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A selection of :- Wiltshire Acts of Parliament
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  1. Bacon's COUNTY MAP OF WILTSHIRE With Alphabetical List of Principal Towns, Villages and Railway Stations. Cloth backed, printed in black, red and green. Folding into green printed wraps with picture of cyclists. 4pp. index at front. Light crease in front wrap. c1920. £9.00

  2. Bacon's NEW TOURIST'S MAP OF WILTSHIRE from the Ordnance Survey with the Name of Every Railway Station. By Edward Weller. Colour-printed map, scale 1" = 2 miles, folding into 12mo printed wraps. Front wrap slightly trimmed down fore-edge. c1910. £9.00

  3. Bedwyn PARTICULARS of Upper Vernham Rowe Farm and Henley Farm. 6pp., 4to. Traces of vertical fold. Folding plan. 1928. £14.00
    'Comprises a Suitable Farmhouse with Two Sets of Buildings, Eleven Cottages and about 487 acres'.

  4. Box and Ditteridge Auction PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF FREEHOLD FARM, With good Dwelling-House, Outbuildings, Garden, Arable and Pasture Lands, known as "Alcombe Farm," comprising 28a. 2r. 3p. Situate in the Parish of Box and Ditteridge... also Freehold Dwelling Houses, Gardens, Building Land, Lime Kilns... known as "Belle-Vue Lodge"," Locksbrook Place", and "Cork Paddock",,, to be Sold by Auction... in the City of Bath, the 4th day of November, 1886. Folio, 3 coloured folding plans, 4pp, folded. 1886. £30.00

  5. Box ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile. Sheet ST86NW. Size 18" x 19", plus wide margins. Key in bottom margin. Contours in red. Provisional Edition. n.d. 1950's. £15.00

  6. Bratton, Westbury Leigh AUCTION POSTER advertising sale of 10 Lots at Westbury, May 5th, 1885. Size 31" x 21", 1" split at one fold. 1885. £20.00
    Lists details, including occupiers, of 11 Lots, 2 in Bratton, 1 in Westbury Leigh, the rest in Westbury. Includes share in tenement in Court Lane, Bratton, in 'Bratton Low Field', houses in Snappersnipes Lane, shops in Station Road, Westbury.

  7. Brinkworth PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Pasture Farm known as Yorks Farm.... to be sold by auction.... 17th April, 1905. 3pp., folio, folded. Docket title rather spotty. 1905. £10.00

  8. Bromham PARTICULARS of.... Freehold Dairy & Mixed Farm known as 'Durlett Farm'..... for Sale by Auction, March 9th, 1944. 5pp., sm. 4to, wraps, vertical fold. 1944. £8.00

  9. Calne Boundaries REPORT OF THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH OF CALNE. 2pp, with a coloured Plan of the borough by R.K. Dawson. Scale 4" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1837. £22.00

  10. Calne PARTICULARS OF SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY in the Market Place, Patford Street and Curzon Street. In the Town of Calne, which will be offered for Sale by Auction.... by Mr Charles H. Parry, at the Lansdowne Arms Hotel, Calne, On Wednesday, the 28th day of August, 1878. Folio, 2pp. 1878. £12.00

  11. Calne PARTICULARS OF CONDITIONS OF SALE of Highly Important First Class Freehold Business premises Situate in the Market Place and large Warehouses & Premises in the New Road..... to sell by Auction, On Wednesday, the 18th day of June, 1890.... Folio, 3pp. 1890. £12.00

  12. Calne, Bremhill, Pewsham PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Agricultural Property Forming an Outlying Portion of The Bowood Estate comprising an area of 1,429 Acres To Be Sold by Auction in Lots by Bruton, Knowles & Co... on Monday 13th October, 1947. 4to, 47pp., wraps, 10 photographic plates, 4 folding coloured plans at rear, key plan. Light crease in front wrap. 1947. £30.00

