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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 57

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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  1. Baldock PARTICULARS of a Small but Valuable Estate known as the 'Vine Farm', Possessing extensive Common Rights, and partly bounded by a Trout Stream.... a neat snug House easily convertible into a Sporting Box.... which will be Sold by Auction.... November 9th, 1824.... 3pp, sm. folio, plus docket title, folded. Some wear at one fold in 'Conditions of Sale', three small edge tears. 1824. £45.00

  2. Grand Theatre, Luton CINDERELLA Charles Denville presents his Spectacular Xmas Family Pantomime... 40 Star West End Artistes.... Sensational Specialities.... Playbill on stiff card, size 15" x 10", printed in three colours with picture of Cinderella and Prince. early 1950's. £10.00

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  3. Hungerford HUNGERFORD FLY FISHING CLUB. REPORT By Lessees of Hungerford Fishery to Members.... For Presentment at the First Annual Meeting of the Club at Hungerford on the 4th of February 1878. 8pp., pale blue stiff paper printed wraps, with floral decoration, size approx. 5" x 3". 1878. £30.00

  4. Racing OXLEY'S CARD OF ASCOT RACES Third Day - Thursday, June 13th, 1872. Card detailing 7 races, including the Gold Cup, giving owner, prizes, colours, age of horse etc. Size 9" x 9", slightly grubby central fold. R. Oxley, Printer, Windsor, 1872. £35.00

    Berkshire Acts

  5. New Windsor AN ACT for enabling the Mayor, Bailiffs and Burgesses of the Borough of New Windsor.... to repair and maintain their great Bridge over the River of Thames.... leading.... to Eton.... 5pp., plus cover leaf. Some off-setting. 1736. £12.00

  6. River Kennett AN ACT for Enlarging the Time for making the River Kennet navigable from Reading to Newbury in the County of Berks. 3pp. plus cover leaf, black letter. Small library stamp in corner. 1721. £18.00

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  7. Besley (William) OBLIGATION BOND to Thomas Neast of Bristol, Victualler for 120. In English and Latin, printed with MS inserts. 1p, sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf with docket title. Small wax seal. Signed by Besley and 2 witnesses. 1729. £22.00

  8. Bristol Newspaper FELIX FARLEY'S BRISTOL JOURNAL Saturday September 17, 1768. Broadsheet style, 20" x 15", 4p. Worn down left hand edge, top left corner torn away with loss of a few words. Light foxing. 1768. £10.00
    Contains local news on marriages, deaths, shipping arrivals etc., adverts for auctions sale of houses in Dowry Square, Latteridge, Chew Stoke, notice for reward of run-away negro slave 'Thomas Brown.... his teeth filed like those of a Saw, and has a remarkable Scar on his back'.

  9. Clifton and Redland THE CLIFTON AND REDLAND FREE PRESS and North Bristol Advertiser. Friday April 10, 1896. 4p broadsheet newspaper. Numerous attractive local adverts. 1896. £8.00
    Includes 'Bishopston and Horfield News', visit of eminent American lady doctor etc.

  10. Goldsworthy family ADMISSION OF ROBERT GOLDSWORTHY Cabinetmaker (a Quaker) to the Liberties of the City of Bristol, 14h July 1792.... for that he was an Apprentice of Joseph Grant Cabinetmaker. Printed on vellum, 10" x 7", large printed device withship and flags at head. Signed by the Chamberlain. Old stain from sellotape mark across top, folds.... together with QUAKER BIRTH CERTIFICATE for the birth of a son who was named Robert Goldsworthy, in Beaufort Court, James, to James James Accomptant and Mary his wife, twenth day of the Fourth Month, 1801. Signed by Surgeon and two other witnesses present at the birth. Vellum, printed with MS inserts. 1792 & 1801. £40.00

  11. Hellier (Elizabeth) QUITCLAIM whereby Elizabeth Hellier of Bristol, Spinster (one of the Legatees named in the will of Elizabeth Symonds) releases to Sarah Dring all her interest in the estate of Elizabeth Symonds. 1p, sm. folio, manuscript, signed by E. Hellier and 2 witnesses, with small wax seal. Blank conjoint leaf with docket title... together with.... 1p document signed by her and the same witnesses, with wax seal, authorising Edward James one of the Proctors of the Consistorial Court of the Bishop of Bristol to appear for her in the said court. 2 items. 1727. £30.00


  12. Jacob's Wells TO BREWERS, DISTILLERS, BUILDERS, AND OTHERS To be Sold by Auction by Joseph Pope, On the Premises (Clifton Brewery) situate at Jacob's Wells, in the Parish of Clifton, On Thursday, the 8th July, 1813, The Lease of the Brewery.... Consisting of An extensive Brewhouse, Malthouse, Yards, Stabling, Cisterns &c calculated for carrying on a Brewery.... an inexhaustible Spring of Water, not in Danger of being hurt by the Float; a Mill, with forced Pumps, for lifting Water; a large Copper Boiler.... a Mash Tub capable of mashing Malt sufficient for 4,290 Gallons of Beer.... Hanbill, size 22" x 9", listing all the equipment, with beneath a list of the lots. Professionally restored and laid down on Japanese tissue. 1813. £60.00

  13. Lavars, Lithographer, Broad St. Hall CLIFTON SUSPENSION BRIDGE, BRISTOL Opened 8th December 1864, Span 702ft. - Width 31ft - Strength 7000 Tons - Height from low Water 280ft - Do High Water 245ft. Lithograph, size 9" x 12", plus margins, showing a view looking towards the bridge and Windsor Terrace from the City side, boats in foreground, figures on jetty to right, train emerging from tunnel on Somerset side. Margins slightly grubby and trimmed to within half an inch at sides, line from water-staining showing in bottom margin across title, and margin at corner bottom right, small nick in paper just outside plate border. c1864. £70.00

  14. Leech (J) and Taylor (T) SATURDAY BRISTOL TIMES AND MIRROR April 27, 1878. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp., unopened. 1878. £8.00
    Numerous adverts. for property auctions on front page, including Glenavon House, Keswick House, Clifton; Woodfield Villa, Redland; Plant, Machinery and Stock of Broom Hill Quarry, Sale of Plants at 15 The Paragon, Clifton. There is a long article on 'The Bristol Literary Women'.

  15. Leech (J) and Taylor (T) SATURDAY BRISTOL TIMES AND MIRROR April 27, 1878. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp., unopened. 1878. £8.00
    Numerous adverts. for property auctions on front page, including Glenavon House, Keswick House, Clifton; Woodfield Villa, Redland; Plant, Machinery and Stock of Broom Hill Quarry, Sale of Plants at 15 The Paragon, Clifton. There is a long article on 'The Bristol Literary Women'.

  16. Redcliffe Street LEASE FOR A YEAR of 'all that Messuage or Tenement Garden and Backhouse sometime called or known by the Name or Sign of the Gun', William Bowdler of Queen Charlton, to Joseph Rigge, Sugarbaker. Vellum, with red border, size 18" x 23", small armorial wax seal. 1758. £17.00

  17. Reed (Walter), Pr. THE WESTERN DAILY PRESS August 11th, 1902. Broadsheet newspaper, 10pp., size 27" x 25". Folds. Coronation of Edward VII edition. Numerous detailed reports, line drawings. 1902. £15.00

  18. Reid (W), Pub. THE WESTERN DAILY PRESS November 8, 1894. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp. Folds. unopened. Tear in last two pages. 1894. £6.00
    Includes reports of municipal elections, death of Tsar, etc.

  19. Reid (W), Pr. THE WESTERN DAILY PRESS May 4, 1904. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp. Folds. 1904. £8.00
    Includes detailed report of the sale of the goods of 'Passive Resisters' who had refused to pay their rates as they did not support 'sectarian teaching in state schools'.

  20. Reid (Walter). Pr. THE WESTERN DAILY PRESS October 29, 1894. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp., unopened. Some foxing along 6" of fold on front page. 1894. £6.00
    Includes report on meeting of Miners and Shoemakers at Two-Mile Hill, Reford Cycling club meeting etc.


  21. Somerton (C & G), Pr. THE BRISTOL MERCURY and Daily Post. May 19th, 1879. Broadsheet newspaper. 8pp. Some slight wear on back page. 1879. £14.00
    Contains two pages on Bristol Grammar School: 'The Opening of the New Buildings at Tyndalls Park', with detailed description of ceremony, evening party etc.

  22. Somerton (C. & G) Pub. THE BRISTOL MERCURY Western Counties, Monmouthshire & South Wales Advertiser. January 13th, 1866. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp., unopened, foxing on last page, folds. 1866. £10.00
    Report on strike of Dock Porters, Bristol Quarter Sessions, etc.

  23. Taylor and Sons, Pr. THE BRISTOL TIMES AND MIRROR April 6, 1896. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp., folds. Paper slightly darkened. 1896. £8.00
    Includes much local church news.

  24. Willet (M.B), Engraver and Printer, Bristol GRAND TREAT FOR THE FAIR By Royal Authority, Thomas Patrick's Grand Bazaar, now open at 31 High Street.... Cabinet Goods, Papier Machee Goods, Accordions in Great Variety.... one of the Greatest Curiosities of Mechanical Workmanship in England, which is an Automaton Monkey.... playing on a Violin, moving his head.... with other Curiosities equally Wonderful.... Fancy Fair... All Prized and No Blanks!.... Handbill which Patrick (Licensed Hawker no 1420B) wished Shopkeepers to place in their windows. Size 20" x 7", printed with large type-faces, interspersed with much detailed description of goods in smaller type. Large royal coat of arms at head. Professionally restored and laid onto Japanese conservation tissue. The edges would appear to have been straightened at the same time. n.d. c1830. £60.00

  25. Wine Street BILLHEAD of Henry Proctor, dealer in Cut and Plain Glass, China &c, Stourbridge Glass, China and Staffordshire Ware-Rooms. 8vo, folds and creases. Made out for '4 doz. Cut Wines' and receipted by H. Proctor. 1833. £6.00

    Bristol Acts

  26. Avon & Froome Navigation AN ACT for making more effectual an Act.... for the better preserving the Navigation of the Rivers Avon and Froome; and for cleansing, paving, and enlightening the Streets of the City of Bristol.... and for regulating Hackney Coachmen, Hauliers, Draymen, and Carters, and the Markets, and Sellers of Hay and Straw, within the said City and Liberties thereof. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 17pp. 1749. £12.00

  27. Clifton Suspension Bridge AN ACT for extending the Time for building a Bridge over the River Avon from Clifton to the oposite Side of the River.... 3pp. 1836. £12.00

  28. Court of Conscience AN ACT for granting more effectual Powers for the Regulation of the Court of Conscience within the City of Bristol. 22pp. 1837. £12.00

  29. Debts AN ACT for the more speedy and easy Recovery of Small Debts, in the City and County of the City of Bristol, and the Liberties thereof, and in the several Parishes and Places therein mentioned.... 22pp. 1816. £14.00

  30. Docks and Railways AN ACT to empower the Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of the City of Bristol to construct an additional Dock and Railways and other Works; to extend the City and County of Bristol.... 60pp. 1901. £11.00

  31. Gas AN ACT to enable the Bristol Gas Company to erect works for the storage of gas to raise additional capital.... 12pp. 1899. £9.00

  32. Poor, Rates etc. AN ACT to alter, amend, and enlarge the Powers of an Act.... for regulating the Poor of the City of Bristol. 14pp. 1831. £10.00

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  33. High Wycombe, Maidenhead ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. 255, size 13" x 19" plus wide margins. Some lines in red and blue ink, what they mark is not quite clear. O.S. blindstamp 1907. £16.00

  34. North Marston WATERCOLOUR titled in bottom margin, 'North Marston Church, Bucks. S.' Competent watercolour in grey tones and pen and ink, size 5" x 7", ruled border, margins trimmed. c1820. £20.00

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  35. Kneesworth PARTICULARS of The Manor of Kneesworth together with the Mansion of Kneesworth-Hall, The Seat of Sir Charles Ethelstone Nightingale, Baronet, and 897 Acres of Land in the Hamlet of Kneesworth.... Also The Manor of Guises otherwise Goshes in Bassingbourne, Also the manor of Flamberds, in Meldreth, together with 167 Acres of Land in Meldreth.... Also about 44 Acres of Land in the Open Fields of Melbourne.... Also the Tithes and Sheep Walkover about Seventy Acres of other Open Lands in Kneesworth.... To be Sold by Private Contract.... 9pp, sm. folio, plus docket title, n.d. Paperwatermarked 1829. £50.00
    With detailed schedules of all the lands, giving crops, quantities, tenants, etc.

  36. Wilburton PARTICULARS OF A DESIRABLE ESTATE at Wilburton, in the Isle of Ely, which will be sold by Auction by G. Legge & Son.... 24th day of March instant.... 5pp., folio, folds, first page with title attractively printed with different type-faces. Lists 12 Lots, each lot with approx. 5 different plots, each with acreage, occupier, etc. 1835. £35.00

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  37. Seacombe WATERCOLOUR size 5" x 8", titled in margin 'Near Seacombe Ferry, September 10th, 1811' Shows three-storey house of reddish stone with large chimney on the shore, line of large stones along shoreline, trees framing house in background.. Framed and glazed, recent dull gilt frame, greenish mount, size 11" x 13". 1812. £50.00
    Finely painted with good architectural detail.

  38. Wettenhall PARTICULARS AND PLAN of a Compact and Desirable Freehold Estate called 'The Woodside Farm'.... to be Sold by Auction by Mr. Tunnicliff.... 25th day of October, 1865.... Folio, comprises title page, lithographed plan on inside with table of Reference, compass rose and decorative title on facing page, docket title on verso of second leaf. Folds, 1" tears at edges of two folds. Griffiths, Lithographer, Nantwich, 1865. £32.00

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  39. Bessow RENTAL OF THE MANOR OF BESSOWE Lady Day 1871. Manuscript on 14 double-page spreads, in columns for Tenants, Tenements, Yearly Rent, Land Tax, etc. Sm. folio, plain paper wraps with MS title, lacks back wrap, front wrap loose, pages dog-eared.... together with.... RENTAL OF THE MANOR OF BESSOWE for Lady Day 1900. 14 double-pages of entries, as above, wraps loose and ragged. 2 items. 1871 and 1900. £80.00
    Includes 'Arsenic Manufactory at Bessow', 'Bessow Stamps', 'moiety of the Methodist Meeting House', 'plot for building a Stamping Mill in Kea', 'Plot near Smelting House for precipitate Works'.

  40. Carminowe, Manor of COUNTERPART LEASE of Chynithon Hendra in Cury, John Rogers to Isabella Carlyon, 3pp., folio, manuscript insertions. 1906. £6.00

  41. Chamber of Mines EXCESS PROFITS DUTY Particulars of application by the Chamber to increase the Statutory Percentage under Section 42 (1) of the Finance Act 1915, 14pp., sm. folio.... together with letter from the Secretary to members about the Excess Profits Tax and the need to 'join with others so that there may be a combined effort of all the Companies and persons now engaged in Tin and Wolfram Mining in Cornwall....' 2pp, fscp.; list of names of persons to whom notices of meeting sent, cyclostyled with numerous MS additions.... together with.... Report of the Hearing of the Application (C.V. Thomas and 2 others representing the Chamber), 23rd Oct., 1917. 3pp, sm. folio.... Together with.... PARTICULARS supplied for the purpose of presenting the case, from East Pool and Agar Ltd., and Dolcoath Mine Ltd. each 6p, sm. folio, printed with MS or typed details of Output, Profits, Cost of Machinery etc., recent history of mine. 1915-1917. £45.00

  42. Dennis & Sons Ltd., Pub. SOUVENIR OF NEWQUAY 13 coloured tipped in illustration from paintings by Hannaford. 4to, paper wraps, tissue guards. 2 full page views, the others mounted 2 to a page, with one on the front wrap. c1920. £22.00

  43. Falmouth and Port Isaac QUAKER MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE of James Goldsworthy of Gwennap and Loveday Scantlebury daughter of John Scantlebury of Endellion, at the meeting place at Minver. Manuscript on paper, size 16" x 13", signed by the couple and members of their families (including John Scantlebury who signs 'written (in pain) and almost 85', and others. A few repaired splits at folds, 6" old sellotape mark along top. 1758. £45.00
    Among the witnesses signing are Edward, George and Thomas Fox, Jane Rowe, Sarah Billing, John Inch, Richard Hendy, Josiah Apps.

