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This is an on-going project and is aimed to provide a flavour of a books contents.

  1. Arber (E.A. Newell) THE COAST SCENERY OF NORTH DEVON. Being an account of the Geological features of the Coast-Line extending from Porlock in Somerset to Boscastle in North Cornwall. First edition. 1911. -- See sample text

  2. Chanter (John Mill) WANDERINGS IN NORTH DEVON: being Records & Reminiscences in the life of John Mill Chanter, 51 years vicar of Ilfracombe. Illustrated & edited by his daughter. With a preface by G. Tugwell. Ilfracombe: 1887. --- See sample text

  3. Clayden (Arthur W) THE HISTORY OF DEVONSHIRE SCENERY. An Essay In Geographical Evolution. First edition, 1906. --- See sample text

  4. Cresswell (Beatrix F) NOTES ON THE CHURCHES OF THE DEANERY OF KENN, Devon. First edition. Exeter: 1912. --- See sample text

  5. Crossing (William) THE ANCIENT STONE CROSSES OF DARTMOOR; and its Borderland. Illustrated by T.A. Falcon. Revised Edition. Exeter: 1902. --- See sample text

  6. Fisher (Arthur) THE REGISTER OF BLUNDELL'S SCHOOL. With Introduction and Appendices. Part 1. The Register, 1770 - 1882. Printed and Published for the Old Blundellian Club Blundell's School, Tiverton, Devon. Exeter: 1904. -- See sample text

  7. Harper (Charles G) THE NORTH DEVON COAST. First edition. 1908. --- See sample text

  8. Jukes - Brown (A.J) THE HILLS AND VALLEYS OF TORQUAY A Study in Valley - Development and an Explanation of Local Scenery. Published by the Author: Torquay: 1907. -- See sample text

  9. Page (John Lloyd Warden) AN EXPLORATION OF DARTMOOR AND ITS ANTIQUITIES. With some account of its Borders. Second edition, 1889. --- See sample text

  10. Risdon (Tristram) THE CHOROGRAPHICAL DESCRIPTION OR SURVEY OF THE COUNTY OF DEVON. Printed from a genuine copy of the original manuscript; with considerable additions. 1811. --- See sample text

  11. White (J.T) THE HISTORY OF TORQUAY. Torquay: 1878. --- See sample text

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