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A selection of :- Wiltshire Acts of Parliament
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  1. Bacon's COUNTY MAP OF WILTSHIRE With Alphabetical List of Principal Towns, Villages and Railway Stations. Cloth backed, printed in black, red and green. Folding into green printed wraps with picture of cyclists. 4pp. index at front. Light crease in front wrap. c1920. £9.00

  2. Beckington PARTICULARS of the Sale by Auction of.... 'The Foresters' Arms Inn' and 'The Weaver's Arms Inn' situated at Dilton Marsh.... Trowbridge, 21st December, 1896. 4to, 3pp, vertical fold. 1896. £12.00

  3. Box and Ditteridge Auction PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF FREEHOLD FARM, With good Dwelling-House, Outbuildings, Garden, Arable and Pasture Lands, known as "Alcombe Farm," comprising 28a. 2r. 3p. Situate in the Parish of Box and Ditteridge... also Freehold Dwelling Houses, Gardens, Building Land, Lime Kilns... known as "Belle-Vue Lodge"," Locksbrook Place", and "Cork Paddock",,, to be Sold by Auction... in the City of Bath, the 4th day of November, 1886. Folio, 3 coloured folding plans, 4pp, folded. 1886. £30.00

  4. Bratton MANUSCRIPT PLAN tracing from the tithe map, scale 3 chains to an inch. In ink and pink colour on waxed cotton, size 36" x 40", folded. Some foxing spots. The map is titled 'Map of the Parish of Westbury', but only Bratton is shown. 1871. £30.00
    Under the scale bar is written 'Tracing from the tithe map 17/2/81 J.D.' Shows roads, fields, buildings in pink and grey, all numbered.

  5. Bratton WILTSHIRE INDUSTRY: CENTURY OF SERVICE TO FARMING Old-Style Crafts and Modern Tools in the Village Workshop of R. & J. Reeves & Son Ltd. at Bratton. Large folio sheet printed on one side with article and 7 photos of the workshops. Reprinted from 'The Wiltshire Times' Feb. 14th 1953. £8.00

  6. Bromham PARTICULARS of.... Freehold Dairy & Mixed Farm known as 'Durlett Farm'..... for Sale by Auction, March 9th, 1944. 5pp., sm. 4to, wraps, vertical fold. 1944. £8.00

  7. Calne Borough REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF CALNE. 2pp, with a folding Plan, by Robt. K. Dawson, coloured in outline. Scale 2" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1832. £24.00

  8. Calne Boundaries REPORT OF THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH OF CALNE. 2pp, with a coloured Plan of the borough by R.K. Dawson. Scale 4" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1837. £22.00

  9. Calne PARTICULARS OF SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY in the Market Place, Patford Street and Curzon Street. In the Town of Calne... for Sale by Auction.... 28th August, 1878. Folio, 2pp. 1878. £10.00

  10. Calne PARTICULARS OF CONDITIONS OF SALE of Highly Important First Class Freehold Business premises Situate in the Market Place and large Warehouses & Premises in the New Road..... to sell by Auction, On Wednesday, the 18th day of June, 1890.... Folio, 3pp. 1890. £12.00

  11. Calne, Bremhill, Pewsham PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Agricultural Property Forming an Outlying Portion of The Bowood Estate comprising an area of 1,429 Acres To Be Sold by Auction in Lots by Bruton, Knowles & Co... on Monday 13th October, 1947. 4to, 47pp., wraps, 10 photographic plates, 4 folding coloured plans at rear, key plan. Light crease in front wrap. 1947. £20.00

  12. Cholderton Estate PARTICULARS Plan and Conditions of Sale of Sheep & Cattle Grazing Farm.. 80 acres of Copse well suited for shooting purposes. 8pp., folio, wraps, folding plan. Traces of vertical crease. 1925. £22.00

  13. Codford St. Mary PARTICULARS of the Well-Known East Codford Farm.... upon which are good Straight Gallops One Mile Long, also other Training Gallops, The Commodious Farmhouse.... which will be Sold by Auction.... October 7th, 1919. 15pp, sm. folio, coloured folding plan. Staples rusty, vertical fold. 1919. £15.00