  44. Fursdon (Edith) LETTER BOOK AND COMMONPLACE 1844-80 4to notebook, binders cloth with gilt title on spine, comprising 48 pages copies of letters to Edith Fursdon, beginning from when she was a child, and a few to other members of her family. Emily was born at Anthony Vicarage and some of the letters deal with church matters, e.g. from her father in 1844 'the storm did not damage the Vicarage, two or three slates have been lifted off, Yelland the Tavistock Mason, is now on the roof....' Other letters are from her grandmother Harriet Rodd (nee Rashleigh), her aunt Jane Rodd, her uncle John Rodd on board ship, etc. The letters are interspersed with records of events such as births and marriages, account of the consecration of the chapel, etc. The rest of the book (approx. 400 pages) consists of extracts and poems, some of which are original, by Edith or her sister, for example 'Lines written after a walk to Cadbury Castle by E.F. June 19th 1850'. The last part, prefaced with a carte de visite photograph, (presumably Edith), is a journal of 'A Tour in Scotland July-August 1857', 48p. On the front endpaper is written a list of all the Fusdon children, with dates and place of birth. A page appears to be have been torn out before the page of the letters section numbered '1'. 1844-80. £230.00
    Her brother Edward writes in 1845 of some friends who are staying at North Hill then going on to Heligan 'He comes down about the railway, his is concerned in the Southampton line, it is the competing railway with the Great Western.... I hope the Canon has no shares in the South Devon line, it is generally believed that Brunel has made a great mess of that business.... he will probably have to tell the world that it is better to keep above high-water mark.... the little creek at Starcross is another poser....'

  45. Germoe ABSTRACT OF TITLE of Thomas Philip Tyacke, surviving Trustee under the Will of James Lemon, to the Rent Charge issuing out of Lower Trenall in Germoe. 12p, folio, folded. Includes schedule of Lower Trenall. 1859. £22.00
    Details title from 1825. Prepared for an auction sale.

  46. Germoe ASSIGNMENT of the Equity of Redemption of Frenwell in Germoe, part of the Manor of Godolphin, and Bill of Sale of sundry effects in Consideration of an Annuity. William Cornish, Yeoman, to Dorcas Cornish. Three large vellum sheets, vellum on first sheet slightly water-stained at folds, three wax seals with coats of arms. 1786. £24.00
    Refers to Dorcas Cornish's goods, including four oxen, five horses, twenty five sheep, a clock, a pair of wheels, etc.

  47. Grade TITHE APPORTIONMENT of the Parish of Grade in the County of Cornwall. 1843. 14pp, folio, plus 2p introduction, plain wraps with printed label. Printed in columns for Landowner, Occupiers, No. on Plan, Description of Lands, Cultivation, Rent Charge apportioned. Pages dog-eared but clean, wraps grubby with some ink blots, spine worn. Carlyon, Printer, Helston, 1843. £110.00
    Tenements include Worvas, Trevelgas, Kuggar, Chiverton, Plain an Quarry, Ledra, Polteska.

  48. Greenwith Common, Perranarworthal DECLARATION of the Rights of Viscount Falmouth, Francis Basset of Tehidy, and John Hill of Trenethick to Greenwith Common. Vellum, 18" x 23", signed by the three parties, with signatures of six witnesses, three fine wax seals, one of which is black. 1760. £60.00
    A dispute over the rights had been investigated by the Reverends Stackhouse, Robinson and Hearle, who viewed the Common and then examined witnesses. The document sets out the extent of the Common 'from Carnon Water as far West as Brooks Bridge and Bargus Well', that the enclosures made by John Bryant and Abednego Sarah, which are set out in great detail, are encroachments. Hill and Basset are confirmed as having third shares, and Viscount Falmouth one sixth.

  49. Helston A SESSIONS OF THE PEACE for the said Burrough was held at the Guildhall the second day of October.... 1753 Before Richard Johns, Mayor and George Johns Keeper of the Peace both Justices.... I.... do Sincerely promise and Swear that I will be faithfull and bear true Allegiance to His Majesty King George..... I.... do declare that I abhor detest and abjure as impious and heretical that Princes excommunicated.... may be deposed or murdered by their subjects.... Oath signed by Richard and George Johns, Tremenheere Johns, Town Clerk, and Hugh Rogers, on vellum, size 30" x 7", slight browning throughout. Attached with string at the top are three certificates printed on vellum with MS inserts certifying that Richard Johns, George Johns and Hugh Rogers have taken the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper 30th Sept. 1753, signed by the Minister, Churchwarden, and two other witnesses. Rolled, with docket title on outside. 2nd October, 1753. £50.00
    There is also a rider, separately signed, concerning Transubstantiation.

  50. Helston and Constantine RENTAL of the Lands of Rev. Richd. Hill and Miss C.M. Hill, Michaelmas 1855-63. Manuscript, sm. folio, 23 double page spreads, ruled in columns for 'Tenants', 'Occupier', Yearly Rents' etc. Plain paper wraps with MS title, very ragged and stained. Bottom right hand corner of pages browned and worn due to damp, not affecting text. 1855-63. £36.00
    In Helston includes: house in Meneage St., field in Bullock Lane, moiety of Clies Field; in Constantine includes Trengilley Wortha, Bosahan, Watercourse to Wheal Veryan Mine.

  51. Holman Bros, Camborne SOUVENIR OF THE VISIT OF H.R.H THE PRINCE OF WALES 20th May 1926. Oblong royal 8vo., printed wraps, cotton ribbon tie. 8 photographs of the visit, plus page of portraits of Holman family and 5 pages of 'Extracts from the Press.' 1926. £30.00
    'The Prince examines the drill bit after it has bored 17" in granite in 1 minute'.

  52. Kea LEASE of Lobb's Stamps and premises in Kea, Edward Brown to Richard Sampson, Mine Agent. 2p., folio. 1856. £14.00
    Refers to 'Stamping Mill, Burning house.... watercourses' etc.

  53. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries A HISTORY OF AGRICULTURE AND LAND USE IN THE LAND'S END PENINSULA 43 foolscap pages, 'cyclostyled', stapled in plain thin card wraps with label, 6 folding coloured maps, 4 smaller coloured maps, sketch plans in text. Bibliography. April 1952. £22.00
    Gives historical overview from Domesday onwards. The smaller maps are of Lesingey Farm, Madron in different centuries.

  54. Nangiles Mine, Kea DEED OF REVOCATION OF SETT Edward Browne, Willian Trevenen, Francis Vivian to John Solomon Bickford, John Pascorla and others. 3 pages, size 19" x 13", 3 wax seals. 1860. £28.00
    The original deed relating to the grant of rights on Wheal Whidden Common is revoked because the covenant 'to erect and work a Steam Engine of the most modern and improved construction of at least a Twenty Inch cylinder and would forwith commence.... to drain the Mine to the lowest levels....' was not observed.

  55. Padstow PADSTOW VICARS TITHE RENT CHARGE due January 1861. Manuscript, 8 double pages, listing Occupiers, Tenements, Amount appraised, Arrears, Received, Remarks, etc. Folio, sewn in to plain wraps with title in 'Gothic' lettering on front wrap. Lists 96 numbered 'Tenements'.... together with.... similar books for 1872, 1876, 1877. 4 items. 1861-1877. £80.00
    Tenements etc. include Cuckoo's Mill, Pentonwarra, Crugmeer, Caswartho, Trethillick, Trelowsa, Treator.

  56. Penzance & Newlyn PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM containing 52 prints, in 4to album, boards loose, size of photos. approx. 4" x 3", mainly Penzance area. Possibly the record of a holiday from Bristol as photos show 'leaving Bristol Station', views of Saltash, Devonport, Dawlish 'taken from the train', and 'The Cornishman, 10.25 a.m.' 10 pages, 6 views to a page, titled in MS on mount, 1 view missing. c1918. £45.00
    Views include 'Selling Fish at Newlyn', 'Trevaylor Valley', 'Fishing Fleet at Newlyn', 'Cave at Lamorna' 'Keigwin Arms Mousehole'.


  57. Porkellis United Mines, Wendron SETT of Porkellis and part of Porkellis Moor in Wendron, The Rt. Honorable Frances Baroness Basset to Francis Bottral and others. Distribution one eighteenth in money. 3 vellum sheets, 20" x 27", signed by Basset with wax seal. On verso of third sheet is a manuscript map, size 14" x 24", coloured in outline, showing Porkellis village, Porkellis Estate, Wastrell, Porkellis Common, Bassett's Old Stamps, etc., boundaries marked in yellow and red. 1851 £65.00
    Within a year Bottral was to erect a steam engine 'of power equal to one with a sixty inch cylinder'.

  58. Reynolds (Charles) Pub. THE ALBUM OF PENZANCE VIEWS 19 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into sm. 4to boards, gilt, small area of rubbing on front board. c1890. £14.00
    5 are full page, the rest two to a page.

  59. Rodd (Francis) CORRESPONDENCE Typescript of letters and some journal entries, 1749 - 1812, 94p, size 13" x 8", type-written on both sides, bound in half vellum, gilt titled on front board, pinkish stain at top of board. Bookplate of Francis Rashleigh Rodd. Includes letters to and from his sister, his mother, his wife, the Tremayne family, etc. c1920. £150.00
    The journal entries refer to military matters (a duel at the camp, a court martial), details of improvements done to his house, taking his son to Brasenose, calling on his neices at Miss More's school, etc. The letters refer to many local and national events, and mining matters: Jane Rodd writes to her husband 'I don't know what to say about the Mines you must know best.... 'tis a monstrous sum to lose when there's so large a family and I shd think more than we ought to venture, had we not better sit down quietly with what we have got than lose it in hospe of getting more but you must be the best judge. I am always against mining.... The Militia at Launceston are a shocking set tis like the Butcher suffered last Saturday having lost many quarters of mutton.'

  60. St Ive COPPY OF THE DECREE MADE IN CHANCERY 27 April 1o Anne 1703 Inter Thomam Dodson Quer., ac Johan. Buller, Nathaniel Trubody, Saram Dodson, Thomam Dodson.... Deft. Contemporary copy on 5p, sm. folio, in a neat clear hand, held at bottom right by small wax seal. Folded with docket title as above lising many names. There is another title which has been crossed through 'Coppy of the Decree for selling land for raising Mrs. Sarh. Dodson's fortune', 'Some papers about Hay in St. Ive psh.' 1703. £20.00
    All the documents and events referred to are 1672 and 1693.

  61. St. Martin in Meneage APPORTIONMENT OF THE RENT CHARGE IN LIEU OF TITHES 13pp., large folio, paper wraps with printed label. Printed in columns with Landowners, Occupiers, no. on Plan, Description, State of Cultivation, quantity, Amount of Rent Charge. Wraps stained and split at spine, page edges and corners creased and dog-eared, some dust-marking at page edges. 1841. £95.00
    Tenements include Gear, Tresize, Tremayne, Soarne, Henver, Mudgeon.

  62. Stokeclimsland LEASE of a fourth part share in the Manor of Manaton, 'lying and being in the severalll parishes of Southill, Callington, Stoke Climsland, Linkinorne....' Francis Hill of Trenethick to Lewis Wise. Vellum, single sheet size 10" x 23", wax seal. Good large signature of Hill with armorial wax seal. 1735. £22.00

  63. Trewolsta, St. Germans INDENTURE titled on verso 'Mr. Wallis Possession for the Trewolsta Land', betweene William Morsehead of St. Ive, & Richard Morsehead, and John Wallis of Sheviock, Mary his wife and Roger Wallis. On paper, closely written, single folio sheet. Not signed. Repaired tear at one fold, with small hole affecting one word. 1675. £14.00
    Refers to lands at Blackdon, Ashwell, North Yard, etc. in Poundstock, with occupiers.

  64. Wendron IMPROPRIATORS RENT CHARGE due 1st July, 1851. Manuscript on 23 double page spreads, folio, plain wraps with decorative MS title. Ruled in columns, listing 'Situation of premises' in alphabetical order, and upwards of 600 occupiers, with sums payable, arrears, totals, remarks etc. Area of browning at bottom of pages amounting to approx. 1" x 4" over a double-page spread, not affecting legibility of figures. 1851. £55.00

  65. Wendron RENTAL OF GWEALHELLIS AND CASTERILLS the property of the Representative of the late William & Henry Jenkin due Michaelmas 1912, 1913, 1914.... up to 1936. 10 double-page spreads, with columns for Tenements, Occupiers, Owners, Yearly Rent, Receipts etc. Folio, sewn in wraps with Ms title, wraps dusty, pages dog-eared with some dustmarking. 1912-36. £20.00

  66. Wendron VICAR'S RENT CHARGE due 1st January, 1846. Manuscript on 21 double page spreads, folio, plain wraps with MS title. Ruled in columns, listing occupiers, situation of premises, apportioned rent charge, amount to be collected, remarks, etc. 1846. £75.00
    Over 600 occupiers named.

  67. Wilks (R), Pr WOOLF'S PATENT STEAM ENGINE 'The following Affadavits and Certificates are respectfully submitted to those who are interested in the economical Application of Mechanical Powers, to the Purposes of Mining and Manufactures, as a complete Refutation of every Report to the Prejudice of Woolf's Invention, circulated by Ignorance and Malevolence....' Four Affadavits reporting on experiments, comparing performance of Woolf's engine with Bolton and Watt's, etc., carrying out grinding of corn etc., the latter with names of, among others, Richard Trevithick, Engineer, Henry Harvey, Iron-Founder. 2pp., folio. On verso are calculations in pencil comparing amount of coal used to grind a certain measure of wheat with Woolf's and Bolton & Watts' engines. 1811. £75.00
    For example 'Henry Rumble, employed by Meux, Reids and Co., Brewers, to look after and attend Steam Engines upon their Premises' concluded that the Bolton and Watt engine they erected in place of the Woolf engine 'requires to be worked on the average, daily, from Twenty to Twenty-one Hours, to perform the same work that was done by Mr. Woolf's Engine.... in Seventeen Hours'

    Cornwall Acts

  68. Duchy of Cornwall AN ACT to enable His Majesty to make Leases, Copies, and Grants of Offices, Lands, and Hereditaments, Parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall, or annexed to the same. 4pp. 1822. £9.00

  69. Duchy of Cornwall AN ACT to Continue an Act.... intituled, An Act to enable Her Majesty to Make Leases and Copies of Offices, Lands & Hereditaments, Parcel of Her Dutchy of Cornwall, or annexed to the same. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 3pp, partly waterstained. 1714. £12.00

  70. Duchy of Cornwall A BILL to confirm the Awards of Assessionable Manors Commissioners, and for other Purposes relating to the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster. 11pp. 1848. £12.00

  71. Mine Frauds A BILL To make further Provision for the Administration of Justice, and for improving the Practice and Proceedings, in the Courts of the Stannaries of Cornwall; and for the Prevention of Frauds by Workmen employed in the Mines.... 6pp. 1839 £9.00

  72. Redruth Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the Cornwall Railway to Redruth.... 14pp. 1864. £17.00

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  73. Brisco PARTICULARS, PLAN & CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate known as Bricso Hill, comprising Mansion House, Garden & Pleasure Grounds.... to be Sold by Public Auction.... 28th September 1887.... 3pp., folio, folded, large attractive hand-coloured folding plan. 1887. £30.00

  74. Carlisle, Wigton, Caldbeck PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Several Estates Situate at Black Hall & White Quey, in the Parish of St. Cuthbert, Carlisle, Buckaban in the Parish of Caldbeck; Barney House in the Parish of Wigton; Gillbrow in the Parish of Lorton.... containing altogether 463 Acres.... all of which will be offered for Sale by Auction.... 30th day of October, 1868. 6pp folio, plus leaf with docket title, folded. 7 lithographed plans, hand coloured in outline, five of which are folding, by John Pears, Land Surveyor, Penwith. 1868. £55.00

  75. Kirklinton VALUABLE ESTATES for Sale. To be Peremptorily Sold, by Public Auction, at the Scotch Arms Inn, Rickergate, Carlisle.... All that Freehold and Tithe-Free Estate known by the name of Field Foot.... also a Freehold Estate called Close House.... Handbill, size 12" x 7", traces of folds, some contemporary notes in a very small hand. P. Scott, Printer, Carlisle, 1824. £24.00
    With descriptions of properties.

