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Lesley Aitchison's - Catalogue 65

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, Engravings, Ephemera, etc.

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  1. All Saints Parish POOR RATE An Assessment on the parish of All Saints for the Poor for six months from 25th March l708 to 29th September. Manuscript. Large folio sheet folded to 16" x 8", ruled in 6 columns, listing over 50 ratepayers, with rates paid, rents etc. Signed by Churchwardens and Overseers.... together with.... An Assessment for the Poor of the Psh. of all Sts. for the halfe Year from Michaelmas 1709 to Ladyday next. Similar sheet, folded to 16" x 6". 1708-9. £60.00
    Among the names are Winpenny, Levitt, Weakly, Gethins, Oakes, Moxon, Cove.

  2. Blacksworth, Manor of COPY OF COURT ROLL recording the admission to a messuage and garden in the Manor of Nathaniel Ogbourne, Whipmaker, of Barton Regis. Vellum, 10" x 14", signed by Abraham Elton, farmer of the Manor, with wax seal showing a swan or similar bird. Some light browning in parts. 15th Sept. 1738. £18.00

  3. Clifton COUNTERPART LEASE of 250 acres called the Great Pasture or Newfield in CLifton, Mary Low and James and Elizabeth Low to Thomas Higgins and Thomas Robinson. Vellum, size 14" x 20", attractive printed calligraphic heading. Signed by 4 parties with heavy wax seals on tags. Witnessed on verso. 1667. £40.00
    A fine attractive deed.

  4. Coates & Co., Photographers EIGHT PHOTOGRAPHS stamped Coates & Co. on verso, seven are 6" x 8", and one 4" x 6". c1910. £40.00
    Includes two views of opening of Royal Edward Dock by Edward VII (assembled dignatories and King and party on dias under flags etc.); The Bishop's Palace in Redland, exterior and interior, the High Cross on College Green, with many children, The Promenade, Clifton, crowds on Downs opposite St. Johns School, smaller photo is road just before Suspension Bridge with baby carriage etc.

  5. Gardiner & Sons, Ironmongers and Merchants LETTER to Rev. Sanford at Combe Florey, quoting prices for Grates, marble and slate baths etc. 2 pages, decorative printed heading. Traces of vertical fold... together with another letter giving prices for 'articles seen by you on Wednesday...', listed under rooms, including 'rouge fleuri and black marble chimney piece', plus another letter with receipt. 1888. £8.00

  6. Gloucestershire Regiment (12th Service Battalion) 'BRISTOL'S OWN' Souvenir. 1915. From its Inception, September 1914, to its Departure from Bristol, June 23rd and 26gh, 1915. 32 pages, folio, printed wraps, numerous photographs, including 'Drilling in Ashton Park in the Early Months of the War', 'The Glosters passing the Victoria Rooms', etc. 4 page list of names at end. July 1915. £38.00

  7. Gutch (J.M), Pr. FELIX FARLEY'S BRISTOL JOURNAL Saturday May 4th, 1822. Broadsheet style, 20" x 15", 4p, folded. Red tax stamp, some ink splashes at bottom of first page, some splits at left edge. 1822. £15.00
    Includes report of meeting of Iron Masters etc. at the Three Salmons in Usk about 'the disturbed state of the Mining Districts', condemning the unrest among the miners.

  8. Photographs 12 CHOICE VIEWS OF BRISTOL AND CLIFTON Sepia postcard-type views tipped onto grey paper, black borders. Paper wraps, some small edge tears to wraps. c1910. £8.00

  9. St. James CONVEYANCE of a dwelling-house no 7 Dighton Street, Joseph Cottle late of the City of Bristol but now of Fairfield House in the parish of Bedminster to Ebenezer Harris. 2 vellum sheets, 3 wax seals. Signed by Cottle and Harris 1841. £25.00
    Joseph Cottle was the friend of Coleridge and publisher of the 'Lyrical Ballads'. He died at Fairfield House in 1853 (see 'Dictionary of National Biography')

  10. St. James LEASE FOR A YEAR of a messuage in Dukes Court late in the occupation of Joseph Cookson, Mariner, lately built by John Harrison, House Carpenter. Vellum. 2 wax seals. 1774. £15.00

  11. Stapleton and St. James (Eugene St.) CASE IN CHANCERY 16p, folio, draft, concerning the disputed will of George Bearpacker of Stapleton. 1784. £14.00

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  12. Hitchenden (Hughenden) A NOTE OF THE TAXES THAT HUGH JOHNSON PAYD FOR THE PARSONAGE of Hugenden from Michaelmas 1651 till St. Thomas day following. 7 pages, attached is another sheet 'A Note of the Charge that Hugh Johnson payd out for the building of the barne Anno 1651', listing 25 items, including labour, wood, materials (e.g. 'pd for 7 thousand and a half of lath nails...), tiles, carriage, labour, carpenters etc... with... 'A note of the Taxes for Berry Meade from Lady Day 1651 until Michall. following', mentions 'for quartering of Col. Engolby's(?) men at the house of Correction with other charges layd out by the constables for quartering soldiers', signed by 2 sub collectors and 2 constables. 3pp...with... 'A Note of Taxes layd out by me Hugh Johnson for Mr Elias Harvey... 1651 till Michall. 1652...' including hedging, ploughing etc. Attached are receipts incuding one for poor rate with a note 'Jane Clerke having come into our parish bigg with child upon examination she says she is married to one John Beckley a Carpenter living in Oxford...'...with... 'A Bill of what Tyth corne I John Hammond have sold this year 1658 belonging to the Parsonage of Hichendon...' 3p. sm 4to, listing names of 64 buyers with weight of summer and winter corn...with... 'A Bill of harvest charges this year 1657', 1p. 4to, with wages paid to different people... with... 'A note of the particular names and value of every man's tithe in Hichenden this year 1652', 1p, sm. folio, listing 60 names with amount paid... with... a substantial bundle of similar documents, covering the accounts for the parsonage for each year, 1653-1664, all neatly written, in good crisp fresh condition, many giving lists of names of inhabitants of the parish. 1653-64. £200.00

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  13. Basset & Grylls BANK BOOK Basset and Grylls Adventurers in account with Messrs Bolitho, Sons & Company. Small 8vo cash book, recording drafts, cash, balances etc. Feb. 1877-May 1879, 4p. The printed title has been crossed out and 'Vivian Grylls Rendall & Co.' added. 1877-8. £8.00

  14. Breage JUSTICE'S WARRANT to the Constables of Helston to summon and warn James Johns of Breage, Tinner, to appear at the Guildhall to answer the Complaint of Ann Philips and Mary Priske for a Misdemeanor. Oblong sm. 4to, printed with MS inserts, signed. On verso is signed promise of Sarah Johns, widow to pay John Plomer 5s. 1787. £16.00

  15. Bude Bay ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Sheet XXXIX. Size 33" x 14", plus margins, borders all round. Sea and land lightly shaded, darker shading along coast. Linen-backed and folding to large 4to, marbled sides. 1875. £12.00
    Shows only a small strip of coast.

  16. Bufton LETTER to Mr Edwards from Josiah Mayne saying he is willing to grant a sett to work for tin in the wood or in the bottoms of Bufton where the old works are. 2p, sm. 8vo. Jan. 1864. £10.00

  17. Carminowe, Manor of COUNTERPART LEASE of Chynithon Hendra in Cury, John Rogers to Isabella Carlyon. 3pp., folio, manuscript insertions. 1906. £10.00

  18. Checkhouse Common RECEIPT signed by Henry Paynter affirming he has received four pounds from John Hill for the annuity in consideration of his house and garden and also 1/16th share of Checkhouse(?) Common... and from the sale of Five Tons of Copper Oar to be raised in the said Common... to pay Five pounds yearly instead of four pounds' 1p, folio. signed and witnessed, blank conjoint leaf. 1757. £18.00


  19. Combellack Mine, Wendron SETT of Tenement of Combellack in the parish of Wendron, W.P. Thomas to G.P. Bidder and A. Blackwell. 4 large vellum sheets, on verso of second sheet is a manuscript plan in ink, size 11" x 9", showing fields with numbers, Combellack Mine, Wheal Lovell, smithies, shafts, old shafts, buildings. Area of sett outlined in pink. 1890. £80.00

  20. Constantine APPORTIONMENT OF THE RENT CHARGE in lieu of Tithes, in the Parish of Constantine. 40pp., large folio, lacks front wrap and first leaf of preamble. Printed in Columns for Landowner, Occupier, Description, no. on plan, quantity, amount of Rent Charge. Traces of two vertical creases where rolled. 1842. £180.00
    Landowners include Caroline Hill, John Borlase, Lord Clinton, Samuel Beauchant, Francis Pender, Rev. Ustick, Cuthbert Tremayne, Charles Fox.

  21. Constantine, Wendron PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Desirable Freehold Properties which Messrs Hocking & Johns will offer for Sale by Auction.... 30th day of July, 1902.... 6pp., folio, folded. One large folding coloured plan and one full page one. Details 24 Lots, in Wendron and Constantine and one field. 1902. £34.00
    Includes Gweek Hotel, Gweek Wollas Wharf, Wheelwright's Shop, Tenements of Mellanoweth, Naffean Downs, parts of Crahan Bowling Green etc.

  22. Coverack, Manor of Namboll COUNTERPART LEASE of a house 'with a cellar with a little roome adjoining to the western end.... adjoining to the lower corner of the western side of the fishing cellar... with the garden in Coverack adjoining the garden of Nicholas Harris...' Vellum size 15" x 24", wax seal, some damp spotting. 1736. £26.00
    With note of 'lives' and of surrender on verso.

  23. Drunkenness SIX CONVICTIONS FOR DRUNKENNESS Helston, 1812-1820. Each 1p, small folio, in manuscript, with small papered wax seal, signed by Justice, setting out conviction and fine. Folded with docket title on verso. 6 items. 1812-20. £40.00
    Those convicted were: James Williams, Baker; James Nicholls, Labourer; Thomas Daniell, John Perry of Sithney, William Landenyon, Butcher; Edward Bolitho of Wendron.

  24. Germoe SETT in Boscreege in Trewithen, His Grace the Duke of Leeds to Richard Tyacke, Miner. Two large vellum sheets, signed by Leeds with wax seal. Grants right to mine and denotes limits 'as far west south and east as to join Wheal Sydney Sett... as far north as the Cross Lode on which the deep adit was driven from the Great work into Wheal Sydney Mine and on the other part as far northward as to join Wheal Reeth Sett....' Grubby on the outside. 1805. £55.00

  25. Helford SETTLEMENT OF THE EXTENT Bounds and Limits of the Port of Helford in the County of Cornwall a Member of the Port of Plymouth, and of the lawful Places, Quays, and Warfs within the said Port returned into Court of Exchequer in Michaelmas Term in the third year of the Reign of her late Majesty Queen Ann. Manuscript, 1p, folio, 25 lines of text, blank conjoint leaf with docket title, folded. Paper watermarked 1802. £22.00
    Gives measurements, e.g. '... that other Quay now built called the Lower Quay, being also on the S.E. side of the said River containing in Length 90 Feet and 40 Feet broad...'

  26. Helston A RATE OR ASSESSMENT made by William Skues and Thomas James Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the said Borough upon all and every the Occupiers of House Lands Tithes and hereditaments within the said Borough for making Good the Loss incurred by them in purchasing Corn for the relief and support of the Poor of the Borough.... 8 pages, size 16" x 6", roughly sewn at edge, traces of folds. Lists under the name of the street name, House and fields, Sum assessed. Signed by Mayor and Overseers. 10th October 1801. £70.00
    Comprises Meneage St., Coinage Hall St., Church St., Cross St., Wendron St.

  27. Helston AN ASSESSMENT made upon the Inhabitants of the Borough of Helleston towards raising the sum of £.... for the poor of the sd. Borough... 7p, manuscript, size 12" x 8", ruled in columns for Name, yearly value of house, value of fields, total yearly value. Approx. 160 names. Paper watermarked 1799. £40.00

  28. Helston area DOCTOR'S RECORD BOOK Folio ledger, calf spine, stiff marbled wraps, listing consultations, prescriptions July 1863 - August 1880. 76 pages of entries. For each year there is a list of names and charges headed 'Bills for 1869' etc. (decreasing numbers of patients from approx. 50 in ealier years to about a dozen at the end), followed by several pages giving date, name of person, sometimes with occupation, village etc, and date of visits, what prescribed, for example Fanny Prideaux at Nansloe received a visit, with lotion on 27 Aug., cost 9s 6d, followed by another visit on 30th, cost 7s 6d. 1863 - 1880. £75.00
    On 28th November he charged Wheal Vor Mine £2 2s 'for attendance in Consultation with Mr Wearne... assisted at amputation of his leg...'

  29. Helston Bank DRAFT of Messrs Grylls and Trevenen Bankers Helston, to Pay to His Grace the Duke of Leeds or Bearer eighty four pounds 10s 8d. Balance Toller ale end April 1825. Signed by Richard Grylls. Size 3" x 7", printed with manuscript inserts, wavy ege at left with printed curlicues. Some creasing. Signature crossed through in ink. 16 July 1825. £25.00

  30. Helston Churchwardens THIRTEEN BILLS regarding work done at the church, and on the church bells, for a child's funeral, for coal and clothing for the workhouse, etc. 13 pieces, mostly 8vo or smaller, signed as received. All in manuscript. 1778-83. £70.00
    Includes 'Funeral Charge for a Child that died att Fermor...' (Coffin, Sexton, Wool, Brandy), work on the pulpit and seats, lime and hair etc. for plastering, glazing, and 3 bills regarding the church bells including to Nicholas James for the iron Work for Church Bell... 5 bolts and nuts, etc., to Henry Enstis 'for hanging one of the Church bells Labor... 10s 0d. To timber... 8d.' to Harvey Skinner for 'setting and keeping up the bells assisting in taking of the Clapers etc....5s'

  31. Helston LETTER BOOK of W. Moyle, Helston. Small folio book, calf spine, stiff marbled wraps, 76 pages. Copies of business letters sent by Moyle, dated, with note of to whom sent at bottom of letter. Helston 6th November 1848 - Jan. 1879, all in the same hand. A couple of leaves have been excised. 1848-79. £65.00
    Much of the correspondence is about property he owned and refers to leases, rent arrears, disputes (for example a stream of water used by the Stamping Mills adjacent to one of his properties), e.g. to Mr. Richard Kerby 'When I let to you my house in Church Street it was for the purpose of your occupation as a dwelling house - you have now turned it into an Auction Mart...' One of the letters is to Jno. Bright M.P., (1p) regarding his ideas on the rocket apparatus for communicating with a stranded vessel. He says he has seen in the last ten years many failures due to the 'difficulty in getting it into a proper position... I humbly submit that had the stranded vessel been furnished with a portable rocket apparatus the communication from thence to the shore would easily have been effected. A small rocket would suffice to convey a line 500 yards before the wind....'

  32. Helston Market COUNTERPART OF THE MORTGAGE of the Fairs and Markets for one hundred pounds, the Mayor and Commonalty of Helston to the Earl of Godolphin. On paper, size 18" x 23", signed Godolphin with armorial wax seal 1741. £45.00
    Includes 'standings and standing stuff... the Upper Market House, Toll of Corn, the farm of the Flesh Market, benefitt of the Beam Scale and Weights...'

  33. Helston ORDER from the Mayor, signed, to the Serjeants at Mace to proclaim the Sessions of the Peace... and to summon the people who are to serve on the Grand Jury. 1p., manuscript, sm. folio, two small papered seals, with list of 19 names of Jury on adjoining leaf. Folded, some browning at centre, some slight wear in margin at central fold. 1747. £22.00

  34. Helston TWENTY THREE CONVICTIONS for having false weights. All dated May 1820, each consisting of two separate pages, small folio, one being the Information and Complain of Benjamin Moon, Surveyor of Weights and Balances for the West division of Kirrier, reporting the visit to the shop, etc., printed with MS inserts, the other in MS signed by 2 Justices with 2 small papered seals, setting out conviction and fine. 1820. £75.00
    Moon seems to have been particularly zealous in carrying out his duties. Names of those convicted include Tresidder, Julian, Hawke, Curry, Priske, James, Olver (had false weights at his Mills), Bunny, Dreadon.

