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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 118

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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Bristol -- Cornwall -- Devon -- Dorset --
Durham -- Essex -- Gloucestershire -- Hampshire and Isle of Wight --
Herefordshire -- Hertfordshire -- Huntingdonshire -- Kent --
Lancashire -- Lincolnshire -- London -- Norfolk --
Northumberland -- Nottinghamshire -- Oxfordshire -- Somerset --
Staffordshire -- Suffolk -- Surrey -- Sussex -- Warwickshire --
Westmoreland -- Wiltshire -- Worcestershire -- Yorkshire --
Ireland -- Scotland -- Wales -- General
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  1. Bristol Aeroplane Co. Ltd. THE 'BRISTOL' BULLDOG All Steel Single Seater Fighter. Brochure, size 11" x 6", stiff wraps, with design of plane and engine in dark blue on pale blue background. 'Bristol' logo. 16pp., 2 full-page photographic plates and photos and diagrams in text. Everard, Printer. n.d. early 1930's. £35.00
    Powered by the Jupiter VIIF engine. This was probably the Mark III Bulldog.

  2. Bristol Aeroplane Company Limited THE LATEST BLENHEIM BOMBER Brochure. Size 7" x 10", 8pp., printed in blue and black. Stiff wraps with design of plane and 'Bristol' logo. 2 full page photos, one of plane and one of Head Office at Filton, three smaller photos. of plane. c1936. £30.00

  3. Bristol Aeroplane Co. Ltd. THE 'BRISTOL' REVIEW Aircraft Issue No. 1. December 1931. 4to, wraps with coloured illustration of planes. 35pp., numerous photographs. Small tear in front wrap... together with... BRISTOL STEEL AIRCRAFT CONSTRUCTION. 8vo., stiff wraps with very decorative lettering. 32pp., many photographs in text. 2 items. Early 1930's. £28.00
    With articles on the 'Bulldog', Bristol Flying School, etc., photo of 'The Bristol M.R. 1 the first British all-metal aircraft to take the air'.

  4. Furnishers JAMES PHILLIPS & SONS Ltd. 47-51 Union St. Bristol. Leaflet, 4p., 8vo, printed in red and black, photo on each page. Shows front of shop, two items of furniture and their removal van. n.d. c1920. £14.00

  5. John Addington Symonds Writer LETTER addressed from Clifton Hill House, Bristol, March 1, 1874, signed J.A. Symonds, to a Mrs Cornish. 4 pages, in a small hand, on paper size 6" x 4". Folded. 1874. £85.00
    Says he is very sorry he has not been able to come to Eton, as he has been shut up 'breathing steam'. Thanks her for the letter she sent his wife, and says he wants to remind her of the verses of 'that wonderful boy Mackworth Dolben which I believe I owe to you through Mr. Sidgwick'. Says he wanted to use a little piece of his for poetry 'as you have filled our souls lately with so much that is melodious... I shall send you the cappricio. I had it printed for my own use among a lot of metrical studies which I still lack energy or confidence to publish.' Symonds was very ill at this point, and in 1877 he left England for good, to live in Switzerland. It is not clear who 'Mrs Cornish' is, but it's possible it was Mrs. Warre-Cornish, wife of a master (later Vice Provost) at Eton, famous for her outspoken conversation

  6. Tankard's Close Houses TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION On Friday, the 14th of May, 1830, At the Bank Tavern, John Street.... Shares in all those Two Freehold Messuages or Dwelling Houses.... Situate in Tankard's Close, Leading from St. Michael's Hill to Mr Tyndall's Park, Now in the occupation of James Davis and Richard Were.... Single folio sheet, folded, printed on one side, a few edge tears, attached with sealing wax to the manuscript `Conditions of Sale' with signature of the purchaser, amount. 1830. £28.00

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  7. Bosleake PLAN OF BOSLEAKE in the Parish of Illogan, Cornwall; Land of Mrs. Pendarves 1858. Manuscript plan in ink and colour on thick paper backed with linen, wooden stretcher along the top, lacks stretcher at the bottom. Size 21" x 30", scale 2 Chains to an Inch. Large title top right, compass rose, scale bar. At the bottom of the map is a road marked 'To Wheal Bassett', with a turning 'To South Frances', and at the left the road 'from Pool'. Shows other roads, coloured buff, houses with garden plots (plots outlined in different colours), field boundaries, large rocks along the northwest boundary, and the buildings of what is presumably North Wheal Francis Mine, showing areas with hachures, shafts, whim, steam whim, capstans, powder house, engine, other shafts at outlying parts. Fields and buildings are numbered, adjoining landowners named... together with... BOOK OF REFERENCE TO THE ESTATE OF BOSLEAKE in the Parish of Illogan Cornwall, the land of Mrs Pendarves. Surveyed June 1858 by R. Symons, Truro. small 8vo notebook, in a neat hand, ten double pages with columns for no. on Plan, Lessees, Occupiers, Names of Fields etc., State of Cultivation, Statute Measure. The numbers clearly refer to the plan above. The mine buildings are given the number 21a and are designated as 'Acct. House, Carp.'s Shop, Yd. &c, North Frances Mine'. Areas of mine waste have separate numbers. 2 items. 1858. £350.00
    Presumably the plan was also by Symons, although it is not signed.

  8. Camborne WHEAL GRENVILLE MINE plan on brownish tracing paper. Large-scale plan, size 55" x 79", made up of several sheets joined. Split into two halves horizontally, without loss. At the bottom are the roads from Treslothan and from Laity. Shows boundary of sett, with bound stones numbered, houses and garden plots, mine buildings, pool, quarries, 'Supposed run of So. Condurrow New Tin Lode 100fm. Level', compass point showing magnetic North. Shafts shown with hachures. Adjoining owners named. Paper rather faded in places, colour faded. no date. c1870? £70.00
    Shafts include Wheelpit Shaft, Wheal Jane Engine Shaft, Champions Shaft, Freeman's Shaft, Thomas's Shaft, Ladder Shaft etc.

  9. Coverack, Manor of Namboll LEASE of a house lately built by Nicholas Roberts in Coverack, John Sandys of Lanarth in St. Keverne to Nicholas Roberts, fisherman. On vellum, size 11" x 20", engraved first two words, blue tax stamp. Signed by Roberts with a small wax seal showing a griffon. On the verso is a Memorandum signed by Richard Sandys and two others stating that Roberts is to do service at the Courts of the Manor of Namboll. 1717. £38.00
    As well as the monetary rent Roberts was to pay 'one fatt conger' on the feast of St. Michael. He has signed his name as 'Nicklaus Robearts'.

  10. Deeds of Married Women DECLARATION signed by two Commissioners testifying that Susanna Thomas, Mary Bray and Elizabeth Hicks are of full age and understanding and have been examined apart from their husbands regarding a particular deed. Attached is the certificate with the names of the Commissioners, the wives and the husbands, and the location of the property concerned, which was Lanivet. Each document printed on vellum, approx. 14" x 9", manuscript inserts. 1866. £14.00

  11. Gunwalloe and Winnianton LEASE for two lives on a tenement in Chyvarloe called Deebles, part of the Manor of Carminow, Lady Gifford and Lord and Lady Arundell to John Dale, yeoman. 1747.... together with... Counterpart of Elizabeth Freeman's lease of 2 cottages in Chyvarloe, 1771... Lease of tenement to Edward Freeman, 1795, signed Arundel with large wax seal... Counterpart of Rack lease of a tenement in Chyvarloe, John Rogers to Thomas and Edward Freeman, yeomen, 1826... Lease of two tenements in Chyvarloe, John Rogers to John Kerby, Scrivener, 1840... Lease of Harry's tenement in Chyvarloe, John Rogers to John Kerby, 1840. All on vellum, wax seals... Lease of Deeble's and Richard's tenements in Chyvarloe (on paper), Mrs M. Guy to F. Mitchell, 1873. Seven items. 1747-1883. £65.00
    Dale was to pay a capon and a harvest journey every year.

  12. Morden (Robt.) CORNWALL by Robert Morden. Engraved map, cartouche with title and Morden's name, coloured in yellow and blue, outline colour in yellow and pale blue-green, with churches indicating villages in red, border yellow. Size 14" x 16", traces of central fold. Table at top with key to the figures, and an explanation of the signs for Market Town, Parish etc. Two very small edge tears in top margin, repaired on verso. 1695 £100.00
    From the 1695 edition of Camden's 'Britannia'.

  13. Pendarves United Mines MANUSCRIPT MAP Longitudinal Section. Manuscript plan in ink and colours on cotton, size 28" x 80". Scale 5" = 60 fathoms. Shows sections running from Tryphena to Condurrow. Names Trelowarren, Pryce's, Hope's, Neame's, Pendarves', Smith's Shafts. Shows various adits, some numbered, with deposits in green or pink. Heading in decorative lettering, scale bar. One L-shaped tear in blank area, just reaching into part of drawing. Traces of having been pinned up on a wall at some point. c1870. £110.00

  14. Penzance Chapel LICENCE granting James Tonkin M.A. 'the curacy of 'the Chapell of Penzance within the Parish of Maddern... augmented with the Bounty of Her late Majesty Queen Anne'. Manuscript on paper, 1p. oblong small folio, good impressed seal of Bishop of Exeter, 2 rather smudgy tax stamps. Signed S. Weston. Folded, with docket title on blank conjoint leaf. Paper slightly darkened at edges. 1745. £25.00

  15. Ruan Major RECTOR'S COMMUTATION RENT CHARGE due 1st January 1845. Manuscript, folio, neatly and clearly written over 6 double-page spreads, headings to each page written in large decorative script, in columns with No., Occupier, Situation of Property, Increase on Averages, Amount to be Collected, Property Tax, etc. Covers Rent Charge due 1st January 1845, July 1845, January 1846. Sewn in plain wraps, decorative manuscript title.... together with.... similar documents for 1846-7, 1848, 1849, 1850. 5 booklets in all, the last two have extreme bottom right hand corners of pages damp-affected, not affecting text. 1845-50. £85.00
    Approximately 25 names of occupiers listed in each volume. Surnames include Lugg, Lambruck, Keverne, Barnicoat, Pengelly.

  16. St. Mawes LEDGER recording the business of the Peters family of St. Mawes. Ledger size 16" x 7 ", recently rebound in marbled boards, cloth spine, label on spine 'Ledger 1812 - 1852' (in fact the accounts start at March 1811). Over 300 pages of entries, in two hands, the earlier hand being neat and clear, the later hand (from 1829) being untidy and rather blotchy. Over 300 pages of entries, most pages completely full. The accounts, which are arranged under the purchaser's name, sometimes with their occupation or their village, seem to be for a the sale of drapery items, including many different kinds of cloth, such as calico, tabby, 'cassimire', gingham etc., ribbon, stockings, silk handkerchiefs, thread, and general goods such as sugar, soap, rice, kitchen utensils, tea (they had an account with Twinings and a few entries record purchase of Gunpowder, Green Tea, etc 'Dr. Twinings 2-6 Strand 1 Chest Congan, 1 Box Orange Pekoe'...) Interspersed with these accounts are accounts and information relating to ships which the Peters family had shares in: 'Union', 'Azores' (Jno. Peters was Master), 'Liver', 'Olive Branch'. There is general information, e.g. 'Union. Jan. 1832. Purchase money £555. James Peters St. Mawes 1/16...', '1836. The 'Azores', Packet. Built by Mr. Banks of Plymouth. Saild the 1 Voyage 23 Aug. 1836. Profits on the Azores....', references to Neath, Swansea 'Charlestown to Liverpool', etc., and entries under the name of ship presumably for items supplied such as candles, lard, tea, pepper, flour, '2 cwt ship bread... £2.6s'. The 'Union' was repaired May-Sept. 1856 and the names of the workers and amount paid to them, materials such as spike nails, timber, pitch etc. listed. There are also periodic accounts of 'Overseers', for example 1826 'Messrs Tucker and Hicks, Overseers' listing 'Weeks pay from 26th March to 7th October' for 20 men, women and children, and 'Epheram Grenfild's Family left St. Mawes Ap. 4 1831...' At the beginning of the book are a few recipes, for 'Ginger Wine', 'Yellow Basilican' etc. ... together with... a similar ledger, which seems to be for large quantitites of wholesale items bought. 90p. 1839-53. Accounts crossed through, some dustmarking, ink blotches. Loosely inserted are some bills with printed headings, including The London Genuine Tea Co., James, Grocer, Truro, J.E. Downing, Falmouth. 1811- £260.00
    A note Sept. 2nd 1825 says 'This year has been the most remarkable for heat that has been known for thirty years past... potatoes was very scarce and dear... they sold at a very great price 10s and 10s6d the bushell... the Pilchards have again visited our coast... in 1823 and 1824 they were caught in N(illegible) about two hundred Hogsheads to a sean...'

  17. Truro and Saint Austell ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXI. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Printed surface area approx. 24" x 36". Scale 1" to 1 mile. Linen-backed,folded to small 4to, marbled endpapers, in red slipcase with yellow Stanford label. Printed from an Electrotype taken in 1878. £50.00
    Covers an area from the Helford River to Polperro and from Illogan and Perran Sands to Lanreath. Corresponds to Margary State 5.

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  18. Aveton Gifford PARTICULARS WITH PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of all those two valuable Freehold Farms known as West Venn and Bridge End... comprising two conveniently arranged Stone Built and Slated Dwelling Houses with ample Farm Buildings and 97a... 4p, folio, plus large folding coloured plan. Some marginal tears, stains at top corners of plan, title page dusty, creasing in pages. n.d. c1904. £24.00
    With Schedules.

  19. Churchstanton AN AUCTION WILL BE HELD at the York Inn, in Churchenford... on Friday 11th Day of June next... For Sale of the Lands Hereinafter described... Poster, size 11" x 9", folds, printed in a variety of typefaces, with the word 'Lands' in a particularly decorative large block print over an inch high, with white floral decoration inside the letters and the comma. Describes two lots with tenants, etc. Traces of folds. Spurway, Columbian Press Office, Honiton. 1841. £22.00


  20. Devonport Dockyard MARINE DRAWINGS 30 fine scale drawings of parts of battleships, cruisers, etc, by S.E. Hancock, Acting Carpenter. Each on cartridge paper, in ink and wash colour, size approx. 20" x 25", folding, each with accompanying description in manuscript on 1p ruled paper, signed by Hancock, titled and with rubber stamps of Chief Constructor and Captain. Scales mainly " to 1 foot, 1" to 1 foot, some valves, etc. half size. Some bound into and some loosely inserted in folio ledger, half cloth, marbled boards, rubbed. Bottom of one leaf of text torn away. 1904-5. £350.00
    Drawings include:- section showing framing abaft armour; mid section, and framing of after part; 'boat hoisting derrick'; 'Cruiser Fore Section'; 'midship section, and stem'; 'Cressy Class', section showing before and abaft double bottoms; 'Gun support as fitted to 1st Class Cruiser'; 'Plan of Conning Tower, K.E.VII Class'; '13'6" Balsa Punt'. H.M.S. Hibernia, a King Edward VII class battleship, was launched in 1905. H.M.S. Encounter was a destroyer. Other ships mentioned are H.M.S. Queen and H.M.S. Minotaur.

