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A selection of :- Scottish Acts of Parliament
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.
Measurements for maps, engravings, etc are given depth x width.

  1. Aberdeen EIGHT POSTCARDS black and white photographic views, c1915. Comprises: Herring Boats entering the Harbour; Moonlight on the Harbour; Hauling the Salmon Nets on the Dee, Aberdeen; Union Terrace Gardens; Union Terrace and High U.P. Church; Bridge of Dee (these five Adelphi series); Fountainhall Road; Paddle steamer in the docks. All used. 1915. £12.00

  2. Aberdeen Farrier BILL of Joseph Milne, Horse Shoer and Farrier, to James Forbes, Carter, Aberdeen 1834-1837. In manuscript, listing work with month and day on one and a quarter sides of small folio sheet, receipted as paid in full 31st Oct. 1837. Mainly for horse shoes, 'dressing a Foot' etc... together with... Summons or Complaint, to William Westland, Farmer, Nigg, by the Heirs of Joseph Milne, to recover money due to them. 3p., folio, printed, with ms. inserts, with list of work done 1839-41, with prices, 1p. folio. 1834-7. £20.00

  3. Alyth LETTER on headed paper of John Gibson, Coal and Forage Merchant, Alyth. To J. Murray at Oaty Hill Farm, Laurencekirk, saying he will send a horse to his address in a Horse Van, together with 3 letters between Murray and Gibson about his complaint that the horse is vicious and refusal to pay the full price. 1917. £5.00

  4. Atholl (Duchess of) LETTER signed M. Atholl, dated Dunkeld(?), August 5th 1808. 1p., 4to, integral address panel on verso. Broken black wax seal, small piece torn from top left corner in blank area. Small hole between lines where seal broken. Letter addressed to Messrs. Collingridge & Co., coachmakers, enclosing instructions about a Phaeton the Duke has 'bespoke for his Friend'. Says he should take care 'that it is Strong, and all good, as the roughness of the Roads in this Country will try it severely'. 1808. £24.00

  5. Bacon (G.W), publisher BACON'S ORDNANCE MAP OF THE VICINITY OF ABERDEEN. Partly coloured folding map, dissected and mounted on linen, 34" x 27", plus margins, scale 1" to 1 mile, folding into the sm. 8vo original cloth covers. Shows Dinnet in the west to Aberdeen in the east and from Insch in the north to Stonehaven in the south. Aberdeen, and county boundaries are coloured. With attractive bookplate inside front board, of 'T.M.', Rubislaw House. G.W. Bacon, London: c1890. £30.00
    Rubislaw House, built 1675, was on what is now Queen's Road.

  6. Bacon's NEW POCKET MAP OF GLASGOW Coloured plan Size approx 13" x 21", coloured in pink and green, folding into original boards with decorative yellow label, boards rubbed at edges, and label slightly stained. Small area of light off-setting over approx. 2sq. in. c1885. £18.00
    With street index in margins.

  7. Bacon's PLAN OF EDINBURGH Coloured plan, size approx 12" x 18", single fold at centre. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Small tear at central fold neatly repaired on verso. c1885. £20.00
    With street index in margins.

  8. Bacon's PLAN OF GLASGOW Coloured plan Size approx 12" x 18", single fold at centre. Scale 4" to 1 mile. c1885. £22.00
    With street index in margins.

  9. Barclay (Sculp.) EDINBURGH CASTLE in Midlothian. Copper engraving, size 5" x 7", plus margins. A few foxing spots at edge of paper. c1780. £8.00
    Buildings in foreground, view framed by trees.

  10. Bartholomew (J.G) BARTHOLOMEW'S REVISED 'HALF-INCH' CONTOURED MAPS Scotland. 29 maps, numbered 1-29, size 21" x 27", colour-printed, mounted on linen and folding into blue and orange wraps. The map of Lochaber has some tears in the linen between sections, and a rubbed cover. c1920. £65.00

  11. Black's NEW LARGE MAP OF SCOTLAND Compiled from the Ordnance, Admiralty & other Surveys. Twelve sheets, printed in full colour, each sheet size approx. 19" x 20", dissected and mounted on linen and folding into cream endpapers, inserted in slipcase size 7" x 4", corners rubbed, label with key map on front. Scale 4 miles to an inch. 5 of the sheets have tears in linen, ranging from a 3" split between two sections to a tear along the bottom of three sections. c1880. £55.00

  12. Braemar ORDNANCE SURVEY Sheet No. XCVIII. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size approx. 25" x 36". 2 indelible Survey Branch stamps in top margin. Second Edition 1903. O.S. blindstamp 1903. £20.00
    Covers the whole of Braemar, Corriemulzie, Loch Phadraig.

