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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 63

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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  1. Hungerford HUNGERFORD FLY FISHING CLUB. REPORT By Lessees of Hungerford Fishery to Members.... For Presentment at the First Annual Meeting of the Club at Hungerford on the 4th of February 1878. 8pp., pale blue stiff paper printed wraps, with floral decoration, size approx. 5" x 3". 1878. £30.00

  2. Teesdale (Henry) BERKSHIRE Fully hand-coloured engraved map, size 13" x 16", with Reference to the Hundreds, Explanation. Coloured border, small compass rose. 1832. £45.00

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  3. Acland's CENTINEL Quarterly Publication. 'Who Goes There?' 'A Friend' - 'The Word?' 'Reform and Vote by Ballot!' First issue, Feb. 12th 1831. 4to, 4pp. Edges slightly ragged, split at fold. 1831. £8.00
    Note in MS in margin that it was purchased at the office of Publication in Bridgewell lane, 12 Feby. 1831, signed Edward Tew.

  4. All Saints WATCH RATE Printed letter, in large type-face, with MS inserts, summoning William Highman, of the King David, St. Michael's Hill, to appear before the Alderman of All Saints for non-payment of his rates 'for paying the Salaries and Wages of the Night-Constable and Watchmen... Signed John Haythorne. 1834. £10.00

  5. Blitz on Bristol PRESS PHOTOGRAPHS Five black and white prints size 10" x 8", showing: the bombed University Great Hall, with huge pile of twisted tram rails; Dutch House in High St., close up of balcony with figure of 'Crimean Veteran Still Standing Guard'; the Dutch House with side of building crumbling; 'Oldest church in city' in ruins after rain; a bombed 'suburban church in Bristol' not identified, shows altar end of church with wall above in distinctive patterned brickwork.... together with.... half plate photos of bombed 'house in suburbs', with men working to clear rubble, and 'business as usual in Blitzed City of Bristol' with Duke of Kent being presented with string of sausages by a girl; full plate photo of inside of huge workshop with hundreds of men 'being trained for war services' (possibly B.A.C?), and two other uncaptioned photos of workmen training and the militia at target practice. Occasional light brown markings, most photos captioned on verso, stamp of Northcliffe Newspapers Group on verso. 10 items in all. 1940. £50.00

  6. Bristol Newspaper THE BRISTOL MIRROR Late Bonner and Middleton's Journal. No. 1900. Saturday, January 26, 1811. Broadsheet size (20" x 15"). many small creases. Some nice woodcut vignettes at column headings. Red tax stamp. 1811. £13.00
    Contains account of Iron Works and Collieries to let at Lydney, Draycott Charity Estates to let, meeting on proposed Bristol and Taunton canal.

  7. Clifton MORTGAGE of three houses in Upper Park Street.... George Salvidge to John Place and others, 4 large vellum sheets, wax seal. 1851. £10.00

  8. Coronation ORDER OF PROCESSION for Proclaiming King William the IVth in the City of Bristol on Thursday, the First Day of July, 1830. Broadside, 13" x 8", traces of folds, left hand margin trimmed, one small hole in blank area, small spot of wear affecting a few letters, embossed ownership stamp in right hand margin. Lists participants ('Man in Armour', 'Constables of Temple Ward', 'Consuls for Foreign States' etc.) route to be followed. Mills & Son, Printers 1830. £28.00

  9. Cotham MORTGAGE of a plot of ground part of a close of ground called Ninetree Hill, and no. 5 Nugent Place, together with two messuages in Pipe Lane, Henry Willmott to George Nurse and George Heaven. 3 large vellum sheets, wax seals. 1872. £12.00

  10. Dolphin Society DINNER Invitation for subscriptions for the Dinner at the White Lion, 13th November 1850. Divine Service at the Cathedral at 11 o'clock. 4to, attractive engraved front with dolphin, schoolboys, widows etc. and letter from Edward Colston, indicating charitable works done in the year, loosely inserted is list of members. Tears at left edge. 1850. £18.00

  11. Free French in Bristol TWO ORIGINAL PRESS PHOTOGRAPHS size 6" x 8", one showing 'Members of Bristol French Colony lining up to kiss the Standard at the Presentation by General Petit at Bristol', and the other 'General Petit Saluting the Standard after handing it to Lieut. Martin at the Grammar School Bristol, to take to The Free French Troops in England.' First photo has some light brownish marks. With press labels, and 'passed by Censor' on verso. c1940. £15.00
    With stamp of Northcliffe Newspapers on verso.


  12. Horfield THE VICAR'S JOURNEY TO HORFIELD Manuscript poem, so titled, 73 lines, on folio sheet. Describes a journey by a vicar to take a service at Horfield, where he is appalled by the wild surroundings -'A place as wild, as cold, as bleak/As Newfoundland, or Derby peak'-, the damp surplus, and the cloddish congregation. On the way back he has the carriage stop at the Ostich 'on the Down' where he and his wife eat a hearty meal and recover from their ordeal. c1820. £50.00
    'Horfield farewell thou starving soil/Not worth a preacher's charge and Toil/Thy gift was shillings twelve, fifteen I spent/Was ever priest on such an errance sent/Thro' dirt, & wet, thro' cold & hunger keen/To teach sad boors, on ignoramus green.'

  13. Imperial Tobacco Company (Mardon Son & Hall Branch) ORIGINAL ARCHITECT'S DRAWINGS Fully coloured architectural drawings by Henry Williams, Architect, Bristol, in ink and water-colour on thick paper, scale 8ft to an inch. Each size 17" x 25", plus margins, signed by contractor, R. Wilkins, as follows:-
    (i) New Warehouse (No. 2 Factory) Canynge St., Bristol. Roof Plan and Elevation to Canynge Street. Some small repaired marginal tears.
    (ii) New Roadway No. 7 Factory, Pile Street, Temple Gate, Bristol. Section Showing Road Level Against Old Ink Mill, and Plan.
    (iii) Alterations and Repairs to Cottages. Russell Street, Temple Gate, Bristol. Section AB, Longitudinal Section and Roof Plan.
    (iv) Additions Etc. to No. 2 Factory, Canynge Street, Bristol. Elevation to Canynge Street, Section AB, Section CD, Section EF. Repaired marginal tear, reaching 2" into drawing from bottom.
    (v) Proposed New Building, Temple Gate Bristol. Section JK showing Elevation of Footbridge. and Block Plan, scale 30ft to an inch. Tears in title, and 2" x 1" piece torn away from title with loss of some letters. Some marginal tears.
    (vi) Alterations to No. 2 Factory. Longitudinal Section, Elevation, Roof Plan etc. Dated 24.4.1912.
    (vii) Additions to Factory, Temple St. Shows Temple St. Elevation, Victoria Sq. Elevation and 3 sections.
    (viii) New Smithy etc. Temple Gate. 3 Elevations, Roof Plan, Ground Plan. Some old sellotape repairs to tears in left margin.
    (ix) New Warehouse No. 2 Factory. Canynge St. Longitudinal Section. Roof Plan.
    (x) New Lift Shaft in No. 2 Factory. Plans and sections.
    (xi) New Warehouse, No. 2 Factory, Canynge St. End Elevation, Cross Sections CD, EF.
    (xii) Engine House etc. Temple Street. Elevation & Sections. Twelve items. 1912. £280.00
    Most of these drawings were for No. 2 Factory, between Canynge Street and Temple St, which was damaged in the air raid of January 1941. No. 7 Factory was destroyed in the raid of Nov. 1940.

  14. Millerd (J) AN EXACT DELINEATION OF THE FAMOUS CITTIE OF BRISTOLL and Suburbs.... Facsimile of the 1671 map, size 9" x 9", plus margins, produced for 'The Bristol Memorialist' of 1823. Fold, 2" split at fold neatly repaired on verso. 1823. £36.00

  15. Oldbury Court, Fishponds, Bristol CATALOGUE OF THE CONTENTS of the Above Mansion Including Antique Mahogany and Oak Coffers.... Clocks, Bristol Porcelain.... Books etc. Which John E. Pritchard & Co. have received instructions from Harry Vassall, Esq.... to Sell by Auction.... 6, 7, 8 and 9 December, 1938. Original wraps, 8vo, 4 plates, 43pp. 1938. £17.00
    Includes a large section of Bristol Delft, Bristol porcelain etc.

  16. Oxford University Press Pr. THE FORM AND ORDER OF SERVICE for the Hallowing over the work of the restoration of St. Mary Redcliffe. 25pp., 8vo, printed in red and black. 3rd Nov. 1933. £8.00

  17. Redcliffe Street ASSIGNMENT of Messrs. Middleton and Charlton in Trust... for Mr William Bowdler and others of a messuage in Redcliffe Street known by the name of The Gun. Two large vellum, sheets, engraved heading with small portrait of George II, with cherub, etc. Signed with 9 small wax seals with coats of arms. Vellum browned and spotty. 1758. £10.00

  18. Seamen and Boatmen's Friend Society ANNUAL REPORT for Western District - Bristol, April 1901. 8vo booklet, stiff wraps printed with ship, 20pp. 1901. £10.00
    Includes long lists of subscribers.

  19. Somerton (C. & G) Pub. THE BRISTOL MERCURY Western Counties, Monmouthshire & South Wales Advertiser, Dec. 24th, 1870. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp., some foxing, unopened.... together with.... The Bristol Mercury March 9, 1886. Some foxing and wear at folds. 1870 & 1886. £14.00

  20. St Phillips LEASE of 'a piece of pasture ground but lately used as garden ground called the Dinge in the Parish of Saint Philip and Jacob, late in the possession of William Cooke, Gardener', Wm. Tyler, Horsedealer, to John Pevey, Brickmaker. Single vellum sheet, 19" x 28", wax seal. Very small, crude sketch map on verso. 1st Jan. 1823. £14.00

  21. Tozer (John) OATH OF A BURGESS Vellum document admitting John Robert Tozer, Accountant, into the Liberties of the City as Freeman. Printed form with details in MS, large coat of arms. 4to, folds, some slight foxing. 1812. £22.00

  22. White (Robert) LETTER to William Travers at Symons Inn In Chancery Lane, London. 1p, dated Bristol July 12th 1722, 1p, sm 4to, adjoining leaf with address panel and small postmark. Says he wishes to try and settle the Cambridge affair before his brother goes to Ireland, and request an 'Acompt when the Hearing will Cone around'. 1722. £12.00

  23. Willet (M.B), Engraver and Printer, Bristol GRAND TREAT FOR THE FAIR By Royal Authority, Thomas Patrick's Grand Bazaar, now open at 31 High Street.... Cabinet Goods, Papier Machee Goods, Accordions in Great Variety.... one of the Greatest Curiosities of Mechanical Workmanship in England, which is an Automaton Monkey.... playing on a Violin, moving his head.... with other Curiosities equally Wonderful.... Fancy Fair... All Prized and No Blanks!.... Handbill which Patrick (Licensed Hawker no 1420B) wished Shopkeepers to place in their windows. Size 20" x 7", printed with large type-faces, interspersed with much detailed description of goods in smaller type. Large royal coat of arms at head. Professionally restored and laid onto Japanese conservation tissue. The edges would appear to have been straightened at the same time. n.d. c1830. £60.00

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  24. Bodmin REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF BODMIN 1pp., with map, zincographed from the Ordnance Survey, coloured in outline. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Approved by Henry James. Folio, disbound. 1868. £18.00

  25. Christopher Consols SECTION ON THE ENGINE LODE Plan, in ink, with a little shading, size 30" x 45", linen backed, showing the engine house and adjacent buildings in elevation, with the engine shaft and other shafts. Some light shading, some rough figures in pencil, cross-course marked. No scale bar or other reference. Rusty stab holes along top edge where one attached to roller, edges rather ragged, dusty overall. c1840. £80.00

  26. Devon Consols Mine, Stokeclimsland FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION on Thursday the 7th December, 1854, at Twelve O'Clock at Noon, on the Devon Consols West Mine.... The Whole of the Valuable Mine Materials &c Comprising: a 14in Cylinder Steam Pumping Engine, Equal Beam, 6 feet Stroke, with Boiler, Balance Bob; Horse Whim; Winch and Chain; Sheers and Sheaves; about 30fms 3in. Whim Rope.... Poster, size 22" x 17", listing 43 items of mine equipment. Brown off-setting of lettering throughout, as often happens when several posters stored together, small hole in one letter at top, a few edge tears, and some small repaired tears in part of text where paper is slightly brittle. Solicitor's note regarding affadavit of one John Clemo concerning this advertisement. 1854. £90.00

  27. 'F.E.A' PICTORIAL LAUNCESTON Leaves cut from an Artist's Sketchbook, including Literary Jottings. By 'F.E.A'. Small 4to book with stiff boards, title on label, with cuttings of reproduced pencil drawings and handwritten text pasted in. 18pp. on last leaf is 'Facsimile Pen & Ink Sketches & Jottings. Printed in Launceston.' n.d. 1960's? £12.00

  28. Geological Survey ORDNANCE SURVEY Geological Survey, 7 maps, scale 1" to 1 mile, mostly 1950's comprising Sheets 335 (Trevose); 353 (Mevagissey), 322 (Boscastle); 347 (Bodmin), 336 (Camelford), 346 (Newquay), 357/360 (Isles of Scilly). 7 items. 1960's. £32.00

  29. Geological Survey FOUR MAPS Scale 1" to 1 mile, quarter sheets, size approx. 13" x 19", plus margins. Colour printed, with coloured section and key in margins. Comprises: 352 (Falmouth, Illogan); 348 (Looe and Plymouth); 347 (Bodmin); 353 (Mevagissy). 1907-9. £38.00

  30. Grade ASSIGNMENT by way of mortgage of a tenement called Mount Batt in Grade, Thomas Stephens to Richard Johns, including lands enclosed out of wastrel ground called Gwendreath Common, with Common of Pasture, Furze, Turf and Heath in Goonhilly Down. Large vellum sheet, wax seal. 1847. £15.00

  31. Grade CONVEYANCE of part of lands and house beside the road leading from Polstrangey to Kugar, and fields in Kugar called Voas an nell, with the liberty to take sand and seaweed from Poltesco Cove, J. Stephens to J. Jenkin. Large vellum sheet, wax seals. On verso is small genealogical 'diagram' referred to in text. 1876. £15.00

  32. Gwennap BELL MINE, MERCHANTS LEDGER NO. 1 Ledger, sm. folio, half reversed calf, titled as above on morocco lettering piece. 118 pages of entries, plus many blanks at end, alphabetical Index. The first 60 pages are double page spreads with Debit on left, Credit on Right, later pages have both on same page. Includes payments made for cartridges, candles, different types of timber, tools, rope, fuse, stationery, drawing materials, printing, long lists of equipment bought from Harvey & Co. ('Arm for flywheel... 1.11s.8d', 'Tooth wheel for driving stamps... 5.14s.6d'). Firms include John Martyn & Son, East Basset Adventurers, Cornwall Blasting Powder Co., Cornwall Gunpowder Co. The latter part of the ledger has pages headed with the names of a large number of mines, with entries for explosives supplied (territe, detonators). Mines include: West Godolphin, Mounts Bay Consols, Pheonix Mines, New Great Work, Breage TIn Mine, Dolcoath, East Tregembo, New Trumpet, Kit Hill Tunnel Mine. 1871 - 1887. £280.00

  33. Helston VICAR'S RENT CHARGE due 1st January, 1861. Manuscript on 7 double page spreads, folio, plain wraps with MS title. Waterstaining throughout. Ruled in columns, listing occupiers, situation of premises, apportioned rent charge, amount to be collected, remarks, etc. 1861. £30.00
    119 occupiers named.

  34. King Edward Mine SURFACE PLAN Manuscript plan, probably a student survey, on thick cartridge paper in ink and and bright colour wash. Shows Plantation Shaft, Vyvyan Shaft, William's Shaft etc., ditches, hedges, rough ground, various buildings including Fitting Shop, Vanning Shop, Assay Office etc. With 'Legend'. Scale 1:500, size 29" x 52", rolled. With stamp of Camborne School of mines, and names of the four surveyors. 10th Feb. 1965. £45.00

  35. Ludgvan LEASE FOR A YEAR of tenement of Eastern Polgrean in Ludgvan, Jane Quicke of Bath and Robert Hoblyn of Nanswhyden to Francis Fairbank of Middlesex. Vellum, size 18" x 24", two good wax seals. £16.00

  36. Ludgvan POSTER advertising Auction Sale at 'Old Inn', Lowerquarter, of Properties at Nanceddan, January 16th, 1904. Size 29" x 19", folds 2 or 3 splits at folds repaired on verso with archival tape. 1904. £18.00
    Lists 5 Lots with occupiers, rents etc.