  21. Drake Family DRAKE FAMILY DOCUMENTS Typescript transcriptions of documents, in four volumes, (i) Extracts from the Subsidy Rolls, Inquisition Post Mortem, Crown Grant by Elizabeth 1582, Grant of Yarcombe, Joan Drake's Joynture, etc. 1528-1637. (ii) Transcripts of wills, 1644 - 1794; (iii) Various indentures relating to Dame Joan Drake, Susan Crimes (mother of Sir Francis Drake), Dorothea Drake, Sir Francis Drake's two marriage settlements, and will, and four other wills. 1637-1708. (iv) Letters relating to Sophia Drake, Jerome de Salis, Francis Henry Drake, Lady Heathcote, Gilbert Heathcote. With introduction, and three portrait illustrations pasted in. 'The greater part of the original letters from which the following extracts are taken, are in the possession of Count de Salis, to whose kindness I am indebted for permission to copy them... Count de Salis is directly descended from Admiral Francis William Drake, to whose wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Heathcote, many of the letters were written....' 1778-1797. The four volumes uniformly bound, half black morocco, gilt title on spine, gilt at top and bottom of spines, marbled endpapers. Some slight fading of cloth on two volumes. Typed on relatively thick buff paper, with title of each document on single sheet before each transcript. Approx. 120 pages of text in each volume. c1920? £240.00

  22. Exeter and Heavitree PARTICULARS OF SALE of Seven Business and Residential Properties viz:- No 1 Manston Road, Polsloe Park Estate, Heavitree; Amherst Villa, North Avenue, Heavitree; Belgrave Villa, South Avenue, Heavitree; No 1, Grendon Villas, Polsloe Road, Exeter; No 27, Fore Street, Heavitree; Manor House, Fore Street, Heavitree.... To Be Sold By Auction.... Wednesday, March 23rd, 1910. Folio, folded, 3pp. 1910. £14.00

  23. Hamlyn (James) ARITHMETIC MANUSCRIPT Mathematics exercise book of James Hamlyn, April 1793 - February 1801. Size 12" x 8", bound in later (late nineteenth century) cloth boards. 200 pages of workings, each page full. First page very browned. Slight browning down extreme edges of leaves. Headings of different sections with large calligraphic lettering, some with decorative scrolls and flourishes. Headings include 'Reduction', 'Compound Division', 'Duodecimals or Cross Multiplication', 'Practical Improvements by the Rule of Three', 'Solid Measure', 'Ale Measure', 'Troy Weight', 'Slater's and Tiler's Work'. The problems or 'Cases' are presented following by working. At the bottom of every page he has written 'James Hamlyn His Book' followed by the date. 1793-1801. £265.00
    A fairly recent note in pencil loosely inserted says this is the arithmetic book of James Hamlyn of Buckfastleigh, Devon, 1784-1856.

  24. Ilfracombe & North Devon OPEN RIFLE MEETING to be Held at the Alexandra Hall, Mar. 4,5 & 6. Poster advertising the 12 events taking place over the three days, with prizes, section on Rules. Heading in very large letters. Overall size 34" x 22", folds. 1914. £28.00
    Includes Deliberate Firing Comp. Solano Target Comp., Team Rapid Firing Competition, etc.

  25. Lifton FURTHER CHARGE by way of Mortgage of Smalecombe, Overy East, Carligh and Corhellacott in Lifton, Samuel Harris of Smalecombe in Lifton of the one part and Charles Prideaux of Padstow and Benjamin Prideaux of The Temple, London, of the other part. 38 lines, in English, on vellum, size 17" x 23", signed Harris with good wax seal with head of a man. 1758. £30.00
    Refers to the Messuage and Barton of Smalecombe and Over Yeat, Carleigh, and Coshellacott. Charles and Benjamin were entitled to the principal and interest under the will of Edmund Prideaux.

  26. Parry (John) ADDRESS of John Parry Vice Warden of the Stannaries of Devon, at his first court in the Town Hall of Tavistock. Manuscript, 1p folio, beginning with a brief report of the preliminary proceedings, then a transcription of his speech "his Worship again rose, and addressed the audience in nearly the following Words....". The final lines of the speech state that "it is my intention to fix my Residence in the vicinity of the Stannaries so that I shall be ready to hold a Court every month...." Paper watermarked 1813. £30.00
    Parry was Vice Warden until 1824.

  27. Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport Tramways AN ACT to authorise the construction of Tramways in the Towns of Plymouth, Stonehouse, and Devonport.... 28pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1870. £14.00

  28. Rifle Shooting BOOK OF CUTTINGS compiled by Private (later Sergeant) George Starkey, relating to his prize rifle shooting, 1882-1891. 127 pages of cuttings in a book with stiff boards, 8" x 8", boards covered in plain brown paper, labelled '1' in ink. Front inner joint broken. There are some notes in ink against the cuttings, for example 'the first annual Prize shooting I attended', 'seven rounds, no sighting shots'. The cuttings are mainly from The Western Morning News, with some printed scores from the 'English Twenty Club.' Pasted in is a decorative small folio printed handbill on pink paper for the presentation of prizes by The Prince of Wales in Plymouth, 31st Oct. 1887. 1882-91. £45.00
    Sergeant Starkey was a chemist and druggist in Plymouth, and in the 2nd Devon Rifle Volunteers. He invented and patented a new type of rifle target.

  29. River Axe FISHING RIGHTS FOR SALE BY AUCTION parishes of Colyton and Musbury, Devon. Messrs. R. & C. Snell, Axminster. Map scale 1/2500, size showing Whitford and the River Axe, with fishing rights marked in yellow and green along the banks. n.d. 1950's. Together with an agreement titled 'Axe Bridge Salmon Fishing, 1892, between Samuel Sanders Stephens of Axmouth and Timothy Beer of Axmouth Fisherman. 1p., sm. folio, tears at folds... together with a small 'Site Plan of Proposed Landing Stage for the Stedcombe Estate of the Harbour, Axmouth. 1955', a portion of the relevant 25" in. to a mile O.S. map with the site marked, and some relevant correspondence. 1955. £18.00

  30. Seaton ABSTACT of Mr. Richard Down's Title to a Dwelling House Garden and Linhay in the Occupation of John Larcome, and a Dwelling House and Garden in the Occupation of William Dommett, and a close of land called Knowles... situate in Seaton... 5p., folio, folded, outer leaf with title torn and ragged. c1810. £18.00
    Details title from 1787 - 1806.

  31. Seaton PHOTOGRAPH of Seaton Church. Albumen print, size 8" x 11", close up view of church framed by branches. Two light vertical creases. c1890. £8.00

  32. Sidmouth PARTICULARS of the Valuable Freehold Residential Property known as Pauntley, Sidmouth, comprising an attractive Georgian House... Picturesque Cottage, Well-Timbered Pleasure Gardens... Fine Building Site... for Sale by Auction... 15th June, 1939. 7pp., 8vo, stiff wraps, 3 tipped-in photographs, coloured sketch plan. 1939. £8.00

  33. South Devon Railway Company AN ACT to confer further Powers on the South Devon Railway Company with reference to their own Undertaking and the Undertaking of the Buckfastleigh, Totnes, and South Devon Railway Company.... 8pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1875. £10.00

  34. South Molton MANUSCRIPT PLAN of West Kidland Farm, showing farm buildings and fields. Sketch map on waxed cotton, scale 1/2500, size 32" x 16", folds. Shows farm buildings, and fields shaded in different colours. Notes about rights to break fences, ploughing etc, in pencil and red ink in various fields. c1920. £10.00

  35. Spreat (W) KENN CHURCH. Sketched and Drawn on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 9", on India paper, large margins, margins slightly spotty. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £20.00
    In the right foreground there are two men standing by the steps up to the church-yard with a man sitting on the steps. In the central foreground are 2 women and a child.

  36. Spreat (W) KENTON CHURCH. Drawn from Nature and on Stone by W. Spreat. Lithograph, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8", on India paper, large margins. Printed by C. Hulmandel. c1842. £22.00
    There is a group on the path, adjacent to the boundary wall of the church, i the foreground, and 2 women further along the path.

  37. Spreat (W), Publisher TEIGNMOUTH The Den, Looking South. Tinted lithograph, size 7" x 13", plus margins. Shows bathing machines on beach, couple in a carriage in foreground, tall flagpole-type structure on lawn, The Ness in distance. Sky area with foxing spots. c1850. £30.00

  38. Tawstock SURVEY TERMS for Leasing Rollstone Down in Tawstock. Terms and Conditions of a Survey 18th June 1784, by Philip Sydenham Jnr. on behalf of Sir Bourchier Wray... Lists bidders. 1p, small folio, folded with docket title. 1784. £10.00

  39. Tiverton Chapel AN ACT for making a Chapel in the Town of Tiverton.... a perpetual Cure, and for providing a Maintenance for the Ministers who shall officiate therein. Black letter. Cover leaf + 13pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. Couple of short tears to cover leaf, pages held with small staples. 1733. £20.00

  40. Tiverton TWO PHOTOGRAPHS of Bampton Street and Fore Street. Black and white glossy prints by the Tiverton Gazette, size 6" x 8". c1959. £8.00

  41. Wembworthy LEASE of a messuage in Wembworthy with closes of land called Hayes, Mill Down, Lamma Crofts, etc., John Glynn of Glynn in Cornwall, to Mary Saunders of Wembworthy and Josias Downe of Winkleigh. Vellum, size 17" x 23", signed by Glynn with wax seal, witnessed on verso. 1779. £22.00
    Stipulates the payment of a 'best beast' as a heriot, refers to Fireboot, Ploughboot, etc.

  42. Winkleigh LEASE of Bransgrove in Winkleigh, John Codrington of Exeter, Apothecary, to Richard Davie, yeoman. On paper, size 19" x 26", signed by Codrington with wax seal. Two small splits in paper at folds. 1779. £22.00
    One of the conditions was that the tenant was to put forty bushels of lime per acre of tillage ground, or 'two hundred and fifty seams of good rotten Dung ', 'preserve all saplings or slips', take care of the thatch, 'cider engine, press' etc.

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  43. Dorset Central Railway AN ACT for extending the Time for the Completion of Portions of the Dorset Central Railway; for enabling the Somerset Central Railway Company to subscribe to the Undertaking.... 11pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1860. £12.00

  44. Weymouth LIST OF PROPERTIES Belonging to the Corporation. 16pp., 4to, printed in columns with Property, Lessee, Term of Lease etc. Vertical fold. 1925. £12.00

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  45. Birtley, Houghton le Spring, Chester le Street, Durham GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No XIII. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size approx. 23" x 35", plus margins, fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. 1869. £40.00

  46. Durham PROBATE of the Will of Jane Blackburn formerly of Durham and later of Islington. 3 large vellum pages with printed certificate attached. Large papered seal on tag. 1854. £12.00

  47. Sunderland PRICE LIST of Colling & Pinkney. Patent Self Reefing & Furling Apparatus. On Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. Lithographed on one side of 4to sheet, blue paper. Royal coat of arms, and small illustration of a ship's mast with sail, letters indicating where fittings to be placed. Traces of folds. Small tear in text. c1860. £16.00
    'The Ship to pay for fitting up, also for spars & chains'.

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  48. Felsted PROBATE of the will of Bethiah Hurrell late of Felsted, Widow. 29th Nov. 1793. Probate copy of will on vellum, size 22" x 27", certificate of administration in manuscript attached, papered seal of Archdeaconry of Middlesex. Leaves to her son her farm at Felsted which she holds under Sir James Tylney, her silver cup and brewing copper. 1793. £18.00

  49. Northfleet, Grays Thurrock, Gravesend ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XCV. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. 1923. £18.00

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  50. Cheltenham CATALOGUE OF HORSES To be Sold by Auction at the Repository, Cheltenham... May 7, 1908. 4pp., folio. Folds. Lists 10 horses owned by A. Byard,. 4 hunters property of C. Ratcliff, 18 Cotswold Hunt Horses, and numerous horses of other owners. Some slight darkening of paper and slight wear on the 'Conditions of Sale' section on the back page... together with... single sheet catalogue, 1p, 4to, of sale of Carriages, Harness etc. on October 13th. 1908. £25.00

  51. Falfield House CATALOGUE of Antique Furniture which John E. Pritchard have been instructed to sell... 25 November 1937... 16pp., 8vo. Traces of vertical fold. Prices realised entered in ink. 1937. £8.00

  52. Forthampton and Chaceley PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a valuable residential property The Forthampton House Estate... comprising a Queen Anne Residence... The Lower Farm, Forthampton, New Barn Farm and Lawn Farm, Chaceley... George Hone will sell the above by auction... 24th June, 1939. 9pp., small folio, stiff printed wraps, photograph tipped on front wrap, one other tipped-in photo, plan in pocket at back. 1939. £20.00

  53. Gloucester Waggon Company Limited and Reduced DIRECTORS' REPORTS & ACCOUNTS 30th June, 1888. Folio, 4 printed pages, folded, couple of short tears. 1888. £14.00
    'The Waggon stock of the Company now consists of 5,436 wagons let on simple hire, and 3,232 sold on deferred payments...'

  54. Gloucester Workhouse GROUP OF RECEIPTS for payment of sums for the Poor Rate by the Overseers of the Parish of St. John. Three printed slips with manuscript inserts, size 3" x 8", heading 'Glocester Workhouse' in Gothic style type, and a vignette of a shield leaning against a tree top left. Signed by Treasurer. Together with 4 manuscript receipts for payments by the parish officers. 1831-2. £10.00

  55. Iron Acton LEASE FOR A YEAR of a dwelling house newly built by William Thomas, with Craddock's Wood and Lawrence's Wood, Arthur Trewman of Westerleigh to Walter Chapman of Bristol, Tanner. Vellum, size 17" x 25", engraved heading with coat of arms, signed by 5 parties with wax seals showing an animal. Some slight browning in parts. 1717. £26.00

  56. Weston (T.H), Bristol, Publisher BLAISE HAMLET To John S. Harford, Esq., of Blaise Castle, Gloucestershire, in whose Grounds these Picturesque and beautiful Dwellings are erected this print is most respectfully inscribed by The Publisher. Lithograph, by Day & Son, on thick paper, hand coloured, printed surface size 9" x 11", plus margins, comprising two oblong views one above the other, showing 8 of the cottages. Some light dust-staining in top margin, slightly obtruding onto extreme top left corner of top view. Bottom left corner slightly bumped. c1840. £35.00
    From a set of five views of Henbury and Pen Pole Point.

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  57. Lymington, Freshwater ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 330. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 19" plus margins, linen-backed. Areas shaded in different colours (in hundreds). Edges dusty. Some amendments made in red ink, for example some place names crossed through and others underlined, some small red crosses around Newport, some names added, for example 'Totland' and 'East Boldre.' Stamp in the top margin 'Bd. of A & F Stock Sheet. If borrowed to be returned to the Survey Branch'. Three stamps of Board of Agriculture in margin. Feint signature bottom right. Railways inserted to 1888. £25.00

  58. Shedfield PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold properties situate at Shedfield in the parish of Droxford comprising Three Brick-Built and Slated Cottages, one Acre of Meadow Land, Three Acres of Arable land, which will be offered by Public Auction.... Botley, March 4th, 1878. 3pp., folio, folded. 1878. £14.00

  59. Southampton MANUSCRIPT AUTOBIOGRAPHY of a schoolmistress. 16 pages, folio, neatly written, 35 lines per page. Recounts life of Eunice Mann, who was born at Bernard St., Southampton, 1846. Written with a few amendments and crossings out. 1874. £95.00
    She was sent to the Pestalozzian School at the Victoria Rooms, Southampton 'under the able superintendance of two highly trained Mistresses, the Misses North'. She spent many holidays with her grandfather Rev. T. Mann at Cowes where 'she used frequently to dive into her Grandfather's extensive library, & fish out old volumes far from suitable to a child' and climb out 'onto the leads, where the view of sea and land was glorious, and devour her spoils'. Later she attended a school at Freemantle where 'the long lessons, undue confinement and wearisome system, or lack of system, soon had a visible effect on her health'. She describes her later education at various schools, her father's bankruptcy, the death of her mother. She became a trainee teacher at Stockbridge in 1865, then later an English teacher at Southsea, and at Norbury in Staffordshire (which she left due to the 'unwelcome attentions' of an old, eccentric and illiterate farmer, whose garden adjoined hers). The account ends when she is a teacher in Kent. The name at the end is 'Eunice Mann April 25 1874.' An interesting insight into the education of a middle class girl of the time.

