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A selection of :- Bristol Acts of Parliament
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Measurements for maps, engravings, etc are given depth x width.

  1. Ashmead (G.C) ASHMEAD'S MAP OF THE CITY AND BOROUGH OF BRISTOL, Reduced from the Original Survey and corrected to 1871. Fine engraved plan, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into original 8vo, unlettered cloth boards, overall size of map approx. 38" x 34". Scale approx. 1" to 1 furlong. With Reference tables of Public Buildings, Schools, Almshouses, Dissenting Chapels, Principal inns and Hotels etc. Some light marks on linen on verso, not affecting paper. Published by G.C. Ashmead & Son, 11 Small Street, Bristol: March, 1871. £680.00
    Ashmead issued his first plan of Bristol in 1828. This was largely based on the work of Joseph Plumley who died after only issuing the prospectus for his map. This first Ashmead map measured 75" x 58" with a scale of 200 feet = 1 inch. Ashmead went on to issue smaller, reduced scale, plans of Bristol in 1833, 1846, 1855, 1871 and 1882. This edition extends from Windmill Hill to Cold Harbour Farm in the north, from the Black Swan on Stapleton Road to Nightingale Valley in the West.

  2. Back Street, St. Nicholas MORTGAGE of a tenement in Back Street built by Thomas Dyer formerly called the Blew Anchor, between Rackhay Gate and the tenement of the widow Driver. John Combs of Bristol, Cordwainer & Mary his wife, William Bishop of Clifton and Isaac Jones of Bristol. 2 large vellum sheets, 4 signatures with wax seals. Vellum very creased at right edge making some words illegible. Some dustmarking. 1728... together with... LEASE for 99 years of premises in Back Street in the Parish of St. Nicholas, 'formerly known by the sign or name of the Blew Anchor and now... by the sign of the King's Head.', William Cann of Bristol to Charles Jefferies, Merchant.Vellum, size 25" x 29", waterstain at central fold, ink rubbed in bottom corners, but legible, vellum creased. Wax seal. 2 items. 1728 and 1748. £36.00
    Jefferies was Cann's son-in-law.

  3. Bedminster and Long Ashton FREEHOLD PROPERTY at Long Ashton, near Bristol, & in Langton Street, Jubilee Place, Redcliff St. and North Street, Bedminster... for sale by Auction... at the Hope and Anchor Inn Redcliff Hill... the following property... Auction particulars on 3p., folio, folded with docket title, listing 10 Lots, with address, name of tenant, rent, on the first page, and conditions of sale and completed memorandum on the other two. 1862. £25.00

  4. Bedminster ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXIV.4.20. Scale 1/500 being 10.56 Feet to One Statute Mile. Size approx. 25" x 39". Shows buildings in detail with garden layout, shrubs, etc. Covers area from East Street and Timber Yard to Bedminster Station. Shows two Tanneries with Tanpits, Doveton Mill, Stoneyard, Smithy, Chapels. Surveyed 1882, printed 1891. £35.00

  5. Bedminster ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXIV.4.20. Scale 1/500 being 10.56 Feet to One Statute Mile. Size approx. 25" x 38". Shows buildings in detail with garden layout, shrubs, etc. Covers area from East Street and Timber Yard to Bedminster Station. Shows two Tanneries with Tanpits, Doveton Mill, Stoneyard, Smithy, Chapels. A small area 5" x 5" top left edge has been marked out lightly in red ink, in small squares. Surveyed 1882, printed 1891. £26.00

  6. Besley (William) OBLIGATION BOND to Thomas Neast of Bristol, Victualler for £120. In English and Latin, printed with manuscript inserts. 1p, sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf with docket title. Small wax seal. Signed by Besley and 2 witnesses. 1729. £24.00

  7. Blackboy Hill, Westfield Park, Apsley Rd, Wellington Park, etc. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet No. LXXI.12.22. Scale 1:500. Engraved surface approx. 25" x 38", mounted on dark blue linen, edged with tape, a few manuscript notes for cable runs, a couple of areas with small manuscript overpasted updates, tape missing from top and part of one side edge, one corner lightly dust-stained. First Edition, 1882, Reprinted 1897. £38.00
    Extremely detailed map showing garden layout, greenhouses, street trees, etc.

  8. Brewing RELEASE by Matthew Hawkings and Robert Bound, heir of Elizabeth Bound deceased, which Matthew and Elizabeth are two of the children of the late Sir John Hawkins, Knight, deceased, of two messuages in East Tucker Street in Temple parish in the occupation of Richard Vining, Maltster, to John Hawkins of Busselton. Vellum, size 13" x 12", two wax seals. 1748. £35.00
    This is presumably part of the group of properties which eventually became George's Brewery (Philip George bought a malthouse in Tucker Street in 1788.)

