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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 58

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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  1. Bacon BERKSHIRE Reduced from the Ordnance Survey. Scale 1" = 4 miles. Colour printed, size 11" x 16", central fold. Divided into 5 mile squares. 1885. £8.00
    From Bacon's New Large Scale Ordnance Atlas.

  2. Chievely, near Donnington PARTICULARS of the Desirable Freehold Estate known as Snelsmore Hill.... a Modern Residence.... Beautiful Plantations, newly-built Homestead.... Good Game Preserves, with the Manor.... to be Sold by Auction... 9th July, 1850. 3pp. Tear at one fold, some edge tears. 1850. £20.00

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  3. British Association for the Advancement of Science ASSOCIATE'S TICKET for the Forty Fifth Meeting at Bristol 1875, Blue card, size 7" x 5", folded in half, attractively printed, with map on verso, with Reference, relevant buildings coloured in red. 1875. £12.00

  4. Clark (J.A) Drawn by NEW GUILDHALL, BRISTOL. To the Right Worshipful James Gibbs, Esq., Mayor of Bristol, by whose exertions during his period of office the plan for erecting a new Guildhall was greatly forwarded, and by whom the ceremony of laying the Foundation Stone was performed on the 30th of October 1843. Tinted lithograph, size approx. 8" x 12", plus margins, some spotting to margins. Published by George Davey, Broad Street, Bristol, Oct. 30th 1843. £55.00
    Shows several people in the fore-ground.

  5. Jones (S.C) Drawn by THE AVON & SEVERN FROM CLIFTON DOWN. Tinted lithograph, size approx. 8" x 11", plus margins, some spotting mainly to margins. Published by T.H. Weston, opposite the Exchange, Bristol: c184-. £70.00
    Shows boats on the river, flag-pole in the distance on sea-walls, people sitting on rock, and grazing sheep in the fore-ground.

  6. Lysaght (John), Limited. AGRICULTURAL FEEDING APPLIANCES Manufactured by John Lysaght, Limited, Galvanized Iron Works, Bristol. Catalogue printed in blue on yellow paper, on both sides of sheet 15" x 17", folded to form brochure 5" x 8". Each item attractively illustrated, with prices for different sizes. September 1902. £35.00
    Includes wheelbarrows, water-carriers, garden tables and chairs, hay-racks, troughs.

  7. Merchant Venturers' Technical College SCHOOL OF PRINTING YEAR BOOK Showing specimens of the work of the students in the Letterpress.... Bookbinding and Litho Departments. 50pp., 4to, stiff paper wraps. Includes 6 photographic plates, some coloured. Session 1931-32. £20.00
    Includes specimens of adverts for local firms such as Capper Pass.

  8. Mills & Co. Pub. THE BRISTOL GAZETTE and Public Advertiser, Thursday October 4, 1810. 4pp, folds, 8" tear in first leaf, tax stamp, small vignettes in text. 1810. £13.00
    Contains report of meeting on proposed canal from Bristol to Wootton Bassett, lottery reports, robbery at Newnham, sailings from Bristol for West Indies, New York, etc.

  9. Redcliffe LEASE FOR A YEAR of a tenement with two pavements and one garden adjoining formerly in the tenure of Thomas Brooks, haberdasher, in St. Thomas Lane, Elizabeth Mullins to Dorothy Hutton. Vellum, 16" x 25", wax seal. Some spotting of vellum. Enraved title with small portrait of George II. 1747. £17.00

  10. Redcliffe Street DEED OF BARGAIN AND SALE of a newly erected messuage in Redcliffe Street, with a little messuage adjoining, now in the occupation of William Nash, Cooper, between George Bridges, Distiller, of Bristol, and Richard Marchant, Merchant Taylor, of Bath. Vellum, with red border, engraved heading, small wax seal. 1716. £22.00


  11. Sessions of Oyer and Terminer CERTIFICATE exempting William Dubberley, Yeoman, of St. Nicholas Ward, from all manner of Parish and Ward Offices 'within the Parish of St. Nicholas' as he apprehended John Flenien who was convicted of stealing a Mare from him, value eight pounds. Printed on thin parchment, MS inserts, size 13" x 13", folds, edges slightly soiled. Signed by Mayor, Recorder and Alderman. 1821. £30.00
    The exemption was given under an Act of William III entitled 'An Act for the better apprehending.... of Felons that commit Burglary.... or that steal Horses'.

  12. Sickness Club RECORD BOOK listing payment made to women for 'sickness' and 'old age', 1839-48. Cash book, 4to, full reversed calf, blind-stamped decoration, raised bands. The first section comprises 9 pages listing 23 women (with addresses) and columns to show payment made every month that year, the second part is a cash account, 37 double-page spreads with debit and credit, showing money received from members, sale of consols etc., and money paid out to named women for sickness, old age, and for funerals, and for collector's salary. Many blank pages. 1839-48. £80.00
    There is no clue as to the name of the society. The final note states 'Balance in hand on 16th Feb. 1848 when the Club was agreed to be dissolved. G.C.'

  13. St. Augustines Parish CONVEYANCE of the reversion in fee of nos. 7 and 8 Pipe Lane, The Ecclesiastical Commissioners to H. Willmott, of Cotham. 3 large vellum skins, small coloured sketch map on verso of one skin, papered seal of Commissioners. 1872. £14.00

    Bristol Acts

  14. Bridge over River Avon AN ACT for rebuilding.... the Bridge over the River Avon, in the City of Bristol, and erecting a Temporary Bridge adjoining; and for widening the Streets, Lanes, Ways, and Passages leading thereto; and for building another Bridge over some other Part of the said River.... and for making a Way from the Bridge already built to Temple Street.... Black Letter, cover leaf + 34pp. 1786. £18.00

  15. Harbour Railway AN ACT to authorise the Great Western and Bristol and Exeter Railway Companies to extend the Bristol Harbour Railway, and to make a new Wharf Depot.... 14pp, stapled, top leaf has a few small tears to margins. 1873. £14.00

  16. Watch AN ACT to explain, amend and render more effectual.... An Act for establishing maintaining and well governing, a Nightly Watch within the City of Bristol. 8pp., plus cover leaf. Black letter. 1756. £12.00

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  17. Chetwode PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... that capital fattening and feeding farm known as Manthorne Farm.... In the Centre of the Bicester Hunt.... to be Sold by Auction 8th day of June, 1904. 8pp, 4to, plus coloured folding plan. Attractive wraps with vignette of fox. Vertical fold. Staples rusty. 1904. £18.00

  18. Maids Morton PARTICULARS of Valuable Freehold and Tithe Free Estates, Comprising a First Rate Farm.... Two Free Public Houses.... To be Sold by Auction by Messrs Harrison & Son at the White Hart Hotel, in Buckingham, Thursday 15th June, 1865. Folio, folded, 4pp., large folding coloured plan. 1865. £25.00

  19. Steeple Claydon PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Freehold Estate.... consisting of 186 acres of very rich old grazing land and superior arable land, with Farm House.... Which will be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Farebrother, Wilson & Lye... 21st of March, 1829.... in Three Lots. Folio, folded, 4pp., double-page lithographed plan. 1829. £32.00

  20. Steeple Claydon, PARTICULARS OF A VERY VALUABLE FREEHOLD and nearly Tithe-Free Farm, called Steeple Claydon Farm, situate in the Parish of Steeple Claydon, in the County of Buckingham.... 424a. 2r. 0p.... Good Dwelling-House, & all necessary Farm Buildings, Which will be Sold by Auction by Mr Samuel Donkin.... On Wednesday, the 5th of March, 1862. Folio, folded, 4pp, large folding plan. 1862. £26.00

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  21. Haddenham AUCTION POSTER. To be Sold by Auction, by George Legge at the Three-Kings Inn, in Haddenham, On Monday, the 29th day of June, 1846.... The following Valuable Parcels of Land, Copyhold of the Manor of Haddenham.... Printed on one side only, size approx. 17" x 13", few folds, attractive printing with small hands pointing to lines naming occupiers. Small piece torn from top right margin approx. 1" sq. Clements. Printers, Ely: 1846. £22.00

  22. Wisbech St. Mary PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Fen Farm in the Parish of Wisbech St. Mary, called Red House Farm, for Sale by Auction.... 2nd day of July, 1864. 3pp., folio, folded, one-page plan. 1864. £24.00

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  23. Macclesfield PROBATE of the Will and Codicil of William Broome. 3 vellum sheets, 22" x 28", paper impessed seal attached. 1893. £14.00
    Broome lived at Santa Barbara in California but the will refers to his property at Macclesfield, as well as his 'rancho of Guadalasca at Ventura'.

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  24. Altarnun POSTER To Be Let.... well-known Grassy Farm called Burland.... now in the occupation of Messrs. Hicks and Coombe.... valuable Rights of Common on Trevague Moor. 17" x 11", with folds. Dated 21st December, 1858. £16.00

  25. Boslymon Quarries Ltd., Crutched Friars, London OLD CORNISH CROSSES. CORNISH GREY GRANITE. 20pp., 8vo, printed wraps. Illustrates 19 Cornish crosses, for memorials, taken from Langdon's book on Cornish Crosses, but 'The shafts, or dies, have in some cases been modernised and bases added to provide space for an inscription'. n.d. 1920's? £18.00


  26. Buller family GENEALOGICAL TREE OF THE BULLER FAMILY The descendants of John Francis Buller of Morval & Shillingham.... Colour printed chart, size 42" x 35", linen backed, folding to 4to, in the form of a tree with different branches, showing leaves in different colours, with key, indicating 8 generations. Chart bottom right shows 'relationship of John Francis Buller of Morval to Ralph Buller of Wood, Somerset, and his descent from King Edward I', bottom left are a large number of armorial bearings. Some minor foxing in places. c1896. £50.00

  27. Burton (John) LIST OF EXECUTIONS IN CORNWALL 1785 TO 1882. Compiled by John Burton, "The Old Curiosity Shop," Falmouth. Single sheet printed on one side only, approx. 11" x 8", a couple of short tears, fold marks. Lists 55 names with dates when hung, age, and crime. Additional information has been added in manuscript in a very small hand (e.g. five earlier executions going back to 1471, on the entry '1812. 1st May. William Wyatt. Age 40. Drowning Isiah Tollack Valentine, a Jew, at Fowey' the annotator has added 'Isaiah Folock Valentine. Wyatt was landlord of Rose and Crown Inn'. 1882. £50.00


  28. Cornish Crosses VOLUME OF DRAWINGS 8vo notebook, half morocco, very rubbed, marbled boards, portion of spine missing, but presumably titled 'Stone Crosses' on spine. Containing sketches in pen and ink, heightened with violet ink, of 135 Cornish crosses, 18 Cornish Holy Wells, 42 sketches of doorways of chapels, remains of oratories, churches, castles etc. in Cornwall. In the last part of the book there are 29 sketches of crosses, ancient doorways, ruins etc. in Devonshire, together with approx. 50 sketches of doorways of chapels, abbeys etc., mainly in Yorkshire. n.d. c1880. £170.00
    The crosses are presented 2 to a page, each is titled, occasionally with detail as to position 'e.g. Cross in the middle of a large field 'Boswharton', Madron Cornwall. Supposed where a battle was fought.' The drawings are amateurish, but show detail of carving etc., and are presented in context with the bushes, gates, hedges etc around them.

  29. Cornish De Lank Granite Quarries Co. CORNISH SILVER GREY DE LANK GRANITE Catalogue of 43 types of granite memorials, including some Celtic crosses. 45pp, 8vo, attractive wraps with urn monument on purple background. Illustrations one per page, with prices, plus one page of kerbs and posts. n.d. late 1920's. £30.00
    'De Lank Granite was chosen for the exterior of the first Eddystone Lighthouse in 1756.... whilst many other exposed lighthouses have been built with the granite from these famous quarries.'

  30. Cornwall Minerals Railway Co. MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS AT A SPECIAL BOARD MEETING 22nd July 1873. Manuscript, 5p. signed by Chairman, size 15" x 9", plain wraps with MS title, horizontal fold, wraps rather grubby. Pasted in at relevant points are 3 notices, one giving notice of first Ordinary General Meeting of the new company, for electing Directors, etc., notice requesting Shareholders submit old shares for new issue under the 1873 Act, and covering letter explaining the conversion to a Parliamentary Company. 1873. £80.00
    'From a personal inspection of the Works on the above Railway made within the last few days, I am satisfied that the Contractor, Sir. S. Peto, has so far advanced the work as to justify me in recommending that the payment which would be due to him under his Contract on the 7th proximo be made.... W.H. Thomas, Engineer'. The railway was revitalised under the speculator W.R. Roebuck 'he formed the Cornwall Minerals Railway, authorized on 21 July 1873' a number of standard gauge mineral lines 'all opened after feverish activity on 1 June 1874'. David St. John Thomas 'West Country Railway History'.

  31. Cornwall ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Three sheets, Nos. 30, 31, 33, scale 1" to 1 mile, mounted on linen with cloth endpapers, folding into recent marbled-papered slipcase, 8vo, with printed label. Parkland and roads hand-coloured. On Sheet XXX the Otterham Estate north of Davidstow has been shaded in pink wash, Letts label on border. Gilt stamp of Daniel Watney, Old Broad St., E.C., to front wrap of each map. c1860. £120.00

  32. Devon Consols Mine, Stokeclimsland FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION on Thursday the 7th December, 1854, at Twelve O'Clock at Noon, on the Devon Consols West Mine.... The Whole of the Valuable Mine Materials &c Comprising: a 14in Cylinder Steam Pumping Engine, Equal Beam, 6 feet Stroke, with Boiler, Balance Bob; Horse Whim; Winch and Chain; Sheers and Sheaves; about 30fms 3in. Whim Rope.... Poster, size 22" x 17", listing 43 items of mine equipment. Brown off-setting of lettering throughout, as often happens when several posters stored together, small hole in one letter at top, a few edge tears, and some small repaired tears in part of text where paper is slightly brittle. Solicitor's note regarding affadavit of one John Clemo concerning this advertisement. 1854. £90.00

  33. Fowey Election BROADSHEET. 'To the Free & Independent Electors of the Borough of Fowey. Gentlemen, At the Solicitation of many respectable Inhabitants of your Ancient and Independent Borough, we beg leave to offer ourselves as Candidates.... Your most obedient, faithful, and humble Servants, Valletort, Alexander Glynn Campbell. London, 22nd May, 1818.' Single sheet, printed on one side only, size approx. 13" x 8", folds. Neatly repaired tear across 4" of text, without loss, traces of folds with some creasing. J. Bailey, 116 Chancery Lane, London. 1818. £32.00

  34. Fraddon BILL on small slip of paper titled 'Mr Paynter Bill to Fradden Gate' September - January 1801, mentions 'sadle horses' 'cheas', enclosed in small sheet of paper with docket title 'the Keeper of Fraddon Gate in full to this day 0.5.8d'. 1801. £10.00

  35. Francis Rodd of Trebartha NOTICES OF ASSIGNMENT referrring to lease on property at 17 Princes Terrace, Hyde Park. 3 documents, each 1 page small folio. Also involved in the lease were Sir Charles Lemon, Arthur Tremayne and John Garnier of Mount Tavy. 1866-70. £14.00

  36. Germoe SETT in Trebowlance in Germoe, His Grace the Duke of Leeds to Richard Tyacke, Miner, of Breage. Vellum, 17" x 23", signed Leeds with good armorial wax seal. Describes boundaries of the sett. The Duke of Leeds has five ninths of the tin ore etc. 1804. £48.00
    There is a brief memorandum on verso signed by T. Grylls, the Duke of Leeds' Steward, saying that Richard Tyacke and Partners can apply for a Sett of the ground 'twenty fathoms north of Wheal Boys Lodes in the tenements of Treswithin'.

  37. Glanville family of St. Germans DUCHY OF CORNWALL, CERTIFICATE AND WARRANT FOR A LEASE OF HUNTING Hawking Fishing and Fowling.... upon the Manor of Bonyalva.... 'This Constat made.... by Warrant from His Royal Highness's Council.... for a lease of the Premises therein contained.... unto Francis Glanville of Catchfrench.... for a term of thirty one years.... Let a Lease be prepared fit to pass His Royal Highness's Privy Seal containing a Demise or Grant.... From His Royal Highness's Council Chamber Somerset Place.... (signed) Southampton, S. Hulse, G. Lake. Vellum, 23" x 12", some minor creasing, first five lines slightly faded but entirely legible. 1794. £65.00

  38. Grampound PRINTED LETTER to Shareholders of the Grampound Road Hotel Company, with Report and account to Michaelmas 1872, 3p, 8vo, together with letter with details of meeting. 1872. £7.00

  39. Helston LEASE for 999 years of a plot of land in Lady Street, 22 feet in length by 21 inches in breadth, to be measured from the front wall of John Arundell's house, The Mayor and Commonalty of Helston to Francis Pennecke. Vellum, 10" x 16", wax seal, some foxing. 1710. £22.00

  40. Hendy & James, Solicitors, Truro A PROSPECTUS of the Truro and Perran Rail Road. 2pp., sm. folio, folded, docket title. Sets out advantages of the line to the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial interests, includes table estimating yearly trade on the line, for Perran Sand, Coals, Timber etc. from Truro for country consumption, and Mining business. 1st December 1830. £75.00
    A plan and Report originally accompanied the Prospectus. It was proposed to raise a Capital of 20,000. The line 'not only embraces the established Mines of Wheal Leisure, and St. George, but it includes in its route the following new ones:- Wheal Prosper, East Wheal Fortune, Drosken, Wheal Ramoth, Penhale.... '

  41. Hockin (William) & others THE MEMORIAL OF WILLIAM HOCKIN Robert Richards, William Cardell, William Vivian and Thomas Pope Rosevear. 2pp., folio, lithographed in cursive. Hockin and the others were Lords of part of the Manor of Lelant and the Bodriggy Estate. They complained that the proposed railway would reinforce the monopoly of the Cornish Copper Company: 'trains of waggons and other Carriages passing and repassing the said Bridge (belonging to the Cornish Copper Company).... would prevent the public from sailing up the said Channel or Canal and from landing their Merchandize on the Wastrell of the said estate of Bodriggy'. A plan is referred to which is not present. Some manuscript notes at bottom of page 2, address panel on verso with broken wax seal, sent to Rev. Wm. Hockin at Phillack, with a letter on blank page to 'my dear father' about the engrossing and printing of the memorial 'The notes have been inserted in this copy with a pen & ink but will be lithographed in the other copies. I have ordered 150. W.H.' Split along one fold, repaired on verso with archival tape. 1834. £45.00

  42. Land's End SEPIA WATERCOLOUR size 5" x 8", titled in margin 'The First Inn in England, by Robt. Johns, Lands End, December 9th, 1810.' Shows inn with 6 windows, church tower behind, inn sign protruding, cart and barrels outside door, house with low wall on left. Brown card mount, size 11" x 13". 1810. £30.00
    Finely painted by a competent amateur with good architectural detail.