  76. Whitehaven Junction Railway AGREEMENT as to Waggon Ways and Accommodation Works, between the John Dixon, Engineer of the Company and John Peile, Colliery Viewer and Agent of The Earl of Lonsdale. Contemporary copy 3p. folio. 1845. £28.00
    The line of the railway was to pass near a Colliery at William Pit and Parton, owned by the Earl.

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  77. Axminster ADMINISTRATION of Ann Liddon Eames, late of Axminster. Certificate printed on vellum with MS inserts, size 7" x 7", large papered seal of Archbishop of Canterbury attached. 1811. £10.00

  78. Barnstaple TRANSFER OF MORTGAGE of a House at Litchdon, Charles Carter and Geroge Wilkey to Mary Bealey. Large paper sheet, 4 wax seals. 1828. £10.00

  79. Besley (H), Pr. SOUTH EAST DEVON Map, size 12" x 15", folding to 12mo boards, printed label. c1850. £16.00

  80. Bideford, Abbotsham IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTIES at and Near Bideford. Mr. E.M. White is instruction to Sell by Auction.... 18th day of May, 1869, Freehold Properties and Accommodation Lands situate in Bideford, Abbotsham, Littleham, and Buckland Brewer. 8pp, folio, folded, docket title, one folding and one full page plan. 1869. £36.00
    Includes North Heal Farm, wood called 'Goat-a-Clapper' in Buckland Brewer.

  81. Bideford, Holsworthy ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXVI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 36". Linen-backed and folding into marbled 8vo wraps, cloth-covered slip-case with Stanford label and key-map. n.d. c1870. £28.00

  82. Blagdon Estate, West Devon IMPORTANT SALE OF A HIGHLY-DESIRABLE & VALUABLE FREEHOLD SPORTING & RESIDENTIAL ESTATE, known as "Barton of Blagdon," In the Parishes of Clawton and Ashwater.... comprising a comfortable Country Residence or Shooting Box.... Excellent Stabling.... A Capital Farm-House.... the whole extending to 395a. 0r. 25p.... for sale by Public Auction, at the Half Moon Hotel, Exeter, On Tuesday, October 9th, 1888. Folio, folded, 5pp, double-paged lithographed coloured map by Badock, Moore and Strong, Surveyors, Launceston. Docket title rather dust-marked. 1888. £38.00

  83. Broadhempston VALUABLE LAND Dwelling House & Outbuildings, situate at Beaston.... Messrs. Rendell & Symons have been favored with instructions.... to sell by Auction.... Monday, July 30th, 1883. Poster, size 29" x 20", listing 13 Lots, folds.... together with.... Manuscript 'Auction Terms' for the sale, relating to Lot 1, 5p folio. 1883. £18.00

  84. Broadwoodkelly ABSTRACT OF MR GEORGE COLWILL'S TITLE to Bowood and Inleigh in Broadwoodkelly and Okehampton. 2p, folio, 2 small holes in paper with loss of name of one parish in title and two words in first paragraph. Details indentures etc. from 1668 to 1714. With opinion of lawyer added as to a Recovery dated 1726. £16.00

  85. Buckerell & Godford PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Of The Manors or reputed Manors of Buckerell & Godford.... and a very desirable Freehold Estate comprising 626 Acres.... to be Sold by Auction by Mr. James Hussey, at the Angel Inn, in Honiton, On Friday, the 23rd day of June, 1865. Folio, 10pp, 2 hand-coloured folding plans, last leaf partly dusty, few short tears to margins, early attempt at crude stitching. 1865. £35.00

  86. Buckfastleigh CONVEYANCE of two pieces of land known as Mill Field and Bottom Park at Kilbury, T. Edwards to G. Arscott. 5 large folio pages in MS, sewn at corner, with coloured sketch map on waxed cotton, 7" square. 'Duplicate copy.' 14th July 1891. £12.00

  87. Buckfastleigh DRAFT CERTIFICATE of Justices of having viewed a footpath in Buckfastleigh proposed to be stopped up & Affidavits of publication of necessary notices.... 5p, folio, folded.... together with notice calling Ratepayers to a meeting at the Vestry to discuss the matter, with note by Chairman of the meeting declaring the vote was for stopping up. 1851. £12.00
    Refers to footpath through Broomparks, Stones Close and Longwoods.

  88. Buckfastleigh TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION at the King's Arms Hotel, Buckfastleigh... the Fee-Simple of the Undermentioned Rich Meadow Land.... Poster, 17" x 13", listing 3 Lots (including Wallaford, Fallaford, Bossell. Small portion torn from top corner, not affecting text. 1865. £15.00
    The property was occupied by Thomas Churchward and Mr Stancombe.

  89. Cockburn (M), Bishopston, Bristol SIDMOUTH - FORTFIELD TERRACE Photograph size 5" x 7", mounted on card with printed title. Shows man leaning on wall near reailings, looking over flat meadow to the terrace, cliff in far distance. Some minor foxing in margins. Small impressed stamp in corner 'N. Warner. Photo.'.... Together with.... '1851. Ladram Bay. Photograpphed by F. Bedford' showing rock formations. c1860. £25.00

  90. Combe Martin LEASE of land known as Crascombe Piece in Combe Martin, Robert Isaac of West Down to Robert Nichols of Combe Martin, weaver. Vellum, size 6" x 25", small wax seal, signed with his mark by Robert Nichols. Ink very faded along 7" of the last four lines of test on right-hand side. 1687. £30.00

  91. Combe Martin POSTER 'Whereas the Parish Council of Combe Martin in the County of Devon, have aplied to the Local Government Board to consent to borrow 500 for the purchase of the Diamond Jubilee Recreation Ground in the Parish of Combe Martin.... Notice is given that... the Inspector appointed to hold the said Inquiry will attend....' Size approx. 17" x 11", slightly ragged along one side margin. 1903. £14.00

  92. Dawlish PARTICULARS Plan, Views and Conditions of Sale of ..... Langdon House..... extending to about 56 acres. To be offered for Sale by Auction.... 28th April, 1927.... 10pp., 8vo, stiff wraps, plan and 2 photographic plates. Some minor creasing.... together with.... A Catalogue of the Contents of the Residence.... To Be Sold by Auction.... 3rd May & Two following days.... 47pp. Some prices in margins. 1927. £20.00

  93. East Down PARTICULARS of Residential and Grazing Estates.... known as Higher Viveham, Lower Viveham and other Lands, Comprising Substantial Residences with Homestead and Cottages.... Orchards, Woods and Plantations, which will be Sold by Auction.... 2nd day of May, 1879. 4pp., folded, with docket title, folding hand-coloured plan. Docket title rather dusty, some minor creasing. 1879. £28.00

  94. Exe Estuary ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 24" x 35". Mounted on linen, folding to 4to. c1870. £35.00

  95. Exmouth LETTER from Thos. Pyke to Lord Rolle's steward at Bicton House, regarding his wish to purchase the third 'life' on a house at No. 8 Beacon Hill. He was offered it before but thought the 100 asked was too much. Address panel on verso with Honiton straight line postmark and wax seal. Sept. 30th, 1822. £14.00

  96. Frith & Co. GIANT POSTCARD showing the Still Tower, Tavistock, in black and white. Size 9" x 11". c1910. £6.00

  97. Hatherleigh CALENDAR for 1901, printed with the name of J. Strang, Family Grocer, Draper, Ironmonger. Size 28" x 19", wooden rollers, attractively printed to commemorate 'The Transvaal War 1899. The British Leaders' with photographic portraits of 9 leaders, the main one being Redvers Buller, but also showing Baden Powell in his characteristic hat. 1901. £26.00

  98. Lethaby (R), Pub. TWENTY FOUR VIEWS AND SCENERY OF SIDMOUTH & NEIGHBOURHOOD Published by R. Lethaby. Twenty four vignette views, one per page, each view approx. 3" x 3". Oblong 8vo, decorative green cloth-covered boards with gilt title. 1870's. £120.00
    Views include Fortfield Terrace, Knowle, York Terrace, Esplanade, Budleigh Salterton (3), Ladram Bay, Lyme, St. Johns in the Wilderness, etc.

  99. Milton Abbott TITHE SURVEY Manuscript survey in 8vo notebook, morocco spine, rubbed, label with manuscript title on front board, 113 double-page spreads, with columns for name of field etc., type of cultivation, acreage, listed under name of tenement, e.g. Shortburn, Westcott, Metherell, Kettys Leys Tenement etc., with name of owner. Later notes in pencil with acreages for pasture, arable, etc. At the front is a 2-page Index of owners and occupiers. n.d. c1840. £150.00
    The chief landowner was the Duke of Bedford.

  100. Pepperdon Estate, Moretonhampstead THE ATTRACTIVE AND AGRICULTURAL PROPERTY The Pepperdon Estate Moretonhampstead.... Residential Sporting Estate, Five Cottages.... Which will be offered for Sale by Auction.... at the Commercial Hotel, Newton Abbot, On Wednesday, 25th September, 1946.... Folio, 14pp, loosely inserted is a large coloured folding plan. 1946. £22.00

  101. Plymouth ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT for the purchase of a house at the Upper end of Broad Street, Walter Bacon and Frances his wife and Timothy Betton to Mark Batt of Plymouth, Merchant. Folio sheet, paper, four signatures, small wax seals. 1706. £20.00

  102. Plymouth ASSIGNMENT of the remainder of a term of five hundred years in certain parts of the Manor of Sutton Pill, in trust. John Lowe to Samuel Williams. Refers to land in Plymouth known as Higher Stert, and an agreement made between John Molesworth and Lady Bridget Bastard. Ink rather faded, vellum creased at folds. 6 signatures with wax seals. 25" x 33". 17th May 1817. £10.00

  103. Sercombe Osman & Warren, Exmouth SERCOMB'S PATENT CHAMBER KILN Prospectus giving details of Kiln, with Testimonials from Thomas & Co., Terra Cotta Works, Wellington, J.S. Young, Parkstone, etc. 5pp, sm. folio, on thin paper, with covering letter in MS to a firm in Southampton. 1895. £12.00

  104. Setten (George), Publisher THE EXMOUTH CHRONICLE A Weekly Journal for Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton, Lympstone, Woodbury and District. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp. April 11, 1896. Uncut. Fine woodcut view of 'Exmouth from The Warren' size 5" x 8" on front page. Numerous adverts for Exmouth firms. Folds. Sent through post with stamp and Exmouth postmark. 1896. £9.00

  105. South Molton INCIDENTS OF THE SOUTHMOLTON BOROUGH ELECTION 1st November 1877. Lithographed satirical handbill attacking Councillor Cock. Sm. folio, folds. Shows a cock with speech bubble saying 'Cole, your Seat is doomed.... etc.', a unicorn kicking a cock, two chickens 'that very often go home to roost etc.' Purportedly 'Printed at the Harem opposite the Golden (picture of a lion) South Street, Salt Lake'. 1877. £14.00

  106. South Molton TEA & GROCERY WAREHOUSE Market Place, Southmolton. A. Kingdon.... is Removed to the Newly-Built House, adjoining Mr. Rowcliffe's, Hair Dresser.... begs especially to call the attention of the Public to his Present Stock of Teas.... Fresh Roasted Coffees, Foreign Fruits, Spices.... Handbill, 4to, horizontal fold, printed with some lines in large letters, interesting typefaces. Tupper, Pr., S. Molton, October 16th, 1841. £18.00

  107. Spreat (W) AYLESBEARE CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 4" x 6", on India paper, margins, small top margin. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £20.00
    Shows a man seated on the ground with a woman and a child in the lower right hand corner.f

  108. Spreat (W) HEAVITREE CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. [Printer, C. Hulmandel.] c1842. £22.00
    With a view across the graveyard and 2 men and a woman by a wall in front of the church.

  109. Spreat (W) HOLCOMBE BURNELL CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, large margins. [Printer, C. Hulmandel.] c1842. £22.00
    A view across the graveyard and a large tree by the tower.

  110. Spreat (W) OTTERY CHURCH, THE WEST FRONT. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. [C. Hulmandel, Printer.] c1842. £22.00
    A view across the graveyard, with houses in the background.

  111. Spreat (W), Pub. TEIGNMOUTH The Den, Looking South. Tinted lithograph, size 7" x 13", plus margins. Shows bathing machines on beach, couple in a carriage in foreground, tall flagpole-type structure on lawn, The Ness in distance. Sky area spotty. c1850. £50.00

  112. Teignmouth ABSTRACT OF THE ACCOUNT of the Commissioners for the Improvement of the Town of Teignmouth, For the Year ending 30th June, 1852. Large folio sheet, printed in columns for Receipts and Payments, under headings of Gas Works, Water Works, Improvements, slight browning, a few repaired edge tears, browned and stained in one section on verso, where docket title written. 1852. £25.00

  113. Torquay RULES OF THE TORQUAY ERRAND BOY ASSOCIATION Printed in red and black on one side of 4to sheet. 'Gothic' style title. Sets out conditions of employment etc, for Private and Tradesmen's Errand Boys. n.d. c1890? £18.00
    'The rates for special messages are 2d per mile.... Private Errand Boys can also be hried to clean boots and Shoes , knives, etc, or to carry sea-water at the rate of 1s6d per week....'

  114. United School District, Okehampton POSTER Size 15" x 11", folds, inviting 'Tenders for the Erection of a School in East Street... in accordance with Plans and Specifications prepared by Mr. Harry Green, Architect. 1895. £14.00

  115. Whimple PARTICULARS AND PLAN of a Valuable Compact Freehold Dairy Farm known as Higher Cobden Farm.... which will be offered for Sale by Auction by Hussey & Son Ltd.... May 27th, 1927.6pp., 4to, folding coloured plan in pocket at rear. 1927. £18.00

  116. Whitheridge Hundred ORDER in the name of John Cruwys and others for repairs to the 'Wester moiety' of Cowe (Cove) Bridge over the River Exe between the parish of Tiverton and Stoodleigh ordering the petty constables to collect the sum allotted to their parish from the inhabitants and pay it before 2 May next. 1p, small folio, creases, 2" tear at one fold, panel on verso with address to 'Mr. Robert Ayre at his house in Rosash with all ?) Speed I pray you'. 1691. £32.00
    Gives the portion for Rose Ash as 14s.8d and Bishop's Nympton as 1.10s.8d.

    Devon Acts

  117. Brunskill (Stephen) AN ACT to provide for the management and repairs of the Estates devised by the Will of Stephen Brunskill.... 26pp. 1877. £12.00
    There is an 8pp schedule of the property concerned giving a Description, Owner or Occupier, & Tenure & Rent. Most of the property was in Thurlestone, Heavitree and Dittisham.