  14. Collingbourne Kingston PARTICULARS PLAN & CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Dairy and Corn Farm known as Aughton Farm.... for Sale by Auction.... February 18th, 1947. 12pp., 4to, folding plan. Crease in wraps. 1947. £8.00

  15. Coombe Bissett PARTICULARS of the remaining part of Manor Farm... 204 Acres with useful Homestead... 5pp., 4to, stiff wraps. Folding plan loosely inserted. 1965. £8.00

  16. Devizes PARTICULARS of a Valuable Freehold Residential Property, Building Sites, Dwelling-Houses, Shops & Premises.... 2pp. folio, folded with docket title, large folding plan, hand-coloured in outline, showing 'Spitalcroft' in detail, loosely inserted. 1875. £28.00

  17. Devizes PARTICULARS WITH PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Desirable Agricultural Properties being the Patney Manor Estate.... with Two Farm Houses, Homesteads, Cottages & Lands... for sale by Auction... July 31st, 1919. 8pp., small folio, wraps, small damp stain along 6" of top edge throughout.. Large folding coloured plan. 1919. £8.00

  18. Devizes, Salisbury Plain ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 31", plus margins. Linen backed and folding into faded mauve cloth boards, small 8vo. 'Wilts' written in ink on front board. Electrotype 1865. £55.00

  19. Draycot LETTER signed James Tylney Long to an unknown correspondent, dated Draycot House 2 August 1787. 38 lines, neatly written in strong black ink on two and half pages 4to. Expresses his astonishment at what the correspondent has told him about misconduct by a group of bankers 'I am inclined to think... that there must have been some mistake, as I should not think it possible that so respectable a Body as the present Set of Bank Directors are, could wilfully conceal from any person that they know to be their just due.' Asks his permission to show his letter to a friend 'in the Bank Direction', and invites him to visit 'I have an hereditary attachment to your Family our Fathers were particular Friends'. 1787. £35.00
    James Tylney Long (1736-1794) inherited the manors of Draycot and Athelhampton. He represented Wiltshire in Parliament. His daughter Catherine became 'the richest heiress in the Kingdom'.

  20. Draycott Foliatt and Liddington PARTICULARS of a Freehold Estate Comprising About 318 Acres.... Farmhouse and All Requisite Buildings Pleasantly Situate in The Parishes of Draycott Foliatt and Liddington.... to be Sold by Auction...19th June, 1845. 3pp folio, folded, double page lithographed plan. 1845. £32.00
    Comprises Draycott Folliatt Farm, and two Meadows in Liddington called Breach Meads.

  21. Draycott Folliatt PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Very Valuable and Desirable Freehold Estate, Comprising about 318 Acres, Together With A Farm House And all Requisite Buildings In the Occupation of Mr. John Puckeridge, Pleasantly Situated in the Parishes of Draycott Foliatt and Liddington.... Which will be Sold by Auction... 29th August, 1844. Folio, 3pp, folded. 1844. £20.00
    Gives names, acreage and use of 20 fields.

  22. Durnsford PROBATE of Philip Watts of Durnsford Mill, Mealman. Two large vellum sheets, printed certificate of administration with papered seal. Some browning. 1822. £10.00

  23. Durrington, Coombe Bissett PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Residential, Agricultural and Sporting Properties comprising The Manor House, Durrington, Colins Farm House, Church Farm Coombe Bissett, Parsonage Farm House, The Warren.... capital Arable and Pasture Land.... Folio, 27pp., large folding coloured plan, printed wraps, staples rusty, corners of wraps and spine rubbed. 1921. £26.00

  24. Edington, Bulkington and Keevil PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Property at West Coulston, in the Parish of Edington, and in the Parishes of Bulkington and Keevil.... which will be Sold by Auction.... July 25th, 1872. 3pp., folio, folded, with two plans, hand-coloured in outline. 1872. £28.00

