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By T.L. Pridham - 1869.

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JAMES ANTHONY FROUDE was born on the 23rd of April, 1818, at Dartington, of which parish his father was rector, as well as Archdeacon of Totnes. Mr. Froude went at an early age to Westminster School, where he remained until he entered at Oriel College, Oxford. He graduated in classical honours, and obtained the Chancellor's prize for the English essay on political economy. In 1842 he was elected to a Fellowship at Exeter College. At first he attached himself to the High Church party, and took deacon's orders; but his opinions undergoing some change, he was not ordained priest, and two books which he published incurred the serious disapprobation of the University authorities. A later and more elaborate work still in progress, the History of England from the fall of Wolsey, ranks amongst the most classical productions of the day. The opinions he expresses with regard to the character and motives of Henry VIII., as well as of Queen Elizabeth, vary considerably from those entertained of these sovereigns by former English historians ; and his writings have consequently caused much discussion amongst the reading public, and have been subjected to severe criticism. Mr. Froude resided for some time at Pill Head, in the parish of Bideford, where some of his History of Englandwas written. Mr. Froude has written several other works, and contributed articles to the Westminster Review and to Frasers Magazine. He married a daughter of Pasco and the Hon. Georgina Grenfel; the Rev. Lord Sidney Godolphin Osborn, and the Rev. Charles Kingsley married sisters of Mrs. Froude.


SIR WILLIAM FULFORD, Justice of the King's Bench, flourished about the year 1396. He was born at Great Fulford, near Crediton This most ancient family of Fulford, according to the Book of Doomsday, is descended from the Saxon race. Their large and stately mansion suffered much during the civil war in the reign of Charles I. but has since been restored. The Fulfords have inhabited it for more than seven hundred years, the present owner being Baldwin Fulford, Esq.

The Fulfords have married into many noble families, viz., the Courtenays, the Earls of Bath, Lord Bonvill's, Lord Paulet's, the Tuckfields, and many others of high distinction. There have been many noble knights of the Fulfords, viz., Sir Amis Fulfford in the reign of King Edward I.; Sir Baldwin, in that of K Edward IV; many others might be named, who were devoted to their country's honor and renown.

The above named Sir William Fulford was, in the reign King Richard II., constituted one of the Barons of the Exchequer and was appointed by King Henry IV. one of the Judges of the Court of King's Bench. A memorable occurrence took place whilst Fulford was judge: Scroop the Archbishop of York, the Earl of Northumberland, Earl Marshal Mowbray, and many other nobles, with a thousand followers, conspired against the life of King Henry IV. for unlawfully deposing Richard II.; their forces were met at Yorkswould-down by the Earl of Westmoreland, who seeing he was out-numbered by men at arms, sought a parley with the Archbishop, and they retired to a distance from their respect forces. The Archbishop, not suspecting the designs of the Earl was induced to dismiss his army, and so apparently did the Earl of Westmoreland, but on a sudden a troop of horse came up seized the Archbishop, and the.... '

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