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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 109

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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  1. Bedminster and Long Ashton FREEHOLD PROPERTY at Long Ashton, near Bristol, & in Langton Street, Jubilee Place, Redcliff St. and North Street, Bedminster... for sale by Auction... at the Hope and Anchor Inn Redcliff Hill... the following property... Auction particulars on 3p., folio, folded with docket title, listing 10 Lots, with address, name of tenant, rent, on the first page, and conditions of sale and completed memorandum on the other two. 1862. £25.00

  2. Bristol POSTMARKS Extensive file of photocopies, with some historical/explanatory notes, of Bristol and Clifton postmarks (mostly with envelopes), instructional marks. In lever arch file, sheets make up one and a half inches in thickness. 1980's - 1990's. £45.00


  3. Brock & Bruce, Builders & Stone Carvers LETTER BOOK 1887 - 1905. Carbon copies of correspondence on 495 numbered sheets of thin flimsy, sewn into old marbled boards, 4to, half calf, rubbed, cloth spine, indelible ownership stamp on f.e.p. Many of the letters are estimates or bills, for work carried out in Bristol (St Mary Redcliffe, St. Agnes, University College, and other places in the West Country - for example at Queen Camel Church, St Andrews Scotch Church, Bournemouth, Bradley House, Maiden Bradley etc.) Much of their work involved elaborate stone carving: an estimate for work at Emmanuel Church, Clifton says "we propose using Corsham Stone of selected quality for the carved work, in pinnacles, arches, caps.... the columns to be Irish Marble...." Elsewhere he quotes "our price for 3 Lions is £17.l0s". They also carved coats of arms, tracery, etc for other builders, as well as carving wooden furniture, and made terracotta decoration such as a 'Rose Panel' which they sent to be 'baked' to a firm in St. George (one petal and a leaf fell off and had to be stuck on with shellac). Brock also discusses his invention for a kiln for firing stained glass or pottery, for which he had a German patent, and for which he sought an investor. May 1887 - Aug. 1905. £80.00
    For example the estimate for work at Warminster Parish Church was £136, and included wood carving '44 carvings to end of Hammer beams 12" x 10", 6 carvings to Bosses 18" square', and in stone 10 items including '6 gargoyles 7 x 8 x 14 projection... 10 Angel corbels 19 x 10 x 11 projection'. The firm's workshop was at Albert Road, St. Phillips, Bristol.

  4. Furnishers JAMES PHILLIPS & SONS Ltd. 47-51 Union St. Bristol. Leaflet, 4p., 8vo, printed in red and black, photo on each page. Shows front of shop, two items of furniture and their removal van. n.d. c1920. £14.00

  5. Gardiner Sons & Co. Ltd. POCKET CATALOGUE No. 163. February 1934. 8vo., 128pp., illustrations, wraps, wrap split along part of hinge. 1934. £8.00
    Shows boilers, fireplaces, hinges etc.

  6. Hammersley (A.B) TRAINING COLLEGE Cotham, Bristol. Very finely worked and very detailed drawing of Western College, titled as above at the bottom. Drawn on thick card, cut along the roof line and pasted onto slightly thinner card, with the sky drawn on the base card, the whole mounted on buff card. Size of drawing approx. 7" x 10", size of mount 9", x 13". c1910. £35.00
    The Western College was built in 1909 as a Training College for the Congregational Church in the 'Arts and Crafts' style. The architect was Henry Dare Bryan.

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  7. Blaeu (J) CORNVBIA A fine attractive map with contemporary hand colouring, with Latin text to verso. Engraved surface approx. 15" x 20", with wide margins. Coats of arms at top and left, fine cartouche showing fish and tin. In parchment card mount, with gold line, arranged so as to show text to verso. c1645 £460.00
    'Despite the fact that the map is copied from Speed, its appearance is markedly different, the composition being much lighter and more open in effect. The engraving is superb, the calligraphy magnificent, and the restrained use of decoration gives a clarity, which greatly facilitates map-reading without any loss of charm or beauty.' Quixley. (Frame available for anyone able to collect).


  8. Bosleake PLAN OF BOSLEAKE in the Parish of Illogan, Cornwall; Land of Mrs. Pendarves 1858. Manuscript plan in ink and colour on thick paper backed with linen, wooden stretcher along the top, lacks stretcher at the bottom. Size 21" x 30", scale 2 Chains to an Inch. Large title top right, compass rose, scale bar. At the bottom of the map is a road marked 'To Wheal Bassett', with a turning 'To South FrancEs', and at the left the road 'from Pool'. Shows other roads, coloured buff, houses with garden plots (plots outlined in different colours), field boundaries, large rocks along the northwest boundary, and the buildings of what is presumably North Wheal Francis Mine, showing areas with hachures, shafts, whim, steam whim, capstans, powder house, engine, other shafts at outlying parts. Fields and buildings are numbered, adjoining landowners named... together with... BOOK OF REFERENCE TO THE ESTATE OF BOSLEAKE in the Parish of Illogan Cornwall, the land of Mrs Pendarves. Surveyed June 1858 by R. Symons, Truro. small 8vo notebook, in a neat hand, ten double pages with columns for no. on Plan, Lessees, Occupiers, Names of Fields etc., State of Cultivation, Statute Measure. The numbers clearly refer to the plan above. The mine buildings are given the number 21a and are designated as 'Acct. House, Carp.'s Shop, Yd. &c, North Frances Mine'. Areas of mine waste have separate numbers. 2 items. 1858. £380.00
    Presumably the plan was also by Symons, although it is not signed.

  9. Camborne COLLECTION OF POSTERS AND BROADSIDES relating to the controversy about water supply to Camborne, 1864-5. Comprises: (i) NOTICE TO RATEPAYERS. A Public Meeting will be held... August 4th at 6 o'clock to take into consideration the steps that are now being taken for the introduction of the 'Local Government Act' into this town and Tuckingmill. Size 15" X 19", folds. E. Edwards, Printer, Camborne, An Apprentice Wanted. July 27th 1864. (ii) LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT. It is certain that by the adoption of the above Act the Rate-payers... will have more for their money...' Poster with signatures of 53 supporters, setting out in 9 paragraphs the advantages. Size 20" x 15", folds. T.T. Whear, Printer. n.d. (iii) CAMBORNE AND THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT. Declaration signed by Chairman J.S. Bickford and others that they have examined the rating proposal and it will not exceed an extra penny a week. Size 10" x 12", folds. T.T. Whear, Printer. (iv) LIGHT ON LIGHT or the Water War. Broadside attacking the self-styled 'Poor Man's Friends' and 'Roaring Sammy' who were against the Act. 'We have been Highway men for many years. We have spent all your money... Your Town is very clean, there is no sickness...' Size 20" x 12", folds. Printed in two columns. T.T Whear, Printer. (v) A STILL MORE BRILLIANT LIGHT Thrown on the Local Government Act. Satirical attack purporting to be from the 'Samivell' featured in the previous item. 'Have we not beer at 3d a pint... Shall our children no longer have gutters to play in and mud pies to make?' Size 17" x 11", a few small edge tears. T.T. Whear, Printer. (vi) CERTAIN RELIEF for the Labouring Men of Camborne. George Smith sets out the advantages of the Small Tenements' Rating Act which he says will be better for the labouring man than the adoption of the Act proposed. Size 18" x 13", folds. Trevu, Sept. 2nd 1864. (vii) CERTAIN LIGHT AND FREE OF EXPENSE for the Labouring Men of Camborne. By Samuel Dunn. Sets out 18 questions for George Smith (above). Penvu, Sept. 6, 1864. Printed on yellow paper. Size 20" x 13", folds. H.V. Newton, Printer. (viii) THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT and Private Water Company Compared. Two columns setting out advantages of the Act 'the present fearful mortality would undoubtedly be lessened...' etc. Size 23" x 14", folds. Camborne Sept. 7th 1864. H.W. Newton Printer. 9 items. 1864-5. £140.00

  10. Camborne WHEAL GRENVILLE MINE plan on brownish tracing paper. Large-scale plan, size 55" x 79", made up of several sheets joined. Split into two halves horizontally, without loss. At the bottom are the roads from Treslothan and from Laity. Shows boundary of sett, with bound stones numbered, houses and garden plots, mine buildings, pool, quarries, 'Supposed run of So. Condurrow New Tin Lode 100fm. Level', compass point showing magnetic North. Shafts shown with hachures. Adjoining owners named. Paper rather faded in places, colour faded. no date. c1870? £70.00
    Shafts include Wheelpit Shaft, Wheal Jine Engine Shaft, Champions Shaft, Freeman's Shaft, Thomas's Shaft, Ladder Shaft etc.

  11. Cargenwyn PLAN Proposed Extension of No. 3 Reservoir for the Camborne Water Co. Plan in ink and colour on thick paper. Scale 4 inches = 1 chain, size 26" x 36", full wash colour. Shows raised ground with hachures, pipes, granite pitching, puddled clay core etc. n.d. watermark 1908. £40.00

  12. Cornwall election ONE THOUSAND POUNDS REWARD The Pope... Mr. O'Connell. Church in Danger! Authentic information having been received... that the POPE and Mr. O'CONNELL are at this moment actually in CORNWALL This is to give Notice that a Reward of One Thousand Sovereigns will be paid to any one that shall apprehend the said Monsters and lodge them safely at Tallewarren. Humourous satirical broadside, attacking the anti-Catholic fervour which had been whipped up by those opposed to the Emancipation Act. Size 13" x 8", printed with large headings and many words in capital letters. 9th January 1826. £45.00
    The Pope had come down to Cornwall disguised as an old woman with 'a Mob-cap, long Stomacher, Green Damask Gown, Yellow Taffetta Petticoats, Red Stockings and purple morocco Slippers (... to conceal his CLOVEN FEET). He carries... a huge Pair of Scissars for cutting up Bibles and Prayer Books... O'Connell has with him a case of PALMERS best Patent Razors with which he shaves all 'the poor Jews' that fall in his way'. Refers to local political figures 'the blood-thirsty Monsters are supposed to be lurking somewhere in the neighbourhood of Trewithen, Port Elliot, Tehidy, Boconnoc, Heligan... etc.'

