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A selection of :- London Acts of Parliament
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  1. Angus (Wm), furniture manufactory LETTER informing client of opening of Manchester branch. Typewritten on large 4to, fine decorative heading printed in brown showing three factories... with... two small 4to sheets, one showing 12 chairs, one with the prices, and a price list for 'Arvon' roll-top desks. 1902. £8.00
    The company was in Finsbury, with factories in Glasgow, Manchester and Finsbury.

  2. Bank of England LETTER signed B.G. Babington, addressed on verso of conjoint leaf to 'Wm. Haggard Esq., Bank'. 10 lines in a large hand on 2p., small 8vo. Addressed from 16 Aldermanbury. Asks Haggard about the probable value of the coins in the accompanying box, and the best way to dispose of them. June 6th 1834. £18.00
    Possibly B.G. Babington, the epidemiologist and inventor of medical instruments. William Haggard was Director of the Bank of England.

  3. Battersea PROBATE OF THE WILL of John Baker of Battersea, Brickmaker and Builder. Manuscript on vellum, first line in very large letters. Size 17" x 24". Printed certificate of administration, with manuscript inserts, attached. Papered seal of Prerogative Court of Canterbury torn away. Discoloured on verso, but right side clean. 1799. £25.00
    Leaves to his sons and his friend John Mayhew, Stuffman, all his trades, business stock and effects. Mayhew, one of his executors, is to get a fold mourning ring worth two guineas. His sons are to carry on his business.

  4. Belgravia, Lea, Blackheath PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Leasehold Premises, 3 Wilton St., Belgravia, 1 Belgrave Terrace Terrace, Blackheath, 5 & 6 Diamond Terrace, Blackheath.... to be sold by Auction... 28th January 1898. 2pp., folio, plus 1p. conditions of sale. Folded with docket title, which is dusty. Two small repaired tears at folds. 1898. £10.00
    Gives description of each house.

  5. Blackfriars MORTGAGE for securing £1200, Revd. Charles Dampier to Edwin Newman. Dampier assigns to Newman three shares in the Plate Glass Works carried on at Albion Buildings Blackfriars and Ravenhead in Lancashire. 2p., large folio, signed with small seals. 1860. £12.00

  6. Bromley St. Leonards PROBATE COPY OF THE WILL of John Debonnaire of Bromley St. Leonards, Distiller. Two vellum sheets, size 26" x 30", with certificate of administration attached, Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Lacks wax seal from tag, light browning. 1747. £24.00
    Leaves £10,000 in stocks and securities, the interest to provide for his family.

  7. Brook Street PROBATE of the will of William Bailey, of Brook St., St. Pancras, coachmaker. Large vellum sheet with will, Probate certificate and large papered seal attached. Some slight browning. 1813. £15.00
    Leaves money to the society called 'The Sick Man's Friend' at Tottenham Court Chapel, to be used as a full specially-convened meeting thought fit, as well as property at 4 and 5 Brothers Buildings, St. Mary le Bone.

  8. Cassell, Petter and Galpin, Pub. LONDON (Western Sheet). Sheet from the nine-sheet map originally published by Edward Weller in the Weekly Dispatch newspaper. Lithographed, size 17" x 25", title along top, border on left. Scale 1 mile = 9". Traces of central fold. London, Published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin, La Belle Sauvage Yard, Ludgate Hill E.C. 187-. £120.00
    Covers Paddington Workhouse, Lords Cricket Ground, Regents Park Basin, Round Pond in Kensington Gardens. Cassell, Petter & Galpin published between 1858 and 1878, when it became Cassell, Petter, Galpin and Co.

