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Lesley Aitchison's - Devon selection

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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A selection of :- Devon Acts of Parliament
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.
Measurements for maps, engravings, etc are given depth x width.

  1. Appledore, Okehampton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXVI. Scale 1" to 1 mile, approx. 25" x 38". Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo endpapers. Parkland, water features, main roads and county borders hand coloured. Littleham and Metherell Estates coloured in neatly. Linen along one 8" fold split, repaired with archival tape, some small holes in linen where folds meet. High ground shown with hachures. n.d. c1850. £20.00

  2. Ashburton TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet CXIV N.E (much of Ashburton, Buckfast), and CIX S.W (Bickington, West Ogwell). Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 17", plus margins. Trace of central vertical fold in first map. Revision of 1904 with additions in 1938. £18.00

  3. Axminster RELEASE of a messuage on Castle Hill, Axminster, and three tenements at the rear, Thomas Edwards to J.B. Edwards. Vellum, size 23" x 29". Certificate attached relative to taking acknowledgment of deeds by married women. 1844. £12.00

  4. Bampton, Honiton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 36", mounted on linen, folding into small 4to marbled wraps. Fully coloured with counties shaded in wash, boundaries in a brighter wash. Main roads, railways, parkland coloured. Electrotyped in 1876. £60.00
    Also covers part of Somerset and small part of Dorset.

  5. Bampton, Honiton, Tiverton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 36", mounted on linen, folding into large 4to, silk edging tape. Main roads coloured in buff. The borders at left, top and bottom edges have been pasted on. c1820 or slightly earlier. £65.00
    An early state. Corresponds to Margary State 2. Also covers part of Somerset and small part of Dorset.

  6. Barnstaple & Ilfracombe ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXVII. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Mounted on linen, size approx. 24" x 36", very worn silk edging tape. Border on top and left edges. Linen on verso rather stained at edges, a couple of small splits between folds. c1810. £25.00
    Margary State 2.

  7. Barnstaple Bay ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 292. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 19", border all round. Full wash colour. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into small 8vo marbled wraps, Stanford label. c1890. £14.00
    Covers coast from Woolacombe to Hartland Point. Much of map is sea area.

  8. Barnstaple THE BARNSTAPLE CHARTER Printed transcript of the Latin charter, with summaries in English in the margins. 2pp., folio, folded with docket title... together with... THE COMMISSION AND INQUISITION Temp. Edward III. Taking Notice of King Athelstan's Charter to the Burgesses of Barnstaple. The same format as above, but with no notes in margin. Needle holes in blank area at the foot of the third page where once sewn onto card. 2 items. n.d. c1830 £25.00

  9. Bedford (Francis) OTTERY ST MARY CHURCH 1858. Interior Looking East. Photographed by F. Bedford. Photograph size 6" x 4", mounted on card with printed border and title as above. Top edge of mount slightly trimmed, a few foxing spots on mount. n.d. c1860. £8.00

  10. Bell-ringing GUILD OF DEVONSHIRE RINGERS Meeting at Ottery St. Mary 1894. Photograph, size 9" x 11", showing a large group of approx. 60 men and a few young boys, grouped in front of an ivy-covered wall, the first three rows seated, others standing, a few in the front row holding hand-bells, and others holding bell-ropes. Titled in pencil on the print. Small tear at top edge, repaired on verso. 1894. £25.00

  11. Bishop of Exeter CERTIFICATE OF ORDINATION in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, of Donald Williams Jackson. Printed on vellum, with ms. inserts. Large papered seal of Bishop attached. 1897. £8.00

  12. Bishops Tawton ASSIGNMENT OF HUGH VENNERS MORTGAGE to Mary Stephens of Braddamore. "Concerns the Tennement with Appurtenances of Braddamore.... together with.... Buildings, Barns, Stables, Shipping Ways etc.... ". Covers 1 sides of a 23" x 37" folded sheet. This is a copy made 1790, and attested as such by three witnesses. 4th March, 1790. £16.00

  13. Bishops Tawton MEMORANDUMS taken at Bishops Tawton Apl. 24 1793. 4 pages folio, notes taken presumably by an agent of an estate. Notes many requests for timber 'Jhn Rumbello has applied for some rough Timber for Gates on Upcott', 'Mr Seldon applied for Timber for a Barn's floor he says there are a great many trees more than a Hund. but they are not large ones. Qy. is there any large enough for a Barn's floor?' 1793. £15.00

  14. Bridestowe COBHAM WEEK manuscript plan on waxed cotton. Size 26" x 30". Folded. Scale 1/2500. Covers area from Standon to Watergate Cross. Areas outlined in three colours, presumably to indicate ownership. n.d. c1900. £12.00

  15. Cary (J) A MAP OF DEVONSHIRE from the best Authorities. Engraved map, size 17" x 19", outline hand-colouring. Coloured compass rose, reference to Hundreds. Laid down on card. Published by J. Stockdale, 26th March 1805. £20.00

  16. Cary (John) A NEW MAP OF DEVONSHIRE, Divided into Hundreds. Folding engraved map, hand coloured, mounted on linen 20" x 23", folding to 12mo, contained within the original slipcase with manuscript paper label pasted to top, few small marks to map, slipcase worn and broken at sides. 1831. £35.00

  17. Chulmleigh AGREEMENT whereby Matilda Wadland agrees to give up to Henry Wadland the possession of the Estate of Newnham. He agrees to pay for the livestock and machinery, excepting certain items of silver listed. 2p, sm. folio, in MS. 1878. £8.00

  18. Churchford, Little Torrington POSITIVE SALE of well-made Furniture, Brass Face Grandfather Clock... Poster advertising sale by auction of furniture of Rev. H.G. de C. Stevens Guille, 8th May 1918. Copp, Printer, Torrington. 1918. £15.00
    Includes Skin Mats, Pier Glass, 'Washstand (been through the Crimean War)' etc.

