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A selection of :- General Acts of Parliament
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.
Measurements for maps, engravings, etc are given depth x width.

  1. Aislabie (John) I DO HEREBY TRANSFER THE PRINCIPLE SUM of Five Hundred Pounds... to the Govr. & Co. of the Bank of England... with all Interest... due thereon from the first day of August 1715. Slip of paper, size 3" x 10", three lines in ink, signed J. Aislabie. The slip has been cut from a printed document, with three first lines only, referring to repayment of a loan by Aislabie, with the date 11 May 1715. 1715. £26.00
    Aislabie had been made Treasurer of the navy in 1714. In 1717 he became Chancellor of the Exchequer. He supported the South Sea Company, and steered the Bill through the House of Commons, but when the scheme collapsed he was found guilty of corruption and sent to the Tower of London.


  2. Alexandria PHOTOGRAPH of Pompey's Pillar, by Bonfils. Albumen print, showing pillar in centre, buildings in distance. Size 10" x 9", signed 'Bonfils 100' in the plate in black. Small tear approx. a quarter of an inch long at bottom edge, some light creases at corners. c1880. £10.00

  3. American Presidential Campaign PRESS PHOTOGRAPH showing Barry Goldwater in a television studio. Size 7" x 9", typed heading pasted along top 'Los Angeles. Republican Presidential Nominee Barry M. Goldwater is shown before the cameras at a commercial television studio...' Stamp 'United Press International Photo', and clipping in Spanish pasted to verso. 1964. £8.00
    Goldwater lost to Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson.

  4. Angers, France FOUR CARDS advertising the Palais des Marchands, Angers. Each 4" x 3". Printed backs. Chromolith, with some gold. Includes man on a penny-farthing, sailor and ship with medal of Du Mont d'Orville... together with one advertising Canivet, Chaussures, Angers, and two slightly smaller cards for Maison de la Belle Jardiniere, and three other Angers cards. 9 items. c1900. £8.00

  5. Architect's Drawings EIGHT MEASURED DRAWINGS by Alfred G. Church, Kingston on Thames, a student at Regent St. Polytechnic. comprises: (i) R.I.B.A. Intermediate Examination. Testimony of Study. Design For a House. Half Inch Details. Fine drawing in ink and full colour on thick paper, size 22" x 29", interior and exterior in elevation, with a similar coloured drawing showing four elevations, two plans, section, and another drawing, same size 'Full Size Details of the Double Hung Sliding Sashes. Browned along bottom margin. ii) Testimony of Study No. Temple of Mars Ultor, Rome. in pencil, ink and grey wash, half elevation of portico, and section. Size 28" x 21", fraying due to damp below border, otherwise fine, with a similar very attractive drawing showing The Orders of the Temple, showing decoration on soffit etc. (iii) R.I.B.A Final Examination. Three drawings for 'A Motor Coach Inn'. On thick paper, each size 31" x 21", in pencil, ink, and attractive shades of red, buff and grey. 1933. £60.00

  6. Army Medical Board EXTRACT OF AN OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION from Dr. Dorland to John Weir Director General dated Palermo 13th Sept. 1813. Manuscript on two and a half pages, 4to, titled as above. The passage of 53 lines is in quotation marks. Underneath is the signature of S. Dorland, and 'To John Weir Esq. Director General'. Tipped down left edge onto a sheet of blue paper. n.d. Paper watermarked 1810. £35.00
    The communication proposes that a volume of 'Army Medical and Surgical Transactions' be published annually, collecting information from the 'varied services of our Military Force distributed over every clime in the habitable Globe... it is a matter of regret that the contributions of Army Medical Officers to Medical knowledge should have been hitherto so scanty'. Gives reasons why this would be useful and suggests how it could be done.

  7. Asnieres, Paris CACHEMAILLE Tout pour Harley. Tarif Des Pieces Detachees. Septembre 1923. 16pp., 8vo, printed on lilac paper, small illustration of tricycle type motorbike with two seats on cover. 1923. £18.00

  8. Au Bon Marche BELGIQUE Chromolith card size 4" x 7", with map of Belgium, flags, people with Belgian produce, buildings. On verso is advert with fine view of the Paris store. Traces of glue at edges of verso... together with four other Bon Marche chromolith cards showing historical costume, and six illustrating fairy tales etc. 11 cards altogether c1900. £8.00

  9. Austrian manufacture RAYMANN AND REGENHART Linen and Table Linen Manufacture... purveyors of the imp. roy. court of Austria... Principal warehouse 401. city, Vienna. Advertisement printed on thin paper size 4" x 6", decorative type-faces, engraving of two sides of medal and Hapsburg eagle at head. n.d. 1860's? £8.00

  10. Avenue Press, Drury Lane Pr. POSTER advertising The News Review. Vol. 7 No. 22, June 1, 1939. Printed in red and blue, size 29" x 19", 'News Review' in large letters at top and 'Premier to Quit?' in large blue letters, height of letters 6". Traces of having been folded in 4, some small edge tears at folds, neatly repaired on verso. 1939. £8.00

  11. Avery (W & T), Ltd., London & Colchester AVERY COAL WEIGHERS List No. 16. 16pp, wraps, 8vo. Printed in mauve with very attractive illustrations. 1912. £16.00
    Includes 'dead-weight scales', 'sack machines', 'lever weighers' etc.

  12. Balmoral PRESENTATION OF COLOURS to the First Battalion The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders by Her Majesty the Queen, Balmoral, 30th May, 1955. Booklet, stiff card wraps, 8vo, 8 pages. Coloured illustration of banners below list of battle honours. Small light stain throughout at bottom staple. 1955. £8.00

  13. Bank of New South Wales SEVENTY-SIXTH REPORT to the Half-Yearly General Meeting... 31st October, 1888. 4 pages, 4to., folded... together with... Commercial Bank of Australia. Forty-Third Half-Yearly Report. 2nd August 1888. Blank verso of last leaf dusty. 2 items. 1888. £14.00

  14. Bartholomew & Son, Pub. L M S MAP OF ENGLAND AND WALES Scale approx. 2" = 30 miles. Printed on thin paper, showing lines in heavy black with stations in red, size 27" x 23", folded to small 8vo. 2" repaired tear at top. c1910. £10.00
    Shows LMS and other rail lines, Country Lorry Services with red spot, Railhead Distribution Centres with red symbol.

  15. Bartholomew Pub. W.H. SMITH & SONS 'PEGAMOID' WATERPROOF ROAD MAP of England and Wales. No. 8. Birmingham, Oxford, Bristol etc. Colour-printed map sale 4 miles to an inch, folding into printed small 12mo printed wraps, slightly dusty at edges. n.d. 1910. £8.00
    'Pegamoid' was the type if cloth it is printed on.

  16. Bartholomew (J) L.M.S. MAP OF ENGLAND & WALES Scale 25 x 23" Printed in red and black on thin paper, size 25" x 23", folded. Shows L.M.S. Railway, other railways, Country Lorry Services with red dot, Railhead Distribution Centres with red symbol. n.d. c1920? £10.00

  17. Bath and Bristol ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Sheet 250 and sheets to the south and east, which when put together make a complete map, with border all round. Overall size 26" x 37", plus margins. Roads and water features hand coloured. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo cloth endpapers, inserted in faded plain slipcase. Linen on verso of maps browned, not affecting paper, except for some very slight browning at two or three section edges. 1900. £28.00

  18. Bayly Wallis (Lady) LETTER to an unknown correspondent, dated simply 'Saturday'. 20 lines on both sides of sm. 8vo sheet. Signed 'B.W'. A note at the bottom of the letter in a contemporary hand says 'Lady Bayly Wallis, sister of Sir Robert Wilson, and planner of Lavalette's escape'. Paper stained in top left corner, three edge tears in blank area. Traces of folds. c1810? £45.00
    Apologises for not being able to meet him (or her) and explains that Sir Wm. Adams the oculist who is just returned from France would like to meet Mr Asselini and 'to converse together upon the late operation', so Lady Wilson has invited them to dinner today and she must attend as 'Manager Carver'. Sir William Adams (1783-1827) was oculist to the Prince Regent. Born in Morwenstow, he founded Exeter's West of England Eye Infirmary. Sir Robert Wilson was a prominent General, and M.P. with radical sympathies. In 1815 he helped the Bonapartist Conte de la Valette escape from Paris. Asselini was one of the physicians of the French army in Egypt.

  19. Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire PARTICULARS OF VERY DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES comprising the Vine Farm... First-class Garden and Arable Land at Langford.... Fertile Land at Clothall.... to be Sold by Auction.... July 24, 1862. 3pp., folio, including completed Memorandum. Large folding hand-coloured plan. 1862. £32.00

  20. Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Bedfordshire Sheet XXXV N.E. and sheets to south and west. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 26" x 38", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo wraps, Stanford label. Contours in red. Edition of 1925. £18.00
    Covers Harpenden, Redbourn, Flamstead

  21. Berkshire, Oxfordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 31" plus margins, linen-backed, folding into 8vo green paper wraps. Printed from an Electrotype. c1860. £40.00
    Covers Oxford, Faringdon, Henley, Reading.

  22. Berkshire, Oxfordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 254. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 19", border all round, counties lightly shaded, parkland and main roads hand-coloured. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into small 8vo marbled wraps, marginal information on verso. n.d. c1880. £18.00
    Covers Henley on Thames, Radley.

  23. Berkshire, Oxfordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 31" plus margins, linen-backed, folding into 8vo plain wraps. Parkland, main roads, county boundaries hand-coloured. Electrotyped 1866. £55.00
    Covers Oxford, Faringdon, Henley, Reading.

  24. Blackwell's RARE AND INTERESTING BOOKS on Science mainly related to Transport and Technology. 203pp. 4to, coloured pictorial wraps, illustrations in text. late 1960's. £16.00
    Includes maps and printed ephemera.

  25. Boer War ADVERTISEMENT for the White Sewing Machine Co., Cleveland, Ohio. Printed in red and blue on both sides of sheet size 12" x 9". Folds. Picture of a sewing machine with list of its features, and photos of Generals Roberts, Kitchener, Joubert, Paul. On verso is a map 8" x 6" of 'The South African Republic (Transvaal) and Orange Free State'. Printed in red with important sites regarding the war (Mafeking, Ladysmith) printed in blue. n.d. 1901? £25.00
    'The Average Resident of the United States delights in the acquisition of information... we present this map of So. Africa so that the recipient may follow the trend of events now taking place in that country... General White of Ladysmith is not the inventor of the celebrated Ball-Bearing White Sewing Machine, but he is doubtless fully informed regarding its many labor-saving improvements...'

  26. Bonhams AUCTION CATALOGUE of Scientific and Medical Instruments, Barometers, Cameras... 21st July 1998. 44pp., 4to, glossy wraps. Many photographs. Title page partly loose, lacks last page of conditions of sale. 1998. £16.00

  27. Boundaries of Boroughs COPY OF RETURN OF ALL PETITIONS, LETTERS Papers and Memorials laid before the Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Boundaries of Boroughs, together with the Reports of the Assistant Commissioners. 293pp., size 13" x 8", original blue paper wraps, small pieces of paper chipped from top and bottom of spine. Ordered to be printed 2d July 1868. £35.00
    With tables, petitions, reports, correspondence etc., on 33 Boroughs, including Birmingham, Manchester, Cheltenham, Bristol, Reading, Newport, Windsor.

  28. [Bowen and Kitchen] AN ACCURATE MAP OF THE COUNTIES OF GLOUCESTER AND MONMOUTH Divided into their Respective Hundreds collected from the Best Materials and Illustrated with Historical Extracts relative to their Natural Produce Trade Manufactures &c. Size approx. 20" x 27", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into sm. 4to marbled card slipcase with printed label. Scale ten miles to three and five eighths inches. Outlines of hundreds and border coloured, ornamental cartouche in top left-hand corner, with dedication to The Hon. John Thynne How, with three columns of notes to the right; title at bottom right, on a piece of masonry with trees, figure holding wheat, above it notes referring to Fairford, Stow etc. Key shows churches, rectories, vicarages or curacies, charity schools, hamlets, parks, woods, roads with distances between the towns. Pr. For Bowles & Carver, R. Wilkinson, and Laurie and Whittle. c1760. £140.00

  29. Bowring (John) LETTER FROM EGYPT to Joseph Hume, M.P., dated Mafalout 29th Jany. 1838. 70 lines on 3p., 4to, address panel and remains of two wax seals on verso. Written on thin paper. Paper with small foxing spots on first page, and a few on second page, but always legible. 1838. £75.00
    He says Egypt has great possibilities for production, but the condition of the people is 'inconceivably miserable' and a means should be found to end exhausting conflicts between Egypt and Turkey which only benefits Russia. He has written to 'Lord P' on the subject: 'my habits of travelling perhaps give me means of insights which diplomacy in its narrow circle of official relations cannot possess, insights into the feelings & interests of the masses...' He Says to help introduce peace and good government 'would be the real triumph of English freedom of intelligence over Russion despotism...' Bowring was an M.P., diplomat, translator, author, and traveller, and friend of Jeremy Bentham. When he lost his parliamentary seat 1837 he undertook investigative journeys, with an emphasis on economics, to Egypt, Syria, and parts of Europe, reporting back to the House of Commons.

  30. Brentor, Devon, and Davidstow, Cornwall PARTICULARS OF FREEHOLD ESTATES in the Parishes of Brentor, Devon, and Davidstow, Cornwall, comprising the Farms of Liddaton, Telay, Tresoke, Tippaton & Trevivian. In all about 637 Acres, with One-fourth the Manor of Penpont and Treglasta.... To be sold by Public Auction August 24th, 1918. 12pp, folio, original printed wraps. 1918. £20.00
    Included the Chief Rents of the Manor and Mineral Rights over 3,000 Acres of waste land.

  31. Bristol and Gloucestershire OATH OF A BURGESS of Josiah Jones, Coalminer, of Bitton. Vellum document printed with the oath, decorative headpiece of city arms, swags, etc, admitting Josiah Jones, in the Liberties of the City. Printed, with manuscript inserts, name, occupation, dates, Mayor and Sheriffs' names, completed in MS. Signed by the Chamberlain. Size 10" x 7", folds, with perforations of heart, crescent, diamond and trefoil. Vellum slightly darkened overall, with slight browning at folds, manuscript inserts rather faded. 1771. £40.00
    Jones qualified as the son of Henry Jones, Rough Mason. He is listed in the Bristol Poll Book of 1774.

  32. Bristol and Plymouth LIST of Water Barrows, Garden Hose, Wheelbarrows, Troughs etc. Sold by Western Counties Agricultural Co-operative Assn. Ltd., Plymouth, Bristol and Branches. List 083. 4pp., 4to, printed in dark red. Each item illustrated, with prices for different sizes. 1903. £15.00
    Approx. 50 items illustrated.

  33. Bristol and Plymouth CORRESPONDENCE between the Western Counties Agricultural Co-operative Association Ltd., and Bristol Docks Committee, relating to their request to lease sheds at Avonmouth. 4 letters from the Company, 1-2p. 4to, and 3p 8vo., with printed heading with company's crest, and two from the Docks Committee. November-December 1884. £10.00
    'We think Avonmouth would suit us best provided your Committee would accept a reasonable rental'. After some negotiations about the rent which they consider 'exorbitant' compared to Plymouth, they agree to take 3 sheds for a year.

  34. Bristol District GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES Solid and Drift. Bristol District. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Parts of Sheet 250,251,264,265,280,281. Coloured map, overall size 42" x 34", vertical sections at sides, including sections of coalfields, sections in bottom margin. 1962. £14.00

  35. Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester THREE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY MAPS colour-printed. Comprises: The Bristol District. Scale 4 miles to one inch. Size 10" x 13", plus margins. Central fold. 1955; Sheet 263 (Cardiff, Sand Bay). 1947. Size 13" x 20", plus margins; Sheet 234 (Gloucester). 1975. Size 17" x 24", plus very wide margins, central fold. 3 items. 1948-1975. £16.00

  36. British Railways (Western Region) BRISTOL DIVISION Map of lines and stations. Scale 1 inch to 5 miles. Covering area from Droitwich to Penzance. Size 26" x 36", folded, inset maps of Bristol & Avonmouth, Worcester, Gloucester, Plymouth, St. Austell at larger scale. Freight only lines shown by a thinner black line. Printed in some kind of early reproduction process, folded. n.d. late 1950's? £18.00
    A note at the bottom says it is based on the Ordnance Survey map and reproduced by the British Railways Board.

  37. British School at Rome LETTER from Thomas Ashby, undated, on headed paper of British School at Rome, Palazzo Odaleschi, Piazza S.S. Apostoli. Letter dated just 'Apr. 10th', beginning 'Dear Bishop of Worcester', 1p., 4to, 25 lines in a small hand. Commiserates with him on being ill in Rome, discusses at length bibliographical details of an edition of St. Augustine the Bishop had enquired about, comparing various collations from booksellers, etc., and whether the book is complete. 'I will verify it from a copy in the Casanatense Library here, and let you know.' n.d. c1903? £20.00
    The school was founded in 1901, and Ashby was the Librarian, and later Director. The school moved to the Lutyens building in Valle Giulia in 1916. It was founded to promote archaeological research in the Mediterranean basin.