  13. Cherhill Swine Fever [The Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878.] THE ANIMALS ORDER. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Pigstye situate in an Orchard at Cherhill, in the County of Wilts, in the occupation of Mr Jesse Butler.... was, on the 28th day of October, 1882, ordered, determined, and declared to be a place infected with Swine Fever, is now by the said Authority declared To Be Free From Swine Fever.... By Order, R.W. Merriman, Clerk to the Authority, Marlborough, November 28th, 1882. Poster, size 11" x 8", fews small holes at folds, and slightly soiled at folds. R.F. Houlston, Printer and Bookseller, Chippenham, 1882. £16.00

  14. Chippenham Estate PARTICULARS, WITH PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Desirable Freehold Estate consisting of a Convenient Residence, 51a. 0r. 27p. of Land, also Cottages.... in Pipsmore Leaze, Situate at Lowden, In the Parish of Chippenham, Which will be Offered for Sale by Public Auction, by Mr William Burbidge at the Angel Hotel, Chippenham, On Friday, the 16th of June, 1882. Folio, folded, 4pp, 2 coloured folding plans. 1882. £24.00

  15. Chippenham PARTICULARS of the Outlying Portions of the Valuable Agricultural Property known as The Lackham Estate, Chippenham, Extending to over 1,030 Acres... for Sale by Auction in 41 Lots... 18th Day of March, 1927. 33pp., small folio, stiff wraps, plan in pocket at rear, four photographic plates with two or four views on each. 1927. £28.00
    Includes 'The Folly', Lacock, Showell Farm, Patterdown Farm, Hollywell Farm, Great Notton Farm, Rowden Farm, various cottages, butcher's shop and slaughterhouse, etc.

  16. Chitterne St. Mary POSTER Printed in red and black, advertising auction sale of Glebe Lands and Farmyard & Buildings at Chitterne St. Mary with Chitterne All Saints. 30" x 20", folded. 1919. £14.00

  17. Cholderton Estate PARTICULARS Plan and Conditions of Sale of Sheep & Cattle Grazing Farm.. 80 acres of Copse well suited for shooting purposes. 8pp., folio, wraps, folding plan. Traces of vertical crease. 1925. £22.00

  18. Clapperton (K). Pub. A PLAN OF OLD SARUM, Also Two modern Views, and a Representation of the Castle. All on a single sheet, printed on one side only, size approx. 15" x 18", fold. Shows plan and 3 wood engraved views, with 20 references to the Plan. Down the sides of the plan are extracts from Hatcher's 'Ancient and Modern Sarum' ('which may be had of the Publisher of this, price 3s.6d.') Printed and Published by K. Clapperton, Sarum. n.d. c1840. £60.00

  19. Codford St. Mary PARTICULARS of the Well-Known East Codford Farm.... upon which are good Straight Gallops One Mile Long, also other Training Gallops, The Commodious Farmhouse.... which will be Sold by Auction.... October 7th, 1919. 15pp, sm. folio, coloured folding plan. Staples rusty, vertical fold. 1919. £18.00

  20. Collingbourne Kingston PARTICULARS PLAN & CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Dairy and Corn Farm known as Aughton Farm.... for Sale by Auction.... February 18th, 1947. 12pp., 4to, folding plan. Crease in wraps. 1947. £10.00

  21. Coombe Bissett PARTICULARS of the remaining part of Manor Farm... 204 Acres with useful Homestead... 5pp., 4to, stiff wraps. Folding plan loosely inserted. 1965. £8.00

  22. County Rate LIST OF PARISHES AND PLACES with the Amount of Present Assessment and of The Rateable Value... Proposed to be Adopted for The New Assessment... 8pp., 8vo., title page as front wrap. 1844. £16.00

  23. Dauntsey, Wootton Bassett, Brinkworth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XIV. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Small strip 6" long shaded blue and labelled 'GWR'. Flat sheet, folded, part of verso dusty. 1887. £22.00

  24. Devizes PARTICULARS WITH PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Desirable Agricultural Properties being the Patney Manor Estate.... with Two Farm Houses, Homesteads, Cottages & Lands... for sale by Auction... July 31st, 1919. 8pp., small folio, wraps, small damp stain along 6" of top edge throughout.. Large folding coloured plan. 1919. £14.00

  25. Devizes, Salisbury Plain ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 31", plus margins. Linen backed and folding into faded mauve cloth boards, small 8vo. 'Wilts' written in ink on front board. Electrotype 1865. £55.00

  26. Draycott Foliatt and Liddington PARTICULARS of a Freehold Estate Comprising About 318 Acres.... Farmhouse and All Requisite Buildings Pleasantly Situate in The Parishes of Draycott Foliatt and Liddington.... within a short Drive of the Swindon Grand Junction Station on the Great Western Railway; Which will be Sold by Auction...19th June, 1845. 3pp folio, folded, double page lithographed plan. 1845. £32.00
    Comprises Draycott Foliatt Farm, and two Meadows in Liddington called Breach Meads.

