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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 60

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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  1. Bourton Estate, Shrivenham PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Of the Agricultural Portions of the BOURTON ESTATE, Shrivenham. Five excellent Dairy and Mixed Farms..... about 983 acres.... For Sale by Auction.... by Messrs. Knight, Frank & Rutley.... 1948. (space has been left for day and month, but none entered, 'Proof Copy' stamp on top wrap.) Some pencilled marginalia. With 6 photographic illusts on 3 sheets, 23 + (1)pp, 4to, original printed wraps. 1948. £20.00

  2. Garden House, Stanford Dingley PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE Of the Freehold Residential Property known as THE GARDEN HOUSE Comprising and enlarged Queen Anne Residence.... in all about 2 acres.... For Sale by Auction.... by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... on Wednesday, May 8th, 1929. With photographic illust, coloured plan, 9pp, 4to, original printed wraps, staples slightly rusty. 1929. £20.00

  3. Maidenhead PENCIL DRAWING Titled on verso 'View from Maidenhead bridge on the Thames'. Drawing in soft pencil on thin card, size approx. 11" x 9", shows man watching sheep graze on river bank, looking across to island in river with wooden building and tall trees, church tower with a sort of cupola in distance. A few minor foxing spots at left hand edge. c1860. £25.00

  4. Moor Hall, Cookham PARTICULARS, PHOTOS, PLANS, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE A Very Attractive Freehold Residential Estate including MOOR HALL in the parish of Cookham embracing an area of about 97 acres comprising A Handsome Red Brick and Tiled Residence.... together with Two Homesteads, a Second Residence known as Ye Strande Castle, accommodation land and cottages. To be Sold.... by Auction.... on Tuesday, the 26th day of September, 1916.... by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard. Folio, with large coloured folding plan in pocket at rear, key plan, 4 full-page photographic illusts, 18 + (1)pp, original printed card covers. 1916. £36.00

  5. Rudge Farm, Froxfield, Berks. CATALOGUE OF THE VALUABLE LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK which includes The Hampshire Down Breeding Flock of about 400 Ewes & Lambs, 10 Active Cart Horses and Mares, Dairy Cow, Berkshire Sows and Litters... which Mr Mark Jeans.... will... Sell by Auction... September 25th, 1891... 9pp., sm. 8vo. 1891. £10.00

  6. Snelsmore, Berks. CATALOGUE OF VALUABLE LIVE & DEAD FARMING STOCK Horses, Pigs, Growing Crops of Wheat and Oats... 4 Powerful Cart Horses... 23 Acres of Nursery & Trump Wheat.... 4pp., sm. 8vo. 1863. £12.00
    Prices entered in ink.


  7. The Deanery, Sonning PARTICULARS, PLAN, & CONDITIONS OF SALE Of the Freehold Residential Property comprising THE DEANERY A Most Attractive Lutyens Residence, a lesser residence, known as "THE LITTLE DEANERY" and three cottages in all about 2 acres.... Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... Will offer the above Property.... for Sale by Auction.... At the London Mart.... on Wednesday, June 12th, 1929. Folio, with large coloured folding plan, 9 photographic illusts on 5 sheets, 17pp, original printed wraps. 1929. £40.00

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  8. Bacon's PLAN OF BRISTOL Coloured plan, size approx 12" x 18", single fold at centre. Scale 6" to 1 mile. c1890. £16.00
    Covers Westbury, Bedminster Park, Arno's Vale, Stapleton Road station.

  9. Bristol Shorthorn Association CATALOGUE of the Annual Autumn Sale of Upwards of 100 head of Pure Bred Shorthorn Cattle, to be Sold by Auction.... September 19th, 1922.... in the Bristol Cattle Market.... 62pp., 8vo. One beast per lot, with much detail on pedigree, milk yield, prizes etc. 1922. £18.00

  10. Butt (Clara), Provincial Tour 1901 MADAME CLARA BUTT AND MR KENNERLEY RUMFORD'S GRAND CONCERT Book of Words, list of artists etc. 15pp., 8vo, photos of Butt and Rumford on front wrap. 1901. £14.00

  11. Canynges Society ANNIVERSARY MEETING AND SOIREE, held on April 30th, 1857. Single sheet, folio, printed on one side only, folded. Printed for the Commercial Auxiliary Association in aid of the Restoration of St. Mary Redcliff. 1857. £12.00
    Originally printed in the Bristol Times and Felix Farley's Journal.

  12. Clifton OFFICE EXTRACT OF RECOVERY Jonathan Harwood demandeth against Thomas Ward Six Messuages Six Gardens.... Fifty Acres of Pasture Twenty Acres of Wood One hundred acres of Furze and Heath.... in Clifton. 1p, blank conjoint leaf with docket title. Impressed tax stamp. Michaelmas Term 1784. £16.00
    Extracted c1816.

  13. Glass Manufacture BILL HEAD Fine bill of Henry Ricketts & Co., Manufacturers of Plain & Cut Glass, Pheonix Flint & Bottle Glass Works. Fine engraved vignette view of Bristol with ship, smoking chimneys, St. Mary Redcliffe, a Phoenix, on left, two bottles on right. Signed by Ricketts. The bottom edge is torn. 1851. £12.00
    Made out to Mr. Merriman for 1 gross dark metal quart wine bottles.

  14. Kenton and Hicks MS. BRISTOL CHRONOLOGY AND BOUNDARIES Manuscript in the same hand on 70 pages, in 4to notebook, marbled wraps, bound in later 19th century marbled boards, half morocco, gilt title on spine, comprising:- Chronology of Bristol events 1372-1743, titled 'The following Acct. of Bristol is taken from Mr. Willm. Kenton's MS which I borrowed of Mr. Norton in Castle Street. Mr. Kenton of Bedminster lived formerly in Redcliff Street.' 19p.; 'Several Acts and Orders of the House, taken out of a Book Borrowed of Alderman John Hicks the 5th Day of January 1669.' lists orders regulating trade, courts, etc. in the City, under each Mayoralty, 1505 -1656, 45p.; The Bounds of the City of Bristol by Land, Survey'd and measur'd in the year 1653 and now again survey'd this present year 1736.' Lists detailed location of 74 boundary stones on Gloucestershire side and 29 on Somerset side. 4p. n.d. Probably copied late 18th century. £65.00

  15. King (Daniel) THE NORTH PROSPECT OF YE CATHEDRAL CHURCH of Bristoll. Coat of arms of Jacob Young in corner. Etching, 7" x 12", plus margins. Vertical fold, slight creasing at two corners. c1665. £14.00

  16. St. Mary Redcliffe OPENING OF THE ORGAN May, 1912. 35pp., 8vo, printed wraps. Illusts. 1912. £14.00

    Bristol Acts

  17. Clifton Land AN ACT for extending the Powers of Sale and Exchange contained in the Marriage Settlement of Francis Adams the younger, Esquire.... 32pp. 1837. £14.00
    There is a Schedule of the land concerned with names of Tenants, Particulars of the Premises and Quantities of Land.

  18. Gaol AN ACT for building a New Gaol, a Penitentiary House and House of Correction, within the City of Bristol, and for regulating, maintaining, and supporting the same; and for disposing of the present Common Gaol of the said City of Bristol, and County of the same City.... Black Letter. Cover leaf + 80pp. 1792. £25.00

  19. Port Rates, Cranekeepers, Pilots etc. AN ACT for ascertaining and establishing the Rates of Wharfage, Cannage, Plankage, Anchorage, and Moorage, to be received at the lawful Quays in the Port of Bristol; for the Regulation of the Cranekeepers.... and for the better Regulation of Pilots and Pilotage of Vessels navigating the Bristol Channel. 34pp. 1807. £14.00
    Includes a 20pp schedule of the rates of wharfage and anchorage.

  20. Saint Philip and Jacob AN ACT for dividing the Parish of Saint Philip and Jacob, in the County of Gloucester, and in the City and County of Bristol; and for erecting a Church in the new intended Parish. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 13pp. 1751. £14.00

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  21. Astley family, Buckingham PRESENTATION VOLUME recording subscribers to the gift of a Silver Inkstand to H.J. Delaval Astley on the occasion of his Coming of Age, March 3rd 1909, with list of Residents and Tenant Farmers, and for a Silver Cigarette Case, with names of the Cottage Tenants. 4 card leaves, plus blanks, in morocco bound 4to volume. Written in red and blue. 1909. £15.00
    The Ellesborough Golf Club is listed among the first group of Subscribers.

  22. Buck (S. & L) THE EAST VIEW OF NUTLEY-ABBY, IN THE COUNTY OF BUCK'S Copper plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 7" x 14", plus wide margins. A good impression. Samuel & Nathaniel Buck, 1730. £40.00

  23. Buck (S. & L) THE WEST VIEW OF BURNHAM-PRIORY, IN THE COUNTY OF BUCK'S Copper plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 7" x 14", plus wide margins. Shows Windsor Castle and Eton School in the distance. A good impression. Samuel & Nathaniel Buck, 1730. £42.00

  24. Buck (S. & N) THE EAST VIEW OF NUTLEY-ABBY, IN THE COUNTY OF BUCK'S Copper plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 8" x 14", plus wide margins. A good impression. Some very slight 'toning' of paper. Samuel & Nathaniel Buck, 1730. £40.00

  25. Chartridge Grange PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Property known as "CHARTRIDGE GRANGE," Chartridge.... in all about 52 acres..... For Sale by Auction by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... on Wednesday, June 24th, 1936. Coloured folding plan, 2 photographic illusts on one sheet, 7 + (1)pp, original printed wraps, staples rusty. 1936. £20.00

  26. Denham ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Attractive Freehold Residential Property known as DENHAM MOUNT comprising a Picturesque Genuine Adam Residence.... in all about 44 acres..... For Sale by Auction by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... on Wednesday June 29th, 1938. Coloured folding plan, photographic illust, 9 + (1)pp, original printed wraps, with photograph pasted to top wrap, staples rusty. 1938. £22.00

  27. Fulmer PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Delightful Freehold Gothic Villa, called Fern Acres, with its Luxuriant Plantations, Environed by Shrubberies and Walks of considerable extent, altogether about 125 Acres.... the Estate will be sold by Auction..... 31st day of May, 1832.... Spine professionally re-inforced with conservation tissue. 5pp., including schedules. 1832. £55.00
    Includes 'Villa Ornee', 'A Thatched Cottage Villa', a Plantation, etc.

  28. Padbury PARTICULARS OF SALE. Messrs Harrison & Sons Are favoured.... to Sell by Auction On Tuesday, 3rd May, 1910.... The desirable modern and well-built Hunting Box, known as "Gore Villa".... Folio, 3pp. 1910. £12.00

  29. Stowe SALE OF THE DUCAL ESTATE & CONTENTS of The Mansion. Sectional Copy for the Trade only of Part 2 (Furniture Section). Section 1. July 5th to 8th inclusive. 46pp, 8vo, wraps. 984 Lots of furniture, carpets etc, described room by room. 1921. £18.00

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  30. Frodsham CONVEYANCE of premises at Frodsham, The Birkenhead Lancashire and Cheshire Junction Railway Company to Joseph Stubs. 3p, folio, inset manuscript plan 4" x 8", large red paper seal of company showing ships in harbour. 1855. £17.00

  31. The Greenbanks, Ellesmere CATALOGUE of the Attractive & Highly Important Sale.... Farming Stock and Implements, 200 Iron Hurdles.... Handsome Roan Mare.... Kitchen & Culinary Utensils &c.... 22pp, 8vo. Traces of vertical fold. 1889. £10.00

  32. Warburton VALUABLE WHITE WOOD TIMBER To Be Sold By Ticket, at the House of Mr. Wm. Warburton The Sign of the Punch Bowl.... 20th day of February 1826.... Particulars attractively printed on single sheet size 19" x 12", listing 8 lots with type of tree, and names of Land holders. Small piece of paper chipped away at bottom edge, not affecting text, some slight brown 'shadowing' of letters in places. 1826. £25.00

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  33. Bodmin LETTER to Miss Franklin at Mr James Irwin's, Appledore near Biddeford, Monday 23rd March 1778. 3p 4to, with address panel with Truro postmark on verso. 1st page leaf in good condition, second page worn at centre (probably where wax seal torn), with some loss, mainly in comparative lists of distances between places by horseback and coach road at the end, and with loss of signature (only C. B....' legible. 1778. £24.00
    The letter advises Miss Franklin about the journey from Appledore to Bodmin, and the relative merits of horseback and chaise travel. 'if you prefer.... coming ye first part of the journey on Horseback, I hope to meet you at the White Heart (Houghtons) in Bodmin if no particular business prevents my being out two days - lest it should do not wait for me at Bodmin but proceed to Michell where in that case you'll hear of me at the Inn (Mr Reginald Toms)... We are apprehensive Redruth and its Environs will appear very dull and barren to you...'. A note on verso says 'All Cap. Thos. Irwin's crew are pressed'.

  34. Borlase (William) LETTER to his 'Dear Sister Petre'(formerly Elizabeth Smith), explaining that 'Uncle Smith is become incapable thro age... to transact his own business', and instructing her to make a letter of Attorney to his son, 'then he will receive the Interest of our East India stock'. He sets out the form of the power of attorney Elizabeth should copy and sign (dated 1750 although the letter is not dated). Signed 'Your most affect. brothr. & friend Wm. Borlase'. 1p, 4to, folded, with small torn wax seal. 1750. £30.00

  35. Boscastle WATERCOLOUR Good amateur water-colour, size 10" x 13", looking down the valley out to sea. Signed in corner 'Boscastle Cornwall. C.W.F. 1895' Small area bottom right drawn but not coloured. 1895. £10.00

  36. Christopher Consols SECTION ON THE ENGINE LODE Plan, in ink, with a little shading, size 30" x 45", linen backed, showing the engine house and adjacent buildings in elevation, with the engine shaft and other shafts. Some light shading, some rough figures in pencil, cross-course marked. No scale bar or other reference. Rusty stab holes along top edge where one attached to roller, edges rather ragged, dusty overall. c1840. £80.00

  37. Collins (H.G) CORNWALL Lithographed map with decorative border of leaves, size 13" x 15". Inset of Scilly Islands. Traces of folds, leaf border on left trimmed away, small library stamp in bottom margin. 1852. £16.00
    From 'The British Gazeteer'.

  38. Cugar ASSISGNMENT by way of Mortgage of Chicarne in Cugar in Grade, Naboth Randle of Grade, Yeoman, to Thomas Stephens. Large vellum sheet, wax seal. 1856. £12.00

  39. Gwinear RECONVEYANCE of the tenement of Taskus in Gwinear, Revd. H. Penneck and others to Robert Osborne. Large vellum sheet, engraved heading. 5 wax seals. 1848. £12.00

  40. Launceston VUE DE LAUNCESTON Watercolour, size 6" x 11", plus margins, in stiff paper. View of Launceston across fields showing castle and houses. Under the border is written 'Limur Navy Officer', 'May the first, 1808', and in bottom right corner 'Copied by Otho B. Peter March 15th 1915.' Traces of fold at centre. 1915. £25.00

  41. Luke (John) APPOINTMENT of John Luke Esquire as Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Cornwall by Richard Lord Edgcumbe, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum. On vellum, size 10" x 16", printed with MS inserts, with large heading, papered seal of Edgcumbe, signed 'Edgcumbe'. Vertical folds, docket title in MS on verso. 1759. £30.00


  42. Merritt (H.S) NEWLYN HARBOUR View of the harbour at low tide, watercolour and pen and ink, size 11" x 15", framed and glazed, good 1" wide speckled gilt frame, overall size of frame approx. 18" x 22", mount with wash lines. n.d. 1950's? £95.00
    A close up view in subtle dark green and reddish brown tones, with boats and harbour wall with ladder in foreground, and men working.

  43. Molesworth (Sir John) LETTER from Geo. King, Motto 'Omnia vincit Veritas', attacking him for 'your late behaviour in a Court of Indicature in your own County between a Subaltern & my little self... the revenge that was in your countenance, the meanness of your oratory...' He says Nature has not endowed him with a greater share of any thing (besides riches) except a double row of Teeth'. Written in a neat hand on both sides of a single folio sheet, folds, slight wear where folds meet. n.d. c1780? £22.00

  44. Perranarworthal PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Properties which Messrs. Johns & Hocking will offer for Sale by Auction.... Truro, the 29th day of July, 1902. Folio, 6pp., folded. Two large coloured folding plans. 1902. £35.00
    Concerns properties in parishes of Perranarworthal, Kea, Gwennap. Includes tenement of Chycoose, Cusgarne; tenement at Terrandean; Miners' Arms Inn, Higher Bissoe, part of Greenwith, etc. at Perranarworthal.

  45. Peter family SMALL COLLECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS including three fine cabinet portraits size 6" x 4" by Opie of Redruth, one a portrait of John and Mary Peter (parents of Thurstan C. Peter) on their Golden Wedding, 1900, a charming photo of Gladys Peter aged about 8 dressed in judges' wig and gown writing with quill, plus two 1891 Kodak 'instantaneous' portraits, three photos of houses 'Treviles' and 'Pendower' c. 1890, and two photo. postcards, c1910, of Trewirgie Hill Redruth. 1890 and later. £30.00

  46. Peter (Thurstan C) COMMONPLACE BOOKS Small 8vo plain paper notebook, full morocco, rubbed, split at front hinge, with 43 pages of ink sketches, the rest blank. Mostly humourous cartoon-like sketches, and small sketches of detail from statuary etc., but also includes 8 pages of Cornish crosses, one per page, with brief description giving place, type of carving etc. Each drawing dated and initialled TCP. Loosely inserted is a drawing of Redruth National School. Inscribed on fly-leaf 'Thurston C. Peter August 1872.'.... together with.... Commonplace book, sm. 8vo, morocco wraps, 79p of copied epigrams, verses etc. Inscribed with his name and date. 2 items. 1873-5. £75.00

  47. Poltesco Valley PHOTOGRAPH by Francis Frith & Co., albumen print, size 5" x 8", showing man and woman standing a bridge over the stream. 1880's. £14.00

  48. Probus PRIVATE CATALOGUE OF PURE-BRED SHORTHORN COWS heifers & Bulls. The Property of William Trethewy, Tregoose, Probus, (Cornwall). 31pp., 8vo., recent plain paper wraps, traces (of original wraps?) of pink paper at left edge of title page. Truro: Lake & Lake 1879. £35.00
    'The foundation of this herd was laid thirty years ago, by the purchase of Ruth, a fine Cow by Harold 8131 at Lord Sherborne's Sale in 1848, at Sherborne Park....' Gives details of pedigree back to 12d or 14d. Names include 'Carn Brea', 'Tincroft', 'Lord Lanhydrock'.