  19. Clawton APPOINTMENT Demise and Assignment by way of Mortgage of Lands in Clawton, Devon, Upon Trust for Sale for securing £1250 and Interest, Gideon Mapowder, John Mill and Mathew Cole, to Charles Kingdon. Three vellum sheets, 24" x 30", three wax seals. Some slight rubbing at fold in first sheet. 1838. £15.00
    Refers to the tenement of Hammett's Justment alias North Beer.

  20. Cockburn (M), Bishopston, Bristol SIDMOUTH - FORTFIELD TERRACE Photograph size 5" x 7", mounted on card with printed title. Shows man leaning on wall near reailings, looking over flat meadow to the terrace, cliff in far distance. Some minor foxing in margins. Small impressed stamp in corner 'N. Warner. Photo.'.... Together with.... 'The Weir on the Sid' in the same format, slightly faded, and 'Ladram Bay' Photographed by F. Bedford, the same size. 3 items. c1870. £12.00

  21. Colyton CONVEYANCE in Fee of a dwelling house at Colyton, Messrs. Pidgeon & Lott Assignees of the estate and effects of Mr B.B. Smark a Bankrupt... Vellum, 24" x 31", signed with 4 wax seals. 1844. £10.00

  22. Croydon (E) and Rock & Co. VIGNETTE LETTERHEADS Two sm. 8vo letter sheets with vignette views, Raleigh's Birthplace; Bicton. c1860. £8.00

  23. Dartmouth ROYAL NAVAL COLLEGE REGATTA, 1918 Programme, 2pp 8vo, plus title, paper slightly browned at top.... with.... Athletic Sports, April 3rd, 1918, programme, 4pp.... with.... Programme of Sports at Dartmouth, 7th April, 1917, The London Regiment, 7th Battalion, 4pp.... with... Book of Words of 'The Pirates of Mill Creek' a Musical, 1910. 17pp., 4to. All slightly weak at folds, as if removed from an album. 1917-1918 £12.00

  24. Dawlish PARTICULARS Plan, Views and Conditions of Sale of ..... Langdon House..... extending to about 56 acres. To be offered for Sale by Auction.... 28th April, 1927.... 10pp., 8vo, stiff wraps, plan and 2 photographic plates. Some minor creasing.... together with.... A Catalogue of the Contents of the Residence.... To Be Sold by Auction.... 3rd May & Two following days.... 47pp. Some prices in margins. 1927. £15.00

  25. Devonshire Association LETTER TO PEARSE CHOPE from T.W. Whale to accompany his papers for the 'Transactions'. 1903. 1p., small 8vo. Signed T.W. Whale. 22 Dec. 1903. £7.00
    'I fancy the Manors in Hundreds will be useful. The Printer has been rather slow but the work heavy...' R. Pearse Chope wrote works on Devon, and was President of the Devonshire Association. Whale's paper 'Analysis of the Exon Domesday in Hundreds' appeared in the 'Transactions' of 1903.

  26. Dibdin (T.C) and Vivian (Edward) FIVE LITHOGRAPHS OF TORQUAY Size approx. 8" x 11", plus wide margins. As follows: (i) TORQUAY FROM PARK HILL. Attractive view showing sailing ships in harbour, terrace across the water, cliff and hill in middle distance. (ii) TORBAY FROM TOR ABBEY SANDS. View looking across the bay towards terrace of house, ships in middle ground, women on path in foreground. (iii) BABBICOMBE FROM PETIT TOR. A few small foxing spots in sky area, foxing spots in margins. Shepherd and sheep on rocks in foreground, view across the bay. (iv) TORQUAY FROM WALDRON HILL. View across the terraces of house and the harbour, sailing ships in harbour, men hauling nets on beach, etc. (v) TOR CHURCH Man in foreground leaning on tomb, trees framing church. c1841. £95.00

  27. Dunsford, North Tawton etc. RELEASE of lands at Dunsford, North Tawton, Monke Okehampton, and rents issuing from numerous tenements at Hatherleigh, Richard Reynell of Ogwell to Edward Sainthill of Bradninch. Manuscript on 4 pages, large folio. Folded with docket title. Small split in folds at two places. Attested copy of an indenture of 1725. 1773. £18.00
    Reynall was the only surviving trustee of the three appointed under an Act of Parliament by which the estates of Hugh Stafford of Pynes was to be sold for payment of debts.

  28. East Devon ADVANCE OF THE RIGHT MAN WADE election broadside. Poem in seven stanzas in support of the Liberal Wade, echoing 'The Charge of the Light Brigade'. On one side of 4to sheet, pasted to thin yellow paper. Printed in two columns. no date or imprint. c1868. £24.00
    'Forward the noble Wade!/Tories are all dismayed/Not but that some knew/They had stumbled and blundered. Possibly the Wade who stood as Liberal candidate for East Devon, and lost.

  29. Elliot Thomas (W) TORQUAY BY THE SEA An illustrated Souvenir, by W. Elliot Thomas M.J.I. 32 plates, a few with two or three views on one plate. Maroon boards with gilt title, size 8" x 11", slightly rubbed down spine, back board partly faded. Inside joint broken at point after a few leaves, but stitching sound. Full descriptive text opposite each view. c1900. £20.00

  30. Exe Estuary ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 24" x 35". Mounted on linen, folding into to small 4to. marbled wraps. Pale pink full wash colour, rivers, parkland, roads railways and county boundary hand-coloured. Printed from an Electrotype taken in 1879. £50.00
    Covers Tor Bay, Lyme Regis.