  38. Bruges PHOTOGRAPH titled in pencil on mount 'The Bridge of Sighs Bruges'. Fine crisp print, size 11" x 8", looking up the canal, bridge in middle distance, large house by bridge, church tower in distance, good reflections in water. Mounted on thick card album leaf. On verso are two smaller views of Brussels.. together with another leaf with five photographs of Brussels and Ghent, including a fine view size 4" x 7", of two ladies in Dutch-style white caps, with a cart pulled by a dog, containing large metal urns (possibly milk cart). c1890. £18.00

  39. Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY known as Passenham Manor, Passenham, Charming 16th Century Residence... Monastic Tithe Barns... 41 Acres... for Sale by Auction... 13th July, 1931. 8pp., 4to, printed wraps. Large folding plan, 2 photographic plates, one a full page view of the interior of a tithe barn. One page historical note loosely inserted. 1931. £30.00
    'The Barns together are reputed to be the largest Stone-built Tithe Barns in the country...'.

  40. Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLVI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 37". Dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo, edges bound in green silk tape, which is frayed in places. Slight off-setting of tape along top horizontal fold. At bottom horizontal fold there is a 1" split in linen and 3 small holes where folds meet. Composed of 4 quarter sheets. First Edition. 1st Dec. 1834. £50.00

  41. Byron (Lord William) ORDER TAKEN THIS SECOND DAY OF JULY 1736 by virtue of his Mts. Letters of Privy Seal... that you deliver.... unto William Lord Byron the sum of Two hundred and fifty pounds... 12 lines on small folio sheet, conjoint leaf with docket title on verso. Signed by Mathew Lamb and Alexander Chocke. A note at the bottom says 'Sir Charles Turner Pray pay this Order out of Additional Tonage for the Civil List 27 July 1736.' The paper seems to have been trimmed down the right side so although the text is complete, within a ruled ink border, a signature has been clipped in the bottom right corner. 1736. £45.00
    The sum was a quarter of the yearly pension. This would appear to relate to the 4th Baron Byron, 1669 - August 1736. He was Gentleman of the Bedchamber to Prince George of Denmark. His son William was great uncle of the poet.

  42. Cambridge and Norfolk ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXV. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36". Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo green grained paper endpapers. Printed from an Electrotype. c1860. £55.00
    Covers March, Wisbech, Kings Lynn, Brandon.

  43. Cambridge, Newmarket ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LI. Scale 1" to mile, size 24" x 36", linen-backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. c1860. £38.00

  44. Cary's REDUCTION OF HIS LARGE MAP OF ENGLAND AND WALES With Part of Scotland; Comprehending the whole of the Turnpike Roads, the Principal Rivers and the course of the different Navigable Canals... Dedicated with Permission to the Rt. Hon. the Post Master General. Engraved map dissected and mounted on linen, size 30" x 24", marbled endpapers. 2" tear in linen at one fold, and some small holes in linen at a few points where sections meet. County boundaries coloured. Inserted in 8vo card slip-case, rubbed and faded, with printed label. Printed for J. Cary, Engraver and Mapseller, Strand. n.d. 1830? £90.00
    Shows distances of one market town from another, and from the metropolis.

  45. Catholic Emancipation LETTER dated Gower Street May 4th 1825, to The Reverend Mr Kent, Lincoln, unsigned, setting out the petition to Parliament of the Archdeacon and Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Lincoln against Catholic emancipation. 3 pages folio. At the beginning is a letter,12 lines, beginning 'Dear Sir' explaining that if he and the other gentlemen approve this petition they should give it to a Mr Swan who will expedite their wishes. He says he commissioned Archdeacon Bayley to institute a subscription 'to an address similar to his own'. The petition is 87 lines. Small hole in paper where seal broken, slightly affecting a couple of words. 1825. £35.00
    On the verso is 'Suppose you send a copy to the Lincoln paper next week. It will animate the cause'. The controversy about Catholic emancipation lasted through the 1820's until the passing of the Roman Catholic Relief Act 1829. The petition is vehemently anti-Catholic 'Power and influence will by this Bill be opened to a church which systematically condemns & abhors every other Communion' expounding on the tenets 'hostile to a Protestant Establishment... that all but Romanists are heretics & out of the way of Salvation...'.

  46. Chad Valley Games RAILWAY BOARD GAME Board only, showing Euston (L & N.W Ry.), St. Pancras (Midland Ry.), King's Cross (G.N. Ry.) Stations, and routes north to Scotland, with small pictures along the routes of sites in the towns traversed. Coloured, size 21" x 10", folded twice. View of Edinburgh along the top, and London along the bottom. A previous owner has written 'Princes Street Waverley Stn.' in small blue ink letters at the top. There are no counters. n.d. 1940's. £9.00

  47. Chapman and Hall, Pub. ISLES OF MAN, JERSEY & GUERNSEY Engraved map, coloured in outline, showing the three islands. Size 7" x 9", linen-backed and folding into small 4to boards, gilt title. Some spots on boards. c1840. £16.00

  48. Cheffins's MAP OF THE ENGLISH & SCOTCH RAILWAYS Lithographed map, size 27" x 22", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into sm. 8vo cloth boards with faded printed label. Railways hand-coloured, coast shaded. Inset map of Principal Railways in Scotland. A previous owner has added some railways, such as the North Devon, in brownish wash colour, with the name of the railway, and a manuscript key. There are two brownish smudges in the English Channel just off the Kent coast, each smudge about 2" x ", and a small light smudge near the title. Inset 'Map of the Principal Railways in Scotland' top right. Fourth Edition c1855. £35.00
    Shows lines open, under construction, and projected.

  49. Cheshire and Derbyshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 27", dissected and mounted on linen and folding into boards size 7" x 7". Owner's name on linen on verso. Made of different quarter sheets, border all round. High grounds shown with hachures. No Sheet Number but Sheet LXXXI. Part of road south of Buxton coloured with thin red line. Electrotype 1871. £35.00

  50. China COLOUR-TINTED PHOTOGRAPH from a series of Chinese punishments. Size 8" x 10", shows a man and a woman locked into a board round their necks, known as the 'cangue'. n.d. c1900. £18.00

  51. Christie, Manson & Woods CATALOGUE of the Valuable Collection of Ancient and Modern Pictures... of Sir Hugh Hume Campbell, Bart... to be Sold by Auction... June 16, 1894. Catalogue, 8vo., 11pp., sewn... together with... CATALOGUE of Ancient & Modern Pictures of Onley Savill-Onley, deceased, removed from Stisted Hall, Essex. 12pp. Bound together, separately paginated. Traces of pink paper on the spine, so appears to lack wraps. 1894. £16.00
    Includes works by Lely, De Hooch, Murillo, Ruysdael, Van de Velde, Vandyck.

  52. Christie's THE CAMERARIUS FLORILEGIUM Catalogue for Auction Sale 20th May 1992. 30pp., 4to., glossy wraps with coloured illustrations, numerous coloured plates. 1992. £15.00

  53. Civil List AN ACT for the better Support of His Majesty's Household, and of the Honour and Dignity of the Crown of the United Kingdom... 2p., disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. 1803. £8.00

  54. Clarke (Sarah) SEVEN CALLIGRAPHIC PIECES of prose and poetry on a religious and moralistic theme. Seven sheets, size 12" x 8", with headings: 'Almighty Power' (4 lines of poetry), 'Death' (6 lines of poetry), 'Benevolence' (12 lines of poetry), 'Fortitude' (3 lines, prose), 'Grief' (6 lines of poetry), 'Flattery' (6 lines of poetry), 'Life' (6 lines of poetry), 'Address to Sympathy' (12 lines of poetry). Large calligraphic headings in attractive lettering, with curlicues, etc., two of the sheets with pale pink borders, three with the name S. Clarke or Sarah Clarke at the bottom, one dated as below. Watermarks of 1816-1827. One sheet with three small brownish areas at edge. Sarah Clarke, Midsummer 1821, and later. £25.00

  55. Clarke (W) BOTANICAL PRINT coloured lithograph showing a long spray of pale mauve wisteria hanging from a twig. Size 10" x 6", plus margins, on thin card. The flower covers the whole length of the paper. The name 'W. Clark fecit' in very small letters. c1880. £12.00

  56. Cobbler BILL of Charles Peal to a Mrs Gell. 1817. Small 4to slip of paper size listing 11 items of shoe repair, with cost, Feb. 14th - Dec. 29th 1818. Signed as received by Peal. 1818. £12.00
    Includes 'a pr of Brown pumps stifned behind', 'Mrs Gell a pr Shoes 4 stitcht Straps...', 'a pr of Black Cloth boots heels worn bad'.

  57. Coin collecting LETTER signed J. Goodall, 'Lodge, Tuesday morning' regarding French coins. 18 lines in a small neat hand on 1p. sm. 8vo. No date. Presumably addressed to some kind of dealer, it says his list of Desiderata contains a large number of French ecus up to the end of the 17th century, and he would like him to find some, but that from 1700 'there are only 17 which I have not in my Cabinet'. Mentions the scarcity of the 'Petit Ecus' (he has 34 out of 147). n.d. c1830? £24.00

  58. Colonies and Trade TIN COMMERCE Extract from a journal, headed 'Colonies and Trade'. 12pp., 8vo., disbound, pages numbered 249 - 260. The first section concerns a letter received by George Unwin about 'sending the Tin of Cornwall to India and China', with a statement on the flourishing state of the trade in Cornwall, and figures giving tin raised 1788-1791. (7pp)... with... Letters on the Cinammon trade by Thomas Dancer, Botanic Garden, Jamaica (5pp) 1792. £14.00
    Presumably from the Journal of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. 'from the exports that have taken place beyond the Cape of Good Hope... the Tin Trade of Cornwall is now in the most flourishing state possible and every man, woman, and child, who can work in tin-works, may find constant employment.'

  59. Corsica LA CORSE Album Souvenir. 16 sepia photographic views, published by 'LL'. Stiff wraps, with gold embossed title, size 6" x 9". Tissue guards. c1910. £6.00

  60. Coventry, Rugby, Northampton, Market Harborough ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 170 and quarter sheets to south and west. Scale 1" to one mile, size 25" x 37", plus margins. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding to small 4to, back board still affixed, but front board detached. Roads, railways, parkland and county boundaries hand-coloured. 1892. £25.00

  61. Cricket and Rugby SCRAP BOOK and record book kept by L.R. Paterson, recording cricket at Loretto School, and cricket and rugby at Oxford University, together with some shooting records. Scrapbook size 11" x 8", marbled boards, neat old repair to spine with strong paper, rubbed label on front board with 'Leslie Paterson', and address of Kirklands, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, and 'Cricket Notes'. 64 numbered leaves, most leaves have manuscript or newpaper cuttings pasted both sides. Comprises 37 pages of manuscript, 48 pages of newspaper cuttings and cuttings from printed college reports etc. Of the manuscript entries 9 pages record game shot, at Brocklehurst and Hetland Hill (in Dumfries, presumably where they went on holiday), 1884, 86, 87. There are three photographs pasted in, one of a family on the steps of a large house, one of the whole of Loretto School 'Summer 1885' with five boys starred and named underneath, and one of 'Loretto XI 1885' with names (including Paterson, Captain). Entries in ink record cricket matches at Loretto, college matches at Oxford (Paterson played for Keble), with score, wickets etc. There are also 5p of tables recording matches for Kirklands Home Team. Some of the entries concern University Rugby (Paterson played at half-back for the University team) against Harlequins, Sandhurst, Blackheath etc. At the back is a basic index. 1884-1888. £125.00
    Leslie Rimmer Paterson became a vicar in Norfolk. The Loretto School website tells us 'L. R. Paterson scored the first century for Loretto against Fettes in 1885 (122)'.

  62. Cricket PHOTOGRAPH of a group of about 40 cricketers in front of a large archway. A fine print, size 8" x 10". No title. Possibly the building is an Oxford or Cambridge college, although some of the men look rather old to be students. One man in front row wears pads, all wear cricket whites, some with striped, some plain blazers, except one man who appears to be wearing a gown. Most wear boaters, others caps. n.d. c1900. £30.00

  63. Cricklade Saint Sampson and South Cerney Estates PARTICULARS OF A VERY COMPACT AND DESIRABLE ESTATE, Comprising A Dairy and Grazing Farm, bounded by the River Thames with an Excellent Newly-Built Farm House, 92 acres.... and a Valuable Estate of 26 Acres. For sale by Auction.... 25th October, 1844. Folio, folded, 3pp, plus fine double-page lithographed plan. 1844. £30.00

  64. Cruikshank (George), illustrator AUTOGRAPH LETTER to Major the Hon. John Colborne, Jany. 3rd 1874. 1p, small 8vo., paper embossed with address 264 Hampstead Road, N.W., signed 'Yours very truly' with Cruikshank's rather spikey signature. Says he is honoured to be elected an honorary member of the Temple Club by the Committee and expresses his thanks. On the back are three lines saying he hopes to be present at the club on Monday evening. 1874. £120.00

  65. Currie (J) LETTER to Dr. Perceval in Manchester, dated Liverpool 26 April (17)94. 3p., 4to, folds, with address to Dr. Perceval, Physician, Manchester on verso, with Liverpool postmark and large '4'. Small piece of paper torn in margin where seal broken, affecting one word, small edge tear. Apologises for failure to get in touch about 'Ancient Stairs'(?), but he has been very uneasy and preoccupied with how to respond to a slight from 'this Clerk of Lord Hawkesbury': should he 'step out boldly... or pass over his insolence and malice in silent Contempt'. Says he is going to Scotland, but will devote himself to his projected publication on his return. Edward is doing well in his learning 'was to have his tooth drawn when he came to my house'. Discusses Dr. Tattersall and Dr. Ferriar's argument about materialism 'Dr Farriar has rejoined with great ability in a letter to me... I will send an answer with an MS of my own in opposition to materialism which may perhaps amuse him...' 1794. £70.00
    Currie practised as a doctor in Liverpool. He was a supporter of the movement for the abolition of slavery and wrote various political letters and pamphlets, as well as scientific reports on the treatment of fever by water. Born in Dumfriesshire, he edited the first anthology of Burns poems, which was published in 1800. Ferriar wrote on the anatomical arguments for materialism.

  66. Currier and Ives prints SALE CATALOGUE for an auction of Rare and Fine American Lithographs, mainly the work of N. Currier and Currier and Ives. A Collection Formed by Rita Michaelsen. American Art Association, New York City, December 18th, 1930. 57pp., 8vo., wraps. Many illustrations. 1930. £15.00

  67. Decorative paper WRITING SHEET unused 4to sheet with heavily embossed border. Sheet size 11" x 9", with very fine embossed border all round, width approx. 1", showing vine leaves, bunches of grapes, scrolls etc. Slight crease across top corner. n.d. c1880? £20.00

  68. Derbyshire, Cheshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXXI. Made up of quarters. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 28". Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into small 4to marbled wraps, Stanford label. 4 rust sports west of Ashbourn, and 4 more west of Bakewell. In worn slipcase which lacks bottom edge. Electrotype 1880. £28.00
    Covers Leek, Wilmslow, Stockport, Bakewell.

  69. Devon & Somerset PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM of approx. 100 commercial views, size 2" x 3", of Devon & Somerset. Plus approx. 60 of The Lakes and Wales. Mounted 4 to a page in oblong 8vo album, grained paper covered boards. Includes views of Chagford, Dartmouth (including interesting view of Kingswear Ferry carrying two waggons with horses), Dartmoor, Exeter, Lydford, Porlock, Horner, Dunster, and a few of Bude. Many have titles in white in plate, (Judges Ltd.), and printed titles to verso of snaps, all have titles in MS on mount. c1910. £65.00

  70. Devon and Cornwall TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet XXIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 36". Flat sheet, linen-backed. 'Index to the Tithe Survey' printed in top margin.. Covers Looe Bay, Prawle Point.. together with... Sheet XXV, flat sheet, linen-backed. Covers Dartmoor, Liskeard. Cancelled 'Boundary Section Record Copy' stamp in top left margin on both maps. 2 items. 1887. £30.00

  71. Devon and Cornwall TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 1" to 1 mile. Sheet XXVI (Hartland, Okehampton), and Sheet XXIX (Bude). Flat sheets, mounted on linen, size 24" x 36". 'Index to the Tithe Survey' printed at top. O.S blindstamps 1862 and 1888. £25.00
    The Bude map shows only a small strip of land.

  72. Devon and Cornwall ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 323. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 19", backed with linen and folding to 12mo, paper rubbed away over area just less than half an inch in diameter, just south of Lashbrook Moor. Linen on verso grubby. 1889. £12.00
    Covers Holsworthy, Bratton Clovelly, Week St. Mary.

  73. Devon and Somerset FOUR ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet LXVII S.E (and parts of Devonshire); LXVII S.W (and parts of Devonshire); Somerset LXVII N.E. (and parts of Devonshire); LXVII N.W (and parts of Devonshire). Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 12" x 18", plus margins. Second Edition 1906. £28.00
    Covers Exebridge, Morebath, Oldways End, Dulverton, Bury, Northmoor.

