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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 47

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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  1. Acland's CENTINEL Quarterly Publication. 'Who Goes There?' 'A Friend' - 'The Word?' 'Reform and Vote by Ballot!' First issue, Feb. 12th 1831. 4to, 4pp. Edges slightly ragged, split at fold. 1831. £8.00
    Note in MS in margin that it was purchased at the office of Publication in Bridgewell lane, 12 Feby. 1831, signed Edward Tew.

  2. Acland's FREE PRESS Quarterly Publication. 'The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth.' No. 1, Saturday January 22nd, 1831. 4pp., 4to. Some minor bronwing, mainly in margin. 1831. £8.00

  3. Acland's POLITICIAN Quarterly Publication - 'The Constitution - Nothing More - Nothing Less'. No. 1. Thursday January 27, 1830. 4pp. 4to. Rather roughly printed. 1830. £8.00
    'The great mass of the population is reduced to a state of beggary. The ruin of millions has been caused by the heartless avarice of thousands who have long fattened on the carcase of our national Prosperity. Of these vultures of the State the landed aristocracy form the majority....'

  4. All Saints Parish POOR RATE An Assessment for the poor on the parish of All Saints for half year from Michaelmas l709 to Lady Day Next. Large folio sheet folded in half vertically to 16" x 6", ruled in 5 columns, listing 53 ratepayers, with rates paid, rents etc. Among the ratepayers is Edward Goldney. Signed by Churchwardens and Overseers.... together with.... An Assessment for the Poor of the Psh. of all Sts. for the halfe Year from 29th Spr. to the 25th March 1715. Similar sheet, folded to 21" x 8", listing 56 names. 1709 - 1715. £60.00

  5. Ashley Down PLAN, PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of very Extensive and Valuable Freehold Building Estates, Including Two Very Attractive Residences Known as 'Holdenhurst' and 'Glen Frome'. Messrs. Geo. Nichols, Smith & Alder Will Sell By Auction at.... 49 Broad Street, Bristol on Tuesday 19th July, 1892. Folio, folded, 5pp, plus coloured folding plan, 29" x 41". Portion torn from corners of 3 leaves, with loss of one letter of text on page 2. 1892. £22.00

  6. Ashton Vale ACCOUNT BOOKS of Ishmael Hamblin. Comprises (i) 4to Cash Book, full morocco, detailing mainly personal expenses such as children's schooling, furniture, wedding reception, property tax, donations etc. Numerous local firms such as Pountney, Hare & Co., Avery, mentioned. 86 double pages, 1888-1921. (ii) 4to Cash Book, full reversed calf, with Statement of Assests and Liabilities, Interest & Rents received etc, repairs on his house at Greville Road. Approx. 100 double pages. 2 items. 1889-1920. 1888-1921. £24.00
    Ishmael Hamblin was secretary of the Ashton Vale Iron Co. He owned land at Barrow Gurney.

  7. Beaven (Alfred) TWO LETTERS addresssed to 'Dear Mr. Eberle', dated October 23 1898, and Nov. 16 1898. 2 and 3p respectively, sm. 8vo, in a very small hand. Thanks Eberle for his offer of hospitality, mentions he is getting to the end of his lists 'altogether I have put together a good collection of memoranda about Bristol notabilities and public characters', his hopes to consult Thomas Taylor's collection of old newspapers and 'Ald. Fox's library.' 1898. £18.00
    Alfred Beaven was the author of 'Bristol Lists'.

  8. Manor of Blacksworth COPY OF COURT ROLL of Court Baron of Thomas Tyndall, Lord of the Manor, admitting Nathaniel Allen as tenant of messuages and gardens in West Street, St. Phillip and St. Jacob (excludes land at Crews Hole, St. George, once part and parcel of this tenement). Vellum, 9" x 14", signed Thomas Tyndall and Steward, with wax seal. 5th June 1780. £14.00

  9. Bristol & Portishead Pier & Railway Co. PROSPECTUS Capital, 200,000 in Shares of 25 each. 3pp, folio, docket title on verso of last page, folds. Lists Directors etc, sets out advantages to trade and tourism of the proposed line, with half page 'Extract from Mr. Brunel's Report Referred To', in which he reports on his examination of Kingroad and the mouth of the Avon 'with the view to determine the best site for a Landing Place'. 1863. £65.00

  10. Bristol Aeroplane Company BRITAIN AND 'BRISTOL' ACHIEVE NEW AIRCRAFT ALTITUDE RECORD Publicity brochure for the record of the Canberra, with 14 real black and white photographs, size 6" x 9", stamp of Bristol Aeroplane Company and typewritten explanatory notes on the verso of each print. Includes phots of W.C. W.F Gibb with B.A.C staff just after the flight, various views of the Canberra in flight and on runway, the Olympus engine, Gibb in cockpit, etc. With 10p cyclostyled brochure, foolscap, loose leaves, giving details of the flight, and press cuttings. In slightly ragged paper brochure, titled as above. May 1953. £95.00

  11. Bristol Docks PLAN OF DOCKS AND RIVER AVON Coloured plan size 14" x 28", folds, covering Portishead, Avonmouth, Bristol, as far as Netham Lock. With table of Reference to lights. Brownish stain across compass rose approx. 2" in diameter. c1900. £8.00

  12. Bristol Education Committee THE CORONATION of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. June 1953. 16pp., stiff wraps, cold. illuts. 1953. £6.00

  13. Bristol Steamship Company PROSPECTUS Capital 250,000 in 10,000 Shares of 25 each. 1p., folio, folds, on adjoining leaf are printed Application form and Banker's Receipt form. 9th Jan. 1872. £25.00
    'It is beyond dispute that owing to the absence of a well appointed and regular service of Ocean Steamships the Merchants of Bristol are placed at a great disadvantage...'

  14. Bristol Tramway & Carriage Co. SET OF TICKETS in wooden holder, 12" long, 3" high, row of 8 stacks of tickets on each side, held with steel springs, comprising single tickets 1d, 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d, 7d., return tickets 6d, 7d, 10d, half fare, 1/6d., 1/10d., 3s, 1/8d/. Approx. 50 tickets in each return fare bundle, 100 in single fare bundles. n.d.1920's. £50.00
    Apparently bus tickets.

  15. Bristol Wagon Works Company LIST No. 535, 4pp., folio, green paper, with illusts. and details of 26 Dog Carts, Phaeton's etc. List of Patrons. Small piece missing from bottom margin, many tears, repaired with document tape, edges of paper brittle. 1886. £15.00

  16. Fabian Society FACTS FOR BRISTOL An Exhaustive Collection.... Facts Relating to the City, with Suggestions for Reform on Socialist Principles. 19pp. 1891. £14.00
    Includes statistics on Tramways, Docks, The Poor etc.

  17. Gloucestershire Society ANNUAL REPORT AND ACCOUNT 257th Anniversary, December 1914. With list of Subscriptions and Donations, and list of Presidents from 1657. 3pp., folio., folded, docket title. 1914. £12.00

  18. Hudd (Alfred) BRISTOL COINS AND TOKENS of the XVIIth, XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries. 15pp., 8vo, with many additions to the catalogue described in MS on the facing blank pages, in the compiler's hand. On the title page is inscription 'John Latimer Esq. With the Compiler's Compts.' Later owner's indelible stamp inside. Disbound, from Proceedings of the Clifton Antiquarian Club. 1896. £18.00

  19. 'M.K.' FROM THE POINT KINGS WESTON, CLIFTON. Monochrome watercolour wash. Size approx. 10" x 13", including a " lower margin. A view looking across the Mouth of the Avon towards where Portishead now stands, showing the Avon flowing into the Severn. Aug. 8, 1829. £80.00
    An early view, initialled, dated, and titled in the lower margin.

  20. Perry (William Stevens) THE 'AMERICAN' SERMON Preached in S. Paul's Cathedral, London, on Sunday, July 4th, A.D. 1897, by William Stevens Perry, D.D. (Oxon.) LL.D., Bishop of Iowa and Historiographer of the American Church. 19pp., 4to, some foxing spots throughout, plain wraps with printed title at top 'In Honorem Bristoliensium'. Wraps ragged at spine, old archival tape repair at spine. Bristol, Old England: Printed for Private Circulation. 1898. £20.00
    With a foreward by William George, the Bristol antiquary: 'The far-reaching consequences of the expedition John Cabot and the Merchants of Bristol in 1497, are set forth in glowing language in this sermon.... I thought many of my fellow-citizens would be glad to posses this eloquent discourse of one of the most learned of the American Bishops, and I have therefore, by the courteous permission of the prelate, had it re-printed for presentation only.'

  21. Poor in Bristol ENQUIRY INTO THE CONDITION OF THE POOR Proposed Resolutions for Meeting of the Committee on 3rd November 1885. 4pp., folio, lithographed in cursive (sets out objectives on improving poor people's housing etc.), together with covering letter from Secretary; printed circular from Vice Chairman ideas on problem of fallen women, temperance etc.; Printed letter with questionnaire soliciting opinion on co-operation between charities and Poor Law authorities, 4pp., folio; Resolutions passed at a meeting at the Council House, 3rd Nov. 1885, 3pp., 4to. 1885. £25.00

  22. Poor Rate TO THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL NICHOLAS HICKS ESQ. Mayor of the City of Bristol and to the Worshipfull the Aldermen.... Vellum document declaring that the Corporation 'in their Court or Asembly held at the Mintworkhouse.... the eleventh day of April lst past did set down and ascertain that the sum of three thousand five hundred pounds.... ought to be advanced to the Treasurer of the said Coporation by the respective Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of each parish....' Vellum document, slightly dusty at edges, heading in large letters, size 15" x 20". Tag with seal missing, three areas nibbled away by rodents in bottom margin. 2nd May 1717. £20.00

  23. Pritchard Family LETTER from Edgar H. Prichard, 28 Berkeley Square, Clifton, Bristol, to Mr Weare expressing his appreciation of his article on Prichard's grandfather in the Times & Mirror. `It will interest you to know that we have the interesting collection of skulls made by my grandfather still in our possession.' 3 sides, sm 8vo, black border to top leaf. January 23rd, 1898. £20.00
    Dr. J.C. Prichard was the famous anthropologist who lived at the Red Lodge.

  24. S.S Great Britain COMMEMMORATIVE MEDAL in brass, diameter 1", ship pictured with details of length, breadth etc., on verso 'This Iron Steam Ship Was Launched in the Presence of H.R.H. Prince Albert on July 19th 1843. The weight of iron used in the ship and engines is upwards of 1500 tons.' Around the rim is 'Constructed by T.R. Guppy Esq. C.E' 1843. £78.00

  25. Saint Nicholas Parish LUNACY CERTIFICATE Folio sheet, printed, with details added in manuscript. Signed by a surgeon and another witness declaring `William Miles of the Parish of St Nicholas, Rigger, is by Lunacy or otherwise, Furiously mad or so far disordered in his senses that it may be dangerous to permit him to go abroad'. Attached is a note from the surgeon, Mr Grant of Queen Square. 29th Dec. l826. £26.00

  26. St. Augustine's POOR RATE 1738. A Rate made for collecting the sum of one hundred and forty five pounds and ten shillings, assessed in the Parish of St. Augustines for maintaining and employing the Poor of the City of Bristol for Michaelmas 1738 to Lady day 1739. Lists names street by street with columns:- `Reall,' `Personall,' `Total.' Includes College Green and Orchard Street. Neatly tipped in is a small 8vo sheet titled `Sundry Deficiences on the poor Rate the last Half Year.' This includes `Mr Elton overcharged.' 15 pages, signed by Mayor and Overseers, small folio, marbled wraps. 1738. £95.00

  27. Steep Street PHOTOGRAPH size 7" x 6", mounted on card, showing view looking uphill, shop with wooden figure outside in foreground, two figures. SIgned in plate 'C.H. Horton'. c1920. £10.00
    This appears to be a reprint, with some retouching, of an original taken c1870.

  28. Temple Parish LAND TAX An Assessment made.... llth day of May l700.... for the Raising of forty one pounds eighteen shillings on the Parish of Temple by virtue of an Act of Parliament granting an Aid to his Majesty among other things by a Land Tax, this being the second Quarterly Payment. Folio, paper wraps, covering 8 sides, with lists of Taxpayers, some with descriptions of property (warehouse, Meeting House, hospital etc.), with three columns of figures: Reall Estate, Personall Estate, Sum Totall. 250 taxpayers listed. Very clean and legible throughout. May l700 £95.00

  29. Tolzey Court and Mayors Court BAIL CERTIFICATES on paper, one approx. 6" x 8", the other slightly smaller, folds, bailing William Frampton in a case of trespass, Richard Frampton, Glover, providing bail, and the other bailing Samuel Iddens, Christopher Devonshire, Merchant, providing bail. Signed and dated, impressed stamps. 1747 & 1755. £22.00

  30. Tolzey Court BAIL CERTIFICATE bailing John Ball in a debt case, Nicholas Ablart, Merchant Taylor, and John Scott, Peruke Maker, standing bail. On vellum, approx. 5" x 7", slight browning, red paper impressed stamps, four signatures. 1747. £15.00

  31. Town Dues TO THE MERCHANTS, TRADERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF BRISTOL Broadside under the name 'Many Citizens', attacking the levying of Town Dues by the Corporation. Single sheet, sm. folio, printed on one side only, cleanly torn across horizontally, repaired on verso with document tape. Small piece missing at top left corner, top right corner in margin browned. Bristol, Jan. 4, 1786. £40.00

  32. Usher's Brewery ACCOUNTS LEDGER comprising receipts and payments for 33 named Bristol public houses, family capital accounts, beer trade and wine and spirit accounts, etc. Approx 100 double pages in ruled cash ledger, plus 19 double pages of balances at rear. Full calf, rubbed at corners, morocco lettering piece, lacks clasp. Oct. 1887 - Oct. 1896. £55.00
    Public houses mentioned include Kings Arms, Redland; Brass Knocker, Church Street; The Lion, Quay Head; Old Manor House, Clifton Place; Colston Arms, Lodge Street; Prince of Wales, Ashley Road.

  33. Wine Merchants' PARTNERSHIP ACCOUNTS for Richard Gregory Thomas and Robert Clark Paul for the period 1814-1822. 4to notebook containing summaries of accounts with 'Debit' and 'Credit' on facing pages, for Richard Gregory Thomas, Robert Clark Paul, Charles Thomas, General Statement of the Co-partnership Trade, etc. 42 double page spreads in all. Full blindstamped calf, boards sl. stained, titled in ink "R. & C. Thomas & Co." on front board. 1813-22. £40.00
    There is no mention of the nature of the business in these accounts, which are very general, but Richard Gregory Thomas is listed as a Wine & Spirit Merchant in Pigot's 1822 Directory.

    Bristol Acts Parliament

  34. Bristol Bridge AN ACT for building a Bridge from the Parish of Saint Philip and Jacob over the Floating Harbour to the Parish of Temple.... 55pp. 1838. £22.00
    Includes a 2pp schedule of the property, owners, or occupiers concerned.

  35. Buildings and Walls AN ACT for extending and enlarging the Provisions of the Act for regulating Buildings and Party Walls within the City and County of Bristol, and for forming certain Streets, and for widening other Streets.... 34pp, top leaf slightly dusty and with indelible ownership stamp to margin of top leaf. 1847. £15.00
    Contains an 11pp schedule of the land and owners or occupiers concerned.

  36. Christ Church AN ACT for rebuilding the Parish Church of Christ Church, otherwise The Holy Trinity, within the City of Bristol; and for widening the Streets adjacent thereto. Black letter, cover leaf + 30pp. 1785. £16.00
    Includes 1pp schedule of the property and owners or occupiers concerned.

  37. Clifton Church AN ACT for authorising the Sale of the Old Church of Saint Peter (Clifton).... 4pp. 1883. £9.00

  38. Clifton Suspension Bridge AN ACT to amend the Acts for building a Bridge over the River Avon, from Clifton to the opposite Side of the River in the County of Somerset. 3pp. 1845. £11.00

  39. Colston, Edward AN ACT for vesting several Fee Farm Rents and annual Sums settled by Edward Colston deceased, on the Master, Wardens, and Commonalty of Merchant Venturers of the City of Bristol, for the Maintenance of a Hospital and Alms House in the said City, in Trustees, to be sold,.... 14pp. 1807 £14.00
    Includes a 3pp schedule of the premises concerned.

  40. Commercial Rooms AN ACT for enabling the Proprietors of the Commercial Rooms in the City of Bristol, to sue and be sued in the name of their Secretary, and for the Regulation of the said Rooms, and the Property thereof. 7pp. 1814. £18.00

  41. Docks AN ACT to enable the mayor alderman and burgesses of the city of Bristol to purchase the undertakings of the Bristol Port and Channel Dock Company the Bristol Port and Channel Dock Warehouse Company Limited and the Portishead Warehouse Company Limited and the dock undertaking of the Bristol and Portishead Pier and Railway Company.... 29pp. 1884. £9.00

  42. Durdham and Clifton Down AN ACT to enable the Corporation of the City of Bristol to purchase Durdham Down, and to secure Durdham Down and Clifton Down as Places for public Recreation. 12pp. 1861. £17.00

  43. Port and Harbour Improvements AN ACT for improving and rendering more commodious the Port and Harbour of Bristol.... 72pp, uncut, half roan, marbled boards. 1803. £18.00
    Includes schedules of the land, tenants and premises concerned, and of the rates and duties on imported goods.

