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Printed and Published by Wilson & Phillips - 1935.

Sample text :-
DORRIEN-SMITH, Arthur Algernon (Major), D.S.O., J.P. Tresco Abbey, Isles of Scilly.
Born 1876. Son of the late Thomas Algernon Dorrien-Smith.
Educated Eton.
Married 1909. Eleanor Salvin, daughter of the late Edward Salvin Bowlby.
Chairman of the Isles of Scilly County Council since 1918; Justice of the Peace for the Isles of Scilly, and the County of Herts. Served in the South African War, 1900-02; Captain, Eifle Brigade, 1902-06; Major, 6th Battalion (Reserve) Rifle Brigade, 1914; Brigade Major 17th Infantry Brigade, 1914-17; On the Staff 59th Division and 8th Corps, 1917-18.
Heir - Algernon Eobert Augustus Dorrien-Smith (Lieutenant 15th Kings Eoyal Hussars).

DORRIEN-SMITH, Edward Pendawes (Major), D.S.O. Greatwood, Falmouth.
Born 1875, Iver, Bucks. Son of late T. A. Dorrien-Smith, Isle of Scilly.
Educated Wellington.
Married 1915, Frances Amy Selonia, daughter of late Edward Salvin Bowlby, of Gilston Park, Herts.
Joined King's Shropshire L.I., 1899. Served S. African War, 1899-02; and Great War, 1914-19.
Heir - Geoffrey Eichard Dorrien-Smith (1916).

DRURY, William Price (Lieut.-Colonel, retired). Author and Dramatist. Kelligrew Cottage, Saltash, Cornwall.
Born 1861, Plymouth. Son of late William Drury, Paymaster in Chief, R.N.
Educated Brenfcwood School, Essex, and Plymouth College.
Married 1900, Marguerite Florence Shirley, daughter of late Rev. Pender Cudlip.
Member of Naval Intelligence Division, 1901; Chief Organiser Lord Roberts's National Service League, 1913; Mayor of Saltash, 1929-31.
Bejoined Eoyal Marines, 1914; served as Intelligence Officer on Staffs of C.O.C. and Naval C. in C., at Devonport; Garrison Duty Chatham, Portsmouth, and Plymouth.
Author of several London productions, including "Privy Council," "The Flag Lieutenant" (Film), "Further Adventures of the Flag Lieutenant," four novels and eight volumes of short stories, numerous articles and poems.

DUBOURG, Seymour James (Lieut.-Col). Nansladron House, St. Austell, Cornwall.
Born 1855, London. Son of the late A. W. Dubourg.
Educated Chelmsford and abroad.
Married 1896, Constance Mary, daughter of the late Rev. Francis Charles Drake.
Joined Berks E.H.A., 1908; Served in Egypt, 1915; Invalided Home, 1915; 1916, Commanded 3rd/lst Battery Berks. E.H.A.; let/lst Warwickshire Yeomanry Communication Column; 1917, promoted Lieut.-Col. 72nd. Division Ammunition Column.
Hunted with Mr. Dubourg's Beagles, 1880-87; Master, Bipley and Kuaphill Harriers, 1887-94; Master, South Berks. Foxhounds, 1894-1910.
Heiress - Helen Constance Evelyn Dubourg (1899).

DUDGEON, Michael Falcon (Capt.), M.C. Paize, Bude.
Born 1891, Workington, Cumberland. Son of Col. J. H. Dudgeon, T.D., D.L., J.P.
Educated Rugby and Sandhurst.
Married 1919, Elspeth Margaret Eitchie, daughter of the late George Young.
Adjutant, Inniskilling Dragoons, 1916-17; Adjutant, Yorkshire Hussars (Yeomanry), 1920-24; Master, Tetoott Foxhounds, 1924-31. Eecreatione—Hunting, Shooting, Fishing.
Heir - John Dudgeon (1923).

DUNN, Howard. Honeycomb, Mevagiesey.
Born 1868, Mevagissey.
Married 1892, Georgina, daughter of the late B. H. Roberts.
Parish Council, 1898-1911; Eural District Councillor, 1911-20; Justice of the Peace, 1915-31; County Councillor, 1921-31; Nominee of Ministry of Fisheries to Cornwall Sea Fisheries, 1901 to date; Chairman, Cornwall Sea Fisheries since 1921.
Recreations - Natural History, Literature
Heir - Benjamin Eoberts Dunn (1901).

DYER, Thomas Herbert, J.P. Trelight, Port Isaac.
Born 1870, Tencreek, Liskeard. Son of the late Thomas Dyer.
Educated Truro College.
Married 1899, Mary, daughter of the late Charles Menhimck, C.U
J.P., Cornwall, 1920; Chairman, Cornwall Farmers' Union, 1921; Member, National Farmers' Union Council, 1921-27; Chairman, Bodmin Eural District Council, 1922-27; Chairman, Bodmin Eural Eating and Valuation Committee, 1928-33; Chairman, Port Isaac Harbour Commissioners, 1928-33; Hon. Food Control Officer; Served on Military Tribunal, 1916.
Recreations - Formerly Cricket, Football, and Tennis.
Heiress - Constance Mary Symons (1902).


