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Wiltshire Acts of Parliament
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All Acts of Parliament are folio, and disbound unless otherwise stated.
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.

  1. Alderbury, Britford and Coombe Bisset AN ACT for vesting Part of the estates devised by the Will of Tristram Huddleston Jervoise esquire, in Trustees, to be sold.... 12pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1800. £15.00
    Includes a schedule of the land, occupiers, rents, etc. concerned in the parishes of Alderbury, Britford and Coombe Bisset.

  2. Beckhampton, Swindon, Blunsden Roads AN ACT for more effectually repairing, widening, altering, and improving the Road at or near Beckhampton, and from the North Side of Swindon to the Carpenters Arms in Blunsden.... 28pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1799. £14.00

  3. Bradford on Avon AN ACT for repairing and improving several Roads leading to and from the Town of Bradford... and for maintaining a Bridge over the River Avon, at Stokeford... 42pp., small folio, disbound. Last four pages foxed. 1819. £16.00

  4. Chirton AN ACT For inclosing Lands in the Township or Hamlet of Conock, in the Parish of Chirton, in the County of Wiltshire. 21pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1814. £18.00

  5. Chirton AN ACT For Dividing, Allotting, and Inclosing the Open and Common Fields and Downs, Common Meadows, Common Pastures, and Commonable and Waste Lands within the Manor or Tithing of Chirton otherwise Cherrington in the County of Wiltshire. pages numbered 1-24 + docket title, disbound, small folio, folded, rear leaf slightly dusty. Act of Parliament. 1800. £14.00

  6. Chitterne Saint Mary AN ACT for Inclosing Lands in the Manor and Parish of Chitterne Saint Mary and Chitterne All Saints.... 11pp. 1810. £15.00

  7. Downton AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Downton. 24pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. Pages numbered 1-32. Cover leaf with docket title. 1813. £18.00

  8. East Coulston AN ACT for vesting certain Estates devised and settled by the Will of George Tayler, deceased in Trustees.. 10pp, disbound. Includes 1p. schedule of lands. Act of Parliament. 1827. £10.00

  9. Hurst Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Hurst in the Counties of Berks and Wiltshire. 16pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1807. £17.00

  10. Marlborough to Coate Road AN ACT for making and maintaining a Road from Marlborough, to the present Turnpike Road at or near Coate, in the Parish of Liddington... 36pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1819. £12.00

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  11. Roads AN ACT for the more effectual repairing the Highways between Sheppards Shord and Horsley Upright Gate, leading down Bagdown Hill... 17pp. Black letter, cover leaf, floral initial letter. Act of Parliament. 1729. £20.00

  12. Sheppards-Shord, Devizes, Ashington Hill and Rowd-Ford Roads AN ACT for Repairing the Highways between Sheppards-Shord and the Devizes, and between the Top of Ashlington Hill and Rowd-Ford.... 7pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. Attractive floral woodcut initial letter. 1707. £14.00

  13. South Newton AN ACT for vesting Part of the settled Estates of Susannah Harriott Eyre.... in Trustees, to be sold.... 20pp, disbound, including schedule of lands in Chilhampton. 1806. £15.00

  14. Tilshead Inclosure AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Tilshead.... 20pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1811. £12.00

  15. Westbury Poor AN ACT for the Appointment of an additional Overseer for the better Government of the Poor of the Parish of Westbury.... Black Letter. 13pp, cover leaf. Recent cloth boards. Act of Parliament. 1786. £20.00

  16. Wilton, Burcomb, Netherhampton and Fugglestone Saint Peter Inclosure AN ACT for dividing, allotting, and inclosing Lands in the Parishes of Wilton, Burcomb, Netherhampton, and Fugglestone Saint Peter.... 19pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1825. £17.00

  17. Winterbourne Monckton AN ACT for Inclosing Lands in the Parish of Winterbourne Monckton, in the County of Wiltshire 30pp, separately paginated, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1813. £17.00

  18. Wootton Bassett AN ACT for repairing and maintaining the Road from Wootton Bassett.... to the Two Mile Stone on the Turnpike Road from Swindon to Marlborough.... 30pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. Last leaf loose. 1809. £14.00

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Or for further information contact Lesley Aitchison :-
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