  118. Exeter and Exmouth Railway AN ACT to amend the Acts relating to the Exeter and Exmouth Railway Company. 3pp. 1848. £10.00

  119. Exeter Castle AN ACT to Enable Her Majesty to Grant the Scite of the Castle of Exon (Parcel of Her Dutchy of Cornwall) for Ninety nine Years, for the Use and Benefit of the County of Devon. Black Letter. 3pp. 1710. £15.00

  120. Exeter Commercial Gas Light and Coke Company AN ACT to enable the Exeter Commercial Gas Light and Coke Company to raise a further Sum of Money. 3pp. 1838. £8.00

  121. Exeter Water AN ACT to amend the Acts for supplying with Water the City and County of the City of Exeter and Places adjacent thereto. 12pp. 1840. £8.00

  122. Filleigh AN ACT for vesting certain Lands belonging to the Right Honourable Hugh Earl Fortescue, situate in the Parish of Filleigh, in the County of Devon, and a Parsonage House to be built on the said Lands, in the Rector for the Time being of the said Parish, in Exchange for the Parsonage House and certain Glebe Lands belonging to the said Parish. 12pp. 1814. £14.00

  123. Paignton Pier AN ACT to authorise the erection of a Pier and Works at Paignton in the County of Devon..... 11pp. 1874. £15.00

  124. South Western Railway Company AN ACT to confer further powers on the South Devon Railway Company with reference to their own and other undertakings; to vest in them and in the Great Western and Bristol and Exeter Railway Companies the undertaking of the Plymouth Great Western Dock Company.... 21pp. 1874. £10.00

  125. Teignmouth Harbour AN ACT for the Maintenance and Regulation of the Harbour of Teignmouth and the Navigation of the River Teign.... 36pp. 1853. £15.00

  126. Tiverton Improvements AN ACT for paving, and otherwise improving, the Town of Tiverton, in the County of Devon. Cover leaf + 24pp. 1794. £16.00

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  127. Bournemouth IMPORTANT SALE of.... The Imposing Detached Property known as Richmond Mansions arranged as 30 Flats.... 7pp., sm. folio, wraps with photograph. 1949. £8.00

  128. Bournemouth PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... Chaddesley Manor, Canford Cliffs.... 7pp., oblong 4to, stiff wraps with actual photograph of house, two other photos inside showing views from house. Slight dustmarking at edge of front wrap. 1954. £12.00

  129. Bournemouth PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Attractive Detached Residence, 19 Huntly Road, Talbot Woods.... 4pp., oblong large 8vo, actual photo on front wrap. 1954. £7.00

  130. Bournemouth PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Private Hotel known as 'Trouville', Priory Road.... 11pp, folio, wraps printed in red and black with actual photograph, double page of line drawings of interior. 1946. £15.00

  131. Bournemouth THREE SALE PARTICULARS of properties in Talbot Woods, comprising 4 East Avenue, 8pp, sm. 4to, printed wraps with actual photo, 1948; 'The Bridge House', 30 Elgin Road, 4pp, sm. 4to, printed wraps with actual photo, 1955; 'Chalumna' 7 Dunbar Road, 8pp., sm. 4to, actual photo on front wrap, 1936. 3 items, 1936-55. £16.00

  132. Bridport WATERCOLOUR titled in bottom margin, 'St. Mary's Church, Bridport, Dorset S.W.' Competent watercolour in grey tones and pen and ink, size 5" x 7", ruled border, margins trimmed. c1820. £20.00

  133. Broadstone PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Country Residence known as Widworthy.... 10pp, sm. 4to, wraps rather grubby, 4 actual photos tipped in. Staples rusty. 1953. £9.00

  134. Burleston A TRUE AND PERFECT INVENTORY of all and singular the Goods Chattels Rights and Credit of Mr John Young late Rector of Burleston in the County of Dorsett and Diocese of Bristol, Clerke, deceased, Valued and Appraized this ninth day of December 1680 by us whose names are hereunder subscribed as followeth.... Inventory on long vellum roll, size 4in. by 7ft. The first 6in. slightly rubbed and darkened, but easily legible. In a clear round hand. Lists goods room by room, including Hall Chamber, Parlor Chamber, Man's Chamber, Studie (where the books are valued at 90.), Cocke Loft, Buttery, Malthouse. 1680. £280.00
    The Rector seems to have been a well-to-do clergyman: the sum total of his goods came to 932.14.00d, and included items of gold and silver ('silver porringer', 'silver caudle cup', '2 golden spoones and 1 silver spoone guilt with gold), furniture (including 'two dressing boxes and two stands of walnutt'), linen ('8 board cloaths and six dozen of napkins'). Kitchen items such as mortars of bell metal, stone and marble are listed as well as materials for making beer and cheese, crops, stock, timber, etc.

  135. Digby family DRAFT WILL of George D. Wingfield Digby esq. 8p, folio, neatly written, lacks tie at top corner. 26th Sept. 1878. £10.00
    Bequeathes money and property at Malvern to his wife, estate at Sherborne to his brother, money to Yeatman Memorial Hospital etc.

  136. Hinton Martel DECLARATION I Hugh Pugh Clerk do declare that I will confirm to the Liturgy of the Church of England..... Printed certificate with Ms inserts, size 8" x 13", signed by Pugh, followed by declaration by Henry Hall Clerk, Rector of Child Okeford, Commissary, that Pugh had subscribed to the Declaration above before his institution as the Rector of Hinton Martel. With impressed seal of Bishop of Bristol, signed under seal by Henry Hall. Traces of folds. 1797. £22.00

  137. Kinson PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of.... 'Kinson House', Kinson.... Auction particulars for sale on June 27th, 1910, 3pp., folio, folded with docket title. 1910. £10.00

  138. Rock & Co Pub. TWENTY FOUR VIEWS OF WEYMOUTH Being 24 steel engraved vignette views, oblong 8vo, original cloth boards, boards slightly worn, dull, inscription to front pastedown 'E.F. Hall Jane Austen's House, Chawton. A Gift from Miss Lock'. Rock & Co. c1860. £75.00

  139. Southbourne-on-Sea SALE CATALOGUE for auction of the Marine Residence known as 'Gorselands', St Catherine's Road.... 4pp., sm. folio. Wraps with actual photo, photo frontis. Creases in wraps where once folded. 1939. £12.00

  140. Studland PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Residence and Premises situate at Studland known as 'Egglestone House' to be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Beer and Hobbs.... December 16, 1887. 2pp., folio, folded. 1887. £12.00
    'The only freehold that has been offered to the Public in Studland for many years past....'

  141. Swanage PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of all that Freehold Cottage Property known as 'Summer's Terrace'.... Which Messrs Plummers are favoured with instructions to offer for Sale by Auction.... 27th October, 1919. 4pp., sm. folio. 1919. £8.00

  142. Swanage POSTER advertising the Auction Sale of the Goods Chattels and Effects of Mr. Reuben Hardy 'comprising 2 Roan Cart Horses, Harness and other Effects...' 6th of May, 1889. Printed using large capital letters. Size 17" x 11", folds, two minor marginal tears. 1889. £15.00

  143. Town Bridge, Weymouth OFFICIAL PROGRAMME and Souvenir of the opening. 4to, 20pp., wraps, photos. 4th July, 1930. £10.00

  144. Weymouth RECORD OF PAYMENT for 'Harwich Light'. Single folio sheet titled on verso 'Weymouth Harwich Light for Ladyday Quarter 1809', listing 4 quarterly payments for 1809, on verso ruled columns giving breakdown of Ladyday payment, single line, signed J.H. Browne. 1809. £10.00

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  145. Beckford WILL of Miss Sarah Harper of Beckford, 1796. Copy on 6p sm. folio. Paper water-marked 1796. £12.00
    Leaves legacies to William Wakeman of Beckford, Sarah Webb of Stanway etc.

  146. Bourton on the Water PRIME TIMBER for Sale by Auction.... at the New Inn on Monday March 7th 1887, at the New Inn.... 50 very fine Oak, 24 Elm, 44 Ash, and 55 Pollards, standing on Haines' Farm. 3 page catalogue printed in blue on card, describing 33 lots. Crease where it has been folded horizontally. Stow, 1887. £12.00

  147. Cheltenham BUILDER'S LEDGER detailing work on numerous public houses and other buildings in Cheltenham, and some in Cricklade in Wiltshire, much of the work being for the Stroud Brewery Co., and Showells Brewery. Approx. 120 pages of entries in ledger 13" x 9", plus index. Vellum spine, cloth boards. 1918-1920. £60.00
    Buildings include King's Head, Full Moon, Duke of Brunswick, Railway Hotel, Cheltenham; Royal Oak, Prestbury; Three Horseshoes, Cricklade, etc.

  148. Cheltenham PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE OF A VALUABLE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Partly Freehold and partly Copyhold of the Manor of Charlton Kings distinguished as Cotswold Lodge situate at Charlton Lodge.... To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs Young & Gilling at the Public Auction Rooms, Promenade House, Cheltenham, on Tuesday, November 18, 1884. Folio, 3pp, folded. 1884. £12.00

  149. Cheltenham Solicitors CASH BOOK. From Jan. 1831 - Nov. 1832. Lists expenditure on postage, stationery, snuff, candlesticks, office cleaning, travelling, bill sticking, copying etc. Small 4to, ruled notebook, full vellum, slightly soiled, marbled endpapers, front inner hinge broken, written in a neat hand on 132 pages. 1831 - 1832. £75.00

  150. Day & Haghe, Lithographers THORNBURY CHURCH, GLOUCESTERSHIRE Lithograph on India paper, size 10" x 12", plus margins, showing a group of figures on a path outside the churchyard wall, castle visible to the left behind the church. Margins rather grubby with some edge tears. Published by George Davey, Bristol. n.d. c1850. £40.00
    From a drawing by M. Holmes.

  151. Day & Haghe, Lithographers THORNBURY CASTLE, GLOUCESTERSHIRE Now in the possession of Henry Howard Esq..... Lithograph on India paper, size 10" x 12", plus margins, showing a group of figures admiring an archway, the Gothic facade in the foreground partly ruinous. Margins rather foxed and grubby with some edge tears, not affecting plate. Published by George Davey, Bristol. n.d. c1840. £40.00
    From a drawing by M. Holmes.

  152. Downend PARTICULARS WITH PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTIES (Estate of Henry Bridgman, Esq., Deceased) at Bromley Heath, Downend, comprising Two well-situate and Compact Small Holdings Cottages and Accommodation Lands.... which Geo. Nichols, Young, Hunt & Co are instructed to Sell by Auction... November 22nd, 1923. Folio, coloured folding plan, 10pp, original wraps. 1923. £25.00
    Comprises Bromley Heath Farm, Griffins Farm.

  153. Ellacombe (Canon) DEATH OF CANON ELLACOMBE A Great Gardener. Reprinted from the 'Bristol Times and Mirror' of February 12th, 1916. 16" x 7", printed in two columns, with picture of Ellacombe. Folded. 1916. £5.00

  154. Gloucester BILLS of Price & Washbourne to Lord Sherborne for timber supplied (including Baltic Lathwood, Red Deals etc.) and hauling from Wasley. Four 4to bills with printed headings.... together with.... Receipt of Cheltenham Gas-Light company for 23 for lighting, paid by Lord Sherborne. 1835 & 1824. £10.00

  155. Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited DIRECTORS' REPORTS & ACCOUNTS 30th June, 1892. Folio, 3pp, folded, some slight spotting. 1892. £12.00

  156. Marshfield DECLARATION of William Taylor of Chipping Sodbury, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, and son of Sir Christopher Codrington's Land Steward, regarding the ownership of lands in the parish set out in a Schedule. 3p, folio, signed, with Schedule listing 20 pieces of land with area, including Ironmonger's piece, Poor Piece, Robbin's Wood Coppice. Foxing spots, and some red ink blots in margin. 1857. £12.00

  157. Rowe (G) ENTRANCE TO THE HIGH STREET, CHELTENHAM. Tinted lithograph, engraved view area approx. 6" x 12", plus margins, neatly mounted in a double mount, four of letters of title rubbed, one replaced in manuscript. Drawn, Printed & Published by G. Rowe, Exeter Hall, Cheltenham. (1840) £42.00 -- See Illustration

  158. Royal Agricultural Society of England A CATALOGUE OF THE BEASTS, HORSES, SHEEP, PIGS, & POULTRY Shown at the Meeting of the Society at Gloucester, July 14th & 15th, 1853. Pamphlet, stitched as issued, 63pp. 1853. £45.00
    Lists the different breeds in classes, name of sire & dam, breeder etc. Animals mainly from Gloucester, Wiltshire, Hereford, e.g. in Herefords Class I section 'Captain of Rayer, of Hillworth, near Tewkesbury, a 3 years and 3 months old brown (with mottled face) Bull, 'Matchless', bred by exhibiter, sire Washington, dam Darling, sire of dam Old Sheriff'.

  159. Smith (Susan) A COPY OF A VERY INTERESTING CONSOLITARY LETTER, FROM A LADY TO HER BROTHER, UPON THE NEAR APPROACH OF THE DEATH OF A BELOVED CHILD. Single folio sheet, printed on one side only, a few short tears to margins, traces of folds. Ward, Printer, Barton-Street, Gloucester June 15, 1811. £35.00
    Inscription on verso 'Aunt Susan's Letter to Father on the illness of Samuel'.

  160. Stow on the Wold GENTLEMAN'S MEMORANDUM BOOK 1773 'The Daily Journal; or Gentleman's Merchant's and Tradesman's Annual Accompt-Book'. Size 6" x 4", card boards, one almost detached, calf missing from one board and spine, but surviving on front board. 68 printed pages of Geographical Tables, list of M.P's, etc. at the back. Printed with double page for each week, printed in columns for Appointments, Memorandums, Account of Monies. The writer has used the 'Appointments' column to record the weather for each day 'flight of snow about 10 o'clock', etc., and the 'Memorandum' column for family events, visits etc (entries in this column rather sparse about 2 a week), e.g. 'Daughter Bell married aged 24', ' Dined at Adlestrop', 'James Leigh 8 years old', 'Betsy Irvine buried', 'Began the new fish pond' 'New Carter - young Egerton'. In the monies column he records expenditure at various inns (Unicorn, White Hart). food ('crawfish and cherries 3s 6d', 'Ld Chedworth's man for venison... 5s), sport (Stow Bowling Green... 3s 6d, Plasted for mending casting nett... 7s 5d, 'Burford Race 6s 6d' 'Cock fighting 7s 9d'), clothes such as leathern breeches, 'wife's stais' 'mantua maker', 'coller maker'. There are frequent entries about the state of his gout. 1773. £165.00
    The writer appears to have been interested in farming as he refers to reaping wheat, stock purchased, 'Sandle piece mowed', etc. He travels to the Gloucester Assize and inherits a legacy from 'D. of C--' (Duke of Chandos?). His daughter was married to a Captain Irvine. At the back of the book he has written 'a list of Poor at Stow for my Aunt's bread 1773' with 12 names, and a list of 'Maugers(bury) Poor at Xmas 1772. Mrs Sarah Chamberlane's legacy.'

  161. Swindon ADMINISTRATION of Joseph Hatton, yeoman, of Swindon. Printed in Latin on vellum size 6" x 8", with details in MS. Lacks the large wax seal from the tag. 20th April 1714. £14.00
    Swindon village.

  162. Waterloo, Cirencester AUCTION POSTER advertising the sale of Freehold Dwelling Houses 'To be Sold by Auction by Blackwell & Jones, at the King's Head Hotel, Cirencester on Thursday the 7th of March 1861.' Size 19" x 15", folds. 1861. £16.00

  163. Winchcombe LEASE to vest posession of a moiety of lands in the Manor of Sudeley known as Thornes Close, Stancombe Close and the Gullett, Samuel Cox of Sudeley to Charles Hayward of Winchcombe. On paper, 13" x 16", wax seal. 30th Dec. 1805. £14.00

  164. Woollen industry TO THE KING'S MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY in Humble obedience to your Majesty's Commands signified to me by The Right Honourable George John Earl Spencer.... referring to me the annexed Petition of Isaac Sanford of the City of Gloucester Civil Engineer and Stephen Price of Stroud Civil Engineer to consider thereof... which Petition sets forth that the Petitioners.... have found out and invented a new improvement of method to raise a Nap or Pile on Woollen Cotton and all other Cloth.... Document which would have accompanied the Petition, in MS on 3 pages small folio, signed by Samuel Romilly. Folds, small piece torn from top corner of second page, affecting 3 letters of one word, traces of mounting on blank verso. The letter recommends that a patent be granted, and that the petitioners should cause a complete description of their invention to be inrolled. 1806. £60.00
    George John Spencer was Secretary of State for 1806 only. Paper watermarked 1801.

