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A selection of :- Norfolk Acts of Parliament
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.
Measurements for maps, engravings, etc are given depth x width.

  1. Banham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Small Estate of Arable and Pasture Land... Residence... Agricultural Buildings... the property of the late William Spruce... to be Sold by Auction June 24, 1880. 3pp., folio, docket title, completed memorandum on verso. 1880. £12.00
    One lot only, 1ęp. are 'Conditions of Sale'.

  2. British Railways (Eastern Region), Published by A MAP OF NORFOLK Produced by British Railways. Pictorial map printed in bright strong colours, size 39" x 49". Folded to 13" x 10". Scale 4" = 10 miles. Decorative border, coat of arms of county top right, and of Great Eastern Line bottom centre. Many different types of shipping illustrated around the coast, colourful vignettes throughout the map showing local landmarks, famous inhabitants etc. Old sellotape mark in bottom corners, in margin only, and pinhole in each top corner. Waterlow and Sons. c1950. £95.00

  3. Burcham (Chas.), Lymm, Surveyor PLAN OF THE EAU BRINK RIVER and Part of the River Ouse with the Proposed New Poridge Public Roads and Drains communicating therewith. 1819. Fine manuscript map in ink and full hand-colouring on thick paper backed with linen, rolled. Size 30" x 51". Large title top left, compass rose, scale bar (scale 1" = approx. 9 miles.) Bottom left is table 'Survey of the Sands & Channels belonging to the Commissioners of Drainage.', and top right a table of distances of 'Crooked Roads' and 'Straight Roads'. Shows River Ouse, Eau Brink River, bridges, proposed roads, buildings in red, drains, turnpike roads, field outlines, owners of lands (even of very small plots), very small drawing of elevation for churches, toll gates, engine house, new roads. St. Germans is at the bottom of the map, Kenwick and Tilney at the top, West Lynn on the right, Lords Bridge on the left. On verso is written 'River Ouse - Proposed Eau Brink Cut'. 1819. £420.00
    The first Eau Brink Act was in 1795, and work started in 1818. The Eau Brink Cut was a two and a half mile channel between St. Germans Bridge and Lynn, to provide alternative route to the large bend in the River Ouse. The work was overseen by John Rennie and Thomas Telford, and the cut was finally opened in 1821. Charles Burcham is listed in Eden's 'Dictionary of Surveyors' as a civil engineer who made inclosure, drainage, and tithe maps in Norfolk.

  4. Cleer's Map MAP OF THE CITY OF NORWICH Reduced with a few alterations form Cleer's Map dated 1696 now in the Norwich Museum and Formerly in the Possession of Mr. John Kirkpatrick. Lithographed plan, size 18" x 13", folded in four. Scale 4" = 600 yds. The plan has been amateurishly, but neatly coloured with crayon. Some glue marks on verso. n.d. c1920? £22.00

  5. Great Yarmouth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXVI.15. Scale 25" to 1 mile. Size 27" x 39", flat sheet. Edition of 1928. £20.00
    Covers Marine Parade to Cobholm Island, Marsh Farm.

  6. Great Yarmouth PARTICULARS, CONDITIONS, STIPULATIONS for letting by Auction the Stallages, Rents and Tolls in the Markets and Fair of Great Yarmouth, and the Rents of the Shops in the Fish Market.... by Samuel Aldred & Son.... 17th November, 1913. 11pp., sm. folio, folded, with docket title.. 1913. £10.00

  7. Haddiscoe Church MANUSCRIPT OBITUARY VERSE of William Salter, Yarmouth Stage Coach Man. Died Octobr. 9th, 1776, aged 59 Years. Poem on one side of 4to sheet, in 14 lines. Note at the bottom says the lines are 'on Stone in the South Wall of Haddiscoe Church'. Paper watermarked 1816. £20.00
    'Take the Reward of all his pains/And leave to others Hand the Reins'.

  8. Hevingham CASH BOOK with heading 'Gurneys & Co. with George Gooch'. small 8vo cash book with double pages for credit and debit, vellum wraps with tuck-in flap. Starts with a credit of £7,000, and lists only surnames and amount paid to them. 1869-1877. £6.00
    Possibly Gurneys Bank in Norwich.