  13. Helston TO THE FREEHOLDERS OF CORNWALL Helston March 6th 1826. Broadside by 'A Cornish Freeholder' attacking the conduct of Sir Richard Vyvyan, 'the youthful Earl', claiming he abandoned the Helston Electors 'and in open contempt of his asserted regard for the interest of Mr. Tremayne, commences a renewed canvass for the County, by a system of treating to which the other candidates would consider it disgraceful to resort...' 72 lines. Size 16" x 9". Folds. E. Heard, Printer Truro. 1826. £36.00

  14. Liskeard TO THE VOTERS FOR MEMBERS TO SERVE IN PARLIAMENT for the County of Cornwall. Broadside reprinting Joseph Childs letter to the Editor of the West Briton, Liskeard 20th February, 1826, with an introductory paragraph 'as an individual publicly attacked by the organ of the ultra Tories I send you this explanation of my conduct...'. 50 lines, size 16" x 10", folded and sent through the post to E.W.W. Pendarves. Straight-line Liskeard postmark with numbers '237'. Rowes, Printers, Whimple-Street, Plymouth. 1826. £40.00
    Refers to the controversy among the Liberal party about Catholic Emancipation. 'I trust we shall never see the County of Cornwall brought to a level with the Borough of Ipswich (where a friend of his had ben hooted out of town preceded by the Corporation carrying the images of saints on poles) but I sincerely believe that those who attempt to raise the foolish cry of 'No Popery' with the equally foolish hope of thereby securing the return of Sir Richard Vivyan have just as much and no more of the principles of true Religion... than the Electors of the Borough of Ipswich...' Ends with a plea for religious tolerance.

  15. Merther LEASE of a moiety of a messuage or tenement in the parish of Merther near a place called Penpons Tresillian, Edward Wynne to Joseph Weekes of Merther, Carpenter. Later copy of a 1777 lease, 3p., folio.. together with... Conditions of a Survey for leasing a tenement at Tresillian, 1819. 2p., folio. Lists the offers made by 9 people. William Gartler was the purchaser. Two pieces. 1819. £16.00

  16. Mount's Bay IN THE HIGH COURT OF ADMIRALTY OF ENGLAND The Moon otherwise La Lune, Carl Parlo, Master, Taken by the Private Ship of War the Trimmer, Charles Henderson Commander, and brought to Mounts Bay. Proctor's Bill, 4p., sm. folio, listing legal expenses for Messrs. Woodrouffe and Co., Agents and Claimants for the proprietors of the Ship, including 'attendances... to see if any and what Steps had been taken against Condemning the Ship', 'Fee when the Judge pronounced the Ship to belong to Prussian Subjects as Claimed...', together with 'Office Copy Attestation and Ship Papers. The Moon als. La Lune. Bills of Lading. Translated from the French in Doctors Commons 3rd Feb. 1780.'. 28 pages of translated bills of lading, with 'marks' in the margin, plus 'Extract from the Registry of His Majesty's High Court of Admiralty... Jeremiah Mills 1st Lt. of the Trimmer, Sloop, Private Ship of War, of London', swearing that the papers annexed were all delivered up on board La Lune, and were passed on without any additions, etc. Sworn at Penzance 14th Day of Jan. 'Before me G. Borlase, A Commissioner under a Commission for Condemnation of French Prizes'. All papers except the Proctor's Bill sewn together at margin. Inserted in recent specially made folder, maroon paper boards, with label. 1780. £110.00
    It appears the ship, which was going from Bordeaux to St. Malo, could not be taken as a prize as it was owned by a Prussian subject, unlike the cargo, which was French owned. The cargo included much Bordeaux wine (including 'St. Emilion', 'Bourg', 'Blay'), '15,000 corks for Mme. the widow Peron at Bordeaux', 12 chests lemons, and figs, raisins, prunes.

  17. North Roskear Mine, Camborne REPORT and Statement of Account, 12th March, 1861. 3pp., 4to, folded. Comprises account, with Report by Joseph Vivian on facing page, covering letter on verso. 1861. £8.00
    Includes Wheal Crofty, where water had been coming in because of a breakage at North Crofty.

  18. Paul PLAN OF THE PARISH OF PAUL In the County of Cornwall. 1845. Lithographed map, different areas of parish outlined in various colours of wash, scale 40 chains = 5 ins. Each field and town plot numbered, from 1 to over 2200. Size approx. 35" x 26", recently dissected and mounted on linen, folding into modern cloth covered boards, printed label on front board. Slightly dusty at edges, a couple of folds, with some small creases along folds, and at top and bottom edges, a few small worm holes mainly to margins. 1845. £250.00
    Shows Mousehole with various plots around the harbour, buildings in Church Town, Trungle, etc, and buildings in the various tenements such as Kemyell, Trevelloe, Kerris, etc.

  19. Penrose Sophia, St. Enoder COUNTERPART DEMISE of Penrose Sophia in the parish of St. Enoder, for 14 years from Michaelmas 1843, William Rashleigh to William Langdon Jnr... together with... similar documents for 1808, and 1823, Rashleigh to Sarah and William Bullock. On paper, size 21" x 28", signed by Langdon with wax seal. 1843. £22.00

  20. Roscarnon, St.Keverne LEASE of two messuages at Roscarnon, John Sandys of Lanarth to Nicholas Banfield, yeoman. Vellum, 22" x 23", wax seal with dragon. 1713. £30.00
    The lease reserves all trees of 'Oake Ash Elme and Sickamore'. For an extra £4 rent Banfield was to have all the tithes and tenths of hay, corn and grain.

  21. South Crofty Mine, Carn Brea NINE INVOICES for explosives and mining materials 1920's and 30's, from various firms. 4to or larger. All with printed headings. Includes Reddaway & Co., Manchester, with fine large view of the Works, for canvas belting; Climax Rock Drill Works, Carn Brea; Curtis and Harvey for Gelatine Dynamite; Jas. Watson & Co. Explosives, for detonators, with fine decorative heading showing a small blast of light; Nobel's Explosives for dynamite etc. 1920's and 30's. £16.00

  22. St. Erth MEMORANDUM whereby Christopher Kingdon of St. Erth, yeoman, swears before E.W. Stackhouse, Justice, that he had a pocket book with 23 one pound notes and a check drawn on Messrs Boliton feloniously stolen from his barn at St. Erth, and he suspects Richard Glanyer of Crowan Mine as no other person was in the barn. Signed by Kingdom with his mark. 1p., sm. folio. 1807. £14.00

  23. St. Minver NOTE OF COSTS of Mr May for repairing St. Minver Church. Manuscript, 2p, small 8vo, 27 items listed, e.g. 'Buttresses to Chancel... £10'. 1870. £8.00

  24. Stackhouse family, Camborne GENERAL ACCOUNT of Payments and Receipts, by William Paull from January 1816. Folio account book, (size 12" x 8"), sewn into vellum wraps, with manuscript title as above, made from a deed of 1808 recording a conveyance by John Stackhouse of Pendarves. 82 pages of entries in a neat bold hand, payments on the left and credits on the right (the pages for credits have only two or three entries per page whereas the payments pages are full throughout). Receipts mainly 'Recd. of Mr. Pendarves', occasional sale of faggots, calf, furze 'rec'd for 14 sheet bought to Pound by Edw. Tallack of Croft Michell. 1wks grass... 14s.' Payments record named labourers' wages, for hoeing turnips, binding oats, catching moles, burning 'Tobbs', hedging, 'leasing' 'Paid Mary Harris for son 6 days driving sheep over wheat', 'Paid the Maidens in the House...', 'Paid 2 men for bringing the swan', 'To Newlyn for a plough of Sir Christoher Hawkins', 'cow bought at Helston Fair', etc. The accounts are signed as received by Wm. Paull Jnr. Nov. 5, 1816. Jan. 13th to Oct. 22nd, 1816. £195.00
    Presumably Paull was some kind of steward or estate manager at the Pendarves estate.