  9. Chamberlain's Office PRINTED LETTER addressed to Henry Brown, Engraver, 14 Nicol Sq., Cripplegate. 6 lines, 4to, with dates and signature in manuscript. Informs Browne that the period for him obtaining freedom of the City has expired and he must present himself at the Office or proceedings will be taken against him. Address panel on verso of conjoint leaf, broken wax seal. 1841. £14.00

  10. Chelsea pensioners ORDER IS TAKEN this xxvith day of February 1705... in pursuance of a Warrant under Her Maj. Royall Signe... that you deliver and pay... unto John How Esq. Paymaster Genll. of Her Maj. Guard & Garrison... the sum of twelve hundred and four pounds nineteen shillings... to be paid over by him to the sevll. out pensioners of Chelsea Hospital... 24 lines on one side of sm. folio sheet, blank conjoint leaf with docket title. On verso is brief account, dated 8th October 1706 (including 'Rent of Hackney Coaches £416. 7s 11d'). The fold down the left edge has been strengthened on the inside with archival tape, which has slightly browned... together with... THE APPOINTMENT by Isaac Barre Paymaster General of His Majesty's Forces and Treasurer of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea, of the Honourable Frederick Vane of Sellaby in Durham to receive money due to the Pensioners of the Royal Hospital. 22 lines on one side of folio sheet, signed by Isaac Barre with good wax seal, and witnessed. On verso are three signed receipts for different dates in August 1782. 2 items. 1705-6 and 1782. £120.00
    Barre had had a military career of distinction, fighting in Flanders and in Canada. He became an M.P and in Parliament championed the American cause: he is credited with first using the term 'Sons of Liberty' to describe the American colonists. He became Paymaster General of the Forces in August 1782.

  11. City of London CERTIFICATE OF ADMISSION AS A FREEMAN of the City of London of George Lodwidge, Citizen and Vintner, 1878. Printed on vellum, with manuscript inserts, size approx. 3" x 15", city coat of arms on left, red paper Chamberlain's seal on right... together with... THE OATH OF EVERY FREEMAN of the City of London. Printed oath on Whatman paper, 4to, folds. Printed by Arthur Taylor. 1878. £15.00

  12. City of London EMBOSSED CARD showing arms of the city, dragons. Heavily embossed card in bright colour, size 5" x 6", the embossing covering about half of the card, showing top centre a shield with a red hand and 'Registered Trade Mark. Established 1831'. Flanked by gold scrolls and silver city dragons, arms of city on left and another shield with ship and three fleur de lys on right. Some small glue marks in blank area, possibly where a printed card had been pasted. n.d. 1870 £14.00

  13. City of London PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Important Modern Warehouse Premises nos 35 & 36 Aldermanbury.... which will be submitted to Auction.... September 24th, 1896. 3pp, folio, folded, docket title. 2" repaired tear at one fold. 1896. £8.00

  14. Clapham Common PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Ground Rents... secured upon 105 Villa Residences and 9 Shops... which will be Sold by Auction.. 27th November 1911. 14pp., 4to, wraps, folding plan. 1911. £10.00
    Includes properties in Mallinson Road, Bennerley Road, Salcott Road, Webbs Road.

  15. Clerkenwell PRICE LIST W.C. Tanner & Son, Manufacturers of Self-Acting Door Slides, Rubber Tubing, Draught Excluders... 8pp, 4to, illustrations. The prices have been scribbled through, with a note on title 'For illustrations only'. Some creasing, and a few small marginal tears. 1936-7. £5.00

  16. Contencin family ATTESTED COPY ASSIGNMENT of reversionary interest in Bank Annuities, Mr James Cotencin, Tailor, of Duke Street, St. James, to Joseph Smith of Regent Street, Mercer. 3p., folio, tied at corner with tape. Refers to the will of Mary Cotencin late of Camberwell, of 1804. Smith agrees to accept a share of the annuities in payment of goods sold to Cotencin. 1826. £12.00

  17. Covent Garden OBLIGATION BOND of Mary Miller, of Covent Garden, widow of John Miller, Merchant, late of Ramsbury in Wiltshire, to John Riley of Oundle, Draper, for £160. In Latin and English, 1p., sm. folio, signed Mary Miller with good small wax seal, signed by three witnesses. Conjoint leaf with docket title. 1717. £28.00

  18. Crucible Manufacturers ASSIGNMENT of Land Tax upon hereditaments at Battersea... William Vaughan Morgan and others... Crucible Manufacturers to the Morgan Crucible Company. 5p., vellum. Includes Schedule listing land by the River Thames, including Manufactory Yard and Wharf formerly known as the Bolingbroke Oil Works. 7 wax seals. 1890. £20.00
    The company began in 1856 as the Patent Plumbago Crucible Company. They made graphite crucibles at their factory in Battersea.