  49. St. Buryan & St. Just ELECTION POSTER 'Notice of Election of one County Councillor for each of the above Electoral Divisions.' Size 24" x 18", several folds. 1946. £5.00

  50. St. Mawgans THREE PHOTOGRAPHS albumen prints, size 7" x 9", two are of the church (one with the priest in the doorway, conservatory on far right), and one of a lane with large ferns. One with some light creasing on left, another with very small tear. 1880's. £25.00

  51. Sutton, Linkinghorn MORTGAGE of New Parke, Broom Croft, in Sutton, John Budge of Upton, to William Hooper. Large paper sheet, small wax seal with sailing ship. Attractive calligraphic initial letter. Wear and browning at some folds, affecting some words. 1696. £18.00

  52. West Penwith SET OF 6" ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP 21 maps, flat sheets, size 12" x 18" plus margins, loosely inserted in art folder, stiff boards, with ties. Comprises:- Sheets LXI X.E. & LXVII N.E. (Morvah); LXI S.W. (Zennor); LXVII N.W. (Pendeen Watch); LXVII S.W. (Pendeen); LXXIII N.W. & N.E. (St. Just); LXXIII S.W (Sennen Cove); LXXVIII N.W (Sennen & Land's End); LXXVIII S.W (Gwennap Head); LXXIV N.W (Mounts Bay & Lamorna); LXXIV N.E (Marazion & St. Michael's Mount); LXXVII N.E & S.E (Penberth); LXXIV (N.W (Penzance town); LXXIV Mousehole; LXVIII N.W (Trewey Common); LXVIII S.W (Gulval, Newmill); LXVIII S.E (Ludgvan); LXVIII N.E (Nancledrea); LXI N.E & S.E (St. Ives); LXXIII S.E (St. Buryan); LXXIII N.E (Sancreed); LXVII S.E (Chun Downs). All Second Editions 1908 (Revised 1906), reprints from 1930's and 1940's. Some maps have mines and mine shafts very neatly underlined in red. 1930's and later. £150.00

    Cornwall Acts

  53. Bodmin Waterworks Company AN ACT to extend the limits of supply of the Bodmin Waterworks Company to enable them to construct additional works.... 14pp. 1893. £8.00

  54. Falmouth Gaol AN ACT to provide for the Discontinuance of a separate Court of Quarter Sessions and a separate Gaol in the Borough of Falmouth. 3pp. 1865. £10.00

  55. Feock to Flushing Road AN ACT for making and maintaining a Public Road from or near Killiganoon Corner, in the Parish of Feock.... to the Village of Flushing, in the Parish of Mylor.... 40pp. Last page loose. 1815. £22.00

  56. Grampound AN ACT to indemnify Persons who shall give Evidence before the Lords Spiritual and Temporal on the Bill To exclude the Borough of Grampound, in the County of Cornwall, from sending Burgesses to serve in Parliament.... 2pp. 1821. £14.00

  57. Redmoor and Golberdon Commons AN ACT to confirm the Provisional Order for the Inclosure of certain Lands known as Redmoor and Golberdon Commons, situate in the parish of South Hill.... 3pp, some spotting. 1879. £12.00

  58. St. Ives Railway AN ACT to enable the Great Western Railway Company, the Bristol and Exeter Railway Company, and the South Devon Railway Company to make a Branch Railway to Saint Ives.... 8pp. 1873. £15.00

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  59. Blackdike DIMENSION BOOK for James Smith's Estate at Blackdike. 4to notebook, 9p, titled on front page, each page with crude sketch of field and many figures noting 'Perpdr' 'Base', 'Diagl', calculations, with total acreage, each page titled with particular field 'Area of James Smith's Cold Park', 'Benwray' etc. Fields measured in all, with summary of totals on last page, and final total. On the last page are three sets of calculations for 'Jos. Longcakes part of Lord's rent', 'Robt. Glaider's ditto'. Paper torn away (rodent damage?) at bottom of spine, portion torn from last leaf, but neither damage affecting text. May 21st 1785. £35.00
    Interesting insight into surveyor's working methods.

  60. Buck (S. & L) THE NORTH-EAST VIEW OF MILLUM-CASTLE,IN THE COUNTY OF CUMBERLAND Copper plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 7" x 14", plus wide margins. A good impression. Samuel & Nathaniel Buck, 1739. £40.00
    Shows sea in distance, attractive formal arrangement of shrubs along bottom.

  61. Buck (S. & N) THE WEST VIEW OF WETHERALL-PRIORY, IN THE COUNTY OF CUMBERLAND. Copper plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 7" x 14", plus wide margins. Coat of arms below view, view of park and ornate fountains in middle distance. A good impression. Samuel & Nathaniel Buck, 1739. £40.00

  62. Cleator PARTICULARS, PLANS and Conditions of Sale of the Freehold Estate called 'Keekle'.... for Sale by Public Auction.... Whitehaven, 19th June, 1919. 5pp., folio, printed wraps, 2 folding coloured plans. Wraps grubby, vertical fold. 1919. £24.00

  63. Greta-Bridge COACHING INN BILL Printed bill, sm. 8vo, of Martin, George & New Inn, Greta-Bridge, Neat Post Chaise and careful Drivers. Border, large heading and printed list of food and drink Rushlights, Horses' Hay etc. 'Eating' and 'Claret' filled in in MS. On verso is printed 'The Traveller's Posting Guide' from London to Glasgow, giving towns, Inns, Innkeepers, Miles (among them is Martin). Some foxing at edges. Bowman, Printers, Richmond. c1840. £18.00

  64. Grinsdale FARMER'S PURCHASE BOOK 1834-43 and 1871. Cash book of Thomas Sibson, size 14" x 6", calf spine, marbled front wrap, lacks back wrap. 26 pages listing items purchased and amounts, 1834-43, and 4 pages for 1872. Many blank pages at end. Includes payments for stock, manure, barley, rye, cow and mare covering, shearing, bills for saddlery, lime, timber, bricks, payments to named workers, taxes, etc. There are also 4p of 1901 accounts, mainly concerning annuities to Jane Sibson, and payments to Building Society. Loosely inserted are a torn poster for Grinsdale Polling District 1882, and two folio sheets with manuscript schedules 'Valuation of Grinsdale Estate late the property of Mrs Westray decd.' 1834-1901. £90.00
    Items include 'Mr John Graham 12 ewes at 16/- and 10 lambs at 7/-'; 'Mr John Graham three marsh stints'; 'The Earl of Lonsdale young bull', 'Mr Brown horsebreaker'.

  65. Hesket PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of valuable estates in the Parish of Hesket.... 291 acres of thereabouts, which will be offered for Sale by Auction.... 10th May, 1870. 5pp., folio. Includes schedules. 3 hand-coloured folding plans. Outer page with docket title dusty. 1870. £32.00
    Includes the estate of Stonefolds.

  66. Longthwaite PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Estate situate at Longthwaite, near Watermillock, in the Parish of Greystoke.... to be Sold By Auction.... 2nd of June, 1885. 3pp., folio, including MS memorandum. 1885. £17.00

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  67. Ashover RECOVERY two messuages, two Malthouses, six Offices, six Gardens, eighty acres of land, forty acres of Meadow.... in the Parish of Ashover, William Milnes demandant against Tipping Thomas Rigby. On vellum, size 25" x 31", large engraved border at top with lions etc, portrait of George III, engraved border at sides with cupids etc., wax seal in tin, about one third of wax remaining on tag. Some minor yellowing, slight fading of engraving down side borders. 1805. £65.00

  68. Pigot & Co. DERBYSHIRE Engraved map, outline colour, engraved surface approx. 14" x 8", plus margins, vignette. Reference to the Hundreds. Stab holes near top edge in margin, some slight dustmarking at extreme edges. c1850. £25.00

  69. Walker (J & C) DERBYSHIRE Map with outline colour, size 12"x 17", plus margins. Shows the areas covered by various Hunts, with small circles showing place of meets. Parkland, railways, borders of hunting areas coloured. c1836. £28.00
    From 'Hobson's Fox Hunting Atlas'.

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  70. Allom (T) LUSCOMBE, NEAR DAWLISH Steel engraving, size 4" x 6". c1850. £8.00

  71. Allom (T) SIDMOUTH FROM THE CLIFFS Towards Seaton. Steel engraving, size 4" x 6". c1850. £8.00

  72. Allom (T) THE SUBSCRIPTION ROOM and New London Inn, Exeter. Steel engraving, size 4" x 6". c1850. £8.00

  73. Allom (T) TORRIDGE CANAL AND ROLLE AQUADUCT Steel engraving, size 4" x 6". c1850. £8.00


  74. Amery (P.F.S) METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER Kept at Druid, Ashburton, Height above Sea 584 feet. During the Years 1894-8. Specially printed volume with columns for date, Barometer, Att. Thermometer, Dry Bulb, Wet Bulb, Wind Direction & Force, Cloud, for a.m. and p.m., max. & min. temperature, Rain, and general Remarks. One double-page spread for each month. (Covers Jan. '94 to Jan '99). Entries in indelible pencil, totals and means in ink. On 2 blank pages before the printed title page are tables showing the average monthly rainfall and wet days at Druid for the 21 years 1876 to 1896 inclusive.... Together with.... Meteorological Register Kept at Druid.... During the Years 1904 to 1908. A similar volume, entries all in ink. Loosely inserted are several cuttings, observations on rainfall, a pamphlet '12th Report of the Committee on the Climate of Devon' edited by P.F.S. Amery, 1894, and several letters. 2 vols, 4to., half calf, marbled boards, rubbed, calf on spine of later volume disintegrating at top and bottom. 1894-1908. £75.00
    In 1907 P.F.S. Amery published 'Rainfall at Ashburton. Forty years' record'.

  75. Aylesbeare PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Two Highly Desirable Valuable Freehold Farms, viz. 'Rill Farm' and 'Homer Dairy'.... which will be offered for Sale by Auction by Messrs. Hussey & Son.... Friday June 17th, 1921.... 12pp., sm. folio, wraps, coloured folding plan. 1921. £18.00
    Part of Lord Clinton's Estate.

  76. Bedford (Francis) PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS OF DARTMOUTH AND THE DART 10 photographs, mounted on card leaves with red border, page edges gilt, printed title page. Size of views 3" x 3". Decorative gilt and blind-stamped boards, cloth slightly faded, size 4" x 6". c1870. £90.00

  77. Broadhempston PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of certain Dwelling Houses, Hereditaments..... situate in the Parishes of Broadhempston and Staverton.... which will be Sold in Lots by Auction by Mr. Edward Sawdye.... 3rd day of March, 1856. 3pp., folio, folded. 1856. £16.00

  78. Butterton THE EXETER POCKET JOURNAL or West-Country Gentleman's and Tradesman's Memorandum Book for the Year of our Lord 1817. Small 8vo, limp calf covers, tuck-in flap, half-inch split in calf at flap edge. Folding map of Devon and Cornwall engraved by E.A. Ezekiel, Optician & Goldsmith, Exeter. 8 printed pages at front and 64 printed pages at end, including 13pp 'Directory for the City of Exeter and Suburbs', list of Exeter Carriers, etc. Diary for one week per double page with entries in a neat hand, every day filled in, with 1-6 lines per day, recording weather, and a wide variety of work done by named workers on farm, including much to do with making of cider, 'pd John Collins for a pair of Moorstones for the Apple Engine....', taking quantities of hogsheads of cider to Plymouth and Stonehouse, etc, with occasional mention of himself 'I to sessions binding Apprentices', 'I and Mr White viewing Estates', 'I, and all Hands to Hay Burraton, sav'd part of the Meadow'. Notes on endpapers record cash payments, e.g. 'Paid Lafferty for all the Mole Catching', 'Gave to severall Travellers in Distress 4s', 'pd. Mr Rogers way rate for Burraton'.... together with.... THE EXETER POCKET JOURNAL..... for the Year of our Lord 1819. Small 8vo, limp calf wraps, tuck-in flap detached. 8pp at front, including folding table of 29 boroughs in Cornwall and Devon with distances from London and Exeter, and at the end 60pp including 'A Complete Directory For the City of Exeter and Suburbs', 12pp, information on Exeter Institution, etc. Diary completed in the same hand as the 1817 one, including weather for every day. On endpapers records church expenses 'Pd. Priscilla Gully for washing Surplice mending Pulpit Cloth & Bread for Sacraments... 1.0s.0d.' Trewman & Co., Exeter, 1817 and 1819. 2 items. £260.00
    Typical entries; 'Jan. 9th. Steer threshing wheat. Hooper ripping Stones Plympton Market for corn, beef, butter. Very hard thunder shower, wind southwest. Samuel & Dick drawing in Cyder. Jose put Heifer from Southwood to Coyten Bull fine Heifer', 'Jan. 26th Samuel & boys planting apple trees.'

  79. Coaker (Jonas) A POEM ON DARTMOOR by Jonas Coaker, The Dartmoor Poet. 33 stanzas, printed in three columns on single sheet, 4to, some tears at folds repaired with archival tape, and some older paper re-inforcement on verso. Small piece clipped from margin. Chave, Printer, Tavistock. £25.00
    'Hundreds of convicts now are place/To cultivate the land/Which ever was a desert waste/Untouched by human hand. Just in the centre of the moor/There are some Powder Mills/Which are propell'd by water power/Between its lofty hills.

  80. Combe Raleigh LETTING AGREEMENT BOOK of Rev. W. Bernard, as Agent for Mrs Mary Bernard of Sidmouth. Small folio book of approx. 100 specially printed forms, half reversed calf. 18 agreement forms completed in MS, with name & occupation of tenant, details of cottage etc., rent, and any extra clauses. Signed W. Bernard and tenant, and witnessed. 16 properties in Combe Raleigh, 1 in Luppitt, and 1 (not signed) in Clatworthy, Som. Nov. 1847. £45.00
    The Bernards were Lords of the Manor of Combe Raleigh.

  81. Congdon (L), Pub. THE PLYMOUTH AND DOCK TELEGRAPH and Chronicle. Saturday May 4th 1822. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., two coats of arms flanking title, two vignettes in text. Red tax stamp. 1822. £16.00
    Includes report of loss of the ship 'Confiance', report of a meeting of Subscribers for establishing Steam Packet sailings between Plymouth and Portsmouth, etc.

  82. Dibdin (T.C) and Vivian (Edward) TOR CHURCH. Tinted lithograph. Drawn by T.C. Dibdin from a sketch by E. Vivian. On stone by E. Gauci. Size approx. 8" x 12", plus margins. Printed by M. & N. Hanhart, c1841. £38.00
    A view of the church with a man holding a stick leaning against a tomb looking at the church.

  83. Exeter and Heavitree PARTICULARS OF SALE of Seven Business and Residential Properties viz:- No 1 Manston Road, Polsloe Park Estate, Heavitree; Amherst Villa, North Avenue, Heavitree; Belgrave Villa, South Avenue, Heavitree; No 1, Grendon Villas, Polsloe Road, Exeter; No 27, Fore Street, Heavitree; Manor House, Fore Street, Heavitree.... To Be Sold By Auction.... Wednesday, March 23rd, 1910. Folio, folded, 3pp, some repaired splits at folds. 1910. £10.00

  84. Farington (J) after L. Byrne VIEW AT LYNMOUTH. Etching, size approx 6" x 9", slightly dusty, couple of brown spots in right hand margin. By L. Byrne after J. Farington, publ. T. Cadell. 1822. £12.00
    Somers Cocks's Devon Topographical Prints. No 1588.

  85. Greenway House, Churston Ferrers ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, PLAN, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE if The Unique & Most Attractive Valuable Freehold Residential Property.... known as GREENWAY HOUSE.... Sub-Tropical Gardens and Grounds of Unrivalled Beauty in all extending to about 32a. 3r. 39p. with glorious views across the river.... To be offered for sale.... 23rd day of May, 1938. Folio, with large coloured folding plan, 6 photographic illusts on 3 sheets and a full-page reproduction of a lithographic plate, 15pp, original printed wraps with view. 1938. £25.00

  86. Heathfield, near Newton Abbot PLANS PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE SALE OF ABOUT 13 ACRES OF LAND With Manufacturing Premises thereon, Together with Two Cottages and a Valuable Building Site. Re John Sampson, Deceased. To Be Sold By Auction.... September 19th, 1910. Folio, folded, large coloured folding plan and 3pp, tear in last page at fold. 1910. £24.00
    The premises were those of 'The Ligno Carbon Co.', opposite Candy's premises.

  87. Heavitree and Exeter PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of valuable Freehold Properties.... To Be Sold By Auction.... November 20th, 1911. Viz:- Nos 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11, Ladysmith Road, Heavitree; The Constitutional Club, Church Street, Heavitree; No 12, Eaton Place, Heavitree Road, Exeter. Folio, folded, 4pp, 'Memorandum' completed, and stamped. Repaired tear at one fold. 1911. £12.00

  88. Hemiock PARTICULARS OF THE MANOR OF HEMIOCK, CASTLE FARM, AND OTHER LANDS, In Hemiock Aforesaid, Which Will Be Sold by Auction, By Messrs. Hussey & Son, at The Star Inn, In Hemiock, On Wednesday the 23rd June, 1869. Lot 1 comprises the Lordship and Hundred of Hemiock, with Castle Farm, and the other 5 Lots include lands at Coniger, Newlands, Fourways, with Schedules for each Lot. Folio, 5pp, folded. 1869. £18.00

  89. Ilfracombe PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Reversionary Life Interest in Valuable Freehold Property consisting of a Mansion House and Ground, Farms, Cottages &c, at and Near Barnstaple & Ilfracombe.... which will be Sold by Auction... 1st day of June, 1871, at the Guildhall Coffee House, London. 4pp., folio, folded. Includes full page schedule listing 22 properties, fields etc. with tenants etc., in Pilton, Marwood, Goodleigh, etc. Both 1871. £22.00

  90. King (Daniel) Sculpt , Newcourt (Richard) Delin. EXONIENSIS ECCLESIAE CATH. FACIES AUSTRALIS Etching, engraved surface 7" x 13", coat of arms and dedication to Solomon Bolton in corner. Ragged along most of top edge, affecting title. c1665. £10.00
    Somers Cox 'Devon Topographical Prints' no. 784

  91. Milton Abbot BILLHEAD of John Prout, Grocer, Druggist, and Tea Dealer... Horse & Cattle Medicines. 8vo, with fine engraved heading with two vignettes either side of heading, one showing Chinese pagoda scene, the other a group of animals, etc. Made out to Captn. Edgcumbe for sugar for preserving, tin tacks etc., receipted by Prout. Stab hole, traces of paper at top edge on verso, presumably where once mounted in album. c1840. £9.00

  92. Offwell PARTICULARS, PLAN & CONDITIONS OF SALE of an Excellent Country Residence known as 'The Rectory'.... With Gardens, Pleasure Grounds.... and also of the Glebe Lands, comprising Six Fields of Valuable Watered Meadow, Pasture and Arable Lands.... Two Cottages, Gardens and an Orchard.... Offered for Sale.... on Saturday the 6th day of October, 1923.... 6pp, folio, folded, large cold. folding plan. 1923. £20.00


  93. Rowe (G) Pub. SCENERY IN THE NORTH OF DEVON. Drawn and Published by G. Rowe. Teacher of Drawing and Lithographer, Cheltenham. 4to, with 18 lithographic plates on India paper, all drawn and published by G. Rowe, some at Cheltenham, some at Exeter. Bound in paper boards, half morocco, size 9" x 11", front board detatched, title printed on front board, rubbed, cloth on back board rubbed and stained. With armorial bookplate William Howard, Hartley House, to front board. Size of lithographic plates approx. 6" x 8", plus margins. Six of the plates have some foxing spots, with a few spots in plate surface. G. Rowe, at Exeter, and at Cheltenham, c1835. £300.00
    Contains: Ilfracombe from Hillsborough; Ilfracombe; Ilfracombe from Coronation Terrace; Scene from the Tunnel Ilfracombe; Ilfracombe Church; Ilfracombe from Capstone Hill; Entrance to Linton & Lynmouth; Linton & Lynmouth from the Summer House; Valley of the East Lynn; Lynmouth, Devon; Lynmouth.... with the Residence of J. Scott Esq.; At Lynmouth Devon; Clovelly; Waters Meet, Neawr Lynmouth (Revd. Halliday); Lynmouth from the Pier; Valley of Rocks; The Waters Meet; Valley of the West Lyn.