  25. Wheal Rachel Mine COST BOOK July 1796 - Sept. 1798. 59 pages in a neat hand, plus many blank pages. 4to, lacking covers. Lists payments to 29 named shareholders, on facing page are costs 'Richd. Skewes for boring in the Shaft', 'John Jenkin for Smith Cost', 'Doctor', Captain's wages, 'Wheal Sithney Advtr. for a Whim', 'Joseph Ralph Timber man in part of His wages binding the Shafts', 'Edw. Vine & ptrs. Sinking the Whim Shaft'. On the last page of the book are two signed statements acknowledging the sale to John Petherick of their 32nd shares in the mine 'whereof this is the Cost Book', dated August and Sept. 1798, and witnessed. 1796-8. £160.00

  26. Wheal Tryphena LETTER dated Stray Park Mine, Camborne, Jan. 12th 1860, from Richard Pryor to John Thompson about finding a 'respectable party' who would rework Wheal Tryphena and applying to Pendarves' steward for a lease. Gives limits of the ground, engages to erect a pumping and winding engine... together with... a small collection of letters relating to Wheal Tryphena, including printed resolution for sale of materials 1862, printed notice for appointmnet of a committee for the 'more vigourous working' of the mine, letter from Richard Grylls at Condurrow wanting to put Tryphena to work. 22 pieces, 8vo. Most letters with some damp spots, some slight fraying in places but legible throughout. 1860-65. £18.00

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  27. Crediton THE CHARTERS OF CREDITON (ALIAS KIRTON) to Which are annexed certain Decrees. Manuscript in folio volume, size 14" x 9", full calf, gilt decoration on boards and in panels on spine, gilt title on spine, calf slightly rubbed at edges, split in calf at top and bottom of spine at front hinge. Very decorative calligraphic title page, with two faun-like creatures, shells, birds etc., signed 'Dunn, sc.' Comprises transcripts in a large and clear hand of: (i) The Charter of Edward VI. 40 pages, in Latin, plus a translation into English, 43 pages. (ii) The Charter by Q. Elizabeth. Title page in fine calligraphy, 32 pages. (iii) Order of the Court. Trinity Term, 12th Year of King James' reign 'This Court is clearly of the Opinion that the several Letters Patent granted by King Edward VI and by the late Queen Elizabeth were granted for the Good & Benefit of the poor inhabitants... and not for the Benefit of the Governors or of other Persons of Wealth...'. 21p. (iv) A Statement of Facts respecting the Administration of The Crediton Tithe Trust and the application of Sir John Hayward's Charity By one of the Twelve Governors of the Church of Crediton... including 'Copy of a Letter from James Buller Esquire, to Mr Lambert Gorwyn, dated January 11th, 1799. 20 pages. Paper watermarked 1808. £250.00
    King Edward VI had vested the small tithes of Crediton, Sandford and Exminster in 12 Governors, and founded the Grammar School, stipulating the salary to the master, ministers etc. In 1624 a complaint was made that the profits from the appointed properties had not been used for the benefit of the poor of Credition. A Court hearing in 1808 ruled that the salaries of the ministers were to be raised. In 1794 a Samuel Dunn left money for a school whereby his descendents were to be taught writing, navigation and surveying. The title page was possibly made by one of his family. This volume was evidently prepared in connection with the court hearing of 1808.

  28. Devon election LORD GILPIN Or, the Contrast between a Rich Tyrant, and a few Honest Freeholders; shewing that there are Two Ways of electing Members for the County of Devon. Political broadside in the form of a ballad based on 'John Gilpin', attacking the 'Lord Gilpin' who favoured Bastard, and supporting Ebrington. 50 four-line verses, printed in two columns. Size 16" x 9", folds. Cullum, General Printing Office, Exeter. 1820? £34.00
    Alleges 'Gilpin' escaped to Ireland when Napoleon threatened invasion, and made money from smuggling.


  29. Devonport Dockyard MARINE DRAWINGS 30 fine scale drawings of parts of battleships, cruisers, etc, by S.E. Hancock, Acting Carpenter. Each on cartridge paper, in ink and wash colour, size approx. 20" x 25", folding, each with accompanying description in manuscript on 1p ruled paper, signed by Hancock, titled and with rubber stamps of Chief Constructor and Captain. Scales mainly " to 1 foot, 1" to 1 foot, some valves, etc. half size. Some bound into and some loosely inserted in folio ledger, half cloth, marbled boards, rubbed. Bottom of one leaf of text torn away. 1904-5. £375.00
    Drawings include:- section showing framing abaft armour; mid section, and framing of after part; 'boat hoisting derrick'; 'Cruiser Fore Section'; 'midship section, and stem'; 'Cressy Class', section showing before and abaft double bottoms; 'Gun support as fitted to 1st Class Cruiser'; 'Plan of Conning Tower, K.E.VII Class'; '13'6" Balsa Punt'. H.M.S. Hibernia, a King Edward VII class battleship, was launched in 1905. H.M.S. Encounter was a destroyer. Other ships mentioned are H.M.S. Queen and H.M.S. Minotaur.

  30. Drake Family DRAKE FAMILY DOCUMENTS Typescript transcriptions of documents, in four volumes, (i) Extracts from the Subsidy Rolls, Inquisition Post Mortem, Crown Grant by Elizabeth 1582, Grant of Yarcombe, Joan Drake's Joynture, etc. 1528-1637. (ii) Transcripts of wills, 1644 - 1794; (iii) Various indentures relating to Dame Joan Drake, Susan Crimes (mother of Sir Francis Drake), Dorothea Drake, Sir Francis Drake's two marriage settlements, and will, and four other wills. 1637-1708. (iv) Letters relating to Sophia Drake, Jerome de Salis, Francis Henry Drake, Lady Heathcote, Gilbert Heathcote. With introduction, and three portrait illustrations pasted in. 'The greater part of the original letters from which the following extracts are taken, are in the possession of Count de Salis, to whose kindness I am indebted for permission to copy them... Count de Salis is directly descended from Admiral Francis William Drake, to whose wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Heathcote, many of the letters were written....' 1778-1797. The four volumes uniformly bound, half black morocco, gilt title on spine, gilt at top and bottom of spines, marbled endpapers. Some slight fading of cloth on two volumes. Typed on relatively thick buff paper, with title of each document on single sheet before each transcript. Approx. 120 pages of text in each volume. c1920? £240.00

  31. Exe Estuary ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 24" x 35". Mounted on linen, folding into to small 4to. marbled wraps. Pale pink full wash colour, rivers, parkland, roads railways and county boundary hand-coloured. Printed from an Electrotype taken in 1879. £50.00
    Covers Tor Bay, Lyme Regis.

  32. Exeter Linen Draper DEED OF PARTNERSHIP between William Brock and Augustus Cudland, William Traies and Mark Moyle, whereby Brock takes the last three, who were in his employ, into partnership in his Linen and General Furnishing Drapery and Cabinet Making business. 1861. 21 pages, in manuscript, on folio sheets written on rectos only, tied at corner, folded. Contemporary copy, not signed... together with... DEED OF ARRANGEMENT on the Expiration of the Partnership between Messrs Wilcocks & Brock. 1852. Large vellum sheet, signed with wax seals by the two parties... together with... PARTNERSHIP DEED Messrs. Brock & Company. 1871. The original partnership having expired Brock now takes other employees, Heal and Pockwell, into the partnership. Manuscript on vellum, 13 large folio sheets, folded, signed with small wax seals. 3 items. 1861-71. £35.00
    Brock's extensive premises were in Fore Street.

  33. Geological Survey DEVON AND CORNWALL Five maps covering the western part of Devon and parts of Cornwall. Hand coloured on five sheets, dissected, and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo cloth endpapers with index map to front. Endpapers of one map spotty. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Key in margin or sea area. Sheet Nos. 24 (Plymouth), 25 (Tavistock), 26 (Bideford), 27 (Ilfracombe), 30 (Camelford). Sheet sizes 37" x 25", except for sheets 27 and 24 which are 17" x 37". Contained in a morocco slipcase with Stanford label (with Cockspur St. address) and key map on front. Some professional restoration to joints of slipcase. Probably c1880, or slightly earlier. £520.00
    Devon was the first county to be surveyed geologically, by Henry de la Beche, in the 1830's.

  34. Kenton POSTER advertising the auction sale of nos 1 and 2 High Street, Kenton, April 1st, 1931. Printed in bold letters, size 20" x 15". A few very small tears at one fold. 1931. £9.00
    'Joint use of Courtledge and Pump of Water'.

  35. Nelson (T) and Sons Printer SCENERY OF NORTH DEVON. 12 tinted lithograph plates. With 16pp. booklet of Descriptive Letterpress, loosely inserted in modern cloth slipcase, gilt title on spine. Two light ink blots on edge of view of Appledore. c187- £8.00

  36. Peters Marland, Abbotsham LEASE of tenements in Abbotsham called Greencliffe Kingsland, Norminster; Winscott Claymore in Peters Marland and Lambeth Lee in Langtree, Richard Greening of Bideford, Merchant to Narcissus Hatherley of Bideford. Manuscript on 3 folio sheets, attested copy dated 1766 of indenture made 1757. 1766. £18.00

  37. Platt (G & N) HERALDRY FOR THE TOURIST Collected by Geo. and N. Platt. Three notebooks, size 5" x 7", pastel coloured pages. Manuscript, each page headed with the name of the town or village, in alphabetical order, brief description of the place and leading family, and pasted alongside a coat of arms of local family (or occasionally town) very finely painted in glossy bright colours, shield size 3" along the top, length 3". Boards with orange printed wraps, brief introduction inside front wrap, wraps decorated with painted coloured coat of arms of the County. Title page to each volume with illustration of a ship. 192 shields in all. In two places the shields have never been added, three pages have traces of red paint which has transferred from the shield on facing page, and 5 pages of text have the paper surface damaged through adherence to the surface of the facing shield, with the loss of a few words. Probably 1950's. £60.00
    'The observant traveller will be well aware of the heraldry that abounds in country houses and seats, ancient monuments and abbeys... schools, public buildings and even public houses. It is with the identification of such that these books are concerned'.


