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A catalogue of the writings both manuscript and printed of Cornishmen,
and of works relating to the County of Cornwall
With Biographical Memoranda and Copious Literary References.

By George Clement Boase and William Prideaux Courtney.
( 3 volumes ) 1874, 1878 and 1882.

Sample text :-
' CAREW, RICHARD (oldest son of Thomas Carew)
b. East Antonie. 1555. d. East Antonie, 6th Nov., 1620 cf. Fuller, ed. 1811, i, 218; Bliss'Wood ii. 284-87; Chalmers'; Biog. Brit.; A Colect. of curious Discourses, with Pref., by T. Hearne. 1773, i, 267, ii, 425-26; Kippis' Biog. Brit; Fitzgeffry's Assaniae, Book iii; J. Dunbar's Epigrammata, cent. 6, No 53.

Godfray of Bvlloigne, or the Recouerie of Heirvsalem, An Heroicall Poeme, written in Italian by Seig. Torquato Tasso, and Translated into English by R[ichard] C[arew], Esquire and now the First Part, containing Five Cantos Imprinted in both Languages. London, Imprinted by John Windet for Christopher Hunt, of Exeter, 1594, 4., 119 leaves.

Examen de Ingenios. The Examination of Men's Wits in which, by discouering the varietie of Natures, is shewn for what Profession each one is apt, and how far he shall profit therein. By John Huarte. Translated out of the Spanish Tongue by M. Camillo Camilli; Englished out of his Italian by R[ichard] C[arew], Esquire. Lond., 1594, 4.

Examen de Ingenios, etc. Lond., Printed by Adam Islip, 1596, 4., pp. 333. Dr. Williams; Manchester Free Lib.
NOTE. Dedicated to " Sir F Godolphin, Knight, one of the Deputie Lievtenants of Cornwall" : commences "Good Sir, your Booke returneth vnto you clad in a Cornish Gabardine." A scarce edition.

Examen de Ingenios, etc. Lond., Printed by Adam Islip, 1604, 4., pp. 333. Br. Museum.

Examen de Ingenios, etc. Lond., 1616, 4.

A Herring's Tayle; contayning a Poetical Fiction of Divers Matters worthie the reading. Ey [R. C.]. At London, Printed for Matthew Lowness, 1598, 4., 18 leaves. Bod. Lib.

The Survey of Cornwall. Written by Richard Carew, of Antonie, Esq. London, Printed by S. S. for John Jaggard, and are to bee Sold neere Temple-barre. at the Signe of the Hand and Starre. 1602. sm. 4., l59 leaves, paged on one side only.

The Survey of Cornwall, and an Epistle concerning the Excellencies of the English Tongue, now first Published from the Manuscript. By Richard Carew, of Antonie. Esq. : with the Life of the Author by H * * * * C * * * * *, Esq. [ pseud, i.e., Pierre Des Maiseaux]. Lond., "Printed for Samuel Chapman, at the Angel, in Pallmall; David Browne. jun., at the Black Swan, without Temple Bar : and James Woodman, at Cambden's Head, in Bow Street, Covent Garden; 1723, 4.. pp. xxviii. and 150 leaves paged on one side only.

The Survey of Cornwall, and an Epistle concerning the Excellencies of the English Tongue. By R. Carew, of Antonie, Esq.; with the Life of the Author by H * * * * C *****, Esq.; a new edition. London, Printed for B. Law, in Ave Maria Lane; and J. Hewett, at Penzance; 1769, 4., pp. xxxii, and 164 leaves paged on one side only.
NOTE.- A Copy in the Lib. of the Royal Instit. of Cornwall has an MSS. Index. '

Sample from the Index :-

' Florence or loyal quand meme, a story 1033
Florentia i.e. Miss Buller 1181
Flour, improvement in manufacture of 603
Flower, William d 1588 R.C, priest 857
Flower, William Henry b 1831 professor of anatomy 1181
Flowers, wild 75
Flushing in Mylor, account of 735 building of 442, 746 methodist excommunications at 612 road 923 St. Peter's ch. opened 245 sermon at 245 unitarians at 535 unitarian chapel 964 vicar 1328 wesleyan chapel 964
Fly leaf inscriptions 94
Fodinae regales, the history of mines 478
Fogs, valley 874
Folk lore 94, 418, 431. 954, 1090 horse shoes on church doors 964 hurlers apparition of 964
. moon superstitions 964 rocks and stones 964 west country folk lore 964
Follett, J. clerk of assizes in 1800 p. 1017
Fonts, description of 221, 241, 419, 964 discovery of 588 sketches of 822 bis
Food, adulterations 1130 and customs 964 of the labouring classes 661
Fookes. rev. William mayor of Liskeard in 1834 daughter of 717
Foolish Dick i.e. Richard Hampton 1216
Foot, Josiah vicar of Antony 566
Foote, Ambrose Cox d 1784 of Harewood 1181
Foote, rev. Edward sold Pencalenick 833
Foote, John Pearson d 1809 of Calstock 1181 daughter of 882
Foote, Samuel d 1754 of Truro 151, 1181
Foote, Samuel d 1777 comedian 152-57, 1181-83
Foote, Samnel junior i.e. Francis Wrangham 157
Football 776
Footprints of former men in Cornwall 221
Footsteps, supernatural 264
Forbes, David d 1876 F.E.S. 1183
Forbes, sir John d 1861 physician 157-58, 1183
Forbes, Mr. collector of shells 158
Ford, Charles Lawrence b 1830 schoolmaster 1183
Ford, rev. James d Weston, Bath, 18 Feb. 1877 book dedicated to 1249
Ford, Jane Frances wife of rev. J. Ford succeeded to estates in Cornwall 810
Ford, John d 1639 poet 158
Ford. Thomas b 1835 wesleyan schoolmaster 1183
Fordyce, George d 1802 F.R.S. 158
Forerunner, the by J. Sherer 645
Foreshores. claims of the crown to 539, 1280
Forester's' friendly society 964
Forests submerged 448
Forfar, John Bentinck wife of 1174
Forfar, William Bentinck solicitor 103 bis 158, 1184 tales by 1008
Forgotten lives, a novel 1155
For her dear sake, a tale 1225
Forrabury, acccont of 101 history of 1273 rector 1345
Forster family 159
Forster. Benjamin d 1805 rector of Boconnoc 158, 1184 letters of 732, 1321
Forster, E. junior, botanist 159
Forster, Thomas I. M. account of Forster family 159
Forster, William d 1854 a friend 159 Forster, William of Emanuel college, Cambridge 971 '

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