  9. Bristol Aeroplane Company OLYMPUS Turbojet Engine. Brochure, size 9" x 12", 15pp., glossy card wraps, numerous full plate illustrations, and photos in the text, as well as coloured sectioned drawing over two pages. Staples rusty, paper rather cockled along bottom edge... with... MOTEURS HERCULES 758-9 (Licence Bristol). Mai 1955. Pamphlet in French, 4pp., large 4to, diagrams and photos... with... 'BRISTOL' SLEEVE VALVE ENGINES Turboprops, Turbojets, Ramjets. Bochure which folds out to a single large sheet of glossy paper, illustrating four engines with their aeroplanes, c1954. 3 items. n.d. c1956. £38.00
    Includes information on the altitude record of May 4th 1953.

  10. Bristol Aeroplane Company PROTEUS 755 Free Turbine Engine. Brochure, size 9" x 12". Glossy card wraps. 20pp., many photographic illustrations, and double-page coloured section, page of graphs. Front wraps slightly chipped at top and bottom corners on right of front wrap... with... BRISTOL ENGINES. PROTEUS. Brochure, printed in red and black, large 4to, attractive design of white aeroplanes on red background on front, 4pp., folding out to large sheet with photographic illustrations on the inside. 2 items. n.c. 1955. £35.00

  11. Bristol Gaol TWO LETTERS from a half-pay lieutenant. First letter dated Bristol, Dec. 31st 1806, 11 lines, on one side of 4to sheet. Says he has been ill from 'fretting at my melancholy situation'. The second letter is dated a week later. 50 lines on 3p., 4to, address panel on verso with wax seal and address of Charles Cox, 20 Bartletts Buildings, Holborn. Says he needs to draw £20 'it is the only alternative I have of keeping out of Bristol prison & being turn'd out of the Regt... if I remain... I shall be entitl'd at the peace if I don't get a Compy. to the allowance of twenty five pounds a year... if you refuse my total ruin must follow...'. Both signed W. Langley. 1806-7. £40.00

  12. Bristol properties FIVE AUCTION CATALOGUES for sale of contents of houses, one for 1885, the others 1950's. Comprises: Cleeve House, All Saints Road, Clifton, 1885 (26pp., 4to, lacks back wrap); 10 Princes Buildings, Clifton, 1958 (26pp plus photos, 8vo); 2 Rockleaze, Sneyd Park 1958 (24p. 8vo); 9 Stoke Hill, 1957 (14p. 8vo); Hambrook Grove, Hambrook, 1958 (22p. 8vo). 5 items. 1885-1958. £15.00

  13. Bristol shipping PHOTOGRAPHS of a large vessel near the Nova Scotia at Hotwells. Size 6" x 8". Shows four men on the Hotwells side of the quay, a ship with three masts and one funnel moored on the other side, men visible on deck. In the background, left, is the Nova Scotia pub, and directly behind the ship, trees. Below this is a photo of 'The Gypsy' lying wrecked in the Avon, at low water, with the 'Sea King' tug near her. The crack at midships is clearly visible. People are standing on the mud either side of her, and on the tug. Size approx. 4" x 5". Both photos pasted to thin card, marks on verso of card. There is a 1" tear from the top edge of top photo, in sky area. 2 photographs. 1878. £40.00
    The 'Gypsy' had come from Ireland and was leaving for Waterford when in the early morning of 12th May, 1878, she struck the bank, and blocked the navigation. Dynamite was used to clear the river for shipping.

  14. Bristol Times & Mirror, etc. NEWS CUTTINGS in two volumes, one 4to and one large 4to. 100 pages in each, cuttings pasted 3 columns to a page. Boards, spines lacking on each volume. Many cuttings have been titled and dated in MS. Cuttings relate to all aspects of Bristol history and topography, including much on Clifton and Cotham. 2 items. 1920's and 30's. £75.00
    The larger volume contains cuttings from the 1860's and 70's. Includes letter supposedly from 'William III' in Queen Square 'To the Citizens of Bristol and Promoters of the Railway Which is to Extinguish Queen Square', 'Illuminations and Rejoicings in Bristol', 'The Sporting Friars of St. Augustine', 'Expenses of an Old Bristol Election', 'The Great House, St. Augustines' Back' (due to be sold 1861), 'Suburban Inns', etc. The smaller volume contains cuttings from the 1920's and 30's. Includes articles on Fishponds, Early Man at Failand, Cotham and its Tower, several pages of 'Random Recollections of Clifton', Horfield, Corn Street, etc.

  15. Bristol Union Fire Insurance Company INSURANCE CERTIFICATE for Nehemia Newman, Publican, for a dwelling house called the Cross Keys, Stone Timber & Tile... in Temple Street, with a Brewhouse and stable behind under one roof. Size 22" x 17", large decorative heading with a tied bundle of sticks. Details added in manuscript. Folds. 1839. £16.00

  16. British Association Bristol Meeting EXCURSION MAP Scale Half Inch to one Mile. Full colour, linen-backed, folding into printed buff wraps. Ordnance Survey 1930. £12.00

  17. British Railways (Western Division) BRISTOL DIVISION Scale 1" = 5 miles. Duplicated plan size 26" x 35", folded. Shows the network from Bromsgrove to Penzance. Insets of Bristol and Avonmouth, Plymouth etc. 1966. £15.00

  18. Building works REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS of Her Majesty's Woods, Forests, Works and Buildings... on the Bristol Building Act Amendment Bill (xii pp.)... with... MINUTES of Evidence taken before J.M. Herbert and A. Poynter, At the Guildhall, in the City of Bristol, respecting the Bristol Building and Improvement Act Amendment Bill. 39pp., folio, disbound. 1847. £15.00
    Concerns proposals to widen Bristol Bridge, improve access to Clifton, to the Railway Station etc., and demolish properties in central Bristol, creating Victoria Street, etc.