  74. Diary COMMONPLACE BOOK 1847-52. 10p of poetry, 37p of a diary, March 30th 1847 to March 21st 1852, plus many blanks. 4to notebook, marbled boards, calf spine. On a few pages the ink is slightly faded. Poems include 'On the Bible Society', 'The Choice', and are of a religious nature. The diary is solely concerned with his faith and spiritual life, rather than events. 'Nov. 23rd. This has been a very profitable quarter to my Soul... Revd. Alfred Barrett who is a Father in Christ to me renewed my quarterly ticket tonight 'be much in prayer' was his kind advice...', 'Yesterday I heard Mr Barrett preach from the 32nd Psalm... in the afternoon I attended the love feast... several spoke and told their happy experiences among whom was Mrs Holgate...' In September 1849 he laments the departure of Revd. Barrett, who has gone to the 5th Manchester circuit. At the end of the book are two poems (possibly original) 'Sonnet on Home', and 'On The Death of a Mother'. 1847 - 1852. £75.00
    There was a Revd. Alfred Barrett who was a Wesleyan minister living at Hackney in the 1840'.

  75. Dimsdale (Baron Thomas) LETTER unsigned, from Baron Dimsdale & Co to a Mr Millington, Golden Square. 7 lines on 4to sheet, dated Cornhill, 29th June 1801. Blank conjoint leaf with name and address, remains of papered seal on verso. 1801. £10.00
    The company present their compliments and enquire about a dividend payable on 'Taylor's estate'. Thomas Dimsdale had received a Barony from Catherine the Great for his success in inoculating the royal family against smallpox. On his return to England he became a banker, latterly the firm was 'Staples Baron Dimsdale, Son & Co.' Dimsdale himself died in 1800.

  76. Direct Western Railway REPORT 19th February, 1846. 2pp., 4to, blank conjoint leaf with docket title, folded. 1846. £25.00
    The intended line was to connect London to Falmouth, with branches to Bath and Bridgwater. The Company had prepared Plans and Books of Reference for the line as far as Launceston, but was hit by a collapse in public confidence in railway investment. The Report calls upon those who had not paid up for their Allotment of Shares to contribute 'one hundred and fifty miles of Survey having been completed'.

  77. Dorset and Somerset ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XVIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 26" x 30". Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into marbled endpapers, inserted in plain cloth slipcase, size 9" x 6". Electrotype n.d. c1870. £45.00
    A good strong impression. Covers Langport, Gillingham, Dewlish.

  78. Dorset and Somerset ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 19", border all round, but margins only at sides. Dissected and linen-backed, folding into cloth endpapers. c1890. £15.00
    Covers Ilchester, Sherborne, Mosterton, Packington.

  79. Du Halde (Johann) HU KEW HYEN or Kyew on the River Kyang. Copper engraving, size 8" x 12", plus margins. Full later hand-colouring. Shows the temple complex from the river, boat in foreground. A few small repaired tears in top margin. c1740. £8.00
    From English Edition of Du Halde's work on China 'A Description of the Empire of China...'

  80. Duchess of Somerset NOTE in the third person, un-dated. 7 lines on small 8vo paper, small embossed gilt circle with initials and coronet. Sends compliments to Mme. Fini(?) and says she will see here tomorrow as early as possible after 10. Dated only Park Lane June 12. n.d. c1820(?). £8.00
    A note in pencil says it is from the wife of the 11th Duke.

  81. Duchy of Cornwall AN ACCOUNT OF THE RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS of the Duchy of Cornwall in the year ended on the 31st December 1852. 37pp., folio, recent cloth boards, gilt title on spine. Lists income from Rents and Profits of Courts for different Manors in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Somerset, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, in detail, with names of tenants etc. Includes Royalties on 118 mines in Cornwall, and others in Devon and Somerset. Disbursements include details of repairs to properties, donations to charities such as The Cornwall Lunatic Asylum 'Reward to W. Summerhayes for apprehending and convicting Offenders for stealing gates at Curry Mallet'). 1852. £35.00

  82. Duke of Wellington FREE FRONT 1835. Size approx. 3" x 5", addressed to 'Mr Dodd Portsmouth', 'London March Sixth 1835' written across the top, 'Free' circular postmark with crown. Signed 'Free Wellington' bottom left. 1835. £45.00

  83. Earl of Auckland LETTER signed 'Auckland' to Sir John S? Bt.' Dated only 'Palace Yard Monday night'. 2p., 8vo., blank conjoint leaf. Says he has received his letter and has had some conversations on the subject with the Chancellor and Ld. Lauderdale. He has given notice in the House of Lords that he will present a Petition calling for a hearing of the appeal, which he feels has a claim to attention 'under the circumstances of the dormant Peerage'... together with.... Two 'free fronts' signed 'Auckland', postmarked 1822 and 1834, and an engraved portrait of the Earl size 7" x 4". Early nineteenth century. £24.00
    It is likely that the letter is from the earlier Baron Auckland and the free fronts from his successor, who became an M.P. in 1810 and a member of the House of Lords in 1814, and went on to become Governor General of India. The signatures do not look exactly the same.

  84. Editions d'Utilite Publique BRUXELLES VOYAGES Les Rues, Les Trams en 1 Plan d'Ensemble et 72 Plans Detailles. Booklet size 7" x 5", printed wraps with signpost. Fold-out plan with tram information. Wear at spine, staples rusty. Printed on thin paper. c1920? £8.00

  85. Ejected ministers ORDER by the Lords in Parliament, that the Order of 23 June... concerning the Staying and Securing the Profits of the Livings... mentioned... be Repealed... 2pp., sm. folio, plus blank leaf. Large coat of arms at head of first page. Jo. Brown, Cleric. Parliamentorum. 1660. £16.00

  86. Elstobb (William) A CHAIN AND SCALE OF LEVELS ALONG WISBEACH RIVER and Channel from Peterborough Bridge down to the Eye at Sea. Taken in 1767 by William Elstobb. Chart size 10" x 33", five vertical folds. Shows The Longitudinal Section of the bottom of the river, line of level of surface of water at Peterborough Bridge. Scale of feet at left and furlongs horizontally. Features on the land shown along the top, such as 'The End of Black Dike', 'Knar Lake', 'West Marsh Tunnel'. 1767. £30.00

  87. English (Henry), Publisher THE MINING JOURNAL Railway and Commercial Gazette. December 20, 1862. Size 18" x 11", pages numbered 869-884. Folds. Red tax stamp. Loosely inserted is 'Supplement', 4pp. 1862. £28.00
    Includes long letter on Great Devon and Bedford Mining Company, detailed adverts for Wheal Curtis, Boiler Explosion at Carn Brea, reports on many Cornish mines and other mines. The Supplement contains much on the Edmund's Main Colliery Explosion, with diagram, long reports on Wheal Vor, Wheal Union, Trevenen Mining Companies.

  88. English (Henry), Publisher THE MINING JOURNAL Railway and Commercial Gazette. December 8, 1862. Size 18" x 11", pages numbered 757-772. Folds. Red tax stamp. 1862. £22.00
    Includes reports on Cornwall and Devonshire, Durham and Northumberland, news of Great Wheal Martha Mining Company, reports of meetings of numerous Cornish Mining Companies.

  89. Essex and Hertfordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP In slip case with printed label 'The Country Around Brentwood'. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 38", plus margins. Sheet 241 and adjacent sheets. Border all round. In full wash colour, water fully coloured, Essex coloured in pale yellow, Hertfordshire in pale pink, roads and parkland coloured. County border and coast in deeper yellow. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo marbled endpapers, in red Stanford slipcase with printed label as above. Railways inserted to 1901. £50.00
    Covers Widford, West Ham, Southend, Shoeburyness, mouth of the Blackwater.

  90. Essex and Hertford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLVII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", linen-backed, folding to 13" x 9". Scale bar in top margin, edges bound by linen backing folded over, partly obscuring information along bottom margin. Small Stanford label on verso. Railways inserted to 1882. £40.00
    Covers Hertford, Haverhill, Witham.

  91. Essex and Hertford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XLVII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo endpapers. Full border at top and left sides only. Parkland, main roads, county border, hand-coloured. Good plate-mark. No marginal information in bottom margin, only Letts Mapsellers label. High ground indicated by hachures. Information about Geological, 25" and 6" maps on verso, with coloured illustration showing geological information. c1850. £50.00
    Covers Royston, Thaxted, Halstead.

  92. Essex and Suffolk ORDNANCE MAP OF THE COUNTRY ROUND COLCHESTER Sheet 244 and sheets to south and west. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 37", plus margins. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo 8vo marbled endpapers, in slip case with Stanford label, cloth of slipcase faded with some red staining on label. Map fully hand-coloured in bright wash, colour key to heights in margin, some slight red marking on linen on verso, but map itself is clean. Printed from an Electrotype 1878. £40.00

  93. Faden (William) THE ROADS OF GREAT BRITAIN by William Faden, Geographer to the King. With dedication to John Henniker Esqr. one of the Barons of the Cinque Ports. Engraved map, size 28" x 23", plus margins. Dissected and backed onto linen, county boundaries coloured. Inset top right 'Supplement For the Roads of Scotland'. Light browning in parts of sea area, one small brown mark in the sea slightly encroaching onto the land, linen has holes at corners and is slightly browned, and marked, and with owners name in ink:- 'Robert Todd. 22,11.10' to one section of the linen, contained in a sm.8vo marbled paper slipcase, with printed label, slipcase very rubbed and browned, with holes to edges, original printed label on top rubbed and browned. Second Edition. London: Published as the Act directs, May 10th 1790, by William Faden, Geographer to the King, Charing Cross. £170.00

  94. Fell-Smith (Charlotte) WILLIAM PENN IN THE TOWER by Charlotte Fell-Smith. Typescript of an article, 12p, 4to, on thin copy paper, pinned at corner into rough brown paper wraps. Printed label of Christy and Moore Ltd., the literary agents, on the title page. c1913. £15.00
    Charlotte Fell-Smith was the author of a biography of John Dee.

  95. Fire Engines FABRIQUE SPECIALE DE POMPES A INCENDIE & ACCESSOIRES Ancienne Maison Bouchard L. Guinand, Succr. Ingenieur, Quai de la Charite, 42, Lyon. 4pp., 4to, with fine large illustrations of fire engines, one showing a fireman in full gear standing by it, another with 6 firemen on a cart pulled by a galloping horse, towing a fire-engine. Detailed description with columns for measurements. On the last page is a long list of the towns and villages supplied, arranged by departement. Imp. B. Arnaud, Lyon. Late 1870's. £40.00

  96. Fisher family of Gloucestershire, Staffordshire, etc. GENEALOGICAL NOTES Manuscript in 4 small 8vo notebooks. Comprises (i) Notebook, limp calf wraps, approx. 160 pages of notes plus some blanks. A few leaves loose. Includes heraldic description of the arms of 20 various branches, pedigrees written in a very small hand (beginning from the 17th and 18th centuries), some tipped in on folding blue paper, blue paper occasionally slightly discoloured, list of Fishers buried in Gloucestershire, extracts from registers of Baptisms at Elmstone Hardwick, notes on Fisher portraits, relevant extracts from Rudder, Atkyns, Chalmers Biographical Dictionary, etc. (ii) Vellum bound notebook, brass clasp 'Notes disconnected & unarranged'. 70 pages. (iii) Another notebook, same binding as (i), Baptisms, marriages etc. from Registers of Alrowas, Stafford, more on registers of Elmstone Hardwick, 1565-1689. 17p. (iv) Another parchment-bound notebook, duplication of notebook (iii) in a tidier hand. 15p. c1890. £75.00
    'Feb. 6th 1889 I went to the Royal College of Arms where I had an interview with Alfred Scott-Gatty, Esq., York Herald, who was most kind and careful in helping to search the records...' Apparently Benjamin Fisher had applied for arms and 'Mr Naylor sent him a rough sketch of of the arms that would be assigned to him', but the writer possessed a document that he did not sign and return so 'the Fishers of Stroud are a non-armigerous family'.

  97. Fox Photo Archive AN IMPORTANT PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIAL AND HISTORICAL RECORD of Great Britain between the years 1926 and 1976, will be Sold by Tender by Sotheby's Belgravia... to be sold as two separate archives... 20pp., decorative wraps, size 8" x 8", numerous illustrations, including some in colour. 1976. £10.00

  98. Frampton Cotterell and Bury Hill, Gloucestershire, and Luckington, Wiltshire PARTICULARS WITH PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of well-situate and desirable Freehold Farms and Lands which Geo. Nichols, Young, Hunt and Co. Have received instructions to Sell by Auction at the Grand Hotel, Broad Street, Bristol, On Thursday, November 7th, 1918. Folio, 3 coloured folding plans, 11pp, original wraps. Staples rusty, hence one small section loose. Some light traces of folds in wraps. 1918. £26.00
    Includes Bury Hill Farm at Moorend, The Farm at Luckington, Tanner's Farm at Frampton Cottrell.

  99. French Departements THIRTY CHROMOLITH CARDS with maps of the different Departements. Each card size three and a quarter inches by four and a half inches, chromolithographed in bright colours, some with gold backgrounds, with the map surrounded by scenes of local produce, figure in local costume, etc., badge of the departement. Verso blank. c1890. £30.00
    The card for 'Pyrenees Orientales' for example shows a man in red cap and blue striped trousers, with pots of honey, sardines, tuna, keg of wine, oranges etc.

  100. French military COMPAGNIE DE VILLEUX list of officers. 4to sheet, with lists in ink in a small hand. One side headed 'Compagnie de Villeux' with two columns of 58 names (mostly commencing with a 'de'!) under 'Commandant (de Villeux la faye), 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sections. Similar list on verso of 'Compagnie de S. Clair, 4 Sections, 54 names. n.d. paper watermarked 'C.I. Molitor'. £30.00

  101. Gabbitas, Thring & Co. PUPILS' DEPARTMENT Prospectus, setting out their services. 2pp., 4to. The second page is a list of Patrons, with asterisks denoting parents of pupils placed by the firm. c1900. £15.00

  102. General Strike THE BRITISH GAZETTE No. 8, May 13, 1926. 4pp, broadsheet newspaper, folds. 1926. £8.00
    'General Strike Off', 'No Resumption by Miners etc.

  103. Gibraltar SEVEN POSTCARDS coloured views of Gibraltar. Includes attractive view of Hawkers in local costume, Europa Pass, Market. The Commercial Tobacconist Shop, Gibraltar. c1910. £8.00

  104. Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXXIV Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 29", linen-backed, folding into 8vo green paper endpapers. Small Letts label on bottom border. Published at the Tower 1828, this edition c1850. £40.00
    Covers Stroud, Cirencester, Swindon, Avebury.

  105. Gloucestershire and Worcs. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XLIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 29", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo green endpapers. Letts label on bottom border. c1860. £50.00
    Covers Cheltenham, Evesham, Burford.

  106. Govan (Alexander) MOTOR CARS Article from the 'Proceedings Of the Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland. Vol. XLVII.' Disbound, pages numbered 240 - 284, 8vo. Four lithographed folding plates at the end. Read 26th April 1904. £8.00

  107. Gravel ORDNANCE SURVEY 'TEN MILE' MAP OF GREAT BRITAIN Sheet 2. Scale about ten miles to one inch. Colour printed map size 34" x 42", folded, showing various types of gravel deposits, pits and other workings. Covers area from Catterick and Kendal southwards. Small area of rubbing at top margin, with loss of about one square inch of actual map surface.1965... together with... GEOLOGICAL SURVEY 1" maps, size between borders approx. 13" x 19", plus margins: Sheet 348 (Drift) Plymouth; Sheet 218 (Solid and Drift) Chipping Norton; Sheet 267 (Drift) Hungerford; Sheet 268 (Drift) Reading; Sheet 299 Winchester, Sheet 342 (Drift) Portland. All 1940's except 299 which is 1905. 7 items. 1905-1965. £28.00

  108. Great Western Railway MAP of the lines. Size 19" x 24", extending to Manchester and Liverpool, with ferry lines to Ireland. G.W.R. lines in red, other lines in black. Insets of system in South Wales, Birmingham and London. Folded to small 8vo. n.d. c1890? £10.00

  109. Great Western Railway Company FORM of the Shareholder Trenham Old, Pier Mansion, Brighton, requesting payment of dividends to be paid to his account at Smith Payne and Smith, Lombard St. 1p., 4to, printed, with manuscript inserts. Brief letter on blank conjoint leaf, and address panel and stamp on verso, traces of paper on address panel, presumably where once stuck in album. 1858. £6.00

  110. H.J.B. Copyright NOVELTY CHRISTMAS CARD printed in blue cursive on tinfoil. Size approx. 4" x 9", folded vertically. Signed 'Ethel Courtney'. The back is blank. Six-line verse, followed by wishes for a jolly Christmas and a con-tin-uance of happiness. c1912? £8.00
    'Now Tin is most scarce but this Christmas shan't pass/Though I can't wire my Gree-tin as I have no brass/I will not be foiled so in friendship I'm lead/To steal just one moment....' etc.

