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Lesley Aitchison's - Suffolk selection

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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A selection of :- Suffolk Acts of Parliament
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.
Measurements for maps, engravings, etc are given depth x width.

  1. Beccles, Long Stratton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Quarter sheet, trimmed to neatline. Linen backed and folding into small 8vo green cloth enpapers. Water features hand-coloured. c1870. £10.00

  2. Bungay PREREMPTORY SALE at the Tuns Inn... October 25, 1866... Accommodation Meadows situate in Bungay Trinity abutting upon the road leading from the 'Watch House to Wainford Mills.... A Going or right of pasturing 2 head of Stock upon Stow Fen...' Poster, size 19" x 12", folds. 1866. £20.00

  3. Burgh TWO PHOTOGRAPHS of St. Botolph's Church, Burgh. Sepia photographs, size 8" x 6" one a view across a lake, with reflection of tower in water, another with lake and man with rowing boat, tower in middle distance... together with four photographs of wherry-type boats on the water, one signed by R. Barnes, 1911, approx. size 8" x 5", and a photograph of R. Barnes. c1910. £14.00
    Rev. R. Barnes was vicar of Burgh.

  4. Burston PLAN, PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of a Small, Compact Freehold Estate... for Sale by Auction... 29th May, 1863. 3pp., folio, folded, very small plan above title. 1863. £12.00

  5. Chassereau (Peter) A PLAN OF THE LAND SITUATED IN THE PARISHES OF STOKE, Sproughton, Washbrook and Belsteed near Ipswich in the County of Suffolk pursuant to the Will of Sr. John Fenner Knt. bearing date the 15th day of November 1633 for the Uses therein Mentioned and Bequeathed to the Ten Parishes following viz. Sepulchres, Giles Cripplegate.... Surveyed in the year 1745 by Order of the several Gentlemen appointed by the respective Parishes for that Purpose, and in the presence of Thomas Quarrill Esq., William Pyrke... by Peter Chassereau, Architect and Surveyor. J. Mynde sculpt. Printed plan size 17" x 22", hand coloured. Scale bar in monumental cartouche, (scale approx. 20 chain = 3 inches), large scroll top left with title as above, bottom left is another scroll with 'References' listing 18 plots such as 'Hop Yard', 'Horse Brass Meadow' etc., with acreages, and total. Bottom right is a seated classical figure with trees and an urn, accompanied by two cherubs, handing bibles to small children. Fields coloured according to cultivation, small trees etc. for wooded areas, small bushes for hedgerows. Paper watermarked 1808. £260.00
    Sir John Fenner's will of 1633 required his executors to purchase lands, the rent to be laid out every Easter in buying bibles for the poor in ten parishes in London.

  6. Ellingham and Geldeston POSTER advertising sale of Cottage Properties at the White Lion Inn, Beccles, 10th November, 1865. Size 20" x 13", folds. Repaired 4" tear from top edge. Crisp and Moore, Steam Printing Works, Beccles. 1865. £12.00
    With details of the three lots, including acreage, tenant, land tax etc. The purchase of the cottages also conferred 'Votes for East Norfolk'.

  7. Ellingham, Geldeston POSTER advertising auction sale of Cottage Properties.... 10th November, 1865. Poster, size 18" x 12", folds. 1865. £17.00

  8. Grange Estate, Beccles PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of an extremely valuable building site laid out with broad roads.... divided into commodious and pleasant sites for the erection of business and private houses.... which Messrs. Flick.... will sell by Auction in a marquee on the ground.... 16th June 1892. 10pp., folio, with very large coloured folding plan and key plan inside front wrap. It has been folded vertically and the front cover is browned at the edges, with some loss of paper in the front wrap down the vertical crease, with some chips at spine. 1892. £26.00
    There are 105 Lots.

  9. Great Saling CATALOGUE of the Valuable Live and Dead Farming Stock... At Woolpits Farm, October 1st, 1900. 13pp., 8vo., printed wraps with list of Bullocks, Lambs etc., prices realised entered in ink... together with... together with... CATALOGUE of Antique and Modern Furniture on the Premises at Woolpits... 26th October, 1933, 16pp., 8vo. 2 items. 1900-1933. £10.00

  10. Harleston ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet CVI.11. Scale 25" to 1 mile. 2 repaired tears 10" into the map from top edge. Streets named, public houses, named, shows Iron Works, Bell Foundry, Corn Mills etc. c1886. £12.00