  19. Burrow's POINTER GUIDE MAP of The City and County of Bristol. Map over 25 pages, plus Index to Streets, adverts. for local businesses. Large 8vo stiff wraps, with photo., tape attached to front wrap. Staples rusty, hence contents loose from wraps. 1950's. £8.00

  20. Bye (Maurice) CASTLE PARK NOVEMBER 1940. Plan showing the area with businesses in each building before the air raid. Printed on glossy paper, size 18" x 33". Shows area between High Street and Lower Castle Street, Floating Harbour and Fairfax Street, Penn Street, with occupants of each building named, with street number, name, trade. Scale approx. 2" = 120ft. Produced by Aesthetika, Bristol, 1996. £14.00

  21. Cann family OBLIGATION BOND of William Cann of Bristol, to Susanne Pope, widow, of Bristol for £2,000. 1p., small folio, printed in Latin and English. Signature of Cann and wax seal torn away. 1732... together with... QUITCLAIM of Henry Bath of Brinkworth, Wiltshire to Robert Cann Jeffries of the Middle Temple. 1763. 1p., small folio, blank conjoint leaf. In English, printed with manuscript inserts. Witnessed, and signed by Bath with his mark, large armorial wax seal. Small repaired marginal tear at fold. Back of conjoint leaf dust-stained. 2 items. 1732 and 1763. £18.00

  22. Charities IN THE MATTER OF THE CHARITIES OF ALDERMAN JOHN WHITSON being some of the Municipal Charities of the City of Bristol, together with the Foundation called the Red Maids School.... Order by the Board of Charity Commissioners setting out sums payable yearly. 3pp., folio. 1905. £8.00
    Includes money for the poor of various surrounding villages.

  23. Clark (J.A) Drawn by NEW GUILDHALL, BRISTOL. To the Right Worshipful James Gibbs, Esq., Mayor of Bristol, by whose exertions during his period of office the plan for erecting a new Guildhall was greatly forwarded, and by whom the ceremony of laying the Foundation Stone was performed on the 30th of October 1843. Tinted lithograph, size approx. 8" x 12", plus margins, some spotting to margins. Published by George Davey, Broad Street, Bristol, Oct. 30th 1843. £18.00
    Shows several people in the fore-ground.

  24. Clifton BILL of James Garaway & Compy., Nurserymen, Seedsmen, Durdham Down Nurseries, Clifton to Mr. Stevens at Ilminster cemetery. 4to sheet with printed heading, listing 14 types of tree with cost. Signed over stamp. Stab hole under heading. 1888. £8.00
    Includes 5 Irish Yews, 2 Cupressus aurea variegata.

  25. Clifton CATALOGUE OF ALL THE COSTLY EFFECTS of Cleeve House, All Saints Road, Clifton, the late John Summers, Esq. Which Messrs. Alexander, Daniel, Selfe & Co. will Sell by Auction... 3rd March and three following days. 1885. 25pp. 4to, front wrap detached, lacks back wrap, small stain on last leaf. 1885. £8.00

  26. Clifton LETTER regarding the terms of a lease for no. 2 Harley Place. From J. Warne in Clifton to A. Sarel in Surrey St., Strand, London. 1p, 4to, address panel with broken wax seal on verso, Bristol postmark. The letter is in response to a letter from Mr Bernard which is on the first page. 20th July 1831. £10.00
    'Messrs. Hayman and Co. have given an estimate of £45 for the painting...'

  27. Clifton OFFICE EXTRACT OF RECOVERY Jonathan Harwood demandeth against Thomas Ward Six Messuages Six Gardens.... Fifty Acres of Pasture Twenty Acres of Wood One hundred acres of Furze and Heath.... in Clifton. 1p, blank conjoint leaf with docket title. Impressed tax stamp. Michaelmas Term 1784. £16.00
    Extracted c1816.

  28. Clifton PROBATE of the will of John Barry, of Clifton, Shipwright. Probate copy of the will on vellum, size 14" x 16", certificate of administration attached, chipped papered seal attached. 1792. £18.00
    Leaves numerous money bequests, including to his apprentices and servant.

  29. Clifton SHIRLEY AND SON LIMITED The Civil and Military Stores, 28 The Mall. Cash Price List. December 1914 - February 1915. Size 10" x 6", green wraps with embossed gold lettering. 112pp., including 25pp. of adverts at the end. Lists groceries, cleaning products, wine, vintage champagne, etc. The Ironmongery section has many illustrations of chinaware, jelly moulds, brushes, teapots, glasses, etc. 1914. £24.00
    At the beginning is a 'Journey List' showing dates of delivery to villages in a wide radius, including Tyntesfield, Bitton, Clevedon, etc.