  94. Spreat (W) BUCKEREL CHURCH. Sketched and Drawn on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £22.00
    There is a large house to the right and 3 people standing near the church in the central foreground.

  95. Spreat (W) EGGESFORD CHURCH. Sketched and Drawn on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel c1842. £22.00
    Shows the church surrounded by trees with part of a ruined (?) wall in the foreground.

  96. Vivian (Edward) TORQUAY, FROM PARK HILL. Tinted lithograph. Drawn by E. Vivian. On stone by E. Gauci. Size approx. 8" x 11", plus margins. Printed by M. & N. Hanhart, c1841. £55.00
    A very attractive view looking across the harbour to a terrace of houses, and a few houses on the hill behind, sailing ships in the harbour, with men in the foreground standing by a low wall.

  97. Walker (J & C) DEVONSHIRE Map with outline colour, size 12"x 17", plus margins. Shows the areas covered by various Hunts, with small circles showing place of meets. Parkland, railways, towns, borders of hunting areas coloured. Small split in bottom margin, repaired on verso. c1836. £28.00
    From 'Hobson's Fox Hunting Atlas'.

    Devon Acts

  98. Divorce of Exeter Merchant AN ACT to dissolve the Marriage of George Christopher Degen with Catherine Furlong, due to her adultery with John Baptiste Larraguy.... 4pp., a few tears and some browning at edges. 1778. £20.00

  99. East Stonehouse Chapel AN ACT for rebuilding the Chapel of East Stonehouse.... Black Letter. Cover leaf + 9pp. 1787. £14.00

  100. East Teignmouth AN ACT For Dividing and Inclosing certain Tracts or Parcels of Moor, Common, or Waste Grounds within, and Parcel of the Manor of East Teignmouth.... 16pp. 1812. £17.00

  101. Exeter Cathedral Lands AN ACT for vesting in the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter in Exeter certain Messuages and Lands situate within the Close of the said Cathedral Church belonging to the Archdeaconries of Totnes, Barnstaple, and Cornwall, founded in said Cathedral Church, in consideration of certain perpetual yearly Sums to be payable to the said several Archdeacons and their Successors.... 11pp. 1827. £12.00

  102. Exeter Shire Hall AN ACT for taking down the Shire Hall of the County of Devon, and for building a new Shire Hall in a more commodious Manner. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 12pp. 1773. £18.00

  103. Stonehouse Pool AN ACT for incorporating a Company and authorising them to make and maintain a Quay Wall or Embankment on the Shore of Stonehouse Pool... and a short line of Railway to connect the Quay and Works with the Devon and Cornwall Railway... 21pp. 1876. £15.00

  104. Tormoham AN ACT to confirm a certain Provisional Order under "The Local Government Act, 1858," relating to the District of Tormoham.... 8pp. 1868. £9.00

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  105. Bournemouth PARTICULARS, PLAN AND VIEWS of a Valuable Freehold Mansion distinguished as 'The Knole.... It is beautifully situated in well-timbered Grounds, about 5 Acres in Extent... and is acknowledged to be the Most Handsome Residence in Bournemouth.... to be sold by Private Treaty.... 1903. 10pp, folio, printed in red and black, decorative wraps, red silk ties, worn, some slight wear at spine. 6 photographic plates, on thick paper, some full plate and some two to a page, showing exterior and interior, and coloured plan... together with.... another copy of the particulars, bound in, without the plan and one of the plates. 1903. £45.00
    The architect of the property was John D. Sedding.

  106. Christchurch and West Southbourne PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Properties consisting of Two Shops and Dwelling-Houses in the High Street, Christchurch, Two Detached Houses in Manor Road, Christchurch, and Two Detached Dwelling Houses in Pinecliffe Avenue, Bournemouth.... Alex. J. Abbott & Son will Sell by Auction.... the 30th July, 1912. Wraps, 4to, large folded sheet showing 3 plans, 7pp, folded, edge of back wrap ragged, traces of vertical fold. 1912. £22.00

  107. Church Farm, Sixpenny Handley AUCTION PARTICULARS. A Compact and Most useful Holding. CHURCH FARM, Sixpenny Handley.... 42 Acres.... Woolley & Wallis will Sell by Auction.... On Tuesday, 16th July, 1968. Plan which is partly faded loosely inserted, (7)pp, 4to, original printed wraps with photographic illust pasted to top wrap. 1968. £10.00

  108. Dolphin Brewery and The Maltings, Poole PARTICULARS, PLAN, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Of... the property formerly knwn as THE DOLPHIN BREWERY, Poole.... Also the Commodious Freehold Premises known as THE MALTINGS, West Quay Road, Poole.... Freehold Houses and Cottages.... Which Messrs Fox & Sons.... will Sell by Auction.... 26th Sept. 1935. Folio, with coloured folding plan, 15pp, original printed wraps. 1935. £25.00
    The houses and cottages were in West Quay Road, Cinnamon Lane, West Street, Market Street, "The Old Yeoman", Market Place, Rossmore Road, and Dunford Road.

  109. Dorchester, Wareham GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. 328. Drift. Colour-printed, size 13" x 19", plus margins, key, section. Linen backed and folding to 4to, blue endpapers. 1958. £17.00

  110. Milton Abbas PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of The Major Part of the Historic Model Village of Milton Abbas forming a portion of Milton Abbey Estate.... which Fox & Sons are favoured with instructions to Sell By Auction as a Whole.... on Thursday, 14th September, 1939. Folio, 11pp., original wraps, with a coloured folding plan, in pocket at rear, and 2 illusts. Describes 61 lots. Portion cut from page with memorandam and from Conditions of Sale page and from page with Summary of Lots (apparently with no loss of text). 1939. £25.00
    'Milton Abbas is to-day one of the first examples of a village planned as a single unit....'

  111. Milton Abbas Vicarage PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Of The Most Attractive Late 18th Century Residence known as THE VICARAGE, Milton Abbas.... Rawlence & Squarey will Sell by Auction.... On Wednesday, 12th March, 1952. (6)pp, 4to, original printed wraps with photographic illust pasted to top wrap, wraps slightly spotty and creased where once folded. 1952. £15.00

  112. National Farmers' Union, Dorset County Branch CALENDAR BLOTTER FOR 1932-3. 4to, stiff green covers with photo of County Chairman, 7pp of local adverts, plus calendar, and information on branches etc. 1923. £7.00

  113. Seymour's of Sherborne BLOTTER with Diary for 1934. Presented by Seymour's of Sherborne, Prize Medal Table Waters. 4to, with full page colour illustration of a ship in an estuary 'The Moorings' by A. Chidley pasted to front wrap. 1934. £10.00

  114. Sherborne, Long Street AUCTION POSTER. Sale of Five Freehold Cottages.... Mr Thomas Farrall Has been instructed to Sell By Auction at the Black Horse Hotel, on Tuesday, October 25, 1892.... Printed on one side only, size approx. 22" x 17". J.C. and A.T. Sawtell, Printers, Sherborne. 1892. £15.00

  115. Small Holdings, Milton Abbas and Bulbarrow ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS AND PLAN. To be Sold by Auction 23 Small Farm Holdings, 2 to 8 Acres each, with a Cosy Cottage, Farm House and Garden, etc. On road from Milton Abbas to Bulbarrow..... To be Sold by Auction.... on Tuesday, July 18th, 1944.... by A.S. Knight.... Double-page plan loosely inserted, 3 photographic illusts, (5)pp, folio. 1944. £15.00

    Dorset Acts

  116. Dewlish Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Dewlish.... 14pp. 1815. £17.00

  117. Weymouth and Melcombe Regis Market Houses and Pier AN ACT to enable the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis.... to provide Market Houses for the Sale of certain marketable Commodities, and to erect and maintain an improved Pier or Landing Place within the Borough.... 22pp. 1854. £17.00

  118. Weymouth and Melcombe Regis Gas AN ACT for lighting with Gas the Borough of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, and its Neighbourhood, in the County of Dorset... 11pp. 1856. £10.00

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  119. Darlington PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Freehold Property on the Banks of the Tees.... on the Borders of Yorkshire & Durham, near to the Wealthy Town of Darlington; it is known as The Tees Cottage Estate.... it commands Extensive Views of the lovely Valley of the Tees, and is Encompassed by Its Pleasure Grounds and Gardens.... there is a newly-erected Farm House and Buildings.... 78 Acres of most superior Land.... to be Sold by Auction.... 28th day of September, 1841. 3pp., folio. Loosely inserted is lithographed plan size 20" x 16", with table of reference and a vignette view, size 5" x 8", of the house and grounds, with men fishing and boating in lake. Small piece clipped from top left corner of plan with loss of a few letters of text. Also inserted is a page of notes, presumably made by the auctioneer, listing rents etc., notes on fixtures, wine cellar etc. Bottom margin has been clipped with loss of printers imprint and part of the last line of the small paragraph saying where Particulars may be obtained. The spine has been professionally reinforced with conservation tissue. 1841. £60.00
    'A bed of Fossil or Rock Salt exists on this Property, which would prove an immense source of annual income in this district, also extensive Beds of Gypsum are known to exist.'

  120. Teesdale & Co. Pub. MAP OF DURHAM Engraved fully hand-coloured map, size 13" x 16". 1832. £50.00
    Shaded in wards.

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  121. Birch Estate and the Langenhoc, near Colchester PARTICULARS, PLANS, PHOTOGRAPHS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF, The Valuable Agricultural Properties forming part of THE BIRCH ESTATE, The Good Farms near Marks, Tey Station, situate in the Parishes of Marks Tey, Copford and Stanway, and known as Mascotts, White Hart and Kemps; also Moze Hall Farm, Ardleigh, and White House, Washings and Layer Breton Hall Farms.... together with THE LANGENHOE ESTATE comprising Langenhoe Hall and Wicks Farms situate in the Parish of Langenhoe, and Maydays Farm, in the Parish of West Mercea, and several small holdings. The whole having an area of about 2,667 acres. Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard Will offer the above Properties for Sale by Auction.... At the Corn Exchange, Colchester, on Saturday, 3rd November, 1917. Folio, with 5 large coloured folding plans in pocket at rear, 4 photographic illusts on 3 sheets, 32pp, original printed wraps. 1917. £40.00

  122. Birch, Peldon ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheet No. III, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. Roads and water-features coloured, some buildings coloured red, some fields shaded. 1881. £28.00

  123. Fullarton (A) ESSEX. Engraved map, with Reference table to the Hundreds. Size approx. 7" x 9", plus margins, central fold, small light water-stain in bottom margin. c1840. £14.00

  124. Romford, Essex PRIVATE CATALOGUE OF SHORT-HORN CATTLE the Property of David McIntoch, Esq., Havering Park, Romford, Essex. November, 1879. 31pp., sm. 8vo, stiff decoratively printed wraps, index. Gives pedigree of each animal. On first page is brief history of the Herd, which was based on the principles of Bates of Kirklevington. 1879. £26.00

  125. Wix Abbey PARTICULARS, PHOTO, PLAN, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF, The Valuable Freehold and Agricultural Property known as WIX ABBEY. Situate in the Parish of Wix. A very picturesque Old House of the Tudor period. Homestead, Walled Pleasure Garden, and excellent Arable and Grass Land.... 224a. 2r. 5p. Which will be offered for Sale by Auction by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Son & Oakley.... on Monday, 30th June, 1913. Folio, with large coloured folding plan, photographic illust, 8 + (1)pp, short tear to original printed wraps. 1913. £25.00

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  126. Bromley Heath Farm, Downend PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Bromley Heath Farm comprising well-situate and compact Small Farm Holding with Food Workman's Cottage.... a total area of 15a. 0r. 36p. and Two Pieces of Productive Market Garden or Building Land.... which Moses Smith, Luce, Davies, Stanton & Co are instructed to Sell by Auction at Grand Hotel, Broad Street, Bristol, on Thursday, July 9th, 1925. Folio, coloured folding plan, 4pp, original wraps, top wrap loose, few short tears to one leaf, and top wrap, neatly repaired to verso, signs where once folded. 1925. £22.00

  127. Eastern Division MANUSCRIPT ACCOUNT BOOK. 4to notebook, full parchment, marbled endpapers, containing the accounts for the Conservative Party for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucestershire. With 85 pages in a neat hand, in double page spreads of of accounts for the period 1832-34. Details named subscribers (for example Lord Redesdale gave 100 on May 2 1833), cheques drawn etc. on credit side, and on debit expenses for printing, fly-hire, flags, refreshments, rent of Committee Rooms, tavern bills, etc., e.g. '24th Aug. 1832. James Turvey's Bill for Mr. Codrington's Expenses during his canvas in and about Camden.' (The election was in December and these accounts reflect the electioneering expenses). The expenses are divided up between the various committees at Stroud, Minchinhampton, Tewkesbury, Northleach, Cirencester, etc. The members of the various committees are listed. `24th Aug. 1832. James Turvey's Bill for W. Codrington's Expenses during his Canvass in and about Campden. 11 7s 3d.' Loosely inserted is a manuscript letter to Codrington from G.W. Blathwayt of Dyrham Park, March 1833. Sm 8vo, written on 1 sides `have got the state of the West Glost'r Registration' listing totals, and villages with conserative and Liberal majority, mentioning `In the Forest some of the Coal Miners who can control some hundred of votes.' 1832-34. £220.00
    An insight into the adminstration of the party in a highly important period politically. In the 1832 election the Liberal Sir Berkeley W. Guise polled 3311 votes and C.W. Codrington 2672.

  128. Gloucester Bank POSTER To Capitalists and Others. 100 Shares in the County of Gloucester Bank, Late the Property of John James, deceased, Esq.... By Auction at the Plough Hotel, Cheltenham, On Thursday, the 27th of July, 1848.... One Hundred Valuable Shares in Lots of Ten Each.... 18" x 11" printed on one side only. Some off-setting. 1848. £35.00

  129. Gloucester THE NORTH WEST VIEW OF THE CITY OF GLOUCESTER Copper engraving, size 4" x 7". View across the river with sailing boats, showing pottery kilns, cathedral, numerous churches, bridge on right of view. Very small page number top right. In ivory mount. n.d. late 18th cent. £18.00

  130. Guiting Power LEASE for a Year of dwelling house and piece of arable land, Richard Thorndell of Guiting Power to John Etheridge, Blacksmith and Elizabeth his wife. Vellum, 13" x 20", small wax seal, minor damp-spotting in one area about 2" square. 1729. £18.00
    Names adjoining owners.

  131. Iron Acton SALE PARTICULARS. Young and Howes are instructed by Mr Alec Taylor to Sell by Auction at their Yate Market Premises.... on Wednesday October 10th, 1945, Compact and well situate Agricultural Holding known as "Pool Farm".... Sm 4to, coloured folding plan, 3pp, original wraps. 1945. £15.00

  132. Lower Guiting RELEASE by way of Settlement of part of the Manor of Castlett.... John Holland and others to Joseph Roberts. Two large vellum sheets, 5 wax seals. Second sheet slightly darkened. 1779. £18.00

  133. Mangotsfield PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of well-situate and compact Freehold Property with Prospective Building Value known as Oaklands Farm.... Mines and Minerals Reserved. Which Young & Howes are instructed to Sell by Auction.... March 29th, 1934. Folio, coloured folding plan, 4pp, original wraps, slight mark to front cover where once creased. 1934. £22.00

  134. Over AN ACCOUNT OF EXPENDITURE, FOR MANUAL LABOUR, ON THE OVER TURNPIKE TRUST from the 22nd day of January.... Vellum ledger with printed heading as above to each page, with entries on a weekly basis, dates filled in heading at top of page, each page in columns with printed headings for Labourers' Names, Nature of Work, Day Wages or Contract Price, Materials, Price per Ton, (cost). Entries in a neat hand from 22nd January 1841 - 4th December 1846. 276 pages, folio, bound in full vellum, loose in case. Approx. 20 pages are water-stained in places, and 6 leaves have the bottom half cut away. A later owner has written his name on endpaper, with date 1902, and cut an alphabetical index down the right hand side (address-book style), meaning that parts of the final column with cost is cut away (progressively less towards the end of the book). 1841-46. £180.00
    Each week approx. 12-18 labourer's names are listed. There are references to different types of stone used e.g... 'Bristol Stone', 'Sedbury Stone', 'Hope Stone'.

  135. Shenton (T), Pr., Cheltenham POSTER advertising Mr Kemble's appearance for one night only at the Theatre Royal Cheltenham, in Henry the Fourth, Saturday, July 26, 1828. 'The Distinguished Amateurs have kindly consented to give their Assistance'. Size 15" x 8", a small crease running vertically down the paper at the time of printing and later flattened meant that there is a small area of white in some letters in the top six inches of the poster. Small number in ink in top corner. 1826. £40.00
    Kemble played Hotspur. The play was followed by the 'celebrated Farce of Husbands & Wives'.

    Gloucestershire Acts

  136. Gloucester Market AN ACT for establishing a proper Place for holding Markets and Fairs for the Sale of Live Stock in the City of Gloucester, and the Suburbs thereof, and for opening convenient Avenues thereto, and for watching and otherwise improving the said City. 26pp. 1821. £17.00

  137. Gloucester Streets and Market Places AN ACT for taking down several Buildings, and inlarging the Streets and Market Places in the City of Gloucester. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 14pp. 1750. £16.00

  138. Moreton Valance and Standish AN ACT to extend, amend, and enlarge the Powers of an Act.... for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Moreton Valence, and in the Hamlet or Tithing of Putloe in the Parish of Standish.... 6pp. 1821. £12.00

  139. Rangeworthy Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Hamlet of Rangeworthy, in the Parish of Thornbury.... 15pp. 1811. £18.00

  140. Stroudwater Navigation AN ACT for making Navigable the River Stroudwater, in the County of Gloucester, from the River Severn, at or near Framiload, to Wallbridge, near the Town of Stroud in the same county. 20pp, Black Letter. Paper in top margin throughout frayed and browned, text unaffected. 1730. £10.00
    Cheap copy.