    Gloucestershire Acts

  165. Birdlip Hill and Crickley Hill AN ACT for Repairing the Highways from the Town of Birdlipp, and Top of Crickley Hill, in the County of Gloucester, to the City of Gloucester. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 16pp. 1698. £30.00

  166. Boddington to Cheltenham Road AN ACT for more effectually repairing the Road from Piff's Elms, in the Parish of Boddington through Cheltenham to Shipton Lane near Frog Mill Inn, and certain other Roads therein mentioned.... 15pp. 1824. £11.00

  167. Cheltenham Borough AN ACT To confirm a provisional Order of the Local Government Board relating to the Borough of Cheltenham.... 12pp. 1893. £8.00

  168. Cheltenham Corporation Water AN ACT for empowering the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the borough of Cheltenham to acquire the undertaking of the Cheltenham Waterworks Company, and for supplying with Water the borough of Cheltenham.... 43pp. 1878. £11.00

  169. Cheltenham Station AN ACT To confer additional powers upon the Midland Railway Company.... for the construction of works and the acquisition of lands to make provision for the transfer of the undertaking of the Cheltenham Station Company to the Midland Railway Company.... 27pp. 1895. £14.00

  170. Cheltenham Turnpike Trust AN ACT to continue the Cheltenham Turnpike Trust.... 12pp. 1863. £10.00

  171. Cheltenham Waterworks AN ACT for empowering the Cheltenham Waterworks Company to extend their Works and Limits of Supply.... 8pp. 1865. £8.00

  172. Cirencester and Siddington Improvements AN ACT for paving, cleansing, lighting, watching, regulating, and improving the Town of Cirencester, and for disposing of certain Common and Waste Lands and Common Rights within the Parishes of Cirencester and Preston and for making Drains through the said Parishes, and the Parish of Siddington.... 62pp. 1825. £16.00

  173. Cirencester Roads AN ACT for Repairing the Roads leading from Cirencester Towns-End, to Saint John's Bridge in the County of Gloucester. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 14pp. 1726. £15.00

  174. Gloucester Water AN ACT for supplying the City of Gloucester with fresh Water. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 5pp. 1740. £14.00

  175. Hawling AN ACT for vesting the Manor and Estate of Hawling.... belonging to John Locke Stratton an Infant, in Trustees, to be sold.... 18pp. 1820. £15.00

  176. Tetbury Land AN ACT for vesting certain Common Fields and Waste Grounds within the Town and Borough and Parish of Tetbury, in the County of Gloucester, in Trustees, discharged of any Right of Common therein, and upon certain Trusts declared thereof. 16pp. two tears to inner margins of all leaves. 1814. £16.00

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  177. Basingstoke ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS Plan and Conditions of Sale.... of Audleys Wood, with Medium Sized Country Residence.... Woodlands, Two Lodges, Three Cottages, Pensdell Farm.... to be offered for Sale by Auction.... 12th December, 1951. 23pp, 4to, loose in wraps due to rusted staples. 3 photographic plates and folding coloured plan. 1951. £18.00

  178. Brockenhurst PARTICULARS of 'Setley Brake', Tile Barn Lane. 6pp., 4to, stiff wraps with actual photo of house, plan and key map at rear. Wraps rather creased. 1952. £8.00

  179. Burley AUCTION PARTICULARS of 'Friars Hatch' 2pp, 8vo, plus title page with actual photo, 1948.... together with.... Particulars.... of 'The Worthy House', Winchester. 5pp, 8vo, printed wraps with actual photo. 1949.... Particulars of The White House, Pamber Heath.... 7pp, sm 4to, photos in text. 1953. 3 items, 1953. £12.00

  180. Horndean PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of 300 Acres of Growing Crips, with the Straw, Haulm, Hulls & Cavings.... 3 Ricks of Prime Hay, Situate at Hinton Farm, Horndean which R. Burrill & Brown will Sell by Auction.... July 12th, 1878. 3pp., folio, plus docket title, fine double page plan showing field names etc., hand-coloured, with key to different crops. 1878. £25.00

  181. Monk Sherborne PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Choice Freehold Country Residence know as Monk Sherborne House.... a copy of an Old Hampshire Farmhouse.... Beautifual Garden & Meadowland.... Seven Acres.... 10pp, 4to, printed in brown, stiff wraps with actual photo of house, 3 tipped in photos inside. 1937. £14.00

  182. Ryde Isle of Wight AUCTION POSTER. Messrs. Wallis, Riddett & Down have received instructions to sell by Auction.... the valuable long-leasehold property known as "Eastland Villa" in Castle Street, Ryde. Size 30" x 20". 1894. £14.00

  183. Ryde Isle of Wight AUCTION POSTER. Messrs. Wallis, Riddett & Co. Will Sell by Auction The Antique and Modern Furniture formerly the complete Equipment of "Beech Cottage. Ryde.... Size 30" x 20". 1895. £8.00
    Includes 'Cushion-Tyred Safety Bicycle', 'Antique Carved Oak Furniture'.

  184. Ryde Isle of Wight AUCTION POSTER. Messrs. Wallis, Riddett & Down. Have received instructions to Sell by Auction.... Four Dwelling-Houses known as Nos, 1, 2, 3 & 4, Trinity Terrace. Situated on the East side of Daniel Street, Ryde..... Size approx. 30" x 20". 1893. £14.00

  185. Southampton PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Prominently Situated and Valuable Shop Premises known as 'Foy's Corner', 195-203 Shirley Road.... which Messrs. Nicholas are to offer by public auction.... 10th March, 1954. 7pp., sm. folio, actual photo on front wrap, key plan. 1954. £9.00

  186. Worting ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... 'The Limes', Worting, with Delightful Gardens and Grounds of about 12 Acres.... 4to, 14pp., 2 photographs, folding coloured plan. Partly loose in wraps due to rusted staples. 1920. £12.00

    Hampshire Acts

  187. Fawley AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Fawley.... 18pp. Some minor browning spots. 1813. £15.00

  188. South Tedworth AN ACT to enable Thomas Assheton Smith Esquire and William Henry Assheton Smith his Brother, to grant building, improving, and other Leases of the Estates devised by the Will of William Smith Esquire, deceased. 9pp., plus cover leaf with docket title, decorative headpiece. Slight browning at top edge. 1778. £22.00
    Refers to house and lands in South Tedworth, and property in other counties.

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  189. Charing POSTER advertising the sale by Auction on 28th May, 1861, of the Acton Manor Farm, in the Parishes of Charing, Lenham, & Wichling, and also the Manor or Reputed Manor of Acton. 25" x 20", folds. 1861. £14.00

  190. Tunbridge ERIDGE ROCKS, NEAR TUNBRIDGE WELLS Watercolour, size 6" x 9", in old ivory mount with gilt edge, titled in ink on mount, which is slightly foxed. Shows close up view of rocks, with birch trees etc. The edges of the painting have been glued to the back of the mount. Late 19th century. £60.00

  191. Upper Charlton LEASE of land and dwelling house at Charlton, R. Rousell to I. Whittenbury, builder. Two large vellum sheets, wax seals. On second sheet is coloured manuscript sketch plan, scale 3 chains to 1", size 12" x 7", showing road, and plot of land with plan of house, adjacent owners named. A few splits at folds, outside dusty. 1846. £14.00

    Kent Acts

  192. Rye AN ACT for discontinuing the New Harbour of Rye, in the County of Sussex, and for repealing several Acts relating thereto, and for providing for the Discharge of a Debt accrued on Account thereof, and for making Reparation for certain Losses; and for the Improvement of the Old Harbour of Rye. 12mo, marbled wraps, title page plus 71 numbered pages, and 7p Index. 17797. £55.00

  193. Bury LEASE for 999 years of a plot of ground with the buildings and improvements thereon, belonging to Chesham Fold Estate, called The Moss, John Phillips of Manchester, Haberdasher and Joseph Wright, Taylor, to Abraham Kershaw, of Blue Bell in Bury. Vellum, size 21" x 28", two wax seals. 1782. £16.00

  194. Liverpool Stock Exchange WEEKLY SHARE LIST Saturday 14th March, 1857. Printed on thin blue paper, size 16" x 13", folded, dealing entirely with Railways, in columns for Dividend, Name of Railway, Sales for each day of the week, and another section with name of Railway and Traffic for the Week, Miles Open etc. On verso are reports of various Company meetings, including Great Northern, Whitehaven and Furness, Ulverstone and Lancaster etc. 1857. £28.00

  195. Manor of Accrington MANORIAL DOCUMENT At Clitheroe Castle the residence of Arthur Robinson Steward of the Honourable James Douglas Home, Frederick and Henry Nicholl, Lords of the Manor.... Surrender of lands in the Forest of Rossendale. Large vellum sheet, signed by Steward.... together with 7 other similar documents. 1852 - 1881. £60.00

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  196. Keythorpe Hall IN CHANCERY. BILL OF COMPLAINT Henrietta Baroness Berners, Plaintiff, and the Hon. Thomas Cholmondeley and others. 43pp., folio, folded vertically. 1871. £22.00
    Refers to the will of Henry Baron Berners, legacies to local hospitals, etc., much on Keythorpe Hall (where the water supply had dried up).

  197. Market Harborough AN INVENTORY of the Effects Goods & Chattles & Personal Esate of John Astell who departed this Life the 29th day of Augt. 1771.... taken by us Jno. Atkins, William Bayley. 8p, sewn in 4to notebook with plain wraps. Lists goods room by room, including Brew House ('Mash Rule & Briggs', 'Lie Tubb' etc.) Contemporary copy in a neat large hand. 1771. £22.00

  198. Market Harborough A COPY OF AN ACCOUNT OF THE SALE BY AUCTION of the Household Furniture and various other Personal Effects late the Property of Mr. Robert Beardmore deceased and which were sold on the 22nd & 23rd of March 1808 on the Premises of his late Residence in Market Harborough. Manuscript in a neat hand, 4p, foolscap, set out in two columns per page, with prices. Lists approx. 330 items. Together with the inventory is a large folio sheet summarising the money raised by the sale, and list of beer etc sold to private individuals separately, and expenses of auctioneer (including 'Crying the sale 4 times'); a list of books, in a different hand; the bill of Mr Sheppard (porter) for 'attendance of Mr Beardmore's Sale.... and Delivering Bills', a note 'A Valuation of the house & premises of Birdsmore'. 1808. £45.00

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  199. Bacon's LIBRARY MAP OF THE ENVIRONS OF LONDON With Index to Local Authorities shown on the Map. Colour printed, size 36" x 50", linen-backed and folding into marbled wraps, inserted in cloth covered slip case with title. Scale 1" to 1 mile, marked in 3" circles from centre. n.d. c1920 or earlier. £28.00

  200. Brown (Walter), Compiled by ST. PANCRAS BOOK OF DATES of the Principal Events in the History of the Parish. 91pp, 4to, printed wraps, with rusty staples. Second Edition Revised and Enlarged 1908. £15.00

  201. Gibson, Merchant, London JOURNAL 4to notebook, so titled in MS on front board, marbled boards, morocco spine, rubbed. Decorative engraved cartouche on first page, with globe, books etc, and MS title 'William Gibson's Book September 22nd 1857.' with verse on 'The man of trade'. 49p, carefully written, listing items bought and sold, with names of vendors & purchasers, with cash totals, sums lent upon bond etc. The first 24 pages are headed 'London' and dated from Jan. 1st to Mar. 31st 1858, the following pages headed Jamaica, Lisbon, New York, and other ports, with lists of goods etc. 1858. £45.00
    Goods bought and sold in London include tobacco, hops, madiera, sherry, Lisbon, Oporto and French wine, cloth such as 'Norwich crepe', 'sagathee' paper, tankards, pepper, etc. e.g. 'This day Richard Remnant offered to Pay me for the 16 Pipes of Sherry sold to him yesterday....' Possibly written as a student exercise.

  202. Henley and London PROSPECTUS of the Henley and London Water-Works and Navigation Company. Capital 1,000,000, in Shares of 10 each. Folio, 2pp., adjoining leaf with docket title. With map loosely inserted, size 22" x 8", folded, proposed works hand-coloured in red, and a 2p. 'Extracts from the Manual of PUblic Health and Domestic Economy'.... together with.... SUPPPLY OF WATER TO LONDON from the River Thames at Henley... William Humphreys, Secretary. 13pp. 8vo, wraps, with fold out section 'illustrative of the proposed works and the relative levels of some of the principal cities', and folding map, works coloured in red. Printed for Private Circulation, 1849.... together with.... SUPPLY OF WATER TO LONDON by Means of the Henley and London Waterworks and Navigation. 12pp., 8vo., wraps, with folding section and map, works coloured in red. No date. Folded vertically, outside slightly dusty. 7 items in all. 1848. £120.00
    The Prospectus states 'A valuable opening will be effected between the Midland districts and Reading, and the towns lying on the Kennet and Avon Canal.... the navigable distance between Reading and London will be reduced by twenty miles, and a direct communication provided to the wharves at Paddington and Camden Town....'

  203. Johnston Brothers, Minories THE JOHNSTON 'DOME' AND 'SUPERDOME' for heating and spraying tar and bitumens, 5pp. brochure, 4to, illustrating 4 boilers. c1935. £7.00

  204. Kingsland EASE AND NICENESS Advertising handbill for A. Teetgen, Tea Dealer, Kingsland, and Bishopsgate Street Within. Oblong 8vo, 8 paragraphs on the above qualities explaining how their business embodies them. c1870. £9.00

  205. London THE NEW ALBUM OF LONDON 22 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into sm. 4to boards, attractive gilt decoration. Includes 2 views of Crystal Palace, panorama of Thames. c1880. £18.00

  206. St Giles RELEASE of a plot at the West end of Shorts Gardens in the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields, Mary Thomas of St. Martin in the Fields, and Sarah Dalton widow of Thomas Dalton, Calico Printer, deceased, to George Kingsmell. 2 large vellum sheets, attractive engraved initial letter, some light browning, 3 wax seals. 1772. £18.00

  207. St. Pancras A HIGH CLASS CONCERT Will Take Place at the Prince of Wales Hall.... 16th October, 1905.... to assist Mr Herbert Cooper, who as the result of a paralytic stroke, has had to resign his position as Superintendent of the St. Pancras Labour Bureau.... Poster, size 17" x 11", printed in brown. Strip of blue paper on verso along top edge.... together with.... Ticket for the Platform for the Preliminary Meeting for the London Pageant, 1909, Town Hall, Pancras Road. On red card, size 3" x 4", two small needle holes in margin. 1905 and 1909. £17.00

  208. St. Pancras A PLEA FOR ST PANCRAS CHURCHYARD Being a Remonstrance against its Proposed Desecration by the Midland Railway Company. 12pp., printed wraps. 1874. £25.00
    'After what has already happened there is not the slightest reason to suppose that a few years would not semassive warehouses with vaults and deep foundations arise on the spot.' Inlcues an artile on Old St. Pancras reprinted from 'The Builder'.

  209. St. Pancras JUVENILE PARTY & BALL Invitation to a Party given by the Mayor and Mayoress at the Prince of Wales Hall, 27th March, 1906. On card printed in blue and brown, size 5" x 3", small pierrot and coat of arms on front, programme inside. Verso (blank) has surface gloss rubbed away. 1906. £10.00
    Entertainment included Living Marionettes, Magical Problems, Punch and Judy.

