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A selection of :- Gloucestershire Acts of Parliament
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  1. Acton Turville CATALOGUE of Valuable Furniture and Effects of Portcullis house... to be sold by Auction... September 5th... 1967. 66pp., 8vo., wraps. 8 photographic plates. Some prices written in. 1967. £8.00
    Included fine Chippendale and Sheraton furniture.

  2. Almondsbury LEASE FOR A YEAR of Callicaft Farm, Richard Llewellin and others to the Trustees under the Will of Sir Henry Cann Lippincott. Large vellum sheets, including Schedule, with field names and acreage. Wax seal. 1838. £17.00

  3. Almondsbury PLAN OF LAND sold to Robt. Cann Lippincott Octr. 1843. Copied from an old Map now at Knowle Park... Manuscript plan in ink and outline colour on thin paper, size 16" x 20", folded. Shows the road to Bristol and the Old and New Passages, Black Horse Inn, house at Cribbs Hill, and various fields, named, with acreage. Fields outlined in three different colours. 1843. £20.00

  4. Almondsbury PLAN OF ESTATES AT OVER in the Parish of Almondsbury. 1811. Manuscript map in ink and two colours, size 18" x 25", Scale 1" = 5 chains. Shows Washing Pool Farm with house and surrounding fields, coloured green, and Over Farm House with fields, coloured pink. Adjoining owners and Cattibrook Common named, shows road from the Passages, and from Almondsbury. Bottom right is Table of Contents listing 39 plots such as Lower Withy Bed, Upper Innages, Pumphreys Orchard, etc. Map has been folded at some time to 9" x 3", splits down several folds repaired on verso with some kind of wide sellotape. 1811. £40.00

  5. Almondsbury SEVEN LETTING AGREEMENTS between Robert Cann Lippincott and Sarah Virgo, William James, Thomas Hunt and George May for lands in Almondsbury. Folio, each 2p printed, with manuscript inserts, and on adjoining page a list of lands with acreage and cultivation. Folded with docket titles. Docket titles dusty and rather grubby... together with... 5p. document listing pieces of land relating to a tithe apportionment, 1860. 1872-78. £24.00
    Includes part of Cattybrook Common, Black Horse Hill etc. Vigo's 1878 agreement lists land taken by the Great Western Railway.

  6. Charlton, Henbury LEASE of a messuage in Charlton in the parish of Henbury, together with various named closes of land, Richard Haynes late of Wick and Abson, now of Bristol, to Ralph Baker, yeoman. Vellum, 24" x 28", signed by Haynes with armorial wax seal on tag. Witnessed on verso, with receipt for payment. Someone has written 'Charlton' in blue ink on verso. 1710. £25.00
    As well as the rent of 20s Baker was to furnish 'one Barrell of Good Cyder' a year.

  7. Cheltenham and District ORDNANCE SURVEY Tourist Map. Size 23" x 33", full colour printing. Linen-backed and folding into grained paper wraps with Stanford label showing red and green globe. c1930. £10.00

  8. Cheltenham CATALOGUE OF HORSES To be Sold by Auction by Warner, Sheppard & Wade Ltd. at The Repository, Cheltenham, Oct. 13th.... Catalogue, 4pp., folio, folded. Lists 96 horses under owner's name, with type of horse, age, character, prizes won, where hunted, brief history etc. Three horizontal folds, with water staining and discolouration along folds, tear in margin at two folds, some foxing spots. Loosely inserted is Catalogue of Carriages, Harness & Saddlery for sale after the horses. 1p. 4to. n.d. late 19th century. £30.00
    Owners include Hartigan Brothers, Waterford; Asgill Colville; R.C Berkeley; Charles Tilley, Huntsfield Court ('sold on account of Owner having bought a Motor Car').