  30. Clifton Theological College MEMORANDUM and Articles of Association of Clifton Theological College Trust. 13pp., printed wraps, sm. folio. 1936. £8.00

  31. Clifton WATERCOLOUR of view from Clifton across Ashton Court towards Dundry. Amateur watercolour of a view looking south from Clifton, probably from Royal York Crescent, across the docks and rooftops of a few houses to Ashton Court and beyond, paving stones and railings in the foreground, boat with one funnel and two masts on the river. Size 9" x 11", on thin card, traces on verso of having been once stuck down. c1850? £16.00

  32. Clifton Wood CONVEYANCE in Trust, between Charlotte Punter of that part of the parish of Clifton which hath been separated from the County of Gloucester, and others to Thomas Coates of Bristol, wine merchant, concerning a piece of ground bordered by the road leading to the Hotwells, and a piece of woody ground formerly part of Clifton Wood. On two large vellum sheets, signed by 6 parties with wax seals. 1789. £24.00

  33. Clifton Wood LEASE for a year of land part of an orchard near the road leading from Bristol to the Hotwells, and a piece of woody ground, part of Clifton Wood, Charlotte Punter to Thomas Coates. Large vellum sheet, 3 wax seals. 1789. £14.00

  34. Corn Street LEASE to Sir Thomas Cann of Stoke Bishop from the Mayor Burgesses and Commonality of Bristol with the advice of Sir Wm. Vaines now Mayor, of a tenement in Corn Street. On vellum, size 15" x 26", 3" tear at one fold, several areas in top half of deed completely rubbed away. Approximately half of the wax seal of the Corporation of Bristol surviving, on tag. 1701. £18.00
    Gives the occupiers of the adjacent tenements. The rent to be paid to the Corporation was 50s a year.

  35. Cotham CONVEYANCE of a plot of land at Cotham, B.J. Frankis to Wm. Stephens. Large vellum sheet, signed with wax seals. In text is a sketch plan, size 10" x 8". The land formed an entrance to 'The Cottage' at Cotham... together with... Handbill advertising auction sale of The Cottage, Cotham, and No. 1 Cotham Terrace. Small 7vo sheet, attached to larger Conditions of Sale, filled in for purchase of No. 1. 1878. £16.00
    'The Cottage' is described as having a vinery, fernery, cucumber house, conservatory, etc., and there was also a separate gardener's cottage.

  36. Cumberland Road ROBBINS LIMITED Imperial Saw Mills, Cumberland Road, Bristol. Manufacturers of Bent Timber for the Motor & Coach Trade, Wheels, &c. New and Revised Price List. 24pp., 4to. original wraps. n.d. 1930's? £22.00
    Includes Cleft Oak Spokes, Ash Felloes, Motor Wings (Elm, Hazel or Birch), Motor Hood Sticks, Clincher Rubber Tyres etc.

  37. Dolphin Society ANNUAL DINNER 13th November 1877 at the Victoria Rooms at 5 o'clock. Richard Bright Esq. M.P. President. Attractive invitation, made out in ink for The Rev. H. L. Thompson, on card size 4" x 6", printed with wide border of flowers and leaves in brown, decorative blue lettering, and blue dolphin in a circle. 1877. £16.00

  38. Furnishers JAMES PHILLIPS & SONS Ltd. 47-51 Union St. Bristol. Leaflet, 4p., 8vo, printed in red and black, photo on each page. Shows front of shop, two items of furniture and their removal van. n.d. c1920. £14.00

  39. Gardiner, Sons & Co. LIST 174. Small catalogue. 12mo, 11p. of illustrations showing garden furniture, chairs, hammocks etc. 1935. £6.00

  40. Geographia Ltd. NEW PLAN of the City of Bristol. Size approx. 40" x 46", coloured, mounted on linen and folding into cloth boards, with street index. Title on front board faded, ownership stamp on cover leaf of Index. c1930. £18.00
    Shows tram & bus routes, postal districts.

  41. Harveys WINE LIST Second Edition 1964-5. Sm. 4to, 70pp., decorative card wraps. Illustrated with drawings of ships by John Gardner. Two very small (wine?) splash marks on front wrap. 1965. £35.00

  42. Hawkins (G), Lith. CLIFTON, AND ST. VINCENT'S ROCKS, FROM LEIGH WOODS Tinted lithograph, size 8" x 12". A few small foxing spots in margins. c1840. £38.00
    A view looking up river towards the city and the terraces of Clifton, Hotwells just visible, sailing ship being towed up river.