  35. Helston, Truro, St. Austell ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No XXXI. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 25" x 36". Area round coast and estuaries shaded yellow, sea shaded 1" from coast, parkland coloured green, main roads in brown. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding to sm. 4to, marbled endpapers. O.S blindstamp 1859. £36.00

  36. Leskinnick, Lescudjack FINAL AGREEMENT between Walter Borlase and Richard and Maria Pearse relating to twenty messuages twenty cottages one hundred acres of land and one hundred acres of pasture at Leskinnick, Leskudjack Castle Down Morrabbs Bulvis and Penzance. In English, on vellum, size 17" x 6". 1740. £18.00

  37. Namboll, Manor of, St. Keverne LEASE of his messuage and capital tenements in Namboll, with 'All Toll Tynn and Tynworks now found or hereafter to be found and wrought... all Timber trees of oak, ash and elm... excepted', Henry Nance of 'Luggan' to William Sampson. Vellum, size 12" x 18", tag lacking seal, 33 lines in a fine neat hand, some light browning of vellum in parts, vertical folds. 1656. £35.00

  38. Namboll, Manor of, St Keverne LEASE of two messuages in St Keverne, formerly in the possession of Nicholas Banfield, John Sandys of Lanarth to Lawrence James, husbandman. 43 lines, on vellum, size 16" x 22", wax seal, some minor spotting. On verso is a further lease, 1720, with two wax seals. 1716. £36.00
    The lease stipulated that James was to serve as reeve for the Manor of Namboll, and in addition to make payments of capons and 'harvest journeys'. Sandys retained rights to tin, and trees of oak, elme and sycamore.

  39. Pednandrea Mine AT A MEETING OF THE LORDS AND BOUNDERS of Pednandrea Mine held at Pearses Hotel... it was proposed by the Adventurers... that the Dues should be abated for the space of Seven Years or until the costs should be reimburs'd... 1 folio sheet, written on one side only, signed by 9 agents on behalf of the named Adventurers. 1801. £14.00

  40. Penryn and Scilly LETTER from Joanna Pellowe at Penryn to her sister Sibilla Phillips at St. Marys, Scilly. 3p., 4to, back page is integral address panel, with address to Mrs. Sibla. Phillips at St. Marys Island, Scilly to be left at Mr Lavers Penzance, remains of black wax seal, straight line Penryn postmark. Penry, July 23rd 1791. £30.00
    Tells her sister not to give way to low spirits and trust that 'all things will yet work together for Good'. She says 'my Mine - is all cry and no wool - great talk but no profit'. She gives a list of lengths of cloth that she has bought and sent 'please to say what I shall buy more to make out the Ten Pound for the Poor... Mr Phillips desired I would lay out that Sum'

  41. Penryn GRANT OF ADMINISTRATION The grant of James Carrington, Comissary of George Bishop of Exeter, of the adminstration of the Goods and Chattles of James Bohenna deceased, late of Penryn, who died intestate, to his wife Catherine Bohenna. Printed form size 13" x 13", with manuscript inserts and 6 lines of introduction in manuscript. Fine papered seal of Diocese of Exeter top left. Two impressed tax stamps in right margin. Folded. Small split at central fold, in blank area. 1758. £22.00

  42. Penzance ASSIGNMENT of no. 17 Alma Terrace and premises in Penzance, T.H. Williams to S. Weymouth. Large vellum sheet, wax seals. 1880. £10.00

  43. Penzance, Redruth, Truro etc. TRADESMEN'S BILLS Twelve bills, 1893-1906, all with printed headings, 8vo, 4to and foolscap. 1893-1906. £20.00
    Includes John Collins, Builders, Stithians, with illustrations of ridge tiles etc.; Bennetts, Penzance, Colliery Agent; Martin, Matthews & Co., Manure, Seed, Corn, Forage & Implement Merchants; John Nicholl, Nurseryman, Redruth, with vignette of rose and strawberries etc.

  44. Porthkellis LETTER to his son Thomas in London from Thomas Glynn. Says he has been approached by Mr Hill to pay him an acknowledgement for water 'that he saith runns in his Ditch wch. come to our Mills' and that he was ready to try the title 'this water hath run in this place constantly above a hundred years... what he wants by it I cannot tell but this is a whim of his Brothers who have given the Adventurers soe much trouble...' Signed 'Yr. lov. father T. Glynn. He continues with a letter to 'My dearest Daughter'. 2p., sm. 4to, on verso is address panel 'For Mr Tho. Glynn at his house in Essex Buildings near the Temple.' 19th Sept. 1708. £28.00

  45. Redruth LEASE dwellinghouse and premises adjoining the Falmouth Road, Rt. Honble. Charles Rolle Baron Clinton to Jonathan Martin, builder. Large vellum sheet, wax seal, printed with MS inserts. On verso is coloured sketch plan, 7" x 9". 1891. £12.00

  46. St. Kew CONVEYANCE and Assignment of certain Messuage Lands and Hereditaments situate in St. Kew Cornwall and Stoke Damerell, Devon, Executors of the late Joanna Symons, to John Symons. Two large vellum sheets, wax seals. Concerns tenement in Trewortherne, with 32 acres of land including West Parks, house known as Mowhay, land known as Blindwell, houses in James Street, Stoke Damerell. Second sheet browned 1824. £16.00

  47. Stithians PARTICULAR of Sundry Freehold Lands, of the late Thomas Reed, Esq., to be Sold by Auction, at Trevales in Stithians, on Thursday 30th September, 1813. 6 pages plus leaf with docket title, size 16" 13", held with pink tape at corner, comprising tables with columns for Lot No., Parish, Tenement, Occupants, Names of Lives (usually three lives given) and their Ages in 1813, Heriots, Measure, Observations, all information being printed except entries in the last column which are in ms.... together with... Conditions of Sale as to such Lands in the annexed Particular as were late Part of the Duchy of Cornwall', 3p., folio, together with 'Conditions of Sale' 3p, folio, both in manuscript. Penaluna, Printer, Helston, 1813. £120.00
    Tenements include Penhalvean, Carn Meor, Nancotha, Colvennor, Tregouls.

  48. Stoke Climsland, Callington SURVEY BOOK REFERENCE TO KNOLE etc. in the Parish of Linkinhorne 4to notebook, paper wraps with attractive large engraving of a race horse 'Eclipse' and jockey. 10 double page spreads in columns for name of field etc., customary measure, yearly value, remarks, for Knoll, Manaton in Southill, Higher Forder, Lodge, Minnards and Warmingtons, Callington, Deers, Norton, etc. The remarks are quite detailed, some in a later hand 'there is 24 Large Oaks in the Road.... they are usefull for shade... gates in very bad repair... a small orchard.... claimed by the Prince's Tenant but Mr Trehane gathered the apples' etc...together with... Small 8vo notebook, marbled wraps, torn, stained title page 'Reference to the Plan. Map 2nd'. 5pp., giving numbers, name of fields etc., state and customary measure, for lands in Stoke Climsland and Callington, St. Ive and Millawn. Pages with rust spots at bottom, tear at corner of last page affecting 3 numbers, Names of some 'lives' added. c1806 and c1780. £65.00
    Refers to Hill, Kelly family, and Lord Clinton.


  49. The Gweek Company ARTICLES OF PARTNERSHIP entered into by The Gweek Company the 1st Augst. 1820. Copy, The original with Grylls & Co. In Trust. 4to book, half morocco, marbled boards, rubbed. 56 numbered pages, written on one side only with summaries/additions on facing page, title page and Index. With a document 2p, large folio 'Clause in the proposed articles of Partnership of the Gwek Co', and 'Articles of Agreement', copy 9p, large folio, .. together with... MINUTE BOOK of Partners Meetings 5th July 1820 to 31st August 1836, 94 pages, 4to, parchment spine, marbled boards, and MINUTE BOOK, 12th October 1836 to 30th June 1863. 181p in 4to book, half morocco, marbled boards. Minutes signed by partners. 3 volumes. 1820-1863. £250.00
    The partners were Richard and John Tyacke, George and Henry Borlase, Francis Pender, John Cornish. Minutes include many resolutions about mining shares, ships to be sent out, cargoes, employees, property leases, etc. e.g,. '5th July 1820. That the Ann Brig be sent to America immediately on her arrival for Pine Timber', '9th Feb. 1825, That the Company take up 18th part in the Great Work Mines...', '12th Nov. 1845. That the 20 shares taken in Wheal Lovell Mine by Mr T. Tyacke... be approved of...', '11th March 1846... that if Sir R. Vyvyan still consents to have the point of the Cliff at Vell Tremayne to be taken as Ballast for Vessels discharging their cargoes for the Company, a Quay be built there immediately and tenders obtained...', '6th August 1856... that the large amounts owing from Porkellis, Wendron Consols and Leeds & St. Aubyn Mines being long overdue the Pursers... be immediately called upon to pay'. The last meetings record the winding up of the company and sale of their boats, property, etc. An archive covering the complete life-span of the company.

  50. Truro FINAL AGREEMENT between William Ferris and Thomas and Lucy Daniell regarding twenty messuages and 2 acres of land within the borough of Truro. Vellum, 8" x 15", blue tax stamp. 10GIV £14.00

  51. Wendron MEMORANDUM that Thomas Tyack of Helston on behalf of Mrs Harriette Vivian and Thomas Graham Graham grants to William Caltran of Ludgvan, Miner, 'Licence for one year to work and stream for tin through one moiety of a part of the River Cobre from the Wear head below Lowertown Bridge... and a Stone post fixed on the bank of the said river.... to erect such Frames buddles and other apparatus as shall be necessary.... to employ a sufficient number of Hands...' 2p., folio, folded. Unsigned. Tax stamps. 1862. £40.00

  52. Wendron United Tin Mines ASSIGNMENT of debt due and owing from the Adventurers in the Wendron Unite Tin Mines in Cornwall, Messrs. Cornish and Borlase to William Kite, Mine Agent. Vellum, size 26" x 28", wax seal. 1836. £24.00
    The debt was for £59 for goods supplied.

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  53. Carlisle BILL of The North of England Agricultural Implement Works, Cumberland Foundry, Botchergate. Sm. folio, printed heading with attractive vignette of farmer on horse-drawn harrow. Lists 30 purchasers. c1870. £6.00

  54. Carlisle railway ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 25" to one mile, size 54" x 81", linen backed, folding into folio cloth covered boards, lettered 'Estate and Rating Dept., Euston'. 6 sections of the map are plain paper, with one section having 'Sales and Purchases' listed in red ink, from 1925 to 1969. Map covers Carlisle and the railway from Stainton to Durranhill Park, railway outlined in green. Linen split along four folds. Revision of 1937. £22.00

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  55. Ashburton AUCTION POSTER for sale of a house in West Street with walled garden, stable, coach-house, shrubbery, etc. Size 30" x 19", bold lettering in black and red. Folded, some cracks in part of one large letter. 1905. £18.00
    With detailed description of each floor of the house.

  56. Axminster ASSIGNMENT of all that messuage and tenement 'known by the name of the Dolphin at Castle Hill in Axminster', Edward Smith of Axminster to John Ash of Membury. Vellum, size 20" x 26", damp spotted, with 1" tear at fold, but ink black and clear. Small armorial wax seal. 1728. £16.00

  57. Buckfastleigh TO BE SOLD by Public Auction.... at the Sun Inn.... the 1st Day of December, 1862, The Undermentioned Live & Dead Stock.... 1 Cow and Calf, 3 Milch Cows.... Poster, size 17" x 11". Some Off-setting. Creagh, Printer, Ashburton, 1862. £20.00
    Lists stock, implements, pasture and arable to be let etc. The farmer 'declining agricultural pursuits' was Thomas Churchyard.

  58. Cherry, Printer, Druggist, Bampton RECIPES FOR THE CURE OF CATTLE, HORSES etc. Handbill printed on one side only, 4to, giving 23 recipes in two columns, including 'Fistula upon a Horse', 'To Scour a Bullock' etc., but also 'For a weak inside for a Christian'. Traces of folds. 1840? £20.00


  59. Combe Martin, Devonshire LEASE of messuages, houses, orchards land and tenement in the Baronage of Combmartyn, occupied by John Witheridge and Joane his wife, the grant of Richard Roberts deceased. Thomas Westcott of Shobbrook, gent., and Mary his wife, William Squyre of South Molton, gent., and Jane his wife, John Amory of Nymett Episcopi, gent. and Prudence his wife, and Francys Isaac of Westdowne, gent and Grace his wife, to William Roe, Son of Edward Roe of Combmartyn, labourer. On vellum, 12" x 15", small tear at one fold affecting two words, but not legibility, unsigned (counterpart copy of lease), no tag or seal. Ink rubbed on first few letters of lease. 22nd April 1625. £75.00
    See Westcote's A View of Devonshire in 1630, published Exeter, 1845, for biographical details of Westcote, the first historian of the county, and of the family of Richard Roberts of Combe Martin, patron of Berrynarbor.

  60. Dainty Series SOUVENIR OF LYNTON & LYNMOUTH Seventeen views, on glossy paper with pale green border. Oblong small 4to, stiff wraps with small round photo. c1910. £12.00

  61. Daniell (W), Engr. ILFRACOMBE ON THE COAST OF NORTH DEVON Original hand-coloured aquatint, size 8" x 11", plus margins. In recent brown card mount. 1814. £65.00
    Shows Lantern Hill, coast with boats etc.

  62. Exe Estuary ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size approx. 24" x 35". Mounted on linen, folding to 4to, marbled side. Fully colour shaded. 1874. £35.00

  63. Exeter CORONATION EXHIBITION of City Archives illustrating Exeter's history through eight centuries. Royal Albert Memorial Musuem.... 35p., 8vo, plates. 8 pages of relevant newspaper cuttings pasted in at rear. 1953. £8.00

  64. Gidley TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION at the Seven Stars Inn... near Exeter, On Tuesday, 5th of August next.... All that the Fee-Simple and Inheritance of the Extensive Manor and Lordship of Gidley.... Also the Messuage, Outhouses, Barton and Farm called Gidley Barton.... Also The Rectory, Glebe Lands and Tithes.... Handbill, size 13" x 8", printed with a variety of type-faces, some decorative. On the verso are Particulars of the Inclosed and other Lands, listing 27 fields, woods etc, with measure and details of rents etc. Cullum, Exeter, Printer. 1817. £30.00

  65. Landkey and Swymbridge COPY CONTRACT for the purchase of the Tythes of Swymbridge and Landkey, between William Berry of Shilston in Bishops Tawton to James Nott of Torr Down. 3p, sm. folio. 1797, copy, slightly later. £12.00

  66. Marwood CONVEYANCE of Spencer's Wood, Giles Ground, and other property in Marwood, The Trustees of Barnstaple Old Bank to R. Drake. Copy on 15 sheets folio, with small schedule. 1851. £12.00
    The plan which was in the margin of the original was not copied.

  67. Methodist Missions PRINTED NOTICE to Friends of Missions, informing them of various services to be held at Plymouth and Stonehouse in connection with the Fourteenth Anniversary of the Plymouth Branch Society. 1pp., sm. 8vo. June 25th, 1828. £12.00

  68. Oldrey (M.C) Publisher TWENTY FOUR VIEWS OF TORQUAY Engraved vignette views by Rock & Co., oblong 8vo, cloth boards, gilt title, inner hinge broken, spine worn, f.e.p. torn at edge, orange stain on edge of board, and on fore-edges, barely visible on the pages, water-staining and foxing to approx. half the plates, waterstain being down right margin. 1860-65. £50.00
    Size of views approx. 3" x 4", page size 5" x 7".

  69. River Taw NOTICE TO THE MAYOR Aldermen and Burgesses fo the Borough of Barnstaple from Thomas Law advising them he will indict anyone who encroaches upon the River due to the proposed new road 'which is to occupy a portion of and encroach upon the present Waterway'. Manuscript on one side of foolscap sheet, signed, 3rd June 1845.... together with Receipt for Chief Rent paid by Law to the Council of Barnstaple as Lord of the Manor of Castle Court, 1837, signed by Mayor and Treasurer. 1837 and 1845. £15.00

  70. Rowe (G) Exeter, Pub ENTRANCE TO LYNTON AND LYNMOUTH Lithograph, after drawing by Rowe, engraved surface approx. 6" x 8". Shows two near wall in foreground, ships in distance. c1830. £18.00

  71. Rowe (G) and Wallis (J), Publishers, Sidmouth EAST TEIGNMOUTH WITH THE PARSON AND CLERK ROCKS FROM THE DEN Lithograph, size 6" x 8", plus margins. Crease across corner of top margin, small light waterstaining in top corner at margin, not affecting engraving. Printed by Dean & Munday, c1840. £30.00
    A very attractive view with fisherfolk on the beach unloading boat in the foreground, bathing machines, couples on promenade.

  72. Rowe (G) ILFRACOMBE from Capstone Hill. Tinted lithograph, size 9" x 13" plus margins, showing view across the town and bay, two figures in middle foreground, paddle steamer in bay, sailing ships in harbour. Tear through title and 1" into plate, some light waterstaining of bottom margin, small portion torn from right margin, traces of crease down centre. c1840. £30.00
    Corresponds to Somers Cox 1300, except the dimensions of the view he lists are slightly smaller.

  73. Rowe (G), Pr. and Pub. GLENTHORN Near Linton (Rev. S. Halliday). Lithograph showing house from the side, looking along the coast. Size 7" x 9". In recent beige card mount. c1840. £30.00

  74. Rowe (G), Drawn and Published by TORQUAY from Park Terrace. Lithograph with subtle touches of hand colouring. Size 6" x 8", plus margins, laid on to card. Margins slightly grubby. c1840. £18.00
    Attractive view looking across harbour with ships, people seated on wall in foreground.