  37. Ludgvan RECOVERY of one messuage, two gardens, 16 acres of land, 5 acres of meadow, 10 acres of pasture, 5 acres of moor, 5 acres of furze and heath in Ludgvan, Samuel Nicholls, demandant, against Francis Fairbank, tenant. Vellum, size 25" x 33", seal in tin box 5" in diameter, small piece missing from verso of seal. Decorative heading with allegorical figures, fine portrait of George III, decoration down sides with cupids, portrait of king and queen, etc. Many small creases in vellum in text (hardly affecting borders), two small areas of light yellowing, 2 or 3 very small splits. 1799. £65.00

  38. Marazion CERTIFICATE of the Contract for the Redemption of Land-Tax. for offices, stables and meadows at Marazion known as Cliff Meadow, Mounts Bay Field, Wheal and Wens Meadow, etc., R.R. Michell Esq. Large folio sheet, with small folio sheet, MS inserts. 1864. £10.00

  39. Padstow PADSTOW VICARS TITHE RENT CHARGE due 1st July 1880 and 1st January 1881. Manuscript, double pages, listing Occupiers, Tenements, Amount appraised, Arrears, Received, Remarks, etc. Folio, 17" x 11", sewn in to plain wraps with title in 'Gothic' lettering on front wrap. Lists 93 numbered 'Tenements'.... together with.... similar books for 1882-3, 1885-6, 1884-5, 1889-90, plus on book lacking wraps but dated in blue pencil 'Padstow 1876'. 6 items in all, the first two books being browned with damp at bottom right corner, not affecting legibility. 1880-1890. £75.00
    Tenements etc. include Cuckoo's Mill, Pentonwarra, Crugmeer, Caswartho, Trethillick, Trelowsa, Treator.

  40. Pattison's CYCLISTS ROAD MAP of Cornwall. Coloured map size 9" x 6", plus margins with 6 vignettes of Pattisons whisky warehouses etc. On verso is advertisement for Pattison's whisky with very attractive brown lithographed views of shooting, curling, cycling, hunting etc. Folding into decorative boards with cyclist, 3" x 2". c1890. £20.00

  41. Penzance, Breage, Germoe DEMISE and Assignment by Way of Mortgage of nine dwelling houses and school room in Alverton Street, Penzance and 10/119ths of 'a Mine or Adventure known as Great Work Consols situate in the parishes of Breage and Germoe together with like shares of and in... Engines Whims Tackles Machinery... all Tin and Tin Stuff...', John Boase, late of Wendron, to John Richards of Poltair. 4 large vellum sheets, wax seal. Loosely inserted is a Mortgage Bond, 1p, sm. folio, printed with ms. inserts, and a copy letter from solicitors acting as agents for John Richards to John Silvester Purser of Great Work Consolidated Mines setting out the terms of the sale, the right to various minerals, etc. 1p, folio, in manuscript. 3 items. 1838. £50.00

  42. Pool COUNTERPART LEASE of a plot of land at Poole in Illogan known as Penhellick Vean, an 'old and decayed dwelling house', William Praed of Trevethow to William Willoughby. Vellum, 22" x 30", small plan coloured in outline in margin, size 7" x 2". 1853. £15.00
    Lists 3 'lives'.

  43. Rashleigh (Philip) LETTER dated Menabilly 5th Decr. 1799, to Messrs. Brook Watson & Co. (London). A brief note of 6 lines expressing his concern that the poor harvest in the county will case great distress, and asking the firm to send him, 'in order to make a little relief.... a thousand weight of rice by the Mary, Cowling Master'. Single leaf, 4to, small pieces torn from 2 corners, folds. 1799. £30.00

  44. Redruth CONVEYANCE of 5 messuages on the eastern side of Green Lane in Redruth, Charles Glynn Prideaux Brune of Prideaux Place and others to Phillip Williams. 4 large vellum sheets, 4 wax seals, brief schedule of deeds. Coloured manuscript plan size 8" x 9" on verso of second sheet. 1862. £18.00

  45. Redruth LEASE of three dwelling houses and carpenter's workshop in Green Lane in Redruth, leading to Plaingwarry, all such parts of the common as shall hereinafter be enclosed by... George Crocker Fox, excepting fre warren for hunting, fishing and fowling, Robert Were Fox of Falmouth, George Crocker Fox of Exeter and others, executors of the late David Hawse, to Phillip Williams of Redruth, Carpenter. Vellum, size 21" x 29", 7 wax seals. 1826. £16.00

  46. Redruth MORTGAGE of premises in Redruth, R. Goldsworthy to Johnathan Wickett. On paper, 3p folio. 1861. £10.00

  47. Royal Cornwall Agricultural Associaton ANNUAL MEETING OF 1894 Falmouth, 13th & 14th June. Booklet listing prizes for different classes of cattle, sheep, implements, etc. 15pp., 8vo, vertical fold, staple rusty. 1894. £10.00

  48. Ruan Major RECTOR'S COMMUTATION RENT CHARGE due 1st January 1845. Manuscript, folio, neatly and clearly written over 6 double-page spreads, headings to each page written in large decorative script, in columns with No., Occupier, Situation of Property, Increase on Averages, Amount to be Collected, Property Tax, etc. Covers Rent Charge due 1st January 1845, July 1845, January 1846. Sewn in plain wraps, decorative manuscript title.... together with.... similar documents for 1846-7, 1848, 1849, 1850. 5 booklets in all, the last two have extreme bottom right hand corners of pages damp-affected, not affecting text. 1845-50. £90.00
    Approximately 25 names of occupiers listed in each volume. Surnames include Lugg, Lambruck, Keverne, Barnicoat, Pengelly.

  49. St Kew LEASE of tenement and farm called Trevetherane and all those closes called the Kitchen Meadows, the Dallard, the 2 Little Goods, the three Slipper Parks.... 80 acres.... also a messuage and farm called Resenwall.... John Symons of Trevine in St. Minver, Elizabeth Dagge, widow of Robert Dagge Shipwright, and others, to John Woolcombe of Stoke Damerell, Chirurgeon. Three vellum sheets 26" x 31", 6 armorial wax seals, engraved intial letter with lion and unicorn etc. 1752. £25.00

  50. St. Germans RELEASE of Shares in the personal Esate of the late Revd. Thos. Penwarne, of St. Germans, Ann Williams and others to Sir William Taunton of Oxford. 4 vellum sheets, size 24" x 27", 3 wax seals, some minor spotting on first sheet and on outside where titled. The last two sheets comprise 'a schedule or Accompt' with many receipts from rents, tithes etc., on left and payments for funeral expenses, annuities, household expenses, servants, etc., on right. 1824. £40.00
    Payments include: 'To Richd. Bulley for a carriage ordered of him by Mr Penwarne and built but not delivered'; 'one year's subscription to the Cornwall Infirmary'; 'To expense of a monument erected in St. Germans Church to the memory of Revd. Penwarne.' 'Mr Harris for a Silver Tea pot'. Rents received were for Resparva, Carwinack, etc.

  51. St. Ives CONVEYANCE by way of Mortgage of part of Grist Mills and Premises near the West Bridge in St. Ives, Jane Bennett to George Blaxland and The Revd. R. Hichens. Three large vellum sheets, three wax seals. 1854. £14.00

  52. St. Ives REPORT UPON THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH OF ST. IVES. 2pp, with a folding Plan of Town and a Plan of the Borough, by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline. Scale 2" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1832. £22.00

  53. St. Kew LEASE FOR A YEAR of farm called Trewotheran with Closes called Kitchen Park.... etc., with farm called Rosenavall. John Symons of Trevine to James Fletcher and Henry Dagge. Vellum 14" x 19", two wax seals. 1745. £18.00

  54. St. Minver DEMISE of the Barton of Trevelver in St. Minver to 14 years, A. Arundell Yeo of Fremington House, Devon, to J. Beswetherick of St. Minver. Large paper sheet, wax seals, hole at fold at centre with loss of some words. 1845. £14.00
    Excepts mines, minerals, clay etc.

  55. Tehidy, Manor of LEASE of a moiety of a dwelling house and garden pacel of Penhellick Vean in Illogan, the Rt. Hon. Frances Baronness Basset to William Willoughby. Large vellum sheet, printed with ms inserts, wax seal. 1852. £14.00
    3 lives named.


  56. Thomas (Rd.), Surveyor GORRAN HAVEN Richard Thomas Surveyor, Febr. 1820. Lithographed plan on thick paper, size 11" x 16", plus margins, scale 5" = 200 feet. Shows Pier, Ruins of Cellars, Catacrowse Rock, Portaver Beach, Fort Cellars, Old Chapel, Queens Head Inn, Rocks, other buildings, line of Spring Tides, compass rose. Drawn by J. Wyld. 1820. £60.00
    Printed plans of villages are rare.

  57. Treleigh, Manor of LEASE of Trestrails tenement parcel of Treleigh in the parish of Redruth, George Drake of Ipplepen, Devon, and others to Philip Williams. Large vellum sheet, 4 wax seals. 1827. £16.00
    Names 2 'lives'.

  58. Treloquithack STATUTORY DECLARATION of John Perry as to the tenement of Treloquithack in Wendron. Gives details of his grandfather's holding of the tenement, going back to admission in the Manor of Helston, 1796. 2p., folio. 1888. £8.00

  59. Wendron, Bessow, Trenethick RENTAL of the Lands of Mrs John Vivian Vivian to Michaelmas 1848. 15 double-page spreads, folio, plain wraps with decorative manuscript title. In manuscript with columns for tenant, tenement, yearly rent, etc. Bottom right corner brown and fragile with damp over about 3", not affecting text. 1848. £36.00
    Includes Gweek Wallas Wharf, houses in Gweek, Haggarowel Stamps in Wendron, Watercourse to Trenethick Mine, Sixhead Stamps and Burning House in Bessow, a plot for building a stamping mill in Kea, etc.

  60. Wheal Agar, Illogan AFFADAVIT of service of a Decree, in the Stannary Court, in the case of Joseph Carne, John Vivian, Thomas Phillips Tyacke and others, against George Swan, Purser of Wheal Agar, for money due to them for the supply of engines, goods etc. to Wheal Agar. 7p, folio, in MS. Small blue stamp of Stannary Court. 1849. £18.00
    The first two pages outline the case.

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  61. Barnstaple CONVEYANCE of one thirty-fifth share in the New Rooms in Boutport Street, Thomas Britton, Sir Matthew Bloxam, James Thomas, all of London, to Thomas Yallop of Bishops Tawton. Large vellum sheet, rather spotty, with 4 wax seals. 1807. £15.00


  62. Barnstaple CONVEYANCE of two dwelling houses and the moiety of a cellar and a footpath leading from the Back Door to the ancient way to the said cellar lying in Litchdon Street, William Hiern of Barnstaple to George Wilkey, Mariner, and George Buzzacott, Mariner. Single vellum sheet, size 21" x 29", 2 armorial wax seals. Top left is inset manuscript plan in ink, showing The River, Strand, the bridge with arches, 'A Stone Wall against the River', G. Wilkeys two houses shown in elevation 1" high, with railings in front, Wm. Hiern's Garden behind, two cellars shown in elevation at the end of 'Antient Way breadth 8 feet and length 47 feet.' 1771. £36.00

  63. Bideford LEASE of a house, stables etc. in Alhalland Street, late in the occupation of Christopher Pearse, sailmaker, George Buck to William Heywood. Vellum, size 22" x 30", large engraved heading with coat of arms, wax seal. 1764. £25.00
    Fine clean condition.

  64. Bishop of Exeter LETTER to the Bishop of Exeter, signed 'your Ldship's most affectionate friend & Brother R. Lincoln' recommending a Mr. Crawford who intends to move from his Diocese to that of Exeter, saying he was 'sober, diligent in his place & well affected to the Constitutions in Church & State.' 1p., sm. 4to, conjoint leaf with integral address panel. 4th April, 1733. £12.00

  65. Bratton Fleming TO BE SOLD by Public Auction... the Fee-Simple and Inheritance of... Parts of Sprecott Estate... Handbill, printed on one side only, size 9" x 8". Lists 5 Lots, with acreages, includes Sprecott Meradows and Coppices, containing about 6 Acres, Reversion of an Overland Tenement called Metcombs, with Right of Common on Bratton Down.... Avery, Printer, Barnstaple, October 20th, 1827. £26.00

  66. Buckerell OBLIGATION BOND of Seamuel Seale of Buckerell, Yeoman, to Patience Humphrey of Honiton, for 25. 1p, sm. folio, in English and Latin, wax seal with monogram. Conjoint leaf with docket title on verso. 1696. £30.00

  67. Chittlehampton MORTGAGE of messuage called Hawkeridge, with Hawkeridge Wood and other lands, in Chittlehampton, with various other cottages, etc. in Goodleigh and Swymbridge, Malett Hals to Charles Davie and Robert Furledon. Vellum, size 20" x 29", hole in vellum with loss of about four words, another small hole with loss of half a word. Wax seal. 1731. £22.00
    The original mortgage was by Baldwin Hals and John Honycombe.

  68. Colvill (John) LETTER dated Clifton near Bristol, 1st August 1800, to J. Sykes Esq. Junr., Arundel Street, Strand, enquiring about the fitting up of a ship he has 'reason to believe I shall be appointed to, which is the Ambuscade now fitting for Commission at Plymouth... I was given to understand that she wd. be ready in three weeks or a month for receiving men; I am anxious to know how they go on with her, & shall be obligd if you will enquire at the Surveyor's the particulars of the last report about her'. 16 lines, on one page 4to, signed 'Jno. Colvill', adjoining leaf with address panel and docket note 'Honble. Jno. Colvill... a further progress is expected from Plymo. in a Day or two', and later 'ready 23 Aug.' 1800. £24.00

  69. Combmartin Turnpike GRANT to John Nott of Swymbridge of Turnpike Tolls on the Combmartin to Bratton Down road, on payment of a surety of fifty pounds. Vellum, folio, printed with MS inserts, blue paper tax stamp, three wax seals. 1838. £25.00
    With notes on verso from 1874 - 1880.

  70. Dartmoor ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 25, size 24" x 36", plus margins, linen-backed. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Small indelible stamp 'Record Map' top margin. Railways inserted to 1890. £34.00

  71. Dartmoor TWO POSTCARDS Real photo cards by Pyne, Photographer, Torquay, showing parties in large charabanc 'Motor Tours to Dartmoor by the Grey Torpedo Cars', one to Dawlish, one to Haytor Rocks. c1910. £10.00

  72. Downe, Welcome LEASE of a messuage next to 'the old sand way(?) in Downe' in the parish of Welcome, John Lord Arundell Baron of Trerice to Alice Heard of Melcome. Vellum, size, chipped small wax seal on tag, decorative initial letter, ink rubbed, with some words so feint as to be almost illegible. 1690. £18.00
    Refers to grinding corn at the mill of the Manor of Upcott.

  73. Exeter BOND OF INDEMNITY of George Follett of Exeter to Henry Tucker of Bideford, Shipwright, for 1510, relating to the purchase of timber from Monkleigh Woods. 2p, folio. Contemporary copy. 1801. £18.00

  74. Gabwell, Devon LEASE of messuage or tenement and one farthing of land in Gabwell, in the parish of Combinteignhead, Devon, Richard Halse to Mathew Cade of Gabwell, son of William Cade. Vellum, 12" x 22", indented at top edge, signed by Halse. Tag but no wax seal. 1573. £85.00
    A fine, clean and clearly written document, in English. Stipulates the money was to be paid at the feast of the nativity of Our Lord, the Annuciation of St. Mary the Virgin, the nativity of St. John the Baptist and the feast of St. Michael. Cade was also to give a Capon at the Our Lord's nativity.