  19. Dawes (B) LINES ON THE BIRTH AND DEVOTION TO THE MUSE OF MR THOMAS GOUGH The Celebrated English Violinist. Poem in 76 lines, printed in two columns on one side of 4to sheet, thin paper. Decorative border. Folds, two tiny splits at fold. Second Edition. London July 7 1863. £30.00
    Recounts the life of Gough in glowing terms 'In Duncan Terrace, with a skilful hand/He leads a talented artistic band... Oh Islington, be proud of this young man/In thy locality it was his life began...'

  20. Finance LETTER from Donald Davidson 8, Howard Street, Strand, 23 Sept. 1811, to Stephen Phillimore at Kew Foot Lane, Richmond. Thanks him for sending Col. Smiths draft for Mr. Cole's estate and encloses a receipt. 11 lines, 1p., 4to, conjoint leaf with address panel, feint red circular postmarks, and black stamp 'Standard 3py P.Paid'. 1811. £12.00

  21. Flax and Hemp Sale FOR PUBLIC SALE at the London Commercial Sale Rooms, Mincing Lane... 3rd May, 1876, The Following Goods.... Manning, Collyer & Co., Brokers. 4 pages, size 17" x 7". Traces of horizontal folds, stab hole in top right corner. 1876. £25.00
    Lists 56 Lots in all, comprising numbers of bales of hemp and flax, for example Coconada Hemp, Sunn Hemp, Manila Hemp, Green Curled Fibre etc. Lists port shipped from, vessel, and which Quay or Wharf it is at, with merchants mark. For example 'Fine Rhine Italian Hemp... Per Emperor, from Venice, on Shew at Watson's Wharf...'.

  22. Francis Rodd of Trebartha NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT referring to lease on property at 17 Princes Terrace, Hyde Park, Sir Charles Lemon and Francis Rodd to Messrs Burgoyne and Milne. 1p. folio, plus conjoint leaf with docket title. 1866-70. £12.00

  23. Gray (Sir James) LETTER dated London 20th May 1714, signed Wm. Grahame, addressed on verso to Sir James Gray, (place illegible). 1p., 4to, 17 lines, blank conjoint leaf with address on verso. Tipped down right edge to a piece of blue paper. Says Gray can have the ledger 'when I am clear of the 100 guinee note which Mr Murray endors't...' but offers to answer any queries in the meantime. 'I desyre but justice in this affair... give your self that trouble in tyme or blame not me for the consequence of your neglect...' 1714. £28.00
    Sir James Gray, 1st Baronet, had been a merchant, and footman to James II.

  24. Great Exhibition ENGRAVING showing a view of the building framed by trees, people, carriages in the grounds. Engraved on thick paper, size 7" x 9". Shows building at the top, size 2" x 6", with 'Exhibition of All Nations' underneath, decorative border , which includes four figures and the arms of the City of London. Below the engraving of the building, and within the border, is a blank space with lines forming a box, presumably for something to be written in, and there are two lines of very small dots, possibly for writing an invitation or similar, some small light foxing spots around the edge, mainly in margin. No imprint. (1851). £35.00

  25. Greenwood (C & J) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF MIDDLESEX, From and Actual Survey, Made in the Years 1819 & 1820. An original decorative full coloured map, size 21" x 24", plus margins. With vignette views of St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey to the lower corners, as well as tables of reference and hundreds. Bottom right hand corner margin missing slightly intruding into the engraved frame, one long tear repaired across lower area of the map passes through one vignette and the Reference to Hundreds has been repaired to verso, there are also repairs to a few marginal tears. Published by the Proprietors C. Greenwood & Co. London, Corrected to the Present Period & Published July 4, 1829. £35.00

