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Being an account of the geological features
of the coast line extending from Porlock in Somerset
to Boscastle in North Cornwall

By E.A. Newell Arber - 1911.

Sample text :-

' It may be worth while mentioning a simple method of finding farmhouse lodgings in a district with which one is not familiar. The six-inch ordnance map gives the names of the farms, and a reply postcard may be addressed to " the occupier " of such and such a farm, which from the map is seen to be situated in the particular locality where lodgings are required, asking him if he knows of any farm in his neighbourhood where accommodation can be procured. As often as not it will be found that rooms can be had either at the farm chosen, or at one near by, of which the name and address of the occupier will be sent.

Hartland Quay is usually reached by driving (three hours) from Bideford, which is on the L. & S. W. Railway from London, Exeter, and Barnstaple to Torrington. There is also a Post-office mail brake twice a day from Bideford, via Clovelly Cross, to Hartland Town, where one can arrange to be met by a trap from the Hartland Quay hotel. This is a cheap and rapid means of reaching Hartland, provided one is only encumbered with a small amount of luggage. There are also carriers' carts to Hartland Town on certain days in the week, which may be patronized, but they are very slow.

Bude is reached by the L. & S. W. Railway from Exeter, Okehampton and Halwill Junction. Hartland Quay is about the same distance from Bude as from Bideford, i.e. a three hours' drive, but some of the places in this district are more easily reached from Bude than from Bideford, via Clovelly Cross.

The grandest cliff scenery in the whole area is between Hartland Point and Morwenstow. Immediately North of Bude the cliffs are low, and not particularly interesting for some distance.

Directions. - From Hartland Point to Bude, there is an almost continous cliff path, which affords excellent views of the coast. In the northern part of the district, the shore-line can be reached at the mouths of Titchberry and Blegberry Waters, at Blackpool Mill Mouth, and on the north side of Hartland Quay. '

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