on the first item 'circular to Booksellers & others'. 1861 £22.00
    'Everybody, old Britton & all, up to my time, were under the mistake that the Two Parts, printed by Phillipps, were the 2 volumes compiled by Aubrey....'

  266. Liddington PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate known as 'Liddington Wick'.... for Sale by Auction... May 30th, 1864. 3pp., folio, double page hand-coloured plan. Folded with docket title. 1864. £24.00

  267. Marlborough COMMENCEMENT OF THE SWINDON, MARLBOROUGH & ANDOVER RAILWAY at Marlborough July 28, 1875. Programme. Single 4to sheet, printed on one side only, together with letter printed on yellow paper, 8vo, which was sent with ticket. 1875. £22.00
    'The Ceremony of turning the First Sod will be performed by The Rt. Honble. Lord Ernest Bruce M.P.'

  268. Marlborough PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... 'The Limes' together with Gardens and Farm Buildings.... for Sale by Auction April 30th, 1931. 8pp, 4to, plan, wraps, rather creased. 1931. £8.00

  269. Melksham PARTICULARS WITH PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Highly Valuable Freehold Estates, Two Excellent Dairy Farms..... Accommodation land.... to be sold by Auction.... June 9th, 1898. 5pp., folio, with schedules, large folding hand-coloured plan. Staples rusty, splits at spine. 1898. £26.00
    Comprises 'Melksham Forest Farm' and 'Little Snarlton Farm'.


  270. Mere PARTICULRS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Property.... in Eight Lots, which will be sold by Auction at the Ship Inn, Mere, June 15th, 1837. 3pp., folio, folded. Loosely inserted is manuscript plan "Land at Mere belonging to the late F. Seymour' in ink and colour, size 9" x 13", scale 3 chains to an inch, showing the 8 Lots. 1837. £36.00

  271. Mildenhall PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... The Advowson and Next Presentation to the Rectory of Mildenhall.... For Sale by Auction... September 19th, 1855. The Income is principally derived from Rent Charge & A Valuable Glebe. 3pp, folio, folded with docket title. 1855. £26.00
    Attractively printed.

  272. Nunton and Bodenham PARTICULARS OF SALE OF NUNTON HOUSE ESTATE. The Attractive Residence & Grounds known as "Nunton House,".... with Lower Nunton Farm House, Buildings, Lands & Cottages.... for Sale by Auction at the White Hart Hotel.... 24th May, 1921. Coloured folding plan in pocket at rear, 19pp, original wraps, spine repaired. 1921. £20.00

  273. Pewsey PARTICULARS OF THE FREEHOLD ESTATE situate at West End. 2pp., 8vo, small plan. 1936. £6.00

  274. Pewsey PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF AN IMPORTANT SALE of Valuable Frehold Property, Water Corn and Grist Mill called Buckleaze Mill.... Dwelling House and nearly Sixty Acres.... Miller's Cottage.... for Sale by Auction.... 23rd May 1871. 3pp., printed on blue paper, folded with docket title. 1871. £16.00

  275. Pewsey PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... a portion of The Pewsey Glebe having an area of 106a.... for Sale by Auction, August 26th, 1912. 7pp, 4to, wraps, folding plan. Vertical fold. 1912. £16.00

  276. Purton CONVEYANCE of Lands in the Parish of Purton and Release of Claims, Alfred Batson to The Cheltenham & Great Western Union Railway Company. Attested copy on paper, 5 sheets folio, coloured sketch plan approx. 4" x 5" in text, small brown stain on outer title sheet. 1840. £16.00
    The Cheltenham & Great Western Union was incorporated in 1836 and opened in 1841.

  277. South Marston PARTICULARS OF AN EXCELLENT FREEHOLD DAIRY FARM, & ESTATE.... Late the Estate as to Moiety of Charles Hopkins, Esq. deceased. In the very pleasant healthy village of South Marston.... Comprising Ninety Acres, One Rood, and Thirty-five Perches.... with a Large and Excellent Farm House and Requisite Buildings.... Will Be Sold By Auction, By Mr Taylor, At the King and Queen Inn, Highworth, On Monday, the 3rd Day of August, 1835.... Folio, folded, crude plan, and 2pp, docket title. J. Ricketts, Printer, Binder, &c. Highworth, 1835. £35.00

  278. South Marston PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF A VERY SUPERIOR FREEHOLD DAIRY FARM AND ESTATE.... Late the Estate of Henry Kinneir, Esq. deceased. Most desirably situate in the pleasant healthy Village of South Marston.... Comprising Ninety Acres.... Will Be Sold By Auction, By Mr Taylor, At the Auction Mart, opposite the Bank of England, On Tuesday, the 18th Day of January 1820.... Folio, folded, full page plan, and 2pp, docket title. 1820. £35.00
    Slight confusion by the printer it has 'Great Marston' on the docket title, and 'South Marston' on the title.

