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A selection of :- Nottinghampshire Acts of Parliament
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.
Measurements for maps, engravings, etc are given depth x width.

  1. Blome (Richard) A MAP OF THE COUNTY OF NOTTINGHAM hand-coloured in Wapentakes. Engraved map, size approx. 9" x 7", hand-coloured. small compass rose, key to Wapentakes bottom left. Scale bar, one and a half inches= 5 miles. Trace of horizontal fold at centre, some slight darkening of the green colour in one Wapentake along about 2" of fold. In cream card mount, slight crease in card at bottom left corner. Originally published 1670's, reissued 1715. £20.00
    From Thomas Taylor's 'England Exactly Described'.

  2. Colston Basset APPORTIONMENT OF RENT CHARGE IN LIEU OF TITHES in the Parish of Colston Basset. 19 pages on vellum, written on one side only, column heads printed with information entered in manuscript, size 19" x 24" limp calf wraps. Tear in calf on back wrap, which is also rubbed at edges. 1842. £25.00
    Lists landowner, occupier, name of property, cultivation, quantity, remarks.

  3. Cuckney, Ollerton GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LXXXII S.E., size 12" x 14", plus margins, key. 4" repaired tear in right margin. 1859. £18.00

  4. Jackson (Fredk.), Civil Engineer TO THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL THE MAYOR Aldermen and Common Council of Nottingham This Plan of the Town and County of the Town of Nottingham And the several Extra Parochial Places within the Liberties of the Castle, Together with parts of the Parishes of Sneinton, Radford, Wilford and Lenton... From Surveys made between the Years 1851 & 1866 Dedicated by their most Obedient Servant Fredk. Jackson. Lithographed plan, size 25" x 19", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo boards, with gilt title. Cloth on front board faded, with a few light splash marks, spine slightly frayed at edges in parts. Scale approx. six and three quarter inches to 1 mile. Compass rose, scale bars in feet, yds. and chains, border marked out in scale of yards. Shows buildings named roads, garden plots, parkland, woodland, parks, workhouse, cricket grounds with grandstands, barracks, cemeteries, River Trent, Canal, etc. Light horizontal crease along the four bottom sections. 1866. £85.00

  5. Lace Market, Nottingham THOMAS ADAMS & CO. LIMITED Nottingham, London, Paris. Manufacturers of Lace Curtains... Shawls, Mantles, Plain and Fancynets of All Descriptions... Silk Laces in All Classes... Valenciennes, Maltese and other Cotton Laces, Trimmings, Frillings, Ruchings, Confections... Advertising board, fine chromolith on very thick board, size 18" x 24", Adams name and the list of products in large letters on gold backgrounds. In the centre is a large view of the factory, with the road in front thronged with people and carts, a smoking chimney, view across the rooftops to a church and the distant hills, two female classical-type figures flanking this view, and above it two cherubs with a roll of lace. In the four corners are views of the different Adams premises: Stoney Street; St. Mary's Gate; Sherwood Hill Works; 44 Bow Lane London, each a fine view of the premises with road in front, etc. There is a decorative border imitating a picture frame, and beyond that, a further border made of embossed gold paper made to look like fabric trimming. The predominant colour is a rosy pink for the buildings, grey, blue and brown. Testu & Massin, Paris. n.d. c1880. £160.00
    The printing firm of Testu & Massin became 'Testu et Massin, Champenois et Cie' in the mid 1880's so presumably this was printed before that.

