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A selection of :- Cornwall Acts of Parliament
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  1. Bodmin REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF BODMIN Zincographed from the Ordnance Survey. 1pp., with map (from the Ordnance Survey), coloured in outline. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Approved by Henry James. Folio, disbound. 1868. £22.00

  2. Bodmin, Nanstallon ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXIV N.W. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 17" plus margins, linen-backed and folding into 8vo boards with Stanford label, cloth worn at spine, marbled endpapers. Roads coloured pink, water features coloured. 1887. £16.00
    First Edition Without Contours.

  3. Brynn ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXIII.15, scale 1/2500, size approx. 25" x 38". Second edition 1907. Folded. £16.00
    Shows Retire Common, Brynn Mine, Great Brynn, Union and R.D. Railway, Kirriers, Higher Colbiggan.

  4. Camborne ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT between William Pearse of Camborne, Miller, and Edward Stackhouse whereby Pearse agrees to surrender the water grist mill on the Stream below Pendarves Mills, and the croft adjoining called Gibraltar in consideration of Stackhouse converting the Mills into a triple mill and providing materials to add another mill. 2p, small folio, signed by Pearse and Knight. With a note in a different hand about a further agreement relating to fields. 1810. £18.00

  5. Canon's Town ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXVIII.8. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 36", folded in four. Covers Canon's Town, Trencrom Hill, Wheal Merth. Second Edition 1908. £17.00

  6. Carminowe, Manor of COUNTERPART LEASE of Chynithon Hendra in Cury, John Rogers to Isabella Carlyon. 3pp., folio, manuscript insertions. 1906. £10.00

  7. Checkhouse Common RECEIPT signed by Henry Paynter affirming he has received four pounds from John Hill for the annuity in consideration of his house and garden and also '1/16th share of Checkhouse(?) Common... and from the sale of Five Tons of Copper Oar to be raised in the said Common... to pay Five pounds yearly instead of four pounds'. 1p, folio. signed and witnessed, blank conjoint leaf. 1757. £10.00

  8. Constantine, Wendron PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Desirable Freehold Properties which Messrs Hocking & Johns will offer for Sale by Auction.... 30th day of July, 1902.... 6pp., folio, folded. One large folding coloured plan and one full page one. Details 24 Lots, in Wendron and Constantine and one field in Helston. 1902. £26.00
    Includes Gweek Hotel, School Building at Gweek, Gweek Wollas Wharf, Wheelwright's Shop, Tenements of Mellanoweth, Naffean Downs, parts of Crahan Bowling Green, etc.

  9. Cornish Chamber of Mines SILICOSIS COMPENSATION SCHEME cyclostyled copy of a letter from the Home Office to the Chamber responding to their representation to limit the scheme. 2p, sm. folio. 11th Dec. 1928. £10.00
    'The Secretary of State is not quite sure what your Chamber means by the handling of dry material. He is advised that the process of breaking or crushing of the ore containing rock or any handling or moving incidental thereto give rise to dust.'

  10. Cornish Tin Mines OFFER OF THE EMPLOYERS' FEDERATION to the Workers on the Mines. Printed 4to sheet detailing the present wages, rise per week etc for 7 grades of men, with additional concessions. States that if these terms are not accepted "the responsibility must rest with the men of certain Mines closing down never to re-open again". 1920. £14.00

  11. Cornwall Election REPRESENTATION OF CORNWALL Extract from the West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser, of December 31, 1824. Broadside, 54 lines, reporting on the canvassing of Mr Pendarves at Newlyn and Penzance, and giving details of his address, in which he rebutted claims that he was a Catholic. Size 13" x 8". E. Heard, Printer, Truro. 1824. £38.00
    'he would yield to no man in attachment to the Constitutional rights and liberties of the People and in ardent zeal for the prosperity of Cornwall, of its Agriculture, its Mines, and its Fisheries.. (Loud and continued cheering)...'

  12. Cornwall election MR. PENDARVES Respectfully Solicits your Vote and Interest, at the next General Election, for this County. Printed on thick card, size 2" x 3". E. Heard, Printer, Truro. 1841? £10.00

  13. Cury LEASE of a tenement called Tannangoffe in Cury, occupied by Jane Boaden. John Vivian of Pencalenick and others to John Borlase of Helston, Surgeon. Large vellum sheet, 4 wax seals, small inkstain in margin in top corner. 1833. £22.00

  14. Dean & Munday Printers PLAN OF EXCAVATIONS AND ERECTION WITHIN THE ROCKS at Stepper Point, for the greater security of Vessels entering Padstow Harbour in gales of wind. Lithograph, size 10" x 16", plus wide margins, overall size 15" x 22", showing ships and the lifeboat, and buoys, in front of Stepper Point, with the various lifeboat houses, capstans, signal posts etc., onshore and on the cliffs. Horizontal and vertical crease, having been once folded in four, pinhole at each corner. Tear from top edge approx 1" long, just obtruding into heading (as below), repaired, a few other repaired edge tears in bottom margin. Small rust spot at left border with tiny hole. Margins slightly dusty in places. Buoy marking 'the Ketch of the Dumbar Sand' is coloured red. A Reference Table top right gives key to 25 numbers in the plate, indicating for example 'A Boat conveying a Hawser from the Outer Capstan to the assistance of a vessel...', 'Houses erected to contain Life Boats and various Materials for Capstans'. T.W. Dean, Lithogr. n.d. c1840? £140.00
    In the top margin are three lines 'Padstow Harbour Association. The Views of the Institution are directed to the preservation of Life and Property from shipwreck by rendering more effectual assistance to Vessels entering the Harbour of Padstow in gales of wind.' Many ships were wrecked on the 'Dumbar Sand', later known as the 'Doom Bar'. The Padstow Harbour Association ran the port until the creation of the 'Padstow Harbour Commissioners' by an 1844 Act of Parliament. This plan was issued as part of a Prospectus.

  15. East Cornwall Election THE TORY-LORD'S PETITION Most Humbly and Respectfully Addressed To the Electors of the Eastern Division of the County of Cornwall. Election broadside, size 11" x 9", folds. A poem in 10 stanzas satirising Lord Valletort, written as if by him, bemoaning his fate and the old days of rotten boroughs, sinecures and corruption, and fantasising about wreaking vengeance on 'Reform and Grey'. With six interesting footnotes explaining the references. Some slight creasing at edges. Hayne, Printer, Bookseller &c, Bodmin. September, 1832. £45.00
    'Must I, of Boroughs, power, and hope bereft/(Oh! dismal times for those that live to see'em)/Must I, a hapless spectacle, be left/To hang with Mummies in the Kings' Museum?'

  16. Falmouth EXAMINATION AND DEPOSITION of Simon Trestrail of Falmouth, blacksmith, before Edward Turner, Justice. Manuscript, 1p, 4to, folded, signed by Trestrail. Says Henry Williams of Breage was apprenticed to him and then worked with him. He entered the Army of Reserve as a substitute for George Gibbs, and afterwards became a sergeant in the 8th Regiment of Infantry. 1831. £14.00

  17. Foreign copper imports OFF-PRINT FROM A NEWSPAPER being a letter dated Truro, March 31, 1823, signed 'V'. Points out the deleterious effect on employment in Cornish mines of the proposed Warehouse Bill which permits goods, including copper and tin, to be imported and then exported free of duty. Printed in two short columns on paper 9" x 7", folds. In the bottom margin the owner has written 9 lines stating that since this date an amendment protecting watch and clock makers has been added to the Bill, and suggesting it would be appropriate to introduce a similar clause relating to copper and tin. 1823. £18.00

  18. Fraddon BILL on small slip titled 'Mr Paynter Bill to Fradden Gate' Sept. - January 1801, mentions 'sadle horses' 'cheas', enclosed in small sheet of paper with docket title 'the Keeper of Fraddon Gate in full to this day £0.5.8d'. 1801. £8.00

  19. Germoe WILL of Joseph Tuckfield of Germoe in the County of Cornwall, Miner. Appoints Stephen Davey, Farmer and John Curtis, Farmer and Mine Agent, both of Breage, as Trustees. 19th Feb. 1871. 1p. sm. folio, signed and witnessed. 1871. £12.00

  20. Grade RELEASE of right of Dower in certain Hereditaments and premises in Kugar in Grade, Betsey Willey to Charles Medlyn. Vellum, size 24" x 30", signed by Betsey Willey with plain wax seal. Some brownish marks on outside where titled. Ink slightly faded in bottom half of deed. 1838. £15.00
    Concerns fields called Park Bean and Park Arish with house and gardens, and the road to Poltesco Cove to take away seaweed or weed.