  75. Ilfracombe Chapel HYMNS TO BE SUNG at the Sunday School Anniversary, Sunday August 8th, 1875. Sermons will be Preached... by the Rev. J. Bainton. 3p., 4to., some edge tears. 1873. £7.00

  76. Kelley (E), Photographer & Publisher THE NEWTON ABBOT SOUVENIR 12 Permanent Photographs of Newton Abbot. Photographs 2 to a page on folding strip, sm. 4to, decorative gilt boards. c1910. £14.00

  77. Lewis (F.C) SCENERY OF THE RIVER EXE, Folio, engraved vignette title-page and 29 engraved views on india paper, comprising 28 etched and 1 aquatint plate, some foxing mainly to margins, early qtr calf, cloth boards, boards rubbed to edges, signs where labels removed from pastedowns. Bound without the list of subscribers. F.C. Lewis, June, 1821. £485.00
    The views include:- Tiverton, Winsford, Bradley, Dulverton, Bickleigh, Lympstone, and Exmouth.

  78. Lynton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheet III.S.W., water features hand-coloured. Covers Lynton and Lynmouth, Wilsham.... together with.... Woody Bay. Sheet II.S.E. 2 items. 1888. £25.00

  79. Pilton LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION of Lettice Holmead of South Pilton. Vellum, 5" x 8", in Latin, signed by John Abbot. Remains of wax seal on tag. 1642. £28.00

  80. Pilton TO BE LET with Immediate Possession... Lot 1 A close of land called Underwood Meadow..... Lot 2 The Breach Field... The above are situate near Rawleigh Factory. For Letting the same a Survey will be held at the Ring of Bells.... Handbill, printed on one side only, size 8" x 7", top right corner torn. Searle, Printer, Barnstaple, 4th April, 1833. £18.00

  81. Saint Budeaux MORTGAGE of the Manor or Lordship of West Whitleigh with the Farms Lands Tenements.... belonging... Thomas Pollard to Revd. James Tapson. Two vellum sheets size 23" x 28", plus a third sheet with large fully coloured manuscript plan, size 17" x 20". Shows Whitleigh Farm, West Whitleigh, and other buildings, woodland, Tamerton Creek. Fields etc. numbered. There is a schedule in the text referring to various cottages etc., with rentals. 1872. £65.00

  82. Shipwash MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT between Stephen Coham of Upcott in Shipwash, and Lewis Coham, his heir, and Abraham Barnfield of Mambery in the Chapelry of East Dutford, relative to the marriage of Lucretia Barnfield and Lewis Coham. 4 vellum sheets, size 27" x 31", 5 good wax seals. First sheet rather yellowed. 1744. £45.00
    List numerous lands and tenements, including a Farm called Coham, Coham Hole, Moorhouses, Jeffrey's Tenement, Hole Park, Robins Hays, Churdaine, in Black Torrington, and lands in the Manor of Bradford, including Mayne's tenement, Upcott.

  83. Sidford COUNTERPART LEASE of lands in Sidford called Kister Mills, Moores, Hill Close, Little High Street, the Orchard, etc., Sir William Pole of Shute to Mary Maynard of Sidmouth, Spinster. Vellum, size 20" x 26", wax seal, engraved title with coat of arms. 1728. £28.00
    A fine, crisp and very clean deed.

  84. Sidmouth LEASE for three lives of 'all those Customary water Grist Mills' called Sidmouth Mills with all houses, edifices, millponds, watercourses, Sir Edmond Prideaux of Netherton to Francis Gwym of Ford. Vellum, 19" x 28", fine armorial wax seal on tag, very large engraved heading with coat of arms. 1708. £38.00

  85. Spreat (W) CREDITON CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £22.00
    A view acroos the graveyard, with trees either side.

  86. Spreat (W) DARTMOUTH CHURCH. The Interior from the North Transept. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £11.00

  87. Spreat (W) KENTON CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper, large margins. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £22.00
    There is a group on the path, adjacent to the boundary wall of the church, i the foreground, and 2 women further along the path.

  88. Spreat (W) SOUTH MOLTON CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £22.00
    There are 2 men in the central foreground one of whom is sitting on a tomb.

  89. Spreat (W) SOWTON CHURCH. Lithotint from Nature by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, large margins. C. Hulmandel's Patent. c1842. £22.00
    Shows a few houses behind the church an a few gravestones in the foreground.

  90. Spreat (W) TOTNES CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £22.00
    A man appears to be studying a tombstone in the right foreground. There are several houses behind the church to the left and right.

  91. Sprytown, Axworthy ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheets LXXXVI.N.E. and S.W., together with Sheet CVI.S.E. Stanlake, Princetown. On thick paper, water features hand-coloured. Last sheet with some foxing spots. 3 items. 1884. £28.00

  92. Tawstock MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT of John Mules of Roulsdon and Emlyn Ley, daughter of Henry Ley of Tawstock. Tripartite indenture, granting messuage, cottages, lands, and a moiety of the fishing in the River Taw to William Ley the younger and Wiliam Berry. Vellum, size 21" x 28", 4 wax seals, engraved heading. 1" tear in vellum repaired on verso. 1731. £30.00
    The property is referred to as North Marsh, The Grove, Greene and Chapelton. It had been leased by Sir Bouchier Wrey to William Ley the elder in 1725.

  93. Totnes MARRIAGE ARTICLES between Timothy Earl of London and Dorothy Trist of Totnes. Refers to dwelling house with three herbgardens in Leechwell Street, and Eastleigh and Westleigh in Harberton. Two large vellum sheets, size 24" x 31", signed by 6 parties concerned with wax seals. Vellum dustmarked on verso, some minor yellowing. 1736. £40.00

  94. Wilkin (W.H), Compiled by FENITON cloth-bound volume, with manuscript material and photographs on the Parish of Feniton, 24p, 8vo, including List of Churchwardens from 1686, Trosse, Skynner pedigrees, Sir George Cary's lease 1598, etc. Also includes 4 early 19th century photographs (Trosse's Cot and the church), sketch map. Loosely inserted is reprint of article on Feniton from Pulman's Weekly News. 1930. £25.00

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  95. Bournemouth SALES PARTICULARS Three sale particulars for houses in Bournemouth; 8 Clifton Road, 1928, 5 Cavendish Place, 1934, 'Vincit', Pinecliffe Avenue, 1948. 8vo and 4to, with photos on front wraps. 1928-48. £15.00

  96. Dorchester Bank SCRAP ALBUM containing letters, ephemera, cuttings, relating to the bank, 1825 onwards, probably made by James Andrews, Manager of the Swanage Branch. 1880's 4to scrap book, 18 pages of local cuttings, many referring to banking, and also to James Andrews' Diamond Wedding, 1908, with actual cabinet photo of the couple; manuscript list of Swanage Branch staff, 1881 and not of when they joined bank; 1895 printed list of branches; pinned in manuscript list of cheques and cash amounts, foolscap, Nov. 1825 - March 1826, with names, amounts; 4 letters to N. Chinchen at Swanage, 1825, from the Bank, regarding bank affairs, including one regarding the temporary suspension of payments, another, another expressing the public's confidence in the bank and the despatch 'by the Wareham Coach... 100 one Pound Bank Notes', another about the supply of one pound notes 'Mr Pattison will be down tonight with more, but the Bank of England cannot prepare them as fast as they are wanted'; contemporary copy of a letter to Mr Pattison from N. Chinchen, Swanage regarding the desirablility 'of my undertaking for you a Branch Bank at this place' mentioning the local' stone business', asking for help in setting it up, account books etc. 'for none are to be had here', admitting frankly 'I am perfectly Ignorant of the Banking business or the method of keeping the Accounts'; Letters, receipts, cheques, etc, loosely inserted, rather untidy. 1825-1908. £150.00

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  97. Barnard Castle, Hartlepool ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet made up of 4 quarter sheets, scale 1" to 1 mile, linen backed,s ize 25" x 36". Various areas outlined in colour, pipe line and various reservoirs marked in red. Taken from an electrotype 1862. £30.00

  98. Birtley, Houghton le Spring, Chester le Street, Durham GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No XIII. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx. 23" x 35", plus margins, fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. 1869. £45.00

  99. Bishop Middleham GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No XXXV. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx. 23" x 35", plus margins, fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. 1876. £45.00

  100. Heworth, Washington GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No VII. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx. 23" x 35", plus margins, fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. 1868. £40.00

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  101. Dibden Farm, Mangotsfield PLAN, PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Property known as Dibden Farm situate at Viny Green, in the Parish of Mangotsfield, Glos. comprising about 134 acres.... for Sale by Public Auction at Grand Hotel, Broad Street, Bristol On Thursday, July 14th, 1938. Sm 4to, coloured folding plan, 6pp, original wraps. 1938. £18.00

  102. Gloucester PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Manufacturing & Trade Premises known as The Alvin Iron Works, Together with Three Excellent Front Shops... Offices, Extensive & Well-Lighted Factory Sheds & Workshops.... 3p, folio, folded, folding map, split at edge repaired with document tape. 1921. £18.00

  103. Gloucester PARTICULARS OF SALE AND PLAN of No. 46 Southgate Street Important Shop and Trade Premises... a Modern Brick-Built Warehouse and Five Cottages in Blackfriars... for Sale by Auction, May 10th, 1929. 2pp., folio, folded, coloured folding plan. 1929. £17.00

  104. Gloucester, Tibberton, Twigworth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Second Edition, 6" to 1 mile, Sheets XXV N.E, S.E and N.W, and XIV N.E. c1910. £32.00
    Includes Down Hatherley, Hartpury House, northern part of Gloucester around Cathedral.

  105. Great Witcombe RATE BOOK An Assessment for the Relief of the Poor of the Parish of Great Witcombe. Rate Book with limp calf wraps, size 7" x 12", 6 double page spreads, with printed columns for Occupier, Owner, Description of Property, Extent, Rental Rate etc., with declaration of overseers, etc. Rates for 1st June 1865, 12th January 1866. Some (presumably blank) pages cut from the end. 1865-6. £35.00

  106. Hambrook PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Attractive and Conveniently Situated Freehold Farm and Lands known as Hambrook Farm also a Freehold Cottage and Garden and several pieces of valuable Accommodation Pasture, and Arable or Market Garden Land.... for Sale by Auction.... Thursday, March 18th, 1920. Folio, with a coloured folding plan, 8pp, almost loose in original wraps, some prices and purchasers noted in pencil. 1920. £22.00

  107. Iron Acton CONVEYANCE IN FEE of one acre lately allotted out and awarded to Robert Keepen under an Act of Parliament for dividing and enclosing Acton Common, Marlpit Common and Cockshute, to Matthew Hawkins of Bristol. Vellum, 13" x 23", good wax seal with bust. Some slight yellowing. 1781. £18.00

  108. Iron Acton LEASE AND RELEASE of close of Woodground called Birchwood containing 9 acres, bounded by Broad Rideings on the south side and the Common on the other, John Trueman of Westerleigh, yeoman, to William Thomas. Vellum, 26" x 28", heavy wax seal on tag, very fine calligraphic heading, with highly decorative initial 'T', 4" x 3", some slight rubbing of ink, and decorations on the tall letters of the words 'This Indenture'. 1689. £45.00

  109. Iron Acton MORTGAGE of close of woodland ground called Lawrence's Wood, another called Craddock's Wood, and the Little Round Wood, in the Manor and parish of Iron Acton, Daniel Burcome and William Roach and William Thomas to George Webb. Signed by Burcome, Roach and Thomas with good wax seals with coats of arms. Vellum, size 26" x 30", a later deed made after William Thomas' death is on verso, with 5 wax seals (two chipped), paper receipt relating to latter transaction pinned on. 1711 and 1717. £34.00

  110. Iron Acton ASSIGNMENT of the Term of 1000 yeares of closes of ground called Winshill, Chobley, Marlpitts, The Ridings, in the parish of Iron Acton, Mathew Crew of Wickwar, Clothier, John Walker of Yate, Clothier, to William Machin and Charles Edmonds. 6 signatures with 6 good armorial wax seals, witnessed on verso. Vellum, decorative calligraphic initial 'T', size 27" x 31", some minor slight darkening of vellum, but script strong and black. 1710. £30.00
    Common of pasture and common of estover and power to dig stones in the commons and wastes of the Manor of Iron Acton.

  111. Longney, Ashleworth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Four maps, scale 6" to 1 mile, Second Editions, Sheets XXXII S.E., N.E., N.W., and XVIII S.W. c1905. £32.00
    Includes Minsterworth, Flaxley, Hartpury, Hasfield.

  112. Painswick PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Capp Mill House. For sale by Auction at The Church Institute, Stroud, 28th Map, 1948. 6pp, sm. folio, folds, 2 illusts. 1948. £10.00

  113. Pauntley (Manor of) PAUNTLEY COURT SURVEY 24th October 1806. 3 pages, folio, signed by 11 people (some with marks). Describes the perambulation of the boundaries, with precise directions as to marker trees, etc., beginning 'at Boteler Green in a Garden there belonging to Stephen Morgan at the lower part thereof by the side of a bank at a place where an oak tree formerly stood and where a cross was made and proceeded in a westwardly direction by the same bank to the south corner of Hundred field where the Hundred Oak formerly stood...' 1806. £34.00

  114. Rodbourne DEED of bargain and sale of pasture land at Rodbourne called Hoopers, Francis Haling of Ebley, yeoman, to Giles Mason, Clothier. Vellum, 11" x 26", tag lacking wax seal, large calligraphic initial letter,, memorandum on verso witnessed by Henry Cripps. Some spotting and rubbing at folds, very old repair with thread to small hole in vellum. 1631. £28.00
    Mentions adjoining lands in detail, with owners.

  115. Royal Agricultural Society of England A CATALOGUE OF THE BEASTS, HORSES, SHEEP, PIGS, & POULTRY Shown at the Meeting of the Society at Gloucester, July 14th & 15th, 1853. Pamphlet, stitched as issued, 63pp. 1853. £45.00
    Lists the different breeds in classes, name of sire & dam, breeder etc. Animals mainly from Gloucester, Wiltshire, Hereford, e.g. in Herefords Class I section 'Captain of Rayer, of Hillworth, near Tewkesbury, a 3 years and 3 months old brown (with mottled face) Bull, 'Matchless', bred by exhibiter, sire Washington, dam Darling, sire of dam Old Sheriff'.

  116. Ruardean LEASE to vest possession, of a messuage with garden in Ruardean known as the Black Boy, near the street leading from Ruardean Church to High Beech, Henry and William Stephens, of Newland, to Thomas Merrick of Hope Mansell, Butcher. Vellum, size , 2 small wax seals, engraved heading. Verso darkened. 1729. £28.00
    Names previous owners, adjoining properties with owners, etc.

  117. Shenton (T) Pr., Cheltenham TWO THEATRE POSTERS one advertising Mr. Fisher's Benefit, 'on which occasion.... his sister Miss Clara Fisher.... will make her Last Appearance in an entirely new Piece called the Ten Mowbrays, in which she will Personate Ten Different Characters!!!'. Size 17" x 7", two small repairs at top edge where paper inserted into tears. Print on large black letters rather grainy. The other advertises Mr Kembles Benefit, in 'Henry the Fourth', and 'Husbands and Wives' Cheltenham: 1826 and 1828. £65.00
    Includes the 'melo Dramatic Spectacle 'The Wild Man of the Woods'.

  118. Tirley, Deerhurst, Apperley Court TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 6" to one mile, quarter sheets on stiff paper, water features hand coloured. Sheet No.s XVIII.N.E. and S.E. 1891. £18.00

  119. Wick Wick, In the Parish of Westerleigh PARTICULARS AND PLAN of well-situate Freehold Market Garden or Accommodation Land Adjoining the main road from Bristol to Chipping Sodbury.... for Sale by Auction.... on Thursday, 3rd August, 1922 Folio, coloured folding plan, 3pp, few spots, slightly dusty, purchasers and prices noted in ink.... together with.... SALE OF WICK WICK FARM, 18th July, 1935. 6pp., 4to, folding plan. 2 items. 1922 and 1935. £18.00

  120. Winchcombe PLANS, PARTICULARS of an Important Sale of Abbots Leys Farm.... Residential & Business Premises in Winchcombe.... 4to, printed wraps, 2 folding coloured plans. 1907. £17.00

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  121. Awbridge ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets XLVIII.14 scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Edition of 1909. £10.00
    Shows Awbridge Danes, Dunwood Farm, Doctor's Hill.