  26. Grosvenor Street LEASE of a room at 81 Grosvenor Street, previously used as a Counting House by Henry Earle, John Urell to Edward Gould. Large vellum sheet, two plain wax seals. 1867. £8.00

  27. Heathman, Parsons Green, Fulham WHEELED FIRE ESCAPES Extinguishers, Fire Pumps, Ladder Towers etc. Brochure which seems to be made of four advertising sheets, printed on both sides with numerous illustrations of ladders etc, being worked by firemen, folio. Stapled at one corner, bottom edge of two sheets slightly ragged, with some repaired tears. Folded. c1910. £12.00

  28. Hickin (John) TO THE WORTHY INHABITANTS of the Parish of St. Dunstan in The West. Handbill, 4to, printed on one side only, thanking parishioners for their support in the poll and soliciting further votes the next day. With results of the Poll 'at the Close of this Day'. Hen & Chicken Court, Fleet St., Wednesday Evening, 18th July, 1810. £28.00

  29. Holloway DEED OF ENFRANCHISEMENT of hereditaments in St. Mary Islington held of the Manor of St. John of Jerusalem, John Wainwright and others to Robert Enkel. Three vellum sheets, size 20" x 23", coloured plan showing the land at Grove Road on the first sheet, size 13" x 8", 10 wax seals and signatures. 1878. £15.00
    With a brief schedule of deeds from 1845.

  30. Investiture TICKET Admit Bearer to the Quadrangle Buckingham Palace on the occasion of an Investiture by H.M. The King. 22 May 1919. Derek Keppel, Master of the Household. Ticket printed on one side of card size 4" x 5". Small blue crown top left. One corner 'bumped'. 1919. £6.00

  31. Johnston Brothers Ltd. THE JOHNSTON 'DOME' AND 'SUPERDOME' for heating and spraying tar and bitumen. Travels Fast, Heats Faster, Works Fastest. Advertising leaflet for boilers, long sheet folded to make 6 pages, 4to, printed in red and black, four photographs, details of dimensions etc. c1936. £8.00

  32. Kennington (Manor of) ADMISSION of William Crossweller as Purchaser from the Executors of William Pittman. Refers to houses in Kennington Road and Kennington Place, in the Parish of St. Mary Lambeth. On vellum, 21" x 13". Signed by Steward. 1904. £8.00
    The Manor was 'Parcel of the Possessions of the Duchy of Cornwall in the County of Surrey'.

  33. King's College, London LETTER from R.W. Self(?), Principal, to an unknown correspondent regarding the Resolution of the College respecting a Memorial to Sir Robert Inglis, with remarks on his character. 4p, 8vo. King's College London, Dec. 16, 1856. £10.00

  34. Knight (Charles) EASTERN LONDON Lithographed plan. Size 10" x 14", trace of central fold, and two other vertical folds. Some slight browning down central fold. London. Charles Knight 90 Fleet Street. (1878). £45.00
    Covers Victoria Park, West India Dock, Blackfriars Bridge. From the book on London by Charles Knight. One of three maps from this publication, the others being 'The Environs of London', and 'Western London'.

  35. Knight (Charles) ENVIRONS OF LONDON Lithographed plan. Size 10" x 14", trace of central fold, split 2" along central fold at bottom edge, neatly repaired on verso. Two small foxing spots. London. Charles Knight 90 Fleet Street. (1878). £40.00
    Covers Richmond, Tottenham, Plumstead Marshes, Northwood. From the book on London by Charles Knight. One of three maps from this publication, the others being 'Western London', and 'Eastern London'.

  36. Knight (Charles) WESTERN LONDON Lithographed plan. Size 14" x 10", trace of central fold. London. Charles Knight 90 Fleet Street. c1860. £40.00
    Covers Primrose Hill, Waterloo Bridge, Battersea Park, Kensington Gardens. From the book on London by Charles Knight. One of three maps from this publication, the others being 'The Environs of London', and 'Eastern London'.

