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CORNISH Books - Sample text
Please click on the links below to read a sample of text from each work.
Some of these works, but not all, are for sale on the site : - CORNISH BOOKS
This is an on-going project and is aimed to provide a flavour of a books contents.

    Cornish Books

  1. Bizley (Maurice H) FRIENDLY RETREAT. The Story of a Parish. First edition. Truro: Preface dated 1955. --- See sample text

  2. Blight (J.T) A WEEK AT THE LAND'S END. First edition. 1861. --- See sample text

  3. Blight (J.T) CHURCHES OF WEST CORNWALL; With Notes of Antiquities of the District. First edition, 1865. --- See sample text

  4. Boase (G.C) and Courtney (W.P) BIBLIOTHECA CORNUBIENSIS. A catalogue of the writings, both manuscript & printed, of Cornishmen & of Works Relating to the County of Cornwall, with Biographical Memoranda & Copious Literary References. 1874,78,82. --- See sample text

  5. Bone (Frederic James) THE STORY OF STRATTON CHURCH. Plymouth: 1919. --- See sample text

  6. Collins (Wilkie) RAMBLES BEYOND RAILWAYS; or Notes in Cornwall taken A-foot. New Edition. 1861. --- See sample text

  7. Colquhoun (Ithel) THE LIVING STONES OF CORNWALL. First edition. 1957. --- See sample text

  8. Courtney (M.A) CORNISH FEASTS AND FOLK-LORE. Revised and Reprinted from the Folk-Lore Society Journals, 1886-87. First edition, Penzance: 1890. --- See sample text

  9. Cummings (Alfred Hayman) CHURCHES AND ANTIQUITIES OF CURY AND GUNWALLOE, in the Lizard District, including Local Traditions. First edition. 1875. --- See sample text

  10. Edmonds (Richard) THE LAND'S END DISTRICT: Its Antiquities, Natural History, Natural Phenomena & Scenery. Also a brief Memoir of Richard Trevithick. First edition. 1862. --- See sample text

  11. Esquiros (Alphonse) CORNWALL AND ITS COASTS. 1865. --- See sample text

  12. Forbes (John) SKETCH OF THE MEDICAL TOPOGRAPHY OF WEST PENWITH, Comprising the District of the Landsend, in Cornwall. Worcester: c.182- -- See sample text

  13. Goulding (R.W) Compiled by RECORDS OF THE CHARITY KNOWN AS BLANCHMINSTER'S CHARITY. In the Parish of Stratton, County of Cornwall, until the year 1832. With introduction and notes on the families of Turet, Blanchminster, Hiwis and Colshull. Stratton and Bude: 1898. -- See sample text

  14. Grylls (Rev. Henry) DESCRIPTIVE SKETCH OF THE WINDOWS OF ST. NEOT CHURCH, In Cornwall as Restored by The Rev. Richard Gerveys Grylls, of Helston, In the Years 1826, 1827, 1828, and 1829; To which is added the Poem of TREGEAGLE, OR, DOZMARY POOL. Third Edition, Embellished with a View of the Church and Vicarage, with some Prefatory Remarks. Devonport: 1844. -- See sample text

  15. Hamilton-Jenkin (A.K) CORNISH HOMES AND CUSTOMS. First edition, 1934. --- See sample text

  16. Harvey (E.G) MULLYON: its History, Scenery & Antiquities; Narratives of Shipwrecks & its Coast.... Names of Places etc.... Truro & London: 1875. -- See sample text

  17. Hawkins (Henry) THROUGH WEST CORNWALL WITH A CAMERA. Or an artist's pilgrimage amongst Miners & Methodists. 1897. --- See sample text

  18. Hencken (H. O'Neill) THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF CORNWALL & SCILLY. First edition. 1932. -- See sample text

  19. Henderson (Charles) A HISTORY OF THE PARISH OF CONSTANTINE in Cornwall. Compiled from Original sources by Charles Henderson, M.A. Edited by The Rev. G.H. Doble. First edition. Long Compton: 1937. --- See sample text

  20. James (C.C) A HISTORY OF THE PARISH OF GWENNAP IN CORNWALL. (1947) --- See sample text

  21. Jenner (Henry) HANDBOOK OF THE CORNISH LANGUAGE, Chiefly in its Latest Stages with some account of its History & Literature. First edition 1904. -- See sample text

  22. Lach-Szymra (Rev. W.S) A CHURCH HISTORY OF CORNWALL and the Diocese of Truro. c188- --- See sample text

  23. Lawrance (W.T) PARLIAMENTARY REPRESENTATION OF CORNWALL, Being a Record of the Electoral Divisions and Boroughs of the County from 1295 to 1885, together with copies of the Roll of Parliamentary Members during the period above named, some Biographical Notes, and a chapter on the Pitt Family and Cornish Elections. Netherton and Worth, Truro: c.192- -- See sample text

  24. Lukis (William Collings) PREHISTORIC STONE MONUMENTS OF THE BRITISH ISLES: CORNWALL. With 40 tinted litho plates, accurately drawn to scale by W.C. Lukis and W.C. Borlase. Society of Antiquaries, 1885. --- See sample text


    This page is aimed to provide a sample of text from various Cornish books
    and is an on-going project.
    Some of these works, but not all, are for sale on the site :- CORNISH BOOKS

    If you cannot find the book you are looking for,
    or if you wish to receive my latest catalogue
    please e-mail
    Ivor Cornish at :-

  25. Norris (Edwin) THE ANCIENT CORNISH DRAMA, Edited and Translated by Mr Edwin Norris. First edition, Oxford at the University Press: 1859. --- See sample text

  26. Page (John Lloyd Warden) THE NORTH COAST OF CORNWALL. Its Scenery, its people, its antiquities & its legends. With an appendix on the Geology by W.A.E. Ussher. Truro: Preface dated 1897. --- See sample text

  27. Quiller-Couch (A.T) Ed. THE CORNISH MAGAZINE. Truro: 1898-99. --- See sample text

  28. Quixley (R.C.E) ANTIQUE MAPS OF CORNWALL AND THE ISLES OF SCILLY. First edition 1966. --- See sample text

  29. Rees (Edgar A) OLD PENZANCE. Published by the author. Penzance: 1956. --- See sample text

  30. Wilson & Phillips Pub. WHO'S WHO IN CORNWALL. Hereford: 1935. --- See sample text

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