  279. Stancomb (J.P) COPY OF TROWBRIDGE TITHE APPORTIONMENT Folio, marbled wraps, morocco spine, printed label to front wrap, spine rubbed. Title page, 27 double page spreads, with columns for Landowners, Occupiers, Number on Plan (not present), Description of Lands, State, Quantities, Payable to Vicar and Payable to Rector. c1840. £80.00
    Lists approx. 300 occupiers.

  280. Sutton Mandeville COMMUTATION OF TITHES with the Apportionment. 1838. Folio MS, 14 double page spreads with entries in columns for Landowner, Occupier, Lands & Premises, No. on Plan (not present), Area, Value, and Amount Payable in money value and wheat barley and oats. 26 landowners listed. Some amounts entered in pencil. With 2p summary loosely inserted. Rough paper wraps, titled in ink, and with Solicitor's name and address, marked 'to be delivered immediately'. 1838. £45.00

  281. Swindon RELEASE of arable land called the Croft adjoining the road from Swindon to Wroughton, and new built dwelling house, in Nether Swindon, Thomas Herring of Swindon, Wheelwright and his wife to Theodora Morse of Loodson. Vellum, calligraphic initial letter, 20" x 24", wax seals. 1745. £20.00

  282. Swindon, Wootton Bassett and Hinton Parva PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE. Of a Valuable Freehold Family Residence, Occupying a most Important and Central Position: A Very Desirable and Commodious Country Residence and Land.... 14 substantially - erected Cottage Residences; also Remunerative Investments.... part of the Estate of the late Mr John Chandler.... for Sale by Auction, at the Goddard Arms Hotel, Swindon, On Monday, Jan. 12th, 1903. Folio, with a coloured plan of a residence at Wootton Bassett known as "The Lime Kiln", 9pp, paper wraps. 1903. £25.00

  283. Tockenham, Broad Hinton, Brinkworth, Wootton Bassett PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Seven Compact Farms.... Building Sites, Accommodation Lands, 28 Houses in Swindon, 'Highworth House' at Highworth.... for Sale by Auction 29th October and 1st November, 1917.... Folio, 35pp., printed wraps, 6 folding maps in pocket at rear 1917. £32.00
    Includes Greenway, Tockenham, Littletown, Cockroost, East End farms.

  284. Wanborough PARTICULARS WITH PLAN and Conditions of Sale of a Freehold Estate comprising 13 Small Dairy Farms.... in the Village and parish of Wanborough.... will be offered for Sale by Auction... July 24th, 1922. 25pp. Folio, card wraps, lacks folding plan and part of one of the three photographic plates. 1922. £17.00
    With detailed schedules.

  285. Warminster ATTRACTIVE AND IMPORTANT SALE of very Valuable Freehold Property comprising.... 2 & 3 Woodcock Villas, A Picturesque and Modern Residence known as Highbury.... 2 & 3 Boreham Villas.... Two 14-Qr. Malthouses... Two ottages.... 500 Shares in Warminster Motor Co.....For Sale by Auction.... June 17th, 1907. 10pp., large 4to, printed wraps, split at spine. Includes photographs. 1907. £18.00

  286. Warneford Place PARTICULARS, PLAN, VIEW AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, Of Exceedingly Important and Valuable Freehold Residential & Sporting Estate known as Warneford Place, embracing an area of upwards of 2,550 Acres and including A Commodious Old-Fashioned Family Mansion Delighfully situated in splendidly matured Pleasure Grounds, embracig a picturesque Lake.... The Property also comprises Nine Excellent Agricultural Holdings.... Messrs. Walton and Lee Have received instructions to offer for Sale by Auction at the Mart, Tokenhouse Yard, London, On Wednesday, the 11th day of June, 1902.... Folio, coloured folding plan, frontis view, 23pp, original wraps detached with some tears, creased where folded vertically. 1902. £26.00