  9. Hockering PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Very Desirable Property situate at Hockering, Norfolk, which will be sold by Auction by Mr. Wilde, on Thursday, September 19th, 1849, at the Cock Inn... Sm. folio, 4pp. 1849. £12.00

  10. King's Lynn PROBATE OF THE WILL of Mary Cooper of King's Lynn, 1783. On vellum, size 13" x 23", administration certificate, printed with manuscript insert, attached, large papered seal. 1789. £14.00
    Leaves sums to members of the Fysh family, bequeast to her servant etc.

    NORFOLK Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
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  11. Nash (Percy A.), Architect & Surveyor PLAN Showing Ancient Water Courses and Their Gradients to Norwich Castle Ditch. Lithographed plan, size 17" x 11", plus wide margins. Scale 1" = 200 ft. Covers area from St. Catherine's Plain in the south to Bank Plain in the north. Shows main roads, churches, post office etc., levels marked in small circles, arrows show direction of flow... together with another plan by Percy Nash 'ROMAN NORWICH. 'Venta Icenorum'. As designed by a Roman Surveyor 1st Century A.D. The Discovery by Geometrical Analysis by Percy A. Nash... of the Lost Sciences of Ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian Geometric Surveying... Dating back about 6000 Years to the Great Pyramid. Reproduced plan in a brownish print, on thick paper, size 24" x 19". Shows the city centre on a sort of graph with lines radiating out, some marked 'Cross Interval', city circles, etc. Various scale bars for Roman Miles, Cross-Interval Miles, etc. 'I have discovered these four long measures in the design of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.' Two items. n.d. c1920. £95.00
    Nash was an amateur archaeologist, with rather unorthodox views. He was convinced that the Romans had planned Norwich as a copy of ancient Rome. He published various pamphlets etc. to put forward his controversial views.

  12. North Lynn, Gaywood & South Wootton PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Old Marsh & Pasture Land.... in three lots.... Charles Hawkins & Sons are instructed to Sell by Auction at the Globe Hotel, King's Lynn, on Tuesday, May 26th, 1942. Folio, 8pp, plan in pocket at rear, wraps, folded. 1942. £15.00

  13. Northrepps BOND whereby Phebe Stoneham of Northrepps spinster daughter of Joseph Stoneham Thatcher deceased, releases all claim on an enclosure of land of four acres in North Repps for the sum of 10s paid to her by Joseph Cawston. 1p., blank conjoint leaf, which has some large holes, probably silverfish damage. Some slight wear at bottom of first page. Signed with her mark by Phebe with small wax seal, witnessed. 1729. £16.00

  14. Norwich ABSTRACT OF THE TITLE to an Estate in St. Michael at Thorn in Norwich. 6p., large folio, manuscript, neatly written, folded with docket title. Recites indentures from 1748 - 1821. 1821. £14.00
    Owners' names include Bell, Finch, Rowe.

  15. Norwich ABSTRACT of the Title of James Keddington to an Estate in the Parishes of St. John Sepulchre and St. Michael at Thorn in Norwich. 12p, folio, tied at corner with tape. Refers to messuages near Bear Street, and gives details of proprietors going back to Cornelius Melchior, Brazier, who left them in his will 1712. No date, circa 1820, loosely inserted is a copy release on 3p folio, of 1794.... together with... ABSTRACT OF TITLE to same property, 1856. 16p, folio... together with... ABSTRACT OF TITLE to property in St. George in Tombland. Refers to the will of Edward Colman. 8p, folio. 1851. 4 items. 1794-1856. £30.00

  16. Norwich PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE OF VERY DESIRABLE PROPERTY, Situate at West Wymer Street, Heigham, Norwich. Which will be Sold by Auction by Mr. Hunter at the Grapes Hotel, Norwich, on Monday, April 9, 1866. 3pp, folio, docket title, folded. Fletcher and Son, Printer, Norwich. 1866. £16.00

  17. Norwich WILL of John Branch, of Norwich, yeoman. Extracted copy of a will of 1795. 2p., folio. Branch leaves his property in St. John Sepulchre at St. Michael at Thorn to his wife Judith, and after to his seven children. Extracted 1796. £14.00