  111. Hagelberg, Berlin Printers CHRISTMAS CARD die-cut card. Size approx. 4" x 5", single piece of card with blank back. Fully coloured, shows a kilted Scotsman leaning on his elbow, holding a bottle and glass, with the legend 'Many O' Them', and a verse about 'helping yourself' at Christmas, by 'J.G.F' c1910. £5.00

  112. Half Subsidies RECEIVED BY ME George Sayer Esq. Execr. of the Last Will & Testament of the Rt. Honble. Lewis Late Earle of Beversham Deceased by 3 orders dated first day of September 1708 of the Rt. Hon. John Lord Viscount Fitzharding.... nine pounds being for six months interest of Three Hundred Pounds.... Lent unto Her Majesty... Printed on one side of small folio sheet, manuscript inserts, pasted to a blue album leaf down left hand edge of paper. Signed by Sayer and a witness, figures in margin. Paper slightly trimmed at top and left edge. 1709. £20.00
    The credit was made under an Act to raise money for the 'Service of the War... and for charging of Prize Goods and Seizures'.

  113. Hall (S), engraved by ENGLAND AND WALES folding engraved map. Size 20" x 16", dissected and linen-backed, folding to 12mo. Counties outlined in bright hand-colouring. Ink splodge in Channel, some feint off-setting of title. Some traces of glue on back of one section. n.d. c1860. £12.00

  114. Hampshire and Berkshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Made of quarter sheets. Sheet 268 and sheets to south and west. Border all round. Size 26" x 37", plus margins. Dissected and mounted on linen and folding into 8vo marbled wraps. Inserted in cloth covered slipcase with printed Stanford label. Parish boundaries inserted to 1883. £40.00
    Covers Andover, Basingstoke, Lambourne, Reading.

  115. Hampshire, Sussex GEOLOGICAL SURVEY MAPS four colour-printed maps. Comprises: Sheet 315 (Southampton), 1904; Sheet 314 (Ringwood) 1902; Sheet 299 (Winchester). Drift. 1949; Sheet 319 (Lewes), Drift. 1961; Approx. size 13" x 19", plus margins with key. 1904-62. £22.00

  116. Heber (Richard), Bibliomaniac FREE FRONT addressed to John Broadly, South Hill, Hull. Size 3" x 4", red postmark with 'Free 20 Feb. 1824'. 'R. Heber' bottom left. Pasted to 4to sheet with newspaper cutting about Heber's library. 1824. £8.00
    Heber was M.P. for Oxford University. He collected a library estimated at 105,000 books, not counting the ones he kept on the Continent.

  117. Hennessy Cognac TWO RESTAURANT MENU SHEETS advertising Hennessy Cognac, with black and white illustration of Breton coifs. On thin card, nicely printed, size 13" x 9", photographic illustration in top corner size 4" x 3". Shows ladies in 'Coiffe de Marans', and 'Coiffe de la region d'Aigre'. 2 items. Helio Sadag, Ain. c1950? £10.00

  118. Hereford, Monmouth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Part of Sheet XLIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 23" x 20". Dissected and linen-backed and folding to 6" x 4", marbled endpapers, Wyld label. The eight sections on the east have been cut away. The linen is stained with light pink between sections, but this does not affect the paper at all. n.d. c1880. £15.00
    Covers Forest of Dean, Hereford, Monmouth, Mitcheldean.

  119. Hertford and Essex REDUCED ORDNANCE MAP Published by Gall and Inglis, Sheet No. 27. Scale " to 1 mile, size 20" x 25", linen-backed, folding to sm. 8vo. green paper wraps. Index map on verso. Roads coloured yellow. n.d. c1900. £15.00
    Covers Biggleswade, Clare, Billericay, Watford.

  120. Hertfordshire and Yorkshire LETTER from J. Nicholson, dated Widdial, near Buntingford, Herts, 23rd Feby. 1807. Addressed to Revd. Alderson, Rector of Birkin, Yorkshire. 2p., 4to, address panel on verso of conjoint leaf, large broken wax seal. With Alderson's draft reply, 1p., on conjoint leaf... together with... LETTER to Alderson from William Nicholson, 5th Sept. 1806, saying he is purchasing from his brother land left to him by their father, but cannot find the money unless by mortgaging his land at Bishop Auckland. 1p., 4to, conjoing leaf with address and broken wax seal. 2 items. 1806-7. £24.00
    The first letter discusses Nicholson's brother's failure to comply with conditions of a trust, which has left him short of money, and he begs Alderson to sign a mortgage deed. He says he has been promised a living by the Countess of Egremont 'and I shall dine at Montagu Square on Monday'. In his reply Alderson says 'I trust your noble patroness may keep her Promise and present you with a Living speedily - I find you wish to be a pluralist.'

  121. Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XVIII S.E. etc., composite map, scale 6" to 1 mile. Size linen-backed and folding into 8vo endpapers. Water features hand-coloured. Estate south of Biggleswade hand-coloured, presumably relative to sale. 1891. £18.00

  122. His Majesty's Stationery Office (Pub.) THE BRITISH GAZETTE May 12th 1926. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., published in the General Strike. Folded in four, some browning along part of one fold. 1926. £8.00
    Anti-strike newspaper, reporting 'Increasing numbers of Men Returning to Work', 'Legal Issue of the Strikee', cartoon showing John Bull confronting the T.U.C., etc.

  123. Holiday tours THREE PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS tracing holiday tours in 1929 and 1930, mainly in Devon and Cornwall. Comprises: (i) Two similarly bound albums, size 10" x 13", rexine covers, The first album has a fully coloured hand-drawn map bound in showing a route Looe to the Lizard, Land's End, St. Columb, Padstow, Boscastle and another smaller map showing a route from Leicester (presumably the start) to Looe. 46 photographs of places on the route stuck to album leaves, with typewritten labels pasted in. Includes 13 photographs of Polperro, and a fine one of one of the travellers standing on Lanyon Quoit. (ii) Album with small label '1930 Part 2', with map showing Boscastle to Combe Martin, and another showing route Combe Martin to Weston super Mare. 40 photographs, including 6 of Padstow, 8 of Boscastle. (iii) Album with map title page 'Summer Holidays July 1929', showing route from Bridgnorth to St. Ives, with a loop along the N. Devon coast back to Exeter and on to Dover, back through Oxford. There are 7 other maps loosely inserted throughout, all fully coloured (showing high ground), showing route on different days. Two photographs show the travellers with their motorbikes in the Avon Gorge at Bristol. 142 photographs. Includes 13 of Polperro, 7 of Tintagel, 'Unloading Timber, West Bay', 'Unloading Tomatoes, Weymouth.' 3 items. 1929-30. £70.00
    The photogaphs are matt black and white prints, not particularly crisp, and vary from 3" x 5" to approx. 5" x 7".

  124. Hoursch (Vering von) ASTUDIN-KARTEN VOM RHEIN 20 colour postcards on a folding strip, with views from paintings. Pink wraps, some slight foxing on verso of cards. n.d. 1920 or earlier. £12.00

  125. House of Commons VOTES AND PROCEEDINGS Veneris, 13 die Februarii, 1824. 3pp. folio, listing 33 items, plus motions and Orders. Folds. 1824. £15.00
    Among the business to be dealt with are East India Company, Brighton Police, Tay Fisheries.

  126. House of Commons AN ADDITIONAL BOOK OF RATES OF GOODS and Merchandizes Usually Imported and not particularly Rated in the Book of Rates referred to in the Act of Tonnage and Poundage... with Rules, Orders and Regulations, Signed by the... Speaker of the Honourable House of Commons. Cover leaf and 26pp., folio. Disbound. Lists items alphabetically. Fine engraved headpiece and tailpiece, with flowers, etc., and fine large headpiece for 'Rules' section, which is printed in large type. Printed by John Baskett... and the Assigns of Henry Hills deceas'd. 1725. £16.00
    Particularly finely printed.

  127. Humphrey Bogart PHOTOGRAPH black and white, from a film, with a young Bogart and another actor, in smart suits, looking at an opened safe. Size 8" x 10", numbered 'AD-61 3004' in white in the plate. n.d. 1950's? £8.00

  128. India ORDER from Christopher Eyre, to pay his son Thomas in India. Dated Winchester Dec. 12 1739. Begins 'Messiurs' and asks them to pay his son, Paymaster of the Council of Fort St. Davids 'one thousand pounds current British'. It is to be paid to the account of the executors of Robert Eyre, free-merchant, and is addressed to Richard Eyre, of Patna and William Barwell of Calcutta, the Executors. 'This my first Bill being paid, pay not my second, its duplicate'. 1739. £35.00
    Note at the bottom that this is a 'true copy enclosed in two letters sent to my son Thomas'. Fort St David was a British fort just south of Pondicherry. Richard Barwell (1709 - 1769) was an administrator in the East India Company, and Governor of Bengal. His first wife was Elizabeth Eyre.

  129. Ingpen (Thomas) LETTER to a theatre manager about a song he has composed, Oct. 9, 1813. 2p., 4to, with address on verso of conjoint leaf, simply 'Mr Shaw'. A five stanza song, followed by a letter beginning 'Sir', saying he has sung this song to some private friends to the tune of 'The White Cliffs of Albion', and 'in this small circle it has pleased very much... if you shall think it worth your notice and shall give it a Trial in your Theatre you shall be extremely welcome...' He will hum him the tune if he has forgotten it. Small edge tear in left margin. 1813. £30.00
    A patriotic song extolling Wellington 'In the field still asserting old England's high claim/He humbles the Tyrant's invincible fame... May we ne'er want such Britons to fight in the Cause/Of our country our King our Religion and Laws'.

  130. Japan FOUR POSTCARDS portraits of Japanese ladies. Three of the ladies with babies. Divided backs, unused, 'Carte Postale' and printing in Japanese down right edge. n.d. c1920 or earlier. £5.00
    From photographs, which appear to have been colour-tinted.

  131. Kashmir PHOTOGRAPHS six black and white prints. Comprises three fine photographs, size 6" x 8", one of 'The Mar Canal' showing a view looking up the narrow canal with houses overhanging, boatman; untitled view across a lake with houseboats at edge; another view on a river with buildings; smaller view 4" x 6" of Shah Hamadan; postcard type view of Dal Lake; small view of Agra. Three views have white number in plate... together with... twenty later views, 1930's?, matt black and white prints, of Indian architecture, including Taj Mahal, size 6" x 8". c1890. £22.00

  132. Kent and Surrey ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 27" x 37", linen backed and folding into marbled endpapers, in 8vo slipcase with Stanford label printed with 'The Country Around East Grinstead'. Made of four sheets, Sheet 287 and sheets to south and west, border all round. East Grinstead is more or less at the centre of the map. Electrotyped 1881. £45.00
    Covers Horsham, Leatherhead, Sevenoaks, Mayfield.

  133. Kent, Essex, Surrey, Middlesex TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 1" to one mile. Sheet VI, covering Rochester, Bromley, Tunbridge Wells. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into green grained cloth 8vo endpapers. Bright colouring of county boundaries in pink, blue, yellow and green, roads and parkland coloured. Electrotype 1863. £55.00

  134. Kent, Surrey ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet VI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 37", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo endpapers. About half the sections have edges with a light pinkish stain, some light browning patches. Cloth on endpapers stained and 'cockled'. Printed from an Electrotype. Circa 1846. £20.00
    Does not show the Gravesend to Strood Railway (opened 1847).

  135. Kestell Cornish (Rt. Rev. Robert) LETTER to a Mr Drummond, dated Winchester April 8, 1887. 2p., sm. 8vo, signed Robert Kestell Madagascar. Suggests dates they might meet, and thanks him for interesting himself in his work... with... LETTER dated College of Winchester Oct. 19, 1896. 3p, 12mo. Name of correspondent is illegible, but thanks him for hospitality, and mentions the recipient's interest in building a church at Ankadifotsy 'which is a suburb of the Capital, in which the natives are taking an active part and deserve encouragement'. Someone has typed Kestell-Cornish's name and dates top left. 2 items. 1887 and 1896. £16.00
    Ankadifotsy is a suburb of Antannarivo in Madagascar. Kestell-Cornish was Bishop of Madagascar from 1874-96. On his return he became Rector of Down St. Mary in Devon.

  136. Kitchin (George William), Dean of Winchester LETTER addressed to 'My dear Jacob' about the memoir of Bishop Edward Harold Browne he is working on. 4p., small 8vo, signed 'G.W. Kitchin'. Asks him for his memories of the 'Ordination week at Farnham'. Says he's had to cut and leave out a lot, and the 'domestic & family life too, has had far less than justice dealt to it.' Winchester 14 July, 1894. £15.00
    'I've done great lots of grubbing and writing - too little of reading. One feels one's mind grow stale...' The book was published in 1907 by John Murray.

  137. Kitchin (Thomas) SOUTH BRITAIN or England & Wales. Drawn from the Several Surveys &c on the New Projection. Engraved map, hand-coloured in outline, size approx. scale approx. 10 miles to an inch, dissected and mounted on linen. Very large pictorial cartouche top right, showing a coastal scene, with houses on the shore, ship, two figures and a tree flank the title cartouche, clock and rolls of cloth above the title, products laid out on the ground including wheat, fish, sheep, barrels of beer, cannonballs. Linen on verso browned, some splits in linen between sections. Folding to 8" x 7". Some light browning at extreme edges. 1777. £420.00

  138. Label SHEETS OF PRINTED LABEL for can of sardines 8vo sheet, printed with top and side labels for cans, for Ramirez & Cie, 'Sardines a l'huile d'olive', chromolith printing in red, green and gold. c1910. £8.00

  139. Labour Party HOMES OF THE FUTURE Pamphlet No. 13. Labour's Policy for Housing. Booklet, stiff wraps, 8vo. 63pp. 1959. £5.00

  140. Lake District ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 39. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 18", dissected and mounted on linen, marginal information pasted to endpaper. Some roads in three sections inked in red, light red blot at top edge. 1898. £14.00
    Covers Windermere, Kendal, Sedbergh.

  141. Lake District ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 38. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Quarter sheet, size 13" x 19", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into small 8vo cloth wraps. Water features, towns and main roads hand coloured. Mapsellers label on front wrap with manuscript title and some ink blotches. c1890. £16.00

  142. Laycock THEE AN' ME by Samuel Laycock. Price one Penny. Poem in 8 verses, printed on one side of an 8vo sheet, with decorative border, Gothic-style type face for title. John Macleod, Printer, Stalybridge. n.d. 1850? £18.00
    Poem with an egalitarian message, pointing out differences in the life of a rich man and the speaker, written in Lancashire dialect. 'But deawn i' th' grave, what spoils o' the' sport/No ray o' leet an shine/An th' worms below can hardly sort/Thy pampered clay fro'mine.'

  143. Leckie (Gould Francis) ESSAY ON THE PRACTICE OF BRITISH GOVERNMENT Distinguished from the Abstract Theory on Which it is Supposed to be Founded. 53pp., 8vo., plus title page, with volume number at bottom of page. 1817. £8.00
    Extract from a journal, un-named. The original work was published in 1812. Leckie was a Scot who farmed land in Sicily and later had an estate in Tuscany. He is buried at Livorno.

  144. Leek to Ashbourn Road CORRESPONDENCE 52 letters, 1825 - 6, regarding the construction of the toll road. All letters 4to, mostly 2 pages, with blank conjoint leaf, addressed on verso to John Cruso, Solicitor at Leek, some have postmarks and remains of wax seals. Letters concern the route, where to set up toll gates, building materials ('most lime that is used will be had by canal'), opposition to the road from local landowners ('Dr Greaves... has money on the old Road but if the new one goes on to Derby he is willing to sacrifice that money'), meetings of the Trustees, minutes, wording of the Bill and its reading in Parliament ('Lord Streynes, Mr Stracey & Mr Donington altered the Bill'), surveys etc ('I have to pay Mr Telford £10 for the Plans etc. The expense of lodging the Plans with the Clerks of the Peace cost more than £10 so that with my expenses I shall be more than £199 out of pocket if I am not paid by the Ashbourn funds' - Cruso to Ed. Stracey April 1826. 1825-26. £150.00
    John Cruso was a lawyer in Leek from the 1780's. His son John joined him and became a partner in 1817. There is occasional mention of political events, for example Cruso's son writes to him 24th February 1826: 'The Cavalry are in readiness at Macclesfield, every one has been expecting the result of the Vote of the House, it is said you might almost have walked on the People's heads, both here and at Manchester'.

  145. Lehmann (Rudolf), artist THREE LETTERS dated Kensington March 4th, 15th and undated, 1885, to E. Gratton, Antwerp. Each 1p., small 8vo., mourning borders. In the first he says he has written to various possessors of his pictures asking them to lend them for the Antwerp Exhibition; he describes 2 paintings he can lend to the Societe des Beaux Arts in Antwerp for the Exhibition; he looks forward to welcoming him at his studio, and the pictures are both framed. 1885. £18.00
    Lehmann was a portrait artist. He was born in Germany but became a British citizen.

  146. Lewis (Sir George Cornewall) LETTER dated Kent House April 29, 1861. On 3 sides, small 8vo., embossed coat of arms in blue at head. To 'My dear C. Bodenham'. Thanks him for letting him know about Mr Price's will, and asks him to thank his brother for the advice about precedence of Mayors 'I intend to act upon it, & to bring in a Bill to put them at the head of the Borough magistrates...'. 1861. £16.00
    Lewis was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1855-58. He argued against British intervention in the American Civil War. He was interested in linguistics and Herefordshire dialect. Bodenham was a solicitor in Hereford.