  287. Worton POSTER advertising auction on 26th April 1877 of Freehold Pasture Land known as 'Tim's Ground' now in the occupation of Frederick Flooks.... there is a Cow House with Calf Stage on the Ground.... Size 20" x 15", folded. Bolwell, Printer, Devizes. 1877 £16.00

    Wiltshire Acts

  288. Chippenham Improvements AN ACT for lighting, watching, cleansing, paving, and otherwise improving the Town of Chippenham.... 46pp. 1834. £12.00

  289. Chippenham, Calne, Damerham North, and Corsham Debts AN ACT for the more easy and speedy Recovery of Small Debts within the Hundreds of Chippenham, Calne, and Damerham North, and Lordship or Liberty of Corsham, in the County of Wiltshire Black Letter. Cover leaf + 17pp. 1765. £15.00

  290. Hilperton and Trowbridge AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parishes of Hilperton and Trowbridge.... 15pp. 1815. £17.00

  291. Melksham, Corsham, Biddlestone, West Yatton, Castle Coombe Roads AN ACT for more effectually amending, widening, and keeping in Repair, the Road from the Turnpike Road at the Bottom of Shaw Hill, in the Parish of Melksham, through Googe's Lane, Corsham, Biddlestone, and West Yatton, to the Turnpike Road at Upper Coombe, in the Parish of Castle Coombe.... 24pp. 1799. £14.00

  292. Ogbourn Saint Andrew AN ACT For Dividing and Allotting certain Open and Common Fields, Downs, and Commonable Lands or Grounds, in the Tything of Ogbourn Saint Andrew.... 21pp. 1778. £24.00

  293. Salisbury Improvements AN ACT to alter, extend, and amend the Powers of Two Acts.... for better paving, lighting, and watching the City of New Sarum.... 44pp. 1815. £14.00

  294. Steeple Ashton AN ACT for Inclosing Lands in the Parish of Steeple Ashton, in the County of Wiltshire 24pp. 1813. £18.00

  295. Warminster Roads AN ACT for Repairing the several Roads leading from the Town of Warminster in the County of Wiltshire Cover leaf + 20pp. 1726. £18.00

  296. Staunton PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a very Desirable and Compact Freehold Estate, situate at Staunton.... Consisting of A Capital Breast-Shot Grist Mill, also an Excellent and Convenient Family Residence, with Cider Mill, Barn, Stables.... Sixty Acres.... To be Sold by Auction by C.F. Moore, at the King's Head Hotel, Gloucester, On Saturday, the 2nd day of August, 1846. Folio, 3pp, folded. 1846. £12.00

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  297. Cotton Samples, Dewhurst & Co. SAMPLE BOOK containing 58 squares of coloured cotton fabric, in 4to book, 6 pages of thick paper, samples pasted both sides, stiff paper wraps, which are stained. On the front wrap is written 'Geo. Senior, R. Dewhurst, followed by an illegible name, presumably a place-name beginning with 'As...'. Each fabric square size approx. 2" x 3", numbered at the side (not in any order) between 1307 and 1370. The designs are small floral sprigs, presumably for dress fabric, with a few more abstract designs, closely patterned, some with a small-scale 'paisley' base....together with.... 54 loose hand-painted or drawn fabric designs on paper, 10 in shades of pink, red and gold, one in black, pink, red, yellow and blue, 29 in pencil, 14 in pen and ink. Includes designs based on floral sprigs, tree branches, sea weed, coral, ferns, paisley patterns (particularly the multi-coloured design which is particularly fine and reminiscent of a shawl border) and abstract designs. The drawings have traces on the back of having been once pasted in an album. Sizes approx. 6" x 6", a few of the pencil and pen drawings being smaller, some larger. c1850. £220.00

  298. River Weaver Navigation TO OWNERS & DRIVERS OF LOCOMOTIVES Wagons, Carts, and other Carriages, Notice is Hereby Given That From & After Monday 7th Instant This Bridge will be under repair..... and will be insufficient to carry a greater weight than 2 Tons.... Poster, size 20" x 15", traces of folds. Weaver Navigation Office Jan. 6th, 1887. £30.00

  299. South Cave PARTICULARS of a Valuable and Truly Desirable Freehold Estate.... Which Will be Sold By Auction at the House of Mr. William Hudson, Known by the Sign of the Fox and Coney.... 31st day of October 1839. Title page, 1p listing 12 lots, mainly in MS, plus 1p. printed conditions, completed Memorandum. 1839. £18.00

  300. Warcop ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet CII S.E. Border all round, linen-backed and folded to 4to, blue crayon numbers on verso. c1870. £10.00

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  301. Camera Series ALBUM OF DUBLIN VIEWS Fifteen photolitho views on extending strip, folding into gilt sm. 4to boards, spine chipped, hinges weak, boards rubbed at edges. c1900. £18.00
    Includes fine panorama over four pages.