  44. Riot Compensation AN ACT to enable the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of Bristol to raise a Sum of Money towards discharging the Monies borrowed under the Authority of an Act passed in the Second Year of the Reign of His present Majesty. 4pp. 1836. £12.00

  45. Saint James AN ACT for dividing the Parish of Saint James, in the City and County of Bristol, and County of Gloucester, and for building a Church, and providing a Cemetery or Church Yard, and Parsonage House, within the new Parish. Black Letter, cover leaf + 34pp, some foxing. 1787. £15.00


  46. Altarnun POSTER To Be Let.... well-known Grassy Farm called Burland.... now in the occupation of Messrs. Hicks and Coombe.... valuable Rights of Common on Trevague Moor. 17" x 11", with folds. Dated 21st December, 1858. £16.00

  47. Bodmin REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF BODMIN 1pp., with map, zincographed from the Ordnance Survey, coloured in outline. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Approved by Henry James. Folio, disbound. 1868. £18.00

  48. Bosinney PENCIL DRAWING showing rocky scenery, houses in distance. On thick paper, buff-coloured wash. Size 6" x 9". Titled 'Rocky Valley Bosinney, May 1881'. A few small spots at one edge. 1881. £18.00

  49. Bosoar SKETCH PLAN on waxed cotton showing numbered fields around Bosoar and Little Bosoar, indicates Wheal Fursden. Size 9" x 14". c1880. £6.00

  50. Carlyon family LETTER from Edward Carlyon dated Tamar Terrace, Plymouth, 'Friday night', to Mary Spry at Killiganon, Truro, regarding her visit to Plymouth. '... we hope that Samuel will escort you on Tuesday or Wednesday as the Regatta on Thursday is likely to be a very gay affair... we shall lay an embargo on Richard without we have positive orders from the Admiral to the contrary.... Be so good as to bring our Map of Cornwall.' 2p, 4to, small tear below integral address panel where seal broken. Postmarked Plymouth Dock Aug.16, 1823. £18.00

  51. Corporation of Falmouth FALMOUTH The only Authorised Official Guide. 68pp., paper wraps, size 6" x 6". Numerous photographic illusts., adverts. Tipped onto endpaper is a letter on notepaper with heading of S. Downing & Son, Draper, London House, Falmouth, to a prospective visitor, from Harry Cox, the Proprietor. 1912. £25.00

  52. County divisions REPORT ON THE COUNTY OF CORNWALL under the proposed Redistribution of Seats Act. 4pp., folio, disbound, with folding zincographed map, scale 4" to 1 mile.... together with.... Diagram of the Alterations Proposed by the Boundaries Commission in the County of Cornwall. R. Owen Jones. Loose folding map printed in red and black, 4 miles to 1". 1885. £18.00

  53. Egloshayle LEASE of a Plot of ground parcel of Egloshayle in the Parish of Phillack, Messrs. Vivian, Millet & Davis (Trustees of the Cornish Copper Co.) to William Gilbert, Engineer. Vellum, 22" x 29", 3 wax seals. 3 small holes in vellum along one fold, one with loss of two words. 20th April 1849. £14.00
    Refers to land in Egloshayle 'upon which he hath lately erected a dwelling house'.

  54. Falmouth LETTER on headed paper of Henry Liddicoat, Wine Merchant, Market Strand, Falmouth to correspondent who has asked for information about church rates. 'For a population of abt. 15000 there is one Church capable of holding 900, an aged Rector and one curate'. Gives information about the holders of the living (Killigrews) etc. 4p., 8vo. June 2, 1882. £9.00

  55. Geach (T) LOSTWITHIEL 16 photographic views, oblong sm. 4to, edges of boards rubbed. Some margins slightly grubby. c1900. £10.00

  56. Gwennap CHRISTOPHER TREWEEKE'S DECLARATION OF TRETHARRUP Statement by Christopher Treweeke, Tinner, lessee on the adjacent tenement called Brewer, who is 'well acquainted with the sd. tenement of Tretharrup wherein there have been sevll. Considerable Workings for Tyn... and remembers that upwards of 40 or 50 years ago one Richd. Penalurick worked on the sd. tenement by virtue or under some Sett from one Wm. Morcombe...' He goes on to declare that Richard Penalurick sold him a 'a Considerable Quantity of Tyn Stuffe broke & risen on the sd. Tenement... and he paid the farme or Bounder's Dues of the said Tyn Stuffe to Willm. Morecombe and did also pay the Toll or Lord's Dues... to Hugh Bawden, the Lord or Owner'. 2p, on sheet folded to sm. folio, signed by Treweeke and witnessed by Mark Davis and Melchisedieh Williams. 11th Nov. 1749. £32.00
    It appears Mr Buller laid claim to the dues.

  57. Gwennap COUNTERPART LEASE for part of the tenement of Tresavean in Gwennap, Hugh Rogers of Helston to James Holman yeoman. Vellum, 17" x 22", 2 wax seals. Vellum spotty on verso, ink slightly faded, rubbed along one fold. 1761. £8.00
    Reserves mineral rights etc. to Rogers.

  58. Hannigan (Des) CORNWALL Impressions of a Landscape. Book of photographs with descriptive text. Paperback, oblong 4to. 1988. £6.00

  59. Heard & Sons, Truro, Pub. CORNWALL ILLUSTRATED 80 Views of Cornwall published as Supplements to the West Briton. Size 7" x 8", gilt boards, printed title, adverts. on endpapers. A few minor foxing spots to margins. c1917. £12.00
    Includes view of Delabole slate quarry, Dolcoath mine.

  60. Helston CONVEYANCE of 2 houses and premises in Meneage Street, John Paddy, Saddler, to John Rogers of Penrose. Owners of adjacent premises named. 2 vellum sheets 22" x 28", slightly browned, 2 wax seals.... With.... LEASE FOR A YEAR relating to same transaction, single vellum sheet 16" x 24", wax seal, slightly browned. 8th & 9th Nov. 1825. £14.00

  61. Helston COUNTERPART LEASE of a house in St. Michael Street in Helston, lately in the possession of John Treloar, Thomas ffonereau of Bochym to William Williams, Merchant, of Helston. Vellum, 21" x 26", wax seal. 1772. £16.00
    Names John and Sarah Treloar as 'Lives'.

  62. Helston LEASE for three lives of two houses in Helston formerly in the possession of Thos. Glynn, John St. Aubyn of Clowance to Charles Miles. On vellum, engraved initial, size 17" x 22", small wax seal. 1734. £17.00

  63. Helston REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF HELSTON 1pp., with map, zincographed from the Ordnance Survey, coloured in outline. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Approved by Henry James. Folio, disbound. 1868. £18.00

  64. Helston REPORT ON THE BOROUGH AND TOWN OF HELSTONE; 2pp. with a plan by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline, Scale 6" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1832. £20.00

  65. Helston REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF HELSTONE with a Description of the Proposed Boundary. 2pp. Folding map, scale 2" to a mile, from the Ordnance Survey. Bound at edge with linen tape. 1832. £20.00

  66. Holmbush Mine LETTER dated Holmbush Mines Office, Cornhill, 7th Nov. 1822, to Alfred Jenkins at Redruth, signed by Chas. Bartrum and two others, asking for payment of bills for ores purchased by him, and of bill for carriage to Calstock Quay. 1p., 4to, integral adress panel on adjoining leaf. 1822. £16.00

  67. Kenwyn LEASE of a tenement in Bossore, Kenwyn, Theophilus and John Laugherne to William Michell. Vellum size 12" x 13", small papered seal on tag. In a fine small hand, some minor browning spots, but always legible. Note of rent, heriot etc. on verso. 1655. £32.00
    With clauses excepting trees of 'Oak Ash Elm and Witchalls(?)' and any tin , reserving right of owner to enter to dress and carry away tin found. Also details conditions for repair and maintenance.

  68. Kenwyn WILL of John Wilkins of Kenwyn, Tinner, 1716. Copy extracted from the Registry 1776. 2p. folio on 2 sheets held with rusty pin, tax stamps in margin. 1776. £22.00
    Bequeathes 20s a year to the poor of Kenwyn, property at Bossore, Veyseys tenement etc., to his son.

  69. Lake & Co. pub. PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEW ALBUM OF FALMOUTH 16 photographic views, title page, original decorative cloth boards, approx. 6" x 8", decorative boards with gilt sailing boat. c1900 £15.00

  70. Lake & Lake, Pr. ADVERTISING SHEET for Lake's Parochial History of Cornwall, in 4 vols. 4to sheet, folded, printed in black and red with decoration of small vignettes. c1870. £6.00

  71. Launceston REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF LAUNCESTON 2pp., with folding map, coloured in outline. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1832. £20.00

  72. Launceston REPORT UPON THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH. 2pp, with a plan, coloured in outline, scale 4" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound, some slight off-setting and water-staining on text leaf. 1837. £18.00

  73. Lescudjack Estate, Penzance BUILDERS' CORRESPONDENCE Comprising Specification, 11pp., carbon copy, typewritten, for construction of roads and drains on the estate, together with 6 estimates from Joseph Nicholas, Builder, and letter from Henry Carne, Surveyor to the Estate, to J.L. Rogers at Helston, explaining that Captain Rogers wants to 'divert the old footpath and hand over to the public' a certain road. Mentions difficulty over sale of materials at Lescudjack House 'there is a sad dearth of good auctioneers in this town'. 1912-14. £18.00

  74. Ludgvan CASTLE AN DINAS Sketch map, in ink on paper backed with linen, size 13" x 24", very basic plan scale 4 chains to one inch indicating Castle and Dennis Downs, Edwards's Crofts etc. n.d. c1850. £14.00

  75. Luxulyan MORTGAGE of leasehold land situate near Prideaux Wood in the Parish of Luxulyan, Prideaux China Clays to Miss A. de Bertodano and others. 2p., printed on vellum. 1913. £10.00

  76. Marazion LEASE of land known as Park an Pons near Market Jew bridge in Marazion, John Rogers of Helston to Thomas Garland, Mariner. Vellum, size 14" x 19", wax seal. Some browning in parts. 1748. £16.00

  77. Penrose OBLIGATION BOND of Alexander Cumming of Penrose to Hugh Rogers of Helston for 550. 1p., sm. folio, blank adjoining leaf, printed with MS inserts, small wax seal, witnessed by John Trewren and 2 other witnesses. 1752. £18.00

  78. Penryn REPORT UPON THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH OF PENRYN. 2pp. with a coloured Plan, by R.K. Dawson. Scale 4" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound, some brownish off-setting on text leaf. 1837. £18.00

  79. Roskrow (T), Pub. REDRUTH 22 photographic views, oblong 4to, gilt boards. c1910. £12.00
    Inlcudes 'Gwennap Pit on Whit Monday', Clinton Road etc.

  80. St. Buryan & St. Just ELECTION POSTER 'Notice of Election of one County Councillor for each of the above Electoral Divisions.' 24" x 18", several folds. February 1946. £5.00

  81. St. Clether ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Composite map, made up of quarter sheets of 6" to the mile maps, covering area from Camelford to Launceston. Size 24" x 90", linen backed. Paper slightly darkened, some slight wear at left hand side. Fields around St. Clether shaded in different colours of wash. Second Edition, 1907, slightly later reprint. £45.00

  82. St. Erth LICENCE to prospect for minerals the Parish of St. Erth, together with an option for a lease. John Godolphin, the 11th Duke of Leeds to W.T. Harry of Penzance. Typewritten draft copy on 13pp. folio. 1956. £18.00
    With schedules referring to O.S. Maps.

  83. St. Ives DEED OF GIFT of a Dwelling house in Street and Bolton and Four Dwelling houses in the Stennack St Ives, and of 3 houses in Regent Terrace, Mount Street and Camborne Place Penzance. W. Jennings to W. & J. Jennings of St. Ewe. Vellum sheet 24" x 28", wax seals. 1st July 1882. £12.00

  84. Tin LETTERS OF ATTORNEY by which Luke de Trewyk appoints John Hille to receive 9l. 15s. from Hamelin Cole, out of the 21l. owed to him for 18cwt. of white tin. Small vellum deed, 3" x 12", wax seal, some letters very faded, vellum creased and worn in parts, with some holes, mounted on stiff paper, brown marks where glued at worn areas. 23rd May 1396. £80.00

  85. Truro and Bodmin ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Two maps, Sheet Nos. 136 and 143, Fifth Edition. Cloth-backed. Blue and black Ellis Martin covers with hiker, crease in one cover, slightly rubbed. 1936. £12.00

  86. Truro LETTER from Lord Falmouth, dated 'Tregothnan Decr. 6th', to the Earl of Chichester, recommending an applicant for the post of Postmaster of Truro, 'an unmarried woman, well educated.... who is the daughter of a deceased Chaplain of mine, and aged about 36. Her name is Hennah....' 2p, 8vo, docketed on verso with date 1816, traces of mount along edge on verso. 1816. £18.00

  87. Truro REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF TRURO with a Description of the Proposed Boundary. 3pp, folding plan, coloured in outline, scale 2" to 1 mile. 1832. £20.00

  88. Valentine & Sons, Pub. CORNWALL AND THE ISLES OF SCILLY. Containing 100 Photographic Pictures of Cornwall's Grandest and Most Beautiful Scenery, with Descriptive Notes. Original boards, 9"x11". Staple rusty, inner section loose. c1910. £15.00

  89. Wendron COUNTERPART RACK LEASE of tenement known as Trussall, John Rogers of Penrose to Athanasius Jewell of Wendron, yeoman. Vellum, 18" x 24", wax seal, fine engraved heading with portrait of George III, hole in vellum affecting three letters of printed 'this Indenture' heading. Ink slightly faded. 1778. £15.00

    Cornwall Acts Parliament

  90. Bodmin Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the Cornwall Railway to Bodmin. 14pp. 1864. £18.00

  91. Bodmin Water AN ACT for better supplying with Water the Borough and Parish of Bodmin.... 11pp. 1866. £11.00

  92. Camborne, Crowan and Illogan Water AN ACT for better supplying with Water the Parishes of Camborne, Crowan, and Illogan.... 12pp. 1867. £10.00

  93. Central Cornwall Railway A BILL [As Amended in Committee] For authorising the Central Cornwall Railway Company to run over divers Railways, and for authorising Arrangements between them and other Railway Companies.... Stitched as issued. 9pp. 1866. £15.00

  94. Cornwall Railway AN ACT to repeal and consolidate the several Acts relating to the Cornwall Railway Company, to empower them to make a Deviation Railway, to extend the Time for Completion of Parts of their Railway.... 39pp. 1861. £16.00

  95. Fowey AN ACT to permit the Sale of the Danish Prize Ship Constantia Maria, and her Cargo, in the Port of Fowey, in the County of Cornwall. 3pp. 1808. £15.00

  96. Penzance Harbour AN ACT for repealing and re-enacting portions of the Acts and Order relating to the Harbour of Penzance.... 24pp. 1883. £12.00

  97. West Cornwall AN ACT for enabling the West Cornwall Railway Company to create Debenture Stock.... 6pp. 1861. £10.00


  98. Allom (T) PLYMOUTH BREAKWATER FROM THE WEST Steel engraving 3" x 6", plus margins. c1860. £7.00

  99. Allom (T) TORRIDGE CANAL AND ROLLE AQUADUCT Steel engraving, size 4" x 6", hand-coloured. Ivory mount. A few small foxing spots. c1850. £8.00


  100. Amery (P.F.S) METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER Kept at Druid, Ashburton, Height above Sea 584 feet. During the Years 1894-8. Specially printed volume with columns for date, Barometer, Att. Thermometer, Dry Bulb, Wet Bulb, Wind Direction & Force, Cloud, for a.m. and p.m., max. & min. temperature, Rain, and general Remarks. One double-page spread for each month. (Covers Jan. '94 to Jan '99). Entries in indelible pencil, totals and means in ink. On 2 blank pages before the printed title page are tables showing the average monthly rainfall and wet days at Druid for the 21 years 1876 to 1896 inclusive.... Together with.... Meteorological Register Kept at Druid.... During the Years 1904 to 1908. A similar volume, entries all in ink. Loosely inserted are several cuttings, observations on rainfall, a pamphlet '12th Report of the Committee on the Climate of Devon' edited by P.F.S. Amery, 1894, and several letters. 2 vols, 4to., half calf, marbled boards, rubbed, calf on spine of later volume disintegrating at top and bottom. 1894-1908. £65.00
    In 1907 P.F.S. Amery published 'Rainfall at Ashburton. Forty years' record'.

  101. Anderton House, near Plymouth ACCOUNT BOOKS of Major G. d'A. Alexander 1894-1904, in two 8vo volumes, full morocco, rubbed. Details his expenditure, with receipts on facing page, Approx. 120 double-pages of entries in each volume, the recording of receipts on the left-hand page being minimal. The first volume is headed 'Mauritius, Malta, Plymouth' and includes expenditure at Port Said, Port Louis, 'Wine bill to Suez', mess bills, souvenirs etc. The second is headed Anderton House, and records expenditure at Plymouth on boats, cabs, steamers, ferry, trams, wages, tobacco, clothes, etc. and later at Port Louis 'Abdoo's wages' etc. 1894-1904. £36.00
    In Kelly's Directory of 1897 Major G. D.A. Alexander is listed as District Gunnery Instructor of the Garrison Artillery, Citadel.

  102. Ashburton PROSPECTUS of The Grammar School for Boys. 8pp. Illusts. 1931. £5.00

  103. Ashburton TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION By Mr. Ed. Sawdye at the Golden-Lion Hotel, Ashburton, Thursday the 25th of May 1865, The Fee-Simple of All That Rich Pasture Field called Emmett's Park. Poster, size 15" x 9", traces of folds. 1865. £12.00

  104. Ashburton VALUABLE MEADOW LAND Grist Mills, Dwelling Houses & Gardens for Sale.... by Auction On Saturday the 21st day of March Instant.... Poster, listing 9 Lots, size 28" x 19", some off-setting. 1863. £18.00
    'Prigge Meadow.... is abundantly supplied with Water and from having the first wash from the Town, the Catchpits are very valuable.'

  105. Axminster LEASE of property at Axminster, Samuel Courtenay of Lyme Regis, merchant, and Elizabeth his wife (daughter of William Parbary, merchant of Lyme Regis), to William Guise, mariner, of Lyme Regis. Vellum, 16" x 24", 2 wax seals, wormholes in 3 places, vellum rubbed and torn along 3" through one line of text. 1724. £20.00

  106. Bedford Estate, Tavistock PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Sixth Portion of the Valuable Freehold Properties belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford, Situate in the Town of Tavistock, for Sale by Auction in 628 Lots during the Fortnight commencing Monday June 26th, 1911. Lots 320 to 370. Folio, wraps, cloth spine, 33pp, a few edge tears to pages, wraps rather grubby, worn. A plan does not appear to have been issued for this portion, and plans are not referred to in the description of any Lots, as they are in Particulars of the other portions. 1911. £28.00
    Includes the Victoria Hotel and Queen's Hotel, numerous shops and houses in Bannawell Road, West Street, Glanville Road.

  107. Bedford Estate, Tavistock PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Estates belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford, Situate in the Parishes of Milton Abbot, Brentor, Lamerton, Tavistock, Marytavy, Petertavy, Whitchurch and Tavistock Hamlets.... For Sale by Auction on the 11th and three Following Days of July, 1911. Fourth Day's Sale, Lots 119 to 166. Folio, wraps, 44pp, staples rusty, cloth spine repaired and ragged. Key plan inside front wrap, 3 folding coloured plans. 1911. £34.00

  108. Bedford Estate, Tavistock PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Fifth Portion of the Valuable Freehold Properties belonging to His Grace the Duke of Bedford, Situate in the Town of Tavistock, for Sale by Auction in 628 Lots during the Fortnight commencing Monday June 26th, 1911. Lots 258 to 319. Folio, wraps, staples rusty, cloth spine repaired, front wrap dusty, bottom edge slightly chipped. 37pp. 1 small and 2 folding coloured plans, small map had piece chipped from margin. 1911. £30.00
    Includes the Exeter Inn, Union Inn, houses in King St. and Bannawell St.