  75. Rowe (G), Pr. and Pub. VALLEY OF THE LYN From Mars Hill. Drawn by Mr. Rowe. Tinted lithograph on thick paper, size 8" x 11", plus margins. Margins grubby, small piece torn from one corner. c1845. £28.00
    A view looking upstream to bridge, houses on hillside.

  76. Seaton AGREEMENT for rent of shop and store rooms at Seaton, James Skinner to Robert Follett, 'to carry on business of China, Glass and Earthenware, as well as Tea and Wholesale Dealers and Family Grocers'. 3 pages folio, folded. 1887. £10.00

  77. Tiverton LEASE for 14 years of farm, land and cottages belonging known by the name of Craze Lowman. 4p., 2 large sheets of paper, 20" x 29", wax seal, a few ink blots. Loosely inserted is 'Valuation of Craze Lowman Barton and other Lands situate in the Parish of Tiverton late the property of J. Gwyn now in the occupation of Nathaniel Cook.' 4p., folio, with field name, measure, cultivation. 1861. £18.00

  78. Wallis (J), Pub., Sidmouth KNOWLE COTTAGE, SIDMOUTH Lithograph on India Paper, drawn on stone by G. Rowe, size 5" x 6", plus margins, traces of glue on verso in margin corners. c1840. £16.00

  79. Wheaton and Company Limted, Exeter THE WHEATON SERVICE TO COMMERCE AND EDUCATION Catalogue of stationery supplies, each item illustrated, with small section on their printing and binding services. Price booklet loosely inserted. 4to, hardback, 137pp. early 1950's. £16.00

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  80. Beaminster, Pulham, West Bay PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM Oblong large 4to, half morocco, containing 17 pasted in photographs, c1880, mainly of Beaminster area (Manor House, cottages, Church, school outing at West Bay etc.), and 54 on card loosely inserted throughout, some labelled in pencil on mount, for example. The ones on card are mainly of Dorset churches, including Mappowder, Compton Valence, West Chalborough, Pulham, Hazlebury. c1880-90, some earlier. £80.00
    None of the photographs seem to have commercial titles or photographers in the plate. The photographs of Hazlebury, for example, shows large ruined house and thatched cottage with roof fallen in in front of the church.

  81. Bridport POSTER printed in red and black on a greyish background, with red border, giving details of Harvest Services at St. Mary's Church, Sunday, Sept. 4th, 1904. Size 24" x 18", folds... together with.... Handbill 'Our Beloved Queen Has Passed Away...' 'News' Office, Bridport, Jan. 22nd, 1901. 2 items. 1901 and 1904. £15.00

  82. Corscombe ABSTRACT OF THE TITLE of Mr John Glyde to the Fee Simple and Inheritance of certain Heriditaments situate within the parish of Corscombe purchased of the Rev. Doctor Disney. 9p. folio. Concerns Milton Farm, Mudford Mill Lands, with detailed description of various pastures with acreage. c1813. Paper watermarked 1813. £20.00
    Details title from 1810-1813.

  83. Corscombe PROBATE of the Will of Grace Burt, widow, of Corscombe. With printed certificate in Latin, with MS inserts, attached, plus paper signed by Mary Martin, grandaughter, attesting receipt of her legacy. Large vellum sheet, written in two hands. Lacks seal from tag, some slight yellowing at top. 1777. £24.00
    Refers to her tenement called Parkside with 4 acres meadow called Park Gate, and right of pasture for 25 sheep on Corscombe Down, purchased from Earl Pomfrett.

  84. Corscombe WILL of James Loveless of Corscombe, Yeoman. 3p., large folio, folded, signed with his mark with wax seal, each page signed by him and 3 witnesses. 1790. £35.00
    Refers to his lands in Corscombe.

  85. Cruttwell (J), Printer THE DORCHESTER AND SHERBORNE JOURNAL and West of England Advertiser. Friday, March 25, 1814. 4pp., red tax stamp, folded. 1814. £14.00
    Notice of Maiden Newton Turnpike Meeting, numerous auction sale notices etc.

  86. Hine (R) and Leonard (A) NEWSPAPER CUTTINGS from the 'Bridport News' 1875-79. 4to album, half calf, spine worn. 100 pages. Name 'A. Leonard, April 20th 1877. Cuttings... chiefly relating to the Church in Bridport'. The album later belonged to Richard Hine and he has written his name and the date Feb. 28. 1912. With Index. 1875-79. £38.00
    Hine was the author of 'A History of Beaminster'.

  87. Netherbury ORDER OF THE CEREMONIAL for the unveiling of the mural brass in memory of Lt. Arthur Hood, Capt. Alexander Hood, Admiral Sir Samuel Hood... in the Parish Church of Netherbury... 4pp., folio, illustrations, with smaller insert advertising limelight lecture on the Hoods at Bridport. 1914. £16.00

  88. Shaftesbury DRAFT DEED OF COVENANT to produce title deeds to premises in St. James, Shaftesbury, William Boucher of the Close of Sarum, Wilts, and John Dyneley of Grays Inn. 10 pages folio, including 6 page schedule of deeds from 1715-1821. 1821. £15.00

  89. Sherborne Pageant THE FOLK-PLAY BY THE CLEAR STREAM Manuscript by John Alderton Collins (presumably written for a journal or newspaper) describing a performance of the pageant in detail. 26p, 4to, 3,600 words. Name and address of Collins at Bridport on verso. 1909. £35.00
    'The inhabitants of the little country town in Dorset have given us a folk-play which is unique in English experience...'

  90. Sherborne, Piddletown, Beaminster ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XVIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 31". O.S. blindstamp 1891. £36.00
    Also covers part of Somerset.

  91. Swanage POSTER advertising the Auction Sale of the Goods Chattels and Effects of Mr. Reuben Hardy 'comprising 2 Roan Cart Horses, Harness and other Effects...' 6th of May, 1889. Printed using large capital letters. Size 17" x 11", folds, two minor marginal tears. 1889. £16.00

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  92. Kellow and Branspeth EXEMPLIFICATION OF A RECOVERY Thomas Wharton Doctor in Physic against Richard Scruton, given before Sir George Nares Knight of Durham. Refers to a moiety of the Manor of Hurworth otherwise Hurworth on the Moor, and Ten Messuages, Ten Cottages, Ten Orchards, One thousand acres of pasture, one thousand acres of Meadow, one hundred acres of wood, one hundred acres of moor and Common of Pasture for Cattle. Vellum, 25" x 32", large papered wax seal on tag. Vellum slightly browned, dust-stained on verso. 1786. £80.00

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  93. Abbess Hall (Manor of) ACCOUNT BOOK relating to properties of Stephen Skynner, and later his heirs, 1745-1774. Vellum bound account book, 8" x 6", titled in manuscript on front board 'Accounts of Essex Rents'. Debit on left-hand page and crediton right, detailing sums for rents received, and money paid out to workmen for repairs, work in the woods, land tax, poor etc. 174 pages. An entry 1769 lists expenses 'Steward's Fees: for attending Courts at Loughton, Sewardston, North Weald'. 1745-74. £160.00
    Among expenses are; 'to several days making a survey of all the Timber growing upon the several lands of the late Mr. Skynners at Coopersale, North Weald, Lambourn, Hornchurch, Loughton'; 'pd. Mr Stock by your Honours order for the poor of Belchamp and Abbis'; 'pad Mr Scott at the Lime Kiln for 12 hundred and 12 bushells for lime for Manure for Jno. Collop's farm'; 'Pd. Mr Clarke for Ramsey the Lath Cleaver for work done at Abbis Hall'; 'gave the men to Drink falling the great Oak at Aybridge'. Many of the entries are to do with timber - bark-stripping, felling, hauling etc., money received for loads of timber, payment for 'measuring' woods.

  94. Southend, Epping ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 241, Scale 1" to 1 mile, in four sheets mounted on linen, oveerall size 27" x 37", folding to large 4to. Main roads hand-coloured. Some slight discoloration at fold. 1898. £25.00

  95. Wendons Ambo PARTICULARS OF SALE With Views and Plan of the Attractive Freehold Residential, Agricultural and Sporting Domain known as Lofts Hall with the Elizabethan Mansion... Three Lodges, Home Farm, Elmdon Bury Old Manor House... Private Residences... 83 Cottages... About 4,180 Acres also The Manors of Elmdon Bury, Duddenhoe Grante, Rockell's and Leebury, The Advowson of Wenden Lofts... Corn Rents.... 17pp., small folio, stiff wraps, 6 pages of photographic views, large folding coloured plan at rear. April, 1922. £50.00
    Includes views of the interior of the Mansion.

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  96. Childwick, Court Baron of ADMISSION of William Rossen(?) Senior. Vellum, 4" x 12". 1" split in vellum at left edge, letters slightly rubbed at edge. 1711. £16.00

  97. Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester NOTICES OF CLAIM TO BE INSERTED IN THE LIST OF VOTERS 19 forms printed with MS inserts, plus 2 completely in manuscript, signed, size 7" x 8", giving name, address, qualification (Property held and where situated, name of tenant)... together with... NOTICES OF OBJECTION to the Overseers to 20 various individuals being included in the List of Voters. 20 printed forms, size 5" x 8", with MS inserts, 8 signed by John Cox of Cheltenham, the rest by Joseph Garner of Three Cocks Lane, Gloucester, August 1835. 41 forms. 1835. £95.00

  98. English Bicknor SETTLEMENT by Edward Machen of Freehold estates called Little Eastback and Blackthorns in English Bicknor on the the Marriage of his son The Revd. Edward Machen with Miss Sophia Dighton. Vellum, 5 large sheets, includes schedules of the two farms with field names etc. Signed by 5 parties with wax seals. 1847. £18.00

  99. Gloucester AN ACCOUNT OF THE RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS of the Corporation of the Governor and Guardians of the Poor of the City of Gloucester, from 30th April, 1833 to 30th April, 1834. Folio sheet printed on one side only, folded, with Receipts (mainly from Rates) on left and Payments on right. With two extra sections at bottom for the School in Northgate Street and for Lighting the Public Lamps. Power, Printer, Gloucester, 1834. £45.00
    Payments include salaries, soap and candles, apothecary, weaving, apprentice fees, 'on account of Cholera', relief to vagrants, lunatics, etc.

  100. Gloucester PROBATE of the will of William Clarke of Gloucester, Maltster. Large vellum sheet, administration certificate, printed with MS inserts, attached. Large papered seal. 1844. £14.00
    Leaves personal estate to William Carter of Hawkesbury Upton.

  101. Gloucester THE LIST OF PERSONS ENTITLED TO VOTE in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester, in respect of Property situate within the parish of Saint John the Baptist. Printed sheet, signed by the Overseers, size 18" x 11", listing 76 voters with Place of Abode, nature of Qualification, Street etc. Wingate, Printer, Northgate Street. 1835. £45.00
    With pinholes in the top corners and a note in ink on verso 'This sheet was on the Church door Aug. 2nd 1835.'

  102. Jew and Bryant, Printers, Gloucester THE UNDERSIGNED ADDRESS TO SIR ROBERT PEEL Baronet, is now lying for Signature at Mr. Jew's, Bookseller, Westgate Street... We, the undersigned Inhabitants of the City of Gloucester... entertain a decided conviction, that the United Episcopal Church of England and Ireland possess an indisputable and exclusive claim to retain... its station as the Established Church... Broadside, printed on one side only, 36 lines, 13" x 8", folded. n.d. 1840's. £40.00

  103. Jew and Bryant, Printers, Gloucester THE UNDERSIGNED ADDRESS TO THE KING is now lying for Signature, at Mr. Jew's, Bookseller, Westgate Street. Broadside, printed on one side only, size 13" x 8", 3 paragraphs.To the King's Most Excellent Majesty.... n.d. 1840's. £40.00
    '... we beg leave to approach your Royal Person with our earnest prayers that Your Majesty will.... check the avowed purposes of alienating the Revenues of the Church of England and Ireland, and thereby secure the inviolabilityh and integrity of her Establishment...'

  104. Newland PROBATE of the will of Ralph Owen of Coleford in Newland. Large vellum sheet with copy of will, small administration certificate in Latin attached. Damaged papered seal on tag. Some slight discoloration of vellum. 1737. £25.00
    Leaves his tenement and land at Howen in Coleford to his nephew, lands called Stank, Ducknells, Brecknock Court to other relatives.

  105. Nibley COPY DEED OF PURCHASE of Mr Smythe from Mary Purnell of lands in Nibley, of the Exemplification of the fine thereof and an Abstract of the Inquisition after the death of Thmas Purnell her grandfather and of the Joyhnture made by John Purnell her father. 4p., folio, folded. Contemporary copy. Small hole at fold in last page affecting 2 letters, outside dusty. 1661. £30.00
    Refers to 20 acres called Broad Leazes between the lands of Lord Berkeley and Ruchard Curnock, 14 acres, and Longleaze, Swinbourne, Little Clayfield, together with buildings, timber, stone etc.

  106. Southrop Manor Estate ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS WITH PLANS of the Southrop Manor Estate comprising the 14th Century manor House... Three Farms, Small Holdings, The Swan Inn, and 40 Cotswold Type Cottages including practically the whole of the Village of Southrop and embracing an area of about 1245 acres which will be offered for Sale by Auction... Lechlade, September 9th, 1926. 31pp., stiff wraps, folio, 3 photographic plates, lacks one of two folding plans at rear. 1926. £22.00
    The estate had been since the 17th century in the ownership of Wadham College.

  107. Upper and Lower Swell TO BE SOLD Residential and Sporting Estate extending to an area of about 1000 acres.... comprises a well-known Mansion in the Elizabethan style.... Grounds and Gardens.... 2p., sm. folio, with description of estate and schedule of 'Areas and Rents' (including Lower Swell Farm, Right of Water to Christ Church College, etc.) Two small edge tears. n.d. c1900. £12.00
    The word 'Abbotswood' has been added in pencil - possibly the name of the Estate.

  108. Walker (D) Publisher GLOUCESTER JOURNAL Large broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., red tax stamp, numerous folds, some slight browning of shield on title. October 7, 1826. £17.00
    Includes report on Brecon races, numerous notices of property auctions, including iron mines near Caerphilly, sale of cloth-making equipment at Slad Mill, Stroud, etc.

  109. Walker (D) Publisher GLOUCESTER JOURNAL Large broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., red tax stamp. Numerous folds, slight browning at one fold. Saturday December 23, 1837. £17.00
    Includes notices for lease of various cloth mills at Chalford, Leonard Stanley, invitation for tender for wooden sleepers for Birmingham and Gloucester Railway.

  110. Walker (D) Publisher GLOUCESTER JOURNAL Large broadsheet newspaper, 4pp., red tax stamp, numerous folds, some slight browning of shield on title. August 18, 1838. £16.00
    Includes auction notice for Dean Forest Turnpike Tolls, large notices for Gloucester Music Festival.

  111. Wapley, Chipping Sodbury PARTICULARS of an Attested Holding known as Bush's Farm.... for Sale by Auction..... 29th September 1957. 6p., sm. 4to. Loosely inserted folding plan. 1957. £10.00

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    Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  112. Andover ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS Plans and Conditions of Sale of... The Over Wallop Estate, including Seven Corn-growing and Dairying Farms... Watercress Bed, numberous Cottages... about 2,418 acres, Valuable Sporting Rights.... for Sale by Auction... 24th August, 1932... 32pp., sm. folio, large folding coloured plan, 2 pages of photographs. 1932. £38.00

  113. Botley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet LXVI, Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo cloth wraps. Margins slightly dusty. Some fields at Bursledon shaded pink (probably for auction sale). 1871. £20.00
    Covers Moorgreen, Shidfield.

  114. Hale LEASE for 99 years of plot of enclosed land called Wile Close, Thomas Gage of Sherborne, Oxford to John Norris of Hale, yeoman. Vellum, large calligraphic ink initial letter 'T' with date inside, 13" x 27", wax seal. Some slight discoloration at fold. 1712. £20.00

  115. Morestead, Twyford, Medstead PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Landed Estates embracing a total area of 583a. 3r. 17p... comprising.... Morestead Farm... Medstead Manor Farm.... Two Enclosures of Valuable Accommodation, Pasture and Coppice Land... for sale by auction... 17th September, 1891. 8pp., folio, two attractive large hand-coloured folding plans, printed wraps, split along most of spine, trace of vertical fold. 1891. £36.00
    Attractively printed in a variety of decorative type-faces.

  116. Thruxton and Houghton PARTICULARS, PLANS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Manor Farm, Thruxton... Seven Good Cottages.... 552 Acres of Arable and Pasture Land.... Corporation Farm, Houghton... Three Recently-erected Cottages, and 285 Acres of Pasture... Extensive Rights of Fishing in the River Test.... for sale by Auction... 12th November, 1920.... 11pp., small folio, wraps, traces of vertical fold. Two large folding coloured plans, staples rusty hence inner gathering loose. 1920. £25.00
    The properties were sold by order of the Trustees of St. John's Hospital Winchester.