  37. Lady St. John NOTE unsigned, to a Mr. Strong, dated Weymouth St, Sunday Nov. 2nd. Written in the third person. 7 lines on 4to sheet, blank conjoint leaf with 'Mr Strong' on verso, and trace of impression of a seal. Asks him to call on her at Weymouth Street that day at twelve, or if that's not possible to name a time within the next three days 'but she wishes to see him today'. n.d. c1810? £15.00
    Lady St. John was the daughter of the brewer, Samuel Whitbread. In 1804 there was a lawsuit regarding the inheritance of her children under his will.

  38. London BILL of Thomas Hamlet, Goldsmith and Jeweller, Princes St., Leicester Sq. Made out to Major Frankland for 4 items (including 1 doz. table forks), and engraving 24 cyphers. 1p., 4to, engraved heading with attractive lettering. 1811. £14.00

  39. Madame Tussaud's THE NEW MADAME TUSSAUD'S EXHIBITION Official Guide and Catalogue 1928. 80pp., wraps. Adverts, a few photographic illustrations. Staples rusty. 1928. £8.00
    Lists over 290 characters, plus 80 for the Chamber of Horrors.

    LONDON & MIDDLESEX Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
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  40. Millinery HENRY HEATH. YE HATTERIE 106, 107, 109 Oxford St. W. Illustrated brochure, 12pp., 8vo, each page with an illustration of a person wearing a hat. Stiff wraps with no title except 'To Her Majesty' with gilt coat of arms. Inside the front wrap is a list of patrons, topped with a crown, including The King, The Queen, The Prince of Wales, The Empress of Russia etc. Brown silk ribbon ties perished, hence wraps detached from contents (but spine sound). On the back wrap is an illustration of the shop. n.d. c1900. £25.00

  41. Minories PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of Two Valuable Leasehold Dwelling Houses with Shops... Nos. 97 and 100 on the West and Most Eligible Side of the Minories... which will be sold by auction.... 8th June, 1852.... 3pp., folio, folds. 1852. £14.00

  42. Needlework INVITATION from H.R.H. Princess Christian of Schleswig Holstein and the Members of the Council of The Royal School of Art & Needlework for 22nd July 4.30 to 7. Presumably to an Exhibition. Card size 5" x 8", gold monogram 'Helena H' with coronet top left. On verso is list of Patrons, Council etc. Crease down centre of card. Invitee's name in manuscript. n.d. c1914? £10.00
    Princess Helena was Queen Victoria's third daughter. The word 'Art' was dropped from the title of the school in 1922.

  43. Newgate Street, City ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT between William Thorn, tobacconist and snuffmaker, of Newgate Street, and Henry Harris of Shadwell, Gentleman for the purchase of his shop on the north side of Newgate Street, with goodwill and stock. 3p., large folio, folded. Signed by both parties with small papered seals. Some small edge tears at folded edge. 1807. £20.00
    Thorn was to instruct Harris 'in the Art or Mystery of the said Trade of tobacconist and snuff manufacturer' and agreed not to set up a business as tobacconist in the next twenty years without his agreement. The business must have been a substantial one as the property was £1570 and the goodwill £1050.

  44. Noton Ltd., Walthamstow LUGGAGE 1956. Catalogue, 31pp., 4to, yellow wraps, numerous illustrations including many in colour. Staples rusty hence some sections loose. 1956. £14.00
    Includes Lizard Grain Range, Taper-Shape Range, leather handbags.

  45. Olympic Theatre LETTER dated Olympic Theatre 17th Nov. (18)79. To a Mr. Sim. Says telegraphing to cancel their meeting was unavoidable as she was called to the theatre to arrange business. Signed Janey Joseph. 2p. 1879. £6.00
    The Olympic Theatre ran from 1806 to 1889.

