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DORSET Books - Sample text
Please click on the links below to read a sample of text from each work.
Not all of these items are in stock.
This is an on-going project and is aimed to provide a flavour of a books contents.

  1. Bond (L.M.G) TYNEHAM A Lost Heritage. First edition, Dorchester: (1956) --- See sample text

  2. Densham (W) & Ogle (J) THE STORY OF THE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCHES OF DORSET. From their Foundation to the Present Time. First edition, 1899. --- See sample text

  3. Fowler (Joseph) A DESCRIPTION OF SHERBORNE SCENERY, Its Nature and History In Its Relation to the Underlying Rocks.... The Origin of Dry Valleys; The History of the River Yeo and the Formation of its Valley at Sherborne. Illustrated by Hubert Jones. Sherborne: 1936. --- See sample text

  4. Fowler (Joseph) MEDIAEVAL SHERBORNE. 1951. --- See sample text

  5. Graham (P. Anderson) Ed. IWERNE MINSTER Before, During, And After The Great War. Printed for Private Circulation. (1923) --- See sample text

  6. Harper (C.G) THE DORSET COAST. First edition. 1905. --- See sample text

  7. Miles (William Augustus) A DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVEREL BARROW, Opened A.D. 1825. Also a Minute Account of the KIMMERIDGE COAL MONEY, A Most Mysterious and Nondescript Article. Cockers, Printers, Frome: 1826. --- See sample text

  8. Moule (H.J) DORCHESTER ANTIQUITIES. Dorchester: 1901. --- See sample text

  9. Nightingale (J.E) CHURCH PLATE OF THE COUNTY OF DORSET, With Extracts from the Returns of Church Goods by the Dorset Commissioners of Edward VI. 1552. 1889. --- See sample text

  10. Weymouth Corporation WEYMOUTH The English Naples. 190- --- See sample text

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