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London Acts of Parliament
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All Acts of Parliament are folio, and disbound unless otherwise stated.
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.

  1. Bethnal Green AN ACT for enabling the Inhabitants of the Hamlet of Bethnal Green.... to compleat their Church, and to pay Debts already contracted for the Relief of the Poor of the said Hamlet. 20pp, disbound, plus cover leaf. 1745. £12.00

  2. Bloomsbury, Holborn, Spitalfields etc. AN ACT to enable Her Majesty's Commissioners of Woods.... Works and Buildings to make additional Thoroughfares in the Metropolis 55pp., sm. folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1840. £18.00
    Includes a fourteen-page Schedule, with tables giving house number, street name, names of Freeholder, Leaseholder, Occupier. Comprises 'Oxford St. to Holborn', 'Long Acre to Charlotte St.', 'London Docks to Spitalfields Church'.

  3. Christ Church AN ACT for shutting up and discontinuing a certain Way or Passage called Old Paris Garden Lane situate in the Parish of Christ Church in the County of Surrey, and for selling and disposing of the Ground and Soil thereof. 3pp, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1817. £10.00

  4. Covent Garden AN ACT for rebuilding the Parish Church of Saint Paul, Covent Garden, within the Liberty of Westminster, in the County of Middlesex, and the Vestry Rooms belonging thereto.... Cover leaf + pages numbered 875-895, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. 1796. £12.00

  5. Dulwich College AN ACT for confirming a Scheme of the Charity Commissioners for the College of God's Gift in Dulwich.... 26pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1857. £10.00

  6. London Quays AN ACT to continue the Period for purchasing the Legal Quays and Warehouses in the Port of London, and to enable the Lords of the Treasury to purchase Buildings in Thames Street, for the Purpose of erecting a new Custom House. 3pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1812. £10.00

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  7. Millbank Church AN ACT for making Provision for the Rector of the New Church, situate near Millbank, in the Parish of St. Margaret Westminster..... Cover leaf + pages numbered 563-575, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1728. £10.00

  8. Newington AN ACT for confirming certain Building Leases of Lands in Newington... granted by the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, jointly with their Lessee Thomas Brandon... 12pp., small folio. Act of Parliament. Includes 1p., schedule of leases. 1811. £10.00

  9. Regent's Quadrant AN ACT to empower the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Woods to remove the Colonnade in the Regent's Quadrant. 10pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. Some light spotting on last few pages. 1848. £10.00

  10. Saint Sepulchre AN ACT for the better Relief and Employment of the Poor within that Part of the Parish of Saint Sepulchre... and for paving, cleansing.... regulating the Squares, Streets.... 83pp, disbound, short tear to cover leaf. Act of Parliament. 1772. £16.00

  11. Southwark AN ACT for better paving, cleansing, lighting and watching the Streets, Lanes, and other public Passages... within the Manor of Southward, otherwise called The Clink, or Bishop of Winchester's Liberty... 60pp., sm. folio. Some brownish waterstaining in top right corner. 1812. £14.00
    With one page Schedule with Occupiers and Owners.

  12. Westminster AN ACT for impowering the Commissioners for putting in Execution the several Acts... for Paving, Cleaning and Lighting the Squares, Streets, and Lanes within the City of Westminster... to collect certain Tolls on Sundays, upon the several Roads.... 12pp., plus cover leaf. Black letter. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1765. £10.00

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