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of Yeomanry Cavalry.

By [ Capt. Haviland ] - 1850.

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In compiling the history of a regiment from such records as are in its possession, it is interesting and necessary to shew its origin and the immediate causes which led to its enrolment. The earliest evidence we have of any military establishment in North Somerset is from an old hook, evidently, at first, carefully kept, intituled "Frome Selwood Volunteers;" and the earliest date it hears is the 9th of March, 1797> when " Articles of Enrolment of a Volunteer Corps of Infantry in the town of Frome," are drawn out, and officers appointed:

Thomas Swimmer Champneys, Colonel-Commandant.
James Anthony Wickham, Captain.
Thomas Bunn, ditto,
William Sheppard, jun., ditto.
John C. J. Middleton, First-Lieutenant.
Thomas Lacy, ditto.
William Carter, ditto.
R. W. Sheppard, Second-Lieutenant.
Charles Marr, ditto.
John Yeoman, ditto.

The corps was to consist of the above-named officers, and 120 inhabitants of the town of Frome, whose names were therein subscribed. The rules were—that they should provide themselves in all things, except such as the Government would furnish; that they should assemble every week for training; and that they would assemble, on the direction of his Majesty, or the Lord Lieutenant, or Sheriff of the County, for the suppression of riots, within five miles of the town of Frome, or guard prisoners to the next town, or march to any part of the County of Somerset in case of actual invasion....'

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