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Lesley Aitchison
Lincolnshire Acts of Parliament
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All Acts of Parliament are folio, and disbound unless otherwise stated.
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.

  1. Boston AN ACT for better paving, cleansing, and otherwise improving the Borough of Boston. 37pp., plus cover leaf, black letter. 1792. £16.00

  2. Boston AN ACT for improving the Port and Harbour of Boston.... and for fixing the Wharfage of Goods.... and for better maintaining the Buoys, Beacons and Sea Marks belonging thereto. 49pp., edges of first page dusty. 1812. £15.00

  3. Boston AN ACT for the more easy and speedy Recovery of Small Debts within the Borough of Boston and Skirbeck Quarter.... 14pp., plus cover leaf. 1753. £10.00

  4. Fens AN ACT for draining and preserving certain low Lands called The Fens, lying on both Sides of the River Witham.... and for restoring and maintaining the Naigation of the said River.... 61pp., plus cover leaf. 1762. £15.00

  5. Grimsby AN ACT for making additional Docks and other Works at the Haven of the Town and Port of Great Grimsby.... 46pp, with Schedules. 1845. £14.00

  6. Grimsby AN ACT for widening, deepening, enlarging, altering and improving the Haven of the Town and Port of great Grimsby.... 80pp., plus title sheet. 1796. £22.00

  7. Hackthorne, Lincs. AN ACT for Dividing and Inclosing the Open and Common Fields, Comon Meadows.... within the Manor and Parish of Hackthorne.... 34pp. 1778. £22.00

  8. Ingoldsby AN ACT for vesting in the Right Honourable Robert Spencer.... and the most Noble George Duke of Marlborough..... the settled Estates of the said Lord Robert Spencer, situate in the County of Lincoln. 6pp. Page edges slightly dusty. 1777. £20.00

  9. Lincolnshire AN ACT for the more effectual Preservation of Fish in Fish Ponds and other Waters.... and for preventing the Damage done to Sea Banks, within the County of Lincoln, by the breeding Conies therein. 5pp, black letter, plus cover leaf. 1765. £14.00

  10. Manor of Crowland A BILL to enable his Majesty to grant the Inheritance of the manor of crowland, in the County of Lincoln, to Trustees, In trust, for Thomas Orby Hunter esquire, and his Heirs.... 7pp, some light water staining mainly to lower margins. 1753. £15.00

  11. Ruskington AN ACT for Dividing and Inclosing the Open Common Fields, Meadow Grounds, common Fen, Cow Pasture, and other common arable Lands in the Parish of Ruskington, in the County of Lincoln. 24pp. 1778. £22.00

  12. Thimbleby AN ACT dividing and Inclosing cetain Open Fields, Meadows.... within the Parishes of Thimbleby and Edlington.... 32pp. 1778. £24.00

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  13. Witham Navigation, Lincs. AN ACT to amend the Acts relating to the Witham Navigation, and to reduce the Tolls on the said Navigation. 4pp. 1846. £10.00

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Or for further information contact Lesley Aitchison :-
Tel:- (0117) 9076899


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