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  141. Basingstoke, Kingsclere, Stockbridge ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XII. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 36", linen-backed and folding to 8vo, rubbed plain paper endpapers. Margins slightly grubby. c1845. £35.00

  142. Brambridge Park PLAN, PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF, Barmbridge (Freehold) with Gardens, Park and Home Farm Stabling and Ten Cottages covering about 210 acres including about Two-and-a-half Mies of the famous River Itchen Trout Fishing For Sale by Auction.... by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... the 28th day of June 1922. Folio, with large coloured folding plan, 8 photographic illusts on 3 sheets, 12pp, original printed wraps, staples slightly rusty. 1922. £30.00


  143. Embley Park Estate near Romsey PARTICULARS, PLANS, PHOTOGRAPHS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF, The Valuable Freehold Residential and Sporting Estate EMBLEY PARK including A Very Attractive Mansion.... beautiful pleasure gardens, and grounds with Ornamental lakes and Rhododendron Drives. Model Stabling, Home Farm, and Lodges.... and several Good Farms.... Excellent Shooting and Fishing. The whole comprising one of the best Sporting Estates in the Country, embracing an area about 3,768 acres. Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard Will offer this..... for Sale by Auction.... At the George Hotel, Winchester, on Tuesday, the 20th day of July, 1920.... Folio, with large coloured folding plan, 10 photographic illusts on 6 sheets, ground plan of Embley Park, detailed Schedules. 65pp, original printed wraps. 1920. £90.00
    Florence Nightingale spent most of her younger days at the estate.

  144. Fordingbridge SALE NOTICE 47 Acres of Superior Wheat & Barley, Fordingbridge.... To Sell by Auction.... All the Capital Crops of Standing Corn, belonging to John Brymer.... Burgate House. printed on card, with brief Schedule, size 6" x 4", traces of fold, prices added in ink. Fordingbridge, 1850. £12.00

  145. Heathfield PARTICULARS, PLAN, PHOTOGRAPHS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF, the Valuable Freehold Residential Property known as HEATHFIELD situate in the Parish of Christchurch east and including a Substantially-Built Residence.... Good Stabling, Home Farmhouse & Buildings Two Cottages and Lodge.... the whole covering a total of 99 acres. Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... to Sell by Auction at Winchester House, Old Broad Street, London EC. on Thursday, the 8th day of July, 1920. Folio, with large coloured folding plan, mounted photo on front cover and 4 photographic illusts on 2 sheets, 12pp, original printed wraps. 1920. £22.00

  146. Isle of Wight ELEVEN ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36", plus margins, Edition of 1908 (Revised in 1907), comprising Sheets: XCVI.10 (Yarbridge, Adgestone); XCVI.11 (Culver Cliffs, Longlands); XCIV.12 (Whitecliff Bay, Black Ledge); XCVI.14 (Sandown); XCVII.11 (Brightstone Bay); XCVI.12 (Atherfield Point, Atherfield Green); XCVIII.8 (Whiteley Bank); XCVIll.9 (Chalegreen); XCVIII.13 (Walpenchine, Chale); XCIX.2 (Part of coast at Sandown Bay); XCIX.5 (Shanklin). One sheet with neatly mended tear down central fold, another with creasing and traces of folds. Reprints of 1908 edition, mostly 1930's. £95.00

  147. Isle of Wight TWELVE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36", plus margins, Edition of 1908 (Revised in 1907), comprising Sheets: XCI.14 (Ryde, Oakfield; XCIII.10 (Alum Bay, Totland); XCIV.9 (Shalcombe); XCVIII.5 (Kingston, Billingham Manor); XCVIII.6 (N. Appleford, Beacon Alley); XCIV.7 (Fullholding, Swainston); XCIV.10 (Calbourne Lodge, Little Chessell); XCIVll (Calbourne, Newbarn Down); XCIV.13 (Brook, Hanover Point & Fossil Forest); XCIV.15 Rock & British Village); XCIV.16 (Cheverton); XCV.2 (Newport). One sheet with some light foxing spots and small piece torn from margin, two others with some creasing and traces of folds, one sheet with neatly mended tear down central fold. Reprints of 1908 edition, mostly 1930's. £95.00

  148. Kempshott & Dummer Estate PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Attractive and Historical Freehold Residential and Historical Freehold Residential, Sporting & Agricultural Property known as the Kempshott and Dummer Estate, Comprising Kempshott House... Dummer House.... Six Valuable & Well-equipped Farms, Numerous Cottages.... embracing a total Area of about 2,150 Acres.... For Sale by Auction by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley and Garrard.... On Wednesday, 9th June, 1926. Folio, coloured folding plan, 18pp, original printed wraps. 1926. £35.00

  149. Little Sombourne TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets XL.1 and XL.5, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Edition of 1910 and 1909. £18.00
    Shows Stockbridge Down (Entrenchment and Tumulus), North Park Farm, Little Somborne House and Park.

  150. Longmoor THREE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets XLIV.10 and XLIV.13, XLIV.14, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". One sheet with traces of folds. Edition of 1910. Printed 1912. £22.00
    Shows Longmoor Camp, King's Holt (this area outlined in pink), Greatham and Manor House, Longmoor Enclosure and rifle range.

  151. Petersfield TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets XXXVI.14 and XXXVI.15, scale 25" = 1 mile. Each size 25" x 36". Revision of 1937. £24.00
    Shows Louisburg Barracks, Bordon Camp, Slab.

  152. Selborne, Blackmoor, Conford, Bramshott FOUR ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets XLIV.1, XLIV.6, XLIV.7, XLIV.8, Scale 25" to 1 mile, each size 25" x 37". Edition of 1910. Reprints 1912-18. £32.00
    Includes Priory Farm on site of Selborne Priory, Oakhanger Ponds, Blackmoor House, Polecat Hill and Conford, Bramshott, Fir Grove.

  153. Tichborne ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLII.13, scale 25" = 1 mile, size 25" x 37". Water features hand-coloured. Corner with Sheet No. clipped away, slight darkening of paper down the left hand 6" of map, pinkish stain about 4" long and less than " wide. Second Edition 1896. £14.00
    Shows River Test, Tichborne House, Gravel Pits, North End.

  154. Whitchurch, Hurstbourne Park ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XVI.16, scale 25" to 1 mile, size 25" x 37". Revision of 1941. £14.00
    Covers part of Whitchurch, soap works, Mansion at Hurstbourne.

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  155. Agricultural Engineer's THREE BILLS of Thomas Davies, Agricultural Engineer, Davies' Steam Thrashing Machines, Hardwick, to Jenkyns Dew, for threshing Barley, Beans, Wheat, entries for 17 days, others for chaffing grass for silo, man and engine cutting hay, etc. Sm. folio, printed headings, plus subscription reminder from Hereford Agricultural Society. 4 items. Sm. folio and 4to, printed headings. 1887-8. £14.00

  156. Burhill, Credenhill POSTER advertising sale of premises situate in the township of Tillington, in the parish of Burghill, and at Crowmoor, in the Parish of Credenhill within five miles of the city of Hereford, on 16th April, 1819. Size 18" x 11", fold, two small stab holes. 1819. £22.00
    Includes land called 'The Old Hop-Yard' at Crowmoor, tenements called Credenhill-field etc.

  157. Clifford WILL of William Higgins Esquire late of Middlewood in the Parish of Clifford.... but now of the Parish of All Saints in the City of Hereford. 16p. folio, folded. Copy. Last page worn at fold, outer sheet where titled dust-stained. Proved 1820. £18.00
    Refers to lands, cottages etc. at Castleton, Upper Middlewood in Clifford.

  158. Holmer POSTER advertising sale of properties at Holmer and in Blue School Street, Hereford, 22nd August, 1861. Size 20" x 15", paper rather browned. Folds. 1861. £14.00

  159. Llangarren POSTER advertising auction sale of Langstone Court Farm, Llangarren, 16th March, 1896. Size 27" x 17", folds. 1896. £15.00
    Includes '47 Head of Hereford and Cross-Bred Cattle'.

  160. Lyonshall POSTER advertising Sale by Auction of Farms called Newhouse and Summer Court, 28th July, 1898. Size 36" x 22", folds. 1898. £14.00

  161. Ross ROSS STEAM CULTIVATING COMPANY Beg to solicit Orders at the Following Rates:- Cultivating, 6in to 8in. deep.... 9s.... 1884. Card with rates and conditions. Trace of fold at centre... together with Invitation to Tenbury Agricultural Society Annual Dinner, 1858. 1p, blank adjoining leaf. 2 items. 1858 and 1884. £12.00

  162. The Farmers' Toll-free Corn-Exchange, Hereford TWO LETTERS on headed paper, 8vo, to C. Bodenham, one informing him of a meeting, the other asking him to join subscribers to the Toll free Corn Exchange. Signed J. Smith. Novemeber & May 1857. £10.00

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  163. Dawson's Farm, Ramsey CATALOGUE OF THE TENTH SALE of Pure Bred Large White Pigs from the 'Ramsey' Herd, the Property of Mr. Jack Major.... For Sale by Auction.... May 7, 1925, at Dawson's Farm... 29pp., 8vo, bound in stiff boards, interleaved with lined paper with results in ink, with purchaser. Jack Major's copy.... together with.... Similar catalogue for sale of 60 Head of Large White Pigs on the same farm, 1924. 1924 and 25. £18.00
    Gives much detail on pedigrees.

  164. Fenton TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By Mr. Lovell, On Monday the 2d Dy of June, 1806 at the Crown Inn, St. Ives.... The following Desirable Estates.... Lists 12 Lots, all 'Closes' with acreage, and occupiers. On verso are Conditions and completed memorandum. Single folio sheet, 3 folds, manuscript additions listing amount of rent payable, freehold etc. 1806. £20.00

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  165. Baynes (T.M) VIEW OF THE CANTERBURY AND WHITSTABLE RAILWAY FROM OVER THE TUNNEL taken on the Opening Day, May 3rd, 1830.... together with.... VIEW OF THE CANTERBURY AND WHITSTABLE RAILWAY FROM CHURCH STREET taken on the Opening Day, NMay 3rd, 1830. Pair of lithographs, printed by Hullmandel, each size approx. 12" x 17". De-acidified and laid down on specially made paper. Published by Henry Ward, Sun St., Canterbury (1830). £600.00
    The first view shows a close-up view of the locomotive with flags flying and passengers waving, moving towards Canterbury between steep banks, the Cathedral in middle distance. In the second view the train is moving towards the sea, with ships and cliffs in the distance, windmill on the left, good detail of locomotive and drivers in foreground. Both views are extremely lively and full of movement, with many hat and parasol-waving spectators. The line, engineered by Stephenson, was one of the first regular steam passenger railways in the world. 300 passengers were carried on the opening day, pulled by the locomotive 'Invicta', which was based on the 'Rocket'.

  166. Danson Estate, near Bexley Heath PARTICULARS, PLAN, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF THE Attractive Freehold Property known as the DANSON ESTATE comprising a Well-Built Country Residence.... Two Farms, Several Small Holdings, Accommodation and Bbuilding Land.... 582 acres. Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... Will offer the above Property for Sale by Auction.... At the Auction Mart, 155 Queen Victoria Street, E.C. 4., on Wednesday, 19th July, 1922. Folio, with large coloured folding plan, 6 photographic illusts on 4 sheets(including interior views), 24pp, inner margins of plates slightly damp wrinkled, original printed wraps with view of house from an engraving. 1922. £28.00

  167. Dover ARTISTS SKETCHBOOK Size 5" x 7", quarter calf, cloth boards, rubbed, containing 24 detailed pencil sketches of Dover and 9 of Calais, each titled and dated, with dates throughout September 1840. The views mostly cover the whole page, usually with a border, many show figures, and scenes in the harbour with carts for loading, cranes, jetties etc. Titles include 'Dover Harbour September 2nd.' (quay with cart, crane, sails); 'Dover from the South Pier (wooden buildings on the beach, with washing on lines and laid on the shore to dray); 'Dovor Harbour Pier From South Sept 3 1840' (lively very detailed scene with clock tower, hills in distance, ladders and mooring chains in foreground). Calais views include 'Calais Pier Sept. 3 1840'; 'Shrimpers on the Sands off Calais September 3 1840'; 'View of Calais from Maurice Hotel September 4th 1840'. One view of Calais has some brown rust marks. Name 'George Cowell'(?) on fly-leaf. September 1840. £220.00

  168. Lydd PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Freehold Estate called Tournay Hall, heretofore called Pigwell house.... 3pp. folio, folded. 1861. £18.00

  169. Pauls Cray Hill PARTICULARS, PLAN, PHOTOGRAPHS AND CONDITIONS OF The Very Substantially Built and Attractive Early XVIIth Century Residence known as PAULS CRAY HILL.... covering about 105 Acres... and FOOTS CRAY MEADOWS of about 12 acres..... Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard have instructions to offer the above for Sale by Auction.... on Thursday, July 28th, 1921. With large coloured folding plan, single sheet plan, 3 photographic illusts on one sheet, folio, 11 + (1)pp, original printed wraps. 1921. £28.00

  170. Preston, Herne Hill LEASE of The Manor of Westwood, Sir John Glover of Westhampstead, Baronet, to John Glover of Westwood. Two vellum sheets, decorative engraved heading with coat of arms, heavy wax seal on tag. Rodent nibbling along part of one fold affecting some words, and all along bottom edge below signature. 1696. £20.00
    Lists all the various fields etc. with acreage.

  171. Sevenoaks ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 287. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 19", dissected and mounted on very thin cotton. c1890. £9.00

  172. Tonbridge Wells PENCIL DRAWING Size 4" x 10", on thick paper mounted on grey paper. Titled in ink on mount 'Near Harrisons Rocks(?) Tunbridge Wells July 28th 1815. Shows a large cottage with leaded windows, and garden, seen from across a lane with trees on left. A detailed drawing in soft tones with much shading. 1815. £40.00

  173. Woodnesborough CONVEYANCE of a piece of land part of Burkland Farm, Thomas Bushell and Robert Finnis to the Master Brothers and Sisters of the Hospital of St. Bartholomew, Sandwich, and the Mayor of Sandwich. 2 vellum sheets, 22" x 27", wax seals of the Hospital, and the Mayoralty of Sandwich, and two smaller seals, small sketch plan in margin, with attractive dividers and scale bar, coloured yellow. 1805. £28.00

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  174. Liverpool Underwriters' Association CENTENARY BANQUET Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, Wednesday, January 8th, 1902. Menu, size 8" x 10", consisting of two leaves of thick card, tied with red slik ribbon, the cover leaf being a very fine engraving showing figure with flags, globe, corn, etc., a steamship, a sailing ship, view of Liverpool, coat of arms, and embossed seal in gold, the second leaf with the Menu and toasts, with engraved decoration. The words 'The Rt. Hon.' in front of 'The Lord Mayor' have been struck through in blue ink... together with.... MENU for 150th Anniversary Banquet, at the Adelphi Hotel, January 8th, 1952. 4to, decorative wraps with ships etc., silk tassels, 8pp., including guest list. 1902 and 1952. £26.00

  175. Manchester MANCHESTER CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL Plan of Workings in Dow Mine Within 41% area of support. Plan in ink and colours, scale 40 yds = 1 inch, size 42" x 36", on cartridge paper mounted on linen, rolled. Shows plan of the hospital buildings, and Hospital Road, superimposed on workings, which are shaded in stipple colours according to date of workings. 'Barrier' shown in red along South of workings, and area to North marked 'Worked prior to.... 1910'. With Table of Reference giving key to colours for workings from Dec. 1910 - Dec. 1928, with columns for Area in Cheshire Measure, Thickness, Price, Amount. Various dates added to table for 'Colliers' Strike'. Small area not shown on key labelled 'Coal belonging to London & N.W. Rwy. Co.' 1910-1928. £250.00

  176. Manchester Town Hall ROYAL WEDDING DANCE Marriage of H.R.H. The Duke of York to the Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Dance programme and supper menu. 4pp, sm. 8vo, plus stiff wraps with gold embossed coat of arms. April 26th, 1923. £15.00

  177. Teesdale & Co. Pub. MAP OF LEICESTERSHIRE Engraved fully hand-coloured map, size 13" x 16". 1832. £50.00
    Shaded in wards.

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  178. Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincs. TWO BILLHEADS 4to and sm. 4to, for J. Sims, Saddler Collar, and Harness Maker, 1886, with small vignette of carriage horses, made out for saddle, halter mending etc., and Henry Storr, Shoeing & Jobbing Smith, 1877, with good vignette of smith at work, made out for bolts for a jack straw, hammer wedge etc. 1877 & 1881. £10.00

  179. Lincoln, Gainsborough, Horncastle ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXXIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 36", linen backed, folding into 8vo paper wraps. Parkland, roads, county boundaries hand-coloured. Small area bout 1" square shaded pink. O.S Blindstamp 1858. £40.00

  180. Sturton STURTON UNION MILL April 1875. Scale of Charges for Grinding Corn.... Manuscript on three pages, sm. 8vo, plain wraps. On front wrap is note of a Mill Committee meeting at the Red Lion Inn. 1875. £12.00

  181. Swineshead Fen Houses and Wigtoft Fore Fen, Near Boston, Lincolnshire THE VALUABLE FREEHOLD SMALL FARM. Comprising:- Brick and Tiled Residence, Five Brick and Tiled Labourers' Cottages.... Which will be offered for Sale by Auction.... Wednesday, the 21st day of July, 1937. With folding coloured plan in pocket at rear, 10 pages, roy 8vo, original wraps, folded. 1937. £15.00

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  182. Belling & Co. BELLING ELECTRIC FIRES Season 1928-1929. 24pp., oblong 8vo, wraps. Printed in red and black. Numerous illustrations. 1928. £18.00

  183. Cadogan Place, Sloane Street PARTICULARS, WITH CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Completely Modernised and beautifully Appointed and Decorated Town residence.... To be offered for Sale by Auction, At the Mart, Tokenhouse Yard, E.C., by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Son & Oakley, on Monday, the 4th of July, 1910.... Folio, 9 + (1)pp, original printed wraps. 1910. £15.00

  184. Cedars Estate, Lee and Lewisham PARTICULARS, WITH PHOTOGRAPHS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Important Freehold Property known as THE CEDARS ESTATE Comprising Beautifully Wooded Parklands.... it forms an Ideal Building Estate having an area of 42a. 2r. 4p. together with The Mansion House, Two other Residences.... also The Substantially-Built Mansion known as "WYBERTON HOUSE" (Knightsville College).... extending to about 3a. 1r. 30p. Five other Freehold Gouses in Belmont Grove Hill.... For Sale by Auction.... by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Son and Oakley.... on Wednesday, December 11th, 1912.... Folio, 6 photographic illusts on 3 leaves, large coloured folding plan, 19 + (1)pp, original printed wraps, spine partly split. 1912. £35.00

  185. Edmonton ABSTRACT OF TITLE of David Hockstetter Esq. to the Estate at Southgate in the parish of Edmonton purchased by Sir David Hockstetter his father, deceased, of Sir Nicholas Wolstenholme anno 1716. 14p., sm. folio, closely written in a small neat hand, sewn into plain wraps. Details indentures from 1668-1730, with p lawyer's opinion and note of assignment to John Nicholl, both dated 1736, at end. 1736 and earlier. £40.00
    Includes copy of a detailed Abstract of 1668 of Sr. Nicholas Wolstonholmes Title to 'The Great House and other Houses Lands... and also to the Woods there called Lords Grove' etc, including numerous tenements, cottages, orchards, houses in South Street, etc. (occupiers given), pews in the chapel, and 230 acres in Edmonton. Refers also to endowment of Christ's hospital at Bedell (Bedale) in York by John Clapham, a later owner.