  43. Launceston BILL of James Prockter, Watch-Maker, Silversmith, Ironmonger &c., for 'a knife for Shilson on Harvey's Commission'. Engraved heading. A couple of rust spots. Sept. 22nd. c1820? £10.00

  44. Launceston Board School BILLS of Launceston Tradesmen for supplies. 10 bills, 8vo and 4to, printed headings. Includes 5 page bill of J. Brimmell, Printer, for penholders, composition books etc., Prockter's bill for ironmongery, Fry's bill for flanalette, lace etc. 1896-7. £16.00

  45. Launceston Railway SUBSCRIPTIONS Manuscript on one page, sm. folio, listing 25 'Town Subscriptions' with name and amount contributed, in a fine hand.... together with.... LETTER from John Curland to Mary Pearse, encouraging her support for the railway, saying he is enclosing a 'list of subscriptions for shares the result of the last few days applications.... it indicates a very general wish for the rail....' 2p., sm. 8vo. Oct. 23rd, 1860. £30.00

  46. Liskeard, Manor of A TRUE COPY OF THE SURRENDER OF GEORGE CHAMPIONS ESTATE 'to Mr Trehawke and Mr Roger and to my use.' In Latin, docket titled on verso as above, 1p., sm. folio, folded, 1" tear at fold, browned at edges. 1690? £20.00
    The manorial court was held 'apud Castram de Liskeard'.

  47. Mullion TITHE RENT CHARGE due 1st July 1879 & 1st Jany 1880. Manuscript, 6 double pages, listing Occupiers, Tenements, Amount appraised, Arrears, Received, Remarks, etc. Folio, sewn in to plain wraps with title in 'Gothic' lettering on front wrap. Pages dog-eared, some browning at bottom corner of pages. Lists 54 numbered 'Tenements'.... together with.... similar books for 1886-1887, 1896 - 1897, 1904-1905, 1907-1908, 1912-1913. 6 items. Some wraps stained, and loose. 1879-1913. £90.00
    Tenements include Angrouse, Predennack Wollas, Lynes Tenement, Proctors Meadow.

  48. Penryn Corfe (Manor of) COUNTERPART LEASE of Rosewell's Tenement in Penryn, late in the possession of Richard Cleather, The Earl of Radnor to John Hodge of Kea. Vellum, 16" x 22", signed with his mark by Hodge, with wax seal. 1717. £18.00

  49. Penwith ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No XXXIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size approx. 19" x 2" (landscape format). Border at top and bottom are pasted on. Linen-backed, folding to 4to, marbled endpapers. c1840. £30.00

  50. Penzance AUCTION POSTER. Advertising for sale a Leashold Dwelling House with Garden No 11 Penare Road. Size approx. 35" x 22", with several folds. Sale held at Central Hall, Penzance, 2nd April, 1913. £14.00

  51. Perranporth Railway NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that application is intended to be made to Parliament.... for making and maintaining a RAIL-WAY or RAILWAYS, or TRAM-ROAD or TRAM-ROADS, with all proper works and conveniences, for the Passage of Waggons, Carts, and other Carriages.... to commence at or near Perran Porth.... and extend through or near to the village of Bolingey, and the village of Cox otherwise Cook's, and from thence to or near to Ripper's Mill.... to New Mills, Coosebean Paper Mill.... to the Bridge in Lemon Street,in the Borough of Truro.... Also, To improve and maintain the Navigation of Truro River from Mopus or Malpas Passage to Truro Quay.... Edwards, Simmons and Paul and Paynter and Whitford, Solicitors. Single sheet, printed on one side only, a few small tears to margins, folded, approx. 11" x 8". Dated 12th November, 1830. E. Heard, Printer, Bookbinder and Stationer, Truro. £80.00
    Also describes the route of branches through St. Agnes, Newlyn in Pydar, and St. Allen. This was possibly a proposal for a mineral line linking the mines of the East Wheal Rose area with Truro. Scarce.

  52. South-East Cornwall Bye-Election VOTE FOR SANDYS and Retain Religion in our Day Schools. Ponder this before you Poll.... 4p brochure consisting of card size 7" x 5", folded in half to make booklet of 4pp. Printed in blue and red, with information on the poll, registered number, advice to Farmers, Fishermen etc. to support the Unionist candidate, and photograph of Mrs Sandys with message of support. 1906. £14.00

  53. St Michael's Mount SEPIA WATERCOLOUR size 6" x 8", showing Mount in middle distance, waves on shore in foreground, Lizard, etc. feintly in distance. The sky and sea area have been left blank. Titled in left margin (hidden by mount) 'St. Michael's Mount. Penzance Bay. Dec. 10th 1810.' In olive green mount with thin gold line. 1810. £22.00

  54. St. Columb Minor, Parish Church of HISTORY AND CALENDAR BLOTTER 1939-1940. 9pp., 4to, many adverts. for local firms. Calendar on last page. 1939. £10.00

  55. St. Ives EVANGELIST'S LETTER 3 pages closely-written on paper, size approx. 15" x 9", 2 leaves, folded, integral address panel and faded black 'St Ives - C' stamp. Addressed to Mrs Denham (the writer's mother), 100 Bermondsey Street, Southwark, London, dated Saint Ives Janry. 4th 1832, but sections dated up to 30th Jan., signed M.A. Denham. Wear at some folds, with loss of a few words. The writer appears to have been in St. Ives on a preaching mission for 2 or 3 months 'My Christian regards to our Preachers.... I've delivered my Lord's message week after week.... I believe all these unusual meetings will be given up except the children or young people's, upwards of 40 attend that, Mondays at 6.... those of the grown persons that wish for help may (attend) the new rais'd class which met last Wednesday for the first time, 9 persons (married & single) joind having previously taken notes of admittance of Mr Carvesso (?). All seem in a fair way for the Kingdom.' Jan 4th - 30th 1832. £28.00

  56. St. Just BOND A Bill binding Thomas Lanyon of St. Just, Yeoman, to pay 204. to Humphrey Pascoe of St. Ives, Merchant. 1p. sm. folio, blank adjoining leaf with docket title and note on interest on verso, small wax seal, signed Lanyon and witnessed by Wm. Usticke, Jn. Harvey, D. Leskey(?). 1728. £22.00

  57. St. Levan THE RETURN OF THE CHURCHWARDENS AND OVERSEERS of the Poor of the Parish of St. Levan, in the West Division of the Hundred of Penwith.... of Men qualified to serve on Juries, for 1867. Poster headed in large letters 'Parish of St. Levan', listing 22 names, in tabular form, with Place of Abode, Title or Business, Nature of Qualification. States any objections to be heard at the Guildhall Penzance, 26th September. Names of Churchwardens and Overseers at the end. 31st August 1867. £38.00

  58. St. Martin CONDITIONS for selling Bishop's Quay and premises in St. Martin, Thomas Treloar Auctioneer on behalf of Messieurs Grylls and Hill. 6 pages, sm. folio, in a neat hand. 1852. £12.00
    Includes dwelling house, lime kiln, coal yard and closes of land enclosed from Halnoweth West Downs.

  59. Trewelha (William), Ship-owner, St. Ives RECORD AND ACCOUNT BOOK OF THE SCHOONER 'BRISTOL' from the 'First Voyage Commenced at Truro the 26th July 1834' to 'Voyage commenced 31st October 1858'. 360 pages in a neat hand, vellum bound cash book, size 8" x 6", with columns for sums expended down right hand side. Each page is full. The first page records the purchase of the schooner (purchase money 825), and there is a letter loosely inserted, dated Dec. 1833, with address panel to Mr William Trewelha at St. Ives, from the previous owner regarding the sale. Voyages commenced from Truro, Portreath, occasionally from Plymouth, and the cargo was ore, unloaded at Swansea. Coal and limestone were also carried ("Calstock.... Barge of Limb stone 24 tons at 9d per tn...'). Prices for the cargo are noted, with rate per ton, together with pilotage, wages, harbour dues, anchorage, Custom House charges, coopers', sailmakers', blockmakers', blacksmiths' bills, cost of provisions in detail, repairs to ship ('Wm. Jennings making new square sail'), miscellaneous items such as compasses, kettles, ropes. There were 234 voyages recorded before the ship was repaired at St. Ives in March 1851, and approximately 80 voyages subsequently. The various periods of repairs are recorded in detail 'John Roach 7 days at 3/6d striping ship.... Paid for a plank taken from the George....' 1834-1858. £850.00
    Mathew Trewhella and James Stevens had 5/16 and 2/16 shares in the ship. The Master until his death in 1844 was Captain John Daniel, and subsequently Henry Bryant. An unusually complete and detailed record of the trade between West Cornwall and South Wales.

  60. Truro LETTER from Lord Falmouth, dated 'Tregothnan Decr. 6th', to the Earl of Chichester, recommending an applicant for the post of Postmaster of Truro, 'an unmarried woman, well educated.... who is the daughter of a deceased Chaplain of mine, and aged about 36. Her name is Hennah....' 2p, 8vo, docketed on verso with date 1816, traces of mount along edge on verso. 1816. £18.00

  61. Valentine (J) ALBUM containing 24 views of Penzance area, each size 6" x 8", titled in white in plate, in album with cloth covered boards, thick card window mounts. c1910. £35.00
    Views include: Longships Light, St. Buryan Church, Trereiffe Avenue in Penzance, Mousehole, The Square St. Just, Pendeen Lighthouse.

  62. Western Division Election TO JOHN TREMAYNE, ESQ. Hard-hitting political broadside (in 6 paragraphs) from 'A West Cornwall Elector', attacking Tremayne, particularly for playing upon the electorate's gratitude to his father: 'You say 'Upwards of fifty years ago, you elected my Father'.... you are confounding us with our Grandfathers....' he goes on to say that most of the present electorate were descended from people who 'in your father's day had no political existence.... they were never represented by anybody... the Cornish Elections really took place in the drawing-rooms at Tregothnan, Tehidy, or Port Eliot....' Single sheet, size 20" x 12", printed on one side only, folds, some minor off-setting. 24th March 1857. £40.00
    See Boase 'Collectanea' 1048. Tremayne became Sheriff in 1858 and M.P. for E. Cornwall in 1874. He later lived at the family home at Heligan.

  63. Williams (John), of Scorrier House BOOK OF COPY MINING LEASES 11 leases on 14 pages in folio notebook, calf spine, marbled boards, rubbed. The rest of the book is blank. Leases copied in a fine hand with very decorative large calligraphic headings. Paper watermarked 1818. £160.00
    The leases are headed with the name of the mine. They are: Wheal Union; Wheal Maiden; Western Wheal Chance; Eastern Wheal Chance; Carharrick; Wheal Hope in Carharrick; Wheal Jewell Eastern Sett; Wheal Damsel; Wheal Jewell Western Sett; Wheal Gorland; Western Wheal Jewell.


  64. Withiell (George) A TRUE MAP OF ALL SR. PETER KILLEGREEW'S LANDS in the Parish of Mylor and part of Budock Lands. Surveyed and plotted by Georg. Withiell. Anno Domini 1690. Nineteenth century tracing in ink and colours of a 17th century manuscript map, on thin cotton backed with linen. Size 36" x 49", Scale 4 chains to one inch. Large compass rose, very decorative scale bar with dividers, cannon and flags. Shows street in Falmouth with tiny individually-drawn houses, with coloured roofs, Arwenack with formal garden, Castle Hill with 'Wise his line', 'Slingsby's Work', Mylor Church, Pendenis Castle with fortifications, courts of small houses within the walls, and the castle itself in elevation, the Swan Pool (with outsize swans). The numerous plots of land are named with acreage, and outlined in turqoise, red or yellow, with key ('Tregenvey encompassed with yellow' etc.) Gardens, woodland, churches, etc., drawn in. 10 ships are shown in Falmouth harbour and 10 larger ones around Pendennis castle. Large Reference Table bottom left (size 11" x 12") with 'Tenats. names Tenemts. & quantity of Acres in each of Budock Lands', e.g. 'George Bennet hath Four Tents. his 1st leas containeth the Quarry Close The Calves Close his dwelling place.... Pendennis Lands.... to ye West of Wise his Line.... 46a.1.36, and the Block House 55a.0.14.' Similar smaller table with information for Mylor Lands. Some chipping of tracing paper at edges, tracing paper worn away in area top right, not affecting text. Paper slightly darkened overall, parts at left edge and along top slightly browned. Second half of nineteenth century. £750.00
    Susan Gay, in the Appendix to 'Old Falmouth', refers to a map of Falmouth by George Withiell, dated 1691, (but it is quite different from this map).

    Cornwall Acts

  65. Assize Courts AN ACT for Holding the Assize for the County of Cornwall, at a Convenient Place within the said County. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 1pp. Recent boards. 1716. £14.00

  66. Cornwall Railway Company AN ACT for enabling the Cornwall Railway Company to make certain Modifications in their Share Capital.... 10pp. 1854. £9.00

  67. Cornwall Railway AN ACT for extending the Time for the Completion of the Cornwall Railway and Works; and for making further Provisions as to the Share Capital of the Cornwall Railway Company.... 8pp. 1855. £8.00

  68. Duchy of Cornwall AN ACT for Enabling Their Majesties to Make Grants, Leases and Copies of Offices, Lands and hereditaments, Parcel of Their Dutchy of Cornwall.... 9pp, plus cover leaf, Black Letter, decorative initial letter. Recent boards. 1694. £26.00

  69. Fowey and Newquay Estates AN ACT for better enabling the Trusts of the Will of Joseph Thomas Treffry deceased to be executed.... 59pp. Recent cloth boards, gilt title. 1853. £22.00
    There is a 31 page schedule of the property concerned listing Description, Owner/Occupier and Tenure and Rent.

  70. Launceston Debts AN ACT for the more easy and speedy Recovery of Small Debts within the Town and Borough of Launceston and other Places in the Counties of Cornwall and Devon. 27pp. 1841. £12.00

  71. Lostwithiel and Fowey Railway Company AN ACT to authorise the transfer of the undertaking of the Lostwithiel and Fowey Railway Company to the Cornwall Minerals Railway Company.... 13pp. Recent cloth-covered boards. 1892. £18.00

  72. Saint Columb Major A BILL For vesting in His Majesty a certain Part of the Open Commons and Waste Lands, within the Manor or Royalty of Rialton and Retraighe alias Reterth, in the Parish of Saint Columb Major, in the County of Cornwall. Cover leaf + 14pp. 1817. £17.00

  73. West Cornwall AN ACT for enabling the West Cornwall Railway Company to create Debenture Stock.... 6pp. 1861. £10.00

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  74. Bromfield & Holm Cultram PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Freehold Estate.... consisting of Dwelling House, Farm Buildings, Water-Power Thrashing Mill and several closes of rich Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land.... which will be offered for Sale by Public Auction... 19th day of July, 1882. 3pp., folio, folded with docket title, large folding coloured plan. 1882. £32.00

  75. Carlisle BILL of The North of England Agricultural Implement Works, Cumberland Foundry, Botchergate. Sm. folio, printed heading with attractive vignette of farmer on horse-drawn harrow. Lists 30 purchasers. c1870. £6.00

  76. Castle Sowerby A PARTICULAR of a Copyhold Estate Situate at Hewerhill in the Parish of Castle Sowerby... To be Sold... at the House of Mrs Marr, The George Inn, at Heskett New Market.... 2nd day of September 1808. 2pp., sm. folio, plus docket title. Attractively printed. 1808. £48.00
    The property was held under the Manor, the Lord of which was the Duke of Devonshire.

  77. Greystoke PARTICULARS of a Compact Agricultural Estate known as Lowside, in the Townships of Mungrisdale and Matterdale.... together with a Flock of 261 Heaf-going Herdwick Sheep and Right of Common on Bannerdale Fell.... For Sale by Auction.... 1st March, 1910. 3pp., 4to, folded. 1910. £15.00

  78. Kendal LETTER from John Whitwell, dated Kendal June 26th 1834, to Ann Atkinson in Finsbury Pavement, London. 3p, 4to, integral address panel with wax seal and 2 postmarks. The writer obviously a Quaker, refers to various meetings, visit to Shap '14 to 15 small sleeping rooms have been added and much done & doing in the way of laying out planting &c.... saw Moreland Meeting for the first time, it is a very quiet sequestered spot.', financial matters 'What a large hole in the funds of the National Stock D. Wheeler seems to have made.... I hope friends will let it pass by this time....' 1834. £25.00

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  79. Aylscott (Alverdiscott) FINE Verified copy, on paper, size 8" x 12", in Latin, for 100, George Hooper, plaintiff, Peter Hooper and Frances his wife, defendants. Concerns one messuage 25 acres of land 4 acres meadow, 20 acres pasture etc. in Easter Aylscott, Wester Aylscott, Westdowne and Westdowne Wood. With signature of John(?) Lee attesting it as a true copy. 1693 (copied 1699). £18.00

  80. Barnstaple AN ACCOUNT OF THE TRUSTEES OF THE CHARITIES of the Parish of Barnstaple, From Lady-day, 1859, to Lady-day, 1860. Comprises Penrose's, Horwood's, Paige's Almshouses, various gifts to the poor. Printed sheet, 19" x 11", folded. 1860. £25.00

  81. Barnstaple Dentist ASSIGNMENT of the Henry Faro's practice of Dental Surgeon to Arnold Pitowsky of Langham Street, London. 2p folio, folds. 1867. £10.00

  82. Barnstaple LEASE of all that messuage tenement and garden in Bear Street in Barnstaple, John Stephens and Elizabeth his wife, Oliver Naylor Rector of Tawstock and Canon of the Cathedral Church of St Peter Exeter, George Lugg of Sherill to Mathew Hall of Barnstaple. Vellum, 7" x 26", 3 wax seals. 1675. £24.00

  83. Barnstaple ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 31. Scale 2 miles to 1 inch. White cloth wraps with coat of arms. c1910. £8.00

  84. Barnstaple Theatre CERTIFICATE OF ONE THIRTY-SECOND SHARE in the name of William Law of Barnstaple, in the Barnstaple Theatre, for the Term of Sixty Years, and one thirty second part 'of the Scenery, Furniture, Machinery and Fixtures... and the clear Receipts and Profits....' Printed with MS inserts, signed by 4 members of committee. Vellum, 8" x 10", water-stained and creased along bottom edge to a depth of 2" - 1". 1835. £20.00

  85. Besley (H) Pub. THE VALLEY OF ROCKS Lynton. Drawn by G. Townsend. Vignette view on 4to notepaper, blank adjoining leaf, size of view 4" x 7". Some slight creasing, a few small light marks.... Together with.... Babbacombe from the Rocks, published Harwood, similar size view on letter sheet, lacks blank leaf. c1846. £12.00

  86. Besley (H) VIEWS OF DEVONSHIRE 19 large vignette views (engraved surface approx. 4" x 7"), tissue guards, oblong 8vo, decorative glazed card wraps, cloth spine, minor scratch on front wrap. c1860. £130.00
    Normally there would be 18 views, but two views of Torquay From the Rock Walk' have been bound in together by mistake. Views include Torquay (3), Daddy's Hole, Ansty's Cove, Babbacombe, Dartmouth, Dawlish, Teignmouth (3), Berry Pomeroy, Totnes, Exmouth, Exeter (2), Okehampton.