  21. Gulval PLAN OF PART OF THE PARISH OF GULVAL Scale 6 chains = 1 inch. By Thomas Mathews, Surveyor. Manuscript plan in ink and three colours, size 26" x 32", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 14" x 8". Shows Chyandour, Trescrowan, Ponjou, Polkinghorne, Garras, etc, with buildings, roads, streams, shoreline. Many small fields, all numbered, large number in the south coloured brown - later note by reference simply states 'Brown - potatoes'. Ink smudge near scale bar, some foxing, some dust-staining at bottom of map. A few ink amendments giving acreage of fields. Signed and dated by Matthews bottom right. 21st October, 1872. £95.00

  22. Gunwalloe and Winnianton LEASE for two lives on a tenement in Chyvarloe called Deebles, part of the Manor of Carminow, Lady Gifford and Lord and Lady Arundell to John Dale, yeoman. 1747.... together with... Lease of tenement to Edward Freeman, 1795, signed Arundel with large wax seal... together with... Counterpart of Edward Freeman's Lease from Lord Arundell, 1795... together with... Counterpart lease of Harry's Tenement, Lord Arundell to Andrew Harpur, 1796. Includes stipulation that corn was to be ground at Carminowe Mill... together with... Counterpart of Rack lease of a tenement in Chyvarloe, John Rogers to Thomas and Edward Freeman, yeomen, 1826. Five items, all on vellum with wax seals. The 1795 and 1796 leases are printed with faded manuscript inserts. Vellum faded and spotty in parts. 1747-1826. £30.00

  23. Gunwalloe COUNTERPART LEASE of the Tenement of Trenoweth, John Rogers to H. Grylls. Large vellum sheet, printed with information filled in in ink, ink slightly rubbed on a few words. Names 'lives'. 1822... with... Counterpart Lease of Tenement called Carminow Mill in Mawgan and Gunwalloe, Capt. Rogers to Richard Woolcock.. 1828. Vellum on both items slightly spotty. Two items. 1822 and 1828. £12.00

  24. Gunwalloe LEASE of houses and garden at Chinalls, (part of the Manor of Carminowe) in Gunwalloe, John Jope Rogers to John Freeman... together with... similar lease of House and Capstan at Chinalls, to Rev. Thomas Leah and J. Coulson. 2 items. Large vellum sheet, 27" x 31", wax seal. 1867. £10.00
    In Symons 'Gazetteer of Cornwall' Chynalls is listed as 'a farm in Gunwalloe'.

  25. Gunwalloe LEASE of houses and garden at Chinalls, (part of the Manor of Carminowe) in Gunwalloe, John Jope Rogers to John Freeman. Large vellum sheet, 27" x 31", 1867... with... Similar lease of house and garden at Chinalls, John Jope Rogers to Thomas Jose, 1867... with... Counterpart Lease of Dwelling House and Capstan at Chinalls, John Jope Rogers to Revd. Thomas Leah and J. Coulson, 1867... with... Lease of Houses and garden at Chinalls, John Jope Rogers to Edward Gabriel, 1870. Four leases, all signed by Rogers with large wax seal and naming 'lives'. 1867-70. £34.00
    In Symons 'Gazetteer of Cornwall' Chynalls is listed as 'a farm in Gunwalloe'.

  26. Gunwalloe PARISH OF GUNWALLOE sketch map. Basic plan in red and black ink, on paper size 16" x 16", folds, showing river, roads to Helston and Mullion, bridge, 'proposed sanding road' and 'proposed footpath', farm house, church. Field belonging to J.J. Rogers outlined in red. Line with numbers along river, with reference key giving distance between these numbers 'No. 1 to 2. 4 Chains. Moorstone posts and batten rails.... 4 to 5. 8 chains. dry stone fence on bank of river...' 17th November 1866. £22.00

  27. Gwinear AFFADAVIT of Service of Order Nisi. Filed 11th November 1842, in case in the Stannary Court of John Vivian, Glynn Grylls and John Kendall, against Thomas Robinson. Says the Plaintiffs Petition was dismissed for want of prosecution. 1p., sm. folio. Attached is Affadavit of John Pascoe, Bailiff saying he served the order to Frederick Hill, Solicitor for the Plaintiffs, at Helston. Small blurred blue Stannary stamp. 1842. £14.00
    Grylls and Kendall were bankers to the Relistian Mine in Gwinear.

  28. Gwinear DEMISE for 2000 years of the estate of Taskus in Gwinear for securing £500, Robert Osborne to Revd. Henry Penneck. Large vellum sheet, engraved heading. Wax seal, receipt for sum on verso, with another wax seal. 1848. £12.00

  29. Halse Town ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXI.15. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 36", folded in four. A few small marginal tears neatly repaired on verso. Second Edition 1908. £15.00
    Covers Ransom United, Vorvas Mines.

  30. Helston BOOK-KEEPING EXERCISE BOOK 'Chambers Educational Course' Book-keeping Exercise Book, completed in a clear rather childish hand, with mock Invoice Book, Cash Book etc. 36pp., sm. folio, wraps. Name of Arthur C. Thomas on front wrap. 1895. £16.00
    Entries with name of customer and town, items such as 'paisley shawl', 'silk hat' etc.

  31. Helston (Borough of) AFFADAVIT OF DEBT of Elizabeth Rogers of Helston, widow, that Thomas Burgess of Sithney, Engineer, is justly indebted to her for £3.6s.6d. for goods sold to him. Manuscript, 10 lines on 1p. sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf. Signed by Rogers and John Williams the Mayor. 1746. £16.00

  32. Helston enclosure LETTER to James Plomer at Helston from W. Sandys. Asks about arrangements for a meeting regarding the Helston Inclosure. He is sending notices for the church door, and asks him to send copies to the newspapers. Suggests the Guildhall for the meeting 'if everything is smooth a month will be ample...'. 54 lines on 3p., 4to, folded with address panel on verso, wax seal, 'B.S.F.' postmark and large '5/'. Sept. 1818. £14.00

  33. Helston HELSTON CHURCH PROVIDENT SOCIETY Rules. Small folio sheet, printed on one side only, title printed in attractive 'shadowed' type. Penaluna, Helston, Printer. c1865. £15.00
    Lists eleven rules about eligibility etc., e.g. 'Those Parents who neglect Public Worship... shall have no addition made to their Deposits...' The Society heplped the poor of the town with clothing and coals.

  34. Helston HELSTON FURRY DAY postcard. Printed with large heading and 35 lines of text on the origin and history of the Furry Day. Undivided back, no imprint of publisher. n.d. 1940's? £5.00

  35. Helston in Kirrier, Manor of AT A SPECIAL COURT of the said Manor held at the Borough of Helston... before Thomas Grylls gentleman, Steward of the said Manor... Manuscript on vellum, size 27" x 13", signed by Grylls. Refers to Surrender by Stephen Usticke, the heir of Sir Michael Nowell of Penwarne, to John Rogers, Lord of the Manor, of four acres of land at Mean Moor and Parc and Gwarrack, part of Gweal Hellis in Wendron, and the granting of the tenancy to John Borlase 'upon the payment of the ancient acknowledgement of eight pence'. Below the details of the Surrender is a copy of Usticke's Letter of Attorney appointing Joseph Roberts, Attorney, to act for him in this matter. 1812. £35.00

  36. Helston JOHN ROACH OF THE SAID BOROUGH Thatcher maketh Oath and saith that Simon Michell of the same Borough cordwainer is justly indebted unto him... two pounds. 37 affadavits of debt, sworn at Helston before the Mayor, 1739-48. 4to, manuscript, typically 6-10 lines, followed by creditor, and signature of Mayor with date and place. Sometimes deponents sign with their mark. Impressed tax stamps. States sum owed for 'Goods Sold and Delivered in the Borough of Helston'. 1739-48. £110.00
    Occupations of the deponents include sadler, tallow chandler, dyer, glasier, clothier.