  38. Rousdon ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS Plans and Conditions of Sale of the Freehold Residential Agricultural and Sporting Estate known as Rousdaon... in all about 2,537 Acres, Two Miles of Sea Coast, The famous Dowlands Landslip, The Dignified and Imposing Mansion... Two Villages... Eight Farms... Many Cottages... Trout Fishing in the River Axe... for sale by Public Auction... 14th September 1937. 100 pages, folio, wraps, 30 photographic illustrations (some two to a page, some three to a page). Lacks the two maps from back pocket. Some loss of card at top and bottom of spine. Loosely inserted is a newspaper article reporting the sale (the landslip was sold to the tenant, S.J. Pavey, for £5,750.) 1937. £70.00
    Over 140 Lots. Includes the 'Private Bathing Beach at Charton Cliffs', 'The World Famous Dowlands Cliffs and Landslip and Land overlooking the Sea Embracing the Most Beautiful and Unique Cliff Scenery in England...'

  39. Seaton FURTHER CHARGE on the Pole's Arms, with brewhouse etc., in Seaton for securing £100 and Interest, William Brown to William Bright. Vellum, size 26" x 29", wax seals, name written on patch of snopake on verso of deed. 1842. £10.00

  40. South Molton MANUSCRIPT PLAN of West Kidland Farm, showing farm buildings and fields. Sketch map on waxed cotton, scale 1/2500, size 32" x 16", folds. Shows farm buildings, and fields shaded in different colours. Notes about rights to break fences, ploughing etc, in pencil and red ink in various fields. c1920. £10.00

  41. Torquay SHIRLEY COURT Private Hotel, Torwood Gardens. Hotel brochure, 4pp., size 5" x 6", including photo. Map inside back wrap. c1948. £6.00
    Guests had to provide emergency rationing cards 'as we have no Catering Licence'.

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  42. Chickerell PHOTOGRAPH of three men in an open-topped car, outside an ivy-covered doorway. Size 4" x 5", on thick card mount. Titled in pencil on verso 'W de C. P. and Stone in front seat. Harris in back seat of the F.N car, taken outside Mr. Bateson's house at Chickerell.' c1910. £8.00

  43. Swanage, Poole FOUR BILLS with printed headings. Comprises Joseph Hoskins, Wine and Spirit Merchant; H.T. Tatchell, Linen & Woollen Draper; demand for payment, Swanage Gas and Water Company; Carr Gibbs & Sons, Wine & Spirit Merchants, Bournemouth 1884-5. £6.00

  44. Wimborne BILL of H. Lovell, Coach Builder, Wimborne, By Appointment to the Royal Family. 1884. On blue paper, folio, fine printed heading with coat of arms. 16 items listed, e.g. 'New set of entire new best flat tyres to wheels' etc. 1884. £8.00

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  45. Cary (J) A NEW MAP OF GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Divided into Hundreds, exhibiting its Roads, Rivers, Parks &c. With full colouring, with a single fold, engraved surface approx. 22" x 19", plus margins. Two vertical and one horizontal folds, margin trimmed down top third of right edge, tear at right edge reaching 1" into map. 1801. £45.00

  46. Cheltenham BILL of James Burns, Tailor, Habit Maker... Montpellier Street. 1876. 4to, printed heading. Made out for 13 items, such as 'Double peaked cap'. 1876. £4.00

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  47. Hop-picking POSTCARD titled 'Hop-Picking, Kent.' with black and white view of a group of hop-pickers standing amidst hop poles covered in hops, large filled sack. Group includes sailor in uniform and some children. Sent through the post with Goudhurst postmark (date has not come out). Mockford Series 4. n.d. c1910. £7.00

  48. Rochester, Tunbridge ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet VI. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 25" x 36", mounted on linen and folding to 4to, Stanford label. Railways inserted to 1884. £60.00
    Includes small areas of Surrey and Sussex.

  49. Romney Marsh ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet IV Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 26" x 36, dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 4to. Stanford label on verso. Printed from an Electrotype in 1870. £40.00
    About three quarters of the map is sea area.

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  50. Blackburn, Borough of BURNING OF BRICKS of Coke. Bye-Laws for the Prevention & Suppression of Nuisances arising from the Burning of Bricks... Within the Borough of Blackburn... Poster setting out the restrictions on burning any 'clay, marl' or other sub-soil for making bricks, tiles, pipes, etc., unless in a closed over with a chimney at least 25 yards high. 18" x 11". February 1885. £15.00

  51. Hennett (G) A MAP OF THE COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER, Divided into Hundreds and Parishes, From an Accurate Survey Made in the Years 1828 and 1829 by G. Hennet. Large engraved map, dissected and mounted on linen, scale three-quarters of an inch to one mile, fully hand-coloured in hundreds, with deeper shading at boundaries, park-land, railway lines hand-coloured. Large calligraphic title, fine engraved inset view of the New Custom House, Liverpool. Numbers under towns show distance from London, those along the roads the distances from town to town. Overall engraved surface approx. 63" x 43", plus margins, on single sheet, dissected and mounted on linen, folding to roy 8vo, folding into marbled endpapers, silk edging. Inserted in calf slipcase in the form of a book, blindstamped border on sides, label with gilt title on spine, label slightly chipped. Calf rubbed at edges. London: Published by Henry Teesdale and Co., 302 Holborn, May 1, 1830. £500.00

  52. Liverpool LETTER TO JOSEPH MAYER at Lord Street Liverpool. 35 lines on three pages, 4to, dated Sepr. 10th 1842, postmark of Newcastle under Lyme. Signature indistinct. Address panel on verso, traces of wax seal. Tipped onto blue album leaf down left edge. 1842. £18.00
    Explains he has been asked by Mr Austin to convey to him that after the Exhibition he asked Mr Taylor to give him one pound out of the Box but Mr Taylor refused, saying he was to pay his own bill for printing and '2s for paint for the cage... I must say I think they might have given the old man what he asked for...'. Thomas Mayer was a jeweller in Liverpool who became a famous collector, and set up his own museum.

  53. Ribbleton, Grimsargh Preston VALUABLE DWELLING-HOUSES AND BUILDING LAND At RIBBLETON AND GRIMSARGH. A Dwelling-House in Maudland Bank and A Dwelling-House and Shop in Lune Street, PRESTON. To be Offered for Sale by Auction by Messrs. Jabez B. Jones & Sons at their Salerooms, 131 Church Street, Preston on Thursday, 17th day of November, 1921. Large coloured folding plan, 4pp, original printed wraps slightly dusty. W. Brown, Printer, Preston: 1921. £18.00

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  54. Borough and Counties Commercial Advertising Co. MAP OF MIDDLESEX 1904. Map size approx. 20" x 20", surrounded by adverts, overall size 29" x 37". Roads printed in red, adverts printed in black and red, calendars for 1904, 1902 and 1903. Folding into small 4to, cloth boards with gilt title. 1904. £34.00
    Adverts. illustrated with bicycles, clocks, views of shop fronts etc.

  55. Geological Survey ENVIRONS OF LONDON (GEOLOGICAL) Index Map Sheet 12. Scale 4 miles to 1 inch. Colour printed map, key in margin, linen-backed, folding into red cloth slipcase with Stanford label. Size 23" x 32", plus margins. Wyman & Sons, Lith., Reading & London. 1891. £50.00
    London is just left of the centre of the map. Covers Rye, Ramsgate, Ipswich, Bedford.

  56. Weller (E.), Lithog. LONDON (South West Sheet). Sheet from the nine-sheet map originally published by Edward Weller in the Weekly Dispatch newspaper. Scale 1" = 9". Lithographed, size 17" x 25", title along top, border at left and bottom, with scale bar. Traces of central fold. Someone has marked a circular route in a thin line of red ink from Walpole Street to the junctions of Ebury St. and Ecclestone St., and back down Upper Belgrave Place. 'Mercury' insignia of Weekly Dispatch bottom left, 'E. Weller. Lithogr.' in right margin. Weekly Dispatch, 139 Fleet Street. (1860's). £165.00
    Shows Green Park, Buckingham Palace, International Exhibition, Earls Court, Walham Green, Chelsea Hospital, Southwark Water Works.

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  57. Greenwood (C. & H) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTHSHIRE. From an Actual Survey made in the Years 1829 & 1830. Engraved map, linen-backed and folding to 8vo, hand coloured, with an engraved inset view of Tintern Abbey. Size approx. 25" x 29". Scale approx. 1" = 3 miles. 1831. £65.00

  58. Magor, Undy PLANS AND PARTICULARS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Building & Accommodation Pasture Lands, Dwelling-house and Buildings, Well Situate in the parishes of Magor, Undy, Roggiett, Redwick & Whitson, which Messrs. George Nichols, Son & Alder will Sell by Auction... Newport... August 8th, 1885. Folio, 5pp., plus docket title, one full-page and two folding coloured plan. Split down spine and held with document tape. Docket title slightly browned. 1885. £26.00

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  59. Norwich ASSAULT UPON NORWICH The Official Account of the Air Raids on the City by R.H. Mottram. Booklet, 38pp., wraps. Many photographs... together with... three black and white original photographs, size 6" x 8", showing a bombed church, row of damaged Victorian villas, large building on fire... together with... Letter, 2p, small 8vo, dated Norwich 28th June from a father to his daughter describing the damage to 'poor old Norwich'. 'St. Thomas church is now an empty burnt out shell.. Bonds store is gone also many others but we are still carrying on... I enclose a photo of old 203, don't broadcast any news too much also be discreet with photo...' There are also two pages from a local newspaper June 26th 1942. 1942-3(?). £18.00

  60. Oulton Broad POSTCARD of the Wherry Hotel, Oulton Broad. Valentine's Series. 610. Coloured view showing Hotel in middle distance, boats of various kinds in the foreground. Sent through the post, squared circle postmark. 1903. £4.00

  61. Roberts & Co., Publishers CITY OF NORWICH Illustrated Record of the Great Flood of August 1912. 16pp., 4to, faded wraps. Many illustrations.... together with... Norwich City, Illustrating its Interest and Beauty. 56 pages of photographs, 8vo, wraps with dustwrapper. 1913-1950. £15.00

  62. Wymondham WILL of John Hanton of Wymondham, Norfolk. Copy, 3p sm. folio, folded, docket title. Will dated 1755, copy probably slightly later. £18.00
    Refers to his property at Kenninghall.