  186. Emilie Woods & Co., Ladies Tailoring, Stratford SPRING AND SUMMER FASHIONS Brochure, 9" x 6", 15pp., with 10 full-page illustrations of costumes, coats, and 12 smaller illustrations of blouses, etc. Type-face in red and black, with prices, description, information on their services, etc. c1900. £25.00
    Very decorative ornate gowns.

  187. Fairburn (John) LONDON AND WESTMINSTER 1795 Finely engraved plan, engraved by E. Mogg, size of plan 15" x 24", overall size 17" x 25". Scale approx. 3" = 1 mile. With 'An Alphabetical List of 300 Principal Street with Letters of Reference to their Situation' below plan. River and parkland, boundary of city and reference letters hand-coloured. With vignette of Father Thames by a willow tree, small compass rose. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding to sm. 8vo. Published by John Fairburn, 146 Minories. (1795). £240.00
    Howgego no. 203 (1). Covers Pentonville, Isle of Dogs, Kennington, Brompton.

  188. Falmouth House, St James's Square PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Magnificent Freehold Mansion known as FALMOUTH HOUSE, 2 ST. JAMES'S SQUARE.... the stabling No 6 CHARLES STREET.... Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... have received instructions to submit this Property for Sale by Auction..... On Thursday, 8th July, 1920. Large coloured folding plan, 7 + (1)pp, loose in the original printed wraps, short tears to inner and outer margins where once folded. 1920. £20.00


  189. Furs FOR SALE BY THE CANDLE At The London Commercial Sale Rooms, Mincing Lane.... the 2nd and 3rd of September, 1818 At Nine for Ten O'Clock precisely The Following Goods viz. 54230 Musquash, 17100 Martin, 8900 Rabbit, 2430 Fitch, 1710 Otter, 1280 Wolf, 820 Raccoon.... Auction catalogue, 23 pages, size 16" x 6", listing 607 Lots under 23 different headings of types of skin, e.g. "1304 Skins, Chinchilla in 5 Lots, at per dozen, to advance 6d"; the last 21 lots are mixed lots with the types of animals listed. Most lots have price realised added in MS. 1818. £75.00
    Includes swan, tiger, panther, mink, buffalo, elk, wolverin, bear.

  190. Grosvenor Gardens House PARTICULARS, PLANS, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Property.... GROSVENOR GARDENS HOUSE, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 41, 43, and 45, Grosvenor Gardens, 44, 46, 48, and 52, Buckingham Palace Road and 17, Ebury Street, S.W.1. Comprising :- An Imposing and dignified Pile, Banks, Shops and Suites of High-Class Offices.... Half-an-Acre.... Warmington & Co. are favoured with instructions to offer this Valuable Property for Sale by Auction, on Thursday, the 9th day of May, 1946..... Folio, with 6 coloured plans, 5 of which are folding, 8pp, original printed wraps. 1946. £26.00

  191. Hackney PARTICULARS, PLAN, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Compact Small Freehold Estate situate in LONDON LAND, GRANSDEN AVENUE, and FORTESCUE AVENUE. comprising A Beer House, Business Premises, 45 Well-built Bdwelling Houses and Two Small Factories..... To be Offered by Auction.... the 21st day of July, 1914.... by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard. With large coloured folding plan, 11 + (1)pp, few short tears to original printed wraps. 1914. £25.00

  192. High Holborn ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Business Premises..... Comprising Nos 319 to 323a (consec.) HIGH HOLBORN and No 47 SOUTHAMPTON BUILDING, London, W.C.1.... Sale by Auction.... by Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... on Wednesday, 26th March, 1958..... Coloured plan, photographic illust, 8pp, 4to, original printed wraps. 1958. £15.00

  193. Highbury Estate PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the unsold Portions of the HIGHBURY MANOR ESTATE. Comprising Freehold Ground Rents and Rack Rents..... situated in Highbury Park, Hamilton Road, Aubert Park, Leigh Road, Roseleigh Avenue..... Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard Will offer the above Properties for Sale by Auction.... on Wednesday, 6th July, 1921. Large folding plan, photographic reproduction of an early print, 5 + (1)pp, original printed wraps. 1921. £28.00

  194. Moore (John), Cheesemonger LETTER from Mr Bowles to John Moore, cheesemonger, 'nere Dice Key.... London', dated Deal, 19 July, 1703. 3p, 4to, folded with integral address panel and small circular postmark on verso. The writer says that John Young, who was to be prosecuted for debt, has gone to sea 'Thee art esteemed a vast rich man in the world & I beleive are so... I did inspect or value John Youngs concern & found him a poore man - not able to pay what I proposed, nor do I beleive hee is worth 51 in the world this day...' With draft reply of Moore on Verso to Mrs Bowles 'I value Mr Geo Bowles as a good chapman. I never did act anything to my knowledge cruell to any and perhapps have done more charity then many that exclaim. I will give noe money to encourage victious idle persons that come to London and get credit... I will accept it for his familyes sake. If not complyed with then Capt. Verrier will proceed....' 41 lines in all, bottom right corner browned with small part affecting signature missing. 1703. £30.00

  195. New Cross MORTGAGE of no. 21 Arbuthnot Road, Frederick Cavalli to The Trustees of the Loyal Pride of Bermondsey Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Manchester Unity Friendly Society. Large vellum sheet, wax seal. 1898. £8.00

  196. Shepherd, Tobias & Co. Ltd., London's most modern Glass Works CATALOGUE 4to, printed boards with cloth spine, 36pp., 4 views of works, inside and outside, 3 views of glass in place in buildings, 11 full-page coloured plates of bathrooms etc., colour chart, 20 black and white and coloured illustrations of mirrors etc., some two to a page. c1930. £28.00
    Includes attractive 'Alabaster' glass in different colours.

  197. St. James PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Important Freehold Properties known as No 2 ST. JAMES'S PLACE and No 5 ST. JAMES'S PLACE St. James's London, S.W. Right in the Heart of Clubland.... For Sale by Auction by Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... On Wednesday, 16th May, 1923. Coloured plan, 4 + (1)pp, folio, original printed wraps. 1923. £20.00

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  198. Fishmonger's BILLHEAD of W. Pratt, Fishmonger, Fishmarket, Norwich. Size 9" x 4", engraved heading show game, prawns, barrels of oysters, mermaid etc. Made out for skate at 2s, signed by Pratt. 1840. £14.00

  199. Morley Hall Estate PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF, the valuable Residential Sporting and Agricultural Estate known as MORLEY HALL, extending to about 586 acres, comprising the Excellent Compact Country House.... Four Capital mixed soil Farms of about 65 to 238 acres, Eight Excellent Cottages, Two Semi-detached Residences..... to be sold by Auction.... by Messrs. W.S. Hall & Palmer, in conjunction with Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard, at the Royal Hotel, Norwich, on Saturday, July 23rd, 1921. Folio, with large coloured folding plan, 4 photographic illusts, 30 + (1)pp, original printed wraps, wraps slightly brittle at edges and a little chipped. 1921. £24.00

  200. Norgate and Company, Tea & Grocery, Oil & Italian Warehouse BILLHEAD with good engraved heading showing 5 'Norman' arches, inside each an advert. for a different type of grocery, e.g. 'Barclays Wax & Sperm Candles and Highly Purified Sperm Oil', 'Parmasan Stilton Cheddar old Cheshire Cheese'. Size 6" x 9", made out for soap and tea. 1849. £9.00

  201. Norwich THE NORFOLK AND NORWICH GENTLEMAN'S MERCHANT'S Tradesman's Farmers & Graziers Complete Memorandum Book for the Year of our Lord 1827. Small 8vo, 54 printed pages of local information including List of Fairs, Justics of the Peace, Carriers, Norwich charities, Banks etc. At the rear are a further 24pp listing M.P's, taxes etc. The only entry in the diary is a list of 10 apple trees, including Hughes Golden Pippin, Ribston Pippin. Limp calf wraps, 2in. split at joint at top. 1827. £30.00
    A note loosely inserted states 'this pocket book evidently belonged to my Great-grandfather Jehosophat Postle of Colney Hall, Norfolk.

  202. Norwich THREE BILLHEADS with engraved headings, sm. 8vo, for G. Mingay, Ladies Boot & Shoe Waterhouse; Mrs Taylor, Stay & Elastic Bandage Maker; Magasin des Modes, Millinery, Straw, Tuscan & Leghorn Bonnets, French Flowers. 3 items. 1841-2. £18.00
    All made out and receipted as settled.

  203. Saham Hall Estate ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF, the well known Freehold Residential, Agricultural and Sporting Property known as the SAHAM HALL ESTATE comprising Saham Hall, a Modern and Well Appointed Residence.... Home Farm.... Cottage Property.... Hunting with the West Norfolk Foxhounds..... in all about 687 acres.... Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... have received instructions to offer for Sale by Auction.... at the Royal Hotel, Norwich, on Saturday, 11th day of August, 1928. Folio, with large coloured folding plan, 4 photographic illusts on 2 sheets, 16pp, original printed wraps. 1928. £24.00

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  204. Norham PARTICULARS, PLAN and Conditions of Sale of the Desirable Freehold Estate known as New Harperridge & Plough Inn, situate in the Chapelry of Cornhill, in the Parish of Norham.... which will be offered for sale by Public Auction.... 3pp., folio, plan. 1882. £17.00

  205. Spindleston A TRUE & PARFECT INVENTARY OF ALL SUCH GOODS & CHATTELS AS DAME MARGREAT GRAY of Spindellston in ye. County of Northumberland died possesed of Aprased by William Carnaby... and George frame yeomen 22. of May 1661... Inventory in a fine neat hand listing 16 items on one side sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf. 1661. £38.00
    Includes 20 Cows, 21 oxen, 2 mares and 1 colt, 1 stack of oates proved to 21 bushels, 6 bonds including 'A Bond from Sr. Will: Howard of Naworth'.

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  206. Flint House Estate, Goring-on-Thames PLAN, PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, Freehold. The Flint House Estate of about 346 Acres, including a very Attractive.... Modern Residence, with Stabling, Home Farm and Eight Cottages, standing 480 feet above sea level.... Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard have received instructions to offer for Sale by Auction At Room No 12, Winchester House, Old Broad Street, E.C.2. On Wednesday, May 25th, 1921. Folio, large coloured plan and 2 photographic illusts, 8 + (1)pp, original printed wraps. Final edition, 1921. £25.00

  207. Prebendal House, Shipton-under-Wychwood PARTICULARS, PHOTOGRAPHS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, of A Most Attractive Freehold Residential Property known as Prebendal House, in the parish and adjoining the Village of Shipton-under-Wychwood covering an Area about 53 acres.... To be Sold by Auction.... Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard, at the Roebuck Hotel, Oxford, on Wednesday, the 12th June, 1918.... Folio, large coloured plan and 4 full-page photographic illusts, 11 + (1)pp, original printed wraps. 1918. £25.00

  208. Shotover House A CATALOGUE of the Valuable Contents of the Mansion, Comprising Carved Sofas, Chairs.... covered in Beauvais and other Ancient Tapestry.... two Magnificent State Bedsteads with Hangings of rich Genoa Velvet and Embroidered Persian Satin... Rare Old Nankin, Japan, Oriental and other Porcelain, A Collection of Pictures.... A Valuable Library of Books.... formed by James Tyrrel the Historian.... Farming Stock.... which will be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Farebrother, Clark & Lye, on the Premises.... Monday, 22nd October, 1855 and Six following Days. 68pp, 4to, original decorative printed wraps, which for some reason have been decorated with 11 fine armorial wax seals (approx. 1" in diameter). A few light foxing spots to wraps and first few pages. Some prices of books and MS have been added in pencil (for example a letter from Sir Walter Raleigh asking that his wife might live with him in the Tower made five guineas).... together with.... A CATALOGUE of highly important Three Days' Sale of Furniture, Shotover House, Wheatley, Oxfordshire.... Mr W.C Heron Will Sell by Auction, Tuesday the 19th March, 1872, and Two following days. 23pp., 4to, printed wraps. 2 items. 1855 and 1872. £70.00

  209. Witney GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. 236. Solid with Drift. Colour-printed, size 13" x 19", plus margins, key, section. Linen backed and folding to 4to, blue endpapers. 1938. £16.00

  210. Wychwood Estate, near Burford PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, Of the Desirable Freehold Agricultural Property known as the WYCHWOOD ESTATE comprising Five Highly Valuable Farms.... Substantial Cottages.... an area of about 2,375 acres.... Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard have received instructions to offer for Sale by Auction.... 28th of September, 1921. Folio, large coloured plan, 20pp, original printed wraps. 1921. £25.00

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  211. Axbridge ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXVI.4, printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. 1903. £16.00
    Shows southern part of Axbridge, River Yeo, Bailiff's Wall etc.

  212. Bath Auction AUCTION POSTER. Desirable Residence, and Valuable Ground Rents in the City of Bath. To Be Sold by Auction by Mr Alexander, on Thursday, the 22nd May.... at the White Lion Hotel, Market Place, Bath.... Size approx. 30" x 20", folded, few short tears. J. Whereat, Machine Printer, Gazette Office, Weston-super-Mare. 1856. £20.00
    The properties were in Henrietta Street, Picadilly, Walcot; Hanover Place, and Hanover Street.

  213. Bath Auction PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF 13, JOHNSTONE STREET BATH, To be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. Hawkins & Son, At the Porter Butt Hotel, Bath, On Monday, April 2nd, 1883. Folio, 4pp, folded, few ink splashes and numbers. 1883. £10.00

  214. Bath PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Business Premises.... 24 Union St., 2 Union Passage.... for Sale by Auction 4th September 1917. 3pp., folio, folded. 1917. £8.00

  215. Bath PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of Nos. 8 & 9 Orange Grove, Bath.... Powell & Powell will Sell by Auction.... 22nd Day of March, 1853. 1pp., docket title on adjoinnig leaf, 3p. MS Conditions pinned in. 1853. £14.00

  216. Bowen (Emanuel) AN IMPROVED MAP OF THE COUNTY OF HUNTINGDON Divided into its Hundreds.... Illustrated with various additional Improvements; with Historical Extracts relative to its Natural Produce, Trade, Manufactures, &c.... Engraved map, coloured in outline, size 21" x 28", dissected and mounted on linen, coloured border, inserted in rubbed marbled slipcase, edges rubbed. Decorative cartouche showing fountain, houses, lady getting out of sedan chair, top left is plan of Bath, size 5" x 8", scale 1" = 200 yards, with Reference to buildings, Description of Bath below plan. With descriptive texts in Channel area on Wookey hole and caverns and mines of Mendip; Keynsham and its 'Serpentine Stones'; Minehead; Taunton; Bridgwater. Small holes in linen at two points where folds meet. Printed for Carrington Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard. (1787). £165.00

  217. Bowen (Emanuel) AN IMPROVED MAP OF THE COUNTY OF SOMERSET Divided into its Hundreds.... Illustrated with various additional Improvements with Historical Extracts relative to its Natural Produce, Trade, Manufactures, &c.... Engraved map, coloured in outline, size 21" x 28", dissected and mounted on linen, coloured border, inserted in marbled slipcase, edges rubbed. Decorative cartouche showing street scene in Bath with fountain and lady getting out of Sedan chair. Plan of Bath top left, scale 1" = 200 yards, size 5" x 7", with Reference to buildings, and description of town below. In Channel area are descriptive texts on Wookey Hole and caverns and Mines of Mendip; Keynsham, and its serpentine stones; Bridgwater; Taunton. In marbled slip case, very rubbed, with printed label, small holes in linen at two points where folds meet. Printed for Carrington Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard. (1787) £165.00

  218. Bridgwater ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. L.11, printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. Revised 1929, reprint c1940. £16.00
    Shows area of town from Friarn St. to Parrett Bath Brick Works, railway line, Bower Farm.

  219. Bridgwater SALE OF SHIRE HORSES the Property of Mr. James Bucknell and Messrs. Brake, January 14th, 1898... at the Railway Hotel.... 36pp., 12mo, printed wraps, brown rust-marks at staples. 1898. £24.00
    'the entire stud of Shire Horses owned by Mr Bucknell... who has travelled stallions for many years in Somersetshire... most of the young stock to be sold are by Juverna II....' His Stud was at Cannington. There is much detail on pedigree for each lot.

  220. Bridgwater TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet No. L.11, and LI.12, printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. Bridgwater sheet Revised 1929, Ashcott sheet 1902, later reprints. £20.00
    Shows area of town from Friarn St. to Parrett Bath Brick Works, railway line, Bower Farm, and the other sheet Ashcott and Beerway Farm.

  221. Chew Magna ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XII.14, size approx. 25" x 37", scale 25" to 1 mile. Edition of 1931. £12.00
    Shows Woodford House, Walley Court, Knowle Hill Farm

  222. Chewton Keynsham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No XIII.1. Printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. Revised 1930. Edition of 1931. £14.00
    Shows Chewton Keynsham, Chewton Place, Queen Charlton Quarry.

  223. Clutton and Temple Cloud ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XIX.8, printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. Revised 1902, reprint c1940. £16.00
    Shows Quarries, Brickworks, Workhouse etc.

  224. Crimchard Tything MANUSCRIPT ACCOUNT BOOK Being an account of the monies paid and received by the Surveyor of the Highways. Gives lists of people who paid and sums spent on materials and labour for repairs between 1768-1815. Vellum bound, narow folio, 83 pages written in a neat hand. 1768-1815. £200.00


  225. Ditcheat A SURVEY OF ESTATES WITHIN THE PARISH OF DITCHEAT, Belonging to the Revd. Thomas Leir. Manuscript survey on 25 pages, sm 4to, contemporary reversed calf, gilt leather label to top board, first two prelims worn at edges. Most of the details are in ink with the occasional pencilled note. There is a reference number, brief details of the `Premises', `Quality' whether arable, pasture etc. `Acreage', and `Statute Measure', 'Observations'. 1788. £90.00
    Includes Allhamton Estate, Ditcheat Estate, Wrexhill Estate.

  226. Ditcheat FARM ACCOUNT BOOK Debit and Credit book, February 1805 - October 1818. 44 pages in folio, many blanks, full reversed calf, blindstamped. Entries with two sets of figures on right hand side for Debit and Credit. For example 'Recieved of Jonathan Lintern for tythe of 4 acres Potatoe Land in Nutcombe 1881', 'George Howell 37 Reed Sheaves... 2.3.2d', 'Pd turnpike expence to Cary with 4 Oxen', 'a supper for Haymaking', 'Pd W. Brice for Dressing Little Close'. 1805-1818. £80.00

  227. Dolby Drawn by WELLS CATHEDRAL, SOUTH WEST VIEW. Tinted lithograph, size approx. 8" x 10", plus margins, some spotting mainly to margins. Published by G. Backhouse, Wells: c184-. £60.00
    Shows some people in the fore-ground.