  37. Helston market MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT between John Cork and Thomas Wills Farmers of the Market of the Borough of Helston, and Anthony Hoskyn and John Sandys of Pengarrack in St. Keverne (on behalf of themselves and Sir Francis Vyvyan and others). Manuscript on 3p., small folio, folded. Sets a temporary rate for toll on corn brought to the market whilst a legal dispute was in progress. This is a copy, with the day and the 'penal sum' not filled in. May 1732. £18.00
    The toll was to be a pint and a half of corn in dues for every bushell.

  38. Helston NOTICE to John Penberthy from Glynn Grylls, Town Clerk. States that unless his dog 'be forthwith destroyed or kept muzzled' a Bill of Indictment will be served against him at the next Quarter Sessions. 11 lines in a large neat hand on one side, 4to, folded with docket title on verso 'Notice to J. Penberthy to muzzle his Dog. Copy served by G. Dobb' 27th Feb. 1829. £12.00

  39. Helston REPORT ON THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF HELSTONE; 2pp. with a plan by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline, Scale 4" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound, some offsetting of plan onto text page. 1837. £20.00

  40. Helston TO THE FREEHOLDERS OF CORNWALL Helston March 6th 1826. Broadside by 'A Cornish Freeholder' attacking the conduct of Sir Richard Vyvyan, 'the youthful Earl', claiming he abandoned the Helston Electors 'and in open contempt of his asserted regard for the interest of Mr. Tremayne, commences a renewed canvass for the County, by a system of treating to which the other candidates would consider it disgraceful to resort...' 72 lines. Size 16" x 9". Folds. E. Heard, Printer Truro. 1826. £36.00

  41. Helston, Borough of ABSTRACT OF ACCOUNT For the Year Ending 31st August, 1874. N. Trengrouse, Treasurer. Printed in large type, size 12" x 20", folds. Shows Receipts from Tolls, Borough Rate etc., and Expenditure on Salaries, Gaol Maintenance of Prisoners, Police etc. 1874. £20.00
    'Police and Constables' cost £110 16s. 5d.

  42. Illogan PARISH OF ILLOGAN Tithes due Michaelmas 1784. Alphabetical list of 101 names with sums due etc. Large folio sheet, folded vertically. 'Rents of Houses on the Glebe' and 'Seats in the Church' on verso. 1784. £30.00
    Approx. 90 names listed, with sums payable, and occasional comments 'is returned from Prison', 'very poor'.

  43. Isles of Scilly ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Fifth Relief Edition. Scale Two Inches to One Mile. Blue and buff wraps. 1933. £8.00

  44. Kea COUNTERPART LEASE of on third part undivided of plot of ground on Wheal Widdon Common, part of the Manor of Bessowe. E.D. Browne and others to James Harvey, labourer. In ink on vellum, 3 large folio pages, signed by Harry with wax sea. On verso is small sketch map of three fields, with acreages. 1855. £15.00

  45. Kenwyn WILL of John Wilkins of Kenwyn, Tinner, 1716. Copy extracted from the Registry dated 1776. 2p. folio on 2 sheets held with rusty pin, tax stamps in margin. 1776. £22.00
    Bequeathes 20s a year to the poor of Kenwyn, property at Bossore, Veyseys tenement, 'part in the Grist Mill and all thereunto belonging in Idless', part in 'Husband tenement' etc., to his son.

  46. Kinsman (John) LETTER to J. Daubriz, dated 2 Millbay Rd., Plymouth 25 March 1889. 2p., small 8vo. Says he is sending the 'Parish Registers', and has a few more copies left. On the next page lists plates lacking from his copy of C.S. Gilbert's Cornwall. 1889. £5.00
    Kinsman was the author, with Quiller Couch, of the 'Cornish Handbook'.

  47. Land's End ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXIII, scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 36" x 24". Small stamp in top margin 'Record Copy'. 'Portrait' format. Some foxing spots in sea area in top part of map, and extreme right edge of paper. O.S. embossed stamp 1879. £48.00

  48. Land's End THE HUMBLE PETITION OF HENRY JONES ESQ. for makeing an harbour at the Lands End Cornwall. Manuscript, 29 lines, with docket title as above, to authorise a survey to be made of Whitsand Bay, and Por-de-nac Point near Lands End and an Estimate of the charge of making an Harbour and Lighthouse there. Manuscript, 1p., folio, traces of folds, paper browned, light grey spotting in bottom half of sheet, not affecting legibility. 1703. £110.00
    Explains how he had attended a former parliament with 'certificates from the most eminent merchants and Commanders of Ships of London, Bristoll, Exon, Topsham.... Trinity House of Hull... setting for the great Benefit that would accrue to her Majtie & her tradeing subjects by makeing an Harbour in Whitsand bay'. It was resolved that a harbour be made and that 'a Lighthouse at Pordenac point near the Land's End will be of a great use to Direct Saylors to Distinguish the North & South Chanels and to prevent shipping from being cast away on those Coasts'. Four surveyors were sent to make an estimate of cost. Jones was unable to attend parliament due to ill health but now 'the Honble peace is settled your petitioner prays the promises with the Benefit of Trade thereby & the nationall advantage thereof may be taken into consideration by this honble. house...'

  49. Lanlivery and Lostwithiel PLAN OF THE PELYN ESTATE in the Parishes of Lanlivery and Lostwithiel. For sale by Auction June 23rd 1925. Colour plan only from auction sale particular. Size 37" x 30", scale 14" to a mile. Shows 16 Lots. 1925. £7.00

  50. Launceston CONVEYANCE of Premises at Wooda in the Hamlet of Saint Thomas by Launceston, Messrs Pethybridge and others to The Boys Brigade. On vellum, folio, 5p, sewn at edge, with coloured sketch plan, size 10" x 6", on first page.... together with.... Abstract of Title, 1884, to same premises, 1857-70, 5p folio, and Mortgage of the New Hall Suite of rooms and Cottages, Henry Paynter to The Trustees of the Boys Brigade, vellum, 3p folio. 3 items. 1884-88. £15.00

  51. Launceston PENCIL DRAWING titled in bottom margin 'View near Launceston'. On thick paper, size 9" x 11", drawing taking up most of the paper. There is a stone bridge over a river in the foreground, a small house on the valley side, and a hill with the outline of the town in the distance. A few small foxing spots. n.d. c1840? £14.00
    There is a very small date at the bottom left edge of the drawing, but it is difficult to read.

  52. Launceston PLANS, CONDITIONS AND PARTICULARS OF SALE of an Excellent Residential House, also Stores, Stables, Cottage, and Highly Attractive Fields, in the Borough of Dunheved otherwise Launceston... To be sold by Public Auction by J. Kittow & Son... 14th October, 1910. 5pp., plus 2pp. conditions of sale, folio, green printed wraps, 2 small folding, and 2 larger folding coloured plans. Staples rusty, hence one section coming loose. 1910. £26.00

  53. Launceston REPORT OF THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY AND DIVISION INTO WARDS OF THE BOROUGH. 3pp, with a sheet on which is a plan of town, coloured in outline, scale 4" to 1 mile and a plan of the borough, scale 1" to a mile, by R.K. Dawson. Folio, disbound, some slight off-setting, onto text. 1837. £22.00

  54. Liskeard REPORT OF THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH OF LISKEARD. 2pp, with a folding plan, by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline. Scale 4" to 1 mile, and a Plan of the Borough, Scale 1" to a mile. Folio, disbound, some slight off-setting and waterstaining on text leaf. 1837. £22.00

  55. Liskeard REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF LISKEARD 2pp., with folding lithographed map, coloured in outline. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1832. £20.00

  56. Liskeard TO THE VOTERS FOR MEMBERS TO SERVE IN PARLIAMENT for the County of Cornwall. Broadside reprinting Joseph Childs letter to the Editor of the West Briton, Liskeard 20th February, 1826, with an introductory paragraph 'as an individual publicly attacked by the organ of the ultra Tories I send you this explanation of my conduct...'. 50 lines, size 16" x 10", folded and sent through the post to E.W.W. Pendarves. Straight-line Liskeard postmark with numbers '237'. Rowes, Printers, Whimple-Street, Plymouth. 1826. £40.00
    Refers to the controversy among the Liberal party about Catholic Emancipation. 'I trust we shall never see the County of Cornwall brought to a level with the Borough of Ipswich' (where a friend of his had been hooted out of town preceded by the Corporation carrying the images of saints on poles). Ends with a plea for religious tolerance.