  87. Besley (H), Publisher SOUTH DEVON AND DARTMOOR Map, size 12" x 15", linen backed and folding into 12mo boards, label on front board rubbed. Scale 3" = 20 miles. Shows railways. c1870. £20.00

  88. Bideford MANUSCRIPT PLAN on waxed cotton, crudely drawn sketch plan prepared for a legal dispute, showing fields and roads on the west bank of the River Torridge, with names of owners and tenants. Size 24" x 17", folds. c1870. £15.00

  89. Bishops Tawton ASSIGNMENT OF HUGH VENNERS MORTGAGE to Mary Stephens of Braddamore. "Concerns the Tennement with Appurtenances of Braddamore.... together with.... Buildings, Barns, Stables, Shipping Ways etc.... ". Covers 1 sides of a 23" x 37" folded sheet. This is a copy made 1790, and attested as such by three witnesses. 4th March, 1790. £16.00

  90. Bovey Tracey LETTER from W. Chudleigh at Bovey Tracey to R. Tucker, Solicitor, at Ashburton, about employing applicants for poor relief on 'raising stone for the Turnpike and Parish Roads' charging their labour 'to the Overseer's Account'. 1p, 4to, address panel with Chudleigh and Ashburton postmarks on adjoining leaf. April 9th, 1842. £18.00

  91. Butterleigh APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE placing James Harrison, a poor child of the parish, apprentice to Henry Bazeley for the Parsonage to learn husbandry work. On paper, oblong sm. folio, small wax seal, printed with MS inserts. 1" repaired tear at fold. 1795. £20.00

  92. Butterleigh MEASURE OF THE ROAD lying on the north side of Butterleigh Parish, Cold Harbour and Borrough Estates... September 18th 1805.... Three sets of figures in poles and feet 'From the said northwest Corner of Venn's piece.... to the new posts....' etc. Signed John Blake, Bradninch and Peter Richards, Cullompton. 1p., flscp., folded and addressed on verso to the Surveyors of the Highways, Butterleigh. 1805. £14.00

  93. Exeter FOR THE BENEFIT OF AN INTENDED SCAVENGER.... THE BUSY BODY Or, the Exeter Paving Scheme. Marplot... Mr. C-- E-. It is not the first Time of this Gentleman's Appearance, he having performed the folliwng well-known Characters, viz. Sir Benjamin Backbite, Sir Solomon Slander.... his Friends.... solicit the Suffrages of the Inhabitants, in electing him to succeed The celebrated Harry White.... not doubting, as he will not hesitate to pick up any Excrement of Filth with his Fingers .... we beg no Time may be lost in electinghim one of the City Scavengers. Now or Never. Satirical election squib, 30 lines of varying length and text size. Handbill size 9" x 5", waterstained down two third os surface, printed on one side only. 1832? £26.00

  94. Exeter MERRIE ENGLAND Exeter Amateur Operatic Society. 56pp., oblong 8vo, decorative wraps with portrait of King and Queen, numerous adverts. and illustrations of actors etc., article on Raleigh. Coronation Year, 1911. £15.00

  95. Exeter THE ARCADIAN CONSORT Or the Fable of Apollo's turning Shepherd Apply'd & address'd to the Gentlemen & Ladies of the Exeter Consort 1738. Poem signed 'Thyrsis', in 17 four-line stanzas describing who attended 'A Concert on th'Arcadian plains'. Various people are obviously alluded to under the names of Greek nymphs, etc. There is a two-verse 'P.S.' dated December 28th 1738, 'To the Ladies who may take it amiss that they are not particularly Characteris'd in So Short a Poem....' 5p. 4to, in a large round hand with decorative initials.... together with.... 'The Arcadian Consort.... The Argument Explain'd....' Small folio sheet, written on one side only, contemporary explanation of the poem, but not giving actual names of the protagonists. 1738. £45.00
    The folio sheet interprets the classical names, etc. '.... near to the banks of the Poeticall River Amphrysis (under wch. Antique Names Exeter and the Neighbouring Towns of Devon with the River Ex are Veil'd and represented)....', 'alluding to the Two Ladies Each Gentleman of the Exeter Consort, wch is signified by the Arcadian, is allowed to introduce....'

  96. Fallapit House, Nr. Kingsbridge WATERCOLOUR showing the house with a figure approaching on a path. The front and side elevations are shown in clear architectural detail, and there is a small cupola with a weather-vane. Titled in top left corner 'Fallopit nr Kingsbridge'. Small whitish area at top right corner about 1" square. n.d. c1870? £35.00

  97. Fremington FINE between G. Fountaine and S. Cade for messuages and gardens, 4 acres of furze and heath, etc at Fremington Marsh and West Yelland. Vellum, in Latin with title in English on verso, size 7" x 14", ink very rubbed at folds. 1641. £16.00

  98. Hartland BOND Edward Wolferstan of Hartland bound to William Tanner of Collumpton for the sum of 300. Printed sheet, blank adjoining leaf, small folio with details in MS, signed by Wolferstan and two witnesses, with seal. Some browning due to damp. 26th Mar. 1787. £15.00

  99. Haytor Volunteer Artillery LETTER from 2nd Earl of Liverpool, dated Whitehall 30th December 1805, signed Hawkesbury, to Earl Fortescue, informing him that the King has approved his plan that the Haytor Volunteer Artillery should be assembled upon permanent pay and Duty at Berrey Head Barracks for 21 Days from the 7th of next Month, and conveying His Majesty's Special directions that they should be so assembled. Informs him the Receiver General for the County of Devon will pay one guinea per man for the 'Non-commissioned Officers, Drummers and Privates'. 2p folio, blank adjoining leaf with docket title on verso, tear in margin, not affecting text. 1805. £45.00

  100. Heavitree, Exeter BOND between Nicholas Stoakes of Heavitree, husbandman, and Sebastian Isart, of Heavitree, Gentleman, for forty pounds. 1p., sm. folio, in a small neat hand, blank adjoining leaf with docket title on verso. Signed by Stoakes and three witnesses, small papered seal. 1640. £25.00

  101. Incledon (B) RENT RECEIPTS Record of yearly rents received from Mrs Sharland, May 1761,65,67,68,69,72,77,81. Five receipts signed by Benjamin Incledon, 4 on his behalf. 2p, sm. folio. 1761-81. £18.00
    Benjamin Incledon was a genealogist and Recorder for Barnstaple.

  102. Littlehempstone SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY Documents relating to the Claim of the Revd. F. Hele, Incumbent of Littlehempstead, against the South Devon Railway Company for glebe land taken by them under the Act of 1844, including (i) completed Schedule of Claim form, 2p. folio, Aug. 1845, with 2 small coloured manuscript plans. (ii) MS copies of 2 documents relating to a further purchase by the Buckfastleigh Totnes and South Devon Railway Company, 1874, one nominating 2 local surveyors, the other giving valuation, each with brief schedule, 2 pages, sm. folio, with some correspondence between the company and Rev. Hele. 1845-74. £30.00

  103. Lundy THE CASTLE IN THE ISLE OF LUNDY Hand-coloured copper engraving showing the castle, looking out to sea, horseman in foreground. Size 3" x 4", in ivory mount. Late 18th century. £8.00

  104. Lydford PENCIL DRAWING titled 'Lydford bridge'. Attractive, detailed pencil drawing, on thick paper, filling the whole of the sheet, size approx. 10" x 14". Shows stone arch of bridge over steep ravine, looking through arch to woods, and across the river, trees in foreground. c1806. £65.00

  105. Milton Damerel POSTER Advertising sale by Auction at Bideford on 7th Sept. 1880 of Freehold Estates in the Parish of Milton Damerel, extending over 388 acres. Size 35" x 22", folds, some slight wear at main fold. 1880. £16.00
    'A considerable portion of the Estate is bounded by the River Torridge in which Trout abound....'

  106. Newton Tracey APPOINTMENT and Release in fee of the Manor of Newton Tracey and certain Lands in Newton Tracey, 1830. 11p., attested copy. 1865. £10.00

  107. Plymouth IMPROVED PATENT OIL CABINETS Western Counties Agricultural Co-operative Association Ltd., Millbay Road, Plymouth. List No. 6. Brochure advertising Cabinets for Engine Rooms, 4pp., 4to, printed in red and black, with illustrations. A few damp spots at corners. July 1907. £15.00


  108. Plymouth Sound A PROSPECT OF PLYMOUTH AND YE SOUND as it is seen between ye Ramhead & Mewstone a League from the Citadel, with a View of Hamoze & Catwater, Sutton Pool And all ye Remarkable Points &c. Humbly Dedicated to Her most Serene and Sacred Majesty Anne by ye Grace of God Queen of Great Britain France & Ireland. 'Bird's-eye' copper engraving, size 20" x 22" plus margins, hand-coloured in bold colours, in faded ivory mount with lines. Foxing spots in margins and sky area. Large title 'Plymouth' in 'ribbon' effect cartouche in sky area, long title either side of coat of arms at bottom. Shows Plymouth looking toward the land, with St. Nicholas Island in the centre of the view. 24 places are indicated by letters on the view, and named in the key below the title. There are four large ships in the foreground, numerous ships in the middle distance, waves shown in detail in foreground. Sold by Tho. Taylor at the Golden Lyon near the Horn Tavern in Fleet Street, London. (c1713). £650.00
    Scarce. Places named include Plymouth Tower, Citadel, New Church, Fishers Nose, Withy hedge, Shags Stone, Penlee Point, Ram Church, Maker Church, M. Edgecombe, Cat Down, Dock Chapell.

  109. River Plym PENCIL DRAWING titled 'Plym bridge'. On thick paper, size 10" x 14". A very fine, detailed drawing, covering the whole area of the paper, showing the track leading over the bridge, with four arches visible, a fence to the left of the bridge, overhanging trees in foreground and woods on far bank. c1806. £65.00
    On the verso are the initials in pencil 'I.M., J.M.M. 1805' in very small letters.

  110. Rock & Co. Pub. VIEWS & SCENERY OF ILFRACOMBE, Being twenty four steel engraved vignette views, oblong 8vo, original embossed cloth, gilt title, corners of boards slightly worn. Some plates dated between 1849 - 1865. £100.00

  111. Rock & Co. VIEWS & SCENERY OF LYNTON & LYNMOUTH 16 vignette views, cloth boards, gilt title, size 5" x 7", front board faded, spine rubbed, lacks front endpaper, ink splash in margin of first plate. Inscription on front pastedown. c1860. £60.00

  112. Rock's ROYAL ALBUM OF CHAGFORD and Neighbourhood. 20 photolitho views on folding strip, small 4to boards, gilt decoration. c1890. £15.00

  113. Salmon (J) Pub. LYNTON & LYNMOUTH From Original Water Colour Paintings by A.R. Quinton. 15 attractive coloured views on glossy paper, with grey borders, printed card wraps with coloured view pasted on. Overall size 7" x 10". Richards, Tobacconist, Lynmouth. c1910. £22.00

  114. Sidmouth LEASE for a year of messuage near Broad Street, William Rugg of Newton Poppleford, Chairmaker, and his wife, to John Robins of Topsham. Vellum 14" x 23", wax seals, vellum slightly yellowed in parts. 1792. £18.00

  115. South Molton ADVERTISING HANDBILL for Hargreaves Kingdon, Family Grocer & Provision Merchant, The Central Stores, South Molton. Size 11" x 9", printed in blue on one side only, with very attractive woodcut view of the shop, with people and carriage in front, size 5" x 5". c1880. £18.00
    'Purity, Pungency & Rich Mellow Flavour are the True Characteristics of my Teas & Coffees'.

  116. Spreat (W) CHAWLEIGH CHURCH. Sketched and Drawn on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 5" x 8", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel c1842. £22.00
    Man, woman and child to the left foreground, and woman walking along path to wards church door.

  117. Spreat (W) TOTNES CHURCH. Interior. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £22.00
    There are 2 men and a woman talking in the aisle.

  118. Spreat (W) WHITESTONE CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. [Printer, C. Hulmandel.] c1842. £22.00
    With two men talking on a path by a corner of the church.

  119. Stewart (W) Pub. VIEWS OF NORTH DEVON. Being 20 steel engraved vignette views, printed title-page, original blind-stamped cloth, gilt titled, oblong 8vo, approx. 4" x 7". 8 of the views with some foxing. Front inner hinge broken. Published by W. Stewart, Bookseller, &c., Ilfracombe. £80.00
    Not in Brockett's Devon Union List or Somers Cocks's Devon Topographical Prints.

  120. Thomas Tanner ALBUM containing original poems and watercolours by Thomas Tanner, composed when he was on board ship in the Persian Gulf. 211p in 4to album, thick calf boards, gilt, metal initials 'M.T' on front boards, blue silk lining. Front board detached. On the flyleaf is a fine very decorative watercolour title 'Manuscripts', with the inscription 'this little book contains poetry chiefly composed by my father Thos. Tanner'. All the poems are signed 'T.T' or 'T' and precisely dated, many with the place where written, for example 'The Comforts of Marriage. A Poetical Epistle from a Sea Captain to his absent wife From on board the Hon. East India Compy. Brig of War Psyche, Persian Gulf, 30th June 1817.' There are various pen and ink illustrations and decorations and some fine very detailed and accurately drawn watercolours including: 'Mount Edgecumbe', showing a British sailing ship and small sail boat, the house on the hill, size 4" x 5", plus decorative cut paper border (loose, never pasted in); 'The East India Company's Brig of War Nautilus, of 12 Guns, and 64 Men, Engaging and Beating off Arab Pirates, 2 War Buggabuws & 2 armed Tronkeys out of Rasul Khima in the Persian Gulf carrying 20 Guns and 900 Men: October 18th 1808', size 4" x 5", plus title below; 2 small watercolours of Swiss scenes, various headpieces etc., (for example the poem written by Tanner at Cape Town 1828 'The Bushman Hottentot' illustrated by a pen and ink drawing of a bushman at the top); the poem 'The Country excursion Topsham June 8 1827. A family picnic at Powderham' is illustrated with a watercolour of a ship in the Exe estuary. There are also two silhouette portraits, memorial cards, etc. At the end are some genealogical memorials of the Tanner family, 'An Address Intended to be delivered at the Meeting of the Town Council of Exeter 1857'. The name of Albert Tanner, 72nd Highlanders, is on the flyleaf. c1850. £550.00

  121. Tiverton PROBATE of the will and codicils of George Alexander of Ailsa House, Tiverton. 15 May 1895. 12p 4to, in MS, on parchment. With seal attached. 1895. £10.00

  122. Torquay POSTCARD Real photo postcard titled in Ms below view 'Torquay in winter. Feb 1907'. Shows bandstand in park in snow with two men with brushes, church in distance. Divided back. 1907. £5.00

    Devon Acts

  123. Bideford Extension Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the North Devon Railway at Fremington Pill to Bideford, to be called "the Bideford Extension Railway".... 13pp. 1853. £28.00

  124. Exeter Canal AN ACT for sanctioning a Settlement of the Claims of the Mortgagees of the Exeter Canal against the Corporation of the City of Exeter; for empowering the Corporation to borrow for the purpose of carrying into effect such settlement and of improving the said Canal.... 11pp. 1883. £14.00

  125. Exeter Tramways AN ACT For making tramways in the county of Devon to be called "The Exeter Tramways".... 15pp. 1881. £13.00

  126. Fremington Pill to Barnstaple Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from Penhill in the Parish of Fremington.... to the Town of Barnstaple, and for constructing a Dock in the said Parish of Fremington, to be called "The Taw Vale Railway and Dock." 96pp. 1838. £30.00

  127. Kentisbeere AN ACT for Dividing, Allotting, and Inclosing a certain Tract of Common or Waste Land, called Kentismoore, within the Manor and Parish of Kentisbeere, in the County of Devon. 28pp. 1801. £18.00

  128. Kingsbridge and Salcombe Railway AN ACT to revive and extend the time for purchasing Lands and completing the Railways and Works authorised by the Kingsbridge and Salcombe Railway Act 1882..... 4pp. 1887. £8.00

  129. Kingsbridge Railway AN ACT for incorporating a Company, and for making and maintaining the Kingsbridge Railway.... 15pp. 1864. £18.00

  130. Okehampton Railway AN ACT for authorizing the Okehampton Railway Company to extend their Railway from Okehampton to the Launceston and South Devon Railway near Lidford, and to raise further Monies.... 12pp. 1863. £16.00

  131. Plymouth Dock AN ACT to enable certain Persons, during the Minority of Sir John Saint Aubyn Baronet, to renew and grant Leases of Lands, and to sell other Lands, all at Plymouth Dock, in the County of Devon, for the Use of His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors.... 16pp., plus cover leaf, together with An Act to explain and amend Two Acts.... for paving, lighting and watching the Town of Plymouth, 21pp., plus cover leaf, with Schedule of Property. Bound together in recent boards. 1774. £26.00

  132. Plymouth Docks AN ACT for constructing Docks at Millbay (Plymouth), to be called the Plymouth Great Western Docks. 23pp. 1846. £18.00

  133. Seaton Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the London and South-western Railway to Seaton.... 22pp. 1863. £24.00

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  134. Boscombe CATALOGUE OF AUCTION SALE of 100 Private Motor Cars.... Motor Bicycles.... April 1st, 1914 at Mens' Motor Garage.... 11pp., 4to, wraps, vertical crease. 1914. £20.00
    Cars include Darracq, Panhard, Charron, Bristol, De Dion, Minerva, Arrol-Johnston, Wolseley

  135. Dorset Central Railway 3rd SECTION. STURMINSTER TO TEMPLE LANE TEMPLECOMBE Section diagram in red, blue and black ink, 15ft. x 19", on thick paper backed with linen, rolled. Marked along the top with numbered cuttings and embankments, with details, level crossings, culverts, pipes, etc, along the bottom with three rows of small figures and in large red figures the rise and fall ('1 in 100, .66 per Chain' etc.) c1856. £80.00
    The Dorset Central Railway opened in 1856 and became part of the Somerset and Dorset Railway in 1862.

