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in the Lizard District.

By Alfred Hayman Cummings. 1875.

Sample text from chapter on TRADITIONS AND OLD CUSTOMS :-
' To "whistle for the wind " is the result of the ancient belief that the whistling will call up spirits of the air to aid the progress of winnowing the corn.

The bonfires kindled on the eves of S. John Baptist and S. Peter's Day, when the people go from village to village bearing lighted torches, form another link which connects the present with the past.

Midsummer, the time when these rejoicings are held, is called by the Cornish folk Goluan, which means " light and rejoicing," and other remnants of ancient fire-worship are to be found in the Cam Leskqz, or burning rocks, of which there are several, one on the Bonython estate in Cury.

The rejoicings of the ancients at the approach of spring are perpetuated in these days by the-modern Cornish, who, on the 1st May, deck the-doors and porches of their houses with boughs of trees, and plant boughs before their houses; but these observations culminate in the Furry or Flora at Helston on 8th May, which is perhaps THE most popular of the ancient festivals. '

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