  210. St. Pancras OPENING OF WORKING-CLASS DWELLINGS Goldington Buildings, Great College Street, by Alderman T. Idris, 4th June, 1904. Programme of Ceremony, Stiff printed wraps with gilt edges, embossed arms of Borough in blue, 12mo, 4pp. 1904. £14.00

  211. Twickenham RELEASE of a share in a messauge in the Manor of Isleworth Lyon in the County of Middlesex formerly known as the Dog and Partridge and lately as the Ragman's Castle, and a piece of land on Twickenham Little Common, John Davies, of Pembroke, and others to William Fitchett Cuff of Crewkerne. 7p, folio, folded. 1868. £10.00

    London Acts

  212. Barners, Islington AN ACT to enable William Tufnell Jolliff, Esquire, Lord of the Manor of Barners.... to grant Building Leases, of the Demesne Lands thereof, and to rate and assess Fines on certain Copyhold Lands within the said Manor, for encouraging the Tenants to build thereon. 4pp. 1768. £14.00

  213. Grain AN ACT for establishing a free Market for the Sale of Corn and Grain within the City of Liberty of Westminster. 17pp., plus cover leaf. 1758. £10.00

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  214. Bunwell, Forncett, Aslacton & Pulham Market PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Four desirable small Occupation farms with Dwelling Houses.... which Thomas Wm. Gaze is favoured with instructions from the Trustees of the Will of Mr William Betts, dec., to Sell by Auction at the Railway Hotel, Tivetshall, on Thursday, the 13th of July, 1899. Folio, 6pp, folded, docket title. 1899. £18.00

  215. Cantley and Hassingham INCLOSURE Manuscript on 5 pages large folio, printed heading, listing pieces of land to be allotted to William Gilbert. Probably lacks last page, as there is no date or names at the end. Some tears at folds. c1802. £15.00

  216. Wroxham and Salhouse PARTICULARS of a Highly Productive Estate.... Which will be Sold by Auction..... 15th day of April, 1848.... 6pp., folio, folded, plus attractive lithographed hand-coloured plan, with fourteen lots, near the River Bure. Shows Bridge Broad, Wroxham village, small view of church in elevation, large compass rose and decorative title. Adjoining owners named. Tow or three small ink notes on plan, e.g. 'This lot has some fine oak trees which are included....' Pencil note of bidding and purchaser next to most lots in text, small piece torn from corner of one page, not affecting text. 1848. £46.00

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  217. Stony Stratford, Towcester ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. 202, size 13" x 19" plus wide margins. Some light soiling in bottom margin. O.S. blindstamp 1893. £16.00

  218. Walgrave, Old & Broughton PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold and Tithe-Free Estates.... To Be Sold by Auction... 22nd June, 1860. 3pp., plus docket title, folds. Schedule. 1860. £26.00
    Northamptonshire Acts

  219. Brampton, Welford AN ACT for enlarging the Term and Powers granted and continued by Two Acts for amending the Highways leading from Brampton Bridge to Welford Bridge.... and the Great Post Road from Morter Pitt Hill to Chain Bridge.... 14pp., plus cover leaf. 1749. £10.00

  220. Byfield AN ACT for dividing and Inclosing the Open and Common Fields, Common Pastures.... within the Manor, Parish, and Liberties, of Byfield and Westrup.... 42pp. 1778. £22.00

  221. Tansor AN ACT for dividing and inclosing the Common and Open Fields.... in the Parish of Tansor. 25pp., plus docket title. Attractive engraved headpiece. 1776. £22.00

  222. Thorpe-Malfor AN ACT for dividing and inclosing the Common and Open Fields, Common Meadows.... within the Manor and Parish of Thorpe-Malfor.... 24pp. 1777. £25.00

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  223. East Relford LEASE FOR A YEAR of a messuage in East Relford on the East side of Church Gate, between the tenement of William Bromhead and the Church Yard. John Cottam, Butcher, and Roberta his wife, to George Cottam, Butcher. Paper, 12" x 18", two wax seals, signed with their marks by John and Roberta. 1719. £18.00

  224. Tollerton A TRUE AND PERFECT INVENTORY OF ALL THE GOODS Cattels and Chattels belonging to Thomas Pendock of Tollerton deceased taken and prized the 12th day of February.... 1682.... by John Kirkby and Robert Leason.... Probate inventory on vellum, size 10" x 5", 6 items. The Administratrix was his sister Mary. 1682. £24.00
    Includes 'two Fowling Pieces', 'his Riding horse his Purse and Apparell'.

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  225. Bampton PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Two valuable Inclosures of Pasture and Arable Land called 'Baker's'.... To be Sold.... 2nd of August, 1866.... 3pp, folio, folded with docket title. 1866. £14.00

  226. Bicester AUCTION POSTER advertising the sale on February 4th, 1876 of a substantially built residence on the Market Hill, lately occupied by George Woodward, Surgeon, an orchard, and two closes of pasture land. Size approx. 29" x 19", a few foxing spots at right edge. 1876. £18.00

  227. Fritwell PARTICULARS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate known as 'Fritwell Farm'.... which will be Sold by Auction.... 9th day of July, 1888. 3pp., folio, plus docket title. Folds. A few minor edge tears at folds. 1888. £18.00

  228. Oxford APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE binding Albert James Attwood son of Thomas Attwood late of Oxford Attorney at Law deceased to William Pickering Citizen and Merchant Tailor of London. Printed on vellum, size 7" x 8", with MS inserts, Fine engraved initial letter with coat of arms, wax seal. Very dust-stained, signatures rubbed. 1826. £14.00

  229. The New Theatre, Oxford PROGRAMME The D'Oyly Carte Principal Reportory Opera Co. November 1st to 6th, 1915. 4pp., 4to, large drawing of theatre on front, cast list for 'Patience' and 'Iolanthe' inside, with numerous illustrated local adverts inside and on back page. Trace of horizontal fold. 1915. £14.00

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  230. Clungunford and Hopesay PARTICULARS AND PLAN of a very desirable Freehold Estate.... A Farm House with Outbuildings, Two Cottages, and 177a.2.9p of Arable and Pasture Land.... to be Sold by Auction.... 8th day of June, 1880. 2pp., folio, title page printed in an attractive variety of decorative typefaces, hand coloured plan. 4p. folio manuscript 'Conditions of Sale' attached with pin.... together with.... 22p. manuscript Abstract of Title, in manuscript, detailing title from 1792. 1880. £55.00

  231. Ryton ABSTRACT of Marriage Settlement and other Deeds relating to Mr. William Angworth Junr.'s claimto the Atchley Estate, in Ryton. 15p folio. Includes brief genealogy and lawyer's comments. c1820. £15.00

  232. Selattyn, near Oswestry PARTICULAR AND PLAN of a most attractive and desirable smal Freehold Farm known as "Ty Newydd." otherwise "New Barns..... in the occupation of Miss Ann Roberts, which will be offered for Sale by public Auction, by Messrs. Jones & Son, at the White Lion Inn, Oswestry, on Tuesday, the 26th day of July, 1881. Folio, 3pp, tipped in plan, docket title, folded. 1881. £18.00

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  233. Bath ARCHITECT'S DRAWING OF STABLES. Plan, elevation, and section, in ink and watercolour, of stables for H. Luce Esq. Size . Folds, with three addresses on verso with two penny red stamps and one halfpenny stamp, all postmarked. 1840's. £24.00
    Shows Harness Room, Cleaning Room, etc. One of the addresses is H. Luce, 29 Gt. Stanhope St., Bath., another is H. Hakewill, Architect, London.

  234. Bath BILLHEAD of Weaver & Son, Broad St., Manufacturers of all kinds of Spring Beds, Feather Beds.... Oblong sm. 4to, folds, attractively printed on pink paper, with vignettes of a bed and a sewing machine.... together with small billhead, 1864, of Jolly & Son, Silk Mercers, Shawlmen, etc. Bristol & Bath. One corner torn away.... together with.... The Grand Pump Room Hotel, Bath. Printed bill, 1896, in red, 4to, tabulating charges for fires, washing, baths, wines, meals etc over 7 days. Small vignette of hotel. 1864-96. £14.00

  235. Chard CHARD GRAMMAR SCHOOL by the Reverend Joseph Fayrer, Late of Clare Hall, Cambridge, and Vicar of St. Teath, in Cornwall. Printed Prospectus, 1p, 4to setting out subjects, fees, improvements in building, etc., blank adjoining leaf which has been used by the Headmaster for a letter posted to Thomas Clark at Chard, 2p, signed 'Jos. Fayrer, regarding Clark's son's 'holyday employment', and thanking him 'for the handsome manner in which you met Sir Thos. Acland's wishes respecting me and.... repeating in pubic Sir Thomas's good opinion of me....' Tear at corner where wax seal broken. 1828. £20.00

  236. Gauci (M) THE RECTORY Weston Super Mare, from a sketch by H. Jackson. Tinted lithograph, size 4" x 6", brown card mount. c1850. £10.00

  237. Gilliard (Walter) FOUR CHRISTMAS CARDS From paintings by Walter Gilliard, showing scenes as follows: West End of Cheddar Gorge; Homeward Bound, A Winter Fantasy Based on Compton Dando; The Old Towpath Before its Reconstruction, now the Portway, Bristol; Old Brislington Village. Size of image approx. 5" x 6". 1952-1962. £22.00
    Printed by Mr Gilliard for his own use.

  238. Higman (B), Pr., New Bond St., Bath A CATALOGUE OF AN ASSEMBLAGE OF TRULY CHOICE AND ESTIMABLE PICTURES Embracing those Productions which are the desiderata of the Dilletanti in Superior Works of Art Being the entire Property of Charles O'Neil, Esq. By whom they have been collected with Taste, Judgment and Liberality.... which will be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Stafford & Booth, at Their Gallery, in Milsom-Street, Bath on Wednesday, 2nd of April next and following Day.... 4to, 11pp., including Conditions of Sale on last page. Title on front, decoratively printed with a variety of type-faces, naming some of the artists. Split along part of spine, some foxing on last leaf, a few minor edge tears. 1823. £75.00
    Some of the Old Master paintings are described in detail. Includes picutres by Domenichino, Parmigiano, Gainsborough, Mantegna etc., with provenance where known.

  239. Ilminster BRIEF FOR THE PLAINTIFF Somerset Lent Assizes, in a case concerning a dispute about the letting of a dairy and cows at Cross, Ilminster, between Samuel Paull, the Plaintiff, 'a large farmer at Dillington in Ilminster', and John Hartnell, dairyman. 9p, folio. Various notes regarding the case loosely inserted Contains details on the custom of a 'Candlemas Dairy'. 1844. £15.00

  240. Ilminster COPY CONVEYANCE of 'The Bell Inn' in Ilminster, R. Allen and Revd. J. Coles to George Richards. 7pp folio, folded. Tear in margin of first leaf. 1871. £8.00

  241. Ilminster THE WILL of Elizabeth Slee, widow. 8p, sm. folio, with codicil. Will proved at London 1747. Extracted from the Registry of the Prerogative Court at Canterbury. Copy circa 1824. £16.00
    Concerns her share of a messuage at South Brent, 'The Swan Tenement' in Ilminster. Mentions items of clothing 'my linen Gown and two petty Coats one being blue cloth serge with a silver lace..... my scarlet Cloth Coat I give to my sons to make them Waistcoats....'

  242. Ilminster WILL of Jarvis White of Ilminster. 2p, 4to, blank adjoining leaf with docket title. Untidily written, signed with White's mark, and with their names by two witnesses. 1844. £10.00
    Refers to 'the money allowed me by Friendly Society held at the George Inn', to his clock, potatoes, etc.

  243. Langford, Churchill, Banwell PEDIGREES AND GENEALOGICAL NOTES on the Latch, Seyer, Simmons, Stokes families. 70 pages of types notes (carbon copies) with much information on baptisms, burials, monuments, biographical details, extracts from letters, etc. n.d. 1950's? £25.00

  244. Manor of Lopen LEASE of a house in Lopen with 22 acres, Earl Poulett to John Cable. Attested copy on 3 folio sheets. 1810. £8.00

  245. Lyncombe and Widcombe DUPLICATE GRANT of a plot of Ground situate in the parish of Lyncombe and Widcombe, Daniel Clutterbuck and Henry Tugwell to William Duck. 2 large vellum sheets, wax seals, with schedule of deeds dating back to and indenture of 1866 between Ralph Allen and George Tugwell, and inset coloured plan on first sheet, size 10" x 9", scale one chain to an inch, by Henry Spackman, Surveyor, Bath. Plan shows houses in Oldfield Park Road, plot of land coloured red, 8 adjoining owners. 1883. £25.00

  246. Sutton Montis and Corton Denham PARTICULARS OF THE VERY DESIRABLE.... FREEHOLD ESTATE KNOWN AS SUTTON FARM, comprising two farm houses and all requisite farm buildings Farm Buildings and Gardens, together with twenty-one closes.... containing 144 Acres and 26 Perches.... Which will be sold by Auction at the Angel Inn, Sherborne, Dorset.... 1844. Folio, folded, 4pp. Schedules, but not title, refer to nos. on plan, not present. 1844. £10.00

  247. Taunton LEASE of Wilton Lodge, Taunton, for 3 years. D. Blake to Misses Culverwell. 3pp, folio. 1854. £10.00

  248. Whitchurch BOND of James Colston of Whichchurch, Gentleman, to Charles Hall of Englishcombe for one thousand pounds. 1p, folio, folded. Small wax seal. 1779. £15.00
    Concerns the marriage potion of his dayughter Ann, about to be married to Charles Hall.

  249. Yatton TITHE MAP Tracing of tithe map on 8 sheets of waxed cotton, size 19" x 26", mounted on paper, with key plan, and bound in cloth boards. MS label with solicitor's name on front board. c1910. £50.00

    Somerset Acts

  250. Kilmington, Charlton Musgrave, Wincanton and Penselwood AN ACT for inclosing Lands within the several Parishes of Kilmington, Charlton Musgrave, Wincanton and Penselwood.... 12pp, some light spotting. 1814. £18.00

  251. Minehead Harbour AN ACT for continuing the Terms and Powers granted and given by the Acts passed.... For recovering, securing, and keeping in Repair the Harbour of Minehead, in the County of Somerset. Black Letter. 5pp. 1738. £12.00

  252. Portishead Docks AN ACT to extend the time for the Purchase of Lands authorised by the Bristol and Portishead Pier and Railway Company's Act, 1877, to be acquired, and to authorise that Company to raise additional Capital.... 8pp. 1880. £9.00

  253. Portishead Pier and Docks AN ACT to authorize the Bristol and Portishead Pier and Railway Company to construct Docks at Portishead, and to amend and enlarge the existing Acts.... 39pp. 1871. £17.00

  254. Weston-super-Mare Water AN ACT for supplying with Water the Town of Weston-super-Mare.... 12pp. 1853. £10.00

  255. Wilton and Staplegrove Lands AN ACT for confirming an Exchange of certain Lands in the Parish of Wilton in the County of Somerset, heretofore Part of the Augmentation of the Perpetual Curacy of Hill Bishops otherwise Bishops Hull, in the same County, for certain Lands in the Parish of Staplegrove in the same County.... 10pp. 1848. £12.00

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  256. Beccles Nursery BILL of Thomas Laws, Nurseryman, Seedsman and Florist, Ingate Road, to Henry Read for the Henstead Estate. Sm. folio, printed heading with attractive small vignette of floral bouquet. Lists 15 different types of tree, including 3 Double White Ornamental Thorns, 3 Large Wallnuts, 1 Pomegranite, 2 Golden Yews, etc. April 21st, 1876. £8.00

  257. Ilketshall PEREMPTORY SALE Messrs. Rix & Burton re Instructed Positively to Sell by Auction.... The Well Cultivated Farm at St. Margaret's Ilketshall In the occupation of Mr. Wm. Chandler..... together with Two Rights of Commonage on the Common Called Stow Fen.... Poster, size 23" x 18", printed with large type-faces, folds, some off-setting. 1850. £20.00

  258. Lowestoft and Gunton PARTICULARS AND PLAN of The North Lowestoft and Gunton Building Estate.... To Be Sold by Private Contract.... 1902. 7pp. 4to, printed wraps, very large folding plan. Amendments in red ink to title on front wrap, and to the Agreement on the last leaf. Staples have rusted through wraps at spine, leaving contents detached. 1902. £18.00
    The amendments appear to refer to a later sale in 1921.

  259. Lowestoft PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Fifty-six Eligible Freehold Building Plots forming part of the Alexandra Estate.... which will be Sold by Auction..... 21st October, 1874. 6pp., folio, folded with docket title, large coloured folding plan. Edges dusty at folds on outside leaf. 1874. £28.00

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  260. Camberwell CONVEYANCE of two messuages nos. 13 and 14 in Queen's Row Camberwell, Robert Russell of the Old South Sea House, Merchant, and others, to Robert Morris. 5 large vellum sheets, 6 small wax seals. 1830. £14.00

  261. Croydon, Wokingham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. VIII, scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 29", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into cloth endpapers, 8vo. Covers Wokingham, Croydon, Charlwood, Bramshot. 1st May, 1816. Later, c1850. £35.00

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  262. Amberley, Arundel, Bisted, Bury, PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Three Small Farms, with Capital Sporting Facilities.... Valuable Business Premises, Coal Wharf.... etc.... which Messrs. Sparks are instructed to Sell by Auction.... 15th day of August, 1895. Folio, printed wraps, 14pp., 6 fine hand-coloured plans, two of which are folding. 1895. £55.00
    Plans indicate different types of trees etc.

  263. Chichester & Worthing ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 133. Popular Edition. Linen-backed. Ellis Martin cover with man reading map. 1920. £6.00

  264. Chichester ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 317. Composite map, scle 1" to 1 mile, covering Midhurst, Littlehampton, Selsey Bill, size 25" x 19", linen-backed. Marked in red with pink line to show area of supply of Bognor Water. Red lettering 'Bognor Water (Provisional Order) Session 1928.' Map dated 1903. £10.00

  265. East Grinstead PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Farms called Brookhurst and Pawley's..... which will be Sold pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Chancery.... At the Public Sale Room of the Said Court.... 6th day of May, 1830.... 3pp, sm. folio, plus docket title on verso. Verso dusty, light waterstain on first page. 1830. £22.00
    With schedules of land. The case involved Hannah Simpson and Sarah Walker.