  302. Malhuddart, Greenoge, Co. Meath ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 34", Sheet No. III, dissected and mounted on linen, edged with tape, folding to 4to. Margin down left hand side. Inset is area between Dunlavin and Timolin. n.d. c1850. £26.00

    Scotland Acts

  303. Combinations in Ireland AN ACT to prevent unlawful Combinations of Workmen.... in Ireland.... 11pp. 1803. £18.00

  304. Ireland AN ACT to amend and continue for Two Years... the Laws in Ireland relative to the registering of Arms, and the Importation, Manufacture, and Sale of Arms, Gunpowder and Ammunition. 30pp. 1843. £16.00

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  305. Commercial Bank of Scotland BOND of David Greig Rutherford, Banker in Dunfermline, John Fergus, Merchant in Kircaldy and Others to The Commercial Bank of Scotland, relating to his appointment at Agent for the Bank. 11p., folio, sewn at edge. Folded. Each page signed by the four parties but signatures crossed through. 1846. £16.00
    Rutherford was to be responsible for 'drawing and purchasing Bills on London Edinburgh or elsewhere and paying and receiving as Agent its Notes in Dunfermline and that neighbourhood'.

  306. Cupar, Fife WRIGHT'S STOCK, SAWMILL UTENSILS, FURNITURE &c, For Sale.... the WHole Stock in Trade, and Household Furniture, which belonged to Alexander Blyth, Wright in Cupar.... a Quantity of Cut Wood, Window Frames, Door, Three Coup Carts, Locks and Keys..... immediately thereafter there will be Sold at Cupar Mills the Whole Stock and Effects at the Saw-Mill there.... consisting of Four Circular Saws, two Cross-cut Saws.... Poster, size 14" x 9". 1840. £20.00

  307. Dundas, West Lothian GENERAL ARTICLES & CONDITIONS OF LET OF THE FARMS on the Estate of Dundas in West Lothian 1828. 3pp., large folio, printed in cursive script. £8.00
    Sets out conditions for paying rent, crops to be grown etc.

  308. Dunlop, Ayrshire DISPLENISHING SALE OF HORSES, HARNESS Traps, Furniture &c. Poster, listing named horses with Dam and Sire, carts, etc. For sale by Auction at Springfield, Dunlop. 1903. £14.00

  309. Edinburgh Friendly Society RECEIPT for money received by Robert Mcfarlane, Cashier to the Edinburgh Friendly Insurance against Losses by Fire, issued to the Representatives of William Lillie Cordiner. Printed with MS inserts, with attractive small woodcut of clasped hands. Size 7" x 8", signed by Cashier and Secretary. 1762. £16.00

  310. Grangehill, Beith SALE OF POTATOES & Ryegrass Hay.... by Public Roup, at Grangehill, Beith, Saturday, 6th August, 1870... 3 Acres of Excellent Growing Potatoes.... Also About 20 Tons of First-Class Green Cut Ryegrass hay, in Ricks.... Poster, 11" x 9", traces of folds, top corners chipped, one or two edge tears. Millar, Printer, Beith, 1870. £10.00

  311. Lizars (Daniel), Pub. THE DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY COURIER Tuesday December 9, 1851. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., red tax stamp. 1851. £10.00

  312. McEwing (A) Pr. ARGYLLSHIRE HERALD 3 copies, August 17, 24, 31, 1860. Broadsheet newspapers, each 4pp. £14.00
    Includes Sailings of the Campbeltown Steamers, Farms in Kintyre to Let, Celebration of Tri-Centenary of the Reformation, Religious Awakening in Islay, etc.