  60. Upham AUCTION SALE PARTICULARS of Freehold Residential Property known as 'Upham House', Upham, Charming Old Georgian House Facing the South... stabling for 4 horses... beautiful old Pleasure Grounds... 6 Cottages... for sale by auction.. 9th July, 1930. 10pp., 4to, printed on thick grey paper, stiff wraps with photograph of house, 5 tipped-in photographs in text, plan at rear. 1930. £16.00

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  61. Eaton Bishop NOTICE OF SALE BY AUCTION The Valuable Freehold Estate Known as Lower Eaton, with the Gardens, Pleasure Grounds and Fishpool, situate in the Parish of Eaton Bishop, on the Banks of the Beautiful River Wye, Opposite Brenton Ferry, also the Lane Head Farm.... Poster, size 17" x 23", folds. 1854. £24.00

  62. Grafton PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Grafton Court, Containing about 9a 2r 18p... 30th day of April, 1913. 3pp., folio, folded with docket title. Coloured plan in text. 1913. £18.00

  63. Hampton Bishop PARTICULARS PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Freehold Estate called 'Whitehall' containing 169a. 2r. 3p.... together with Most Comfortable Dwelling-House, Six Cottages... for Sale by Auction... 9th day of July, 1902. 5pp., small folio, pink printed wraps, plus large coloured folding plan. 1902. £22.00

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  64. Childwick, Court Baron of ADMISSION of William Rollensen Senior, and Elizabeth his wife. Vellum, 4" x 12". 1" split in vellum at left edge, letters slightly rubbed at edge, and ink untidy. 1711. £16.00

  65. Hitchin WILL AND TESTAMENT of Joseph Margetts Pierson of Hitchin, Grocer and Tallow Chandler. 8 large folio pages, each page signed with a black wax seal at the bottom corner. 1787. £20.00
    Bequeathes numerous properties in Hitchin, 16 acres in the Manor of Kempstone and Hardwick, house in Kempstone at Church End, property at Redbourne, money for bread for the poor of Hitchin to be distributed 'in the month of January after my death' etc.

  66. Stanborough SKETCH OF NEW NORTH ROAD Passing thro' Stanboro' Farm the Property of Earl Cowper, August 2nd, 1833. Manuscript plan in ink and outline colour on vellum, size 21" x 14", folded with docket title. Scale 4 Chains to an Inch. Shows Stanboro' Green, Stanboro' Farm, buildings in grey, named fields, River Lea, spring, Bull Inn. Existing roads (named) shaded buff, new road in pink. With Reference table with acreages. 1833. £65.00

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  67. Godmanchester TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by Messrs. Jenkinson and Lovell.... 5th day of October, 1803.... A Very Desirable Farm, comprising Seventy Three Acres and Half a Rood of Arable Land, Leys and Meadow.... Handbill, size 11" x 9", traces of folds, 'Seventy-Three' has been altered to 'Seventy-Two' in ink. Jenkinson, Huntingdon, Printers, 1802. £36.00

  68. Kitchen (Thos) HUNTINGDONSHIRE Engraved map, size 9" x 7", plus margins, scale approx. 3 miles to one inch. 1786. £18.00

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  69. Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells DICK WHITTINGTON Reg Lever presents His Second Annual Pantomime With Elsie Winsor... The Arcos and Their Feathered Family.... Corps de Ballet and Orchestra And the Sight That Must Be Seen to Be Believed The Miraculous Third Dimensional Rat Fight. Playbill in four bright colours on stiff card, 15" x 10", with illustration of Dick and his Cat. 1952. £10.00

  70. Deeds of Married Women DECLARATION signed by two Commissioners testifying that Mary Ann Underdown Jarman, wife of John Jarman, is of full age and understanding and has been examined apart from her husband regarding a particular deed. Attached is the certificate with the names of the Commissioners, the wife and the husband, and the location of the property concerned, which was Ramsgate. Each document printed on vellum, approx. 14" x 9", manuscript inserts. 1854. £14.00

  71. Hop-picking POSTCARD titled 'Hop-Picking, Kent.' with black and white view of a group of hop-pickers standing amidst hop poles covered in hops, large filled sack. Group includes sailor in uniform and some children. Sent through the post with Goudhurst postmark (date has not come out). Mockford Series 4. n.d. c1910. £7.00

  72. Ramsgate AN ACT to enlarge the Powers of an Act... intituled An Act for the better paving cleansing... the Highways, Streets and Lanes in the Vill of Ramsgate... and for erecting a Market House... 9pp., small folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1796. £8.00

  73. Ramsgate and Sandwich AN ACT for the Maintenance and Improvement of the Harbour of Ramsgate... and for cleansing, amending and preserving the Haven of Sandwich... Spotty throughout. 46pp., plus cover leaf, small folio. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1792. £12.00

  74. Romney Marsh ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet IV Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 26" x 36, dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 4to. Stanford label on verso. Printed from an Electrotype in 1870. £40.00
    About three quarters of the map is sea area.

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  75. Bacon's MAP OF MANCHESTER Corrected to the Present Time. Divided into Half mile Squares and Circles. Size approx 12" x 18", single fold at centre, printed in 3 colours. Scale 5" to 1 mile. Small tear at centre, repaired on verso. c1885. £20.00
    With street index printed down sides.

  76. Blackburn, Borough of BURNING OF BRICKS of Coke. Bye-Laws for the Prevention & Suppression of Nuisances arising from the Burning of Bricks... Within the Borough of Blackburn... Poster setting out the restrictions on burning any 'clay, marl' or other sub-soil for making bricks, tiles, pipes, etc., unless in a closed over with a chimney at least 25 yards high. 18" x 11". February 1885. £15.00

  77. Clayton le Moors CERTIFICATE OF ADMINISTRATION of Henry Leeming late of Enfield in the parish of Clayton le Moors, Farm Servant. Printed on vellum with manuscript inserts, very large papered seal of the Court of Probate Lancaster Registry. Size 11" x 10", folded. 1862. £8.00

  78. Ince Hall Moss Colliery WIGAN NINE FEET MINE. MANUSCRIPT PLAN Plan in ink and nine colours on stiff paper backed with linen Size 38" x 72", shows workings coloured according to date of working, buildings. Each part of the working dated with month and year in small neat ink lettering. The plan covers almost the whole of the paper. Note on lease bottom left. Some small horizontal creases in paper throughout, plan dusty, paper ragged along top and bottom edges, without affecting drawing. Plan titled on verso. Dates on workings 1871-1917. £85.00

  79. Ribbleton, Grimsargh Preston VALUABLE DWELLING-HOUSES AND BUILDING LAND At RIBBLETON AND GRIMSARGH. A Dwelling-House in Maudland Bank and A Dwelling-House and Shop in Lune Street, PRESTON. To be Offered for Sale by Auction by Messrs. Jabez B. Jones & Sons at their Salerooms, 131 Church Street, Preston on Thursday, 17th day of November, 1921. Large coloured folding plan, 4pp, original printed wraps slightly dusty. W. Brown, Printer, Preston: 1921. £18.00

  80. Seacombe PROSPECTUS for a Smelting and Lead Company, at the Seacombe Works, Liverpool. Capital £20,000 in 200 Shares of £100 each. 2pp., folio, blank conjoint leaf. Top corners worn, a few small edge tears repaired with document tape, traces of folds. c1850. £38.00
    The works contain 'three furnaces saturated with lead, four refineries for separating the silver... the machinery consists of a crushing mill, a complete apparatus for drawing lead pipes... a rolling mill... steam engine of 30 horses power...' Emphasises savings to be made by bringing the ores by sea, mentioning ores from Scotland, Cumberland, South Wales, Cornwall and Devon.

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  81. British Railways (Eastern Region), Published by LINCOLNSHIRE Produced by British Railways. Designed by M. Sims of Maps and Guides Ltd. Poster showing pictorial map of Lincolnshire. Printed in bright colours. Size 40" x 24", folded into eight. With scale bar, large compass rose, three coats of arms. Shows railway lines, with stations marked by red circles. Small mark of old sellotape in margin at bottom and top right corners. Jordison & Co. Ltd., Middlesborough & London. £85.00
    Design of arches from Lincoln Cathedral along the bottom, with stained glass window. many pictures showing historical figures, famous buildings, etc., including Hereward the Wake, The Pilgrim Fathers, Tennyson, John Wesley, bulbs at Spalding, Grimsthorpe Castle, etc.

  82. Grantham PRICE LIST of Hornsby & Sons Ltd., Spittlegate Iron Works, Grantham. Sheet printed on both sides, illustrating turnip cutters, root pulpers. 6 woodcut illusts. Size 13" x 8". Creasing of paper. n.d. c1880. £15.00

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  83. Baker Street THE PARTICULARS Substantial and Extensive Range of Workshops & Stables being 11, 12 & 13, Dorset Mews West, Baker Street... proximate to a very wealthy neighbourhood... Which will be Sold by Auction... May 9th, 1851. Single sheet, folio, printed on both sides, conditions of sale, memorandum, and docket title on verso. Folded. 1851. £18.00
    No. 12 comprised a large, light workshop with 'Paint and Glazing Rooms' on the first floor.

  84. Grosvenor Street LEASE of a room at 81 Grosvenor Street, previously used as a Counting House by Henry Earle, John Urell to Edward Gould. Large vellum sheet, two plain wax seals. 1867. £8.00

  85. Holloway DEED OF ENFRANCHISEMENT of hereditaments in St. Mary Islington held of the Manor of St. John of Jerusalem, John Wainwright and others to Robert Enkel. Three vellum sheets, size 20" x 23", coloured plan showing the land at Grove Road on the first sheet, size 13" x 8", 10 wax seals and signatures. 1878. £18.00
    With a brief schedule of deeds from 1845.

  86. Jeweller BILL of Thomas Hamlet, Goldsmith and Jeweller, 1 Princes St., Leicester Square. Printed heading, decorative lettering, made out to Anthony Frankland for forks, spoons, soup ladle, sugar tongs, ewer, candlesticks, etc. 4to, written on both sides, listing 26 items. Traces of folds. 1811. £22.00

  87. King's College, London LETTER from R.W. Self(?), Principal, to an unknown correspondent regarding the Resolution of the College respecting a Memorial to Sir Robert Inglis, with remarks on his character. 4p, 8vo. King's College London, Dec. 16, 1856. £10.00

  88. Minories PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of Two Valuable Leasehold Dwelling Houses with Shops... Nos. 97 and 100 on the West and Most Eligible Side of the Minories... which will be sold by auction.... 8th June, 1852.... 3pp., folio, folds. 1852. £14.00

  89. Shoreditch BRIEF PETITION of George Wilson and Henry Orchard in the Matter of the London & North Western Railway Act 1864. 7p., folio, manuscript. Refers to the mortgage of number 19 Eldon Street, Moorfields near Long Alley. 1866. £14.00

  90. Southwark Monthly Meeting QUAKER MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE for the marriage of John Biddle, of Corbet Court, Wholesale Linen Draper, and Anna Hooper of Gloucester House in the Parish of St. Mary (so called), at the Monthly Meeting at Southwark, 15th Third Month, 1804. On thin vellum, size 23" x 15", printed with manuscript inserts. Signatures of 75 witnesses. Ink of handwritten entries faded. 1804. £25.00

  91. St. John's Wood LEASE of house and premises on the north side of Belsize Road, the fifth House westwards of Albion Road, J. Standen, to John Morgan and John Henry Morgan, plasterers. Three large vellum sheets, wax seals. In the margin of the first sheet is an elevation of the three-storey house, and a plan, showing adjoining owners. 1852. £14.00
    The Morgans had recently built the house.

  92. Vinters FREEDOM OF THE CITY OF LONDON Admittance of John Lodwidge Son of John Lodwidge who was the Appr. of Isaac Matthews Cit. & Vintner of London. Printed on vellum, with manuscript inserts, size 3" x 17", engraved coat of arms on the left, seal impressed into vellum, rather rubbed, on right. 8th July, 1772. £30.00
    Gives the names of the Mayor and Chamberlain.

  93. Walters (H.E), Old Kent Road SPECIAL NETT PRICE LIST for Wholesale Trade. H.E. Walters, Manufacturer of Oilskin Clothing, Oil-Dressed Cotton, Tarpaulin Canvas... 20pp., 8vo, with illustrations and prices. 1935. £10.00
    Includes Cabmen's and cyclists' capes, etc.

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  94. Hockering PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Very Desirable Property situate at Hockering, Norfolk, which will be sold by Auction by Mr. Wilde, on Thursday, September 19th, 1849, at the Cock Inn... Sm. folio, 4pp. 1849. £12.00

  95. North Lynn, Gaywood & South Wootton PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Valuable Freehold Old Marsh & Pasture Land.... in three lots.... Charles Hawkins & Sons are instructed to Sell by Auction at the Globe Hotel, King's Lynn, on Tuesday, May 26th, 1942. Folio, 8pp, plan in pocket at rear, wraps, folded. 1942. £15.00

  96. River Nar AN ACT to enlarge the Powers of an Act.... for making the River Nar navigable, from.... King's Lynn to Westacre.... Cover leaf plus 17pp, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1770. £15.00

  97. Roughton OBLIGATION BOND binding Thomas Athow of Roughton, Farmer, to Robert Athow, Farmer, for £500. On paper, in English, printed with manuscript inserts, wax seal. Sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf. Traces of folds. 1797. £26.00

  98. Wymondham PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Small Farm... brick & slate Farm House... Convenient Cottage... several inclosures of superior arable and pasture land... by the side of the Norwich Turnpike Road... to be Sold by Auction... 27th August, 1870. 3pp., folio, plus full page lithographed plan with some outline hand-colouring. Docket title spotty. 1870. £24.00

  99. Wymondham PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of the Freehold Estate comprising a Dwelling-House... Two Cottages and Gardens... arable and pasture land... for Sale by Auction 26th July, 1867. 2pp., folio, plus docket title. Repaired split down left edge. 1867. £8.00
    Names occupiers.

  100. Wymondham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Cottages and Land at Wymondham... for Sale by Auction.... 2nd July, 1869. 3pp., folio, folded with docket title. 1869. £8.00

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  101. Newcastle ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Composite map, made up of 4 quarter sheets, Sheets 14 and 15 and sheets to the south. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 38" x 25". Area round Newcastle and to the north hand-coloured in different colours according to area, and neatly titled ' Prestwick', 'Dinnington', etc. A few repaired marginal tears. O.S. blindstamp 1902. £30.00
    Covers Newcastle, Blyth, Sunderland, Morfet.

  102. Newcastle, Morpeth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Made up of 4 quarter sheets. Size 24" x 37", shaded in different colours to show municipal Boroughs, Urban districts, Tynemouth Rural District, area of Tynemouth Union etc. Water mains drawn in red. With neat key numbers in sea area. O.S. blindstamp 1902. £28.00

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  103. Colston Basset APPORTIONMENT OF RENT CHARGE IN LIEU OF TITHES in the Parish of Colston Basset. 19 pages on vellum, written on one side only, column heads printed with information entered in manuscript, size 19" x 24" limp calf wraps. Tear in calf on back wrap, which is also rubbed at edges. 1842. £80.00
    Lists landowner, occupier, name of property, cultivation, quantity, remarks.