  122. Basingstoke ADMINISTRATION of the will of Henry Peircie of Basingstoke, 1703. Small vellum sheet size 7" x 9", with will in which he leaves 12 pence apiece to his children and appoints his wife Elizabeth as executrix, attached is probate certificate of the Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury, in Latin, in manuscript, signed Thos. Welham. Tag but no seal of traces of one.1 1703. £24.00

  123. Basingstoke LEASE of cottage in Basingstoke, Robert Blunden to Richard Westlake. Single vellum sheet, size 26" x 29", small wax seal on tag. Large engraved heading with coat of arms inside initial 'T'. A few small brownish spots. 1706. £28.00

  124. Bramshaw area ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets LVI.13, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Edition of 1911. £14.00
    Shows Bramshaw East, Penn Common, Half Moon Common, Furzley Farm, Penn Farm. Some areas highlighted in pink.

  125. Christchurch PARTICULARS of a Valuable Freehold Estate comprising a Marine Residence called Heathercliffe House.... which will be sold by Auction.... 17th of June, 1864.... 2pp., folio, folded, plus folding lithographed plan, by Driver & Son Surveyors, showing the cliffs etc. 1864. £22.00

  126. Hartley Whitney area ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets XII.11, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Edition of 1931. £10.00
    Shows Heath Wood, Minley Wood, Brooke House, Minley Manor

  127. Isle of Wight ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XC.10, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Revision of 1940. £10.00
    Shows River Medina, Wenar Farm, Mill Pond.

  128. Isle of Wight ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XCVI.14, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Folds, creases, working copy. Edition of 1908. Reprint c1944. £10.00

  129. Isle of Wight ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets XCVI.10, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Repair to central fold, a few light spots. Edition of 1908. Later reprint. £10.00
    Shows Adgestone, Brading.

  130. Isle of Wight ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets XCIV.15, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Edition of 1908, reprint, 1930's. £10.00
    Shows Brighstone Down, British Village, Rock.

  131. Isle of Wight ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XCIV.13, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Edition of 1908, reprint, 1930's. £10.00
    Shows Fossil Forest, Compton Grange, Five Barrows.

  132. Isle of Wight ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XCVIII.6, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Edition of 1908, later reprint, 1930's. £10.00
    Shows Bleakdown House, N. Appleford.

  133. Kingsley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets XXXVI.10, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Edition of 1910. £14.00
    Shows Kingsley, Park Iron Works, Sleaford, Kingsley Corn Mill, Light Railway.

  134. North Selborne ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets XLIV.1 scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Edition of 1910. £10.00
    Shows Oatchanger Pond and Streams, N. Selborne, Priory Farm.

  135. Portsmouth REPORT UPON THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY and Division into Wards of the Borough of Portsmouth. Plan and 4pp, disbound. 2 fully-coloured plans on one page, one scale 1" to 1 mile, one 4" to 1 mile. Offsetting on page 1 of text. (1837) £18.00

  136. Ryde Isle of Wight AUCTION POSTER. Messrs. Wallis, Riddett & Co. Will Sell by Auction Furniture and other effects.... a Parisian Phaeton... a Capital Dog Cart.... Size 30" x 20". 1898. £15.00

  137. Ryde Isle of Wight AUCTION POSTER. Messrs. Wallis, Riddett & Down Will sell by Auction.... Furniture.... A Cottage Pianoforte.... Two Safety Bicycles.... Size 30" x 20". 1894. £8.00

  138. Ryde, Isle of Wight AUCTION POSTER. Messrs. Wallis, Riddett & Down have received instructions to sell by Auction.... Two Houses known as Hamilton House and Mornington Lodge.... Size approx. 29" x 20". 1895. £16.00

  139. Silchester area ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets XLIV.11, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Edition of 1910. £12.00
    Shows Forkedpond Inclosure, Holly Hills, Griggs Green, Weaver's Down.

  140. Well Farm, Odiham A CATALOGUE OF THE WHOLE LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK of this Farm, comprising 6 capital Cart Horses, 2 4-Year Old Colts, Dairy Cow... 4 Ricks of Prime Hay.... which Messrs. Wetherall & Sons will sell by Auction... October 10th, 1898.... 4p, on card, sm. 8vo. Vertical fold. 1898. £10.00
    Prices added in ink.

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  141. Aylestone Hill, Hereford PARTICULARS AND PLAN of Overbury Lodge, Overbury Road.... to be Sold by Auction.... April 12th, 1882. 2pp., folio, folded, docket title on verso. 1p. coloured plan. 1882. £18.00

  142. Brick House, Canon Pyon ATTRACTIVE SALE OF LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK on Tuesday Feb. 25th, 1890. The whole of the Very Valuable Farming Stock comprising 92 Head of Hereford Cattle.... 222 Shropshire Down Sheep... 15 Working Mares... a large collection of Agricultural Implements... sm. 8vo, 17pp, printed wraps. 1890. £14.00

  143. Burghill POSTER advertising sale of Freehold Estate at Burghill, with an extensive quarry, 2 cottages at Burghill Portway, Freehold estate at Newton in Clodock, Houses in Wyebridge Street Hereford, Cottages in Goal Lane, One Share in the Hereford Railway, etc. Size 18" x 11", traces of folds, printed in a variety of type faces. Nov. 20th, 1841. £20.00

  144. Hagley, Lugwardine SALE CATALOGUE of 75 Head of Hereford Cattle, 108 Head of Black-faced Sheep, 4 Cart Horses.... Poultry, 2,000 Gals. Cider, Hay.... Turnip Cutters and Pulpers.... 8pp., for Sale by Auction September 2nd 1884. 8vo, with title on front wrap. 1884. £12.00

  145. Hereford PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Properties situated on Aylestone Hill and West Street in Hereford and Graftonbury.... to be Sold by Auction.... 8th day of July, 18892. 5pp., folio, folded, hand-coloured folding plan. 1892. £24.00

  146. Little Dewchurch DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE Known as Lower Prothether, consisting of a Good Farm House..... Pasture Ground and Orcharding, the latter of which is in part in a high state of Perfection and bearing an abundant Crop of Fine Fruit.... To Be Sold by Auction by Wm. James, At the Green Dragon Inn, Hereford.... 28th September 1827. Poster, sm. folio, attractively printed. Vale, Printer, Eign St., Hereford. 1827. £22.00

  147. Lugwardine PARTICULARS, PLANS AND OF A SMALL FARM AND ELIGIBLE BUILDING LANDS, situate in the Village and Parish of Lugwardine.... Advertised to be Sold by Auction by Mr Stephen Broad, at the Green Dragon Hotel, Hereford, on Wednesday, the 21st day of September, 1864. Folio, double-page coloured plan, 2pp, folded, docket title. 1864. £18.00

  148. Pembridge and Byton PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS SALE of the Milton Estate, comprising the Manor or Lordship of Milton, An Excellent Residence.... an Excellent Residence and About 590 Acres.... irrigated by the River Arrow.... to be Sold by Auction the 26th of November, 1840. 4pp., folio, folded, double page handcoloured map. Detailed Schedule. 1840. £35.00
    Includes the Manor or Lordship of Milton.

  149. Stoke Prior PARTICULARS AND PLAN OF A VERY VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE KNOWN AS "HEATH FARM" Situate in the Parish of Stoke Prior.... which Mr Henry Newman will offer for Sale by Public Auction in Two Lots, At the Green Dragon Hotel, Hereford, On Wednesday, the 15th day of October, 1884. Folio, coloured folding plan loosely inserted, 3pp, folded, docket title, few pencil and ink notes. 1884. £16.00

  150. Sutton St. Michael ALTERED APPORTIONMENT OF THE RENT CHARGE in Lieu of Tithes on certain Lands in the Parish of Sutton St. Michael. Copy on two parchment sheets, size 18" x 21", sewn at edge with pink tape, plain wraps. Small sketch map in corner of first page, brief schedule with details of cultivation, occupiers etc. 1856. £25.00

  151. Thingehill Court, Hereford CATALOGUE of the Old-Established and Widely-Known Herd of 102 Head of Pedigree Hereford Cattle of the purest and most fashionable lineage, bred by the late Mr. Wm. Taylor of Thingehill Court. Flock of 239 Pure-Bred Shropshire Sheep.... 21 Valuable Cart & Nag Geldings... Agricultural Implements, 4,000 Gallons of prime Cider, English Oak Casks.... to be Sold by Auction.... Feb. 28th & Mar. 1st, 1881.... 52pp., 8vo, printed wraps. 1p 'Reference to Bulls'. 1881. £25.00
    There are 83 lots of Hereford Cattle, each a single named beast, with pedigree.

  152. Thingehill Grange, Withington A CATALOGUE OF 65 HEAD of Hereford Fat & Store Cattle, 130 Half-Bred Shropshire Down Sheep, 15 Waggon and Nag Horses and Colts.... Cider, Casks, &c.... for Sale by Auction.... 1st day of March, 1866. 4pp, sm. 8vo, traces of folds. Attractive type-faces. 1866. £12.00

  153. Weston under Penyard SALE CATALOGUE of 265 Black Faced Sheep, 38 Store Bullocks, 8 Cart Horses.... 300 Iron Sheep Hurdles.... Agricultural Implements.... for sale by Auction at Kingstone Farm.... January 25, 1918. 4pp., 8vo, printed wraps. Traces of fold. 1918. £12.00

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  154. Aldington, Ruckinge ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXXIII, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers, water-features and roads hand-coloured. Second Edition 1899. £18.00

  155. Ashford, Smeeth, Kennington ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXV, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. Revision of 1931. £16.00

  156. Bowen (E) AN ACCURATE MAP OF THE COUNTY OF KENT Divided into its Lathes and Subdivided into Hundreds, Drawn from Surveys and most approved modern Maps with various additional Improvements: Illustrated with Historical Extracts relative to the Air, Soil, Natural Produce, Manufactures, Trade and present State of its Cities & principal Towns. Engraved map, coloured in outline, size 21" x 27", dissected and mounted on linen, trimmed to border, inserted in original blue papered slipcase, rubbed, with label of Robt. Sayer,. Fleet Street. London shown at top left. Decorative cartouche showing cherry trees, fishing equipment, fruit pickers etc., inset top right is 'A Correct Draught of the Downs and adjacent Coast'. Small holes in linen where folds meet at three places, a few short splits in linen. c1790. £200.00

  157. Cranbrook LEASE FOR A YEAR of a messuage and farm known as Turks Place, Gracia Hatton and others to John Tilden. Vellum, size 15" x 19", 3 interesting wax seals, one with dragon, one with bust of Caligula. Vellum very lightly foxed all over. 1724. £20.00

  158. Gravesend ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheet No. Kent X, Parts of Kent LXXXVIII etc, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into slightly chipped 8vo paper wraps. Roads railways and water-features coloured, some buildings coloured red. Several small areas colour-washed, split in linen at one fold in margin. 1873. £28.00


  159. Harbledown A TRUE AND PERFECT INVENTORIE of all and singular the goods, chattells and debts of Anne Mapleton late of Harbledown, widdowe, deceased, taken and apprized by Thomas Cullen, Thomas Bridges, and John Mapleton... Vellum roll, in fine clean condition, 110" x 5". 1665. £275.00
    Includes 24 fleeces of wool, cows, ewes, hogs, a gelding colt, wheat, linen (including 19 paires of sheets) itemises contents of cellar, milk house, brewhouse, kitchen, various rooms in the house, with silver, brass ('two brasse basting ladles, one mortar and pestle, one warminge panne, one chafinge dish, one paire of brasse scales and beame'), furniture, beds and bedding etc.

  160. Hythe, Postling, Lympne ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXXIV, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers, water-features and roads hand-coloured. 2 areas near Lympne colour shaded. Second Edition 1899. £18.00

  161. Leysdown, Swale Estuary ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheet XXII, water features and main buildings hand-coloured, right-hand 6 sections are sea area. Linen-backed, folding into clothe endpapers. 1869. £20.00

  162. Maidstone RENTS AND TOLLS TO BE PAID AT THESE MARKETS by order of the Committee of the Markets.... Poster, size 19" x 16", detailing tolls for Meat, Fish, Poultry, Vegerable and Fruit Markets separately, with large headings, and section on Weighing and Measuring. Paper very crisp and fresh. Cutbush, Printer, Maidstone, paper water-marked 1821. £45.00

  163. Marden, Linton, Chart Hill ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LII, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers, main buildings, water-features and roads hand-coloured. Area round Weirton shaded pink (probably relative to estate sale). 1872. £25.00

  164. Reynolds' ALBUM OF CANTERBURY VIEWS 23 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into sm. 4to gilt boards. c1880. £16.00

  165. Romney Marsh ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXXXI, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers, water-features and roads hand-coloured. 3 fields shaded pink with date sold and price per acres. Second Edition 1899. £20.00
    Covers Ivychurch, Newchurch, Snave.

  166. Sandwich, Eastry ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XLVIII, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers, water-features, some buildings, and roads hand-coloured. E. Kent light Railway and Woodnesborough Colliery added in ink. Some fields t botom left outlined in colour. 1877. £30.00

  167. Swale Estuary ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXXXI, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers, water-features and roads hand-coloured. 1869. £20.00
    Right-hand 6 sections are sea areas.

  168. Whitstable, Herne Bay ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheet No. Surrey XXIII, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into slightly chipped 8vo paper wraps. Roads railways and water-features coloured, some buildings coloured red. About two thirds of map is sea. 1876. £28.00

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  169. Bacup CONVEYANCE of a plot of land part of the Lane Ends Estate in Rockliffe, James Maden Holt to Daniel Greenwood and others, Corn Millers. 2 large vellum sheets, in text is a fine coloured manuscript plan with border 12" x 20", scale 1 chain to an inch, showing Trough Syke Brook, 3 reservoirs, Railway, Rockliffe Vale Mill, proposed bridge and road, etc. 6 small wax seals. 1893. £35.00

  170. Milnrow DUPLICATE AGREEMENT in reference to a supply of water from Pit Shafts at Butterworth Hall, Milnrow, Platt Bros. & Co. and the Corporation of Oldham. 12pp., 4to, in booklet form. Good paper seal of Platt Bros. showing man in front of a factory. 1909. £16.00

  171. Ulverston Canal FORM OF PROXY Printed form with MS inserts, 1p folio, nominating Thomas Sunderland of Ulverston to be the proxy of Arthur Onslow of the Temple, one of the Proprietors of the Ulverston Canal Navigation, and to vote for him on any Business to do with the Navigation. Signed Onslow with small papered seal. 1793. £18.00

  172. Ulverston Canal MANUSCRIPT ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT between John Whinray of Ulverstone, Blacksmith, and the Company of Proprietors of the Ulverston Canal to provide iron and smith's work for building the canal 'in and about the Building Erecting and ffininshing the Lock, Lock Gates, ffloors, Sills and Draw Bridge' and providing foreign and English Iron 'as described in the plans and specifications.... signed by Mr. Rennie....' 2p., folio, small wax seal. 1793. £42.00

  173. Ulverston Canal MANUSCRIPT TENDER dated Ulverston 29th day of May 1824 'for the sinking and dressing of the Back drain on the north side of the Canal..... the sinking to commence fifty yards below the lowest bridge.... Richard Stables, Thomas Stables and John Butterfield all of Ulverston Labourers having agreed to perform the above work after the rate of eleven pence per rood they are hereby declared the Takers....' 1p., folio, signed by two men with their marks. Docket title on verso. 1824. £36.00
    Details the work to be done with measurements etc.

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  174. Burgess (Hilkiah), Fleet SKETCH ALBUM sm. 8vo album, size 6" x 4", half calf, rubbed and worn, marbled boards. 133 numbered pages of ink drawings (some ink over pencil), drawn on one side of leaf only, comprising portraits of people in the village (some named), domestic scenes, landscapes, buildings, people at work. On fly-leaf is written in ink 'Hilkiah Burgess, Fleet, Lincolnshire, 1808, February', and inside back board in a different hand in pencil 'H.B August 2d. 1775. Died April 15 1868 aged 93 years. He was 33 years old in 1808 the date of this book. 1808. £875.00
    A charming record of people and scenes in a Lincolnshire village at the beginning the the 19th century. Views include: women drawing water from a well; two views of the blacksmith at work in his forge, working bellows; man driving a pig to market; old lady darning a sock; head and shoulders portrait 'E.B. grandmother', 'Uncle W.B'; old woman carrying a basket and smoking a pipe, portraits of 'Betty Maddison, Fleet', 'Billy Maud', 'Mr Ward', an auctioneer knocking down a pile of books 'not the price of the binding gentlemen', 'Neighbour B--- and wife', two carters in smocks with whips, double page sketch of girl knitting in cottage garden, chatting to a young man, harp-seller, interior scenes of woman feeding a baby, in bed with baby, doing laundry, portraits of baby ('probably Hannah'). Views include a farm titled 'Fox's', '3 Horse-shoes Public House, Crowland', 'Fleet Decoy', 'Crowland Abbey', 'Four Gates, Newton', 'Crowland', 'Matcham's Gibbet near Buckden, Huntingdonshire', windmills titled 'Draining Mills near Crowland'. A number of the views show windmills. There are also various drawings of horses, cows etc.