  9. Cheltenham CATALOGUE OF HORSES To be Sold by Auction at the Repository, Cheltenham... May 7, 1908. 4pp., folio. Folds. Lists 10 horses owned by A. Byard,. 4 hunters property of C. Ratcliff, 18 Cotswold Hunt Horses, and numerous horses of other owners. Some slight darkening of paper and slight wear on the 'Conditions of Sale' section on the back page... together with... single sheet catalogue, 1p, 4to, of sale of Carriages, Harness etc. on October 13th. 1908. £25.00

  10. Cheltenham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Cheltenham and Gloucester Water Board. Part of 6" to the mile Ordnance Survey map, size 36" x 18", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into small folio boards with printed label. Covers the town of Cheltenham and extends to Bishops Cleeve, Prestbury, Leckhampton Quarries, Rowanfield. 'Work 9' pipeline drawn in red along Greenhills Road, Greening Lane. n.d. c1920. £24.00

  11. Cheltenham, Tewkesbury ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size approx. 24" x 29", plus margins. Mounted on linen and folding into plain 8vo endpapers. A couple of very small holes in linen where folds meet. Main roads, parkland, and county borders hand-coloured. Printed from an Electrotype 1876. £50.00
    Also covers small parts of Oxfordshire and Worcestershire.

  12. Chipping Sodbury POSTER advertising the auction sale by Moses Smith & Sons of properties in Horse Street and Broad St., and a cottage and dwelling house in Old Sodbury... May 30th 1901. Printed in heavy black type, size 35" x 22", folds. Some off-setting of type. Printed by Bristol Times & Mirror Ltd., 1901. £18.00

  13. Cirencester LETTER from B. Bathurst on headed notepaper of Thessaly Lodge, Stratton, to an unnamed lady correspondent, in reply to a letter about the registration of nurses 'I must see the Bill.... before I say that I will support it.... I should be pleased to support a Bill which would have any good effect for the care of the sick....' 2p, sm. 8vo. Jan. 16th, 1904. £8.00

  14. Compton Greenfield AT THE ROLLS ... Master of the Rolls. Case referring to a petition of Dame Margaret Johnstone and her children regarding a mortgage on the sale of the Manor of Compton Greenfield, with the Advowson and right of presentation to the Church of Compton, the Mansion House, etc. 25p., small folio. Docket title 'Order Confirming Report'... together with... similar document, 21p., with docket title 'Order for payt. of residue of Mortge Money & reconveyance.' 2nd April and 21st July 1810. £20.00

  15. Compton Greenfield FINE relating to two messuages, two barns, two stables, two orchards, twelve acres of land... twelve acres of wood and common of pasture... in the parish of Compton Greenfield, made between Elizabeth Price and Edmund Brown. 18 lines on vellum, size 10" x 17". A few light brown spots on right side. 1747. £18.00

  16. Compton Greenfield MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT between Catherine Lady Lippincott of Stoke Bishop and John Prosser of Compton, farmer, of farm and lands in Compton. 3p., small folio. First two pages set out conditions the tenant must observe about farming. The last page is a schedule of 24 plots with acreage and quality. 1796. £16.00
    The tenant was allowed 'timber in the rough, straw for thatch and tiles and lime at the kiln' for repairs.

  17. Court of Sewers ORDER by the Court to Robert Cann Lippincott and Thomas Llewellin to cleanse and deepen part of the rhine in Redwick and Aust. Copy on 2p., large folio, folded. Signed note in margin saying they can appear at the next court at the New Passage House to appeal if they wish. 1863. £8.00
    The part of the Rhine ran from the 'Tidal Sluice of Cake Pill Gout to the Willow Gout Bridge'.

  18. Cribbs Causeway and Over ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXVII.12. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 36". Some small creases throughout. 1935. £15.00
    Shows Compton Greenfield, Hollywood Tower, Over Court.

  19. Dymock PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Of Freehold Cottage at Broomsgreen, Dymock. To be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Lomas and Anthony at The Horse Shoe Inn, Broomsgreen On Friday the 12th day of August 1904. Loosely inserted is a large printed poster for the sale. 3pp, folio, docket title. 1904. £16.00

  20. Dymock POSTER advertising a Freehold Cottage at Broomsgreen, Dymock, To be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Lomas and Anthony at The Horse Shoe Inn, Broomsgreen On Friday the 12th day of August 1904. Size 19" x 14", folds. 1904. £17.00

  21. Dymock PROBATE of the will of Thomas Onions of Ryton, yeoman. Vellum, size 20" x 23", printed certificate and large papered seal attached. 1874. £12.00

  22. Elberton, Littleton, Aust PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Properties forming the Northern portion of the Over Court Estates.... consisting of about 1239 Acres.... which will be Sold by Auction... 21st day of June, 1917. 16pp., folio, plus 3 pages of photographs, two per page. Key map at front, and one only (of 2) folding maps in pocket at rear. Original wraps, split down spine, many pages loose, paper rather browned and brittle. 1917. £25.00
    Includes Camp Farm, Haywood Far, Mumbleys Farm, Elberton Court Farm, Jemmys Farm, Cote Farm, Manor Farm.

