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Being Records and Reminiscences in the life of
John Mill Chanter, M.A., Oxon,
51 Years Vicar of Ilfracombe.

By John Mill Chanter - 1887.

Sample text :-
' But Braunton was but one of the botanist's haunts; much was to be found by the eager searchers, along the cliffs at Morte, Lee, and even nearer home, the Capstone Hill.

Speaking of the latter, I think it may interest my readers to hear a few short extracts from a magazine entitled "The Pixie," which was started by Mr. Tugwell and Mr. Ravenshaw in 1856, and printed by John Banfield, of this town. The principal contributors were Mr. Tugwell, Mr. Ravenshaw, and Mr. Chanter ; but residents and visitors also helped. This little bit is taken from one of Mr. Ravenshaw's entitled " The Capstone," but it was the Capstone of 1855, as the first words will show :-

"Limpet hats with ladies young and old thereto attached ; buff slippers and telescopes with old gentlemen appended ; sickly parsons with limp wives ; noisy schoolboys luxuriating in midsummer holidays; and noisier children with frantic nurses; curs of every conceivable degree of ugliness and snappishness; donkeys and donkey drivers ; wheel chairs and gasping propellers thereof; strange working men in odd caps and black satin scarfs, with a strong development of hair under the chin, all smacking strongly of Bristol shops; a large party of Cambridge men supposed to be reading with a " coach," all apparently gifted with the art of colouring clay pipes to perfection; a few Oxonians, quiet, supercilious and neat (condemned as ' muffs ' by the more vivacious members of the sister University) these et id genus mine, of a popular watering place, which as old Lilly, in whom I've been looking of late, says you'd be bored should I now recapitiulate," formed in July, 1855, the most prominent part of the celebrated town of Ilfracombe. '

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