  175. Cockerington, Gosberton, Pinchbeck, Carlton, Cowbitt, Skegness PARTICULARS OF A FREEHOLD ESTATE, To Be Sold by Auction, On Saturday, the 15th Day of August, 1812, At the Red Lion Inn, Boston, Between the hours of Five and Seven O'clock in the afternoon. Folio, 6pp, With engraved plans on one single and one double-page, plans partly torn at one fold, outer leaf partly soiled, names and prices of lots realised in manuscript. 1812. £45.00

  176. Toft and Manthorpe PARTICULARS AND PLAN OF A VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE Comprising 1051 Acres, viz.:- In Toft:- Bradshaw's Farm, Stubley's Farm. In Manthorpe. Town Lands Farm, Manthorpe House Farm, Deacon Hill Farm.... In Manthorpe and Braceborough:- Bowthorpe Park Farm, Mill House Farm. Which Messrs. S. & G. Kingston will offer by Auction.... On Thursday, the 2nd of October, 1919. Folio, 12pp, 2 large coloured folding plans, original wraps. 1919. £24.00

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  177. Bethnal Green LEASE of a house in Wolverley Street leading from Hill Street Hackney, James Kent to Charles Moody. On verso is a memorandum of 1827. Large vellum sheet, three wax seals. 1823. £13.00

  178. Chiswick Empire POSTER 'Neil Kenyon Brings Scots Humour to Chiswick Empire. Saturday June 9 No. 1 Chiswick Empire News Largest Circulation'. Poster size 30" x 20", poor quality paper. Very large black type. A few worm holes. n.d. probably First World War period. £20.00

  179. Deptford Green Dockyard LETTERS PATENT granted to William Bell, of W. Walker and Company's Deptford Green Dockyard, London, for an Invention for 'an Improved System of Longitudinal Framing combined with Diagonal Beams and Pillars constituting an arrangement for the Construction of Iron and Steel Vessels... applicable to Vessels of extreme Proportions and Torpedo Boats and River Steamers where great lightness is required...' Printed on vellum with ms. inserts, size 20" x 25". Coat of arms at head, large red paper seal. 1878. £35.00

  180. Harrow CONVEYANCE of a piece of land at Harrow in the County of Middlesex, The Metropolitan Railway Company to George Long, of Shepherd's Bush. 3pp, on vellum, 'booklet' style with red lines, on half of first page is coloured manuscript plan showing College Road, New Road etc., with plots coloured. Papered seal of Company on tag. 1891. £18.00

  181. Highbury New Park Estate LEASE of no 25 Balfour Road, Islington, Henry Rydon, Builder, to George Gilingwater, Perfumer. Printed on vellum with ms. inserts. Coloured plan in left margin, size 9" x 5". 1876. £18.00
    Includes stipulations as to painting etc.

  182. London Coliseum, Charing Cross POSTER for show on Monday June 11th, 1917, size 20" x 15", lettering in blue and red, view of theatre with crowds, early motor car etc. in full colour at top left. Bill includes The Finges of the Fleet, from Kipling's 'Sea Warfare', Music Specially Composed by Sir Edward Elgar 'Who Will Conduct in Person', 'Hullo Morton a Revuette', etc. A few stab holes. 1917. £24.00

  183. Manor of Hampstead ASSIGNMENT of the George Inn, Hampstead, Robert Patey to Andrew Donnison, 1836.... Together with.... LEASE of 'The George Inn', 1852.... Together with.... ASSIGNMENT of the George Inn, 1853. All documents on 2 large sheets of vellum, with wax seals. 1836-53. £24.00

  184. London and South-western Railway Company AN ACT for authorising the London and South-western Railway Company to construct additional works... for the widening of the Somerset and Dorset Railway; for authorising agreements between the Company and the Wimbledon and West Metropolitan Junction Railway Company... 35ppp., including some brief schedules. 1882. £16.00

  185. Philip (G) & Son Ltd. LONDON AT A GLANCE A Series of Twenty Picture Maps and Plans, With Notes on the Principal Places of Interest. Booklet, size approx. 7" x 4", of coloured 'bird's-eye view' maps, showing all the monuments, department stores, stations, etc. in elevation with numbers referring to key below. Red dotted lines indicated electric railways. At the rear are plans of the theatre district, St. Pauls, Westminster Abbey, Kew Gardens, Zoological Gardens, and 7p. of text giving opening hours, brief description, of principal places of interest. Decorative wraps, rather grubby, spine reinforced with archival tape, with view of Cleopatra's needle, and on back wrap plan showing hotels. c1914. £38.00

  186. Reynolds (C), Pub. AN ALBUM OF LONDON VIEWS 20 photolitho views on a extending strip, folding into sm. 4to decorative gilt boards, cloth spine. Map inside back board. c1880. £22.00
    A fine copy. Includes panorama of the Thames, 42" x 3".

  187. Rum & Brandy Importers BILLS from Eagle & Back, Distillers, Importers of Rum & Brandy, Red Cross Street, Cripplegate, addressed to a Brewer in Gosberton, Lincs, 1825 - 31. 20 bills, 4to, each with engraved heading, with adjoining leaf with letter, integral address panel on verso, postmark, some small holes in paper where wax seal broken. The bills are mainly for puncheons of Jamaica Rum, Brandy, Gin and Port Wine, the letters deal with details of carriage ('forwarded per Hearn's Waggon' etc.), occasional turkeys received, oysters sent, remarks on duty etc. 'Having heard on Monday that as Parliament meet on Tuesday week, one of the first questions to be settled is the new duty on Wine I have lost no time in getting your Hogshead cleared....' 1825-31. £40.00

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  188. Cary (J) A MAP OF MONMOUTHSHIRE from the best Authorities. Engraved map, size 16" x 16", fully hand-coloured. Compass rose, border. Some light creases. 1805. £35.00

  189. Grocer's TRADE CARD of Morgan & Williams, Wholesale & Retail Grocers and Tea Dealers, Hop Cheese & Butter Factors, Spices, Fish, Sauces, Capers, Olives &c. Shiny card, some slight discoloration at edge. c1860. £10.00

  190. Old Passage Ferry, River Severn TWO LETTERS from Thomas Lewis at St. Pierre, to Francis Macdonald at Usk, regarding the New Passage Ferry, the first 1p, 4to, extract from the Director's Minutes of the Old Passage Ferry Association, respecting the New Passage Ferry, on adjoining leaf, giving points for consideration, the second asking Mr Macdonal to come to St. Pierre to talk over the proposals with him and his father. 2p, 4to. Both letters with integral address panels, wax seals, postmarks. 1827. £40.00
    The points from the minutes to be considered included 'whether the Old Passage association can have the option of any & what quantity of additional farming Land & at what rent per acre... Whether the Steam Packet (which is not considered desirable to be purchased) can be exempted from the Treaty... What are the present annual expenses...' The Lewis's lived at St. Pierre Park, near Chepstow, and were Lords of the Manor.

  191. St. Mellons ASSIGNMENT of two messuages in St. Mellons, Daniel Williams of Penlasgarn to Lewis Thomas. Vellum, wax seal with bust. 1806.... together with.... Assignment of Mortgage, Elizabeth Rowland and others to Lewis Thomas. Large vellum sheet, 4 black wax seals. 1802. Two items. 1802-1806. £18.00

  192. St. Mellons NEWPORT EXTENSION ST. MELLONS OPPOSITION Reproduction of Ordnance Survey Map, Scale 6" to 1 mile, 50" x 58", dissected and mounted on linen. Coloured to show proposed boundary extension, land acquired for flood prevention etc., relating to Bill in 1933-4 Parliamentary Session. 1933. £24.00

  193. Tintern WILL of John Rowbotham of Abbey & Tintern. Office copy 2p, sm. folio, with conjoint leaf with docket title. Extracted from the Registry of the Consistory Court of Llandaff. Will 1821, Attested copy 1825. £15.00
    Makes various monetary bequests and leaves his executors to dispose of his 'Freehold, Leasehold or Shiping Property'.

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  194. Brooke, Norwich, Norfolk CATALOGUE of the Entire Herds of Pure-Bred Wessex Saddleback Pigs.... The Property of Dr. G. Gillet and W. Fiske, Late of Great Plumstead House, Norwich.... Also the small Entire Herd of Dexter Cattle and some Hunter Horses.... For Sale by Auction... May 12, 1921.... 16pp., 8vo, 5 photographic plates. Price and name of purchaser, often with address, added in ink for each lot. 1921. £15.00
    Lists one beast per lot, with name, dam and sire, breeder.

  195. Commins, Pr. THE NORWICH MERCURY Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., folded, uncut. Numerous adverts, Sale notices etc., Notice for Stoodley & Harmston's Cirque at Norwich, listing all the Artists. Dec. 22nd, 1877. £14.00

  196. Hockering PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Very Desirable Property sitaute at Hockering, Norfolk, which will be sold by Auction by Mr. Wilde, on Thursday, September 19th, 1849, at the Cock Inn... Sm. folio, 4pp. 1849. £12.00

  197. Walker (J & C) NORFOLK Map with outline colour, size 12"x 17", plus margins. Shows the areas covered by various Hunts, with small circles showing place of meets. Parkland, railways, borders of hunting areas coloured. c1836. £26.00
    From 'Hobson's Fox Hunting Atlas'.

  198. Walker (J & C) NORFOLK Engraved map with outline colouring showing areas of Fox Hunts with small circles to show places of Meets, size 13" x 15", parkland and railway line coloured. With list of polling places, boroughs etc. Centre fold. c1860. £35.00

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  199. Cuckney, Ollerton GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LXXXII S.E., size 12" x 14", plus margins, key. 4" repaired tear in right margin. 1859. £25.00

  200. Kirkby Ashfield RAILWAY PLANS Session 1892. Two plans, size 25" x 30", one showing the proposed Great Northern Railway from Ireland Wood in the parish of Annesley through East Kirkby to Sutton in Ashfield, with branch to Kirkby Colliery, with sections below showing tunnel etc., plus another double page of sections showing inclination. Shows proposed railway with limit of deviation, woodland, buildings, roads, colliery buildings, allotments etc. Ragged printed wraps, detached, the book of reference mentioned in title not bound in. 1892. £65.00

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  201. Bath CATALOGUE of the Remaining Portion of the Household Furniture and Effects.... 5, Duke Street Bath.... Auction catalogue for sale of Nov. 11th & 12th, 1891. 20pp., sm. 4to. 1891. £10.00
    Includes paintings by Barker, Morland, Breughel etc.

  202. Bathampton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XIV.2. Printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. Revision of 1936. £16.00
    Covers Bailbrook House, Holcombe Lodge, Larkhall.

  203. Broomfield AUCTION POSTER advertising sale at Rooks' Castle Farm of Implements in Husbandry, Cider, Empty Casks, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, Household Furniture... the property of the late Charles Rich.... 25th November 1828. Size 18" x 11", traces of folds, some wear at old fold in blank area, with small loss of some paper, small piece torn from top left corner. With four sections listing in detail stock and implements; Cider etc. ('12 hogsheads of Prime Cider... an excellent large oak Cider-Vat, quite new'; Brewing and Dairy Utensils ('Mashing Shovel', Salting Trindle' etc.); Furniture. 1828. £36.00

  204. Downside School BOOK OF PHOTOGRAPHS 26 photographs, oblong 8vo, black paper wraps with simple title. n.d. 1940's? £10.00

  205. Druggist's BILL of Sir Charles K. Tynte, to H. Lasher, for a large quantity of oils, ointments etc, 20th July 1749 - 28th February 1751. 10p in the same hand, size 16" x 7", sewn at edge. 1749-1751. £35.00
    Includes saffron, sweet almond, flower of brimstone, gum arabic, stomachick pills, snake root, 'spirit of Hartshorne for my Lady', anchovies, horse balls, various journeys 'being sent for'.

  206. Glastonbury Abbey SOUVENIR OF ROYAL VISIT June 22, 1909. Restoration to the Church of England. Photographs of the Ceremonies, with Portraits and Full Descriptions. 30pp., including 18 views, plus leaf of adverts. Oblong large 8vo, printed wraps. Tully, Glastonbury, 1909. £20.00
    Includes workmen who worked on restoration, fireman's arch, etc.

  207. Glastonbury, Mendips, Bath ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XIX, scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 31", plus margins, linen backed. Some old sellotape marks in top margin, two just reaching beyond border. 'Index to Tithe Survey' printed in top margin, and with cancelled indelible stamp of Boundary Section Record Copy in margin. c1890. £30.00

  208. Harrison (J) A MAP OF SOMERSETSHIRE Engraved from an Actual Survey with Improvements. Engraved map, size 13" x 18", plus margins, roads coloured red, coast shaded. With Reference to Hundreds. Central fold. 1790. £55.00

  209. Henton, Somerset GRANT by Gilbert Ode, rector of 'Sotesbrok Church', of a curtilage and house in Henton, to John Holebrok sone of Robert Holebrok. Vellum, 5" x 10", indented at top edge, tag but no seal. 13 lines in Latin in a small neat hand. 'die dominica proxima post festum cicumcisione Anno Regn. Reg. Edwardi tercii & conquestu sexto' - 1333. £350.00

  210. Herald Press PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEW ALBUM OF LANGPORT & Neighbourhood. 16 views, oblong 4to, gilt. c1900. £16.00
    Includes views of Bow Street, Cheap Side, Withy stripping etc.

  211. Ilminster OBLIGATION BOND of Richard Bush, Clothier, of Ilminster, and his wife to Robert Collins, Clothier, for 200. 1p. sm. folio, printed with MS inserts, 2 wax seals, blank adjoining leaf, folds. Brief letter of 1825 attached. 1791. £20.00

  212. Lawrence Bros. (Publisher) PLAN OF THE TOWN OF WESTON-SUPER-MARE in the County of Somerset. Scale 3" = 1000 ft. Size 20" x 16", linen backed and folding to sm. 8vo. Foxing spots in top third of plan, and at linen between sections. c1900. £26.00

  213. Mattock family, Pitminster LETTER from a Mr Bush, beginning 'My dear Sir', addressed from Sauchiehall St., Glasgow, Aug. 12th, 1850, describing what he saw at the 'Highland Society's Meeting'. 4p, 4to, with last page also written across at right angles. 1850. £18.00
    'I went at 7 am. to see the trial of implements..... one of the Finlayson Harrows made to rise and fall with a lever....' He visits a dairy belonging to a distiller 'there was a steam engine of 12 horse power kept to pump up the wash into large tubs from which it ran into the trows for the cattle....' He also writes about the different breeds of sheep and cattle in Scotland.

  214. Midford PARTICULARS of A most Attractive Small Residential and Agricultural Estate Midford Castle..... Heavily-Timbered Grounds.... Accommodation and Park Land.... For Sale by Auction.... Bath, Thursday 8th May, 1958. 22pp., 4to, photos., folding plan, stiff wraps with pasted on photo. 1958. £18.00

  215. Nyland cum Batcome TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet Nos. XXVII.9 and 13. Scale 25" to 1 mile. 1903. £17.00
    Covers Decoy Pool Farm, Oxmoor, Barrows Hams, River Farm

  216. Stoke St. Mary LEASE of Whitlands, Copse Acre, Common Mead etc., Jemima Maine to Robert and Joseph Jacobs. 2p., on paper, folio, wax seals. 1851. £10.00

  217. Taunton ACCOUNT BOOK recording commission on property sales, sales of furniture, horses, etc., and charges for valuations. Possibly of Messrs. Roberts and Wellman, Hammet Street, October 1883 - December 1888. Narrow folio, 365p., half calf, lacks spine. Entries record commission on auction sales 'Commission on auction sale of 38 Fore St. Taunton sold to Mr Barrett for 1,870', valuations, e.g. Brewery plant at Barnstaple, 'effects at Green Dragon', fees for apprenticeship indentures, salaries to Overseers at Staplegrove, etc. 1883-88. £70.00
    Possibly an estate agents or similar.