  27. Draycott Folliatt PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Very Valuable and Desirable Freehold Estate, Comprising about 318 Acres, Together With A Farm House And all Requisite Buildings In the Occupation of Mr. John Puckeridge, Pleasantly Situated in the Parishes of Draycott Foliatt and Liddington.... Which will be Sold by Auction By Mr Westall, At the Ailesbury Arms Hotel, Marlborough, On Thursday the 29th August, 1844. Folio, 3pp, folded. 1844. £25.00
    Gives names, acreage and use of 20 fields.

  28. Edington, Bulkington and Keevil PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Property at West Coulston, in the Parish of Edington, and in the Parishes of Bulkington and Keevil.... which will be Sold by Auction.... July 25th, 1872. 3pp., folio, folded, with two plans, hand-coloured in outline. 1872. £28.00

  29. Grims Farm, Coombe Bissett AUCTION SALE PARTICULARS. The Valuable Freehold Agricultural Property known as GRIMS FARM amounting to 264 Acres.... Which Wooley & Wallis will Sell by Auction.... On Tuesday, 13th May, 1958.... Folio, with coloured plan in pocket at rear, (6)pp, original printed wraps, with photographic illust pasted to top wrap. 1958. £18.00

  30. Hill Deverill PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Corn and Sheep Farm with the Manor House, Homestead and Down Buildings.... Comprising an area of about 656a.3r.15p.... which will be sold by Auction by Mr. Edward Waters.... Warminster, 20th August, 1887. 4pp., folio, folded, title page with attractive typefaces. 1887. £18.00
    'The farm is in the centre of the South Wilts Hunt....'

  31. Hilmarton Swine Fever [The Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878.] THE ANIMALS ORDER. NOTICE IS HEARBY GIVEN, That the Cowshed and Pigstyes at Snow Hill, situate in the Parish of Hilmarton, in the County of Wilts, in the occupation of Mr Walter Woodward.... were... infected with Swine Fever... now declared To Be Free From Swine Fever.... Marlborough, September 21st, 1882. Poster, size 11" x 8", few small holes at folds, and slightly soiled at folds. R.F. Houlston, Printer and bookseller, Chippenham, 1882. £16.00

  32. Hippenscombe Estate PARTICULARS of the Hippenscombe Estate A Sporting and Agricultural Property comprising about 822 Acres.... Old Fashioned Residence, Farm Buildings & Four Cottages... for Sale by Auction... 23rd July, 1915. 8pp., folio, wraps, traces of vertical fold. Lacks plan at rear. 1915. £8.00

  33. Inclosure NINE INCLOSURE ACTS for the parishes of Steeple Ashton (1813), Great and Little Chelworth (1814), Laverstock (1818), Littlecot (1814), Mere (1807), East Overton and Lockeridge (1811), Bradford (1818), Chitterne St. Mary and Chitterne All Saints (1815), Corsham (1816). Each disbound, small folio, number of pages varies from 12 to 25. Acts of Parliament. 1807-1818. £60.00

  34. Lacock SALE OF ATTRACTIVE SMALL RESIDENCE Known as 'Bewley Villa', Valuable Pasture Paddock, Brewery and Malting Premises. 3pp., folio, folded. 1924. £8.00

  35. Ludgershall PARTICULARS with Plan and Conditions of Sale of the Agricultural and Sporting Property Being 'Crawlboys Farm', in the Parishes of Collingbourne Ducis and Ludgershall, with Capital Farm House, Homestead, and Cottages.... for sale by auction... December 17th, 1909. 4pp., wraps, folding plan. Vertical fold. 1909. £18.00