  46. Piano Manufacturer TRADE CARD of Augustus Gough & Co., Manufacturers of Wood & Iron Framed Pianofortes, Uxbridge Road. Printed in a variety of decorative type-faces on card size 3" x 4". n.d. c1890. £5.00

  47. Piccadilly BILL of C. Hall, Poulterer & Licensed Dealer in Game, 52 Albemarle St. Small 8vo, printed heading with vignette of pheasant, made out for three (illegible) items. 1846. £10.00

  48. Pollard Engineering Co., Faringdon St. SAFE! Catalogue of Pollard Safety Geysers. 16pp., 8vo, illusts. of geysers, baths etc. Decorative wraps with attractive illustration of railway signal, slightly worn at one corner, some page edges yellowed. Repaired down spine with archival tape. c1930 or earlier. £8.00


  49. Port of London DELIVER TO Col. Campbell the following Goods, sold him by the Honble. Commissioners of Excise at their Sale on the 18th of Jany. 1822 viz.... Small folio sheet headed with three printed lines as above, details in manuscript, followed by listing of 11 Lots with price, totals. Signed by Accomptant, Receiver and Comptroller. Folds, docket title on verso, with a note 'Due to Mr. Trefusis for 4 extra Bottles Maderia at 4s per Bottle'.... together with... RECEIPT for payment to the London Dock Company for 12 weeks rent and Import Rate, 1853. 22nd March 1822 and 1853. £24.00
    Apart from '2lb wax candles' the lots seem to be wine or spirits, as the measure is in gallons, but the item is referred to only as 'no 3' etc. The cost of carriage for lot 994 (35 Galls) is added.

  50. Port of London PRICES CURRENT LISTINGS East India and other Produce. 7 issues, each 4pp, 4to. Repaired tear in one leaf. 1841-44. £15.00

  51. Poupard (Thos. J), Tooley St., London S.E. ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST of Weighing Machines, coal sacks, sack holders, etc. 4pp., folio, printed in red and black. Numerous illustrations of machines. Traces of horizontal folds. c1890. £16.00

  52. Princess's Theatre, Regent Street PLAYBILL Double playbill, size 19" x 19", folded in half vertically, with programme printed on two sides. Advertising programme for Wednesday March 13th, 1850. Main spectacles printed in large type-face. 9 small stab holes in margin. Fairbrother, Printer, Covent Garden. 1850. £30.00
    The programme included a scene from Bellini's 'La Sonnambula', the romantic opera 'Night Dancers' by Mr Loder, a new farce 'Hot and Cold', and the ballet 'The Three Statues'.

  53. Rimmel (Eugene) IN BANKRUPTCY form stating that Thomas Plant and Joseph Plant of Gracechurch St., were indebted to Eugene Rimmel for three pounds for goods sold and delivered. Folio, printed with manuscript inserts. Signed Rimmel, at Bow St., Magistrates Court. Piece torn from corner with loss of some printed words. Folded and addressed to Rimmel at 96 Strand, penny red stamp. 1879. £8.00

  54. Robins's ROYAL WATER FILTERS By Her Majesty's Letters Patent. Sole Office 163, Strand, London, Opposite The New Church. Printed advertising sheet, 4to, printed on both sides, coat of arms at head. 23 lines, plus headings in a variety of type-faces. Gives prices for different filters. On verso are 20 recommendations, and Directions for maintenance of the filter. Small piece torn from top left corner. A couple of small edge tears, traces of folds. n.d. c1850? £34.00
    'I have been disgusted for some time past by the filthy fluid which has been served to my house by the Grand Junction Water Company'.

