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With Notes of the Antiquities of the District.

By J.T. Blight. 1865.

Sample text :-
' St. Piran, one of the most noted saints of Ireland, came into Cornwall in the early part of the fifth century. That he was highly esteemed amongst the Cornish is shewn by the fact that four parish churches in the county bear his name - Perran-zabaloe, Perran-arworthal, Perran-uthnoe, and St. Kevern or Pieran, called Lanachebran in Domesday. There is also the well of St. Perran on the northern shores of Perran-zabuloe.

The church of St. Perran-uthnoe is situated near the coast, opposite St. Michael's Mount. It seems probable that the site was, at an early date, occupied by an ecclesiastical edifice, though there are few remains of an ancient character in the existing building.

Judging from the external appearance of the walls, the oldest part is the transept, which has the hagioscopie passage at the junction with the chancel resembling those in the churches of the Lizard district The oblique wall, however, forms a much Jess angle; it is very rudely constructed, and at the height of eighteen inches from the ground projects a little from the foundation. One of the lower stones has marks of incised decoration of a very primitive character, and probably formed part of a much earlier structure.

This oblique wall has no window as in the other examples, but adjoining it in the eastern wall of the transept may be seen, internally, an obtusely pointed arch, two feet in breadth, and forming a recess, which now extends only to the springing of the arch, though there are traces that it once reached the floor, and was either a Barrow aperture through, or & shallow recess 4 ft. 8 in. high in, the wall. Externally, the masonry has been much disturbed, and the upper portion, at least, appears to have been pierced through. '

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