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Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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A selection of :- Lincolnshire Acts of Parliament
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.
Measurements for maps, engravings, etc are given depth x width.

  1. Allington LEASE FOR A YEAR of named lands in the Manor of Allington, Beaumont Leeson and Thomas Houghton to Robert Burton. Vellum, size 16" x 24", two wax seals. 1797. £16.00

  2. Allington WILL of William Marriott of Allington, farmer, 1769. 2p., small folio. Copy of Probate Copy. Paper watermarked 1801. £14.00
    Bequeathes his properties in Allington.

  3. Barnetby le Wold PROBATE of the Will of Mr. William Abey, Tailor. Two vellum sheets, 23" x 29", printed administration certificate attached, papered seal. 1847. £14.00
    Includes ten tenements in Barnetby called 'Welbecks', naming occupiers. Refers also to items of furniture such as 'black dressing table', 'wall glass', etc.

  4. Brigg PARTICULARS of Parts of the Elwes Estates in Bigby and Roxby... 9p., folio, glossy wraps, basic plans. 1962... together with... Particulars of 'Nicolgate', Wrawby Road, 6pp., 4to., plan, 1966; 'Three Trees Farm', 4pp., 4to, 1962; 'Appleby Lodge Farm', 4pp., 4to, plan, 1961; 'Low Farm', Barnetby, 4pp., 8vo., plan, 1949; 'Moor Farm', Linwood, 1p., 4to, small plan, 1964. 6 items. 1949-1966. £13.00

  5. Foston AN ABSTRACT of John Cragg's Title to Copyhold Lands in Foston. Manor of Long Bennington and Foston with the Members. 1p., small folio, manuscript, detailing surrenders and admissions from 1715-1769. Folds... together with... Memorandum recording surrender of one half oxgang of land by John Cragg of Foston, tenant of the Manor, 1777, signed by Cragg and witnessed by Steward. 1p., small folio. 1777. £15.00

  6. Gentleman (David), Artist SHELL GUIDE TO THE ROADS OF BRITAIN Sewstern Lane. Poster with picture of the lane south of Grantham. Below is description and small map with illustration of drovers. Size 29" x 20", metal hanger top and bottom. 1950's. £26.00

  7. Grantham area PLANS Mr. Benjamin Simons. 1913. Book of manuscript plans, size 14" x 14", so titled on front board. Comprises four sheets of schedules giving no. on Ordnance Map, no. of Plan, Description, Culture, Acreage: 'Particulars of the Grange Farm in Willoughby, and in Hogsthorpe, (Pyewipe Hall Estate), Bilsby Farm, Hutton Bank Farm, (3 sheets), Particulars of Lands in Willoughby, Sloothby & Sutton on Sea, Toynton St. Peter. Each page of Schedules with decorative border, and decorative large headings. There follows 10 plans, one of which is double-page, in ink and colour wash, by W.J. Kemp, Surveyor. Each plan full page, with tissue guards, with very decorative border, attractive title, compass rose. Scale 8 Chains to an inch. Shows roads, fields, paths, streams, buildings, adjoining owners. Two show 'German Ocean', and 'North Sea.' Each field numbered, with acreage, shaded in different colours. Plans drawn on stiff paper and backed with linen, green silk edging ribbon, frayed in parts. Bound in half morocco, very worn and rubbed, cloth missing from boards at corners, lacks spine, binding shaky. Boards stained and faded. Loosely inserted is a copy of a newspaper article with an obituary of Benjamin Simons. 1913. £140.00

  8. Leeson family of Sedgebrook TWO WILLS 1766 and 1775. Copy of Attested Copy of the Probate of the Will and Codicil of William Leeson of Harlaxton, Grazier. Attested Copy 1797... together with... Attested Copy of the Probate Copy of the Will of Edward Leeson of Sedgebrook, Grazier. 1797. Each 2 large folio pages, folded with docket title. Copies made 1797. £20.00
    Refers to property in Harlaxton, East Allington, Wigtoft. Sums of £500 are left to their children.

  9. Long Bennington and Foston, Manor of THE VIEW OF FRANKPLEDGE with the Court Leet and Court Baron of Andrew Grote Esq. Lord of the Manor. Five documents, manuscript on vellum with Surrenders of tenants, 1747, 1750, 1769, 1805, 1808. Names are Winter, Harvey, Dring, Cragg. Size of documents range from 10" x 14" to 15" x 20". All with blue paper tax stamps... together with eight vellum Surrenders, with the same family names, at the Court Baron, 1745, 1765, 1770, and five of 1792. Size ranges from 10" x 14" to 16" x 22". 13 items in all. 1745 - 1808. £60.00

    LINCOLNSHIRE Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
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  10. North Kelsey PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF VALUABLE AND DESIRABLE Freehold & Tithe Free Estates Situate at NORTH KELSEY.... Late the property of Sir John Nelthorpe.... Farm Houses, Cottages, Farms and Lands consisting in the whole 1,205a 2r. 38p. Which will be offered for Sale by Auction by Mr. C.J. Calthrop at the Corn Exchange, in Brigg,... On Thursday, the 12th September, 1867. Large coloured folding plan, 13pp, folio, folded, docket title. Outer leaf slightly dusty. W.T. Tubby, Gray's Inn, 1867. £35.00

  11. Sedgebrook COPY WILL of John Hollingworth of Sedgebrook, grazier. 1771. Copy on two and a half pages folio, probably made slightly later. Split at fold in last page... together with... Attested copy of the same will, made 1830, docket titled 'Office Copy Will of John Hollingworth'. 1830. £14.00
    Leaves his house in Allington to his nephew, and other lands to various people, including a cottage to his servant Sarah Linsdale.

  12. Sedgebrook PROBATE OF THE WILL of Thomas Hollingworth of Sedgebrook, yeoman. On paper, two large folio pages, printed administration certificate attached, but information written in manuscript on verso, signed, rather than inserted in the spaces in the printed document. Large papered seal on tag... together with... A Copy of the Richd. Hollingworth's Will. Dated 29th Jan. 1718. 1p, folio, 32 lines. Contemporary copy. Piece torn from left margin. Refers to his house and land at Allington, six of his best cows and sheep, etc. 2 items. 1728. £28.00
    Leaves his closes of land in Allington to his wife.

  13. Sedgebrook PROBATE OF THE WILL of Richard Hollingworth of Sedgebrook, yeoman. On paper, size 12" x 12", with printed administration certificate (in English) attached, manuscript inserts, large papered seal on tag. 1733. £22.00
    Leaves his brother his land in East and West Allington, an annuity, two dairy cows and all his malt to his sister, twenty shillings to the poor of Sedgebrook, etc.

  14. Sedgebrook WILL of Robert Burton of Sedgebrook, Grazier, 1793. 4p, folio, plus cover sheet, folds. Attested copy, 1793. £18.00
    Refers to his farm at Allington, and bequests of money to various people.

  15. Sturton STURTON UNION MILL April 1875. Scale of Charges for Grinding Corn.... Manuscript on three pages, sm. 8vo, plain wraps. On front wrap is note of a Mill Committee meeting at the Red Lion Inn. 1875. £16.00

  16. Tydd Saint Mary PARTICULARS, PLAN, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, OF A VERY VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARM.... Comprising a house, Barn and Buildings and 119a. 1r. 26p.... Which be will offered for Sale by Public Auction.... at the "Hare and Hounds" Inn, Wisbech.... on Thursday, the 28th of January, 1869.... Folio, hand-coloured plan, 6pp, docket title, folded, few contemporary pencil notes in pencil to one page, short split to one fold adjacent to docket title, docket title dusty. 1869. £20.00

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