  36. Ludgershall PARTICULARS of Freehold Business Premises with Shop, Yard and Garden Ground, Accommodation Land... for sale by auction, Sept. 15, 1909. 3pp., folded... together with... Particulars of Business Premises, Garage Business, Bungalows, for sale by auction 29th August, 1946. 5pp, 4to. 2 items. 1909 and 1946. £10.00

  37. Marlborough PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Hotel and Premises known as the Castle & Ball Hotel... commanding an extensive frontage to the High Street... for Sale by Auction, 23rd October 1886... 3pp., folio, folded, docket title. 1886. £14.00

  38. Martin (R), Lithographer, Long Acre PLAN OF THE ANTIENT CLOSE AT OLD SARUM with 'Indications of the Antient Cathedral, visible in September 1834', and 'Ground Plan restored'. Plans single sheet of thick paper, size 12" x 18", the first plan shows embankments with hachuring, trees, etc, and the outline of the two adjacent plans superimposed. Scale approx. 1" = 300ft. Published by Messrs. Brodie & Co. Salisbury. c1850. £12.00

  39. Melksham and Seend PARTICULARS of a Freehold Dwelling-House and Malthouse, and of a Close of Pasture land... dwelling house wiht barn... close of arable and pasture land, which will be sold by Auction... 27th May, 1870. 2p., folio, plus conditions of sale and memorandum, docket title. Small tear at folded left edge. 1870. £16.00

  40. Melksham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... The Whitley Estate in the Parish of Melksham.... Bells & Splatt's Farms & Other Lands in the Parish of Heddington, The Chilvester Hill Estate, in the Parish of Calne, Field of Nursery Ground.... House, Baker's Shop &c, at Marshfield.... which will be Sold by Auction.... July 13, 1853..... 8pp, folio, folded with docket title, 4 full page lithographed plans, 3 being hand-coloured. 1853. £42.00

    WILTSHIRE Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
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  41. Milford, near Salisbury PARTICULARS of Freehold Building Land distant about half a mile from the City of Salisbury with direct access from the London Turnpike Road, the property of the Salisbury Burial Board, to be Sold by Auction.... 24th July 1857. 2pp., sm. folio, plus docket title. 1857. £18.00
    Amendments in ink, presumably corrections to proof copy.

  42. Milton Lilborne, Wilcott PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Small Pasture holdings known as Deane Water and Wroughton's Heart.... for Sale by Auction.... 26th April, 1904. 3pp., folio, folded. 1904. £12.00

  43. Milton Lilbourne SALE OF THE RICH GRAZING OR DAIRY HOLDING known as Abbey Farm.... Allotment Land in the Severalls, Milton.... for Sale by Auction, April 30th, 1931. 6pp., 4to, wraps, folding plan. Pages rather creased. 1931. £10.00

  44. Netherhampton Farm ISOMETRICAL VIEW OF HOMESTEAD Netherhampton Farm, Wiltshire. Designed by Mr Robson, Mr. S. Clarke, Architect. Lithograph showing farm from above, with good architectural detail. Size 9" x 13", together with ground plan on separate sheet of same size. Light foxing. c1870. £12.00
    Drawn for Bailey Denton's 'The Farm Homesteads of England'.

  45. North Wiltshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Part of Sheet XXXIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 15" x 19", backed with linen, folding into green embossed cloth boards, 8vo. Parishes hand-coloured in outline in different colours. With bookplate of Revd. G. Toppin, Wootton Bassett. c1860. £26.00
    Covers Cricklade, Calne, Chisledon.

  46. Pewsey PARTICULARS OF THE FREEHOLD ESTATE situate at West End. 2pp., 8vo, small plan. 1936. £8.00

  47. Pewsey PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of valuable Properties comprising 'Southcott House'.... 'Southcott Lodge'.... to be Sold by Auction.... 26th June, 1890. 3pp., folio, folded. 1890. £15.00
    Attractively printed title page.

