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A selection of :- Warwickshire Acts of Parliament
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.
Measurements for maps, engravings, etc are given depth x width.

  1. Atherstone, Nuneaton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXIII.S.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 12" x 15", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding to small 8vo. Electrotyped 1864. £9.00

  2. Bacon's MAP OF BIRMINGHAM Divided into Half Mile Squares and Circles. Size approx 12" x 18", single fold at centre, printed in 2 colours. Scale 3" = 1 mile. Street index down sides. c1885. £24.00

  3. Bartholomew (J) PLAN OF BIRMINGHAM scale 1" = half a mile. Hand-coloured plan, size 9" x 12", mounted in cream heavy card mount. Traces of central fold. c1880. £18.00

  4. Birmingham VIEW OF ASTON FLINT GLASS WORKS Two mezzotint views on one sheet, each view size 5" x 9", plus margins, the two views printed from one plate, one below the other, overall size of paper 19" x 14", folded horizontally making a crease between the two plates. No imprint or title of any kind. c1800. £85.00
    The top view shows the works with a Regency facade, a pavement in front with elegant figures strolling and talking in doorway, the smoking cone behind, open countryside on the left with a house among trees in the distance. The lower view shows the canal in the foreground with barges and horse towing, the cone and works, with smoking chimneys, on the opposite bank, with figures working unloading barges. The two views present an interesting contrast.

  5. Brailes PLAN OF AYLESMORE FARM Brailes, Warwickshire. Plan in ink and some outline colour on waxed cotton, size 33" x 26", folded, scale 1:2,500. Name of Maxwell, Wood & Co., Banbury, bottom right. 1918. £14.00

  6. Cleeve Prior, Pebworth, Stratford on Avon etc. SHAKESPEARE'S COUNTRY The Warwickshire Avon. Photograph album. Size 9" x 12", cloth-covered boards with title painted in decorative lettering in black and white. 39 photographs, each approx. 3" x 5", white borders, pasted each side of 12 thick card leaves, each view mounted on different paper then on the album leaf, titled in white on mount in decorative lettering. Fine atmospheric views, particularly on the river, and detailed close-up views of individual houses. One view spotty, some fraying of cloth at spine. Monogram 'FAS' on back board (the photographer apparently was named Simmonds and lived in Bristol). One view spotty. The first page shows 'Marlcliff. Our home for time being'. c1905. £60.00
    Views include 'Two men in a Boat (in skiffs near boathouse); 'Cleeve Mill', 'Cleeve Prior Church'; view of a house and farmyard with waggon at Cleeve Prior; 'Cleeve Mill'; Pebworth (3 views of thatched cottages); Offenham Ferry (carrying a passenger in a bowler hat); Welford on Avon (half-timbered thatched cottages); Lenchwich; Wood Norton; Moor (a gabled house); Fishermen at Fladbury; Elmley Castle (4 views including Deacon's Cottage); Bidford; Stratford (5 views including view of punts); Warwick, Marlcliff (2 views).

  7. Hilder (Rowland) (Painted by) THE SHELL GUIDE TO WARWICKSHIRE Poster, lithograph and letterpress printing, glossy surface. Size 29" x 20", metal stretchers top and bottom. Illustration showing River Avon at Stratford, Shakespeare's tombstone, George Eliot, fritillaries, kingcups etc. c1960. £35.00

  8. Kenilworth Castle PENCIL DRAWING titled bottom left 'Part of Kenilworth Castle'. Very competent pencil drawing on thin card, size 9" x 7", shows wall with arched window, stone tracery decayed, with vegetation growing over it. Two small girls are near the wall. With tissue paper guard. n.d. c1860? £10.00

  9. Kenilworth PENCIL DRAWING Size 11" x 15", on thick paper, showing ruins with lane leading through gate, surrounded by trees, titled in bottom corner 'part of Kenilworth Castle'. n.d. c1860. £25.00
    Very well drawn, with the drawing taking up most of the paper.

  10. Leamington Spa PHOTOGRAPH title on verso 'Upper end of Holly Walk'. Albumen print, size 6" x 8", shows wide lane lined with trees, with detached half-timbered house on left with lady standing in front of porch. c1890. £5.00
    Leamington Spa is not noted on verso, but it would seem to be this location.

  11. London Illustrated News PANORAMA OF BIRMINGHAM View of the city published for Queen Victoria's visit to Birmingham in 1858. Size 14" x 20", plus margins, vertical central fold. On the back is an account of the visit. 1858. £25.00
    The view is taken from a graveyard overlooking Temple Row, with the Athenaeum, Temple Row House etc.

  12. Meriden LEASE FOR A YEAR of a tenement, orchard, garden etc., William Baldwin to Bernard Whaley and others. Vellum, size 10" x 20", engraved heading, wax seal. A few browning spots. 1727. £18.00

    WARWICKSHIRE Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
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  13. Rapkin (J), Drawn & Engraved by BIRMINGHAM Engraved plan. Size 14" x 18", decorative border, 8 vignette views around the edge, including Railway Station, School of Design. Central fold. Streets named. The London Printing and Publishing Company. 1850. £65.00

  14. Scott (George Gilbert), architect LETTER to Henry C. Wise, dated London, January 19th, 1857. 28 lines on 3p., small 8vo. Says that if he goes to Hampton Lucy he will call and discuss the proposed monument, and sends a drawing of a tablet he recently had erected, which 'might furnish an idea'. Mentions the high cost of alabaster, and says Caen stone might come nearer to the sum Wise mentioned. 1857. £30.00
    Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811 - 1878) designed many iconic Victorian buildings such as the Albert Memorial and the hotel at St. Pancras Station. In 1858 he rebuilt the chancel of St. Peter's church at Hampton Lucy, and refurbished the interior in the Gothic Revival style. Wise was later M.P for S. Warwickshire.

  15. Stratford on Avon REPORT OF THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH. 2pp., with a plan coloured in outline, by R.K. Dawson, scale 4" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1837. £24.00

  16. Stratford upon Avon and Midland Junction Rly. PILOTMAN'S TICKET 'Shakespeare Route'. To be used in accordance with Rule 25... To the Guard and Engine-driver. You are authorised to proceed from... Printed on white card, size 3" x 4", instructions that it is to be given by the driver to person in charge of the station to which he is ordered to proceed on verso. Light greyish stain in bottom right corner. c1910? £9.00
    Name of railway in decorative 'Gothic' type script. The railway took the name in 1909 and became part of the LMS in 1923.

  17. Warwick REPORT ON THE PROPOSED EXTENSION of the Borough of Warwick by R. Owen Jones. Map showing Parliamentary boundaries, scale 2" to 1 mile, size 14" x 12". With one brief page of text, folio. Zincographed at the Ordnance Survey Office. 1885. £20.00

  18. Westley (W) THE PLAN OF BIRMINGHAM Survey'd in the Year 1731. Reprint. Size 17" x 20", central fold, and traces of other folds. Backed with Japanese tissue. 4" tear in paper, but not tissue. n.d. Appears to have come from a book. Possibly late 19th or early 20th century. £14.00

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