  109. Besley (H) VIEWS OF DEVONSHIRE 19 large vignette views (engraved surface approx. 4" x 7"), tissue guards, oblong 8vo, decorative glazed card wraps, cloth spine, minor scratch on front wrap. c1860. £130.00
    Normally there would be 18 views, but two views of Torquay From the Rock Walk' have been bound in together by mistake. Views include Torquay (3), Daddy's Hole, Ansty's Cove, Babbacombe, Dartmouth, Dawlish, Teignmouth (3), Berry Pomeroy, Totnes, Exmouth, Exeter (2), Okehampton.

  110. Borough of Plymouth PRINTED CIRCULAR 'We, the undersigned, having resolved to form a Company for Lighting this Town with Oil Gas, hereby invite such of the Inhabitants as are willing to become Subscribers for any number of Shares of 50 each.... to signify their intention by Letter, addressed to Edmund Lockyer, Esq., Mayor....' Sm. folio, printed in large type, heading 'GAS.' in large letters. Names of 7 people who were signatories. Blank adjoining leaf with integral address panel and Plymouth postmark, sent to Joseph Pridham, who has noted on the circular that he has sent off for 4 shares. Haviland, Printer, June 22d, 1822. £50.00


  111. Boscastle LETTER from J. Avery dated Boscastle Augt. 8 1833 regarding his order for slate, the price and arrangements for delivery at Budleigh Salterton and Exmouth. He says the remission of the duties on slate have cause a considerable demand and 'a considerable advance in the wages of the quarrymen last year and a more considerable one lately' has caused a price rise. 'For Lord Rolle I would pick.... the very first quality....' He gives prices for Scantle, Queens and best Rags. 1p, 4to, integral address panel on verso with small papered seal and address of Mr Daw, Bicton, Nr. Exeter. 1833. £30.00

  112. Bradworthy DEED of Bargain and Sale of a share in Leate Meadow, Richard Yeo to Benjamin Yeo. Vellum, 13" x 18", wax seal, vellum slightly rubbed and browned in places. 1740. £18.00

  113. Brixham FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE Situate and being in Ram Alley, and now in the occupation of Charles Collier.... T.S. Brown has received instructions to Sell by Auction, at the Globe Hotel, Brixham, Monday the 16th July, 1888.... Poster, size 15" x 10".... together with.... Manuscript Auction Terms for the Sale, signed, 3p. folio. 1888. £17.00

  114. Broadhempston PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of certain Dwelling Houses, Hereditaments..... situate in the Parishes of Broadhempston and Staverton.... which will be Sold in Lots by Auction by Mr. Edward Sawdye.... 3rd day of March, 1856. 3pp., folio, folded. 1856. £12.00

  115. Broadhempston VALUABLE LAND Dwelling House & Outbuildings, situate at Beaston.... Messrs. Rendell & Symons have been favored with instructions.... to sell by Auction.... Monday, July 30th, 1883. Poster, size 29" x 20", listing 13 Lots, folds.... together with.... Manuscript 'Auction Terms' for the sale, relating to Lot 1, 5p folio. 1883. £17.00

  116. Broadwoodkelly ABSTRACT OF MR GEORGE COLWILL'S TITLE to Bowood and Inleigh in Broadwoodkelly and Okehampton. 2p, folio, 2 small holes in paper with loss of name of one parish in title and two words in first paragraph. Details indentures etc. from 1668 to 1714. With opinion of lawyer added as to a Recovery dated 1726. £16.00

  117. Buckfastleigh DESIRABLE PROPERTY For Sale.... Mr. H. Hamling will Offer for Sale by Public Auction.... on Friday the 30th June 1876.... All those Desirable Dwelling Houses, Shop, Storehouse, Woodhouse, Garden.... Situate in Fore Street. Poster, 20" x 20".... together with.... Manuscript Auction Terms for Sale, 6p folio. 1876. £20.00

  118. Butterleigh APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE placing James Harrison, a poor child of the parish, apprentice to Henry Bazeley for the Parsonage to learn husbandry work. On paper, oblong sm. folio, small wax seal, printed with MS inserts. 1" repaired tear at fold. 1795. £20.00

  119. Clyst St. Lawrence THE PARISH OF CLYST ST. LAWRENCE in the County of Devon, manuscript map, so titled, in ink and 6 colours on tissue paper mounted on linen, size 39" x 58". Scale 3 chains to 1". Folding into large 8vo wraps, very rubbed, MS label 'Tithe Map Clyst St. Lawrence'. Tissue paper curled and chipped at folds, with loss of paper in two small areas of map, affecting small area of road and field boundary, some ink blotches. Scale bar, decoratively lettered title. Shows buildings in pink, water features, roads, fields, (with numbers), various areas of land shaded in different colours. Later MS additions in pencil giving change of ownership etc., with rather untidy alterations to colour of some shaded areas by means of diagonal lines of blue watercolour. 28th January, 1848. £65.00


  120. Combe Martin LEASE of messuages, houses, orchards land and tenement in the Baronage of Combmartyn, occupied by John Witheridge and Joane his wife, the grant of Richard Roberts deceased. Thomas Westcott of Shobbrook, gent., and Mary his wife, William Squyre of South Molton, gent., and Jane his wife, John Amory of Nymett Episcopi, gent. and Prudence his wife, and Francys Isaac of Westdowne, gent and Grace his wife, to William Roe, Son of Edward Roe of Combmartyn, labourer. On vellum, 12" x 15", small tear at one fold affecting two words, but not legibility, unsigned (counterpart copy of lease), no tag or seal. Ink rubbed on first few letters of lease. 22nd April 1625. £90.00
    See Westcote's A View of Devonshire in 1630, published Exeter, 1845, for biographical details of Westcote, the first historian of the county, and of the family of Richard Roberts of Combe Martin, patron of Berrynarbor.

  121. Combe Martin LEASE of land known as Crascombe Piece in Combe Martin, Robert Isaac of West Down to Robert Nichols of Combe Martin, weaver. Vellum, size 6" x 25", small wax seal, signed with his mark by Robert Nichols. Ink very faded along 7" of the last four lines of test on right-hand side. 1687. £30.00

  122. Crook (W) GRAND PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEW ALBUM OF LYNTON & LYNMOUTH 16 views on pinkish paper, oblong sm. 4to., gilt boards, a few small splash marks on front board. c1900. £12.00
    Valentine Series of Collotype View Books.

  123. Day & Haghe Litho. ILFRACOMBE. Entrance to the Harbour. Tinted lithograph. Drawn by E.V.[ivian]. Size approx. 8" x 11", plus wide margins, paper cleaned, piece chipped from top corner. c1840. £22.00 -- See Illustration
    Shows chapel on hill, boat in bay.

  124. Day & Haghe Litho. LINTON AND LYNMOUTH. Tinted lithograph. Drawn by E.V.[ivian]. Size approx. 9" x 11", plus margins. Paper washed. c1840. £18.00

  125. Day & Haghe Litho. LYNTON AND THE EAST LYN. Tinted lithograph. Drawn by E.V.[ivian]. Size approx. 8" x 11", plus wide margins. Paper washed. c1840. £18.00 -- See Illustration

  126. Egg Buckland ABSTRACT OF TITLE to the Manor of Efford. Printed in cursive on 111 folio sheets, printed on one side only, faulty copy lacking page one with title etc. and possibly last page. Details title from 1791 - 1864. held at corner with metal clip, last few pages loose. c1870. £22.00
    With schedule of fields etc. in Egg Buckland. Seems to refer to Clarke and Wigram families.

  127. Exeter Sergemaker WILL. Probate copy of the will of Alexander Arundell, of the City of Exeter, Sergemaker. He bequeathes property in St. Davids and St. Mary Major, Exeter, and Clyst St George to members of his family; interest on 400 for the education of young Protestant dissenters; and provides for annual payment to the Devon and Exeter Hospital. 2 vellum sheets, 30" x 26" sewn at bottom edge, with Administration certificate attached, printed with MS inserts, large papered seal, wax crumbled. 1755. £28.00

  128. Fremington INDENTURE OF BARGAIN AND SALE between Samuel Cade of Fremington and William Herbert of Swansea, Glamorgan, of a messuage with gardens, orchard meadow etc., called West Heales. Vellum, 15" x 15", signed by Cade, seal tags. Some slight rubbing of ink. 1630. £24.00

  129. Harberton PARTICULARS of Valuable Property called 'Maryland', for Sale by Auction at the Castle Hotel, Totnes, Tuesday, October 9th, 1883. 3pp., folio, includes Schedules. Wear at fold on last leaf. 1883. £12.00

  130. Haytor Volunteer Artillery LETTER from 2nd Earl of Liverpool, dated Whitehall 30th December 1805, signed Hawkesbury, to Earl Fortescue, informing him that the King has approved his plan that the Haytor Volunteer Artillery should be assembled upon permanent pay and Duty at Berrey Head Barracks for 21 Days from the 7th of next Month, and conveying His Majesty's Special directions that they should be so assembled. Informs him the Receiver General for the County of Devon will pay one guinea per man for the 'Non-commissioned Officers, Drummers and Privates'. 2p folio, blank adjoining leaf with docket title on verso, tear in margin, not affecting text. 1805. £45.00

  131. Heavitree, Exeter BOND between Nicholas Stoakes of Heavitree, husbandman, and Sebastian Isart, of Heavitree, Gentleman, for forty pounds. 1p., sm. folio, in a small neat hand, blank adjoining leaf with docket title on verso. Signed by Stoakes and three witnesses, small papered seal. 1640. £25.00

  132. Heavitree, Exeter AUCTION POSTER Advertising the sale of the Furniture and Effects of 'Melrose', Polsloe Road, on July 12th, 1910. Size 34" x 22", folds, some slight offsetting. 1910. £15.00
    Lists contents in detail.

  133. Highbray, North Devon AUCTION POSTER. Advertising Sale of 'Messuage Farm and Premises called or known by the name of Whitefield Barton Situate in the Parish of Highbray.... To be sold by Auction at the Golden Lion Hotel, Barnstaple, on Friday, the 12th of July (1889). Size approx. 29" x 20". Folded, couple of short tears at folds, two small portions torn from top margin. 1889. £14.00

  134. Ilsington COPPICE WOOD called Rorawood, Situate in the Parish of Ilsington, and containing about 62 Acres.... Poster for Auction sale at Golden Lion, Ashburton, 26th July, 1866. Size 18" x 11".... together with Manuscript Auction Terms for Sale of Rora Wood, 4p, folio. 1866. £18.00
    'There is a plentiful supply of Game on the Property, and for which it forms and excellent Preserve'.

  135. Ivybridge ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheets 349, 355. Scale 1" to a Mile. Red cloth wraps, coat of arms, book fold. c1910. £6.00

  136. Littleham & Exmouth LEASE of a dwelling house near the town well in Exmouth, Lord Rolle to Elizabeth Dench. Large vellum sheet, signed Rolle with wax seal. Outer portion where titled on verso rather dusty. 1829. £12.00

  137. Littleham & Exmouth LEASE of a two dwelling houses in Exmouth, Lord Rolle to William Culley. Large vellum sheet, signed Rolle with wax seal. Outer part where titled onverso is dusty. 1828. £12.00
    Gives measurements of houses frontages, gardens etc. With a note on three 'lives'.

  138. 'M.M.' 'VIEW OF THE MOUTH OF THE EXE, from the Beacon at Exmouth, South Devon'. Pencil drawing, size approx. 4" x 7", tipped onto a larger sheet, with the title in ink on lower margin of larger sheet. The initials 'M.M' are in lower left-hand corner of drawing. c1840. £9.00
    A competent amateur drawing, showing boats, a couple of people on the beach and three bathing machines.

  139. Married women's property CERTIFICATE signed by Henry Drake and Charles Carter two of the Commissioners appointed for the County of Devon for taking the acknowledgements of Deeds of married women, certifying that Frances the wife of Thomas Williams was 'examined by them touching her knowledge of the contents' of a certain deed. Vellum, 12" x 14". 1836. £9.00
    No place names mentioned.

  140. Musbury ABSTRACT of the Title of the Reverend John Vaughan Payne to certain Mortgage Securities for 2500 and 2000 respectively affecting Farms and Lands in Musbury, Devon. 19p folio. details title from 1845.... together with.... Further Abstract, 8p. folio. 1860. £20.00
    Refers to Advowson of the Rectory of Musbury, Manor of Musbury with farms lands and hereditaments in Colyton and Musbury.

  141. Newton Abbot Union DRAFT SPECIAL CASE in the Queen's Bench Division, The Guardians of the Poor of the Newton Abbot Union v. The Guardians of the Torrington Union. Refers to an appeal against a Removal Order for a pauper named George Hunt, and his residence in Winkleigh and Torquay. 2p., folio, draft with amendments and corrections. 1877. £8.00

  142. Paington CONTRACT of James Rowe for the fee simple and inheritance of Preston Meadows and Water Leate.... At a Survey held 26th October 1775 pursuant to publick Notice at the Swan Inn Exeter. 1p folio. Lists 6 offerers names with sums offered. 1775. £15.00

  143. Payhembury PARTICULARS OF SALE. A Freehold Estate otherwise "Leyhill," situate in the Parish of Payhembury.... For Sale by Auction by Messrs Jas. Hussey & Son, At the New London Inn, Exeter, On Thursday, the 11th day of June, 1874. Folio, 3pp, plan, few short tears to margins where once folded. 1874. £22.00

  144. Pilton LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION of Lettice Holmead of South Pilton. Vellum, 5" x 8", in Latin, signed by John Abbot. Remains of wax seal on tag. 1642. £28.00

  145. Plymouth APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE Printed large folio sheet, with MS inserts, apprentising William Wilkins son of Stephen Wilkins, Hatmaker, to Richard Jarvis, joiner and house carpenter. Split down main horizontal and vertical folds with old repair of thick paper on verso. Many edge tears. 1810. £15.00

  146. Plymouth Breakwater Lighthouse CIRCULAR BOOK sSmall folio book containing copies of orders and circulars received from Trinity House in connection with the management of the lighthouse, 1893-1917. 164p, most circulars copied in manuscript but some printed and pasted in. Lacks back board and spine, stitching broken and hence most of gatherings working loose. Many of the circulars are from the Superintendent, Penzance District, most are general but some specific to the Breakwater Lighthouse, e.g. method of painting the Lantern. In 1914 there is a 5-page 'List of chips etc. on lens' at this lighthouse. Later circulars deal with war preparations 'my Lords have approved of the Breakwater Light at Plymouth being extinguished when an attack is imminent or as soon as possible after a gun in an attack has been fired, and the Military are about to lay a telephone cable from Breakwater Fort to the Lighthouse.' The keepers are warned 'they are on no account to molest any carrier pigeons', and they are not 'to answer any distress signals from the Eddystone...'. 1893-1917. £150.00
    Matters covered include form of signalling to denote a vessel in distress; method of recording of the weather; ordering of Greenwich Mean Time to be kept (with chart giving monthly times of rising and setting of the sun); special payments for boarding-out children of keepers; list of painting to be done, etc.

  147. Plymouth H.M.S. 'SUPERB' Photograph of a ship with two funnels and three masts, size 6" x 9", mounted on card. Background slightly faded. On verso is label of Charles Long, Marine Portrait Photographer, Plymouth. n.d. c1900? £10.00

  148. Plymouth PHOTOGRAPH of 'H.M.S. Indus, Plymouth, Devon', so titled in pencil on verso. Size 8" x 10", good clear view of a large ship with its deck partly covered in, a line runs from the mast to the mast of a ship behind. Two small chips in surface. c1890. £8.00

  149. Plymouth THE ALBUM OF PLYMOUTH AND NEIGHBOURHOOD VIEWS 15 coloured photolitho views on extending strip, 2 being double-page views. Sm. 4to boards, gilt faded. c1899. £15.00
    Views include Pier, Eddystone Lighthouse, Guildhall.

  150. Plymouth UNITED GRAND LODGE of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. Certificate of admission of George Rome Hall, St. John's Lodge, Plymouth. Folio, folds, engraved on parchment, with design of pillars, globes, tools etc. 1898. £20.00

  151. Rattery TO BE LET BY TENDER all That Capital Estate called 'Lower Velwell'.... situate in the Parish of Rattery, distant Three Miles from Totnes.... comprising a good Farm House & suitable Out-Buildings, Two Labourer's Cottages and 126 Acres of Land.... Poster, 22" x 17", some slight off-setting, and a few small splits along one fold.... together with.... Manuscript 'Conditions of Letting Lower Velwell estate', 3p. folio, signed over stamp, grubby. 1877. £18.00

  152. Sidmouth LEASE for a year of messuage near Broad Street, William Rugg of Newton Poppleford, Chairmaker, and his wife, to John Robins of Topsham. Vellum 14" x 23", wax seals, vellum slightly yellowed in parts. 1792. £16.00

  153. South Molton TEA AND GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT opposite the Town Hall.... A. Kingdon.... Handbill giving prices for different teas, with reduced prices under the new Duty. 4to, one fold. Top corner torn with loss of two large letters, piece torn from margin bottom left. Tucker, South Molton, Pr., May 2nd, 1863. £10.00

  154. Stonehouse POSTER advertising the sale by Auction at the Prince George Hotel, Tuesday 19th February 1839, of a house in Union Lane, and four tenements in Adelaide Lane. Size 17" x 11". Prices realised in ink on verso, folds. 1839. £22.00

  155. Upton Pyne ASSIGNMENT of a legacy of 1,250. Elizabeth Bradford and John Bradford, Clerk, of Upton Pyne to John Short of Exeter. Vellum, 26" x 33", 3 wax seals, fine engraved heading with royal coat of arms. Very light yellowing in parts. 1765. £18.00

  156. Washfield NOTICE. To be Lett For the Term of Three, Five, Seven, or Nine Years.... The Capital Mansion-House of Worth, Pleasantly situated near the Rive Exe, in the Parish of Washfield.... Consisting of A Hall and Three Parlours, Seven good Lodging-Rooms, besides Servants Apartments.... Printed notice, size approx. 8" x 6". Exeter: Printed by R. Trewman, behind the Guildhall. (1780) £38.00

    Devon Acts Parliament

  157. Ashburton AN ACT for repairing and widening the Road from Chudleigh Bridge in the Parish of Hennock, in the County of Devon, through the Town and Borough of Ashburton, to Brent Bridge.... 37pp., black letter, plus cover leaf. Slight browning of paper. 1755. £20.00

  158. East Stonehouse Barracks AN ACT to enable the Admiralty to acquire Property for the Enlargement of the Royal Marine Barracks in the Parish of East Stonehouse in the County of Devon. 8pp. 1861. £15.00

  159. East Stonehouse Chapel AN ACT for rebuilding the Chapel of East Stonehouse.... Black Letter. Cover leaf + 9pp. 1787. £12.00

  160. East Teignmouth AN ACT For Dividing and Inclosing certain Tracts or Parcels of Moor, Common, or Waste Grounds within, and Parcel of the Manor of East Teignmouth.... 16pp. 1812. £17.00

  161. Exe Bridge AN ACT to amend an Act of His late Majesty King George the Fourth, for repairing the several Roads leading to and from the City of Exeter.... and keeping in repair Exe Bridge and Countess Wear Bridge.... 18pp. 1831. £14.00
    With Schedules relating to lands in Exeter, Chudleigh, Crediton.