  266. Pulborough LEASE of Cooks Farm for 7 years, J. Drinkwater to John and Hugh Boxall. 4p., folio. Gives instructions for cultivation etc. Repaired split along fold in one page. Loosely inserted is section from a printed auction sale particular giving Schedule. 1854. £10.00

  267. Pulborough PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of an Exceedingly valuable freehold estate called 'Oak House', containing about eighty acres, which will be Sold by Auction.... Chichester, July 3rd, 1878. 8pp., folio, plus last leaf with docket title, folds, double-page hand-coloured plan loosely inserted. First leaf detached down most of spine. 1878. £38.00

  268. St. Thomas in the Cliffe APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE binding Richard Elphick a poor boy of the parish of Buxted in the County of Sussex to William Mesley of St. Thomas in the Cliffe, near Lewes, Cordwainer. Vellum, size 6" x 8", printed with MS inserts, blue paper tax stamp, wax seal. 1794. £24.00
    Receipted and witnessed on verso.

  269. Wivelsfield APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE inding John Curd a poor Boy of the parish of Buxted in the County of Sussex to Robert Renvill of Wivelsfield, Wheelwirght. Vellum, printed with MS inserts, size 6" x 8", blue paper tax stamp, wax seal. Witnessed on verso. 1794. £24.00

    Sussex Acts

  270. Aldingborne AN ACT for dividing and Inclosing an open Waste or Common called Westergate Common.... 24pp. 1777. £25.00

  271. Old Shoreham AN ACT for building a Bridge over the River Adur, at or near Old Shoreham, in the County of Sussex. 26pp, Black Letter, decorative woodcut head piece. 1781. £14.00

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  272. Birdingbury PARTICULARS OF A MOST ATTRACTIVE COUNTRY RESIDENCE.... "Thee Elms" Birdingbury, Warwickshire. To be offered for Sale by Auction.... by Frank Mason, Newey & Co. in association with James Styles & Whitlock.... On Tuesday, 22nd May, 1951. 4to, original card covers, 7pp, one illust. 1951. £11.00

  273. Leamington Spa AUCTION CATALOGUE for sale of Small Country Estate known as Bromson Hill.... About 346 Acres.... 9pp, sm. folio, stiff wraps with actual photo of house. Folding coloured plan. 1964. £8.00

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  274. Cary (J) A MAP OF WESTMORELAND from the best Authorities. Engraved map, size 15" x 18", traces of folds, trimmed almost to border on left side, small brownish along about 1" of top margin. 1789. £18.00

  275. Long Marton TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION At Herd's, The King's Head Inn, Appleby.... 21st Day of October, 1819.... All that Valuable Estate.... with Farm House and Buildings in the Township of Long Marton, occupied by John Dargue.... 3pp., plus docket title on verso, manuscript memorandum for sale by George Wilkinson of Harperly Park to the Purchaser William Jamieson of Acorn Bank for five thousand four hundred pounds. Hoggett, Printer, Durham, 1819. £40.00

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  276. Boughton Gifford PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of The Very Valuable Freehold Estate known as Mill Farm, Broughton Gifford.... to be sold by Auction.... Devizes, August 24th, 1922. 4pp., 4to, wraps, folding coloured plan. Vertical crease. 1922. £8.00

  277. Bradford on Avon PARTICULARS of a Valuable Freehold Estate called 'Pomeroy'.... comprising Farm House and Buildings, Dwelling-Houses..... Arable Lands, Coppice Woods.... Excellent Covers for Game..... to be Sold by Auction.... 19th August 1875.... Splits at spine, some rust spots. 1875. £18.00
    Includes schedules.

  278. Braydon Estate, Cricklade St. Sampson PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate.... with a Beautifully Situate Residence known as 'The White Lodge'.... Ornamental Lake, Shrubberies.... also several Farm Houses.... to be Sold by Auction.... 28th May 1866.... 6pp., folio, plus docket title, very large lithographed plan scale 4 chains to an inch. 1866. £46.00

  279. Brinkworth PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Pasture Farm known as Yorks Farm.... to be sold by auction.... 17th April, 1905. 3pp., folio, folded. 1905. £9.00

  280. Bromham PARTICULARS of.... Freehold Dairy & Mixed Farm known as 'Durlett Farm'..... for Sale by Auction, March 9th, 1944. 5pp., sm. 4to, wraps, vertical fold. 1944. £8.00

  281. Challymead, Melksham CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Residence Cottages and Mill.... for Sale by Auction.... August 19th, 1902. 3pp, folio, folded. 1902. £8.00

  282. Cricklade PARTICULARS of a Most Desirable Dairy and Grazing Farm near the Borough Town of Cricklade.... Bounded by the River Thames With Substantial Farm House and Buildings, A Water Grist-Mill Known as West Mill, and Right of Fishery, for Sale by Auction.... 28th June, 1852.... 3pp., folio, folded, plus docket title and memorandum, fine folding plan by Madeley, Lithographers. 1852. £28.00

  283. Devizes PARTICULARS of a Valuable Freehold Residential Property, Building Sites, Dwelling-Houses, Shops & Premises.... 2pp. folio, folded. 1875. £12.00

  284. Donhead St. Andrew PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate known as 'Donhead Lodge', comprisising a very substantial Stone Built Family Residence surrounded by Fifteen Acres of Very Superior Land. The Property is bounded by a capital Trout Stream.... and will be sold by Private Treaty.... 3pp., folio. The word 'by Auction' have been crossed out and 'private treaty' added in ink. 1850. £28.00

  285. East Chisenbury PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Tithe Rent Charge Issuing out of Lands in The Tything of East Chisenbury For Sale by Auction.... 7th day of December, 1858.... 5pp., folio, folded, including detailed schedules. The bottom half of the outside leaf been cut out - there does not appear to have been any text on it. 1858. £18.00

  286. Emberlin & Harold, Pr. TO THE WORTHY AND INDEPENDENT ELECTORS, of the Borough of Marlborough.... Broadside on thick paper, 19" x 15", printed in large clear type, with heading in very large type, in five paragraphs, signed Ernest Bruce and Henry Baring (the Tory Candidates). Tear 6" into title from top edge, repaired neatly on verso. June 14th, 1841. £38.00

  287. Hampton Turvill & Hampton PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Residential Farming & Building Estate.... for Sale by Auction August 26th, 1889. 4pp., folio, including schedules. One page coloured plan. 1889. £16.00

  288. Langley Burrell PARTICULARS OF SALE of Langley Brewery, Residence, and Pasture Land; And Public House in Chippenham... to be Sold by Public Auction.... 30th day of May, 1862 at the Brewery, Langley Burrell. 2pp., folio, folded, plus leaf with docket title, double page plan, some minor discoloration at fold. The particulars have been sent through the post with a penny red stamp. Outer section where titled slightly dusty. 1862. £30.00

  289. Lucy (W.W) TO THE ELECTORS OF MARLBOROUGH.... Broadside, heading in large type, size 18" x 11", setting out in eleven paragraphs, the policies of Sir Alexander Malet, the Liberal candidate (repeal of the Corn Laws, Magistrates to be chosen by popular election, etc.) Signed 'A Looker-on'. Traces of folds. 16th Nov. 1832. £40.00

  290. Lucy (W.W), Marlborough, Pr. TO THE INHABITANTS OF MARLBOROUGH Broadside, ten paragraphs, printed on one side only, size 15" x 11", heading in large type. Signed 'An Inhabitant'. Attacks H.B. Baring, defends Sir Alexander Malet. September 25th, 1832. £42.00

  291. Maiden Bradley PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Various Freehold Investment Properties including The General Stores, Village Smithy.... 47 Cottages and Gardens.... and the Parsonage, Gare Hill.... Rawlence & Squarey are favoured with instructions.... to Sell the Above by Auction.... July 29th, 1953. 40pp., wraps, folding coloured plan in pocket, staples rusty hence wraps detached. 1953. £20.00

  292. Melksham PARTICUALRS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... The Whitley Estate in the Parish of Melksham.... Bells & Splatt's Farms & Other Lands in the Parish of Heddington, The Chilvester Hill Estate, in the Parish of Calne, Field of Nursery Ground.... House, Baker's Shop &c, at Marshfield.... which will be Sold by Auction.... July 13, 1853..... 8pp, folio, folded with docket title, 4 full page lithographed plans, 3 being hand-coloured. 1853. £38.00

  293. Mere LANDS AT MERE belonging to the late F. Seymour Esq., 1837. Manuscript plan in ink and colour wash, size 9" x 15", traces of folds. Scale 3 chains to one inch. Shows roads, fields and two buildings, hedges indicated. Fields marked with measurements, and lot numbers of 6 lots. Table of reference giving no on plan (10 numbers), names of premises, state and measure. 1837. £25.00
    Includes Pease Hill, Knowle, Chetcombe. Presumably prepared for an auction sale.

  294. Paul Pry (pseudonym) BROTHER TOWNSMEN Broadside, printed on one side folio, attacking in scurrilous fashion eight 'radical' figures in the town of Marlborough, in ten paragraphs. They are referred to by the first and last letters of their names. He concludes 'What can these despicable characters do for you? I will tell you- ruin you: that is their aim.... they are levellers; they want Marlborough Forest - but can they get it?' c1830. £42.00

  295. Pewsey AN INVENTORY AND VALUATION of the Cars, Vans, Plant, Machinery, Accessories.... at The Pewsey Motor Co., The Upavon Motor Works, Wiltshire. 25pp., typescript copy, sm. folio. Printed wraps. 1932. £15.00

  296. Pewsey FREEHOLD HOUSE AT PEWSEY for Sale by Auction.... A Freehold Dwelling House Lately occupied as an Inn and called the Poenix Inn, but now converted into a private Residence.... Poster, 17" x 11", folds. 1847. £16.00

  297. Pewsey PARTICULARS with Plan and Conditions of Sale Two Valuable Dairy Farms 'Sharcott Pennings' and 'Avebrick' 6pp., 4to, plus wraps. Horizontal fold. Folding plan. 1920. £16.00

  298. Savernake Estate PARTICULARS of The Outlying Portions of the well-known Savernake Estate, comprising 58 mixed Farms, 60 Small Holdings, 450 Cottages.... First Day's Sale, Monday, September 16th 1929. 35pp., folio, original decorative paper wraps, loose in case. Photographs, 2 (of 3) folding coloured plans in pocket. 1929. £34.00

  299. Semington PARTICULARS with Plan and Conditions of Sale of Two Renowned Dairy Farms 'Manor Farm'.... and 'Church Farm'..... for Sale by Auction October 12th, 1943. 18pp., sm. folio, folding coloured plan. 1943. £18.00

  300. Tisbury PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Leasehold Estate in the Parish of Tisbury.... and of a Policy of Assurance.... which will be Sold by Auction.... August 31st, 1840. 3pp, sm. folio. 1840. £8.00
    Concerns a dispute in Chancery between the Barfoot and Chitty families.

  301. Vale of Pewsey PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Highly Valuable Residential Property, situate at West Stowell.... consisting of a Freehold and Tithe-Free Estate comprising 416 Acres.... to be Sold by Auction.... 22nd Day of December, 1863. 6pp., folio, large folding hand-coloured plan. 1863. £30.00

    Wiltshire Acts

  302. Chippenham AN ACT for Vesting the Messuages and Hereditaments settled on the Marriage of Henry Burnet, Esquire.... to convey the same to Henry James Brooke.... and for laying out the Money to arise by such sale in the purchase of other Estates.... 11pp.. 1813. £12.00
    Refers to premises in St. Mary Street.

  303. Chirton AN ACT For Dividing, Allotting, and Inclosing the Open and Common Fields and Downs, Common Meadows, Common Pastures, and Commonable and Waste Lands within the Manor or Tithing of Chirton otherwise Cherrington in the County of Wiltshire 24pp. 1800. £20.00

  304. Laverstock Inclosure AN ACT for Inclosing Lands within the Parish of Laverstock including the Tithing of Ford.... 25pp. 1818. £16.00

  305. Littlecote Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Tithing of Littlecot, in the Parish of Enford.... 12pp. 1814. £17.00

  306. Malmesbury AN ACT for making and maintaining Turnpike Roads from the Town of Malmesbury to or near to the Town of Wootton Bassett, Sutton Benger Church,, and Dauntsey Gate.... 38pp. 1809. £12.00

  307. Sheppards Shord, Devizes, Ashlington Hill and Rowdford Roads AN ACT for enlarging the Terms and Powers granted by an Act passed inthe Fifth Year of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Anne, Entitled, An Act for Repairing the Highways between between Sheppards Shord and the Devizes, and the Top of Ashlington Hill and Rowdford.... Black Letter. Cover leaf + 10pp. 1725. £12.00

  308. Swindon to Christian Malford Bridge, Calne, Lyneham Green, Lydiard Marsh, Cricklade Roads AN ACT for continuing the Term and amending the Powers of an Act.... for repairing the Roads leading from Swindon to the Centre of Christian Malford Bridge, and from Calne to Lyneham-Green, and from the Direction Post in Long Leaze Lane near Lydiard Marsh, to Cricklade.... 7pp. 1812. £12.00

  309. Tilshead Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Tilshead.... 20pp. 1811. £17.00

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  310. Cleobury LETTER from T.L. Hall to his son William Hall, Cleobury Paper Mills, near Bewdley, written from London, 22 Jan. 1833. 4p, 4to, writing continued on first page in four lines crossing vertically, last page includes integral address panel with postmarks, papered seal, small piece torn from margin on last leaf where seal broken. Gives instruction about spreading soil on the fruit trees ('.... they must be very careful not to run the Cart wheels upon the trees. Keep the little lads to lead the horses.) and about making another lot of paper 'tell John Davison to make another lot of Royal tinted clean and good.... part 60lb per Ream and part 63lb. I wish this made before the Cap papers.... he must be very particular as to the sizeing....' etc. 1833. £27.00

  311. Rock's ROYAL MALVERN ALBUM 14 photolitho views on extending strip, some double page, folding into decorative gilt boards, 6" x 5". Advert. for Frank Passey's Porcelain & Glass House and Doll Show-room inside back board. c1880. £14.00

  312. Worcester Cathedral APPOINTMENT of Anthony Lechmere as Honorary Canon. In MS on vellum, 12" x 14", vellum with slight yellowing, good papered seal. 1849. £10.00

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  313. Aldham MESSRS. REDFEARN BROS. ALDHAM GLASS BOTTLE WORKS Manuscript plan in ink & 2 colours on Whatman paper. Size 17" x 13". Scale 40ft. to an inch. Names Furnace, travelling crane, other buildings lettered.... together with.... REDFEARN BROS OLD MILL GLASS BOTTLE WORKS BARNSLEY. Plan scale 40ft. to 1", size 19" x 18", shows buildings near canal. Bottom area slightly dustmarked. c1900. £25.00

  314. Baines (E), Pub. THE LEEDS MERCURY August 15, 1863. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp. Unopened. 1863. £9.00
    Local news includes 'Illicit whisky Making at Bradford', reports of meetings of railway societies including North Eastern, Hull and Selby.

  315. Baines (E), Pub. THE LEEDS MERCURY November 23, 1855. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp. Some tears at top and bottom margin. 1863. £9.00
    News from Wakefield, Huddersfield, Otley, Pontefract, York etc.

  316. Barnby (George), Pub. THE MALTON GAZETTE November 29, 1862. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp, folds. 1862. £9.00
    Inludes news from Scarborough, Hunmanby, Pickering, Antiquarian Discovery near Malton, Proposed Formationof a Workman's Hall in Malton, etc.


  317. Bishop Monkton PARTICULARS of A Valuable Estate, consisting of a Commodious Modern Mansion House called Bishop Monkton Hall.... an excellent walled Garden with Flues, Fish Ponds wiell stocked with Fish... 715 Acres conveniently divided into Six Farms.... Three Mills with constant supply of Water at Present Used for the Purpose of Spinning Flax... and Six Cottages in the Village.... Will be offered For Sale by Auction.... 26th day of August, 1831. 5pp., folio, plus docket title, first page printed with a variety of type faces. Lists 5 Lots, with detailed schedules for each giving name of field, house, ponds, etc., cultivation, occupier, quantity, totals for each Lot. Traces of folds. Langdale, Printer, Ripon, 1831. £50.00
    Approx. 200 fields etc. listed.