  13. Brown (A), publisher BROWN'S MAP OF ABERDEEN AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Including Elgin, Banff, Peterhead. Coloured folding map, dissected and mounted on linen, 29" x 21", plus margins, folding into the 12mo original cloth covers, decorative gilt title. Advert on outside of back board with attractive picture of bicycle. A. Brown, Aberdeen: c.1911. £25.00

  14. Brown (James) Printers THE ABERDEEN HERALD March 31st, 1860. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp., folds, Some minor browning along part folds on front page. 1860. £14.00
    Many adverts. for local firms, steamship sailings, Provost's resignation etc.

  15. Brown (James) Printers THE ABERDEEN HERALD No. 1439. March 24th, 1860. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp., folds. 1860. £14.00
    Many adverts. for local firms, steamship sailings, properties to let, displenish sales etc.

  16. Cellardyke, Fife ARTICLES OF ROUP of the East Subjects in Cellardyke lying in the Orfat Wynd consisting of a House and yard... Manuscript on 2p., sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf, setting out conditions of sale, and with a signed agreement for the sale at the highest bid price of £34. 1803. £15.00
    The house was William Eadie's and the purchaser was Andrew Pratt, fisher in Cellardyke.

  17. Chalmers (D), Pub. ABERDEEN JOURNAL and General Advertiser for the North of Scotland. Wednesday, December 30, 1829. Broadsheet style, 23" x 17", 4p, folded, some light water-staining, a couple of small splits at fold. Mast-head with coat of arms. 1829. £12.00
    Contains numerous local news and adverts, houses and farms to let, shares in ships for sale etc.

  18. Dumbarton DISPOSITION by Sir Archibald Edmonstone of Duntreath, Bart., in favor of Lt. Col. Andrew Geils of Dumbuck. 1822. Contemporary copy on 21 pages, small folio, sewn at left margin, folded. Paper watermarked 1821. £18.00
    Refers to many plots of land in the Burgh of Dumbarton, giving exact location of the lands with adjoining owners, for example 'an acre of land called Guildy Acre lying in the Green of the Burgh of Dumbarton betwixt the lands of the mains of Colquhoun upon the south... and the common way on the north and the land belonging ot Sir James Smollet on the west...'

  19. Dumfries ARTICLES OF ROUP of The Anchor Inn, Dumfries. 4p. folio, manuscript. The first page is a detailed description of the property, with names of adjoining occupiers etc. 1866. £12.00
    The auctioneer was to be David Creighton.

  20. Dumfries ARTICLES OF ROUP of all and whole Three Parks lying in the Burgh roads of Dumfries belonging to Thomas Goldie of Craigmuir to be Exposed to public roup... 28th January 1819... 3p, manuscript, small folio. Each page signed by Goldie in a shaky hand. 1819. £10.00

  21. Dumfries COGNITION for seven acres of land inclosed into two Parks lying in the Burrowroads of Drumfries in favour of Joseph Corrie Son and heir of umq. Joseph Corrie late Conjunct Town Clerk of Drumfries. Vellum, 24" x 17", ink faded... together with... SASINE for the same property, 1752. Similar document, with fine notary's mark of Archibold Malcolm. 1773. £25.00

  22. Earl of Buchan LETTER to the Earl of Buchan signed 'Wm. Howard', dated London June 28th 1818. 6 lines on 4to sheet. Asks permission to introduce an American friend Mr Lorman of Baltimore, requesting the kind attention in which he himself 'so largely participated during my residence last winter in Edinburgh'. 1818. £25.00
    Presumably to David Erskine, 11th Earl of Buchan. He was interested in American affairs, having been friends with Benjamin Franklin, and supported the American cause, corresponding with George Washington. He became President of the American Antiquarian Society in 1816.

  23. Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal PETITION of Robert Robb, Tenant in Gorgie, against Lord Bannatyne's Interlocutor Passing A Bill of Suspension for Union Canal Company. 10pp., 4to, sewn at margin J. & C. Muirhead, Printers, Edinburgh. 1821. £25.00
    'the Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal Company... have of late been forming a Canal or inland navigation from Falkirk towards the vicinity of Edinburgh. In performing their operations they occupied a part of the lands of Meggetland, under lease to the petitioner...'