  147. Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP made of two sheets joined, Sheet 123 and sheet to the west. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 26" x 47", linen-backed and folded to 17" x 9". Covers Nottingham, Boston, Leicester. Area at centre of map outlined in red and lettered in black 'Area of Application'. Etton Waterworks and Wilsthorpe Reservoir and Waterworks labelled in ink. New Popular Edition. Some foxing spots down a couple of folds. Revision 1916. £16.00
    With stamp in bottom margin of Peterborough Waterworks Engineer.

  148. Lincolnshire, Yorkshire SET OF SIX ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS early states. Six sheets, each 25" x 36", dissected and mounted on linen, each sheet with blue silk binding at edges. Inserted in full blue calf slip case, 14" x 10", in the form of a book, gilt Ordnance arms on the front, gilt dentelles. In shiny card slip, with key map. Slipcase rubbed at edges, and some scuffing on spine and front and back. Comprises: Sheet LXIV (Stamford, Oundle), Sheet LXIX (The Wash, Boston, Houghton), Sheet LXXXIII (Lincoln, Gainsborough, Horncastle), Sheet LXXXIV (Louth, Burgh), Sheet LXXXV (Mouth of the Humber), Sheet LXXXVI (Epworth, Kingston upon Hull). Published at the Tower of London 1st March 1824. £250.00
    Paper watermarked Whatman 1823.

  149. Lorne (Marquis of) LETTER to a Mr. Bull, signed 'Lorne', embossed one-line address 'Kensington Palace', dated July 5, 1894. 2p., small 8vo., conjoint leaf pasted to a sheet of paper which is the same size. 1894. £9.00
    Thanks the writer for his note, and encloses a letter for him to forward to someone. The Marquis of Lorne was the fourth Governor of Canada. When he returned to England he lived at Kensington Palace (his wife was Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria).

  150. Lottery HANDBILL Candidates are now offering themselves for every City, County and Borough in the Empire... it is necessary to inquire what Favors may be received from Candidates, without the Imputation of Bribery... but the Present of a Lottery Ticket, which may on Tuesday, the 12th of this Month gain Thirty Thousand Pounds.... in this grand Lottery, abounding with Capital Prizes is No Bribery. Size 8" x 5", printed on one side only. No imprint. The words 'Candidates', 'Favors', and 'Bribery' are printed in very large letters. 18 lines in all. c1810? £25.00
    The reference to the Lottery was presumably making a satirical political point.

  151. Lyon TWO CHROMOLITH CARDS advertising alcool de menthe Ricqles. Each size approx. 4" x 3". Printed backs. One shows an actress having a sip to give her courage before going onstage, the other a couple being served by a housemaid with the drink. c1900. £5.00

  152. Lyons (Richard, Baron) LETTER written in the third person, unsigned, on paper with printed embossed heading 'Ambassade d'Angleterre, Paris', to Captain Charles Beresford, requesting his company 'at dinner on Xmas day and 8 o'clock'. 4 lines, 8vo notepaper, blank conjoint leaf. Decr. 23, 1879. £12.00
    Lord Lyons was British Ambassador in Paris 1867-1887.

  153. Maldon, East London ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet I. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 36", linen-backed, folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. County boundaries shaded in pink, yellow and bright blue, main roads, railways and parkland handcoloured. Composed of quarter sheets, border all round edge. Electrotype 1867-8. £55.00
    Covers East London, Isle of Grain, Southend, Chelmsford, Hoddesdon.

  154. Maldon, East London ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet I. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 36", linen-backed, folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. Published 1843. This edition Electrotyped, n.d. c1860. £45.00
    Covers East London, Isle of Grain, Southend, Chelmsford, Hoddesdon.

  155. Map Collector Publications THE MAP COLLECTOR MAGAZINE Four issues, nos. 62, 67, 68, 69. 1993-4. £16.00
    Includes the two parts of 'Printed Maps of the Whole of Wales' by Iolo and Menai Roberts, Italian fakes, mapping of Bermuda.

  156. Map Collector Publications THE MAP COLLECTOR MAGAZINE Four issues, nos. 22, 27, 28, 29. 1983-4. £16.00
    Includes: New England Charts, Mapping of Alaska, Coronelli, Silk Maps.

  157. Masey (Cecil), F.R.I.B.A, Bedford Sq. PROPOSED NEW HOUSE AT CROHAM HURST South Croydon, for H.D. Chapman Esq. Architect's measure drawing, scale 8ft. to 1in., in ink and full bright colour, on paper size 20" x 27". Shows four elevations of house, roof plan, two sections and small plan of the site in Hurst Way. Traces of folds, paper damaged at bottom left corner by damp, not affecting drawing, and some small holes in left margin. Left edge slightly frayed.... together with... GROUP OF ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS by Alfred Church, as follows: (i) Proposed New Depot Garage, Norfolk St., E7 for C.G. Hill Esq. Alfred Church, Architect, Kingston on Thames. 2 measured drawings on thick tracing paper in ink, scale 8' to 1". (ii) Drawings produced by Church as a student, 1930-33, each drawing approx. size 21" x 27", and slightly larger, comprising 'A Bathing Pavilion by a Private Lake', 'A Small Museum in a Park', 'A School Chapel', 'Sketch Design for a Village Dance and Concert Hall'. These four drawings scale 8' to 1", and fully coloured in attractive bright shades, together with a sepia drawing 'Design for an Office Building for an Architectural Firm', with another 'R.I.B.A Final Examination. Design for an Island Shopping Arcade.', Scale 16' to 1", and two sheets of drawings for a 'Private Theatre for an Actor.' A few of the drawings have some slight wear at one edge. 11 sheets in all. 1930's. £85.00
    Cecil Masey was known for his designs for theatres and cinemas, including the Phoenix Theatre Camden, the Granada Cinema Tooting. It's possible that, as these drawings are together and several of the Church drawings are for places of entertainment, that Church trained with Masey in London, later becoming an architect in Kingston on Thames.

  158. Medici Society CATALOGUE OF THE PRINTS and Other Colour Reproductions. 4to, printed boards with pasted on colour print, 140pp., approx. 100 colour and black and white plates illustrating prints by Russell Flint, Margaret Tarrant, Peter Scott, etc., as well as Old Masters, with prices. foxing on first few pages. c1940? £10.00

  159. Metal casting LETTER from Albert Cadman at the Canal Foundry, Openshaw, Manchester, on headed paper, to a Mr. Carmichael, about the setting up of the fund for the 'Oliver Stubbs Medal'. In ink, 8 lines, 4to, says he is enclosing correspondence about the medal fund. 'a great amount of good will be done... more interest will be taken in the institution from the Employers' side'. Attached are three copy letters relating to the gift to the Institution of British Foundrymen from the National Ironfounding Employers' Federation.... together with... another letter on headed paper, same correspondents, with 3 copy letters attached. The medal is still awarded. January, 1922. £10.00

  160. Middle East FIVE PHOTOGRAPHIC POSTCARDS Comprising: Bedouin Mother and Swaddled Baby; Going to the Village Fountain (9 women carrying large pots on their heads); Jerusalem, Eighth Station of the Cross; Shepherd Type with rod and staff and flintlock; Jerusalem. Herod's Gate (crowded scene with boy with sheep in foreground). All unused... together with... four other photographic postcards, Porte de Damas, Old Street leading to Golgotha; Place du Temple, Kait Bey; Bedouin youth (with long ringlets, holding rifle). 9 items. American Colony Photo Dept. c1920. £30.00

    GENERAL LOCAL HISTORY Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
    For a further selection and to receive my latest catalogue please
    email :-

  161. Middlesex and Surrey PARTICULARS of Valuable Freehold Properties, Situate at Willesden & Highbury, Middx., and a Capital Freehold Residence, with Coach-House, Stabling, and Garden situate in North Terrace, Camberwell.... Which will be Sold by Auction.... on 20th October, 1858. 4pp, folio, cold. plan of Willesden property. Slight darkening of paper on outside where folded. 1858. £20.00
    Included a beer house called 'The Case is Altered'.

  162. Middlesex, Dorset & Berkshire PARTICULARS OF SALE OF A SUPERIOR SEMI-DETACHED VILLA RESIDENCE, AT WEST BROMPTON: 113 Acres of Superior Grass Land and Corn rents at Willesden; A Farm of 105a. 1r. 14p., the Rent charge and pew rents, at Handley, Dorsetshire, and the Rent Charge, on lands in the hamlet of Grove in the Parish of Wantage, Berkshire..... Which will be Sold by Auction... 6th of August, 1858. Folio, 8pp, docket title, folded, lacks lower half of last leaf which is the 'memorandum', partly affecting description of Wantage lot. 1858. £12.00

  163. Middlesex, Essex ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 256. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 19", border all round, boundaries, main roads, railways, parkland and water features hand-coloured. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into small 8vo marbled wraps with Stanford label. c1890. £16.00
    Covers Watford, much of North London, Stratford, Southall.

  164. (Moll, H) A MAP OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND Copper engraving. Size 6" x 10", plus margins. Shows Britain and the coast of France, Shetland, Orkney and Faroe Islands inset top left. Central fold. Scale bar, small compass rose. 1720. £25.00

  165. (Moll, H) A NEW MAP OF THE RIVERS And Sea Coasts of England. Engraved map, size 11" x 11", central horizontal fold. Title and scale bar top right. Shows the Counties and Rivers (which are named), ports along the coasts, main towns. 1720. £60.00

  166. (Moll, H) BRITANNIA SAXONICA Engraved by M. Burghers. Size 7" x 10" plus margins. Shows England and Wales, title cartouche with three warrior top left, vignette of king on throne top right, Saxon alphabet down left. Central fold. 1720. £40.00
    From Cox's Magna Britannia.

  167. (Moll, H) BRITANNIA ROMANA Engraved by M. Burghers. Size 7" x 10" plus margins. Shows England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, title cartouche with Romans and a Druid top left, a thatched house top right. Shows rivers, hills, towns. Central fold. 1720. £50.00
    From Cox's Magna Britannia.

  168. Monin (C.V) OCEANIE. (Map) Engraved map, size 11" x 15", plus margins, with an inset of 'Colonie Anglaise' (New South Wales). Later coloured key in manuscript denoting countries and their colonies, though not completed on plan. Some light creases. Lyon: 1838. £50.00

  169. Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire OBLIGATION BOND of Philip Baker late of Felton in Gloucestershire but now of Langston in Monmouth, Grazier, to John Smith of the parish of St. Philip and Jacob, Gloucestershire, Gardener. 1p., folio, printed with manuscript inserts, signed by Baker and three witnesses with good wax seal. Blank conjoint leaf with docket title. Folded. 1805. £18.00

  170. Mordern (R) COMITATUS ROTELANDIAE Tabula Nove & Aucta. Sold by A. Swale A. Churchil & Partners. Hand-coloured map, decorative cartouche with cherub, scale bar with dividers. Size 11" x 14", traces of central vertical fold. In thick card cream mount, map pasted to backing card. c1700. £30.00

  171. Morley (Arnold) LETTER to W.R. Bousfield, M.P. 7 lines on one side of 8vo notepaper with seal of Post Master General, white on red background, at head. Says he will look into the case of W. Swansboro of Stoke Newington. Blank conjoint leaf. 1890. £8.00
    Morley was Post Master General from 1892-5.

  172. Moscow ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTOGRAPH of a wet Moscow street with a woman sweeping the water with a broom, a few people on pavement, and crossing street. Black and white print, size 7" x 9", typed note pasted on verso 'AP News Features Photo... for use Sept. 1 with Jim Becker's Moscow APN story on Moscow' and description of photo. '... Scenes like this point up... Russia's slow progress in its efforts to catch up with the West's material achievements'. 1963. £8.00
    Jim Becker Associated Press journalist who covered the Korean and Vietnam wars.

  173. Moss Bros. RIDING, HUNTING KIT AND SADDLERY Price List October 1949. 4pp., 8vo., green wraps with illustration of hunting horn etc. 1949. £7.00

  174. New Hampshire, United States of America APPOINTMENT of Jonathan P. Taylor as Ensign in the Fifth Company of Infantry in the Seventh Regiment of Militia in the State of New Hampshire. Printed certificate, printed in cursive type-face, size approx. 9" x 12", two vertical folds. 12 lines of printed text, with manuscript inserts, signed by the Governor, John Pages, and by Josiah Stevenson, Secretary of State. At the bottom are three lines stating he has taken the Oath of Allegiance, signed by a J.P. Large papered seal of the New Hampshire. Two small repaired edge tears at folds. 1840. £40.00
    John Page was Governor from 1839-42.

  175. New Zealand CHRISTMAS POSTCARD showing black shield with four red stars above heavily embossed silver fern in an oval. Design in oval cartouche, six-line Christmas verse below. Divided back, Christmas greetings on back with date 1910. B.B. London. 1910. £4.00

  176. New Zealand COLLECTION OF FIFTEEN POSTCARDS eleven black and white and four colour. Comprises (in colour): Coach West Coast Road near Otira. Viking Series. 3149. (c1910?); Mount Egmont, 1908; Wanganui. 1910; Clinton River, with inset map of New Zealand. (1920's?). (in black and white) The South Bound Express at Waidura Railway Station showing Mt. Purperu & Noaurhde Volcano in Eruption. 1909. Ral photo'; Kaikoura. 1906. (real photo); Ascending the Rimutaka Incline length 3 miles.. (real photo). 1920's?; Water Fall, Te Aroha (c.1910); Rawrimu on the N.I.M.T Line (Jones & Coleman), c1910?; East St. Invercargill, 1912; Oat Crop Blenheim (farmers and 5 horses in field). n.d. c1910? and three others. 1906 and later. £25.00

  177. New Zealand COLLECTION OF POSTCARDS 58 postcards, unused, photographic black and white views. Mostly from Seaward's Studio, Dunedin, 1950's, and showing town scenes, buildings, mountains, harbours. Together with two postcards from 1907, one a view of Nelson, the other Auckland from 'Scenes in Maori Land'. 1907-1960. £20.00
    Includes Auckland, Alexandra, Milford Sound, Bay of Islands.

  178. New Zealand SIX POSTCARDS of Wellington. Blue-grey printing of photos. Divided back, unused.... together with... sepia card showing 'Panorama of Wellington' in oval. All F.T. Series. 7 items. c1930. £15.00
    Views are: General View; Wellington from the Western Hills; The Water Shute, Days Bay; Convent of the Sacred Heart, Island Bay'; Town Hall; Rocks near The Pinnacles.

  179. Ney (Michel), Marechal de l'Empire LETTER signed by Ney, on paper with engraved heading 'Ney, Marechal de l'Empire, Commandant en Chef le Camp de Montreuil sur Mer'. To 'General Dutaillis(?) Chef de l'Etat-major gal. Au Quartier General a Recques le 28 Pial. (Prairial?)... (year missing). 13 lines on 2 sides 4to, blank conjoint leaf. Signed simply 'Ney'. Asks him to arrange delivery of the three 'voitures' requested by General Dupont for the 9th Light Infantry. He must ask Col. Cazals to get all the 'brouettes' (presumably a kind of wheeled barrow for carrying soldiers equipment) delivered, so each Company has two in good condition. 'Officiers de genie' (engineers) attached to Divisions will review the carts each month and order repairs or replacements. The right edge of the paper has been slightly trimmed, and there is just a part of the first digit of the year visible, and the last word bottom right on the first page 'etat' is missing the last two letters, as is part of the letter 't' at the end of 'Commandant' in the printed heading. 1804-5? £260.00
    Marechal Ney was one of the most important of Napoleon's generals, named by him 'the bravest of the brave'. He was made 'Marechal de l'Empire' in 1804. This letter dates from the time when the French army were camped at the coast near Etaples (the 'Camp de Montreuil'), under Ney's command, preparing for an invasion of England. When Napoleon returned in the 'hundred days', Ney switched allegiance from the Bourbons to his old commander, and was subsequently executed by firing squad in 1815. He was famously allowed to give the order to fire.

  180. Non-Ferrous Metal Industry A BILL to restrict temporarily the persons who may engage in business connected with certain non-ferrous metals and metallic ores. 5pp., folio, docket title. 1917. £5.00

  181. Norfolk and London PROBATE of the Will of John Mann Nelson. Vellum sheet, size 24" x 28", manuscript, with printed administration certificate attached, with manuscript inserts. Large papered seal on tag. Vellum dustyon outside. 1879. £14.00
    Makes numerous charitable bequests, including to The Brixton Orphanage for Fatherless Girls, recently established by Revd. Spurgeon; Miss Macpherson's Home of Industry in Spitalfields; and money to the Churchwardens of East Dereham, Norfolk, to be invested and used to provide funds for 200 poor people in the parish regardless of 'Creed or Nationality', to be called 'The Nelson Charity'.

  182. Norfolk and Suffolk ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet L N.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 19", plus margins. 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Railways inserted to 1875. £16.00
    Covers Ixworth, Brettenham, Diss.

  183. Norfolk and Suffolk ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet L N.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. 'Index to the Tithe Survey' printed in top margin. Railways inserted to 1881. O.S. blindstamp 1886. £20.00
    Covers Diss, Ixworth, North Lopham.