  162. Exeter Hospitals & Workhouse AN ACT to explain and amend Two several Acts of Parliament, for erecting Hospitals and Workhouses within the City and County of the City of Exon, for the better employing and maintaining the Poor there; and to raise further Sums of Money for the more effectually carrying the Purposes of the said Acts into Execution. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 26pp. 1774. £16.00

  163. Plymouth Improvements AN ACT to explain and amend an Act... for Paving, Lighting, and Watching the Town of Plymouth, in the County of Devon, and for regulating the Carmen and Porters within the said Town. 20pp. 1772. £14.00

  164. Stokeintinhead AN ACT for Inclosing Lands in the Parish of Stokeintinhead.... 19pp. 1809 £16.00

  165. Uplyme AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Uplyme.... 28pp. 1841. £17.00


  166. Blandford FIRST BATTALION DORSET VOLUNTEERS Presentation of the Colours &c. 6th May 1805. Broadside, folio, printed in 3 columns, describing the proceedings, with the speeches of Col. Earl Digby, etc. Folded, some crosses in ink in text, Sherborne solicitor's address in margin, verso used for draft of legal case. Cruttwell, Pr., Sherborne, 1805. £30.00
    Such battalions were formed as a response to the threat of French invasion.

  167. Christchurch and West Southbourne PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Properties consisting of Two Shops and Dwelling-Houses in the High Street, Christchurch, Two Detached Houses in Manor Road, Christchurch, and Two Detached Dwelling Houses in Pinecliffe Avenue, Bournemouth.... Alex. J. Abbott & Son will Sell by Auction.... the 30th July, 1912. Wraps, 4to, large folded sheet showing 3 plans, 7pp, folded. 1912. £22.00

  168. Digby family DEED OF COVENANT between George Wingfield Digby and Frederick Powell. Draft, 4p. folio. 1864. £10.00
    Refers to debts run up by George's brother Kenelm and his partner as merchants in Bordeaux and the need to 'prevent the publicity of the bankruptcy of the said firm of Powell and Wingfield & the imprisonment of the sd. Harper Powell and Kenelm Digby Wingfield...'

  169. Fifehead Neville CONVEYANCE of premises known as Home Farm, F. Wingfield Digbny to E. Miller, 3p., typewritten, with coloured plan, scale 6" to a mile, on waxed cotton, size 10" x 9". 1918. £10.00

  170. Handley PARTICULARS AND PLAN of a very desirable Freehold Estate known as "Upwood" situate in the Parish of Handley, Dorset, comprising a Superior Residence, ample Farm Buildings, 10 cottages & Gardens, and upwards of 409 Acres of Land... To Be Sold by Public treaty. Folio, folded, 3pp, double-page plan. n.d. c1880. £15.00

  171. Newman & Co. Engr. TWENTY FOUR VIEWS OF WEYMOUTH & Neighbourhood. Published by Benson, Weymouth. Being 24 steel engraved vignette views, oblong 8vo, original decorative cloth boards. Engraved surface approx 3" x 3", but 9 views are larger, engraved surface approx. 4" x 5". c1860. £70.00
    Inlcudes 8 views of Portland.

  172. Rock's ROYAL BOURNEMOUTH CABINET ALBUM 16 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into purple gilt boards, sm. 4to, corners slightly rubbed. 8 are 2 to a page. c1880. £16.00

  173. Sherborne CARLTON THEATRE Playbill 'Reg Lever presents his Annual Xmas Pantomime babes in the Wood...' Card, size 12" x 8", printed in bright red, blue, yellow and green, with holes at top for hanging, picture of Babes with rabbits, signed W. Hemmings. January 1953. £12.00
    Includes 'Trio Amadori Is it Human or Doll' 'The Incredible Golliwog' etc.

  174. Thornford WILL of James Moore of Thornford. Copy on 4 folio sheets, wear at folds on outer sheet (codicil), with loss of some letters. 1836. £10.00
    Leaves money to his poor neighbours over 60, and to the vicar for books for the Sunday School.

  175. Weymouth CLEVELAND HOUSE SCHOOL Prospectus, 10pp, 7" x 8", illustration of school on front wrap. c1902. £15.00

    Dorset Acts Parliament

  176. Blandford Forum and Stourpaine AN ACT to vest Part of the Estates devised by the Will of the Reverend Robert Maurice, late of Blandford Forum in the County of Dorset Clerk deceased, in Trustees for Sale; and for investing the Monies to arise from such Sale in the Purchase of other Estates.... 21pp. 1833. £12.00

  177. Corscombe Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Corscombe.... 12pp. 1815. £17.00

  178. Dorchester Bridge and Causeway AN ACT to impower Lora Pitt, Widow to erect a Bridge or Bridges over the River Froome; and to make a Causeway to the East End of the Town of Dorchester, over Forthington Moor in the County of Dorset. Cover leaf + 20pp. 1746. £15.00

  179. Dorchester Improvements AN ACT for better cleansing, lighting, and watching the Streets, Lanes, and other publick Passages, within the Borough of Dorchester.... and for preventing Houses or Buildings, hereafter to be erected in the said Borough and Tithing, from being thatched. Cover leaf + 44pp. 1776. £15.00

  180. Dorset Central Railway AN ACT for extending the Time for the Completion of Portions of the Dorset Central Railway; for enabling the Somerset Central Railway Company to subscribe to the Undertaking.... 11pp. 1860. £12.00

  181. Dorset Highways and Locomotives AN ACT to confirm a Provisional Order of the Local Government Board under the Highways and Locomotives (Amendment) Act, 1878, relating to the county of Dorset. 3pp. 1883. £6.00

  182. Easton to Church Hope Cove Railway AN ACT for Making a Railway from Easton in the Isle of Portland to Church Hope Cove, with a Pier in connexion therewith.... 14pp. 1867. £18.00

  183. Poole AN ACT repairing and widening the several Roads leading from a Gate called Poole Gate, in the Town and County of Poole. 28pp., black letter, plus cover leaf. Some off-setting. 1756. £17.00


  184. Beverston Castle THE NORTH VIEW OF BEVERSTON CASTLE, IN THE COUNTY OF GLOUCESTER. Copper plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 14" x 7", good margins. S. & N. Buck. 1732. £38.00

  185. Bitton TO THE REV. CANON ELLACOMBE Letter decoratively printed on thin card, with gold border, to Canon Ellacombe from Parish Councillors of Bitton, thanking him for his services as Chairman of the Council, on his retirement from the Council. Size 13" x 9", edge tears and creasing, one longer tear, tears repaired with archival tape. 1907. £20.00

  186. Cheltenham PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE OF A VALUABLE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Partly Freehold and partly Copyhold of the Manor of Charlton Kings distinguished as Cotswold Lodge situate at Charlton Lodge.... To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs Young & Gilling at the Public Auction Rooms, Promenade House, Cheltenham, on Tuesday, November 18, 1884. Folio, 3pp, folded. 1884. £12.00

  187. Cheltenham Solicitors CASH BOOK. From Jan. 1831 - Nov. 1832. Lists expenditure on postage, stationery, snuff, candlesticks, office cleaning, travelling, bill sticking, copying etc. Small 4to, ruled notebook, full vellum, slightly soiled, marbled endpapers, front inner hinge broken, written in a neat hand on 132 pages. 1831 - 1832. £75.00

  188. Cliffe (J.H) Pub. GLOUCESTER CHRONICLE Large broadsheet newspaper, 4pp. Tax stamp, some slight browning along folds. 15th January, 1853. £16.00
    Includes report on inquest after accident at Soundwell Colliery, near Bristol, Mr Rammells Report on the water supply at Gloucester.

  189. Gloucester THE NORTH WEST VIEW OF THE CITY OF GLOUCESTER Copper engraving, size 4" x 7". View across the river with sailing boats, showing pottery kilns, cathedral, numerous churches, bridge on right of view. Very small page number top right. In ivory mount. n.d. late 18th cent. £18.00

  190. Henley (W), Cross, Gloucester Pr. A REGULAR EXTINGUISHER! Election Sketches No. 8. Satirical handbill, lithograph, size 10" x 7", showing two men holding a large snuffer labelled 'Liberal Unity' over a kneeling candidate. Brown splash mark, a small edge tear into title. 1859. £16.00

  191. Henley (W), Gloucester Pr. DICKY CACKLE CANT GET THE GEESE TO MARKET Satirical election broadside, lithographed on blue paper, size 8" x 12", rather crude drawing showing small man in top hat pointing to two drunken geese, one smoking a pipe, and saying to a larger figure 'Oh do speak to 'em. I can't get 'em up to the Poll'. Two edge tears, one through title. c1859. £20.00

  192. Rock & Co. PANORAMA OF GLOUCESTER 10 engraved views, each approx. 4" x 4", each with charming decorative 'gothic' border, on extending strip, folding into cloth boards, gilt. 1860. £70.00
    Views include River Severn & Docks, The Cross, The College.

  193. Wick Wick, In the Parish of Westerleigh PARTICULARS AND PLAN of well-situate Freehold Market Garden or Accommodation Land Adjoining the main road from Bristol to Chipping Sodbury.... Which Geo Nichols, Young, Hunt & Co. Are instructed to Sell by Auction.... on Thursday, 3rd August, 1922. Folio, coloured folding plan, 3pp, few spots, slightly dusty, purchasers and prices noted in ink. 1922. £18.00

  194. Wye Valley Railway ISSUE OF 230,000 SHARE CAPITAL of the Wye Valley Railway Company, Monmouth to Chepstow, To Be Worked and Leased in Perpetuity By the Great Western Railway Company.... Prospectus, 3pp. folio, printed in black and red, docket title on verso of last page. Loosely inserted is the Engineer's Report and Estimate of Traffic. 1p, folio, on blue paper, together with covering letter from the Secretary pointing out the advantages of investing, 1p. 4to, and Special Form of Application, 1p. folio. Mar.-May, 1874. £55.00
    'A very great traffic is anticipated from tourists visiting Tintern Abbey and the far-famed Valley of the Wye, and also, both in goods and passengers from the resident population, as well as from the Quarries, Wire Works, Paper Mills, Tin Plate Works, Foundries and other Manufactories along the Line.'

    Gloucestershire Acts Parliament

  195. Almondsbury AN ACT for regulating the Manner of Stocking and using the Marsh Common, otherwise Salt Marsh, in the Parish of Almondsbury.... Cover leaf + 12pp. 1794. £22.00

  196. Bourton-on-the-Water Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton Railway to Bourton-on-the-Water.... 15pp. 1860. £15.00

  197. Didbrooke Estates AN ACT for effecting the Sale of unsettled Freehold Estates, belonging to Thomas Whitmore Wylde Browne, an Infant, in Fee Simple, and for investing the Purchase Monies in other real Estates.... 6pp. 1812. £10.00
    Not in Hyett and Bazeley. Includes a one page schedule of the land and tenants concerned.

  198. Forest of Dean Ecclesiastical Districts AN ACT to divide the Forest of Dean in the County of Gloucester into Ecclesiastical Districts. 7pp. 1842. £12.00

  199. Gloucester & Berkeley Canal Co. AN ACT for authorizing the Company of Proprietors of the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Navigation to vary the Line of a certain Part of the said Canal, so as to render the Execution thereof more easy.... 14pp. plus cover leaf. 1797. £18.00
    Refers also to the Stroudwater Canal.

  200. Newent Railway AN ACT for extending the time for the completion of the Newent Railway.... 2pp. 1878. £8.00

  201. Saint Briavels. AN ACT to abolish the Court of Saint Briavel's and for the more easy and speedy Recovery of Small Debts within the Hundred of Saint Briavel's.... Disbound, folio. 28pp. 1842. £18.00

  202. Severn Navigation AN ACT to increase the number of the Severn Commissioners; to regulate and alter the Construction of their Weirs; to amend the Severn Navigation Acts.... 10pp. 1881. £10.00


  203. Ashill SALE of a Commodious and well-situated Excellent Freehold Family Residence.... large Walled Garden and Land attached, Dwelling-house, Cottages, and several Closes of Valuable Accommodation Land. Messrs C.R. Morris, Son & Peard Are instructed by the Executors of the late Mr Joseph Hull Webber, to Sell by Auction at the George Hotel, Ilminster, on Wednesday, the 17th day of December, 1890. Poster, size approx. 12" x 8".... tipped onto.... PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE. Folio, 3pp, folded, completed in MS for puchase of one of the lots. 1890. £16.00

  204. Bath Auction PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Desirable.... Properties known as 30, The Paragon, 5,6 & 7 Newbridge Road, and 4 Ashley Avenue, Lower Weston.... Which will be offered for Sale By Auction By Powell & Powell at the City Auction Mart, on Tuesday, 15th Day of March, 1904. Folio, 4pp, folded. 1904. £12.00

  205. Bath CATALOGUE of the Truly Excellent Household Furniture and Effects.... the Genuine Property of the late Mrs Irvine. Auction Sale 21st & 22nd March, 1854, on the premises at 1 Grafton Place, Weston Road. 8vo, 10pp., folds... together with.... Catalogue of the Household Furniture... the Property of the Late Mrs Blencowe... for sale by Auction on the Premises at 13 Paragon Buildings. Undated, c1850. 12pp., 8vo, folds. Ink and pencil notes throughout. 2 items. c1850. £18.00

  206. Bath KINGSMEAD ESTATE List of Ground Rents for the half year ending 25th March 1885. 2 folio sheets plus cover sheet, listing rents payable in Kingsmead Terrace, Norfolk Buildings etc, with columns for names and rents.... With..... AMBURY ESTATE, List of Ground Rents payable in St. James Parade, Corn St., Peter St., & Wine St., as above. 2 folio sheets plus cover sheet. n.d. c1880. Slight waterstaining to both lists, causing red ink to run. 1885. £15.00

  207. Bath LETTER from Benjamin Barhum to Hastings Elwyn at Ryde, referring in great detail to his efforts to cure the problem of smoke in the kitchen at no. 15 Park Street, Bath, describing mason's work on chimneys etc., with a note of his bill. 'We then had the chimney swept which was extremely foul and in some parts so small that the boy with difficulty ascended it....'. 2pp., 4to, integral address panel on adjoining leaf with Bath postmark. 1830. £24.00

  208. Bath Victualler PROBATE of the Will and Codicil of William Howell decd. 3 vellum sheets size 25" x 30, plus smaller printed certificate with MS inserts, papered seal of Archbishop of Canterbury. 1849. £16.00
    Refers to his house in Larkhall Place and his stock in trade at his premises in Upper Boro Walls.

  209. Combe Down, Twerton and Wellow PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold and Leashold Properties Which will be Sold by Auction at the Full Moon Hotel, Old Bridge, Bath, On Tuesday, 11th December, 1894. Folio, folded, 3pp. 1894. £11.00

  210. Dinnington LAND TAX ASSESSMENTS for 1878-9, 1886-7, 1897-8, 1902-3, 1907-8, 1908-9. Folio, 6pp in each, folded, printed in columns with Proprietor, Occupier, Property, Sums Assessed, Rental. Entries in MS listing approx. 25 properties in each assessment. Some edges of leaves dust-stained, brown stain on one page. 6 items. 1878-1909. £20.00

  211. Ditcheat A RATE MADE for the Common ffine of the Tything of Ditcheat.... for the Year one thousand seven hundred and forty eight, taken out of a rate made in the yar 1718 and that from a rate made in 1696 and then approv'd by Thomas Ruddock, John Mabym, William Batt and James Topleaf. Lists 39 rates for Ditcheat and 14 for Wraxall, with names of old and new occupiers. In a neat hand on single sheet size 16" x 6", paper slightly browned at partly ragged at edges, slightly fragile at top corner due to damp, some minor repairs with archival tape, pence figure of total at bottom corner torn away. 1748. £34.00

  212. Ditcheat EXCHANGES OF LAND Account of exchange of lands between Revd. Wm. Leir and approx. 20 landowners, listing no., detailed description, acreage. 14 double pages, with lands given up on one side, and lands received in lieu on facing page. Sm. folio, no wraps, first few leaves waterstained, first page ragged, clearly written throughout.... With.... A similar manuscript, slightly later in date, 7 double pages, set out as above, but with less detailed description of fields etc. Sheets secured with pin. 1830's. £36.00

  213. Hewish LAND TAX ASSESSMENTS for 1878-9, 1886-7, 1889-90, 1894-5, 1897-8, 1902-3, 1907-8, 1910-1911. Folio, 6pp in each, folded, printed in columns with Proprietor, Occupier, Property, Sums Assessed, Rental. Entries in MS listing approx. 25 properties in each assessment. Some outside folds badly dust-stained. 8 items. 1878-1912. £20.00

  214. Hilcombe LAND TAX ASSESSMENTS for 1878-9, 1889-90, 1894-5, 1897-8, 1902-3, 1905-6, 1908-9, 1910-11. Folio, 6pp in each, folded, printed in columns with Proprietor, Occupier, Property, Sums Assessed, Rental. Entries in MS listing approx. 30 properties in each assessment. Some edges dust-stained. 8 items. 1878-1911. £20.00

  215. Ilminster BOND for 652, John Slee, Sergemaker, to Bridget Slee. Printed on sm. folio sheet, blank adjoining leaf, details in MS., small wax seal. 1766. £18.00

  216. Ilminster Church LAND TAX ASSESSMENTS for 1875-6, 1878-9, 1886-7, 1894-5, 1897-8, 1902-3, 1905-6, 1910-11. Folio, 6pp in each, folded, printed in columns with Proprietor, Occupier, Property, Sums Assessed, Rental. Entries in MS listing approx. 100 properties in each assessment. Some dust-staining. 8 items. 1878-1911. £28.00

  217. Ilminster OBLIGATION BOND of Richard Bush, Clothier, of Ilminster, and his wife to Robert Collins, Clothier, for 200. 1p. sm. folio, printed with MS inserts, 2 small wax seals, blank adjoining leaf, folds. Brief letter of 1825 attached. 1791. £18.00