  57. Lizard ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 32" x 36". Printed from an Electrotype in 1866. £20.00
    Shows only the tip of the Lizard.

  58. Lostwithiel BILL to the Churchwarden of Lostwithiel Church from E. Ash, for tuning the church organ. Sm. 8vo, signed by E. Ash over stamp. May 3rd 1867. £5.00

  59. Lostwithiel DECLARATION by Richard Michell, Pewterer, of St. Austell, relative to a claim to be Mayor. In the King's Bench. Michell swears he witnessed Alexander John, then of Lostwithiel, sign an instruction purporting a Warrant to Richard Harcourt to withdraw a plea against him 'to show by what authority he claimed to be Mayor of the sd. Burrough', and disclaim any right to the office. 15 lines on folio sheet. Signed by Michell. 1723. £30.00

  60. Lostwithiel THE WORSHIPFUL THE MAYOR of Lostwithiel to Edward May. Bill for 11 items, 1791-2, including 'oil for bells', 'bread for sacrament', 'expenses at ringing supper'. 1p, small folio, receipted by May... with... BILL of Philip Blewett to the Mayor for services relating to the Militia, 1796. 8 items, including various journeys with the Militia lists, 'journey to St. Austle at the Swearing In and Enrol'g the Men...', 'Journey to St. Austell with Mr William Foster he being loted to Serve in the Militia', 'keeping the Clock & Engine', 1p., 4to, signed... with... BILL of Wm. Roberts, 1791-2, 16 items, including washing surplices, 'beer to Trigg & Burnett on Gravelling the Ch. Yard', '3 bottles of Tent Wine'. Signed as received from Tho. Hext. 1p., folio. 3 items. 1791-6. £40.00

  61. Ludgvan AN AGREEMENT between John Peverell Rogers of Penrose and Matthew Trewhella of Pigmoor. 3p, folio, with coloured sketch map size 7" x 4" in text, showing the various claypits at Pigmoor. 1883. £18.00
    The agreement was to settle a dispute relating to an original Sett of 1876.

  62. Ludgvan CASTLE AN DINAS Sketch map in ink on paper backed with linen, size 13" x 24", very basic plan, scale 4 chains to one inch indicating Castle, Dennis Downs, Edwards's Crofts, Black Lane, etc. n.d. c1850. £20.00

  63. Ludgvan PLAN OF COLLORIAN in the Parish of Ludgvan Property of The Revd. Canon Rogers 1834. Manuscript map on paper, by I. Roberts, scale 3 chains to 1 inch, size approx. 19" x 16". Mounted flat on recent very fine linen, traces of old folds. In ink and green wash, shows roads, buildings at Collorian and Cockwells, Poldi(ce) Lode, line of water supplying Trewinnard House, well, field boundaries, each plot with a number. Owners of adjacent lands named. By J. Roberts, 1834. £70.00

  64. Maddern RELEASE of messuage and land in Chyandower John Rogers of Penrose to Thomas Bolitho of Maddern. Vellum, 18" x 25", wax seal, vellum slightly browned. 1789. £10.00

  65. Manaccan DECLARATION of Edward and Jane Williams that they have received the £100 due to them under the will of Francis Boucher of Manaccan, yeoman, and that they release the executor James Johns of any further claims. 1p, large folio, signed by Edward and Jane, with small papered seals. Witnessed by Patrick Reilly. 1794. £16.00

  66. Marazion COUNTERPART LEASE of fields called Well Down, part of Tolvadden, in Marazion, John Rogers of Helston to Thomas Laity of Perranuthnoe, yeoman. Vellum, size 16" x 23", signed by Laity with a wax seal on tag. Some words rubbed at top half of one fold. Loosely enclosed is 'a survey held 10th day of September 1742 by Mr. John Rogers & Robert Dow for setting a lease of Whealdown in the 'parish of St. Illary', with list of offerers with sums. 1p, small folio. 1742. £15.00
    The lease excepts all tin and metals.

  67. Marazion FIELDS IN MARAZION the property of the Rev. Rogers and others. 2p., 4to, conjoint leaf with 'Revd. Rogers' on verso. Lists no. on Plan, situation of field with acreage, lessee, rent, age of 'lives' where relevant. Signed John Scorse, 7th Dec. 1835. Some additional notes in pencil on conjoint leaf. 1835. £18.00

  68. Marazion ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXIV.3. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 36", folded in four. Covers Longrock village as far north as Tolverth House, Cressars, Little Hogus. Revision of 1936. £16.00

  69. Mawgan in Meneage LEASE two messuages and 37 acres, part of Killianker, known as Roskymer Cutter, G.L. Bassett of Tehidy Park to Elisha Aver. Printed on three pages, folio, sewn at edge, with details in manuscript. With double-page sketch plan in ink on waxed cotton sewn in, with schedule giving acreage of fields numbered on plan 1883. £15.00
    Signed by Bassett's Mineral Agent.

    CORNISH Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
    For a further selection and to receive my latest catalogue please
    email :-

  70. Mining LETTER from J. Stackhouse to Pearse Rogers at Helston. Dated Trelowarren, Aug. 19th 1813. 2p., 4to, blank conjoint leaf with address panel on verso, small hole where wax seal removed. Asks if he has met with Mr. Beachamp's Agent about Spernon's Sett, and asks 'what is done by my Tin... I am glad we have agreed to set Condurrow to work. They are to put in a small Fire Engine at 1/15th Dist.' 1813. £18.00

  71. Mining LETTER in the Quaker style dated Tottenham 16 4 month 1798, from Sam. Phillip to William Jenkin at Redruth. 24 lines on one page, blank conjoint leaf with address panel, postmark. Sympathises with Jenkins about his son, who has 'erred so widely'. His own eldest son has died, and the two next boys are ill but mending. He hasn't received the deeds and fears the postal people in Jenkins' area 'take mail price & use the flying waggon'. The last 5 lines refer to his mine interests 'Herland must be kept if she won't sell & the mines must take their chance'. He wants to sell all except Cook's Kitchen, Polgooth and other mines. 1798. £40.00
    The Herland Mine, Gwinear, was a group of mines which included Wheal Fancy, Wheal Pleasure, Rosewarne.

  72. North Petherwin, and Jacobstow PARISHES OF NORTH PETHERWIN, AND JACOBSTOW. Attractive Sale of Freehold Agricultural Properties. Known as Middle Whiteley Farm, Billacott Farm, and Little Clubworthy Farm, A Tenement at Maxworthy Cross, and Little Exe Farm. Messrs. J. Kittow & Son.... For Sale by Public Auction at the White Hart Hotel, Launceston, on Tuesday, the 11th day of June, 1912. 8pp, folio. 1912. £25.00

  73. Padstow A CHART OF PADSTOW HARBOUR From Surveys in 1801, 1829 & 1834. Engraved chart, size 20" x 25", plus margins. Chart of Coast from Treyarnon to Pentire Point, Padstow Harbour, Rock. Shows buildings such as Place, churches etc. in elevation, rocks such as Newland, high ground, cliffs shown with hachures, two sections at bottom of chart. Reference tables with key to numbers. The chart has been professionally laid down on Japanese tissue, reinforcing the creases and a couple of tears in the paper. Small chip in paper at bottom margin with loss of a few letters in imprint, and about a quarter of an inch of border, which has been restored. Surface of paper slightly grubby at edges. One or two small areas of slight rubbing. 1834. £220.00

  74. Pendarves (E.W. Wynne) TO THE FREEHOLDERS And other Electors of the Two Divisions of the County of Cornwall. Broadside printed in narrow column on small folio sheet. August 22, 1832. £28.00
    Address by Pendarves to his electors in East and West Cornwall upon the approaching dissolution of Parliament. Mentions the gratification he feels on the achievement of the constitutional reform, summarises his policies for the next election 'To the local interests of our Native County... to a just Commutation of Tithes... to the utter extinction of Slavery'.