  23. Falfield House CATALOGUE of Antique Furniture which John E. Pritchard have been instructed to sell... 25 November 1937... 16pp., 8vo. Traces of vertical fold. Prices realised entered in ink. 1937. £8.00

  24. Felton OBLIGATION BOND of Philip Baker late of Felton, grazier, now of Langston in Monmouth, to John Smith of St. Philip and Jacob in Gloucestershire, gardener. 1p., sm. folio, with blank conjoint leaf, printed with manuscript inserts. Signed by Baker, with good wax seal. 1801. £18.00

  25. Forthampton and Chaceley PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a valuable residential property The Forthampton House Estate... comprising a Queen Anne Residence... The Lower Farm, Forthampton, New Barn Farm and Lawn Farm, Chaceley... George Hone will sell the above by auction... 24th June, 1939. 9pp., small folio, stiff printed wraps, photograph tipped on front wrap, one other tipped-in photo, plan in pocket at back. 1939. £20.00

  26. Frampton upon Severn WILL of John Hieron of Frampton, 1776. 2p, folio, attested copy taken in 1787. Leaves his estate at Frampton 'lately purchased of Thomas Loveday of Painswick' to his three sons. 1787. £18.00
    Also refers to 'one acre of land in the Nassfield'.

  27. Gloucester ORDER OF AFFILIATION to William Brown, of Barton St., Labourer, to pay to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the parish of Saint John Baptist an unspecified sum for the keep of the bastard child of Elizabeth Smith, born in the Workhouse of the City. 1p., small folio, printed, with detals filled in in manuscript. The sum to be paid has not been filled in. 1832. £24.00

  28. Gloucester THE RECREATIVE An Amateur Monthly Magazine. Edited by Jos. Browning and T.S. Humpidge. Young people's magazine, three volumes, size 6" x 8", limp wraps, content neatly written in ink, with occasional small illustrations. Title page, with address of 6, Berkeley Villas, Bristol Road, Gloucester, contents page. Comprises No. 2 March 1873. 77p.; No. 4 May 1873. 109p.; No. 5 June 1873. 90p. A note on each flyleaf notes that time for reading by subscribers is 3 days, then it must be returned to the Editor. 1873. £125.00
    Some initial letters with decorative illustrations, and some small pen illustrations in text. Includes 'Jottings on North Wales by X,Y' describing trip to Llangollen, Bettws y Coed etc., 12p., 'Kicking up a Shine' poetry by H. Humpidge', 'Frank Graham or the Far West by H. Haines', 'Moral Samsons' by S. Mercer. Being the Substance of a paper read at the Southgate Young Men's Association, 'Obituary. Justus Baron von Leibig', article on science, electric light, etc. The 1861 census shows Thomas S. Humpidge age 7 at Falkner St., and Josiah Browning age 11 at the same street.

  29. Gloucester Waggon Company Limited and Reduced DIRECTORS' REPORTS & ACCOUNTS 30th June, 1888. Folio, 4 printed pages, folded, couple of short tears. 1888. £14.00
    'The Waggon stock of the Company now consists of 5,436 wagons let on simple hire, and 3,232 sold on deferred payments...'

  30. Great Washbourne CORRESPONDENCE between Robert Rance and his agent regarding the letting of a farm of 450 acres near Beckford in the parish of Great Washbourne. 6 letters from Robert Prance at Hampstead, 1864-70, with 8 letters from his agent, prospective tenant etc., and letter to Editor of Gloucester Journal with the text of the advert for letting. 1864-70. £10.00
    Robert Rance was Lord of the Manor.