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  63. Newcastle, Morpeth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Made up of 4 quarter sheets. Size 24" x 37", shaded in different colours to show municipal Boroughs, Urban districts, Tynemouth Rural District, area of Tynemouth Union etc. Water mains drawn in red. With neat key numbers in sea area. O.S. blindstamp 1902. £28.00


  64. Noell (Edward) TWO LETTERS to Edward Noell in London, from John Douglas at Newcastle. The first addressed to Noell 'att his chamber in the Inner Temple', integral address panel on verso and circular postmark 'AP/D', 2p, 4to, plus blank leaf with address panel, dated Newcastle 1st Aprill 1690. Says he has been to Bedlington and Morpeth and spoken to Mr Urwen about his rents, their 'exceptions' he finds 'frivolous and groundless', but sets out their version of the account for his comments, listing the 7 rents, including 'Newcastle Abbey for one year Michms. 86... 14s'. Docket titled 'From Mr Douglas who succeeded Mr. Wm. Urwyn and Mr Jenkins in the Receipt of the Newcastle & Northumberland Rents'. The second dated Newcastle 25th Janny. 1716, signed by Douglas, returning a claim by Noell 'To the Right Honble the Commissioners of Inquiry appointed by Act of Parliament. The humble Claim of Edward Noell Esq.' Says he has been seized in fee of the fee farm rents of various lands in Northumberland, listing Hartburne Rectory (Earl of Darwentwater), Newbrigg Lordship (Lord Widrington) and others, and 'Whereas the sd. Earl of Darwentwater Lord Widrington John Thornton... have of late been Rebells & Traitors to his Majesties Government the sd. Edward humbly craves that he may have & enjoy... his Right in the sd. fee farm rents.' 1p. sm. folio, neatly written, Douglas has scrawled a comment in heavy ink. With address panel on verso, trace of wax seal, to Noell 'att his house in Norfolk Street'... together with... Mr Urwen's bond to Mr Noell to pay the fee farm rents he collects 1684'. 1p., large folio, small wax seal... together with... MR DOUGLAS HIS ACCT. for 2yr. ended at Mich. 1698. List of 42 rents on 2p sm. folio, in columns with tenant, rent, arrears, taxes, observations. Includes Denton Coal Mine (with names and fraction of distribution); Tithe of Newham (Lord Grey); Lands in Fleetham; Hexham Tithes; Eleanor Anderson, a waste without Newgate; John Andrews a waste in Middle Street; John Johnson a waste in Gateshead, etc... together with... another list of rents simply titled 'Tennants and Rents in Newcastle and Northumberland', which includes some of the rents in the previous list, 1p., sm folio, 35 rents listed. Includes Denton Coal Mines, various tithes, 'Sr. Wm. Blackett, A tmnt. called the Heigh in Hexham'; 'Lord Lumley, Thorntons Hospitall in Newcastle'... together with... TWO FURTHER LISTS OF RENTS, one a folio sheet written on both sides with rents alphabetically by place (not tenants' names), from Allhallow Bank to Westgate. Includes Pilgrim St., Thorntons Hospital, Mealmarket, Cowgate, Churchyard of St. John's, etc., and one page, narow folio, of 'Rents in Newcastle belonging to Tynmouth & Hexham'. 1684-1716. £140.00
    The Earl of Derwentwater, a prominent Jacobite, was executed for High Treason in 1716. Lord Widrington was a Catholic peer and supporter of the Stuarts.

  65. Walker (J) & (C) NORTHUMBERLAND Folding engraved map, dissected and mounted on linen, engraved area approx. 12" x 15", plus margins, folding into sm 8vo cloth endpapers. Roads, rivers, parkland, county border hand coloured. 1836. £22.00
    With Reference to Wards, Polling Places etc.

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  66. Greenwood (C. & H) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF SALOP From an Actual Survey made in the Years 1826 & 1827. Engraved map, linen-backed and folding to 8vo, hand coloured, with an engraved inset view of Shrewsbury. Size approx. 25" x 29". Scale approx. 1" = 3 miles. Explanation table and Reference to Hundreds. 1834. £65.00

  67. Witton OBLIGATION BOND of Alexander Toppe of Witton and his son John, to John Wase of Shrewsbury. 1p., manuscript, signed by Toppe with small wax seal, witnessed. Notes on verso of conjoint leaf recording payments for a mortgage. 1703. £22.00

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  68. Bath ASSEMBLY ROOMS BATH A Souvenir Booklet to commemorate the re-opening by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Kent October 19th, 1938. In the time of Adrian Hopkins, Mayor. 51pp., 4to, original decorative wraps, purple ribbon tie at spine. 7 tipped-in photographs, and other tipped-in illustrations. Mendip Press Ltd. 1938. £22.00

  69. Bath CATALOGUE of Household Furniture... Two Grand Pianofortes, Mahogany Dining-Room Furniture... Upwards of 20 Cases of Stuffed Birds... which will be Sold by Auction... March 8, 1900. 15pp, 8vo. 1900. £9.00
    Note in ink 'The estate of the late J. Stone'. Birds include Northern Diver, Sandpipers, Kingfishers, Godwit, Oyster-Catchers.

  70. Bonnor (T), drawn and engraved by SANDHILL PARK. The Seat of John Lethbridge Esq. Copper-plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 7" x 10", plus margins. 1792. £25.00
    From Collinson's History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset.

  71. Chard OBLIGATION BOND Thomas Lawrence and Elizabeth Lane of Chard to Charles Edwards for £263. 1p., sm. folio, preamble printed with ms inserts, the main paragraph in manuscript. Signed by Thomas Lawrence and by Elizabeth Lane with her mark, two small wax seals. Blank conjoint leaf. Folds. 1809. £16.00

  72. Chew Stoke AN ABSTRACT OF HENRY BROWN ESQUIRE'S TITLE to the manor of Chewstoke in Somersetshire, with Serjt. Keene's Opinion thereon. Manuscript in two hands, 1p., small folio, blank conjoint leaf, folded with docket title as above. Lists transactions in 1663, 1682, 1688, and 33rd year of Elizabeth, with a five-line comment at the bottom in a different hand, signed 'J. Keene' 'N. Wade' although these two names are in the same hand so Wade's at least is not an actual signature. Late 17th century. £55.00

  73. Churchill CONVEYANCE of several Closes in Churchill called Parkwall, Parkwall Paddock, and Biss's Acre, John Fisher of Langford, to Emily Newton, Spinster. Single large vellum sheet. 1824. £16.00

  74. Ditcheat APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE apprentices William Bond, son os John Bond of Ditcheat, to John Hoskins of Ditcheat, Butcher. Printed on paper, with manuscript inserts. Impressed seal top left, signed by the three parties with three small wax seals. 1803. £26.00
    With the usual provisos about playing dice, haunting taverns, etc.

  75. East Lydford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP 6" to 1 mile, showing Wheathill, Lovington and East Lydford. Size 9" x 11", plus margins, mounted on linen, folding into stiff wraps. The area of Priory Farm has been coloured in green wash. c1930. £12.00

  76. Evercreech PARTICULARS of the Freehold Estates known as the Evercreech Park Farm, Bagbury Farm, & Durns.... to be Sold By Auction.... 8th of August, 1862. 3 pages, size 17" x 11". Folded. With detailed schedules of each farm, listing fields with cultivation, tenant, acreage. etc. 1862. £18.00

  77. Exford, Simonsbath ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Composite map made up of Sheet Nos. XLV.N.E and N.W and sheets to the south. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size approx. 27" x 36", folding into small 4to marbled wraps. Surveyed 1887, 2nd ed. 1904. £26.00

  78. Gentleman (David), Artist SHELL GUIDE TO SOMERSET Poster, lithograph and letterpress printing, glossy surface. Illustration showing Glastonbury Tor, Huish Episcopi church tower, cider apples, Stringfellow's model aeroplane, etc. Description and map with key below. Overall size 29" x 20", metal hanger top and bottom. Red and yellow Shell logo at bottom. 1950's. £30.00

  79. Ilminster THE WILL of Elizabeth Slee, widow. 8p, sm. folio, with codicil. Will proved at London 1747. Extracted from the Registry of the Prerogative Court at Canterbury... together with... Pedigree of Samuel Slee, folio sheet, manuscript, showing four generations from 1738. Copy circa 1824. £22.00
    Concerns Elizabeth's share of a messuage at South Brent, 'The Swan Tenement' in Ilminster. Mentions items of clothing 'my linen Gown and two petty Coats one being blue cloth serge with a silver lace..... my scarlet Cloth Coat I give to my sons to make them Waistcoats....'

  80. Kelly (C.V) Publisher EARLY METHODISM In the West Somerset and the Lorna Doone Country By W. Symons. Printed flyer, 1p., 8vo, giving 6 reviews of the book. £5.00

  81. Lyncombe Hill, Bath AUCTION POSTER. Desirable Freehold Investment. Messrs Powell & Powell will sell by Auction on the premises on Wednesday, 8th Day of July, 1874.... all that substantially-built and commodious residence. No 5, Augustus Place, otherwise Augusta House, Lyncombe Hill.... Size approx. 40" x 25", folded, some wear to folds, couple of splits affecting a few letters. J. Keene, Printer, Bath. 1874. £18.00

  82. North Bruham PARTICULARS of a Freehold Property comprising a Very Useful Farm House... Meadow, Pasture & Arable land... which will be Sold by Auction... Bruton... 1874. 2pp., folio, folded with docket title. Folding coloured plan. Some small edge tears at folds. 1874. £26.00
    Includes a house called 'The Gables'.