  218. Keynsham Charities COLLECTION OF DOCUMENTS relating to John Bowles and Sir Thomas Bridges Charities. Comprising: Board of Charity Commission: Opinion as to awarding of funds from Bowles Charity as an apprenticeship prize in a proposed school to be founded in Keynsham for poor children. 3 pages folio, in MS, 1856: Copy of letter from Vicar about the apprenticeship scheme, with reply from the Charity Commissioners, July 1858, plus several letters from them to the Keynsham Board regarding a disagreement between two Churchwardens; copy letter from Churchwardens to Charity Commissioners, March 1896; six letters from the Charity Commissioners re. the endowment of the Almshouses and the schoolmasters stipend from a charge on estates at Keynsham, 1872 - 1885. (Sir Thomas Bridges Charity.); Deed of Compromise and adjustment of claims against Mr J.N. Fear in respect of the Endowment of the Keynsham Educational Foundation. Printed 5pp, 4to, plus 2pp. of signatures, 1912. With typewritten copies of solicitors Opinion on disputes over the matter of Keynsham Charity School, summarising the history of the Charity. 11pp foolscap, c1912. 1856 - 1912. £45.00

  219. Long Ashton PARTICULAR of Lands at Long Ashton belonging to Sparrow Esq., Occd. by Mr. Keedwell. 2p., 4to, in manuscript. Lists name of field etc. with acreage. Some notes on change of occupancy etc. 1808. £14.00

  220. Lyle family, Bath SETTLEMENT of the personal property of Miss Elizabeth Lyle, of Bath, on the marriage with John Fisher, of East Budleigh. 7 large vellum sheets, 5 signatures with wax seals. Refers to John Fisher's entitlement to a plantation and Estates in the Island of Jamaica, and Elizabeth Lyle's tolls of the Honiton Turnpike. Some damping of vellum. 1815. £22.00

  221. Road ABSTRACT of an Indenture dated the 13th day of June 1850, relative to title to Lots at an Auction, 1879. 5p folio. Refers to trustees of the will of William Cradock, and to various closes of land in Road, the Bell Inn and cottages, land in Mackley Lane, Farleigh Lane. 1879. £12.00

  222. Shattern, Taunton TWO LEASES relating to house and cottage adjoining Wilton Lodge, Downing Blake of Holway to Henry Sully, chief warder of Wilton Goal. On paper, each 2p folio. 1858-62. £8.00

  223. St John's, Bridgwater ILLUMINATED ADDRESS. Presented to the Rev. T.E.M. Barrow, St. John Baptist, Bridgwater, on his leaving the Parish. 10 leaves, lettered on one side only, the first of which is beautifully illuminated in gold and colours at the head, decorative borders. Includes 7 pages of members of congregation. Tall 8vo, loosely inserted in full morocco covers, gilt boards with watered silk endpapers. September 1884. £24.00

  224. Wellington GRANT OF TITHES on lands known as 'shoulder of Mutton Fields, Hilly Land, Waterman Hill' in the parish of Wellington, Herbert Sawyer of Pound, Rear Admiral, to John Bird of Ashbrittle. Vellum, size 18" x 25", some minor rubbing of ink. Good wax seal showing a dog. Two relevant notes loosely inserted. 1808. £16.00
    Refers to 'all manner of tithe corn and tithe grain'.

  225. West Dowlish LAND TAX ASSESSMENTS for 1871-2, 1878-79, 1894-95, 1897-98, 1907-8, 1908-9, 1912-13. Folio, 6pp in each, folded, printed in columns with Proprietor, Occupier, Property, Sums Assessed, Rental. Entries in MS listing approx. 10 properties in each assessment. Some outer leaves dust-stained. 7 items in all. 1871-1913. £16.00

  226. Wick in Parish of Drayton SALE POSTER Maiden Timber at Wick, near Langport, Somerset. To be Sold in One Lot. By Private Contract, 35 Maiden Elm and 2 Maiden Oak Timber Trees.... Many of them being of lofty height, large dimensions, well adapted for naval purposes; standing upon a farm at Wick, in the Parish of Drayton, in the occupation of Mr Wm. Mitchell, within a mile of the Parrot.... Approx. 11" x 8". January 29, 1842. £14.00

  227. Wick St. Lawrence ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. X.6. Scale 25" to 1 mile, size 26" x 37", plus margins, dissected into 8 sections and mounted on linen, folding into marbled wraps, marbled paper slightly rubbed. Water features, roads, buildings hand-coloured. Certain fields washed in pink (fields bordering sea wall along Yeo). Surveyed 1883, Pub. 1885. £15.00
    Covers New Cut, Icelton, Bourton, West Hewish Farm, Phipps Bridge.

  228. Yatton LEASE of the prebend and parsonage of Yatton.... the Mansion House.... pastures, trees.... Rents Reversions.... Courts Baron fines herriots.... Tythes etc. Dr. Thomas Eyre to Earl Poulett. 11th March, 1799. Contemporary copy on paper, 3 closely-written pages, flscp. 1801. £14.00

  229. Yeovil Marsh FARM STOCK BOOK & ACCOUNT BOOK Small 4to, original boards, calf spine chipped, on 92 pages written from both ends, some tipped-in notes of recipes, loosely inserted receipts etc. Pages headed with the name of person with whom account held, with wheat, reed, peas, cheese, cyder etc. sold to them. Also detailed lists of `cows sent to Bull', calves born, pigs etc., wages, e.g. 'F. White and J. Cooper for throwing of 7 Elm Tres at 1s 8d a tree' Recipes include `to make a Horse follow you well....' `to prevent the quarter evil in yearling', 'A Cure for the Ephademic or wite mouth in Bullocks'. Signed `Book Mr Symes' on inside front cover. Loosely inserted is a single folio sheet, being the Will of Samuel Ellis of Yeovil Marsh, with his cross and signed by Symes, his wife and one other witness. 1839 - 1855. £90.00

    Somerset Acts Parliament

  230. Aller, Barrington etc. AN ACT to confirm certain Orders of the Local Government Board under the provisions of the Divided Parishes and Poor Law Amendment Act.... relating to the Parishs of Aller, Barrington, Berecrocombe, Camerton, Curry Mallet.... 12pp., stapled, edges slightly ragged. 1885. £10.00

  231. Bath AN ACT to Empower Charles Pierrepont, Esquire, and his Issue Male, and also the several Tenants for Life under the Will of the Duke of Kingston, and their respective Issue Male, to grant Building Leases. 7pp., docket title on verso of last leaf, attractive woodcut headpiece. 1791. £26.00

  232. Bath Hospital AN ACT for establishing and well governing an Hospital or Infirmary in the City of Bath. Cover leaf + 16pp. 1739. £22.00

  233. Bathwick and Wrington AN ACT to enable the Trustees of the Will of the Most Noble William Harry late Duke of Cleveland to grant Leases and make Sale of the Bathwick and Wrington Estates in the County of Somerset. 42pp. 1846. £16.00

  234. Bridgwater Roads AN ACT for repairing several Roads leading into the Town of Bridgewater.... Black letter. Cover leaf + 20pp. 1730. £17.00

  235. Chard Railway AN ACT to authorize the Construction of a Railway from the authorized Line of the London and South-western Exeter Extension Railway to Chard.... 15pp. Held with small staples. 1860. £15.00

  236. Shepton Mallet to Wells Railway AN ACT for authorizing the East Somerset Railway Company to abandon the making of their authorized Railway from Shepton Mallet to Wells, and to make instead thereof another Railway from Shepton Mallet to Wells.... 15pp. 1860. £16.00

  237. Watchett Harbour AN ACT for continuing the Duties granted by several Acts made in the Sixth and Tenth Years of Her late Majesties Reign, for repairing the Harbour and Key of Watchett in the County of Somerset. 3pp. 1721. £14.00

  238. Wedmore Road Repairs AN ACT for exonerating the Inhabitants of the several Hamlets, Tithings, and Places within the Parish of Wedmore.... from the exclusive Maintenance and Repair of the Public Highways within the Limits of the said Hamlets, Tithings.... 6pp. 1824. £12.00

  239. Wiveliscombe Roads AN ACT for maintaining in repair several Roads leading from and through the Town of Wiveliscombe.... 11pp. 1851. £12.00


  240. Calne PARTICULARS OF CONDITIONS OF SALE of Highly Important First Class Freehold Business premises Situate in the Market Place and large Warehouses & Premises in the New Road..... to sell by Auction, On Wednesday, the 18th day of June, 1890.... Folio, 3pp. 1890. £12.00

  241. Draycott Foliatt AUCTION POSTER Mr Westall is Instructed to Sell by Auction on Thursday, 29th August, 1844 at the Ailesbury Arms Hotel, Marlborough, A Most Eligible and Compact Freehold Estate.... Size 22" x 18", folds, printed in very large type-faces, brief schedule with acreages. 1844. £22.00

  242. Grittenham [The Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878] NOTICE IS HEARBY GIVEN, THAT THE WHOLE PREMISES in the occupation of Mrs M. Collingbourne, at Vines's Farm, Grittenham.... lately declared to be a place of SWINE FEVER are.... declared to be FREE FROM SWINE FEVER. Single folio sheet, printed on one side only, folds. Marlborough, July 14th, 1888, J.T. Bird, Printer, Malmesbury. £10.00

  243. Jackson (Revd. J.E) LETTER addressee unnamed, but probably one of the Sotheran-Estcourt family of Shipton Moyne, saying he is on his way to Stonehenge and Salisbury for a day or two with Mr. Scrope, will not be able to come to Estcourt next week etc. 3p, sm. 8vo. Undated, probably 1860's.... together with.... Carte de visite photograph, by Perkins of Bath, titled 'Revd. J.E. Jackson, Leigh Delamere, 1864'. 1860's. £15.00
    Jackson was the author of numerous works on Wiltshire.

  244. Marlborough REPORT UPON THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH. 2pp with Plan of Town coloured in outline, Scale 4" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound, some slight off-setting. c1837. £18.00

  245. Smith & Harrison, Pr., Devizes DEVIZES CORN-MARKET At a Numerous and respectable Meeting, of the Gentlemen, Farmers and Dealers frequenting this Market, held at the Town Hall.... for the purpose of considering of and adopting some plan, as well for the better securing the delivery of Grain brought to this Market for Sale, as for the due return of Sacks containing the same. Mr. John Alexander in the Chair.... Folio sheet, printed on one side only, folds. 28th January, 1808. £45.00
    Sets out payment to be made by buyers and sellers for unloading of grain, ticketing and storage of sacks, etc.

  246. Stourhead and Salisbury LETTER from Richard Colt Hoare to Miss Wickens (Close, Sarum), dated Stourhead 'Saturday'. Says he has been prevented by rheumatism by answering her letter in person on a journey to Salisbury, but 'should the history of New Sarum be ever published; an etching of this curious old picture could be interesting. I regret its having been recovered with yellowash'. Signed R C Hoare. 1p, 4to, ingtegral address panel on adjoining blank leaf, black wax seal with Roman head, Mere postmark. c1820. £45.00
    In Hoare's 'History of Wiltshire Vol 6 there is a reference to a painting found in St. Thomas' Church, after a coat of whitewash was removed in 1819, rescued from oblivion by the 'correct and ready pencil of Miss Wickens'. It is reproduced on a plate marked as 'Eliz. Wickins del. 1819.'

  247. Stourton NOTICE IS HEARBY GIVEN, THAT THE PIGSTY, SHED, AND FARMYARD, SITUATE AT COLECOTT FARM in the occupation of Mr Alfred Hetherington, lately declared to be a place of Swine Fever, is.... Ordered and Declared to be Free From Swine Fever. Single folio sheet, printed on one side only, folds. Warminster. 1881. £10.00

  248. Sutton Mandeville COMMUTATION OF TITHES with the Apportionment. 1838. Folio MS, 14 double page spreads with entries in columns for Landowner, Occupier, Lands & Premises, No. on Plan (not present), Area, Value, and Amount Payable in money value and wheat barley and oats. 26 landowners listed. Some amounts entered in pencil. With 2p summary loosely inserted. Rough paper wraps, titled in ink, and with Solicitor's name and address, marked 'to be delivered immediately'. 1838. £40.00

  249. Swindon APPOINTMENT of Mr Edward Ormond, of Swindon, as Trustee of the Marriage Settlement of Mr. William Ormond and his Wife. Large vellum sheet, wax seals, with later appointment of trustees, with small wax seals, on verso. 1871 & 1889. £10.00

  250. Swindon PLANNING FOR SWINDON Exhibition at the Town Hall, April 18th - May 2nd, 1945. 8vo., 8pp., plans. 1945. £5.00

  251. Swindon RELEASE of arable land called the Croft adjoining the road from Swindon to Wroughton, and new built dwelling house, in Nether Swindon, Thomas Herring of Swindon, Wheelwright and his wife to Theodora Morse of Loodson. Vellum, calligraphic initial letter, 20" x 24", wax seals. 1745. £18.00

  252. Wilton House LETTER to Mr Bently on headed notepaper of Wilton House, Salisbury, crest of dragon surmounted by coronet, signed 'Pembroke', thanking him, and commenting on two 'entertaining books'. One is apparently in the 'Girl of the period Series', the other a book of sport. 3p, sm. 8vo. Dec. 24, 1883. £10.00
    From G. Herbert, 13th Earl.

    Wiltshire Acts Parliament

  253. Barford Saint Martin AN ACT For Dividing and allotting Lands in the Parishes of Barford Saint Martin and South Newton, and for extinguishing Rights of Common in other Lands in the Parishes of Barford Saint Martin aforesaid, and Baverstock, in the County of Wiltshire 29pp. 1809. £22.00

  254. Box AN ACT for repairing and widening the Road from the West End of Seend Street.... to the Horse and Jockey in the Parish of Box. 30pp., black letter, some off-setting. 1753. £18.00

  255. Bradford, Melksham, and Whorlsdown Debts AN ACT for the more easy and speedy Recovery of Small Debts within the Hundreds of Bradford, Melksham, and Whorlsdown.... Black Letter. Cover leaf + 16pp. 1763. £15.00

  256. Broad Hinton AN ACT for dividing and allotting Lands in the Manors of Broad Town and Thonhill in the Parishes of Broad Hinton and Cliffe Pypard. 20pp. 1821. £15.00

  257. Corsham AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Corsham.... 16pp. 1816. £17.00

  258. Earl of Pembroke AN ACT to impower the Guardians of Henry Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, and Infant, to make Leases of his Real Estates during his Minority. 7pp. Some marginal ink annotation. 1778. £26.00

  259. Hilperton and Trowbridge AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parishes of Hilperton and Trowbridge.... 15pp. 1815. £17.00

  260. Littlecote Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Tithing of Littlecot, in the Parish of Enford.... 12pp. 1814. £17.00

  261. Marlborough, West-Kennet, Shepherd's Shord, Beckhampton, Cherill Hill, Avebury, Beckhampton Roads AN ACT for repairing the Roads leading from Marlborough through West-Kennet to Shepherd's Shord; and from the Hare and Hounds in Beckhampton, to the Top of Cherill Hill; and from the Town of Avebury to the Cross-way at Beckhampton.... 24pp. 1742. £15.00

  262. Melksham, Bradford, etc. AN ACT for amending and maintaining the Road leading from the Turnpike Road on Farrard's Common, in the Parish of Bradford.... to Homan's Stile in the Parish of Lacock...., and the Road leading therefrom to the Bath Turnpike Road.... 11pp. 1826. £12.00

  263. Swindon, Marlborough, Andover and Cheltenham AN ACT to amalgamate the Undertakings of the Swindon Marlborough and Andover and the Swindon and Cheltenham Extension Railway Companies.... 10pp. 1884. £12.00

  264. Westbury, Warminster, Heytesbury and Damerham South Debts AN ACT for the more easy and speedy Recovery of Small Debts within the Hundreds of Westbury, Warminster, Heytesbury, and Damerham South.... 20pp. 1808. £11.00

  265. Willoughby (Earl) Estates of AN ACT for Exchanging Part of the settled Estates of Willoughby Earl of Abingdon in the County of Wilts, for another Estate of greater Value in the County of Berks, to be settled in Lieu thereof.... 12pp, some staining to lower corners. 1767. £16.00
    Concerns Manors of Littleton Tytherington and Littleton Becketts, Wiltshire and Manor of Swinford, Berks.


  266. Abergele, N. Wales GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. LXXIX N.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 18", plus margins. Fully hand coloured, key in sea area. Two third of the map is sea area. Re-survey published 1885. c1900. £20.00
    Covers Llandrilo an rhos, Prestatyn, Newmarket.

  267. Alvescot, Oxford PROBATE WILL of Mary Godwin of Alvescot. Vellum, 15" x 23" with printed certificate attached, large pendant papered seal of Bishop of Oxford, in very good condition. Will 1830, proved 1837. £17.00
    Leaves house, orchard and land in Alvescot, vellum, 15" x 23", with printed certificate attached.

  268. Ashbourn, Staffs. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. LXXII N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. Additions to 1868. Embossed stamp 1901. £22.00
    Covers Longford, Alstonfield, Alveton, Brailsford.

  269. Avery (W.T) Ltd. 'AVERY' COAL WEIGHERS catalogue No. 16, 15pp. 8vo wraps, printed in mauve. Numerous illusts. of platform weighers, lever weighing machines, hand trucks, iron weights, etc. 1912. £15.00

  270. Barnsley, Yorks. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet LXXXVII S.W, size 13" x 15", plus wide margins. Printed from an Electrotype taken in 1878. Embossed stamp 1882. £16.00
    Covers Thorpellesley, Hickleton, Royston, Cawthorne.

  271. Barton, Westmoreland PARTICULARS OF THE VERY VALUABLE FREEHOLD CLOSES of Excellent Arable, Meadow, & Pasture Land, Containing 65a 1r. 29p. Situate at Yanwath, in the Parish of Barton, in the County of Westmoreland.... Which will be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Abel Armstrong.... On Thursday, the 19th of August, 1852. Folio, folded, 3pp, double-page plan. Attached, with a pin at one corner is a single printed sheet of 'Conditions of Sale' with memorandum at bottom, this completed in mansucript. 1852. £22.00

  272. Baurmeister & Co., London PRICE LIST of Doughing, Dividing, Sifting, and Sack Cleaning Machines. 38pp., 8vo., printed in blue, wraps. Numerous illusts. Repair at spine. 1905. £16.00

  273. Baxendale & Co., Ltd, Manchester ROTHER COMBINATION GRATES for perfect cooking and lasting satisfaction. 16pp., 4to, wraps, illusts. c1930. £12.00

  274. Berkshire Estate PARTICULARS, PLAN, VIEWS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Residential, Agricultural and Sporting Property The Buckhold Estate. Extending to about 2322 acres. To be offered for Sale by Auction.... On Wednesday, the 21st day of September, 1932. Folio, loose in the original card covers, 61pp, plus 10 illusts on 7 pages, one page torn without loss, lacks plan. 1932. £15.00

  275. Bexhill, Sussex ADMISSION of John Lansdell to a messuage of 110 acres in the Manor of Bexhill, at a Court Baron of the Rt. Honourable George Commons. On vellum, 23" x 15", closely written. 1780. £18.00

  276. Biblical Scenes JOSEPH AND HIS BRETHREN Piece of cotton finely printed in red, size 9" x 11", border all round, central oval with Joseph and brothers under palm tree, and roundels in the four corners illustrating his dreams, scene in Egypt with pyramids, etc., decorative title. c1850. £20.00

  277. Bicester, Oxfordshire AUCTION POSTER advertising sale of furniture by Paxton & Holiday, at The Plough Inn Yard, 31st December, 1909. Size 17" x 11", slightly ragged at one edge, a few foxing spots. 1909. £8.00
    Includes Handsomely Carved Chippendale Chair, Carved Oak Coffer, etc.