Further Sample:-

LEESE, Cyril E. B.Sc., A.C.P. Camelford, Cornwall.
Born 1888, Milton, N. Stafford.
Educated, University of Birmingham.
Married 1919, Florence M., daughter of F. Dawe.
Headmaster, Camelford Grammar School; held Educational Appointments in Staffordshire, Cheshire, Wiltshire, and Cornwall sinoe 1913.
Member of Council Eoyal Geological Society of Cornwall.
Recreations - Geological Research, Art, Literature, Golf.
Heir- Frederick E. Leese (1920).

Le GRICE, Charles Henry, J.P., C.C., F.L.A. Tre Reife.
Born 1870. Son of the late Charles Day Nicholl Le Grice
Educated Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester.
Married 1907, Dorothy lsobel, daughter of the late Col. L. Downes R.A.
C.C. for Cornwall; J.P. for Berkshire; Vice-Chairman, St. Ives and Penzance Conservative Association, and of Cornwall County Association for the Blind.
Recreations - Shooting and Golf.
Heir - Charles Le Grice (1909).

LEVERTON, Edward Spry (Rev. Canon), M.A., Clerk in Holy Orders, Menheniot Vicarage, Liskeard.
Born 1859, Truro. Son of the late Henry Spry Leverton.
Educated Marlborough and Exeter College, Oxford.
Married 1889, Jane Florence, daughter of the late James Powell.
Head Master of Kirkham Grammar School, 1894; Rector of Wootton, 1905; Vicar of Menheniot from 1912; Proctor in Convocation, 1922; Canon of Truro, 1925; Rural Dean of West Wivelshire, 1930.
Heir - Henry Spry Leverton (Captain), (1890).

LEVERTON, Henry Lewis (Rev.). Clerk in Holy Orders. Mawnan Sanctuary, Falmouth.
Born 1861, Truro. Son of the late Henry Spry Leverton.
Educated Sherborne and Oxford. Rector of Mawnan.
Recreation - Reading.

LEVERTON-SPRY, Edward, M.R.C.B., L.R.C.P., General Practitioner, "Polventon," St. Keverne.
Born 1879, St. Keverne. Son of late Dr. Edward James Leverton-Spry.
Educated Newton College, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London.
Married 1907, Catherine Perry, daughter of late Bishop Drury.
Poor Law Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator to Helston Union, 1912 (Resigned Sept., 1933) ; Medical Officer to Post Office, 1912; (late) Surgeon and Agent to Admiralty.
Recreations - Shooting and Golf.

LEWIS, Henry Ardem (Rev.), M.A. Clerk in Holy Orders. Talland Vicarage, Polperro.
Born 1879, Worcester. Son of the late Rev. Henry Ardern Lewis, M.A.
Educated King's School, Worcester and Hertford College, Oxford.
Married 1908, Dorothy Elizabeth, daughter of the late Rev. George Lewis, M.A.
Curate of Wrexham, 1903-05; Chaplain to South African Church Railway Mission, 1905-08; Curate of Tewkesbury, 1908-10; Rector of Fort Qu'Appelle, Canada, 1910-15; Acting Chaplain, R.N., 1915-19; Chaplain to the Bishop of Sierra Leone, 1919-20; Organising Secretary S.P.G., Diocese of Oxford, 1920-22; Chaplain to Colonial Church, Lagos, Nigeria, 1922-29; Vicar of St. Cleer, 1929-33; Vicar of Talland, 1933.
Served during Great War in Royal Navy, H.M.S. "Sutlej" and H.M.S. "Bacchante," Osea Island.
Recreations - Walking; Formerly Rowing and Tennis.

LIAS, James William. 20, Marine Terrace, Penzance.
Born 1885, Newton Abbot. Son of the late James Lias.
Educated, High School for Boys, Newton Abbot. Married 1914, Kate, daughter of the late John Johnston Burge.
Headmaster, School of Art, Truro since 1920.
Heir - Geoffrey James Lias! (1918).

LIDDICOAT, Arthur Santo, J.P., C.A. Tredethick, Lostwithiel.
Born 1866, St. Winnow; Son of the late P. B. Liddicoat.
Educated Harleigh, Bodmin,
Married 1890, Hetty, daughter of the late R. Reed.
Member of Bodmin Rural District Council and Board of Guardians, 1895-1910; Chairman of the Board, 1907 and 1910; Member of Cornwall County Council from 1910; Alderman since 1922; Chairman of Torpoint Ferry Committee, 1920-28; Chairman of the School Management, Cornwall Education Committee, 1925-28; Chairman, Small Holdings Committee, 1925; Chairman of the Highways and Bridges Committee from 1928; Vice-Chairman of the Council, 1933. Served during Great War on the Agricultural County Committee, Agricultural Representative to the County Tribunal; Chairman of two Districts Cultivation Committees; Chairman of the County Supplies Committee for Agricultural Foods and Manures; and Member of the West of England War Live Stock Committee.
Recreations - Formerly Cricket, Boating and Shooting.
Heir - Harold Arthur Liddicoat (1902).

LIGHT, Walter, J.P. Foxhole, St. Austell.
Born 1866, Plymouth. Son of the late Henry Light.
Married 1894, Mary, daughter of the late Caleb Gundy.
1902, 23 years Parish Councillor, Chairman 20 years. Did great work for War Office and Ministry of Munitions, addressing Meetings from Land's End to Bath for Recruiting, Etc.; Captain, China Clay Works.
Served in H.M.S. "Monarch," 1883-84-85, Egyptian Campaign. Qn County Education District Committee 27 year*.

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