  31. Exeter BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE Exeter 1869. List of Members. Corrected to Tuesday Evening August 17th 1869. 11pp, 8vo, corner of one page torn away, not affecting text... together with.... First Supplementary List, August 19th (one page printed out of sequence), with Second Supplementary List pasted to back (partly torn). 9pp. 8vo... together with... Address to the Chemical Section by H. Dedus. 6pp. 8vo. Pollard, Exeter, Pr., 1869. £15.00
    Members' Lists give their hotel accommodation during the Meeting as well as their home address.

  32. Exeter INVENTORY AND VALUATION of Machinery, Messrs. W. Brock, Cabinet Manufactory, Smythen Street, Exeter. By Alfred Bodley, Engineer, Exeter. 7th April 1885. 15 pages, in manuscript, in small 8vo notebook, stiff green decorative wraps. The sums have not been entered in the cash columns. Includes lathes, circular saws etc... together with INSURANCE CERTIFICATE for the Manufactory, 1895. Large folio, printed with manuscript inserts, folded... together with... LEASE of premises in Fore Street and Synogogue Place, Exeter, J.C. Wilcocks to William Brock, 1869. 2p., large folio. 1869-95. £22.00

  33. Free Fronts ELEVEN FREE FRONTS clipped from envelopes, sent by notable Devonians. Address labels cut and stuck on 9 4to album leaves, with signature bottom left, with postmarks. Some slight browning where glue has shown through. Name of the sender written neatly in ink underneath. 1820's and 30's, with one 1897. £18.00
    Includes Sir Masseh Lopes, Duke of Bedford, James Wentworth Buller, Sir Vicary Gibbs, E.R. Bastard.

  34. Frith (Francis) FOUR VIEWS OF SEATON With 'F.F. Seaton' and number in white in plate. Size approx. 6" x 8", views looking along the beech, two from the east, two from the west, showing boats on beach, donkeys, ladies with parasols etc. The view with the castellated building in the foreground is slightly faded... together with a Hudson's series view along beach with lobster pots in foreground, slightly spotty. c1900. £16.00

  35. Frithelstock POSTER advertising letting of Knaworthy Farm, 1894. Size 29" x 20", folds... together with... Manuscript sketch plan of the farm on waxed cotton, size 21" x 13", scale 1:2500 1894. £16.00

  36. Frithelstock TWO MANUSCRIPT PLANS one showing 'Ashbury' and the other 'Southcott. Both on waxed cotton in ink and outline colour. Size approx. 20" x 22", folded. Shows buildings, field outlines with acreage. c1900. £12.00
    Scale 1/2500.

  37. Harberton PARTICULARS of Valuable Property called 'Maryland', for Sale by Auction at the Castle Hotel, Totnes, Tuesday, October 9th, 1883. 3pp., folio, includes Schedules. Wear at fold on last leaf. 1883. £12.00

  38. Harrison (J) A MAP OF DEVONSHIRE Engraved from an Actual Survey, with Improvements. Engraved map size 18" x 13", plus margins. Central fold. Title, compass rose, scale bar and 'Reference to the Hundreds'. Engraved for J. Harrison. 1789. £35.00
    Shows Lundy island.

  39. Hartland BOND Edward Wolferstan of Hartland bound to William Tanner of Collumpton for the sum of £300. Printed sheet, blank adjoining leaf, small folio with details in MS, signed by Wolferstan and two witnesses, with seal. Some browning due to damp. 26th Mar. 1787. £14.00

  40. Hartland CERTIFICATE of Land Tax Redemption, Office Copy, of William Bickford Jackson and Walter Clerk, Commissioners, of the lands of the Hospital of King James in Charterhouse, Middlesex. 2p., folio, with small schedule of lands, which include Impropriate Rectory of Hartland, tenements of Baxworthy and Blagdon, North Gate. Paper browned along part of two folds, with repaired tear. 1799, Copy made 1842.. £8.00

  41. Hartland, Morthoe, Bideford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 276. Size 16" x 19", linen backed and folding into 4to cloth wraps. 2 railway lines neatly coloured, and stations written in in very small red lettering. 1908. £16.00
    Much of the map is sea area.

  42. Ilfracombe & North Devon OPEN RIFLE MEETING to be Held at the Alexandra Hall, Mar. 4,5 & 6. Poster advertising the 12 events taking place over the three days, with prizes, section on Rules. Heading in very large letters. Overall size 34" x 22", folds. 1914. £28.00
    Includes Deliberate Firing Comp. Solano Target Comp., Team Rapid Firing Competition, etc.

  43. Ilfracombe ABSTRACT OF THREE LEASES of 1897, 1898, 1899, of a farmhouse and lands called Comyn Farm in Ilfracombe, Walter Raleigh Gilbert to George Brown of Barnstaple. 6p., folio, folded. With Schedules. 1899. £8.00

  44. Ilfracombe CATALOGUE of the Contents of No. 1 Belgrave Villas, Ilfracombe... for sale by Auction Sept. 21st & 22nd, 23pp., 8vo., printed wraps. n.d. c1900. £8.00

  45. Ilfracombe Chapel HYMNS TO BE SUNG at the Sunday School Anniversary, Sunday August 8th, 1875. Sermons will be Preached... by the Rev. J. Bainton. 3p., 4to., some small edge tears. 1873. £8.00

  46. Ilfracombe HIRING AGREEMENT Messrs. W. Brock & Co., of Fore Street, Exeter, Warehousemen, with Mrs Emily Saxon, of the Belgrave Hotel, Ilfracombe for the hiring of articles for the hotel for seven years. 4 pages, folio, plus a 7 page Inventory of the articles, written on sheets of Brock letter paper with decorative business heading, which include furniture, kitchen equipment, cutlery, linen etc. 1894. £14.00
    Mrs. Saxon was to pay £968 pounds for the hire of the goods.