  104. Greenwood (C & J) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF NOTTINGHAM from an Actual Survey made in the Years 1824 and 1825 by C. & J. Greenwood, Most Respectfully Dedicated to the Nobility, Clergy and Gentry of the County By the Proprietors... Published Jan. 9th 1826. Large engraved map, scale 1" to 1 mile, uncoloured, size 57" x 42". Large calligraphic title, compass rose, 'Explanation', large vignette bottom right 'South Prospect of the Town of Nottingham', showing the city with church towers, smoking chimneys, meadows in the foreground. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into green cloth boards 11" x 10", cloth of boards spotty, cloth frayed at joints, corners rubbed. Three-inch tear in paper (but not linen) of map, a few light foxing spots, some greyish marks just below title, some very light toning of paper in places. 1826. £375.00

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  105. All Souls AN ACT for enabling the Warden and College of the Souls of All Faithful People deceased of Oxford to grant Building and Improving Leases of their Estates in the County of Middlesex. 8pp., sm. folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1846. £10.00

  106. Bourton on the Hill AN ACT for repairing the Road leading from Chappel on the Heath, in the County of Oxon. to the Quarry above Bourton on the Hill.... Cover leaf + 20pp, disbound, Act of Parliament, paper slightly darkened, held with staples. 1731. £18.00

  107. Littlemore, near Oxford CATALOGUE OF PART OF THE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing Plant, Useful Pony, 2 Fat Pigs, Quantity of Potatoes and various Effects, To Be Sold by Auction by Messrs T. Mallam and Son, On Friday Next, the 28th Day of September, 1855.... Poster, size 17" x 13", few folds. Printed by H. Cooke & Co, Oxford, 1855. £20.00
    Includes an extensive list of the items in the sale.

  108. Stoke Lyne LETTER signed S.T. Cole, to an unknown correspondent, dated Tredenham 5 May 1820. 22 lines on both sides of single 4to sheet. Says he has received 'the Nos. from 23 to 27'. Refers to Lady Sophia Pierrepoint 'who is a friend of my Wife's Lady Elizth. Cole.' Suggests that he visit Mr Walter Jewkes(?) house which is near his relation Sir Henry Ibbetson's. 1820. £22.00
    'As you intend to Print the subscribers names I send mine underneath as correct. On my Estate at Stoke Lyne in Oxon. at one Period stood a very Fine Building placed in a delightful situation but during the Life Time of the late Countess of Shipbrook from whom I inherit the Place it was burnt to the Ground'.

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  109. Bath BATH HISTORICAL PAGEANT Victoria Park, July 19th-24th, 1909. 3,000 Performers, Grand Orchestra... Stately Dances. Booklet, 14pp., small 8vo, illustrations. Presumably this was a Programme. Gives introduction, historical background for the 8 Episodes of the pageant. Small map showing railways and pageant ground. Traces of vertical fold. 1909 £14.00

  110. Bathford ARTICLES OF SETTLEMENT on the forthcoming marriage of John Hampden the younger and Helen Wiltshire, both of Bathford. Three large vellum sheets, signed by four parties with wax seals. Outside where titled dusty and spotty, but inside of deed is clean. 1846. £10.00

  111. Bonnor (T), engraved by NETTLECOMBE COURT. The Seat of Sir John Trevelyan. Copper-plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 7" x 10", plus margins. 1791. £25.00
    From Collinson's History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset.

  112. Bonnor (T), drawn and engraved by SANDHILL PARK. The Seat of John Lethbridge Esq. Copper-plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 7" x 10", plus margins. 1792. £25.00
    From Collinson's History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset.

  113. Bonnor (T), drawn and engraved by SUTTON COURT. The Seat of Henry Strachey. Copper-plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 7" x 10", plus margins. 1791. £20.00
    From Collinson's History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset.

  114. Bridgwater BY A GENTLEMAN OF BRIDGEWATER on the Death of His Sister. Manuscript poem, 14 four-line stanzas, on 3 sides of small folio paper. Rather untidily written, presumably original as at one point he has crossed out 'those' in 'To tread those footsteps' and put 'the footsteps' as it scans better. c1810. £18.00
    The girl was 'Snatch'd when thy opening Joys began to bloom'. 'Calm & serene she saw her fate approach/And Only felt for those she left behind/No Guilty terrors hover'd round her Couch/Her Heart was easy and her soul resign'd.'

  115. Bridgwater PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of an Excellent Freehold Estate comprising East Bower, Sand Pit, Trapnell's, Marshall's and Manor Farms, together with Rich Pasture and Accommodation Lands in the Parishes of Bridgwater, Chilton Trinity, Weston Zoyland and Cossington... For Sale by Auction... 14th day of June, 1911. 23pp., folio, plus completed memorandum, printed wraps. Five folding coloured plans. Slight trace of horizontal fold. 1911. £38.00

  116. Chard OBLIGATION BOND Thomas Lawrence and Elizabeth Lane of Chard to Charles Edwards for £263. 1p., sm. folio, preamble printed with ms inserts, the main paragraph in manuscript. Signed by Thomas Lawrence and by Elizabeth Lane with her mark, two small wax seals. Blank conjoint leaf. Folds. 1809. £16.00

  117. Connor (A.B) MONUMENTAL BRASSES IN SOMERSETSHIRE Manuscript. Thick notebook, size 9" x 7", half calf, calf on corners and spine rubbed, 117 neatly-written pages, headed with the name of the church, with detailed description of the brass, costume of the figures, including transcriptions of the inscriptions (which are written in printed script), size, location in church, date it was rubbed (from 1923 onwards). Written on rectos only, occasionally with a relevant reference to Collinson on facing page. Loosely inserted are some letters, and proof illustrations. Includes two letters from Ethelbert Horne at Downside Abbey, June, 1944, giving information about ecclesiastical costume, letter from the Asst. Secretary of the Somerset Archaelogical and Natural History Society, discussing a brass at West Monkton, a letter from 'G.H.S.B' about application to the Society of Antiquaries, and others. 1930-40's. £120.00
    Includes brasses at Dulverton, Axbridge, Stogumber, Wedmore, Churchill, Combe Flory, Chedzoy, Shepton Mallet, Ilton and many other villages and towns, Connor published his work on the brasses of Somerset in Vols 77 - 98 of the 'Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society', between 1931 and 1953. It was reprinted by the Kingsmead Press in 1970.

  118. Cox (Samuel), Printer and Publisher THE WEST SOMERSET FREE PRESS Eleven issues, Oct. 12 1861; May 31 1862; May 30 1863; Mar. 12 1864; May 28 1864; June 3 1865; June 2 1866; June 1 1867; May 30 1868; Mar. 12 1870. Each 8 pages, the last issue is bigger, and has a small hole running through the first 4 pages. 1861-70. £85.00
    These editions were obviously purchased and kept by the original owner because they contained notices relating to the West Somerset Mineral Railway (notices of half-yearly meetings), or Watchet Harbour (for example 'The Commissioners are prepared to Loans upon Mortgage of the Harbour Dues, in sums of not less than £50...').

  119. Ditcheat APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE apprentices William Bond, son of John Bond of Ditcheat, to John Hoskins of Ditcheat, Butcher. Printed on paper, with manuscript inserts. Impressed seal top left, signed by the three parties with three small wax seals. 1803. £26.00
    With the usual provisos about playing dice, haunting taverns, etc.

  120. East Lydford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP 6" to 1 mile, showing Wheathill, Lovington and East Lydford. Size 9" x 11", plus margins, mounted on linen, folding into stiff wraps. The area of Priory Farm has been coloured in green wash. c1930. £12.00

  121. Evercreech PARTICULARS of the Freehold Estates known as the Evercreech Park Farm, Bagbury Farm, & Durns.... to be Sold By Auction.... 8th of August, 1862. 3 pages, size 17" x 11". Folded. With detailed schedules of each farm, listing fields with cultivation, tenant, acreage. etc. 1862. £18.00

  122. Frome ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. 281. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 19" plus wide margins. O.S. blindstamp 1909. £20.00

  123. Glastonbury Abbey Estate PARTICULARS, WITH PLANS, VIEWS, AND CONDITIONS OF SALE OF A VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, Comprising the Elegant and Distinguished Mansion known as The Abbey House.... also the Two Entrance Lodges, and 22 Cottages.... In a portion of the Grounds stand the Magnificent and Historic Ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, Which are in a good state of preservation.... Which will be sold by Auction.... by Mr Robert Bowring in a marquee in the grounds On Thursday, the 6th day of June, 1907. Folio, original printed boards, cloth spine. 23 pages, plus 9 pages of photographic illustrations, many large and one to a page, tissue guards. Folding map and folding coloured plan. Each page of text with decorative border. Includes 'The Story of Glastonbury Abbey. By the Reverend Chancellor Scott Holmes.' Paper on front board rubbed and worn around eges, narrow strip of paper approx. a quarter of an inch wide and 4 inches long torn from front board, with loss of some letters in the address of the auctioneer. 1907. £195.00

  124. Great Western Railway TIMETABLE London to Cirencester, Bath, Bristol and Taunton. Opening to Taunton on 1st July, 1842. Summer Trains... London Time is kept at all the Stations on the Railway, which is about 4 minutes earlier than Reading time... 11 minutes before Bath and Bristol Time... Printed on thin paper, on both sides. Size 15" x 10". The first side gives Up and Down Trains between Taunton, Bristol, and Paddinton, the verso gives Up and Down trains from Cirencester, Short Trains Up and Down to Paddington, Fares (including 'Passengers', 'Carriages', 'Horses'. Small semi-circular piece torn from bottom edge, 2" at its widest point along the bottom, with loss of part of imprint and some words in the last two lines which deal with carriage. Old manuscript note in ink written at bottom, 'interesting letters all papers to keep'. Some old buff paper less than a quarter of an inch wide stuck to three edges of half of the sheet. Smith and Ebbs, Printers. 1st September 1842. £80.00
    The first passenger train on the Britol and Exeter Railway arrived at Taunton on 1st July 1842.

  125. Hawkridge AUCTION HANDBILL advertising sale of Overland Tenements comprising fee simple of pasture land called West Shercombe, 2 acres of wood on Hawkridge Common, and 40 acres known as Shercombe Allotment. Sm. folio, folded, off-setting. 2p. manuscript conditions of sale attached. 1835. £24.00

  126. Hearne (T) EPISCOPAL PALACE AT WELLS. Antique hand-coloured copper engraving. Lithographed view approx. 7" x 10", in an ivory mount with gold and silver lines, the hand-colouring is well executed but possibly later. London, Published as the Act directs, June 1, 1799, by W. Byrne, No 79 Titchfield Street. £30.00

  127. Lamyatt & Ditcheat HANDBILL for auction sale of a freehold estate in Lamyatt and Ditcheat known as Snagg Farm, 19th September, 1889. Neatly printed measuring 8" x 5". With a description of the property and access via Somerset and Dorset Railway or Great Western. 1889. £6.00

  128. Mere LEASE FOR A YEAR of various closes of lands in Mere called Barbara Lease, West Mead, Shalden, Park, turbary ground in Westhay Moor, etc., Mary How to Arthur Phippen of Westhay and Thomas Gidding of Cheddar. Vellum, size 15" x 20", signed by Mary How with wax seal. 1788. £18.00

  129. Mere RELEASE of a messuage and lands at Westhay, John Esgar of Mark, George Cooke of Wookey, to the Rt. Hon. George Somerville. Vellum, size 31" x 33", 3 wax seals. 1753. £22.00
    Names the various closes of land.

  130. Moss Flower (T.J) PORTISHEAD SEWERAGE SCHEME Contract No. 1. Outfall details. Engineering drawing in ink and full colour on Whatman paper backed with linen, size 24" x 43". Scale 1" to 1 foot. Delicately coloured in shades of blue and brown, with great detail of each bolt etc. Shows large side elevation with piles, and four other sections and plans. Some creasing of paper at centre. Signed by J. Moss Flower. 18th June 1897. £40.00
    A beautifully executed and coloured engineering drawing.

  131. North Cadbury PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of a Valuable Freehold Property consisting of a Public House called The New Inn and Land at Galhampton... Several Parcels of Rich Arable Land being the remaining portion of the Askew Estate... for sale by auction 14th August, 1877. 3pp., folio, plus docket title, folded. 1877. £16.00

  132. Nynehead COUNTERPART LEASE of Blockhouse Farm, E. Ayshford Sanford to Elizabeth and William Ludlow. Printed, 1p, folio, with manuscript inserts, and inside a manuscript Schedule over 2 pages, giving names of fields, cultivation and acreage. Unsigned. 1861. £14.00

  133. Oldford ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXX.11. Printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. Second edition 1904. £14.00
    Covers Staplemead Woollen Mills, Oldford, Whitechapel Farm.

  134. Rowe (G) THE KITCHEN Glastonbury Abbey. Lithograph, size 8" x 8", plus margins, on India paper, small fault in paper in blank area near title. c1830. £10.00
    Attractive view showing building covered in ivy, old man and boy in front near window.

  135. Taunton CONVEYANCE of houses and premises in Middle Street, Trustees of the Will of Thomas Norman Snr. to Thomas Norman. 2p., folio, folded, red margins. 1903. £8.00

  136. Taunton STATUTE MEASURE OF HOLWAY FARM belonging to Messrs Jeffery and Evered in the Parish of Taunton St. Mary Magdalen. 1p. folio, manuscript, listing fields, orchards etc., with quality, and acreage of each. Blank conjoint leaf torn. Folds. Paper watermarked 1832. £10.00

  137. Uphill LEASE FOR A YEAR of five houses and land in Uphill, Robert Coles and William Parfitt of Wells to John Fisher. Vellum sheet, 15" x 23", 3 wax seals. 1832. £18.00
    Gives occupiers of the houses.

  138. Weatherley (Fred) NANCY LEE Manuscript song. Written in ink on one side of small 8vo paper, tipped along top edge onto larger sheet. On verso is a green stamp 'London Magazine No. (219 added in ink.)' Folds. n.d. c1912? £20.00
    F.E. Weatherley was a barrister who composed many famous songs, including 'Roses of Picardy' and 'Danny Boy'. Born in Portishead, he lived for many years in Bath.

  139. West Somerset Mineral Railway Company SHARE CERTICATE for Class A £10 Share. Made out to Wadham Locke Sutton of Berkhamstead. Size 8" x 9", signed by Rowcliffe, The Secretary, impressed seal of the Company. 1st May 1857. £55.00
    The railway was built between 1857 and 1864 to bring iron from the Brendon Hills to the harbour of Watchett, where it was shipped to South Wales.

  140. Woodley (W), Printer and Publisher THE SOMERSET COUNTY GAZETTE Dorset Herald, Devon Courier and West of England Advertiser. Large broadsheet newspaper, four pages. March 19th 1853. £14.00
    Includes notices for Emigration to the United States, 'The Cosmo' from Bristol for New York, news from villages such as return of 'gold-digger' from Australia to Babcary, explosion at the Western Iron Mine, Luxborough, etc.

  141. Woodley (W), Publisher THE WESTERN NEWS and Farmers' Market Reporter. Taunton, Monday and Tuesday September 5 and 6. Broadsheet newspaper, 4p. Small vignettes of ships etc., in notices on front page, masthead with coat of arms. Folds. (1859). £14.00
    Contains local and national news. Includes reports of a man attempting to sell his wife at Dudley, theft of 29 pairs of boots and shoes at Weston super Mare, etc.