  43. Hawksworth (Walter) WILL of Walter Hawksworth, Merchant, of Bristol. Contemporary copy, 1p, folio, plus second sheet with names of witnesses and note that it has been examined as a true copy. Leaves his tenements in Alveston and Aust to his son. One of the witnesses was Henry Bengough. Some splits at folds in margins, docket title stained. Copy 1778 of will of 1762. £16.00

  44. Howard (Thos.) BRISTOL DOCKS. DESIGN FOR IMPROVEMENTS IN THE RIVER AVON And For New Entrance and Junction Locks at Cumberland Basin. Lithographed plan, with some hand colouring, size 42" x 15". Scale 1000ft = 3 inches. Folds. The plan is oriented so that the Somerset side of the river is at the top. Shows the New Cut, Mardyke, River as far as Black Rock and Pheasant Quarry Point, Hotwell Road, Dowry Parade and other roads and buildings in Hotwells, Rownham Ferry, Suspension Bridge, named locks, the railways either side of the river, coloured pink. Rocky areas and woods indicated, showing mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees. The River, New Cut and Cumberland Basin are shaded pale green, the Harbour, Merchants Dock, and Junction Lock in pale blue. The proposed developments are indicated in red lines: 'Proposed New Entrance Lock' and 'Proposed New Junction Lock'. Lavars, Lith. Broad St. Hall, Bristol. 1864 £320.00
    Thomas Howard was the first full-time Bristol Docks Engineer. In 1865 an Act of Parliament was obtained for making a new entrance lock, enlarging the Cumberland Basin, and making a new Junction Lock. The improvements were completed in 1873.

  45. Hulley (T), Sketched by NEW PUMP ROOM, BRISTOL HOTWELLS Drawn on Stone by H. Jones, R.I.A. Lithograph, size 7" x 10", plus margins. View shows the pump room from a near a building on the opposite side of the river. Shows Windsor terrace in the distance, and a few other buildings on the hill, boats on river. Some feint greyish marks at corners in margins, one small light spot in sky area. Edges of paper slightly trimmed. Bristol. Pubd. by T. Bedford, High Street. c1830. £38.00

  46. John Hall Ltd. TOOL CATALOGUE Autumn 1960. 108pp., 8vo., many illustrations. 1960. £14.00

  47. King Street WILL of John Potter, formerly of Kidderminster now of the City of Bristol. 2p, folio, plus blank conjoint leaf with docket title. Extracted copy. Folds, a few small edge tears. 1802. £15.00
    Leaves his messuage in King Street to his friend Mary Bowen.

  48. Kingsdown, Stokes Croft ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXI.16.10. Scale 1/500 being 10.56 Feet to One Statute Mile. Size approx. 25" x 39". Buildings shown with gardens, glasshouses, trees, layout of flowerbeds, tramway, Ward Boundaries. First Edition Published 1885. £45.00
    Shows great detail of Carriage Manufactory on Stokes Croft (designed by Godwin and now being redeveloped). Includes Stokescroft Brewery, Old Circus, Baptist College, Carriage Manufactory in Jamaica Street, King Square, Somerset Street, St. Mathews Church.

  49. Kingswood TOOLS Catalogue of Fred Males & Co., Two Mile Hill. 8vo, printed wraps, 102pp. Fully illustrated, with prices. One section of 4p. loose, as staples rusty. 1954. £9.00
    Includes chisels, planes, saws, drills etc.

  50. Latcham family ADMINISTRATION of the Goods and Chattels of Mary Latcham, of the Old Park in the Parish of St. Michael in the City of Bristol, deceased. Printed certificate with manuscript inserts, on vellum, size 8" x 8", large papered seal of Archbishop of Canterbury on tag. 1826. £12.00

  51. Lenthall Bros. GUARANTEED FURNITURE By Lenthall Bros., The Actual Makers. Catalogue, 19pp., with sepia-type photographic illustrations on each page, with prices. Black wraps with silver title and decoration. Staples rusty, some sections loose. 1930's. £15.00
    Their premises were on Redcliffe Hill and North Street.

  52. Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds AN INVITATION to become a Member of the Shepherds Guiding Star Lodge No. 1206 (Bristol, Bath and Western Counties District)... held at the Golden Lion, Redcliff Street, Bristol. Leaflet, 3pp., 8vo, with poem encouraging the reader to join the Lodge on first page, financial facts, etc., and application form. 1893. £8.00

  53. Lysaght (John), Limited. AGRICULTURAL FEEDING APPLIANCES Manufactured by John Lysaght, Limited, Galvanized Iron Works, Bristol. Catalogue printed on yellow paper, on both sides of sheet 15" x 17", folded to form brochure 5" x 8". Each item illustrated, with prices listed below. 1902. £18.00
    Upwards of 50 items illustrated. Includes wheelbarrows, water-carriers, garden tables and chairs, hay-racks, troughs.

  54. Magpie published by THE TERRIBLE FLOODS IN BRISTOL From Photographs, and Sketches Taken Specially By Our Own Artist. Sheet with eleven black and white illustrations of the floods, March 1889, by F.G. Lewin. Size 15" x 20", central fold. Three small pieces of old paper strengthening folds at margin on verso.Shows horse drawn tram and carts in Broadmead in the floodwater, Old King St., boats at the Black Swan, etc. Published with Magpie, March 16th 1889. £22.00

  55. Manuscript poem ON THE DEATH OF MRS HAWKESWORTH by her Husband. Poem of 18 lines, in rhyming couplets, on 4to sheet, written with an amendment to one line. Describes his wife's decline, and how he resigns her 'not to earth... but to God'. no date, probably early 19th century. £20.00
    Refers to the fact his wife had taken the Hotwell waters: 'Who'er like me, with boding anguish brings/His heart's whole treasure to fair Bristol's springs....'