  25. Enford, Fifield MAP OF THE MANORS OF ENFORD AND FIFIELD in the County of Wilts., The Property of John Benett Esq., M.P. Lithographed map, size 19" x 27" plus margins. Shows river at right hand edge, buildings and plots in the villages near the river and a few scattered buildings, road to Amesbury at left, field boundaries. With extensive Table of Reference listing 131 fields, orchards, houses, withy beds etc., listed under Tenants Timothy Fay, Charles Offer, and houses and gardens at Rack Rent, with Total Measure of Sheep Pasture, Arable, Meadow, Buildings etc. Slight creasing along centre. Small repaired edge tear. Waterlow & Morland, Lithographers, London. n.d. c1850. £46.00

  26. Grims Farm, Coombe Bissett AUCTION SALE PARTICULARS. The Valuable Freehold Agricultural Property known as GRIMS FARM amounting to 264 Acres.... Which Wooley & Wallis will Sell by Auction.... On Tuesday, 13th May, 1958.... Folio, with coloured plan in pocket at rear, (6)pp, original printed wraps, with photographic illust pasted to top wrap. 1958. £12.00

  27. Hill Deverill PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Corn and Sheep Farm with the Manor House, Homestead and Down Buildings.... Comprising an area of about 656a.3r.15p.... which will be sold by Auction... Warminster, 20th August, 1887. 4pp., folio, folded, title page with attractive typefaces. 1887. £16.00
    'The farm is in the centre of the South Wilts Hunt....'

  28. Ludgershall PARTICULARS with Plan and Conditions of Sale of the Agricultural and Sporting Property Being 'Crawlboys Farm', in the Parishes of Collingbourne Ducis and Ludgershall, with Capital Farm House, Homestead, and Cottages.... for sale by auction... December 17th, 1909. 4pp., wraps, folding plan. Vertical fold. 1909. £18.00

  29. Malmesbury TO THE ALDERMAN AND CAPITAL BURGESSES of the Borough of Malmsbury. Handbill, 4to, printed on one side only. Announces that two gentlemen intend to present themselves as candidates, and calls on Burgesses 'who prefer Freedom and Independance' to put the Borough 'on a respectable Footing'. 10 lines, folds... together with... Handbill to the Electors of Malmesbury from J.J. Vassar, Malmesbury, May 24, 1796, soliciting their vote. Large 4to, several edge tears on right, piece torn from top right corner, with loss of word 'of'... together with... Manuscript Alphabetical Lists of the Capital Burgesses, Assistants, Landholders and Free Burgesses of the Borough of Malmesbury. 3p., folio. Manuscript with names in columns under the three categories... together with... a similar list with 'Observations' in the margin, such as 'upon Parish', 'non resident'. 4p. folio... with... Manuscript on 2p. 4to, opinion of Robert Graham of Lincoln's Inn on the case... with... COPY PETITION to the House of Commons, with 81 names, indicating which had signed with their mark. 3p., 4to... with... ORDER signed by Henry Addington, Speaker, requiring William Fry and others to appear at the Bar of the House to give testimony on the hearing of the Petition. 2p., folio.... with... LETTER to Mr Brewer, Attorney, Cricklade, from J. Vassar. 2p., 4to, address panel on verso with postmark. Uxbridge, 11th June 1796. Says he is pleased with the plan and urgently wishes to see him 'the subject... being too momentous to admit delay...', with another letter from Vassar to Brewer about his account, 14th June, 1797, 3p, folio, and another to an un-named correspondent from Vassar, about depositions in the case 'he will say he considers Himself and the Rest of the Capital Burgesses under the influence of Wilkins in consequence of Receiving the Money from Him, & oblig'd to Vote as He directed...' 2p., folio... with... DEPOSITION of Thos. Hunt about the Broadtown Charity and whether he received 10 guineas fron Mr. Heneage to solicit his vote. 3p., folio, with another report of Mr. Rogers' testimony. 1p. folio. 1796. £120.00
    Malmesbury was controlled by Dr. Edmund Wilkins, high steward of the borough. He was alleged to have bribed members of the Corporation. James Vassar, at the general and by-election of 1796 alleged that the right of election in Malmesbury lay in 'the burgesses at large', not just the 12 capital burgesses. He presented Petitions in Parliament, but Wilkins' hold on the borough 'remained secure'. (See 'History of Parliament Online)