  55. Royal Mint LETTER signed Wm. Beatty to D. Haggard. dated 'Thursday Morng.', address illegible. 1p., 13 lines on 1p., sm. 8vo, conjoint leaf with remains of wax seal and address of D. Haggard Esq., Croome's Hill. Says he regrets he is unable to meet him at the Mint that day but hopes to meet his friend at some other date. n.d. c1830. £16.00

  56. Ruislip DEED OF BARGAIN AND SALE of a moiety of the Manor of Ryslipp, Midford Young of Doctors Commons, William Shepherd, of Frome, Clothier and others, to John Manley of the Middle Temple. 6p., folio, written on one side of paper only, fastened at top corner with tape. 1789, attested copy 1791... together with... RELEASE for making a tenant to the precipe for five recoveries of a moiety of estates in London and in Middlesex, Essex, Leicester, Sarah Lewin and Mr Young to Mr Manley. 7p., folio, 1793, attested copy 1800. 2 items. 1791 and 1800. £35.00
    Included North Ridinge Wood, Consens Wood, Little Westcotts Wood, Lewis Hill, a messuage called Southcotts, Lady Gate Field, and lands which had belonged to the father-in-law of William Shepherd, John Lewin, who had purchased them from the Berners family, together with a long list of property in Ruislip, mentioning exact locations, and occupiers. Properties in Leicester are also mentioned, and a messuage called 'Campions' in Harlow, Essex.

  57. Sergent Plomber THE VOLUNTARY AFFADAVIT of Thos. Kynaston of Somerset House... Manuscript note of four lines, on sheet of paper size 6" x 7", whereby Kynaston affirms on oath that Jos. Roberts Esq. late Sergt. Plomber to his Majesty died on 10th April 1742. Signed Kynaston, and signed as sworn before him by J. Bromfield. Small piece of paper torn from top left corner with loss of part of a word not in the body of the affadavit which is followed by 'viz'. 1742. £18.00

  58. South Kensington, Pimlico etc. PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Leasehold Ground Rents and House Properties situate in Various Parts of London.... to be sold by Auction.... on 6th day of December, 1882. 8pp, folio, some tears at folds. 1882. £12.00
    Includes sale of houses in Paulton Sq., Chelsea, Cavendish Square, Castelnau Villas, Barnes, The Cock Tavern, Hampstead Road.

  59. Southwark Monthly Meeting QUAKER MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE for the marriage of John Biddle, of Corbet Court, Wholesale Linen Draper, and Anna Hooper of Gloucester House in the Parish of St. Mary (so called), at the Monthly Meeting at Southwark, 15th Third Month, 1804. On thin vellum, size 23" x 15", printed with manuscript inserts. Signatures of 75 witnesses. Ink of handwritten entries faded. 1804. £25.00

  60. St. Martin in the Field MEMORIAL to be registered of an indenture.... John Croombes, Bright Smith, and others to John Paragreen. Vellum size 14" x 12". Not signed. Refers to an indenture of 1798, and relates to a messuage in Castle Street, Leicester Square, in the possession of John Paragreen and used as a Public House called The George. 1842. £16.00

  61. St. Martins in the Fields MEMORANDUM relating to an indenture of 1798 between John Croomes of Waltham Green and others, and John Paragreen, Victualler, for the demise of a public house known as the George. On vellum, size 13" x 13", ink slightly faded. Copy, not signed. 1842. £8.00
    The public house was on the west side of Castle Street, Leicester Square.

  62. Stanford's LIBRARY MAP OF LONDON AND ITS SUBURBS Scale 6" to 1 mile. Steel engraved plan. Comprises sheets 6 and 7 and the two sheets to the south, covers Leighton Road, Mildmay Road in the north, Shadwell New Basin in the east, Lambeth Bridge in the south, St. John's Episcopal Chapel in the west. Overall size 25" x 31", plus margins. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into rubbed marbled endpapers, size 9" x 7". Tear in linen between the two top left sections, some small edge tears in linen at margins where folds meet, a couple of small holes in linen where folds meet. Parks and water features hand-coloured. Small ink splash near St. Paul's Pier, not obscuring text, six central areas outlined in colour, coloured in wash, and lettered with a capital letter in red. Published by Edward Stanford, February 15th 1877. £95.00
    Presumably this is the 'School Board Map'.

