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By John Lloyd Warden Page - 1889.

Sample text :-

' Leaving Chagford by the Throwleigh road, we shall, when near the old bridge mentioned by Leland, turn to the left past the deserted woollen factory, and again set our faces Moorwards. The road, or rather lane, is beautiful at almost every step. First we reach the approach to the old grist mill, now, it is much to be regretted, closed to the public. It lies a little off the road, close to where Teign, eddying among great boulders beneath the shadow of the woodland, joins his ceaseless song with the splash of the moss-grown water-wheel. The rich brown tints of the thatched roof contrast finely with the emerald hues of the little meadow beyond, and the groups of fern and wild-flower which enrich this lovely spot. Between the mill and Holy Street House we shall notice, built into the wall on the left, the remains of the cross which once stood under a tree in Chagford market-place. I have seen an octagonal basin under a pump at the back of a house in the town, which I was told represented the base of this cross; but Mr. Ormerod states that this trough belonged to another market-cross, formerly a very handsome specimen, and which may be now seen in a mutilated condition at Way Barton. That at Holy Street has nothing remarkable about it, except an incised cross between the arms.

Passing Holy Street House, a handsome edifice in the Tudor style, snugly placed under rising ground, we soon again diverge to inspect a singular mass of rock, or rather gigantic boulder, known as the Puggie Stone—probably the Pixy Stone. Rowe tells us that there is a rock basin on the top, but for this we cannot personally vouch, as it is unscaleable except by means of a ladder. This isolated stone is certainly the largest single mass off the Moor, though some of the blocks under Combe Farm, at the entrance of the Teign Gorge, rivals. It has a length of twenty-five feet, a breadth of eleven, and is no less than fourteen feet in height. '

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