  30. Marlborough PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Hotel and Premises known as the Castle & Ball Hotel... commanding an extensive frontage to the High Street... for Sale by Auction, 23rd October 1886... 3pp., folio, folded, docket title. 1886. £10.00

  31. Martin (R), Lithographer, Long Acre PLAN OF THE ANTIENT CLOSE AT OLD SARUM with 'Indications of the Antient Cathedral, visible in September 1834', and 'Ground Plan restored'. Plans single sheet of thick paper, size 12" x 18", the first plan shows embankments with hachuring, trees, etc, and the outline of the two adjacent plans superimposed. Scale approx. 1" = 300ft. Published by Messrs. Brodie & Co. Salisbury. c1850. £12.00

  32. Melksham and Seend PARTICULARS of a Freehold Dwelling-House and Malthouse, and of a Close of Pasture land... dwelling house wiht barn... close of arable and pasture land, which will be sold by Auction... 27th May, 1870. 2p., folio, plus conditions of sale and memorandum, docket title. Small tear at folded left edge. 1870. £16.00

  33. Melksham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... The Whitley Estate in the Parish of Melksham.... Bells & Splatt's Farms & Other Lands in the Parish of Heddington, The Chilvester Hill Estate, in the Parish of Calne, Field of Nursery Ground.... House, Baker's Shop &c, at Marshfield.... which will be Sold by Auction.... July 13, 1853..... 8pp, folio, folded with docket title, 4 full page lithographed plans, 3 being hand-coloured. 1853. £35.00

    WILTSHIRE Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
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  34. Milford, near Salisbury PARTICULARS of Freehold Building Land distant about half a mile from the City of Salisbury with direct access from the London Turnpike Road, the property of the Salisbury Burial Board, to be Sold by Auction.... 24th July 1857. 2pp., sm. folio, plus docket title. 1857. £16.00
    Amendments in ink, presumably corrections to proof copy.

  35. Milton Lilborne, Wilcott PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Small Pasture holdings known as Deane Water and Wroughton's Heart.... for Sale by Auction.... 26th April, 1904. 3pp., folio, folded. 1904. £12.00

  36. Milton Lilbourne SALE OF THE RICH GRAZING OR DAIRY HOLDING known as Abbey Farm.... Allotment Land in the Severalls, Milton.... for Sale by Auction, April 30th, 1931. 6pp., 4to, wraps, folding plan. Pages rather creased. 1931. £10.00

  37. Netherhampton Farm ISOMETRICAL VIEW OF HOMESTEAD Netherhampton Farm, Wiltshire. Designed by Mr Robson, Mr. S. Clarke, Architect. Lithograph showing farm from above, with good architectural detail. Size 9" x 13", together with ground plan on separate sheet of same size. Light foxing. c1870. £12.00
    Drawn for Bailey Denton's 'The Farm Homesteads of England'.

  38. New Swindon PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Houses, situate in Catherine Street & Carr Street, within a short distance of the Great Western Railway Works.... for Sale by Auction.... 27th June, 1888. Folio, folded, 4pp, piece torn from top corner of Conditions of Sale page, without loss of text. Loosely enclosed is a coloured folding plan. 1888. £20.00

  39. North Wiltshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Part of Sheet XXXIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 15" x 19", backed with linen, folding into green embossed cloth boards, 8vo. Parishes hand-coloured in outline in different colours. With bookplate of Revd. G. Toppin, Wootton Bassett. c1860. £26.00
    Covers Cricklade, Calne, Chisledon.

  40. Pewsey PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of valuable Properties comprising 'Southcott House'.... 'Southcott Lodge'.... to be Sold by Auction.... 26th June, 1890. 3pp., folio, folded. 1890. £12.00
    Attractively printed title page.