  228. Dulverton AUCTION POSTER. To be sold by Auction by Mr Carter, On Monday, the Twenty-ninth day of March.... at the Red Lion, In Dulverton, Somerset.... Hereditaments Premises called Town Marsh.... Size approx. 22" x 18", some wear and 4" split where once folded. Parkhouse, Printer, Dulverton. 1847. £20.00
    Gives details of the land concerned with names of owners and/or tenants.

  229. Farleigh Hungerford FARM ACCOUNTS 4to account book, with marbled boards, rubbed, calf spine, with torn armorial bookplate of John Houlton, Farleigh Hungerford. Lettered in ink on one side 'Colonels Accounts', and on other side 'Labourers' Accounts'. 1830-32. 108 pages of 'Labourers' Accounts', in a rather untidy hand, giving name of worker and time worked, sometimes with particular job: 'Paid Douch & Andrews for Diging the Garden at Tillisford', 'Pd G. Packer 3 Days on Farley Road...', 'paid James Andrews 1 week & 1 Day haymaking'. Miscellaneous expenses are also recorded 'Pd James Andrews for 9 dozen and 2 shiefs of Reed at 6s per dozen', 'Turnpike to Froome with Cow & calf & Boy', 'paid for Cheese vat', 'Paid Harriet Crook for Chesnuts', 'Pd. for 4lbs of Mg Worzel seed at 1s3d per lb.' At the other end are 9 pages listing monies received 'Received from Farmer Bullock for a sack of wheat...', 'Received from Col. Houlton', 'Small Rents at Farley' etc. 5 pages have a brownish stain at the edge, and on 2 leaves this has made a hole in the page with some loss of text. 1830-32. £120.00

  230. Hunstrete Estate TIMBER SALE 700 Timber Trees to be Offered for Sale by Tender, Situate on the Hunstrete Estate.... comprising some Very Fine Ash, Oak & Elm Beech, S. Chestnut, Alder, Aspen and Walnut.... Sale leaflet, 3pp., 8vo, listing 4 Lots, with details of situation. December 1890. £9.00

  231. Ilminster LEASE FOR A YEAR of messuage comprising one shop, one other shop that was formerly a Hall, one salting room, one kitchen called Grammar's kitchen one brewhouse, two stables... in Ditton Street, Thomas Culliford, Linen Draper, Richard Pearson, Silk Manufacturer, to Samuel Palmer of Colyton. Vellum, 16" x 23", signed by six parties with 6 wax seals, some foxing along central fold. 1784. £26.00

  232. Ingham, Pr. THE BRIDGWATER STANDARD and West of England Gazette. 8pp, uncut. Some spotting on front page, recent owner's name in ink in top margin. Sept.9, 1868. £12.00
    Includes programme for North Petherton Races, prosecution of obstructive street preacher in Bridgwater etc.

  233. Kingsdon THE PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE For a Capital Freehold Estate, through which, for Two Miles, passes the Turnpike Road leading from Somerton to Ilchester.... consisting of Nearly the Whole Village and Parish of Kingsdon, together with The Manor belonging thereto. This Estate contains about Fifteen Hundred Acres of Very Valuable Land.... all of which will be Sold by Auction by Mr Raine.... the 9th Day of December, 1800.... Folio, 18 pages, uncut, folded. Lists 129 Lots, in Schedules giving lands, quantity, quality, names of 'lives' on leases, with their ages. 1800. £75.00
    Nos. in schedules refer to a estate plan which may be shown by Mr Raynolds, at Kingsdon.

  234. Long Ashton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. VI.1, printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. Traces of folds, with slight discoloration along part of one fold. Revised 1934, printed 1935. £14.00
    Shows Leigh Woods, Leigh Warren, Manor House, etc.

  235. Lower Weston, Twerton, Bath ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XIII.8, printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. 1932. £17.00
    Covers area from Locksbrook Cemetery to Clays End, including Flight Works, Weston Mills, Maltings etc.

  236. Lyncombe and Widcombe TWO ENGRAVED VIEWS Mounted one above the other in ivory mount, 'The Cemetery and distant View of Bath' and 'Mausoleum of Ralph Allen', large vignette views, engraved surface approx. 4" x 6", size of mount 14" x 11". Two minor foxing spots in margins. Pub. by E. Peach, Bath c1860. £20.00

  237. Minehead and Dunster SIX PHOTOGRAPHS by Valentine, albumen prints size 4" x 6". 1880's. £22.00

  238. Priddy ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXVII.8. Printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. Revised 1902. Reprint c1940. £16.00
    Covers Priddy, Harptree Lodge, Townsend Pool.

  239. Shepton Mallet PARTICULARS of the 'Anglo' Brewery, together with Residence and Bungalow, 7 Cottages..... Arable Lands.... At a Low Reserve.... 8pp, 4to, wraps, plus map and view of brewery. n.d. c1914? £22.00
    With detailed description of brewery premises, with measurements.

  240. Sweeting (Miss) CULBONE CHURCH Tinted lithograph, engraved surface 8" x 11", plus margins. A few foxing spots in margins, margins slightly trimmed and a bit grubby. Lithographed by A. Pocock, c1840. £38.00
    Shows church in middle distance with mother with two children nursing baby in foreground, high hill in background.

  241. Sweeting (Miss) THE OLD MANOR HOUSE AND CHURCH East Quantocks Head. The Seat of J.F. Luttrell Esq. Tinted lithograph, engraved surface 8" x 11", plus margins. A couple of foxing spots in one margin, two minor water-stains at extreme edge of paper. Lithographed by A. Pocock, c1840. £38.00
    An attractive view showing the house on a wooded rise with boats on the Channel in the background.

  242. Templecombe PARTICULARS Plans and Conditions of Sale of Freehold Estate.... comprising 2 Excellent Grazing or Dairy Farms.... George Richard will offer for Sale by Auction at the Royal Hotel, Templecombe.... June 16, 1903. Folio, 6pp., folio, wraps, 2 large folding coloured plans. Page edges dog-eared, small hole in corner of front wrap. 1903. £26.00
    Concerns Yew Tree Farm and Coombe Throop Farm.

  243. Walker (J & C) SOMERSETSHIRE Map with outline colour, size 12"x 17", plus margins. Shows the areas covered by various Hunts, with small circles showing place of meets. Parkland, railways, towns, borders of hunting areas coloured. Small split in bottom and top margins, repaired on verso. c1836. £28.00
    From 'Hobson's Fox Hunting Atlas'.

    Somerset Acts

  244. Bath Hospital AN ACT for establishing and well governing an Hospital or Infirmary in the City of Bath. Cover leaf + 16pp. 1739. £22.00

  245. Bath Roads AN ACT for repealing an Act.... intitled, An Act for amending, improving and keeping in repair several Roads leading to and from the City of Bath; and for granting other Powers for more effectually improving the several Roads therein described, being in and leading to and from the said City.... 52pp. First leaf slightly browned. 1810. £18.00

  246. Taunton Roads AN ACT for amending the several Roads leading from the Town of Taunton, in the County of Somerset. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 26pp. 1752. £18.00

  247. Walcot Land AN ACT for vesting part of the Residuary Estate of Hannah Silcock, Widow, deceased, in Trustees upon Trust, to sell and dispose of the same, and to lay out the Money arising therefrom in the Purchase of other Hereditaments.... 11pp. 1815. £14.00
    Includes a 2pp schedule of the land and tenants involved in Walcot.

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  248. Consall and Woodhead PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable and Truly Important Freehold Estates of Consall and Woodhead..... The Manor of Consall, Well Stocked with Game; Fishery, beautiful Woods.... and Several Valuable Farms, Surrounding the Mansion of Consall Hall, partly bounded by the River Churnett and the Trent and Mersey Canal.... Added to the great many recommendations of this fine Property is the incalculable Value of the Minerals, about 1600 Acres, containing Five Ascertained Seams or Strata or Mines of superior Coal, Part already worked, but only for the use of the Estate, and the first Seam being only Sixteen Yards deep: and Veins of Iron-Stone, with Tram Roads Completed to the Canal & Turnpike Roads.... several Very capital Lime Works, &c, most substantially and admirably constructed, Stone Quarries and Wharfs, The Rental and estimated Value of the Property is 4000 and Upwards Per Annum, exclusive of the Coals and Quarries... The Birmingham and Manchester Railroad passes near the Estate.... Which will be sold by Auction..... 28th October, 1843. 13pp., folio, including Schedule for Wetley Rocks (House, Blacksmith's Shop Stone Quarry etc.) Loosely inserted are three folding lithograph plans, the first 'Section of the Borings at Consall, with the propositions for further Proof, and the design for opening the Mine' showing the 'Top Water of the Caldon Canal', line of borings, proposed shafts, etc., by Brooke R. Smith, Agent; The Consall Estate; The Woodhead Colliery Estate. Also inserted is a page of rough notes of the Auctioneer. Some stab holes down left margin, where particulars presumably bound with others. Paper chipped at corners of a few pages, two small feint waterstains on first page. 1843. £160.00
    As well as Consall Hall, 'Inexhaustible Mines and Strata of Coal.... A Vein of Iron-Stone, Six Capital and Superior Lime Kilns.... The Railway' there were various farms, a Mansion etc. 'Lot 3. The Woodhead Colliery Estate.... Comprises An Important Railway, with Colliery, Engine, Numerous Erections, Lime Wharf, Brick Ground, A Farm & Fine Meadow Lands....'

  249. Hednesford PROBATE of the will of Henry Arthur, training groom. 2 large vellum sheets with printed certificate attached, crumbly papered seal. 1835. £12.00

  250. Rugeley PARTICULAR OF ESTATES in the Parishes of Rugeley and Colton.... About 1,035 Acres, to be Offered for Sale by Public Auction.... 20th and 21st Days of October, 1828.... 17pp., folio, sewn, traces of folds, with docket title. Large folding hand-coloured plan showing 104 lots, schedules of each lot giving name of tenant, field-name etc., cultivation, quantity. Foxing spots on docket title. 1828. £55.00
    'the Trent and Mersey Canal runs through the middle of the property'.

  251. Tunstall, Cheadle GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Fully hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LXXII.N.W, size approx. 13" x 15", plus wide margins, key in left-hand margin. Slightly dusty. Railways inserted to 1890, O.S. blindstamp 1901. £28.00

  252. Walsall APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE apprenticing John Hughes son of John Hughes of Walsall Collier to Anselm Parker of Walsall, Saddler, for five years. On partchment, folio, folded, three small papered red seals, printed with MS inserts. 1869. £17.00
    The apprentice undertakes not to 'haunt Taverns or Playhouses'.

  253. Buck (S. & L) THE EAST VIEW OF BUTLEY-PRIORY,IN THE COUNTY OF SUFFOLK Copper plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 7" x 14", plus wide margins. A good impression. Some slight age toning of paper. Samuel & Nathaniel Buck, 1738. £36.00

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  254. Haling Park Estate, Croydon PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the HALING PARK ESTATE, Comprising the Old Fashioned Residence with Pleasure Grounds.... also HALING PARK COTTAGE.... in all about 54 Acres..... Messrs. Daniel Watney & Sons.... will Sell the above by Auction.... on Thursday, 13th July, 1922. With 2 photographic illusts on one sheet, coloured folding plan, 14 + (1)pp, original printed wraps, top corner of top wrap slightly torn. 1922. £28.00

  255. Horsham NEW ONE INCH ORDNANCE SURVEY Sheet 302. Folding into printed green cloth wraps, sm. 8vo. Some roads have been coloured red. c1900. £8.00

  256. Kingston, Reigate, Farnham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. VIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 29", woodland, main roads, boundaries, hand-coloured. Linen backed, edges with silk tape, dissected and folding to 8vo. Strip of light browning along one fold where silk tape has off-set. In green morocco slipcase, with tuck-in flap, gilt title on spine. c1830. £48.00

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  257. Brighton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1 inch to a mile, Sheet No. IX. Size 25" x 36". Woodland, roads, boundaries hand-coloured. Mounted on linen, folding to 4to, green morocco slipcase with flap, slightly rubbed, gilt title on spine. Covers 'Brighthelmstone', Selsey Peninsula, Horsham. Ink stain in top margin along approx. 4", slightly obtruding into border, ink stain on verso on linen, which is not affecting map but has rendered linen along that fold weak, linen on verso generally grubby. Symonds Wycombe watermark 1829. £40.00

  258. Cobnor Farm, Chidham CATALOGUE OF THE FARMING STOCK comprising 4 Young and Active Cart Horses, Alderney Cow and Calf, Drag and Small Harrows... Banbury Turnip Cutter.... and other effects.... Which will be Sold by Auction... 23rd of April, 1847.... 12pp, 8vo, sewn, traces of folds, attractively printed title. Mason, Printer, Chichester, 1847. £26.00
    305 Lots. Prices neatly entered in ink.

  259. Horsham CATALOGUE OF IMPORTANT SALE of the very extensive and valuable Contractor's & Builder's Plant, including 6-h.p. Engine & Boiler, with Mortar Mill... 2 Powerful Draught Horses... Well-Seasoned Stock of Timber.... Builder's Ironmongery.... for sale by Auction... April 30th.... 1896. Printed wraps, 8vo, 51pp. 1896. £10.00

  260. Lewes, Midhurst, Winchelsea ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. V. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 29", plus margins, woodland, main roads, boundaries hand coloured. Linen backed, dissected and folding to 8vo, in green morocco slipcase, with flap, gilt title on spine. Some minor rubbing of slip case. Symonds Wycombe watermark 1828. £50.00

  261. Rustington PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Most Attractive Freehold Building Sites, Portions of the 'Rustington House Estate' comprising 38 Acres, to be Offered by Auction by Messrs. Sparks & Son.... the 1st day of August, 1911. 11p, 4tom original printed wraps, slightly darkened at edges. 2 large folding coloured maps, and key plan on back wrap. 1911. £26.00

  262. Warningcamp Farm, Arundel CATALOGUE of the Whole of the Live and Dead Farming Stock, comprisng 9 strong, active Cart Horses, Black Shire Cart Stallion, 'Monarch', Ten 20-Month Devon Stgeers.... Agricultural Implements... Spark & Son.... will Sell by Auction.... 28th September 1897. 8pp, sm. 8vo. 1897. £8.00
    The owner was the Duke of Norfolk.

  263. Atherstone TO TANNERS AND CAPITALISTS... VALUABLE FREEHOLD & COPYHOLD PROPERTY to be Sold by Auction.... at the Phoenix Inn.... Nov. 11, 1857. 1p, plus docket title, fine double-page hand-coloured plan lithographed by Moody, Printer, Cannon St., Birmingham. 1857. £40.00
    Includes large house with Tannery Yards and Works lately occupied by William Freer, the Phoenix Inn.

  264. Birmingham and Oxford Junction Railway BRIDGE OVER TURNPIKE ROAD FROM WARWICK TO BIRMINGHAM Fine engineering drawing, in ink and water-colour, with printed title, size 28" x 49". Shows 'Elevation of Middle Truss', with 'Plan', 'Tranverse Section'. Scale half an inch to a foot. With stamp of G.W.R., and stamp staying it is no 6 of a set of 10. Some restoration to edges of paper, 5 tears reaching within the border, all but one in blank area. Laid down on hand-made paper. c1850. £200.00
    The railway was acquired by the Great Western Railway in 1848.

  265. Hill TO THE PARISHIONERS OF ST. JAMES'S, HILL Printed letter from the Minister, Montagu Webster, to the Parishioners on the occasion of the Rev. Richard's appointment as curate. 1pp, 4to, some foxing, adjoining leaf with address panel. 1882. £12.00

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  266. Ashton Gifford House, Codford THE FREEHOLD & SPORTING PROPERTY known as Ashton Gifford House, Codford.... Capital Farm Buidlings.... Bailiff's House. Two Entrance Lodges.... 60 Acres.... for Sale by Auction.... 20th November, 1929. Roy 8vo, coloured folding plan, photos., frontis, 8pp, original wraps. 1929. £15.00

  267. Axford, Marlborough LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, HAY &c.... A Catalogue of 6 Cart Horses, 2 Capital Dairy Cows, Wagons, Carts... Bean Mill, Chaff Cutters.... also 7 Ricks of Hay... to be Sold by Auction... on the Premises at Coombe Farm.... 3pp., 8vo, taces of vertical central fold. Wittern New, Printer, Hungerford, 1886. £14.00

  268. Box and Ditteridge Auction PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF FREEHOLD FARM, With good Dwelling-House, Outbuildings, Garden, Arable and Pasture Lands, known as "Alcombe Farm," comprising 28a. 2r. 3p. Situate in the Parish of Box and Ditteridge, for many years in the occupation of Mr Thomas Andrews; also Freehold Dwelling Houses, Gardens, Building Land, Lime Kilns, and other Premises situate in the Upper Bristol Road, about 1 Miles from the City of Bath, known as "Belle-Vue Lodge," Locksbrook Place, and "Cork Paddock." The whole comprising an area of 5a. 3r. 13p. to be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Hawkins & Son. At the Full Moon Hotel, Southgate Street, in the City of Bath, On Thursday, the 4th day of November, 1886. Folio, 3 coloured folding plans, 4pp, folded. 1886. £30.00

  269. Bradford-on-Avon NINE LARGE SCALE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 1/500, 10.56ft. to 1 mile. Comprising: Sheet XXXII.14.24 (Gas Works, Quarry, Iron Foundry), laid down, split at vertical fold with old sellotape marks; Sheet XXXVIII.2.4 (Canal, Old Quarry, fields), dissected vertically in half, linen-backed; Sheet XXXII.14.23 (Barton Farm, Tithe Barn, Wharf), laid down, brownish marks from 4 old repairs, some red piping marked; Sheet XXXII.14.25 (fields only); Sheet XXXII.14.15 (Woolley House, Holt Rd., Kingsfield House), some pipelines marked, old sellotape marks at tears, now laid down; Sheet XXXII.14.10 (Part of Sladesbrook Nursery, Corwn Court eorge Inn), split at vertical fold, laid down; Sheet XXXII.14.9 (Christ Church, Vicarage, Priory Park, Sladesbrook Nursery), some wear at fold, and old sellotape marks; Sheet XXXII.14.8 (Huntingdon St., Budbury Farm), old sellotape marks at folds; Sheet XXXII.14.18 (Barton Bridge, Wellclose House, Newtown Brewery, Smithy), some old sellotape marks, piping top left in red. 1887. £85.00

  270. Chiseldon House Estate PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE. The Valuable Freehold Properties known as the Chiseldon Estates including Chiseldon House and Grounds. With Farms at Badbury and Wanborough, Broad Hinton, and Aldbourne also The "Plough Inn," Badbury, Fifty-five Cottages.... for sale by Auction.... On Friday June 28th, 1901 and Saturday, June 29th, 1901. Folio, with five folding coloured plans including one of the village, one leaf showing 5 views of properties, area map on verso of top wrap. 29pp, paper wraps, spine worn, top wrap loose, with a vertical fold and a few edge tears. Revised Edition, 1901. £48.00

