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By Tristram Risdon - 1811.

Sample text :-
CLAWTON taketh its name of the little river Claw, a place full of clay, and very cumbersome at some times of the year, insomuch, that a pro-'verbial speech passeth thereon : "The Devil was clogged in Clawmore." The book of Doomsday saith, that Nigell was lord of lands in this parish, at the conquest; after that, it was the Novants' inheritance, which they held of the Vaultorts. Hoger de Vaulfort, lord of Hurberlon, released this servlce unto sir Guy de Novant, of the manor of Clawton and Cliston, in the presence of Ralph de Arundell, William de Ferrers, and Robert de Albamarle, knights, in king Henry the third's time; and he granted the same to Alexander Okeston, and Joan his wife. This laud descended unto 'the. Chudleighs, and was fcold by that name unto 'sir John Hele, serjeant-at-law. Blagdon was in times past the lands of John de Rotomago, who also held Killatrue. Tynacre, and Frenacott: since when this place has communicated its name to a family, whose posterity possesseth the same unto this day. Kemthorn, in this parish of Clawton, was the lands of William le Pedeleur, his posterity from the reign of Richard the first unto the age of king Edward the third Then Leigh a younger son of Ley, of Beer-Frerrers. was lord of this land, and lived here. whose posterity took name of the this place, and were called Kempthorne, Loworthy lieth in the manor of Clawton, which was the inheritance of Roger le Sayer, and Richard Fitz-Marcon.

HOLDSWORTHY standeth upon a branched brook, which manor was sometime the lord William Brewer's, whose son dying issueless, his land descended to William de Feritate, son of one of his sisters, and heirs, and so to the family of Chasworth, which the lord Martin had of the house of Lancaster. From which family it came to the lord Audley, and, for want of issue in that name by means of an entail, to the crown, and was purchased by Prideaux, of Soldon, which Soldon had in former ages lords locally named and these lands came by purchase in the family of Prideaux.... '

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