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  313. Glamorganshire & Monmouthshire PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold & Customaryhold Farms & Lands in the Parishes of Lanedarne, Cayra, St. George, Michaelstone, St. Fagan, Landaff, Merthry Tydfil... being the Remaining Parts of the Landaff House Estate.... which Mr. William Prichard Stephenson had received instructions to Sell by Auction, at the Royal Hotel Cardiff, the 25th day of May, 1882. Folio, 15pp, plus 6 large coloured folding plans. Wraps rather grubby, one plan with small section missing from bottom corner (mainly affecting margin), two plans with minor repaired tears. Newspaper report of sale with purchasers etc, loosely inserted. 1882. £46.00
    Refers to mineral rights in some lots.

  314. Johnson (W & A.K), Publishers MOTORING AND HIKING MAP Section CC. Covers Anglesey and parts of North and Mid Wales. Scale 3 miles to an inch. Folding into sm. 8vo wraps with illustration of red tourer, hikers. c1920. £7.00

  315. King's Head Estate, Merionethshire PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the King's Head Estate, comprising of Two Freehold Dwelling Houses, Twelve Choice Building Sites and a Valuable Freehold Farm. Which Messrs. Cooke Bros. & Roberts have been instructed to offer for Sale by Public Auction.... On Tuesday, May 18th, 1909. Folio, 7pp, folding coloured plan, original wraps, some light foxing. 1909. £17.00

  316. Llanbedr, Llangenny & Crickhowell, Brecon PLANS, PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Farms, Accommodation Lands, Small Holdings, Cottages and Gardens.... Which will be offered for Sale by Auction at The Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, on Tuesday, the 29th day of July, 1919. Folio, 31pp., original wraps, wraps stained, only one of four folding plans. 1919. £18.00
    The estate belonged to Lord Glenusk.

  317. Moylgrove, Haverfordwest, Fishguard ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XL. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 35", county boundaries, parkland and main roads hand coloured. Ramsey Island shaded pink. Mounted on linen and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers, owner's name in gilt. Watermarked 1858. £30.00

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  318. Bramshott, Hants. & Haslemere, Sussex ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Hampshire Sheet XLV etc. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. Roads and water-features coloured, some buildings coloured red, lands around Fowley House and area south of Haslemere shaded in various colours of wash, one area marked with price sold at. 1880. £24.00

  319. Cheffins's MAP OF THE RAILWAYS IN ENGLAND & SCOTLAND Accurately Delineating All the Lines at Present Opened, and Those Which are in Progress, Corrected to the Present Time. The Map also shews the Main Roads.... Lithograph map, hand-coloured in outline, key showing lines opened, in progress, projected. Size 26" x 22", mounted on linen, folding into 8vo cloth boards, large attractively printed decorative label. Sixth Edition, c1860. £90.00

  320. Cheltenham to Brighton PROSPECTUS of The Cheltenham, Oxford and London Junction Railway, Forming Also a Direct Route Between Cheltenham and Brighton, and Cheltenham and Dover. Folio, 3pp. Lists Provisional Committee (approx. 150 members), with addresses, gives details of route etc. 1845. £35.00
    A plan was issued, but is not present with this Prospectus.

  321. Costume BILL to Mr Tent from L.H. Gordon for cleaning listed items of clothes and furnishings, September 1783 - September 1786. Single sheet folio, written on one side. 1783-86. £18.00
    Includes 'To scowering a white Redgementel Wastcoat and Breeches.... 0.1.6'.... 'To scowering and diping a pea green four post bed furniture.... and a window curtin.... 2.6.0'.... 'To scowering and dying a satten cloak black.... 0.2.0'

  322. Denham Court Estate, Buckinghamshire and Middlesex PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Of Very Valuable and Important Freehold Properties situate in the Parishes of Denham, Harefield, and Hillingdon, near the Market Town of Uxbridge, the whole approaching an area of 750 Acres,and including The Residential Properties known as Denham Court, Lee Place, and the Priory... A Corn Mill... A country hotel known as "The Lambert Arms," A Butcher's Shop.... "The Dog and Duck" Public House.... together with Broadwater Farm, and "The Half Way" Beer House.... Which will be offered for Sale by Auction by Messrs. E. & H. Lumley.... On Friday, July 6th, 1883. Folio, with 2 large coloured folding plans, 3 lithographed views, original printed wraps with a vignette lithographed view, wraps loose, few short tears to wraps and maps, signs where once folded, shaken. 1883. £45.00

  323. Dept. of the Environment SOUTH WEST REGIONAL ATLAS Fourteen coloured maps in folder with cloth covered boards, key map on front board, size 14" x 20". Index page and cyclostyled letter from the Department in Bristol listing maps to be enclosed in this, copy no. 8 of the Atlas. 1970. £18.00