  47. Ilfracombe ILRFRACOMBE FROM HILLSBOROUGH engraved vignette view. Size of view 2" x 4", plus margins. In cream card mount. n.d. c1850. £5.00

  48. Ilfracombe PHOTOGRAPH showing four-horse coach outside Colwill's office. Albumen print, size 5" x 8", mounted on chipped and frayed card. 'R.H. Blyth' printed below photo. Shows coach laden with passengers, boys and men standing by, one holding a small dog. There are large advertising posters for Lynton trips in the office window. Some slight fuzziness in the image where a horse and a man have moved, some minor fading at edge. c1895. £8.00

  49. Kennedy (James) TO THE FREE INHABITANTS, Yeomanry, &c. of the Town and Parish of Tiverton. Poster size 12" x 8", signs where once folded, small hole affecting one letter. This is a request by Kennedy, a radical, to meet constituents in the Three Tuns to persuade them to vote for him in the coming election. He was successful. Parkhouse, Printer, Tiverton: 1832. £35.00

  50. Kenton POSTER advertising the auction sale of nos 1 and 2 High Street, Kenton, April 1st, 1931. Printed in bold letters, size 20" x 15". A few very small tears at one fold. 1931. £9.00
    'Joint use of Courtledge and Pump of Water'.

  51. Lake LEASE of a tenement called Lake in the village of Lake, Richard Copleston of Knightstone in Ottery St. Mary, to Robert Aplyn of Langtre, yeoman. Vellum, size 18" x 22", seal on tag. 1705. £28.00
    Lists two 'lives'. The heriot was a best beast.

  52. Landkey THESE ARE TO CERTIFY that James Shapland of Landkey... Husbandman was on the Day of the Date hereof Sworn Constable of the parish of Landkey... Manuscript note, 9 lines, 8vo, signed by a Justice, Richard Bawden. The conjoint leaf has been used for the address to send to the Steward of Bishops Tawton Manor, Philip Sydenham, at Barnstaple. Small hole in blank leaf. 1772. £16.00

  53. Langtree and Frithelstock VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES EXTENDING OVER 749 ACRES Divided into Six Farms... for Sale by Public Auction by Messts. Kivell & Harris at the New Inn Hotel, Bideford, 30th day of July, 1907. Poster printed in red and black, folded, size 23" x 29". 1907. £18.00
    The farms are 'Knaworthy', 'Bibbeare', 'Ashbury', 'Hollamoor', 'Southcott', 'Smithacott'.

  54. Langtree AUCTION POSTER for the sale at The Globe Hotel, of the Freehold Estate of 'Withecott' near Stibb Cross and five cottages in Great Torrington. Printed in very large type-face, size 35" x 22", folds. 1898. £20.00

  55. Langtree TO BE LET From Michaelmas 1901... All that desirable Farm known as 'Muffery'... Poster printed in large letters, size 23" x 18", folds. 1900. £15.00

  56. Lifton DEMISE of the barton or farm of Smallecombe and Catleycott in Lifton, John Harris of Stowford, Clerk, to Edmond Prideaux of Padstow. Large vellum sheet, some slight rubbing of ink at a few places where folds meet. With receipt on verso, witness, that £1006 has been received from Edmond Prideaux. 1733. £22.00

  57. Little Torrington NOTES OF EXPENSES 'Sent to Little Torrington and Marland 1832.' 8p, size 4" x 3", sewn at edge, with lists of sums for educating children, sets of baby linen for poor, 1832-44. Written in a tiny hand. Possibly written by Mrs Stevens. 1832-44. £12.00
    Includes 'Mrs Blake's salary Library', '6 shifts, 6 shirts, 6 Petticoats, 6 sets baby clothes'.

  58. Little Torrington DEPASTURAGE OF 100 ACRES OF LAND Grazing lands to let... parts of Bagbear and Smytham Farms... to be offered by auction.. 7th May, 1894... Handbill size 10" x 8", folded. Lists 21 Lots, with acreage, and cultivation. 1894. £8.00
    'The first year's seeds may be mown at once, and carried off'.

  59. Little Torrington POSTER advertising letting of North Hole Farm. Size 22" x 18", tears and pinholes in top corners. 1934. £6.00

  60. Little Torrington DEPASTURAGE OF 100 ACRES OF LAND Grazing lands to let... parts of Bagbear and Smytham Farms... to be offered by auction.. 7th May, 1894... Poster, printed in large letters, size 34" x 22 ", folded. Lists 21 Lots, with acreage, and cultivation. 1894. £17.00
    'The first year's seeds may be mown and once, and carried off'.

  61. Lydford PENCIL DRAWING titled 'Lydford bridge'. On thick paper, size approx. 10" x 14". Shows stream in steep wooden ravine, looking upstream towards the bridge, ferns etc. in foreground. In dark green mount with gold line. c1806. £50.00
    The drawing covers the whole of the paper.

  62. Lydford PHOTOGRAPH of laying the foundation stone of Nicholls Hall, Lydford. Photograph size 6" x 8", showing Mrs Nicholls in front of the stone which is being held in place with chains, brandishing a trowel. 1929. £6.00

  63. Lympstone CONVEYANCE of a field called Hill Head in Lympstone, Elizabeth Hoyles, widow of John Edwards, Mariner, to John Withers of Exeter. Large vellum sheet, wax seal, very stained on verso. Two wax seals. Creased in parts, and slightly rubbed at some folds... together with... Lease for a Year relating to the same transaction. Smaller vellum sheet, wax seal. 2 items. 1781. £22.00

  64. Manaton and Widdicombe LITHOGRAPHED PLAN of Two Freehold Estates Hedge Barton and Iseford. Plan size 18" x 23", folded. Reference Table with key to 128 fields, woods. Some light brown stains down centre of map. Spreat, Lith., Exeter. c £12.00