  142. Woodley (W), Publisher THE WESTERN NEWS Taunton, April 28, 1868. Large broadsheet newspaper, 4pp. 4 small holes in each leaf (rodent damage) , with loss of some words. 1868. £7.00
    Includes supposed case of infanticide at Middlezoy, reports of police courts at Bristol, Wiveliscombe, etc.

  143. Woodley (W), Publisher THE WESTERN NEWS and Farmers' Market Reporter. Taunton, Monday and Tuesday February 1 and 2. Broadsheet newspaper, 4p. Folds. 1858. £12.00
    Reports of Alleged Murder at West Hatch, Free Entertainment for the Working Classes at Bridgwater etc.

  144. Woodley (W), Publisher THE WESTERN NEWS and Farmers' Market Reporter. Taunton, Monday and Tuesday June 4 and 5. Broadsheet newspaper, 4p. Small vignettes of ships etc., in notices on front page, masthead with coat of arms. Folds. (1859). £14.00
    Includes news from Haselbury, Chard, Milverton, Wincanton, Dulverton etc.

  145. Woolverton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Somerset Sheet No. XXX.3/ Wilts. XXXVIII.13. Printed surface approx. 25" x 38". Scale 1/2500. Reprint of Second edition c1940. £14.00
    Covers Woolverton, Shawford House, Merfield House, etc.

  146. Yatton CONVEYANCE of an acre of land known as Quarry Ground in Yatton, Edward Gregory and others to Elizabeth and Frances Wickham. Two large vellum sheets. Signed by 4 parties. with wax seals. 1823. £18.00
    One of the parties is John Heale, schoolmaster of Yatton.

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  147. Greenwood (C. & J) MAP OF THE COUNTY OF STAFFORD. From an Actual Survey Made in the Years 1818 & 1819. Corrected to the Present Period & Published Feby. 24th 1830. Josiah Neele, sc. Hand-coloured, size 23" x 28", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, edged with silk tape, folding to 8vo, marbled endpapers, small stamp with name of library to lower corner. With fine large vignette view of Lichfield Cathedral. Published by Greenwood & Co. London: 1830. £70.00

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  148. Beccles Improvements AN ACT for paving, lighting, cleansing, and other improving, the Streets, and other publick Passages, and Places, within the Town of Beccles, in the County of Suffolk. Cover leaf + pages numbered 715-732, disbound, folio, Act of Parliament. London: George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1796. £14.00

  149. Beccles PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of a Freehold Messuage and one Acre of Garden Ground in Blyburgate Street... for Sale by Auction... 19th June, 1854. 3pp., folio, folded. 1854. £12.00

  150. Bungay PREREMPTORY SALE at the Tuns Inn... October 25, 1866... Accommodation Meadows situate in Bungay Trinity abutting upon the road leading from the 'Watch House to Wainford Mills.... A Going or right of pasturing 2 head of Stock upon Stow Fen...' Poster, size 19" x 12", folds. 1866. £20.00

  151. Burston PLAN, PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of a Small, Compact Freehold Estate... for Sale by Auction... 29th May, 1863. 3pp., folio, folded, very small plan above title. 1863. £12.00

  152. Ellingham and Geldeston POSTER advertising sale of Cottage Properties at the White Lion Inn, Beccles, 10th November, 1865. Size 20" x 13", folds. Small tear at top margin. Crisp and Moore, Steam Printing Works, Beccles. 1865. £20.00
    With details of the three lots, including acreage, tenant, land tax etc. The purchase of the cottages also conferred 'Votes for East Norfolk'.

  153. Felixstowe ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile. Composite map made of 3 quarter sheets, Sheet LXXVI S.E and the two sheets to the south, size 36" x 18", plus margins, contours in red. Titled in red ink 'In Parliament. Session 1930-1. Felixstowe and District Water', and marked in red with the pipe line from just north of Newbourn to just south of Trimley, pumping stations etc. marked. Edition of 1928. £22.00

  154. Ilketshall POSTER advertising sale by Auction, 14th March, 1859 at the King's head Inn, Beccles, of Three Brick Built and Tiles Cottages at St. Andrews, Ilkethsall, situate at St. Andrew's North Green. Size 15" x 10", some off-setting. 1859. £18.00

  155. Ipswich, Lowestoft ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 25. Size 19" x 28", plus margins, scale half an inch to 1 mile, printed black and blue, rivers and sea in blue. 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Published 1913. Corrections in 1933. £12.00

  156. Mutford POSTER advertising auction sale of Four Cottages, a Brick and Tiled Double Cottage, a Double Cottage with Garden Ground, for sale by Mr Fenn, at The White Lion Hotel, Beccles, 3rd Dec. 1858. Size 22" x 17", many folds, two repaired tears at top corners (presumably where once pinned up). 1858. £18.00

  157. Stowmarket, Lavenham ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet L S.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 14", plus wide margins. Small blue 'Record Map' stamp in margin. Railways inserted to 1866. O.S. blindstamp 1892. £20.00

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  158. Balham PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Building Land having frontages to Balham Hill Road and Endlesham and Ramsden Roads, The New Roads Leading Therefrom, within a few minutes' walk of the Balham & Clapham Junction Railway Stations, for Sale by Auction... 12th May, 1871. 5pp., folio, plus docket title, folded. 1871. £16.00
    Title page printed in a variety of type faces.

  159. Thornton Heath LEASE of land in the Canterbury Road with tenement and public house known as the Duke of York. 15pp., 4to, on vellum, sewn at edges, last page being a fully coloured manuscript plan of the premises, scale 20ft = 1". Noakes and Co. to John Langford. 1909. £18.00

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  160. Bexhill PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of.... Detached & semi-Detached Houses and A Pair of Unfinished Semi-Detached Villas... in a high and bracing position at Gunter's Road.... for sale by Auction at the Bell Hotel.... October 6th, 1892. 4pp, folio, last page spotty. 1892. £14.00

  161. Bowen (E) SUSSEX Divided into its Rapes Containing the City Borough & Market Towns... Engraved map, size 7" x 8", plus margins. Decorative cartouche top right. Scale bar, Explanation. Two vertical folds. Engraved for the General Magazine of Arts & Sciences for W. Owen. 1756. £16.00

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  162. Bartholomew (J) PLAN OF BIRMINGHAM scale 1" = half a mile. Hand-coloured plan, size 9" x 12", mounted in cream heavy card mount. Traces of central fold. c1880. £18.00

  163. Coventry THE HARRIS BICYCLE Made as Perfect As A Gun... Ridden by the Elite. Advertising leaflet, printed in black and red with photographic illustrations, with lady riders in long skirts and large hats, view of the works, with 'contented workmen' etc. Lists different models with prices. Sheet 23" x 9", folding to a 4to 6-page leaflet. c1900. £25.00
    'Weighty Men need fear no longer. This Bicycle will carry a 20-stone Man...'

  164. Murray (T) MAP OF WARWICKSHIRE Engraved map, hand-coloured in outline, 18" x 14". Scale 3" = 10 miles. 1830. £30.00

  165. Westley (W) THE PLAN OF BIRMINGHAM Survey'd in the Year 1731. Reprint. Size 17" x 20", central fold, and traces of other folds. Backed with Japanese tissue. 4" tear in paper, but not tissue. n.d. Appears to have come from a book. Possibly late 19th or early 20th century. £14.00

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  166. Appleby AUCTION POSTER. To Be Sold by Auction.... at the house of Mrs Lamb, The Sign of the Crown and Mitre, in Appleby.... on Saturday the 28th Day of February.... several Closes of Valuable Land, situate at Bongate Town Head, near Appleby.... Size approx. 12" x 7", printed on one side only, small portion torn from left hand margin, folds, few small and one slightly larger holes, not affecting text, some contemporary in names and sums. 1824. £15.00

  167. Long Marton TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION At Herd's, The King's Head Inn, Appleby.... 21st Day of October, 1819.... All that Valuable Estate.... with Farm House and Buildings in the Township of Long Marton, occupied by John Dargue.... 3pp., plus docket title on verso, manuscript memorandum for sale by George Wilkinson of Harperly Park to the Purchaser William Jamieson of Acorn Bank for five thousand four hundred pounds. Hoggett, Printer, Durham, 1819. £40.00

  168. Orton PARTICULARS AND PLAN of a Valuable Estate situate at Barugh in the Parish of Orton.... dwelling house and farm buildings.... 4 Stints on Sunbiggin Tarn Pasture.... For Sale by Auction... 1st March, 1877. 4pp., folio, folded with docket title, folding plan coloured in outline. 1877. £32.00

  169. Walker (J) & (C) WESTMORLAND Folding engraved map, dissected and mounted on linen, engraved area approx. 13" x 15", plus margins, folding into sm 8vo cloth endpapers. Roads, rivers, parkland, county border hand coloured. 1836. £22.00
    With Reference to Wards, Polling Places etc.

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  170. Beckhampton, Swindon, Blunsden Roads AN ACT for more effectually repairing, widening, altering, and improving the Road at or near Beckhampton, and from the North Side of Swindon to the Carpenters Arms in Blunsden.... 28pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1799. £14.00

  171. Calne, Bremhill, Pewsham PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Agricultural Property Forming an Outlying Portion of The Bowood Estate comprising an area of 1,429 Acres To Be Sold by Auction in Lots by Bruton, Knowles & Co... on Monday 13th October, 1947. 4to, 47pp., wraps, 10 photographic plates, 4 folding coloured plans at rear, key plan. Light crease in front wrap. 1947. £30.00

  172. Chippenham Improvements AN ACT for lighting, watching, cleansing, paving, and otherwise improving the Town of Chippenham.... 46pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1834. £14.00

  173. County Rate LIST OF PARISHES AND PLACES with the Amount of Present Assessment and of The Rateable Value... Proposed to be Adopted for The New Assessment... 8pp., 8vo., title page as front wrap. 1844. £16.00

  174. Deverill Longbridge, Hussey Deverell & Monkton Deverill AN ACT For Dividing and Allotting the Open and Commonable Lands within the Manor of Deverill Longbridge, Hussey Deverill.... 19pp., small folio, docket title. Disbound. Act of Parliament. 1790. £22.00

  175. Hill Deverill PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Corn and Sheep Farm with the Manor House, Homestead and Down Buildings.... Comprising an area of about 656a.3r.15p.... which will be sold by Auction by Mr. Edward Waters.... Warminster, 20th August, 1887. 4pp., folio, folded, title page with attractive typefaces. 1887. £18.00
    'The farm is in the centre of the South Wilts Hunt....'

  176. Marlborough PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Hotel and Premises known as the Castle & Ball Hotel... commanding an extensive frontage to the High Street... for Sale by Auction, 23rd October 1886... 3pp., folio, folded, docket title. 1886. £14.00

  177. Milton Lilbourne SALE OF THE RICH GRAZING OR DAIRY HOLDING known as Abbey Farm.... Allotment Land in the Severalls, Milton.... for Sale by Auction, April 30th, 1931. 6pp., 4to, wraps, folding plan. Pages rather creased. 1931. £10.00

  178. Netherhampton Farm ISOMETRICAL VIEW OF HOMESTEAD Netherhampton Farm, Wiltshire. Designed by Mr Robson, Mr. S. Clarke, Architect. Lithograph showing farm from above, with good architectural detail. Size 9" x 13", together with ground plan on separate sheet of same size. Light foxing. c1870. £12.00
    Drawn for Bailey Denton's 'The Farm Homesteads of England'.

  179. Poulshot, etc. THE REMAINING OUTLYING PORTIONS of the Wiltshire Estates of the Right Honble. Walter Long, M.P., in the Parishes of Poulshot, Potterne, Seend, Hilperton, Semington, Great Hinton, Melksham, Steeple Ashton and North Bradley. For Sale by Auction.... 17th May, 1911. 50pp., 4to, stiff wraps. First Day's Sale. Numerous small photographs of properties throughout the text. With one folding map only, in pocket at back, covering Lots 10-17, so there were probably at least two other maps. 1911. £30.00
    Includes Barleyhill Farm, Townsend Farm, Church Farm, in Poulshott; Hag Hill Farm and Stranger's Corner Farm, Watts Farm, Portway House, in Great Hinton

  180. Rodbourne Cheney PARTICULARS Of a Valuable Freehold Estate known as Northleaze & Even Swindon Farms.... for sale by Auction.... 18th June, 1870. 4pp., folio, folded, large folding hand-coloured plan. Docket title slightly foxed. 1870. £28.00

  181. Stratton St. Margaret POSTER advertising auction of land at Gorse Hill, to be sold at The Goddard Arms, Swindon, 29th May, 1876. Size 29" x 20", folds. 1876. £16.00

  182. Warminster ATTRACTIVE AND IMPORTANT SALE of very Valuable Freehold Property comprising.... 2 & 3 Woodcock Villas, A Picturesque and Modern Residence known as Highbury.... 2 & 3 Boreham Villas.... Two 14-Qr. Malthouses... Two Cottages.... 500 Shares in Warminster Motor Co... For Sale by Auction.... June 17th, 1907. 10pp., large 4to, printed wraps, split at spine. Includes photographs. 1907. £18.00

  183. Wheatley (William Walter) PEN AND INK DRAWING titled on verso of mount in later hand 'Hazelbury House, Box, Wilts.' Pen and ink sketch in brownish ink, size 10" x 16", in buff mount, overall size 17" x 23", initialled 'W.W.W.' c1850. £50.00
    Shows a house with tall chimneys and two gables, large pillars at the gate with shields on top, two figures, one with a shot-gun, outside the gate.

  184. Woodborough PARTICULARS, PLAN & CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Residential Property known as 'Banksyde'.... for Sale by Auction.... 18th day of October, 1945. 12pp., oblong large 8vo, small plan. Attractive drawing of house and garden on front wrap. 1945. £14.00

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  185. Berrow CONVEYANCE of a piece of land called Casson Park, a cottage and garden at Chase End Hill, Henry Hart to D. Clutterbuck. Vellum, 3p., folio, red margins, coloured plan 6" x 5" in text. 1903. £14.00

  186. Redmarley d'Abitot AUCTION POSTER advertising sale of two cottages at the Rose and Crown Inn, 27th October 1886. Printed in large type-faces, size 16" x 13", fold down right hand side and centre, 3" tear repaired on verso with archival tape. Pinned to corner is 4pp. printed conditions of sale, with is rather browned. 1888. £18.00

  187. Saint Martin PROBATE of the will of James Taylor, Victualler. Vellum, size 14" x 16", smaller printed certificate attached, fine large papered seal. 1840. £14.00

  188. Worcester Hop Market AN ACT for confirming an Agreement lately entered into between the Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of the City of Worcester, and the Guardians of the Poor of the said City, for continuing the Hop-Market of the said City in the Workhouse there; and for vesting the Right... of keeping a Hop-Market... in the Guardians of the Poor... Cover leaf + 8pp, small folio, black letter, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by the Assigns of His Majesty's Printer, 1731. £18.00

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  189. Castleford PLAN AND PARTICULARS of Valuable Building Sites at Castleford, to be Sold by Auction... 16th January, 1873. 2pp., folio, folded with docket title. Large folding coloured plan. 1873. £30.00
    Comprised 29 plots of land north of Albion Street. The streets are marked as 'Intended'.