  48. Pewsey PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... a portion of The Pewsey Glebe having an area of 106a.... for Sale by Auction, August 26th, 1912. 7pp, 4to, wraps, folding plan. Vertical fold. 1912. £16.00

  49. Pewsey PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of certain Freehold Farms known as 'Southcott Lodge Estate'.... which will be Sold by Auction.... 28th July, 1924. 9pp., folio, plan loosely inserted, folded with docket title, title leaf torn. 1924. £18.00

  50. Pewsey Vale PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Oare House and West Wick Estates containing about 785A. 1R. 5P. for sale by Auction, July 13, 1893. 7pp., large folio, folds. Attractively printed wraps, split down two thirds of spine. 1893. £24.00

  51. Poulshot PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Estate of Rich Grazing and Arable Land with Valuable Common Rights, with Comfortable Residence, Two Cottages.... which will be Sold by Auction... 21st August, 1873. 5pp., folio, folded with docket title. Large folding plan. 1873. £32.00

  52. Poulshot, etc. THE REMAINING OUTLYING PORTIONS of the Wiltshire Estates of the Right Honble. Walter Long, M.P., in the Parishes of Poulshot, Potterne, Seend, Hilperton, Semington, Great Hinton, Melksham, Steeple Ashton and North Bradley. For Sale by Auction.... 17th May, 1911. 50pp., 4to, stiff wraps. First Day's Sale. Numerous small photographs of properties throughout the text. With one folding map only, in pocket at back, covering Lots 10-17, so there were probably at least two other maps. 1911. £30.00
    Includes Barleyhill Farm, Townsend Farm, Church Farm, in Poulshott; Hag Hill Farm and Stranger's Corner Farm, Watts Farm, Portway House, in Great Hinton

  53. Rowde PARTICULARS AND PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Capital Villa Residence.... A Compact Holding, comprising Farm House, Buildings, Yard, Garden.... at Marston.... to be Sold by Auction..... July 20th, 1893. 3pp., folio, folded, double-page coloured plan. 1893. £22.00

  54. Salisbury LIST OF THE PERSONS entitled.... to be Registered as Parliamentary Voters.... for the Borough of New Sarum, in respect of the occupation of Property within the Liberty of the Close of the Canons of the Cathedral.... Printed list, size 23" x 12", in table form giving name, abode, qualification, address of qualifying property. On one side is list of 48 people entitled to vote and to be enrolled as Burgesses, on verso is list of persons to be enrolled as Burgesses but not as Voters (all women).... together with.... 4to sheet headed 'The Close of New Sarum', listing 5 persons and details entitled to Vote for the Southern Division of the County. Both signed by Overseers. 1884. £32.00

  55. Semington PARTICULARS of the Desirable Dairy Farm known as 'Seend Park Farm', Semington.... for Sale by Auction September 4th, 1945. 10pp., sm. 4to, wraps. 1945. £12.00

  56. Shalbourne AUCTION PARTICULARS of Harding Farm, Shalbourne, for Sale by Auction 27th June 1974. 7p., folio, plus 2 pages of photos, and plan loosely inserted. Printed wraps. 1974. £7.00
    The farm was five miles from Hungerford.

  57. Shrewton PARTICULARS of the Freehold Agricultural Estate known as Elston Hill.... with Excellent Farm House, 11 Cottages.... which Woolley & Wallis will sell by Auction on... May 23rd, 1950. 14pp., 4to, stiff wraps, coloured folding map in pocket, 7 photographic views. 1950. £17.00

  58. Shrewton PARTICULARS WITH CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Old-Established Licensed Hotel... The Bustard Hotel, on Salisbury Plain, near Shrewton... with two enclosures of arable land... two brick-built and slated cottages... for sale by auction May 2, 1927. 4pp., 4to, vertical fold. 1927. £10.00

  59. Shrewton PARTICULARS of Valuable Accommodation Land, Dwelling House with Convenient Farm Homestead, and Cottage.... for Sale by Auction... 15th September 1884. 3pp., 4to, folded with docket title. 1884. £10.00

  60. Simpson (G) Printer DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE Two issues bound together, July 6th and July 13th, 1820. Broadsheet newspaper, each 4pp. Two items. 1820. £18.00
    Includes two-column report on the 'Holkham Sheep Shearing' attended by Mr. Coke, much on Queen Caroline, Downton Mills on the Avon for sale, etc.