  75. Pendarves (E.W.W.) TO THE ELECTORS OF THE WESTERN DIVISION of Cornwall. Broadside on one side of small folio sheet. Heading in large letters. Folded in four, some small nicks in margins. E. Heard, Printer, Truro. Dec. 17, 1834. £38.00
    Summarises his principles, which are 'very different from those of the party in power'. Mentions his suport for the Reform Bill, abolition of Slavery in the Colonies and of the East India monopoly, admission of Dissenters to Universities, etc.

  76. Pendarves PENDARVES POUND BOOK 1825 - 1837. Manuscript, 35 pages (filling the whole book), each page full. 4to, sewn in rough paper wraps, lettered in ink on front wrap, listing each year. Each page headed 'When put in and by Whom', with dates down left side, e.g. 'Nov. 27 1830. A Ram Goat by John Harris, put to grass. 4d', 'Jan 18 1831. 5 Bullocks by Lewis Lane taken out by Peter James.' Some of the pages have been taken from an old manuscript and on the first page are 3 entries 'Owners of Poldice Debtrs'. 'Aug. 15 1705 To Poldice Oares for Weigh'd this day... with value and weight' and two similar lines. 1825-1837. £75.00

  77. Penzance Bank LETTER on headed paper of Mounts Bay Bank, Penzance. Printed letter to Messrs. Cornish and Borlase at Gweek, enclosing 'Williams accep.' and asking them to 'credit us same'. Address and postmark on verso, broken wax sea. 1851. £5.00

  78. Penzance Harbour ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXIV.2. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 36", folded in four. Corner piece covering some fields, approx. 6" x 11", torn away top right, and a piece from a later edition neatly tipped on. Second Edition 1908. £20.00
    Covers area from Graving Dock to rail platforms east of Chyandour, north as far as Chyanhall.

  79. Penzance LEASE FOR A YEAR of two houses in New Street occupied by Mary Bennalls and John Boase, Richard Pearce of St. Levan, Clerk, to Peter Bown of Falmouth. Vellum, 18" x 11", wax seal. Some yellow spots. 1757. £20.00

  80. Penzance LEASE of several fields in Lescudjack, John Batten to Revd. John Rogers. On vellum, 22" x 28", outside where titled dusty. 1835. £10.00

  81. Penzance LEASE of a Plot of Ground and Dwelling House erected thereon forming 22, 23, 24 and 25 Alma Terrace, Joseph Perkins the Younger to Joseph Perkins Senior. 6p., folio, sewn at edge. With notes of later assignment of 1871 on verso. 1868. £8.00

  82. Penzance SKETCH OF CORIN'S FIELDS 1834. Simple sketch plan in ink, on folio sheet, showing four fields, adjoining owners. Scale bar with scale of chains, (3 chains to an inch), with measurement and total. Signed by J.H. Rutger. 1834. £9.00
    A note added in a later hand below title 'since Coulson's, bought 1850 by J.J. Rogers. Rutger surveyed Penzance for a lithographed town plan of 1841.

  83. Penzance, St. Keverne, Marazion etc. THIRTY SIX BILLS 1937-1940, for local businesses. Bills with plain printed headings, size 8vo and 4to. 1937-40. £20.00
    Includes W. Hendy, Fish merchant, Penzance; Chirgwin, Grocers, Penzance; Wheel Garage, Marazion; Jarvis Ltd., Cornish Pottery & China Stores, Penzance; Wimbleton Bros., Butchers, Porthleven; Fortescue circulating Library, Truro; Verran, Butcher, St. Keverne; Simpson Bros., Outfitters, Penzance;

  84. Perranawartha COUNTERPART LEASE of Licence to produce Copper by filtration, Edward Browne and others to Messrs. Richd. Symons & Robert Thomas Mitchell of Feock, Miners. Grants licence for 14 years, to open water channels for 'collecting Mineral Waters issuing through the alluvial soil for producing copper by filtration...'. Gives exact bounds of land. 3 folio pages, wax seal. 1859. £35.00

  85. Peters (J.P.) THE YEOMAN'S CLUB To Support Freedom of Election & Constitutional Protection. Broadside, size 12" x 8", putting forward a proposal for funding a sum by subscription of £20,000,the interest to be applied 'against oppressive Law, when the spirit of darkness has a too powerful ascendancy'. 'This plan is humbly submitted to the Yeomanry of Cornwall by their friend and Brother J.P. Peters. January 21, 1825.' E. Heard, Printer, Truro. 1825. £36.00

  86. Political satire BE DISPOSED OF BY PRIVATE CONTRACT .... the following Horses... of a Nobleman who has no further use for them in this Country, they will be sent to Yarmouth or some distant place.... 3p., 4to, pages waterstained at edges, ink rather faded. n.d. c1830? £30.00
    Includes 'copper bottom'd Jack', 'Crofty Jenny' got by Pettyfogger a good wheeler for the Mail Coach'. Presumably a satirical skit on Cornwall politicians.

  87. Polsue (Manor of) ABSTRACT OF TITLE of Polsue etc. in Cornwall from Wills etc. 1p., folio, folded with docket title as above. Details title from 1732 to 1766, beginning with Narcissus Luttrell. n.d. c1780?. £18.00

  88. Polsue (Manor of) HIGH RENTS Manuscript on 2 large folio pages, listing in columns High Rents and Conventionary Rents due Michaelmas 1805 for the Manor of Polsue and the Manor of Galowras in Goran, and Scattered Lands. Blank conjoint leaf. Gives Tenement, Tenant, Lives, Rents, Arrears. 1805. £24.00

  89. Porkellis DECLARATION by Thomas Pendarves of Gwinear, aged 79, regarding limits of sett in Porkellis. Manuscript, 39 lines in a small hand on one side of folio sheet, folded. Says he worked as agent for Mr Worth and his surveyors in the parish of Wendron for thirty years. Says Mr Worth never claimed any right of the sett granted him by Mr Glyn and Mr Pendarves further south than the hedge of a Moor calle Watts' Moor and no tribute was ever paid. Details other areas which he says belonged to Tymorgye Sett, which was granted to Messrs Hill, Dunstone and others, and says no tribute was ever demanded from them. At the bottom is a note saying the declaration was made 30th July 1754 in the presence of S(?) Johns, who has signed. 1754. £24.00
    'He remembers said Mr Dunstone & Ralph Williams bringing the addit from the Moore near Stamps Dowa Stamps... to Tymorgy, and that Mr Bawden... and the rest of Mr Worth's successors Desired leave to make use of that Addit in order to bring up a Level to Walter Cock's Work...'

  90. Porkellis, Carvedras ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 12" x 18". Top margin trimmed and plain paper pasted across with title in ink 'Trewavas and Carlidna'. Linen-backed, central fold. Area round North Lovel Mine and around Trewavas shaded in pink wash, upper part of area marked 'Undivided', 'Proposed new HT Line' marked in pencil. c1910. £12.00
    Shows numerous old tin mines and quarries.

  91. Rae (Oliver M) FOUR POSTCARDS of Polperro. Original etched views on good quality card with uncut edges, good plate marks, each with tissue guard. Views are: The Jew's House, Couch's House, The Harbour (2). Titled and signed in plate. c1930? £10.00

  92. Redruth PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Building Land, Tenements... Dwelling-houses, together with reversions of certain Tenements at Treleigh... to be offered by Auction... Thursday 21st February, 1929. 4pp., 4to, vertical fold. 1929. £5.00
    Details 13 lots, many in Drump Road, with description of houses etc.

  93. Rowe family PLAN titled 'John Rowe's Homestead', on waxed cotton, size 9" x 8", showing detailed plan of house, road to Helston and to Peverell Terrace marked, lessee noted. c1870(?) £8.00
    Probably a house in Porthleven.