  41. Pewsey PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... a portion of The Pewsey Glebe having an area of 106a.... for Sale by Auction, August 26th, 1912. 7pp, 4to, wraps, folding plan. Vertical fold. 1912. £16.00

  42. Pewsey PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of certain Freehold Farms known as 'Southcott Lodge Estate'.... which will be Sold by Auction.... 28th July, 1924. 9pp., folio, plan loosely inserted, folded with docket title, title leaf torn. 1924. £18.00

  43. Rowde PARTICULARS AND PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Capital Villa Residence.... A Compact Holding, comprising Farm House, Buildings, Yard, Garden.... at Marston.... to be Sold by Auction..... July 20th, 1893. 3pp., folio, folded, double-page coloured plan. 1893. £22.00

  44. Salisbury Churches ON THE DEDICATION NAMES OF CHURCHES IN SALISBURY and Their Historic Teachings. Printed large folio sheet, printed in three columns. Reprinted from the Salisbury and Winchester Journal May 19th & 26th, 1883. £8.00
    The paper was read by Rev. Canon Richard Jones at a meeting of the Salisbury Clerical Society.

  45. Salisbury POWER OF ATTORNEY to accept Livery of Seizin, concerning the Farm House of St. Nicholas, and the Farm of St. Nicholas in East Harnham. Reserves certain lands, ways etc. to the Brothers and Sisters of St. Nicholas. Wm. Brodie Esq. M.P., and the Revd. Jas. Venables to Richard Attwood and Richard Rigden. 2p. 1840. £14.00

  46. Salisbury THE YEW COUNTY HOTEL, SALISBURY (The Largest in the County of Wilts) Is Now Open. Brochure advertising the hotel, 4pp., 12mo, printed with decorative borders. On verso is a list of places of interest. n.d. c1910? £6.00

  47. Semington PARTICULARS of the Desirable Dairy Farm known as 'Seend Park Farm', Semington.... for Sale by Auction September 4th, 1945. 10pp., sm. 4to, wraps. 1945. £12.00

  48. Shrewton and Maddington Parish A LETTER read in the Churches of Shrewton and Maddington, May 5th, 1895. Printed letter, 1p., 4to, from the vicar, Frederick Bennett, who is convalescing in Exmouth, saying he will be unable to return to the parish, that the Bishop will appoint another in his place, and thanking his parishioners, Churchwardens, curate etc. 1895. £6.00

  49. Shrewton PARTICULARS of the Freehold Agricultural Estate known as Elston Hill.... with Excellent Farm House, 11 Cottages.... which Woolley & Wallis will sell by Auction on... May 23rd, 1950. 14pp., 4to, stiff wraps, coloured folding map in pocket, 7 photographic views. 1950. £15.00

  50. Shrewton PARTICULARS WITH CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Old-Established Licensed Hotel... The Bustard Hotel, on Salisbury Plain, near Shrewton... with two enclosures of arable land... two brick-built and slated cottages... for sale by auction May 2, 1927. 4pp., 4to, vertical fold. 1927. £8.00

  51. Shrewton PARTICULARS of Valuable Accommodation Land, Dwelling House with Convenient Farm Homestead, and Cottage.... for Sale by Auction... 15th September 1884. 3pp., 4to, folded with docket title. 1884. £8.00

  52. Simpson Printer & Publisher THE DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE Three issues, December 16, 23, 30, 1819. Each 4pp., broadsheet newspaper. Slight wear at left-hand edge where once bound. Announcement size 2" x 4" clipped from top corner of last page of issue of 23rd, and replaced with plain paper. Paper slightly spotty in parts. 1819. £20.00

  53. Simpson Printer & Publisher THE DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE Three issues, November 2, 9, 23, 1820. Each 4pp., broadsheet newspaper. Slightly ragged at left edge. 3 items. 1820. £22.00
    'The title of Lord Byron's forthcoming work is 'The Doge of Venice'....' Much on the Queen Caroline scandal, article on the condition of women in India.

  54. Simpson (G) Printer DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE Two issues bound together, July 6th and July 13th, 1820. Broadsheet newspaper, each 4pp. Two items. 1820. £18.00
    Includes two-column report on the 'Holkham Sheep Shearing' attended by Mr. Coke, much on Queen Caroline, Downton Mills on the Avon for sale, etc.

  55. Simpson (G) Printer THE DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE January 11, February 1, March 1, May 17, June 21, June 14, June 28, 1820. Seven broadsheet newspapers, 4pp in each issue. Slight wear at left-hand edge where once bound. 1 page with some brown stains, a few foxing spots and slightly faded print in places. 8 issues. 1820. £32.00
    Includes advert for Harrison's 'The Panathena' at Devizes, details of Brougham's education bill, column on vaccination with reprint of letter from Jenner to a lady at Devizes, great pedestrian performance of 540 miles in 10 days, death of Mr Scott after a duel at Chalk Farm, etc.

