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Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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A selection of :- Oxfordshire Acts of Parliament
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.
Measurements for maps, engravings, etc are given depth x width.

  1. Bicester 20 MILES ROUND BICESTER Ordnance Survey map Coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 44" x 45" plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding and contained in cloth slipcase, titled as above, slipcase rubbed to edges. Covers almost the whole of Oxfordshire, plus parts of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, and Northamptonshire. County boundaries, woodland, parkland, towns, and water features, main roads, hand-coloured. With twenty coloured circular rings, with Bicester at the centre every 1". Slightly dusty to edges, few splits to linen at edges. Revised in 1893 and Published by Colonel J. Farquharson, Director General , 1895. £70.00
    Covers:- Bicester, Oxford, Abingdon, Witney, Banburt, Thame, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Abingdon, Leighton Buzzard, Newport Pagnall, Kineton, Shipston Stour, etc..

  2. Bloxham, Milcombe, Wigginton PARTICULARS OF SALE of Agricultural Holdings known as 'The Bloxham Glebe Estate' extending to 165 Acres... for sale by auction... July 31st, 1919. 4pp., 4to, folds and creasing. 1919. £7.00
    Included an osier bed.

  3. Jericho, Oxford 6 WALTON STREET, JERICHO. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Strong Coal Cart.... Harness, and various Effects. To be Sold by Auction by Messrs T. Mallam and Son, On the Premises on Thursday, March 29th, 1855.... Poster, size 15 x 10" H. Cooke & Co, Printers, Oxford, 1855. £28.00
    Includes an extensive list of the 121 items in the sale, listed room by room.

  4. Littlemore, near Oxford CATALOGUE OF PART OF THE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Double-Barrelled Gun, Useful Gig and Harness, Baker's Covered Spring Cart.... To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs T. Mallam and Son, at a Barn in the Village, on Tuesday Next, August 5th, 1856.... Poster, size 17" x 13", few folds, slight off-setting. Printed by H. Cooke & Co, Oxford, 1856. £15.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

    OXFORDSHIRE Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
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  5. Oxford PEREMPTORY SALE Under an Execution, and by Order of the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire. To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs T. Mallam and Son, On the Premises, Park End Wharf, and near to the Railway Station, on Wednesday Next, December the 21st, 1853.... Two Useful Horses, Spring Van, Carts, Harness, Cochin China Fowls, a few Lots of Furniture and effects of Mr John Gammon.... Poster, size 20" x 14", few folds, slight off-setting. Printed by H. Cooke & Co, Oxford, 1853. £16.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

  6. Raine (Rd.) PLAN OF AN ESTATE AT SYDENHAM AND CHINNOR in the County of Oxford, The Property of Henry Burrows Esq., by Richd. Raine 1828. Manuscript plan in ink and wash colour on vellum, size 25" x 22", plus margins. Scale 5" = 6 chains. Title in a variety of decorative lettering styles, with flourishes, compass rose, scale bar. Shows buildings (some in pink some in grey), roads, 'Chinnor Footway', parish boundary, hedges drawn along boundaries of fields and of roads, orchards and gardens, coppice areas. Pasture areas shaded green, arable in buff lines. 'Sydenham Village' marked in bold Gothic lettering, with small drawing of Church in elevation. Adjoining owners named. Reference Table bottom left, with numbers on plan (1-32), with Description of Premises, State, Quantities. Extends from the road from Thame to Chinnor top right, to the road from Tetsworth to the Church on the left. An interesting feature of this map is the many narrow strips of land in 'Sturt Furlong'. 1828. £300.00
    A very finely drawn and lettered plan. Richard Raine (1799-1848) is listed in Eden's Dictionary of Land Surveyors as 'of Doughty St., London and Woodstock, Oxfordshire.' The Burrows family were originally woollen drapers from Thame.

  7. St. Martins, Oxford ASSIGNMENT of the Estate and Effects of Joseph Wickens of the Parish of St. Martin in the City of Oxford, Cordwainer, dealer and Chapman, a Bankrupt, to Samuel Jackson of Windmill St., London, Currier, Maurice Blackford of Wantage, Cordwainer, John Coleman of Oxford, Currier. On paper, 3 pages size 22" x 15", signed by Commissioners and assignees with small papered seals. 1797. £18.00
    Wickens is described as having for two years carried on the 'business of a cordwainer by buying of Leather and working up and converting the same into Shoes Boots and Vandykes'.

  8. Steeple Barton EXTRACT FROM THE AWARD of the Commissioners acting under an Act of Parliament for dividing and enclosing the common fields.... within the parish of Westcott Barton... within the Liberty of Middle Barton in the parish of Steeple Barton... in so far as relates to the Allotments in lieu of property of Samuel Churchill a Bankrupt. Manuscript, 26p., folio, docket title. Paper watermarked 1838. £20.00
    The Act dated from 1796.

  9. Verney (Ralph) LETTER to Joseph Bullock at Caversfield near Bicester. 12 lines in a careful hand, with very large 'Dr. Sr.' at top and large signature. 1p., small folio, blank conjoint leaf with address and large 'Free Verney'. Piece of paper in margin torn away with seal. 15th Dec. 1761. £40.00
    Says his wife has sent him 'oysters in two small barrels which she hopes will prove good'. Says the new tax will be on houses not having 20 windows 'in order to take in those who before had evaded the Window Tax by stopping up their Windows', and the Brest Fleet has sailed. Complains he hasn't replied to his last letter. Verney was originally a supporter of the Duke of Newcastle's government, but in 1761 he met William Burke and championed him for a Parliamentary seat.

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