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  117. Hope Mansell COPY WILL of Elizabeth Jones of Hope Mansell, wife of Thomas Jones, Farmer. 8p. folio, folded. 1829 copy of 1817 will. £18.00

  118. Huntington and Brilley TRANSFER of a piece of land, messuages, and premises in Brilly or Huntington.... Edward James and William Burgoyne to William Lewis. Large vellum sheet, 3 wax seals. 1851. £12.00

  119. Orcop ABSTRACT OF TITLE of the devizees of Elizabeth Jones of Hope Mansell deceased to a messuage and 8 acres in the parish of Orcop. 22p., folio. Details title from 1748-1830. Clearly written. 1833. £25.00

  120. Pembridge PARTICULARS of the Bury of Weston Farm... comprising the Dwelling-House, Barns, Stables.... situated on a fine commanding Eminence.... and 298a.2r.17p. of Meadow, Pasture, Orcharding and Hop-ground.... For Sale by Private Contract... Single sheet, printed on both sides, sm. folio. On verso is Reference to Plan listing 33 fields, hop-yards, etc. with cultivation and acreage. Folds. Kington, July 1834. £35.00

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  121. Braughing (Hundred of) DUPLICATE OF THE ASSESSED TAXES 1824 To the King's Remembrancer in the Exchequer and to Adolphus Meetherke Receiver General. Vellum sheet, 21" x 30", ruled in 17 columns, with names of 13 parishes down left hand side, and respective entries for Assessors Name, Collectors, Windows Schedule, Male Servants Schedule, Duties on Carriages, Horses, Dogs, Hair Powder, Armorial Bearings, Game, etc., with totals. Signed by Commissioners with wax seals. Vellum slightly yellowed in places, ink slightly faded in places, but always easily legible. 1824. £70.00

  122. Elstree and Aldenham INDENTURES OF FINE between James Hubald and Thomas Niccoll, for two messuages, two cottages, three stables, three gardens 60 acres of land, twenty acres of meadow and common of pasture in 'Idlestrey and Aldenham'. Vellum, 11" x 6". In English. 1762. £20.00

  123. Ware Infra, Manor of SURRENDER of yard with the appurtenances in the Middle Row in Ware, Richard Gridley to Richard Dickinson. 1p, sm. folio, blank conjoint leaf. Signed and witnessed. 1778. £14.00

  124. Watford PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Valuable Freehold Property near the Market Town of Watford... known as The Oxhey Estate comprising an Area of 1094a.1r.15p, divided principally into Three Farms with Good Homesteads.... Sites for the ERrection of One or More Mansions... Extensive Woodlands well stocked with Game. Also the Manor of Wiggenhall.... Which will be Sold by Auction.... July 3rd, 1872. 14pp., folio, attractive printed wraps decorated with oak leaves and acrons, text attractively printed with a variety of type-faces. Very large folding coloured plan, showing different types of woodland etc. Wraps ragged at right hand side, some browning on wrap, wraps held with archival tape down spine, traces of horizontal fold. 1872. £26.00

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  125. Bacon's NEW LIBRARY MAP OF KENT Scale 2 miles to an inch. Colour printed, linen-backed, folding into cloth boards, 4to, cloth worn at spine. c1900. £22.00

  126. Bromley, St. Mary Cray, Farnborough ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XVI, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. Several areas shaded. 2" split at edge of fold in linen. Revision of 1930. £16.00

  127. Cowden, Ashburst ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LIX, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers, one small area hand-shaded. Second Edition 1908. £16.00
    Includes parts of Sussex Sheets V and VI.

  128. Cranbrook and Hawkhurst INDENTURE OF BARGAIN AND SALE of a farm called Hollands or Bishops in Cranbrook, heretofore in the occupation of John Holland, and lands, woodlands etc. in the occupation of Robert Bowles, and also the farm called Turks Place, Robert Hatton to Sir Richard Hatton. Vellum, size 20" x 27", signed Robert and Ann Hatton, lacks seal off tags, half inch split in vellum. Pinned to the deed are two fines, in Latin on vellum, and a declaration by Robert Hatton that he has received the purchase money, and acquits Sir Richard Hatton of any obligation. 1675. £45.00

  129. Hawkhurst, Sandhurst ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LXXVIII, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. Roads railways and water-features coloured, some buildings coloured red. Area around 'Tongs' colour washed. Two small splits in linen at edge of one fold. 1877. £28.00
    Part of map blank, being adjoining county.

  130. Lamberhurst, Wadhurst ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile. Sheet LXIX. Size 24" x 36". Linen-backed, dissected and folding to 8vo cloth endpapers. Water features and roads hand coloured. Many areas outlined neatly and shaded, probably for auction lots. 1872-7-8. £18.00

  131. Marden ASSIGNMENT to George Amhurst, Vicar of Marden, of John Peake's mortgage on a tenement in Marden, by Thomas Walter, John Burbridge, John Gilbert and others. Vellum, size 17" x 30", signed by 6 parties (3 with their mark) with wax seals on 6 tags. Witnessed on verso. 1697. £36.00

  132. Margate, Birchington ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXV N.E. etc. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 36" x 23" plus margins. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo cloth wraps, three small areas outlined in red. Third edition 1908. £18.00

  133. Milton, Elmley ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. XXI. Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo wraps. Water features and buildings hand coloured, two small areas top right shaded and marked with acreage. Slight browning of linen along one fold, 2 small ink splashes. 1869. £18.00

  134. Morden (Robt.) KENT engraved map, size 13" x 25", three vertical folds, one horizontal fold two inches from top edge. Top and side margins trimmed, small hole in Essex area with light browning at edges. 1695. £65.00

  135. Ninington, Barham, Denton ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. LVII N.E and sheets to North and South, scale 6" to 1 mile, size 35" x 23" plus margins. Linen backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. 3 areas outlined in colour. Third Edition 1909. £16.00

  136. Ordnance Survey DIAGRAM OF THE COUNTY OF KENT Showing Union, Sanitary Districts, Boroughs, and Civil Parishes; and the Sheet Lines of the Ordnance Survey Maps on the Scale of 25.344 Inches to 1 Mile. Surveyed in 1858-72, Revised in 1893-87. Scale Two Miles to One Inch. Map printed in three colours, size 24" x 36", with Table of Reference to small parishes. 1900. £20.00

  137. Seal, Shoreham, Kingsdown ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile. Sheet XXIX. Size 24" x 36". Linen-backed, dissected and folding to 8vo. Small area at Shoreham hand-coloured. Edition of 1920. £18.00

  138. Tunbridge and Dartford Line DUPLICATE CONVEYANCE of land and hereditaments in the parish of Tunbridge, Thomas Baily and others to the South Eastern Railway Company. 3 vellum sheets, plan 8" x 6" in text, railway coloured red. Schedule of property referring to plan and schedule of deeds 1805-63 on last page. Signed by 6 parties with wax seals, papered seal of Railway Company on tag, blue paper slightly stained by wax. Some light yellowing of vellum on lst sheet. Outside where titled dusty. 1864. £26.00

  139. Wooll (G), Pr. and Pub. RAMSGATE FROM ALBION PLACE Drawn by G. Rowe. Lithograph, size 6" x 9", plus half inch margins. c1840. £20.00
    Atrractive view looking across harbour to terrace with balconies on clifftop.

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  140. Davies (B.R) PLAN OF LIVERPOOL Lithographed plan, size 25" x 17", central fold, scale 6" = 1 mile. 1860. £65.00
    From 'The Dispatch Atlas'Shows buildings, street names, parkland, etc.

  141. Eccles School NOMINATION of Thomas Scholes to perform the Office of Schoolmaster in the Parish School of Eccles, from C. Poole, Vicar of Eccles, to the Lord Bishop of Chester, 1766. 1p, folio, in MS, impressed tax stamp. Attested copy of 1781 extracted from the Episcopal Regsitry. Blank conjoint leaf, with docket title on verso, folded. 1781. £15.00

  142. Lytham, Seaforth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XC.N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile. Size 24" x 37". Linen-backed and folding into 8vo cloth endpapers. Parkland and main roads coloured. c1850. £18.00

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  143. Ibstock APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE binding William Creswell son of Sarah Neal to Theophilus Creswell of Ilstock, Wheelwright, for six years. Vellum, size 10" x 14", printed with manuscript inserts, signed by the three parties, traces only of the three small seals. 1840. £22.00
    Contains the usual stipulations about fornication, dice tables, etc.

  144. Ibstock APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE apprentising William Creswell with the consent of his father Theophilus to Richard Ottey of Austrey in Warwick, Tawer, Collar and whip maker, for seven years. Printed form with manuscript inserts, signed by three parties with chipped wax seals. Some small tears, neatly repaired on verso. Traces of folds. 1811. £25.00

  145. Olveston Priory THE SOUTH-WEST VIEW OF OLVESTON-PRIORY, IN THE COUNTY OF LEICESTER. Copper plate engraving, engraved surface approx. 8" x 14", plus wide margins. A fine early impression. Samuel & Nathaniel Buck, 1730. £40.00

  146. Raverston APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE apprentising Theophilus Creswell son of William Cresswell of Raverstock, Tawer, deceased, to Robert Palmer of Ibstock, Wheelwright. Some slight rubbing and fading of manuscript sections. Vellum, printed with MS inserts, traces of seals. 1786. £26.00
    Palmer was to provide food, lodging and other necessaries, apart from clothes which his mother Alice was to provide.

  147. Ulverscroft Priory LEASE of Ulverscroft Priory and lands called Nowell Meadow, Faulkners Close, Pakeman Leys, Colborne's Close and other lands, Lettice Pershall of Bianno, Daniel Watson of Burton on Trent and others to Elizabeth Bosville of Bianno. Vellum, size 18" x 25", signed by Elizabeth Bosville, with seals on tag, witnessed on verso. Some slight rubbing of vellum with some fading of ink, but legible. 1662. £60.00
    Refers to earlier indentures, and to provision for Elizabeth's children, Richard and Bridget Bosville.

  148. Walker (J & C) LEICESTERSHIRE Folding engraved hand-coloured map, showing Parliamentary Boundaries, dissected and mounted on linen, engraved area approx. 15" x 12", folding to sm. 8vo, marbled sides. 1842. £18.00

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  149. Lincoln Bank TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by Brogden and Son At the Queen Hotel, Lincoln, on Tuesday, February 7th, 1860... 5 Shares in Lincoln & Lindsey Banking Company, and 5 Shares in the County Fire Office.... Poster, 13" x 8", folds. Ellett Brogden, Pr., Lincoln 1860. £20.00

  150. Lincoln GEOLOGICAL SURVEY of England and Wales. Sheet LXXXIII. Uncoloured Edition, key in left margin. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 36". Some very slight yellowing of paper in one area. 1885. £38.00

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  151. Camberwell CONVEYANCE of two freehold messuages and premises No. 13 and 14 Queen's Row, Robert Russell, of Old South Sea House, Merchant, and others to Robert Morris of Christ Church College, Oxford. 6 vellum sheets, wax seals. 1830. £15.00
    Gives detailed location of premises, with names and occupations of adjoining owners etc. One or two blanks where names of owners not known.

  152. Chiswick Empire POSTER advertising the show 'Bubble and Squeak', cast includes Vesta Pine, George Carney, Beauty Chorus; Up-to-Date Happenings by Bioscope, Australian Alberto, etc. Reduced Prices to Soldiers and Sailors in Uniform. Poster in two parts, each 29" x 20", printed in yellow, red and green. Some minor edge tears. October 22nd 1917. £25.00
    Made to be pasted up one sheet above another.

  153. City of London Comptroller ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT Vellum documents, 28" x 23", for transfer the the appointment as Comptroller of The Chamber of the City of London from Dutton Seaman to his son. Rather creased, two small portions nibbled at edges not affecting writing. Lacks one wax seal. 1759. £24.00

  154. Hutchinson & Son Ltd., Bromley by Bow PROCELAIN ENAMELLED BATHS Catalogue, 4to, 28pp., printed in blue and black, illusts. Stiff wraps. c1930. £18.00
    Includes interesting photos. of the workshops, furnaces etc., as well as the baths.

  155. London Coliseum, Charing Cross POSTER for show on Monday October 15th, 1917, size 20" x 15", lettering in blue and red, view of theatre with crowds, early motor car etc. in full colour at top left. Bill includes 'My America. A Sketch of Rural Irish Life', 'Sharp's Tromboneers', 'News in Pictures'. 1917. £22.00

  156. London THE NEW ALBUM OF LONDON VIEWS 26 photolitho views on strip, folding into sm. 4to boards, gilt, front board and spine faded. Most views 2 to a page. Includes 10 views of Crystal Palace. c1880. £18.00

  157. St. Martin Ludgate COUNTERPART LEASE of a messuage on Ludgate Hill (no. 12) for 21 years. Rent £45. James Duke of Chandos to William Cass. Large vellum sheet, good wax seal with bust. Vellum rather browned, grubby on outside. At the bottom is an 'Inventory or Schedule' with a detailed descriptionof the house, e.g. 'Back Room two twelve light Sash Windows Marble Squares to the Hearth Scirted a two panel Door...' 1781. £20.00

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  158. Davey (G) CHEPSTOW CASTLE, MONMOUTHSHIRE Lithograph, from drawing by John Willis, on India paper, size 8" x 10", plus margins. Printed by Day & Haghe. c1860. £35.00
    Shows close up view of castle, vegetation in foreground.

  159. Davey (G) INTERIOR OF TINTERN ABBEY, MONMOUTHSHIRE East Window.... Together with... Interior of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire, West Window. Two lithographs, on India paper, size 9" x 11", plus margins. Drawn by John Willis. Day & Haghe, Lithographers. c1850. £75.00

  160. Davey (G), Pub., Bristol RAGLAND CASTLE, MONMOUTHSHIRE Lithograph, from drawing by John Willis. Printed on zinc by Day & Haghe. Shows castle with moat, trees in foreground on right. Size 8" x 10", plus margins. One or two feint foxing spots in margin. c1860. £30.00

  161. Fielding (C.V), Pub. CHEPSTOW CASTLE AND BRIDGE Looking N.E. Hand-coloured aquatint, size 6" x 8", plus wide margins. Two light creases at bottom across title, one reaching across 2" of bottom left corner, just into image. 1818. £20.00

  162. Monmouth and Ross RELEASE to make a tenant to the precipe for suffering a Recovery... Messrs. Probyn and George to Thomas Lewis. 3 large vellum sheets, 8 good wax seals with busts. Some browning on first sheet, last sheet rather discoloured. 1787. £20.00
    Concerns numerous messuages in Castle Bayley Street and Castle Ditch, tenements with brewhouse etc., near Monnow Bridge, Bewans House, messuages in Monnow Street, and in Brampton Street in Ross. Mentions numerous occupiers and former occupiers, with occupations, which include earthenware dealer, peruke maker, wheelright, barber.

  163. Penrose APPOINTMENT AND RELEASE of Twy Shaw and Twy Kenol Estates in the County of Monmouth upon Trust, Thomas Jones of Twyshaw in Tregare to Richard Lewis of Lantillio Crosinney and other Trustees. 11p., folio, folded. 1817. Contemporary copy. £17.00

  164. Rowe (G) SYMONS YAT on the River Wye. Lithograph, view up river, two figures in foreground. Size 5" x 8", plus margins. c1840. £18.00

  165. Rowe (G) TINTERN ABBEY West Window. Lithograph. Drawn from nature by G. Rowe. Size 8" x 6", on India paper, wide margins, overall size 9" x 11". c1840. £20.00

  166. Rowe (G), Teacher of Drawing, Cheltenham THE WINDCLIFF From Piercefield. Large oval vignette lithograph, size 5" x 7", overall size of paper 8" x 10". Some slight buckling of paper. c1840. £20.00

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  167. Aslacton, Bunwell, Moulton, Seething, Long Stratton, Tasburgh & Tharston PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of attractive Landed Investments including at Aslacton, Moulton & Bunwell, Six desirable small farms.... Long Stratton and Tharston, Larke Freehold Residence.... Tasburgh, small holding and cottages, Seething, double cottages.... To be sold by auction.... 16th of July, 1898. Folio, 18pp, loose in the original wraps, short splits to spine of wraps. 1898. £22.00

  168. Gillingham AUCTION POSTER advertising the sale at the Swan Inn of Crops of Corn and Grass, the Property of Mr William Beckett. Size 22" x 18", folded, printed with very large type faces. Lists 10 Lots. 1859. £20.00

  169. Great Yarmouth POSTER Advertising the Auction sale of No. 6 Albert Square, South Beach. Printed in large type-faces, with detailed description of the rooms in the house and its situation. Size 22" x 17", folds, some off-setting. 1867. £16.00

  170. Morley St. Bottolph BOND of John Holmes of Tivetshall and William Hart of Hardingham, farmer, to John Bosell of Norwich. Relates to purchase of Barn and five acres of land at Morley near the Church Lane and Morley Green, and a piece of ground at Deopham. 3p in ms, signed with 2 small wax seals. 1798. £20.00

  171. Moulton A TRUE TERRIER of all the Glebe Lands, Messuages and Tenements belonging to the Rectory and Parish Church of Moulton St. Michael... rendered according to the Old and Ancient Terriers... Vellum, size 27" x 17", folds, some uniform slight browning. Signed by Minister, Churchwardens. The word 'Terrier' is in large decorative letters.... with.... a similar Terrier for 1770. Velllum rubbed in top four inches, some browning. 2 items. 1827 and 1770. £60.00
    Details the various pieces of land, with tenants, adjoining owners.