  61. Simpson (G) Printer THE DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE March 1, 1820. 4pp., broadsheet newspaper. Slight wear at left-hand edge where once bound.. together with the edition of March 22. 2 items. 1820. £18.00
    Includes three-column report of the trial of Edward Buckland for murdering an elderly lady at Seagry in an attempted robbery, insurrection in Piedmont, etc., additional public footpaths to those in the Wootton Basset Inclosure set out, etc.

  62. Simpson (G), Proprietor THE DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE December 28, 1820. 4pp., broadsheet newspaper. A few small tears at left-hand edge where once bound. 1820. £16.00

  63. Smith (C.S) A NEW MAP OF THE COUNTY OF WILTSHIRE Divided into Hundreds. Folding hand-coloured map dissected and mounted on linen, engraved surface of map approx. 17" x 20". With Reference to Hundreds, Explanation. In original card slipcase, which is completely broken at the sides. 3rd Edition corrected to 1818. £50.00

  64. Southwick and Studley PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Estates comprising Four Farms.... which will be submitted to Public Competition at the George Hotel, Trowbridge, May 28th, 1885. 6pp., folio, large folding coloured plan. 1885. £28.00
    Includes Chancefield Farm, Road Common Farm, Sparrows Rest Farm, Hoopers Pool Farm.

  65. Swindon THREE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets SU 1584 N.W and S.W, and 1586 S.E. Scale 50.688 inches to 1 mile. Each size 17" x 16" plus margins. 3 items. Revised 1965. £22.00
    Covers Turl Street, Clarence Street, Courts of Justice, Regent Circus, North Street, Tydeman Street, Buller Street.

  66. Trowbridge WILL of James Fisher of Trowbridge, Plasterer and Tiler, 1826. 6p. folio. Folded. Contemporary copy. c1826. £20.00
    Leaves his 3 properties in Frog Lane to his son and daughter, and the daughter of his deceased daughter Freelove Hibbard, naming occupiers. Appoints Trustees for the grandchildren who were minors. Leaves his stock in trade to his sons 'except my Thirty six round ladder'.

  67. Uffcott PARTICULARS OF VALUABLE SMALL FREEHOLD ESTATE and Accommodation Lands.... for Sale by Auction.... June 6th, 1899. 3pp., folding coloured plan. 1899. £20.00

  68. Warminster ATTRACTIVE AND IMPORTANT SALE of very Valuable Freehold Property comprising.... 2 & 3 Woodcock Villas, A Picturesque and Modern Residence known as Highbury.... 2 & 3 Boreham Villas.... Two 14-Qr. Malthouses... Two Cottages.... 500 Shares in Warminster Motor Co... For Sale by Auction.... June 17th, 1907. 10pp., large 4to, printed wraps, split at spine. Includes photographs. 1907. £18.00

  69. West Stowell PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Unusually Attractive Residential Estate distinguished as 'West Stowell', Complete Stabling, Chaise House & Outbuildings surrounded by Park-like Pleasure Grounds Very Desirable Farms and Seven Laborers' Cottages.... which will be Sold by Auction.... September 5th, 1878. 6pp., folio, folded, large coloured folding plan. 1878. £30.00

  70. Westbury and Dilton Marsh PARTICULARS OF SALE of Small Holdings, Residences and Shop, Pasture and Arable Lands... for Sale by Auction... 26th May, 1926. 10pp., 4to, wraps. Central vertical crease. 1926. £10.00

  71. Westbury AUCTION CATALOGUE For sale of the Choice Freehold Educational or Residential Estate Victoria College, Near Westbury, Formerly known as Leighton House.... 4to, wraps, 8 pages of text and four full page photographic plates, folding plan. Some slight dust-marking on title page. 1936. £24.00

  72. Westbury PARTICULARS Plans and Conditions of Sale of the Residential, Agricultural and Sporting Estate known as 'Leighton', comprising Stone-Built Georgian Mansion... Model Home Farm, Forty Seven Cottages, Westbury Drill Hall... in all embracing about 850 Acres... for Sale by Auction... 14th December 1921. 36pp., small folio, wraps, 3 large coloured folding plans, photos., photo frontis. loose, traces of vertical fold. 1921. £30.00

