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A selection of :- Worcestershire Acts of Parliament
When ordering from this list please note item No, and brief description.
Measurements for maps, engravings, etc are given depth x width.

  1. Abberton HISTORICAL FREEHOLD ESTATE to be Sold in 44 Lots on Thursday, September 7th, 1905 at the Grand Hotel, Birmingham. The Abberton Estate, Worcestershire, comprising the Entire Parish of Abberton, and a large Part of the Parishes of Flyford Flavel, Naunton Beauchamp, Bishampton, North Piddle, Kington, Dormston and Grafton, containing about 2,408 Acres... the Manorial and Residential Estate of Abberton with Country Mansion, Part of Village... The Manor Farm, Abberton Mill, Baynhall Farm, The Court Farm with the Advowsons of Kington and Dormston... 40pp., size 18" x 11", original wraps with photo, some scuffing of surface of paper on part of front wrap, foxing and some dust-staining on front wrap. 15 very large coloured folding plans, key map on back wrap. 23 photographs in text, many with groups of people, cart horses, pony carts etc. Some damp spots on top half of title page, and two spots on first page with Summary of Lots. 1905. £95.00
    With interesting historical notes on the Manor and Hall.

  2. Beoley ASSIGNMENT AND SURRENDER of Estates at Beoley... for residue of Term of 1000 years.... Joshua Walker and others to Miss Holmes. 4 large vellum sheets, second sheet with some light browning. Contains very long list of farms and lands, naming each close etc. 5 wax seals. 1854. £24.00
    Includes Witmore Farm, Pink Green Farm, Marlfield Farm, Battens Farm.

  3. Beoley SURRENDER of Hereditaments in Beoley for residue of term of 1000 years, Timothy Yeats Brown, Her Britannic Majesty's Consul at Genoa, and others to Harriet Holmes. 5 vellum sheets, size 23" x 27", four wax seals... together with... Deed of Appointment and Release of £10,000, 1835... secured upon two Farms called The Mills Farm and Pot End Farm at Beoley, Mrs Hunter to William Holmes. 2 vellum sheets, ink slightly faded. 1835 and 1854. £25.00
    Included Churchill Farm, Holt End Farm, the farm near the Hall, Upper Bowling Green Hill. Gives a long list of lands.

  4. Berrow CONVEYANCE of a piece of land called Casson Park, a cottage and garden at Chase End Hill, Henry Hart to D. Clutterbuck. Vellum, 3p., folio, red margins, coloured plan 6" x 5" in text. 1903. £14.00

  5. Bromsgrove COPY FEOFFMENT of messuage and tenement with garden and orchard in Bromsgrove, John Chance the Elder of Timber Hanger to Walter Bradley. Vellum, size 22" x 26". Vellum uniformly browned, but legible. Copy, with no seals or signatures. 1641. £18.00

  6. Castle Morton, Longdon SECURITY for £300 including £258 due on a former Mortgage, Mary Beale of Ledbury to John Hartland of Colwall. Vellum, size 28" x 33", nice wax seal with a galleon. 1757. £18.00
    Refers to a house called Grimstone in Longdon, in which Samuel Beale lately dwelt, various named closes of land.

  7. Dowty (William), Photographer DEFFORD AND HILL CROOM CORONATION FESTIVITIES Bourne Bank, June 24th, 1902. Photograph, size 6" x 8", mounted on thick card, with printed title under image. Slightly faded. 1902. £8.00
    Shows people in a large garden or park, decorated with garlands, lanterns etc. Taken looking down on the crowd from a slight rise.