  190. East Riding of Yorkshire PLAN AND PARTICULARS of a Valuable Freehold Estate of Excellent Wold Land with several detached Closes and Cottages, at Lund, to be Sold by Auction.... 16th January, 1875. 3pp., folio, folds, large coloured folding plan. Describes 6 lots, with schedule giving tenants, acreage etc. 1875. £24.00

  191. Gargrave FARM ACCOUNT BOOK probably of the Coulthurst family of Gargrave. 4to, full calf, slightly rubbed at edges of spine and edges of boards. 27 double page spreads of accounts headed 'Cash' and 'Dr.' and 'Cr.' November 1809 to November 1810. Lists payments received from various people, sometimes mentioning reason, e.g. 'Recd. by two Lambs on Nov. 16', sums laid out include payments of wages 'spreading 348 loads of lime', 'gave a poor woman', 'chimney sweep' 'pd at the first agricultural Meeting at Skipton', 'gave the boys on going to school', 'Mrs Wilson for silk handkerchief'. The writing is very small. On the flyleaf is a brief list of wages agreed with servants 'John Hope agrees to serve me as upper house servt. wages £35. He finds his own clothes...' Loosely inserted is a 4to sheet folded and addressed to 'John Coulthurst, Gargrave' printed at the head with 'The Craven Hounds meet At 10 o'clock... with the days of the week printed down the side and places filled in in ink, and a small 8vo booklet of further accounts in the same hand, 1810, 11p., a note of John Coulthurst's assessed taxes for 1810, and a slip signed by Geo. Howarth saying he agrees to take from John Coulthurst his fine wool at 18 shillings per stone and his coarse wool at 12 shillings. 1810. £110.00
    Only a small section of the book has been used. Gargrave House is near Skipton.

  192. Ingleton LEASE of inclosure in the Township of Ingleton called Between Gates, Adam Shepherd, Ironmonger, to Richard Balderston. 2pp., folio, wax seals. Folds. 1797. £24.00

  193. Kirkham WATERCOLOUR inscribed on verso (obviously later) 'E. Eng. Window at Kirkham Priory'. Attractive, finely-painted watercolour showing two ruined arched windows and ruined masonry in foreground, tree growing over arch, large building seen through the windows. Size 10" x 8", complete surface painted, narrow ivory mount. late Victorian. £30.00

  194. Leeds City Transport Department SEAT RESERVATION ON LAST TRAM Saturday, 7th November, 1959. Ticket size approx. 3" x 4", printed on coloured card. The details of name and tram number have not been filled in. 1959. £8.00
    Passengers were asked to be at Swinegate depot at 6 p.m.

  195. Leeds DEED OF EXCHANGE of land at Potter Newton bounded by the Rivulet which supplies the Dam of the Holmes Mill, with right to elevate the water in the Dam 'to the height of the present Byerwash of the Dam'. A six-part indenture involving the Hon. William Lamb of Brocket Hall, Herts., Earl Cowper of Kent, James Brown of Harehills. 6 vellum sheets. On verso of one sheet is manuscript plan, size 6" x 12", showing Holmes Mill, Reservoir Bye Wash etc. 7 wax seals. 1815. £30.00

  196. Leeds PLAN OF THE NEW POST OFFICE BUILDING Scale 8 Feet to an Inch. Lithographed plan, by Thomas Winn, Architect, Leeds, showing three floors. Size 22" x 30". Repaired tear along much of central horizontal fold. n.d. c1880. £18.00
    Prepared for An Arbitration in The Matter of Samuel Croft's Trustees and The Postmaster General.

  197. Northallerton REPORT OF THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH. 5pp., with a plan coloured in outline, on folding sheet, by R.K. Dawson, scale 4" to 1 mile and 1" to 1 mile. Folio, disbound. 1837. £24.00

  198. Pateley Bridge, Fewson ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 12" x 16", folded to small 8vo. Margins have been cut away leaving only piano key border. High ground shown with hachures. c1850. £10.00

  199. Pately Bridge, Bolton Bridge ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Quarter sheet with borders all round, size 13" x 18", folded, a few splits at central fold repaired on verso. c1880. £9.00
    '92 N.E' in pencil on verso.

  200. Rotherham to Hartcliffe Hill Turnpike A REGISTER OR ACCOUNT Of the Securities & Assignments of Securities for Moneys borrowed on the Credit of the Tolls arising on The Turnpike Road From Rotherham to Hartcliffe Hill in the County of York: Since the passing of the Act of the seventh year of King George the 3d, Intitled 'An Act for enlarging the Term and Powers of an Act.... for Repairing the Road from Doncaster... to Salter's Brook in the County of Chester, and also the Road from Rotherham... to Harcliffee Hill in the Parish of Peniston...' Manuscript on 20 pages plus 26 double-page spreads of debit and credit accounts for 1768-1882, headed with name, showing cash for subscription, interest, etc., plus attractively lettered title page with title as above, and alphabetical index of names. The first pages comprise copies of the indentures made for security of various amounts, including one for £200 to the Marquis of Rockingham, Howsley Freeman for £50, and others. 3 double page spreads at the end have been used by a child to draw doodles in blue pastel. 1767-1786. £160.00

  201. Sneaton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP. Sheet 46. Engraved surface 24" x 36", plus margins, scale 6" to 1 mile. Area in south-east approx. 7" x 8" outlined in green wash. 1853. £25.00
    Covers Wragby, Row, Pike Hill.

  202. Thirsk ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XCVI.S.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 19", border all round. Parkland and main roads hand-coloured. Linen-backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. Linen slightly discoloured between sections with a few holes in linen where folds meet. 1859. £20.00

  203. Woollen mill TWO PHOTOGRAPHS of men at work at machines in a woollen mill. Each image 4" x 6", mounted on thick grey card with dark grey borders. n.d. c1920. £22.00
    One photograph shows a very large wicker basket full of fleece and two machines with rollers, the other with a line of four machines with the wool being fed into them.

  204. York INVITATION from the Sheriff of York to a Reception at the Exhibition Buildings, January 16th, 1895. Card size 4" x 6", printed in brown, with shield surrounded by leaves at top... together with... Menu for the City Club, York, Annual Dinner, Nov. 28th, 1894. 4pp., printed in red on card, small 8vo. 1894-5. £14.00

  205. York SUMMONS TO WITNESSES William Lacy, Matthew Newsome, James Roberts and Benjamin Whiteley to appear at York Castle as witnesses in the case of Richard Clark and Sir Thomas Slingsby Baronet, Charles Lastman and Peter Earnshaw. Printed on vellum with manuscript inserts, 3" x 14". Orange paper stamp. Folds. 1813. £18.00

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  206. Dublin LETTER signed 'John G. Armagh' to Charles Beresford. 5 lines on 1p., 8vo, dated 'Woburne' Dec. 21st 1861, saying he has enclosed a letter from the Registrar of Rooms at Trinity College. A pencil note in the top corner says 'From the old primate about letting me have rooms in T.C.D. in his gift'. 1861. £14.00
    Lord John George de la Poer Beresford (1773-1862), Primate of All Ireland, Chancellor of Trinity College.

  207. Dublin LETTER dated Dublin, Feb. 18th. 1728, from Edward Crofton to William Flower at Ashbrooke, near Maryborrough. 1p, 4to, address panel on verso on conjoint leaf, broken wax seal, small circular postmark. 22 lines, written in a very untidy hand. Says he has finished the sale of Arundel's estate for Lady Gavan(?) and her second son, but there have been many orders and counter-orders from the other side. Says he will try and prevent any mischief if her Ladyship is 'in such hands as are willing to keep her in hott water'. Refers to Counsellor Fitzpatrick who is in bad circumstances and must quit the kingdom. Mentions some horses he has 'if you are a hard rider and keep fleet hounds I fear the dun won't be fit for purpose, he will make a good rode hors'. 1728. £30.00
    Flower was created Baron of Castle Durrow in 1733.

  208. Dublin Police AN ACT for improving the Dublin Police. 28pp, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1842. £14.00

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  209. Bacon's PLAN OF GLASGOW Coloured plan Size approx 12" x 18", single fold at centre. Scale 4" to 1 mile. c1885. £22.00
    With street index in margins.

  210. Dumbarton DISPOSITION by Sir Archibald Edmonstone of Duntreath, Bart., in favor of Lt. Col. Andrew Geils of Dumbuck. 1822. Contemporary copy on 21 pages, small folio, sewn at left margin, folded. Paper watermarked 1821. £18.00
    Refers to many plots of land in the Burgh of Dumbarton, giving exact location of the lands with adjoining owners, for example 'an acre of land called Guildy Acre lying in the Green of the Burgh of Dumbarton betwixt the lands of the mains of Colquhoun upon the south... and the common way on the north and the land belonging ot Sir James Smollet on the west...'

  211. Dumfries ARTICLES OF ROUP of all and whole Three Parks lying in the Burgh roads of Dumfries belonging to Thomas Goldie of Craigmuir to be Exposed to public roup... 28th January 1819... 3p, manuscript, small folio. Each page signed by Goldie in a shaky hand. 1819. £10.00

  212. Dundee and Aberdeen whalers PETITION to the Lord of Council and Session of John Ireland of Nether Urquhart and Robert Low of Fordel, for Appointment of New Trustees. 3p., 4to, printed, folds, small hole where folds meet with loss of a few letters. Paper very dusty. Note of the judgement added in manuscript on the verso of second leaf. 1833. £18.00
    Concerns the will of Robert Glass whereby he bequeathed two shares in the whaling vessels the Dee and the Don, belonging to the port of Aberdeen, and two shares in the whale vessels the Three Brothers and the Calypso, belonging to the port of Dundee, to his neices Catherine and Margaret Glass. The residue, if none of their sons became a Minister, was to go to the propogation of the Gospel. This was contested by John Glass, of Jamacia, next of kin.


  213. Edinburgh DISCHARGE whereby Eleanora Robertson, now Russell, daughter of the deceased Dr. William Robertson, Principal of the University of Edinburgh, acknowledges interest on a Bond granted by Thomas Elder of Forneth and others Partners of the Edinbugh Glasshouse Company and discharges them of all obligation. 1p., small folio. signed by Eleanora and two witnesses. 1796. £25.00
    Robertson, a historian, presided over the University for 30 years, at a very influential period in its history.

  214. Edinburgh THE ROYAL REPOSITORY OF FINE ARTS Engraved letter sheet of Hugh Paton, Royal Repository of Fine Arts, Printer & Publisher, Book & Print Seller, Picture Cleaner... Carver and Gilder to Her Majesty the Queen... 10 Princes Street... 4to letter sheet, two leaves, the first page with a very large engraved vignette of the Repository, adjoining Register House, equestrian statue, people in the street, attractively lettered heading below the view. On the second leaf is a letter from Hugh Paton, presumably to a solicitor, about a property called 'The Tower. 16th June 1857. £16.00
    The engraving takes up half of the first page.

  215. Stirling AT STIRLING the sixth day of October one thousand seven hundred and seventy two years in presence of the Commissioners of Supply of the County of Stirling... anent the Petition of William Murray of Touchadam... Jean Don of Wester Livelands commissioned by James Nathaniel Kind of Wester Livelands her son for managing his Estate of Wester Liveland... 40 pages, manuscript, small folio. Lacks at least one page at the end. At the beginning of the document is a list of 20 areas of land with their value taken from a survey book of 1730. Other lands are listed in continuous text. Includes 'Benny's Croft belonging to Allan's Hospital', 'John Wordie's at Bannockburn Bridge in Balquhidrock...' 1772. £18.00

  216. Veitch (William), Publisher THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT December 13, 1865. Broadsheet newspaper, 8pp, folds. 1865. £10.00
    Includes 4 columns on the opening of the Glasgow Industrial Exhibition.

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  217. Cardigan FOUR INDENTURES Further charge on an agreement to mortgage the Lloyd Jack Estate in Llanvihangel Ystrad in Cardigan, Henry R.B. Touchet Davies late of Merwin Lodge, Ross, to James Bowker and F. Peake. Each 3p., signed with small seal. 1864-5. £15.00

  218. Menai Straits VIEW OF THE SUSPENSION BRIDGE NOW ERECTING on the Menai Strait Ner Bangor in Carnarvonhire. From the Design of Thomas Telford F.R.S.E. &c, taken near High Water by W.A. Provis, the Resident Engineer, and Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers. Copper engraving, size 13" 24", excluding margins and title and printed information beneath view. Left of the title are measurements of height, breadth etc., and on the right information about the chains. Overall size of paper 18" x 25". Some light foxing down sides, there has been some professional restoration to the surface of the engraving to stablilise the surface. c1830. £60.00
    The bridge stretches across the whole view from side to side, two men admiring the bridge from rocks in the foreground, sailing ships under the bridge, carriages on bridge.

  219. Merionethshire AUCTION POSTER. Valuable Oak, Ash and other Timber to be Sold by Auction by Mr Thomas Payne, At the Cross-Foxes Inn, Mallwyd, on Tuesday the Fourteenth Day of February, 1826.... Size approx. 18" x 11", folds. Some wear along approx. 1 inch at central horizontal fold, with slight loss of paper. Dolgelley: printed for J. Pugh. 1826. £26.00
    Lists 7 lots of the timber and farms concerned in the Parish of Mallwyd. The Timber was fourteen miles from Derwen-las and equal distance from the Barmouth River 'at either of which places the Timber or Bark may be Shipped'.

  220. Mount Alyn, Rossett, Denbighshire CATALOGUE OF SALE at Home Farm, March 29th, 1887 comprising Young Dairy Cows & Heifers, Fresh Barrens, Fat Cows, Yearling Heifers, Flock of Grand Shropshire Down & Leicester Ewes... Agricultural Implements... 10pp, 8vo. Traces of having been folded twice. 1887. £12.00
    Four bulls are listed in single lots with pedigrees.

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  221. Amherst (Earl) FREE FRONT sent to G.L. Austen at Sevenoaks. Red 'Free' stamp with '9 NO 9 1832', and Stratford on Avon circular postmark No. 8 1832. 'Amherst' signature bottom left, remains of black wax seal at top. 1832. £8.00
    William Pitt Amherst was Governor-General of India in 1823.

  222. Bank of New South Wales SEVENTY-SIXTH REPORT to the Half-Yearly General Meeting... 31st October, 1888. 4 pages, 4to., folded... together with... Commercial Bank of Australia. Forty-Third Half-Yearly Report. 2nd August 1888. Blank verso of last leaf dusty. 2 items. 1888. £14.00

  223. Bartholomew's MAP OF THE BRITISH ISLES Showing The New Grouping. Each Group is Distinguished by a Separate Colour. Fully colour-printed map, size 32" x 29". Linen-backed, folding into printed wraps. With inset Enlargement of South Lancashire and Yorkshire District, Edinburgh and Glasgow District, and London and Suburbs, and three other insets. Also shows shipping lines, canals, railways under construction. n.d. c1930. £30.00

  224. Betts's NEW RAILWAY AND COMMERCIAL MAP OF ENGLAND & WALES on which the various Lines of Railroad, The Turnpike & Principal Cross Roads, with the Courses of the Rivers & Canals are Carefully Laid Down, and the Situation of the Cities, Market Towns and Principal Villages accurately described. Handcoloured engraved map, size 36" x 30". Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into cloth endpapers with printed label. Original owner's inscription on front endpaper, dated September 1850. Inserted in slipcase with gilt title. Counties fully shaded in different colours, with darker shade around county boundaries. 1850. £145.00

  225. Bradshaw's MAP OF THE RAILWAYS, CANALS, NAVIGABLE RIVERS & Mineral Districts of Great Britain, Reduced From the Ordnance Survey, Shewing All The Railway Junctions, Stations &c, Also the Lines on Which the Electric elegraph is Laid Down. Revised and Corrected by W.R. Botham, of The Nth. Western Raily. Engraved by John Dower. Engraved map, dissected and mounted on linen, in two sheets, each sheet measuring 37" x 61", plus margins, folding into marbled endpapers, size 10" x 5", marbled paper slightly worn at edges. Inserted in recent cloth-covered slipcase with part of original title in gilt on maroon leather laid down on front of box. Very large decorative calligraphic title, elaborate compass rose with roses at centre, scale bars (6" = approx. 36 miles). Piano key and large Greek key border. Explanation with symbols for Navigable and Non-navigable rivers, Canals (with heights of principal pools etc., colours for Railways Completed, Running Powers, Working Lines, Minerals (shown by the word and sign), Anchorage, Sands (shaded buff). With inset map of the North of Scotland top right. Covers the east of Ireland. London, W.J. Adams, 59 Fleet Street. (1852). £500.00
    Copac suggests a date of 1852 for this edition.

