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By G.B. Witts - c.1883

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No. 1. Abbey Camp.

This is in the parish of Alveston, near the 11th milestone on the road from Bristol to Gloucester. It was oval in shape, and the defence consisted of a single bank of great strength, but this has been much mutilated by the plough. In August, 1881, I found the bank was in some places 75 feet wide. The camp measured about 340 yards from N.W. to S.E., and 240 yards from N.E. to S.W. There is an entrance on the south side, and an additional bank branched off from the main work at the south-east end. There is a local tradition that " in the time of the wars " blood ran down Abbey Lane like water, and many people are still afraid to go down the lane at night! The views from this position are very extensive, including the river Severn for many miles, Stinchcomb Hill, Haresfield Beacon, Bredon Hill, the Malvern Hills, May Hill, Dean Forest, Lydney, Chepstow, &c. The ancient Ridge way runs through the centre of the camp.

See Atkyn's " History of Gloucestershire," p. 112.

Also " Archteologia," vol. xix., p. 164.

Also Rudder's " History of Gloucestershire," p. 226.

No. 2. Arlington camp.

This is situated close to the village of Ablington, in the parish of Bibury, six miles north-east of Cirencester. It stands on a projecting promontory, round which flows the river Coin. The defence is formed by a single mound of considerable strength running across the headland in an irregular form, though somewhat resembling a semicircle. The mound measures 630 yards from the point where it leaves the steep escarpment on the north, until it returns to it at the other end of the camp, the enclosed area being nearly 9 acres..... '

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