  24. Edinburgh PERSPECTIVE VIEW of the Castle and City of Edinburgh, with the Towns of Leith, Burnt island & Kinghorn. Copper engraved view, taking in the whole of the city, with the castle on the left, hills of Fife in the distance, men with a horse in foreground. Size approx. 7" x 12", plus margins. Title below, and 'Engraved for The Modern Universal British Traveller' in smaller lettering in top margin. Small repaired edge tear at top margin. c1779. £22.00

  25. Elgin DISPOSITION by the Hon. George Skene Duff of Milton Duff in favour of Archibald Inglis of The lands of the South College of Elgin, and others. 21p., small folio, sewn with pink tape at edge. Draft copy, with some amendments, and later lawyer's notes in the margins. The lands comprised the Manse of the sub-Dean of Moray, the Archdean's Manse, crofts called the Sub-Chanters, land in the east of Elgin late the Earl of Fife's 'all now enclosed between the walls of the College'. There is an abstract of deeds from 1690. Cover leaf with docket title torn. 1865. £20.00

  26. Glasgow HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Sewing Machine, 60 vols. Valuable Books &c, At No. 4 Newhall Terrace, Greenhead, To be Sold by Warrant of the Sheriff, Monday 11th December... James Hamilton Auctioneer. Poster, size 11" x 9", heading in large letters. Lists over 20 items including American Clock, 3-light Gasalier etc. 1st December 1882. £16.00

  27. Glasgow OBLIGATION BOND of Major John Spens of Stonelaw and Robert Park Merchant in Glasgow to Margaret Austin daughter of Capt. Joseph Austin of Kilspindy. Large folio sheet, written on one side only, folds. Signed and witnessed. Docket title and later note of 1791 on verso. Docket title dusty. 1785. £18.00

  28. Gray (John), Publisher NORTH BRITISH ADVERTISER No. 1602. July 11, 1857. Broadsheet newspaper, containing advertising only. 4 very large pages. Folds. Some slight dustmarking in margin of first page. 1857. £9.00
    As well as numerous adverts. for local firms includes notices of Public Meetings, Situations Wanted, Situations Vacant, Property Sales, sailings to Australia etc.

  29. Hawick TWO AUCTION SALE CATALOGUES For Sale of Store Sheep, 23rd October, 1940, and for sale of 1350 Suckled Calves, Blue-Grey, Aberdeen Angus Cross, Galloway and Shorthorn, 22nd October, 1940. Each 4pp., tall 8vo, on thick paper, vertical fold. 1940. £8.00

  30. Hogg (Alexr.) A GENERAL VIEW of the City & Castle of Edinburgh, the Capital of Scotland. Copper engraving, size 8" x 11", plus margins, decorative border. Shows view looking across the city towards Fife, figures in the foreground. Paper slightly darkened at edges, with some creases and edge tears in side margins... together with a similar engraving with two views, Montrose and Channery, which is slightly creased. Two items. 1784. £15.00
    Both engravings are from Hogg's 'The New British Traveller'.

  31. Jedburgh RECEIPT whereby James Scott, Writer in Jedburgh, confirms that he holds 'Writes' for the Lands of Swanshill', and that he has made copies to send to Mr Elliott writer in Edinburgh. He says he will give other writings to Janet Grieve Heiress of Swanshill when she has settled her account. Manuscript, small folio. Signed by Scott and witnessed by James Oliver, Schoolmaster at Hobkirk(?), and another. 1747. £12.00

  32. Kirkudbright EXECUTION of Intimation and Hypothecation. Warrant of James Adam, Steward Officer of Kirkudbright, for sequestration of goods for non-payment of rent by Robert McQueen of Upper Clarebrand. 2p., small folio, with list of stock and value. Signed by Adams and witnesses. With declaration by McQueen that he consents to sale by public roup of his crop. Handwriting rather untidy... together with... James Lidderdale, Writer's bill for legal duties re. auction. 11 lines, sm. folio. 2 items. 1815. £18.00

  33. Knox (James) MAP OF THE SHIRE OF EDINBURGH or County of Midlothian, from an Actual Survey by James Knox, 1812. Engraved map on four sheets, scale one and a half inches to the mile. Each sheet size 31" x 24", mounted on later white linen. Some outline colouring. A working copy only, with some loss of paper, uniformly browned. There is a number written in red ink in the top corner of each sheet. The title sheet is missing a corner piece above the title, and a small strip about 7" long and nearly " wide down the coast of Fife. The sheet with the inset plan of Edinburgh has some narrow strips of paper missing in sea area, and small hole in the plan. The south west sheet, which has a list of altitudes and distances, has four very small holes. 1812. £85.00
    A cheap copy of a scarce early large-scale map.