  94. Ruan Major RECTOR'S COMMUTATION RENT CHARGE due 1st January 1845. Manuscript, folio, neatly and clearly written over 6 double-page spreads, headings to each page written in large decorative script, in columns with No., Occupier, Situation of Property, Increase on Averages, Amount to be Collected, Property Tax, etc. Covers Rent Charge due 1st January 1845, July 1845, January 1846. Sewn in plain wraps, decorative manuscript title.... together with.... similar documents for 1846-7, 1848, 1849, 1850. 5 booklets in all, the last two have extreme bottom right hand corners of pages damp-affected, not affecting text. 1845-50. £65.00
    Approximately 25 names of occupiers listed in each volume. Surnames include Lugg, Lambruck, Keverne, Barnicoat, Pengelly. Properties are Higher and Lower Treluga, Tresadern, Trerise, Trelase.

  95. Saint Cleer and Saint Stephen's-by-Saltash PLANS, PARTICULARS, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF WELL-SITUATED FREEHOLD FARMS And Valuable Quarries of Stone, to be Held at Webb's Hotel, Liskeard, On Monday, December 11th, 1911. By Messrs. J. Kittow & Son, Launceston. With 3 large coloured folding plans, 7pp, folio, original printed wraps. 1911. £28.00
    Includes farms of East and West Hendra, Trevollard, the tenement of Cumble Torr with the Quarry on the bank of the River Lynher.

  96. Salwey (Jasper) CORNWALL. A SKETCH-BOOK 16 pencil sketches. Label on front board with view of Truro. Sm. 4to, boards, bookplate. Paper on spine chipped. Published 1922. £12.00
    Includes Lostwithiel, Newquay, Newlyn, Redruth.

  97. Sancreed REFERENCE To The Map of the Parish of Sancreed. Oblong roy 8vo, rebound in modern half calf, raised bands, gilt lettering piece on spine. Manuscript title on first page. Printed in columns, across two pages, completed in manuscript, on 130 double-page spreads, plus blanks. With columns:- Estates (e.g. Tregerras, Botrea, Bejowans etc.), Owners, Occupiers, Nos referring to the Plan, Names and Description of Lands and Premises (field names, gardens etc., Acreage of Arable and Pasture, of Croft and Commons, Total, and Remarks.. together with... THE PARISH OF SANCREED IN THE COUNTY OF CORNWALL, R. Pentreath, W. Marrack, G. Hosking, Surveyors. Recent manuscript copy of the Tithe map, 1851, scale 10 chains to an inch, on two sheets of thin card, each sheet 20" x 25". In ink, with the outlines of the estates in colour, and each plot numbered lightly in pencil - the numbers corresponding with the Book of Reference. 1851. £130.00
    Approximately 16 lands and premises per spread.

  98. Sithney COPY DECREE In the Exchequer, Jane Symonds, widow, against William Rowe and Abednego Rowe. Refers to dispute over the inheritance of tenement known as Venton Vedna, and the will of John Rowe, deceased, of Breage. 9p folio, docket title. 1821. £16.00

  99. Sithney PLAN OF SEVERAL PLOTS OF GROUND lying contiguous to the boundary line between Bosoar... the Property of the Rev. Canon Rogers, and certain lands belonging to Sir John Y. Buller. Basic manuscript plan in ink and two colours, scale 99 ft. to an inch. Size 25" x 10", folded. Shows very thin strips of land at boundary, boundary stones, Reference Table at bottom. n.d. c1830? £18.00

  100. Sithney PLAN of Several Plots of Ground Lying Contiguous to the Boundary line between Canon Rogers lands in Bosoar and lands of John Buller, at Longstone Down. Manuscript plan in ink and colour, size 25" x 10", scale 99ft. to 1", showing bound stones, small strips of land, reference table with distances between named points in links, one for Rogers and one for Buller... with... PLAN of proposed New Hedge to enclose Site of old Cottages at Sithney Common. Basic printed plan on large folio sheet, hand shading, names seem to have been printed with rubber stamp kit. 2 items. c1850 & 1902. £34.00

  101. Sithney THE LIST OF PERSONS ENTITLED TO VOTE in the Election of a Member for the Borough of Helston, in respect of Property occupied within the parish of Sithney. Printed sheet, signed by the four Overseers, size 14" x 18", listing 139 voters, in columns with Nature of Qualification, Place in the Parish. Folded in half vertically, traces of other folds, pin-holes at corners (these lists were usually nailed to the church door). Someone has numbered each entry in ink at the left of each name, from 229 - 368. They have also made amendments to about a dozen entries, for example deleting 'Mill' in 'House and Mill'. Roberts, Printer, Helston. 1833. £70.00

  102. Sithney THE LIST OF PERSONS entitled to vote in the Election of a Member for the Borough of Helston, in respect of Property occupied within the Parish of Sithney by virtue of an Act passed in the Second Year of the Reign of King William the Fourth..... Folio sheet folded to size 15" x 18", printed in columns with name of Voter, Nature of Qualification, Street, Lane or other Place where property situated. Numbered in ink in margin, signed by Sithney Overseers at bottom, a few names added in ink. Folds. Dated in ink on verso. Roberts, Printer, Helston (1832). £40.00
    Lists 110 voters in alphabetical order.

  103. South Helston Highway District SURVEYORS ACCOUNTS for the Parishes of St. Martin, Mullion, Ruan Minor, weeks 3, 4, 5, 6 of 2nd quarter of 1879. 5, 9 and 2 labourer's names entered for the respective parishes, on 3 very large printed sheets, giving name, rate per yd. for stone-breaking, etc. 1879. £12.00
    William John was paid £1.18s for breaking stone at Cadgwith.

  104. St. Buryan & St. Just ELECTION POSTER 'Notice of Election of one County Councillor for each of the above Electoral Divisions.' Size 24" x 18", several folds. 1946. £8.00

  105. St. Buryan FURTHER CHARGE on a Mortgage on a loan relating to the purchase of property at Trelodevas, Richard Pearce of Penzance to Christopher Hawkins of Trewinnard, related in an indenture of 1740. Vellum, size 17" x 25", large signature of Pearce, wax seal with bust. Witnessed on verso. 1746. £35.00
    In 1740 Pearce had made over to Hawkins his Tin Bounds, to be discharged when the sum of £1,314 was finally paid to Hawkins. Also mentions an arrangement whereby John Stone of Bradbury and John Talbot of Laycock, in Wiltshire, conveyed lands in Leskinnick to Hawkins.

  106. St. Clements STATEMENT OF MONIES EXPENDED by Mrs Stephens for her son John Wilkins. Apparently intended as a petition to the Judge on Circuit, perhaps to allege grounds for.... retaining possession of lands belonging to her son. Manuscript, 1p, sm. folio, docket titled on verso as above, beginning 'The Humble Petition of Catherine Wilkins' to Lord Bathurst, setting out sums of money spent on behalf of her son 'and that yr. petitioner sold an Estate called Parken orchard in the parish of St. Clements...' Includes money for ploughing, for 24 sheep, for barley, wages to Margaret Trebilcock, 'for my sons Diett in prison £8.0s 0d' etc. Folds, some small foxing spots. Signed by Catherine Stephens. 1754. £22.00
    Also refers to an estate called Bosoar. She had apparently maintained her sons family while he was in prison for one year.