  218. Taunton SUNG by Joby Poole, at the Castle Tap, August 24, 1868 by Nickey Vilmot. Broadside, tall folio, printed in two columns, 44 stanzas, satirising local figures such as 'The Exmouth Potter', 'the barber's son', 'Dapper Jack', 'The Knocker' etc. Laid down on thick paper, some slight wear, top margin clipped. (1868). £16.00

  219. Temple Combe REPORT of J.P. Sturge & Son as to the Line of the Yeovil & Wilton and Bleadon and Blandford Railways through the Estate of Samuel Worthy in the Parish of Temple Coombe. 1p, folio, in manuscript. Some short splits at folds, blank conjoint leaf with splits repaired at folds. 1847. £18.00
    Gives valuation of land to be taken.

  220. Wellow PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Properties In the Parish of Wellow... All that Attractive and Pleasantly-situate Dwelling-House, Garden, known as Mount Pleasant House.... Messrs Fry and Asprey will offer for Sale.... 20th day of March, 1897. Folio, 4pp, folded. 1897. £12.00

  221. Weston super Mare BUTCHERS' DAY BOOKS Two 'Day Books', 1873 - 1884, size 15" x 6", half calf, very rubbed, one volume lacking spine, pages headed with date, listing customer, what they bought, money received. Approx 400 pages of entries in each day book, some page edges slightly damped.... together with.... Ledger, size 13" x 9", with headings of customer's name and address, and listing of what they bought (possibly for orders to be delivered), 1886-90. With index of over 400 names with address. Half morocco, spine torn and defective, shaken. 528 pages of entries. 1873-90. £50.00

  222. Yatton A TERRIER as well of all the Glebe lands Tenements, Orchards & Gardens belonging to the Rectory or Parsonage of Yatton and Kenne, As also of all the Glebe lands Orchards Gardens obligations profits emoluments & portions of Tythes belonging to the Vicarage thereof made by us whose names are hereunto subscribed the Third day of March Anno Domini 1635. 12 folio pages, folded, sewn at corner, listing tenants, acreage of lands held and location, with details of tithes paid for orchards, lambs, cows, 'hay silver' 'Cheate wheat' etc., e.g. 'Item the tythe of the Mills in Yatton and Kenn and also of Fishing fowling and other personall tythes do belong to the Vicar. Item due to the vicar for Pidgeon houses or dove houses four pence. For every house for Churching of Women four pence....' Copy made circa 1825, probably in connection with a dispute over tithes, with rough notes of lawyers' opinion etc. on verso of several pages. Some underlining in text. Copied c1825. £40.00

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  223. Gastineau (Maria) CHECKLY CHURCH Watercolour, in sepia, white and pencil on card, size approx. 6" x 8", corners snipped. Titled in pencil, and signed, in ink, to verso. c186- £75.00 See Illustration
    'Landscape watercolourist. Daughter of H.G. Gastineau.' See Wood's Dictionary of Victorian Painters.

  224. Lichfield PRINTED REFERENCE for Mr. C.E. Newcomb, Assistant Master at the Grammar School, from the Headmaster, T. Goldney. 1p, 8vo. April 23rd, 1880. £6.00

  225. Tamworth, Lichfield ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LXII N.E., size approx. 13" x 14", plus wide margins. O.S. blindstamp 1877. £20.00

  226. Turnpikes ACCOUNT OF LABOUR DONE ON THE LEEK AND BUXTON ROAD 8th January 1836 - 13th January 1838. Ledger, size 13" x 8", half calf, marbled boards, with printed page headings, columns for Labourer's Name, place employed, time, rate per day, sum paid, on the left hand page, sections for Surveyor's Salary, Stone Quarried and Broken, Hauling, Tradesmen's Bills, etc. on the facing page. 34 double-page spreads, plus many blanks, each signed by the Trustees of the Turnpike Road, including John Sleigh, Richard Gaunt. 1836-8. £140.00

  227. Uttoxeter, Burton on Trent ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXII S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14" plus very wide margins. O.S blindstamp 1876. £20.00

  228. Wolverhampton PARTICULARS WITH PLAN of the Desirable Freehold Residential Property, known as "Waterdale," Compton Road.... Which Messrs Nock & Joseland will Sell by Auction... Oblong folio, slightly creased where folded, with 2 illusts, 6pp, large coloured folding plan. 1909. £16.00

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  229. Cary (J) A MAP OF SUFFOLK from the Best Authorities. Engraved map, outline hand-colouring, size 15" x 20", central fold. With Reference to the Hundreds bottom right. Some slight offf-setting. c1790. £30.00

  230. Lowestoft and Kirtley PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Fifty-Six Valuable Freehold Building Sites being the first portion of the 'Kirtley Cliff Estate', Six Superior marine Residences, Two Semi-Detached Villas, Fifteen Well Built Shops & Dwelling Houses... for sale by Auction... 30th day of August, 1887. 11p, folio, printed wraps. Very large folding coloured plan. Folded in four horizontally. 1887. £30.00

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  231. Croydon, Wokingham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. VIII, scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 29", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into marbled endpapers, 8vo. Electrotype, 18590. £35.00

  232. Godstone ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, sheet XLII, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. Water features coloured, and road coloured, a few fields top left shaded. Bottom third of map south of boundary is blank. 1871. £30.00

  233. Holmbush Farm, Slinfold, Surrey LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK Consisting of Four Excellent Cart Horses, One Pony, Six Shorthorn Cows in Full Milk, 14 Head of Young Stock, 57 Head of Poultry, The Implements... Mr Plummer is directed... to Sell by Auction... September 21st, 1877.... 12pp., sm. 8vo. Title page with attractive type-faces. 1877. £12.00

  234. Rocque's MAP OF SURREY (1762). Published in facsimile by the Surrey Archaeological Society, Castle Arch, Guildford. 9 sheets, folio, plus Preface, printed wraps. 1931. £45.00

  235. Stockdale (J) A MAP OF SURREY Engraved map, scale 4" = 10 miles, size 15" x 19". Traces of folds. Trimmed to platemark down 6" of left margin. Small foxing spot below title. 1798. £30.00
    Shows villages in detail, canal, high ground, parkland, roads with numbered distances etc.

  236. Warlingham, Sanderstead ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheet XX. Size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into cloth 8vo wraps, hole in linen at one fold. 1871. £26.00

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  237. Alciston, Folkington ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet LXVIII. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Some small numbers in red ink, possibly marking watermains etc. 1878. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1894. £30.00

  238. Bacon PLAN OF BRIGHTON Reduced from the Ordnance Survey. Size 12" x 17", printed in 4 colours, central fold, a few light brown spots in sea area. 1884. £17.00

  239. Bacon's CYCLING AND MOTORING MAP OF HASTINGS DISTRICTS With 8pp. Index. Scale half an inch to a mile. Size 27" x 38", linen-backed, attractive colour-printed 8vo cloth-covered boards, showing motorists. c1900. £10.00

  240. Bacon's NEW ORDNANCE PLAN of Hastings and St. Leonards. Scale 8" to the mile. Folding map, partly hand-coloured. Decorative border. Folding into stiff cloth wraps with printed label. 4" split in fold at one section at bottom of the top left section which is pasted to board. c1880. £35.00

  241. Bexhill COPY ADMISSION of John Lambert Walker at a Court of the Manor of Bexhill, to a messuage called 'Woodgates', late Lansdell's. Vellum, 22" x 12". 1875. £8.00

  242. Copthorne, Sussex CATALOGUE OF VALUABLE LIVE AND DEAD STOCK Comprising Capital Nag Horses, Two Ponies, two excellent and promising Filly Colts, by 'Cavalier.... Prime Young Fat Pigs.... which will be Sold by Auction.... 21st September, 1877. 7pp, 8vo. 1877. £8.00

  243. Gallops Estate, Ditchling PEDIGREE STOCK CATALOGUE Pedigree Scotch Shorthorns, Vahan herd large Black Pigs, Albany Herd Middle White Pigs, Vahan Registered Shire Horses. 45pp., printed wraps, large 8vo., numerous illustrations. 1920's. £16.00
    Mainly concerns pigs. There were 8 farms on the Estate 'I can now see my way clear to running a thousand breeding sows.... this pedigree pig-breeding establishment is to-day by far the biggest in the world....'

  244. Gyngell's NEW ALBUM OF WORTHING 15 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into sm. 4to decorative gilt boards, corners lightly rubbed, cloth spine. Light crease in double page view of pier. c1880. £17.00
    Includes fine panorama of the front, size 33" x 3".

  245. Herstmonceaux Park, Hellingly ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet LVI. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Some wells and springs carefully circled in red. 1878. Embossed Ordnance stamp, 1895. £30.00

  246. Lewes WATERCOLOUR in grey wash and ink, of Southover Church, Lewes. Size 4" x 5", ruled border, margins trimmed, titled 'Southover Church, Lewes, S.E.' c1820. £18.00

  247. Rainfall ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 319 (Lewes), scale 1" to a mile, size 25" x 19", marked at top 'Eastbourne Water. Rainfall'. Area around Eastbourne outlined in blue and 13 rainfall figures neatly inked in. 1895. £16.00
    Covers Beachy Head, Framfield, Lewes.

  248. Stammerham, Horsham CATALOGUE of the Entire Herd of Pure-Bred Shorthorn Cattle... The Entire Herd of Dairy Shorthorns... and the Entire Herd of Tamworth Pigs.... For Sale by Auction by order of the Aylesbury Dairy Company Limited... May 26th 1892.... 70pp., 8vo. One beast per Lot, with pedigree (some going back 20d.) 1892. £20.00

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  249. Kenilworth PENCIL DRAWING Size 11" x 15", on thick paper, showing ruins with lane leading through gate, surrounded by trees, titled in bottom corner 'part of Kenilworth Castle'. n.d. c1860. £25.00
    Very well drawn, with the drawing taking up most of the paper.

  250. Murray (T) MAP OF WARWICKSHIRE Engraved map, hand-coloured in outline, 18" x 14". Scale 3" = 10 miles. 1830. £35.00

  251. Nuneaton, Shilton GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LXIII.S.W, size 13" x 15", plus wide margins, key. New Edition 1886, O.S. blindstamp 1901. £22.00

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  252. Calne Boundaries REPORT OF THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH OF CALNE. 2pp, with a coloured Plan of the borough by R.K. Dawson. Scale 4" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1837. £18.00

  253. Calne, Bremhill, Pewsham PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Agricultural Property Forming an Outlying Portion of The Bowood Estate comprising an area of 1,429 Acres To Be Sold by Auction in Lots by Bruton, Knowles & Co... on Monday 13th October, 1947. 4to, 47pp., wraps, 10 photographic plates, 4 folding coloured plans at rear, key plan. Light crease in front wrap. 1947. £30.00

  254. Chute Lodge Estate ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, PLANS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of The Important Freehold Residential and Agricultural Property known as Chute Lodge Estate including the Mansion House with 2 Cottages and about 24 acres.... The Home Farm, Cadley Farm, Four Excellent Small holdings.... for sale by Auction.... 12th October, 1950. 28pp., 4to, wraps, photographic illusts., two folding maps in pocket. 1950. £20.00

  255. Collins (W) Pub. VIEWS OF TROWBRIDGE & NEIGHBOURHOOD. Being 15 steel engraved vignette views, oblong 8vo, original stiff cloth wraps. Pub. W. Collins, Printer, Bookseller, &c. Trowbridge. c187- £75.00
    Includes Weslyan Chapel, Conigre Chapel, St. John's School, Market House, Trowbridge, and Farley Castle Kingston House, Rood Ashton, Bradford Church.

  256. Corsham ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the residue of Pickwick Estate comprising the greater prt of the Delightful, Old-world, Cotswold Style Village Pickwick.... Two Charming Period Residences, Villge General Store, the Old Pickwick Brewery.... to be offered for Sale by Auction.... 24pp., oblong sm. folio, wraps, illusts., folding coloured plan. 1948. £20.00
    Part of the Estate of Sir Frederick Goldney.

  257. Davidge (W.R) PLANNING FOR SWINDON Survey and Report prepared by the Post War Planning Sub Committee. 69pp., folio, card wraps with coat of arms, photo frontis., pocket and rear with 7 large folding coloured plans, and small booklet for Exhibition at Town Hall. A few small marks on front wrap. 1945. £40.00

  258. Donhead PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Of Valuable Pasture and Accommodation Lands.... together with Twenty-One Cottages situate in the beautiful Semley, Tisbury, Donhead Saint Mary, and Donhead Saint Andrew Districts.... for Sale by Auction at the Victoria Hall, Tisbury, on Wednesday, May 30th, 1928. With coloured folding plan, 12pp, original paper covers. Once folded vertically. 1928. £20.00

  259. Donhead St. Mary ASSIGNMENT OF LEASE Edward Baseley of South Bruham in Somerset, Robert Baseley of East Knoyle in Wilts., to Nicholas Wadham of Merefield Somerset, of a capital messuage, farm, tucking mill, woods, etc., called Arsgrove in Donhead St. Mary and Tollard Royal. Vellum, 14" x 28", signed by Robert and Edward with two heavy wax seals on tags. 1598. £60.00
    Nicholas Wadham was the founder of Wadham College, Oxford. After his second marriage he retired to Merefield where he lived for the rest of his life. 'His estates were worth three thousand pounds in the currency of the period and out of his income he saved fourteen thousand pounds which he determined to spend on charitable purposes.' He died in 1609 and was buried at Ilminster.


  260. Donhead St. Mary and Tollard Royal ASSIGNMENT OF A LEASE of a farm know as Esgrove, cottages, tucking mill, orchard, woods and lands at Tollard Royal and Donhead St. Mary, Edward and Robert Baseley of East Knoyle, to Nicholas Wadham of Merefield in Somerset. Vellum, size 14" x 28", signed by the Baseleys, two heavy wax seals on tags. 1598. £60.00
    D.N.B says of Wadham 'His estates were worth 3000 a year in the currency of the period' Out of his revenue he saved 14,000 to endow Wadham College, Oxford. His wife was the eldest daughter of Sir William Petre. Also mentioned are John Batt, Edmund Cox, William Swanton.

  261. Fovant PARTICULARS OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD AND LEASHOLD ESTATES, IN THE PARISH OF FOVANT, Wilts, to be Sold by Auction by Mr H.P. Ewer, at the Pembroke Arms Inn, Fovant. Aforesaid on Wednesday, September 15, 1852. 3pp, docket tile, folded, spine partly split. 1852. £16.00

  262. Lacock SALE OF ATTRACTIVE SMALL RESIDENCE Known as 'Bewley Villa', Valuable Pasture Paddock, Brewery and Malting Premises. 3pp., folio, folded. 1924. £8.00

  263. Melksham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Highly Valuable Freehold Properties, comprising a Recently Built Villa Residence known as Avon Villa... 3 substantially-built Cottages.... Rich Meadow Land.... Also Beanacre Farm, Nine Cottages and Gardens and Aboutj 71 Acres.... for Sale by Auction.... October 14th, 1879.... 5pp., folio, folded, large folding hand-coloured plan, 3" split at spine. 1879. £30.00

  264. Melksham, Amesbury ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP, INDEX TO THE TITHE SURVEY Engraved map, size 24" x 30", plus margins, scale 1 mile to 1", Sheet No. XIV. Hand coloured in parishes, some areas shaded blue, names of main villages within each red boundary blocked in pink. Border all round. Some relevant notes in pencil concerning boundaries written in pencil in margins. Linen-backed, folding to 4to, with key map and label. c1850. £40.00

  265. Pewsey PARTICULARS, PLANS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Residential Property known as Travancore House and Grounds... to be Sold by Auction... 9th October, 1888. 3pp., folio. Folded. 1888. £10.00
    Appears to lack plan, although plan is only mentioned in docket title, not in inside title.