  18. Norwich, Watton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXVI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 35", linen-backed and folding into 8vo wraps, parkland, water features, main roads hand-coloured. With hachures. Costessey Old Hall, Hevingham Estates and three other small estates shaded, with small dates (presumably date of sale). Wraps rubbed at edges. Printed from an Electrotype. c1860. £50.00

  19. Roughton OBLIGATION BOND binding Thomas Athow of Roughton, Farmer, to Robert Athow, Farmer, for £500. On paper, in English, printed with manuscript inserts, wax seal. Sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf. Traces of folds. 1797. £18.00

  20. Utting (J), Surveyor, Lynn Regis A MAP OR PLAN OF THE SURVEY AND LEVELS taken in the Country of Marshland, by order of His Majesty's Commissioners of Sewers for the County of Norfolk, by J. Utting, Surveyor, Lynn Regis. 1826. Engraved map, wash colour, size 25" x 37", vertical fold, and light horizontal fold. Scale 2 miles = approx. 5". Compass rose, large title in plain circle, scale bar, 'Reference to the Drainage Engines' top right. Shows Lynn Regis bottom right, River Nene along the top, Wisbech Canal at the left. Parishes coloured in full light wash, Turnpike roads coloured buff, sewers drains with a solid black line, sluices, tunnels, corn mills indicated, and windmills and churches shown in elevation with small engravings. Shows water levels. Different fields named. Shows buildings, with some named, such as 'Popinhoe Manor House', inns such as 'The Shore Boat', 'The Robin Hood', lanes and droves named. Tear of approx 3" from right edge, neatly repaired on verso 1826. £300.00

  21. Wheatacre Burgh PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, of the MANOR OF WHEATACRE CUM BURGH, with the Fines, Quit-Rents, Royalty, &c. also several eligible Freehold Farms, a Wood, Staithe, Public House, &c. &c.... situate at Wheatacre Burgh, otherwise Burgh St. Peter To be sold by auction by John King, at the Rampant Horse Inn, Norwich, on Saturday, the 8th of August, 1812.... Folio, 15pp, docket title, folded, completed memorandum. Some wear along approx. one and a half inches of first two pages affecting some text of Conditions of sale, and some slight wear in right margins of following pages, not affecting text. With detailed Schedules. Gives occupiers. 1812. £50.00

  22. Wickmere LABOUR AND SMALL PAYMENTS ACCOUNT on Mr Sharpin's Farm at Wickmere. 4to exercise book, stiff wraps, titled as above, with accounts of payments to various people, May 1889 to March 1890. 25 pages. Lists people paid for mostly unspecified labour by the week, occasional payment for lambs etc. 1889-90. £20.00

  23. Wymondham and Besthorpe PARTICULARS of Valuable property which will be sold by auction by Mr. Glasspoole... May 15th, 1847... under the Will of Mrs. Ann Burrell, in Four Lots. 3pp., including one page of Conditions of Sale. Folded with docket title. 1847. £20.00
    The properties were copyhold of the Manors of Wymondham Cromwells and Wymondham Grisaugh. Comprised two farmhouses and land in Wymondham, two cottages, and inclosures in Besthorpe.

  24. Wymondham and Garvestone TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by Mr. Spelman... 14th July, 1837... The Following Desirable Property... 4pp., small folio, folded with docket title. 1837. £18.00
    Describes 7 Lots, including cottage near the Brick Kiln of T.C. Watson, arable land adjoining Downham Lane, double cottage in Garvestone. Gives occupiers.

  25. Wymondham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Messuages, Cottages, Brick-Kiln & Yards.... for Sale by Auction.... 14th August, 1877. 4pp., folded with docket title. 1877. £14.00

  26. Wymondham PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Small Farm... brick & slate Farm House... Convenient Cottage... several inclosures of superior arable and pasture land... by the side of the Norwich Turnpike Road... to be Sold by Auction... 27th August, 1870. 3pp., folio, plus full page lithographed plan with some outline hand-colouring. Docket title spotty. 1870. £16.00

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