  226. Bradshaw's NEW RAILWAY MAP of Gt. Britain and Ireland, with Enlarged Plans of the Principal Towns. 1867. Map printed on thin paper, size 27" x 23", folded to small 8vo. With large inset of London, and smaller ones of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool. 1867. £22.00
    Possibly taken from a Bradshaw's guide.

  227. British Railways Produced by ESSEX, HERTFORDSHIRE, SUFFOLK Designed by M. Camidge. Illustrated map in bright colours, showing the three counties with illustraitons of famous sights, notable historical characters, local activities. Shows railway lines in red with stations in black. Three large county shields top left, compass rose, scale bar. Marks left by sellotape at bottom corner and in bottom margin at centre, and at top corner, where presumably once sellotaped to a wall. Folded to 10" x 13". Waterlow & Son Ltd. c1960. £68.00

  228. Carlisle and Canobie Railway SUBSCRIPTION CONTRACT Indenture between several persons and Isaac Cartmell of Carlisle, Tanner, and William Richardson, Ironmonger, 'for subscribing to a Company called 'The Carlisle and Canobie Railway Company... applying to Parliament for enabling the Company to make the following Railway and Branch Branch Railways...' 4p on parchment, manuscript, unsigned, with 10 ruled in columns for signatures etc, with numerous small wax seals, none of which have been filled in. Size 18" x 12", morocco wraps with gilt title. 1855. £45.00
    Presumably a surplus or draft copy.

  229. Coates & Howes, Wine Merchants, London PRICE LIST for 1865, with introductory letter above summarising the vintages etc. 1 page, in small print, with adjoining leaf with address panel on verso, some small holes in a couple of lines of text at top and at folds of address panel... together with... Letter from Walter Howes explaining how the case of champagne ordered will be transported to Wadebridge. 1865. £20.00

  230. Cornwall and Devon SET OF EIGHT ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Scale 1" to 1 mile. Sheet size 37" x 25", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo., red cloth endpapers. Inserted in modern paper-covered card slipcase, with original printed James Wyld label relaid on the front. Small key map on endpapers. Comprises (i) Sheet 33 (Penzance, 'portrait' format). (ii) Sheet 31 (Truro). (iii) Sheet 30 (Camelford). Some dark spots on endpapers. (iv) Sheet 25 (Liskeard, Tavistock). Railway and road from Tavistock to Ashburton coloured pink. (v) Sheet 24 (Plymouth). Railway and a couple of roads coloured pink. (vi) Sheet 26 (Bideford). North Devon Railway and road along north coast coloured pink. (vii) Sheet 23 (Dartmouth). Road from Chillington to Start Point coloured pink. (viii) Sheet 22 (Exeter). South Devon Railway coloured in pink, 1" tear in linen at border bottom right, just reaching into sea area. Whatman watermarks 1858-60. £380.00
    Margary State 3.

  231. Courts AN ACT for the Abbreviation of Michaelmas Term. 5pp., plus cover leaf, attractive woodcut initial letter, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1751. £16.00

  232. Customs AN ACT for granting Duties of Customs. 62pp., disbound, small folio. Act of Parliament. Extensive list of goods with duty payable... together with... AN ACT for consolidating the Duties of Customs for the Isle of Man.. 1810. 6pp., and AN ACT for the more effectual Prevention of Smuggling in the Isle of Man... 1810. 7pp. 3 items. 1825. £14.00

  233. Devon & Somerset GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. XXVII. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Printed surface 24" x 36". Hand-coloured, key in sea area. Embossed stamp of Board of Agriculture, 1896. £55.00
    Shows area from Braunton Burrows to Countesbury. Over half the map is sea area.

  234. Dorset and Oxfordshire THREE POSTCARDS black and white photogaphic postcards 'Maiden Castle, Southern Defences', 'Maiden Castle, Air-View from the East', and 'The Rollright Stones'. Rollright Stones titled in white in plate, verso used, postmark 1936. 1930's, 1940's. £7.00

  235. Dorset and Somerset ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 13" x 19", border all round, but margins only at sides. Dissected and linen-backed, folding into cloth endpapers. c1890. £18.00
    Covers Ilchester, Sherborne, Mosterton, Packington.

  236. Essex, Kent, London TWO ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheets I and II. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 26" x 37", linen-backed, linen folded over to bind edges, folding to quarto. Stanford labels on verso. Two items. Printed from an Electrotype in 1884 and 1882. £100.00
    Sheet I Covers part of London from the 'Upper Pool' eastwards, Hoddesdon, Maldon, Isle of Grain. Sheet II covers Bradwell, Burnham, Sheerness.

  237. Exmoor Inclosure AN ACT for vesting in His Majesty certain Parts of the Forest of Exmoor, otherwise Exmore, in the Counties of Somerset and Devon; and for inclosing the said Forest. 35pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1815. £25.00

  238. Fox Photo Archive AN IMPORTANT PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIAL AND HISTORICAL RECORD of Great Britain between the years 1926 and 1976, will be Sold by Tender by Sotheby's Belgravia... to be sold as two separate archives... 20pp., decorative wraps, size 8" x 8", numerous illustrations, including some in colour. 1976. £16.00

  239. Girls boarding education PROSPECTUS, REPORT AND CORRESPONDENCE relating to pupil Mary Waddington's education at Gunnersbury Lodge, a boarding School for girls in Mill Hill Park, London. Comprises (i) School Prospectus. 5pp. of text, 9 full page photos. Oblong 8vo, printed wraps. (ii) School report. Christmas 1901. 2p., 4to. (iii) 18 letters from the Principal, J. Spark, to a Mr Chambers, who appears to have been a lawyer and Mary's guardian (includes details of her plan to start a photography course for the girls); six letters to Mr Chambers from Mary, 6 letters from a Mrs Leyland in Halifax who appears to have been a surrogate mother. (iv) 6 letters from principals of other schools to whom Chambers had applied for details. 1901-3. £36.00
    Gunnersbury Lodge originally belonged to the Bodington family. It was demolished in the 1920's.

  240. Great Western Railway MAP of the lines. Size 19" x 24", extending to Manchester and Liverpool, with ferry lines to Ireland. G.W.R. lines in red, other lines in black. Insets of system in South Wales, Birmingham and London. Folded to small 8vo. n.d. c1890? £12.00

  241. Great Western Railway REPORT OF THE DIRECTORS and Financial Accounts.... Year Ended 31st December, 1921. 19pp., folio, folded, including full page map of the system. Wear along one fold with slight loss of text on map page. 1922. £16.00

  242. Great Western Railway NOTICE of the Special General Meeting of the Proprietors, 3rd June, 1869. With a list of 6 Bills to be considered by the meeting, including Bristol Harbour Railway, Severn Navigation Commission, Whitland and Taff Vale Railway. 1p., 4to, form for proxy voting on conjoint leaf, folded with address panel on verso. Vertical fold, slight wear at top and bottom edge of fold. Paddington, 18th May, 1869. £14.00

  243. Great Western Railway Company FORM of the Shareholder Trenham Old, Pier Mansion, Brighton, requesting payment of dividends to be paid to his account at Smith Payne and Smith, Lombard St. 1p., 4to, printed, with manuscript inserts. Brief letter on blank conjoint leaf, and address panel and stamp on verso, traces of paper on address panel, presumably where once stuck in album. 1858. £16.00

  244. Great Western Railway REPORT OF THE DIRECTORS to be submitted to the Proprietors... at the Company's Offices, Paddington Station, the 11th day of August, 1881. 100pp., folio, folds, with docket title. 1881. £30.00
    With many tables for expenditure on Repairs, Rents of Leased Lines, Canal Traffic, etc.

  245. Hatton (J.L.) Composer and performer LETTER addressed from Aldeburgh, 2nd Sept. 1866, to 'My dear Henry' (at the end is the name 'H.E. Hume(?). 1p., small 8vo. Written on one and a half sides. Says will see him on Friday, and he wants the 'Leider ohne Worte' and asks him to save a nicely bound small edition for him. 1866. £15.00
    J.L. Hatton was a composer of songs and performer. He made a collection of 'The Songs of England' and 'The Songs of Ireland'.

  246. Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XVIII S.E. etc., composite map, scale 6" to 1 mile. Size linen-backed and folding into 8vo endpapers. Water features hand-coloured. Estate south of Biggleswade hand-coloured, presumably relative to sale. 1891. £25.00

  247. His Majesty's Navy AN ACT for the Encouragement of Seamen, and the more effectual Manning of His Majesty's Navy during the present War. 9pp, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. 1814. £10.00

  248. Hoursch (Vering von) ASTUDIN-KARTEN VOM RHEIN 20 colour postcards on a folding strip, with views from paintings. Pink wraps. n.d. 1920 or earlier. £14.00

  249. Iron imports and exports ACCOUNTS of the Quantities of Foreign Iron Imported into and Exported from Great Britain in the Year 1832... British Iron Exported... British Hardwares and Cutlery Exported from Great Britain (continuation of Parl. Paper no. 455 Sess. 1831-2) Mr Guest. 5p., folio, folded with docket title, sewn at edge. Ordered by The House of Commons to be Printed. 17 May 1833. £24.00

  250. Ivory Coast, Guinea, Sudan, Togo MAP Croquis du Sahara et ses Regions Limitrophes au 1.000.000e. Dresse par the A.O.F. a Dakar en 1926. Map printed in black, blue, brown and pink, size 18" x 80", plus margins, composed of several sheets butted together. 1" = approx. 25 kilometres. Heliograve et imprime par le Service Geographique de l'Armee en 1928. £35.00
    Goes from Jebba in Nigeria in the east to Makump in Sierra Leone in the west

  251. Jekyll family AN ACT to enable the Lords of the Treasury to discharge the Executors of Lady Anne Jekyll from a Debt due to His Majesty.... Cover leaf + 4pp, disbound, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by Charles Eyre and William Strahan, 1772. £12.00

  252. Johnston RAILWAY MAP OF ENGLAND & WALES Revised by the Various Companies. Also Showing Canals. Natural Scale 1:520,000. Colour-printed map, dissected and linen-backed, size 48" x 44", folding into 8vo boards, Index to map on 22 pages, buff wraps, bound inside front board, new cloth spine with gilt title. Inserts around map of Environs of London (with separate Explanation), Manchester, Plymouth, The Potteries, S. Wales, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield. Explanation showing colours for 47 Lines. W. & A.K. Johnston. Eleventh edition. £70.00

  253. Leghorn to London BILL OF LADING Shipped in good Order and well conditioned by Viollier & Co. upon the good Ship called the Ann whereof is Master for the present Voyage N. Pentreath and now lying in the port of Leghorn and bound for London... One Case Alabaster's Works... Printed with manuscript details inserted, signed by Pentreath. Size 7" x 9", some vertical folds. Attractive engraved vignette of a ship in top corner. With a few lines on verso signed for Viollier instructing delivery to Michael Williams. Small stab hole... together with... Manuscript on 1p., 4to, listing charges 'upon a Case Alabasters landed ex. Ann... delivered to Henry Stokes Esq. 5th May 1820. 6th March and 5th May 1820. £38.00

  254. Lottery HANDBILL Candidates are now offering themselves for every City, County and Borough in the Empire... it is necessary to inquire what Favors may be received from Candidates, without the Imputation of Bribery... but the Present of a Lottery Ticket, which may on Tuesday, the 12th of this Month gain Thirty Thousand Pounds.... in this grand Lottery, abounding with Capital Prizes is No Bribery. Size 8" x 5", printed on one side only. No imprint. The words 'Candidates', 'Favors', and 'Bribery' are printed in very large letters. 18 lines in all. c1810? £25.00
    The reference to the Lottery was presumably making a satirical political point.

  255. Maberly (W), Chief Secretary to the Post Office FREE FRONT Envelope addressed to St. Helier, red 'Free' stamp, signed Maberley bottom left. Envelope measures 3" x 5", large red wax Post Office seal on verso. 1838. £18.00
    This is an early use of an actual envelope. Maberley was often in disagreement with Roland Hill. He retired in 1858.

  256. Mann (B. H. H.) JOURNAL OF CONTINENTAL TRAVEL 1853-1858. Manuscript travel journal in two volumes, 4to, each with the name 'Bertha Henrietta Horatio Mann' and the date on the flyleaf. Comprises:- (i) Volume bound in half calf, marbled boards, marbled paper slightly rubbed in places. Describes two tours, one beginning April 19th 1854, leaving from Dieppe and visiting Waterloo, 'the mound', Huguemont etc., with a guide 'the same guide had accompanied Louisa and Sir D. Mackworth in 1839... a few trees still remain and bear marks of the French cannon-shot'. They travel to Cologne, take a steamer up the Rhine and, among other places, visit the house at Frankfurt, where the family had once lived and where their brother 'dear Horatio' had had a fatal accident aged 14. The first 24 pages of manuscript of this account are in English, then she switches to German for another 24 pages, the tour ends in October. At the end of the volume is an account of another earlier tour, 21p. of text, begun August 30th 1854, from Dieppe to the Alps, They travel to Geneva, Courmayeur, Chamonix, Aosta. They visit the 'Mer de Glace' on mules 'when we arrived at Montauvert we descended and walked a little way on the Mer de Glace with the help of the guide's hand, and an Alpenstock... the light blue colour of the ice is really most exquisite', they ascend 'Col de la Seigne', 'summit of the Brevent 8500 ft. above the sea level', making long journeys on mules. This volume is illustrated with 16 pages of pressed flowers, with place and date collected, e.g. 'Sprig from an Arbor Vitae in the orchard near the Chateau d'Hougemount April 20th 1854', 15 coloured aquatints (further heightened with hand colouring), and 16 black and white lithographs, all mounted on separate pages. The aquatints have all been clipped to the border, but titled underneath in ink. (ii) Notebook bound in full limp calf, marbled endpapers. 90 pages of text, in English, except for the first 3 pages which is in a school-girlish French. Travelling with Sophia, Ada, Louisa and Henry they journey to Geneva, taking rooms at 3 Quai du Mont Blanc. At 'La Sarrz' they hear English spoken 'courriers, who have married English servants, come and settle here and sell tea &c which all the surrounding people buy. Every year they go and see their relations in England and bring back a stock of tea with them'. They ascend Mt. Cenis 'altogether we had 11 mules and horses to drag us up Mont Cenis... the diligence before us... required no less than 14'. They continue to Genoa ('the women look very well with their white muslin scarfs thrown over the back of the head...') and Florence where they rent a house on the Lungarno. Describes visits in Florence, such as 'The Grand Duke's Mosaic Manufactory', and some artists studios 'Sophy Ada & I visited Cambi's studio - we then went to Menconi's and saw the 'sleeping child'. Menconi is now doing Henry's bus and a vase etc... Powers (the American Sculptor) & several other studios we also visited.' They continue to Rome, via Civitavecchia (an amusing incident occurs there at the brand new station where crowds of locals who have never seen a train before push their way into a carriage without tickets). At St. Peters they see the Pope distribute palms ('Henry procured tickets for us from the Major Duomo'). This volume includes two pages of pressed flowers, four coloured aquatints, 13 black and white lithographs, and two panoramic photographs of Florence. 1853-58. £500.00
    Bertha Mann was the daughter of Horatio Mann, Rector of Mawgan in Meneage, the youngest of 8 children, born in 1836 in Cornwall. However at the time of these travels the family was living at 'Winchester House', Newchurch, Isle of Wight, and their father had died. They appear from the 1851 census to have been living in some style, with a footman, ladies maid, housemaid and cook. The girl's mentioned are her sisters, but it is not clear who 'Henry', who organises their travels, is.

