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Lesley Aitchison
Welsh Acts of Parliament
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All Acts of Parliament are folio, and disbound unless otherwise stated.
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.

  • Anglesea Estate AN ACT for Sale of Part of the settled Estate of Sir Thomas Mostyn, Baronet, in the County of Anglesea, for Payment of Debts.... 15pp. 1753. £16.00

  • Breconshire AN ACT to provide for the vesting in the Breconshire County Council of part of the Swansea Canal.... and for the closing of the part of the canal so vested.... 7pp., bound with a draft copy of the Act with amendments and a copy of the Bill, also bound in is a folded full sheet 25" O.S. Map (Sheet No. XLIII.7) with the relevant part of the canal shaded in pink. Bound in full cloth, sm. folio, gilt title on spine. 1945-6. £18.00

  • Cadoxtone, Glamorgan AN ACT to enable the Guardians of Jane Williams, Elizabeth Williams and Maria Williams, Infants, to grant a Lease.... of certain Veins of Coal, Culm and Iron Ore, in the Parish of Cadoxtone, near Neath.... 4pp. 1806. £14.00

  • Carnarvon AN ACT for enlarging, deepening, cleansing, improving, and regulating the Harbour of Carnarvon. 20pp.... bound with.... An Act for further Improvement of the Harbour of Carnarvon.... 40pp. Qtr. calf, marbled boards, portion of spine missing. 1793 & 1809. £24.00

  • Denbigh and Flint Estates and Mines AN ACT for Impowering Trustees to cut down and sell Timber upon the Estate late of John Trevor, esquire, in the Counties of Denbigh and Flint for Discharging his debts; and also to make Leases of Mines in the said Counties. 10pp, some contemporary ink marginalia. 1753. £24.00

  • Brecon, Glamorgan Estates AN ACT for Vesting the Estates of Richard Gough Aubrey, Esq., in the Counties of Brecon, Glamorgan and Carmarthen, in Turstees, to raise Money to discharge Several Incumbrances.... 23pp., including 3p. Schedule. Fine woodcut headpiece. 1756. £15.00

  • Llandovery Bridge Carmarthen AN ACT for building a Bridge over the River Towey, near Llandovery, in the County of Carmarthen..... Cover leaf + 8pp. 1773. £15.00

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  • Penarth, Glam. AN ACT for authorizing the raising of Money on the Swecurity of Estates in the County of Glamorgan, settled by the Will of the Right Honourable Other Archer.... and for confirming an Agreement with the Penarth Harbour, Dock and Railway Company.... 43pp. 1857. £14.00

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    Or for further information contact Lesley Aitchison :-
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