  136. Enmore Green Ceremonies COPIES OF A MEMORANDUM OF 1527 and an Agreement of 1662 concerning the Enmore Green ceremonies. Copy on 3p folio, folded, 2" split at one fold. The copy is undated but from the watermark would appear to be The Memorandum states that 'the Sonnday next after Holy Roode day.... every parish shall come down into Enmore Green.... with their Mynstrace of Myrth of Game.... and the Mayor of Shaston shall see the Queen Bailiffe have a penny loffe....' etc. The 'Indenture' is between the Hon. Sir Edward Nicholas, Lord of the Manor of Gillingham and the Mayor and Burgesses of Shaston, and describes in detail (68 lines) the ceremonies connected to the wells and springs 'to walk or daunce hand in hand round the same Green in a long daunce there being a Musition or Tabor and pipe and also a Staff or Besome adorned with Feathers pieces of Gold Rings and other Jewells...' and agreeing that the inhabitants may continue to draw water and dig wells as previously, and that they will perform said ceremony yearly. The signatures and witnesses are transcribed at the end. Late 18th century. £45.00

  137. Kimmeridge etc. POETICAL EPISTLE FROM F. FURBAR TO ---. Manuscript love poem in 96 lines, addressed to an unknown lady. The author refers to himself as 'Franky' and seems to be a farmer. 4p, 4to, with a few amendments. n.d. c1820. £40.00
    Refers to being mocked by the girls at the fair on 'Toller's plain', attending Kimmeridge Church 'To Kimmeridge Church I bend my way/Intent, as once, to sing & pray/ Soon as the Pitch pipe's notes so fine/Exalt the sould with ae divine .... Gazing at thee with love perplext/ I scarce remember ee'n the text....', imagines driving to Wareham Market with beloved etc.

  138. Penny (J), Sherborne, Pr. SHERBORNE, DORCHESTER & TAUNTON JOURNAL Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp, red tax stamp. A few foxing spots on front page. June 6, 1844. £14.00
    Report on meeting of inhabitants of Poole about the Bridgwater to Poole Junction Railway, Auction Notice for sale of Stock in Trade of sail cloth manufacturers at Charmouth.

  139. Portland ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XVII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 31", dissected and mounted on linen and folding into 8vo cloth wraps. c1850. £35.00
    Covers Bridport, Dorchester, Lulworth.

  140. Shaftesbury ABSTRACT OF SHASTON CHARTER of King Charles the Second 1664 and Survey of lands belonging to the Corporation of the Borough of Shaftesbury. 10p, folio, tied at corner, folded. The survey consists of 7 pages and gives Dates of Leases (between 1726 and 1773), Tenants Names, Description of Premises, Lives, Quit Rent. Copied 1820. £40.00
    The premises are described in detail, with adjoining properties and owners named, measurement of plots, etc. Includes the Lamb Inn on Gold Hill, premises in Salisbury St., etc. A note on cover sheet states the abstract was given by Charles Bowles, Recorder, to Thomas Lewis in 1820.

  141. Shaftesbury DEED between John Foyle the elder and William Hussey, and others, stating that Sir Mattew Arundel gave John Foyle one hundred pounds for the use of the poor of Holy Trinity. Foyle has used these profits and also bought lands called Knowlehays, and the poor have had 8 a year from this land. He transfers these 20 acres to Hussey and others, the profits to be used for the poor. Dated 10 May, 1647. Copy, c1800 or earlier, on 4 sides of folded large folio sheet, pages split across horizontally and vertically, held with archival tape. c1800. £18.00

  142. Shaftesbury WILL of William Lush of Shaftesbury, mercer. 27th Feb. 1719. 8p, folio, folded, tied at corner, cover sheet with docket title dusty and torn, other sheets clean. Copy, endorsed as copied by T. Lewis Jr. 27th Nov. 1812 for his own use. 1812. £26.00
    A very detailed will. Refers to his three houses in St. Peter's Parish, 'sceptre pieces of broad gold' to be given to his cousins, 50 for 'adorning or beautifying St. Peter's Church', orders his Trustees to 'put so many poor Boys and Girls of the said Borough to School' to clothe them appropriately, and find them apprenticeships afterwards. Many named relations in various villages in Somerset and Dorset are to be given small bequests.

  143. Sherborne ABSTRACT of the Title of Wm. Flooks to premises in Half Moon St., next to the King's Arms Inn, agreed to be sold to G.D.W. Digby. 3p. folio, copy deed of covenenant for production of title deeds enclosed, 3p. 1861. £10.00

  144. Whitchurch NOTICE. To be Let.... All that Messuage and Farm called Isaac's Nettlemore, with the Cottage and Lands, called Knacker's Hole and Domans; Containing in the whole, by Estimation, About 32 Acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture and Orchard Land; Situate at Abbotts Wooton, in the Parish of Whitchurch Canonicorum.... Size approx. 8 x 6", printed on one side only. Exeter, Printed by P. Hedgeland, (Bible) 53, High Street. 'dated 1st November, 1813.' £22.00

    Dorset Acts

  145. Blandford Forum and Stourpaine AN ACT to vest Part of the Estates devised by the Will of the Reverend Robert Maurice, late of Blandford Forum in the County of Dorset Clerk deceased, in Trustees for Sale.... 21pp. 1833. £12.00

  146. Charminster, Maiden Newton, South Perrott etc. AN ACT to continue.... an Act.... for repairing the Roads from Whistle Bridge in the Parish of Barwick, in the County of Somerset, to the Turnpike Road in the Parish of Charminster.... from the Cross in the Town of Maiden Newton, to a Stream of Water in the Parish of South Perrott.... to the Dorsetshire Inn in the Parish of Woolcombe 6pp. 1798. £16.00

  147. Corscombe Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Corscombe.... 12pp. 1815. £17.00

  148. Dorchester Bridge and Causeway AN ACT to impower Lora Pitt, Widow to erect a Bridge or Bridges over the River Froome; and to make a Causeway to the East End of the Town of Dorchester, over Forthington Moor in the County of Dorset. Cover leaf + 20pp. 1746. £18.00

  149. Portland Harbour AN ACT for the better Supply of Water for the Use of Vessels resorting to the Harbour of Refuge at Portland.... 8pp. 1857. £14.00

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  150. Durham WOOD ENGRAVING showing Durham Cathedral and river. Size 12" x 18", mounted, without a margin or title, in wide ivory mount. Trace of vertical fold at centre. c1875. £18.00

  151. Fulwell PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Fulwell West House and Freehold Building Land....To Be Sold by Auction at the Queen's Hotel, Sunderland, on Tuesday, 24th March, 1896. Folio, 4pp, with a five illusts, on one sheet, including a windmill, 2 folding coloured plans. 1896. £28.00

  152. Low Coniscliffe PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS for Selling by Auction.... by Messrs T. Watson & Son.... A Freehold Close called Little Moor. 2pp, sm. folio, with plan coloured in outline. 1877. £12.00

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  153. Kelvedon ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheet No. XXXV, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into slightly chipped 8vo paper wraps. Roads and water-features coloured, some buildings coloured red. Slight browning of linen along one fold. 1881. £30.00
    Covers Tiptree, Rivenhall Place, Coggeshall Hamlet.

  154. Maldon BENTALL'S MOWING MACHINES Single & Double Furrow Ploughs &c. 10pp., oblong 8vo, attractive illustrated paper wraps. Staples rusted so pages loose. Attractive illustrations. Printed in blue. April 1906. £15.00
    Sold by The Western Counties Agricultural Co-Operative Assoc., Bideford.

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  155. Bitton COMMONPLACE BOOK OF E.A. DAVIS of Bitton. Notebook with limp morocco wraps, 4to, spine torn. 187 numbered pages, with many poems written by him, in manuscript, cuttings of his publications in 'The Bristol Mercury', 'Western Daily Press' etc., letters (for example from the Editor of the Bristol Mercury), and pasted in political handbills 'Election Songs' etc., composed by Davis, e.g. 'West Gloucester Election Song', Font Hill March 23rd, 1880', 'Liberal Election Song. Bitton. Reprinted from the Bristol Mercury June 28th 1892'. The manuscript poems have a political, temperance or religious theme, for example 'Church and State. Lines suggested while at Exeter during the Agricultural Show week. June 1879'. As Treasurer of the local Liberal party, he also composed humourous handbills in verse to remind members of their subscription. 1879-1914. £70.00

  156. Cheltenham Business Premises PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Business Premises known as Columbia House, situate in Winchcomb Street, Cheltenham. Which will be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Engall, Sanders & Co. At the Cheltenham Auction Mart, On Thursday, the 15th Day of June, 1871. Folio, 3pp, with the `Memorandum of Agreement' completed and signed with stamp. 1871. £10.00

  157. Cirencester HANDBILL advertising 'Cotswold House to be let Furnished... Six Miles from Cirencester and Eleven from Cheltenham'. Lists rooms on 3 floors, stabling, garden, greenhouse, etc. Size approx. 11" x 8", some offsetting. c1840. £15.00

  158. Cirencester THREE LETTERS from A. Merrick to Charles Frere in the United States, two addressed to him at James Frere's in Washington and the last one to Barrow Frere, Cottage Farm, near Aldie, Loudoun County, Virginia. The first letter is 3p flscp, the other two 3p 4to, all with integral address panels and Cirencester postmarks, two with wax seals. All closely written. The last page of one letter appears to be in shorthand. It would from the content of the letters that Merrick was the Frere's brother-in-law. 1841. £65.00
    Merrick encourages Charles to get a job 'you must let them know you are looking out for employment and that you are not come to America for sight seeing'. He sends local news 'Our railway opened on 31st May, but one embankments is still precarious, continuing to slip and threatening to stop the traffic.... I have no influence in making the appointments. They range in value from 60 pound to 120 pound per annum, & are not to be obtained without great difficulty..... Slatter of Gloucester is a bankrupt, also James James of Ross. Many people are failing in Gloucester....' and in a later he speaks of the completion of the railroad to London 'our engineers are dismissed and my old clerk Cossens is turned off.... it is hard to have his bread to seek anew at 70.... Our shares 62 paid up, are now selling at 22....' and later 'I am removed to my new Railway Office.... looking towards the end of Earl Bathursts house.... the work being diminished, I expect my office to be cut down. I have now but my young clerk.'

  159. Coln St. Dennis PARTICULARS OF THE VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, Known as "Calcot Peak," containing 176a. 2r. 12p., of Arable Land with Cottage & Farm Buildings.... Which James Villar & Sons Have received Instructions from the Trustees of the Will of William Hewer, Esq., (deceased), To Sell By Auction.... 23rd day of July, 1877. Folio, 2pp, folding plan, coloured in outline. 1877. £25.00

  160. Deerhurst PARTICULARS OF ESTATES FOR SALE IN THE PARISH OF DEERHURST.... On Wednesday, 22nd August, 1849, at the Swan Hotel, Tewkesbury. Folio, folded, 4pp, loosely inserted is a double-page plan. 1849. £24.00


  161. Great Western Railway, Kemble Station ARCHITECT'S DRAWING Proposed house for Pt. Way Inspector. Architect's drawing in ink and watercolour on cartridge paper size 18" x 26", plus margins. Scale 8ft to an Inch. Comprise six drawings: a fine detailed watercolour of the front elevation, showing a large detached double-fronted house with tall chimneys, decorative iron-work on the roof, shrubs around the house; section A.B; side elevation and section C.D; ground plan; first floor plan; site plan, scale 40ft to an inch, showing house and garden, up platform, roads etc. Edges of paper slightly browned, some edge tears, two of which obtrude beyond border, and have been reinforced on verso at an earlier date. Signed Harry Voss June 15th 1889, and by three other people. Small GWR stamp of Engineer's office Reading bottom right, with ms date added 24th June 1889. 15th June 1889 £140.00
    Very attractive watercolours.

  162. Gretton, Winchcombe PLANS, PARTICULARS and Conditions of an Important Sale of Freehold & Tithe-free Properties, The Tithe Farm.... Also a Substantial Dwelling House.... Mr. E. Righton is instructed.... to sell by Auction at the White Hart Hotel, Winchcombe, 3rd July, 1896. Folio, folded, 2pp., plus docket title, large folding coloured plan. Some foxing spots. 1896. £30.00

  163. Slimbridge FEOFFMENT of a cottage with garden and orchard in Slimbridge, where Edward Trotman lately dwelt. John Essington of Gossington Hall to Giles Geffereys of Slimbridge, yeoman. The cottage had 'a Sheephouse of the Right Honourable George Earl of Berkeley on the north end now in the occupation of Thomas Dowle'. Vellum, size 20" x 29", superbly decorated initial 'T' (beginning 'This Indenture'), size 5" x 6", with strapwork calligraphy, some solid shading, some lined, a very decorative 'I' for 'Indenture' with long decorated tail on the letter 'd' stretching to the right above the word. Witnessed on verso by William Jefferies, Joseph Bridges and Joseph Haynes, with the 'S' of 'Sealed' decorated with a large flower. Vellum in very clean, crisp condition. Tag lacks wax seal. 1684. £50.00

  164. Stratton PARTICULARS WITH PLAN & CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Stratton Estate, Comprising the house and Homestead known as "Salutation House" and 120 acres.... To be Sold by Auction, by Messrs Moore & Hill at the King's Head Hotel, Cirencester, on Wednesday 17th July, 1878. 6pp, folio, folding plan, with coloured outlines. 1878. £22.00

    Gloucestershire Acts

  165. Gloucester and Stonehouse Junction Railway AN ACT to extend the Time for the Purchase of certain Lands and Completion of Works authorized by the "Midland Railway, Ripley Branches, Act, 1848," and on the Gloucester and Stonehouse Junction Railway. 7pp. 1851. £11.00

  166. Gloucester Gaol AN ACT for erecting a new Goal, and for removing certain Gateways, in the City of Gloucester; and for amending the several Acts passed in the Maintenance and Support of the Poor of the said City.... Black letter, cover leaf + 40pp. 1781. £20.00

  167. Newent Railway AN ACT to authorise the deviation and alteration of the Newent Railway.... 5pp. Edges dusty. 1874. £12.00

  168. Over, Newent & Dymock Railway AN ACT for authorising the construction of Railways from Over, near the river Severn, to Newent, and from Newent to Dymock.... 16pp. 1873. £20.00

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  169. Hartley Wintney PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Of The Freehold Country Residence.... known as Ferney Close, West Green, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire.... for Sale by Public Auction.... On Wednesday, 15th April, 1953. Roy 8vo, original card covers, 10pp, includes 4 tipped-in photographs. 1953. £12.00

  170. Hartley Wintney PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Of The Well-Appointed Distinctive Residence 'Southwood'.... for Sale by Auction.... On Tuesday, 21st April, 1931. Roy 8vo, original card covers, 8pp, plus 3 photographic plates. Loose in wraps. 1931. £12.00

  171. Sandown, Isle of Wight TWO PHOTOGRAPHS Albumen prints, size 6" x 8", one showing the bay and pier with children on a cliff path in foreground, one taken from the sea, near the beach, with lines of bathing huts in foreground, one with poney attached. c1890. £12.00

  172. Shedfield PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold properties situate at Shedfield in the parish of Droxford comprising Three Cottages, one Acre of Meadow Land, Three Acres of Arable land, which will be offered by Public Auction.... Botley, March 4th, 1878. 3pp., folio, folded. 1878. £12.00

  173. Southampton DEED OF BARGAIN AND SALE of a messuage in French Street lately in the occupation of Richard Collier, John Mallard of Southampton, Mariner, to Jethro Browne, Mariner. Vellum, 14" x 28", signed by Mallard, Memorandum on verso. Lacks wax seal from tag. Fine calligraphic initial 'T' size 4" x 4". Some minor darkening of vellum in places. 1676. £30.00

  174. Southampton LEASE FOR A YEAR of a messuage on the East Side of French Street in the parish of St. Michael, Southampton, now in the occupation of widow Etheridge, Nathaniel Winter, Mason, to Peter Thorold. Vellum, 14" x 23", good wax seal, signed with his initials by Winter. 1721. £24.00

    Hampshire Acts

  175. Crookham and Ewshott AN ACT for improving Lands within the several Tithings of Crookham and Ewshott in the Parish of Crondall.... 34pp. 1829. £18.00

  176. Swathling AN ACT for continuing... Two Acts.... so far as the same relate to the Road leading from the River at Swathling, through Botley to the Turnpike Road at Sherril Heath.... 7pp. 1807. £12.00

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  177. Hereford PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Properties situated on Aylestone Hill and West Street in Hereford and Graftonbury.... to be Sold by Auction.... 8th day of July, 18892. 5pp., folio, folded, hand-coloured folding plan. 1892. £24.00

  178. Huntington and Brilley LEASE of one and a half acres of land whereon two dwelling houses have lately been erected, John Cheese to Messrs. James and Jones. 1p, small papered seal. 1823. £10.00

  179. Marden & Sutton St. Michael PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... the Wisteston Court Estate.... a Comfortable old-fashioned family residence.... tastefully laid out gardens.... The Brook Farm.... 300 Acres.... which will be sold by Auction... the 18th day of August 1869.... Folio, 11pp., printed wraps, folded twice horizontaly. Folding hand-coloured plan. Half inch tear at central fold affecting all pages, wraps rather ragged. 1869. £28.00

  180. Pembridge and Byton PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS SALE of the Valuable and much admired Freehold Estate.... called the Milton Estate, comprising the Manor or Lordship of Milton, An Excellent Residence.... and nearly Six Hundred Acres.... which will be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Hoggart and Norton... the 2d day of August, 1844. 4pp., folio, folds, completed MS memorandum on verso, double page handcoloured map. 1844. £30.00

  181. Wellington & Burghill PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of very desirable Landed Properties for Investment or Early Occupation.... Fertile Garden or Hop Lands Well Planted Thriving Orchards.... Commodious Farm House, Homestead & Cottage Residence For Sale by Auction.... July 19, 1871. 7pp., 4to, folded, folding hand-coloured plan. Completed memorandum signed over stamp. Attractively printed in a variety of type-faces. 1871. £32.00

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  182. Bowen (E) AN ACCURATE MAP OF THE COUNTY OF HUNTINGDON Divided into its Hundreds.... Illustrated with Historical Extracts relating to its Trade, Manufactures, Natural History &c. not extant in any other Map.... Engraved map, coloured in outline, size 28" x 21", dissected and mounted on linen, trimmed to coloured border, inserted in marbled slipcase, edges rubbed. Decorative cartouche showing turf cutters. With table bottom right listing villages with map reference, Lord of Manor, Deanery. French label on verso. c1790. £155.00

  183. Hutton Court Estate PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Delightful Freehold Residential, Sporting, Agricultural and Building Property known as Hutton Court Estate, including the Historic XVth Century Manorial Residence.... Pleasure Grounds, Agricultural Buildings, Five Cottages, Home Farm.... 18 Hole Hutton Golf Links and tracts of increasingly Valuable Building Land with extensive frontages to main roads, extending in the aggregate to about 535 Acres.... which Percy Palmer, F.A.I. Is instructed to Sell by Auction at the Town Hall, Weston-super-Mare, On Monday, 3rd June, 1935. 4to, original printed wraps, 17pp and illustrated with 3 plates and with a coloured folding map in pocket at rear. 1935. £34.00

  184. Wych House, St. Ives CATALOGUE OF THE SALE of the Whole of the Modern Furniture and the Superior Appointments of a Ladies School.... which Messrs. Wright & Scruby are to Sell by Auction.... April 20th & 21st, 1904. 29pp, tall 8vo, wraps. 1904. £12.00

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  185. Faversham LEASE FOR A YEAR of a messuage with Malthouse, Cellars, Gardens, in West Street, Thomas Garrett, of Nether Court, St. Lawrence, Isle of Thanet, and others to John Tappendon of London. Vellum, 25" x 30", signed by 8 signatories with wax seals. 1790. £25.00

  186. Maidstone ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 37" x 25", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into marbled wraps. Comprises quarter sheets 271, 272, 288, 319, 320. Light splash mark on one section. Revised 1894, Published 1896. £22.00
    Covers Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Tenterden.