  65. Marsh Land, Seaton TO BE LET BY AUCTION at the Pole Arms Inn, on Tuesday the 11th day of April, 1854... until the first day of February 1855... the following Parcels of the Seaton Marshes... Lists briefly 20 Lots, some with acreage. Slight darkening of paper, progress of bidding for 5 lots written in ink on verso, with names of bidders, the ink showing through on to the front of the poster. 1854. £20.00

  66. Marsh Land, Seaton TO BE LET BY AUCTION At the Pole Arms Inn, Seaton on 24th April, 1850.... the Following Parcels of the Celebrated Seaton Marshes and Other Lands... Poster, 13" x 8", listing 16 Lots. Progress of the bidding, with names of purchasers, for 10 lots noted in MS on verso. Traces of folds, some light discoloration along approx 1" of two folds. 1850. £18.00

  67. Marsh Land, Seaton TO BE LET by Auction by Messrs. Maynard at the School Room, Seaton, April 27th 1865... the following parcels of the Seaton Marshes... Poster, size 20" x 12", traces of folds. Large type faces, lists 25 Lots. Taunton Stem-Printing Works. 1865. £22.00

  68. Marwood CONVEYANCE of Spencer's Wood, Giles Ground, and other property in Marwood, The Trustees of Barnstaple Old Bank to R. Drake. Copy on 15 sheets folio, with small schedule. 1851. £14.00
    The plan which was in the margin of the original was not copied.

    DEVON Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
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  69. Millbay Ward, Plymouth THE FLOODING OF THE WESTERN DISTRICT Voters in Millbay Ward. Do you know how your present Representatives in the Council acted in this most important question... If Not, You Should! Vote for Taylor. Handbill, size 12" x 9", traces of folds and two small repaired edge tears, relating to the scheme for a Pumping Station, with verbatim quotes from the candidate in the Council Meeting of May 16th. Printed and Published by Mitchell & Co., Union St., Plymouth. 1899. £25.00

  70. Moon (W.J), Chemist THE MINIATURE HANDBOOK TO ILFRACOMBE Lynmouth, Lynton, Clovelly etc. 92pp., size 4" x 3", printed stiff card wraps. Contains guide to places of interest, list of local flora, tide table for 1914, etc. Many adverts for Moon's products, and local firms. c1914. £5.00
    Someone has written the date 1927 at the top of the front board.

  71. Morice (William) DEVONSHIRE William Morice Esq. late Sheriff of the said Countie for the year ending at Michms. 1652.. Slip of paper, size 8" x 7", 6 lines, giving the sum for the account at the end of Morice's office, signed John Billingsley. The 'D' in Devonshire top left, has been torn away. 1652. £15.00
    William Morice, of Werrington, was made Sheriff in 1651, and became an M.P. in 1654.

  72. Ordnance Survey THE SECOND PART OF THE GENERAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND & WALES, CONTAINING THE WHOLE OF DEVON, And a Portion of the adjoining Counties. Done by the Surveyors of His Majesty's Ordnance, under the Direction of Lt. Col. Mudge, of The Royal Artillery, F.R.S. A set of maps, with the original title sheet, covering all of Devon, except for Lundy, and including parts of Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, and South Wales. Scale l" to 1 mile. Copper plate engravings, on 8 sheets, plus title sheet, dissected and mounted on linen, folded over to bind edges. Each sheet has a printed paper label to verso, numbered from 1 to 8 and listing the main towns on each sheet in differing typefaces. Sheet Nos:- 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and title sheet. Some slight offsetting on title sheet, otherwise a clean set, contained in a contemporary box in the form of a book, full morocco, gilt lines, gilt arms of the 'Ordnance' on front of lower portion of box, corners slightly bumped. Published 11th October, 1809 by Lt. Col. Mudge, Tower. £800.00
    The sheets all correspond to Margary state one, having the borders which enable it to be fitted together to form a composite map.

  73. Pepperdon Estate, Moretonhampstead THE ATTRACTIVE AND AGRICULTURAL PROPERTY The Pepperdon Estate Moretonhampstead.... Residential Sporting Estate, Five Cottages.... Which will be offered for Sale by Auction.... at the Commercial Hotel, Newton Abbot, On Wednesday, 25th September, 1946.... Folio, 14pp, lacks the folding plan. 1946. £8.00

  74. Petrockstowe COUNTERPART OF THE ASSIGNMENT of Thomas Littletar's estate, Richard Stevens of Smithacott to Mary Coplestone of Langtree. On paper, size 16" x 21", wax seal. Loosely inserted is a slip with 7 lines, signed by Littletar, saying he has received on lease of 2 tenements called West Bury and promising to return it inside a month to Stevens. Signed by Mary Coplestone. 1716. £24.00
    Property included New Moore Ley, Pittiford, Bury Down, Crapwell Meadow.

  75. Phillimore (G.G) RETURN to an Order of The House of Commons dated 26 July 1905 comprising The Reports made to the Charity Commissioners.... Parish of Berry Pomeroy. 6pp, sm. folio. Comprises report of 1822 on Bound's Gift, Digest 1865-7, Report on Bound's Charity and School, with Table. 1911. £8.00

  76. Photocrom. Co. Ltd. THREE GIANT PICTURE CARDS colour photographs, comprising two of Teignmouth and one of Dawlish. Size 6 x 9", title and number in gilt bottom left. Some browning on backs of the cards. Dawlish card with some white marks where surface rubbed. n.d. c1910. £8.00

  77. Photographs BUCKFAST ABBEY 1928. Fifteen full-page sepia views, plus leaf with four reproductions from historic prints. Original paper wraps, slightly rubbed at edges, with coloured view of the Abbey in a roundel, 2pp. introductory text. 1928. £12.00

  78. Plimsaul Brothers, Plymouth PRICE LIST on card, for Plimsaul Brother's Warranted Table Cutlery. Size 4" x 3", printed on one side only, with Ivory Handled, Stag Horn Handled Knives etc. Bottom right corner chipped away, not affecting text. c1865. £6.00