  63. Strand BILL of Edward Corn, 385 Strand, Boot Maker To Their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of Sussex and Cambridge. Size 7" x 8", fine large engraved heading taking up most of the paper, showing royal coats of arms with lion, unicorn, flags etc. Made out for 2 pairs of top boots and 2 pairs of dress shoes. Small receipt attached, signed by Corn. 1823. £20.00

  64. University of London LETTER signed Geo. Grote, dated 12 Savile Row, Ap. 24, 1855, to Ralph Littler. 2p., small 8vo. Says he regrets it's prudent to 'abstain from convening any public meeting of the University of London at the distribution of its degrees for this year. The attendance last year was so lamentably small...'. 1855. £16.00
    George Grote was an advocate of parliamentary reform, and author of a major history of Greece. With Mill and others he helped organise the setting up of the University of London.

  65. Wallis (James) MIDDLESEX (Map) Copper engraved, hand coloured map, size 6" x 10". plus small margins, the boroughs are individually coloured, small amount of feint spotting, small portion of paper adheres to verso, James Wallis, engraver and publisher, London: c.1820. £28.00 (Sanders)

  66. Walters (H.E), Old Kent Road SPECIAL NETT PRICE LIST for Wholesale Trade. H.E. Walters, Manufacturer of Oilskin Clothing, Oil-Dressed Cotton, Tarpaulin Canvas... 20pp., 8vo, with illustrations and prices. 1935. £10.00
    Includes Cabmen's and cyclists' capes, etc.

  67. Weinreb & Douwma PLANS OF LONDON Catalogue. 20pp., oblong 8vo... together with... Plans for London. Architecture catalogue 24. 34pp., 8vo. Numerous illustrations in each. 2 items. c1978. £16.00

  68. Weller (E) Engr. ENVIRONS OF LONDON Sheet 7. Covers Greenwich, Dartford, Sevenoaks. Lithographed map on single sheet showing the various railways, size 17" x 12", some outline hand-colouring. Scale 1" to 1 mile. 1863. £14.00
    Part of the map on 8 sheets from 'The Dispatch Atlas'.

  69. Weller (E) Engr. ENVIRONS OF LONDON Sheet 5. Covers Windsor, Esher, Guildford. Lithographed map on single sheet showing the various railways, size 17" x 12", some outline hand-colouring. Scale 1" to 1 mile. 1863. £14.00
    Part of the map on 8 sheets from 'The Dispatch Atlas'.

  70. Weller (Edw.), Red Lion Square, drawn & engraved by LONDON (South Sheet). Sheet from the nine-sheet map originally published by Edward Weller in the Weekly Dispatch newspaper. Scale 9" = 1 mile. Lithographed, size 17" x 25", title and scale bar along top, border along bottom. Traces of central fold, border very slightly clipped along bottom edge for approx. 2". Weekly Dispatch, 139 Fleet Street. (1860's). £180.00
    Shows Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Millbank Penitentiary, 'Bricklayer's Arms Railway Station', Kennington Oval, etc.

  71. Weller (Edw.), Red Lion Square, drawn & engraved by LONDON Top central sheet from the nine-sheet map originally published by Edward Weller in the Weekly Dispatch newspaper. Scale 1" = 9". Lithographed, size 17" x 25", large title 'London' along top, in form of a cloth draped over the top border, scale bar along left margin. Traces of central fold, bottom edge trimmed right to neatline, with some slight loss of printed surface along 6" of bottom left edge, amounting to about a quarter of an inch into the surface at its widest part at the bottom of Oakley Square. 1(860's). £180.00
    Shows Islington, Camden, Upper Holloway, Highbury, Regents Canal.

  72. Whitechapel WILL of Richard Browne, Citizen and Clothworker of London. Probate copy on vellum, size 22" x 26", first line in very large script. There are small slits in the vellum at the bottom where a seal of some sort should be, but this is missing. 1752. £18.00
    Says he has made his wife joint purchaser of all his messuages and lands except for a messuage and 61 acres of fen and marsh land in Market Deeping, Lincoln. Leaves his share in two messuages lately purchased in the parish of 'St. Mary Meatfellon' alias Whitechapel to his friend Henry Marshall.

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