  34. Maclaren (Charles), Printer THE SCOTSMAN or Edinburgh Political and Literary Journal. Dec. 30th, 1829. 8pp. Partly split down spine, a few small rust marks. Top edge uncut. 1829. £5.00

  35. Menzies (J), Edinburgh, Publisher SOUVENIR OF THE NORTH Forty engravings on glazed cards. Each card size 5" x 3", one engraving on each card. Inserted into boards covered in red silk tartan, gilt, with purple card flaps, gilt on front board faded, silk split down edges of spine. The engraving is by J. Gellatly, from a variety of artists. c1850. £30.00
    Includes views of Edinburgh, Lock Katrine, Stirling, Falls of the Clyde, Loch Lomond, Taymouth Castle, Loch Ness, Dunkeld, Loch Leven, etc.

    SCOTTISH Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
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  36. Moray DISPOSITION of a toft lying in the north end of the town of Garmouth, Alexander Marshall, Sailor in Garmouth, to Andrew James, for the yearly payment of six shillings Scots money. Two and a half pages, small folio, some browning of paper down central fold and at edges, and 2" split at fold. 1787. £18.00
    Names land and property adjoining the plot, and refers to 'Deliverance of earth and Stone of the foresaid Toft'.

  37. Muirhead (C) Printer THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER March 27, 1838. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., folded. Red tax stamp. 1834. £14.00
    Includes explosion at Stobs Powder Mill, near Edinburgh, fire in a distillery at Glasgow, whole column listing names on petition to Sir Thomas Buchan Hepburn asking him to stand for Parliament for Haddington, etc.

  38. Muirhead (C) Printer THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER February 18, 1834. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., folded. 1834. £14.00
    Contains 3 columns on Highland Society livestock competition.

  39. North Berwick BILL for port wine, beer, meals at the Dalrymple Arms Inn. Billhead with decorative engraving showing arms of Dalrymple. Receipted over stamp. Some whitish discoloration of the blue paper. 1853. £5.00

  40. Perth, Coupar Angus, Dundee ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 48. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 36". Light red stamp in margin 'Scotland 48 - Outline Series'... together with... Sheet 87. Peterhead, Ellen, Strichen. Same format. 2 items. Third Editions. Railways inserted to 1910. £32.00

  41. Portobello ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet IV N.W. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 18", plus margins. Contours in red. Slightly less than half the map is sea area. Revision of 1931. £12.00
    Covers Seafield Hospital, Joppa, Buddington Mills, Eastfield.

  42. Portobello REPORT UPON THE BOROUGH OF PORTOBELLO 1p, with a Plan of the Town, by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline, scale 6" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. Some minor off-setting on plan. c1832. £24.00

  43. Prestwick, Dalbeattie, etc. SEVEN BILLS of post masters, coach-hirers etc. in Scottish towns. All with printed headings, some with small vignettes of carriages etc. Made out for horse hire, horse shoes etc. Nine items. 1888-1900. £12.00
    Includes: Scott, Post Master, Falkirk; Peebles, Jobbing Smith, Prestwick; Marshall, Postmaster, Edinburgh; Baxter, Coach Hirer, Blairgowrie.

  44. Ramsay and Son, Publisher THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT May 23, 1816. Newspaper, 4pp. Folds. Red tax stamp. Some slight foxing. 1816. £8.00
    Includes sailings from Leith, Estates for sale etc.

  45. Ramsay (G) THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT Two newspapers, February 14 and July 25, 1833. Broadsheet newspapers, each 4pp., folded. 1833. £18.00
    Includes report of the second reading of the abolition of slavery bill in the Commons, houses to let and for auction etc., list of subscribers to the Memorial to Sir Walter Scott with amounts, shipping news etc.