  73. Westbury PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Training Establishment with Downland Gallops... 3pp., 4to, wraps, vertical crease. 1916. £12.00

  74. Westbury PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Accommodation, Pasture and Arable Lands, together with a Good Building Site between the Town of Westbury and the Railway Station... which will be sold by auction.... 29th March, 1893. 6pp., folio, including 2pp. Conditions of Sale, large folding coloured plan. Split down most of spine. Staining down edge of docket title. 1893. £28.00
    Printed in a variety of attractive type-faces.

  75. Wheatley (William Walter) PEN AND INK DRAWING titled on verso of mount in later hand 'Hazelbury House, Box, Wilts.' Pen and ink sketch in brownish ink, size 10" x 16", in buff mount, overall size 17" x 23", initialled 'W.W.W.' c1850. £50.00
    Shows a house with tall chimneys and two gables, large pillars at the gate with shields on top, two figures, one with a shot-gun, outside the gate.

  76. Wheatley (William Walter) CURTON MANOR HOUSE Watercolour showing the Manor house, wall in front with gates and large pillars, road in front with figures at the side, small cottage to the right of house, view framed by trees, pink clouds in sky, flock of birds. Size 10" x 14", buff card mount size 17" x 23", initialled 'WWW' bottom centre. c1850. £120.00
    William Walter Wheatley (c1811-1885) was a prolific painter of antiquities, churches, and old buildings in Wiltshire and Somerset. He worked for various patrons including George Weare Braikenridge. Born in Melcombe Regis, he lived for a time in Rode, and later in Bath.

  77. Wilton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXVI. N.W, and quarter sheets to West and South. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 26" x 37", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo boards with Stanford label. 1926. £18.00
    Covers Wilton and Wilton House, Barford St. Martin, South Newton.

  78. Winterslow Estate PARTICULARS Plan and Conditions of Sale of a Freehold Agricultural and Sporting Property known as The Winterslow Estate... comprising Agricultural Holdings known as Livery Farm and Broads Farm... 14 Cottages.... for sale by auction.. 23rd June, 1903. 8pp., folio, decorative wraps, large folding plan. Wraps ragged, traces of vertical fold. 1903. £28.00

  79. Woodborough PARTICULARS, PLAN & CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Residential Property known as 'Banksyde'.... for Sale by Auction.... 18th day of October, 1945. 12pp., oblong large 8vo, small plan. Attractive drawing of house and garden on front wrap. 1945. £14.00

  80. Wotton Rivers, Pewsey CATALOGUE and Conditions of Sale of Valuable Oak, Elm and Ash Timber, at Wootton Rivers, Near Pewsey To be Sold by Auction... at the Phoenix Inn, Pewsey... 15th December, 1857. 3p., printed on card, size 6" x 4". 1857. £14.00
    Lists 34 Lots, with type of tree and location. The timber was on the Manor Farm, and the property of St. John's College, Cambridge.

  81. Wroughton COPY WILL of Mr. Wm. Watts of Wroughton, Wilts., Maltster. 5 pages, folio, tied at corner. Corners of paper browned. Attested copy. 1840. £12.00
    Leaves his properties in Lockeridge to his two friends and his nephew.

  82. Wroughton DEED OF CONVEYANCE of the reversion in a Close of Land and hereditaments at Wroughton, held for three lives of the Manor of Wroughton... The Ecclesiastical Commissioners to Edward Watts. 1864. Two vellum sheets, 19" x 27", large papered seal of Commissioners, and wax seal, small sketch plan on verso of one sheet... ABSTRACT OF TITLE, 1855, of the Devisees of the Will of O.C. Codrington to a piece of land at Wroughton Common held of the Manor of Wroughton, beginning 1727. 4pp. folio... together with... ABSTRACT of certain Orders in Council Relating to the Winchester Chapter Estate. 5pp., folio. 1862. 1855-64. £25.00
    The property was part of the Winchester Chapter Estates.

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