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A selection of :- Irish Acts of Parliament
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  1. Castle Durrow LETTER to William Flower from David Drewett, dated Apr. 5th, 1732. Congratulates him on the celebrations held for four days when the Viceroy made held his court at his house, says he is glad 'my little Dear Harry', Flower's son, has a tutor at last, and mentions that the Duchess of Kent and Lady Limerick are soon to add to the number of Lady Portland's grandchildren. 3p., 4to, 56 lines in a rather untidy hand. Tipped on to album leaf down extreme left edge. 1732. £40.00
    'I was mightily pleas'd to Hear of yr visitt yr King & Queen made you, & wish I could have seen the Form & Ceremony of Adapting A New Name for yr House - by yr Description of it I believe twas very Diverting, I am Sure the Addition of Castle to Durrow gives it a Noble Sound... for the New Title, I am Privately Whispered, you are soon to Have..' William Flower built Castle Durrow 1712-16, and it was known as one of the finest houses in Ireland. He became Baron Castle Durrow in 1733.

  2. Dublin LETTER from Richard Pope, 98 James Street, Dublin. Addressed to unknown correspondent, asking him to thank the Committee of the Religious Tract Society for the grant of tracts they have sent 'May the friend of truth in England water with their prayers the exertions in progress in this country for the diffusion of truth...' 1ęp to, blue paper stuck to back of letter below signature. 1827. £16.00

  3. Marcus Ward & Co. Limited MARSH & CO'S BISCUITS & CAKES Belfast. Calendar 1894. Calendar printed in brown on thin card size 3" x 4", folded in two with coloured illustration on front and back, one showing a girl carrying holly and mistletoe, snowy background, the other a girl in a garden gathering cherry blossom. Possibly by Kate Greenaway as they are very much in her style. Inserted in a decorative envelope, printed in red, with 'Calendar 1894. With the Compliments of Marsh & Co. Ltd. Belfast in decorative lettering, and a boy in pierrot hat opening a large box of Marsh's biscuits and brandishing one... together with... Pocket Book Calendar. 1873. 18pp., gilt edges, size approx. 2" x 1", printed in green on pale green paper, wraps with celtic type decoration. Marcus Ward, Belfast Works. 3 items. 1894. £24.00

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  4. St. Malachy's College SPORTS Thursday 30th May, 1901. Poster printed in black on pink paper, size 14" x 8", the top third being taken up with a black and white illustration of a boy in a straw hat riding a donkey. Lists 13 runners, with owner and rider. The course was the 'Old Vicinage'. 1901. £15.00

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Or for further information contact Lesley Aitchison :-
Tel:- (0117) 9076899

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