  187. Margate BILL of Francis Cobb. Importer and Dealer in Foreign Spirits. Printed heading, made out for gin, brandy. 1814. £6.00

  188. Sutton at Hone AGREEMENT between Frances Hill, spinster, of Sutton at Hone, and Frances Hill, widow, of Wilmington, relating to the Will of Abraham Hill, and Richard Hill his heir, brother and husband of the above. The estate included '880 in the South Sea Company', '3300 capital stock in the Bank of England'. Appended are two schedules setting out 'an account of her receipts and disbursements relating to the several estates of Richard Hill and Abraham Hill.' The Agreement refers to a suit in the Court of Exchequer between Abraham Hill and Lady Shovell, regarding rents of the Manor of Sutton at Hone, and Hill's rights to the Quitrents due from the Manor of St. John of Jerusalem. Agreement, undated, on vellum, size 12" x 25". schedule sewn to bottom size 29" x 12". Some browning of vellum in parts, not affecting legibility. 1721-2. £105.00
    The schedule sets out sums received by Frances Hill on her husband's behalf, and sums paid for his debts. 115 items listed, with date, including servants' wages. payments to Hill's apothecary, maltman, smith, collar maker, butcher, shoemaker; 'to Mrs Dent's maids for the trouble they had cleaning the house where Richd. Hill dyed'; 'paid Thomas Smith the Stage Coach from London for the servant coming with things to Wilmington 17th March 1721.'; 'Recd by the hands of Mr Whitmore 407 pounds from the Duke of Marlborough upon the Estates of Steeple Barton in Oxfordshire'; 'Recd. of Henry Gallard 3 in part for the wood at Tunbridge.... that was cutt down to the 14 March 1721.'

  189. Sutton Hone and Wilmington AGREEMENT between Frances Hill, spinster, of Sutton, and Frances Hill, widow, of Wilmington, as to the estate of Abraham Hill. 1721. £95.00

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  190. Anti-Corn-Law League MARCH TO THE HUSTINGS Tune 'All the Blue Bonnets....' Poem printed on thin paper, 10" x 5", with imprint at bottom 'Printed for the National Anti-Corn-Law League by Charles Swain, Printer, Manchester.'....together with.... THE ANTI KURN LAW SUNG Tune 'Tinker's Gardens'. 16 stanzas, protesting about taxes, threatening Disraeli, 'lonlords, parsons, and their crew... We'n tay off tithes and taxes too, An not be owre lung mon' etc. Spelling conveys a Geordie accent. c1850. £35.00
    'March! March! Peer and Protectionist/All the old Leaguers are waiting to mill you!.... March and make ready, then, Foes of the Working-men; All the Free Traders are marching before you.'

  191. Appley Bridge Brick & Tile Co. Ltd. PLAN OF SURFACE TRESPASS. MESSRS WORTHINGTON & CO. LTD., APPLEY BRIDGE Handcoloured manuscript plan on Whatman paper backed with linen, rolled, size 26" x 27", scale 1" = 20 yards. Border, decorative title with leaves etc., at an angle across top left corner, scale bar. Reference Table showing Surface Trespass with key to colours, yearly from July 1897 to April 1918, columns for Thickness, Price, Amount. Shows part of Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Cart Road with buildings, Lancs. & Yorks. Railway, footpath. Some areas shaded solidly to mark 'Parts Restored' with date. Lightly dustmarked, some minor creasing of paper, edge tears and some dust-staining along bottom edge. 'del. 1898' under title. £180.00

  192. Appley Bridge PLAN OF CLAY Worked by Messrs. Worthington & Co., Appley Bridge. Manuscript plan in ink and three colours on thick paper, backed with linen, rolled. Size 15" x 20". Area for workings before 1887 left blank and bordered with dark blue, working to May 1888 and 1889 shaded in different colours. Scale 1" = 20yds. A few foxing spots and surface dusting at edges. c1890. £36.00

  193. Blackleyhurst Colliery PLAN OF ORRELL YARD MINE Tarbuck Farm Pit, Blackleyhurst Colliery. Manuscript lan in ink and sold colour, on cartridge paper backed with linen, rolled. Size 34" x 51", scale 3" = 100 yards. Shows buyildings and park at Blackley Hurst Hall on right, Garmswood Road, Tarbuck House, mine workings coloured according to date, ranging from 1936 - 1948. Various markings including Approx. Line of Outcrop, Full Dip, etc. With Section of Seam at bottom right, scale " to 1 foot. 1936-48. £80.00

  194. Downham FARMER'S ACCOUNT BOOK 8vo cash-book with calf boards, worn. 168 pages of entries, plus Index of names, June 1849 - Sept. 1856. Details money paid for coal, lime, stone, potates, stock, dipping sheet, wages etc., and receipts for stock, butter and milk. There are also a few pages listing expenditure on clothes, cloth, mother's funeral, on Downham Chapel ('Oil & Candles', 'Preacher's Expenses'), and a few remedies for animals. 1849-56. £50.00
    Places mentioned include Bacup, Clitheroe, Settle. He always mentions the name of the person bought from or sold to. 'Sold to Willm. Turner of Staidburn 1 Pig eight 220lbs', 'Paid to Thomas Tetcalfe for Castrating Farmer 3 years' (Many of the cows and bulls are named).

  195. Oldham DESCENT OF JAMES CLEGG ESQUIRE OF BENT HOUSE Large pedigree, lithographed on thick paper, backed with linen, size 25" x 33", folded, showing pedigrees of Clegg, Dawson, Buckley families, numerous coats of arms around edges, 4 attractive portraits, 3 views of houses. Wear at parts of central fold, grubby at margins and on verso, a few edge tears. c1850. £25.00

  196. Oxton CATALOGUE of the Antique & Modern Household Appointments.... of 'Oxton Lawn'.... To be Sold.... 2nd, 4rd, 4th June, 1913. 24pp, 8vo., wraps. 1913. £8.00

  197. Preston BUILDER'S ACCOUNT BOOK Aug. 1834 - Oct. 1841. 29 pages, approx. 30 lines per page, in 8vo notebook, cloth-covered boards. Many blanks at end. Itemises payments for materials in detail, usually with name of supplier, for brickmaking, equipment, wages with name of worker and trade, 'ale', 'gift to brickmen' etc. 1834-1841. £40.00
    Includes payments to brickmakers, plasterers, white smith, glazier, stone masons. Materials include 'saish pullies', 'ranges and ovens', 'flaggs', 'chimney pots' etc. Accounts are headed with 'Buildings in front of Meadow Lane next Milne's Estate', 'Expenses altering Clubroom for Brown Cow Meadow Lane', 'Five Houses in Douglas St.' 'Joiner's Shop, Privys &c in Cross St.'

  198. Prestwich PROBATE of the will of John Wild of Cowlishaw within Crompton, yeoman. Large vellum sheet with Will and Codicil, printed Probate certificate attached, with papered seal. Some slight browning. 1824. £18.00
    Mentions his many properties in Cowlishaw, with the occupiers, 'the neat profit of all those veins beds and mines of coal' in Cowlishaw, his six seat pew in the North Gallery of the chapel of Shaw, his messuage with 'Steam Engin Enginhouse.... the Chamber over the loom house of Edmund Cocker', his tithe barn etc.

  199. Ravenhead, near St. Helens RAVENHEAD BRICK CO. LTD. ESTATE PLAN SCALE 1/2500. Manuscript plan, size 26" x 26", in ink and colour on thick paper backed with linen. Shows undergound workings of Earthy Delf & Yard Mine, ownership of Land & Minerals between Burtonhead Road, Old Teapot Brickworks and Sherdley Hall Farm. Compass rose. Reference Table with key to colours, area, whether Land or Land & Minerals, details of conveyances, leases etc. 1950's. £65.00
    Stippling shows surface available and hatching minerals available.

  200. Shevington THE GROVE CHEMICAL WORKS, SHEVINGTON Manuscript plan on thick paper, backed with linen, rolled, size 24" x 36", Scale 30ft. to an inch. In ink with some very light shading and feint outline colour. Shows buildings, Leeds and Liverpool Canal, railway. Many figures entered alongside canal, red lines drawn across plan maked 'Cut Line' etc. Edges dusty. n.d. c1920. £40.00

  201. Westhoughton LOSTOCK LAND & WESTHOUGHTON COLLIERIES A.W. Rawcliffe Esq.'s Estate Arley Mine, Lostock Lane Colliery. Manuscript plan in ink and eleven colours, on cartridge paper backed with linen, rolled, size 50" x 72", scale 5" = 150 yds. Border, with decorative corners. Shows Lancs. & Yorks. Railway, roads, buildings at Ormstons and Chadwicks Far, Pendlebury's Fold, pools, workings solidly coloured according to date, marked with month and year. Shows surface drift, depth of pit from Surface to Floor of Arley Mine 28 yds. Some light dustmarking, cotton on verso grubby. Shows workings from 1912 - 1921. £160.00

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  202. Ashby de la Zouch, Grendon ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXIII.N.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 17", linen-backed, folding to 8vo. Some slight browning of linen at fold. Electrotyped 1862. £12.00

  203. Glen Magna, Lutterworth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLIII.S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 17", linen-backed, folding to 8vo. Electrotyped 1862. £13.00

  204. Leamington Spa PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS of Leamington and District. 12 views, oblong 8vo, decorative card wraps, ribbon tie rather frayed. c1910. £10.00

  205. Leicester, Barrow ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXIII.N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 17", linen-backed, folding to 8vo. Electrotyped 1863. £14.00

  206. Market Harborough TO BE LET UNDER SEALED BIDDINGS By Order of the Feoffees of the Charity-Estate of Market-Harborough. Two Closes of Grazing Land in the Lordship of Great Bowden, One called Partick's Close.... the other called Hallick's Close.... to be grazed with Sheep and Beast only, Horses excepted, and no part thereof to be mown... Small handbill, printed on one side only, 22 lines of text. Traces of folds. 1808. £25.00

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  207. Fishtoft PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Freehold & Tithe-Free Estate consisting of The Manor House, Farmhouse and Cottages and about 466a. 2r. 14p. of land.... To be Sold by Auction.... 23rd of July, 1913. Folio, 12pp, coloured folding map in pocket at rear. 1913. £20.00

  208. Sutton Bridge HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE TOWN PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. Including Residnces, Fully-Licensed Hotel, Timber Yard and Saw Mill, Granaries with River Wharfage.... about 100 cottages. Which will be offered for sale by Auction at the Oddfellows Hall, Sutton Bridge, On Thursday, 21st September, 1922. Two coloured folding plans, 26pp, folio, original card covers. 1922. £25.00

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  209. Brandenburgh House Estate, Hammersmith PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE (WITH PLAN) of Very Valuable Freehold Building Land with frontages to Fulham Palace Road, Lochaline Street & Parfrey Street.... Which Thurgood & Martin Have received Instructions to Sell by Auction.... On Monday 16th, February 1903. Folio, coloured folding plan, 6pp, folded. 1903. £20.00
    Includes 'a Desirable Site for a Church or Institution'

  210. Brook Street PROBATE of the will of William Bailey, of Brook St., St. Pancras, coachmaker. Large vellum sheet with will, Probate certificate and large papered seal attached. Some slight browning. 1813. £15.00
    Leaves money to the society called 'The Sick Man's Friend' at Tottenham Court Chapel, to be used as a full specially-convened meeting thought fit, as well as property at 4 and 5 Brothers Buildings, St. Mary le Bone.

  211. City of London PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Important Modern Warehouse Premises nos 35 & 36 Aldermanbury.... which will be submitted to Auction.... September 24th, 1896. 3pp, folio, folded, docket title grubby. 1896. £12.00

  212. Hackney LEASE of No 1 Pittvile Houses, Lea Bridge Road, Hackney, W. Stokes to D. French. 2 large vellum sheets, small wax seals. 1882. £10.00

  213. Hornsey LEASE of premises No. 68 Queens Road Hornsey, Charles Hambridge to Mrs Mary Ann Catchpole. Large vellum sheet, printed with MS inserts, small coloured sketch plan in margin. 1879. £12.00


  214. Kennington, Manor of ADMISSION of Annie Crossweller, to various properties and pieces of land in Stannary Street, St. Mary Lambeth, Parcel of the Possessions of the Duchy of Cornwall.... Vellum, size 22" x 13". Inset plan, printed, with properties shaded red. Large coat of arms of Prince of Wales at head. Signed by Steward.... together with.... ADMISSION of Thomas Crossweller to properties in Kennington Green and Kennington Place. As previous document but without coat of arms and plan. 1912 and 1904. £25.00

  215. Lambeth PROBATE of the Will and Codicil of James Early. Large vellum sheet with copy of will, printed Probate Certificate attached with large papered seal. 1867. £8.00
    Leaves his house in Layham Place, South Lambeth, to his brother.

  216. South Kensington, Pimlico etc. PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Leasehold Ground Rents and House Properties situate in Various Parts of London.... to be sold by Auction.... on 6th day of December, 1882. 8pp, folio, some tears at folds. 1882. £14.00
    Includes sale of houses in Paulton Sq., Chelsea, Cavendish Square, Castelnau Villas, Barnes, The Cock Tavern, Hampstead Road.

  217. St George Parish ASSIGNMENT and Release of messuages in Grove Place, Artichoke Hill, Pennington Place, Andrew Burt of Stoke Newington, Maria Fladgate of Queen Square, Thomas Pellatt of Ironmongers Hall. 7 large vellum sheets, four wax seals. Includes half page schedule of property with details of lessees etc. 1827. £18.00
    Includes the Artichoke Public House.

  218. Wales (George), Cassland Office PLAN OF THE NORTHEASTERN PORTION OF THE METROPOLIS, Prepared to Shew the Contemplated Improvements in the Cassland Estate, Victoria Park &c. Handcoloured, finely lithographed plan, size 26" x 36", scale 1in. = 300ft., dissected and mounted on linen, folding to large 4to, inserted in cloth-covered slip-case, with gilt title, which is worn at edges. Attractive title in various lettering styles, two scale bars, compass rose, border. Main roads shaded yellow, Victoria Park shaded green, Sir John Cass' Estate shaded pink, and labelled in 'Gothic' lettering. Holdings of the various landowners labelled, including St. Thomas Hospital, Hackney Poor, H.M. Commissioners of Woods. Shows trees, lakes in the park, Regent's Canal, Birmingham Junction Railway, individual houses with garden plots. Small figures printed on roads denoting Levels. Small indelible Library Stamp on verso. Waterlow & Sons, Litho., London Wall, 1850. £185.00
    Extends from Homerton Road to Green St. in the South, from George St. and Duncan Place to White Post Lane in the East. Sir John Cass was a seventeenth century philanthropist who built the estate on the site of a slum known as Botany Bay.

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  219. Bassaleg DIMENSIONS OF THE LARGE OAK felled in the.... estate in the Parish of Bassaleg, County of Monmouth in 1810, situated within four miles of the Seaport town of Newport.... Thomas Harrison, Surveyor of H.M. Dock Yard. 2p, list of 12 measurements, description of felling the tree, purchase price etc. The writer states that there was rumour in the neighbourhood that the tree had been undersold, but Sir Charles Morgan, whose property adjoined the estate, said that the dimensions had been accurately described, but that the heart was decayed. Paper watermarked 1830. £30.00
    'The Limbs yielded 45 loads and sold for 6s per foot, delivered at Deptford.... the bark alone sold for 200.'

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  220. Bliss's Stores Pub. PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEW ALBUM OF YARMOUTH AND DISTRICT 51 views, oblong 4to boards, gilt titled, spine very worn. With description of Stores and photo of shop on first leaf. c1910. £17.00

  221. Geldeston FREEHOLD INVESTMENTS CONFERRING VOTES FOR EAST NORFOLK Poster advertising auction sale of properties in Ellingham and Geldeston. Size 20" x 11", folds, slight off-setting. 1865. £16.00

  222. Great Yarmouth PARTICULARS, CONDITIONS, STIPULATIONS for letting by Auction the Stallages, Rents and Tolls in the Markets and Fair of Great Yarmouth, and the Rents of the Shops in the Fish Market.... by Samuel Aldred & Son.... 17th November, 1913. 1pp., sm. folio, folded. 1913. £15.00

  223. Great Yarmouth PHOTOGRAPHS 12 sepia photos in gilt-titled plain paper wraps, 6" x 11". Tissue guards. c1918. £10.00
    Views include Regent Road, tram on Central Parade, New Hard Tennis Courts.

  224. Tharston PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of several enclosures of accommodation Land with convenient cattle Sheds.... also the Manor of Fundenhall of the Rectory, to be sold by Auction by Sewell & Barnes. By direction of the Trustee in the Bankruptcy of John Furness, at the Royal Hotel, Norwich, on Saturday, July 10th, 1897. Folio, 6pp, docket title, folded, short split to one fold. 1897. £14.00

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  225. Brixworth PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Capital Freehold Estate situated at Brixworth, Six Miles from Northampton.... comprising Brixworth Hall A Spacious Stone Mansion, Coach House, Stabling, Gardens, Canals and Fish-Ponds.... One undivided Fifth Part of the Extensive Manor of Brixworth..... Which Will be Sold by Auction by Mr Devenish, at Garraway's Coffee House, Change Alley, Cornhill, London, Thursday April 2, 1801, at One O'Clock.... 3pp., folio, folds.... together with... Mr Devenish in account with the Vendors of Brixworth. Manuscript, 6p, 4to, setting out commission, travelling expenses etc.... An Account of the Sale of Brixworth, 1801. 10p, 4to. 3 items. 1801. £45.00
    The Auctioneer was at Villiers Street, Strand. His name is printed in letters about 1" high (bigger than the other type faces used - he obviously wanted to advertise.)