  271. Collingbourne Kingston PARTICULARS PLAN & CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Dairy and Corn Farm known as Aughton Farm.... for Sale by Auction.... February 18th, 1947. 12pp., 4to, folding plan. Crease in wraps. 1947. £8.00

  272. Combe Estate, Donhead St. Mary PARTICULARS Of a Beautifully Situated Small Freehold Estate in the Parish of Donhead St. Mary, Wilts.... known as the Coombe Estate.... Which will be Sold by Auction..... by Messrs. Waters, Son & Rawlence at the Grosvenor Arms Hotel, Shaftesbury, On Friday, 23rd June, 1876. Folio, double page plan, 3pp, original paper wraps. 1876. £28.00

  273. Great Hinton PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Desirable Pasturte Farm 'Upper Farm'.... for sale by auction, July 16th, 1914.... together with.... Particulars and Plan of Valuable Freehold Estate at Hinton Parva.... for sale by auction 9th October 1905 Each item 4pp., 4to, wraps. 2 items. 1914 and 1905. £9.00

  274. Great Western Railway NOTICE to Robert Batson & William Large that the railway 'will pass through a certain pasture Field Footpath and premises in the parish of Highworth'. 2pp, details in MS, titled on verso of blank adjoining leaf, folded, together with blank 'Schedule of Claim Form... to be Filled in by Owners....' 6th March 1839. £15.00

  275. Hannington & Stanton Fitzwarren Estates PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE. Of a Very Valuable well-placed Freehold Estate Comprising Four Exceptionally Desirable Dairying and Grazing Farms.... and Cottages and Gardens, the whole comprising an Area of about 710 Acres.... for Sale by Auction.... At the Goddard Arms Hotel, Swindon, On Monday, June 28th, 1909. Folio, coloured folding plan loosely inserted, full-page photo of 'The Old Manor House', Hannington Wick, 12pp, few tears to margins, leaves loose, original wraps, traces of horizontal folds. 1909. £28.00

  276. Jones (W.H), Vicar of Bradford on Avon LETTER dated The Vicarage, Bradford on Avon, Dec. 19, 1876, to a correspondent who has enquired about the Baily family of Westbury 3p, sm. 8vo. 1876. £12.00

  277. Littlecote Estate TO BE OFFERED FOR SALE BY TENDER 478 TIMBER TREES Situate on the Littlecote Estate, and Comprising Some Fine Oak, Long Ash, and Good Beech.... Handbill on blue paper, 2pp. December 1890. £8.00

  278. Littlecote Park Farm, Froxfield CATALOGUE OF SALE of Live and Dead Farming Stock.... comprising the Hampshire Down Breeding Flock.... Also 14 Staunch Cart Horses... 30 head of Swine.... 7pp., sm. 8vo. 1890. £10.00

  279. Malmesbury Saint Paul Without, Malmesbury Saint Paul Within, Westport Saint Mary Without, Westport Saint Mary Within, The Abbey and Brokenborough Without PARTICULARS, PLANS, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, Of Freehold Small Holdings, Accommodation Pasture Lands and Reversions in Houses, Cottages and Lands, situate in the above Parishes, which will be Sold by Auction.... Thursday, the 16th Day of July, 1896. Folio, with 3 coloured folding plans, 18pp, original wraps loose, tears to margins. 1896. £30.00

  280. Marlborough PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of fully-licensed property known as the Rose and Crown Inn.... to be sold by Auction.... December 17th, 1895. 3pp., folded with docket title. 1895. £10.00

  281. Melksham Forest PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Freehold Holding known as Forest Farm..... for Sale by Auction, May 28th, 1912. 11pp., sm. folio, wraps. Large folding coloured plan. Some stains on wraps. 1912. £22.00

  282. New Sarum (Borough of) DECLARATIONS Of Their Acceptance of Office, Made by Mayors, Aldermen, Councillors, Auditors & Assessors. Sm. folio book of 48 printed forms, each with coat of arms at top, with details in MS, recording name, offices, signature of officer and 2 witnessing Councillors, plus 20 leaves at rear, with forms not printed but entirely in manuscript. Full reversed calf, corners rubbed, lacks calf on spine, morocco label on front board, gilt. Dec. 1835 - Mar. 1839. £85.00

  283. New Swindon PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Block of 11 Well Built Houses, Nos. 1 - 11 Queen Anne's Buildings.... Ocuupying a commanding position in the important thoroughfare of Faringdon Street, to be Offered for Sale by Auction.... June 27th, 1888. 6pp., folio, folded, with double page coloured plan. 1888. £22.00

  284. North Bradley COPY ENCLOSURE AWARD detailing allotments made under the 'Act for inclosing Lands within the Manors of North Bradley and Southwick....' 123 pages, written on rectos only, in 4to notebook, half calf, marbled boards. Headings (mainly name of person) and number on facing page e.g. 'No. 31. William Drewett... All that plot of ground on Yarnbrook Common containing one rood.... bounded on the West by the Turnpike road leading to Westbury....' Also details public and private roads. paper watermarked 1853. £75.00

  285. North Wiltshire? FARMER'S CASH BOOK Cash book, size 6" x 4", parchment covered boards, metal clasp, 168 pages of entries, April 1843 - Nov. 1844. Lists expenses such as soap, cotton and blue, sacks of wheat clothes ('a hat for Mr. Coster 10s'), candles, pike, malt, drugs for a horse 'for greening 4 calves', 'land tax and dog tax', 'expenses to Swindon with Cheese' and wages 'John Pontin for grafting' 'for mowing 7 acres' etc. 1843-4. £65.00
    Probably North Wiltshire as Swindon and the 'North Wilts. Bank' are mentioned.

  286. Pewsey PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of valuable Properties comprising 'Southcott House'.... 'Southcott Lodge'.... to be Sold by Auction.... 26th June, 1890. 3pp., folio, folded. 1890. £15.00

  287. Pewsey PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of certain Freehold Farms knon as 'Southcott Lodge Estate'.... which will be Sold by Auction.... 28th July, 1924. 9pp., folio, plan loosely inserted, folded with docket title, title leaf torn. 1924. £16.00

  288. Pewsey PARTICULARS of Residential Property known as Sharcott Manor, Pewsey.... to be Sold by Auction, December 1st, 1896. 3pp., folio, folded with docket title, photographic plate loosely inserted. 1896. £14.00

  289. Purton ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS of Agricultural Properties.... Down Farm, Green Hill Farm... 12 Pasture Fields.... for Sale by Auction, 17th February, 1930. 15pp., 4to, stiff wraps with photo pasted on. Vertical fold. 1930. £15.00

  290. Simpson (G) Pr. DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE Thursday Feb. 12, 1829. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., red tax stamp. 1837. £15.00
    Contains large notice for 'Criterion' coach to Birmingham, Corsham Turnpike Tolls to Let, Agricultural Report for September, Training Exercise of Devizes Yeomanry Cavalry.

  291. Sutton Mandeville and Chicksgrove Estates PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Compact and Attractive Freehold Dairy, Sheep and Corn Farms.... Accommodation Agricultural Holdings.... Two Full-Licensed Public Houses.... To be sold by Auction... July 17th, 1917. 41pp., folio, wraps, large coloured plan in pocket. Some tears in wraps, one corner of pages slightly dog-eared. 1917. £30.00

  292. Tottens Farm, Coombe Bisset Chapel Farm, Woodyates AUCTION SALE PARTICULARS. Lot One A First-Class Arable and Dairy Farm with Sporting and Fishing, TOTTENS FARM, Coombe Bissett, Salisbury..... Lot Two An Arable or Dairy Holding CHAPEL FARM, Woodyates, Nr. Salisbury.... Which Wooley & Wallis are instructed to Sell by Auction.... On Tuesday, 20th October, 1964.... Folio, with 2 coloured plans on 1 folding sheet in pocket at rear, 11 photographic illusts on 6 sheets, (13)pp, original printed wraps. 1964. £20.00

  293. Wanborough CATALOGUE of the Valuable Stock of Dairy Cows, Cart and Other Mares, Geldings and Colts, Tegs, Pigs &c. The property of Mr Pinniger, deceased, for Sale by Auction by W. Aylwin, on the Premises, Nythe Farm... Jan. 16th, 1844.... 4pp, sm. 8vo, some slight off-setting. 1844. £18.00

  294. West Stowell PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Unusually Attractive Residential Estate distinguished as 'West Stowell', Complete Stabling, Chaise House & Outbuildings surrounded by Park-like Pleasure Grounds Very Desirable Farms and Seven Laborers' Cottages.... which will be Sold by Auction.... September 5th, 1878. 6pp., folio, folded, large coloured folding plan. 1878. £28.00

  295. Wroughton PARTICULARS of Badbury Wick Farm in the parishes of Chisledon and Liddington and Arable Land at Wroughton to be Sold by Auction.... 20th August 1855. 3pp., folio. 1855. £18.00

    Wiltshire Acts

  296. Fisherton, Wilton, Heytesbury Roads AN ACT for enlarging the Term and Powers of Four Acts.... for repairing several Roads leading from Fisherton, Wilton, Heytesbury and other Places.... 16pp. 1815. £11.00

  297. Trowbridge Roads AN ACT for repairing and improving the Trowbridge Roads.... 46pp. 1819. £12.00

  298. Wilton, Burcomb, Netherhampton and Fugglestone Saint Peter Inclosure AN ACT for dividing, allotting, and inclosing Lands in the Parishes of Wilton, Burcomb, Netherhampton, and Fugglestone Saint Peter.... 19pp. 1825. £17.00

  299. Wootton Bassett AN ACT for repairing and maintaining the Road from Wootton Bassett.... to the Two Mile Stone on the Turnpike Road from Swindon to Marlborough.... 30pp. Last leaf loose. 1809. £14.00

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  300. Hanley Castle and Welland PARTICULARS AND PLAN of the Freehold Properties including an Excellent Family Residence known as 'Catterall'... the Pheasant Hotel and the Ewe & Lamb Inn.... for Sale by Auction July 17th, 1916. 6pp., folio, plus plan and photo. frontis. Vertical crease, some tears and creases at page edges. 1916. £13.00

  301. Knighton AN ACCOUNT OF MONEY expended by Thos. Good, Chapel Warden of Knighton Commencing May 10th, 1815. 7p in sm. folio notebook. Notes expenses from Sept. 8th 1815-22nd March 1820. Signed by 6 people, March 24, 1820. Loosely inserted is note on measurements for house, garden, named fields. 1815-1820. £30.00
    Includes 'A Reed for the Bassoon', 'Pd Wm. Nash a Bill for flooring part of the Chapel finding 290 feet of oak boards', 'Pd J. Hill 3 days Man 2 days Wm. Nash 1 Day removeing soil out of the Chapel and putting up Coat of Arms...'

  302. Knighton AN ASSESSMENT made the seventh Day of October 1815 to reimburse the expences upon the Highways in the Chapelry of Knighton at the rate of Sixpence in the Pound... 78 ratepayers listed with amount payable, signed by the two surveyors. 7 pages in MS, sm. 8vo, stiff marbled wraps. 1815. £18.00

  303. Knighton ESTATES IN THE PARISH OF KNIGHTON UPON TEAM in the County of Worcester the Property of Sir William Smith Bart. 1814. Measured by Chas. Evans Land Surveyor Ludlow. 11p, 4to, sewn in rough plain wraps. Lists under heading of occupier's name the Names of Fields etc., Quality, Quantiy. Abstract at end with Total. 1814. £28.00
    14 occupiers named.

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  304. Dishforth, near Thirsk, Yorkshire A CATALOGUE of the Entire Herd of Improved Short Horned Cattle, Valuable Young Horses,and Leicestershire Pigs, the Property of the Rev. John Higginson.... which will be Positively Sold by Auction.... 24th day of September, 1841.... 13pp., sm. 8vo. The last blank leaf has been used to forward the catalogue to J.H. Hampton Leavis at Holyhead, with the address on the outside, old fold, remains of wax seal, Holyhead postmark. 1841. £32.00
    A letter from Leavis' son is on the inside back wrap, regarding pedigree of 'the boar that got your pigs', to be sent on by Rev. Higginson.

  305. Ecclesall, Bierlow, Nether Hallam PARTICULARS of apton Hill and other Valuable Freehold Estates.... in the Several Townships of Ecclesall Bierlow and Nether Hallam.... which will be Sols by Auction by Mr Bardwell at The Tontine Inn, Sheffield... 3rd Day of February, 1826. 6pp., sm. folio, plus docket title, hand-coloured lithographed plan by W. & J. Fairbank. 1826. £40.00
    Describes 18 Lots, with acreages.

  306. Ecclesfield GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No 288. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx. 23" x 35", plus margins, fully hand coloured, keys in right and left-hand margins. 1874. £40.00

  307. Holderness THE REMEMBRANCER or Holderness Farmer's Pocket Companion for the Year 1834, Shewing All Fairs and Markets and Appointed Days of Business in Each Month, with a Complete Calving Table.... 24pp., 8vo, with some entries in MS in each month. e.g. '19th March plowing match', '5 May Zulma calved', 'Hired Mary Stamp', '12 November Hedon hiring.' Bound with 'Old Moore's Almanack' for 1823, 1833, 1835, 1836, 1837, 1838, 1839, 1840. Half red morocco, rubbed, marbled boards. Hedon, Printed and Sold by W. Parnell, Market-Place. £38.00

  308. Hornsea DRAWING titled 'View from my bedroom window, Grantham's Lodging, Hornsea, preventive House. Sept. 23rd, 1857'. Size 7" x 9", competent amateur drawing of detached house with tall mast in the garden, man looking through telescope coastline in distance. Thick paper, lightly foxed throughout. 1857. £18.00

  309. Langsett GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No 281. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx. 24" x 36", plus margins, fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. c1870. £45.00

  310. Ryhope, Silksworth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No XIV. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx. 23" x 35", linen-backed, fully hand coloured geologically, and with much geological information added in manuscript in neat lettering in black ink. In top margin is written 'Geological information copied at 28 Jermyn Street from the original manuscript map 20th September 1890. The original map geologically surveyed by W. Howell.' Map published 1861, MS information added later. £45.00

  311. Walker (J & C) EAST RIDING OF YORKSHIRE Map with outline colour, size 12"x 17", plus margins. Shows the areas covered by various Hunts, with small circles showing place of meets. Parkland, railways, borders of hunting areas coloured. c1836. £26.00
    From 'Hobson's Fox Hunting Atlas'.

  312. Warrington Blue Coat School MINES ACCOUNTS. Two folio volumes, marbled wraps, manuscript accounts 'In Chancery' the first between 1862 - 1868, 12 pages, the second 1871 - 1884, 14 pages, with Chancery stamps for 'two Shillings'. Traces of fold, one volume is reinforced with paper to spine, back wrapper worn with holes where folded, top wrap split at fold, spine partly split. Includes a list of names, a lump sum paid, Exchequer bills, and various cash sums. 1862- 1868 & 1871 - 1884. £36.00

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    Channel Islands

  313. Harwood's JERSEY Illustrations. 12 vignette views, size of engraved surface of 8 of the views approx. 4" x 6", 4 are smaller, approx. 3" x 4". Original embossed paper 'lace effect' wraps, oblong 8vo, gilt titled, tissue guards. Wraps grubby, sewing of plates intact but wraps loose. c1840. £75.00
    Views comprise: St. Helier (4); Victoria College; Mt. Orgueil Castle; St. Brelade's Bay; St. Aubin's Bay; St. Peter's Valley; St. Brelade's Church; Boulay Bay; St. Saviours Church.

  314. Rock Bros. Ltd. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY VIEWS of Jersey and the Channel Islands. 4to, 48pp. Two leaves loose, boards slightly rubbed at edges. Slight crinkling of some pages at edges due to damp, without any discolouration. c1910. £9.00

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  315. Armagh LEASE of eleven acres at Aughmagorgan, in the Manor of Cladymore, Francis Earl of Charlemont to John Harrison. 3pp. printed on stiff paper, large folio, with ms inserts, wax seals. Small sketch plan showing fields and buildings etc. in margin. Printed docket title, with note of rent, heriot, etc. 1839. £18.00

  316. Carlow LEASE for 31 Years from 29th September 1792 of a dwelling house and concerns in Castle Street, Thomas Farlow, Brazier, to Thomas Berne, School Master. On paper, size 15" x 19", a few very small holes without loss. On verso is a manuscript plan with outline colour of 'the within Leased Holding Laid down by a scale of ten feet to an Inch' approx. 6" x 7". 1792. £25.00

  317. Murray (T.L) Pub. IRELAND Engraved map, size 27" x 17", coloured in outline. Traces of folds. May 1st, 1830. £18.00

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  318. Aberdeen BILLHEAD of 'The Scottish Farmer', made out to J. & A. Blackie for advertising lots of land on the Banks of Dee. 3" x 8", printed border clipped away at bottom, fine vignette of man ploughing. 1849. £5.00

  319. Ayr Ram Society, Scotland THE ANNUAL SHOW & SALE of Blackfaced Rams & Ram Lambs will take place.... 7th September within the Cattle Market... 4pp., 8vo, traces of folds. c1890. £10.00
    Lists 35 sellers of Shearlings and 37 of Lambs.

  320. Banff ANNUAL LIST of the Improved Short Horned Stock, at Eden, Near Banff, In October, 1846. 7pp., 8vo. List has been folded and posted by James Grant Duff (owner) to a Mr. Frayn in Inverness, with Inverness postmark, 1846, and penny red stamp, on last blank page. Russell & Patterson, Printers, Banff, 1846. £36.00
    Lists 27 Cows and Heifers, with much detail of pedigree, and 7 Bulls.

  321. Craw (W) Pr. THE DUMFRIES-SHIRE & GALLOWAY HERALD AND REGISTER February 18, 1847. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp. 1847. £10.00
    Includes lists of subscribers to the Dumfries and Maxwelltown soup kitchens.

  322. Edinburgh BURGESS AND GUILD TICKET of Thomas Lamb, Merchant, Leith Street. Vellum, 13" x 14", engraved heading with coat of arms. Printed with MS inserts. Some yellowing of vellum, print slightly rubbed. 1823.. £15.00

  323. Hermand, Midlothian PRINTED NOTICE. Sale of Crop. To be Sold by Public Roup at Hermand. On Saturday the 9th of September, 1843, About 16 Acres of Excellent Oats.... G. Brownlee, Auctioneer. Size approx. 9" x 7", printed on one side only. R. Morrison, printer, Mid-Calder. 1843. £15.00

  324. Iron Foundry BILLHEAD of Shotts Iron Coy., Edinburgh. Oblong 8vo. Fine engraved vignette showing street scene with foundry building, figures, smoking chimney behind. Made out for box, pipes, receipted. 1847. £10.00

  325. Jedburgh REPORT OF THE TRIAL BY JURY of the Action of Declarator of Thirlage, and Payment of Abstracted Multures. The Magistrates and Town Council of Jedburgh against The Bakers, on January 12 and 13, 1843. 89pp., sm. 8vo, printed boards with calf spine. Jedburgh: Printed by Walter Easton. 1843. £24.00
    Gives extracts from transcription of proceedings, lists of relevant Charters etc.