  56. Merchant Venturers' Technical College TYPOGRAPHY CLASS ANNUAL A Record of the Work of the Evening Classes, Workshop Section, For the Session 1926-27. 4to, printed wraps, silk tie. List of Contents on front wrap. 3 pages of text, and 56 pages of examples of printing. Some plates in full colour, others black and one colour. 1927. £24.00
    Examples include extracts from catalogues or adverts of Bristol firms, such as Carter & Sons, Cabinet Makers, The Mall; Capper Pass; Turnbull & Son, Signwriters, etc., and printing for concerts, church fetes, etc.

    BRISTOL Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
    For a further selection and to receive my latest catalogue please
    email :-

  57. New Guildhall LAYING OF THE FOUNDATION STONE Offprint from the Bristol Mirror, describing the ceremony. Folio, single sheet, 2 columns, pencil note 'Given to me by Thomas Garrard, City Treasurer....' 1843. £10.00

  58. Pawnbroker BOND TO INDEMNIFY AGAINST DOWER William Baker of Bristol, Pawnbroker, to William Fry, Distiller, of Bristol, for £100. 2p. folio, signed by Baker with his mark, wax seal. 1772. £24.00

  59. Phillips & Sons Ltd. ADVERTISING LEAFLET for James Phillips & Sons Ltd., Union St. 'The House with over 100 Years Reputation'. 4p., 8vo., good photographic view of the shop on front, their removal waggon pulled by road engine on verso., desk and armchair inside. Printed in red and black... together with... a similar leaflet advertising their Indian carpets, with picture of camel and ox train transporting goods. Bergere chair shown on front. c1930? £12.00

  60. Queen Square RELEASE OF TRUST of Truman Harford of Bristol, Merchant, in the trust reposed in him and others by the will of Joseph Earle, to William Cann. On vellum, size 13" x 17", signed by Harford with small wax seal, witnessed. Refers to Earle's messuages, lofts, cellars, yards in Queen Square. 1737. £34.00
    Truman Harford was a member of the Society of Merchant Venturers, and a Quaker.

  61. Redcliffe Church SEPIA WATERCOLOUR of the porch. Size 42cm x 30cm, showing a view through the decorative stone arch with a man wearing a hat, and leaning on his walking stick sitting down. On verso is written 'Redcliffe Church Porch. C. Bird'. The painting is unsigned so it may well be a copy from an etching. Small nick in paper near top edge, without loss. c.1900 £18.00

  62. Redcliffe FROM REDCLIFF PARADE. Pencil sketch on paper 22cm x 27.5cm, tipped onto a larger sheet, showing 2 figures leaning against railings looking out at the harbour with boats in the foreground, and churches and building in the background. On the backing sheet in pencil is the title, as above, beneath the image, and with the suggestion as to who was the artist 'By - King Bristol' in the right hand corner. c1880? £20.00

  63. Robinson (E.S & A.) PHOTOGRAPH showing the inside of a factory. Albumen print, size 9" x 11", mounted on thick card. Shows the length of a large workshop, with about fifty men and girls working at machines, in the foreground are men working on lithographic stones, and girls working on what appears to be a machine for sewing booklets. One man seems to be working on a sheet headed 'Newport Corn & Hay'. There are rows of pulley wheels fixed to spars running along the ceiling. The girls are wearing long white aprons. c1910. £18.00
    There is no contemporary title to the photograph, and nowhere in the view is the word 'Robinson' visible. Someone has written on the back in pencil ' E S & & A Robinson, Redcliff St'.

  64. Rownham Ferry DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY near Rownham Ferry and the Hotwells, Bristol to be Sold by Auction... at the York Hotel, Dowry Square, Thursday 18th August, 1831.. Poster, size 18" x 11", folds, printed in large type with a variety of typefaces. Lists 4 Lots. Two small edge tears repaired neatly on verso. Printed at the Bristol Mirror Office by John Taylor. 1831. £40.00
    The lots included the Hotwell Tavern, with detailed description of the rooms, including the Brewhouse with the 'excellent Cellar 40 feet by 14', a house adjoining, Fee Farm rents of newly erected house forming a continuation of Freeland Place Buildings, a house in Freeland Place, with a slip of land behind Mr Watkinson's stable. Gives occupiers.

  65. Shattock, Hunter & Co ILLUSTRATED PATTERN BOOK OF HAMES AND TUG BUCKLES. Warehouse: Nicholas Street, Manufactory: Frogmore Street, Bristol. Two tinted lithograph pages, illustrating 48 types of hames and 10 types of buckle. Oblong folio, original wraps, top wrap decoratively printed, few short tears to margins of plates and wraps, edges of wraps slightly faded. Some ink and other marks to back wrap, crease where once folded vertically.... loosely inserted.... Lithograph ILLUSTRATED SHEET. Illustrating 6 types of Carriage Lamps, printed on one side only, with prices added in ink, folded, 2" split at fold. c186- £20.00
    Shattock, Hunter & Co were Saddlers' Ironmongers, Manufacturers and Exporters, and Manufacturers of Horse & Carriage Mountings.

