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Lesley Aitchison
Bristol Acts of Parliament
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All Acts of Parliament are folio, and disbound unless otherwise stated.
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.

  1. Blind School AN ACT for better governing and regulating an Institution in the City of Bristol called and known by the Name of "The Bristol Asylum or School of Industry for the Blind." 18pp. 1832. £14.00

  2. Bridge over River Avon AN ACT for rebuilding, widening, and enlarging the Bridge over the River Avon, in the City of Bristol, and erecting a Temporary Bridge adjoining; and for widening the Streets, Lanes, Ways, and Passages leading thereto; and for building another Bridge over some other Part of the said River, within the said City (if necessary); and for opening proper Ways and Passages thereto; and for making a Way from the Bridge already built to Temple Street, in the said City. Black Letter, cover leaf + 34pp. 1786. £18.00

  3. Bristol Boundaries AN ACT To extend the City and County of Bristol.... 49pp. 1904. £12.00

  4. Brokers AN ACT for the Admission and Regulation of Brokers within the City of Bristol. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 5pp. 1730. £20.00

  5. Building regulating AN ACT for Regulating Buildings and Party Walls, within the City of Bristol, and the Liberties thereof. 31pp. Tear in first leaf and some underlining on one page. 1788. £25.00

  6. Clifton Suspension Bridge AN ACT for extending the Time for building a Bridge over the River Avon from Clifton to the oposite Side of the River.... 2pp, slightly dusty and ragged to top margin. 1848. £10.00

  7. Colston, Edward AN ACT for vesting several Fee Farm Rents and annual Sums settled by Edward Colston deceased, on the Master, Wardens, and Commonalty of Merchant Venturers of the City of Bristol, for the Maintenance of a Hospital and Alms House in the said City, in Trustees, to be sold.... 14pp. 1807 £14.00
    Includes a 3pp schedule of the premises concerned.

  8. Docks AN ACT for facilitating the Transfer of the Bristol Docks to the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the City of Bristol.... 31pp. 1848. £14.00

  9. Docks AN ACT for Improving and rendering more Commodious the Port and Harbour of Bristol.... 94pp.... together with.... AN ACT to alter and amend an Act... intituled An Act for improving and rendering more commodious the Port and Harbour of Bristol.... 26pp.... together with.... AN ACT for completing the Improvement of the Port of Bristol. 23pp.... together with.... AN ACT to enable the Bristol Dock Company to borrow a further Sum of Money for completing the Improvements.... 4pp. Bound together in marbled boards, qtr. calf, rubbed, morocco label. 1803-1809. £50.00

  10. Hospitals and Workhouses AN ACT for rendering more effectual the several Acts passed for the erecting of Hospitals and Workhouses within the City of Bristol, for the Better employing and maintaining of the Poor thereof. Black Letter, 12pp and cover leaf. 1745. £12.00

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  11. Municipal Charities AN ACT for confirming a Scheme of the Charity Commissioners for certain Municipal Charities in the City of Bristol. 4pp. 1858. £8.00

  12. Port Fires AN ACT to remove the Danger of Fire amongst the Ships in the Port of Bristol, by preventing the landing of certain Commodities on the present Quays; and for providing a convenient Quay and proper Places for landing and storing the same.... Black Letter, 31pp. plus cover leaf. 1776. £18.00

  13. Riot Compensation AN ACT for more easily providing Compensation for the Damage and Injury committed within the City of Bristol and County of the same City during the late Riots and Disturbances therein. 18pp. 1832. £14.00

  14. Roads AN ACT for amending the several Roads leading from the City of Bristol. Black Letter. Cover leaf + 12pp., bound in recent paper boards. 1727. £18.00
    Refers to roads through Bitton, Syston, Mangotsfield, Hambrook, Almondsbury, Pensford, etc.

  15. Roads AN ACT to explain and amend an Act.... [intituled, An Act for amending the several Roads leading from the City of Bristol.] Black Letter. 12pp. 1731. £12.00

  16. Streets, Lanes, &c. AN ACT for widening several Streets, Lanes, Ways, and Passages within the City of Bristol.... Black Letter. Cover leaf + 40pp. With 5p. Schedule listing names of occupiers with their profession. 1766. £16.00

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Or for further information contact Lesley Aitchison :-
Tel:- (0117) 9076899

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