  278. Birmingham, Warwicks. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet 168. Size 13" x 19", plus margins. Revised 1898. Embossed stamp 1902. £17.00
    Covers Sutton Coldfield, Halesowen, Maxstoke.

  279. Blandecques, France PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of an Elegant Freehold Residence, Which has been somewhat inaptly christened the 'Chateau de la Folie', it is a little removed from The Great Paris Road in the Romantic Valley of Blandecques... there is a Protestant Church Close at hand.... the enjoyment of one of the Finest Trout Streams in the Department.... the above Estate will be Sold by Auction by Mr. Geo. Robins at the Auction Mart.... June 25th, 1840. 3pp., folio, attractively printed, with docket title on verso of second leaf. 1840. £30.00
    'Although a foreigner may luxuriate very agreeably at this Chateau, it seems more especially planned for an English Gentleman....'

  280. Bookplates COLLECTION OF FORTY BOOKPLATES 26 being 19th century engraved armorial bookplates, the rest 20th century. In modern album, polythene pockets 6 to a page. 19th & 20th centuries. £34.00
    Family names includes Soyres, Broke, Leigh Symes, Hooton, Horset, Cauty.

  281. Brangwyn (Frank) CATALOGUE for The Frank Brangwyn Exhibition at 184 Queen's Gate, London, 1924, arranged by Barbizon House. 8vo, 40pp., wraps, mark on front wrap. 1924. £18.00

  282. Bridgnorth, Shropshire VOTING PAPER size approx. 6" x 7", printed on one side only, for the election November 1st 1843, listing four names of candidates for Councillors of the Borough, with address and occupation. Signed by Voter James Pinner with his address and Parish. 1843. £6.00

  283. Brighton POSTCARD ALBUM containing 58 postcards of Brighton. 4to album, decorative cloth boards. Late 1940's and early 1950's. £18.00

  284. Brighton, Sussex ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1 inch to a mile, Sheet No. IX. Size 25" x 36". Woodland, roads, boundaries hand-coloured. Mounted on linen, folding to 4to, green morocco slipcase with flap, slightly rubbed, gilt title on spine. Covers 'Brighthelmstone', Selsey Peninsula, Horsham. Ink stain in top margin along approx. 4", slightly obtruding into border, ink stain on verso on linen, which is not affecting map but has rendered linen along that fold weak, linen on verso generally grubby. Symonds Wycombe watermark 1829. £40.00

  285. Bristol & Gloucestershire PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Perpetual Annual Rent... To be sold by Auction by Geo. Nichols, Howes, Young... on the 16th day of December 1909. Folio, 4pp, folded. 1909. £8.00
    Refers to Bristol Cathedral's rent from the Manors of Erlingham, Codrington, South Cerney reserved by Letters Patent of Henry VIII.

  286. Bristol and Bath ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. 111, Fifth Edition. Cloth-backed, blue and black Ellis Martin cover with hiker, small area rubbed on front cover. 1937. £8.00

  287. Brixton, London EMPRESS THEATRE Lionel B. Edwards' Annual Xmas Pantomime Little Bo-Peep and Her Real Live Sheep With All Comedy Company. Playbill on card, size 14" x 9", printed in bright blue, red, yellow and green. With picture of Bo-Peep and a lamb. c1950. £16.00
    Cast includes 'Taverners Ten Little Daffodils'.

  288. Brockley (Lewisham, London?) CALLIGRAPHIC TEXT 'Ignorance is the Bane of Society.... etc.', on Whatman paper, size 22" x 15", using a variety of at least 10 styles of lettering. Signed at foot 'Charles Hayward, Brockley Academy, June 8th'. The right hand margin has been slightly cropped, losing the date at bottom, but not affecting any of the text. Two 4" repaired tears, small hole at centre. Paper watermarked 1830. £26.00

  289. Broughton, Lancashire RELEASE of two plots of land in Broughton with the buildings erected thereon. Concerns a "Flax Mill, Boiler House and Steam engines with all fixed machinery". William Renshaw Gentleman of Salford to James Renshaw and Henry Renshaw, Flax Spinners. Copy, made a few years later, on 5 folio sheets, fastened at one corner with tape. 1st Oct. 1859. £16.00

  290. Brydges (Sir Egerton) LETTER to Sir Egerton Brydges M.P., at Lee Priory, Kent, from a correspondent whose signature is unclear, but is possibly John Hey. Dated Bristol 7th October 1814, 4p 4to, including integral address panel and postmark. Refers to the possibility that he might have offended Brydges, and apologises, and to his opinion of a poem by Raleigh. Thanks him for loan of first edition of Carew, and says he will send some pieces of poetry. 1814. £20.00
    Egerton Brydges was an editor of early English literature and genealogist. The letter fits in with the D.N.B. description of the divine Revd. John Hey, who died in 1815, and loosely inserted is an portrait engraving 'Rev. John Hey, Bristol'.

  291. Bucklebury, Herts. PARTICULARS of Magnificently built Freehold Country House.... a Delightful Garden with Bathing Pool.... 11p., oblong 8vo. 3 tipped-in photos, one on front wrap.... together with.... Particulars of that Late Georgian Country Residence known as the Red House, Sonning Common, Oxon. 4to, 8pp., small map, tipped-in photo. 1952 & 61. £12.00

  292. Burton upon Trent, Staffs. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet 140, size 13" x 19", plus margins. Good strong impression. Revised 1898. Embossed stamp 1901. £18.00
    Covers Uttoxeter, Ingestre, King's Bromley, Hilton.

  293. Buxton, Derbyshire GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. LXXXI N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. Embossed stamp 1860. £25.00
    Covers Castleton, Chapel en le Frith, Hathersage.

  294. Carlisle & Canobie Railway Co. BOOK OF REFERENCE Containing the Names of the Owners or Reputed Owners, Lessees and Occupiers of the Lands and Houses in or Through Which the Proposed Railway.... are Proposed to be Made. 27pp., small folio, wraps, printed in columns with Property, Owner, Occupier. 1857. £55.00

  295. Carlisle and Hawick Railway PROSPECTUS Capital 320,000 in 32,000 Shares of L.10 each.... 3pp., folio, verso where folded and titled in MS slightly dusty. 1856. £48.00

  296. Cellan, Cardiganshire PARTICULARS, PLANS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Estates known as the Maesgwilym anbd Trebannau Estates.... to be offered for Sale by Public Auction by Mr. Daniel Rees at the memorial Hall, Lampeter, 28th June, 1909. 4to, wraps, 8pp., photo, folding coloured plan. Spine repaired with archival tape. 1909. £14.00

  297. Cleobury, Worcs. LETTER from T.L. Hall to his son William Hall, Cleobury Paper Mills, near Bewdley, written from London, 22 Jan. 1833. 4p, 4to, writing continued on first page in four lines crossing vertically, last page includes integral address panel with postmarks, papered seal, small piece torn from margin on last leaf where seal broken. Gives instruction about spreading soil on the fruit trees ('.... they must be very careful not to run the Cart wheels upon the trees. Keep the little lads to lead the horses.) and about making another lot of paper 'tell John Davison to make another lot of Royal tinted clean and good.... part 60lb per Ream and part 63lb. I wish this made before the Cap papers.... he must be very particular as to the sizeing....' etc. 1833. £27.00

  298. Coil Clutch Co., Ltd. CATALOGUE of Clutches for Hauling, WInding, Stamping etc. 4to, 20pp., wraps. illusts. c1927. £14.00

  299. Constructeurs Associes de Paris FOURNEAUX DE LUXE Tarif no. 19. 8vo, 32pp., decorative wraps, numerous cold. illusts. of enamelled wood-burning stoves, with measurements, prices. 1926. £20.00

  300. Covent Garden, London A MAPP OF THE PARISH OF ST. PAULS Covent Garden taken from the last Survey. Copper engraved plan from Stow's 'Survey', size 12" x 7", plus wide margins. With reference table to Inns, Courts, etc., some buildings such as 'playhouse' shown in elevation, main streets named. 1755. £48.00

  301. Crayford, Kent PRINCESSES THEATRE Will Hammer presents Stars of the Circus, Featuring the World Famous Clown Coco.... Bob Bemand's Comedy Pigeons.... George 'Snowey' Ford, Dick Barton's Right Hand Man... Printed in red and blue on card, size 14" x 10", slightly darkened at edges. c1950. £14.00

  302. Crickhowell & LLanbedr Estates Breconshire PLANS, PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Farms, Accommodation Lands.... Which will be offered for Sale by Auction.... July the 29th, 1919. Folio, original covers, 31pp, 1 only (of 4) coloured folding plans in pocket at rear, covers stained, corners of pages curled. 1919. £15.00
    The Estates of Lord Glanusk.

  303. Cricklade Saint Sampson and South Cerney Estates PARTICULARS OF A VERY COMPACT AND DESIRABLE ESTATE, Comprising A Dairy and Grazing Farm, bounded by the River Thames with an Excellent Newly-Built Farm House, 92 acres.... and a Valuable Estate of 26 Acres. Which will be sold by Auction by Messrs Hoggart & Norton at the Auction Mart, On Friday, the 25th of October, 1844. Folio, folded, 3pp, plus double-page map. 1844. £24.00

  304. Darton (W) BEDFORDSHIRE Divided into Hundreds and the Parliamentary Divisions. Folding, hand-coloured map, dissected and mounted on linen, engraved area approx. 17" x 14", plus margins, folding into original sm 8vo cloth covers. With engraved vignette view of Woburn Abbey. With Reference tables to the Hundreds, Market Towns and Market Days. Slight discolouration where pasted into boards, otherwise a nice copy. London, W. Darton & Son, Holborn Hill. c1835. £38.00

  305. Denbigh GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. LXXIX S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 18", plus margins. Fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. Railways inserted to 1892. £24.00
    Covers Dee estuary, Ruthin, Burton.

  306. Derby ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LXXI S.W. Size 13" x 15", plus wide margins. Printed from an Electrotype in 1882. £15.00
    Covers Derby, Etwall, Long Eaton.

  307. Devon & Somerset Railway PROSPECTUS Issue of 45,000 Perpetual 6 per cent Mortgage Debenture Stock. 3pp., folio, docket title on verso. Loosely inserted is plan size 16" x 18", showing railway system from London north to Hull and Liverpool, with area of North Devon north of Exeter and North West Somerset shown in detail, with Lead Mines, Iron Mines, Slate Quarries etc, marked, line of railway shown from Taunton to Barnstaple shown in red. 19th October, 1872. £80.00
    'Already a very important element in the future traffic returns is developing itself, by the opening and working of the various mines with which the district abounds, and there can be no question but that a large mineral traffic will be obtained....'

  308. Dick (John), Pub. THE HULL ADVERTISER Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp., uncut. Friday January 16, 1846. £16.00
    Contains many Railway Notices, Hull Police Court Reports, etc.

  309. Diddlebury, Salop. WILL of Frances Cornewall of Diddlebury, 1774. Office copy, c1829, on 1p. sm. folio, with deposition of two people saying the will was in her hand. 1774. £10.00
    Desires neighbours in village to have gloves, the Curate a scarf and hatband, Mrs. Mary Bough to have a dozen shifts, ruffles etc.

  310. Drake family, of Yorkshire PEDIGREE neatly written in ink with red lines, size 20" x 72", made up of sheets pasted together, many folds. Covers mid 16th century to early 19th. c1880. £25.00
    On verso is a quote from a letter from the Revd. J. Hunter of Hallamshire to I.J. Allen, 'comparing this pedigree with his own collections'.

  311. Easton, near Winchester, Hampshire PARTICULARS of the Freehold Country Residence known as Cherry Tree Cottage, Easton, Near Winchester, Hampshire. About Half-an-Acre. Alfred Pearson & Son.... are instructed to offer the above property for Sale by Auction.... On Wednesday, 14th September, 1955. Original card covers, two pasted down plates, one on top wrap. 1955. £8.00

  312. Eglinton Castle, Ayrshire PROGRAMME OF THE PROCESSION from the Castle to the Lists at The Tournament at Eglinton Castle, August 28th and 29th, 1839. 15pp., 8vo, plain glazed paper wraps, pages very creased. Loosely inserted is a printed verse on the Tournament, bottom margin clipped. 1839. £20.00
    Describes in detail the accoutrements of the different knights, archers, heralds etc. The 'King of the Tournament' was the Marquis of Londonderry, other parts taken by Lady Seymour, Earl of Craven, Lord Saltoun, etc.

  313. Elsing, Norfolk ELSING INCLOSURE Folio sheet, printed in three columns in small type, describing 'Public Carriage Roads, Bridle Roads, and Footpaths to be stopped up', 'set out and apppointed' etc. Thomas Utton, Commissioner. 1843. £18.00

  314. Erith, Kent MOURNING CARD for Jane Latham of Erith, died Aug. 4th 1870. Embossed white paper on black ground, black border, showing figures weeping under willows, surrounded by large angels either side of broken pillar, cherubs etc, gilt painted. Size 8" x 6", some slight browning on printed area. 1870. £20.00

  315. Erpingham & Ingworth, Norfolk PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of A Farm and Detached Lands situate and Erpingham and Ingworth, Which Will be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Burrell & Son at the Black Boys Inn, Aylsham.... 10th September, 1867. 4pp., folio, folds. 1867. £12.00

  316. Fife, Scotland DISCHARGE by David Greig, tenant in Bowhill to David Greig his father, tenant in Skeddoway, accepting 116 'in satisfaction and contentaion of all and every thing that I can ask or expect by and thraid his Death' 2p., sm. folio.... together with.... Assignation by David Greig of Treaton to George Greig his son, merchant in Kircaldie, of his 'household plenishing and furniture' etc. 4p., sm. folio.... together with.... Discharge and Obligation, George Greig to David Greig (refers to the Marriage Settlement of David Greig and Katherine Beveridge). 3p., sm. folio. 1757, 1782 & 1774. £22.00

  317. Fishtoft Lincolnshire PARTICULARS, PLAND AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Freehold & Tithe-Free Estate consisting of The Manor House, Farmhouse and Cottages and about 466a. 2r. 14p. of land.... To be Sold by Auction by Messrs Saul.... On Wednesday, the 23rd of July, 1913. Folio, 12pp, coloured folding map in pocket at rear. 1913. £20.00

  318. Friendly Societies REPORT of the Conference of Friendly Societies upon the Questions of the Industrial Insurance Bill. 6pp., folio. 1890. £10.00

  319. Gastineau (Maria) CHECKLY CHURCH, STAFFORDSHIRE. Watercolour, in sepia, white and pencil on card, size approx. 6" x 8", corners snipped. Titled in pencil, and signed, in ink, to verso. c186- £75.00 -- See Illustration
    'Landscape watercolourist. Daughter of H.G. Gastineau.' See Wood's Dictionary of Victorian Painters.

  320. Glamorganshire & Monmouthshire PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold & Customaryhold Farms & Lands in the Parishes of Lanedarne, Cayra, St. George, Michaelstone, St. Fagan, Landaff, Merthry Tydfil... being the Remaining Parts of the Landaff House Estate.... which Mr. William Prichard Stephenson had received instructions to Sell by Auction, at the Royal Hotel Cardiff, the 25th day of May, 1882. Folio, 15pp, plus 6 large coloured folding plans. Wraps rather grubby, one plan with small section missing from bottom corner (mainly affecting margin), two plans with minor repaired tears. Newspaper report of sale with purchasers etc, loosely inserted. 1882. £46.00
    Refers to mineral rights in some lots.

  321. Great Missenden, Bucks. THE HIGHLY INTERESTING FREEHOLD PROPERTY Ashwell Court. An Architectural Gem of the Fifteenth Centry style of Architecture.... Charming Pleasure Grounds.... Five and a Half Acres For Sale by Private Treaty. Harrods, Ltd., Auctioneers and Estate Agents. 10pp., 4to, stiff wraps, 4 photographic plates. Wraps slightly grubby. 1920's. £22.00

  322. Guilden Sutton, Cheshire PARTICULAR OF FREEHOLD ESTATES Situate at Guilden Sutton, About Two Miles from Chester Advertised to be Sold by Auction at the Albion Hotel in Chester On Monday the 25th Day of October, 1824.... A Good Farm House.... Complete Yards for Cattle Sheep and Poultry.... Single sheet, attractively printed in a variety of type-faces, size 17" x 10", with schedules giving names on fields, quantity, for 12 Lots. 1824. £25.00

  323. Harrison, Pr. THE LONDON GAZETTE From Saturday March 4, to Tuesday March 7, 1775. 4pp., tax stamp. Fold, slightly shaved at top. 1775. £15.00
    Includes list of Army Officers appointed, report from General Post Office on disappearance of Theodosius Kimpland, Post-master of Barnstaple who stole a bill of exchange 'out of a Letter sent by the Post', with description ('wears his own brown Hair tied with a Ribbon, quickly reddens when spoke to...').

  324. Hastings THE ALBUM OF HASTINGS AND ST. LEONARDS VIEWS 20 photolitho views on extending strip, small 4to gilt boards, including long panorama. c1880. £18.00

  325. Henley-on-Thames, Oxon PARTICULARS AND CONDITION OF SALE Of the Very Choice Riverside Residence known as "New Mills House" Henley-on-Thames.... Hampton & Sons.... Will sell the above by Auction.... on Tuesday, 21st September, 1926. 4to, original card covers, 8pp, 4 tipped in plates, spine worn, slightly staining, mainly to inner margins. 1926. £12.00

  326. Hertfordshire WILL of Brigitte Bestney of London. Near contemporary copy on 1p sm. folio. Leaves to her daughter Anne Kiffin for thirty one years after her death the house or farm called 'Baker's End' in Hertford, with rights of hedgebooote plowboote, etc, for a yearly rent of one peppercorn, and after that term to her son Nicholas. 1632 or slightly later. £28.00
    Baker's End is near the hamlet of Castlebury.

  327. Hexham GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. LXXIX S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 18", plus margins. Fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. Margins slightly grubby. Embossed stamp 1904. £22.00
    Covers Haltwhistle, Slaley, Sanyford, Allandale.