  66. Smith (A.E & Co.) PHOTOGRAPH OF FLOODS in Eastville March 9th 1883. On stiff card, shows a street with people standing in a rowing boar, others at the side of the road. Title in white in plate. Foxing spots, faded. 1883. £8.00

  67. St John the Baptist Parish COUNTERPART of the lease to Dr. Eedes of Mrs Plomer's house in Grope Lane, Sir Thomas Cann of Stoke Bishop to Francis Eedes of Bristol Physician. Vellum sheet size 19" x 29", large engraved heading. Signed by Eedes with wax seal with classical bust, on tag. 2" split in vellum at one fold, small area of browning where two folds meet. Someone has written in ink in small letters under the docket title 'Bristol City Wall'. 1712. £45.00
    Refers to a messuage with garden and summerhouse adjoining in a lane called Grope Lane otherwise Halliers Lane bounded on the east by the City Wall. There are stipulations about keeping the house in good repair.

  68. St Mary Redcliffe THE NAVE ST MARY REDCLIFFE. A fine detailed pen and pale brown ink drawing. Delicately highlighted with watercolour in pale greys and blues, size approx. 15" x 11", plus small margins, pasted onto thick card. Depicts a view looking up the nave towards the organ in the distance, with several figures, including women in crinolines. Titled, as above, to verso. An extremely competent and very attractive image, with excellent architectural detail. mid 19th century. £45.00

  69. St. George CONVEYANCE of five plots of ground with the messuages thereon in Bethel Place, The Trustees of the Widow and Orphans Fund Ancient Order of Foresters to Emma Joslin, of the Albion Inn, Easton Road. Manuscript indenture on 3p., folio, folded with docket title. 1897. £9.00

  70. St. James BOND of Samuel Varlow, Hairdresser, and George Gwinnett, of Bristol, to James Hingston Cabinet Maker, for £400. 2p., tall folio, 2 wax seals. 1802. £20.00
    Refers to purchase of a piece of land in North Street, St. James. Two deeds of 1724 and 1743 referring to a fee farm rent on the property had been lost, and Hingston wanted to indemnify himself against any future charges. The early owner was Michael Sidwell Free Mason and Stone Cutter.

  71. St. James WILL of Nicholas Brookshaw of Penn Street, St. James. 12pp., sm. folio, folded, 1784. Extracted from the Registry of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Proved 1784. £16.00
    Refers to two tenements in Penn Street, 'Bristol Bridge Tickets and monies or Stock in the Public Government Funds'. Leaves the proceeds from the Bristol Bridge Tickets to his faithful servant Alice Pavey.

  72. St. Pauls ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXXII.19.11. Scale 1/500 being 10.56 Feet to One Statute Mile. Size approx. 25" x 39". Shows buildings in detail with garden layout, shrubs, detailed layout of planting in squares, etc. Small ink blot in bottom margin. Covers area from Wilder Street to Houlton Street and River Street. Shows Portland Square, Nonconformist Burial Ground with Mortuary Chapel, most of Brunswick Square, St. Paul's Church, Great Western Saw Mills, Vinegar Works... together with... Sheet No. LXXII.13.6. Extends from Buckingham Terrace on Brigstocke Road, to Cave Street, Cross's Gardens and Wilson Place, William Street. Names the various terraces along the main streets, and shows much detail of their gardens. 2 items. 1885 and 1891. £65.00

  73. St. Paul's THE ECLIPSE 'RAIL-TRACK' LADDER CO. Newfoundland St., St. Paul's, Bristol. Catalogue, 8vo, wraps, 8pp., illustrations. Some minor rubbing on front wrap. c1920. £8.00

  74. Stapleton and Frenchay PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of exceptionally well-situate Freehold Building, Pasture or Accommodation Lands situate at Begbrook, Stapleton and Frenchay... for Sale by Auction... November 8th, 1923. 7pp., folio, original pink wraps, very large coloured folding plan. Describes 5 Lots, including Woodland, Stone Quarries, 'Begbrook Fruit Farm', Lodge at Beg Brook, etc. Pasted inside front wrap is newspaper report of the sale. 1923. £32.00

  75. Stapleton CONVEYANCE of a messuage and hereditaments in Stapleton, William Froom to The Trustees of Thomas Proctor. Vellum sheet, 22" x 27", five fine wax seals showing bust of a gentleman in a ruff. In text is sketch plan, size 6" x 8". 1879. £16.00

  76. Steep Street VIEW OF OLD SHIP PUBLIC HOUSE STEEP STREET. A competent watercolour 9" x 6", mounted onto card, showing the medieval buildings with some women chatting in the foreground. A note in ink on the verso :- 'View of Steep Street. The Old Ship Public House now demolished Colston St. passes over the site.' mid 19th century. £28.00
    A carved figure is shown over the doorway on the right.

  77. Stoke Bishop AGREEMENT between Norton Knatchbull of Babbington in Somerset, and Sir Henry Lippincott of Westbury upon Trim, relating to exchange of lands in Stoke Bishop. 1p., sm. folio, folded with docket title. Signed by representatives of the two parties, witnessed. 1779. £24.00
    Refers to land called High Croft, a land of two acres, with the Tithes, and land called the Old Lease, and Brown's field.