  83. North Cadbury PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of a Valuable Freehold Property consisting of a Public House called The New Inn and Land at Galhampton... Several Parcels of Rich Arable Land being the remaining portion of the Askew Estate... for sale by auction 14th August, 1877. 3pp., folio, plus docket title, folded. 1877. £16.00

  84. Othery, Middlezoy, Aller HANDBILL with auction sale particulars for 'Shride Farm', comprising house, orchard, meadow land, and 19 lots of named pieces of ground. For Sale by Auction at Bridgwater, 24th September, 1919. Single sheet, small folio, rather creased. 1919. £8.00

  85. Somerset Boundaries REPORT ON THE PROPOSED DIVISION OF THE COUNTY OF SOMERSETSHIRE 1pp, with a folding plan of the county by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline. Scale approx. 7 miles to 1". Folio, disbound. Shows Polling Places, Places of County Election, Borough Towns to return 1 and 2 Members. 1837. £24.00

  86. Woodley, Williams and Dunsford Publisher THE BRIDGWATER MERCURY and Burnham, Highbridge and Weston-super-Mare Chronicle. April 29, 1903. Broadsheet newspaper, 4p., unopened. Some browning at folds on first page. 1903. £7.00
    Includes Bridgwater Police Court reports, two columns of the Moat House murder mystery in Essex, etc.

  87. Wrington AUCTION POSTER Valuable Freehold Business Premises, a Vote for the Eastern Division of the County, To be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Darley & Son, at the Golden Lion Hotel, Wrington, on Thursday, the 4th of May, 1865.... the Messuage Formerly known as the 'Old Bell Inn'.... now occupied by Mr. George Porter, who for the last Seven Years has carried on a lucrative Cab and Common Carrier's Trade.... Poster printed in bold lettering. Size 22" x 18", folded. 1865. £24.00

  88. Yatton CONVEYANCE of an acre of land known as Quarry Ground in Yatton, Edward Gregory and others to Elizabeth and Frances Wickham. Two large vellum sheets. Signed by 4 parties. with wax seals. 1823. £18.00
    One of the parties is John Heale, schoolmaster of Yatton.

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  89. Greenwood (C. & H) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF STAFFORDSHIRE. From an Actual Survey made in the Years 1818 & 1819. Engraved map, linen-backed and folding to 8vo, hand coloured, with an engraved inset view of Lichfield Cathedral. Size approx. 25" x 29". Scale approx. 1" = 3 miles. Explanation table and Reference to Hundreds. 1820.. £65.00

  90. Longdon LEASE of a house in Longdon with gardens and orchard, closes called Barn Croft, Calves Croft, John Floyer of Lichfield to John Clement of Longdon. On paper, size 18" x 26", small wax seal... together with... BOND of John Clement to John Floyer. Printed with manuscript inserts, signed and witnessed. 1737, and a Quitclaim of the same date, printed with manuscript inserts. Loosely inserted are two indentures of 1738, John Clement to David Ede, both with the ink badly offset. 5 items. 1737. £34.00

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  91. Freston PLAN OF LAND at Freston., On paper, backed with linen, in watercolour, untitiled. Size 12" x 11", scale bar, Scale 60 rods = two and half inches. Shows the road to Ipswich dividing into the road to Holbrook and the road to Shotley at the southern edge of the map, what appears to be a church at the centre, with a path leading up to it, a building on the Ipswich road and 'Jno. Sparrow's Boot Land' adjoining, the road to 'the Park Wood', surrounding fields and woods, fields coloured in wash to indicate pasture or arable, hedges indicated with bushes, gates. Some buildings in red on left, Glebe Land, and adjoining owners, including the land of 'Red Gate' (farm).... together with... LETTER from M. Venn, Ipswich, July 19th 1781, to her brother at 15 Bow Lane, London, informing him of Mrs. Sparrow's death, with details of her will and bequests 'she has left you & me five Guineas apiece & after Miss Sparrow's Death she has left me Freston Boot - whether there is any land belonging to it I don't know but it is said the Value of it is about forty or fifty pound a year... it's very handsome and what I had no reason to expect...' She says she had originally thought to put on mourning for four weeks, but as Mrs Sparrow had been 'particularly kind' would keep it on for six weeks. Asks him to bring 'a pd. of the Best Green Tea' for Mrs Hodges, and some pots of 'Pomade de Providence'. 64 lines in a small neat hand, on 2p, 4to. On verso of second leaf is the address, small black circular postmark... together with... DRAFT LEASE for 12 years from 11th Oct. 1834, of building and land in Freston, and Freston Wood, Edw. Venn to Mr. B. Sage. 8p., folio. 1791-1834. £120.00
    There is not date on the map, and only the 'J. Wha' from a Whatman watermark - possibly about 1820.

  92. Ipswich BILL for legal services from Messrs. Pearson & Bunn to Mrs Mary Venn 'On the Sale of Tackett Street House etc.' 2p., folio, plus blank conjoint leaf with docket title, in a neat hand, for items from April to December 1800. 1800. £12.00
    Includes 'attending at your House a long while perusing a great many bundles of Title Deeds when they were at length found drawing the Abstract 11 Sheets at 8/8d per sheet'. The estate included a house in Tower Street and lands at Bosmere and Claydon.

  93. Ipswich PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Very Desirable Freehold Property Situate near the Catholic Chapel on the Woodbridge Road, St. Helen's... to be Sold by Auction... at the Coach and Horses Inn, Brook Street... September 14th, 1842. 3pp., folio, folded with docket title. 1842. £22.00

  94. Woodbridge POSTER advertising the auction sale of a Blacksmith Shop and Premises with a frontage of 50ft. in Cutting's Lane, Woodbridge, at The Waggon and Horses Inn, April the 10th, 1873. Size 18" x 11", traces of folds. G. Booth, Machine Printer, Woodbridge. 1873. £25.00

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  95. Badmin (S.R), Artist SHELL GUIDE TO SURREY Poster, lithograph and letterpress printing, glossy surface. Illustration showing wooded valley with Westcott Church, Victorian villa with returning commuter, drawings of Gertrude Jekyll, John Evelyne etc. Description and map with key below. Overall size 29" x 20", metal hanger top and bottom. Red and yellow Shell logo at bottom. Small blank piece about the size of a 10p piece torn away at bottom left corner just above metal stretcher. c1960. £28.00

  96. Charlwood AN ACT for inclosing Lands in the Manor and Parish of Charlwood... 27p., sm. folio, disbound, sewn. Act of Parliament. 1843. £12.00

  97. Papworth MANOR OF PAPERWORTH als Papercourt. At a Court Baron of Henry Weston... 1st day of March... 1648... Vellum document, size 6" x 13", 15 lines, in Latin, signed by Henry Baldwin, records admissions of closes of land in the Manor at Newhatch called Sentons, , etc. Names include Elizabeth Ryde, Thomas Boldam, Katherine Peter, etc. 1648. £20.00

  98. Southwark AN ACT for rebuilding the Parish Church of Saint George the Martyr, in the Borough of Southwark as one of the Fifty new Churches directed to be built.... in the Ninth year of the Reign of.... Queen Anne. Cover leaf + 6pp, sm. folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1732. £12.00

  99. Thornton Heath LEASE of land in the Canterbury Road with tenement and public house known as the Duke of York. 15pp., 4to, on vellum, sewn at edges, last page being a fully coloured manuscript plan of the premises, scale 20ft = 1". Noakes and Co. to John Langford. 1909. £18.00

  100. Thornton Heath PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Villa Residences known as 7 & 9 Bensham Manor Road... for Sale by Auction... May 2nd, 1893. 3pp., folio, folded with docket title. 1893. £12.00

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  101. Bacon's MAP OF BIRMINGHAM Divided into Half Mile Squares and Circles. Size approx 12" x 18", single fold at centre, printed in 2 colours. Scale 3" = 1 mile. Street index down sides. c1885. £24.00

  102. Bartholomew (J) PLAN OF BIRMINGHAM scale 1" = half a mile. Hand-coloured plan, size 9" x 12", mounted in cream heavy card mount. Traces of central fold. c1880. £18.00

  103. Hilder (Rowland) (Painted by) THE SHELL GUIDE TO WARWICKSHIRE Poster, lithograph and letterpress printing, glossy surface. Size 29" x 20", metal stretchers top and bottom. Illustration showing River Avon at Stratford, Shakespeare's tombstone, George Eliot, fritillaries, kingcups etc. c1960. £35.00

  104. Murray (T) MAP OF WARWICKSHIRE Engraved map, hand-coloured in outline, 18" x 14". Scale 3" = 10 miles. 1830. £35.00

  105. Stratford-on-Avon ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS and Plan of the Freehold Residential Estate known as Oxstall Farm, Warwick Road... Farm Residence, Agricultural Premises, Two well-built Cottages... for Sale by Public Auction... July 25th, 1941... 13pp., 4to, original wraps, photographs in text, coloured folding plan. 1941. £26.00
    'Nearly a Mile of Beautiful River Frontage... The river Avon has along this farm's frontage a Gravel bottom....'