  328. Horsley, Smith & Co., Hull SHARE CERTIFICATE for 100 preference shares. On thick paper, size 8" x 15", finely engraved, good plate mark. With counterfoil etc., attractive decoration down edge. Not completed. early 1900's. £10.00

  329. Hunt (J), Pr. THE EXAMINER Monday Nov. 11, 1816. 14pp., 4to. 1816. £12.00
    Includes report of Cornwall County meeting where 'Borough-mongering' was condemned, report of Castlereagh's speeches in Ireland etc.

  330. Hutchinson & Son Ltd., London PROCELAIN ENAMELLED BATHS Catalogue, 4to, 28pp., printed in blue and black, illusts. Stiff wraps. c1930. £18.00
    Includes interesting photos. of the workshops, furnaces etc., as well as the baths.

  331. Illumination SUPPLEMENT TO ILLUSTRATED LIST OF ILLUMINATED ADDRESSES and Testimonials. 4to, wraps, 43pp., illustrating photographically 44 specimens of presentation certificates etc. c1920. £15.00

  332. India PASSPORT to allow James Bogie to proceed to England via Messina Naples and Florence. Issued by the Governor of Bombay. Folio, lithographed with MS inserts, two coats of arms. With authorisations and stamps on verso from French consulate, Austrian Consulate etc. at Bombay. Folds, offsetting of ink on signature. 1868. £18.00

  333. Isle of Man THE MONAS ISLE ALBUM OF ISLE OF MAN VIEWS 20 photolitho views, including two long panoramas, on extending strip, folding into sm. 4to boards, gilt decoration with paddle steamer, map inside back board. Front board darkened, rubbed at corners. c1880. £18.00
    Inlcudes two views of paddle steamers.

  334. Iver, Bucks. THE ANNUAL TWENTY-FOURTH ADDRESS of the Minister of Iver To his Parishioners. Single sheet, size 16" x 11", folds, printed on one side only with black border, attractive woodcut vignette of church and fields size 3" x 4" at head, heading in large type. Lake, Albion Press, Uxbridge, January 1st, 1834. £24.00
    The Minister wasEdward Ward.

  335. Kenilworth, Warwicks. PENCIL DRAWING Size 11" x 15", on thick paper, showing ruins with lane leading through gate, surrounded by trees, titled in bottom corner 'part of Kenilworth Castle'. n.d. c1860. £25.00
    Very well drawn, with the drawing taking up most of the paper.

  336. Kildwick, Skipton,Yorkshire KILDWICK PARISH SOCIETY Rules of the Society, January 1, 1779. Printed sheet, size 21" x 16", setting out aims in a paragraph in large print, with 23 rules printed in 3 columns below. 'We whose Names are hereunto subscribed, judging it more credible to owe our Subsistance in the Time of Need and Distress, to our own provident Industry.... agree.... That we will.... conform ourselves to the several Insitutions, Rules and Orders herein after mentioned....' Paper very creased, section 2" x 2" torn away with loss of first words of 16 lines of Rule 3, two other small holes with loss of a few words, remains of wax seal stuck to paper, portion torn from margin. 1779. £30.00
    The society was formed to look after members 'oppress'd by Misfortune, visited with Sickness or weakened by old Age'. An interesting document in poor condition.

  337. King's Head Estate, Merioneth PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the King's Head Estate, comprising of Two Freehold Dwelling Houses, Twelve Choice Building Sites and a Valuable Freehold Farm. Which Messrs. Cooke Bros. & Roberts have been instructed to offer for Sale by Public Auction.... On Tuesday, May 18th, 1909. Folio, 7pp, folding coloured plan, original wraps, some light foxing. 1909. £17.00

  338. Kitchenware TRIPLEX COOKER Brochure with details of Aga-type cooker, 4to, 6pp., some illusts. in green, cold. wraps. 1938.... together with.... THE QUICKFRI Cooking Pan. By Quickways Ltd. 80pp., 8vo, wraps, illustrating the pan, plus other aluminium ware, with recipes etc. c1928. £14.00

  339. Kodak Ltd. REAL ORTHOCHROMATISM Booklet, 80pp., 8vo, illusts., attractive rainbow-design cover, filters inside front wrap. 1930. £8.00

  340. Lawson & Sons, Lancaster, Pub. THE ROYAL A.1 BOOK OF VIEWS of Lancaster, Morecambe, Ingleton and the Lakes. 32 photolitho views, 2 or three to a page, on extending strip folding into decorative boards size 6" x 5". c1880. £12.00

  341. Leighton Buzzard ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP 1" to 1 mile, Sheet 220. Red cloth wraps with printed label. c1910. £5.00

  342. Lichfield, Staffs. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet 154, size 13" x 19", plus wide margins. Good clear impression. Revised 1898. Embossed stamp 1903. £15.00
    Covers Walsall, Tamworth, Cannock, Lullington.

  343. London Grand Junction Railway Bill TO THE HONOURABLE THE MEMBERS of the House of Commons. The following Statement is submitted for the Purpose of showing the Origin and present Prospects of this Railway Scheme.... 15pp, 8vo, signed John Hemming, 'a proprietor on the proposed line.....'. 'Second Reading, This Day 10th April 1838'. £28.00

  344. London THE NEW ALBUM OF LONDON VIEWS 26 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into small 4to boards, gilt, front board and cloth spine faded. Most views 2 to a page, 8 are 4 to a page. Includes 10 views of Crystal Palace interior and exterior. c1880. £18.00

  345. London THE NEW ALBUM OF LONDON 22 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into sm. 4to boards, attractive gilt decoration. Includes 2 views of Crystal Palace, panorama of Thames. c1880. £18.00

  346. London, Chatham & Dover Railway Co. REPORT OF THE DIRECTORS together with Statements of Account, for the Half-Year Ending June 30, 1898. 8pp., folio, folded. 1898. £22.00
    Includes detailed tables of Capital Expenditure, Locomotive Power, Traffic Expenses, Maintenance of Way, Works, etc.

  347. Lord Sidmouth OBITUARY Two obituaries, from The Morning Herald and the Morning Post, specially printed with black borders on 3pp. sm. folio, with black armorial wax seal in bottom margin, mounted along edge in folio card folder, together with a letter dated Richmond Park Feb. 14th, 1844, from Horace (Currie?), saying 'we are under great anxiety about Lord Sidmouth and since Friday we have lost the hope of his recovery...' Together with letter, 3p 8vo, mourning border, from Charlotte Currie, to someone (un-named) who has also lost a relation, an engraved portrait of Lord Sidmouth, 8vo, signature of Lord Sidmouth clipped from bottom of a letter, with clipped 'free front' sent by him to Lord John Russell, and another address panel with impressed pink stamp, maltese cross cancellation. 1844. £45.00
    Probably compiled the family of his daughter, Charlotte Currie.

  348. Lyons FARINGS IN PLENTY AT LYONS CORNER HOUSE Catalogue of iced cakes, wines, confectionery etc., 8vo., decorative wraps, 64pp., illusts. of elaborate cakes etc., (including Princess Mary's wedding cake), coloured plate of lacquered chocolate boxes, with small area rubbed. c1938. £10.00

  349. Macclesfield, Cheshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet LXXXI S.W. Size 13" x 14", wide margins, Crease down right-hand border. Printed from an electrotype taken in 1882. £17.00
    Covers Congleton, Flash, Horton.

  350. Madame Tussaud & Sons EXHIBITION CATALOGUE A Biographical Record of all the Characters... Written specially for this Guide. 58pp., plus adverts, 8vo, decorative coloured wraps wih picutre of building and Madame herself. Wraps chipped at corners, some creasing, paper rather browned. 1893. £10.00

  351. Madame Tussaud's CORONATION CATALOGUE 1937. 80pp., wraps. 1937. £8.00

  352. Madame Tussaud's Exhibition GUIDE Written by Geo-Augustus Sala. 79pp., plus adverts, 8vo, attractive covers showing King, coats of arms etc.,in gold red and green. c1904. £10.00

  353. Manor of Boram, otherwise Parke, Herts. ADMISSION at a Court Baron of Thomas Nicoll of Wilsden to the late John Nicoll's 'Estates in the several tenures of John Rhodes, Thomas Corman, Isaac Messooder, George Osmond and William Roberts lying and being in the Parishes of Alsenham Elstree and Edgware.' Vellum, size 18" x 14". 1753. £25.00
    Refers to various tenements and closes of land in Borham Wood, tenement called Bull Head, land abutting on the Common etc., all with occupiers.

  354. Margate, Kent THE ALBUM OF MARGATE VIEWS 21 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into sm. 4to gilt boards. c1880. £18.00

  355. Market Bosworth, Leics. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. LXIII N.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 16", plus wide margins. Fully hand coloured, key in left-hand margin. Embossed stamp 1901. £20.00
    Covers Ashby de la Zouche, Markfield, Grendon.

  356. Market Drayton, Shropshire LETTER signed 'J. Rodd, Artist, At Mr Bonell's Machine Maker, Sheep Market' to Charles Roberts, Solicitor, Barnstaple saying he is not able to follow his professional pursuit due to an attack of gout, and requesting money, complaining about a troublesome tenant (presumably at Barnstaple) who has stolen the parting door, etc. Mentions he has 'such fine Views of Devon, steel plate engravings on India paper'. 3p, 4to, integral address panel with green wax seal, straight line postmark. 1833. £15.00

  357. Market Harborough, Leics. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. LXIII S.E. and Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 15", plus wide margins. Fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. Railways inserted to 1887. Embossed stamp 1898. £20.00
    Covers Lutterworth, North Kilworth, Rollestone.

  358. Middlesex and Cornwall WILL of William Veale of Stepney als. Hoburnheath, 1687. Contemporary copy, one and a half pages, folio, in an attractive clear hand. Decorative signature of John Tresise at the end. Small hole at one fold, a few small ink spots. c1687. £20.00
    Refers to property left to him by his brother, which he purchased from Theophilus Langhorne. Leaves two gold rings to his sister worth 10s a piece etc.

  359. Morden (Robt.) DARBYSHIRE Map coloured in outline, decorative cartouche and scale bar. Size 14" x 16". Professionally reinforced on verso along bottom border and margin due to marginal tears. Sold by Abel Swale, Awnsham & John Churchill c1700. £45.00
    Derbyshire from the 1695 edition of Camden's Britannia

  360. Morden (Robt.) HUNTINGTONSHIRE Map coloured in outline, woods and hills coloured, size 14" x 16", title cartouche. Sold by Abel Swale, Awnsham & John Churchil c1700. £65.00
    From the 1695 edition of Camden's 'Britannia'.

  361. Morden (Robt.) NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Map coloured in outline, size 14" x 16", title cartouche. Sold by Abel Swale, Awnsham & John Churchill c1700. £55.00
    From the 1695 edition of Camden's 'Britannia'.

  362. Nicholls (G.F) COTSWOLDS WATER-COLOURS Nineteen colour plates, and plate on front board, small mark to cloth. 1928. £16.00

  363. Normanby near Pickering, Yorkshire PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE With Plan of a Valuable Freehold Estate.... Which will be Offered for Sale by Auction.... on Friday, the 3rd day of September, 1880. Folio, folded, 4pp, large coloured folding plans, few short tears to margins, rear leaf slightly dusty. 1880. £22.00

  364. Old Buckenham, Norfolk TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION at the White Horse Inn, Old Buckenham.... on Tuesday the 4th day of June, 1833.... all those Four Cottages.... situate in Old Buckenham.... Also, a Going, or Right on Old Buckenham Green. Handbill, size 11" x 8". 1833. £15.00
    Gives occupiers' names.

  365. Penny (J), Sherborne, Pr. SHERBORNE, DORCHESTER & TAUNTON JOURNAL Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., red tax stamp. Rebruary 5, 1835. £15.00
    Includes report on Frome monthly market, celebrations of the 'Triumph of Reform' at East Chinnock, Pawlett, etc., estates for auction etc.

  366. Photography DAS ZEITALTER DER PHOTOGRAPHIE by Voigtlander. Brochure, 64pp., 8vo, with hints on photography and illustrations and specifications of 'Bergheil', 'Avus', 'Rollfilm', 'Stereflektoskop' cameras, lenses, etc. c1930. £15.00
    In German.

  367. Pontypridd SCHOOL COPY BOOK with examples of 'Mensuration', Problems, etc. Name of Obadiah Williams, Prontypridd Grammar School, inside front wrap. The second half of the book has been used for copy notes relating to Dinas Colliery and the Dinas British School, including some pages of lists of names with sums for coal and rent, and a letter in Welsh. 4to, stiff wraps. 1869-76. £20.00

  368. Post Office CAUTION The Post Office cannot undertake the safe transmission of valuable enclosures (Coins, &c), in unregistered letters.... Handbill, with information about new rates, 8" x 5", 2 folds. Some ms. notes on verso about herbal cures. General Post Office, December, 1863. £12.00

  369. Princess Elizabeth LIST OF WEDDING GIFTS St. James's Palace, 264pp. 8vo, wraps. 1947. £10.00

  370. Reynolds' ALBUM OF WINDSOR VIEWS 19 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into sm. 4to gilt boards. All but one view are 2 to a page. c1880. £16.00

  371. Reynolds' ALBUM OF CANTERBURY VIEWS 23 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into sm. 4to gilt boards. c1880. £16.00

  372. Reynolds, Pub. THE ALBUM OF ENGLISH LAKES VIEWS 21 photolitho views on extending strip, including several panoramas, folding into decorative gilt boards, sm. 4to. c1880. £18.00

  373. Rhodes Tile Co. Ltd., Burslem MODERN TILE FIREPLACES Oblong 8vo, 29pp, wraps, illusts. c1930. £12.00

  374. Rochdale, Lancs. TO BE LET By Ticket, for a Term of Eleven Years, At the House of Mrs. Marriott, The Roe Buck Inn, in Rochdale, on Monday the 14th Day of March, 1808.... Handbill listing four lots of land, with description, size 12" x 7", traces of folds. 1808. £25.00

  375. Rock's ROYAL MALVERN ALBUM 14 photolitho views on extending strip, some double page, folding into decorative gilt boards, 6" x 5". Advert. for Frank Passey's Porcelain & Glass House and Doll Show-room inside back board. c1880. £14.00

  376. Rotherhithe, Surrey BILL OF SALE of the three-masted Ship 'Ariel', Christian Splidt of Stratford Green, to Thomas Dicey of Rotherhithe, Shipowner. Contemporary copy on 3p folio, in a neat hand, folded, outer sheet with docket title, some light browning at folds and corners. Includes detailed description of the ship with measurements, age, place built, etc. 1810. £34.00

  377. Royston, Herts. AN INVENTORY OF THE PERSONAL PROPERTY Connected with the Royston Brewery taken Oct. and Nov. 1825. by Crocket and Nash. Manuscript on 157 pages, written on one side only, full blindstamped reversed calf, titled on front board. Lists in detail plant and machinery, (e.g.'Mash Tun Contents 50 Qs. made of 25 inch oak sides with ash rim and curb on joists with false bottom complete canvass cover with pullies and ropes to the mash Tun'); Horse Wheel, Wort Engine, Malt Mill etc., 34 different casks, pipes and cocks; horses in the stables, cows; contents of the Coopers shop, Counting House, Carpenters shop, timber yard, dairy, yeast houses, granary, garden house and garden, stock of beer, malt, corn etc, contents of the Black Swann Public House ('plaistered and pantiled'), Red Lion Public House, Waggon & Horses Public House, stock and crops etc. at the Therfield Farm, the dwelling house of John Phillips Esq. 1825. £180.00
    Contains a wealth of information on brewing at that time.

  378. Ryton, Shropshire ABSTRACT of Marriage Settlement and other Deeds relating to Mr. William Angworth Junr.'s claimto the Atchley Estate, in Ryton. 15p folio. Includes brief genealogy and lawyer's comments. c1820. £15.00

  379. Salisbury and Shaftesbury LETTER signed 'Radnor' on printed notepaper of Longford Castle, Salisbury, with coronet, to 'Mr Mayor', thanking him for his invitaton to dinner at Folkestone, and declining. 2p, sm. 8vo.... Together with.... Note dated Sept. 7, 1881, signed 'Wolverton' on headed paper of Iwerne Minster House, Shaftesbury, the letter 'W' surmounted by coronet, to 'Dear R.', saying he will be enchanted to see him and Mrs. R. 1p, sm. 8vo. Both have traces of mount on verso. 1881 & 1891. £12.00

  380. Saskatchewan, Canada BILLS OF SALE for horses sold at Indian Head, Montmartre, Regina, Earl Grey and other places in Saskatchewan, 1908 - 1910. 45 bills, mainly 4" x 8", printed with MS inserts giving names of buyer and seller, price, interest, name of horse, weight, description (often several horses on one Bill). On verso is form of oath signed by seller, 25 cent stamp. 1908-10. £22.00
    'one flea bitten grey horse 12 years old called Barney....' etc.

  381. Saskatchewan, Canada BILLS for loans for the purchase of automobiles sold at Wilkie, Cut Knife Salvador, and other places, 1917 - 1927. 43 bills, mainly 4" x 8", printed with MS inserts giving details of sale, interest charged, details of car (mainly Ford tourers, Model T etc.). On verso is form of oath signed by seller, 25 cent stamp. 1917-22. £18.00
    Car described in detail, e.g. 'one Studebaker Car, four cylinder 7 passengers serial no. 11912.'

  382. School Magazine THE SPIDERIAN A Monthly Magazine. Volume 1. 1894. April - November. Handwritten magazine, bound in grained cloth boards, gilt titled on front board. Coloured decorative headings and title pages, Index at rear. The president was 1894. £35.00
    Articles include 'Life and Work in the East End of London, by Miss B. Robertson an East End Worker, 'A Day at a Public School', 'Women's Suffrage' etc. Appears to have been based in London. members include W.P. Digby, Charles F. Carter of Kings School Canterbury, A.H. Rodd. Reports on scholarships to Oxford etc. gained by members, so presumably was a magazine written by older schoolboys.

  383. Scropton, Derbyshire CONVEYANCE of a piece of land near the North Staffordshire Railway line, Vera Bowers of Caverswall Castle to E. Orme of Hatton Hall. Vellum, 2p. folio, ruled with red borders, full page manuscript plan on adjoining leaf, relevant lands coloured. Scale 2 chains to 1", size 17" x 10". 1917. £20.00

  384. Seyer (Robt.) Pr. WRITING SHEET Folio sheet with decorative engraved border with allegorical figures representing Valour, Ambition etc., and calligraphic text in manuscript, on Christ, Friendship, Religion, by Hugh Hayward December 15th, 1777. £25.00

  385. Shrewsbury, Shrops. SALE PARTICULARS of the Residential Property, Nobold Grange. 7pp., sm. 4to, 2 photographic plates, photo on front wrap. 1948. £12.00

  386. Shropshire and Staffordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. 153. Size 13" x 19", plus margins. Revised in 1898. Embossed stamp 1903. £18.00
    Covers Ironbridge, Wolverhampton, Orslow.