  107. St. Erth AUCTION POSTER Advertising the sale of the Fee-Simple of a Tenement in Higher Leah, adjoining Tenement in Killinoon, in the occupation of Richard Woon, moiety of Killinoon Common.... Sale at the White Hart Hotel, Hayle, on Friday 15th August 1873. Size 24" x 17", several folds, few short tears to margins. 1873. £16.00

  108. St. Erth AUCTION POSTER Advertising the sale of the Fee-Simple of a Tenement in Higher Leah, adjoining Tenement in Killinoon, in the occupation of Richard Woon, moiety of Killinoon Common.... Sale at the White Hart Hotel, Hayle, on Friday 15th August 1873. Size 24" x 17", several folds, few short tears to margins. 1873. £16.00

  109. St. Erth MEMORANDUM that Christopher Kingdom of St. Erth, yeoman, complains that on 7th July a pocket book containing twenty three £1 notes and one check drawn by John Morgan on Messrs Bolitho was feloniously stolen from his barn, and that he accuses Richard Glanyer late of Crowan, Miner of the crime. 1p., folio, signed with his mark by Kingdom. 1807. £18.00

  110. St. Erth MEMORANDUM whereby Christopher Kingdon of St. Erth, yeoman, swears before E.W. Stackhouse, Justice, that he had a pocket book with 23 one pound notes and a check drawn on Messrs Boliton feloniously stolen from his barn at St. Erth, and he suspects Richard Glanyer of Crowan Mine as no other person was in the barn. Signed by Kingdom with his mark. 1p., sm. folio. 1807. £14.00

  111. St. Ive and Callington PLANS, PARTICULARS, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF FREEHOLD FARMS Mill, Accommodation Lands & Dwelling-houses in the Parishes of St. Ive & Callington, Cornwall. To be held at Golding's Hotel, Callington, Wednesday, Sept. 13th, 1916 by Messrs. J. Kittow & Son, Launceston. With 2 large coloured folding plans, and one smaller. 13pp, folio, original printed wraps, split down spine, green wraps and last leaf detached. 1916. £20.00
    Includes farms of East Crift, West Crift, Durnaford, houses in Fore Street and Well Street, Callington.

  112. St. Ive, Quethiock and Pillaton ST. IVE, QUETHIOCK AND PILLATON PARISHES CORNWALL. PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTIES Comprising Farms and Detached Fields. Messrs J. Kittow & Son Are instructed to offer the above for Sale by Auction at Golding's Hotel, Callington on Wednesday, 5th July, 1916. With 4 large coloured folding plans, 9pp, folio, original printed wraps. 1916. £38.00
    Includes the farms of Penpoll, Ford and Saunton, tenement of West Morsehead.

  113. St. Ives and London LETTER to the Executors of W. T. Praed, M.P., from Henry Arnold, Russell Square, 27th Oct. 1846. 1p., 4to, blank conjoint leaf with address on verso. Says he is forwarding a copy of the Shipping Gazette daily to the News Room, St. Ives on order of the late W.T. Praed M.P. 1846. £5.00

  114. St. Ives SKETCHBOOK of an amateur watercolourist. Sketchbook size 5" x 7", plain cloth-covered boards. Contains 11 attractive and competent watercolours of views in St. Ives, dated between 1906 and 1908. titled, plus views of St. Michael's Mount (2), Porthmeor Sands, Newlyn, Lamorna (pencil sketch), Lands End and first and last house. Other pages with small studies of fishermen, boats, pine tree, sea-scape etc. 1906. £80.00

  115. St. Ives SPECIAL EDITION OF THE CORNISH TELEGRAPH The Presentation of St. Ives, Mr. Pendarves before the Electors. Newsprint, in three columns, heading in large typeface. Size 29" x 13", 10" long horizontal tear repaired with archival tape. Reports on a meeting in the Town Hall, St. Ives, with introduction of Pendarves by the Chairman, and Pendarves long speech. Printed at the Cornish Telegraph Office, April 1st, 1881. £20.00
    Pendarves condemns over-interference in foreign affairs of the previous government, loss of life and expense of Afghan War. Also mentions the Boers of South Africa, plans for the Harbour at St. Ives.

  116. St. Ives THE REPRESENTATION OF ST. IVES Mr Pendarves before the Electors. Off-print from the Cornish Telegraph, printed on one side only, size 30" x 12", in three columns, comprising a letter to the electors from William Cole Pendarves, the Liberal candidate, and a Report of his election meeting at St. Ives Town Hall. Numerous folds, long repaired tear across 1 fold. 1881. £7.00

  117. St. Just in Roseland AUCTION HANDBILL advertising sale in Truro of properties in St. Just in Roseland, Veryan, Cornelly, and Cuby. Size 12" x 8", folds. Describes 6 Lots, with occupiers, including cottage called 'Towns Close' at Trethewell, land called Reskevus in Veryan, 'Wallish Down' etc. Untidy notes of prices in pencil in margin, three lots marked with large ink cross. Attached is a crude plan on tracing paper of Lot 6, and a solicitor's letter. 1874. £9.00

  118. St. Kew COUNTERPART LEASE of a part of a dwelling house and several closes of land on Wheal Baddon Down, James Trevenen to William Salter. On vellum, 24" x 30", wax seal. Slight yellowing of vellum. Basic plan outlined in red on verso. 1855. £10.00

  119. St. Leonard's Hospital Launceston DISPUTE REGARDING SEAL. A series of letters between C.L. Cowlard, clerk of the Lazar Ground Charity, and Miss A.M. Gurney of Trebursye regarding the ownership of the seal of St. Leonard's and requesting her to hand it to the charity. 11 letters dated between 1892 & Feb. 1893. £40.00

  120. St. Minver AGREEMENT whereby William Profit agrees to take of Rev. Sandys the Great Tithes of the Farms of Parkwathen, Cockmoyle, Trewint, for 5 years. 1p., small folio. Blank conjoint leaf. Contemporary copy, 1815. £10.00

  121. St. Minver CERTIFICATE OF THE CONTRACT FOR THE REDEMPTION OF THE LAND TAX. Printed certificate with MS inserts, large folio. Lists 9 premises with Proprietor, Occupier, Sum assessed. Folded with docket title. Signed by two Commissioners. 1802. £16.00
    Includes tenements of Trevanger, Treverrow, Tregwarmond.

  122. St. Minver INSURANCE CERTIFICATE for 'St. Minver House' and farms and cottages in Church Town and Trevanger, St. Minver. 2pp., folio, blank conjoint leaf, folds. Manuscript inserts, listing 23 properties. Vignette at top of page, size 4" x 5", showing large sun flanked by firemen. 1901. £7.00

  123. St. Minver LEASE of Anthony's tenement in Tregwarmond in St. Minver, Trehane Symons to Samuel Symons. On paper, size 19" x 26", two good wax seals with busts, some minor small splits at folds, and slight wear at two points where folds meet with loss of a couple of letters... together with... DEPOSITION of Moses Ede, son of Roger Ede, who held a lease in Tregwarmond under Jonathan Anthony, relative to the bounds of the tenement, hedges etc. (a Walter Ede is referred to in the 1793 lease). 31 lines, small folio, signed and witnessed. 2 items. 1793 and 1806. £20.00
    The closes appurtaining to the messuage were called Neilden's Ground, German's Bargain, Seven Acres. 'his father always cut the said Bound of furze which was stubbed up, when the High road was formed...'

  124. St. Minver LEASE of Anthony's tenement in Tregwarmond in St. Minver, Trehane Symons to Samuel Symons. On paper, size 19" x 26", two good wax seals with busts, some minor small splits at folds, and slight wear at two points where folds meet with loss of a couple of letters... together with... DEPOSITION of Moses Ede, son of Roger Ede, who held a lease in Tregwarmond under Jonathan Anthony, relative to the bounds of the tenement, hedges etc. (a Walter Ede is referred to in the 1793 lease). 31 lines, small folio, signed and witnessed. 2 items. 1793 and 1806. £25.00
    The closes appurtaining to the messuage were called Neilden's Ground, German's Bargain, Seven Acres. 'his father always cut the said Bound of furze which was stubbed up, when the High road was formed...'

  125. St. Minver LETTER to Mrs Sandys at Wadebridge, from Coates & Howes. Says the case of champagne has been forwarded to Bodmin Road and will be sent to Wadebridge by the omnibus. 3p., small 8vo. In envelope. 1865. £6.00

  126. St. Minver TYTHES DUE TO THE REVD. MR SANDYS at Michaelmas 1775. Compositions. 3 pages, small folio, in columns for Name, Sum due, Recd. by Mr. Sandys, Recd. by Mr Kevill, Allowed, Left. 1775. £25.00
    Approx. 90 names listed. Family names include Eva, Donkin, Hockin, Bray, Burall, Simcock, Rosewarne.