  46. Rosoman (Keith), Artist SHELL GUIDE TO INVERNESS-SHIRE Poster, lithograph and letterpress printing, glossy surface. Illustration showing Braeriach in the Cairngorms, cairn from Culloden Moor, Flora Macdonald, capercaillie and black grouse, salmon flies, Cairngorm brooches, bagpipes, etc. Description and map with key below. Overall size 29" x 20", metal hanger top and bottom. Shell logo at bottom. c1960. £35.00

  47. Russell (Alex), Publisher THE ELGIN COURANT and Morayshire Advertiser. October 11, 1850. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., red tax stamp. Dustmarking along 10" of two folds. 1850. £12.00
    Contains article on the 'Gigantic Workhouse' at Barnshill, Glasgow, celebrations for the Earl of Fife's birthday, etc.

  48. Saddlers and Harness Makers TWELVE BILLS all with printed headings, for Scottish firms. Comprises Dalkeith (2), Glasgow (1), Edinburgh (2), Aberdeen (1), Dumfries(1), Oban (1), Huntly (1), Wishaw (1), Kirkcudbright (1), Stranraer (1). Varying sizes from folio to 8vo, all compoeted with lists of work done. 1880-1920. £25.00

  49. Scottish Farmers' Club REPORT on the Accounts of the Acting Committee of the Chamber of Agriculture and Scottish Farmers Club, 14th November 1864 to 31st December 1865. 2p., folio, folds. 1865. £8.00
    The Club was instituted in November 1864.

  50. Stirlingshire COPY CERTIFIED RENTAL of the Estate of William Murray Esq. of Touchadam & Pitlochie in the Parish of St. Ninians and the Shire of Stirling on 21st October 1772. Copy, made 1818. 6 double-page spreads, with columns for 'Possessions and Possessors', 'Money Rent', 'Meal', 'Total Rent' etc. Lists properties in the Barony of Touchanam, Cowie, Balquhidrock, and 'Old fues before 1691 disjoined...' etc. Manuscript, neatly written throughout, sewn at left edge. 1818. £35.00
    Attestation at the end refers to 'the process of Disjunction'.

  51. Stranraer ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 90. Popular Edition. Buff and red wraps with shield and crown. 1924. £9.00

  52. The Royal Highland Agricultural Society TRANSACTIONS. Sixth Series Vol 1. 1956. 295pp., 8vo. Numerous photographic illustrations of bulls, horses etc. Stiff wraps, some minor foxing spots on front wrap. 1956. £7.00
    Includes Premiums awarded by the Society for that year (Inverness).

  53. Thomson (John) NORTHERN PART OF ABERDEEN AND BANFF-SHIRE together with Southern Part of Aberdeen and Banff-Shrs. Map on four sheets, scale 10 miles = 6 in. Sheets 22 Parts 1,2,3,4. Each sheet 21" x 26", plus margins, central vertical fold. Hundreds coloured in outline. Some waterstaining at right and left edges extending less than half an inch from edge of paper, obtruding beyond border in sea area just below compass rose in one sheet, small light red line about 5" long in blank area on one sheet where line of red colour has off-set. 1826. £140.00
    From Thomson's Atlas of 1826.

  54. Veitch (W), Printer and Publisher THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT November 29, 1860. Very large broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., folded. Red tax stamp, folds. Some slight dustmarking on first page at folds. 1860. £8.00
    Details of application for various railway bills, dangerous tenement at Fishmarket close, etc.

  55. Veitch (W), Publisher THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT October 31st, 1865. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp, folds. 1865. £10.00
    Includes report on 'Desperate Encounter with a Fallow Buck', fishermen drowned in Dornock Firth, etc.

  56. Veitch (W), Publisher THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT November 19th, 1866. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp, folds. 1866. £12.00
    Contains advert for Aitchison's Celebrated Fifty-Shilling Watch, very detailed four-column report on the Parliamentary Reform demonstration at Edinburgh.

  57. Wescombe (C), Publisher THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT June 12, 1868. Broadsheet newspaper, 4pp. Folds... together with.... edition of June 19 1868. 2 items. 1868. £15.00
    Includes column on 'the great game of Central Asia', appointment of Mr Calderwood to chair of Moral Philosphy, etc.

  58. West Calder ACCOUNTS of James Fairley for carpentry and odd jobs done for Mrs Maitland at West Calder. In 8vo 'Commercial Memorandum Book 1857', marbled wraps, 16 pages of accounts, plus blank pages, detailing work such as making cold frames, cleaning windows 'painting old bridge green', 'packing box for Jelly', 'apprentice 3 days painting drying poles hotbed frame 2 coats and apple house door'. 1857-61. £18.00
    Possibly refers to the Maitland family of the Hermand estate.

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