  56. Simpson (G), Proprietor THE DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE December 28, 1820. 4pp., broadsheet newspaper. A few small tears at left-hand edge where once bound. 1820. £14.00

  57. Simpson (G), Printer THE DEVIZES AND WILTSHIRE GAZETTE July 26, 1821. 4pp., broadsheet newspaper. Fold. 1821. £16.00
    Most of the paper is devoted to the Coronation of George IV, with descriptions of the celebrations in many Wiltshire towns, order of Procession, etc. 'At Malmesbury 500 of the laboring classes partook of roast beef and stingo...'

  58. Smith (C.S) A NEW MAP OF THE COUNTY OF WILTSHIRE Divided into Hundreds. Folding hand-coloured map dissected and mounted on linen, engraved surface of map approx. 17" x 20". With Reference to Hundreds, Explanation. In original blue card slipcase, which is completely broken at the sides. 3rd Edition corrected to 1818. £30.00

  59. Swindon CASE relating to a dispute about the will of Joseph Bristow, deceased, and whether he was entitled to a trust fund and able to dispose of it in his will, as he died aged 17. Manuscript on 3p., folio. Opinion of lawyer given over one page, in an untidy hand, at the end... together with... YOUR OPINION is requested.... Document putting five legal points in the same case, answered by lawyer. 2p., sm. folio. February and March 1836. £18.00
    The dispute concerned rents from a property called Ferris, in Swindon.

  60. Trowbridge WILL of James Fisher of Trowbridge, Plasterer and Tiler, 1826. 6p. folio. Folded. Contemporary copy. c1826. £20.00
    Leaves his 3 properties in Frog Lane to his son and daughter, and the daughter of his deceased daughter Freelove Hibbard, naming occupiers. Appoints Trustees for the grandchildren who were minors. Leaves his stock in trade to his sons 'except my Thirty six round ladder'.

  61. Uffcott PARTICULARS OF VALUABLE SMALL FREEHOLD ESTATE and Accommodation Lands.... for Sale by Auction.... June 6th, 1899. 3pp., folding coloured plan. 1899. £20.00

  62. Warminster etc. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Six maps, scale 1: 25,000 (2" to the mile), each sheet approx. 18" x 19". Sheet Nos. SU27 (Ramsbury), SU18 (Swindon), SU08 (Wootton Bassett), ST84 (Warminster), ST93 (Fonthill), SU17 (Chisledon). Provisional editions, 1950's. £20.00

  63. Warminster TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION at the Lamb Inn.... 18th day of August 1820... the following Freehold & Leasehold Premises.... Handbill, size 12" x 8", listing 10 lots, with measurement of land, occupiers, details of leases with 'lives' etc. Some slight browning along the top edge. S. Yockney, Printer, George-Street, Warminster. 1820. £30.00
    Includes dwelling house in the Furlong, and at Top's near Pound-Street, two dwelling houses with a weaving shop and gardens at Cold Harbour, dwelling house with newly erected Oven and Bake House in East Street etc.

  64. West Lavington LEASE of a Willow Bed at West Lavington, The Lord Churchill of Wychwood to Mr Benjamin Hayward, Farmer, of West Lavington. Vellum sheet, size 23" x 30", signed 'Churchill' with fine armorial wax seal with coronet etc. Receipted on verso and signed. Names 3 'lives'. 1831. £40.00
    Francis Almaric Spencer became Baron Churchill in 1815. He was the second youngest child of the 4th Duke of Marlborough and Member of Parliament for Oxfordshire.