  184. North Eastern Railway AT THE FORTY-FIFTH HALF-YEARLY GENERAL MEETING of the Proprietors... 40 printed half-yearly reports of the General Meeting of Proprietors. 4to, printed on one side only. 7 reports with form of Proxy on conjoint leaf, with address and stamp, and York postmark on verso... together with... 37 forms for amount of dividend, small 4to, sent to Wm. Hatton, with amount of stock, and dividend entered in ink, and letter to Hatton, regarding transfer of stock. 1876 - 1896. £35.00

  185. Nottingham and Derbyshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXXII S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile, Size 13" x 15", plus wide margins. c1890. £18.00
    Covers Ollerton, Elmton.

  186. Nottingham and Yorkshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXII.S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 17", linen-backed, folding to 8vo. Electrotyped 1865. £16.00
    Covers Worksop, Bawtry, Maltby, Tickhill.

  187. Nottingham, Derby MAP OF RESERVOIRS Untitled lithographically printed map in black and two colours, showing Ambergate service reservoir. Size 22" x 32". Shows roads, railways, rivers, cotton mills, saw mills. Covers Nottingham, Derby, Matlock. Small repaired tear in right margin. c1910. £22.00

  188. Ordnance Survey ANCIENT BRITAIN A Map of the Major Visible Antiquities of Great Britain Older Than A.D. 1066. North Sheet and South Sheet.... Two maps, scale 1/625,000, illustrated wraps, slightly bumped at corner. Index of names. Second Edition... together with... ROMAN BRITAIN Map scale 16 miles to an inch, plus 44pp., 4to. Cover with illustration of a mosaic. 2 items. 1951 and 1964. £18.00

  189. Owen (J) and Bowen (E) ROAD MAP from Britannia Depicta 1720. Size approx. 7" x 5", strip map in three columns showing the road from Bittadon and Barnstaple to Bedford, hand-coloured. Arms of Bishopric and Deanery of Exeter, and description of Chumleigh and Ilfracombe. On verso is uncoloured continuation from Exeter to Chiddingford. 1720. £22.00

  190. Oxford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Sheet 219 and sheets to south and west, size 38" x 38", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen and folding into large 8vo cloth-covered boards, with label of Charing Cross Central Depot. Hand-coloured in delicate wash colour. Oxford is roughly at the centre of the map. Printed from an Electrotype in 1887. £70.00
    Extends to Brackley, Henley on Thames, Burford, Bishopstone.

  191. Oxfordshire and Wiltshire RECONVEYANCE of lands in West Lavington, Charlbury, Shipton under Wychwood, Rt. Honble. John Baron Monk-Bretton and others to Rt. Honble. V.A. Francis Lord Churchill. Large vellum sheets, with schedules of lands. Signed by 3 parties with wax seals. 1896. £16.00

  192. P & O Ports SUEZ CANAL Leaflet giving a history and description of the canal. Two pages of text, title on front with coat of arms, printed in red and blue, map on verso showing canal from Port Said to Suez Bay. Some slight creasing. c1928. £12.00

  193. Palmerston (Viscount) FREE FRONT addressed to Fred. Payne at Tiverton. Signed 'Palmerston' bottom left, red postmark 'official paid'. Front clipped from envelope and pasted to piece of stiff paper. 1864. £7.00

  194. Paris FOUR CHROMOLITH CARDS advertising Paris firms. Comprising Cordonnerie du Grand Cadran (monkey throwing pumpkin at man), A La Ville de Strasbourg, Literie etc. (boy in cherry tree throwing fruit to children below), 'A La Rose Blanche', cafe and chocolate (a gold artists palette with inset picture of country scene), Cartes Taride (school scene). All with printed backs. Approx. 4" x 2"... together with another card for a chicory firm showing the Palais de Fils et Tissus, Exposition de 1900. c1900. £10.00

  195. Paris RECEPTION DES MEDECINS ANGLAIS Programme for the Soiree 12 May 1905 at the Theatre de l'Automobile-Club. 2 pages small 8vo, plus stiff wraps with engraving showing fauns, musical instruments etc., trace of slight fold in front wrap. Invitation loosely inserted. 1905. £8.00

  196. Paris SALE CATALOGUE for sale on 4th May 1840, of two Hotels Meubles du Prince Regent, 'situees rue Saint-Hyacinte-Saint-Honore nos. 10 et 5, et rue du Marche-Saint-Honore no 18.' In two Lots. 4pp., 8vo. 1840. £10.00
    'un des hotels meubles les plus recherches par les etrangers et surtout par le commerce anglais. En 1836 il a ete vendu 135,000 fr...'.

  197. Peerage MANUSCRIPT PEDIGREES of British earls, barons, etc. 28p, neatly written in a small hand, in small 8vo notebook, one calf board, detached, back board and spine missing. Gives name of peer, date of birth, marriage, wife's name, and list of issue, date of creation. e.g. 'Francis Godolphin Osborne Baron Godolphin of Farnham Royal. b. 11 Oc. 1777 m. 31 March 1800 Eliz. Charlotte Eden dr. of Wm. 1st Lord Auckland and has Issue... creation 10th May 1832...' n.d. probably 1830's. £24.00

  198. Philadelphia, U.S.A THIRTEEN BILLS with printed headings, for Philadelphia firms. 8vo and small 8vo, made out for various items, to a Mr John C. Clark, dated between 1852 and 1857... together with an 1852 receipt for Pew Rent in the First Presbyterian church. 1852-7. £30.00
    Comprises Snider, Wine Dealer; Desilver & Thomas, grocer; Kelly, Draper; Zimmerman, Baker; Sheppard & Van Harlingen, Linen goods; Oakford, Hat & Fur Manufacturers; Carpenter, Merchant Tailors ('1 Black Dress Coat'); Ladies Depository; Martien, Publisher & Bookseller; Earle, Dealer in Oil Paintings, Looking Glasses; Liebrich, Lock Manufacturer; Harris, Importer of Watches, Watch Makers' Tools ('1 Gold Lever Watch...'); Kerr, French & English China & Glass Ware ('1 Doz. cut Goblets... 1 Parian Pitcher..')

  199. Philip and Sons FOUR MAP JIGSAWS each of twelve pieces, colour printed and mounted on thick cardboard. Size each 9" x 7". Comprises 'England and Wales. Shewing the Administrative Counties' (shows Principal Railways, Steamship Routes, Height in Feet, Canals'); 'Scotland' (as England and Wales); 'Europe' (shows Principal Railways, Steamship Routes, Limit of Navigation); 'The World On Mercator's Projection' (shows British Possessions coloured red, and Chief Tracks of Mail Steamers). 4 items. c1880. £110.00

  200. Philip (George) & Son, LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY and Connecting Railways. Folding map size 27" x 16", printed in blue and black, with lines in red. Shows L.N.E.R and Joint Lines, Track of 'Flying Scotsman'. Other Railways, Road Services. Folding into 8vo orange printed wraps, partly split at spine. London, July 1930. £18.00

  201. Phosphatine Falieres LES BEBES CELEBRES Three French advertising cards for child's health food. Humourous portraits of Victor Hugo, Mr. Coquelin, Sarah Bernhardt. Size 3" x 4", printed backs. Signature on backs in red ink. c1900. £5.00
    Sarah Bernhardt is dressed as a toddler bowling a hoop.

  202. Publishing MESSRS. VICTOR GOLLANCZ have organised and will shortly launch The Left Book Club... Leaflet explaining the ethos behind the series, 'How the Club Will Work', 'How to Join' and information on some of the books in preparation. Printed on yellow paper, sheet size 10" x 15", folded vertically, printed in two pages on the inside, verso blank. n.d. 1936. £25.00
    The club aimed to be 'for the service of those who desire to play an intelligent part in the struggle for World Peace and a better social and economic order, and against Fascism'.

  203. Queen Victoria MEDAL FOR VICTORIA'S JUBILEE 1837 - 1887. Bronze medal by Pinches showing the queen in profile on one side and crown, wreath, and 'Jubilee of Her Majesty's Reign 1887 on verso. In original read leather case in fine condition, gilt monogram with crown and dates. 1887. £18.00

  204. Quesnoy, Northern France AU ROY Les Prieure et Religieuses hospitaliers Royales duquesnoys remontrent tres humblement a Votre Majeste que Les Ennemis n'etant qu'a trois Lieues de Cette Veille, les on reduites a la mendicite par les grands pillages qu'ils on fait... 7 lines in a very neat hand, on paper size 7" x 12", blank conjoint leaf. Top right in large letters 'Au Roy', followed by 'Sire' and the seven lines. The sisters ask that they be allowed 20 cords of wood in the forest of Mormal 'ce qui ne se montera qu'a 40 ecus, la corde ne Valant que 6l.' They had little means of substistance with the pillaging in the area, and they had fed and cared for in their hospital 'un grand nombre de soldats blesses et malades, ayant pour ce sujet Vendu et engage tout leur bien'. Top left a different hand has written a note to M. Le Rebours saying an ordinance of 300l should be sent 'en consideration des services qu'elles ont donne aux soldats malades.' On verso is a date 'Du 12 sepbre(?) 1711 R.' and what is possibly 'Mr. quenet Expedier lordre'. 1711. £95.00
    Quesnoy is on the Belgian border near Lille. '... les Hospitalieres ont ete admises en 1667 dans une ancienne maison dite l'hopital des passans. Leur etablissement fut confirme en 1711 et elles desservent l'hopital des troupes du Roi'. Le Long 'Histoire du Diocese de Laon', 1783. The war referred to was presumable the war between the French and the Dutch-English army. This is presumably a contemporary copy of the original address.

  205. 'Quest', Published by A HUNDRED QUESTIONS OF WITCHCRAFT Answered by a Member of the Craft. Cyclostyled booklet, 35pp., 4to, printed wraps, stapled. London 1970. £8.00
    'This is the second in the series of '100 Questions' published by the Editors of 'Quest' in conjunction with authors... This work was written by a witch with many years experience...'

  206. Ramsay (Andrew C), Director General of H.M. Geological Survey GEOLOGICAL MAP OF THE BRITISH ISLES Stanford's Physical Series. Coloured map, size 58" x 51", dissected and mounted on linen. Scale 11 miles to 1 inch, With Index of Colours, Showing the Order of Superposition... Scale 3000 ft. to 1 inch. Folding into the original printed endpapers, inserted into original cloth slipcase. The slipcase size 10" x 7", with printed label. Slipcase rubbed at corners and cloth faded. There is a narrow light stain, about 8" long and half an inch across at its widest, in the English Channel, otherwise the map is in fine condition, with bright colour. Stanford's Geological Establishment, London: Febr. 1st 1878. £650.00
    Includes Orkney, the Scilly Isles, and the whole of Ireland, and inset of Shetland. This is the second edition, the first being in 1875.

  207. Rationing MOTOR FUEL RATION BOOK 1950's. Size 3" x 5", staples. Unused. 1950's. £5.00

  208. Recipes TO MAKE MILK WATER 9 recipes written in a neat hand. 4p., a gathering from a larger book, pages numbered 31-34. Comprises Milkwater, Pottage, 'Courtlett', 'Lobster Soope', 'Amletts', 'To stew a brest of Veale', 'To make a Hash', 'To hash a Calves head', 'To make Quince Wine'. n.d. probably mid 18th century. £22.00
    'Pull yr Lobster in peices, the little bones must be Crucht & put into a Clean frying pan... with a pint of Clarett & one anchovey...'. The 'milkwater' was flavoured with a wide variety of herbs such as wormwood, balm, meadowsweet.

  209. Religion NOTEBOOK OF MEDITATIONS ON RELIGION 1832-34. 8vo notebook, marbled boards, calf spine. 73 pages, in a small neat hand, plus many blanks at end. At the front of the book are 4 pencil drawings, three of landscapes, and one of a workman in a top hat sitting on a pile of stones eating his lunch. The entries are headed 'DAY I', etcetera, up to 'DAY XVIII', with some being dated, and two giving a place with the date, 'Aisthorpe' (Lincolnshire), and 'Girton' (Nottinhamshire). The writer expounds on various sins, such as Pride, Falsehood, etc., The Lord's Prayer, forgiveness, and so on. There are occasional mentions of Locke. 1832-1834. £55.00
    'Deprived of my Mother in tender infancy and of my Father in early youth, Thou Lord wast my hope when I hanged yet upon my Mother's breast and when my Father and my Mother forsook me Thou didst take me up...'


  210. Rennell (Revd. Thomas), Dean of Winchester LETTER with address panel to J. Nichols Junr., Printing Office, Parliament Street, Westminster. 34 lines on 2p., 4to, blank conjoint leaf with address and postmark. The wax seal has been cut from below the address panel (affecting only blank area). Partly tipped onto a large sheet of paper by a hinge. Deanery, Winton, June 27th 1825. £35.00
    Says he has found some tracts 'unseen for many years... in a dark part of my study' which he thinks had been lent to him by Nichols' father. Mentions parts of the 'Topographia Britannica', and other works. He thinks he paid him for the 'History of England' but not the other, and says he will either return them, or pay any reasonable price. Rennell was christened 'The Demosthenes of the Pulpit' by Pitt, after he heard him preach a sermon on the French Revolution. John Nichols Senior was a noted printer and publisher who was for 40 years editor of the Gentleman's Magazine.

  211. Roads DIRECTIONS FOR THE JUNCTION OF THE ROADS of England and Wales Through all the Counties. Large 4to, pages numbered 1-12. Lists 266 routes, with towns passed through. With recent neatly titled home-made wraps. 1801. £12.00
    Some of the routes refer to a county map ('See the Map of Hampshire' etc.), so this is presumably taken from an Atlas.

  212. Rolle and Guille families THE PEDIGREE OF MRS GEORGE GUILLE AND ARTHUR CLAYFIELD-IRELAND traced from their common ancestor. Manuscript pedigree covering 8 generations, up to the early 19th century, starting with George Rolle, purchaser of Stevenstone. 1p., small folio, folds. c1840. £8.00

  213. Rome PHOTOGRAPH of the Pentheon, some carriages in front, two kiosks by fountain. Albumen print, size 8" x 10", mounted on card album leaf. Title '279 Roma...' On verso is a view of Castel S. Angelo with carriages and carts passing over bridge. Print slightly faded... together with... Grand Canal Venice. Similar format view on album leaf, by Salviati, gondola in foreground, and on verso good view of side canal with gondola, titled 'Ponte al SS. Apostoli'. 2 items c1890. £16.00

  214. Rowton (Baron) LETTER addressed to 'Dear Col. Beresford', 13 July 1890. Written on 4 sides 8vo, printed heading of 17 Berkeley Square, in an untidy hand, signed 'Rowton'. Says Beresford can by all means take General Fry(?) with him, and if he wishes to see another, rather smaller House he should go to 'R. House in King's Cross Road. But I should rather like the General to see our best & penultimate attempts at Newington Butts - our latest of all only opens on Dec. 1'. 1890. £18.00
    Baron Rowton (Montague William Lowry-Corry) was Private Secretary to Disraeli. He Founded 'Rowton Houses', working men's hostels.

  215. Royal Automobile Club PRINTED LETTER to members about the new form of badge. Printed in blue on 4 pages, 8vo. Explains that a new form of badge will be issued to stop badges getting into the wrong hands. The first 2p., are the letter, and on 3rd and 4th page there is an illustration of the new badge, which has a card with the date (1914) inserted. On verso is covering letter for return of the old badge. 1914. £10.00

  216. Royal Circus and Surrey Theatre PLAYBILL advertising programme for August 15, 1818. Printed on thin paper, size 12" x 8". The bill included 'Humphrey Clinker', 'Don Giovanni', 'The Marble Horse, By a Real Poney'. Surface of paper rather grubby. 1818. £24.00
    The theatre is billed as 'Under the Patronage of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Kent'.

  217. Royal Commission MAP OF THE CANALS AND NAVIGABLE RIVERS IN THE CATCHMENT BASINS of England and Wales. Two maps, each size 22" x 33", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into cloth-covered boards, 4to. Colour printed, with brown hachures for mountain ranges. Scale 10 miles = 1 inch. Canals marked in red and blue, names in small capital letters, 'the Catchment Basins are shown in coloured tints and their watersheds in black small dotted lines'. Average rainfalls shown in small black circles at 159 stations. The northern map has a large inset of The Birmingham Canal System... together with... MAP OF THE CANALS AND NAVIGABLE RIVERS OF SCOTLAND, MAP OF THE CANALS AND NAVIGABLE RIVERS OF IRELAND. Two maps, mounted as above, same scale. Different systems printed in red or blue, boxes with information about each system around the maps, giving length, original cost, maximum load etc. Shows population of each county and main towns. Each map approx. 35" x 27"... together with... Foreign Inquiry. GENERAL MAP OF THE NAVIGABLE WATERWAYS OF FRANCE. Scale 1: 500,000. Shows main and secondary lines, summit levels etc. Size 28" x 26", bound as above.... together with.... MAP OF THE CANALS AND INLAND WATERWAYS OF BELGIUM. Size 19" x 26", scale 1:384,000. Bound as above.... together with... MAP OF THE INLAND NAVIGATION AND WATERWAYS OF GERMANY. Size 12" x 25". Scale 1: 2000000. Shows waterways for boats of different tonnage, new works to be constructed under the law of 1905. Bound with: THE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ALONG THE FINOW CANAL. Two coloured diagrams of canal showing traffic of metal, stone, paper etc. in 1902 and 20 - 25 Years earlier, and two showing similar for Canalized Main from Frankfurt to Mainz. Size 20" x 26". Two maps bound as above. Five folders. Printed at the Ordnance Survey Office. 1893-1909. £200.00
    Some or all of these maps were obviously lent to the Admiralty during the Second World War for photographing as there are letters from them to the owner (whose name is on the endpapers) about this loosely inserted.