  172. Wheatacre Burgh PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, of the MANOR OF WHEATACRE CUM BURGH, with the Fines, Quit-Rents, Royalty, &c. also several eligible Freehold Farms, a Wood, Staithe, Public House, &c. &c.... situate at Wheatacre Burgh, otherwise Burgh St. Peter To be sold by auction by John King, at the Rampant Horse Inn, Norwich, on Saturday, the 8th of August, 1812.... Folio, 15pp, docket title, folded, some slight dustmarking on outside leaf, completed memorandum. 1812. £45.00

  173. Wreningham PARTICULAR AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Estates at Wreningham.... to be sold by Auction by Mr. Jno. Standley on Wednesday the 5th day of Dec. 1860. Sm. folio, 4pp., folded. 1860. £10.00

  174. Newcastle, Morpeth ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Made up of 4 quarter sheets. Size 24" x 37", shaded in different colours to show municipal Boroughs, Urban districts, Tynemouth Rural District, area of Tynemouth Union etc. Water mains drawn in red. With neat key numbers in sea area. O.S. blindstamp 1902. £28.00

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  175. Islip PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of 'The Hall' comprising a Fine XVIIth Century Country House... A Riverside Garden, Island Site, Small Orchard... for Sale by Auction 28th June, 1933... 8pp., plus 2 photographic plates, small folio, printed wraps, plan inside back wrap. 1933. £25.00
    The house was formerly the country residence of the Deans of Westminster.

  176. St. Martins, Oxford ASSIGNMENT of the Estate and Effects of Joseph Wickens of the Parish of St. Martin in the City of Oxford, Cordwainer, dealer and Chapman, a Bankrupt, to Samuel Jackson of Windmill St., London, Currier, Maurice Blackford of Wantage, Cordwainer, John Coleman of Oxford, Currier. On paper, 3 pages size 22" x 15", signed by Commissioners and assignees with small papered seals. 1797. £28.00
    Wickens is described as having for two years carried on the 'business of a cordwainer by buying of Leather and working up and converting the same into Shoes Boots and Vandykes'.

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  177. Bridgnorth VOTING PAPER size approx. 6" x 7", printed on one side only, for the election November 1st 1843, listing four names of candidates for Councillors of the Borough, with address and occupation. Signed by Voter James Pinner with his address and Parish, witnessed. 1843. £10.00

  178. Ludlow PENCIL DRAWING titled 'Ludlow, Ludford bridge'. On thick paper, watermarked 1805, size approx. 10" x 14". Shows bridge and houses in middle distance, looking upstream from the bank with trees and more houses in foreground. c1806. £80.00

  179. Ludlow PENCIL DRAWING titled 'Ludlow bridge'. On thick paper, watermarked 1805, size approx. 10" x 14". Shows view downstream across a weir, with half-timbered houses on either side. A delicate and skilfull drawing. c1806. £70.00

  180. Ludlow PENCIL DRAWING titled 'Ludlow Castle. Teme'. On thick paper, watermarked 1805, size approx. 10" x 14". Shows view upstream across a weir, half-timbered houses on the right, the castle high on a thickly-wooded hill. A highly-finished and skilfull drawing. c1806. £75.00

  181. Oswestry PROPERTY BELONGING TO MR. WILLM. BICKERTON in the Town of Oswestry Surveyed by Geo. Yates 1816. Manuscript plan, in ink and wash colour, scale 1" = 1 chain. Size 13" x 16", linen backed, folds. Shows houses, pool, gardens and plots in Beatrice Street, with lands going down to a river. Plots with a Lot number (1-10), Reference table with key to Lots, acreage (includes part of pool, five buildings, a weighing machine and land adjoining, six cottages, three houses, orchards etc.) Some wear at two folds, surface grubby... together with... Plan on waxed cotton, size 9" x 11", 1879, showing Beatrice Street, Baptist Chapel, Rope Walk, Wesleyan Chapel, Plough Inn etc. 1816. £65.00

  182. Selattyn, near Oswestry PARTICULAR AND PLAN of a most attractive and desirable small Freehold Farm known as "Ty Newydd." otherwise "New Barns..... in the occupation of Miss Ann Roberts, which will be offered for Sale by public Auction, by Messrs. Jones & Son, at the White Lion Inn, Oswestry, on Tuesday, the 26th day of July, 1881. Folio, 3pp, tipped in plan, docket title, folded. 1881. £18.00

  183. Walker (J) & (C) SHROPSHIRE. Folding engraved, hand-coloured map, showing Parliamentary Boundaries, dissected and mounted on linen, engraved area approx. 15" x 12", plus margins, folding to sm 8vo, marbled sides. 1841. £18.00

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  184. Axbridge and Cheddar TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by Mr. George Gill at the Wool-Pack Inn in Axbridge... 21st Day of December next... Divers Messuages and Land... Poster, size 15" x 10", folded, listing ten Lots, with occupiers, including houses at the East side of the Church Steps, School House in the Church Yard, Stables in Cock Row, house in East Street, Stable in Pook Lane etc. Poole, Printer, Bridgwater, Nov. 14th, 1801. £70.00
    Only one of the lots is in Cheddar, 2 acres known as Nobbs Mead. On the back is written a list of 33 'Names of Commoners', including Lord King, John Scaly, Edward Portman, with 'Names of Estates'(not clear whether this relates to Axbridge)

  185. Backwell PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM 13 photographs mounted in thick card pages, image size 4" x 5", oblong 8vo album, cloth boards. Lacks ties from spine hence leaves loose. 1906. £36.00
    Views include Backwell Church, group of men with long sticks in front of pony and cart, named on mount as members of Haines family, picnic group with cider jars etc. in front of half finished hayrick, '1st XI 1906' (in striped blazers), '2nd XI 1906' (a group of young boys), 'Boys Match at West Town 1906' (spectators). Others view include Mells, St. Ives, Plymouth, photo of arms of Strode loosely inserted.

  186. Bath and Wilts Chronicle EMERGENCY EDITION Printed by Frederick Barber. Folio sheet, folded, some slight rubbing at one fold, printed on one side only. Tuesday, May 4, 1926. £20.00
    Includes 'Bristol Trams and 'Buses. General Strike does not Affect Them', 'Motor Couriers Keeping touch with Bristol', etc.

  187. Bath, Glastonbury ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XIX, size 24" x 31", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo cloth slipcase, with Wyld Label, small key map. Tape edging. Ramshaw imprint, Edmunds Wycombe watermark 1838. 'Intended line of the Great Western Railway' added in red between Keynsham and Box. 1838. £38.00

  188. Bridgwater Bay ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XX. Covers Porlock, North Petherton, Weston-super-Mare, part of South Wales coast. Size approx. 24" x 35", dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo cloth boards, Wyld label, cloth split at spine. Wyld label in bottom margin of map. 1884. £26.00

  189. Bridgwater LEASE of the tithe of corne and garbe of North Bower in Bridgwater, Nicholas Halswell of Goathurst to Edward Popham. Vellum, size 11" x 15", wax seal with deer on tag. 1558. £65.00
    An unusual deed from the reign of Phillip and Mary. The tithe of garbe referred to sheaves.

  190. Bridgwater Militia ESTIMATE of the Sum which will be required for the Service of the Bridgwater Local Militia, when assembled at Bridgwater for Training and Exercise for 14 days, from the 27th of May 1811, to the 9th June 1811, inclusive. Printed sheet, size 17" x 11", folded with printed docket title. Details filled in in manuscript, in columns giving numbers of different ranks expected (Drummers, Surgeons, Lt. Col., etc.) with number of days, pay, allowances for innkeepers, beer money for men, meat allowance, carriage of baggage, etc. Lists the names of 25 officers expected. 1811. £36.00

  191. Broomfield LEASE of lands in Broomfield, Sir William Portman of Orchard to William Wynter of Clapton. 11" x 16", tag, no trace of any wax seal. 1638. £40.00
    Includes land called Castle Acre, Biddle, Kingsland.

  192. Broomfield OBLIGATION BOND of Richard Pyleman of Mylcombe Stream in the parish of Broomfield husbandman to Richard Bobbey of Brookfield, husbandman, for forty pounds. In Latin and English, on vellum, 4" x 13", small wax seal on integral tag. Witnessed on verso. 1574. £38.00

  193. Burrough ASSIGNMENT OF A MORTGAGE of messuage and two and half acres of pasture land in Burrough in Kingsbury Episcopi, Henry England of East Lambrook, Executor of Stephen England to James Patten of Martock. 23" x 24", 3 wax seals, some minor discoloration of vellum. 1776. £18.00

  194. Coombe Down WILL of Jemima Harris of Prospect House, Widow. Extracted from the Principal Registry of Her Majesty's Court of Probate. 20p, sm. folio. First page stained. 1864. £8.00

  195. Dulverton A GENERAL REFERENCE TO THE PLANS OF ALL THAT PART OF THE MANOR OF DULVERTON in the County of Somerset situate on the North East Side of the River Barle. Manuscript survey book, size 14" x 9", plain wraps, calligraphic title page 'Dulverton Manor', 40 pages, the first part of the book having pages headed 'Property Sold' the second half 'Property Not Sold'. With columns for Purchasers, no on plan (plans not present), Premises (house, outbuildings, gardens, Courtlage, meadows etc. listed), Quality, Statute Measure. Very clearly written throughout. At the end are 2p of 'Memorandums and Explanations.' 1820. £110.00
    Properties include John Liscombe's Tan Yard, with Bark House etc., Caroline House, Chandler's shop in Fore Street, Japan House, Ram Inn, Drydon, Manor Mills (Grist and Flour Mills), Bilboa House.

  196. Dundry LEASE of Broadstone's tenement in Dundry, with arable and pasture land. Geoffrey Upton to Thomas Dole, husbandman, and Johana his wife. Vellum, 12" x15", signed by Upton with heavy wax seal on tag. Some slight discoloration at folds. 1560. £55.00
    Includes firebote, ploughbote and hedgebote.

  197. East Hewish, Kingston Seymour FOUR ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet Nos. X.2, X.3, X.6, X.7. Scale 25" to 1 mile, size 26" x 37", plus margins, dissected into 8 sections and mounted on linen, folding into 4to marbled wraps, marbled paper slightly rubbed. Water features, roads, buildings hand-coloured. Certain fields washed in pink (part of a large estate) A few small grubby marks, one map with 5" splits in linen at each side. First editions, Pub. 1885. £38.00
    Includes farms of Pilhay Farm, Chestnut Farm, Plenty's Farm, Ham Farm, Seawall Farm, Hipsley Farm.

  198. Frome ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. 281, size 13" x 19" plus wide margins. O.S. blindstamp 1909. £17.00

  199. Galmington, near Taunton PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of an Estate at Taunton Deane, in One Lot... In Chancery, Shillibeer v. Bennett and Others. 3pp, folio, folded with docket title. Short tear at edge of docket title. Loosely inserted is a fine lithograph plan, size 15" x 18", with Table of Reference. 1835. £55.00

  200. Hillfarrance MORTGAGE for £210 of Higher Langlands, containing 4 acres, Linches with a cottage, Hugh Wescombe of Hillfarrance, yeoman to Nathaniel Serle, of Bradford. Vellum, size 24" x 31", 1" split at one fold. Signed Wescombe, two wax seals with female busts. 1737. £24.00
    Refers back to deeds from 1650, mentioning George Shutt, Clothier, Hugh Wescombe of Oak, Sergemaker, Susanna White of Michael Creech, etc.

  201. Kingsbury Episcopi LAND TAX ASSESSMENTS for 1878-9 (The Tithing of Kingsbury), 1894-5, 1897-98. Folio, 6pp in each, folded, printed in columns with Proprietor, Occupier, Property, Sums Assessed, Rental. Entries in MS listing approx. 60 properties in each assessment. 3 items in all, some minor dust-marking. 1878-1898. £24.00

  202. Lamb Hotel TRADE CARD of John Prince, Lamb Hotel, Commercial Inn, Lodging House, Bath. Engraved on stiff card, size 4" x 3", with fine vignette showing a large long-tailed sheep on a bushy hillock near a stream, other sheep in distance. Bold lettering, 'Lamb Hotel' printed with many calligraphic flourishes. On verso are 12 lines describing the improvements, etc. Three lines of writing in blank ink over the address (some kind of list ' 6yds... cloth'), and 4 sums of money written on verso. c1830 £25.00

  203. Lewis and Son, publisher RECORD OF THE GREAT FLOODS IN BATH reprinted from the Bath Herald. 16pp, 4to, pale green printed wraps. Photographs. Page edges rather ragged, back wrap repaired, foxing in margins, traces of fold. 1894. £12.00

  204. Lovegrove's 40 MILES ABOUT CLEVEDON Large scale map, printed in black and brown, linen-backed, folding into printed wraps with description of Clevedon on verso. Gall and Inglis. c1910. £18.00

  205. Milborne Port COPY OF THE AWARD OF THE MILBORNE PORT ENCLOSURE ACT Sept. 18th, 1817. Large folio, size 23" x 21", half calf, marbled boards, calf chipped at hinge, piece of marbled paper on back torn away. MS label on front board, large calligraphic ownership inscription of Sir William Coles Medlycott Bart, Glen House, Somerset, 1817, with his bookplate. 14 leaves, printed on one side only, each leaf signed by Richard Richardson (Commissioner), plus Schedules on 5 pages, giving number on map (not present), Premises, Proprietors, Tenure, Quantity. Signed by Richardson as an authentic copy on the last page, together with copies of the oaths of the Commissioners,etc. 1817. £160.00
    The Act was 'for inclosing lands in the Parish of Milborne Port, in the County of Somerset, and for transferring Borough Rights from certain lands... to other lands...'

  206. North Coker, Barwick ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XC.5. Scale 25" to 1 mile, size 26" x 37", water features, roads and buildings hand-coloured. Zincographed 1888. £25.00

  207. Nynehead CATALOGUE of Important Dispersal Sale of the Entire Herd of 47 Pedigree Devon Cattle,... 98 Cross-bred Down Sheep... 23pp., 8vo, stiff printed boards, cloth spine. Interleaved with sheets giving buyer and price realised in manuscript... together with.... Poster, size 33" x 22", boldly printed in black and red, folded, advertising the sale by Risdon, Gerrard and Hosegood. 2 items. 1933. £20.00

  208. Nynehead ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT of W. de C. Prideaux's article for 'Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological Society' article (Vol LVIII), on 'An early portion of the Churchwarden's Accounts of All Saints, Nynehead (1668-1684).' 49 foolscap sheets, written in ink on one side only, held at corners with metal clips, folded horizontally. 1913. £30.00

  209. Overstratton LAND TAX ASSESSMENTS for 1875-6, 1878-9, 1886-7, 1894-5, 1897-8, 1896-7. Folio, 4pp in each, folded, printed in columns with Proprietor, Occupier, Property, Sums Assessed, Rental. Entries in MS listing approx. 50 properties in each assessment. 6 items in all. 1875-1897. £26.00

  210. Pill, Portbury ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, quarter sheet, No. II. S.E, on stiff paper. Water features hand-coloured, one boundary area shaded. 1884. £10.00

  211. Rowe (G), Drawn, Printed & Published by CHEDDAR CHURCH Tinted lithograph, size 9" x 11", plus margins. Small edge tear below title. c1840. £45.00
    Attractive view with trees framing view, couple at entrance, man with small handcart.

  212. Rowe (G), Exeter THE KITCHEN Glastonbury Abbey. Lithograph, size 8" x 8", plus margins, on India paper, small fault in paper in blank area near title. c1830. £20.00
    Attractive view showing building covered in ivy, old man and boy in front near window.

  213. Rowe (G), Exeter, Drawn and Published by THE GEORGE INN (The Abbey Prison), Glastonbury. Lithograph, size 7" x 6", plus wide margins. Some minor creasing at two corners. c1835. £26.00
    A busy scene showing organ grinder with monkey, children on cart etc.