  65. West Stowell PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Unusually Attractive Residential Estate distinguished as 'West Stowell', Complete Stabling, Chaise House & Outbuildings surrounded by Park-like Pleasure Grounds Very Desirable Farms and Seven Laborers' Cottages.... which will be Sold by Auction.... September 5th, 1878. 6pp., folio, folded, large coloured folding plan. Small repaired tear in docket title. 1878. £30.00

  66. Westbury and Dilton Marsh PARTICULARS OF SALE of Small Holdings, Residences and Shop, Pasture and Arable Lands... for Sale by Auction... 26th May, 1926. 10pp., 4to, wraps. Central vertical crease. 1926. £8.00

  67. Westbury PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Training Establishment with Downland Gallops... 3pp., 4to, wraps, vertical crease. 1916. £12.00

  68. Westbury PROGRAMME OF PROCEEDINGS of the Annual Meeting of the Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History Society. 4pp, 8vo, blue paper. Folds. 31st July-2nd Aug. 1889. £6.00

  69. Wheatley (William Walter) MANOR FARM CORSTON Watercolour showing the Manor house, wall in front with gates and large pillars, road in front with figures at the side, small cottage to the right of house, view framed by trees, pink clouds in sky, flock of birds. Size 10" x 14", buff card mount size 17" x 23", initialled 'WWW' bottom centre. c1850. £120.00
    Corston Farm was once a school, attended by Robert Southey when a boy. The farm, which dates from the 16th century, is substantially unchanged from the time of this painting. William Walter Wheatley (c1811-1885) was a prolific painter of antiquities, churches, and old buildings in Wiltshire and Somerset. He worked for various patrons including George Weare Braikenridge. Born in Melcombe Regis, he lived for a time in Rode, and later in Bath.

  70. Wilton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXVI. N.W, and quarter sheets to West and South. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 26" x 37", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo boards with Stanford label. 1926. £14.00
    Covers Wilton and Wilton House, Barford St. Martin, South Newton.

  71. Winterbourne Stoke THE MANOR FARM Winterbourne Stoke, comprising A Lovely Original Tudor Farmhouse... Beech Grove with ancient Rookery, Commodious Farm Buildings, Bailiff's House and 22 cottages, in all about 1,875 acres, Excellent Partridge Shooting.. for Sale by Auction... 19th June, 1945. 16pp., printed wraps with photo pasted on, 4 photographic views on 2 plates, coloured folding map at rear. 1945. £24.00

  72. Winterslow Estate PARTICULARS Plan and Conditions of Sale of a Freehold Agricultural and Sporting Property known as The Winterslow Estate... comprising Agricultural Holdings known as Livery Farm and Broads Farm... 14 Cottages.... for sale by auction.. 23rd June, 1903. 8pp., folio, decorative wraps, large folding plan. Traces of vertical and horizontal folds. 1903. £18.00

  73. Woodborough PARTICULARS, PLAN & CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Residential Property known as 'Banksyde'.... for Sale by Auction.... 18th day of October, 1945. 12pp., oblong large 8vo, small plan. Attractive drawing of house and garden on front wrap. 1945. £14.00

  74. Wotton Rivers, Pewsey CATALOGUE and Conditions of Sale of Valuable Oak, Elm and Ash Timber, at Wootton Rivers, Near Pewsey To be Sold by Auction... at the Phoenix Inn, Pewsey... 15th December, 1857. 3p., printed on card, size 6" x 4". 1857. £14.00
    Lists 34 Lots, with type of tree and location. The timber was on the Manor Farm, and the property of St. John's College, Cambridge.

  75. Wroughton COPY WILL of Mr. Wm. Watts of Wroughton, Wilts., Maltster. 5 pages, folio, tied at corner. Corners of paper browned. Attested copy. 1840. £12.00
    Leaves his properties in Lockeridge to his two friends and his nephew.

  76. Wroughton DEED OF CONVEYANCE of the reversion in a Close of Land and hereditaments at Wroughton, held for three lives of the Manor of Wroughton... The Ecclesiastical Commissioners to Edward Watts. 1864. Two vellum sheets, 19" x 27", large papered seal of Commissioners, and wax seal, small sketch plan on verso of one sheet... ABSTRACT OF TITLE, 1855, of the Devisees of the Will of O.C. Codrington to a piece of land at Wroughton Common held of the Manor of Wroughton, beginning 1727. 4pp. folio, with another Abstrace of Orders in Council relating to the Estates.5p., 1862. 3 items. 1855-64. £18.00
    The property was part of the Winchester Chapter Estates.

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