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LOCAL HISTORY Books - Sample text
Please click on the links below to read a sample of text from each work.
Some of these works, but not all, are for sale on the site :- GENERAL LOCAL HISTORY BOOKS
This is an on-going project and is aimed to provide a flavour of a books contents.

  1. Collins (J.H) OBSERVATIONS ON THE WEST OF ENGLAND MINING REGION Being an Account of the Mineral Deposits and Economic Geology of the Region. Printed for the Author. Plymouth: 1912. --- See sample text

  2. Edwards (Rev. Z.I) THE FERNS OF THE AXE and its tributaries; also of Lyme, Charmouth, Uplyme and Monkton Wyld, with an account of the flower Lobelia Urens found near Axminster, and nowhere else in Great Britain. First edition, 1862. --- See sample text


  3. Henwood (G) FOUR LECTURES ON GEOLOGY AND MINING. (i) On the Study of Geology and Mineralogy as Sources of Interesting and Valuable Information. (ii) Observations on Certain Tin Stream Works in the County of Cornwall. (iii) On the Metalliferous Veins or Lodes of Devon and Cornwall, and the Methods of Mining Them. (iv) On the Manipulation of the Ores of Devon and Cornwall to render them Marketable. 1855. --- See sample text

  4. Hunt (Robert) BRITISH MINING. A Treatise on the History, Discovery, Practical Development and Future Prospects of Metalliferous Mines in the United Kingdom. With upwards of Two Hundred and Thirty Illustrations. First edition, 1884. --- See sample text

  5. Lewes (George Henry) SEA-SIDE STUDIES at Ilfracombe, Tenby, The Scilly Isles, & Jersey. Second Edition, 1860. -- See sample text


  6. Mayo (C.H) A GENEALOGICAL ACCOUNT OF THE MAYO & ELTON FAMILIES of the Counties of Wilts and Hereford; With an Appendix, containing genealogies for the most part not hitherto published of certain families allied by marriage to the Family of Mayo. To which is added a Large Tabular Pedigree, set in type by Theodore Mayo. First Edition. Privately Printed by Charles Whittingham and Co., Chiswick Press: 1882. --- See sample text

  7. Oliver (Rev. George) COLLECTIONS ILLUSTRATING THE HISTORY OF THE CATHOLIC RELIGION IN THE COUNTIES OF CORNWALL, DEVON, WILTS, DORSET, SOMERSET & GLOUCESTER. In two parts Historical & Biographical. First edition. 1857. --- See sample text

  8. Pulman (G.P.R) THE BOOK OF THE AXE; containing a piscatorial description of that stream and Historical Sketches of all the Parishes and Remarkable Places upon its Banks. Fourth Edition, re-written and greatly enlarged. Fourth edition. 1875. --- See sample text

  9. Pulman (George P.R) THE BOOK OF THE AXE; Containing A Piscatorial Description of that Stream and Historical Sketches of All the Parishes and Remarkable Places Upon its Banks. Reprinted, Bath: 1975. --- See sample text

  10. Robinson (W.J) WEST COUNTRY CHURCHES. 1914-1916. --- See sample text

  11. Robinson (W.J) WEST COUNTRY MANORS. Bristol: 1930. --- See sample text

  12. Thornton (W.H) REMINISCENCES AND REFLECTIONS OF AN OLD WEST COUNTRY CLERGYMAN. Printed for Private Circulation. Torquay: 1897. --- See sample text

  13. University College of South West DEVON AND CORNWALL A Preliminary Survey. A Report Issued by The Survey Committee of the University College Of The South West, Exeter. Exeter: 1947. --- See sample text

  14. Wright (W.H.K) Ed. THE WESTERN ANTIQUARY or DEVON AND CORNWALL NOTE-BOOK. VOLUME 3. Plymouth: 1884. --- See sample text

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