  11. Ilketshall POSTER advertising sale by Auction, 14th March, 1859 at the King's head Inn, Beccles, of Three Brick Built and Tiles Cottages at St. Andrews, Ilkethsall, situate at St. Andrew's North Green. Size 15" x 10", paper rather browned. 1859. £8.00

  12. Ipswich BILL of a Mr. Miller, Ipswich, for mourning items, made out to Mr. Venn. 9 items listed on plain 4to sheet, lists the names of who are to have the various gloves, scarves etc. (including 12 ladies who had silk gloves). Signed as settled. Some small repaired tears at bottom edge. August 1811. £10.00

  13. Ipswich PARTICULARS of a Freehold Estate distinguished as Alton Hall... Extensive Gardens, Lawn & Pleasure Grounds... Water Corn Mill... Three very superior Farms, 1055a. 3r. 2pp. of excellent Land.... It hath strong claims on an independent Member of the Yacht Club... It will be Sold by Auction by Mr. Geo. Robins.... 18th day of June, 1844. 4pp., folio, plus docket title, folded. Loosely inserted is a lithographed plan by Madeley, Lithographers, size 14" x 17. Some damage by silverfish, mainly in blank areas. 1844. £45.00
    There is a schedule of 70 fields, etc, with cultivation and acreage, corresponding to numbers on the plan. A very effusive description by Mr. Robins 'a little army of Thorns contrasted wih an infinity of ever-green Oaks, are seen contending for the ascendancy' etc. Robins implies that the owner of Alton Hall will automatically become the member of Parliament for the district.

  14. Ipswich PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of Freehold Premises, Situate in Queen-Street, Ipswich, To Be Sold By Auction... at the Falcon Inn, Ipswich... Feb. 12, 1835. 3pp., small folio, printed in a variety of attractive type-faces. 1835. £24.00
    The house was a 'Freehold Dwelling-House, with Shew Shop, Work Shops, Yard, and Saw-pit... now let to Mr. Chilver, Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer..'

  15. Ipswich PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Desirable Freehold Property near the Catholic Chapel on the Woodbridge Road... to be Sold by Auction... at the Coach and Horses Inn... Sept. 14th, 1842. 3pp., folio, folded with docket title. 1842. £22.00

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  16. Mutford POSTER advertising auction sale of Four Cottages, a Brick and Tiled Double Cottage, a Double Cottage with Garden Ground, for sale by Mr Fenn, at The White Lion Hotel, Beccles, 3rd Dec. 1858. Size 22" x 17", many folds, two repaired tears at top corners (presumably where once pinned up). 1858. £18.00

  17. Southelmham, Beccles POSTER advertising auction sale of a Neat Genteel Residence in Ballygate Street, a Cottage and a Garden in Beccles, and a Farm Residence and land in St. James' Southelmham.... June 9th, 1862. Size 29" x 20", folds, small hole in one letter, poorly printed with smudging of ink. Read Crisp, Printers, Beccles, 1862. £16.00

  18. Stowmarket, Saxmundham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet L. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 36", parkland, main roads and county boundaries hand-coloured. Linen-backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. Electrotype 1865. £45.00

  19. Ufford OBLIGATION BOND Thomas Underwood of Ufford, Baker, and Andrew Blaike of Whitton, Farmer, to Elizabeth Bird of Ipswich, Widow, for £600. 1p., small folio, printed with manuscript inserts. Signed by Underwood and Blake, and witnesses, two wax seals. Memorandum on verso referring to an indenture. Blank conjoint leaf... together with... another similar bond of Underwood to Nathaniel Whimper, 1774. Two items. 1774-5. £28.00

  20. Woodbridge POSTER advertising the auction sale of a Blacksmith Shop and Premises with a frontage of 50ft. in Cutting's Lane, Woodbridge, at The Waggon and Horses Inn, April the 10th, 1873. Size 18" x 11", traces of folds. G. Booth, Machine Printer, Woodbridge. 1873. £25.00

  21. Woolpit OBLIGATION BOND of Richard Bruce of Woolpit, yeoman, to Samuel Damant of the hamlet of Dagworth in Old Newton. On paper, size 17" x 22", signed by Bruce and two witnesses with wax seal. 1772. £24.00
    Refers to a messuage called Poyers within the Manor of Mendlesham.

  22. Wrentham POSTER advertising Auction sale at the Spread Eagle Inn of A brick and tile built sash-fronted messuage licensed as a Beer House called the King's Head... also the Blacksmith's Shop adjoining, with the two bricked forges... Three brick and tiled cottages... Size 20" x 14", folds, brownish off-setting of lettering. 1846. £20.00

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