  318. Brackenburgh and Kirby Wiske PARTICULARS OF CAPITAL FREEHOLD MANSION, MANOR, AND FARMS To be Sold By Auction... Second Day of March next That Capital Modern Mansion called Sion Hill.... and also the Manor or reputed Manor of Kirby Wiske, and the several adjoining Farms.... 1p folio, with fine engraved plan, size 9"x 12", on verso of adjoining leaf 'A Plan of an Estate situate in the Townships of Kirby Wiske and Brackenbrough.... Made in 1816 by Jonathan Taylor, Leeds.' Compass rose, scale bar, shows parkland with trees, rough land, fields. Church, turnpike road etc. With Schedule on first page referring to numbers on plan. Waller, Printer, Wood-Street, Wakefield, 1820. £65.00

  319. Hargrove (William), Pub. THE YORK HERALD Saturday April 19, 1879. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp, unopened. Some browning at right-hand edge of first page. 1879. £8.00

  320. Hargrove (William), Pub. THE YORK HERALD Saturday November 26, 1859. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp, unopened. 1859. £8.00

  321. Kingston upon Hull OPENING OF THE BEVERLEY ROAD BATHS Invitation from the Chairman of the Baths Comitte to the opening by the Mayor, 29th May 1905. Printed on card, 4" x 6", 2p, with coat of arms and photogrpah of the baths on the front, invitation to the Superintendant of Public BathsSt. Pancras inside. A few grubby marks on verso of second page. 1905. £8.00

  322. Skipton, Otley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XCII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 37", linen-backed, folding into 8vo marbled wraps, in slipcase with Stanford label. 1864. £35.00

  323. Woodlesford CONVEYANCE of a Seam or bed of coal situate at Woodlesford in the parish of Northwell, George Armitage & Sons Ltd. to Henry Briggs Son & Co. Ltd. 3p, folio, on vellum, plus coloured manuscript plan showing the bed and nearby buildings, scale 2 chains to an inch. 1918. £22.00
    Refers to that bed or seam of coal 'known as the Beeston Seam, situate on the East side of the Wakefield and Aberford Road'.

  324. York BILL-BOOK Oblong 4to record book, marbled boards, worn calf spine, corners rubbed, printed label to front board 'Frobisher's Gentleman & Tradesman's Bill-Book: Sold at his Wholesale Book-Warehouse, Pavement, York.' Entries on 45 double page spreads, printed in columns for When & of Whom Recd., When & Where Drawn, Time, Payable To, By Whom Drawn, On Whom Drawn, Value, etc. First entry Jan. 31st 1806, last one for August 1811. Places where drawn include Leeds, Macclesfield, Saddleworth, Accrington, Blackburn, Bradford, Halifax, Bowling Iron Works. People listed under 'On Whom Drawn' include Sir James Esdaile & Co., Sir Richd. Carr Glyn, Ramsbottom & Co., Masterman & Co. 1806-1811. £70.00

  325. Yorkshire Union of Agricultural Clubs and Chambers of Agriculture NOTICE of Annual General Meeting and Annual Dinner, at York. 1p, folio, folds. 1906. £12.00
    Gives special Railway arrangements.

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  326. New Ross, Wexford IMPORTANT SALE BY AUCTION of Springpark Farm, conveniently situated within 2 miles of Palace Station... held from the Right Honourable Lord Baron Carew.... Wednesday, 9th March, 1898.... Poster, printed on green paper in a variety of type-faces, size 20" x 15", folds, colour faded along two folds. Clark & Son Printers, Gorey, 1898. £24.00
    As well as detailed description of the property, includes list of Horses and Cattle in the sale ('Bay Mare, by Salem, stinted to Lord George' etc.)

  327. Sligo SOLDIER'S CERTIFICATE OF ENLISTMENT Printed certificate with MS inserts, size 6" x 8", for Hugh Murphy, by trade a weaver, born in the parish of St. John in Sligo, enlisting as a private in the 73rd Regiment of Foot, making oath that he has the perfect use of his limbs, no rupture, etc. There is no signature of Murphy in the appropriate place. The second paragraph confirms age, height, hair etc., and that the Articles of War have been read. Signed Will. Stewart (Justice). At the bottom is signature of Surgeon, John Buchanan, declaring he has examined him and finds him fit for Service. 29th October 1779. £80.00

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  328. Caermarthen ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLI. Sheet 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 36". Borders shaded in different colour of wash. Linen-backed, folding into marbled endpapers, size 12" x 10". 1871. £36.00

  329. Carmarthen ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 35", a few marginal tears. Paper slightly dusty down left-hand edge. O.S blindstamp 1887. £30.00

  330. Denbigh, Flint PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Farms, Tenements, Grand Meadow and Accommodation Lands, Building Sites &c. Comprising in all 988a. 2r. 9p. or thereabouts, which.... will be sold by Auction.... 20th day of August 1906. 27pp., folio, wraps, traces of central horizontal fold. 4 very large folding plans, coloured in outline. 1906. £35.00
    Includes properties in the parishes of Abergele, Bodelwyddan, Rhyl, Llysfaen, Llanddulas, Bettws-yn-Rhos. Gives detailed schedules of farms with names of tenant, acreage of fields etc.

  331. Mongomery WILL of George Burgess of Dolarddyn Hall near Welshpool. 7pp., folio, folded. 1866. £8.00

    Wales Acts

  332. Aberayron, Cardiganshire AN ACT to enable the Revd. Alban TJones Gwynne to repair and enlarge or rebuild the Quay or Pier within the Harbour or Port of Aberayron.... 14pp, including Schedule of Tolls. 1807. £12.00

  333. Breconshire AN ACT to provide for the vesting in the Breconshire County Council of part of the Swansea Canal.... and for the closing of the part of the canal so vested.... 7pp., bound with a draft copy of the Act with amendments and a copy of the Bill, also bound in is a folded full sheet 25" O.S. Map (Sheet No. XLIII.7) with the relevant part of the canal shaded in pink. Bound in full cloth, sm. folio, gilt title on spine. 1945-6. £18.00

  334. Cadoxtone, Glamorgan AN ACT to enable the Guardians of Jane Williams, Elizabeth Williams and Maria Williams, Infants, to grant a Lease.... of certain Veins of Coal, Culm and Iron Ore, in the Parish of Cadoxtone, near Neath.... 4pp. 1806. £14.00

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  335. Ancient Order of Shepherds CEREMONIAL COLLAR in blue silk with grey edging, cord tassel, machine embroidered with 'P.P' and 'AOS' above a ram's head on the left and on the right a lamb on a red cushion, star, coat of arms of order, thistles etc. G. Tutill, London, c1920 or earlier. £14.00

  336. Banbury & Cheltenham Direct Railway Co. SUBSCRIPTION for 60,000 Six Per Cent Preferred Stock Printed on thin paper, 3pp., 4to, loosely inserted is form for Application and Receipt. 1876. £26.00
    With Report setting out the advantages of the line by Mr Seymour Clarke. 'In addition to the ordinary sources of revenue the Line will run for many miles through extensive beds of most valuable Ironstone....'

  337. Booth Steamship Co., New York NORTH BRAZIL & AMAZON RIVER PORTS Via Barbados, W.I. Illustrated guide, oblong 8vo, decorative wraps, slightly rubbed, 22p., numerous illusts. of Barbados, plan of ships, list of steamers etc. 1907. £18.00

  338. Bradbury (Wm.), Printer and Publisher THE DAILY NEWS No. 1. January 21st, 1846. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp. 1846. £15.00
    Front page has one-column report on 'Direct Northern Railway', and two columns of notices on many other small railways, one full page of railway news inside, plus No. 1 of 'Travelling Letters. Written on the Road', by Charles Dickens.

  339. Breconshire and Herefordshire PARTICULARS WITH PLAN of the Freehold Residential & Agricultural Estate known as The Penyworlodd Estate extending to an area of 587a.2r.8p.... including The Manor House dating from 1650, Capital Farm Buildings, Two Cottages.... to be offered by Auction.... 25th day of June, 1913. Large 4to, 14pp., printed wraps, large coloured folding plan, key plan. 2 full page photographic plates. Traces of a vertical fold. 1913. £45.00
    The estate was a mile and a half from Hay.

  340. Britton (T), Pr. THE DAILY NEWS Fiftieth Anniversary Edition. January 21st 1896. Broadsheet newspaper, 16pp. 1896. £8.00

  341. Christmas card TO WISH YOU AN UP-TO-DATE CHRISTMAS and a very jolly one too. Beautifully printed embossed card, in delicate colours and silver, gold edging, showing two ladies sitting at a table with champagne, bowls of fruit etc. On the lift-up tablecloth is printed 'Sorry you can't see all of us but if you look under the table..... (under the flap) you'll see the legs.' Size 5" x 4", verse inside. Angus Thomas, London, Copyright. c1900. £20.00

  342. Cookery COLLECTION OF RECIPES Upwards of 59 recipes written on loose sheets, in a variety of hands, some with a note of person who has given them, loosely inserted in the marbled boards of a 4to notebook, vellum spine. Trade card of John Sharland, Importer of Fine Wines, Wellington, showing a bunch of grapes, slightly rubbed, loosely inserted. Also inserted is 8vo notebook, 12p, with diary entries for Jan. 4 1853 - Dec. 31 1855, mainly recording deaths, visits to relatives at Weston-super-Mare, etc. ... together with.... sm. 4to notebook, c1850, marbled boards, half calf, containing 27 pages of recipes and remedies, various recipes and letters loosely inserted. 1840's-50's. £50.00
    Includes recipes for American Pickle, Walnut Ketchup, Swiss cake, Lemon solid, Calfshead Jelly, 'To preserve Lettuce like Ginger', as well as a few remedies, such as 'recipe for rheumatism', 'wash for fruit trees, etc. Some recipes have been sent to 'Miss Tanner, Burlescombe Vicarage', some to 'Miss Wood', Mount Stephen.

  343. Death of Queen Victoria THREE TELEGRAMS taped to lined sheet of paper with MS heading 'Bulletin issued 8 a.m. 22nd Jany. 1901. From Western Morning News States...', the telegrams have had their headings trimmed but the postmarks, Appledore, are intact, and read (in large handwriting, 'Queen shows signs diminishing strength condition again assumes more serious aspect' 'Official Bulletin noon no change.... Patient now asleep', 'The Queen died this evening 6.30'. 1901. £30.00

  344. Embroidery PATTERN BOOK 77 full pages of attractive designs for embroidery, very carefully drawn in black ink, in a 4to notebook, marbled boards, vellum spine. Inscription on front paste-down 'Eleanor Tanner Slack 1891. Given her by her Mother in memory of her Godmother, Eleanor Cowlin Wood, who drew all the patterns in this Book.' Loosely inserted is a letter of 1933 from the neice to whom Eleanor Slack had given the book, presenting it to her neice. Paper watermarked 1816. £300.00
    The motifs are stylised flowers and leaves, mainly one or two to a page. Some would appear to be designs for edging as they are based on scalloped edges, and some may be for 'broderie anglaise' as there are many small blank circles which could indicate the holes. An inscription on the spine reads 'Miss E. Wood. 1812', which does not correspond with the water-mark, but stiching on the spine indicates Miss Wood had used these slightly older boards to stitch in the leaves of designs.


  345. Hook (Thomas) Artist LETTER WITH SKETCH to a Mr Bower, Rock Park, Nr. Birkenhead, 3p, sm 4to, integral address panel with postmark, wax seal, on verso. The artist says he has just completed Mr. Robinson's picture 'I will scribble the arrangement of it with my pen....(sketch below this).... it is quite an English rural scene one I found in a green nook in Surrey.... a mother with her eldest boy as pioneer, is going to market on her pony freighted with fowls & eggs....' There is a sketch of the picture in dark brown ink on the first page, size approx. 4" x 6", small portion torn from corner (and a few words missing from text on verso). Gives detailed description of the scene, size, price etc.... together with.... Letter to Thomas Robinson thanking him for the money for 'The Market Morning', saying he will keep the picture until Robinson visits 'on the chance of your seeing some trifle you wd. wish added or altered'. 2p., sm. 8vo., stamp signed as receipt. Kensington Nov. 24 and 30th, 1854. £35.00

  346. Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire LEASE for six months of a fee farm rent of 39 from a pasture called Templewalke, part of the park of Beamondly and Beomondwalke, Leicestershire, and 156 payable every 21 years, together with an annual rent of 8 from the park of 'Baron', Sir Robert Carr, Bart., Chancellor of the Ducy of Lancaster, and Sir William Ellis, Justice of Common Pleas, to Joseph Morton, Merchant, of London. Vellum, size 11" x 24". Signed by Ellis and Carr, with two papered seals on tags. Vellum slightly dust-marked. 1675. £35.00

  347. Lingard (J), Pr. and Pub. DAILY MAIL Coronation Record. Monday August 11th, 1902. Broadsheet newspaper, 12pp, folds. Numerous line-drawn illustrations, detailed descriptions of ceremony, dresses, illuminations, etc. 1902. £9.00

  348. London, Oxford & Cheltenham PROSPECTUS for The London, Oxford & Cheltenham Railway Company. Capital 1,500,000 in 75,000 Shares of 20. Each. 2pp, folio, with title on verso of adjoining blank leaf. Lists Provisional Directors, many of whom were from Cheltenham and Gloucester, describes route, etc. The Engineer was Robert Stephenson. 1846. £45.00
    No plan is referred to in the text. One may have been issued separately.

  349. Nansen DAILY CHRONICLE Three issues, November 2nd, 3rd, 4th 1896. Broadsheet newspaper, each 12pp. Contains 'Nansen's Story As Told by Himself', comprising Part I: 'Introduction' 2pp, Part II: The Great Sledge Expedition; Part III: Homeward Bound. Includes numerous line drawings, map. 1896. £25.00

  350. Polo TWO PROGRAMMES for Monty Waterbury Cup, Meadow Brook, Sept. 15th and 25th, 1930. 6" x 6", folded to make 4 pages. Slightly rubbed. 1930. £5.00

  351. Sussex and Kent THE PARTICULARS AND CONIDITONS OF SALE of a Valuable Freehold Estate in the Parishes of Burwash and Ticehurst.... consisting of The Manor of St. Giles Burwash, The Ancient Family Residence called The Franchise.... Four Hundred and Twenty Acres.... Oaste House, Brick Kiln.... A Farm called the Paddock Farm, The Manor House in Burwash called New House.... Waystrode Farm in Cowden, Kent, containing One Hundred and Sixty Acres.... which will be Sold by Auction.... at Garraway's Coffee House, Cornhill, London, 16th November, 1842... 7pp., folio, traces of folds, docket title on verso, with completed manuscript memorandum below it. 1842. £40.00
    With Schedules of the Lots.


  352. Tanner (Thomas) STATEMENT OF THE PUBLIC SERVICES OF THOMAS TANNER ESQUIRE a Captain in the Honble East India Company's Marine in the Bombay Establishment from the Month of December 1802 to the Month of December 1826 Embracing a Period of Twenty two years & Employed for the most part on the Coasts of India, Persia & Arabia. Manuscript account of his naval career from 1802 to 1824. In 8vo notebook, 8" x 5", marbled wraps, manuscript label. 31 pages, and a 22 page Appendix, plus 15 pages inserted at the front of the notebook at a later date by his son, Albert Tanner, in which Albert gives an account of his father's life and career, from his boyhood to his death, with details of his marriages and children. Paper watermarked 1822. £300.00

  353. Wild flowers COLLECTION OF DRIED BOTANICAL SPECIMENS Mounted in families in sm. folio album, calf spine, 35 pages, between 1-4 specimens per page. Labelled with Latin and English names, date and place of collection. 1939-60. £55.00
    Includes various orchids.

  354. Wiltshire. and Dorset PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... Rich Arable & Pasture Land with the Dwelling-Houses & Premises.... For Sale by Auction, at the Red Lion Inn, Bourton.... 26th November, 1861.... which are situate in the Hamlet of Bourton, parishes of Silton, Gillingham and Mere. 6pp., folio, on blue paper, folds. 17 lots listed in tablular form with tenant, field name, state, acreage. 1861. £22.00

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