  79. Plymouth IMPROVED PATENT OIL CABINETS Western Counties Agricultural Co-operative Association Ltd., Millbay Road, Plymouth. List No. 6. Brochure advertising Cabinets for Engine Rooms, 4pp., 4to, printed in red and black, with illustrations. A few damp spots at corners. July 1907. £12.00

  80. Plymouth LEASE of 53 Admiralty Street, in the parish of Stoke Damerel, Lord St. Levan to John Williams. Vellum, 3p., folio, printed with ms. inserts. Small coloured plan of premises on last page. Two wax seals. 1898. £14.00

  81. Plymouth PHOTOGRAPHS of Red Devon cattle by Hawkings of Plymouth, presumably taken at a show, or sale. Size approx. 4" x 6", mounted on thick card, two with Hawkings name. Two show bulls held by owner, onlookers, one a bull alone. One image faded. c1900. £14.00

  82. Poulton & Sons, Photographers TORQUAY AND NEIGHBOURHOOD From Photographs by Poulton & Son. The Album Supplement. March 4th 1895. 16 photographs, full page, in magazine style booklet size 13" x 10". Front cover with fine illustration in red and black by Cecil Aldin, showing a lady in a red dress, with a black cat. Wraps held down spine with archival tape. Advert on verso of wraps. A few repaired marginal tears in front wrap. 1895. £7.00
    Views include harbour, Oddicombe, Berry Pomeroy Mill, Ladies Bathing Cove with bathing machines.

  83. Rolle and Stevens families GRANT of an annuity of £4 a year, Henry Stevens of Smythcott in trust for George Williams, Clerk, and Mary his wife, to Samuel Rolle, of Hudscott On vellum, signed by Stevens with small wax seal. Affixed is a letter relative to filling up some blanks in the deed, from a relative at Bideford, Charles Cutcliffe. 1737. £18.00

  84. Roscoe (Henry) and Rushton (Edward) MUNICIPAL CORPORATION INQUIRY. Borough of TIVERTON. 7pp, 4to, single folded sheet, first and last leaf dusty. T. Parkhouse, Tiverton: 1834. £20.00
    Gives details of the organisation of town including accounts, population, acreage, employment, etc. Includes a list names, and professions, of Burgesses, and their assistants.

  85. Rowe (G) Exeter, Pub. ENTRANCE TO LYNTON AND LYNMOUTH Lithograph, after drawing by Rowe, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8". Shows two men near wall in foreground, ships in distance. c1830. £12.00

  86. Rowe (G), Cheltenham LINTON From the Valley of the East Lyn. Tinted lithograph, Drawn, Printed & Published by G. Rowe. Size 8" 11", plus margins. Shows two people on donkeys on a road running along the river valley.. c1845. £16.00

  87. Rowe (G), Drawn and Published by TORQUAY from Park Terrace. Lithograph with subtle touches of hand colouring. Size 6" x 8", plus margins, laid on to card. Margins slightly grubby. c1840. £18.00
    Attractive view looking across harbour with ships, people seated on wall in foreground.

  88. Rowe, Pub. EXMOUTH lithograph of terrace of houses with church behind, seen from across the estuary, rowing boat in foreground. Size 3" x 7", plus margins, mounted at corners on thin paper sheet, 'Lady Dixon' (presumably the artist), written below. c1840. £6.00

  89. Royal Kinersley Studio PHOTOGRAPH with printed title 'Ilfracombe National Schools (Holy Trinity), May, 1903. Group of 217.' with teachers' names listed. Shows eight rows of infant and junior school children, with teachers. Size 6" x 11", backed with card. 1903. £12.00

  90. Salcombe FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY of Special Interest to Yachtsmen and Motor-Boat Owners... Stonehanger, Salcombe, South Devon... 10pp., size 10" x 12", stiff wraps, photograph tipped onto front wrap, 6 tipped in photographs. no date, c1925? £25.00
    Included 'Lovely Gardens profusely planted with tropical plants...', Peach Walk, Bowling Green, etc.

  91. Salmon (J) LYNTON & LYNMOUTH VIEWS 16 Views. Booklet of sepia views in buff borders, on glossy paper. In buff wraps with printed title. Sold by Richards, Tobacconist, Lynmouth. Back wrap very slightly water-stained at top. Printed and Published by J. Salmon c.1910. £12.00

  92. Sampford Courtenay PARTICULARS PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Outlying Portions of the Sampford Courtenay Manor Estate. 15pp., small folio. Folding coloured map. Vertical crease, wear at spine. 1923. £12.00
    Includes Ball Farm, Underdown Farm, Chapple Agistment.

  93. 'Scrutator' FRIENDS OF THE CHURCH The opponents to the Church-Rate have been Virtually Defeated... Let not those who have received from the Church Rates large Sums, refuse paying small ones... Handbill, size 13" x 8", Traces of folds, some slight dustmarking along part of one fold. Chave, Printer, Higher-Back-Street, Tavistock. 29th October, 1834. £30.00

  94. Seaton ABSTRACT OF TITLE of Mr. W. Hawkins the Younger... to the Fee Simple and Inheritance of & in a Tenement situate at Seaton. Refers to indentures 1787-1848. 9 pages, folio, in a neat hand, sewn at corner and folded. Cover leaf with docket title torn. 1851. £20.00
    Includes the right to 'the use of the Pump well & Water & the Privy lying & situate.... in the court behind the other 3 houses adjoining.... "

  95. Seaton ABSTRACT of Mr. Richard Down's Title to a Dwelling House Garden and Linhay in the Occupation of John Larcome, and a Dwelling House and Garden in the Occupation of William Dommett, and a close of land called Knowles... situate in Seaton... 5p., folio, folded, outer leaf with title torn and ragged. c1810. £18.00
    Details title from 1787 - 1806.