  78. Stoke Bishop COUNTERPART of Jerome Cuffe of Stoke Bishop's Mortgage for £532.10s to Thomas Latch of Winford, for Downe House and twenty acres of land in Stoke Bishop. Vellum, size 19" x 25", signed with his mark by Latch, lacks seal. Witnessed on verso. 1660. £45.00

  79. Stoke Bishop OBLIGATION BOND whereby Sir Henry Cann Lippincott of Stoke Bishop is bound to Mary Barnsley of Felton for £14,000. 1p., folio, signed and witnessed, wax sea. Blank conjoint leaf with docket title... together with another bond of Cann Lippincott, to William Danson of Bristol, for £20,000. Printed with manuscript inserts. Wax seal. 1811. 2 items. 1802 and 1811. £24.00

  80. Sturge & Co. TOBACCO WAREHOUSE Surveyor's report signed by Y. & J.P. Sturge (on the instructions of the Surveyor of City Lands) on the suitability of a Tobacco Warehouse in Back Street for conversion to a `Mart for the sale of Leather'. One and a quarter sides of foolscap, in a clear hand. Oct. 25th l830. £8.00

  81. Temple Street MEMORANDUM OF AN AGREEMENT made this 24th day of Septm. 1723 that Samuel Wilkins shall have a Lease of a tenement in Temple Street late in the tenure of Saml. Tuder.... twenty five pounds fine and two Guineas to be spent at Sealing.... 1p., sm. folio, signed Wilkins and 5 others. 1723. £15.00

  82. Theatre Royal PLAYBILL March 15th, 1866. Advertising Mr. Dobbin's Annual Benefit. Printed on thin paper, size 30" x 10". The bill included 'The Hidden Hand', 'Ivanhoe' with a ballet divertisement. 1866. £25.00
    Details the different scenes in each play. After 'The Temporary Triumph of Atrocity', 'Ivanhoe' ends in 'The Unalloyed Happiness of Everybody'.

  83. Theatre Royal PLAYBILL February 17th - 21st. 1868. Printed with large type-faces in red and black on thin paper, size 30" x 10". Advertising Miss Marie Wilton's London Company in the Great Comedy of 'Caste', and concluding with the Farce of 'The Young Widow'. 1866. £22.00

  84. Trenchard Street WILL of William Baker of Trenchard Street, Plasterer. 1835. 3p. folio, folded, fastened at top corner with tape. Later copy on paper watermarked 1842. £18.00
    Leaves his house and workshop in Trenchard street to his friends Walter Hughes, of College Green, Cabinet Maker, Charles Fox of Cannon Street, Last Maker and William Hain of the White Ladies in the County of Gloucester, Lime Burner. Also refers to houses in Langton Street Bedminster and Dighton Street.

  85. Were (F) LETTER to 'Dear Pritchard'. No date. 2p., small 8vo. Enquires whether he has seen a silver alms dish engraved with monkeys and dragons, part of St. John's plate. Mentions a mistake by the illustrator in his book. c1920. £8.00

  86. West (Robert) and Toms (William) THE NORTH-WEST VIEW OF BRISTOL HIGH CROSS With a Prospect of the Cathedral, and the Parish Church of St. Augustine. Copper engraving, view size 12" x 18", plus 8 lines of text giving the history of the Cross, and dedication to the Bishop of Bristol, with coat of arms, under the view, overall depth 15". Margin trimmed to just outside border at sides. Slight trace of one vertical fold, and of light crease reaching about 3" into view at bottom. Publish'd March 25, 1743 by W.H. Toms Engraver in Union Court near Hatton Garden Holborn. £95.00
    Charming view of College Green, with the cross in the foreground showing excellent detail of the stonework, two men are sitting at the base of the cross, and others admiring it, a lady and her daughter, and other figures are walking nearby. There is a line of trees and wooden fence between the green and the Cathedral, houses and church tower on the left. When this view was made, from a drawing by Robert West, the Cross had been recently re-erected 'Painted in imitation of Grey Marble, ye Ornaments are Gilt, & ye Figures Painted in their proper Colours'.

  87. Weston (T.H), Bristol, Publisher BLAISE HAMLET To John S. Harford Esq. of Blaise Castle Gloucestershire, in whose Grounds these Picturesque and beautiful Dwellings are Erected this Plate is most respectfully inscribed.... Lithograph, hand-coloured, size approx. 9" x 11", plus margins, on thick paper, showing the nine cottages of the hamlet individually. Some very light waterstaining across top left corner of the top left cottage. The top margin has been slightly trimmed. c1840. £35.00
    From a set of five views of Henbury and Pen Pole Point.

  88. Windey family AFFIDAVIT of Henry George Windey of Bristol. Contemporary copy on 1p., small folio, folded. States that he is the brother of James Windey who died intestate and that Nathan Windey, Officer of Customs in Bristol, is his heir. 1825. £8.00

  89. Woollard (Dorothy) BRISTOL: A SKETCH BOOK 24 pencil sketches 8vo, label with illustration on front board, some slight rubbing on spine. A. & C. Black Ltd. c1950. £8.00

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