  214. Smith (C.S) A NEW MAP OF THE COUNTY OF SOMERSET. Divided into Hundreds. Hand-coloured map, engraved surface approx. 17" x 20". With Reference to Hundreds. Traces of central fold. Small split at top of fold. Corrected to 1827. £55.00

  215. Stothert & Pitt, Bath REPORT AND BALANCE SHEET Year ended 30th June, 1915. 2p.., folio, folded. 1915. £12.00

  216. Taunton CIRCUS POSTER Chipperfield's Circus and Menagerie... Wellington Road, Taunton. Poster printed in bright red, blue and yellow, size 29" x 20", with photographs of some of the acts. Listed on left hand side are the acts, including Roman Chariots Racing, Ranee the only Tiger to Ride an Elephant, 18 Grizzly and Polar Bears, etc. Printed by Berry of Bradford, c1960? £25.00

  217. Wellington MORTGAGE by Demise of Broomclose Meads, Four Acres, Little Plot, 6 acres bounded by the watercourse that runs to Wellington on the East, a 4 acre close called Cutlers, John Musgarve of Wellington to Richard Wyatt of Nynehead. Vellum,. size 15" x 26", large calligraphic initial letter T with very ornamental strapwork decoration (size 5" x 3"), heavy seal on tag. 1680. £60.00
    A fine attactive document.

  218. West Monckton ABSTRACT OF THE TITLE of Henry Sanford to 3 closes of Land in the Parish of West Monckton known as Bowman's Four Acres, Bowman's Six Acres, and Lockett's. 2p folio, folded. c1805. £12.00
    Refers to Tynte and Coplestone Bampfylde families, and details title back to 1783.

  219. Weston-super-Mare CIRCUS POSTER Bill Smart's New World Circus... Locking Road July 21st - 23rd... We Invite the Public to Come Along and See the Erection of the Big Top... Including the Indian Village... See our 10 Baby Elephants Walk from the Station on Arrival Day. Poster attractively printed in red, yellow and green, large letters with wavy border. 29" x 20". Printed by Berry, Bradford, late 1950's? £26.00

  220. Wraxall RELEASE of tenement occupied by Edmund Bendall, with meadow, pasture etc., to Edmond Tynte. Vellum, size 9" x 16", lacks seal from tag, some rubbing of ink in places. Written in a bold hand. 1562. £30.00

  221. Yeovil NOTEBOOK OF ORIGINAL POETRY name of flyleaf 'By C.H. Whitby, Yeovil'. 69 pages of poetry, neatly written, in 4to notebook, stiff wraps. c1905. £20.00
    Poems are mainly of a religious nature. Includes 'Night Thoughts from above Yeovil'.

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  222. Biddulph OBLIGATION BOND of Richard Gibson of Overton in Biddulph, yeoman, to Francis Brownsword of Buglawton in Cheshire, yeoman. On vellum, size 7" x 9", small wax seal, in Latin and English, signed by four witnesses, some browning and slight rubbing, two brown marks in top and bottom margin. 1675. £30.00

  223. Burton Foundry Co., Burton on Trent BAKEWELL GRATES for Modern Homes. 8vo. 32pp., illusts. 1935. £14.00

  224. Cheadle Estate SETTLEMENT of Cheadle Estate on Thomas Mills' marriage with Mary Miners, for a jointure upon Mary Miners. Agreement between George Miners of Huntley in Cheadle, Thomas Miller and Nicholas Miners of Uttoxeter. Vellum, 18" x 23", signed by 3 parties with 3 tags, only one with wax seal. Some minor discoloration of vellum in parts. 1638. £38.00
    Refers to pasture called the Middle Hayes, and Hayes Meadow, with appurtenances.

  225. Lichfield COUNTERPART LEASE of land at Lower Knowle, near the city of Lichfield, adjoining a lane called False Way, Weston Noble of the Close of Lichfield, yeoman, to Humphrey Hall of Lichfield, yeoman. Vellum, 16" x 18", lacks tag. Vellum slightly spotty in parts. 1650. £35.00

  226. Longdon and Cannock Wood FINAL AGREEMENT between George Boughey and William and Dorothy Davenport relating to messuage, stable, barn, orchard, thirty acres of land and common of pasture for cattle. Vellum, size 7" x 21", some light spotting, folds, some brown stains on verso. 1749. £20.00

  227. Shenstone VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE Comprising Farm House, Farm Buildings and 73 Acres..... to be Sold By Auction.... 12th December, 1848. Handbill size 18" x 12", traces of folds. 1848. £16.00
    With Schedules listing field names, etc. with cultivation and quantities, in the Townships of Stonnall and Lynn.

  228. Stoke upon Trent ADMINISTRATION of the goods of Ralph Steele, late of Lane End, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Small printed vellum certificate with ms inserts, papered seal attached. Small brown stain at bottom. Seal appears to have been stuck over with plain paper at later date. 1823. £10.00

  229. Walsall Boundaries REPORT ON THE BOROUGH OF WALSALL 2pp, with a folding Plan of the borough by R.K. Dawson, coloured in outline. Scale 2" to 1 mile. Disbound. 1832. £20.00

  230. Woodward (James), Swadlincote, Burton-on-Trent IMPERISHABLE TERRA-COTTA VASES Flower Pots, Garden Edgings, &c. Advertising sheet, large 4to, printed on one side only, listing prices and dimensions of different types. Some items refer to illustrations on a separate sheet of engravings. 1864. £18.00

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  231. Bacon's SUFFOLK County Map and Guide. 18pp. guide, and folding map, folding into sm. 9vo wraps with cyclists. c1910. £8.00

  232. Beccles PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Cottages and Buildings in Long's Yard, Ravens Meer, Beccles, for sale by auction... 31st October, 1876. 3p., small folio. 1876. £10.00
    Includes Shoemaker's Shop.

  233. Beccles POSTER advertising sale of Neat and Substantial Freehold Brick and Slated Cottage, in Two Tenements, with about a quarter of an acre, situate in Peddar's Lane, Beccles. Size 11" x 9", folds. Jarman, Printer, Beccles. 1842. £16.00
    Gives brief description of cottages with adjoining boarded and tiled building. One of the cottages was occupied by Stephen Battram, Woodman, the other untenanted.

  234. Bungay PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Accommodation Meadows, in the parish of BUNGAY HOLY TRINITY, and of a Going upon STOWE FEN, which will be Sold by Auction by Mr George Durrant, at the Tuns Inn, Bungay, on Thursday, 25th October, 1869. Folio, 4pp, docket title, folded, single sheet of printed 'Conditions' loosely inserted, with attached sheet of mansucript details. 1866. £15.00

  235. Burston POSTER advertising the auction sale at Diss of a small freehold estate now in the occupation of John Esling, adjoining the estates of the Earl of Albermarle. 16" x 11", folded. Some minor offsetting. 1863. £16.00

  236. Henstead Estate, Wrentham PARTICULARS of the Henstead Estate, and Henstead Hall Mansion, Manors of Henstead, and Henstead per Pounds and Poynings.... Sundry Contiguous Farms, Forming together one of the most desirable and complete Estates in the County; The Property of Charles Barclay, Esq. M.P..... containing together Eleven Hundred & Seventy Six Acres of fine Land.... which will be Sold by Auction.... 20th June, 1828.... 5pp., sm. folio, plus docket title, folded.... together with.... a bundle of upwards of 80 workmen's bills, 1875-94, for carpentry, plastering, and general building work on the estate, all with printed headings, some with decorative chimney pots etc. Most of the bills are from C. Carter, Bricklayer, Plasterer and Slater, of Hulver, many are small folio and several pages long. 1828 and 1875-94. £80.00
    Contains a brief description of the Mansion, with sizes of different rooms, 'a Vinery 40 feet by 14 feet', gamekeeper's cottage and school, etc., and a few lines on each of the farms, with tenant, acreage, details of leases etc.

  237. Ilketshall POSTER advertising sale by Auction, 14th March, 1859 at the King's head Inn, Beccles, of Three Brick Built and Tiles Cottages at St. Andrews, Ilkethsall, situate at St. Andrew's North Green. Size 15" x 10", some off-setting of lettering. 1859. £18.00

  238. Rumburgh, Beccles PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Well-Situated and Genteel Residence.... in the town of Beccles and of a Freehold and Copyhold Estate in the Parishes of St. James' Southelmham & Rumburgh.... which will be Sold by Auction.... June 9th, 1862. 5pp., folio, folded with docket title. Two fine full-page plans by Cleer S. Alger, Lithographer, Diss, one showing layout of the house and garden in Balligate Street, and the other the estate at Southelmham. Gives detailed schedules. 1862. £38.00

  239. St. Margaret Ilketshall PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a well cultivated Farm, consisting of A Good Farm House.... Two Rights of Common on Stow Fen: Which will be sold by Auction by Messrs. Rix and Burton. Tuesday, June the 7th, 1849, at the King's Head Inn, Bungay. Contemporary ink notes to last leaf. Folio, Plan and 4pp, docket title, folded. J.M. Burton, Ipswich, Steam Press. 1849. £22.00

  240. Wrentham PARTICULAR AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Free Public House in Full Trade, A Long Established and Excellent Blacksmith's Shop and Three Brick and Tiled Cottages... which will be sold by auction at the Spread Eagle Inn, 30th January, 1846... 3pp., folio. Marked 'Proof Copy' with ms corrections to punctuation etc., docket title printed on separate small sheet. Jarman, Printer, Beccles, 1846. £18.00
    The Beer House was called the King's Head.

  241. Yoxford, Peasenhall PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Desirable Farm at Peasenhall, Accommodation Lands at Yoxford... to be sold.... July 12th, 1860. 3p., folio, folded with docket title, folded the wrong way across title, outside dust-stained. 1860. £10.00

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  242. Amberley, Arundel, Bisted, Bury, PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Three Small Farms, with Capital Sporting Facilities.... Valuable Business Premises, Coal Wharf.... etc.... which Messrs. Sparks are instructed to Sell by Auction.... 15th day of August, 1895. Folio, printed wraps, 14pp., 6 fine hand-coloured plans, two of which are folding. 1895. £55.00
    Plans indicate different types of trees etc.

  243. Brighton, Haslemere ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet IX. Scale 6" to 1 mile. Size 25" x 37", dissected and mounted on linen, folding to 8vo. 1879. £30.00

  244. Hove INSTITUTION of John Calland Clark to the Canonry of Hova Villa, void by the Resignation of Ensby Cleaver the last Prebendar. Vellum, size 10" x 12", in manuscript. Signed W. Chichester with very fine papered seal of the Bishopric, 4" x 3". 1789. £25.00
    'we hereby assign and appoint unto you the stall in the choir and the said Prebendary Voice in the Chapter...'

  245. Rowe (G) FRIARS, WINCHELSEA. Lithograph, showing ruined arches. Wide margins. Overall size 12" x 14", engraved surface 6" x 9". Published by P.M. Powell, Library, Hastings c1850. £16.00

  246. Wooll (G), Pub. EAST LODGE ST. LEONARDS, HASTINGS IN THE DISTANCE Lithograph on India paper, drawn by G. Rowe, size 4" x 5", in recent grey card mount, overall size 8" x 10", together with matching view in identical mount 'Breeds Place and Castle St. Hastings'. 2 items. c1850. £24.00

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  247. Birmingham THREE LETTERS from the Overseer at Birmingham Workouse to the Overseer of the Poor, St. Johns Parish, Gloucester, regarding the settlement of Sarah Law, widow of James Law, and her children, dated Birmingham Workhouse, 1827-8... together with... Letter from M. Smith in Birmingham, 1823, docket titled 'M. Smith about Sarah Law', saying her husband had been apprentice to a respectable brushmaker in Birmingham, and giving details of the children, etc. 4 letters, all 1-2 pages 4to, with integral address panels, Birmingham postmarks. 1823-38. £18.00

  248. Geographia Ltd. Pub. LARGE SCALE PLAN OF BIRMINGHAM With complete index to streets. Colour printed, printed paper wraps, 8vo. n.d. 1930's? £8.00
    Includes the whole of the County Borough.

  249. Stratford on Avon RELEASE of messuage in Bridge Street, John Harrison of Stratford to John Harrison his son, woolwinder. Vellum, 20" x 28", 3 good wax seals. Some holes (rodent?) at folds, with loss of a few words. 1726. £16.00

  250. Stratford on Avon GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. LIV N.E. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 15", plus wide margins. Fully hand coloured, key in right-hand margin. Railways inserted to 1894. 1880. £24.00
    Covers Solihull, Henley in Arden, Studley.

  251. Tamworth DEED to lead the Uses of a Fine, of lands in Tamworth. Joseph Sarson of Tamworth yeoman, Mary West of Solihull, Elizabeth Greswold of Olton End. Vellum, size 15" x 18", some slight browning. Signed by 3 parties with wax seals (2 perished) on tags. 1690. £35.00

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  252. Cary (J) A MAP OF WESTMORELAND from the best Authorities. Engraved map, size 15" x 19", hand-coloured. Traces of central fold. c1780. £40.00

  253. Temple Sowerby PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Freehold Mansion.... Gardens, Pleasure Grounds & Out-Buildings.... for sale by Public Auction.... Penrith, 12th day of September, 1893. 5pp., folio, folds, two actual photographs of house mounted in. Repaired tear in last leaf. 1893. £18.00

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  254. Biddesden PARTICULARS of the Freehold Sporting and Agricultural Estate comprising Biddesden, Longbottom and Cowboys Farms extending to about 895 Acres with well placed woods and rows, providing excellent shooting, picturesque farmhouses, homesteads and cottages... for Sale by Auction... 26th September 1930. 11pp., folio, large folding coloured plan. 1930. £22.00

  255. Box and Ditteridge LEASE of the farm of Ditcheridge, Richard Musgrave of Hazelbury in Wiltshire and the Honble. James Speke to Edward Lewis. On paper, 18" x 23", signed by Musgrave and Speke with wax seals. Some holes where folds meet with loss of a few letters. Further memorandum with armorial seals on verso. 1700. £24.00
    Refers to the meadow and pasture land called Tyning, Carters and Cold Harbor, the Down, Lippeatts, Mutton Leigh, Ashleaze together with 73 acres of arable land, grounds called Great Ingolls.

  256. Chippenham ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, PLAN AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Residential, Sporting and Agricultural Lucknam Park Estate comprising a Fine Stone-Built Georgian Residence seated in well-timbered Park.... 296 Acres Woodland... Trout Fishing in the River Bybrook... 23pp., 4to, wraps, 6 photographic illustrations, large coloured folding plan loosely inserted. 1952. £28.00

  257. Collingbourne Kingston PARTICULARS of Aughton Farm... Dairy and Corn Farm, extending to about 331 Acres with Brick-built and Thatched Old Elizabethan Farm House... Five Roomed Cottage.... for Sale by Auction... November 8th, 1938. 7pp., folio, printed wraps, large coloured folding plan in pocket. Photo pasted on front wrap, wraps slightly rubbed at corner... together with Particulars of 'Aughton House', 1948, 4pp., 4to. 1938 and 1948. £24.00

  258. Compton Bassett Estate ILLUSTRATED PARTICULARS, WITH PLANS of the Valuable.... Estate known as Compton Bassett, situate in the parishes of Compton Bassett, Cherhill, Calne Without and Yatesbury... to be offered for Sale by Auction... 2nd May, 1929. 19pp., small folio, stiff wraps, 3 folding coloured plans in pocket at rear. 5 pages of photographs, with three views to a page. With Historical Note, and Schedule giving all occupiers or tenants. 1929. £45.00
    Includes the whole of the village of Cherhill, the 'Attractive Cottage Properties forming the Village of Compton Bassett' and the Tudor style Mansion, Breach Farm, Dugdale's Farm, Freeth Farm, etc.

  259. Erlestoke Estate PARTICULARS, PLANS & CONDITIONS OF SALE of Freehold Properties in the parishes of Edington, Bratoon, East Coulston, Marston, Potterne, Worton, Great Cheverell and Erchfont Embracing an Area of Nearly 7,400 Acres, Comprising A Residential and Sporting Estate, XIVth Century Priory House, Fourteen Excellent Dairy Farms.... Practically the Whole of Four Villages.... First Day's Sale.... to be Offered for Sale by Auction... 28th June, 1910. 46pp., folio, printed wraps, stained at top, 3 large folding plans plus key plan, photographic views in text.... together with.... Second Day's Sale. 40pp., folio, key plan plus three very large folding plans, photos in text (including interiors). Worn at spine, many leaves loose from silk tie. 29th June, 1910.... together with... Third Day's Sale. 30th June, 1910. 26pp., folio, key plan and large folding plan. 3 items. 1910. £80.00
    The Fourth Day's Sale not present.