  387. Shropshire, Worcs. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet 167. Size 13" x 19", plus margins. Revised 1898. Embossed stamp 1901. £17.00
    Covers Dudley, Wolverley, Bridgnorth, Blakenhall.

  388. Smith & Son's NEW RAILWAY MAP OF THE BRITISH ISLES Colour printed, 32" x 28", linen backed and folding into Sm. 8vo cloth boards, gilt titled. Scale 19 miles to 1". With insets of Birmingham, London and S. Lancs and Yorkshire Districts. Paper inside spine worn. c1890. £15.00
    Also shows railways under construction, canals, steamer tracks, coach roads

  389. South Cave, Yorkshire PARTICULARS of a Valuable and Truly Desirable Freehold Estate.... Which Will be Sold By Auction at the House of Mr. William Hudson, Known by the Sign of the Fox and Coney.... 31st day of October 1839. Title page, 1p listing 12 lots, mainly in MS, plus 1p. printed conditions, completed Memorandum. 1839. £16.00

  390. Southampton and Isle of Wight ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP 1" to 1 mile, Fifth Edition, Sheet No. 141. Blue and black Ellis Martin Cover with hiker, cloth-backed. 1936. £8.00

  391. Southampton, Hants. PHOTOGRAPH showing a large charabanc full of men parked outside a public house name beginning 'The West....' next to Perrin's Cart Painters. Smaller car parked behind. Size approx. 9" x 12", name of Fremantle photographer on mount. c1930. £8.00

  392. St. Albans, Herts. LETTER from Viscount Grimston, to an un-named artist, congratulating him after seeing 'a proof Print of your Drawing of the Abbey, and the adjoining Ground at St. Albans, which I much approve of, and think does infinite credit to the artists employed in the work...' He says he is honoured to be mentioned in the Dedication. Gorhambury, 13th Feb. 1798. £18.00
    The writer was created Baron Verulam in 1790.

  393. St. Albans, Herts. LETTER from Lord Grimstone to Mr Harding at Cassiobury, Watford, saying he is perfectly willing for him to copy his picture of Lord Essex, and can receive him on the day he mentions. 1p, 4to, adjoining leaf with address panel, straightline St. Albans postmark. Traces of mount on verso. 'Verulam' written below address. Sept. 23rd 1813. £16.00

  394. Stafford and Market Drayton, Staffs. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet 139. Size 13" x 19", plus wide margins. Revised 1898. Embossed stamp 1903. £16.00
    Covers Newport, Stone, Church Eaton.

  395. Stafford Quarter Sessions SUMMONS for Witnesses William Porter and Thomas Heel to appear in a case between the inhabitants of Marchington Woodlands and Newborough regarding the settlement of Joseph Hawkins and Sarah his wife, ordering them also to bring the Assessments made for the Relief of the Poor. 10 lines printed on vellum slip, size 3" x 11", slight browning at edges, ink slightly faded, MS inserts, wax seal. 1795. £20.00

  396. Staffordshire, Warwickshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 28", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo. Covers Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Rugeley. Electrotype c1850. £24.00

  397. Stanley (W.F) & Co. SPECIMENS OF STANLEY DRAWING MATERIALS 28pp., plus approx. 28p of samples. oblong 8vo., wraps. c1930. £14.00

  398. Stokes & Co., Worcester CATALOGUE OF BASKETS Mats, Brushes &c. 1927. 39pp., 8vo, attractive illusts. of baskets, wicker armchairs etc. Lacks back wrap. 1927. £16.00

  399. Stourbridge, Worcs. BILL of Edward Webb & Sons, Seed Growers & Manure Manufacturers, Royal Seed Establishment, Wordsley. 4to, with fine vignette size 2" x 5", showing landscape with 'Seed Farms'. Attached at corner is pink sheet relevant to bankruptcy proceedings of recipient. Stain from glue in top corner where sheet attached. 1896. £4.00

  400. Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. LIV S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 15", plus wide margins. Fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. Repaired 2" tear in margin. Railways inserted to 1894. Embossed stamp 1898. £20.00
    Covers Alcester, Charlecote, Wolverton.

  401. Swindon LEASE of arable land and dwelling house in Nether Swindon, Thomas Hering of Swindon, Wheelwright, to Theodora Morse. Vellum, 13" x 21", small wax seals. 1745. £17.00

  402. Syleham, Suffolk PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Small Compact Freehold Estate with Farm House... Which Robert Borrett is instructed.... to sell by Auction.... Wednesday 1st June, 1892. 4pp, sm. folio, folded.... together with.... Map of my little Farm at Syleham in Suffolk, 9th February 1855. Sketchy manuscript plan on paper backed with linen, in ink, size 16" x 13", many notes on acreage etc. 'my Sawpit let to C. Godbolt' etc. 1855 & 1892. £20.00

  403. Thorp Arch Hall, Yorks. AN ACCOUNT OF ALL THE GAME KILLED on the Manor of Thorp Arch during the Year 1818. 8vo notebook made up of sewn sheets, 7p, plus wraps, large date and title as above on front wrap, with scribbly humourous drawings below it. The pages are ruled in columns with headings at the top for the month and type of game (partridge, woodcock, hare, pheasant, snipe, etc.), and day of the month down the side, numbers entered in corresponding column.... together with.... ACCOUNT OF GAME KILLED IN THORP ARCH AND WETHERBY during the year 1820. A similar booklet, front cover decorated with crude sketch 'This picture.... represents Randall walking gently over the fields in quest of game, his dog out of breath at full speed in the perspective.... this portrait was taken.... the last season the Squire was able to wear his favorite hat given him on his going to Rugby'. 5 pages of columns as above, plus 3p noting a teal etc., killed, list of greyhounds and pointers. Blank pages at end. Both booklets in the same untidy hand, two holes in one wrap due to burning. 1818 & 1820. £65.00

  404. Tonypandy, Glam. EMPIRE THEATRE Fred Radley presents The Scintilating Pantomime of Adventure! Robinson Crusoe. Printed in bright red, blue and yellow, on card size 14" x 10", holes at top for hanging, picture of principal girl Robinson Crusoe on beach with Friday, list of cast, including 'Fred Jones The Brilliant Welsh Baritone as Cannibal King'. c1950. £16.00

  405. Ulverston, Lancs. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. 98 S.W (New Series Sheet 48). Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 19", plus margins. Fully hand coloured, key in left-hand margin. Railways inserted to 1883. c1900. £20.00
    Covers Cartmel Sands, Bootle Fell, Duddon Sands.

  406. Vickers-Nash SAFE-LOAD INDICATORS FOR CRANES Cataloge, 4to, 19pp., illusts. Stiff wraps, split along top 2" of spine. c1932. £12.00
    Striking decorative front wrap with red, gold and black design of a crane.

  407. 'W.E.D.' EXTRACTS FROM THE KORAN Manuscript on 16p, fscp., sewn together, with verses from Koran in Arabic script and Latin translation, on facing page, verses numbered 1 - 54. Watermarked 1813. £30.00

  408. Warburton, Cheshire VALUABLE WHITE WOOD TIMBER To Be Sold By Ticket, at the House of Mr. Wm. Warburton The Sign of the Punch Bowl, in Warburton, on Monday the 20th day of February 1826.... Particulars attractively printed on single sheet size 19" x 12", listing 8 lots with type of tree, and names of Land holders. Small piece of paper chipped away at bottom edge, not affecting text, some slight brown 'shadowing' of letters in places, dustmarking on verso. 1826. £24.00
    'The above Timber is all Scribe marked.... near to good Roads, the Duke of Bridgewater's Canal, the Staffordshire Canal and the River Weaver'.

  409. Warrington Blue Coat School Yorks MINES ACCOUNTS. Two folio volumes, marbled wraps, manuscript accounts 'In Chancery' the first between 1862 - 1868, 12 pages, the second 1871 - 1884, 14 pages, with Chancery stamps for 'two Shillings'. Traces of fold, one volume is reinforced with paper to spine, back wrapper worn with holes where folded, top wrap split at fold, spine partly split. Includes a list of names, a lump sum paid, Exchequer bills, and various cash sums. 1862- 1868 & 1871 - 1884. £36.00

  410. Weller (E) Engr. GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY London to Grantham and Nottingham, Continuation to York & Leeds, loop or Lincolnshire Line. Lithographed plan, some outline hand-colouring, on three sheets, each sheet 17" x 12", scale " to 1 mile. 1863. £40.00
    From 'The Dispatch Atlas'.

  411. Weller (E) Engr. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY London to Reading, Oxford, continuation to Bristol, Bristol to Plymouth, Oxford to Chester. Lithographed plan in vertical strips on four sheets, each sheet 17" x 12", some outline hand-colouring. Scale " to 1 mile. 1863. £50.00
    From 'The Dispatch Atlas'.

  412. Weller (E) Engr. SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY Dover & Hastings Branch. Lithographed map with some outline hand-colouring, size 17" x 12", divided into 3 vertical strips, scale " to 1 mile. 1863. £18.00
    From 'The Dispatch Atlas'.

  413. West Riding of Yorkshire FOUR ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 6" to 1 mile, quarter sheets, Nos. CLXXXVII.S.W (Guiseley); Sheet CCII.N.W (Rawdon) (Heliozincographed); CXIX.S.W & S.E (Roulsworth Hill); CC.N.E (Keighley) (Heliozincographed). 1908-10. £18.00

  414. Weston's Cider ORIGINAL ART WORK for bottle label, main label 3" x 4", attractive art-deco style design with three small apples in corner, smaller label for verso with map of England in roundel. In orange and black gouache, mounted on black card, '2 colour printing' written on verso. n.d. £18.00

  415. Winchester, Hants. AN ABSTRACT OF THE CHAMBERLIN BOOK alphabetically digested at Mich. 1725. 12mo notebook, vellum wraps made of part of a (Hampshire) deed. 20 pages of names followed by sums of money (possibly rents or rates paid), plus 18 pages of another similar alphabetical list (different names, including Thos. Barfoot, Mayor), 1 page of 'City Rents', 1 page of 'The Hospitall Rents', and 4 pages of payments, which include 'a Bill to the Pewterers', to the Widows at St. John's House', 'to Bellman', 'Ratfin Farm', 'Castle Guard Rent'. 1725. £85.00
    Although Winchester is not named references to St. Mary's College, St. Bartholomew's, Westgate, Hide St., a castle, etc. point to this City.

  416. Windermere etc. THE NEW ALBUM OF ENGLISH LAKES 24 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into gilt decorated boards, size 5" x 4". c1880. £15.00

  417. Wolverhampton, Warwicks. PARTICULARS OF VALUABLE PROPERTIES situate at Willenhall and Wolverhampton which George Kidson withh submit for sale by Auction.... February 11th, 1919. 3pp., folio, folds. 1919. £9.00
    Includes properties in Railway Street, Bilston Lane, Crescent Road.

  418. Wych House, St. Ives., Hunts. CATALOGUE OF THE SALE of the Whole of the Modern Furniture and the Superior Appointments of a Ladies School.... which Messrs. Wright & Scruby are to Sell by Auction.... April 20th & 21st, 1904. 29pp, tall 8vo, wraps. 1904. £10.00

  419. Wyld (J), Pub. & Engr. THE POST OFFICE PLAN OF LONDON Plan, coloured in outline, postal district letters in red, railways in purple. Size 15" X 32", scale dissected and mounted on linen, folding into sm. 8vo cloth boards, with Wyld label, 1" split at spine. c1880. £55.00
    Covers Victoria Dock Road in East, Kensington Gardens in West.


  420. York, Clifton, Rawcliffe, Yorks. PARTICULARS of the Valuable Estates.... which will be Sold by Auction by Mr. Lancaster, in 216 Lots, at the Concert Room, York, February 1, 1836 and the three following days.... comprising the Manors of Clifton and Rawcliffe, with Their Appurtenances, numerous Messuage, Farm-Houses, Dwelling-Houses, and Cottages, and Four Public Houses.... Sites for Building, Wharfage Ground and 1740 Acres of Rich and Valuable Land in the Immediate Vicinity of the City of York. 22p., small folio, lists 219 lots with occupier, description, Cultivation Quantity. Last page dusty, vertical crease. 1836. £40.00

  421. Yorkshire & Lancashire GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Three six-inch maps, quarter sheets, partly hand-coloured, 2 with coloured key in margin, large black reference nos. in top right corners. Sheets LVII.N.E/S.W./CXCIX.N.E. 1901. £24.00
    Oakworth, Cold Well Reservoir,Ickornshaw Moor.

  422. Yorkshire, West Riding ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Eight maps, scale 6" to 1 mile, quarter sheets, size 12" x 18", plus margins, contours in red: Sheet CC.S.E (Haworth); Sheet CC.N.W (Oakworth); Sheet CLXXV.S.W (Sutton); Sheet CCI.N.W (Bingley); Sheet CLXXV.S.E (Keighley); Sheet CCXV.N.W (Oxenhope); Sheet CCXV.S.E (Mixenden). 1933-4. £32.00

  423. Yorkshire, West Riding SEVEN ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 6" to 1 mile, quarter sheets, size 12" x 18", plus margins. Contours in red. Additions to 1938. Sheet CCXXXI.N.E (Wyke); Sheet CLXXXVI.N.E (Ilkley, Burley); Sheet CCXV.N.E (Denholme); Sheet CCXVI.N.E (centre of Bradford); Sheet CCI.S.E (Shipley); Sheet CCXVI.S.W (Queensbury); Sheet CC.N.E (Keighley). Provisional Editions, c1940. £32.00

    General Acts Parliament

  424. Animals AN ACT for the more effectual Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 12pp. 1849. £12.00

  425. Basingstoke, Hants. AN ACT for enlarging the Term and Powers of Two Acts.... forrepairing and widening the Road from Aldermaston to Basingstoke.... 12pp. 1816. £12.00

  426. Bramshaw, Hants. AN ACT for vesting Part of the Settled Estates late of Frederick Breton, deceased situate in the County ofSouthampton, in Trustees.... 12pp. Includes brief schedule. 1828. £12.00

  427. Bromley St. Leonard Middx. AN ACT for more equally assessing and collecting the Poor Rates, in the Parish of Bromley Saint Leonard, in the County of Middlesex. 15pp. 1811. £12.00

  428. Burton Agnes, Yorks. AN ACT for vesting part of the Settled Estates of Sir Francis Boynton Baronet, in Trustees to be sold.... 7pp. 1815. £12.00

  429. Burton on Trent, Staffs. AN ACT for paving, repairing, cleansing, and lighting the Town and Borough of Burton upon Trent.... 29pp., black letter. 1779. £12.00

  430. Cambridge & Huntingdon AN ACT for Vesting all the Real and Personal Estates late of Elizabeth Morgan, Widow, deceased, in Elizabeth Mackenzie.... discharged from all Right, Claim, and Interest of the Master and Fellows of Gonville and Caius College in the University of Cambridge. 7pp., engraved decorative headpiece. Pages browned, edges of 2 leaves slightly ragged. 1762. £10.00

  431. Devon & Cornwall AN ACT To empower the County Council... of Cornwall to extend and improve Torpoint Ferry and to construct a new bridge and street works at Penryn; to alter the boundary between the counties of Cornwall and Devon; to vest the Bodmin County Asylum Estate in the said Council.... to make provision with regard to highways the protection of rivers and streams and public health... 93pp, sewn in margin, wwith MS notes "Part VIII altered in red as finally agreed between the Promoters and the Cornish Chamber of Mines." (This section referred to Rivers and Streams: the amendments appear to reduce the powers of the Council, proposed in this Draft, as regards improving purity of the water, removing obstructions, etc.) 1929. £25.00

  432. Fulham, Middlesex AN ACT for enabling the Bishop of London.... to grant Licences to demise the Copyholds within the Manor of Fulham for building upon.... 4pp. 1827. £8.00

  433. Geological Survey AN ACT to facilitate the Completion of a Geological Survey of Great Britain and Ireland, under the Direction of the First Commissioner for the Time being of her Majesty's Woods and Works. 4pp. Small piece torn from corner in margin. 1845. £14.00

  434. Great Western Railway AN ACT to alter the Line of the Great Western Railway, and to amend the Acts relating thereto. 26pp. 1837. £16.00
    Includes a 8pp schedule of the owners and the land concerned. Mainly concerned with the line from London to Bristol.

  435. Ireland AN ACT to prevent unlawful Combinations of Workmen.... in Ireland.... 11pp. 1803. £18.00

  436. Kent Roads AN ACT for enlarging the Term and Powers of Three Acts.... for repairing and enlarging the Road leading from the House called The Sign of the Bells, in the Parish of Saint Margaret, in Rochester, to Maidstone, and other Roads.... in the County of Kent. Cover leaf + 26pp. 1773. £11.00

  437. Kent Roads AN ACT for repairing the Road from the Royal Oak, on Wrotham Heath, to the Town of Wrotham, in the County of Kent, and from thence to Foots Cray; and from the said Royal Oak to the Town of Maidstone.... Cover leaf + 28pp. 1773. £11.00

  438. Post Office AN ACT for Consolidating the Estates Tail and Reversion in Fee, which His Majesty hath in the Post-Office, and Twenty four thousand pounds per Annum of the Hereditary Excise. 4pp., plus cover leaf. Lacks stitching hence pages loose. 1685. £20.00

  439. Shrewsbury, Shrops. AN ACT for making more effectual an Act.... for repairing the Roads therein mentioned between Crackley Bank in the Parish of Shifnall and the Town of Shrewsbury.... 12pp, plus cover leaf, Black Letter. 1730. £14.00

  440. Slavery AN ACT to carry into further Execution the Provisions of an Act for completing the full Payment of Compensation to Owners of Slaves upon the Abolition of Slavery. 3pp. 1837. £20.00

  441. Whale Fishery AN ACT for continuing, explaining, and amending, the several Acts of Parliament made for the further Encouragement of the Whale Fishery.... and to authorize the Payment of the Bounty to Thomas Hood and others, upon Three Ships fitted out for the said Fishery, and lost in the Greenland Seas. 6pp. folio, disbound, black letter, plus cover leaf. 1755. £30.00

  442. Wrecks AN ACT for providing suitable Interment in Church-yards or Parochial Burying Grounds in England, for such dead Human bodies as may be cast on shore from the Sea, in cases of Wreck or otherwise. 6pp. 1808. £10.00

  443. Yately, Hants. AN ACT for inclosing Lands within the Tything of Hawley, in the Parish of Yately.... 23pp. 1815. £14.00

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