  257. Metal casting LETTER from Albert Cadman at the Canal Foundry, Openshaw, Manchester, on headed paper, to a Mr. Carmichael, about the setting up of the fund for the 'Oliver Stubbs Medal'. In ink, 8 lines, 4to, says he is enclosing correspondence about the medal fund. 'a great amount of good will be done... more interest will be taken in the institution from the Employers' side'. Attached are three copy letters relating to the gift to the Institution of British Foundrymen from the National Ironfounding Employers' Federation.... together with... another letter on headed paper, same correspondents, with 3 copy letters attached. The medal is still awarded. January, 1922. £10.00

  258. Mhow, India FIVE PHOTOGRAPHS of the army barracks and Mhow. Postcard size, glossy prints. Shows regiment on parade ground, white uniforms and pith helmets; small group of cavalry in front of barracks; one titled feintly in the plate 'British Cavalry Barracks Mhow'; wider view of the area with part of barracks on left; Mhow Church. A soldier has written on verso in pencil 'this is a photo of our reg. in peace time' etc. c1930. £16.00

  259. New Zealand COLLECTION OF FIFTEEN POSTCARDS eleven black and white and four colour. Comprises (in colour): Coach West Coast Road near Otira. Viking Series. 3149. (c1910?); Mount Egmont, 1908; Wanganui. 1910; Clinton River, with inset map of New Zealand. (1920's?). (in black and white) The South Bound Express at Waidura Railway Station showing Mt. Purperu & Noaurhde Volcano in Eruption. 1909. Ral photo'; Kaikoura. 1906. (real photo); Ascending the Rimutaka Incline length 3 miles.. (real photo). 1920's?; Water Fall, Te Aroha (c.1910); Rawrimu on the N.I.M.T Line (Jones & Coleman), c1910?; East St. Invercargill, 1912; Oat Crop Blenheim (farmers and 5 horses in field). n.d. c1910? and three others. 1906 and later. £25.00

  260. Newspaper cuttings ALBUM OF CUTTINGS clipped from newspapers from approx. 1776 - 1830. Album size 11" x 9", paper covered boards, morocco spine. Titled in gilt on spine 'Cuttings 1765 - 1820 Vol. II'. 182 pages, cuttings pasted on both sides of pages. All the cuttings are 'Anecdotes', for example 'Anecdote of the famous Doctor Pitcairne' (date 1782 added in ink), 'Anecdote of Dr. Smollett' (dated 1777 in ink). There are also some small clippings of 'Bons Mots'. Of the cuttings that are dated in ink, the majority are 1770's, '80's and '90's. 1765-1820. £45.00

  261. Newspaper cuttings ALBUM OF CUTTINGS clipped from newspapers from approx. 1776 - 1830. Album size 11" x 9", paper covered boards, morocco spine. Titled in gilt on spine 'Cuttings 1765 - 1820 Vol. II'. 82 pages, cuttings pasted on both sides of pages. All the cuttings are 'Anecdotes', for example 'Anecdote of the famous Doctor Pitcairne' (date 1782 added in ink), 'Anecdote of Dr. Smollett' (dated 1777 in ink). There are also some small clippings of 'Bons Mots'. Of the cuttings that are dated in ink, the majority are 1770's, '80's and '90's. 1765-1820. £45.00

  262. Newspaper cuttings ALBUM OF CUTTINGS from newspapers between 1790 and 1794. Album size 11" x 9", paper covered boards, calf spine lettered with 'Cuttings 1765-1820.' Boards rubbed at edges, spine rubbed. Approx 180 pages of cuttings, mainly concerned with crime and law reports of the Court of King's Bench, Old Bailey, for example 'Crimps and Kidnappers. Police Office, Queen-Square'. (1794), 'Conspiracy for the Assassination of the King'. (1794), 'Law Intelligence. Doctor's Commons. Adultery. Torrell v. Torrell'. (1794), 'Trial of Captain Molloy (1795). 1790's. £55.00

  263. Norma (G.W) A POLITICAL HUMBUG or Half an Hour with Lord Randolph Churchill. Pamphlet attacking Randolph Churchill, by the Liberals. 23pp., 8vo. Printed wraps, small cartoon on front wrap... together with... election leaflet. national Liberal Leaflets no. 17 'Lord Randolph Throwing Mud'. Large cartoon on green paper, 8vo. On verso are 'Choice Extracts' from his address to Electors. 2 items. 1886? £14.00
    The pamphlet has sections on all the 'Slanders' of Churchill, including on Gladstone, General Gordon, John Bright, etc.

  264. Nyborg EXTRACT OF A LETTER from Sir James Saumarez Bt., K.B. and Commander in Chief of a Squadron of His Majesty's Ships employed on a particular service to Rear Admiral Sir Samuel Hood dated Victory off Gottenburg 7 May 1808. Manuscript, small folio, 1p., folded, giving the quote in 15 lines. Asking Hood to convey his approbation to Capt. Paulett, Lt. Pearce etc and officers and men for the destruction of the enemy's vessel off Nyborg. c1810. £14.00

  265. Paris RECEPTION DES MEDECINS ANGLAIS Programme for the Soiree 12 May 1905 at the Theatre de l'Automobile-Club. 2 pages small 8vo, plus stiff wraps with engraving showing fauns, musical instruments etc., trace of slight fold in front wrap. Invitation loosely inserted. 1905. £8.00

  266. Peachey (James) LETTER dated St. James Street, April 15, 1752. To 'Mr Timy. Waldo'. 1p., 4to, blank conjoint leaf with 'For Mr. Timothy Waldo'. 26 lines in a neat hand, setting out details of financial transactions between them. 'I left with yr clerk Last week the mastr. in chancerys Report of what was due To Each Person in the Bill mentioned... due to me at midsumr. 1747 the sum of £5333 7s from which deducting the Purchase money clear of cost of Suit £3811 15s...' Tipped onto album leaf down left side. 1752. £30.00
    The Waldo family owned Hever Castle in Kent. Timothy Waldo is described in 'British History Online' as 'an eminent merchant of London'

  267. Philip (George) & Son, LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY and Connecting Railways. Folding map size 27" x 16", printed in blue and black, with lines in red. Shows L.N.E.R and Joint Lines, Track of 'Flying Scotsman'. Pther Railways, Road Services. Folding into 8vo orange printed wraps, partly split at spine. London, July 1930. £24.00

  268. Poetry MAKE WAY FOR OLD MOLL verse of ten lines. Printed in small type-face on a slip of paper 3" x 4". Traces of folds. no date or imprint. Probably c1820 or earlier. £15.00
    Humourous verse possibly given out at some form of entertainment. Old Moll is a seller of butter and eggs. She says butter is '... soft, and to melting inclin'd/A type in gay youth of the fond female mind/The second is brittle, to crack them no joke/Beware lest by chance you come under the yolk'.

  269. Postage AN ACT to regulate the Conveyance of Packets containing re-issuable Country Bank Notes by the Post... to prevent Letters and Packets being sent otherwise than by the Post... 5pp., small folio, disbound. Act of Parliament. 1824. £10.00

  270. Sanford and Percival families ABSTRACT OF SETTLEMENTS made previous to the Marriage of The Revd. Edw. Ayshford Sanford with Miss Christina Emma Percival. 22p., sm. folio, folded. 1853. £10.00
    Refers to the will of Sir Charles Flower, Alderman of London. His Trustees included Ambrose Lethbridge Goddard, Henry Hussey Vivian. Does not mention lands in detail. The Sanford family were from the Taunton area.


  271. Saratov Bristol link TO THE DELEGATION OF BRISTOL FROM SARATOVITES Folder containing actual photographs of the visit. 1956. In blue cloth, size 8" x 6", title in gilt on front board in English and Russian, small photograph of Saratov above title. 28 black and white photographs of the visit, size 5" x 7". Shows the party being shown round various places (including some sort of factory), at dinners, at a theatre, etc., The Lord Mayor being presented with a bouquet by a schoolgirl, drinking vodka toasts etc. Also inserted are three clippings from printed Council minutes, 1956, relating to the cost of the visit, etc., and carbon copy (translation) of an Address to the Citizens of Bristol from the A. Gavrilov, President of the Executive Committee of the Workers' Deputies of the Council of Saratov, 26th June, 1961, and of a letter from the Lord Mayor to the President, 1st August 1861. 8p., 4to. Later owner's name and bookplate inside front board. 1956-61. £50.00
    'The citizens of Saratov... will never forget the brotherly blood shed by Soviet and English soldiers in the fight against fascist agressors, will not forget the contribution in the cause of victory made by the works and factories of Bristol...'. An interesting item from the Cold War era. Bristol and Saratova had a 'sister city' relationshship, but from the early sixties Saratova (which had numerous defence related industries) closed down to visitors from the West and Bristol was replaced with Bratislava. Donald J. Raleigh's book 'Soviet Baby Boomers: An Oral History of Russia's Cold War Generation' records childhood memories of this visit by people who were schoolchildren in Saratova at the time.

  272. Shooting and Fishing GAME AND GUN & The Angler's Monthly. Two issues, no. 238 and 254. 28pp in each, 4to. Includes 4p. article on 'Sea Birds of Scilly'. 1945-6. £5.00

  273. Sleeper (James) ENTER YE IN AT THE STRAIT GATE for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction... Religious tract, with no title but this quotation at the head, 4pp., 8vo, traces of folds. The name 'James Sleeper. 8th mo. 8th, 1828' at the end. Printed by John Young, 3 Black Horse Alley, Philadelphia. £35.00
    'Having... witnessed in our own time the dreadful misery which building Meeting-houses and setting up a traditional wordly religion hath had on mankind... we do sincerely pray... that we may not have any forms of religion only such as he orders by his spirit in our hearts... some of us fully believe that the goodness of GOD is like electricity, that if 100 persons have hold of hands, all feel the shock at once...'

  274. Smuggling AN ACT to subject Foreigners to Arrest and Detention for Smuggling within certain Distances of any of the Dominions of His Majesty; for regulating Rewards to the Seizing Officers... and for the further Prevention of the Importation of Tea without making due Entry thereof with the Officers of Customs and Excise. 4pp, small folio, disbound, Act of Parliament. 1818. £10.00

  275. Somerset and Dorset A SURVEY AND VALUATION of the Farms, Lands and Tenements belonging to Mrs. Clarissa Vigor in the Parishes of Mark, Winford and Kinston-Seymour in the County of Somerset and in the Parishes of Buckland-Ripers and Broadway in the County of Dorset. Done in 1788, 1789 and 1790 by Richard Richardson of the Devizes. Manuscript, very neatly written. Title page in bold lettering with a variety of calligraphic styles, one page 'General Summary', and 12 double-page spreads ruled in columns for Premises, State in 1789, Quantity, Per Acre, Annual Value, Remarks, written on rectos only. 4to, size 10" x 8", marbled boards, calf spine. The name of the tenant is added in pencil top right. 1790. £95.00

  276. Somerset and North Wales PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM Thirty-two good amateur photographs. Album size 7" x 10", cloth-covered boards, manuscript title 'Holidays 1908'. Thick card leaves with photos carefully mounted, titled very neatly in white. Average size of prints 3" x 4". 10 prints of thatched houses, churches etc., some indentified on verso, loosely inserted, including one of Cheddar Gorge. 1908. £34.00
    Includes good street scene of Porlock, Lynmouth, The Lyn, Coombe Park Water, Hillford Bridge, The Wye near Llangurig, Tan-y-Bwlch, Ogwen Falls.

  277. Tuke (John) A MAP OF NINETY MILES BY SEVENTY FIVE in which Chesterfield is the Centre, comprising the Counties of Derby and Nottingham, part of the Conties of York, Lincoln, Rutland, Leicester, Stafford, Salop, Chester and Lancaster. By John Tuke Land-Surveyor 1798. Engraved map, dissected and mounted on linen, size 26" x 30". Full wash colour, with counties shaded in different colours, parkland coloured darker green, main roads in buff, cities and towns with red. Folded to 8vo., inserted in marbled card slipcase, edges of slipcase rubbed. Published Sept. 10th 1798 by W. Darton and J. Harvey, London. £120.00

  278. Warwickshire and Worcestershire PARTICULARS AND PLANS of Valuable Freehold Estates of nearly 800 Acres, comprising Five Superior Farms... Lapworth, and Beoley... to be Sold By Auction... June 12th, 1919. 13pp., small folio. Wraps, coloured folding plan. 8 photos in text. Wraps spotty, vertical crease, staples rusty, stain down margin of plan. 1919. £8.00

  279. Watch repairs BILL of Jno. Tucker to Revd. Le Marchant. Manuscript, small 4to, written one side and folded with docket title. Lists 3 items at different dates in 1793, including 'a mainspring & repairing the Escapement of a watch Name Evans'. Total for the 3 things was over £5. 1793. £8.00

  280. Waterlow & Sons Lithographed by DISTRICT RAILWAY & CONNECTIONS Map, colour printed, showing river Thames and 17 different lines in different colours. District line shown in red. Includes Hammersmith & City, West London, Great Western, Midland, Metropolitan etc. Size 19" x 24", plus margins, folded to small folio. With Reference Table. District Railway Manager's Office, March, 1893.40.00 £40.00

  281. Wiltshire and Gloucestershire AUCTION POSTER for lands in the parishes of Ewen, in Kemble, and Oaksey, to be sold by auction by Acock & Son at the King's Head Inn, Cirencester, Monday February 20, 1837. Size 17" x 11", folds, small tear at one fold, repaired. Attached with a pin are MS Conditions of sale, 3p sm. folio. 1837. £24.00
    Lists 5 Lots, with occupiers.

  282. Wiltshire and Herefordshire MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT Tripartite indenture between Arthur Plomer, of Bristol, Mercer, Richard Haynes of Wick and Abson, and Mary Haynes, and John Batchelor, Alderman of Bristol and James Haynes. 1710. 13 sheets, folio, folded, held at top margin with yellow ribbon. Attested copy 1746. £36.00
    Refers to marriage of Arthur Plomer and Mary Haynes, listing a great many properties and lands in Chippenham and Langley Burrell in Wiltshire, and Whitchurch, Langarren, mostly with occupiers, former occupiers, adjoining landowners, etc.

  283. Wiltshire and Somerset Auction PARTICULARS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Farm.... Known as 'Alcombe Farm'.... Situate in the Parishes of Box and Ditteridge, also Freehold Dwelling-Houses, Gardens, Building Land, Lime-Kilns and other Premises, Situate in the Upper Bristol Road, about 1 miles from the City of Bath. To Be Sold by Messrs. Hawkins & Son.... On Thursday the 4th day of November, 1886. Folio, 5pp, folded, 3 large folding coloured plans. 1886. £32.00

  284. Wyld (James), Engraved by BRISTOL AND EXETER RAIL ROAD Engraved map. Size 15" x 11", plus margins, mounted on linen, folding to small 8vo. Scale 10 miles = 2". Shows railways and canals, towns and villages coloured pink, parkland shaded green. Covers Bridgend, Bristol, Exeter. n.d. 1840's? £40.00

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