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1555 - 1791.

By B. Howard Cunnington - 1925.

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Another case where " Thomas Williams of Herford a Tayler who for that he was taken in the Markett on Thursday last by a woman, having his hand in her pockett " he was ordered to be whipped about the Markett Place " and soe conveyed from tyth-inge to tythinge until he come to Hereford."

George Worrys of Crewe a weaver and Jasey Worrys of Ted-bury [ Tetbury ] being vagabonds &c were ordered to be whipped and then returned to their respective Parishes ''from tything to tything " until they reached home.


1596. Sept. 24. - On consideration of the sum of 40/- paid to the Maior and Councellors by Richard Barnes of Devizes, the Maior &c sealed and delivered to Richard Barnes a lease of The Angell with the back side and garden grounds and all houses shops Sellars thereunto belonging situate in the Neweporte of the Borough, for 21 years at an annual rent of 27/-.
[ From an old Deed in the hands of the Municipal Charities Trustees. ]


1596. Decr. 10. - The Chamberlains presented their Accounts for the year which showed a balance of 48 8s. od. The receipts contain nothing of special interest. Amongst the items of expenditure are the following : The Maiors fee 14 6s. 8d., the Town Clarkes fee 80/8, the Elleccon Dinner 50/-, the Law daye dinner 16/6, Mr. Dauntsey's (High Sheriff) Dinner and his company 9/-, paid for mending the Gallows the Cucking stool and other items 63/8.


1597. Septr. 20 (William Barrett, Mayor elect). - By virtue of a warrant received from John Dauntsey High Sheriff the Mayor & Burgesses elected John Kent & Robert Drewe to represent the Borough in the forthcoming Parliament on Octr. 24th. Chamberlaipes account for 1597 showed a balance in hand of 13 is. 8d. The receipts are as usual. Amongst the items of expenditure are the following : -
The Eleccon Dinner 58/- (an increase of 8/-).
For Charges about setting forthe of soldiers for her Maties service 13/4.
1597. - Twenty-five Burgesses were summoned to the Guildhall on March i/th to be sworne in as Jury for enquiring into the dressing and rating of fflesh during the time of Lent this year. No less than 14 failed to appear and were fined 3/4 each.
1598. - Chamberlains' accounts. This year the receipts are reduced by the following : -
Defaulted for the rent of Chapell being voide 10/-.
,, for the Millers places voide 20/-.
,, for the Tanners standings that are voide 2/-.
Amongst the payments are the following : -
The Eleccon Dinner 3.
Pd for making the benches in the Castle 27/2.
Balance in hand 6 155. 6d.

BIGAMY. 1598. Deer. 15. - This day (before the Maior &c) came Alice Longe wife of Anthonye Longe of Devizes yeoman, which Antony Longe about 4 years since (the said Alice his wife lyving) not having the feare of God before his eies, contrary to the lawes of God & this realme, maried and tooke to wife one ffrancys Dabyes born at Amestrie* in Herefordshire and with whom he hath lived ever since and because from the evidence of both Anthonye and Alice that they were married 15 years ago and that they have had divers children, the Maior and Burgeses for punishment of this offence ordered Anthony to be whipped and from henceforthe take Alice his first wife and with her live & dwell, but as it appeared that Frances was ignorant of the fact that Anthony was already married it was ordered that a passport be delivered to her for the return unto the place of her birth or her friends in Herefordshire " and from henceforth to forebear to accompany or live with Anthonye upon payne of punishment by whipping if she be taken within this Boroughe after Sundaye next."


1599. June 15. - Nicholas Smythe of Devizes before the Maior &c " dyd take his corporate othe against Wm. Hisplite of this Borough saying he lived in bodely fear of him." The Mayor thereupon required sureties from William that he would keep the peace. But as William refused to do so, he was comitted to the ward.... '

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