  8. Elmley Lovett TWO MANUSCRIPT CERTIFICATES from the Land Tax Office at Kidderminster. Two large folio pages, signed with a 10-line declaration by the Commissioner, listing in tabular for the Land Tax payable for approx. 9 years between 1798 and 1853 for Rock Orchard and other lands in Elmley Lovett, giving Proprietor, name of Property, sum assessed. 1860. £10.00

  9. Elmley Lovett WILL of Samuel Wanley, Rector of Elmley Lovett, 1776. Manuscript, 7p., small folio, folded. Stamped 'Office Copy Court of Probate'. Copied c1860. £12.00
    Refers to his 'manors, messuages and lands' in Emley Lovett, Hampton Lovett and Elmbridge. Makes substantial bequests to servants and relatives.

    WORCESTERSHIRE Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.
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  10. Northfield PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Heriditaments and Premises containing 30 Acres... called the Bartley Green Farm, 10 pieces of Arable and Pasture Land, a Public House known as the 'Cock' Inn, a five quarter Malthouse, two Cottages... Which will be sold by auction... at Birmingham, 20th June 1878. 3 pages, folio, folded with docket title, plus folding hand-coloured plan. Another plan, showing Bartley Green Farm is loosely inserted, but it would appear to come from a different sale particular. Repaired tear in docket title. 1878. £32.00

  11. Oldswinford PARTICULARS OF SALE of Reserved Ground Rent at Dudley and Shares in Freehold Properties at Audnam & Oldswinford near Stourbridge... for Sale by Auction... 11th July 1884. Handbill, small folio. Folds. Mark & Moody, Printers, Stourbridge. 1884. £12.00
    Lot 2 was a share in Ivy House, Audnam, and Lot 3 a share in Two Cottages at Oldswinford.

  12. Ordnance Survey of England WORCESTERSHIRE 6 Inch Sheet XLVII. Index to the Six Inch and 1/2500 Scales. Scale of Index One Inch to 1 Mile. Printed sheet, size 13" x 8". Pasted to sheet of stiff paper, some small tears in original sheet. With map of the sheet size 4" x 6", with sheet numbers, table of parishes, and table of prices. n.d. 1870. £24.00

  13. Redditch JACK AND JILL Palace, Redditch. Card for pantomime of Jack and JIll, size 12" x 8", on card, holes at top for thread for hanging, illustration of Jack and Jill falling down the hill in bright colours. 1950's. £12.00

  14. Redmarley d'Abitot AUCTION POSTER advertising sale of two cottages at the Rose and Crown Inn, 27th October 1886. Printed in large type-faces, size 16" x 13", fold down right hand side and centre, 3" tear repaired on verso with archival tape. Pinned to corner is 4pp. printed conditions of sale, with is rather browned. 1888. £18.00

  15. Saint Martin PROBATE of the will of James Taylor, Victualler. Vellum, size 14" x 16", smaller printed certificate attached, fine large papered seal. 1840. £14.00

  16. Tembury ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT between Anne Eaton of Tembury, widow of Thomas Eaton, Mason, and Edward Land of Tembury, Executor of Francis Eaton. Refers to a messuage near the Towns End in Tembury in Wirrytree close, and two acres called the West Fields. Vellum, size 16" x 28", armorial wax seal on tag. Some yellowing throughout. 1691. £40.00
    Names adjoining owners.

  17. Tembury WILL of Francis Eaton of Tembury, Mason. 21 lines in a bold hand, on vellum, size 9" x 10", attached is certificate of administration, in manuscript in a small decorative hand, in Latin. No seal on tag. 1688. £36.00
    Leaves to his friend Edmund Lane of Tembury all his messuage and lands in Tembury, and desires him to take care of his wife and maintain her in her lifetime.

  18. Worcester and Welland PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Life Interest of the Bankrupt Properties in Worcester and the Parish of Welland in... Government Stocks... Two Pieces of Freehold Land at Welland to Be Sold by Auction... Nov. 20th, 1896. Second Edition without Plan. 3pp., folio, folded with docket title, some edge tears. Completed memorandum on verso. 1896. £12.00
    Includes 36 & 37 Tything, 'Hook Farm' and 'Hill Court Farm' in Welland.

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