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  226. Berwick BILL of Andrew Thompson, Iron Merchant, General Furnishing Ironmonger, Nail and Chain Manufacturer, Smith & Bell Hanger. High St., Berwick. Size 16" x 6", fine decorative engraved heading with small illustrations either side, over thirty items listed.... together with.... smaller bill from Brigham & Bickerton, Tweed Implement Works, for reaper knife etc., engraved heading with small vignette of reaper.... together with.... Bill of James Dixon, Butcher, Castlegate, for beef etc., 8vo, vignette of bull and sheep. 1869-70. £14.00

  227. Lambert (M & M.W), Lithographers, Newcastle NEWCASTLE & GATESHEAD WATER WORKS. Plan Shewing the Esixting & Proposed Works for Supplying the Towns of Newcastle upon Tyne & Gateshead. 1863. Lithographed partly coloured plan, scale one mile to an inch, size 20" x 28", on thick paper, linen backed. Decorative calligraphic title. Coloured to indicate Existing Works, Proposed Works, Districts from which Water obtained & supplied, proposed to be supplied. Shows various mills, pumping stations, railways, aquaducts, etc. 1863. £75.00
    Covers area from Colt Crag Reservoir, Hexham, Newcastle & Jarrow.

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  228. Beeston, Prestwold ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXI.S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 17", linen-backed, folding to 8vo. Electrotyped 1862. £13.00

  229. Kilsby FINAL AGREEMENT between William Cleaver and Samuel and Dorcas Eyre relating to a cottage, two shops, barn, six acres of land and three of meadow in Kilsby. Vellum, 8" x 19". 1799. £14.00

  230. Kilsby MANUSCRIPT SURVEY in 4to notebook, 42p, with engraving of 'A Modern Macarony' on front wrap. Titled 'Quality of Kilsby Field', and at the end 'Quality'd by John Brothers, Richd. Shortland. Lists 536 numbered pieces of land under headings 'Hall Field', 'Crickway Field', 'Nether Field', 'Cow Pasture', 'Hern Hill'. In a column on the right are numbers under the heading 's'. The name Sarah Cowley is inside the front wrap. c1778. £45.00
    Lands listed include 'Stoney Cheeseacres with the Ley', 'Common Ground at the Top of Oversowers', 'Kettlesaw furlong South side not to be parted'.

  231. Ollerton, Mansfield ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXXII.S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 17", linen-backed, folding to 8vo. Electrotyped 1865. £14.00
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  232. Barley Thorpe, Oakham PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of A Valuable Freehold Agricultural and Sporting Estate comprising Stud House, the Residence of the late Earl of Lonsdale.... The Famous Stud Farm.... Five Cottages.... Langham Lodge Farm.... To be sold by Auction.... 20th November, 1944. 19pp., large 4to, wraps, large cold. plan in pocket, some old sellotape repairs to verso of plan at folds, small area of wear on front wrap. 1944. £24.00

  233. Smith (C) A NEW MAP OF THE COUNTY OF RUTLAND Divided into Hundreds. Hand-coloured, folding map dissected, size approx. 17" x 19", trimmed to margins, some minor discolouration from linen backing. In original 8vo paper slipcase, with oval manuscript label. Printed for C. Smith, No 172 Strand. January 6th, 1801. £32.00

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  234. Baschurch PARTICULAR of a very desirable freehold estate called 'Stanwardine' consisting of excellent Farmhouse and Extensive Outbuildings, Several Cottages, 20 Acres of First-Rate Arable and Pasture Land.... which will be offered for Sale by Auction.... 15th day of July, 1869.... 3pp., folio, folded, plus docket title, which is dusty, folding hand-coloured plan. 1869. £32.00

  235. Market Drayton LETTER signed 'J. Rodd, Artist, At Mr Bonell's Machine Maker, Sheep Market' to Charles Roberts, Solicitor, Barnstaple saying he is not able to follow his professional pursuit due to an attack of gout, and requesting money, complaining about a troublesome tenant (presumably at Barnstaple) who has stolen the parting door, etc. Mentions he has 'such fine Views of Devon, steel plate engravings on India paper'. 3p, 4to, integral address panel with green wax seal, straight line postmark. 1833. £15.00

  236. Rowton Estate, Clungunford and Hopesay PARTICULARS AND PLAN of a desirible Freehold Estate.... A Farm House with Outbuildings.... Two Cottages.... Arable and Pasture Land.... to be Sold by Auction.... 8th day of June 1880. 2pp., folio, plus docket title, folding plan. 5p manuscript conditions of sale attached.... together with.... ABSTRACT OF TITLE of the Mortgagees of Timothy Bishop to the Rowton Estate.... Manuscript on 22 pages folio. 1880. £35.00

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  237. Baltonsborough A VICTORY WHIST DRIVE and Dance Will be hled in the Schoolroom, Baltonsborough.... February 25th, 1919.... the Proceeds will be Given to the Baltonsborough Cricket Club. Poster, printed in blue, size 20" x 15", folds, ink slightly smudged in parts. Gazette' Co., Glastonbury, 1919. £15.00

  238. Bath ASSIGNMENT of 9 Widcombe Crescent near the City of Bath, Theodore Tickell to George Clough. 3 large vellum sheets, wax seals, including Schedule of deeds from 1730. 1824. £14.00

  239. Bridgwater and Ashill PROBATE OF THE WILL of Mrs Mary Woodland, of Ashill. Copy on 17p folio. Outer sheet dusty. 1809. £18.00
    Names numerous properties, closes of land, in Ashill, and the former Forest of Neroche.

  240. Coulsting's ROYAL ALBUM OF WESTON-SUPER-MARE 20 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into sm. 4to decorative gilt boards, cloth spine. Boards lightly rubbed at fore-edge. Advert. for the Weston Bazaar inside back board. c1900. £15.00
    Includes Madiera Cove, Kew Stoke, Grove and Free Library, New Boating Slip.

  241. Davies Bros.' NEW MAP OF WESTON-SUPER-MARE Drawn Accurately to Scale from the Latest Government Surveys.... Coloured plan, size 13" x 10" plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Folding into 12mo attactively-printed wraps, 2pp 'Description of the Town', local adverts on verso of plan. Vertical crease in front wrap. c1890. £24.00

  242. Dulverton A GENERAL REFERENCE TO THE PLANS OF ALL THAT PART OF THE MANOR OF DULVERTON in the County of Somerset situate on the North East Side of the River Barle. Manuscript survey book, size 14" x 9", plain wraps, calligraphic title page 'Dulverton Manor', 40 pages, the first part of the book having pages headed 'Property Sold' the second half 'Property Not Sold'. With columns for Purchasers, no on plan (plans not present), Premises (house, outbuildings, gardens, Courtlage, meadows etc. listed), Quality, Statute Measure. Very clearly written throughout. At the end are 2p of 'Memorandums and Explanations.' 1820. £95.00
    Properties include John Liscombe's Tan Yard, with Bark House etc., Caroline House, Chandler's shop in Fore Street, Japan House, Ram Inn, Drydon, Manor Mills (Grist and Flour Mills), Bilboa House.

  243. Evercreech & East Pennard PARTICULARS OF THE VALUABLE AND COMPACT FREEHOLD ESTATES known as the EVERCREECH PARK FARM, BAGBURY FARM, & DURNS, Containing together About 359 Acres.... to be Sold by Auction by Messrs Wainwrights & Heard at the "George" Hotel, Shepton Mallet, On Friday, the 8th of August, 1862. Folio, folded, 3pp. plus docket title. 1862. £16.00
    With list of fields etc, for each farm, with cultivation and area.

  244. Failand BIRDS seen and heard in and around Lower Failand during the Girl Guide Woodcraft Camp April 6th - April 13th 1939. Manuscript, consisting of decorative title in red, listing of 50 birds in a fine "Gothic" calligraphy, over 3 leaves (written on one side only), with a pencil sketch of a wren pasted to final leaf. Bound in plain binders cloth, small folio, with hand-blocked decorative endpapers. Indelible owner's stamp to f.e.p. 1939. £16.00

  245. Gray's 35 VIEWS OF WESTON-SUPER-MARE Cheddar, Clevedon, Wells & Ilfracombe. Photolitho views, on folded strip. Some full page, some 3 or 4 to a page, one page with 12 small views. Advert for Gray's Fancy Bazaars inside back wrap. Album size 9" x 12", printed wraps, rubbed, ink blot on front wrap, split at spine. c1900. £20.00

  246. Ilminster WILL of John Slee, Innholder. 7p, sm. folio, folded. Numerous impressed tax stamps. Extracted from the Regsitry of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. 1792. £14.00
    Refers to his tenement called the Swan Inn in Ilminster. His Executor was Jonathan Croft of Ilminster, Soapboiler.

  247. Keynsham CONVEYANCE of tenement known as the Lamb and Lark, with Garden, Orchard, Bowling Green.... Richard Harris to George Saunders. 2 large vellum sheets, wax seals. 1786. £20.00
    Details adjoining properties.

  248. Keynsham MORTGAGE of a messuage and premises at Keynsham, James Sage, Milkman, to Thomas Iles of Northwick, Farmer, 1838. Large vellum sheet, wax seal.... together with.... Lease for a Year of the same property, 1840, smaller vellum sheet, and Release in fee, 1842, two large vellum sheets. 3 items. 1838-42. £18.00
    The property was bounded by the Turnpike Road from Bristol to Bath.

  249. Lawrences' LARGE SCALE RAMBLING MAP 20 MILES ROUND WESTON-SUPER-MARE Folding map, scale 4" = 6 miles. With one mile circles. Folding into printed wraps 6" x 4", repair with archival tape at split along one section.... together with.... GEOGRAPHIA VISITORS' PLAN Weston-super-Mare, c1950. Two items. c1910 and c1950. £15.00

  250. Reynolds (C) THE ALBUM OF WESTON SUPER MARE VIEWS 21 photolitho views on extending strip, including one double page panaoramic view, folding into decorative gilt boards, sm. 4to. c1880. £18.00
    Includes Anchor Head, Kewstoke Road, Grand Parade, Sanatorium etc.

  251. Rock & Co. SIX VIEWS OF WESTON, SUPER MARE & Neighbourhood. 6 vignette views, each approx. 3" x 3", oblong 8vo album with title printed within decorative embossed 'lace effect' frame on front wrap. Spine worn. One or two minor foxing spots. 1853. £35.00

  252. Salisbury's ALBUM OF 50 VIEWS OF WESTON-SUPER-MARE. Photo litho views on an extending strip. Album approx. 9" x 13". Original decorative red and white Art nouveau style covers, slightly worn, strip split at one fold. Advert. for 'Salisbury's Bazaar' inside back cover. c1890. £24.00


  253. Stanton Drew A TRUE AND PERFECT INVENTORY of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Creditt of Mary Hopkins late of Stanton Drew in the County of Somerset, Widdow, Deceased taken & appraised the 14 Day of Ffebruary Anno Dmi. 1680 by Cornelius Lyde Gent. and Anthony Baylie Yeoman both of the parish. Manuscript in a clear hand on vellum, size 5" x 37". With Memorandum in Latin at the end, March 1680, signed Guy Clinton, as to the proving of the will in the Court of the Bishop of Bath and Wells. 1680. £210.00
    Itemises household goods room by room, including the Cheese Chamber, Buttery etc., for example in the Kitchen were 'two brass pans one warmeing pan one spice Mortar two basting ladles... two dozen of pewter platters.... two lattin dripping pans, two Cullenders.... eleven Dishes of Dutch ware....' The share in the 'Cole Work' was 'determinable upon a Lease granted by one George Cooper Esq. for 32 years to Cornelius Sage her former husband Dcd., Henry Aishall (?), and John Hazell, both of the same parish.'

  254. Teal (Charles), Pub. THE AVALON INDEPENDENT Glastonbury, Street, and Mid-Somerset News. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp, unopened. Old sellotape repair to wear on fold on front page. April 13, 1899. £5.00

  255. Weston Mercury and Somersetshire Herald CHARTER SUPPLEMENT Four-page illustrated supplement, broadsheet size, printed to celebrate the awarding of Borough status, September 16th, 1937. Folded in four, a few small tears. 1937. £8.00
    Includes chronological list of events in Weston's history.

  256. Weston super Mare DAILY EVENTS and Amusements Programme. Week commencing July 6th 1931. 32pp., illusts., sm. 8vo. Wraps foxed, printed in colour with town badge. 1931. £5.00

  257. Weston super Mare fire SUPPLEMENT TO THE WESTON SUPER MARE GAZETTE Photographs of the Great Fire, Grand Pier Pavilion, January 13th, 1930. Single page, broadsheet size, printed on glossy paper, folded, with 9 photographs of the fire, with captions. January 18th, 1930. £8.00

  258. Weston super Mare CONVEYANCE in fee of a dwellinghouse no 7 Orchard Place, Messrs. Stock, Jones and Harvey to Charles Greenslade. Large vellum sheet, wax seals.... together with.... Mortgage of the same property, 1860. 1860 and 1862. £12.00

  259. Weston-super-Mare PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Of Two Attractive and Most Desirable Residences, Accommodation Land, and Choice Building Sites, In a picturesque and central part of the above fashionable Watering place, which Messrs Norton & Lalonde Have been honoured with instructions from the Rector of Weston super Mare the Rev. Prebendary E. Arthur Salmon, to Sell by Auction, at the Royal Hotel, Weston super Mare. On Wednesday, 29th May, 1889. Folio, 5pp and coloured folding map, short tears mainly to margins, map partly torn along one fold. 1889. £32.00

  260. Wodhams (Dowman), Pub. THE WELLS JOURNAL Somerset & West of England Advertiser. October 24, 1919. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp.... together with.... copy for September 25, 1925, slightly rubbed at folds. 1919 and 1925. £7.00
    Includes numerous auction sale notices, report on Wells election, etc.

  261. Wrington SEPIA WATERCOLOUR Size 6" x 8", in green mount with thin gold line, titled in left margin (hidden by mount) 'From Miss Hannah More's Grounds Barlow Wood near Wrington Dec. 18 1810'. Landscape of fields and hills, one church tower visible, looking across towards the Severn Estuary. The sky area has not been painted in. 1810. £32.00

    Somerset Acts

  262. Shepton Mallet to Wells Railway AN ACT to authorize the East Somerset Railway Company to extend their Railway from Shepton Mallet to Wells.... 10pp. 1857. £15.00

  263. Trull, Pitminster, Wilton, Taunton, and Weston Zoyland AN ACT for vesting in Charles Noel Welman Esquire and his Heirs certain Estates in the Parishes of Trull, Pitminster, Wilton, and Taunton Saint Mary Magdalen in the County of Somerset, holden under the Marriage Settlements of Charles Noel Earl of Gainsborough.... 34pp. 1843. £14.00

  264. Watchet Harbour AN ACT for further continuing the Duties granted and continued by several Acts.... for repairing the Harbour and Key of Watchett, in the County of Somerset. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 8pp. 1770. £16.00

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  265. Grindon PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate consisting of Several Farms and Inclosures.... also a Capital Water-Corn-Mill in Full Trade, Working Three Pairs of Stones.... part of the Family Estate of the late Maj.-General the Hon. Sir Bridges Henniker Bart.... 8pp., folio, with folding hand-coloured map showing the River Hamps, etc. Some strengthening on docket title with archival tape. 1834. £42.00

  266. Rugeley, Penkridge, Bloxwich ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXII.N.W Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 17", linen-backed, folding to 8vo. Electrotyped 1862. £13.00

  267. Walsall Boundaries REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF WALSALL 2pp, with a folding Plan of the borough by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline. Scale 2" to 1 mile. Disbound. 1832. £17.00

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  268. Bexhill PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of 18 Plots of Freehold Building Land, and Four Freehold Cottages.... part of the Honies Estate, Which will be offered for Sale by Auction by Mr. Veness... the 15th day of June, 1881.... 4pp., folio, folds, prices and purchasers inked in, last page spotty. Loosely inserted is coloured manuscript plan of the lots by A. Dray, Surveyor, Hastings, with later additions such as name of Road (Beaconsfield), price of lots etc. 1881. £18.00

  269. Ipswich ON A ROBIN Building Her Nest on a Book-Shelf In A School At Ipswich. By the Rev. R.M. Rendham, December, 1825. Poem in 9 stanzas, printed on yellow paper, 4to sheet, with border. Pasted at corners to an album leaf. Ball, Printer, Wells, 1825. £22.00

  270. Ipswich PROBATE of the Will and Two Codicils of Simon Jackaman, Attorney at Law.. 3 large vellum sheets, probate certificate with papered seal attached. Last sheet rather stained. 1875. £10.00
    Bequeathes his premises in St. Nicholas, Ipswich, his Bowling Green, Library of Law Books, Precedent papers etc.

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  271. Bacon SUSSEX Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 18" x 27", linen-backed, folding to sm 8vo, plain wraps with MS label. Roads in yellow. c1890. £9.00
    Covers part of the county betweeen Brighton, West Grinstead, Eastbourne.

  272. Battle, Ashburnham Park ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet LVII. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Linen-backed, folding to small 4to., key map label. 1878. £35.00

  273. Brighton & South Downs ORDNANCE SURVEY TOURIST MAP Scale 1" to 1 Mile. Cloth backed. Coloured wraps with small illustration by Arthur Palmer. Some slight rubbing on wrap. 1932. £8.00

  274. Hailsham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable and Productive Farm, situate in the Parish of Hailsham known as The Grove Land Lymer's and Dunsing's Farm.... for sale by Auction at Diplock's Assembly Room, Eastbourne.... 14th August, 1871. 4pp. plus folding coloured plan, 2" split along one fold in particulars. 1871. £20.00

  275. Hastings THE ALBUM OF HASTINGS AND ST. LEONARDS VIEWS 20 photolitho views on extending strip, including fine long panorame, small 4to gilt boards. c1880. £18.00

  276. Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne ORDNANCE SURVEY 'ONE INCH' MAP Cloth-backed. Attractive coloured cover by Ellis Martin showing map-reading hiker, cyclists near pub, buff ground, 'book' style opening, corners slightly bumped. 1934. £8.00

  277. Lewes ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LIV. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 37", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo, key map label on verso. 1878. £30.00

  278. New Shoreham, Hove ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXV. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 37", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo, key map label on verso. 1878. £30.00
    Covers area inland as far as Round Hill.