  266. Pickwick PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of The Free Fully-Licensed Popular Roadside Hostelry known as the 'Hare & Hounds'.... for Sale by Auction.... 19th Sept. 1941. 7pp., sm. 4to, decorative wraps. Line drawing on first page. 1941. £15.00

  267. Poulshot, etc. THE REMAINING OUTLYING PORTIONS of the Wiltshire Estates of the Right Honble. Walter Long, M.P., in the Parishes of Poulshot, Potterne, Seend, Hilperton, Semington, Great Hinton, Melksham, Steeple Ashton and North Bradley. For Sale by Auction.... 17th May, 1911. 54pp., 4to. With Summary, numerous small photographs in text. Four hand coloured folding plans in pocket, lacks plan 5 (Lots 41 - 98). 1911. £30.00

  268. Reynolds (C), Pub. THE ALBUM OF SALISBURY VIEWS With Wilton and Stonehenge. 16 photolitho views on extending strip, some two to a page, folding into sm. 4to gilt boards, cloth spine. c1890. £17.00

  269. Rowde PARTICULARS AND PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Capital Villa Residence.... A Compact Holding, comprising Farm House, Buildings, Yard, Garden.... at Marston.... to be Sold by Auction..... July 20th, 1893. 3pp., folio, folded, double-page coloured plan. 1893. £20.00

  270. Rudge Farm, Froxfield CATALOGUE OF SALE of Live and Dead Farming Stock.... the Hampshire Down Breeding Flock of about 400 Ewes & Lambs.... Berkshire Sows and Litters... 25th September 1891. 8pp., sm. 8vo. 1891. £10.00

  271. Salisbury REPORT UPON THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH OF NEW SARUM. 6pp with Plan of Town coloured in outline, Scale 4" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound, some slight off-setting. Recent paper boards with label on spine. c1837. £22.00

  272. Semington PARTICULARS of the Desirable Dairy Farm known as 'Seend Park Farm', Semington.... for Sale by Auction September 4th, 1945. 10pp., sm. 4to, wraps. 1945. £12.00

  273. Sutton Veny and Bishopstrow PARTICULARS of Valuable Freehold Estates.... Comprising nearly 500 Acres.... Convenient Homesteads.... Farm-Buildings also an 8-Quarter Malthouse, with Dwelling House and the Free Public-House known as 'The Bell Inn'.... which will be Sold by Auction.... 15th September 1875. 6pp., folio, folded, with schedules for each lot. Docket title dusty. 1875. £25.00

  274. Uffcott PARTICULARS OF VALUABLE SMALL FREEHOLD ESTATE and Accommodation Lands.... for Sale by Auction.... June 6th, 1899. 3pp., folding coloured plan. 1899. £20.00

  275. Warminster VIEWS IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD 12 engraved vignette views, engraved surface approx. 3" x 4". Blindstamped cloth boards with gilt title. Foxing in margin of views, a few plates with some spots affecting the view. c1860. £60.00
    Views include Corn Market, Savings Bank, Railway Station, Town Hall in Warminster, and Longleat, Sheer Water, Crockerton Church.

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  276. Catterick, Crakehall PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Estates.... to be offered for Sale by Auction.... 30th January, 1919. 14pp. folio, two folding coloured plans. Staples rusty, spine reinforced with archival tape. 1919. £24.00
    Includes farms and cottages in the parishes of Catterick, Tunstall, Crakehall and Langthorne, and a Mansion House called 'Oran'.

  277. Dewsbury DEWSBURY AND HECKMONWICK WATERWORKS, SESSION 1876. PLAN Lithographed plan with hand-colouring, size 21" x 27", scale 5" = 70 chains. Shows buildings, woodland, rivers and streams, station, raised ground, water course tunnel, existing and intended reservoirs. Drainage areas shaded. 1876. £20.00
    'Sheet 1' printed at corner, so probably there were other plans with this one originally.

  278. Gall & Inglis WALKING MAP OF WHITBY AND DISTRICT Scale one inch and a half to a mile. Colour printed, size 17" x 19", printed 12mo paper wraps. c1890. £9.00
    Published by Horne & Son, Whitby.

  279. Gomersal DAWSON BROS. LIMITED Illustrated Catalogue of Modern High-Class Bottle-Washing Machines and Bottling Appliances. 4to, printed wraps, 80 glossy pages, profusely illustrated. 1923. £40.00
    Includes 'Power Corking Machine' 'Dawson's Patent Dual Bottle-Brushing and Label-Removing Machine', 'Open Type Bottle Soaking Machine' etc.

  280. Heywood HEYWOOD CORPORATION. IN PARLIAMENT - SESSION 1883. MAP. Shewing the Parliamentary Limits of Water Supply. Lithographed map, size 19" x 14". Scale 1" x 1 mile. Hand-coloured to show different populations supplied with water. Repaired marginal tear. Shows supply main, reservoirs, catchment area etc. 1883. £20.00

  281. Huddersfield and Manchester Railway & Canal Co. ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT for the sale and purchase of land and buildings in the Township of Quick in Rochdale or Saddleworth, Joseph Smith of Tamewater, Woollen Cloth Manufacturere to the Huddersfield and Manchester Railway & Canal Co. 3p., folio, folded, affixed is a coloured plan on tissue paper of the area , scale 2 chains to 1", signed Joseph Smith. Small split at one fold, outside rather dusty. 1847. £25.00

  282. Huddersfield HUDDERSFIELD WATERWORKS 1890. Lithographed plan, size 17" x 27", colour printed. Scale 1" = 1 mile. Shows towns, intended pipe lines etc. With table of Drainage Areas etc. 1890. £24.00

  283. Hull THE ALBUM OF HULL VIEWS 29 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into sm. 4to gilt boards, corners rubbed. c1880. £18.00

  284. Margary (H) (Pub.) THE COUNTY OF YORK SURVEY'D Engrav'd by Thomas Jefferys. 1775. Facsimile, with introduction by J.B. Harley and J.C. Harvey. 20 map sheets, size 25" x 28", plus title page and 2 pages of text. Printed wraps, cloth spine. 1973. £50.00

  285. Nadin (Abel), Pub. THE YORKSHIRE POST and Leeds Intelligencer. May 30th 1868. 8p, uncut. 1868. £12.00
    Contains long report on Archbishop Manning at Bradford.

  286. Pickering PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Property called Mill Farm.... it consists of 130 Acres.... including a Larch Plantation including altogether about 50,000 Trees of 24 Years' Growth.... it will be Sold by Auction.... the 19th of October, 1837. 3pp., folio, small holes in left margin where once bound. With sheet of auctioneers notes in manuscript 'abundance of Freestone, similar to Portland Stone in the Premises for building.... Bed of coal on the Estate....' 1837. £45.00

  287. Robinson Wright (J) ESTUARY OF THE RIVER DUDDEN & LONGITUDINAL AND TRANSVERSE SECTIONS to accompany the Map, referred to in Mr. Walker's Report, dated September 1842. Plan size 24" x 144". Scale 8" to 1 mile. Section 1. 'Longitudinal Section on the line a,b,c.... on Map' takes up the whole length of the paper, stretching from Roe island to Sandbed Marsh & Dudden Bridge, and there are 30 other sections. Manuscript in ink and four colours. Repaired 5" tear from right-hand margin. Signed 'J. Walker, London, Apr. 1842' bottom right corner. 1842. £75.00

  288. Tankersley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No 282. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx. 24" x 35", plus margins, fully hand-coloured. 1873. £30.00

  289. York, N. Grimston ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to a mile, size 13" x 19", Sheet 93 N.E., borders on all sides, mounted on linen, folding to 8vo. 1858. £15.00

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  290. Aberdeen, Scotland ABERDEEN LIME COMPANY'S TRADE CIRCULAR and Price List of manures. Purveyors by Special Appointment to Her Majesty... Season 1895. 15pp., 8vo, decorative title wrap with coat of arms etc. Traces of vertical fold. 1895. £14.00

  291. Allan (Robert), Pr. CALEDONIAN MERCURY No. 11,368. July 3, 1794. Newspaper, 4pp. Some slight rubbing at one fold, a few spots. 1794. £14.00
    Contains notice from Post Office about dispatch of mail bags from a long list of places, notice of Bounty of 3 guineas for volunteers for Navy, etc.

  292. Coldstream SALE OF GROWING OATS at Swinton House. To be Sold by Auction.... 9th August curt.... 12 Acres of Oats.... Poster, size 11" x 9". 1870. £14.00

  293. Duke of Buccleuch RENT RECEIPT Printed receipt, 7" x 6", for Land-Tax in Selkirkshire, Road-Money, Rogue-Money, Assessment for Militia-men's Wives etc., completed with sums in MS for total valued rent, Land-Tax and Stamp. Traces of red wax. 2nd May 1811. £12.00

  294. Election of Peers MINUTES OF THE EVIDENCE Given Before The Committee of Privileges, to Whom the Petition of Dunbar Earl of Selkirk and James Earl of Hopetoun.... relative to the Return of the Peers chosen for Scotland stand referred. 41pp. Ordered to be printed 23d February, 1791. £25.00

  295. Portobello REPORT UPON THE BOROUGH OF PORTOBELLO 1p, with a Plan of the Town, by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline, scale 6" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. Some minor off-setting on plan. c1832. £20.00

  296. Poultry GREAT SALE OF FANCY AND COMMON POULTRY Houses, Runs, Paling, &c, on Saturday 6th Sept., 1873, at The Manse, Montrose, belonging to Rev. W.E.B. Gunn. 4pp., sm. 8vo, traces of folds. 1873. £10.00
    Includes Brahmas, Houdans, Hamburgs.

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  297. Anglesey CARY'S REDUCED ORDNANCE MAP Sheet 41. Scale half an inch to 1 mile, size 20" x 25", roads, parkland, water features, county boundaries delicately hand-coloured. Shows soundings, composition of sea bed. Coloured border. Linen-backed, folding into marbled large 8vo wraps. May 1st 1832. £36.00
    Covers the whole of the island, Conway, Caernarvon. About half the map is sea area.

  298. Carmarthenshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XLI, scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into beige paper wraps. c1850. £22.00
    Covers Laugharne, Mynedd Pencarreg, Llandovery.

  299. Denbighshire AGREEMENT as to carrying a Tramway over a Bridge on the Great Western Railways line near the Vron Branch Junction, The Great Western Railway Company to James Edwards of The Trefynant Works near Ruabon, Brick and Tile Manufacturer. 3p, folio, with coloured plan, scale 1 chain to an inch, on waxed cotton, size 15" x 11". 1875. £34.00

  300. Glamorgan LEASE of a tenement and lands called Allt y Vannog in Langefalach, Lord Vernon to Rhys Davies of Swansea. Printed on large vellum sheet, with manuscript inserts, wax seal. 1804. £18.00


  301. Llanuwchllyn, Merioneth MAP OF ALLOTMENTS IN WAEN ARGOED Manuscript plan in outline colour, on vellum, size 14" x 37", scale 6 chains to one inch. Shows lands along the River Afon Cynfas, below Rhenig mountain, signs showing by whom fences to be made. Plots of land numbered, adjoining owners named, shows waterfall, slate quarry, roads leading to Blaen cwm ifsa, Llanuchlyn, Maesgwyn etc. Attractive title in grey showing scroll with title propped against classical column. Slightly faded. c1820. £90.00

  302. Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan COUNTERPART LEASE of a Strip of land for the purpose of making a Railway through Graig farm in the parish of Merthyr Tydfil... for the term of 99 years, Messrs. L. Morgan and W. Rees and others to W. Crawshay of Chyfarthfa Castle. Four large vellum sheets. On back of third sheet is a scale plan size 4" x 9" showing the land, stream etc., and a section of bridge, 3" x 7". 1851. £28.00

  303. Mount Alyn, Rossett, Denbighshire CATALOGUE OF SALE at Home Farm, on Tuesday March 29th, 1887 comprising Young Dairy Cows & Heifers, Fresh Barrens, Fat Cows, Yearling Heifers, Shorthorned Pedigree Bulls, Flock of Grand Shropshire Down & Leicester Ewes... Teams of Powerful Waggon Horses.... 10pp, 8vo. Traces of having been folded twice. 1887. £15.00
    Four bulls are listed in single lots with pedigrees.

  304. Pembrokeshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XL. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 36", dissected and mounted on linen, taped edges, folding into cloth slipcase with Wyld label. Roads and rivers hand-coloured, villages coloured rather untidily, some slight darkening of paper. Wyld label on border. 1843. £22.00

  305. Ruabon, Denbigh SURRENDER of a Lease of Mines under Yew Tree, Ty Cannol and Onnen Fawr Farms in the County of Denbigh, Charles Hussey Jones, to Kenyon Fuller. 3p folio. 1868. £14.00

  306. Tredegar DRUGGISTS' BILLS Bill of E. Jones, Druggist, to Mrs Jackson, June 1841-Nov. 1843. 7 pages, 15" x 5", folded... together with bill of Rich. Davis, headed (in ms) 'Tredegar Iron Works', to Mrs Jackson, Oct. 1842-Nov. 1843. 2p, 4to. 1841-3. £14.00
    Includes leeches, tincture digitalis, quinine, 'tinct. opii' etc.

  307. Vollam (A.E) (Pub.) BETTWS-Y-COED & NORTH WALES Sixty-Six Coloured Views (by Valentine) Ten coloured views, the rest sepia. Mostly full page, but some two to a page. Oblong 4to, gilt title. c1910. £15.00

  308. Walker (J) & (C) WALES SOUTH EAST AND WALES SOUTH WEST. Two folding engraved, hand-coloured maps, showing Parliamentary Boundaries, dissected and mounted on linen, engraved area of each approx. 15" x 12", plus margins, folding to sm 8vo, marbled sides. 2 items. c1841. £25.00

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  309. Betts's NEW MAP OF ENGLAND & WALES Compiled from the Latest Parliamentary Documents. Shows principal roads, and railways opened and in progress. Counties hand-coloured, with more solid colour boundaries. Scale approx. 1" = 20 miles. Size 30" x 25", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo cloth boards, gilt title, top board detached. 1845. £45.00

  310. Blandecques, France PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of an Elegant Freehold Residence, Which has been somewhat inaptly christened the 'Chateau de la Folie', it is a little removed from The Great Paris Road in the Romantic Valley of Blandecques... there is a Protestant Church Close at hand.... the enjoyment of one of the Finest Trout Streams in the Department.... the above Estate will be Sold by Auction by Mr. Geo. Robins at the Auction Mart.... June 25th, 1840. 3pp., folio, attractively printed, with docket title on verso of second leaf. 1840. £30.00
    'Although a foreigner may luxuriate very agreeably at this Chateau, it seems more especially planned for an English Gentleman....'

  311. Bristol and Oxfordshire PAPERS OF THE MEAD FAMILY File of wills, marriage settlements, letters, extracts from registers etc., 1796-1860. Approx. 20 pieces, including (i) original marriage settlement of Mary Potter and Thomas Mead, of Bristol, 2p, folio, wax seals, 1796. (ii) Letter from Jehoiada Mead at Sibford to his cousin at the Mulberry Tree Tavern, Broad St., Bristol, 1808. (iii) Jehoiada Mead's extracted will, Swalecliffe, Oxford, 1808, bequeathing his college (Christ Church) property, his drugs and implements as apothecary and surgeon, etc. 3p, sm. folio. (iv) Letter, 1831, to Mr Mead at Taunton from a friend who has emigrated to New York 'The Cosmo arrived here on the 8th of this month after a long Passage full of Pasengers and I believe almost all Women... I am doing very well in the Grocery & Liquor Business and I do not wish to live in England again. (v) Probate copy of will on vellum of Thomas Mead of Mulberry Tree Tavern, 1812. (vi) Bond of Stephen Peacock, Fishmonger, to Mary Mead of Clifton, relating to the purchase of her share in a sloop called The Tartar, 1816. 1796-1860. £120.00

  312. Calligraphy SPECIMENS Written by James Baxendell at Brook House Academy, Christmas, 1846. 13 leaves, all with tissue guards, plus title page, in album size 10" x 14", stiff embossed cloth wraps, half morocco, spine and corners lightly rubbed, front inner hinge broken. Each page with a verse large title 'State of Man', 'Religion', 'Study', 'Night', etc., with large very decorative headings illustrating a high standard of penmanship involving birds, feathers etc. The title page is very decorative with a variety of lettering styles. 1848. £90.00

  313. Cornwall and Devon Schools PRESENTATION VOLUME To E. Douglas Tinling, her Majesty's Inspector, Church of England Schools, with the names of Managers and teachers of the Church Schools under Government Inspection in the Diocese of Exeter. 4to, full calf, rubbed and scuffed, gilt title, first page illuminated in gold and red and blue, 3 page introduction and 21 pages with name of school and names of teachers and manager. Blanks at end. Damp staining affecting bottom right hand corner of pages, mainly in margin except for first page, with some disintegration of paper at edge of first few leaves. Loosely inserted is printed letter of thanks from Tinling to the 260 who signed the Memorial. Schools include Lympstone National School, Menheniot, Pendeen, Pool Bassett School, Sancreed School, Bovey Tracey School, Brampford Wood Reformatory, etc. 1863. £60.00
    Tinling became Prebendary of Wells in 1863. His letter of thanks refers to the '17 years we have laboured together in the work of Education amongst the children of the poor in the Counties of Devon and Cornwall'.