  324. Devon and Cornwall ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Composite map covering the coast between Hartland Quay and Cambeak. Size 22" x 14", sea and coast hand-coloured. Folding to 4to, marbled endpapers. 1875. £8.00

  325. Dorset and Hampshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XVI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Sheet No. XVI. Size 24" x 30", plus margins (which are very wide at the sides). Outline hand colouring, including red shading around boundaries of hundreds, major place names blocked in pink, some areas coloured blue. Manuscript title at top 'Index to Tithe Survey. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 4to, with label and index map on front. c1873. £40.00

  326. Faulkner & Co. POSTCARD of a map of the British Empire with coat of arms of New Zealand, N.S Wales etc. at corners, royal arms with flags at top. c1905. £6.00

  327. Fifteenth Hussars SAHAGUN The Old Song of the Fifteenth Hussars drilled and paraded in open order, for the yearly inspection and commemoration of the 21.December, 1808. 11 verses on both sides of 8vo sheet, folds. 'Wermigey', Norfolk 1866. W.H.H. £7.00


  328. Frampton Cotterell and Bury Hill, Gloucestershire, and Luckington, Wiltshire PARTICULARS WITH PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of well-situate and desirable Freehold Farms and Lands which Geo. Nichols, Young, Hunt and Co. Have received instructions to Sell by Auction at the Grand Hotel, Broad Street, Bristol, On Thursday, November 7th, 1918. Folio, 3 coloured folding plans, 11pp, original wraps. 1918. £30.00


  329. Gloucestershire and Wiltshire CONVEYANCE of a Messuage farm and Hereditaments called the Down Thorns Farm situate in the parishes of Marshfield in the County of Gloucester and West Kington in the County of Wiltshire, Robert Ellis and others to Willm. Sanders. 9 vellum sheets, 21" x 25", 15 small wax seals, last sheet comprises Schedule giving states and acreages, and a fully coloured manuscript plan, size 14" x 11", by Sturge and Sons, scale 6 chains to 1 inch. 1872. £34.00
    The farm was owned by the Trustees of a Charity. Amongst the signatories are W.H. Wills and Francis Fry. Loosely inserted is Insurance policy of Joseph Storrs Fry, 1873.

  330. Gloucestershire, Somerset AGRICULTURAL LAND CLASSIFICATION OF ENGLAND & WALES Three sheets, Provisional Editions, colour-printed, size approx. 30" x 27", comprising: Sheet 165 (Bristol - Bridgwater), Sheet 156 (Bristol - Stroud), Sheet 155 (Bristol - Newport). c1971. £15.00

  331. Great Western Railway CODE OF SIGNALS AND GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for the Use of The Superintendents, Station Masters, Clerks, Guards, Police, Porters, &c &c, in the Service of the Company. 12mo, cloth covered boards, lacking most of spine rubbed at edges, front board lettered in red, faded. 110pp., attractively printed with main points in heavy type, small illustrations in text in signal section. Almost half of one leaf in signal chapter has been torn away, missing sections supplied in transcript, adjacent leaf torn across, spotting of a few leaves. July 1865. £50.00

  332. London, Devizes and Bridgwater Direct Western Railway PROSPECTUS 3pp., folio, plus docket title. Paper slightly trimmed above page numbers, addressed and sent through the post with Bath postmark. 1845. £28.00
    With list of directors (including the Committee of the Kennet and Avon Canal Company), one page description of route and advantages 'By means of this Railway the principal parts of the Counties of Wilts and Somerset will be supplied with Coal, Timber, Slate, Brick, and other commodities from the Port of Bridgwater....'

  333. Middlesex, Dorset & Berkshire PARTICULARS OF SALE OF A SUPERIOR SEMI-DETACHED VILLA RESIDENCE, AT WEST BROMPTON: 113 Acres of Superior Grass Land and Corn rents at Willesden; A Farm of 105a. 1r. 14p., the Rent charge and pew rents, at Handley, Dorsetshire, and the Rent Charge, on lands in the hamlet of Grove in the Parish of Wantage, Berkshire..... Which will be Sold by Auction by Wm. Medland at the Auction Mart, London,.... on Friday, 6th of August, 1858. Folio, 8pp, docket title, folded, lacks lower half of last leaf which is the 'memorandum', partly affecting description of Wantage lot. 1858. £12.00