  96. Seaton PHOTOGRAPH of the celebrations for the coronation of Edward VII. Fine large crisp view, size 7" x 9", showing crowds in front of the George Inn and part of Fore Street, 'Cycles for Hire' shop on right, a carriage with two horses approaching down Fore Street, decorations on tall pole, flags and bunting over the street. Mounted on thick card, half the bottom margin of the card mount is chipped away. 1902. £14.00

  97. Seaton SEATON AND BEER CHURCH BOYS BRIGADE At Rousdon 1909-10. Photograph, title as above in ink on back of mount. Size 6" x 8", mounted on thick card, with name 'G. H. Barton, Seaton, Devon', written on mount. Shows 15 boys and four adults, in uniform, lined up across the road. Image slightly faded. 1910. £10.00

  98. Sidmouth POSTER advertising sale by auction of the residence known as 'Somerdon' in the Elysian Fields, Sidmouth. With brief description of the house. Size 25" x 19", folded, some foxing spots at one fold. 1899. £17.00

  99. Sommers Gard (R), of Exeter LETTER dated Rougemont 10 Dec. 1860. 1p., 8vo, with mourning border, to a Mr. Nott, saying he is sending him an autograph of Lord Ingestre for his collection. Signed R. Sommers Gard. Pasted to stiff paper, 4to sheet. 1860. £10.00
    Sommers Gard was an M.P. who gave money for the building of the Royal Albert Museum.

  100. South Molton MANUSCRIPT PLAN of West Kidland Farm, showing farm buildings and fields. Sketch map on waxed cotton, scale 1/2500, size 32" x 16", folds. Shows farm buildings, and fields shaded in different colours. Notes about rights to break fences, ploughing etc, in pencil and red ink in various fields. c1920. £10.00

  101. Southern Railway PHOTOGRAPH of the railway engine 'Seaton'. Glossy black and white print with the stamp and number of the Southern Railway on verso, with the date June '46, and the number A5348. Size 6" x 8". 1946. £12.00

  102. Spreat (W) AWLISCOMBE CHURCH AND AYLESBEARE CHURCH Two views on one sheet. Lithotint from Nature by W. Spreat. C. Hulmandel's Patent. Size of each view 4" x 6", plus margins. c1842. £15.00

  103. Spreat (W) BISHOP'S NYMPTON CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £15.00
    With a child next to a man talking to a woman in the right foreground who is carrying a bundle of sticks on her head. There are two other figures closer to the church.

  104. Spreat (W) BRADNINCH CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £15.00
    With part of a house to the left and a man talking to a woman in the central foreground in front of the church wall.

  105. Spreat (W) CADBURY CHURCH. Sketched and Drawn on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 5" x 8", on India paper. Printed by C. Hulmandel c1842. £15.00
    Shows a woman, holding a basket walking along a path towards the church in the foreground.

  106. Spreat (W) DARTINGTON CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £15.00

  107. Spreat (W) DUNSFORD CHURCH. Lithotint from Nature by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper. C. Hulmandel's Patent. c1842. £15.00
    Shows two groups of figures talking in front of the church wall.

  108. Spreat (W) EGGESFORD CHURCH. Sketched and Drawn on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper. Printed by C. Hulmandel c1842. £15.00
    Shows the church surrounded by trees with part of a ruined (?) wall in the foreground.

  109. Spreat (W) FILLEIGH CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, lower margin, slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £15.00
    A view of the church with trees to side and rear.

  110. Spreat (W) KENN CHURCH. Sketched and Drawn on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £15.00
    In the right foreground there are two men standing by the steps up to the church-yard with a man sitting on the steps. In the central foreground are 2 women and a child.

  111. Spreat (W) SIDBURY CHURCH. Lithotint from Nature by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India Paper. C. Hulmandel's Patent. c1842. £15.00
    With a woman holding a basket on the left walking towards the church.

  112. Spreat (W) THORVERTON CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. [C. Hulmandel, Printer.] c1842. £15.00
    Shows a grave digger at work with another man looking down into hole in the foreground to the left of the church. There are several houses in the background.

  113. Spreat (W), Publisher TEIGNMOUTH The Den, Looking South. Tinted lithograph, size 7" x 13", plus margins. Shows bathing machines on beach, couple in a carriage in foreground, tall flagpole-type structure on lawn, The Ness in distance. Sky area with foxing spots. c1850. £30.00

  114. Stannaries DR. STANNARIES OF DEVON in account with G. & P.S. Prideaux (Secretaries). Manuscript of 16 lines on folded folio sheet, listing postage expenses e.g. 'Postman with Parcel to Thomas Commins', 'Advertising in the Plymouth Herald'. April 1829. £10.00

  115. Tallis & Co. PLYMOUTH, DEVONPORT & STONEHOUSE Plan, engraved surface approx. 10" x 13", decorative border and three vignette views. Central fold, trimmed at edges, except for bottom edge, two small repaired tears, approx. 1" and ". c1860. £18.00

  116. Tallis & Co. PLYMOUTH, DEVONPORT & STONEHOUSE Plan, engraved surface approx. 10" x 13", scale bar, decorative border and three vignette views. Delicate later hand-colouring. Pasted along about two inches at top edge to a thin sheet of card. Traces of central fold. The Plan drawn and engraved by J. Rapkin. 1860. £90.00

  117. Tavistock NOTES ON THE CHURCH OF SAINT EUSTACHIUS TAVISTOCK Part I. 28pp., A4, stapled. Printed on one side only. n.d. 1970's? £6.00

  118. Tawstock SURVEY TERMS for Leasing Rollstone Down in Tawstock. Terms and Conditions of a Survey 18th June 1784, by Philip Sydenham Jnr. on behalf of Sir Bourchier Wray... Lists bidders. 1p, small folio, folded with docket title. 1784. £10.00

  119. Temple (Dr), Bishop of Exeter LETTER on headed paper with address 'The Palace, Exeter'. 5 lines on 2 sides small 8vo., saying he will not be able to accept the invitation to the Conference and tea of the United Kingdom Alliance. Signed 'F. Exon.' 16th January 1872. £7.00
    Dr. Temple later became Archbishop of Canterbury.