  106. Westley (W) THE PLAN OF BIRMINGHAM Survey'd in the Year 1731. Reprint. Size 17" x 20", central fold, and traces of other folds. Backed with Japanese tissue. 4" tear in paper, but not tissue. n.d. Appears to have come from a book. Possibly late 19th or early 20th century. £14.00

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  107. Harrison (Claude), Artist SHELL GUIDE TO WESTMORELAND Poster, lithograph and letterpress printing. Shows rush-bearing ceremony, waterfall, lakes, wrestlers, etc. Description and map with key below. Overall size 29" x 20", metal hanger top and bottom. c1960. £30.00

  108. Warcop AN ACT for Dividing and Inclosing the Common and Waste Grounds, within the manor of Bleatarn, in the Parish of Warcop... 22pp., sm. folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. Separately paginated. Leaf with docket title. Some slight bubbling of paper on first few leaves. 1790. £22.00

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  109. Coombe Bissett PARTICULARS of the remaining part of Manor Farm... 204 Acres with useful Homestead... 5pp., 4to, stiff wraps. Folding plan loosely inserted. 1965. £8.00

  110. Enford, Fifield MAP OF THE MANORS OF ENFORD AND FIFIELD in the County of Wilts., The Property of John Benett Esq., M.P. Lithographed map, size 19" x 27" plus margins. Shows river at right hand edge, buildings and plots in the villages near the river and a few scattered buildings, road to Amesbury at left, field boundaries. With extensive Table of Reference listing 131 fields, orchards, houses, withy beds etc., listed under Tenants Timothy Fay, Charles Offer, and houses and gardens at Rack Rent, with Total Measure of Sheep Pasture, Arable, Meadow, Buildings etc. Slight creasing along centre. Small repaired edge tear. Waterlow & Morland, Lithographers, London. n.d. c1850. £60.00

  111. Marlborough PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Hotel and Premises known as the Castle & Ball Hotel... commanding an extensive frontage to the High Street... for Sale by Auction, 23rd October 1886... 3pp., folio, folded, docket title. 1886. £14.00

  112. Milton Lilbourne SALE OF THE RICH GRAZING OR DAIRY HOLDING known as Abbey Farm.... Allotment Land in the Severalls, Milton.... for Sale by Auction, April 30th, 1931. 6pp., 4to, wraps, folding plan. Pages rather creased. 1931. £10.00

  113. Pewsey PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... a portion of The Pewsey Glebe having an area of 106a.... for Sale by Auction, August 26th, 1912. 7pp, 4to, wraps, folding plan. Vertical fold. 1912. £16.00

  114. Warminster ATTRACTIVE AND IMPORTANT SALE of very Valuable Freehold Property comprising.... 2 & 3 Woodcock Villas, A Picturesque and Modern Residence known as Highbury.... 2 & 3 Boreham Villas.... Two 14-Qr. Malthouses... Two Cottages.... 500 Shares in Warminster Motor Co... For Sale by Auction.... June 17th, 1907. 10pp., large 4to, printed wraps, split at spine. Includes photographs. 1907. £18.00

  115. Warminster TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION at the Lamb Inn.... 18th day of August 1820... the following Freehold & Leasehold Premises.... Handbill, size 12" x 8", listing 10 lots, with measurement of land, occupiers, details of leases with 'lives' etc. A column of 'nos. in the Award' added in manuscript in left margin. Bottom margin slightly trimmed, just clipping imprint. S. Yockney, Printer, George-Street, Warminster. 1820. £36.00
    Includes dwelling house in the Furlong, and at Top's near Pound-Street, two dwelling houses with a weaving shop and gardens at Cold Harbour, dwelling house with newly erected Oven and Bake House in East Street etc.

  116. Wilton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXVI. N.W, and quarter sheets to West and South. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 26" x 37", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo boards with Stanford label. 1926. £18.00
    Covers Wilton and Wilton House, Barford St. Martin, South Newton.

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  117. Bromsgrove COPY FEOFFMENT of messuage and tenement with garden and orchard in Bromsgrove, John Chance the Elder of Timber haugh to Walter Bradley. Vellum, size 22" x 26". Vellum uniformly browned, but legible. Copy, with no seals or signatures. 1641. £18.00

  118. James (R.R). Edited by EXTRACTS FROM THE DIARY OF A WORCESTERSHIRE PARSON 1863-1870. The diaries of the Rev. Alfred James, vicar of Rock in North Worcestershire, edited by his son. Typescript, 102p., typed on rectos only, 4to. Bound in grey cloth, typed label on front board, front board spotty. With two tipped-in photographs. Edited with an introduction by the diarist's son. Privately typed for the annotator by George Pulman & Sons Ltd., 1950. £65.00
    Records his parish duties, illnesses of parishioners, birth of his children, domestic affairs ('had a kick-up with the Cook'), funerals, weddings, deaths, visits to schools, agricultural tasks, weather, cases dealt with as a Magistrate, (fishing, archery, beer brewing etc. E.g. 'Dec. 7. Had a kick-up with the cook. discharged her... Started a shoe club at the Sunday School.... Dec. 25. Up early at the Church. Saw the Ch. Wardens about Bellringer's beer, and parish charity and school accounts. Gave away the Warsley bread and flannel 60 yds. Smocks 3. Cloaks 6, from the Mence Charity.' I have traced another copy of this typescript, so presumably R.R. James had at least two made.

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  119. Kirkham WATERCOLOUR inscribed on verso (obviously later) 'E. Eng. Window at Kirkham Priory'. Attractive, finely-painted watercolour showing two ruined arched windows and ruined masonry in foreground, tree growing over arch, large building seen through the windows. Size 10" x 8", complete surface painted, narrow ivory mount. late Victorian. £30.00

  120. Leeds BILL of Minors & Scurr, Linen Drapers & Haberdashers, Importers of Irish Linens. Bill made out to Mrs Goodman for lawn poplin, cotton hose etc. Printed calligraphic heading and fine vignette engraved by Livesey and Co. above the words 'Family Mourning' showing a woman seated near a beehive. Size 5" x 8". Leeds June 16, 1820. £16.00

  121. Leeds PLAN OF THE NEW POST OFFICE BUILDING Scale 8 Feet to an Inch. Lithographed plan, by Thomas Winn, Architect, Leeds, showing three floors. Size 22" x 30". Repaired tear along much of central horizontal fold. n.d. c1880. £18.00
    Prepared for An Arbitration in The Matter of Samuel Croft's Trustees and The Postmaster General.

  122. Woollen mill TWO PHOTOGRAPHS of men at work at machines in a woollen mill. Each image 4" x 6", mounted on thick grey card with dark grey borders. n.d. c1920. £22.00
    One photograph shows a very large wicker basket full of fleece and two machines with rollers, the other with a line of four machines with the wool being fed into them.

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  123. Arrols Bridge and Roof Co. Ltd. ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS Edinburgh Corporation Electric Lighting McDonald Road Station. Two architectural drawings, on thick paper, backed with linen, the first titled in large letters as above, and 'Elevation to McDonald Road'. Size 25" x 37", plus a blank section on the right with signatures 'This is one of the plans referrred to in my offer... signed Arrols Bridge & Roof Co. Ltd., J. Arthur Arrols Managing Dr.,' and other signatures. Scale approx. 12" = 100ft. Drawing in ink and blue, grey, buff and brown wash, showing the fine elevation with classical style windows, ornate doorway with pediment etc, small cupola. The construction below ground level has been drawn in dotted lines, with small measurements in ink, and a kind of small terrace with a balustrade added in dotted lines at the right edge of the roof. Stamp of Edinburgh Corporation bottom right. The second drawing, size 36" x 24", shows two elevations, one above the other, titled as above and 'Elevation to Torphichen Street', and 'South Elevation of Coal Store'. Drawing in green, pink, blue and grey. Stamp of Burgh Engineer's Office, June 1898. Both drawings indicate the base of the tower. 1898. £220.00
    The McDonald Road Station was built to replace the one in Dewar Street. Part of the construction remains, and is a listed building. It has recently been converted into apartments. The T. Arthur Arrols and his brother founded a well-known engineering firm based in Glasgow. Presumably they were related to the engineer William Arrols who built the Forth Bridge.

  124. Dumfries ARTICLES OF ROUP of all and whole Three Parks lying in the Burgh roads of Dumfries belonging to Thomas Goldie of Craigmuir to be Exposed to public roup... 28th January 1819... 3p, manuscript, small folio. Each page signed by Goldie in a shaky hand. 1819. £10.00

  125. Edinburgh EXTRACT SEDERUNT Being Right to Burying Ground In South Burying Ground of Sain John's Chapel in favour of Sir William Maxwell of Menreith Baronet. Manuscript on one side of folio sheet, extracted by Robert Rollo, Treasurer. Includes right to 'insert a tablet or headstone in the wall thereof corresponding in size to the said three feet... but not exceeding in height the Copestone of the wall'. 1840. £18.00

  126. Gentleman (David), Artist SHELL GUIDE TO THE ROADS OF BRITAIN The Corrieyairack Pass. Poster with illustration of the lane winding through the pass along a river, man leading sheep. Below is description and small map with illustration of showing General Wade's Road in red, clansmen etc. Size 29" x 20", metal hanger top and bottom. c1960. £35.00
    'The Highlanders under Prince Charles captured and destroyed Fort Augustus, climbed the zig-zags to Corrieyairack and marched along this now abandoned road to Dalwhinnie, en route for the Lowlands and England.'