  6. Markham family DESCENT OF MARKHAM OF COTTHAM with the Branches of Sedgebrook and Ollerton. Manuscript pedigree on thin vellum, size 25" x 30", folded. Title in decorative 'Gothic' script as above, with the Markham names in the same script throughout. In black ink, with some lines in red and blue. Begins with 'Aron Seated at West Marcham Temp. Conq.' top left, and 'Alanus de Leca A.D. 1141' top right. Names of 24 male Markhams down left hand side, with 20 small shields in watercolour, colour slightly rubbed on some shields down this side. 15 other shields in the pedigree, which fills the whole sheet. Very occasionally there is a date of death, e.g. 'ob 19 E II'. The latest date mentioned is 1836, on the bottom line.... together with... Printed pedigree of Markham of Morland. Size 32" x 18", folds. Coloured chromolith shield top left. 2 items. n.d. c1840? £45.00

    NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
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  7. Nottingham Canal AT THE ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE NOTTINGHAM CANAL COMPANY Held on the 7th Day of May, 1816, the Following Bye Laws were made: That no Boat Barge of other Vessel shall be moored nearer to any Lock on this Canal than sixty Yards.... Poster, size 14" x 9", with four line heading in a variety of type-faces, 'Bye Laws' in very large letters. 21 lines of text setting out protocol at locks, and penalty for offences. Some small foxing spots and some off-setting of text. Stretton, Printer, Long Row, Nottingham. 1816. £65.00

  8. Nottingham Canal AT THE ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE NOTTINGHAM CANAL COMPANY held on the 2d Day of May, 1815, the Following Bye Laws were made... Poster size 13" x 7", heading in large letters, in a variety of type faces. 18 lines of text stipulating that every owner passing on the canal must enter his name and number of boat with the Clerk of the Company, or pay a fine of forty shillings, and the owner's name should appear on the boat. In the top right corner is the indelible stamp of the Nottingham & Grantham Railway and Canal Co. Stretton, Printer, Nottingham, 1815. £50.00

  9. Nottingham Canal AT THE ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the Nottingham Canal Company held on the 3d day of May 1825, the following Bye Law was made... Handbill printed in very bold type face, 9 lines in all, size 6" x 8", mo printer's imprint... with AT THE GENERAL ANNUAL ASSEMBLY OF THE THE NOTTINGHAM CANAL COMPANY held on the 6th Day of May 1828 The following Bye Law was made... Handbill size 10" x 7", large heading and 13 lines of text. Stretton, Printer, Nottingham... with... another handbill of similar size, also printed by Stretton, with Bye Law made 5th May, 1829, heading and 14 lines, and another of 4th May 1847 setting out amendment to a Bye Law of 1804, heading plus 21 lines, size 11" x 7", margin appears to have been trimmed at bottom. 4 items. 1825-1847. £85.00
    Sets out regulation and fines, for example, not vessel should be navigated on the canal 'without having a Jury Mast erected and set up not less than seven feet in height from the Floor thereof, for the purpose of elevating the Rope or Line to be used in haling of such Boat... upon the said Canal...'

  10. Nottingham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of... Shops, Dwelling Houses and Stabling in Alfreton Road, Raleigh Street, Great Alfred Street... to be Sold by Auction... 12th May 1914. 3pp., folio, folded with docket tile. 1914. £9.00

  11. Nottingham TRADE CARD Jos. Carr, Engraver, Wheeler-Gate, Nottingham. Respectfully informs the Public, that he engraves all sorts of Gold & Silver Plate Furniture, Door Plates, ... Finely printed on thick card, size 2" x 3", oval cartouche with decorative border, heading in different type-faces, 6 lines of text describing work, and the date 'April 4th, 1808'. On verso are a few small figures and a small ink blot. 1808. £60.00

  12. Nottingham TRADE CARD for Griffin and Spalding, late Dickinson and Fazakerley, Long Row and Market Street. On thick paper, size of plate mark three and a half inches by two and three and a quarter inches, plus small margins. Large engraved vignette with fine view of store in an oval leaf border. W. Burrows, Nottingham. c1878. £35.00
    The firm took over from Dickinson and Fazakerley in 1878. It later became Debenhams.