  120. Theatre Royal, Plymouth AN ORIGINAL EPILOGUE Written for the Battle of the Alma, Will be Spoken by Mr. C.R. Warde... in the Character of 'Time, The Only True Historian'. Single sheet, 4to, woodcut border, printed in double columns on one side. Title in decorative lettering. c1856. £35.00
    'Let 'em come! lion spirits still remain/Like rocks of steel, on Inkerman's dread plain.'

  121. Thorverton CONDITIONS AND SPECIFICATION of Works to be done in constructing the extension of a Common Sewer in the Town of Thorverton. 5p., sm. folio, signed over stamp by Contractors. Small drawing of section in text. 26th October 1877. £16.00
    '... the pipes are to be jointed with clay worked to and made of a consistency sufficiently tough to allow a band of it a foot long to be suspended without breaking...'

  122. Tiverton PHOTOGRAPH of F.A. Payne J.P. Mayor of Tiverton. Photographed by Maull & Fox, Piccadilly, London. Photograph size 6" x 4", pasted to card mount, with name of photographer printed, name of Mayor written in pencil. Shows the Mayor, with a white beard, wearing fur-trimmed robe, and chain. c1895. £8.00

  123. Torquay etc. SNAPSHOT ALBUM South Devon. July 1936 and 1937. A Holiday in an Austin Seven. A Camping Holiday with a Morris Eight.. Thirty seven amateur 2" x 3" snaps of Beer, Buckfast etc., includes 6 views of the wreck of the Hertzgon Cecile at Salcombe. 1936-7. £22.00

  124. Torquay POSTCARD Real photo postcard titled in Ms below view 'Torquay in winter. Feb 1907'. Shows bandstand in park in snow with two men with brushes, church in distance. Divided back. 1907. £5.00

  125. Torquay views TORQUAY 16 views of Torquay and area Oblong 8vo, gilt decorated boards. c1890. £14.00
    No date or publisher given.

  126. Totnes A LIST OF THE MAYORS OF TOTNES As collected out of divers records by William Yeo sometime Town Clerk of the Town, from the Reign of King Richard the 2nd 1377. The following is a copy of a book lent by Mr Thos. Creaser Kellock Mayor of Totnes in 1865, 1884 & 1885 to Fras. Benthall. Notebook, size 7" x 5", quarter calf, rubbed at edges, marbled boards, inner hinge broken, some leaves loose. 30 pages listing date and name, with the occasional brief note ('the S.E. pinnacle of the Tower struck down'). The list has been brought up to 1959. Further on in the book are 11 pages of notes on the families of a few mayors, such as Tucker, Savory. The rest is blank. With small stamp of Borough of Totnes on flyleaf, and a letter pasted to front board from E. Gay saying he has found the book among his uncle's papers. c1880. £36.00

  127. Vivian (Edward) TORQUAY, FROM PARK HILL. Tinted lithograph. Drawn by E. Vivian. On stone by E. Gauci. Size approx. 8" x 11", plus margins. Printed by M. & N. Hanhart, c1841. £45.00
    A very attractive view looking across the harbour to a terrace of houses, and a few houses on the hill behind, sailing ships in the harbour, with men in the foreground standing by a low wall.

  128. Week St. Mary POSTCARD real photo postcard. Titled 'Week St. Mary. Goodman Photo.' in white in plate. Unused. n.d. c1910. £4.00
    Shows a view taken from high up, across the village, tors in distance.

  129. Wembworthy LEASE of a messuage in Wembworthy with closes of land called Hayes, Mill Down, Lamma Crofts, etc., John Glynn of Glynn in Cornwall, to Mary Saunders of Wembworthy and Josias Downe of Winkleigh. Vellum, size 17" x 23", signed by Glynn with wax seal, witnessed on verso. 1779. £22.00
    Stipulates the payment of a 'best beast' as a heriot, refers to Fireboot, Ploughboot, etc.

  130. Western Counties Agricultural Co-operative, Devon CATALOGUE October 1906. 48pp., 4to, printed on buff paper. Staples rusted, hence one section loose, spine held with archival tape. Some spotting at bottom corner of first few leaves and on front page. 1906. £15.00
    Illustrates numerous types of brush, knife sharpeners, buckets, horse clippers, cast iron hollow-ware, water cans, saws, carriage and cart lamps (19 types illustrated), hot water heating apparatus.

  131. Winkleigh FINAL AGREEMENT made between Robert and George Arnold, William Arnold, Simon Dunning, Elizabeth his wife, deforciants of one messuage one cottage two barns... sixty acres... twenty acres of Moor... in the parish of Winkleigh. Printed on vellum with manuscript inserts, size 10" x 16". 1831. £14.00

  132. Woolfardisworthy LEASE of Bitworthy and Bitworthy Hill, Hugh Stevens to Hugh Trick of Thornberry, including messuage and tenement with the 'privilege of the Chapple and Linney... the easter Moiety of the Broad Meadow... the privilege of the well for water... halfendale of Rosely Wood...' Vellum, size 18" x 23", wax seal. Vellum grubby on verso. 1712. £28.00
    Lists 3 'lives', the heriot, etc.

  133. Yonge (Henry) INVITATION to dinner, to an unknown correspondent, signed Henry Yonge. Letter beginning 'Sir', no address, just date 'Mon. noon'. n.d. c1800. £10.00
    Says the Rolles of Winscot are dining with them on Wednesday and he would like them to come too.

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