  218. Royal Mint LETTER dated Mint Office, 11th March, 1817, to Messrs. Fryer & Co., Blandford. 1p., 9 lines, signed 'Jas. Morrison'. Integral address panel on verso of conjoint leaf, large wax seal, feint postmark in corner. Traces of paper from blue album leaf stuck to edges of verso of conjoint leaf. 1817. £26.00
    Says he is directed by the Master of the Mint to refer them to the inclosed letter and gives details of the allowance to the Inspector proposed by the Mint 'from 15s to one Guinea per day at the Banker's discretion'.

  219. Royalty PART OF THE COVER OF A LETTER with 'Her Royal Highness/The Langravine of Hesse Hombourg/Princess of Great Brittain/Brighton/Pavillion.' Paper size 5" x 5", trimmed from a larger paper, written on one side only. Below this address is a red wax seal with a coronet over two shields, slightly chipped on one side. c1820? £16.00
    Princess Elizabeth was the third daughter of George III. She married Prince Friedrich of Hesse Homburg in 1818, at the age of 48.

  220. Rummerley & Frey, Berne, Printers CARTE GEOGRAPHIQUE DE LA REGION VEVEY-MONTREUX avec description des promenades et Excursions. Colour printed map, on stiff paper, scale 1:50,000. Size 16" x 15", plus margins. Folded to small 8vo., with printed text of excursions etc., and along the bottom, a section of the mountains, on verso. n.d. c1920. £14.00

  221. Ruthven (John) MAP OF THE ENGLISH LAKES and Adjoining Country Geologically Coloured by John Ruthven of Kendal 1855. Fully hand-coloured map, size 21" x 19". Coloured sections in all four margins. Index in bottom left corner. Linen-backed, now flat, but with traces of once having been folded to 8vo. 1855. £110.00
    Covers area from Lancaster to Carlisle, Whitehaven to Kirkby Stephen.

  222. Rutland, Northampton, Leicestershire etc. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Sheet LXIV and sheets to south and west. Composite map, border all round. Dissected and mounted on linen, size 50" x 65", folding into large 8vo endpapers. Paper of endpapers very worn and chipped. Counties coloured in pale wash, county borders with thick shading, main roads, parkland hand-coloured, railways in red. High ground shown with hachures. One section with some small edge tears in paper down one edge. Top left corner and top right corner with grey damp-spotting, only slightly obtruding onto border at left, and onto an area of the map approx 2" x 2" at 'Deeping Fen' top right. Some rust spots top left, some light browning at edges of a few sections at the right edge, with slight wear at edge of one section. n.d. c1860. £45.00
    Covers Ashby de la Zouch, Melton Mowbray, Crowland, Bedford, Towcester, Kington.

  223. S.D.U.K. MARSEILLE Ancient Marsilia. Town plan, size 12" x 16". Narrow margins. Slight crease top left corner. 1840. £15.00

  224. Sailing SAIL TRAINING INTERNATIONAL RACE Torbay - Lisbon, 1956. Britannia R.N. College, Dartmouth, Devon. Folder of 14 black and white photographs, prints size 6" x 8", showing ships, mostly just one ship, see close up. Title printed on folded, as above. Small mark on folder, later bookplate inside flap. 1956. £20.00
    This became the 'tall ships' race.

  225. Salem, Massachussets BILL of Gabriel Holman to Joseph Sprague. Small 4to sheet, setting out bill for 800 Galls. Molasses, 10 Bushels Corn, Balance on settlement of Schooner Molly's outward bound voyage, 34 gallons of Rum. Note at bottom from Gab. Holman and Jona. Goodhue for Mr Sprague to send him by the bearer 'my father'. Signed by Benj. Goodhue as received. 1773. £30.00
    The amounts are in pounds.

  226. Satirical print BAAL OF DE WAERLED IN MASKERADE The World in Masquerade. Copper engraving, image size 7" x 15", plus printed satirical poem in English and Dutch below, 3" x 15". Overall size of paper 14" x 17". Traces of central fold. Some small light foxing spots in margins. Manuscript title below in brownish ink 'Masquerade Rotunda, Ranelagh Gardens 1729.' A piece of paper size three-quarters of an inch by 5 inches has been cut from bottom edge, next to this title. Small professional repair to right margin. c1729. £35.00
    The print shows a gathering of masked revellers in a ballroom with many chandeliers; among the throng are Pulchinello, Harlequin, monks, red Indians etc. There are 11 mask heads of satyr, jester etc., around the top and sides. 'Here the Vile Atheist to the World's surprise/Puts on a Byshop's Robe for his disguise/With lude and idle talk profanes the same/And Nods his Mitre at some fav'rite Dame'.

  227. Saurel (B.J) PLAN DE GAND (GHENT) dresse par B.J. Saurel, Geometre de 1re Classe, et Lithographie par G. Jacqmain. Plan size 12" x 15". Scale 1: 10,000, street index down margins and at bottom. Traces of folds, 7 small worm holes, some creasing. 1858. £14.00

  228. Seaton (Robert) SEATON'S MAP OF PALESTINE or the Holy Land with part of Egypt. Compiled from Surveys made for the French and English Governments. This Map intended as a companion for and to illustrate the geography of the scriptures is principally compiled from the surveys made under the direction of General Kleber for the information of Buonaparte and as regards the coast from those made for the Admiralty of England. Hand coloured engraved map, dissected and laid down on linen, 32" x 36", edges bound with silk tape, folding into original half roan, cloth boards, rubbed, outer hinges partly split, later label on top cover, occasional off-setting and light spotting, slight water staining to cloth along one main fold, with some slight browning of section edges. With a decorative framed border with arms of different countries, large decorative vignette showing Jesus and the woman of Samaria at the well, views of Pyramids and Sphinx and Principal Square in Grand Cairo, as well as a Plan of Jerusalem and Environs and Temple of Jerusalem. London: Josiah Neele, 352 Strand for the Proprietor Robert Seaton, Hydrographer to the King, c.1835. £450.00

  229. Sewing Machines INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING THE 'NAUMANN' Family Medium and Titania Sewing Machines. 32pp., 8vo, original wraps with illustration of treadle machine. Numerous illustrations of decorative machines, at the back are three pages illustrating all the numerous small parts which can be ordered. View of works in Dresden on back wrap. n.d. c1910? £7.00

  230. Shooting and Fishing GAME AND GUN & The Angler's Monthly. Two issues, no. 238 and 254. 28pp in each, 4to. Includes 4p. article on 'Sea Birds of Scilly'. 1945-6. £5.00

  231. Shropshire, Hereford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LV N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Small blue 'Record Map' stamp in margin, 'Index to Tithe Survey' in top margin. O.S. blindstamp 1891. £18.00
    Covers Great Malvern, Bromyard.

  232. Shuldham (A.S) LETTER to Frederick Booth, Craven Street, Strand, from A.S. Shuldham, dated Henbury 22 April, 1790. 22 lines in a neat hand on 2 sides 4to, address panel on verso of conjoint leaf, with broken wax seal, Bristol postmark. Small hole in conjoint leaf where seal broken. Relates to the recovery of Shuldham's articles from the ship 'Diana' which had been seized. He'd asked a Mr. Gretton to retrieve his articles, but he'd drawn on him for £31, and given half to the mate, who'd gone off with the money. He'd heard a man from Plymouth had come to Dartmouth to examine the 'Diana', hauled her on shore, and 'took up some of the Dining room Floor and shifted the Ballast to look for some secret Places', but found nothing. 1790. £48.00
    Amongst the Blaise Castle estate deeds in the Bristol Archives is an assignment of a lease from Francis Adams to Arthur Samuel Shuldham.

  233. Siemens ELECTRICAL FITTINGS Bowls, Globes, etc. Catalogue, 11" x 8", 24pp., wraps. 2-3 illustrations per page. Some slight dustmarking at corner of some pages. 1927. £25.00
    Includes 'Italian Alabaster Bowl Fittings' 'Cornelian Glassware Fittings' etc.

  234. Sladen (Douglas B.), novelist LETTER to an unknown correspondent, Nov. 11th 1887. 17 lines in a large hand on 3p., sm. 8vo, plus address (two addresses given, Cheltenham and Kensington). Signed 'I am your wellwisher Douglas B.W. Sladen'. Pasted down edge to thick card. A note in a different pale ink at the top says 'Just out. Uniform with 'Australian Lyrics' 'The Poetry of Exiles', in white parchment covers... 4s...' 1887. £18.00
    Says he is enclosing two slips of paper. Refers to his biography, and says 'you may send the poem if you like to a local paper. I hope your troubles are over...'. Sladen was a novelist who spent some time in Australia, becoming the first Professor of History at Sydney University.

  235. Smuggling LETTER from Charles Bush to 'The Respective Officers of His Majesty's Ordnance at Portsmouth'. Dated Office of Ordnance 12 December 1751. 13 lines in a very good clear hand, 1p., folio, plus conjoint leaf with address panel, traces of seal, and postmark. Says that as the ships 'The Seahorse' and 'Savage', 'employed cruizing against the Owlers' are to be refitted every two months in summer and every three months in winter, at Portsmouth and Plymouth, the Officers are to take their guns, gunners stores etc., and deliver them back on board to the gunners after the refit. Small hole in blank space below 4th line, not affecting text. 1751. £65.00
    'Owlers' were smugglers of sheep and wool from England to other countries, and their boats were called 'Owling boats'.

  236. Somerset and Dorset PARTICULARS WITH PLANS OF THE AGRICULTURAL PROPERTIES ON THE BORDERS OF SOMERSET AND DORSET comprising Lattiford Farm, Holton situated within 2 miles of Wincanton... also Ryalls Farm and Accommodation Lands within 3 miles of Sturminster Newton.... To be offered by Auction in Lots at the George Hotel, Frome, on Wednesday, the 3rd of June, 1914. Folio, key plan, 19pp, photographic plate with two views, 2 coloured folding plans in pocket at rear. 1914. £30.00
    With detailed Schedules of farms.

  237. Somerset and Dorset ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 130. 'Yeovil and Blandford' Popular Edition. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 19" x 27", plus margins. Printed in black and blue only. Small 'Record Map' stamp top right corner. n.d. 1930's. £10.00

  238. Somerset, Devon, Dorset FOUR ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets 18, 19, 20, 21. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Each map size 24" x 36", dissected and mounted on linen and folding to small 4to, cloth endpapers with gilt sheet numbers. Inserted in later card slipcase with manuscript label. Printed from an Electrotype in 1878-9. £110.00
    Covers Langport, Gillingham, Crewkerne; Bath, Meare, Glastonbury; Worle Hill, St. Donat, Porlock Bay; Dulverton, Ilminster, Crediton.

  239. Sotheby & Co. CATALOGUE of Valuable Printed Books, Fine Bindings, Autograph Letters and Historical Documents... 15th and 16th July, 1957. 86pp., 8vo, printed wraps, slightly rubbed at base of spine. 1957. £9.00
    Includes letters from Nathaniel Hawthorne, George Bernard Shaw, Charlotte Bronte, George Washington, etc.

  240. Sotheby's CATALOGUE OF BROADSIDES, PAMPHLETS and other Printed Ephemera from the celebrated collection formed by Sir Thoms Phillipps. For sale by auction 28th November 1975. 86pp., 8vo. Illustrations. Price list stapled in, first page of price list scribbled on in biro. 1975. £10.00

  241. South Africa STANDARD RAILWAY MAP OF SOUTH AFRICA Drawn in the office of the Chief Civil Engineer, S.A.R., Johannesburg. Map printed in black on thin paper, size 36" x 27", folded to 8vo. Insets of Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, etc. Scale 1in 3,500,000. Photo-lithographed at the Government Printing Works, Pretoria. n.d. 1920's? £24.00

  242. Spanish trade TWO NOTEBOOKS in Spanish, one an account book, the other a book of model documents for students of commerce. The first one has the words 'Cliper. Maria Guadalupe 1854' inside front wrap. The accounts are dated between Dec. 1854 and Dec. 1855, and list items with prices of materials used in construction such as planks, screws etc., possibly for ship building (e.g. 'cadenotes', 'cabilla arponada', 'mesas de guarnicion', 'para el molinete'). Whether these are items bought or sold is not clear. The accounts are signed off by Juan Guereca. 29p., stiff marbled wraps, some pages coming loose. Wraps and endpapers grubby. The second notebook consists of 'modeles' of receipts, business letters, formal announcements of births, deaths etc., invoices in tablular form, bills. 4to, stained and rubbed stiff wraps, with water-colour of sailing ship on back wrap. 24p. 1855. £30.00

  243. Spinning TWO PHOTOGRAPHS showing men working at machines in some kind of small mill or factory. Black and white photographs size 4" x 6", mounted on grey cards size 8" x 10", dark grey border. One view shows man with machines with rollers, another man with large wicker basket of dark coloured wool(?), big sacks of wool, another shows row of machines without rollers, and some kind of hopper, four men working. n.d. 1900? £18.00
    The workplace seems to that of a small-scale enterprise. There are large curtain screens as dividers.

  244. Spooner (William) THE HISTORY OF MOSES THE LAW GIVER Of Israel. Wooden jigsaw puzzle, size 13" x 14", lithograph with hand colouring. 35 pieces, one small piece is missing, and a blank wooden piece has been inserted to fit. There is no box. Published by William Spooner, 379 Strand. n.d. c1860. £30.00
    Shows the life of Moses in comic strip style, in a series of pictures, each with its own title.

  245. St. James's Palace BANQUET of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael & St. George to be held at St. James's Palace on St. George's Day... 23rd April, 1887. Plan of the Tables. Leaflet, 4pp., 4to, plan of tables listing 147 names on inside pages, index of names with number on last page. Creased, piece cut from margin of last leaf. 1887. £5.00

  246. Staffordshire, Shropshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Composed of quarter sheets LXI N.E., LXII N.W., LXXII S.W., LXXIII S.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 29", plus margins. Counties lightly colour washed, parkland, water features, railways, main roads hand-coloured. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into small 4to marbled wraps with small printed label giving early owner's name. Electrotyped in 1872. £50.00
    Covers Stafford, Market Drayton, Rugeley, Broseley.

  247. Stanford (Edward) MAP OF ENGLAND AND WALES Scale 4" = 50 miles. Colour-printed map on thin card, size 34" X 24", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to into small 4to boards. Some of the sections have browning. Shows railways and canals. On verso is a map of Wales, Reduced from the Ordnance Survey. Scale approx. 5 miles to an inch. With table 'Explanation of Words Frequently Occurring in Welsh Names of Places.' Cloth on boards faded, split at bottom of spine, printed label. n.d. c1880. £15.00

  248. Stratford upon Avon and Midland Junction Rly. PILOTMAN'S TICKET 'Shakespeare Route'. To be used in accordance with Rule 25... To the Guard and Engine-driver. You are authorised to proceed from... Printed on white card, size 3" x 4", heading in 'Gothic' type script. Instructions that it is to be given by the driver to person in charge of the station to which he is ordered to proceed on verso. Small greyish stain in bottom right corner... together with... Stockton & Darlington Railway. Season Ticket. Stockton and Redcard. Printed, but name etc. not filled in. On green card, size 2" x 3". 2 items. c1910 and 1930's? £14.00
    The Stratford upon Avon railway took the name in 1909 and became part of the LMS in 1923.

  249. Street cleaning, watering SOHY Constructeur Mecanicien, Materiel d'Arrosement, Materiel de Nettoiement, 62 rue Amelot, Paris. Catalogue, large 4to (size 13" x 19"), 4pp., traces of folds. Two small pieces chipped away in right margin. Illustrations, including large illustrations of machine for watering streets, another for cleaning streets with a large brush at the back (both drawn by horses), attractive view size 3" x 7" showing a large park with gardener watering with complicated hose system, also carts, rakes, pipes, men using hoses mounted on wheels, fire pumps, firemens uniforms, pumps for wells etc. 1879. £40.00

  250. Surrey, Berks. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 269. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 14" x 20", plus wide margins. 1914. £16.00
    Covers Windsor, Crowthorne.

  251. Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP The Country Round Churt. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Composite map, size 45" x 44", border all round. Fully coloured. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into mrbled endpapers, size 7" x 5", printed label as above. With concentric circles at 1" intervals, centred on the village of Churt. 1881. £70.00
    Covers Bucklebury, Staines, Kingston on Thames, Sompting, Chester, Titchfield.

  252. Sussex and Durham AN AGREEMENT for placing out Trust Money. Between Mary Pooley, Mary Monypenny, Robert Lambe and James Monypenny. 1p., large folio, signed by 5 parties with small wax seals. Witnessed. Refers to £600 originally placed with the Commissioners for repairing the Harbour of Rye, now to be advanced to the Trustees appointed by an Act 'for repairing the road from Buckton Burn in Durham through Berwick upon Tweed...'. 1755. £18.00

  253. Sussex, Kent ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Part of Sheet IV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 16" x 28". Border all round. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo green paper endpapers. Very small hole in linen at three points where folds meet. n.d. c1870. £18.00
    Covers Folkestone, Rye, Woodchurch.

