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SOMERSET Books - Sample text
Please click on the links below to read a sample of text from each work.
Not all of these items are in stock.
This is an on-going project and is aimed to provide a flavour of a books contents.

  1. Baker (E.A) & Balch (H.E) THE NETHERWORLD OF MENDIP. Explorations in the Great Caverns of Somerset, Yorkshire, Derbyshire & elsewhere. First edition. Clifton: 1907. --- See sample text

  2. Boger (Mrs E) MYTHS, SCENES & WORTHIES OF SOMERSET. First edition. 1887. --- See sample text

  3. Chadwyck Healey (Charles E.H) HISTORY OF THE PART OF WEST SOMERSET Comprising the Parishes of Luccombe, Selworthy, Stoke Pero, Porlock, Culbone and Oare. 1901. --- See sample text

  4. Greswell (Rev. William H.P) DUMNONIA AND THE VALLEY OF THE PARRET. A Historical Retrospect. First edition. Taunton: 1922. --- See sample text

  5. [Haviland, Capt.] THE NORTH SOMERSET REGIMENT OF YEOMANRY CAVALRY. 1850. Bath: 1850. --- See sample text

  6. Meehan (J.F) FAMOUS HOUSES OF BATH & DISTRICT. Bath: 1901 - 1906. --- See sample text

  7. Snell (F.J) THE BLACKMORE COUNTRY. Second edition with 32 full-page illustrations from photographs by Catherine W. Barnes Ward. 1911. --- See sample text

  8. Thompson (E.M) A HISTORY OF THE SOMERSET CARTHUSIANS. First edition, 1895. --- See sample text

  9. Trask (Charles) NORTON-SUB-HAMDON. In the County of Somerset. Notes on the Parish and the Manor and on Ham Hill. First edition. 1898. --- See sample text

  10. Wickham (J.D.C) RECORDS BY SPADE & TERRIER.... Celtic & Roman Remains.... Etymology of local Place and Family Names.... Customs & Folklore of HOLCOMBE-BY-MENDIP. n.d. c1910. --- See sample text

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