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BRISTOL Books - Sample text
Please click on the links below to read a sample of text from each work.
Not all of these items are in stock.
This is an on-going project and is aimed to provide a flavour of a books contents.


  1. Arrowsmith Ltd Pr. OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE CITY OF BRISTOL. Published with the authority of the Lord Mayor and Corporation of the City and County of Bristol by J.W. Arrowsmith Ltd, Quay Street, Bristol: 1935. --- See sample text

  2. Cave (C.H) HISTORY OF BANKING IN BRISTOL 1750-1899. Privately Printed Bristol: 1899. --- See sample text

  3. [Cowen (L)] GREATER BRISTOL by 'Lesser Columbus'. Bristol: 1893. --- See sample text

  4. Latimer (J) ANNALS OF BRISTOL In the Eighteenth Century. Printed for the Author. Bristol: 1893. --- See sample text

  5. Nicholls (J.F) and Taylor (John) BRISTOL PAST AND PRESENT. Bristol: 1881-1882. --- See sample text

  6. Powell (J.W.D) BRISTOL PRIVATEERS AND SHIPS OF WAR. Bristol: 1930. --- See sample text

  7. Smith (G. Munro) A HISTORY OF THE BRISTOL ROYAL INFIRMARY. Bristol: 1917. --- See sample text

  8. Stone (G.F) & Wells (C) BRISTOL AND THE GREAT WAR 1914-1919. Bristol: 1920. --- See sample text

  9. Watson (Edward James) PLEAS OF THE CROWN FOR THE HUNDRED OF SWINESHEAD AND THE TOWNSHIP OF BRISTOL. Taken at Bristol Before Simon Abbot of Reading, Randolph Abbot of Evesham.... In the Year of the Reign of King Henry the Third A.D. 1221. Bristol: 1902. --- See sample text

  10. Wilkins (H.J) SOME CHAPTERS IN THE ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY OF WESTBURY ON TRYM.... Bristol: 1909. -- See sample text

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