  127. St. Wenn A PARTICULAR and estimate of the yearly value of the Barton of Tregganetha in the Parish of St. Wenn.... surveyed and valued in the month of July 1803 by John Stephens of Lower St. Columb. Manuscript valuation on one side of single sheet size 15" x 6". Folds. Lists 21 fields by name, plus dwelling house and garden, with acreages, value per acre, and yearly value. 1803. £18.00

  128. Stokeclimsland BOND for quiet enjoyment of one eighth part of the tenement of Over Hampt, and Higher Hanett, William Hill to Arthur Kelly. Vellum, size 22" x 29", wax seal. Some foxing spots. 1827. £12.00

  129. Stokeclimsland COUNTERPART LEASE of a share in North Norton and a meadow called Manaton Meadow in Stokeclimsland, John Hill of Trenethick to Philipaa Deacon of Stokeclimsland, widow. Vellum, size 16" x 24", armorial wax seal on tag. Vellum browned. 1735. £16.00

  130. Stokeclimsland PARTICULARS OF SALE of Freehold Grazing Farm known as Middle Hampt... for sale by auction May 28th, 1920. 3pp., small folio... together with... Kensey Vale, Launceston: Particulars of Freehold Property, Garages and Accommodation Land, for Sale by Auction... November 7th, 1933. 1p., folio. 2 items. 1920 and 1933. £14.00
    Included farm house, two cottages, house, carpenter's shop, Creamery, meadow land.

  131. Sunday Observance LINES Dedicated to Abram B. Broadside, size 9" x 8", folds, being a poem in 17 stanzas, printed in two columns with decorative border between them, satirising the hypocrisy of those who impose a strict Sunday observance on the lower orders whilst the elite do as they like. n.d. c1830? £38.00
    'But Mechanics who travel on foot/Shall taste not a drop of sour Porter/They dare not - and if they dispute/We'll fine them on every quarter... Godolphin the doctrine imbibes/And hunts after Masons and Tailors/To bridewell conveys in whole tribes/Gipsy-women and castaway Sailors'. A previous owner has written a footnote in ink in the bottom margin explaining the reference to fines in the second line as referring to 'Revd. Molesworth's opinion expressed on the Bench at St. Columb'

  132. Symons (R), Surveyor PLAN OF THE PARISH OF TOWEDNACK in the County of Cornwall Lithographed hand-coloured plan on thick paper backed with linen, size 35" x 25", scale 8 Chains to an Inch. Decorative title, compass rose, scale bar. Shows buildings, roads, fields (with numbers from Tithe Apportionment), Tin Works at Bolenow Vean, 'Three Blue Stones' on south-west parish border, cliffs and 'St. George's Channel' in the North. Different areas shaded in very pale wash of different colours with brighter shading at edges. Dissected into four sections, mounted recently on linen, silk edging tape, folding into modern cloth covered boards, printed label on front board. Printed for and Published by R. Symons, Surveyor. Truro: 1848. £140.00
    The lithographers were Frise & Marker, 3 Palace Gate, Exeter.

  133. Tregonetha, St. Wenn ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 33 S.W. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 18", linen-backed and folding into 4to marbled endpapers, printed label. Revised 1905. £10.00
    Covers Castle-an-Dinas, Little Brynn, Demelza, St. Wenn

  134. Tregothnan LETTER to Mr Tyack, Godolphin, Helston, from Rd. Curgenwen, on behalf of the Earl of Falmouth. 1p., 4to, address and postmark on blank conjoint leaf. Asks him to settle the account for the heirs of Mr. Wood, for rent of Trebullins in the Manor of Erisey. With not asking him to 'direct to me under cover to Earl of F.' (Falmouth written under address on verso.) 1821. £8.00

  135. Tregwarma, St. Minver LEASE of a messuage and tenement at Tregwarma, late Ede's, Trehane Symons of Trevine, to Samuel Symons of Tregwarma. In ink on paper, size 23" x 20", a few minor splits at folds, and hole at one point with loss of a couple of letters, some slight waterstaining at a couple of folds. Wax seal. 1790. £12.00
    Stipulates what farming practices were to be followed. For example a barge load of sea sand was to be spread on every acre broke for Tillage, clover and trefoil seeds were to be sown, etc.

  136. Tresco, Isles of Scilly THREE PHOTOGRAPHS one named in the plate 'Gibson, Penzance', the other two 'Gibson, Scilly;. Size each approx. 6" x 8", mounted on album leaf, some darkening of card of mount and a few foxing spots on mount. The first view shows Dracena Avenue at Abbey Gardens, the next a line of four Dracena in an area of formal flower beds, line of agaves in distance. On the other side of the leaf is a view titled in pencil on the mount 'Aloes in bloom, Abbey Gardens.' showing a group of 16 large aloes. 1880's. £16.00

  137. Trescowthick family AFFADAVIT OF DEBT Statement of Elizabeth Moore of Helston affirming that Mark Trescowthick of Sithney is indebted to her for the sum of £2.2s. 6d. 10 lines in manuscript on one side of small folio sheet, folded. Signed by H. Tremenhere, Mayor, and Elizabeth Moore. 1741. £16.00

  138. Truro ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENT to Copies of any Memorials addressed to the Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department, from the Corporation or Inhabitants of any Borough, respecting the Population of the said Borough. Includes petition from the Inhabitants of Truro, 2pp., with list of names, with folding lithographed plan of Truro, hand-coloured in outline, scale 10" to 1 mile, size 11" x 14", shows Parish and Borough boundaries, vessels in the river, number of Houses and inhabitants given below title. Also includes shorter Memorials from the Inhabitants of Falmouth, Saltash, Aldbrough, Totnes, Buckingham. 8pp., lacks last leaf with page 9 and docket title. Disbound, left hand edges with some small edge tears, held with staples. 1831. £16.00
    The Petition states that there was an error in 1821 when the population ws given as 2712, when it should have been 6000, and that it is now above 8000.

  139. Truro Boundaries REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF TRURO 3pp, with a coloured folded Plan by R.K. Dawson. Scale 2" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 3 pages of text. 1832. £22.00

  140. Valentine & Sons, Publisher CORNWALL AND THE ISLES OF SCILLY. 56 Photographic Pictures of Cornwall's Grandest and most beautiful scenery, with descriptive Notes. Original decorative gilt boards, 9" x 11". 6p. of introductory text. Paper on spine chipped, gilt slightly faded, boards slightly rubbed at edges. c1910. £15.00
    Includes Royal Albert Bridge, Falmouth, Tintagel, Boscastle.

  141. Valentine (J) ALBUM containing 24 views of Penzance area, each size 6" x 8", titled in white in plate, in album with cloth covered boards, thick card window mounts. c1910. £25.00
    Views include: Longships Light, St. Buryan Church, Trereiffe Avenue in Penzance, Mousehole, The Square St. Just, Pendeen Lighthouse.

  142. Wheal Berry NOTE to a Mr Thomas Trevenen signed John Millett. 19 lines in a small hand on a piece of paper size 5" x 4", address on verso, with remains of very small wax seal. The place name after 'To Thomas Trevenen' is illegible. Dated Decr. 10th 1710. Says he has bought some farm tin from Thomas Bennals in Wheal Berry Bounds, and gives the amount 'Sr. John' has and the amount he will pay Trevenen 'at the next meeting' if he agrees. He would like an answer per the bearer. 1710. £30.00
    'Sr. John have a sack and half of poor work at Trenowes(?), I did not see it, but he tells me itt Comes to Eight pence(?) as the Bounders sold their parts... he will pay you according for it. I am not concerned but I hear it is very poor...'.

  143. Whig cause in Cornwall A SUBSCRIPTION in favour of Mr. White, editor of The Independent Whig, in consideration of his pecunious losses in the cause of Liberty. Manuscript, single 4to sheet, headed as above, with 13 signatures with the amount subscribed. On verso is 'Paid £15 10s. to Mr White March 21st at the Whig Office.' Folds. Paper watermarked 1813. £25.00
    Among the subscribers are R. Gerveys Grylls, Wm. Davey, J. Rashleigh, Wm. Michell. The British Library has a copy of 'The Trials at large of the Editor and Printer of the Independent Whig, Sunday Newspaper (J.H.H. and W. White); on charges of Libels on Lord Ellenborough and Sir S. Le Blanc, Taken in short-hand.' 1808.

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