  334. Pacific Steam Navigation Co. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM recording voyage of M.V. 'Lagarto' from Liverpool to Falkland Islands, Chile, Patagonia, Peru, Brazil. Album size 10" x 15", containing approx. 300 black and white prints, size 3" x 5", carefully mounted on black leaves, captioned in white. 1936-7. £65.00
    The 'Lagarto' (originally the 'Glenavy') was built by Harland and Wolff, originally for the Glen Line. It ran between the U.K. and the West Coast of South America. Many of the photographs record the workings of the ship, and bagging grain, loading wool, etc. Includes views of Port Stanley (including 'Great Britain' at a distance), ruins at Cajamaquilla, Chan Chan, views of bridges, mining villages, gold washing at Rio de las Minas, Indian dwellings, fishing expeditions etc.

  335. Taylor Brothers SCENE ON THE MARAVILLA COCOA ESTATE Advertising sheet, 8vo, with brightly coloured chromolitho scene of people picking cocoa beans, estate buildings etc., framed by cocoa beans. On verso is advert with 'Opinions from the Press' etc. Obviously once glued in album, as there are light traces of glue overall. c1890. £20.00

  336. Tyne Shipbuilding SPECIFICATION OF S.S. 'PALERMO' Small oblong 8vo notebook containing 70 pages, in a small neat hand, of specification for the building and fitting of this ship, 1872. Includes dimensions, general description "The vessel to be built with a straight stern and no bowsprit, and an elliptical stern, be rigged as a Brig, with a complete outfit of masts, spars, sails...", continuing with details of Windlass, Compass, Scantlings, Anchors & Cables, Boatswain's stores, Steward's Stores, Engine Room Stores, Chart Room, etc. etc., linen to be had from Eastons, Hull, and Crockery from J. Gamble & Co. At the other end of the notebook are 17 pages, mainly in pencil, with drafts of letters, including a detailed report dated Dec. 20th on the progress of work on the Palermo ("fixing stanchions, riveting plates of tunnel, finishing caulking.... is well in hand"), 2 letters regarding damage to 'Carbon' and 'King of the Belgians', one about a salvage claim, and list of advances to crew, 15th Feb. 1872. Full morocco, 6" x 4", rubbed at edges, one inner hinge cracked, metal clasp. 1872. £70.00
    Lloyds Register of 1875 lists the 'Palermo', 1300 tons, as having been built by Schlesinger & Sons at Sunderland, with the engines made at Hull.

  337. Wilts. & Dorset Banking Company BANK BOOK Small 8vo, parchment wraps, tuck-in flap. In the name of Thomas Loader Brown, Hallfield. Chard Branch. Approx. 150p of entries. 1885-1893 £12.00

  338. Wiltshire and Dorset CONDITIONS FOR SALE and Agreement for Purchase of divers Lands and Hereditaments within the Manors, Parishes.... of Fontmell, Hartgrove, West-Orchard, Melbury... part of the Estates of the Rt. Hon. Henry Lord Arundell. 3pp., sm. folio, docket title. 1806. £20.00

  339. Wiltshire and Somerset Auction PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Farm.... Known as 'Alcombe Farm'.... Situate in the Parishes of Box and Ditteridge, also Freehold Dwelling-Houses, Gardens, Building Land, Lime-Kilns and other Premises, Situate in the Upper Bristol Road, about 1 miles from the City of Bath. To Be Sold by Messrs. Hawkins & Son.... On Thursday the 4th day of November, 1886. Folio, 5pp, folded, 3 large folding coloured plans. Memorandum of agreement on verso completed by purchaser of Lot 8. 1886. £32.00

  340. Wright (John), Pr. THE GREAT WESTERN ADVERTISER AND CHRONICLE For the Counties of Gloucester, Somerset, Wilts, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall.... Saturday, March 7, 1846. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp. 3" brown stain under title. Attractive vignettes of trains, ships waggons etc, and head of notices. 1846. £15.00
    Includes notices for calls for Shares for Bristol and Exeter Railway, of sailings of steam packets from Bristol to Newport, St. Ives, Padstow, Quebec, New York, etc, with small woodcuts of trains, ships, and long report of meeting of Bristol and Exeter Railway and South Devon Railway Companies.