  31. Great Washbourne PARTICULARS AND PLAN of a Valuable.... Estate Situate in the Parish of Great Washbourne which will be Sold by Auction at the Swan Hotel, Tewkesbury... 6th Day of September, 1854. Folio, folded, 2pp plus hand-coloured lithographed plan on third page, with reference table giving names of fields and acreage. Some slight wear at folds in page with plan. 1854. £24.00

  32. Hicks Beach (Sir Michael) LETTER signed 'W. Hicks Beach' to Messrs Martin and Leslie, Feb. 14th 1883. 5 lines, on 8vo notepaper with insignia of the Carlton Club. Says he has no objection to their putting his name on the back of the two bills they sent him. The letter has been pasted on to thicker paper. 1883. £12.00
    Hicks Beach was Chief Secretary for Ireland.

  33. Hicks-Beach (M.E) PHOTOGRAPH Head and shoulders portrait, in profile, size , pasted onto thick card. c1880. £5.00

  34. Home Farm, Almondsbury Hill THE ALMONDSBURY HERD OF DAIRY SHORTHORN CATTLE and Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs, Also Cart Horses, Implements.... for Sale by Auction.... Monday April 30th, 1923. 14pp, fold, splash stain on outer leaf. 1923. £10.00
    Gives detailed record, pedigree, prizes etc. for each beast.

  35. Iron Acton LEASE FOR A YEAR of a dwelling house newly built by William Thomas, with Craddock's Wood and Lawrence's Wood, Arthur Trewman of Westerleigh to Walter Chapman of Bristol, Tanner. Vellum, size 17" x 25", engraved heading with coat of arms, signed by 5 parties with wax seals showing an animal. Some slight browning in parts. 1717. £26.00

  36. Kell (Thomas) and Son, Printer GLOUCESTER CORPORATION. SESSION 1911. PLAN AND SECTION William Fox, F. Latrobe-Bateman, Richard Read, Engineers. 3 lithographed sheets showing plans and sections of Aquaduct Work at Pauntley, printed green paper wraps, size 23" x 30", cloth spine. 6" repaired tear in first leaf, not affecting printing. 1911. £45.00

  37. Longford LEASE FOR A YEAR of a cottage in the hamlet of Longford together with two newly-erected cottages now in the occupation of John Cam and Charles Wells, James Nicholls, Tailor, to Thomas Aubrey, yeoman. Vellum, 18" x 25". Wax seal. 1838. £12.00

  38. Manor of Hempton and Patchway MAP OF ENCROACHMENTS ON THE MANOR OF HEMPTON AND PATCHWAY in the Parish of Almondsbury 1862. Manuscript map in ink and colour wash, on paper backed with linen. Size 26" x 66". Scale 3" = 5 chains. Shows numerous plots shaded in different colours, at Woodlands Green and Patchway Green, and along a road which bisects the road to Gloucester at the Patchway Inn. There is a large Reference Table with key to the 62 plots, giving Occupier, Acknowledgement and Quantity. There is an inset map 'At Almondsbury Hill' on the left, showing one plot, and Manor Stones. There is a key to the colours for the different types of encroachments (e.g. held on lease for lives), and symbol for trees along the turnpike road which belong to the Lord of the Manor ('mainly elm'). Some traces of light foxing and lines of waterstaining, creases in paper and small tear in paper (not in linen) at the right edge. Copied from a map of 1854, corrected Nov. 1862. £85.00

    GLOUCESTERSHIRE Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
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  39. Oldbury-on-Severn ARTICLES TRIPARTITE between Mary Hollister, Widow of Edward Hollister late of Bristol, wine copper, deceased, Laurence Hollister of Bristol, wine cooper, and William Hollister yeoman, and others, relative to the intended marriage of Laurence Hollister and Mary Hollister of Compton. On vellum, size 22" x 26". Relates to house and four acres of land called Long Croft in Oldbury. Signed by 6 parties with wax seals on tags, 3 tags without seals. Small patch about and inch square where ink rubbed and illegible. 'Oldbury House & Land' written in biro in small letters under title on verso. 1704. £34.00

  40. Oldbury-on-Severn SIX BILLS of George Wintle, Wintle's Steam Power, Drain, Tile & Brick Works, Oldbury on Severn. On blue paper, 4to, printed headings. Listings in ink of pipes and bricks and tiles sold with prices. 4to. Some browning down right hand edges of paper. 1855-6. £6.00

