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With Introduction and Appendices By Arthur Fisher. - 1904.

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' THE Old Blundellian Club, at their annual meeting in June, 1903, resolved to publish the School Register with other ancillary matter in commemoration of the Tercentenary of the School in the following year, and they confided the publication to the hands of the present Editor. From the material that increased upon him as soon as this resolution became known, he has been compelled to divide the publication into two parts, the first of which is here presented, and comprises the Register itself from its commencement in 1772 to the removal of the School to its new site at Horsdon in 1882, together with a few notes and an index. In a second part will be printed a number of useful Appendices with the Historicalcal Introduction and remaining illustrations referred to in the prospectus issued by the Club. If the work is found useful, it may be that other hands will continue the series, so that in time firm ground may arise from the bog of tradition whereon the future historian of the School may tread certo pede. Such at least is the object with which the O.B. Club puts forth this little book. A previous effort to the same end was made in 1892 by Mr. H. M. Rankilor, an Assistant Master at the school, who published a fragment of the Register from 1770 to 1812: but only a few copies were printed, and it has long been out of print.

The value of such work depends entirely upon its accuracy, and the present Editor has endeavoured to secure this as far as in him lies.

It is not to be supposed that among the 3460 entries, involving always two and sometimes three names, with an address, two dates, and other matter, often in obscure hand-hand, he has avoided all mistakes.... '

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