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  279. Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Baxterley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXII.S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 17", linen-backed, folding to 8vo. Electrotyped 1862. £14.00

  280. Parkfield PENCIL DRAWING of a large detached house with Georgian portico, path leading up to front door, walled garden with beds of shrubs, trees, foxgloves etc., edged with small shrubs. Drawing size 9" x 12" between borders, in ivory mount, overall size 16" x 18", titled in pencil in bottom margin 'Home of Mr & Mrs. Edward Haycock, Parkfields, Coventry.' On verso is written 'Where Sarah Snaly(?) was born'. Very detailed and attractive drawing in soft pencil showing all the architectural details. c1860. £55.00

  281. Solihull, Henley in Arden GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LIV.N.E., size approx. 13" x 15", plus wide margins, key in right-hand margin. O.S. blindstamp 1900. £22.00

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  282. Cary (J) A MAP OF WESTMORELAND from the best Authorities. Engraved map, size 15" x 19". Right margin trimmed, yellowish mark in top margin, some grubby marks in blank area above northern county border. c1780. £18.00

  283. Cary (John) A NEW MAP OF WESTMORELAND, Divided into Wards, Exhibiting Its Roads, Rivers, Parks &c. Fully hand-coloured engraved map, size approx. 19" x 21", dissected into four sections and mounted on linen, marbled paper sides. 1818. £60.00

  284. Orton PARTICULARS AND PLAN of a Valuable Estate situate at Barugh in the Parish of Orton.... dwelling house and farm buildings.... 4 Stints on Sunbiggin Tarn Pasture.... For Sale by Auction... 1st March, 1877. 4pp., folio, folded with docket title, folding plan coloured in outline. 1877. £32.00


  285. Sawrey PLANS AND PARTICULARS of the Desirable Lake Residence known as 'Esthwaite How', near to Lake Windermere and Coniston Lake, also, the Detached Family Residence known as 'Sawrey Cottage', together with 'Spoutmire Cottages', Meadow Lands, Pleasure Grounds... Which will be Sold by Auction.... 7th day of August, 1873. 2pp., folding hand-coloured plan, outer leaf with docket title repaired along tears at folds. Some edge tears. 1873. £22.00

  286. Undermillbeck and Crook PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Estates called 'Mitchell Land', and 'Beckside', with the Thriving Larch Plantations.... 165 Acres of land, and 'Sunny Brow' containing 29 Acres.... For Sale by Auction.... July 27th, 1872. 4pp., folio, plus docket title, 2 large folding plans hand-coloured in outline, section with the last two leaves and page with docket title have become detached from the rest at spine. 1872. £32.00

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  287. Anstey near Tisbury POSTER. To Be Sold by Auction, Mr I.B. Coombs On the Premises at Ansty.... Tuesday, Han. 14, 1862, Effects Of Mr James Edwards.... Comprising one Cart Horse, one Stack of Clover Hay.... four stocks of Bees.... Poster size 15" x 10", small portion torn from one lower corner, folded, minor off-setting, couple of short tears, addressed with a penny red to verso. Edward Roe, Printer, Salisbury. 1862. £12.00

  288. Collins (B), Pr. THE SALISBURY JOURNAL and Devizes Mercury. No. 667. Monday Oxtober 29, 1750. 4pp, folds, brown stain on both leaves at point where two folds meet, not affecting legibility, a few other stains in margins and some foxing. 1750. £10.00
    Includes adverts. for the Salisbury Stagecoach and Diligence, Reward offered to finder of two drawings of patterns for carpets, lost near Salisbury.


  289. Devizes Castle THE PARTICULARS OF THE ESTATE, AT DEVIZES, WILTSHIRE comprising the Fine and Exceeding Interesting Castle, And its Antique Furniture, Works of Art &c With the Stabling, Gardens, and beautifully-timbered Park-like Land and Pleasure Grounds, the whole in perfect condition, and with the Caen Hill Farm, Upwards of 120 Acres. 31pp, 4to, highly decorative gilt cloth-covered boards. Superbly printed catalogue, each page with fine Renaissance-style borders, many head and tail-pieces. 2 plans, one of which is folding, and six actual mounted photographs. Decorative title-page, and separate title page for the Inventory of Furniture, Fittings, and Works of Art. Bemrose and Sons, Printers, n.d., c1880. £125.00
    'Devizes Castle Formed part of the Dowry of Twelve Queens of England for several centuries, and had, until comparatively a recent date, all the immunities of a Royal Castle'.

  290. Devizes PARTICULARS WITH PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Desirable Agricultural Properties being the Patney Manor Estate.... for sale by Auction... July 31st, 1919. 8pp., small folio, wraps, damp stained along 6" of top edge. Large folding coloured plan. 1919. £16.00

  291. Devizes PHOTOGRAPH size 6" x 8", of a traction engine pulling a large metal tube on a troller, three workmen standing in front of the trolley, one in the engine. The engine has the name 'W.E. Chivers & Sons' on the roof, the tube the name of Dudley makers. Mounted at corners on paper, small brownish stain at top edge... together with.... Copy of the photo, size 8" x 11". c1920 or earlier. £12.00

  292. Dickinson (Barnard) LETTER dated Bowden Park 30 November 1806, to unknown correspondent, saying he has sent a drawing by Mr James Wyatt 'the best executed of any I have therefore I desire my plate may be engraved from it', going on to describe some particulars of the estate, such as the conduit on the hill, the New Lodge, and that of Bayntun's Lodge. 24 lines on 2 sides 4to. 1806. £20.00

  293. Fisherton Aunger BOND of Thomas Randall of Fisherton, yeoman, for 6. 13s. 4d., in Latin and English on 1p sm. folio, paper damped at top, reinforced where fragile (not affecting text, tear repaired with archival tape. Repayment installments noted on verso. 1630. £20.00

  294. Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT of the Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation. 17th July, 1827. 3pp., folio. folded and addressed on verso to Thos. Dicken at Market Drayton, black circular postmark with the letters "W A U'. Comprises Report of Chairman, Charles Dundas, Report of the Clerk concerning shares, Annual Account of Receipts and Expenditure (including details of monthly tonnage on the Kennett and Avon Canal and the River Kennet, sale of two tenements, 'New Works... New Cranes.... 408.3.9d, New Swing Bridge at Newbury.... 120...'etc.) July 28th, 1827. £55.00

  295. Marlborough RULES OF THE MARLBOROUGH PENNY BANK Small 8vo sheet, printed with 8 Rules on one side only. D. Ayliffe, Secretary. n.d. c1870? £7.00
    'The object of this Bank is to encourage and foster habits of providence and self-dependance amongst the youth of both sexes, and the poorer classes generally.'

  296. Melksham PARTICULARS OF SALE of Important and Valuable Freehold Properties.... 'Villa Rhomany'..... 'Fernleigh'.... for Sale by Auction March 6th, 1940. 8pp., 4to, wraps. 1940. £12.00

  297. Mildenhall PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... The Woodlands Estate.... 532a.3r.2p., Divided into Two Farms and 11 Labourers' Cottages with Valuable Fishing Rights.... Extensive View over the Noted Savernake Forest.... For Sale by Auction... 26th July, 1881. 5pp, folio, folded, attractive large hand-coloured folding map. 1881. £32.00

  298. Milford, near Salisbury PARTICULARS of Freehold Building Land distant about half a mile from the City of Salisbury with direct access from the London Turnpike Road, the property of the Salisbury Burial Board, to be Sold by Auction.... 24th July 1857. 2pp., fm. folio, plus docket title. 1857. £18.00
    Amendments in ink, presumably corrections to proof copy.

  299. Salisbury WEBB & CO., ART CABINET MAKERS In the English Renaissance Style. Advertising leaflet, decoratively printed in brown on pinkish backgound, 4pp., size 8" x 11", illustrating fireplaces, columns etc. Article on 'A Renaissance Mantel by Messrs. Webb & Co.' from 'Cabinet Maker & Art Furnisher reprinted. Trace of vertical fold. 1886. £15.00

  300. Semington PARTICULARS WITH PLAN and Conditions of Sale of.... 'Melksham Park Farm'.... 'Soho Farm' Bowerhill.... for Sale by Auction May 8th, 1934. 8pp., 4to, wraps, folding coloured plan. 1934. £16.00

  301. Sloper (S.F.K) TO THE ELECTORS OF DEVIZES Poster, size 17" x 11", folds, left-hand edge slightly ragged, setting out the views of Sidney Sloper, of Winterton Hall, an independent candidate, in 10 paragraphs. 1874. £20.00
    'I detest Bribery; and besides, I am too poor to afford it.'

  302. South Marston PARTICULARS OF AN EXCELLENT FREEHOLD DAIRY FARM, & ESTATE.... Late the Estate of Henry Kinneir, Esq. deceased. In the very pleasant healthy village of South Marston.... Comprising Ninety Acres, One Rood, and Thirty-five Perches.... with a Large and Excellent Farm House and Requisite Buildings.... Will Be Sold By Auction.... 3rd August, 1818. Folio, folded, plan, and 2pp, docket title. 1818. £35.00


  303. Stockton Almshouses BROADSHEET. 'Articles, Conditions and Orders Made and Established the 13th day of May, in the year of Our Lord 1833, by The Right Honourable William Lord Heytesbury, Harry Biggs Esq..... The present Governors and Trustees of the Almshouses at Stockton, and all the Lands and Dependencies thereunto belonging, founded by John Topp, heretofore of Stockton, deceased, to be observed for the better government of the Alms-men and Alms-women elected to and admitted therein.... ' Single sheet, printed on one side only, size 18" x 15", folded. Vardy, Printer, Warminster, 1833. £40.00
    With a list of 23 Articles for the administration of the Almshouses.

  304. Wilton House LETTER to Mr Bently on headed notepaper of Wilton House, Salisbury, crest of dragon surmounted by coronet, signed 'Pembroke', thanking him, and commenting on two 'entertaining books'. One is apparently in the 'Girl of the period Series', the other a book of sport. 3p, sm. 8vo. Dec. 24, 1883. £10.00
    From G. Herbert, 13th Earl.

    Wiltshire Acts

  305. Avon Valley Railway AN ACT for making a Railway to be called 'the Collingbourne and Avon Valley Railway'.... 16pp., secured with staples. 1888. £15.00

  306. Berkshire and Hants Railway AN ACT for making a Railway from the Berks and Hants Railway at Hungerford to join the Line of the Wilts, Somerset, and Weymouth Railway at Westbury and Devizes. 8pp. 1848. £17.00

  307. Chirton, Bromham, Steeple Ashton, Great Cheverell, Urchfont, Allcanings Estates AN ACT for vesting Estates, of which Gifford Wariner Esquire, a Lunatic, is Tenant in Tail, in Trustee, for Sale.... and for granting Leases. 34pp. 1830. £15.00
    Includes a 6pp schedule of the land concerned.

  308. Great Western Railway AN ACT to authorize the Construction of a Railway from the Great Western Railway at Chippenham to Calne in Wilts. 15pp. 1860. £16.00
    Refers to building of Bridge over Wilts. and Berks. Canal etc.

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  309. Bridlington, Market Weighton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet CXIV. Scale 1" to mile, size 24" x 36", linen-backed, marbled wraps, folding into 8vo slip-case with Stanford label. 1858. £26.00

  310. East Riding of Yorkshire PLAN AND PARTICULARS of a Valuable Freehold Estate of Excellent Wold Land with several detached Closes and Cottages, at Lund, to be Sold by Auction.... 16th January, 1875. 3pp., folio, folds, large coloured folding plan. Describes 6 lots, with schedule giving tenants, acreage etc. 1874. £24.00

  311. Leeds Tobacco Mill MANUSCRIPT PLAN of a Valuable Estate situate in Lady Lane & Nelson St., The Property of Mr William Taylor. John Crookes & Sons, Surveyors, Lower Templar St. Plan in ink and grey and pink wash on paper, scale 3" = 10 feet, size 23" x 26", folded. Shows area between Cross St. and Prussia St., Tobacco Mill in Lady Lane, with Engine House, Boiler House, etc. adjoining, Cottages and Joiners shop in Nelson St.... together with.... Plan of an Estate situate in Cross St, Leeds the property of Mr Canne, 1831, in ink and grey and pink wash, size 17" x 19"; Agreement for Sale of premises near Lady Lane, Mr Paley with Jos. Clayton, 1804; Agreement between J. Canne and J. Houseman concerning a dispute about an area of land at the back of Nelson St., 1817'; Agreement of 1819 between W. Croft and others and J. Houseman concerning a boundry, with coloured plan on verso; Burial Certificate of Hannah Canne of Prussia St., copied from the Register Book of Burials at Leeds Parish Church, 1830; Schedule of Deeds relating to property in Lady Lane; Plan on waxed cotton, showing Pollards Yard, Nelson St., and land sold to the Corporation, c1870, size 14" x 19". 1804-1870. £90.00

  312. Normanby, nr. Pickering PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE With Plan of a Valuable Freehold Estate.... Which will be Offered for Sale by Auction.... on Friday, the 3rd day of September, 1880. Folio, folded, 4pp, large coloured folding plans, few short tears to margins, rear leaf slightly dusty. 1880. £22.00

  313. Richmond, Masham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XCVII, scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 41", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into marbled 8vo wraps with small key map. Main roads and major towns coloured, rivers and coast shaded. Some slight spotting in top margin. 1861. £24.00

  314. Stokesley PARTICULARS of Freehold Estates situate within four miles of Stokesley.... Consisting of Coulby Manor, capital Flour Mill, and Granaries and several valuable Farms at Newham. To be Sold by Auction At Taylor's the Black Swan, in Stokesley, Saturday the 18th Day of September 1802.... in Six Lots. 2p, sm. folio, folds. Some edge tears at folds. Christopher & Jennet, Stockton, Printer, 1802. £32.00
    Mentions occupiers, tithes payable etc. The Mill was called Marton Mill 'contains two pairs of stones, with proper cylinders and dressing machines'.

  315. York and Scarborough GENERAL STATEMENT of the Income and Expenditure of the York and Scarborough Turnpike Trust, in the County of York, between the 1st Day of January, 1834, and the 31st Day of December, 1834, inclusive. Oblong folio sheet, printed on one side only, listing expenditure on Labour, Carriage Materials, Land purchased etc., income from fines, money borrowed on security of tolls etc. 1835. £18.00

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  316. Agricultural Statistics, Ireland GENERAL ABSTRACTS for the Year 1863. Showing The Acreage under the Several Crops and the Number of Live Stock in Each County.... Also the Emigration from Irish Ports from 1st January to 31st July.... 20pp., 8vo. Alexander Thom and Sons, Dublin, 1863. £20.00
    Lists nos. of horses, cattle, for each county, acreage of each crop. On the last page is a table showing number of Emigrants from each Province.

  317. Bacon's LARGE SCALE PLAN OF DUBLIN AND SUBURBS Plan printed in black and four colours, scale 6" to a mile. Folding into 8vo printed cloth wraps. With 9p. street index. c1910. £25.00
    Shows railways and tramways.

  318. Grange Upper, Waterford AUCTION Saturday, the 13th Aug., 1881.... at Gaul's Rock, Borough bounds, Grange Upper.... the Good and Chattels of Defendant Patrick Wall, consisting of 20 Cows, seized under a Writ.... Poster, size 18" x 11", folds, attractively printed. Some minor off-setting. 1881. £20.00

  319. New-Ross, Wexford TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION at Shanahan's Hotel.... Tuesday, the 5th day of May, 1891.... Auction Poster listing 8 Lots, with Descriptive Particulars noting details of lease, rents etc. Size 30" x 20", folds. 1891. £22.00
    Includes Shanahan's Hotel, houses in North Street, Knockmullin lands etc.

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  320. Coil Clutch Co., Ltd., Johnstone CATALOGUE of Clutches for Hauling, Wnding, Stamping, Capstans, Compressors, etc. 4to, 20pp., wraps. illusts. c1927. £14.00

  321. Dumfries BILL of Adam Corson, Baker & Flour Dealer, Confectioner &c, Tea Bread, Dinner Rolls, Funeral bread supplied at shortest notice. Made out to the Heirs for 6 items, signed on verso by Corson. Attractive calligraphic heading, with small vignette of sheaf of wheat in a field. 1839. £8.00

  322. Dumfries BILL of Christopher Mundell, Contractor, for removal from Dumfries to Glencaple Quay. Attractive engraved heading with vignette of carrier with whip and horse drawn wagon with bales. 1871. £7.00

  323. Dunfermline BILL of Walker & Ireland, General Ironmongers, Smith, Locksmiths & Bell Hangers, Bridge St. Made out to Messrs. Peebles for Gate handle. Oblong sm. 8vo, fine engraved heading with good plate-mark, showing range, gate, servant's bell, gate, lock and key. 1843. £8.00

  324. Greig family, Bandon CONTRACT OF MARRIAGE Betwixt David Greig and Katherin Baveridge. 3 closely written pages, sm. folio, signed and witnessed. Some foxing and ink blots. 1726. £20.00

  325. Stirlingshire, Dumbartonshire, etc. CARY'S REDUCED ORDNANCE MAP Sheet 63. Scale half an inch to 1 mile, size 20" x 25", roads, parkland, water features, county boundaries delicately hand-coloured. Shows soundings, composition of sea bed. Coloured border. Linen-backed, folding into marbled 8vo wraps, in marbled card slipcase with small key plan. Jan. 4th 1832. £36.00
    Shows Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Doune.

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  326. Caernavonshire, Merionethshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXV. Scale 1" to mile, size 24" x 36", linen-backed, marbled wraps, folding into 8vo slip-case with Stanford label. c1860. £28.00
    Covers Edeyrn, Llandwrog, Ffestiniog.

  327. Merioneth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 36", linen-backed and folding nto 8vo cloth endpapers, in slip-case with Stanford label. Line of River Dee inked in rather untidily. Printed from an Electrotype, 1865. £22.00
    Covers Oswestry, Lake Bala, Llanfyllyn.