  13. Nottingham TRADE CARD of Jos. Carr, Engraver, Wheeler-Gate, Nottingham. Respectfully informs the Public that he engraves all sorts of Gold & Silver Plate Furniture, Door Plates, Copper Plate Head Pieces, Coffin Plates &c.... April 4th, 1808. Engraved on thick card, size approx. 2" x 3", 9 lines of text in a thin decorative border. Very slight trace of ink mark along bottom edge. Dunn. Typ. 1808. £65.00

  14. Nottingham TRADE CARD of Hardy, Watch & Clock Maker, Griddlesmith Gate. Jewellery & Fancy Good, Buckles, Cutlery, Wedding & Mourning Rings. Engraved on thick paper, size of plate-mark 2" x 3", overall size 4" x 6", edges uncut. Fine variety of type-faces. Circular vignette showing father time with scythe and various clocks and mottoes about time. Yates, sculpt. n.d. c1800. £95.00

  15. Nottingham TRADE CARD of Geo. Fowler & Co. Linen & Woollen Drapers, Silk Mercers... Glovers, Lacemen... Exchange... On card, size 2" x 3". Variety of attractive typefaces, with curlicues. n.d. c1870. £25.00

  16. Royle & Elder, Architects THOMAS ADAMS LIMITED WAREHOUSE, NOTTINGHAM Architectural plans. Six architectural plans, scale 16 feet to 1 inch, size 21" x 27", in ink and wash colour on drafting linen. Rooms marked with letters, key with numbers 'The letters indicate the Departments with the Floor Areas in Super Feet.' Comprises 1. Basement Plan of the Warehouse Nottm. Shows Chapel, Kitchen, Men's Tea Room, Engine Room, Hot Room etc. Streets labelled, Stoney Street, Marsh Gate, St. Mary's Gate. 2. Ground Plan. Yards, verandah, Fire Station named, other rooms only lettered and numbered. Some later markings e.g. 'sold' across one area, people's names written in. 3. First Floor Plan. Shows Counting House, Board Room, Papering Room etc. 4. Second Floor Plan. 5. Third Floor Plan. 6. Fourth Floor Plan. On the last three plans the rooms are not named. c1905. £120.00
    Royle and Elder were in partnership for a short time, which dates these drawings between 1903 and 1907. This iconic Nottingham building, built for the Quaker lace manufacturer Thomas Adams, was opened in 1855 as a lace finishing centre, showroom and warehouse. It was designed by Thomas Chambers Hine. Having undergone various alterations over the years, and falling into disrepair, it was finally restored in the 1990's. Presumably these drawings relate to some re-conversion works.

  17. Walker (J) & (C) NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Folding engraved, hand-coloured map, showing Parliamentary Boundaries, dissected and mounted on linen, engraved area approx. 12" x 15", plus margins, folding into 12mo cloth boards, original label. Boards slightly faded, slight browning along two inches at one section edge. 1841. £16.00

  18. Wood (H.M) TO THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL MAYOR, ALDERMEN AND COUNCILLORS of the Town and County of Nottingham, this Plan of their Chamber and Bridge Estates within the same, surveyed and drawn in the Mayoralty of John Heard Esq. is dedicated... by their obedient and humble servant, H.M. Wood 1848. Lithographed plan with colour wash, size 48" x 29", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo endpapers. Large title in decorative type-faces top left, compass rose with coat of arms, scale bars in yards and chains (one and three quarter inches = 10 chains). Extends to River Trent and bridge in the south, St. Anne's Well and Hill Common in the north-east, race course and cricket ground, The Park, in the west. Shows roads (named), buildings, canal, Midland Counties Railway, Cemetery, Castle, etc., field boundaries, much of the surrounding area divided into very narrow strips of land, numbered. Areas coloured pink and green, presumably according to whether Bridge or Chamber estate. Buildings which are coloured are also numbered. 1848. £220.00
    A printed note bottom left gives the the difference between Nottingham Mean Time and Greenwich Mean Time. The Bridge Estate was created in 1551, to provide funds to maintain the bridge. Nottingham Corporation was the Trustee.

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