  326. Kerr family RECORDS OF SOME OF THE KERRS of Ancrum Lothian and Jedburgh. Manuscript in 4to notebook, half calf, manuscript title as above on front board. 15 pages (the rest blank). Some relevant newpaper cuttings pasted to endpapers. Name of Beauchamp Kerr on fly-leaf. c1870. £24.00

  327. Kirkwall, Orkney PENCIL DRAWING 'West End of Kirkwall Cathedral'. Very fine detailed view of the west front, man carrying wood crossing in front of doorway, a round tower and other buildings to right. In soft pencil, heightened with white. On buff paper, size 6" x 9", mounted on white card, titled in pencil on mount. c1840. £50.00
    A fine, probably professional, drawing.

  328. Musselburgh REPORT UPON THE BOROUGH OF MUSSELBURGH 2pp, with a Plan of the Town, by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline, size 13" x 18", scale 6" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. c1832. £20.00

  329. Perth CATALOGUE of Great Annual Spring Sale of Draught & Harness Horses, Carriages and Harness, within the Perth Agricultural Hall, 23rd March, 1896. 16pp, 8vo, traces of folds. £10.00

  330. Ramsay (David), Pub. THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT February 15, 1834. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp, folds. 1834. £10.00

  331. Rosoman (Leonard), Artist SHELL GUIDE TO INVERNESS-SHIRE Poster with illustration showing mountains with deer, black grouse etc. Map with key below. Overall size 29" x 20", metal hanger top and bottom. A few small minor creases. 1950's. £18.00

  332. Rutherglen, Lanarkshire BURGESS TICKET granted to Alexander Govan, Merchant of Glasgow, 1774. Vellum, manuscript, size 8" x 10", on verso is impressed engraving with hand-colouring showing madonna and child with two bishops holding thistles, with motto of Rutherglen. Colour rubbed. 1774. £20.00

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  333. Caernarvonshire, Merionethshire CARY'S REDUCED ORDNANCE MAP Sheet 35. Scale half and inch to 1 mile, size 21" x 25", roads, parkland, water features, country boundaries delicately hand-coloured. Shows soundings, composition of sea bed. Coloured border. Linen-backed, folding into marbled 8vo wraps, in card slipcase with small key plan. Published by G. & J.C. Cary, September 1st, 1827. £36.00
    Covers Caernarvon, Bardsey Island, LLanwrst.

  334. Cellan, Cardiganshire PARTICULARS, PLANS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Estates known as the Maesgwilym anbd Trebannau Estates.... to be offered for Sale by Public Auction by Mr. Daniel Rees at the memorial Hall, Lampeter, 28th June, 1909. 4to, wraps, 8pp., photo, folding coloured plan. Spine repaired with archival tape. 1909. £14.00

  335. Dovey, Mawddach... Salmon Fishery District THE SALMON FISHERY ACTS 1861-1873. 7pp printed on pink card, 4" x 3". Details 3 Acts, and on the last page Scale of Licence Duties for Fishing for Salmon ('for each weir hang, baulk, garth, goryd... 10....') 1894. £16.00

  336. Merionethshire AUCTION POSTER. Valuable Oak, Ash and other Timber to be Sold by Auction by Mr Thomas Payne, At the Cross-Foxes Inn, Mallwyd, on Tuesday the Forteenth Day of February, 1826.... Size approx. 18" x 11", folds. Dolgelley: printed for J. Pugh. 1826. £24.00
    Lists 7 lots of the timber and farms concerned in the Parish of Mallwyd.

  337. Ruabon, Denbigh LEASE of coal, fireclay, found under a piece of land at Cefn, Ruabon, A. Kenyon Fuller to the Delph Brick and Fire Clay Works, Ruabon. 21p., neatly written, folio, property concerned coloured on section from 6" O.S. map attached to first page. 1900. £25.00

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  338. Adamson (Charles) MANUSCRIPT BOOK OF VETERINARY RECIPES and other remedies. written in 'Old Moore's Almanac 1844'. 12 printed pages with List of Fairs etc. followed by 108 pages of manuscript recipes, mainly for stock, but some for humans. 8vo, full diced calf, lacks metal clasp. The first 174 recipes, all in the same very neat hand, are numbered, the last 32 pages are in a different hand and the recipes not numbered. Some minor water-staining of a few pages, inner joints broken. 1844. £80.00
    On the flyleaf is the name 'Charles Adamson. Gwendale'. Gwendale is presumably the name of a farm or a house as I have been unable to trace it as a placename. Recipes include 'For a Dry Cough in a Horse', 'Purging Balls', 'Powders for Good Skins in Mash (6 weeks after thease powders will get a glosey skin and fur'), 'Cordial Ball for a Rase Horse'.

  339. Agricultural Machinery THREE BILLHEADS for John Wilder, Engineer, Smith & Agricultural Machinist, Reading, 1881, for repairs to Turnip Cutter, etc.; for T. Manning, Collar and Harness Manufacturer, Wolverhampton, 1898; G.S. Evans, General Furnishing Ironmonger, Agricultural Implements, Oswestry, 1881, with illustrations of butter churn, plough, range, bed. 1st item ragged at edge. 1881-98. £7.00

  340. Barr & Stroud Ltd. London & Glasgow BINOCULARS Leaflet, 10pp on folding strip, attractive Deco-style title in colour of woman with binoculars. Illustrates 11 types, with prices. 1937. £10.00


  341. Coast of Africa A COMMISSION IN THE SERVICE OF THE COMPANY OF MERCHANTS TRADING TO AFRICA Printed document of 17 lines, with Ms inserts, on vellum size 8" x 10", appointing William Feilde 'A Chief of an Outfort in the Service of the said Company on the Coast of Africa.' With the papered seal of the Company, signed by the Secretary, F. Rutherford. Decorative calligraphic heading and initial letter. Manuscript inserts slightly faded, but legible. Traces of folds, some slight darkening at top edge. 1786. £70.00
    The Company was empowered by an act of the 'Twenty-third of George II... to make orders.... for the governing, maintaining, preserving, and improving the Forts, Castles, Settlements and Factories... on the Coast of Africa...'

  342. Devon & Somerset Railway SUBSCRIPTION for 145,000 Perpetual 5 per cent Debenture Stock. Price 75 per 100 Stock. 3pp., folio, docket title on verso. Loosely inserted is plan size 10" x 14", showing railway system in North Devon north of Exeter and North West Somerset, railway from Taunton to Barnstaple in red, with dotted line for proposed continuation to Ilfracombe. Shows Lead Mines, Copper Mines, Slate Quarries etc. 28th October, 1870. £70.00
    'There will also, it may be confidently expected, be found a special element of great future advantage, in the facility it will offer for summer and excursion traffic to the beautiful and favourite scenery of North Devon and Cornwall....'

  343. Devon and Dorset GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. 22. Solid with Drift. Colour-printed, size 13" x 19", plus margins, key. Linen-backed and folding to 4to, blue endpapers. 1953. £16.00
    Covers Lyme Bay, Dartmoor.

  344. Digby family DRAFT GRANT of a Rent Charge of 3000 to be issuing out of he estates devised by the Will of the late Edward Earl of Digby. 15pp., folio. 1856. £10.00

  345. Efesca Lanterns, Falk, Stadelmann & Co. Ltd. CATALOGUE of Outdoor and Indoor Lanterns, Cast Iron Columns, Street lighting pediments, Outdoor signs, Shop Window Lights, etc. No. 686. Season 1933-4. 60pp, 4to, printed in blue. Many very attractive illustrations, decorative wraps, worn along part of spine. 1933. £32.00

  346. Flintshire, Lancashire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 79. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36", linen-backed and folding into 8vo wraps. Boundaries, parkland, roads, hand-coloured, area south of Birkenhead (Hooton Hall Estate) shaded, two small circles drawn in blue with numbers inside. c1870. £35.00

  347. Gloucester Old Spots Pigs COLLECTION OF SEVEN CATALOGUES for Sales of Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs. All 8vo, approx. 10pp in each, comprising sales at Basildon Park, Reading, Northampton Cattle Market, Sevington, Wilts., 1919; Maiden Bradley, Long Itchington, Rugby, 1920; Clippesby, Great Yarmouth, 1921; Tenbury, Worcestershire, 1922. 1919-22. £30.00

  348. Gloucestershire and Somerset MIDLAND RAILWAY DISTANCE DIAGRAM Scale 1 inch to 1 mile. Lithographed plan showing Severn Estuary with line from Avonmouth to Hotwells, Clifton, Staple Hill, Temple Meads, with enlargement of Avonmouth bottom left. Folio, folded, 1" repaired split at fold. Third Edition, 1910. £14.00
    Taken from a book of diagrams.

  349. Great Western Railway REPORT of the Directors and Accounts for the Half-Year Ending 31st July, 1870. 9pp, folio, folded. Some slight wear at edge. 1870. £32.00

  350. Guano THE NATIVE GUANO COMPANY LTD. Balance Sheet, 31st October, 1874. 3pp., 4to, plus docket title. 1874. £10.00

  351. Handwritten Magazine THE SPIDERIAN A Monthly Magasine. Volume 1. 1894. April - November. Handwritten magazine, bound in grained cloth boards, gilt titled on front board. Coloured decorative headings and title pages, Index at rear. 1894. £35.00
    Articles include 'Life and Work in the East End of London, by Miss B. Robertson an East End Worker, 'A Day at a Public School', 'Women's Suffrage' etc. Appears to have been based in London. The president lived in Upper Norwood. Members include W.P. Digby, Charles F. Carter of Kings School Canterbury, A.H. Rodd. Reports on scholarships to Oxford etc. gained by members, so presumably was a magazine written by older schoolboys.

  352. Headley Estates PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Estates, occupying 1,802 Acres of fertile Arable, Pasture and Rich Meadow Land, situate in the parishes of Bramham, Little Habton, Butterwick, South Holme, Amotherby and Muscoates.... comprising Eleven Excellent Farms, known as Headley Hall, Wise Warren, Manor, Habton Grange.... Which will be Sold by Auction.... 8th of August, 1903. Folio, 24pp, with 3 large folding coloured plans, loosely inserted. Spine re-inforced with brown paper. 1903. £32.00

  353. Hotels LETTER ON HEADED NOTEPAPER of Kraft's Gd. Hotel de Nice, 1891. 3p large 8vo, with fine engraved view of hotel, gardens, carriages etc., printed in blue.... together with letter on headed notepaper from Grand Hotel Montfleury, Cannes, 1903, with photographic type view of hotel. 1891-1903. £8.00


  354. Lattiford Farm, Holton PARTICULARS WITH PLANS OF THE AGRICULTURAL PROPERTIES ON THE BORDERS OF SOMERSET AND DORSET COMPRISING LATTIFORD FARM, HOLTON situated within 2 miles of Wincanton, 3 from Templecombe, 6 from Bruton and 8 from Sherborne and extending to 216a. 0r. 2p. also Ryalls Farm and Accommodatin Lands within 3 miles of Sturminster Newton, 4 miles from Templecombe and 2 miles from Stalbridge. 235a. 2r. 38p.... To be offered by Auction in Lots at the George Hotel, Frome, on Wednesday, the 3rd of June, 1914. Folio, key plan, 19pp, 2 coloured folding plans in pocket at rear. 1914. £30.00

  355. Lincolnshire & Yorkshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Part of Sheet LXXXV, scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 18", border all round, parkland, roads, hand-coloured. Linen-backed and folding into 8vo cloth wraps. c1860. £16.00
    Covers Great Grimsby, Patrington. Over half the map is sea area, with soundings etc.

  356. Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXX, scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 50", roads, parkland, water features, railways and county boundaries hand-coloured, counties lightly shaded. Composite sheet. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo, marbled wraps. Pinholes at corners. 1863. £48.00
    Covers Nottingham, Grantham, Sleaford, Spalding.

  357. London, Chatham & Dover Railway Co. REPORT OF THE DIRECTORS together with Statements of Account, for the Half-Year Ending June 30, 1898. 8pp., folio, folded. 1898. £25.00
    Includes detailed tables of Capital Expenditure, Locomotive Power, Traffic Expenses, Maintenance of Way, Works, etc.

  358. Musical Instruments PRIVILEGE CATALOGUE OF MUSICAL MERCHANDISE 1913. Campbell & Co., Irongate, Glasgow. 32pp., 4to, illustrated wraps. Traces of vertical fold. Numerous illusts. of phonographs, accordions 'Christy Minstrel Goods' etc. Staples rusted so sections loose. 1913. £18.00

  359. Norfolk and Suffolk ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXVII.N.W, scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 18", border all round, parkland, roads, county borders, hand-coloured. Linen-backed and folding into 8vo cloth wraps. c1860. £16.00
    Covers Lowestoft, Horsey. Over half the map is sea area, with soundings etc.

  360. Penny (J), Sherborne, Pr. SHERBORNE, DORCHESTER & TAUNTON JOURNAL and Wells, Bridgwater and Tiverton Gazette. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., red tax stamp. November 28, 1839. £14.00
    Includes Notices for letting of Wincanton and Sherborne Turnpike Tolls, List of prizes for Sherborne Christmas Cattle Show etc.

  361. Penny (J), Sherborne, Pr. SHERBORNE, DORCHESTER & TAUNTON JOURNAL and Wells, Bridgwater and Tiverton Gazette. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., red tax stamp. November 7, 1844. £14.00
    'Mr Walker, surveyor, of Axbridge, gathered several strawberries (Keen's Seedlings) in the open air on the 28th ult, one meausring seven inches in circumference'.


  362. Prague, Chekoslovakia DIE BRUCKENTHURME DER KLEINSEITE Good tinted lithograph, size 6" x 8", plus wide margins, looking up to the town from a viewpoint below the bridge, figures in foreground. Some light foxing in margin.... together with a companion view DER HRADSCHIN showing horses and figures on wooded lane leading up to castle in middle distance. 2 items. Sandmann, Lith., c1840. £30.00

  363. Reeve's ARTISTS' MATERIALS Catalogue, 116 pages, tall 8vo, illustrated wraps. Numerous illustrations of brushes, stencils, watercolour boxes, pens etc. c1920 or earlier. £18.00

  364. Rhodes Tile Co. Ltd., Burslem MODERN TILE FIREPLACES Oblong 8vo, 29pp, wraps, illusts. c1930. £12.00

  365. Royal Wedding THE TIMES July 7, 1893. 16pp., each page with decorative border. Wear at horizontal fold on first two leaves. Three-page report of Royal Wedding. 1893. £8.00

  366. Siemens ELECTRICAL FITTINGS Bowls, Globes, etc. Catalogue, 11" x 8", 24pp., wraps. 2-3 illustrations per page. Some slight dustmarking at corner of some pages. 1927. £25.00
    Includes 'Italian Alabaster Bowl Fittings' 'Cornelian Glassware Fittings' etc.

  367. Smith & Wellstood Ltd, London PATENT 'ESSE' STOVES The 'Francess', 'Mutesse', and 'Duchesse'. Illustrated brochure, printed in black and red, with prices, 8pp, large 4to. c1908. £16.00
    Illustrates 10 attractive enamelled stoves.

  368. Somerset and Dorset PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM Oblong 4to album, cloth bound, containing 96 photographs in window mounts, many photographs 'ovals'. Size approx. 3" x 3". Titled on mount. Back inner hinge broken, 2" split at spine. c1910. £32.00
    Views include Glastonbury, Shepton Mallet, Bathampton, Padleigh Bottom, Freshford, Winford, Bowlish, Marston Biggott, Lulworth Cove, Portland.

  369. Stokes & Co., Worcester CATALOGUE OF BASKETS Mats, Brushes &c. 1927. 39pp., 8vo, attractive illusts. of baskets, wicker armchairs etc. Lacks back wrap. 1927. £12.00

  370. Swaine & Adeney Ltd. CATALOGUE of riding whips, hunting accessories, trophies and motor mascots, umbrellas, dressing cases, attache cases, etc. 4to, 67pp, coloured wraps, profusely illustrated, with prices, some of the plates being coloured. 1939. £26.00

  371. Thorley's ILLUSTRATED FARMER'S ALMANACK AND DIARY FOR 1891. 47pp., 8vo. Attractive coloured chromolith wraps, showing animals in front of Windsor Castle on front, prize-winning pigs on back wrap. Pull-out coloured illustration inside, showing small girl carrying a goose looking at men in stocks. Spine slightly worn. 1891. £9.00

  372. Torrens (Sir Robert Richard), First Premier of South Australia BANK BOOK of London & Westminster Bank Limited, Temple Bar Branch. 8vo, full morocco, rubbed, with flap. 30p of entries. 1883-4. £35.00
    Includes payments to Reform Club, Devon County Volunteer Assoc., Political Economy Club, etc. After his political career in Australia, where he implemented the 'Torrens Act' land reforms, he retired to England, and eventually to Ashburton in Devon.

  373. 'W.E.D.' EXTRACTS FROM THE KORAN Manuscript on 16p, fscp., sewn together, with verses from Koran in Arabic script and Latin translation, on facing page, verses numbered 1 - 54. Watermarked 1813. £30.00


  374. Wakefield Lodge, Northants. & Bucks. PARTICULARS, PLAN, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF, WAKEFIELD LODGE for 250 years the Residence of the Duke of Grafton forming an estate covering about 2,282 acres with the XVIIIth Century House.... 27 Acres of Ornamental lakes, with Good Coarse Fishing..... Gas Works, Saw Mill, Brickworks, Poultry Farm Excellent Model Dairy Farm with Farms Small Holdings and 38 Houses and Cottages. Messrs. Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard.... for Sale by Auction.... on Wednesday, July 28th, 1920.... Folio, with large coloured folding plan, 7 photographic illusts on 5 sheets, 32 + (1)pp, original printed wraps. 1920. £45.00
    With detailed schedules.

  375. Winchester, Rye, Worthing etc. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM folio, card leaves with gilt edges, half morocco, rubbed. 32 full-plate albumen prints, size approx. 8" x 12", and 51 smaller prints, size approx. 5" x 7", all titled in ink on the mount. Most are by Frith or Valentine. One photo. dated 1893 in MS. £160.00
    Includes fine views of: Rye (3); Harrow (9); Bodiam Castle (3); Bramber (2); Worthing (2); Winchester (9); Dover (5); Eridge Castle; Winchelsea (5); 4 amateur views of interior and exterior of '31 Lordship Park, N.'; and an interesting series of good crisp photographs of the paintings in Stoke Newington Church by Daniel Bell (16), and other views of the memorials in the church (14).

  376. Withers ARTISTIC BEDSTEADS FOR THE MODERN HOME Catalogue, with prices, 56pp., size 6" x 10", wraps. Well illustrated. Divided into sections 'Oak French', 'Mahogany and Walnut' etc. c1930. £20.00

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