  41. Olveston MEMORANDUM OF AN AGREEMENT for letting 14 acres in Olveston, Sir Henry Cann Lippincott to William Dummett. 3p., folio. Sets out conditions tenant is to observe, including warning off 'all Sportsmen and to suffer his Name to be made Use of in Prosecuting any such as shall be found Trespassing...' Schedule of lands on last page. Signed by Dummett and the Steward. 1803. £14.00

  42. Over COUNTERPART LEASE of John Dowell of Over to Thomas Bracy, yeoman, of lands in the Manor of Over, including Parke Leaze, Hill Leaze, Overs Mead. On vellum, 26" x 28", wax seal. 2 small holes in vellum with loss of a few letters. Note on verso re. houseboot, hedgeboot, plowboot, fireboot. Vellum slightly darkened. 1706. £26.00

  43. Painswick AGREEMENT between Robert Townsend of Pittville Circus, Cheltenham, and John Collins of Steambridge House, Painswick, for the letting of orchard and pasture opposite the house. Manuscript on 2p, folio. Narrow line of light browning down page. 1891. £9.00

  44. Painswick, Moreton, Cheltenham, Burford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XLIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 24" x 29". Dissected and mounted on linen and folding into 8vo marbled wraps. Whatman watermark 185?. £55.00

  45. Patchway ENCROACHMENTS, MANOR OF HEMPTON AND PATCHWAY Parish of Almondsbury, 1848. Manuscript plan in ink with some outlining in red. On paper backed with linen, size 14" x 18", scale 2 chains to an inch. Folded. Shows Patchway Inn and turnpike road to Bristol and road from Hempton, with houses and plots, at the bottom, and two other areas at the top, with relevant plots outlined in red and numbered, and in the middle a Reference table with 16 occupiers and acreage. 1848. £25.00

  46. Sherwood, Jones & Co. Pub. WILLIAMSTRIP Engraving of the house with a hunt meeting in the foreground. Size 4" x 5", plus margins. Engraved by J. Storer. £5.00

  47. Slimbridge FEOFFMENT of a ridge of arable land called South Furlong in Slimbridge, Thomas Stratford of Horsley, to John Jeffreys of Slimbridge. Vellum, size 13" x 23", fine engraved heading with coat of arms. Signed with wax seal. Vellum slightly spotty. 1724. £20.00
    Gives names of occupiers of adjoining lands.

  48. Slimbridge PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Estate Known as Kingston Farm, with Good Farm House & Buildings, Four Cottages, 116 Acres.... and Orcharding.... close to some of the best meets of Lord Fitzhardinge's Hounds.... to Be Sold by Auction.... 28th June, 1884. 4pp., folio, folded, large hand-coloured folding plan loosely inserted. 1884. £32.00

  49. South Cerney TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By Mr Jefferies, At the George Inn, South Cerney, On Saturday, the 29th of June, 1844.... Freehold Property Situate in South Cerney. Poster, printed on one side only, size approx. 17" x 11".' With it are 'Conditions of Sale', 4pp, with manuscript notes and amendments. Two 2" tears in poster, neatly repaired on verso with archival tape. Henry Smith, Printer & Bookseller, Cirencester: 1844. £20.00

  50. Stanton WILL of Joseph Evans of Stanton. 5p folio, signed with wax seal. 1833. £14.00
    Refers to farm and lands called Butler's Ground, Upper Orchard etc.

  51. Storer (J. & H.S) CIRENCESTER Steel engraving showing the main street with man herding cows, church in middle distance, small vignette of coat of arms and stags in title. Size 4" x 6", plus margins. Small tear in top margin. Published 1825. £7.00

  52. Tewkesbury Baptist Church GROUP OF WELL PRINTED POSTERS regarding events at the Sunday School. Comprises: (i) poster size 20" x 21", printed on bright matt red background in very large black lettering, advertising the visit of the General Secretary of the Sunday School Union, The Rev. Carey Bonner. (ii) Poster size 32" x 23", printed in red and black lettering, advertising Bonner's visit, October 5th, 1916, and service, public tea, table conference and lecture on the same day. Repaired tear 7" long top left. (iii) Poster size 23" x 17", advertising service for 106 Anniversary. Red lettering in a blue shield. Some spotting. (iv) Poster size 20" x 10", large blue lettering, advertising 110th Birthday Services. (v) Poster size 25" x 19 advertising services and preacher for 105th Anniversary May 28th, 1916. Printed in large black lettering on matt blue ground. All posters folded. 5 items. c1916. £40.00
    The posters printed on red and black are particularly striking.