  341. Yonge family MEMORANDUM that Ann Yonge has deposited in the hands of Henry Sanford Two China Jars, to be held as security for a sum of £75. Signed Ann Yonge, witnessed Mary Procter. 1p. 4to, docket title on verso 'Lady Yonge Memorandum as to the Jars deposited....' 1823. £8.00

  342. Yorkshire and Westmoreland ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 97. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Made up of quarter sheets. Border all round. County border shaded in blue and yellow. Linen-backed, folding to 4to, marbled endpapers. Electrotyped 1871. £26.00
    Covers Bedale, Kirkby Stephen, Ingleton.

    General Acts

  343. Cambridge & Huntingdon AN ACT for Vesting all the Real and Personal Estates late of Elizabeth Morgan, Widow, deceased, in Elizabeth Mackenzie.... discharged from all Right, Claim, and Interest of the Master and Fellows of Gonville and Caius College in the University of Cambridge. 7pp., engraved decorative headpiece. Pages browned, edges of 2 leaves slightly ragged. 1762. £12.00

  344. Coffee AN ACT for allowing Dealers to roast their own Coffee on certain Conditions. 3pp. 1809. £10.00

  345. Coinage AN ACT to continue the Duties for Encouragement of the Coinage of Money. 4pp., plus cover leaf. 1739. £14.00

  346. Corks AN ACT for increasing the Duty on Corks ready-made imported into Great Britain. 2pp. 1808. £10.00

  347. Cornwall, Dorset & Somerset Estates AN ACT for confirming an Exchange between the Right Honourable Henry Stephen Earl of Ilchester and the Right Honourable George O'Brien Earl of Egremont, now deceased, and for effecting an exchange of Lands, by the last Will of the Right Honourable George Earl of Egremont, now deceased, directed to be sold, for Lands by that Will directed to be settled. 51pp. 1853. £16.00
    Includes a 5pp schedule of the land concerned at:- Broadway, Bickenhall, Stogursey, Stocklinch Ottersey, Luxborough, and Whitelackington.

  348. Frampton and Uphill Estates AN ACT for vesting Part of the Settled Estates of Simon Payne Esquire, and Hester his Wife, in the County of Gloucester, in Trustees, to be exchanged for Part of their Unsettled Estates, in the County of Somerset. 14pp. 1799. £18.00
    Concerns estates at Frampton in Gloucestershire and Uphill in Somerset.

  349. Jekyll family AN ACT to enable the Lords of the Treasury to discharge the Executors of Lady Anne Jekyll from a Debt due to His Majesty.... 4pp., plus cover leaf. 1772. £14.00

  350. Kennett and Avon AN ACT to vary the Line of the Kennett and Avon Canal authorized to be made by Two Acts.... 8pp. 1798. £14.00
    Includes a Schedule of the land, occupiers, and property concerned in Bathampton, Lyncombe and Widcombe, etc.

  351. Leicestershire & Warwickshire AN ACT to enable John Holden, Gent. and Thomas Holden, his Son, and Infant, and their Trustees, to raise the Sum of One Thousand Pounds, upon certain Estates in Leicestershire and Warwickshire.... to be applied for the purposes therein mentioned. 7pp. 1761. £17.00

  352. Lunacy AN ACT for the better Care and Maintenance of Lunatics, being Paupers or Criminals.... 14pp. 1808. £12.00

  353. Murder AN ACT for better preventing the horrid Crime of Murder. 4pp., plus cover leaf, engraved initial letter showing soldiers. 1752. £14.00

  354. Railways AN ACT for constituting Commissioners of Railways. 8pp. 1846. £14.00

  355. Roads AN ACT for the better repairing and amending the Highways, and for settling the Rates of Carriage of Goods.... 1689. 12mo, 99pp, title page, presumably once bound, with cloth spine, but lacking boards, old sellotape mark on title page, last few leaves browned. Reprinted by Thomas Bassett, 1749. £25.00

  356. South Africa AN ACT for the Incorporationof the Territories of British Kaffraria with the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope. 6pp. 1865. £10.00

  357. Wilts., Somerset, Gloucestershire AN ACT for vesting certain Estates.... in Trustees, to the Uses of the Will of Jacob Knight Esquire, in Lieu of an Estate in Worcestershire.... and for vesting the Estate in Worcestershire in Warren Hastings Esquire.... 11pp., docket title on verso, woodcut headpiece and initial letter. 1793. £18.00
    Refers to the Manor of Dailsford, in Worcestershire, Nursling, Rowde, Seend etc., in Wiltshire.

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