  260. Idmiston PARTICULARS of the Desirable Dairy Farm... Manor Farm, Idmiston... which includes The Interesting Early 17th Century Parsonage House and 245 Acres... for Sale by Auction... May 12th, 1936. 7pp., folio, printed wraps with actual photo of house pasted on, vertical fold. 1936. £18.00

  261. Marlborough PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold Hotel and Premises known as the Castle & Ball Hotel.... 3pp., folio, folded, docket title. 1886. £12.00

  262. Salisbury A RECORD OF MEMORABLE THINGS which have happened since this City was first begun to be built and Maiors names. W. Wheeler Junr. Scripsit. Large vellum sheet, folded, size 28" x 23", 5 columns, outlined in (faded) red ink, listing Mayors from 1350-1712, interspersed with local events, and some national ones, such as victories over the French, plague in London. Includes: '1574. A great Elm in the Yarn market pulled down'; '1557. Lord Charles Sturton executed at Sarum March the 6th for the murder of one Hargill and his son by 4 of his men and buried their bodys 50 ft under ground....' 'Two large new Maces bought. A great Comet seen in the West.' Vellum slightly damp-spotted in parts. c1712. £140.00

  263. Salisbury PARTICULARS OF SALE of The White Hart Hotel... comprising the widely-known Historical Hotel... with four important frontages.... for Sale by Public Auction.... 3rd March, 1937. 8pp, folio, tipped-in photographic frontis and photo. on front wrap. 1937. £26.00
    With interesting one page Historical Note.

  264. Salisbury PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Freehold, Fully-Licensed Premises... known as The West End Hotel... together with Two Freehold Dwelling Houses known as Rosetta Villas... to be sold by Auction... August 26, 1902. 6pp., folio, decorative printed wraps, traces of vertical folds. 1902. £20.00

  265. Shrewton PARTICULARS WITH CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Old-Established Licensed Hotel... The Bustard Hotel, on Salisbury Plain, near Shrewton... with two enclosures of arable land... two brick-built and slated cottages... for sale by auction May 2, 1927. 4pp., 4to, vertical fold. 1927. £10.00


  266. Steeple Langford, Stapleford, All Cannings, Maddington PARTICULARS, PLANS, ILLUSTRATIONS and Conditions of Sale of Frehold Estates forming Sporting, Agricultural and Manorial Properties, including The Villages or Greater Parts of the Villages... a total area of about 10,913 acres, Twelve Laarge Farms, Four Fully-Licensed Premises... A Water Corn and Grist Mill.... for sale by auction.... 10th November, 1898. 54pp., folio, decorative art nouveau wraps, detached and ragged, first few leaves ragged at edges, back wrap with key map torn. Three very large coloured folding plans, one with repaired tear, photographic illustrations in text. Detailed schedules. 1898. £40.00


  267. Stockton Almshouses BROADSHEET. 'Articles, Conditions and Orders Made and Established the 13th day of May, in the year of Our Lord 1833, by The Right Honourable William Lord Heytesbury, Harry Biggs Esq..... The present Governors and Trustees of the Almshouses at Stockton, and all the Lands and Dependencies thereunto belonging, founded by John Topp, heretofore of Stockton, deceased, to be observed for the better government of the Alms-men and Alms-women elected to and admitted therein.... ' Single sheet, printed on one side only, size 18" x 15", folded. Vardy, Printer, Warminster, 1833. £40.00
    With a list of 23 Articles for the administration of the Almshouses.

  268. Winterbourne Stoke THE MANOR FARM Winterbourne Stoke, comprising A Lovely Original Tudor Farmhouse... Beech Grove with ancient Rookery, Commodious Farm Buildings, Bailiff's House and 22 cottages, in all about 1,875 acres, Excellent Partridge Shooting.. for Sale by Auction... 19th June, 1945. 16pp., printed wraps with photo pasted on, 4 photographic views on 2 plates, coloured folding map at rear. 1945. £28.00

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  269. Badsey, Vale of Evesham DESCRIPTIVE PARTICULAR of the Freehold Manor of Aldington, and Two Valuable Farms called Aldington Farm and Brooke's... which will be sold by Auction Some Time in February, 1805... 4pp., folio, including Schedules, plus leaf with docket title. Disbound, each leaf mounted in large folio sheet of plain paper, so as both sides are visible. Claridge, Pall Mall, 1805. £50.00

  270. Beoley DESCRIPTIVE PARTICULAR of A Singularly Eligible and Compact Freehold Estate called Bordesley Park situate in the Parishes of Alvechurch, Tardebig, and Beoley... comprising the Manor of Bordesley... Four Farms.... which will be sold by Auction in February 1805... 6p. folio, plus leaf with docket title, disbound, each leaf mounted in large folio sheet of paper so as both sides are visible, folded. Claridge, Pall Mall, 1805. £60.00

  271. Leigh, Great Malvern, Maddresfield THE PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of Several Freehold Messuages, Lands and Premises... which will be Sold by Auction by W. Handy... 17th day of Jan. 1800 at the Hop-Pole, Worcester, in 14 Lots. 3pp, folio, plus docket title. Both leaves mounted in large folio sheets of paper, so that both sides are visible. 1800. £65.00
    Lists plots of land with acreage, occupiers etc.

  272. Leigh, Great Malvern, Maddresfield THE PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of Several Freehold Messuages, Lands and Premises... which will be Sold by Auction.... 17th day of Jan. 1800 at the Hop-Pole... in 14 Lots... 3pp., folio, plus docket title, disbound, mounted in large sheets of Whatman paper so that both sides visible, folded. 1800. £65.00
    Gives occupiers and acreage of each lot.

  273. Old Swinford, Pedley, Holt, etc. PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of the Next Presentation to Seven Valuable Rectories and One Vicarage Most delightfully situate near several respectable Market Towns... which will be Sold by Auction By Mess. Christie and Ansell, at their Great Room... September 15, 1784. 7p., folio, plus docket title. Disbound, each leaf set in large folio sheet of paper, so that both sides are visible. Folded. 1784. £90.00

  274. Worcester, Pershore GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. LIV S.W. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 13" x 15", plus wide margins. Fully hand coloured, key in left-hand margin. 1880. £22.00
    Covers Alcester, Charlecote, Wolverton.

  275. Wribbenhall, near Bewdley DESCRIPTIVE PARTICULAR of valuable Freehold Estates comprising sundry Messuages, Cottges, Shops, Warehouses, the Long Established Inn... known by the Sign of the Black Boy and Raven, in Full Trade... Gardens, and Parcels of Inclosed Land.... separated only by the River Severn from the Borough of Bewdley... Which will be Sold by Auction in Seventeen Lots... 15th day of February, 1805. 5pp, folio, plus docket title, disbound, pages mounted on large sheets of paper, so that both sides are visible. Folded. Claridge, Pall Mall, 1805. £70.00
    Names occupiers. With detailed description of properties, some of which fronted on the River Severn. The Inn, for example, is described as 'Sashed, Two Stories, Garrets... 50ft front to the River Severn and 108 feet to the Kidderminster Road... stabling for 40 Horses, Brewhouse, Granary....'

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  276. Armagh LEASE of Part of the Town and Lands of Aughmagorgan, in the Manor of Cladymore, Situate in the County of Armagh, The Rt. Honorable Francis Earl of Charlemont to John Harrison, farmer. Finely printed on 4p. large folio, decorative heading, good armorial wax seal, two impressed tax stamps. Sketch plan coloured in outline in margin, scale 16 perches to one inch, size 6" x 6". Docket title printed with name of Earl etc.. Tenant's name and details of rents in MS.... together with.... a similar lease of another part of Aughmagorgan lands to John McClelland, also with plan. 2 items. 1839 and 1835. £36.00

  277. Bacon's LARGE SCALE PLAN OF DUBLIN AND SUBURBS Plan printed in black and four colours, scale 6" to a mile. Folding into 8vo printed cloth wraps. With 9p. street index. c1910. £25.00
    Shows railways and tramways.

  278. Ballinamona, Waterford MEADOWING FOR SALE to be sold by Auction (re. Gerald Glascott, a Minor).... At Fruithill, About 32 acres of Prime Old Meadowing On Foot.... Poster, size 18" x 11", fold. 1893. £16.00

  279. Lawrence (W), Publisher ALBUM OF COUNTY WICKLOW 13 photolitho views on extending strip, folding into sm. 4to, gilt boards decorated with shamrocks. c1880. £16.00
    Includes 2 double-page views, Bray and Glendalough.

  280. Malhuddart, Greenoge, Co. Meath ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet No. III, Scale 6" to 1 mile, size 24" x 34", dissected and mounted on linen, edged with tape, folding to 4to. Margin down left hand side. n.d. c1850. £26.00

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  281. Aberdeen APPLICATION FOR RELIEF From the parish Funds of Old Machar, 1853. Printed form with MS inserts, size 15" x 13", filled in by applicant, Robert Allen, with reference from William Dunbar, Minister of St. Paul's Chapel certifying he has been a communicant for 4 years. Gives details of his 11 children. Folds, a few browning spots. 1853. £16.00

  282. Ayr, Arran ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scotland. Sheet 30 (With Layers). Scale " to 1 mile. Linen-backed. White linen covers with map. 8-page glossary of Celtic words inside front wrap. 1914. £8.00

  283. Baird (R.A), Lithog. THE CORPORATION OF GREENOCK WATER DEPARTMENT Plan Shewing the Catchment Areas and Reservoirs. Printed in black and blue, scale 1" to 1 mile, size 10" x 13", traces of folds. 1902. £10.00

  284. Edinburgh TRADE CARD of D. Goldston, Carver, Gilder, Printseller and Picture-Frame Manufacturer. Size 2 x 3", printed on one side only. c1870? £8.00

  285. Kirkville ESTIMATED RENTAL OF THE ESTATE OF KIRKVILLE Crop 1878. 1 printed page, sm. folio, with table for premises, tenants, expiry of lease, rent. Blank conjoint leaf.... together with.... KIRKVILLE GRASS The Grass Parks on Kirkville Will be Let for the Season on Tuesday April 28, at Two o'clock Afternoon. Handbill, size 7" x 8", together with similar posters for 29th April, 27th April (presumably different years), with 3 copies of the 27th April handbill. No dates, circa 1890. 1878 - 1890. £22.00

  286. Nelson and Sons SCENERY OF THE CLYDE Glasgow to Arran. Ten tinted views, including two double-page panoramic views, loose in decorative bright green gold-printed wraps, oblong 12mo, with separate 16pp. booklet of Descriptive Letterpress. Inserted in tartan effect slipcase with gold and green label showing lion, thistles etc. c1860. £30.00

  287. Stranraer ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 90. Popular Edition. Buff and red wraps with shield and crown. 1924. £9.00

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  288. Brecon LEASE of tenement, barn, kiln, beasthouse, and lands adjoining the Glebe in Langeney, Stephen Boollis of Trewithin, founder, to John Edwards of Langeney. Vellum, size 11" x 25", signed with his mark by Boollis, wax seal on tag. Some waterstaining along one fold, some rubbing at folds with loss of some letters, but legible. Memorandum on verso signed by 7 witnesses. 1692. £25.00

  289. Cardiff and Newport PROSPECTUS for William Hancock and Company, Ltd. 4pp., folio, folded. Concerns aquisition of brewing interests of William Hancock of Wiveliscombe, Somerset, in Bute Docks, the Anchor Brewery, Newport etc. Loosely inserted is small bundle of letters from the Brewery. 1889. £15.00

  290. Stoke Verdon, Manor of, Pembroke and Montgomery SURRENDER of a messuage at Oxiston in the said Manor, William Hartford to Timothy Lodge, 1706. In Latin, on vellum, size 6" x 12", sewn together with similar document admitting Timothy Lodge son of John Lodge, 1724. 1706 and 1724. £35.00

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  291. Advertising ANSTIE'S GOLD FLAKE Advert in bright colours on very glossy paper, showing open packet of cigarettes 'Just Your Line!'. Size 8" x 26". No white margin at sides, although there is at top and bottom, difficult to say if it has been trimmed or not. c1950. £12.00

  292. American Civil War PRINTED ENVELOPE Printed in red with 'Scott's Tactics', 'Stopping Up the Rat Holes!' with picure of soldiers chasing rats with dogs. Size 3" x 5". 1861. £12.00

  293. Bacon's NEW SURVEY MAP OF NORTHAMPTON, HUNTINGDON, CAMBRIDGE & BEDFORD Full colour map, scle 2 miles to an inch, with Gazeteer, linen-backed, size 34" x 45", folding into 4to cloth boards. c1900. £25.00

  294. Bacon's NEW SURVEY MAP OF THE COUNTIES OF GLOUCESTER & WILTS. Showing Railways, Roads, Elevations & Distances, also Local Government Divisions & Parishes. Large coloured folding map, scale 2 miles to an inch, size approx. 34" x 44", linen-backed, folding into 4to cloth boards, cloth faded, cloth at spine has split and spine has been glued back on. c190- £24.00
    With an Index to Boroughs, inset Geological map.

  295. Bedfordshire, Northampton GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Hand-coloured map, scale 1" to 1 mile, Sheet No. LII S.W., size 12" x 17", plus wide margins, key in margin. O.S. blindstamp 1901. £25.00
    Covers Northampton, Olney, Biddenham.

  296. Besley (H), Publisher CORNWALL AND DEVONSHIRE Album of engraved vignette views, 45 of Cornwall and 5 of Plymouth and Devonport. Green blindstamped cloth, with gilt title, size 4" x 7", page edges gilt, vignettes approx. 3" x 4". Brown mark from old sellotape at inner front hinge, inscription on endpaper. c1860. £175.00
    Includes five views in Penzance, Levant and Botallack Mines, St. Ives, Penryn, Loe Pool, Mill at Kynance, Tamar Bridge. Views exceptionally clean and fresh.

  297. Blendworth, Hants, & Stansted Forest, Sussex ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, sheet LXVIII N.E. and parts of Sussex Sheets XXXIII & XLVII, size 24" x 35", plus margins, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo paper wraps. Roads and water features coloured. Slight darkening of paper. 1911. £18.00

  298. Bower family, of Dorset, Somerset etc. GENEALOGICAL NOTES on the Bower family of Donhead, Langton Matravers, etc., compiled by Rev. Bartelot, and a Harold Bower of Philadelphia. Approx. 20 pages in manuscript, with abstracts from wills, pedigrees, etc. plus letters from Bower in Philadelpia and others to Bartelot regarding his researches. 1913. £25.00

  299. Bradley (A) of Radpole, Dorset, author SCRAP BOOK of newspaper clippings, letters and some ephemera relating to his book 'Dumouriez and the Defence of England against Napoleon', and other works. The last part of the scrap book deals with the Bath Pageant, which he helped instigate and partly wrote. Includes large poster advertising his book, 30" x 12", and a poster advertising his lecture at Yeovil 'England in Arms' 'Fully Illustrated by Limelight Slides), size 33" x 22" (folded, small repaired tear). Size of scrap book 17" x 13", calf spine, cloth boards. 150 pages of cuttings etc. 1908. £40.00
    Includes actual letters from admirers of the book and reviewers, including Lord Northcliffe of the 'Daily Mail', Bernard Quaritch, J. Holland Rose, etc.

  300. Bristol, North Somerset, Gloucestershire, South Wales ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet XXXV. Scale 1" x 1 mile. Printed surface area approx. 24" x 30". Printed from an Electrotype, 1872. £40.00
    Covers an area which includes Clevedon, Marshfield, Stonehouse and Chepstow, and part of the River Usk.

  301. Cambridge and Suffolk PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of a Valuable Freehold Estate Consisting of Fee Farm Rents issuing out of Estates in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk..... Which Will be Sold by Auction.... 19th day of March, 1824.... Single folio sheet, listing rents in two columns, listing 28 premises in Cambridgeshire and 11 in Suffolk, with Owner and Rents Payable. On verso are Conditions of Sale and Docket title. Folded. 1824. £38.00
    Properties include Ashley Manor, Boxworth Manor, Fishing at Benwick, tenement in Petty Cury (Petticura), Trumpington Manor, etc

  302. Cheffins (C.F) Publisher LONDON AND BIRMINGHAM RAILWAY Plan of the Line and Adjacent Country, 1835, Robert Stephenson, Engineer. Fully hand-coloured engraved map, scale half an inch - 1 mile, size 28" x 60", with inset plans of the city of Birmingham, size 7" x 9", scale approx. 2" = 40 chains, showing the Depot, and the London Depot at Chalk Farm and Euston, size 8" x 11", scale approx. 3" - 40 chains, gradient profile along the bottom. Dissected and mounted on linen, folding into 8vo wraps. Some minor off-setting in parts, two very small areas where linen between sections is a little frayed, paper wraps slightly chipped around edges. 1835. £260.00

  303. Collins (H.G) Publisher ENGLAND AND WALES Shewing the Rail Roads Completed, Proposed & in Progress. Lithographed hand-coloured map, 20" x 26", counties coloured in outline, shows railways existing and 'in contemplation'. Later railways added by later owner, in slightly shaky red water-colour, together with ferry routes. Linen-backed, folding into cloth wraps with orange paper label, part of label torn away. 1845. £40.00

  304. Devon & Somerset ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS Sheet No. XXI, Scale 1" to 1 mile, dissected & mounted on linen, folding into 8vo marbled wraps. O.S Blindstamp 1869. £30.00
    Covers Axminster, Dulverton, Taunton.