  53. Tewkesbury BILLHEAD of Knight and Son, Boot and Shoe Manufactureres, Eagle Factory, Tewkesbury, and Kingswood Bristol. 4to bill made out to Henry Nicholls, Cheltenham, for 'rivet' 'sewn', 'girl's button' etc., per Passenger Train. With a fine engraved view of the works, with tall smoking chimney, waggons drawing up, size 3" x 6". Bill has been clipped down left side with loss of a word at the side of the vignette.... together with... two bills of T.H. Gotch & Sons, Kettering, also made out to Nicholls, 9 Manchester Walk, Cheltenham, for 4 pairs men's boots, 3 pair youths' boots no nails, etc. (17 items), 'per Midland Railway marked H.N'. Each 4to, printed heading. 3 items. 1879. £15.00

  54. Tewkesbury Chapel POSTER. Re-Opening of The Independent Chapel, Tewkesbury. On Sunday, Dec. 16, 1838. Two Sermons will be Preached in the above Chapel by the Rev. John Sibree.... Special Religious Services.... Size overall, 15" x 10", printed on one side only, folded, couple of short repaired tears to margins. Attractively printed in a variety of type-faces, with two small hands indicating important lines. Printed at the Atlas Press, by I. Jenner, Tewkesbury. (1838) £40.00
    Lists 5 other sermons to be preached that week, with name of preacher, and subject. Reverend Sibree was presumably the John Sibree of Coventry, whose family were friendly with George Eliot.

  55. Tockington, Thornbury COPY OF THE WILL OF JAMES COWLES of Tockington, gentleman, 1st February 1781. Manuscript on paper, 3p., folio. A few tears at folds repaired with archival tape. Old tape repair at marginal tear. Note saying the original Will proved 1782. Paper watermarked 1794. £30.00
    Gives his half of his household goods at Tockington, with one two handled and one small Silver Cupp' to Joany Barrow, to his neice Susanah Waring 'all my Estate and ffisherys at Littleton let to John Bendall. Also gives bequest to William Fisher of Philadelphia, and to John Cattell of South Carolina, and to his servants. Gives his house in Wine Street Bristol to the widow of his nephew William Cowles, and after her decease interest therein to Thomas Prichard. Also lists lands at Thornbury and at Longhope. In a Postscript he gives William Weare Watson and Company 'owners of Tobacco Shipt about ten years ago on the Ship Flora... two hundred pounds towards the ship damage thereon...'

  56. Westbury on Trym and Henbury parishes LEASE FOR A YEAR of a capital messuage known as Canford, lately purchased from the widow of Richard Lane, Alderman, and a messuage in Saltmarsh with various named closes.... Sir Thomas Cann to William Cann and Thomas Cowles. Vellum, size 15" x 24", three chipped wax seals, witnessed on verso. Someone at a later date has underlined a line of text relating to the fishing in ink and made a note in the margin. 1719. £45.00
    Names the closes of land with acreage, in Saltmarsh and Compton Greenfield. Includes the right of common for 92 sheep in Chilmead Wharth, for 20 sheep, one mare and colt, one goose and gander in the Common of Compton, and the 'wearestage or fishing stage in the River of Severn'. The lands were at one time held by Sir John Berkeley.

  57. Weston (T.H), Bristol, Publisher BLAISE HAMLET To John S. Harford, Esq., of Blaise Castle, Gloucestershire, in whose Grounds these Picturesque and beautiful Dwellings are erected this print is most respectfully inscribed by The Publisher. Lithograph, by Day & Son, on thick paper, hand coloured, printed surface size 9" x 11", plus margins, comprising two oblong views one above the other, showing 8 of the cottages. Some light dust-staining in top margin, slightly obtruding onto extreme top left corner of top view. Bottom left corner slightly bumped. c1840. £35.00
    From a set of five views of Henbury and Pen Pole Point.

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