  254. Sussex, Surrey ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 302. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 19", border all round. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into small 8vo marbled wraps with Stanford label and key map on front. Back wrap with old piece of paper stuck to it. c1890. £14.00
    Covers Horsham, Cuckfield, Capel.

  255. Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 301. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 19", border all round. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into small 8vo marbled wraps with Stanford label and key map on front. c1890. £16.00
    Covers Frensham, Billingshurst, Liphook.

  256. Switzerland CARTE GEOGRAPHIQUE de la Region Vevey-Montreux, avec description des promenades et Excursions. Echelle 1:50,000. Colour-printed map, size 17" x 16", folded to form a booklet with title, and information, as well as a section showing different mountains from the Lake. n.c. c1910? £12.00

  257. Switzerland MAP of Berninapass. Lithographed map printed in black, blue and brown, scale 1:50,000. Size 29" x 36". Linen-backed and folding into 8vo printed endpapers, small Philips label pasted on. Finely printed with contours in brown and blue, high rocky peaks with hachures. 1909. £20.00
    Title on front wrap 'Topographischer Atlas. Berninapass'. Covers Livigno, Samaden, Poschiano.

  258. Tuck's Post Cards SIX POSTCARDS OF JEAN AYLWIN 'Framed Gem Glosso' Series. In original envelope. Colourd postcards, gilt 'frame', showing the actress in a variety of Scottish costumes. 1910. £6.00

  259. Turkey PHOTOGRAPH of three young women leaning over a balcony. Sepia photograph, size 11" x 9". The girls are dressed in rich Turkish style clothes, with belts with large silver buckles, fancy hats. Moorish style arches to the balcony. One girl is holding a rose. Many minute white spots in the plate.... together with... photograph of an odalisque type figure, posed in a studio, with potted plant, poufs, hookah. Woman is reclining on a couch, in striped trousers, lacy top, and a fez. Sepia print, size 7" x 10". n.d. c1900? £12.00

  260. Ulverston, Grasmere, Kirkby Lonsdale ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP made up of quarter sheets 38/39/48/49. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 39", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into large 4to marbled wraps, small key map label on front wrap. O.S blindstamp 1901. £36.00

  261. Union Castle Line PACK OF PLAYING CARDS in pink box with flag and 'Union-Castle Line, Royal Mail Steamers between England and South & East Africa' on the front. Cards have gilt edges, and decoration in blue and gold with flags of the company. n.d. 1930's? £5.00
    The 'joker' card shows a liner.

  262. United Grand Lodge CERTIFICATE OF ADMISSION of John Lodgwidge into the Oakley Lodge, Basingstoke. Finely engraved folio vellum sheet, folds, engraved with columns, globes, coat of arms and mason's tools, etc, impressed seal, signed by secretary and Lodwidge. 1858. £25.00

  263. United States DECORATIVE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE Folding lithographed 'Marriage Seal', completed in manuscript for the marriage of William Bauer and Catherine O'Neill at Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington. Attractive lithograph at head of couple sailing on a lake, framed in flowers. Size 13" x 9", folding into card wraps. Meyer & Bro., Chicago, 1919. £10.00

  264. United States TWENTY SIX POSTCARDS all coloured views, many of buildings. Comprises: New York. 8 cards. All by American Art Publishing Co. British address and date on verso, but not sent through post. Includes Polo Grounds, Elevated R.R. Curve at 110 St., City College; Chicago. 11 cards, unused. Includes Washington Park Conservatory, Seigel Cooper Building, 2 views of faculty buildings at University, Congress Hotel; Ohio, 7 views, 3 of Cleveland (Hippodrome Building, Hollander Hotel), 4 of Canton (Auditorium, Haden Bank), together with 2 of Boston. c1914. £20.00

  265. Urban Plans HISTORIC CITY PLANS AND VIEWS Catalogue, Spring 1970. 12" x 5", 53pp., stiff wraps. Catalogue of the company 'Historic Urban Plans' reproduction Limited Edition prints of eighteenth and nineteenth century town plans, with numerous illustrations (approx. 3 per page). New York. 1970. £14.00
    Many are of American cities, but also includes British and European city plans.

  266. Valentine Series POSTCARD 'Breakers and Heart-Breakers'. Coloured card showing three girls jumping in the waves. Used. 1912. £4.00

  267. Van den Kerckhove (Antoine), Belgian artist LETTER addressed from 13 Guildford Place, Pentonville, undated. One and a half pages, sm. 8vo., signed. Written in French. Says he had understood that his picture 'The Combat between Hector and Ajax over the body of Patroclus' was at the Portland Bazaar, but he'd been there and not found it. Blank conjoint leaf is pasted down to a slightly larger sheet, with name of artist. c1860. £15.00
    Antoine van den Kerckhove was a Belgian sculptor and artist who lived for a time in London. The Portland Bazaar or 'German Fair' was a vast shop at Langham Place selling imported goods.

  268. Vuillemin (A) PLAN PITTORESQUE DE LA VILLE DE PARIS Grave sur Acier par Benard. Engraved plan, size 32" x 42", plus " margins, dissected, mounted on linen, folding to 8vo, linen slightly dusty, without the slipcase. Street Index along the bottom, Table of all the public buildings, and monuments, Mairies, Hospitals, Museums, Libraries, etc. Upwards of 60 small vignettes of buildings on the map, such as Tuileries, Louvre, Ecole Militaire etc, including elevation of all the bridges, trains on railway line, boats on river, etc. Chez Fatout, Publisher, Boulevard Poissoniere, Paris: 1840. £110.00

  269. Warminster, Frome ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 281. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 14" x 19". Repaired tear in bottom margin. Railways inserted to 1907. £16.00
    Covers Leith Hill, Lingfield, Epsom.

  270. Warwickshire and Worcestershire PARTICULARS AND PLANS of Valuable Freehold Estates of nearly 800 Acres, comprising Five Superior Farms... Lapworth, and Beoley... to be Sold By Auction... June 12th, 1919. 13pp., small folio. Wraps, coloured folding plan. 8 photos in text. Wraps spotty, vertical crease, staples rusty, stain down margin of plan. 1919. £8.00

  271. Warwickshire and Staffordshire LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION from William Vyse, Vicar General of the Lord Bishop of Litchfield and Coventry, to John Barratt of Powley, regarding the estate of Samuel Yeomans, late of Bangley in Stafford. 25 lines in manuscript on large folio sheet, folded, followed by printed section with manuscript inserts. Impressed seal of Bishopric. 4" split at edge neatly repaired on verso. 1806. £22.00
    Administration had been granted to Yeomans' son, but he also died. A term of 500 years in an estate at Ansley in Warwickshire was vested in Samuel Yeomans the elder. Trustees had nominated Barratt to take out the letters of Administration.

  272. Warwickshire and Staffordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile. Composite sheet made up of Sheet VIII N.E and sheets to south and west. Size 24" x 36", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, marbled endpapers, two 5" splits in linen between sections. Covers Aston, Erdington, Castle Bromwich, parish of Edington shaded in yellow wash. Second Edition 1904. £12.00

  273. Warwickshire, Worcester ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 28", in four quarter sheets, border all round, normal margin at top and bottom, wide margins mounted at the sides. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into plain 8vo endpapers. A couple of sections top left have buildings hand-coloured in red, and parkland in green. Printed from an Electrotype. c1870. £45.00
    Covers Worcester, Solihull, Stratford upon Avon.

  274. Warwickshire, Worcester ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LIV. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 28", in four quarter sheets, border all round, normal margin at top and bottom, but with very wide margins mounted on at the sides. 1831. £46.00
    Covers Worcester, Solihull, Stratford.

  275. Wedgwood EXHIBITION CATALOGUE of Early Wedgwood Pottery Exhibited at 34 Wigmore Street, London W.1., 1951. 4to, 110pp, spiral bound, wraps, many photographs including some in colour. Wraps slightly rubbed. 1951. £20.00
    Lists 289 exhibits.

  276. Weinreb & Douwma Ltd. CATALOGUE 17 The British Isles Part 1. Bookseller's catalogue of 1495 prints and maps, arranged by county. 116pp... together with... British Isles Part 2. 589 prints and maps. 47pp. Each small 4to. Numerous illustrations. Original wraps. 1977-8. £18.00

  277. Weinreb Architectural Books GARDENS AND LANDSCAPES A Catalogue of Books. Catalogued and edited by Hugh Pagan. 72pp., stiff paper covers with illustration, numerous plates. 1977. £10.00
    A scholarly listing of rare early gardening books, British and foreign.

  278. Weinreb Architectural Books ITALY, ARCHITECTURE AND ANTIQUITY Catalogue 40. Catalogue of books and prints. 500 items. 150pp., 8vo, stiff wraps. Numerous illustrations, many full page. 1978. £12.00
    Many rare early works in English, French and Italian.

  279. Weinreb CATALOGUE 8 Industrial Revolution. A Catalogue of Prints. 31pp., 8" x 7", stiff wraps. Numerous illustrations... together with... BRIDGES, RAILWAYS & ENGINEERING Catalogue of Prints, Plans etc. 261pp., illustrated wraps, size as above. 2 items. 1972 and 1987. £16.00

  280. Weinreb Ltd., Booksellers ARCHITECTURE Catalogue One. A Catalogue of Books and Drawings. 76pp., tall 8vo., wraps. Illusts. 1961. £12.00

  281. Weller (E) Engr. NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY Sheet 1, London to Birmingham, Sheet 2 Birmingham to Manchester & Liverpool. Lithograph maps, hand-coloured in outline, on 2 sheets 17" x 12", each divided into three strips, scale " to 1 mile. From 'The Dispatch Atlas'. 1863. £25.00

  282. Weller (E) Engr. SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY Dover & Hastings Branch. Lithographed map with some outline hand-colouring, size 17" x 12", divided into 3 vertical strips, scale " to 1 mile. From 'The Dispatch Atlas'. 1863. £20.00

  283. Whitaker (John) LETTER to the Rev. Benjamin Richardson, Rector of Farleigh Hungerford. Defective letter, what is probably the second page of a folded sheet. 65 lines in a small hand, closely written on one side of sheet 13" x 8", folds. On verso is address 'Rev. Mr. Richardson, Hungerford Farley, near Bath', with the figures '1 0' written in the top corner. Under the address, in an early hand is written 'Rebuilding the Temple of Minerva Review of the History of Bath', circled round. A few splits at folds, small piece torn from left margin with loss of first half of three words, some foxing at left side. There is an old repair approx. one and a half inches along one fold on verso, using printed paper. Whitaker starts by saying that since he has freed himself from the 'Blagdon Controversy' he has been working on a review of Warner's History of Bath for the 'Jacobin Review': 'it has made many mistakes and left many deficiences... I have aimed to illustrate the history rather than censure the author'. He goes on to say 'in the third article I have nearly rebuilt the Temple of Minerva' and asks Richardson for his 'architectural assistance' - would he inspect some specified parts of the building and answer some questions about holes in the stone. Refers to a 'portrait of a lady' discovered there, and mentions Guidott's work on Bath. He offers to help Richardson in the sale of his book 'I shall be very happy if what I say shall enable you to sell it well'. He says his wife is still lame, but his daughter well. n.d. c1801? £85.00
    John Whitaker was Rector of Ruan Lanithorne in Cornwall. As well as works on Cornwall and Manchester he wrote 'The Genuine History of the Britons Asserted' (1772). His review of Warner's book appeared in the 'Anti Jacobin Vol X, 1801'. Benjamin Richardson was a keen amateur geologist and scientist, and a friend and supporter of William Smith. He helped Smith with his work on the Bath strata.

  284. Whitcomb & Tombs, Printer AUCKLAND Latest Views of the Queen City. 44 photographic views, mainly full page, one folding panorama, oblong 4to, decorative wraps with bi-plane and yachts. c1920. £10.00

  285. William Coxe, author LETTER dated Salisbury April 4, 1809. Presumably to a publisher, asks whether the intended publication of the letters of Elizabeth Montagu is 'in such a state of forwardness as to be likely to come out this spring'. 5 lines, on one side of 4to sheet, signed Wm. Coxe. 1809. £14.00
    William Coxe was the author of 'History of the House of Austria', 'Memorial of Sir Robert Walpole' and travel works on Poland, Russian, Denmark etc.

  286. Wilts and Berks Canal RULES ORDERS AND BY LAWS made by the Committee of Management of the North Wilts Canal Navigation at their General Quarterly Meeting held on the thirty first day of March 1819 for the well and orderly using of the said Navigation... Manuscript on two vellum sheets, size 22" x 30", listing 24 rules for the use of the canal and the 'Behaviour of all Bargemen, Watermen, Boatmen and others employed thereon'. Split in vellum at left side of first sheet, reaching about 6" into text. Split at vellum at centre, with small hole affecting a couple of words. Some dust-marking at edges and on verso. This was presumably a contemporary copy, as there is no seal of the Committee, referred to in the last line, at the end. 1810. £150.00
    The Wilts. and Berks Canal was opened in 1810, and abandoned in 1914. The Bill for construction of the Canal received Royal Assent in 1795, and an Act was passed in 1801 allowing the Company to raise a further £200,000 to complete the Canal. It brought coal from the mines in Somerset via the Somerset Coal Canal, eventually reaching the Thames at Abingdon. The Rules cover such things as passing locks, rudders, boat horses (which were to be muzzled), unloading of boats, etc.

  287. Wiltshire and Gloucestershire AUCTION POSTER for lands in the parishes of Ewen, in Kemble, and Oaksey, to be sold by auction by Acock & Son at the King's Head Inn, Cirencester, Monday February 20, 1837. Size 17" x 11", folds, small tear at one fold, repaired. Attached with a pin are MS Conditions of sale, 3p sm. folio. 1837. £20.00
    Lists 5 Lots, with occupiers.

  288. Wiltshire and Herefordshire MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT Tripartite indenture between Arthur Plomer, of Bristol, Mercer, Richard Haynes of Wick and Abson, and Mary Haynes, and John Batchelor, Alderman of Bristol and James Haynes. 1710. 13 sheets, folio, folded, held at top margin with yellow ribbon. Attested copy 1746. £36.00
    Refers to marriage of Arthur Plomer and Mary Haynes, listing a great many properties and lands in Chippenham and Langley Burrell in Wiltshire, and Whitchurch, Langarren, mostly with occupiers, former occupiers, adjoining landowners, etc.

  289. Wiltshire and Somerset Auction PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Farm.... Known as 'Alcombe Farm'.... Situate in the Parishes of Box and Ditteridge, also Freehold Dwelling-Houses, Gardens, Building Land, Lime-Kilns and other Premises, Situate in the Upper Bristol Road, about 1 miles from the City of Bath. To Be Sold by Messrs. Hawkins & Son.... On Thursday the 4th day of November, 1886. Folio, 5pp, folded, 3 large folding coloured plans. 1886. £32.00

  290. Wyld (J) THE COUNTRY TWENTY-FIVE MILES ROUND LONDON Planned from a Scale of One Mile to an Inch by W. Faden, Geographer to His Majesty and H.R.H the Prince of Wales. 3rd Edition. N.B. The Extent of the Penny Post coloured Orange. Counties hand-coloured in full bright wash colour, county boundaries in darker colour, roads in buff. Size of map 40" x 48", scale 1" to 1 mile. Dissected and mounted on linen. Title as above in yellow oval cartouche on tablet. An earlier owner seems to have gone over the small figures of the date 1802 in the cartouche in ink. Border coloured and printed all round with miles from London. 1802. £260.00
    This map does not correspond exactly with any of the listings given in Howgego 188. Extends to Hertford, Chelmsford, Reigate, Beaconsfield.

  291. Yacht insurance POLICY CERTIFICATE of Norie and Wilson for the yacht 'Octopus', for six months from April 1892. 1p., large folio, printed in black and red, with manuscript inserts. Blank conjoint leaf with docket title on verso. Price was £120 and this was shared between 6 named owners who each paid £20. 1892. £7.00

  292. Yorkshire, Cheshire MAP OF RESERVOIRS Untitled lithographically printed map in black and two colours, showing some reservoirs in red, some in blue. The area round the red reservoirs shaded pink and marked with acreages. Size 22" x 32". Shows roads, railways, rivers, mills. Covers area from Chesterfield and Sheffield to Holmfirth. c1910. £20.00

  293. Young people's manuscript journal THE LOG BOOK OF THE MOHAWK COUNCIL Album of news, drawings, cartoons, 1922. Drawings initialled 'BWM' and dated between January and April 1922. Appears to be an album made by a teenage boy or boys. Contains some coloured illustrations of flags, drawing of the Three Musketeers, drawings of ships, trains, 'Evolution of the letter 'A', information on the GWR, humorous verses, double-page cartoon featuring Lloyd George as a pirate, comic strip type account of the Boat Race, and 'Becket v Cook boxing match at Holland Park'. 32 pages in ruled 4to notebook, cloth spine, many blanks. 1922. £50.00

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