  305. Dorset and Somerset GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Sheet No. XVIII. Scale 1" to 1 mile, size 24" x 31", hand-coloured, key in margins, dissected and mounted on linen and folding into home-made stiff card boards. Two small repairs to tears in margin, tape discoloured. Published 1875, this edition later, c1900. £75.00

  306. Duchy of Cornwall AN ACCOUNT OF THE RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS of the Duchy of Cornwall in the year ended on the 31st December 1852. 37pp., folio, recent cloth boards, gilt title on spine. Lists income from Rents and Profits of Courts for different Manors in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Somerset, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, in detail, with names of tenants etc. Includes Royalties on 118 mines in Cornwall, and others in Devon and Somerset. Disbursements include details of repairs to properties, donations to charities such as The Cornwall Lunatic Asylum 'Reward to W. Summerhayes for apprehending and convicting Offenders for stealing gates at Curry Mallet'). 1852. £95.00

  307. Duke of Albany's Highlanders APPOINTMENT of George Murray as Captain of a Company in the 72nd (or the Duke of Albany's own Highlanders) Regiment of foot, from 29th August 1826. Printed on vellum with MS inserts, folded. Signed Melbourne, Papered seal of William IV top left below signature 'William R'. 1836. £45.00

  308. Exeter and Falmouth Railway REPORT FROM THE COMMITTEE on the Exeter and Falmouth Railway Bill. 10pp., sm. folio, disbound. Includes various tables, including present amount of Traffic by land and water between Exeter and Falmouth, no. of passengers expected on proposed line, names and addresses of Shareholders etc. 1837. £24.00
    Extracted from a larger volume.

  309. First World War SIX LETTERS to Mr Sanford (Eddy) from different correspondents, mainly London, thanking him for presents of wild duck 'in these hard times they are doubly welcome', and giving news of their relatives serving in the war. Small 8vo, all dated Jan. 1915, 2-8 pages. 1915. £28.00
    '(Lewis) has been lucky in his trenches, the last had a brick floor! He was knocked down by the concussion of a Bomb but only made dizzy... a German deserter came into their Trenches carrying tea to a sniper. He shouted mercy mercy when he saw the trench... a wonder he was not shot...' Possibly related to the Sanford who was rector of Combe Florey in Somerset.

  310. Gloucestershire and Hereford MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT of James Powles of Awre in Gloucestershire, and Elizabeth Smith of Hildersley in Ross, George Watts of Frampton on Severn and William Skyrne of Dewsall, Trustees. 2 large vellum sheets, some slight rubbing at one fold, some minor discoloration of vellum. 3 wax seals. 1785. £18.00
    Refers to one thousand pounds of Elizabeth's goods including stock in husbandry.

  311. Guildford, South London ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 270 and sheets to south and west. Scale 1" to 1 mile, Size 26" x 38", water features hand-coloured. Linen-backed and folding into 8vo marbled endpapers. Printed from an Electrotype 1888. £36.00
    Also covers parts of Berkshire and Hampshire, including Windsor, Farnham.

  312. Hampshire and Wiltshire PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE of Dairy and Mixed Farm known as Buttermere Manor, near Hungerford... for Sale by Auction... 14th August 1947. 8pp., folio, folding plan.d 1947. £16.00

  313. Her Majesty's Theatre SOUVENIR OF NERO Ninth of March, 1906. Presented, With Mr. Tree's Compliments, on the Occasion of the Fiftieth Consecutive Performance of Nero. Booklet with cast list etc., 14 pages of text, plus 10 coloured full-page portraits of the cast, from pastels by Chas. Buchel. Oblong 4to, attractive decorative stiff wraps with picture of charioteer. 1906. £18.00
    Beerbohm Tree played Nero.

  314. Hereford and Gloucestershire RELEASE OF ESTATES in the parish of Orcop Newland and Weston under Penyard by way of settlement on the Marriage intended between Mr Betham and Mrs Hobbs, Mr Betham to Messrs. Pyrke and Jones, 1790. 8p., large folio, folded. Attested copy 1833. £24.00
    Refers to Knapps Lands in Orcop, messuage in Newland called the Ruddings, containing 10 acres, being 'old assorted land belonging to his Majesty's Castle of Saint Briavells', lands called Awsley in Weston under Penyard.

  315. Hillier (Tristram), Artist SHELL NATURE STUDIES No. 14. Fossils. Poster size 29" x 20", picture of fossils with books, etc., and description and key underneath. Metal hangers top and bottom. Small snag in paper below title, some small minor creases.... together with.... No. 18. Minerals. Repaired tear in bottom left margin, small brown splash mark right margin, slight wear at top below metal hanger.... together with.... No. 20. Bees and Wasps. Horizontal crease. 1950's. £38.00

  316. Hutchison & Son Ltd. CATALOGUE of Porcelain Enamelled Baths. 27pp., 4to, illustrated stiff covers, glossy pages with illustrations of rolled edge baths, including 5 pages with photographs of the manufacturing process. Late 1920's? £25.00

  317. Kent and Surrey ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 6" to 1 mile, 27" x 46", linen backed and folding to 8vo, cloth wraps, red contours. Some areas outlined in colour and shaded. The top left hand corner, 8" square, is blank. Revision of 1930. £16.00
    Covers Croydon, West Wickham, Hayes, part of Beckenham.

  318. Kitchenware TRIPLEX COOKER Brochure with details of Aga-type cooker, 4to, 6pp., some illusts. in green, cold. wraps. 1938. c1928. £9.00

  319. Lake District ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Sheet 98 Scale 1" to 1 mile, linen-backed, cut into 4 sections. In red Stanford slipcase, sm. 4to. 1865. £18.00

  320. Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP Scale 1" to 1 mile. Sheet LXX. Linen-backed and folding to 8vo with cloth sides. Parkland, waterfeatures, main roads and borders shaded. A few small areas such as 'Digby estate' shaded in pink. 1" split at on fold at top. c1870. £30.00
    Covers Newark, Spalding.


  321. Liverpool, Taunton, Exeter, Ilminster, Somerton, etc. JOURNAL OF EXCURSIONS 8vo plain paper notebook, half calf, gilt, marbled boards, corners rubbed, paper on front board slightly rubbed, gilt decoration on spine, with title 'Excursions' (title rubbed). 148 pages of manuscript in a very neat hand, mostly written on one side only, interleaved with 24 large steel-engraved vignette views, approx. size of engraved surface approx. 5" x 6", illustrating the text. There is an Index of 'Cities and Villages'. The greater part of the journal covers Somerset, and it is possible the writer lived in Bristol, as he describes day excursions from Bristol, and a train trip from Bristol to Liverpool. There is a great deal of architectural and historical detail, and the description for the larger places is arranged in the form of town 'Walks' (there are five for Liverpool), covering the sights street by street. Circa 1844. £340.00
    Places visited are: Liverpool, (38pp.); Chester (10p); Taunton (13p); Ilminster (5p); Exeter (19p, five 'Walks'); Sherbourne (9p), and then: Banwell ('Banwell Caves are two extensive Caverns 40ft high and 50-60 broad, one of them is remarkable for its beautiful stalactites - there is also a natural stone seat with round back at the end of the cavern called the Bishop's Chair. The second cavern contained many fossil bones, now removed to Mr. Beard's near the cavern.'); Abridge, Cheddar, Langport, Fivehead, Burton Pinsent, Langport, Ilchester ('Long Load - remarkable for its stone dressing Works by steam where the blue lias of the neighbouring hills are polished like marble and cut into every variety of form by saws driven by steam'), Martock, Somerton, Compton Dunder, Glastonbury (with plan of town cut from a Sales Particular), Wells, Wookey Hole, Shepton Mallet. At Littleton he points to a column on a hill asking a local boy its name. He replies 'I never heard as how anything grawed there, some o' em do try a little wheat but doant never do them hills be too high and cold'.

  322. Mitchell (S. Augustus) MAP OF QUEBEC in Counties Coloured map size 12" x 9", plus margins. Attractive decorative border of vines. With inset of Environs of Montreal. 1879. £20.00

  323. Montserrat, New York, London, Gloucestershire WILL of The Honble. Thomas Gage, General of the Kings Army and Colonel of the Eleventh Regiment of Light Dragoons. 11p., small folio, folded. Will dated 1786. Extracted copy, c1825. £35.00
    Mentions his china, books, miniature pictures, shares in the Irish Tontine and South Sea Company, his house in Portland Square, his Plantation at Montserrat, tract of land containing 18,000 acres lying near the Mohocks River in the province of New York, tenement with mills in Stanton and Newland.

  324. Municipal Corporations Act ADDRESSED TO ALL OVERSEERS of Persons executing the Duties of Overseers of the Poor in Parishes maintaining their own Poor... Folio sheet, printed on both sides, giving instructions for recording all 'Male Persons of the age of Twenty-one Years... rated to the Poor Rates....' according to the Act. On the back is a list of boroughs, and warning about penalties.. together with... Order in Council regarding the Act, Court of St. James, 11 September 1835, large folio, folded. Together with printed covering letter from Whitehall. 1835. £30.00


  325. Passage to Australia AN ACCOUNT OF WILLIAM MOLISON STRACHAN'S PASSAGE TO AUSTRALIA on board the ship 'Panola' (1700 Tons burden Commanded by Mr. Rennie) From Liverpool 1852. Manuscript, 39 pages plus 2 pages of illustrations. Plain thick brown paper wraps, rubbed, spine split. Thin paper, written in a very small hand, with an entry for every day. Approx. 40 lines on each page. The last two pages comprise 'Sketches of the Islands of Trinadada and the Martin Vas Rocks' (3 pen and ink views titled with exact time and date sketch made), and 'Plan of Tween-Decks of the Ship 'Panola', scale 1/20th of an inch to the foot'. Coloured plan, with key below and notes as to berth arrangements etc. ('no. 13 is the berth we resided in. We painted it up and called it Balmoral Castle'). 1852-3. £320.00
    Strachan does not give a reason for his voyage, but possibly it was for his health 'I would not mind how long I remain here for I am growing as strong as a Cow and the people say there is not one on the ship who has improved in health more...' He mentions how some passengers talk of 'nothing but 'the Diggings' and in many cases arranging with one another to go in company' (presumably to the gold fields). There is much on the weather, the entertainment the passengers devise, and the many concerts and dances where he wears his highland dress - he is delighted by its effect on the ladies. There are small incidents like the birth of a child, the shooting of an albatross, a fight between a passenger and the ship's black cook. The style is very immediate: 'I have now written till the sun has gone down, and I cannot well see what I am about, so I must give it up and go on deck to have a Quadrille, Polka, or whatever happens to be the go. Ten o'clock. Well I have just had a couple of hours dancing...' At the end he reproduces a 3 page poetic skit that circulated about the crew and passengers, and a list of names of the group of passengers who formed 'The Panola Rangers'. He mentions other ships they see when approaching the coast of Australia, the 'Bennivis', 'John Brown', 'The Emigrant'. While they were 'endeavouring to cross the bar of Port Phillip Bay' they were driven on a sandbank, but helped off by the Commander of 'The Emigrant' and a Scotch pilot, who informed them that there were several ships waiting for sick passengers to get well before they could dock, and that 'even the 'Great Britain' sustained a loss of 65 souls'.

  326. Post Office Annuity CONVEYANCE of an annuity of £500 being a portion of an annuity payable out of the Revenues of the Post Office, Major General George Phipps and Col. Percy Drummond and others to George Macleod, Deputy Adjutant General of H.M. Forces in Jamaica, and others. 3 vellum sheets, 24" x 28", second sheet slightly yellowed. Outside very grubby. First sheet with fine engraved heading across top of sheet, 3" - 6" deep, with calligraphic flourishes, angels etc. Attached is Power of Attorney from John Bradley, Notary Public at Kingston Jamaica, for George Macleod, 3p., small folio. 1833. £28.00

  327. Royal Sappers and Miners THREE LETTERS regarding the claim of Private John Cox, of the Royal Sappers and Miners, as to poor relief for his family, all sent to the Overseers of the Poor of St Johns, Gloucester. The first two letters are from the Adjutant at Chatham, where he was stationed, saying that Cox will support his family there if the Parish pays their travel expenses, and (the second letter) that he will arrange for him to be examined at Sandhurst where he now is. The last letter is dated 11th May 1831, Royal Military College Sandhurst, and describes how the writer James Forbes, Serjt., took Cox to Odiam, 'in consequence of the march being about twenty miles, and to prevent as little loss of time from the Works as possible, ordered that a Horse and Gig should be provided...' and stating expenses. 1830-31. £25.00

  328. Scotland, Hereford, Eastbourne, New Zealand, etc. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM size 10" x 8", half morocco, split in morocco at joint, spine repaired, 48 photographs, size 5" x 8", plus 7 smaller ones, mainly by Valentine (titled in white in plate), border and title in ink, mounted on thick album leaves. 1889-96. £40.00
    Includes 6 of Auckland (Bank of New Zealand, Auckland, The Pink Terraces, Kinotops falls), 5 of Oxford and Cambridge, 6 of Norway.

  329. Smeeton, Tooley St., Printer OUR CHURCH AND KING The Authentic Speech of His Majesty to the Prelates of England and Ireland on His Majesty's Birth Day, May 28, 1834. Broadside on 1p. sm. folio, coat of arms and title in large letters at head. 1834. £24.00

  330. Somerset, Hereford, Bristol WILL of Edward Maddocks of Bristol, Soap Maker and Chandler. 8p., large folio, folded. Will dated 1768. Later legal copy c1790. £25.00
    Bequeathes land at Whitchurch in Herefordshire, money from the sale of two old houses in Ross, White Hart Inn in High Street, Glastonbury (formerly the White Hart and Pelican Inns), messuage and lands at Trebarren in Pencoyd, large silver bowl and ladle, etc.

  331. South Sea Stock MANUSCRIPT PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale of John Dawson's Right to £1264. of Stock in the Old South Sea Annuities. 1p, sm. folio, folds, decorative heading. 1797. £15.00
    Dawson was a Suffolk linen-weaver. The sale, at Beccles, was to pay his creditors.

    General Acts

  332. Bristol to Monmouth Railway AN ACT for making a Railway Communication between the City of Bristol and the proposed South Wales Railway in the County of Monmouth, with a Branch Railway therefrom. 12pp, disbound. 1846. £28.00
    From the Parish of Saint Philip and Saint Jacob to the Aust Ferry and in Portskewet in Monmouth.

  333. Chepstow, Pilning, Wootton Bassett Railway AN ACT for incorporating a Company for making a Railway to be called "the South Wales and Great Western Direct Railway," 18pp, recent cloth boards, couple of pages slightly ragged and dusty. 1865. £16.00

  334. Kennet and Avon AN ACT to vary and alter the Line of the Canal, authorized to be made by an Act.... intituled, An Act for making a Navigable Canal from the River Kennet, at or near the Town of Newbury, in the County of Berks, to the River Avon, at or near the City of Bath; and also certain Navigable Cuts therein described; and to amend the said Act; and also to make a certain Navigable Cut therein described. Cover leaf + 16pp. 1796. £18.00

  335. Land Forces AN ACT for the better Recruiting Her Majesties Land Forces and the Marines, for the Year One thousand seven hundred and five. 6pp., cover leaf, attractive floral initial letter. 1704. £24.00
    Amongst other measures laid down that 'All harvest-Labourers and all Persons working at hay-harvest and Corn-harvest work... shall not be Impressed...'

  336. Monmouthshire AN ACT for making and maintaining a Tram Road or Railway from the Parish of Mamhilad, in the County of Monmouth, to or near Usk Bridge.... 38pp, disbound. 1814. £40.00

  337. Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire AN ACT for making a Turnpike Road from Redbrook to Saint Arvans... and for building a Bridge on the Line of the said Road over the River Wye, and for making other Turnpike Roads to communicate therewith... 18pp., including 3pp. schedule. 1824. £18.00

  338. Pontnewynydd to Newport Canal AN ACT for making and maintaining a Navigable Cut or Canal from, or from some Place near Pontnewyndd, into the River Usk, at or near the Town of Newport, and a Collateral Cut or Canal from the same, at or near a Place called Cryndau Farm, to or near to Crumlin Bridge, all in the County of Monmouth; and for making and maintaining Rail Ways, or Stone Roads, from such Cuts or Canals, to several Iron Works and Mines, in the Counties of Monmouth and Brecknock. 175pp., a 10pp Index and a folding Schedule of Houses, Gardens, and Orchards, to be taken down or cut through. With Names and Residence of Owners and Occupiers. 1792. £75.00

  339. Rebellion of 1745 AN ACT for the more easy and speedy Trial of such Persons as have levied, or shall levy War against His Majesty.... 4pp., black letter, plus cover leaf. decorative initial letter with crown and spears etc. Paper very slightly darkened... together with... An Act for adjourning the Court of Session in Scotland; and for remedying the inconveniences arising from the Surcease of Justice in that Part of the Kingdom. 2pp., black letter, plus cover leaf. Decorative initial letter with battle scene. 1745. £25.00

  340. River Kennett AN ACT to make the River Kennett navigable from Reading to Newbury in the County of Berks. 13pp., plus cover leaf. Some ink underlining in text. 1852. £15.00

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