  314. Crests ALBUM OF ARMY CRESTS Oblong 4to album, 36 card leaves, boards detached, lacks spine. Approx. 15-20 embossed crests per page, with name of Regiment on facing page. c1900. £25.00
    Includes Life Guards, Dragoon Guards, Rifle Brigarde, Highland Regiments etc.

  315. Denbigh, Lancashire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LXXIX, size 25" x 37", scale 1" to 1 mile. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into beige paper wraps. Main roads coloured brown. c1846. £25.00
    Covers Liverpool, Pulford, Rhos Bay.

  316. Devon, Dorset, Hants. COAST OF ENGLAND Colour printed map of harbours on sheet size 19" x 13", in buff and blue colours, with 12 maps, including Plymouth Sound, Poole, Dartmouth, Falmouth, Penzance etc. A few small foxing spots. c1845. £20.00


  317. Fortescue-Brickdale, Montague, Beckingham families CORRESPONDENCE BOX of John George Montagu (born 1767, died 1790), containing family diaries, an inventory, and correspondence. The box is size 12" x 7" x 6", wooden, covered in calf, rubbed and worn, with initials J.G.M on lid, brass handle and key, lined with marbled paper and with oval label of R. Driver, Messenger Box Maker, Cockspur St., Charing Cross. Contents comprise: (i) An Inventory of Furniture, Books, Plate, Linen, Jewels, China, Pictures.... at Hampton Court late the Property of the Honble. Mrs Mongague... 1821. 159 pages, 8vo, in a neat hand, half morocco. Together with her copy will, 1821. 15p folio. Leaves detailed bequests to relatives, annuities to servants etc... together with... Diaries of Catherine Brickdale: (a) Stapleton, 1823-55. sm. 8vo, half calf, 158p., about 20 pages cut out. At the back are biographical records of her sons, one of whom who was killed in India, the other in action in the navy. (Mentioned also in the diary '23rd June 1846. Mr Morgan came to take directions for a window in the Church to the memory of our beloved son Charles', (b) 1856-65, sm. 8vo, 120p. Morocco wraps. The family seems to have been living at Newland: 'May 3rd 1858. First stone of Clearwell School laid. Papa attended.' (c) 1866-70. Continued by Mary F-Brickdale (her daughter) to 1875. sm. 8vo. 158p. 'Papa went to Dursley for Sir John Bott's re-election for the Western division of the County & seconded his nomination. Mary had her Club Sale.'... together with... Catherine Brickdale. 'Memorandums copied from old pocket-books 1803-1823'. sm. 8vo, 72p. '9th Oct. 1815. 'Lord Fortescue & his son came for stag hunting' 'Aug. 13th. Milner came to tell me of Mrs Montagu's death... Heard from David of my inheritance'... together with... Diary of Anne Brickdale, 1844-60. 8vo, lacks back wrap. 72p. '1844. June 17th. Went to a pic-nic at Westbury, 61 sat down to dinner, they afterwards danced at the Bear Inn, till 3 in the morning'. 'July 10th. Miss Birt's party at Ragland Castle'... together with... Small album of manuscript verse. 2 poems 'Miss Macauley (Mrs Gregorie) Mar. 16th 1779, two original poems written to her Cousin Miss Buckingham'. 8p, sm. 8vo, and a small satin folder containing letters in French and Italian from Miss Macaulay to Mrs Montague (nee Beckingham) 1786-87... with small leather folder containing rough pencil sketches of 'heads' of family members, and press clippings relating to family marriages etc, with a few genealogical notes by Catherine Brickdale's grand-daughter. 1779-1870. £320.00
    The Hon. John Montagu, eldest son of Lord Hinchinbroke, and grandson of John Lord Sandwich, married Dorothy Beckingham in 1790. He died 6 months later, aged 23.

  318. Goode & Co. (London) Ltd. CATALOGUE OF ENGLISH BONE CHINA and Earthenware Services. 32pp., 4to, imitation snakeskin boards, 10 full colour plates, some with gilt, attractively printed, prices on facing page, plus black and white illusts. c1950. £28.00
    Includes Crown Derby, Spode, Minton, Worcester etc.

  319. Hampshire and Wiltshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets VII.3/XLIII.3, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Some pink and green markings. 2 items. Edition of 1924. £22.00
    Shows Ham Ashley Copse, White Farm, Upper Horns Farm..

  320. Hampstead, Jamaica RETREAT ESTATE Bill for goods supplied by Munro Rose & Co. to the Retreat Estate, Jan. 1792 - Dec. 1794. 3 pages, sm. folio, 70 items. Receipted on verso. 1792-4. £60.00
    Includes cedar shingles, beef, fish, flour, iron pots, candles, thread, cooper's adze, cutlasses, lime, grindstone, as well as '3 doz. Negro hats... 7', '3 Doz. Negro Handkerchfs. 7.8s.6d'.

  321. Kent and Surrey ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile. Composite map, Sheet XXIX and two sheets to the west, overall size 27" x 73". Covers Downe, Chevening, Halsted, Shoreham, Kingsdown, St. Clere. Some minor marginal tears, dusty at edges, one area round Dunton Green outlined in brown wash. First edition, 1871. £35.00

  322. Leader (Benjamin William) ETCHING ON VELLUM in grey tones, signed 'B.W. Leader' in pencil bottom left, and titled in pencil 'Nr. Cha?'. Size 17" x 27", plus margins. Impressed monogram. Tiny split, repaired on verso, practically invisible. Some discoloration in margins where some linen adhering to edges. Rolled. Published by Arthur Tooth & Sons 1895. £60.00
    Leader was a landscape painter best known for his painting 'February Fill-dyke'.

  323. Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway, Great Grimsby & Sheffield CERTIFICATE of 12. 10s Shares. Fifth Call, 1.5s per Share. Certificate printed in red on paper, 4to, MS inserts, for 20 shares. 11 July, 1848. Folded, stab, hole.... together with 11 similar certificates. 12 items, 1848-9. £30.00

  324. Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway PLAN, SECTION AND BOOK OF REFERENCE of so much of the Railway as relates to the Parish of Fulwood. Session 1889. Plan lithographed by Thos. Kell & Son, size 22" x 30", in printed wraps, with small 4to 'Book of Reference', 1p. in printed pink wraps, bound in. The plan shows line with limit of deviation, woodland, roads, etc., scale 6 chains = 1 inch, with a vertical section below, scale 5" = 300ft. 1889. £65.00

  325. Military newspaper CAMBRAI JOURNAL Wednesday January 8th, 1817. Folio sheet of good quality paper, printed on both sides in two columns, in large type, fold, some minor creasing. The first section is dated London, 1st January 'Whilst the Festivities attendant on the present season, we here at home forget, for a while our present difficulties....', the next two sections dated 'Cambrai, 8th January, 1817' with report on the meet of the Cambrai hounds, speculation on the reason for the Commander's going to England, gossip about balls, ladies, jokes etc. 1817. £50.00
    Someone has made a few explanatory notes in the margin, supplying full names for people referred to in the text only by initials. They have also added 'This paper was attributed to C Company'

  326. Oliver & Sons, Mahogany & Timber Merchants, London SECTIONS OF STEAM STRUCK MOULDINGS Catalogue, 16pp, printed on one side only, 4to, printed wraps. Illustrates architrave, door mouldings, sash bars etc. with price on each section. n.d. c1880? £40.00
    'The Prices are at per 100 feet run in best dry Yellow Pine.'

  327. Stourbridge Canal AGREEMENT between the Great Western Railway Company and Charles Leighton of Dudley Port, Tipton, Metal Broker, allowing him to use water from the Stourbridge Extension Canal at Corbyn's Hall. 1p., folio, printed with MS inserts. Loosely inserted is coloured plan on tracing paper, size 13" x 23" 'Plan of Feed Pipe, Corbyn's Hall Slagworks, scale 20' to an inch. Shows section of canal, canal path level, iron cage, pipe, stone breaker, pump etc., bridge..... together with.... Agreement to allow Leighton to use a wharf on the Canal, for loading slag on boats, and a 1967 British Waterways Cruising Guide to the Canal. 1903. £35.00

  328. United States Lines MENU for Gala Dinner Dec. 4th, 1952. 4to, decorative coloured wraps with picture of ship. Together with Passenger List, 26pp, 8vo., and a small menu.... together with.... LIST OF PASSENGERS R.M.S. 'Media', Cunard Line, Nov. 1st 1952, with small menu, signed by Captain etc., loosely inserted. 1952. £12.00

  329. United States of America A MAP OF 100 MILES ROUND BOSTON Finely engraved map, covering the area from the coast to the Connecticut River. Size 9" x 10", plus margins, on thick paper, traces of folds. Small compass rose. n.d. mid-late 18th century. £50.00
    Shows mountain ranges with hachures, towns, counties, forts, falls on rivers.

  330. Valentine's, Christmas cards, etc. ALBUM 40 coloured pages of valentines (mainly fronts), many lace effect, some with cloth flowers, small figures made of silk, some with lift-up panels etc, one with small mirror etc., Christmas cards, congratulation cards, birthday cards, plus 35 blank pages. 4to, half morocco, plain cloth-covered boards. Some cards two or three to a page, many large ones one to a page. c1860. £200.00
    Includes fine Christmas card with door that open to show pop-up guests dancing, loose complete Valentine card with silver lace effect.

  331. Walton (Thomas), Pr. CONSERVATIVE JOURNAL And Church of England Gazette. Saturday Evening, January 5, 1839. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp. Some wear at edge, possibly where once bound. 1839. £10.00
    Includes report on Conservative Dinner at Exeter, Poisoning Bullocks at Ashbocking, etc.

  332. Wiltshire and Bristol PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Highly Valuable Reversions to Important Freehold Properties comprising Estates of Lands at and near Heywood, Wilts.... also Fee Farm Rents Arising from Premises at Kingsdown, Bristol.... also India Stock and Railway Debentures.... for Sale by Auction.... 10th June, 1903. 7pp., folio, folded, large folding plan, spine reinforced with archival tape. 1875. £32.00
    Refers to the will of Henry Gibbs Ludlow, of Heywood House, Westbury, Wilts. With Schedules giving premises, tenants etc. Streets in Kingsdown include Alfred Place, Walker Street, St. Michael's Hill, Salmon St., etc.

  333. Wiltshire. & Glos. AUCTION POSTER for lands in the parishes of Ewen, in Kemble, and Oaksey, to be sold by auction by Acock & Son at the King's Head Inn, Cirencester, Monday February 20, 1837. Size 17" x 11", folds, small tear at one fold, repaired. Attached with a pin are MS Conditions of sale, 3p sm. folio. 1837. £24.00
    Lists 5 Lots, with occupiers.

  334. Wyld (J) A NEW MAP OF ENGLAND AND WALES Projected upon the Trigonometrical Operations made for the General Survey of the Kingdom. Engraved map in two sheets, each sheet size 25" x 37", edges bound with tape, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into cloth slipcase with printed label, with scale '9" = 1 mile' added in MS. County boundaries hand-coloured. With table of Altitudes of Principal Mountains. Some off-setting, two small brown marks in sea area at fold. 1836. £80.00
    Shows county boundaries, Mail Roads, Turnpike Roads, Travelling By Roads, Rialways, Canals, etc.

  335. Yorkshire, Lincolnshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Large Sheet Series, scale quarter of an inch = 1 mile. Sheet 3. Linen-backed, folding into white linen wraps with key map. 1914. £9.00

    General Acts

  336. American Trade AN ACT for encouraging the Importation of Naval-Stores from Her Majesties Plantations in America. 7p., black letter, plus cover leaf, floral woodcut initial letter. 1704. £50.00
    Gives the premiums payable for imported turpentine, hemp, masts, bowsprits etc.

  337. Annuities AN ACT for the Relief of Fulke Emes, Gent., and others who had elapsed their times, either for Paying their Money, or Naming their Nominees, for Purchasing Annuities; And also for Relief of Sir John Mead... who had Elapsed his time for Paying Part of his Purchase-Money for a Forfeited Estate in Ireland; And also for Relief of Dorothy Ireland... 12pp., plus cover leaf. Attractive woodcut initial letter. 1704. £26.00
    Probably Fulke Emes of Alcester in Warwickshire.

  338. Avon AN ACT for the better regulating the Navigation of the River Avon, running through the Counties of Warwick, Worcester and Gloucester.... 16pp, plus cover leaf. Black letter. 1751. £15.00

  339. Bankruptcy AN ACT for the Relief of the Creditors of Thomas Pitkin, a Bankrupt, and for the Apprehending of him, and the Discovery of the Effects of the said Thomas Pitkin and his Accomplices. 6pp., black letter, plus cover leaf, floral woodcut initial. 1704. £40.00
    Pitkin amassed 'great Quantities of Woollen-Cloth, Linen-Cloth... to the Value of Seventy thousand Pounds...' but to prevent the execution of the Bankruptcy order 'hath withdrawn himself and fraudulently conveyed all his Goods and Effects into the hands of his said Accomplices... to the great Discouragement of Trade...' A House of Commons Committee inquired into abuses committed in relation to the bankruptcy, and a report was published in 1706.

  340. Berkshire and Wiltshire AN ACT for continuing and enlarging the Term and Powers granted by an Act... Forrepairing the Highways from Speenhamland.... to Marlborough.... 6pp., plus cover leaf, black letter. 1744. £12.00

  341. Brecon and Radnor AN ACT for building a Bridge across the River Wye, from the Town of Hay.... to the opposite Shore in the County of Radnor. 20pp, plus cover leaf. 1756. £18.00

  342. Caldon Canal AN ACT to enable the Company of Proprietors of the Navigation from the Trent to the Mersey, to make a Navigable Canal from and out of a certain Branch of their said Navigation, called The Caldon Canal, at or near Endon.... to or near the Town of Leek.... 8pp., plus cover leaf. 1797. £15.00

  343. Ireland Estates AN ACT for Vesting Part of the Estate of Charles Daly Esquire, in the Kingdom of Ireland.... 7pp, couple of small holes in last leaf where once folded. 1753. £14.00

  344. Marlborough (Duke of) AN ACT for the better Enabling Her Majesty to Grant the House and Manor of Woodstock, with the Hundred of Wootton, to the Duke of Marlborough, and his Heirs, in Consideration of the Eminent Services by him Performed to Her Majesty and the Publick. 10pp, black letter, plus cover leaf. Floral woodcut initial letter. 1704. £65.00
    This Act bestowed the Manor in perpetuity to the Duke and his heirs. In 1723 the old ruined manor house was levelled and the building of Blenheim House begun. As well as the Manor of Woodstock the Manors of Hardley, Old-Woodstock, Hanborough, Stonesfield, Bladon, Combe, were conveyed. The Act describes in detail all the lands and property involved, with the name of all the fields, acreages etc., such as Podghill, Tennis-Court-Mead, Hopyard, Flaggmore-Mead, Streights-Lodge, Gorrell-Lodge, Fendon-Wood, etc.

  345. Mutiny AN ACT for Punishing Mutiny, and Desertion, and False Musters; and for the better Payment of the Army and Quarters. 33pp., black letter, cover leaf, floral woodcut initial letter. 1704. £26.00

  346. Scottish Parliament AN ACT for the Effectual Securing the Kingdom of England, from the Apparent Dangers that may arise from several Acts lately Passed in the Parliament of Scotland. 8pp., black letter, cover leaf, floral woodcut initial. 1704. £24.00


  347. Stourbridge AN ACT for making and maintaining a navigable Canal from or near the Town of Stourbridge, in the County of Worcester, to join the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal, at or near Stourton.... and also Two collateral Cuts, One from a Place called The Fens, upon Pensnet-chace, to communicate with the intended Canal near the Junction of Wordesley-brook with the River Stour; and the other from a Place called Black Delph, to join the first-mentioned collateral Cut at or near certain Lands called The Lays.... 96pp., black letter, cover leaf. Recent MS note in ink on cover leaf. Some off-setting throughout. 1776. £60.00

  348. Wiltshire and Gloucestershire AN ACT for making a Railway from Christian Malford in the County of Wilts to Nailsworth in the County of Gloucester.... 19pp., recent cloth boards. 1864. £34.00

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