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  127. Anglesey, Caernarvonshire, Merionethshire AN ACCOUNT OF THE PROFITS OF THE ORIGINAL SEALS together with the Fines, PreFines and Recoveries levied... at the first Great Session of His Majesty's court for the several Counties... held before Hugh Leycester Esquire... one thousand eight hundred and eleven... Manuscript on vellum, size 29" x 13", closely written, covering the whole of one side and half of the verso. Folded with docket title. Gives details of 18 'Commands to perform Covenants', listing the parties involved, messuages and lands, (which are extensive) rights of common, turbary etc. and the name of the parish concerned, with the amount payable in a column on the right, totalled at the end, with total numbers of 'Writs of Covenant', 'Originals in Ejectment' etc. 1st Session 1811. £75.00
    Parishes include Landdaniel, Llaniestyn, Llangeinwen, Llanarbor, Llanddwywey, Llandariog, Meilltyrne.

  128. Carmarthenshire, Cardiganshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 37", mounted on linen and folding into 4to cloth endpapers, Stanford label. Some main railway lines coloured buff, stations neatly named in red ink. 1910. £20.00
    Covers Fishguard, Newcastle Emlyn, Aberayron.

  129. Grant (Keith), Artist SHELL GUIDE TO CARDIGANSHIRE Poster, lithograph and letterpress printing, glossy surface. Illustration showing coast at Ynys Lochtyn, bellcote at Mwnt, the Corbelanus Stone, foxgloves, fragments of ore, etc. Description and map with key below. Overall size 29" x 20", metal hanger top and bottom. Red and yellow Shell logo at bottom. Tear six inches into view top left, neatly repaired on verso. 1950's. £18.00

  130. Gresford CATALOGUE OF SALE OF THE VALUABLE CONTENTS of Horsley Hall, Gresford, Denbighshire, comprising fine old English and French Furniture, China, Silver, Glass... for sale 9th - 17th April, 1934. 122 pages, 4to, original wraps, rubbed and faded, old repair to spine. 11 full-pages photographic plates, some showing views across complete rooms. 1834. £28.00
    The house was sold for demolition in 1934, and finally demolished 1963. The gardens remain. Pieces include wood ornamentation in the style of Grinling Gibbons, Hepplewhite chairs, old Venetian gondola lamps, etc. Some prices entered in pencil.

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  131. Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire BACON'S NEW 'HALF-INCH' CYCLING ROAD MAPS No. 12. Hertford. Reduced by permission from the New Ordnance Survey. Coloured map size 24" x 32", linen-backed and folding into tall thin 8vo boards, which are spotty. Best cycling roads shown in red. With Index of Towns, giving population at 1901 census. Key shows dangerous roads, etc. c1910. £12.00
    Covers North London.

  132. Cornwall and Devon SET OF EIGHT ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 1" to 1 mile. Sheet size 37" x 25", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo., red cloth endpapers. Inserted in modern paper-covered card slipcase, with original printed James Wyld label relaid on the front. Small key map on endpapers. Comprises (i) Sheet 33 (Penzance, 'portrait' format). (ii) Sheet 31 (Truro). (iii) Sheet 30 (Camelford). Some dark spots on endpapers. (iv) Sheet 25 (Liskeard, Tavistock). Railway and road from Tavistock to Ashburton coloured pink. (v) Sheet 24 (Plymouth). Railway and a couple of roads coloured pink. (vi) Sheet 26 (Bideford). North Devon Railway and road along north coast coloured pink. (vii) Sheet 23 (Dartmouth). Road from Chillington to Start Point coloured pink. (viii) Sheet 22 (Exeter). South Devon Railway coloured in pink, 1" tear in linen at border bottom right, just reaching into sea area. Whatman watermarks 1858-60. £380.00
    Margary State 3.

  133. Dorset and Hampshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Index to the Tithe Survey. Engraved map, showing Poole Harbour, Christchurch Bay. Size 24" x 30", plus margins, scale 1 mile to 1", Sheet No. XV. Outline colour of parishes, some areas shaded blue, names of main villages within each red boundary blocked in pink wash. Border all round. Linen-backed, folding to 4to, with key map and Stanford label. O.S. blindstamp 1858. £65.00

  134. Essex, Kent, London TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets I and II. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 26" x 37", linen-backed, linen folded over to bind edges, folding to quarto. Stanford labels on verso. Two items. Printed from an Electrotype in 1884 and 1882. £100.00
    Sheet I Covers part of London from the 'Upper Pool' eastwards, Hoddesdon, Maldon, Isle of Grain. Sheet II covers Bradwell, Burnham, Sheerness.

  135. First World War TWO POSTCARDS from the First World War. One in the Dickinson 'Military Terms' series showing a Scottish soldier with a girl and the title 'Entanglement', unused, the other a J. Salmon card showing a startled cat looking up at a caterpillar on a branch and the caption 'You did startle me; I thought you were a Zeppelin'. c1916. £6.00

  136. Hoursch (Vering von) ASTUDIN-KARTEN VOM RHEIN 20 colour postcards on a folding strip, with views from paintings. Pink wraps. n.d. 1920 or earlier. £14.00

  137. Leghorn to London BILL OF LADING Shipped in good Order and well conditioned by Viollier & Co. upon the good Ship called the Ann whereof is Master for the present Voyage N. Pentreath and now lying in the port of Leghorn and bound for London... One Case Alabaster's Works... Printed with manuscript details inserted, signed by Pentreath. Size 7" x 9", some vertical folds. Attractive engraved vignette of a ship in top corner. With a few lines on verso signed for Viollier instructing delivery to Michael Williams. Small stab hole... together with... Manuscript on 1p., 4to, listing charges 'upon a Case Alabasters landed ex. Ann... delivered to Henry Stokes Esq. 5th May 1820. 6th March and 5th May 1820. £38.00

  138. Middlesex, Dorset & Berkshire PARTICULARS OF SALE OF A SUPERIOR SEMI-DETACHED VILLA RESIDENCE, AT WEST BROMPTON: 113 Acres of Superior Grass Land and Corn rents at Willesden; A Farm of 105a. 1r. 14p., the Rent charge and pew rents, at Handley, Dorsetshire, and the Rent Charge, on lands in the hamlet of Grove in the Parish of Wantage, Berkshire..... Which will be Sold by Auction... 6th of August, 1858. Folio, 8pp, docket title, folded, lacks lower half of last leaf which is the 'memorandum', partly affecting description of Wantage lot. 1858. £12.00

  139. Nyborg EXTRACT OF A LETTER from Sir James Saumarez Bt., K.B. and Commander in Chief of a Squadron of His Majesty's Ships employed on a particular service to Rear Admiral Sir Samuel Hood dated Victory off Gottenburg 7 May 1808. Manuscript, small folio, 1p., folded, giving the quote in 15 lines. Asking Hood to convey his approbation to Capt. Paulett, Lt. Pearce etc and officers and men for the destruction of the enemy's vessel off Nyborg. c1810. £14.00

  140. Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ENTER ON LANDS for Setting Out Line. Printed letter, 1p., folio, folded with docket title on verso. Signed by two directors. Numbers referring to Plan and Books of Reference entered in Manuscript. Made out for Mr. Whitaker 'Holy Cross' (presumably Worcester)... together with... small sketch of lands, four chains to an inch, with the proposed line in red, on tracing paper, folded. 6th August 1845. £12.00

  141. United States of America LETTER signed 'CHV' from 172 State St., Albany, New York, June 29th, to a friend in Britain addressed as 'Dear Colonel'. 16p., 8vo, undated but paper water-marked 1900, describing his visit to New York, Albany, Boston, and Washington. Handwriting rather scrawly... together with a four-page letter in the same hand, also signed 'CHV', addressed from 'Applegarth, Teignmouth, Nov. 30th' (1905), to 'My dear Young', about his recent serious illness. c1900. £22.00
    He stays at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, where he describes the menu as 'running to 150 different edibles'. At Washington he found the White House was about to be repaired, and feared he could not go inside, but 'my landlord came to my rescue getting me into the place, & even introducing me to the President Mr. Rooseveldt with whom I had the honour of shaking hands & exchanging a word. He is a very busy man & 20 or 30 people were waiting to see him at the time...'


  142. Vigor family BOND OF INDEMNITY on paying a legacy. 1787. John W. Harding, Distiller, of Bristol to J. Powell, Executor of the will of Robert Vigor deceased. Manuscript, 2p., narrow folio, signed by Harding. Refers to the will of Fortune Little of Bedminster, ... together with... a series of correspondence concerning a dispute and case in Chancery relating to the legacy, 1802-11. Comprises 16 letters, 2-4 pages each, 4to, all but one with address panels and postmarks on verso. Most addressed to Revd. T. Stonhouse Vigor at Bath. 1787-1811. £95.00
    The two nieces of Frances Vigor were claiming a legacy of £500. Includes 5 letters from Mary Butler, in Hotwells, a niece, explaining her case, one of which is to 'The Revd. The Archdeacon of Gloucester on his Visitation at Dursley, Gloucestershire' begging him to 'put an end to the litigations before the Funds are further diminished'. Some of the letters contain personal information. Also includes letters from Samuel Sellwood at Abingdon to Stonhouse Vigor 'I so devoted myself to Parliamentary business when in Town, and was so harassed and worn down with fatigue and vexation that I had neither leisure nor resolution to pay my respects to Lady Bowyer... My Son has escaped any... attack till last Sunday when he had three strong Fits within four hours... I am strongly inclined to take him to London with me, but I know not who is best to be consulted...' Sellwood was agent for the Member of Parliament for Abingdon, Loveden, and Town Clerk. Sir George Bowyer was M.P. for Malmesbury, and stood down to stand for Abingdon.

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