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By C.E. Quixley - 1966.

Sample text :-
' THOMAS KITCHEN continued....

' the inclusion of a vast quantity of information, in the spaces around the county outline, without making the map at all difficult to read. (A slightly reduced version of this map was engraved by Emanuel Bowen (No. 23), and was published in the Royal English Atlas by Bowen & Kitchin in 1762.) The Isles of Scilly are again included in an inset, and the degrees of latitude and longitude west from London are carried right across the map.
(The Large English Atlas by Emanuel Bowen & Thomas Kitchin. London, 1755.)
Reprints: (1752-55), 1760, 1765, 1767, 1777> 1780, 1781, 1785, 1794. 32.

1764 - The 1764 map still had a decorative cartouche, but it is less ornate and lacks the figures which had appeared in the two earlier maps, though the Isles of Scilly inset is still present, as are the lines of latitude and longitude. The map is dedicated to the Duke of York, and in general its form is similar to that of its predecessors.
(England Illustrated . . . R. & J. Dodsley, London, 1764.) Reprint : 1770.

1769 - Kitchin's last version of the Cornwall map, published in 1769, is lacking all the decorative work and marginal text which characterized his earlier maps, and there is no inset of the Isles of Scilly. However, the shape is good and the place-names clear and readable, the lettering varying with the importance of the town concerned. In all the maps the name Newland is given at both Newlyn and Newlyn East, and in reference to the point the map by de la Rochette (No. 37) and Walpoole (No. 38) have the same version of the name at Newlyn. The source of this mistake in spelling is Gascoyne's map of 1 700 (No. 21).
(Kitchin's Pocket Atlas. T. Kitchin, London, 1769.)


THOMAS MARTYN 1748 (70 x 56), 1749 (27 x 18), 1784 (39 x 27)
Thomas Martyn was a Cornishman, born at Gwennap in 1695, according to most authorities, though it has been suggested that he was a Padstow man. What is more certain is that he lived for some time at Little Trevince, and that by about 1730 he was engaged in surveying various Cornish estates, such as the Manor of St. Ewe (1732) and the Manor of Tolverne (I735)

1748 - It is natural that from such beginnings, Martyn eventually turned his attention to a full survey of his native county, and in 1748 he issued his i inch to i mile map of Cornwall. Hand-coloured copies of the map were available to subscribers at three guineas each, a fairly considerable sum of money in those days, but the beauty and accuracy of the map made it well worth the price.

Since Gascoyne had already produced a large-scale map of the county in 1700 (No. 21), it might be supposed that Martyn's work was little more than copying from the previous survey. However, a close comparison of the two maps shows that Martyn's map is the result of a much more thorough survey in which practically every cove and headland was painstakingly examined, every road and lane minutely surveyed. Other significant features demonstrate Martyn's originality - St. Michael's Mount is shown in plan with a small elevation view imposed upon it, whereas Gascoyne indicated the Mount by a crude side view only. Martyn's method of showing hills is interesting, for he is the only map-maker to show Brown Willy and Rough Tor as granite tors with rugged outlines and clitter slopes. Martyn gives the correct spelling of Newlyn (as against Gascoyne's ' Newland '), and gives both St. Day and St. Dye as alternative spellings of that place-name.

Martyn's map was printed on seven large sheets and two small ones, often mounted as one flat map, or mounted on canvas to be folded and stored in a case....... '

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