  328. Pembroke Quarter Sessions MIDSUMMER QUARTER SESSIONS 1887 Minutes of Business on Tuesday 28th of June, 1887. 28pp, 8vo, stapled. Includes Orders Made at Easter Quarter Sessions, with payments for prosecutions, conveyance of prisoners, expenses for public buildings etc. 1887. £16.00

  329. Snowdon ORDNANCE SURVEY TOURIST MAP Scale 1" to 1 Mile. Cloth backed. Coloured wraps with illustration of mountains by Ellis Martin. 1934. £9.00

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  330. Australia ABSTRACT OF THE LOG OF F.S.S. MALATUA Voyage 34 London to Melbourne via Cape of Good Hope, Voyage 35 Liverpool Cape Town Melbourne Sydney. 80 manuscript pages in foolscap notebook, marbled boards, morocco spine. Gives chronometer, barometer, etc. readings, position, hourly average speed, steaming times etc. 1922-23. £15.00

  331. Avery (W.T) Ltd. 'AVERY' COAL WEIGHERS catalogue No. 16, 15pp. 8vo wraps, printed in mauve. Numerous illusts. of platform weighers, lever weighing machines, hand trucks, iron weights, etc. 1912. £15.00

  332. Bedgebury Papers CATALOGUE of the Valuable and Interesting Literary & Historical Papers.... Old Venetian Point and Milanese Lace... for sale by auction by E. & H. Lumley. Sm. 4to., 12pp. 1899. £8.00

  333. Befordshire and Hertfordshire PARTICULARS OF VERY DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES comprising the Vine Farm... First-class Garden and Arable Land at Langford.... Fertile Land at Clothall.... to be Sold by Auction.... July 24, 1862. 3pp., folio, including completed Memorandum. Large folding hand-coloured plan. 1862. £32.00

  334. Bexhill PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... Detached & semi-Detached Houses and A Pair of Unfinished Semi-Detached Villas... in a high and bracing position at Gunter's Road.... for sale by Auction at the Bell Hotel.... October 6th, 1892. 4pp, folio, last page spotty. 1892. £13.00

  335. Bristol and Plymouth LIST of Water Barrows, Garden Hose, Wheelbarrows, Troughs etc. Sold by Western Counties Agricultural Co-operative Assn. Ltd., Plymouth, Bristol and Branches. List 083. 4pp., 4to, printed in dark red. Each item illustrated, with prices for different sizes. Some slight smudging of ink in places. March 1903. £20.00

  336. British Empire COTTON FLAG Union Jack flag, size 8" x 12", with portrait of Edward VIII superimposed, together with two world map hemispheres, diameter 4", showing British possessions in red. Banner at top 'Coronation King Edward VIII', and date 1937 with coat of arms at bottom. Unhemmed. 1937. £20.00

  337. Brodie (W.B), Pub. THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL And General Advertiser of Wilts, Dorset, and Somerset. October 28th, 1844. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp. Small piece clipped from margin of back page, with loss of one line in a column. 1844. £12.00

  338. Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire etc. A PARTICULAR of the Several Freehold Copyhold and Leasehold Estates late the Property of Mathhew Graves, Deceased.... To Be Sold Pursuant to a Decretal Order of the High Court of Chancery.... on Thursday 20th day of June, 1783. 4pp., sm. folio, plus leaf with docket title, folded, a few small edge tears at folds. 1783. £40.00
    The Plaintiff was George Graves and the Defendants Elizabeth and Matthew Bainbrigge. The estates were: One Third Part of the manor of Edgecot, Land in the Parish of Chesham, Bucks.; House and land , two tenements and bakehouse at Castor, tenement at Markholme in Northamptonshire; Arundel Grange Farm in Horsehouse, Yorkshire; Farm called Sandgate Hill, Penrith, Cumberland; Farm, Mansion House called Ringland Hall, the Rectory, at Ringland, and land called Imps, in Tudderham, Norfolk.

  339. Canada MAP OF THE CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY The Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway, The Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway, The Spokane International Railway and Connections. Coloured map, size 18" x 40". Copyright 1911, Corrected to 1928. £18.00
    With inset of 'Canadian Pacific Railway & Steamship Lines'.

  340. Carpentry BILL of William Clark, Carpenter, to Stephen Skinner Esq. for work carried out at Parkers and Wood End on Mr. Rogers' order. 2p, 16" x 7", itemising 'felling Elms', sawing, making shutters 'painting ye Spouts and Sordering ye Gutters' '19 Days work Barn floor' etc. 1762. £18.00
    Possibly Essex. A Stephen Skinner owned much Essex land which he had inherited from his uncle Thomas Walker, Surveyor General to George II. The tenants were James Stocks and Adam Noaks.

  341. Coins AUCTION CATALOGUE of Spanish Galleon Treasure, to be held at Schulman Coin & Mint, New York, November 27th - 29th, 1972. 121pp., 4to., numerous illustrations. 1972. £8.00
    The treasure was from the Spanish plate fleet which sank in a hurricane off Florida in 1715.

  342. Constructeurs Associes de Paris FOURNEAUX DE LUXE Tarif no. 19. 8vo, 32pp., decorative wraps, numerous cold. illusts. of enamelled wood-burning stoves, with measurements, prices. 1926. £20.00

  343. Cricklade Saint Sampson and South Cerney Estates PARTICULARS OF A VERY COMPACT AND DESIRABLE ESTATE, Comprising A Dairy and Grazing Farm, bounded by the River Thames with an Excellent Newly-Built Farm House, 92 acres.... and a Valuable Estate of 26 Acres. Which will be sold by Auction.... the 25th of October, 1844. Folio, folded, 3pp, plus double-page map. 1844. £30.00


  344. Devon and Cornwall THE APPELLANT'S CASE John French and Ann his Wife Appellants. Arthur Chichester Esq., and Ed. Dodridge Respondents. To be heard at the Bar of the House of Lords On the .... day of February 1707....together with.... THE RESPONDENTS CASE French & Uxor, Appellants, Chichester & al, Respondents. Two large folio sheets, printed on one side only, setting out the history and terms of the case, with details of various hearings, decrees etc. (dating back to 1669) summarised down left hand margins. Small 'Discard' stamp of British Library on verso of each sheet. 1707. £135.00
    The case concerned land in Devon and Cornwall, all of which had been left in Trust to Sir George Chudleigh. The original complication seems to have been caused by the fact that Sir John Chichester's wife and Executrix Dorothy had then married Henry Chichester.

  345. Dominica BILL To the Government of Dominica of John Lundin, for sundry repairs and Materials for the Government House out house and fences from the 10th to the 30th Nov. 1790. Small folio sheet listing shingles, locks, making blinds, blacksmiths work, '80 days Negroe Carpenters work 6/-' etc. Signed by J. Edgar and A. Maclachlan as being charged at the Customary prices, endorsed by J. Lundin and a witness as having received the sum from John Matson President and Commander in Chief. 1790. £40.00

  346. Dufour (G.H) MAP OF VEVEY, SION Engraved map, covering Rhone Valley, Erschmatt, size 20" x 29", scale 1/100000, Sheet XVII, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into sm. 4to marbled wraps which are faded. 1863. £22.00


  347. Eagles (Rev. John) LETTER. Signed 'John Eagles', 1p, 8vo, address panel and wax seal on verso of 2nd leaf, to George Rogers, (14 College Green, Bristol - Attorney) referring to cottages owned by the Dean & Chapter which he lets out to tenants, and complaining of the bad state of repair, 'Should the Dean & Chapter determine to keep them up Mr. Finnimore had better have the work estimated'. He also refers to "a Parish School which I am desirous of establishing'. Mounted on thick paper. 15th March 1832. £22.00
    Eagles, author of 'The Bristol Riots', was then Curate of Halberton, his rector being Sidney Smith.

  348. Exmoor ORDNANCE SURVEY TOURIST MAP Scale 1" to 1 Mile. Not cloth backed. Coloured wraps with illustration by Arthur Palmer. 1939. £7.00

  349. Foresters Friendly Society SET OF SILK SASHES Comprising:
    i) Green silk sash with red border, width 6", design of oak leaves, deer and horns, and silver thread star with tassles, gold letters 'AOF', wire fringe.
    ii) Green silk sash, 6" wide, with woven coloured design of forester, coat of arms, eye with beams, clouds, motto 'Unity Benevolence Concord'.
    iii) Green silk sash with printed design of foresters with lion on silk panel.
    iv) Green silk sash, 6" wide, embroidered design of foresters and lion, motto in Latin, padded gold thread star, silver fringe.
    v) Three green silk collars with metallic fringe all around edge, tassle and metal medallion, gold metal initials denoting status.
    vi) Green silk collar, 2" wide, with light metal figure of forester and oak, thistle, roses etc., with two similar collars in maroon.
    vii) Three green and white silk collars, 2" wide, with white tassels, panel printed with coat of arms, etc, sewn on, initials denoting status.
    viii) Green silk sash, printed panel of foresters, silver wire stars, fringe.
    ix) Purple silk collar, 2" wide, silk tassle, machine embroidered design, showing foresters, with a similar collar in red silk, and purple epaulette with pin.
    x) Five silk collars with blue stripe, width 4", heavy gold fringe, initials.
    xi) Ceremonial silk apron, green silk, with gilt fringe and central panel printed with picture of foresters helping a sick man, graveside scene, surrounded by borders of gilt and silver wire. Silk panel slightly worn in parts.
    c1900. £140.00

  350. Friendly Societies REPORT of the Conference of Friendly Societies upon the Questions of the Industrial Insurance Bill. 6pp., folio. 1890. £10.00

  351. Grant & Lang, Ltd. GUNS Leaflet, 4p. 4to, listing prices for different types of shotgun, with three illustrations. Information on their shooting ground etc. on last page.... together with.... Harrison and Hussey Ltd., Leaflet, 4p., 4to, illustrating guns and equipment for trap shooting, with prices. Printed in brown, slightly grubby, traces of folds. 1931. £16.00

  352. Kodak Ltd. REAL ORTHOCHROMATISM Booklet, 80pp., 8vo, illusts., attractive rainbow-design cover, filters inside front wrap. 1930. £8.00

  353. Lincolnshire PLAN AND SURVEY OF THE VICARAGE FARM OF NORTH FRODINGHAM, by Francis Keeling, 1853. Manuscript map, in ink on paper, scale 4 chains to 1 inch, outline colouring. Size approx. 26" x 19". Indicates drained and undrained land, acreage of fields, adjoining owners named. 1853. £55.00


  354. London and Lisbon CASH BOOK of John Lyne Stephens. Parchment-bound ledger, size 13" x 8", gilt morocco label on front board with his name, covers the period 1827-47. 130 pages in all, the first 100 pages consisting of his Debit and Credit Account with Sir John William Lubbock, Forster Clarke & Company, followed by Mary Penwarne's Account, Payments of Legacies in the Will of John James Stephens of Lisbon (many people listed including 'Servants at Marintra Grande', 'Christs Hospital'). The remaining pages 'Payments of Bills Accounts Taxes etc.' list payments for household expenses, servants, donations, etc. Includes: Williams & Co., Coachmakers; Duchess of Roxburgh for purchase of a lease of 32 Portman Square; J. Andrews for painting of the feast of Herod; Edward Goffin for paving two Halls with marble; James Henderson for Painting, Papering and Gilding (1,855!), Broadwood for a Grand Piano; B. Whippy & Son for two Ladies' saddles, etc. 1827-47. £220.00
    Charles Lyne Stephens (1764-1851) of Thicksands Priory, Bedfordshire, assumed the name of Stephens by Royal Decree and letters patent of 1828 under the will of his cousin, John James Stephens of Lisbon. The Lyne family were of Cornish descent. Sir William John Lubbock was a well-known City Banker and intellectual.

  355. Lowell and Petersham United States Mail Coaches WAY-BILL for Wednesday 8 Dec. 1841. Size 8" x 9", printed heading with small vignette of coach either side, printed column headings, completed in MS, for Names, Seats, Where From, Where To, Price paid (with total money taken). Traces of folds, small tear at one fold. 1841. £22.00
    Lists 5 passengers, some by name, others just 'Lady' etc. Mrs. Brown, for example, travelled from Templeton to Groton and paid one dollar.

  356. Middlesex and Surrey PARTICULARS of Valuable Freehold Properties, Situate at Willesden & Highbury, Middx., and a Capital Freehold Residence, with Coach-House, Stabling, and Garden situate in North Terrace, Camberwell.... Which will be Sold by Auction.... on 20th October, 1858. 4pp, folio, cold. plan of Willesden property. Slight darkening of paper on outside where folded. 1858. £20.00


  357. Mills, (Sir Frederick) THE MEMOIRS OF AN IRONMASTER Typescript, 291pp, 4to, bound in full grained morocco, raised bands, gilt, red morocco lettering pieces, marbled endpapers. Dedication in ink on title 'To Sir John E. James. This copy is for my friend and one-time-pupil with my best wishes. Fred. Mills. May 1953.' 1953. £150.00
    Describes his career in steel-making, first of all in Jarrow, under his mentor Le Neve Foster, at Glasgow, and later at Ebbw Vale. There is much on technical processes and improvements, and the development of the works at Ebbw Vale. Among people and companies he had dealings with were The Great Western Railway, Lysaghts, the W. Somerset Mineral Railway, he met General Booth, Conan Doyle, Ellen Wilkinson (during his days in Parliament). The memoirs and written in a lively style, with much anecdote and detail of life in the works. He describes the visit of Jimmy Riley, in 1889, head of the Glasgow Iron Company, to see their new new sixty-ton furnaces at Stockton 'The furnace was ready at the appointed moment, but the great man had not arrived. Now, the keeping back of a furnace with sixty tons of molten metal, at tapping temperature is a much worse calamity than keeping back the dinner. When Riley did come, I was waiting for him at the Office, all hot and bothered, ready to rush him off to the waiting furnace, the tap hole was opened, and the stream of steel began to fill the ladle, when, much to my surprise it 'petered out', and my expert eye told me that there was only about forty tons in the ladle.... twenty tons of good steel had stolen their way through the slag line down into the chequers below, where they had to be 'bitten' out with oxy-hydrogen lamps, cranes and otheraids to misfortune.'

  358. Nottingham and Yorkshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXII.S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 17", linen-backed, folding to 8vo. Electrotyped 1865. £13.00
    Covers Worksop, Bawtry, Maltby, Tickhill.

  359. Oxford and Lancashire RESETTLEMENT of the Kiddington Hall, (Woodstock), and other Estates, Capt. H. Gaskell and H.M. Gaskell. Manuscript on 49 large folio sheets, tied at corner. Includes 25 pages of schedules of the Kiddington Hall estate, and lands near Wigan and Leigh. 1905. £28.00

  360. Philip (George) & Son, London & Liverpool MAP BLOCK PUZZLE Forty two cubes making up six maps, being Asia, South America, North America, Africa, England & Wales, Europe. Overall size 11" x 10", in wooden box, lacking one size. The five maps are supplied in sheets as a guide, and the Europe map is on the lid of the box. Some rubbing on one side of about 12 of the blocks, mainly on the edges of the Europe map, and some blocks slightly faded on one side. Some orange wax crayon marks at edges of some 'Asia' blocks (a child has written on verso of the Asia map sheet 'marked in orange on blocks'). Europe map on lid very dusty and darkened, some edges of guide maps slightly ragged and darkened. c1890. £165.00

  361. Renard (J.E), Pub. NEW PANORAMIC MAP OF THE RHINE from Cologne to Mayence. Engraved plan on folding strip size 40" x 8", 43 engraved views of the cities along the top and down the sides, decorative title with vignette showing fisherfolk etc. on back board. Folding to plain boards, cloth spine, small printed label, ties. J.E. Renard, Cologne. c1850. £95.00

  362. Rhodesia and South Africa PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM Small oblong 8vo, 33 photos approx. 2" x 3", showing native servants, hunting scenes, 'The Post Office' 'The Hotel' 'native collecting malala wine', etc. Loosely inserted is post card 'An incident of the Strike', Johannesburg 1913, 'Come on, Shoot me!', with MS explanation. 1913. £22.00
    The compiler was in the Rhodesian police.

  363. Spratt's 1933 LIST of Game Foods, Dog Foods, Appliances and Sundries. Comprises Diary from March to February, 48p., 4to, coloured wraps with illustration of retriever and woodcock, small portion of front wrap 2" x 1" torn away at bottom left, slightly affecting one letter, wraps grubby. Numerous illustrations of traps, decoy calls, ferret bags, knives, etc. 'Shooting Summary' at rear has been filled in for 1932-33 with nos. of different game shot, some pages of summary loose and ragged. 1933. £30.00
    The shooting recorded was at 'Borcombe and Wiscombe'.

  364. The Chilterns ORDNANCE SURVEY One-Inch Map of the Chilterns. Cloth-backed. Cover showing man and lady hiker walking towards a village. Two corners slightly bumped. 1932. £7.00

  365. Thornton Pickard Ltd., Altrincham NOVELTIES FOR 1904 Abridged catalogue containing a brief description of New Apparatus, 8pp, illustrations of extension cameras etc. 8vo. 1904. £10.00

  366. Underhay, (F), Hydraulic Engineer, London REGULATOR WATER CLOSETS Advertising card size 6" x 14", folded in 4 printed on both sides. Illustrating 2 types of closet, and three types of 'Servants' Closet Apparatus', with prices, description. On verso are prices for Plumbers' Brass Work, Round Way Cocks etc. c1870. £22.00
    The Company's premises were in Little James Street, Gray's Inn Road.

  367. Wallis's TOUR THROUGH ENGLAND AND WALES A New Geographical Pastime Engraved map, fully hand coloured in counties, border, and 117 numbered 'Directions' printed at the sides of the map, corresponding to small numbered circles along the route of the tour. Size 21" x 26" overall, mounted on linen, dissected and folding into 8vo card slip-case with printed label showing flags, cannon. Paper slightly darkened overall, with some light browning in area of title cartouche, a few words of title slightly rubbed. Slipcase very worn, printed label very browned. Published by John Wallis at his Map Warehouse.... 24th December 1794. £120.00

  368. Wilts. & Dorset Bank Shares AUCTION PARTICULAR for Sale of 30 Capital and Counties and 22 Wilts. & Dorset Bank Shares at Mr. Rainey's Sale Rooms, Southgate St., Bath. 3pp., sm. folio, plus docket title. With amendments in manuscript (presumably a proof copy used for corrections and reprinting.) 1879. £18.00

  369. Wiltshire, Berkshire and Gloucestershire PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Important Freehold property of the late Wm. Crowdy, Esq., of Highworth, Wilts, comprising nearly 400 Acres of the Best Land in the Vicinity of The Great Western Railway, including Westrop House... together with various Farms and Lands situate in Stratton, South Marston, Shrivenham, Watchfield, Hannington and Lechlade.... Which will be sold by Auction.... November, 1846. 13pp., folio, folded. Prices added in ink. 1846. £38.00

  370. Worcestershire, Staffs. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXII.S.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 17", linen-backed, folding to 8vo. Electrotyped 1864. £13.00
    Covers Stourbridge, Wolverhampton, Walsall.

  371. Wymondham, Norfolk PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Capital Messuage and Valuable Accommodation Land, in Wymondham.... which will be Sold by Auction.... 30th day of January, 1856. olio, folded, 3pp, plus memorandum and docket title on last page. 1856. £14.00

    General Acts

  372. Birmingham Canal AN ACT for enabling the Company of Proprietors of the Birmingham Canal Navigations to raise further Money and for other Purposes. 6pp. 1858. £12.00

  373. Hampshire and Berkshire AN ACT for Continuing.... several Acts for Repairing the Road from the Golden Farmer near Bagshot in Surtrey to Hertford Bridge Hill in Southampton and thence to Basingstoke.... and for Repairing and Widening the Road from Northwarnborough Lane near Odiham, over Hook Common..... to Swallowfield.... 8pp. 1798. £12.00

  374. Isle of Man AN ACT for carrying into Execution a Contract made.... between the Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury and the Duke and Dutchess of Atholl, the Proprietors of the Isle of Man... for the purchase of the said Island.... 24pp., and folding table, plus cover leaf. Some off-setting of print. 1765. £40.00

  375. Somerset and Wiltshire Roads AN ACT for repairing and widening the Roads from Tinhead Hill to the Round Stone in Trowbridge; and from Flinty Nap to Western Down in the Parish of Edington, in the County of Wilts; and other Roads in the Counties of Wilts and Somerset, leading towards the Cities of Bristol and Bath. 36pp. 1752. £16.00

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